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HOK helps organizations worldwide convey their messages, package their information, guide their visitors, share their story, and promote their product or service. The HOK graphic and exhibit design group


has led a wide range of communication

donor recognition

assignments for all facets of the built environment. We create designs in print,

exhibits interior graphics mixed media

on screen, and on site. We express the


visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating


identity, and shaping the idea of place.

presentation graphics

In other words, we specialize in creating exceptional environments.

print graphics signage: exterior and interior sustainable design visitor centers

We design experiences.

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signage Cassidy Turley Clayton, MO Centene Corporation Clayton, MO The Moline Tractor and Plow Company Moline, IL Summit Bistro Clayton, MO JWT Chicago, IL

As one of the most immediate means of communicating with guests as they navigate a space, signage and wayfinding systems convey your core values and create a deeper relationship with your customers. Sign systems help people move easily through buildings while supporting essential code requirements, security measures and business amenities. Our design solutions complement the architecture to create an environmental experience that supports an organization’s image and brand attributes. Successful signs speak a universal language across cultures, across media and across time.

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corporate branding Gunlocke Resource Center Chicago, IL TD Ameritrade Omaha, NE Motorola Executive Offices Schaumburg, IL Sara Lee Shared Financial Services Earth City, MO Ralston Purina Headquarters St. Louis, MO

The physical environment is often the very first interaction between a company and its audience. The experience establishes a relationship. That impression will prove to be comfortable or awkward, cooperative or adversarial, successful or unsuccessful. To most, the experience will be the message. Every space is branded, whether it’s intentional or not. The facility can now be a strategized and scripted experience used to position positive messages in the minds of employees, customers, partners and community. Wayfinding strategies paired with creative content can become a visible interpretation of business identity.

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print graphics Yes, we’re big thinkers. Because we work with architects, we end up doing a lot of designs that are many feet tall by many feet wide. But we also do print work that can be held in your hand. In fact we do so much of it on an everyday basis, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We do it all: brochures, booklets, posters, presentation boards, complete collateral packages, even several-inch-thick books filled with dense text and multiple charts and graphs. We do it for internal HOK clients as well as external clients. We even win awards for it.

2008 American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA: HOK Lighting Marketing Mailer 2008 IABC Silver Quill Award of Excellence: HOK “You Are Here” Recruiting Booklet 2008 National SMPS Award: Special Project Marketing Accident Fund Insurance Proposal

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donor recognition BJC Siteman Cancer Center St. Louis, MO Ralston Purina Headquarters St. Louis, MO Busch Stadium Donor Plaza St. Louis, MO Forest Park Grand Basin St. Louis, MO

At HOK, we enjoy devoting our creative talents to design one-of-a-kind donor recognition systems that celebrate and honor the people involved. Our clients rely on us to display hope, growth, inspiration and sensitivity with elegant designs that complement the building or site. We may use inspirational quotes, distinguish levels of donors, etch names into history... all to graphically represent the purpose and importance of a donation. The end result is a public “Thank You� for the generous support of all participants.

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exhibits HOK Greenbuild Conference Booth Boston, MA and Chicago, IL AKC Museum of the Dog, Dog Hall of Fame Exhibit St. Louis, MO Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame St. Louis, MO State of Missouri Biotechnology Tradeshow Pavilion Washington, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago

The conceptualization and design of display and exhibition environments represents one aspect of HOK’s graphic expertise. We design visually rich environments to reinforce market image or highlight history, products and/or services. In the highly saturated world of tradeshows, we work to be elegant, simple and powerful. As an example, the State of Missouri relied on HOK to tell the state’s comprehensive story for several years running at the world’s largest annual event for the biotechnology industry. We enjoy diving deep into our client’s mission and culture to showcase an immediately understood and graphically compelling display.

2005 TAM Gold Award: Tradeshow over $50,000, Missouri Pavilion at the International Biotechnology Conference 2007 National SMPS Award: 3rd Place Target Marketing, HOK’s Greenbuild Conference Booth

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In rural Kenya, a simple X-ray is helping to diagnose a child’s life-threatening disease so it can be treated effectively. It’s a powerful tool in confronting the health crisis that threatens the very survival of the 12,000+ indigenous Maasai villagers who make up the community.

event graphics

In honor of HOK’s 50th anniversary, we have reached out to this community by helping to launch the HOK Diagnostic and Treatment Center. Operated by AID Village Clinics, Inc., it represents the most comprehensive TB diagnosis and treatment initiative in the region. For HOK, it’s a reflection of our heritage of enriching people’s lives and contributing to sustainable communities.

Pictured is a Maasai villager in Mbirikani, Kenya. For more information, please visit Printed on recycled paper

HOK 50th Anniversary Event Worldwide HOK Blue Ocean Design Charrette Puerta Vallarta, Mexico HOK HR Seminar St. Louis, MO

When HOK designs for events, our solutions are functional – we get attendees where they need to go. They are also aesthetic – there is a cohesive graphic identity to everything seen, touched, worn and presented at the event. We develop a system of cohesive visual elements for use in a variety of applications. These systems include invitations, stationery, presentations, signage, name badges, gifts – everything from the introductory save-the-date card to the thank you note afterward.

2006 SMPS Marketing Award: Special Event, HOK 50th Anniversary Campaign 2006 IABC Bronze Quill Award of Excellence: Special Event, HOK 50th Anniversary Campaign Members of the

Executive Committee & You are invited to dine with

Mr. & Mrs. Obata ....................................................................... in the


SATURDAY OCTOBER 13, at 7:00 pm ....................................................................... * Please meet in the lobby bar at 6:30 p.m.

the Blue OceanYou Task Force are invited to din


Mr. & Mrs. Ob

will meet for..................................................... rehearsal in the




at 7:00 pm

.................................................................................. ..................................................... will also meet for dinner at the * Please meet in the lobby bar


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mixed media Confidential Insurance Client Ohio Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park East St. Louis, IL UMHC - Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Columbia, MO Pfizer, Inc. St. Louis, MO

At HOK, our design expertise goes beyond traditional graphic media. We enjoy supporting our architectural and interiors practices wherever the need may arise. For example, we designed a custom rug for Pfizer’s St. Louis headquarters lobby, an abstract pattern alluding to science and molecular connections in their research. In a custom railing design project for an Ohio insurance headquarters, we chose to focus on the state’s popular buckeye motif. Patterns of dogwood appear in multiple locations and materials at the University of Missouri Health Care System’s new Patient Tower: on the exterior glass, on interior laminate, light fixtures, and patient room marker boards.

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digital media Interactive HOK Sustainabile Roadmap Biomimicry Guild Presentation Video Production Net Zero Court Website Futurity at HOK Website

Using motion and time to communicate with animation is highly effective when practiced with purpose and graphic skill. We create multimedia presentations using Flash, Powerpoint and Internet interfaces. We can design e-brochures, e-newsletters, and websites. Much of our current work involves video filming and production. We have produced videos to inspire a client, present a project, broadcast information, or purely to entertain our HOK audience on social media outlets.

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case study Eli Lilly and Company Headquarters Lobby Indianapolis, IN | Size: 18,000 SF

Lilly’s brand comes alive as employees and visitors step through the front door of the Lilly Corporate Center. They are greeted by a dramatic, mixed-media presentation of words, pictures and images that transform the lobby into a powerful symbol of the noble Lilly mission and its timeless character. Three-dimensional, larger-than-life exhibits superimposed on the existing lobby convey the essence of Lilly’s brand. A 12-foot metal sculpture and story table depicting one of the first children treated with Lilly insulin create a focal point. The sculpture is the hub from which the Life, Science and Horizons halls extend to evoke different facets of the brand. Overhead, a ring brings together the mysteries of life, the molecules resulting from research, and the medicines resulting from development. The process-to-patentto-patient journey is represented while the backlit glow of translucent colors falls onto the abstracted sculpture as well as the shoulders of the observer.

Featured in segdDesign magazine, May 2008

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case study The Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks (the “Wild Center”) Tupper Lake, NY | Size: 38,000 SF

The Wild Center describes a wholly new kind of institution: a non collections-based Museum of Natural History that tells its stories with living exhibits in media-rich environments. The exhibits’ text and graphics clearly express an ordering of information that allows quick top-level to detailed in-depth learning. The information and exhibits, interwoven with living environments, interactive adventures and explorations, have generated average visitor dwell times in excess of three hours. The Wild Center became the first LEED ® certified museum in the State of New York, achieving LEED-NC Silver. HOK designed the site, the building and the exhibits. Every part was considered within the context of the choreography of the visitor’s experience. The exhibits were conceived first, informing and shaping the design of the building and the site. From this, a most cohesive expression of the Adirondacks came into form throughout this institution meant to interpret, celebrate and preserve a national treasure.

LEED-NC Silver

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case study HOK Chicago Chicago, IL | Size: 27,000 SF

HOK Chicago enlisted the help of the St. Louis graphics team to assist with its relocation to a new office space in Chicago’s CNA building. In this new space, the HOK brand is king. The firms’ brand pillars, “We Create, We Inspire, We Connect, We Care” glow in the elevator lobby while a giant 8’ square glass logo beckons visitors at the end of the hall. A custom-designed wallcovering wraps the core of the building with gradients of gray squares sprinkled with pops of the red HOK logo. Bold, brand-related colors are used throughout the office in both solid and textured patterns and as identifiers for informal spaces. To support the LEED-Platinum design effort, an innovative sign system was developed using magnets to hold signs onto glass walls instead of using any adhesives or backer panels. The huddle room and workstation signs easily adapt with changeable paper inserts, and an electronic welcome sign in the lobby projects onto the back of a frosted glass wall to elegantly display daily messages to visitors and employees alike.

LEED-CI Platinum

American Inhouse Design Award 2010, Graphic Design USA

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case study 2009 Allsteel Resource Center Chicago, IL | Size: 20,000 SF

The Allsteel Resource Center at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart was revamped by HOK for NeoCon 2009. For the introduction of the furniture collection Stride (with the tagline “take your environment further”), HOK explored the notion of movement and forward motion. A runner is created with a single line, poised at the starting line and running through to full stride. A vertical pattern on the front glass draws in visitors with lines that suggest tick marks on a speedometer or the repetition of street lamps on a highway, moving faster as the lines get farther apart. The Horizon line represents moving toward something, endless, constant, focused, pushing forward. Overall, all of the graphics enlivened and brought sophisticated color to the space. These graphic elements were continued onto giveaway bags, book covers, an evite and website, t-shirts, an advertising semi-truck, and even the sides of pedicabs for complete Allsteel brand representation at NeoCon.


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case study 2010 Allsteel Resource Center Chicago, IL | Size: 20,000 SF

HOK was once again commissioned to revamp the Allsteel Chicago Resource Center for NeoCon 2010, this time for the introduction of three distinct product offerings. The front window is a pristine white box with three portholes – one for each product line – that showcases the furniture as beautiful artwork on pedestals. The products’ unique attributes are displayed boldly with super graphics: the uninterrupted length of the Stride bench is called out with large dimension strings; the stackabillity of the Seek chair is shown with life-size photos of different combinations of chair stacks; and the Inspire chair’s seat is enlarged to giant proportions to illuminate it’s flexibility. Further into the space, the visitor can interact with the products. Inspired by the shapes within the furniture pieces, our design team developed a graphic language for each product and enlarged these patterns to add swaths of color to the otherwise neutral space. Honoring its Chicago location, there is a nod to the modern art featured at the Art Institute: Mondrian, Albers, Kelly. An evite, website, and semitruck were once again created for marketing messages.


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case study John Deere Pavilion and Collectors Center Moline, IL | Size: 16,000 SF Pavilion

The John Deere Pavilion is the centerpiece of John Deere Commons, an ambitious renewal of Moline, Illinois’ downtown riverfront. Exhibits in the Pavilion Building showcase Deere & Company’s history, current product line, and a look into the future of agriculture in a rapidly changing world. The exhibits are highlighted by a 10-minute film celebrating the spirit of the harvest. A number of interactive media-based exhibits communicate the detailed story of John Deere. HOK designed all elements of the architectural, exhibition and wayfinding design, drawing on a network of artists and craftsmen to create a comprehensive exhibition space. The John Deere Collectors Center is home to the very active and dedicated group of people who collect and restore the “Johnny Poppers,” the twocylinder John Deere tractors manufactured until 1960. Located just a block from the John Deere Visitors Pavilion, the Collectors Center provides a fond look back at Deere’s heritage and also at a working dealership where you can find genuine John Deere parts, advice or a newly restored tractor. HOK designed the exterior signage as well as the interior theming and signage elements.

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case study Jack Daniel’s Distillery Visitor Center Lynchburg, TN | Size: 15,000 SF

Lovers of fine whiskey cherish the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. HOK designed both a visitor’s center and signage for the distillery experience. The 15,000-square-foot center contains exhibits that celebrate the heart of Tennessee, the music and crafts, the stories and life of the people who live in the hills surrounding the Hollow. The story of Jack Daniel is told, as is the story of the history of the distillery. Other exhibits look at how Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is made and just what makes it unique. Our work focused on bringing a more ordered, polished and intimate view of the process of making whiskey and in further illuminating the long history and deep traditions surrounding this special place. The visitor joins in celebrating this place and leaves with a greater sense of those particular qualities that make Jack Daniel’s known and cherished throughout the world.

2001 SEGD Merit Award Winner

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case study Silent Wings Museum Lubbock,TX | Size: 32,000 SF

The Silent Wings Museum is dedicated to telling the history of the American military glider program. The exhibit design services provided approximately 19,000 square feet of interpretive, theater and gallery areas. HOK worked with the Chedd-Angier Production Company on several interactive, multimedia kiosks that share the personal stories of glider pilots. Mannequin figures throughout the museum showcase the uniforms and weapons worn, while large timeline and map walls give a comprehensive history of battle events. In the Landing Tableau, a glider is being unloaded by troops after it has seemingly crashed right through the building walls. The museum’s location on the airfield of the current Lubbock International Airport provides historical context to the once-thriving glider training program in Lubbock. Through its straightforward, respectful interpretive exhibits, throughout, the Silent Wings Museum serves as a lasting memorial to the men whose deeds and unique contributions are too often a forgotten part of history.

“You got our small slice of history just right, reflecting it accurately without distortion or heroics. The wish of the glider pilots of World War II to be remembered has indeed been extraordinarily well fulfilled. All of us would like to thank HOK for making it happen so successfully!” - Michael J. Samek National World War II Glider Pilots Association Chairman

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case study Hill’s Pet Nutrition Corporate Headquarters Topeka, KS | Size: 14,000 SF

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is the creator of Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods. The company focuses on healthy pets and the special bond between owners and their pets. When HOK was commissioned to bring the brand to life within Hill’s renovated headquarters space, we took that mission to heart. In the lobby, extra large photos of cats and dogs hang from the wall with leashes. More large pet images show up as wallcoverings on each floor, color-coded with Hill’s brand colors to act as wayfinding elements. In the cafeteria, photos of employees with their own pets are framed within pet food bowls and mounted on the wall. The company’s mission statement is written boldly on a wall as a reminder to employees as they enter the building every day. HOK also helped Hill’s develop and display its company history in a dimensional timeline exhibit.

“The office looks great, employees love the designs. The entire HOK team was incredibly responsive. The team listened to what we said and made all the right adjustments.” - Rick Wienckowski Vice President & CFO, Hill’s

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case study BJC Learning Institute St. Louis, MO | Size: 87,000 SF

HOK assisted BJC HealthCare in creating a new vision for preparing its workforce for the future. BJC’s main goal was to create a “wow” space while demonstrating BJC as leading the transformation of healthcare. To reinforce the mission of “better health and better healthcare,” graphics of the vision were quite literally woven through the environment by starting in the elevator lobby, continuing through the heart of the space across teaming rooms, and terminating at the outside edge of the building. These “Vision Walls” can be seen from several highly trafficked roads and give BJC a presence in the community that goes beyond its’ hospitals, speaking to the innovation and learning that goes on within the buildings’ walls. Larger-than-life photographs of people and technology are cropped inside the BJC logo shape and are blended together with ribbons of BJC-blue. The design subtly reinforces BJC’s brand while abstracting the idea of leading-edge discovery and invention. This design was so successful that the client has involved HOK in employing similar graphic treatments to other buildings within their portfolio.

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case study Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park East St. Louis, IL

Malcolm Martin Memorial Park, located on the East St. Louis Riverfront, complements the renowned Jefferson National Expansion Memorial across the Mississippi River. Eero Saarinen, designer of the St. Louis Arch, originally included a park on both sides of the Mississippi River; decades later his vision has become a reality. The Mississippi River Overlook is a ramp that stands 40 ft tall and offers visitors marvelous views of both sides of the Mississippi River and the St. Louis City Skyline. As visitors ascend the ramp, they are greeted on the western end with a granite bench engraved with a quote about Malcolm W Martin, the park’s namesake and creator. When they reach the top, they see a lifesize sculpture of Martin sitting on a round bench, gazing across the river. On the bench, a compass is engraved to encourage the visitor to get their barings and enjoy the views both East and West. A chemically-etched steel panel on the front railing gives context to the skyline with a legend of important buildings and bridges. HOK Graphics designed site signage and the bench and skyline panel engravings, and were instrumental in the conception and completion of the sculpture.

For more information on HOK Graphics, contact Julie Maggos:

T he D esign T eam of D erek P rior , J ulie M aggos and K ate D isabato

Derek, Julie, and Kate are the true examples of a collaborative team. All three are strong on conceptualization, design development, and fabrication to completion. Derek’s unique talents in comprehensive design packages and detailed execution are evident in HOK’s work for the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks. Julie’s communication skills and interest in brand messaging are demonstrated in the delivery of the Lilly Lobby Branding Project. Kate is impressing internal and external clients with her illustration and typography skills as well as her enthusiastic attitude for good design. Our expertise can be accessed as part of a multidisciplinary HOK team or as a standalone offering.




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