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Hogrefe eLibrary Online library for psychology, psychiatry, health sciences, and health care

The eBook collection of the Hogrefe publishing group The Hogrefe Publishing Group is further expanding its eBook activities. With our eLibrary, we can provide university libraries, hospitals, and other institutions with an innovative technology that meets current requirements and is tailored to the needs of students, practitioners, and researchers. More than 1,800 eBooks from the publishing group (in English, German, Italian) cover the topics of psychology, psychiatry, health sciences, and health care. New content is being added all the time. Approximately 180 titles are currently available in English.

Flexible subscription model* Access rights You have the right to access all the Hogrefe eBooks that you have licensed for a period of one year. The subscription period is the same for all titles. The number of simultaneous users, including those accessing titles remotely, is unlimited. New editions Any new editions of titles that you have licensed will automatically be included in your Hogrefe eLibrary immediately upon their release. So you can be assured that you are always offering your users the most up-to-date content without any additional effort on your part. Archive rights You have access to the titles for the duration of the subscription period. Rollover* to the purchase model** is possible. Fees The annual license fees are tiered by usage. You can choose between: • Low usage (up to 500 accesses per title) • Intensive usage (500+ accesses per title)

Access means opening an eBook (according to the COUNTER standard). At the end of each subscription year, each title that you have licensed will be classified as having had low or intensive usage, depending on the number of times it was accessed. You can then decide whether or not the title should remain in your collection for the coming year. If a title that was classified as low usage at the beginning of the subscription year is accessed more than 500 times within that year, we will not charge for the extra usage and we will not turn off access. The title will, however, be reclassified as “intensive usage” for the next subscription year. Minimum order There is no minimum order value. However, we stipulate that you order at least 3 titles, so that your users can see the value of the eLibrary.

 You can decide to switch your complete collection to the purchase model** at any time. When calculating the fees for this rollover, we will deduct any subscription fees you have already paid for each title. No refunds will be granted if the fees paid exceed the purchase model** fee. Future updates will be in accordance with the terms of the purchase model**.


Purchase model**


Access rights You have the right to access all the Hogrefe eBooks that you have licensed. The number of simultaneous users, including those accessing titles remotely, is unlimited.

Attractive discounts are available, using both subscription and purchase** models, for total net order values of  US $5,000 or more

New editions You can decide on a case-by-case basis whether and when you want to include in your collection any new editions that we publish – they will not be provided automatically.

Trial access?

Archive rights The eBooks will be made available online via the Hogrefe eLibrary for as long as we can continue to support and provide the software. If for any reason Hogrefe can no longer guarantee unlimited access via the Hogrefe eLibrary or another similar service (for individual titles or for the entire offering), you will receive an archive file in a standard format. Fees The one-off fee for each title depends on the size of your institution in terms of the number of FTEs (full-time equivalents; students and staff) for academic and teaching institutions or the number of RPs (relevant professionals) for hospitals, practices, or smaller organizations: • Tier A (≥ 15,000 FTEs) ≥ 200 RPs • Tier B (5,000-14,999 FTEs) 100-199 RPs • Tier C (≤ 5,000 FTEs) 10-99 RPs Minimum order There are no fees for setting up your eLibrary. However, there is a minimum initial order value that varies according to the size of your institution (see above): • Tier A: US $1,000 • Tier B: US $750 • Tier C: US $500

 It is an unlimited, nontransferable, and nonexclusive right of use.


If you would like to try out the Hogrefe eLibrary and learn more about its user-friendly functions, we will be happy to provide you with a four-week trial access. Please contact us at

Benefits for your users • Full text search across the entire eLibrary • Read online or download PDF • Save titles to personal lists • Export citations • PDF download (complete title or chapter by chapter) • Share link via social media

Our services for institutions • Name and logo of your institution on the interface • COUNTER statistics in the Admin area • MARC data • Unlimited simultaneous access • Remote access and login supported (VPN; Shibboleth)

Mobile use: anytime and everywhere • Optimized version for tablets and smartphones (“responsive design”) • The eLibrary recognizes the device and automatically displays the best view

Contact Sales and customer service USA / Canada Hogrefe Publishing Corp. 361 Newbury Street, 5th Floor Boston, MA 02115 USA Tel. +1 857 880 2002

Rest of the World Hogrefe Publishing GmbH Merkelstr. 3 37081 Göttingen Germany Tel. +49 551 999 50 421

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