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design making a difference.

We said that HOK cared,

and we’re proving it. HOK IMPACT seeks to promote architecture as a social work, encouraging synergies between the built form and philanthropic outreach through the advocacy of design as a mode of community support and empowerment. By organizing our IMPACT into three distinct categories, we are raising the profile of our profession and making a difference in our communities, all over the world.

Professional Services


The people of HOK have always been generous, volunteering their talents to serve unmet needs in their own communities. One of our core values is genuine caring about the many people and places we touch in our work. We support community interests in every way we can, and HOK IMPACT is a new way of promoting that strategy and getting more people involved. Clark Davis, Vice Chairman




MISSION HOK IMPACT is our firm-wide

strategic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. We promote a culture of corporate citizenship, centered around inspired people, connected by a common vision to create meaningful, sustainable solutions that address the issues we care about.

We are design mak

CREATE high quality, innovative projects that address issues important to the communities we serve through design. COLLABORATE regularly to establish consistent firm-wide standards for project delivery, tracking and evaluation. QUANTIFY our project results to ensure that we are reaching our goals for positive social engagement around the globe.

king a difference.



APPROACH HOK’s triple bottom line approach to corporate responsibility works to ensure a sustainable future for the communities that we serve around the globe. IMPACT represents the social leg of the three-legged sustainability stool on which HOK has built a leading design practice. Our commitment to protecting the environment is just as critical as our focus on the most important resource of all – people.

What happens when an international design firm mobilizes to make the world a better place through service and philanthropy?







Of asphalt parking lot transformed into learning garden for the pro bono Dewey School Learning Garden


Utilizing the resources of 25 offices, 2,000 employees and strong relationships in our global community, HOK is positioned to have an IMPACT unlike any other company on the planet. As designers, we are stewards of the built environment and we take very seriously our responsibility as one of the world’s most influential design firms to incorporate measurable, sustainable outcomes into everything we do.

Amount of money raised during the 2010 United Way of Greater St. Louis Campaign

11,000 CLIENTS

People served by Potentials Boutique, an HOK pro bono project benefitting Youth In Need



We acknowledge that sustainability responds to social, economic and environmental issues. HOK’s ongoing experience with sustainable design keeps deepening our understanding of how to move from a built environment that depletes the earth’s resources to one that balances with nature and facilitates a stronger, healthier society. Our efforts have both humbled and motivated us to keep seeking out new ways to meet this critical challenge of creating a better world, by design.

Rainwater collection system for the pro bono Dewey School Learning Garden

HOK IMPACTors Greening the Gateway in St. Louis (above), building shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (above, top), and enhancing a school blacktop in New York (above, bottom).


HUMANITY In 2008, HOK challenged each of its offices around the world to complete an office-wide community service project in their local communities. We donated hundreds of work hours and materials to these service projects, which included school renovations and improvements, rebuilding an orphanage, engaging with government officials to properly preserve an historic site; planting trees; and rehabilitating a park in an urban community. HOK won the 2009 American Society of Interior Designers “Design for Humanity Award,”as a result of this work completed in communities throughout the world. We think giving back is our way to connect our people to each other and to their communities. It’s a tangible illustration of our firm’s brand values in action: We Create. We Inspire. We Connect. We Care.


ROE ELEMENTARY TRANSFORMING A ST. LOUIS LANDMARK More than 150 HOK architects, planners, interiors designers and other employee volunteers transformed a St. Louis landmark school through a massive community service project completed over two weekends in August 2008. The three-story, 25-classroom Roe School in historic Dogtown was closed by the St. Louis School District in 2004, but it reopened in 2008 to serve the Wilkinson Early Childhood Education Program.

HOK breathed new life into the building through an engaging kid-centric interior design and renovations that included the painting of murals, new landscaping and interior improvements. The improvements created a new, engaging environment, welcoming students on their first day of school. As a result, HOK has developed a strong relationship with the St. Louis Public Schools and continue to support them through school supply drives and mentoring events throughout the school year.

The school turned out better than we could have hoped for. It’s an absolute gem. The colors and murals are wonderful, and instead of coming into a run-down school the children were welcomed into an inviting space perfect for learning. Dr. Rosalee Mason, Principal of Roe Elementary School


CULVER CITY LA BALLONA ELEMENTARY REVITALIZING RECESS In August of 2008, HOK LA committed its entire Southern California staff (170 architects, interior designers and staff) to revitalize the playground area at La Ballona Elementary School in Culver City. The project included developing a new 5,400 square foot grassy soccer field with an automatic irrigation system, planting new trees and landscaping the areas surrounding the school and playground, and refurbishing and painting the playground area. One of the new features added is 30’ x 60’ world map on the playground floor representing La Ballona’s diverse student body.

The map was designed and handpainted by HOK’s team of designers and architects. HOK also painted backpack hooks and the activity and storage sheds. HOK could not have completed this immense task without the support of more than 50 local community businesses, who donated their time, materials,funds and support. Christine Collins, Principal of La Ballona Elementary School, stated “the students at La Ballona are completely crazy about soccer and enjoy playing the game at every recess and break time. Without a grassy field to play on, we have lots of bumps and abrasions from the asphalt playground. We look forward to enjoying the improvements that HOK so generously contributed to our school!”

We are simply thrilled. The work HOK did was magnificent, and I know every single one of our students will benefit. Christine Collins, La Ballona Elementary School Principal


HERMANN PARK CONSERVANCY SAVING ONE TREE AT A TIME In October of 2008, HOK Houston committed their entire staff to rescue and transplant as many trees as possible. In an interview with the Hermann Park Conservancy Volunteer Coordinatior, Sam Molina states “Due to changes throughout the park, there is potential to lose 3,000 trees. It was very important to have volunteers come in to help rescue and transplant as many of these trees as possible. Even with the best care, many of these trees do not survive. Hermann Park Conservancy could spend up to $40K on one tree only to have it die.”

“HOK did an amazing job rescuing 40 trees,” says Molina. “Team Leaders received special training to properly organize their teams. Each employee who was involved was enthusiastic and determined to make this project the best. I was very proud of the HOK group because they tackled some of the larger trees. I am hopeful that at least half of these will survive and we will continue to water each tree, three to five times a week, for the next year.” As a result of HOK’s hard work,these trees will provide additional shade in an area where a new walk/jogging trail will be built in the future.

The result of HOK’s hard work is that these trees will provide additional shade in an area where a new walk/jogging trail will be built in the future. Sam Molina, Volunteer Coordinator at Hermann Park Conservancy


PUERTO VALLARTA SERVICE PROJECT A POWERFUL RETREAT In October 2007, 180 HOK leaders met in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a leadership retreat. They spent their first day working together to renovate and restore a kindergarten classroom and playground at a tiny school in the foothills of the Sierra Madres Mountains. The group spent several hours building, planting, scraping, sanding, painting, weeding, welding, pouring and restoring. And sweating. Profusely. They left with an incredible gift: memories of the children laughing and playing on their new playground.


HOK Funds the Launch of a solar powered diagnostic & treatment Center in southeastern rural Kenya.

HOK commits to the 1% through Public Architecture to donate 1% of our time to pro bono work.

HOK Leaders, at a leadership summit in Puerto Vallarta Mexico participate in a Community Service project to revitalize a local kindergarten.

HOK employees engage in firmwide community service project.

HOK employees continue their participation in ACE Mentor Programs, We Care, and CanStruction programs among others.

HOK Impact Summit hosted by HOK Chicago. Launch of Impact Firm wide with pro bono pilot projects in select offices.


HOK’s 60th anniversary and major firmwide service project.


Every HOK Office engaged with the mission of HOK Impact and is actively participating in probono projects and events. Inaugural HOK Impact Report published.

Integrated CSR reporting (Social, Environmental, Economic)









HOK Leadership Congress drafts a Firm wide Core Values statement highlighting the Firm’s dedication to “Contributing to our Communities and enriching lives.”

Nobel Peace prize



HOK Impact

HOK NY is an inaugural participant in the yearly NYC CanStruction competition.

HOK 75th anniversary and 2030 challenge for carbon neutral buildings.

HOK IMPACTors planting in Los Angeles, California.

Contact Sarah Weissman, HOK Impact Director 314.754.4150

We Create. We Inspire. We Connect. We Care.

HOK Impact  

We are design making a difference.

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