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2012-2013 Donor Report

A Message From the Dean Dear Alumni and Friends, My first year as Dean has been filled with challenges and opportunities. The changing landscape of the legal profession and legal education has caused us to rethink how we prepare students for careers in the law. Toward this end, we have placed a renewed emphasis on skills development and opportunities for our students to gain real-world experience. We have launched new programs — such as our Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy, our Disaster Recovery Clinic and our semesterlong D.C. externship — and have established new scholarships to continue to attract outstanding students to Hofstra Law. These innovations and resources are made possible through the generosity of our alumni and friends, and for that I am extremely grateful. This Donor Report allows us the opportunity to thank you and demonstrate how your gifts to Hofstra Law are making a difference. Throughout the year I have come to know the Hofstra Law community better and have seen how the involvement of our alumni and friends impacts all aspects of what we do. Like all great institutions, Hofstra Law relies upon its community to make it stronger and more successful. Your financial support enables us to recruit bright and motivated students who will be exemplary lawyers; to have an impact on those in need in our surrounding neighborhoods through our clinics and pro bono student activities; to encourage initiative among our students by helping to fund their organizations, new ideas and efforts to help their fellow students; to develop innovative programs that focus on new and growing areas of the law; to go beyond the basics of classroom teaching to bring thought leaders to the Law School to inform our students and faculty and the legal community; and to support our faculty in their own scholarly endeavors. Beyond your financial support, your active service as organizational leaders, volunteers, event hosts, mentors and speakers further bolsters Hofstra Law and provides invaluable support to our students. You are truly our partners in shaping Hofstra Law and growing its reputation. I thank you again for all that you do and hope that we can continue to rely on your commitment and support. With appreciation,

Eric Lane Dean and Eric J. Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Public Service


You are truly our partners in shaping Hofstra Law and growing its reputation. I thank you again for all that you do and hope that we can continue to rely on your commitment and support.”

2012-2013 Donor Report



2012-2013 Financial Report Support for the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University continued to grow in 2012-2013. Gifts and grants received totaled $2,543,902. Fiscal Year 2013 Gifts & Grants Received Endowment Gifts



Annual Fund $909,261

Scholarships — $361,663

New Named Endowed Scholarships

Other — $319,972 Unrestricted — $150,108 Dean’s Discretionary Fund — $77,518


Capital Funds $222,500



New Named Annual Scholarships

Events/Other $39,130

Endowment Investment Market Value Hofstra Law endowment investments grew to $39.8 million in fiscal year 2013 and have increased by 127 percent in the last eight years.

46 New Dean’s Circle Donors


40 35

New Protégé Donors

30 25 20 15















10 $17.5

in Millions

Major Donor Support




Hofstra Law Endowment Market Values (As of August 31)

2012-2013 Donor Report


How Your Gifts

Made a Difference


Participating in Moot Court provided me with essential tools to become a better advocate and prepared me for entering the profession as an immigration attorney.” — Elanie Cintron ’13 Lichter Immigration, Moot Court President, 2012-2013




Perhaps no gift has a greater impact than that of a scholarship. For the student, it means the chance to pursue a legal career and achieve a significant and, in many cases, lifelong goal. Scholarships enable us to attract top students in an increasingly competitive admissions environment and reward those students who have excelled. In 2012-2013, 58 percent of our students received Law School scholarship support. Donors helped to provide scholarship assistance through their gifts to named endowed scholarships, named annual scholarships, the Law School Scholarship Fund, the Public Justice Fellowships and the Annual Fund.

2012-2013 Donor Report


John Bae ’89

APALSA/SALSA Alumni Reception

Leaders of BFCU with Thomas Dew Gill Memorial Scholarship Recipient Christina Robinson 1L


Fusae Nara ’91

Featured New Scholarships Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)/South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA) Alumni Endowed Scholarship The APALSA/SALSA Alumni Endowed Scholarship was established through the generous leadership gifts of John Bae ’89, founder of the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association at Hofstra Law and a partner at Mintz Levin, and Fusae Nara ’91, an APALSA alumna and partner at Pillsbury, as well as other alumni contributions. This scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity to an outstanding student who is a committed member of APALSA and/or SALSA. The inaugural award will be made during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union (BFCU) Thomas Dew Gill Memorial Scholarship BFCU established the scholarship in memory of Thomas Dew Gill, former president of BFCU and former chairman of its executive committee, who passed away in June of 2012. BFCU also wanted to demonstrate its support of Hofstra Law’s diverse community with a three-year, fulltuition scholarship for a Long Island resident. Through a partnership with Farrell Fritz LLP, the scholarship also includes a paid summer externship at the firm. Christina Robinson 1L, a 2013 graduate of Georgetown University from Baldwin, was selected to receive this wonderful honor.


This scholarship has relieved the financial burden that accompanies attending law school and allowed me to focus all of my energy on my academic studies. Additionally, I am deeply grateful for the support I have received from Bethpage Federal Credit Union, the Gill family and the Hofstra Law community.” ­­— Christina Robinson 1L

2012-2013 Donor Report


Former Dean Eric J. Schmertz Diversity Dinner


Founding Dean Emeritus Malachy Mahon

Featured New Scholarships Class of 1983 Annual Scholarship To honor their 30th-anniversary Hofstra Law reunion, the Class of 1983 wanted to give back in a significant way. Through the efforts of their reunion committee, $10,000 was raised to name a scholarship in memory of their classmates Joseph Bakanauskas, Robert Bernhardt, Mario Brusco, Robert Castellano, Richard Keidel, Steven Kosstrin, John Lazarus, Robert Ross, Mark Schwartz and Ashirah Sholomis Naphtali-Israel, who are no longer with us. The scholarship will be awarded to an entering student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement.

Other Recently Established Scholarships Jesse R. Baker ’79 Memorial Annual Scholarship Established by Gutman, Mintz, Baker & Sonnenfeldt, P.C.

Marvin Gutter ’76 Endowed Graduate Award in Tax Law Established by members of the Class of 1976

Founding Dean Malachy Mahon Endowed Scholarship Established by an anonymous donor and other alumni

Mendel Family Endowed Scholarship

Established by Emily and Stephen Mendel, both members of the Class of 1977

Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP Annual Scholarship Established by Marc Hamroff ’83 and the firm of Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

Eric J. Schmertz Memorial Endowed Scholarship Established by members of the Schmertz family, alumni and friends of Hofstra Law

Talmud Family Endowed Scholarship

Established by Howard Talmud ’91 in memory of his parents, Allen and Renee Talmud

2012-2013 Donor Report


Named Scholarships and Fellowships 2012-2013

Named Endowed and Annual Scholarship Recipients (Class year reflects the year the scholarship was awarded.)

Mitchell B. Adler ’76 Memorial Scholarship: Robert Kaplain 1L Jesse R. Baker ’79 Memorial Annual Scholarship: Brittany Johnson 2L Binder & Binder Endowed Scholarship: Olga Polivoda 1L Hank Bjorklund ’80 Endowed Scholarship: Christopher Biddulph 1L Black Law Student Alumni Endowed Scholarship: Cherie Nicole Brown 2L Bertram D. Brettschneider Endowed Scholarship: Addie Katz 1L Andrea & Kenneth Brodlieb Endowed Scholarship: Stephanie Revilla 1L Linda Carmody-Roberts ’74 Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Trusts & Estates/ Elder Law: Brittni Uhl 2L

Barbara & Maurice A. Deane ’81 Scholarship in Law: James O’Connor 1L David Diamond Memorial Scholarship: Michelle Holmes 2L Boomer Esiason Endowed Scholarship: Adam Unger 1L Jonathan Falk ’77 Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Louis Leon 2L, Bernadette Lopez 2L and Christopher Muniz 2L Ricky Feldman ’88 Memorial Scholarship: Rebecca Ruscito 2L Jeffrey D. Forchelli Endowed Scholarship: Christopher Dioguardi 1L Sari M. Friedman ’77, ’80 Endowed Law Scholarship: Courtney Rodriguez 3L Milton M. Gardner Endowed Scholarship: Christina Pingaro 1L Albert and Pearl Ginsberg Annual Scholarship: Allyson Beach 1L and Emily Lovejoy 1L Albert and Pearl Ginsberg Family Endowed Scholarship: Inderjit Dhami 3L and Robert Gore 1L Shirley & Hyman Goldstein Endowed Scholarship: Matthew Lavoie 2L

Certilman Balin Honors Partnership Scholarship: Gina Depaula 3L

Commissioner Monica Gollub Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Adam Preller 1L

Joni Cesta ’91 Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Daniel D’Costa 1L

Myrka Gonzalez ’82 and David Ochoa Endowed Scholarship: Daniel Ontivero 1L Dwight L. Greene Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Landon Dais 1L Abraham J. Gross ’78 Endowed Scholarship: Amanda D’introno 1L Honorable Frank A. Gulotta Endowed Scholarship of the Columbian Lawyers’ Association of Nassau County, Inc.: Nicole Guliano 2L Blanche E. Jeffery Endowed Scholarship: Sobia Mahmood 1L David Kadane Fellowship in Public Interest Law Award: Jaclyn Quiles 2L and Tushara Saint Vitus 2L Peter S. Kalikow Endowed Scholarship: Sean Reidy 3L and Alex Kaminski 3L


Sidney Kalikow Endowed Scholarship: Andrew Lauria 1L Sidney & Pearl Kalikow Endowed Scholarship: Maitry Halder 2L Lawrence Kessler Advocates: Kaitlyn Flynn 2L and Gabrielle Guzman 2L LALSA Endowed Alumni Scholarship: Bernadette Lopez 2L Neil P. Levin ’81 Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Jaclyn Waters 1L Lubov Family Endowed Scholarship: Courtney DeCicco 2L D. Carl Lustig III ’78 Endowed Scholarship in Tort Law: Chelsea Plushanski 1L Ella Mandelbaum Endowed Law School Scholarship: Bryan Cimala 1L


Jodi and Robert ’74 Rosenthal Endowed Scholarship: Thomas McGowan 1L

Sylvia Martin Endowed Scholarship: Amanda Senske 1L

Ruskin Moscou Faltischek Endowed Award for Outstanding Appellate Advocacy: Elanie Citron 3L, Jenelle DeVits 3L, Adam Kahn 3L and Stephen Piraino 3L

Raymond J. McKee Endowed Law School Scholarship: Alex Lovejoy 1L

Arthur D. Sanders ’77 and Jerry Spiegel Endowed Scholarship: Katherine Muserilli 1L

Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP Endowed Scholarship: Nina Marinaro 1L

Lawrence C. Schoen Scholarship in Memory of Howard H. Born: James Meehan 1L

Marilyn Monter ’76 Endowed Scholarship: Chelsea Plushanski 1L

Noah Sher ’03 Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Courtney Klapper 1L

Patricia F. Moore ’78 Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Kristen Fusco 1L

Harold & Eva Singer Endowed Scholarship: Andrew Garbacz 1L

Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP Annual Scholarship: Raechel Horowitz 1L and Seth Nadel 1L

Edward J. Speno Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Bernstein 1L

One Hundred Black Men Endowed Scholarship: Cherie Nicole Brown 2L and Tushara Saint Vitus 2L

CV Starr Endowed Scholarship in the School of Law: Eileen Monahan 1L, Julia Elmaleh-Sachs 1L and Michael Oppenheimer 1L

BT Paryani Endowed Scholarship: Omar Samuel 1L

Sidney Storch Research in Law Endowed Scholarship: Phillip Hwang 3L

Arthur Pergament ’85 Endowed Scholarship: Christopher Kochman 3L

Robert and Michelle ’94 Wallach Endowed Scholarship: Brittany Reiner 3L

Ricardo Ramos Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Anthony Matos 1L

Raymond L. Wilkes Endowed Scholarship: Michelle Holmes 2L

John J. Regan Memorial Endowed Distinguished Academic Scholarship: Dina Awad 1L

Glenn J. Winuk ’87 Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Alexandra Lopes 1L

Joseph M. Rizzo ’04 Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Paul Liggieri 2L Jonathan Roppolo Memorial Annual Award: Brittany Reiner 3L

E. David Woycik, Jr. ’80 Endowed Scholarship: Richard Wolf 1L Eugene M. Wypyski Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Michael Engle 1L

2012-2013 Donor Report


Named Scholarships and Fellowships 2012-2013


Fellowship Recipients

Public Justice Foundation (PJF) Fellowship Recipients

(Class year reflects the fellow’s class year in 2012-2013.)

Child and Family Advocacy Fellowship, funded through the generosity of the Carl Marks Foundation, Andrew Boas ’80 and Mark Claster ’77: Noora Barakat 1L, Allison Flood 1L, Carolyn Kim 1L, Mary O’Neill 1L, Rachel Summer 1L, Nicole Guliano 2L, Joel Pietrzak 2L, Mikila Thompson 2L, Lauren Wylie 2L, Kristen Pizzuti 3L, Brittany Reiner 3L, Courtney Rodriguez 3L, Ariana Sanai 3L and Camile Tucker 3L William R. Ginsberg Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Law: Frank Piccininni 2L Health Law and Policy Fellowship: Reema Sultan 2L, Ryan Mainhardt 3L and Yi Ri 3L LGBT Rights Fellowship: Christa Levko 1L, Erin Thorn 1L, Elanie Cintron 3L, Jenelle DeVits 3L and Stevie Tran 3L

A total of 40 PJF Fellowships were awarded, including the following named fellowships: (Class year reflects the year the fellowship was awarded.)

Herbert Kurzer Endowed Scholarship: Shany Noy 1L, Nassau County Attorney’s Office, Family Court Bureau Adam Levy Public Justice Foundation Fellowship: Alexandria Morrell 2L, Legal Aid Queens Criminal Practice Office Samuel Ramos Public Justice Foundation Fellowship: Gabriela Gomez 2L, Catholic Diocese of El Paso, Texas — Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services, Inc. Tom Wales Public Justice Fellowship: Stephen Sealey 2L, Attorney General’s Office/ Labor and Personnel Division David L. Weissman and Michelle Laskin Public Justice Foundation Fellowship: Jessica Fildes 2L, The Legal Aid Society


Graduation Award Recipients Gina Maria Escarce Scholarship: Ian Bel 3L Monroe Freedman Excellence in Criminal Justice Ethics Award: Rico Tagliaferri 3L William Goldberg Endowed Scholarship: Elanie Cintron 3L Marvin Gutter ’76 Endowed Graduate Award in Tax Law: John Hauser 3L Judge Edward Hart Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Trial Advocacy: Philip Nash 3L and George Michel 3L Herman Hillman Real Estate Award: Ilirian Durri 3L Hofstra Law Review Alumni Writing Award: Ana Getiashivili 3L Stephanie E. Kupferman ’90 Endowed Scholarship: Camile Tucker 3L and Courtney Rodriguez 3L Deborah Sloyer ’79 Memorial Scholarship in Trial Advocacy: Adam Kahn 3L Leon Stern Endowed Award of the Criminal Courts Bar Association: Michele Wieber 3L Benjamin Weintraub and Alan Resnick Bankruptcy Law Award: Dave Gerardi 3L and Stephen Piraino 3L


For more information on Hofstra Law’s named endowed and annual scholarships and fellowships, visit

2012-2013 Donor Report


Experiential Learning Building on the Maurice A. Deane School of Law’s longestablished history of preparing, challenging and inspiring its students to make an impact in their communities, we greatly expanded our experiential learning programs in fiscal year 2013 and will continue to do so. Overall, Hofstra Law is placing greater emphasis on preparing our students more effectively for 21st-century legal practice and meeting the marketplace demands for more practiceready lawyers.


Hofstra Law’s clinics and clinic practicums: Asylum Clinic

Immigration Clinic Practicum

Clinical Prosecution Practicum

Juvenile Justice Practicum

Community and Economic Development Clinic

Mediation Clinic

Criminal Justice Clinic Disaster Recovery Clinic

Law Reform Advocacy Clinic

Securities Arbitration Clinic Youth Advocacy Clinic

We will be offering a Health Law Clinic as of fall 2014.


Externships Students have more opportunities to develop their skills through externships (here and abroad). A record number of students — 218 — took part in externships this past year. Alumni interested in having an extern or intern can contact Franca Sachs, executive director of pro bono, externship and fellowship programs, at or 516-463-0386.


Jennifer A. Gundlach, Senior Associate Dean for Experiential Education and Clinical Professor of Law

2012-2013 Donor Report


Veterans Legal Clinic

Hofstra Law in D.C. Students


Practical Lawyering Skills Disaster Recovery Clinic In response to Superstorm Sandy’s devastating impact on Long Island, Hofstra Law established our Disaster Recovery Clinic under the direction of Professor Michael Haber. The clinic engages 2L and 3L students in providing legal assistance, under supervision, on a wide range of issues affecting individuals and local small businesses as they recover from Sandy. The clinic was made possible through generous grants from the Robin Hood Foundation and the Long Island Community Foundation.

Veterans Legal Clinic The students of Hofstra Law’s Veterans Law Student Association demonstrated their commitment to helping address the legal service needs of Long Island’s veterans by organizing a Veterans Legal Clinic at the Law School in April and November of 2013. Organized in cooperation with the Nassau County Bar Association, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano ’87 and the Nassau County Veterans Services Agency, the clinic was open to all veterans at no charge and provided free consultations with attorneys who specialize in VA benefits and claims, family law, Social Security disability, employment, USERRA, housing, bankruptcy, debtor/creditor matters, landlord-tenant disputes, elder law, tax, wills, estates, Medicare and Medicaid, and more. The students were instrumental in enlisting the volunteer attorneys, counselors and advocates and conducted intakes. To date, the clinic has provided more than 150 veterans with free legal services.

Occupy Wall Street Independent Study Clinic Hofstra Law students were also the inspiration for the development of our Occupy Wall Street Independent Study Clinic. The clinic was an outgrowth of conversations between Professor Stefan Krieger and two students in his evidence class who wanted to do something to highlight the issues being raised by the protesters. The

clinic was a collaborative effort that involved faculty in the Criminal Law, Community and Economic Development, Mediation, and Youth Advocacy clinics. Eventually, the faculty and students decided to focus their efforts on representing an individual protester who was arrested and beaten in the demonstrations. Ultimately, the case — the first Occupy Wall Street case against the City of New York in U.S. District Court — was settled, and a new case has just been filed.

Hofstra Law in D.C. Externship Program In the fall of 2013, Hofstra Law began offering a full-time, semester-long externship program in Washington, D.C., for third-year law students. The program, organized by Scott Glick ’81, program director and a senior counsel in the National Security Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, allows students the opportunity to work as unpaid legal externs at an approved congressional committee, federal government agency, or nonprofit or public interest organization. In addition, Glick leads a weekly seminar that explores constitutional, statutory and regulatory issues from multiple perspectives. Among the special guests are a panel of alumni working at various agencies in D.C. The inaugural student group includes: Stephen Atwell, U.S. Department of Justice, Environmental and Natural Resources Division, Environmental Enforcement Section Allison Baxter, American Bar Association, Center on Children and the Law Lauren Murphy, National Labor Relations Board David Pratt, Office of U.S. Representative Charles Rangel Ulrica Sheridan, Office of U.S. Representative Charles Rangel Michael Smith, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Bankruptcy Judges Erin Thorn, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Principal Legal Advisor

2012-2013 Donor Report


Hofstra Law Review 40th Anniversary: Students with the Honorable John Ashcroft, left

Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal 30th Anniversary: Students with NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce, center


Student Activities and Services The Annual Fund enhances the student experience by supporting the programs and activities of student organizations, assisting trial teams in traveling to and participating in competitions, funding professional development programming, and supporting events that bring alumni to campus to share their law school and career experiences. Hofstra Law also receives designated gifts that provide additional funding for student activities.

Professional Success and Leadership Development Hofstra Law’s Professional Success and Leadership Development program, now in its fourth year, teaches students how to communicate their unique skills, abilities and leadership styles to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive and entrepreneurial legal marketplace. The program’s signature event is the annual Success Strategies Boot Camp, which focuses on teaching students how to develop persuasive oral and written communication skills, understand different communication styles, present themselves in a polished and professional manner and prepare for interviews so as to make the best impression. This program has been generously funded by a gift from Roberta Karp ’83.

Milestone Journal Anniversaries Gifts to the Annual Fund supplement student activity fees so that organizations can host special events, particularly those that engage alumni with an affinity to their group. In fiscal year 2013, both the Hofstra Law Review and the Hofstra Labor & Employment Law

Journal celebrated milestone anniversaries — their 40th and 30th, respectively. On October 15, 2012, the Law Review presented a wonderful evening in New York City celebrating the impact of the journal and the work of its contributors and staff in creating a publication that has made its mark on the legal community. Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft was the special guest speaker. The Labor & Employment Law Journal held its event on February 7, 2013, at Dechert, hosted by alumnus Andrew L. Oringer ’84. The event brought journal alumni together and featured Mark Gaston Pearce, chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, and David B. Feldman ’82, founding editor-in-chief of the journal.

Mock Trial Competitions This past year, students successfully competed in several mock trial competitions. In June 2013, Kaitlyn Flynn 3L won second place at Baylor Law School’s 2013 Top Gun National Mock Trial Competition. In October 2013, Kaitlyn, along with Jana McNulty 3L and Eleni Aristo 3L, won the Peter James Johnson National Civil Rights Trial Competition, the only national civil rights trial competition in the country. The students received training from Adjunct Professor Jared Rosenblatt ’03 and Professor Barbara Barron ’84, the director of the Trial Techniques Program and Student Advocacy Programs, and faculty advisor for the Moot Court Board. 2012-2013 Donor Report


Innovation The Maurice A. Deane School of Law began with a vision to be a different kind of law school. The development of clinics and other skills-development programs, such as Trial Techniques, were the earliest examples of our innovative approach to legal education. That focus continues today through new programs that address the most pressing issues of the day while giving our students unique opportunities to advance public policy and legislation, explore cutting-edge legal developments and meet the very real needs of our surrounding communities.

Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy In April 2013, Hofstra Law launched our Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy. The institute’s mission includes developing and implementing new methods for training students in order to broaden access to quality health care for everyone and to create a more just health care system. In October, the institute held its first major symposium, “Affordable Healthcare’s Next Act,” which explored the challenges the Affordable Care Act presents, the opportunities it offers, and the gaps it has failed to fill as well as the ones it has newly created. The event was part of the Garfunkel Wild, P.C. Thought Leadership in Action Speaker Series, sponsored by the firm, and featured partner Judith A. Eisen ’86. The Gitenstein Institute, which is led by Janet L. Dolgin, the Jack and Freda Dicker Distinguished Professor of Health Care Law, was established through a generous $1 million donation from the Kermit Gitenstein Foundation and the efforts of Gitenstein Foundation head Steven Schlesinger ’76, a Hofstra Law alumnus and managing partner of the law firm Jaspan Schlesinger LLP. 20

Access to Justice Incubator With generous initial commitments from alumnae Judith Livingston ’79, Lorna Goodman ’75 and Elissa Epstein ’78, the New York State Unified Court System and area law firms, Hofstra Law is launching an Access to Justice Incubator. This new legal services center, where recent Hofstra Law graduates will work under the supervision of an experienced managing attorney, will further bridge the gap in pro bono legal representation in several critical areas of need for low-income individuals and families in Nassau County. The incubator is an innovative response to Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman’s focus on the desperate need to provide greater civil legal services for indigent individuals in New York, as well as the Nassau County Bar and judiciary’s recognition of this problem in our own community. The incubator will further serve as an apprenticeship program to better prepare the next generation of the legal profession for practicing law. Initially, the postgraduate fellows will be trained to serve as court evaluators and attorneys for individuals alleged to be incapacitated for health care decision-making, and provide representation for individuals who are facing foreclosure on or eviction from their homes.

2012-2013 Donor Report


Faculty Scholarship Our outstanding faculty is among the most prolific and often cited in the United States. A recent study by the University of St. Thomas School of Law ranked Hofstra Law No. 33 among law schools nationally for its scholarly impact and No. 5 among New York state law schools. Their work advances legal discourse, benefits our students and brings renown to the Law School. In addition, through our annual conference and lecture program, Hofstra Law brings nationally known scholars and practitioners to the Law School to provide a forum for exploring important legal topics, and to benefit from their expertise.


33 IN



John DeWitt Gregory Research Scholar Program To encourage and support faculty research and scholarship, Professor John DeWitt Gregory endowed the John DeWitt Gregory Research Scholar program at Hofstra Law. Through the program, up to two faculty members are designated as a John DeWitt Gregory Research Scholar every two years. The core purpose of the research scholarship is to support faculty members with a demonstrated history of scholarly productivity who wish to engage in a significant scholarly project. The award provides for the time and financial resources that allow faculty members to pursue their research over the two-year period. The John DeWitt Gregory Research Scholar position is open to any non-visiting, tenured full-time faculty member. The John DeWitt Gregory Research Scholar for 2012-2013 was Professor Grant M. Hayden.

Donors We are grateful to the many alumni, parents, friends, law firms, foundations and corporations who help support our mission through charitable contributions. Thank you for your dedication.

2012-2013 Donor Report


Dean’s Circle The Dean’s Circle gives special recognition to donors who contribute $1,000 or more to Hofstra Law (excluding event contributions). In addition to being listed in this report, these donors are included on the Dean’s Circle recognition display in the Leeds, Morelli & Brown Atrium and receive special membership benefits. Graduates of the last 10 years are invited to become a “Protégé” member of the Dean’s Circle. Protégé members receive the full benefits available to Dean’s Circle donors but at special reduced giving levels.


($25,000 and up)

Brad Eric Scheler ’77 and Amy Frolick*


Anonymous Donor

Diana and Robert C. Wong ’75

Anonymous Donor, In Honor of the Class of 1994


Robert H. Abrams ’79

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Law Offices of Binder & Binder PC* Andrew Boas ’80* Mark Claster ’77* Maurice A. Deane ’81* Laurence T. Ginsberg ’79 Family Fund* Kermit Gitenstein Foundation, Inc. Lorna Goodman ’75

($5,000-$9,999) Robert M. Abrahams ’76 BARBRI Inc.


Spencer J. Angel ’91 Pearl Apisson ’86 Jay G. Baris ’78

Columbian Lawyers Association of the First Judicial Department

Philippe Bennett ’81

Columbian Lawyers’ Association of Nassau County, Inc.

David R. Bolnick ’80

Lynn A. Boccio ’78

Hillary Light Fuhrman ’78 and Richard A. Fuhrman ’77*

Jason S. Brookner ’94

Professor John DeWitt Gregory* Rosemary A. Levitt ’82 and Steven L. Levitt ’81

Gutman Mintz Baker & Sonnenfeldt PC

William F. Carmody

Judith Livingston ’79*

Long Island Hispanic Bar Association

Mark J. Caruso ’77*

Long Island Community Foundation

Christopher T. McGrath*

Emily Schulman Mendel ’77 and Stephen F. Mendel ’77

Janis McKee Meyer ’81

Robin Hood Foundation

Samuel Ramos ’91*

Howard J. Talmud ’91*

Catherine Samuels ’79*

Distinguished Leaders ($10,000-$24,999)

1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East John Bae ’89* Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP* Arthur I. Indursky

Michael D. Patrick ’78*

Shelley Sherman ’77


($2,500-$4,999) Brian Daughney ’86* Carol A. Casazza Herman ’84 and Neil Herman ’85 Spencer D. Klein ’89

Russell S. Burman ’80 Christopher J. Caruso ’00* Kim C. Ciesinski ’89 Sarah K. Cohn ’87* Catharine K. Coleman and C. Payson Coleman, Jr. ’76* Charles B. Cummings ’73* Robert Falk The Honorable John Farley ’73* Merrie S. Frankel ’80* Dolores Fredrich ’80 and Jeffrey Keller ’80* Professor Monroe H. Freedman Nancy Freedman ’91 and Richard Freedman Fund Judith D. Fryer ’75*

Edward M. Kalikow ’78*

Michelle Laskin ’90 and David L. Weissman ’90*

Roberta Karp ’83*

Adam B. Levy ’92

Gottlieb & Gordon

Patrick W. Kelly ’82

Saul P. Morgenstern ’81

Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

John and Nancy Rivkin

Lauren D. Greenbaum ’01 and Arthur S. Laitman ’99

Fusae Nara ’91*

Rivkin Radler LLP*

Sanford P. Rosen ’78

Stephen J. Wallace ’83

*Donor for five or more consecutive years


Rosalind M. Gordon ’73*

Arthur R. Hirst* Martin E. Kohler ’77 Dean Eric Lane

Ivy Leibowitz ’88 Jody Fink Lippman ’83 and David B. Lippman ’83 Andrew S. Lipton ’77* Barbara A. Lukeman ’00 D. Carl Lustig III ’78 Leslie A. Margolin ’80 Shelia Martin ’79 Suzanne Mikos ’99 and Kenneth R. David ’99* Ronald S. Milstein ’81 Peter S. Morgan ’97 Eric W. Nodiff ’83

Annual PJF Auction Gariel Sands Nahoum ’08

Timothy A. Schmidt ’09

JoAnna Nicholson ’08

Micah Greynum Snitzer ’09

Seth Presser ’07

Matthew L. Solomon ’12

George H. Roberts

Franca D. Sachs ’06 and Steven L. Sachs ’05

Bari Jane Wolfe Rogers ’83 and Philip Rogers, Jr. ’83


Eric A. Schwitzer ’08


Elyse Stern ’06

Beverly Baker ’97

Terrence Tarver ’07

Professor Barbara Barron ’84 and Professor Lawrence Kessler

Michelle A. Parfitt ’80 Jodi L. Popofsky ’83 Marc D. Powers ’80

Glen D. Rubin’89* Edward S. Rudofsky ’73 Kevin Schlosser ’84* Leo Schoffer ’77 and Melissa Schoffer ’05* Richard A. Small ’80 H. Brooks Smith ’80*

YuhTyng Tsuei ’07 Lynda Madera Vaillant ’08 and Daniel P. Vaillant ’08 Paul R. Weber ’07

Lanning G. Bryer ’83 Professor Juliana Campagna George R. Caso, III ’80 Robert J. Cicero ’93

2009-2012 ($100 and up)

Stephen G. Epstein ’80

Giuseppe Aguanno ’09

Carmine E. Esposito ’89*

Ahmed Almudallal ’12

Professor Susan Fortney

Bryan L. Arbeit ’11

Marilyn Genoa ’89

Joseph R. Bjarnson ’09

Joel K. Gerstenblatt ’77

Angela M. Burton ’09

Professor Jennifer A. Gundlach

Protégé Members

Andrea J. Caruso ’10

Deborah Harris ’81

2003-2005 ($500 and up)

Thomas Kam Chu ’12

Jeanne Cho ’03

Paul J. Edelson ’10

Carol Lieb Himes ’78 and Scott M. Himes ’78

Gina T. Danetti ’03

Scott I. Forman ’12

Katherine R. Dieterich ’05

Brenda D. Giuliano ’10

Thelma L. Jones ’05

Evan Gotlob ’10

Dayna Shillet ’03

Chris P. Hampton ’11

Howard M. Smith ’78* George B. South, III ’91 William F. Weir ’85* Marc S. Wenger ’87 Michael D. Zarin ’85

2006-2008 ($250 and up) Karen C. Baswell ’07 Mary I. Bresnan ’06 Kerri D’Ambrosio ’08 Jose Ricardo Guzman ’06 Theresa Ehle Harris ’06 David M. Kleinman ’06

Nana S. Japaridze ’09 and Richard Facundo ’09 Leonid Krimsky ’09 Jamie Laginestra ’09

Maurice R. Kassimir ’80 Andrew A. Kress ’79* Stephanie McEvily ’80 and Charles McEvily ’73 Susan E. Herzog Millman ’81 and Paul M. Millman ’80 Randell Montellaro ’85* John L. Nickelsberg ’75*

Annette Marie Lalic ’11

Laura M. Papa ’82 and John P. Papa ’82

Stephen A. Lampo ’10

Laurence Paskowitz ’83

Frank A. Mazzagati ’10

Robert W. Pearce ’80

John G. Papadopoulos ’11

Brian Pfeiffer ’99

Byeongju Park ’11

Brett M. Reiss ’78

2012-2013 Donor Report


Theodore Roosevelt American Inn of Court

Philip A. Crotty ’73*

Professor Daniel J. Greenwood

Beatrice Crowder ’83

James A. Gregory ’95

Sondra S. Roppolo*

Lesley Magaril De Lia ’79

Romulo E. Guevara ’96

Dr. & Mrs. Richard F. Rosenberg*

David Thomas Della Rocca ’96

Gabrielle M. Guzman

Victor Schachter*

Jill D. Delman ’78

Adam S. Harris ’87

The Honorable Joyce P. Sparrow ’75

Stephen B. Harris ’86

Peter Scott Tipograph ’80*

Roseanna Demaria ’78 and Allan D. Dinkoff ’80

Glen Wolther ’81

Thomas J. DeMayo ’73

Eric M. Hellige ’80

Desena & Associates LLP

Judith S. Hozore ’78*

Mitchell Devack ’75

Courtenaye Y. Jackson-Chase ’92

William DeVito ’93*

John C. St. Jeanos ’88

William A. Bader ’84*

The Honorable Arthur M. Diamond ’78

Ralph Joel ’74*

Patience O. Banister ’74*

Beth Charney Dorfman ’84*

The Honorable Dolores A. Battalia ’78

Patrick W. Dunn ’76

Contributors ($100-$499)

Dominique F. Atteritano ’99

Lauren A. Baum ’93 Andrew E. Berman Lisa H. Berman Gregory J. Berry ’87 Mark I. Binsky ’80 Paul E. Blutman ’77* Susan B. Braver ’73 and Joseph B. Gulmi ’73 Eric B. Brettschneider ’79 Lisa E. Brodoff ’80 Daniel J. Buoniconti ’98* Konrad L. Cailteux ’85* Juan A. Campos ’77 Marianne Candito ’87 and Steven A. Candito ’85

Jennifer Bush Hawkins ’93*

Ellen Kahn ’78 Jeffrey S. Kahn ’76*

Judith N. Eidenberg ’95

Susan M. Kane ’77 and Kent V. Moston ’75

Alan Engle

David A. Kellman ’74*

The Honorable Saralee P. Evans ’78

John G. Kennedy ’91*

Deborah A. Ezbitski ’83

Michael B. Kent ’76

Carol Falcinelli ’91

Deirdre Kessler ’80

Leslie Feifer ’94

Roberta B. Kotkin ’85

Stuart Feldman John G. Ferreira ’83

Lynne A. Kramer ’76 and Frederick Eisenbud ’75

Marcia Z. Feuer ’90

Margaret D. Kranz ’83

Joseph E. Field ’88

Professor Katrina F. Kuh

Lorraine S. Fields ’84

Michele G. Kule-Korgood ’93

Stephan J. Filipek ’88

Alton J. Landsman ’78*

Mary Lou Folts ’93

Denise Langer ’83

Michael B. Frank ’77

Frances L. Langstaff ’83

Christine Frederick ’91

Jacqueline Carway ’77

Robert Fricke ’90*

Mona Latman ’97 and Marc D. Latman ’97*

Peter S. Casalino ’04

Donna Denton Friedman ’88

Samuel Lee ’98

Mayra A. Cataldo

Sandrea Friedman ’84

Michael I. Lefkowitz ’74

Andrew J. Ceraulo ’79*

Paula Frome ’74

David M. Levine ’93

Deborah A. Ciresi ’78

Alison S. Gallub ’88 and Michael Brian Gallub ’86

Marilyn M. Levine ’77*

Dolores Gebhardt ’84


Sandra R. Geller ’75

Professor Theodor S. Liebmann

Michele K. Gerace ’96

Helaine F. Lobman ’84

Francis B. Gibbons ’87

James A. Magenheimer ’74

Bruce H. Goldstein ’92

Michael B. Mager ’90

Edward S. Goodman ’94

Barbara B. Manning ’79

Jennifer Liddy Green ’93

Susan L. Martin ’87

Glenn J. Greenfader ’85

William E. Massey ’79*

Donald L. Citak ’80* Gregory B. Classon ’81* Harris N. Cogan ’78 Robert H. Cohen ’83 Professor J. Scott Colesanti Richard D. Collins ’81 James M. Conway ’88 Christine D. Costigan ’73 Patrick M. Cox ’96

Kenneth M. Lewis ’86

Andrew J. Matzelle *Donor for five or more consecutive years


The Honorable Thomas F. McKevitt ’96

Howard I. Rothschild ’84

Nelson H. Willick ’76*

Mary and Louis Ruggilo

Kenneth A. Winkelman ’00

Clare Hodgson Meeker ’80

Evette A. Saldana

Matthew H. Woodard ’03

Michele Robin Michaelson ’81*

Michael Salgo ’79

Barbara A. Yellen ’82

Adrienne M. Mirro ’79

Monica L. Samuel

Richard A. Zimmerman ’83*

John F. Molinari ’76

Susan Sanders ’87*

Stacey S. Zuckerman ’86

Tyrone J. Montague ’86*

Richard A. Sarner ’80*

Deborah B. Zwany ’79*

Marlene Monteleone ’78 A. Patricia Moore ’74

Judith Scheinfeld-Gann ’84 and Marc C. Gann ’84


Wendy Morgan ’77*

Jeffrey M. Schlossberg ’84

(Up to $99)

Stephanie Morse-Shamosh ’78

Jennifer Lyon Schoen ’92 and Christopher R. Schoen ’92

Sanford M. Adler ’78*

Ryan A. Schreiber ’94*

Candice D. Aiken ’97 Professor Miriam R. Albert

Daniel C. Murphy ’93*

The Honorable Jed N. Schulman ’79*

Clifford S. Nelson ’90

Martin V. Schwartz ’75

Roland Nicholson, Jr. ’74

Frederick L. Segal ’73

Anthony M. Nunez ’95

Reed P. Sexter ’92

Martin L. O’Connor ’73

The Honorable Denise L. Sher ’78*

Ronald G. Ort ’75*

Professor Norman I. Silber*

Fredrick C. Paine ’85

Professor Jeffrey Silberfeld ’75*

Edward Papa ’98

The Honorable George Jay Silver ’83

Gregory Mouton ’08 Kristen M. Mulhern ’03 and Christopher R. Nolan ’01*

Robert T. Parrinelli III ’03 Deena Patel ’05 The Honorable Barbara Patton ’82* Barry J. Peek ’77 Rocky Piaggione ’74* Dr. Stanley Pierce ’76 Lisa A. Pieroni ’90* Pitability, Inc. Neal R. Platt ’78 James S. Polk ’06 David Porter ’85 Daniel M. Posener ’89* Eric Post Jaclyn Quiles Henry Ramirez ’76 Robert L. Rediger ’81 Mary O. Regan* Michael B. Reiss ’98 Professor Alan N. Resnick* Keith H. Richman ’77 Steven C. Richman ’05 Robyn D. Ringler ’87 Scott Robins ’86 Joyce S. Rogak ’80

Michael A. Spero ’75 Debra G. Speyer ’84* Professor Barbara Stark Janet Wynne Starwood ’78 Alan J. Stern ’82 James K. Stern ’85* Scott A. Stone ’92 Alexander Stotland ’98 David M. Szuchman ’97 Mark Tipperman ’73* Linda M. Toga ’98 Nehal Trivedi ’00 Robert Tugander ’92* Liam F. Twomey ’78 The Honorable Scott B. Ugell ’85 Vincent A. Verdi ’89 William L. Veronese ’98 Millicent J. Vulcan ’87 Professor Vern R. Walker* Richard H. Waxman ’73* Jonathan R. Weinberg ’78 Frederick H. Wen ’03 Faith Wender ’76 Mary M. Whelan ’91

Toni L. Aiello

Paul H. Aloe ’83 Irnande M. Altema ’12 American Waffle House of Seaford Joseph H. Aron Paul G. Atkinson, IV ’13 Yvonne V. Atkinson Garabet V. Badrajan ’13 Natalie Gayle Labayen Beato ’13 Alison E. Bederman ’13 Michael K. Belostock ’13 Karen L. Berman ’77 Erica Blank ’99 Louis W. Bookheim, III ’75 Kerrin Bowers ’08 Alice C. Brennan ’81* Kenneth W. Brooks ’74 Eli B. Bruch ’05 Katherine A. Byrns ’13 Amanda L. Carlson ’05 and Michael I. Schnipper ’04 Elanie J. Cintron ’13 Patricia Clark Linda G. Collica* Janet M. Connolly ’80 Zachary A. Cooper Isabel L. Cosentino Matthew J. Crawford ’13 Christopher E. Czerwonka ’13 Steven C. DeCosta ’74* Christopher Dennis ’13 Jenelle M. Devits ’13 Stanley A. Diamond ’77*

2012-2013 Donor Report


Professor Shane Dizon

Allen J. Littlefield ’93

Candice Lasky Stark

Patricia A. Dorilio ’80

Brittany T. Maiolo ’13

Caitlin M. Steinke ’13

Shereen F. Edelson ’77

Ernest R. Maler, Jr. ’82*

Tamara Stephen ’96

Andrew Eiger ’13

Morton J. Marshack ’76*

Joshua D. Sussman ’13

Seon S. Emanuel ’13

Victoria Mauri ’12

Michael Sing-yi Eng ’13

Lindsay M. McGrath ’13

Rebecca Szewczuk ’08 and Vincent White ’08

Samuel E. Felberbaum ’80

Melissa Mendoza ’13

Cynthia M. Thomas ’13

Professor Eric M. Freedman

Jilly Miscioscia ’13

Oneshwer B. Totaram ’13

James R. Freeswick ’76

Lisa M. Monticciolo ’89

Trinh N. Tran ’12

Michael Fuchs ’84

Allison W. Mussen ’13

Geoff J. Kagan Trenchard

Barbara K. Gaba ’77

Richard Nadraus

Alexis E. Trezza ’13

Alexandra B. Gann ’13

Phillip P. Nash ’13

Camile N. Tucker ’13

Andrew Garbacz

Daniel A. Neyra ’13

Steven Tugander ’89

Tali K. Gellert ’13

Vivekananda M. Nittala ’13

Anahid M. Ugurlayan ’00

Kathleen M. Gentner

Shannon E. O’Keefe ’13

Desiree M. Valdes ’13

Michael V. Girace ’00

Michael Onufer

Robert M. Wanderman ’77

Friederike S. Goergens ’13

Maryanne B. Orenstein ’79

Noreen K. Goldstein ’89

Elena P. Pablo ’13

Jennifer E. Waters ’98 and Matthew P. Cullen ’98

Professor Michael L. Haber

Professor Mark A. Padin

Eddie Raynord Hadden ’79

Jamal A. Perry ’13

Bonnie S. Halbridge ’85

Stephen D. Piraino ’13

Helma J. Hermans ’13

Point Brazil Restaurant

Neil V. Hernandez ’95

Prestige Barber

John M. Hogan ’76*

Rachel L. Rattner

Suman Home ’05

Carmelle Robillard ’13

Eric A. Horn ’95

April J. Rocha ’13

Aileen E. Iorio

Courtney M. Rodriguez ’13

Samuel M. Jaffe ’13

Jamie A. Rosen ’13

Professor Susan H. Joffe ’89 and Samuel Joffe ’74*

Michael H. Rosoff ’79 Professor James Sample

Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program

Margaret Johnson-Pertet ’82

Daniel Satterfield ’09*

Liz Claiborne Foundation

Joel H. Joseph ’75

Ashley Sauerhof

Crown Media Holdings, Inc.

Najeela C. Karimi ’13

Joel M. Scheer ’75

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Enid R. Klein ’77

Michael P. Scheiner ’13

Marsh and McLennan

Professor Fred Klein

Professor Andrew Schepard

MetLife Foundation

Tomas Andrius Klimas-Mikalauskas ’13

William Schulder ’77*

NYSE Euronext Foundation

Andrew L. Schwartz ’13

Pfizer, Inc.

Kenneth J. Selvester and Patricia C. Leonard

Pitney Bowes

Evgeny I. Krasnov ’13 Marisa Revesz Kussoy ’97 and Ralph E. Amirata ’96* Rebecca L. Langweber Paul R. Lanza ’92 Laura M. Lanzillotta

William A. Shirley Binyamin T. Silver ’13 Linda A. Spahr ’79 and Stephen M. Spahr ’79

Ryan P. Larson ’13

*Donor for five or more consecutive years


Brent G. Weitzberg ’13 Heshani D. Wijemanne ’13 Tremaine S. Witter ’13 Merham G. Yacoub ’13 Kamran E. Yaghoubzadeh ’13 David Yaron ’13 Y N C Cafe Corp.

Matching Gifts AIG American Express Foundation

Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Wells Fargo Bank, NA

Volunteers Whether it is serving on the Alumni Association board or a committee, contacting prospective students, participating in a Career Services event, helping with reunion or aiding our student groups, there are many ways for alumni to get involved. Hofstra Law is grateful for the dozens of volunteers who have given their time to improve the educational experience and student life at the Law School. By volunteering, alumni also affirm their pride in their Hofstra Law degree and dedication to continuing to move the Law School forward. Dean’s Advisory Board

Barbara A. Lukeman ’00

Abena Darkeh ’93

Michelle Marquez ’90

Dev Dhamija ’04

Brad Eric Scheler ’77, Chair

Maria D. Matos ’93

Joshua T. Ebersole ’12

John Bae ’89

Peter S. Morgan ’97

Michael E. Ellis ’06

Christopher J. Caruso ’00

Michael I. Schnipper ’04

Janet N. Esagoff ’09

Gordon J. Crane ’78

Richard Schoenstein ’90

Michael E. Feinstein ’90

Lorna Goodman ’75

Terrence Tarver ’07

Jennifer A. Fischer ’08

Marc L. Hamroff ’83

Simone M. Freeman ’07

Alumni Association Committee Members

Paula Frome ’74

David J. Alamia ’12

Pat Gravino ’02

Bryan L. Arbeit ’11

Chris P. Hampton ’11

John Bae ’89

Robert M. Harper ’07

Christopher L. Barbaruolo ’04

Simone Sigma Hicks ’12

Amy Bedell ’02

Miriam Hyman ’77

Ron Ben-Bassat ’08

Bridget Johnson ’90

Seth Berman ’07

Andrew D. Kampel ’90

James M. Black, II ’86

Sarika Kapoor ’04

Mary I. Bresnan ’06

Scott M. Kessler ’03

Andrea M. Brodie ’09

Daniel N. Kuperstein ’07

Alumni Association Executive Board and Committee Co-Chairs

Russell S. Burman ’80

Tammy R. Lawlor ’96

Angela M. Burton ’09

Jeffrey A. Lieberman ’85

Cesar A. Callan ’83

Kurt L. Lyn ’92

Christopher J. Caruso ’00, President

Carol A. Casazza Herman ’84

Ruby Marin ’92

Mark J. Caruso ’77

Jessica A. Chiavara ’12

Ernesto Marrero, Jr. ’82

Ralph H. Cathcart ’90

Anthony Clemenza ’08

Lauren J. Mashe ’08

Laura B. Daly ’08

Tifanni Cooke ’07

The Honorable Juan Merchan ’94

Merrie S. Frankel ’80

Christopher E. Czerwonka ’13

Domenick Napoletano ’80

Richard A. Fuhrman ’77

Joseph C. DaProcida ’91

Fusae Nara ’91

Michael D. Jaffe ’80 Spencer D. Klein ’89 Randy L. Levine, Jr. ’80 Judith Livingston ’79 Fusae Nara ’91 Michael D. Patrick ’78 Michael D. Penner ’94 Marc D. Powers ’80 Samuel Ramos ’91 Mark P. Schnapp ’76 Philip J. Shapiro ’78

Christina M. Gaudio ’10

2012-2013 Donor Report


Mark Newman ’05

David J. Verlizzo ’98

Laura D. Damiano ’12

Roland Nicholson, Jr. ’74

David R. Warren ’00

Gina T. Danetti ’03

Amy O’Connell ’04

Charles H. Weilamann ’97

Johanna C. David ’10

Andrew L. Oringer ’84

Jennifer N. White ’03

Lesley Magaril De Lia ’79

Tina J. Parekattil ’01

James J. DiPietro ’79

The Honorable Barbara Patton ’82


Natalie Edie ’05

Maria Pedraza ’00

Guy M. Allen ’91

Richard Facundo ’09

Jessica A. Petrilli ’11

Paul H. Aloe ’83

Eric J. Felsberg ’98

Marc D. Powers ’80

Ala Amoachi ’09

Joshua G. Fensterstock ’03

Seth Presser ’07

Irene Angelakis ’02

John G. Ferreira ’83

Robert L. Pryor ’81

Lisa Aquino ’10

Corey Fitelson ’06

Michael E. Ratner ’02

Charles M. Avigliano ’01

Patria Yudelka Frias-Colon ’94

Martin E. Restituyo ’02

Joan M. Baim ’05

Richard A. Friedman ’87

Lauren A. Rieders ’11

Sheila M. Ballato ’12

Hillary Fuhrman ’78

Andriette Aleigha Roberts ’09

Jay G. Baris ’78

Shareema N. Gadson-Shaw ’99

Dariely Rodriguez-Veny ’06

Karen C. Baswell ’07

Marc C. Gann ’84

Andrew R. Rosenblatt ’97

Brice Schroeder Beach ’11

Carlos A. García-Pérez ’88

Alan E. Sash ’98

David Benjamin ’74

Jennifer Gebbie ’09

Stacy Schecter ’10

Leslie Berkoff ’90

Scott J. Glick ’81

Michael C. Schmidt ’93

Constance E. Beverley ’07

Maurice H. Goldman ’00

Alexander J. Sepulveda ’97

Joseph Bjarnson ’09

Joseph Gorczyca ’08

The Honorable Denise H. Sher ’78

Lynn A. Boccio ’78

Celia Gordon ’97

Ashton A. Simmons ’12

Kerrin Bowers ’08

Rosalind M. Gordon ’73

John C. St. Jeanos ’88

Brian E. Bradley ’10

Evan J. Gotlob ’10

Alexander Stotland ’98

Mariana Brancoveanu ’07

Ella Govshtein ’08

David B. Suna ’96

Michael R. Brew ’92

Jonathan E. Gradess ’73

Robert T. Szyba ’09

Eli B. Bruch ’05

Bruce W. Greenhaus ’91

Seny Taveras ’03

Gregory F. Brucia ’96

Lisa M. Griffith ’04

Trinh Ngoc Tran ’12

Lanning G. Bryer ’83

Cecilia M. Guerra ’04

Robin Young Tyrrell ’97

Ryan D. Budhu ’12

Yolanda C. Guerra ’10

Jeannea M. Varrichio ’12

Felicia A. Bunbury ’11

Jacqueline M. Harounian ’94

Jason R. Veny ’06

Erik J. Burgos ’00

Chad I. Harris ’07

David A. Bythewood ’81

Kendrick D. Harris ’08

Lauren E. Campisi ’97

Fred D. Heather ’77

Heather J. Canning ’09

William M. Heberer, III ’95

Michael J. Caruso ’08

Justin Heinrich ’05

Jeanne Cho ’03

Aureon Alzada Herron ’94

Elanie J. Cintron ’13

Richard Herzbach ’73

Patricia Ann Clark ’13

Stefanie C. Hyder ’07

Sharon N. Clarke ’06

James M. Ingoglia ’99

Helayn Cohen ’08

Nia Kitwana Ngozi Jackson ’11

Alexis Collentine ’06

Trevor Jadoo ’01

Richard D. Collins ’84

Nana S. Japaridze ’09

Jacqueline Condon ’08

Thomas D. Jaycox ’89

Eric S. Crusius ’00

Laura S. Johnson ’10

Kerri D’Ambrosio ’08

Karen Kart ’96

Career Fair


Gail B. Katz ’96 Christopher E. Kent ’88 Johnny Kim ’03 Corey E. Klein ’94 Cary S. Kletter ’95 Brandi Klineberg ’03 Matthew B. Kogan ’01 Mickey Kranz ’83 Rebecca Kulik ’08 Shannon Laguerre ’03 Kyle Lawrence ’06

New Jersey Alumni Event

Amy Leder ’92 Andrew Leder ’92

Pietrina J. Reda ’73

Robert T. Szyba ’09

Ivy Leibowitz ’88

Michael B. Reiss ’98

Howard M. Tollin ’89

David M. Levine ’93

Holly E. Rich ’05

Jody-Ann Tyrell ’08

D. Carl Lustig, III ’78

Joseph J. Richetti ’98

Anahid M. Ugurlayan ’00

Michael Ma ’09

Brad D. Rose ’85

Daniel P. Vaillant ’08

Amy B. Marion ’89

Jesse Rose ’08

Lynda Madera Vaillant ’08

Laurie B. Marshall ’96

Lloyd C. Rosen ’93

Roya Vasseghi ’10

Jonathan David Martin ’94

Jared R. Rosenblatt ’03

Monica A. Vignier ’02

Renato D. Matos ’08

Edward S. Rudofsky ’73

Stephen J. Wallace ’83

Charles J. McEvily ’73

Laurence H. Rudolph ’88

Jennifer S. Wilson ’09

Emily Schulman Mendel ’77

Kara Kaplan Ruisi ’01

Anna Min-hee Wiltamuth ’09

Stephen F. Mendel ’77

Salvatore J. Russo ’81

Steven Witkoff ’83

Stephen A. Mendelsohn ’83

Michael S. Ryan ’09

Ebone L. Woods ’10

Amdie Mengistu ’08

Steve E. Salem ’91

Ronen B. Yair ’11

Risco Mention-Lewis ’93

Francesco Sardone ’99

Lisha Yakub ’12

Carron J. Mitchell ’11

Heather A. Sarver ’09

Jeffrey P. Yong ’05

Drew Mollica ’10

Michael Scarpa ’08

Fernando Morales, Jr. ’93

Mark P. Schnapp ’76

Event Hosts

Madelyne Lentine Mostiller ’11

Jeffrey R. Schoen ’98

The Honorable Joseph Covello ’79

Kent Moston ’75

Michael Alan-Herm Schoenberg ’03

Melissa Negrin-Wiener ’01

Arthur Z. Schwartz ’78

Spencer D. Klein ’89/ Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Karen M. Newman ’86

Eric A. Schwitzer ’08

Mark Newman ’05

Anthony C. Serrano ’11

JoAnna Nicholson ’08

Dayna Shillet ’03

Kimberly Oberhauser ’07

The Honorable George Jay Silver ’83

Andrew L. Oringer ’84/ Dechert LLP

Laurence D. Paskowitz ’83

Christina Singh ’08

Governor David Paterson ’82

Michael D. Patrick ’78

Kristen Siracusa ’08

Melba V. Pearson ’97

Gary Small ’78

Roshni Devi Persaud ’04

Richard A. Small ’80

Brad Eric Scheler ’77/ Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Michael N. Peterson ’97

Micah G. Snitzer ’09

Blondel A. Pinnock ’94

Briton Sparkman ’08

Rona Platt ’94

Michael S. Sparling ’92

Jodi L. Popofsky ’83

Dennis J. Stewart ’81

Kenneth N. Rashbaum ’78

Paul Sudentas ’08

Randy Levine ’80/ New York Yankees Drew Mollica ’10

Joel Segal ’89 John C. St. Jeanos ’88/ Herrick, Feinstein LLP Matthew H. Woodard ’03/ Jackson Lewis LLP

2012-2013 Donor Report


In-Kind Donations Donations of goods and services helped Hofstra Law raise additional funds by supplying items for our Public Justice Foundation auction and providing student support through donations of books, classroom supplies and other vital items. Thank you to these donors who made gifts in kind. Absolute Wine and Spirits

Bagel Wagon

DiRosa Haircare

Bar 30

Butera’s Restaurant of Woodbury

Accent on Eyes Advanced Formal Wear

Maryellen Behr

C & J Flower Shoppe

DJ House Nails

A La Carte Culinary Services LTD

Beny’s Hair Salon


Dominican Restaurant

Lisa H. Berman

Cafe Ginos

Eastern Breeze Nails & Spa

AMC Theatres


Elements Hair Salon

Amitrano’s Deli & Catering

Bib ’n Tucker

Calagero’s Italian Restaurant

Ann Aplus A Nails


Michael J. Ende


California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.

Blossom Nails & Spa

Camp Nails

Michael Engle

Annex Shoppe

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Canz Bar & Grill Inc

Equinox @ Roslyn

Anthony For Men

BonBons Chocolatier

Capelli Capelli

Erin D. Thorn

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Borrelli’s of East Meadow Bourbon Street Bar & Grille

Caprio’s Brick Oven Pizza & Restaurant

Marie Esposito

Lisa M. Valletutti Aquino ’10

Boy’s World


Exotic Nails

Bravo Media

Casey’s Clothing

Fad Inc.

Ryan D. Budhu ’12

CD Island

Famous Dave’s

Melissa Buonomo

Certified Management Services Inc

F and L Deli

A Time for Karma Ayhan’s Shish-Kebab Mediterranean Restaurants Bagel Boss

The Burger Spot

Professor Robin Charlow C.J. Wellington’s Clear Skin Clearview Cinemas Cobble Hill Cinemas Colors of Cold Spring Harbor Complete Clothing Corp Corner House Pub Crawford’s Cafe Dashing Diva

PJF Fundraising Run


Disney Theatrical Group


European Image

Feldis Filomena’s Restaurant Fine Wines & Liquors Inc. Flywheel Sports Professor Susan S. Fortney Francesca’s Tailoring Frankly Thai Frank’s Bakery Professor Eric M. Freedman & Melissa Nathanson


Frosty’s Ice Cream Club & Coffee Bar

DeFranco Spagnolo

The Garden City Bistro

De La Mer Salon

Garden City Hotel, LLC


George Martin’s Grillfire

Luanne’s Boutique

Lynn Portas

David A. Gerardi ’13

Lynbrook Bagels

Post Cleaners

Get Baked

Lynbrook Diner

Presence NY

Giovanni Guttilla

Lynbrook Runner’s Stop

Press 195

Glamour Nails

Lyn Gift Shop

Prohibition Bakery

Golden Reef Diner

Maddy’s 390

Queen of Hearts

The Good Life

Matty’s Toy Stop


Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Mediterranean Diner

Red Door Spa

Merrick Bagel Cafe

Red Lobster

Got Cupcakes? Grand Central Pharmacy

MexiBBQ Kitchen and Draught

Riviera Cafe & Sports Bar You

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Michaelangelo Spa

Roseland Ballroom

Hair Effex

Milo’s Pizzeria

Ruben’s Liquor

Harvey’s Place

Mineola Flag Co.

Ruth’s Grocery & Deli

Sara Horowitz

Sami Asad Mir

Salon Pop

In Motion

Dr. Tanveer P. Mir

Salon Redd

IRENE Makeup Artistry

Mir Tanveer

Salon Ten Forty One

Island Empanada It’s A New Day Inc

Moments, Memories & Traditions

Salumi Tapas and Wine Bar

J & H Jewelry

Hurmayonne Morgan

Dr. Jennifer Jablow

Mother’s Restaurant

Sangria’s Bar, Grill and Lounge

Jam Dance & Fitness Center

Mr. Miceli Pizza

San Marzano’s Pizzeria

MSI Amityville LLC


The Jewelry Showroom

Namaste Indian Cuisine

Joan Stadt Interiors Professor Susan Joffe ’89

Napoli Marble and Granite Design

Professor Andrew Schepard

John Michael Salon Jon Megaris Hair Salon

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Vanity Salon

Nassau Hobby Center

Silver Star Diner

Roger Vivier

Natural Choice Health Market

Skorpio’s Restaurant

Gabriella Von Elkes

Sol Dance Center

VS1 Hair Salon

New York Football Giants

V Spa

North Shore Fitness

South Hampton Publick House

NY Skyride

Sox World Plus

Kids Cottage Ltd

Oasis Nail & Spa

Spa H2O

Laura Koch

Oceans 8 at Brownstone

Sparks Unisex

La Chic Beauty Salon

The Original Bagelman


Westbury Florist and Fruiterers Inc.

Lackmann Culinary Services

Osteria Da Nino

Stew Leonard’s Wines of Farmingdale

Wink You

La Nona Bella

Parrots of the World

Laser Plus Spa

Pavilion Florals and Gifts

La Strada Restaurant

Pearsall’s Station

Lazar’s Chocolate

Lillian Pellegrini

Lion In The Sun

Pinnacle Golf Club

The Lite Choice

PJ Sterling Ltd.

Little Nicky’s Pizzeria

Plattduetsche Park Restaurant

Judaica Plus Kasey’s Kensington Kosher Delicatessen

Louie’s Pizzeria

Outback Steakhouse

Patrick Sullivan Sunflower Fine Art TGI Friday’s John Thomas Toddy’s Appetizers Ltd. Tribeca Salon Monica Uhl Vanilla Sky


Wayne Thompson Beverly Weinstein The Wendy Williams Show

Woodbury Men’s Shop E. David Woycik, Jr. ’80 X-Sport Fitness Spa Yali’s Yoga Long Island Z Berman Books Zenon Taverna


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Hofstra Law is a proud member of the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge Program. 49937:12/13


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2012-2013 Donor Report  

Support for the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University continued to grow in 2012-2013. Gifts and grants received totaled $2,54...

2012-2013 Donor Report  

Support for the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University continued to grow in 2012-2013. Gifts and grants received totaled $2,54...