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October 13, 2011

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Public Safety monitors nightlife By Taylor Paraboschi STaff WriTer

Cody Heintz/The Chronicle

Tuition has increased by about $1000 at the University since 2010-11.

New tuition option offers fixed rate By Ben Suazo aSSiSTanT neWS eDiTOr

Josh Hillard and Dakota McCormick are first-years with a first-year opportunity. From now until Spring 2015, they will each be paying a rate of $17,800 for eight semesters of tuition fees. and that number will never rise or fall. That’s because Hillard and McCormick are part of the first freshman class to be offered a fixed tuition rate, guaranteed for four years of enrollment. “it was emphasized [at financial aid night] that Hofstra saw how other universities offered this program and thought it should offer something, too,” Hillard said. “My parents thought that, in the long run, this would probably be a smart choice. eventually it will save us money.” not all freshmen are aware of the University’s offer. Jenna Davi was happy to hear about a lockedin tuition rate, until she learned

that the fall enrollment deadline had already passed. “That’s annoying… that sucks,” she said. “i’m here on a scholarship, but for people who don’t have that [the fixed rate], they could be transferring next year.” Upperclassmen were just as surprised as freshmen who missed the boat. Sophomore Katy rebholz reacted with mixed feelings to the news, saying she was happy for future classes while lamenting that she was not given a similar choice. “They’re just starting this now?” said rebholz. “i think it’s really good for freshmen, but i wish that we had that [opportunity]…They should have started this four years ago.” Senior Jon riemer appeared less affected, and said, “it’s no surprise, honestly. it feels like everything has gotten better since we’ve gotten here.” If first-years involved in the

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in an effort to increase security on and around campus, Public Safety has announced its plan to build a new Public Safety Post on the corner of Lawrence St. and fulton ave., located across from a couple of the popular off-campus bars. The new post will provide University students with easy access to Public Safety Officers in the event of an emergency. “The plan is to have it staffed on busy nights, giving students a place to contact us if they need to,” said Karen O’Callaghan, Director of Public Safety. O’Callaghan is hoping that this new project will be up and running within the next month, allowing the PSOs to have increased visibility, making sure more students arrive back on campus safely. “This booth will be the eyes and ears for public safety,” she said. in addition to the new booth being staffed on busy weekends, O’Callaghan mentioned the possibility of having the University shuttle drive past the bars on their way back from the Mineola and Hempstead train runs, offering rides home to students on

their way back to campus. While most University students are in support of this new booth, there is some concern that this new mode of transportation will encourage students to drink more. “it’s good in the sense it shows care for students, but bad in the sense it encourages drinking,” said senior Glenn Sardelli. Sardelli worries that with the addition of the shuttle, students will have less of a deterrent when it comes to curbing their drinking. “Sure having a closer public safety building is fantastic, being able to call them for rides is great. But the addition of a shuttle bus means it will become the ‘party’ bus of Hofstra.” first year graduate student Laura rossano agrees, saying that while it’s a great idea to have Public Safety closer to the students, the shuttle bus might be too much. “i do think it is a good idea for public safety to be there, although the shuttle bus, i don’t think i support that. To me it’s like ‘hey guys drink as much as you want! The shuttle’s coming.” rossano added that while she doesn’t support the shuttle, she supports the idea of some type of authority being nearby.

“i do think it is a good idea to have public safety there though because it is dangerous and it is a wise decision. if someone in a worst case scenario needed a ride then they could help with that.” Safety is a big concern for students when walking home from the local bars late at night and the presence of Public Safety may help provide a sense of calm among the student body. Many feel that this new measure will help the University take better care of their students, providing the University with a safer campus . “Public Safety is for our students and you obviously cannot prevent students from going out to the bars,” said senior Jessica riley, adding that it’s a good idea for Public Safety to be there for support when students are intoxicated and at their most vulnerable. Senior Kagen Yelmene agrees on the condition that the patrols around the rest of the campus aren’t compromised. “as long as Public Safety continues to adequately patrol the rest of campus and the dorms the addition of the safety booth will be a good one.”

Marc Butcavage/The Chronicle

Public Safety’s new booth is located on Lawrence St. and Hempstead Turnpike to ensure the safety of students.


A 2•October 13, 2011

The Chronicle

SGA passes resolution to reduce vans By Julia Skrobak SPeCiaL TO THe CHrOniCLe

Hofstra University’s Student Government association recently passed a resolution to terminate the use of their vans, a move that is seriously hindering the initiative of campus clubs and organizations. SGa President David Zuniga said the decision resulted from years of inactivity of the schoolowned vans. Zuniga admitted that bureaucratic issues and mechanical problems made the two 10-person vans difficult for clubs and organizations to use in the past. The use of one van is still permitted, but that one van cannot leave campus. Paw Pals, a club devoted to protecting animal rights, has been trying for the past year to use the vans to volunteer at Bobbi and the Strays animal Shelter in freeport, n.Y. Club President renee Giglio, a junior who started the club last fall, said she could not find

enough reliable members with cars, so the club was restricted to making only one visit a week with one or two cars. Giglio said many people have expressed interest in the club, but they cannot fully participate due to the lack of transportation. now Paw Pals is struggling to find a way to stay active without the SGa vans. “Our main initiative is to visit the shelter,” said Giglio. “if we can’t do that, the whole purpose of our club would cease to exist.” Zuniga said he sympathizes with Paw Pals and encourages the club to continue their work. “Just because they can’t use the vans doesn’t mean they should stop volunteering,” said Zuniga.

ian Stoneking, a junior baritone saxophone player and Captain of the Hofstra Pep Band, said the news about the vans came as a shock to him. The Pep Band has used the vans for many years to transport their heavy instruments and equipment to and from practices and events. Without the vans, Stoneking said the band will have to carry their instruments, adding time and inconvenience to their schedule. “it’s going to be a huge debacle,” said Stoneking. Stoneking said he hopes there is some way SGa can provide transportation for the Pep Band, in order to make the members’ lives easier.

“Our main initiative is to visit the shelter... if we can’t do that, the whole purpose of our club would cease to exist.”

Giglio, however, is not giving up on the vans. She has been circulating petitions to convince SGa to donate the vans to Bobbi and the Strays instead of selling them. Though Zuniga said the vans are in poor condition, Giglio hopes they will still be usable. The shelter could use the vans for events like dog walks and Paw Pals members would have reliable transportation, allowing the club to expand. Paw Pals member Dana Laderer, a sophomore, is also working to save the club. She explained that Paw Pals is important not only to her, but to the staff at the shelter as well. “it’s a small shelter and they struggle,” said Laderer. “They really need the extra help.” Zuniga said SGa will meet with the Division of Student affairs within the next couple of weeks to figure out what will be done with the two vans.

Hofstra Concerts waits for bigger event ‘Recreational Chemistry’ fundraiser canceled for lack of interest By TaraMarie Liscoe and aaron Calvin SPeCiaL TO THe CHrOniCLe anD enTerTainMenT eDiTOr

Hofstra Concerts planned on holding a fundraiser titled “Dance for Music fest” on October 15th, 2011 from 8PM-11PM at Hofstra USa, but it has now been canceled. The fundraiser would have been the first of a series held throughout the year to raise money for the annual festival. “We didn’t want to have it because it wasn’t going to be at the potential level it could have been,” said Vinny Pezzella, Coffeehouse Manager at Hofstra Concerts. “The point of these events is to make money and we weren’t confident this event would do that.” in the past, Hofstra’s Music fest has featured big acts such as Big Boi from Outkast, Ghostface Killah and Streetlight Manifesto. it is

Chronicle 203 Student Center (516) 463-6921

Editor-in-Chief Max Sass Managing Editor Alexi Knock News Editor Jessica Lewis Assistant News Editor Ben Suazo Sports Editor Joe Pantorno Entertainment Editor Aaron Calvin Assistant Entertainment Editor Katie Webb Editorial Editor Andrea Ordonez @ Hofstra Editor Rachel Lutz Editor-At-Large Matt Scotto Photography Editor Michaela Papa

necessary to have fundraisers like “Dance for Music fest” in order to raise money to improve the Music fest set list every year. at Music fest, there are stages set up along the intramural fields in order to offer different performances for different crowds of people. The festival also features many attractions. in the past, it has offered henna tattoos, rock wall climbing, craft vendors and many others. it is a festive break towards the end of the Spring semester. “We’re still planning something,” Pazella affirmed. “We don’t know what it is yet, but we’re putting more time and effort into it.”

Copy Editor Lauren Means Business Manager Cody Heintz Video Editor Marc Butcavage

“We’re still planning something... we don’t know what it is yet, but we’re outting more time and effort into it.”

If anyone is interested in being involved in one of these fundraisers, they can contact Hofstra Concerts at hofstraconcerts@


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Big Boi performs at Hofstra Concerts Music Fest, Spring 2011.

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Locked in tuition rate cont. Continued from A1 option are worried about the constraints of their contract, Deborah Mulligan offers some reassurance. Mulligan is Director of Operations at the Office of the Bursar, and she explains that the fixed-rate contract does not punish students if they enroll for an extra year or choose January or Summer sessions. “if a student needs extra classes to graduate beyond the typical four year scenario, they would pay the prevailing rate of tuition [for those additional classes],” Mulligan said in an email. and yet, whether students will even save on the plan has yet to be seen. Two years ago, a semester’s tuition was $14,540; in 2010, it was $15,375. This year, con-

tinuing undergrads were charged $16,250 while new students were charged $16,550. Hofstra tuition appears to be on a rising trend, and the fixed tuition is already more than a thousand dollars above the new undergrad rate. anthony Lucci, a graduate student working on his M.S. in Quantitative finance, says he does not believe that choosing a fixed or variable rate will necessarily impact students in any drastically different way. Using the past three years’ tuition rates to assume a 6 percent growth rate, Lucci estimated what four years of tuition might look like, both with and without the fixed tuition plan. eight semesters at the

“Really, at the end of the day, if you know for sure you can borrow at a low fixed makes sense.”

$17,800 fixed rate is $142,400, and Lucci estimated that a 2015 graduate might otherwise pay a total $144,800 of regular tuition. add the 6.8 percent interest of a federal Stafford Loan, and the difference is still close: $168,311 fixed and $170,330 regular, with interest compounded annually for four years. “You might save $2,000,” Lucci said of the fixed rate plan. “Really, at the end of the day, if you know for sure you can borrow at a low fixed rate and you’ll still be here [at Hofstra] in four years, then yeah, it makes sense with interest.” as for the University’s motive behind offering the plan now, Lucci offered some insight. “They get more money right now. for them, [in four years] it’s negligible.” Tuition rates are from the Bursar website and student eBill transactions.

A3•October 13, 2011

Great writers, great readings

John Edgar Wideman

Michaela Papa/The Chronicle

Wideman read his some of his work and answered questions on Wednesday.

By aaron Calvin enTerTainMenT eDiTOr

Kicking off this year’s, “Great Writers, Great readings,” series on Wednesday, John edgar Wideman read and answered questions in the axinn Library. Wideman is a professor at Brown University and has won a multitude of awards for his works of fiction and non-fiction including the Pen/ faulkner award and the O. Henry award. The reading began with an anecdotal introduction from Patti Horvath, a professor at Hofstra. Wideman then took the podium and read an excerpt from what he described as a “work in progress.” The excerpt was the beginning of a work that Wideman said would be titled “fathers and Sons.” He described the work as being a combination of fiction and non-fiction. The work began with a description of Wideman’s childhood and his encounter with seeing the corpse of emmett Till, an african-american boy who was the real victim of a racially-

charged murder in 1955. as the reading continued, Wideman incorporated several newspaper articles that betrayed the bigotry and bias which permeated the trial. The account also spoke of Till’s father, who was hung during World War ii for the alleged crime of rape. The excerpt from the story highlighted the racial issues of mid-twentieth century america that are still relevant in today’s society. after his reading, Wideman engaged in a Q&a session with the audience. He spoke of the current political climate, comparing it to protests witnessed in the 1960s and to the personal struggles of minorities as well as the general infringements on people’s dignity. He also spoke at length on his distaste for the public “Blockbuster Syndrome,” which he described as the tendency for corporations and publishers to care only about the profit of their work. The next author in the, “Great Writers, Great readings,” series will be appearing in the Cultural Center Theater on november 14.

Wideman is a professor at Brown University and has won a multitude of awards for his works...

A 4•October 13, 2011

Grads set off alarms By Svenja van den Woldenberg STaff WriTer

it is sadly a usual sight to see graduate students outside their dorm building surrounded by the flashing lights of public safety vehicles. But do not be so quick to point the finger at a faulty fire alarm system. Bill Sollin, Hofstra’s fire and Life Safety Officer, said that twothirds of the fire drills in the graduate dorms are caused by residential cooking accidents. “These buildings are built such as they follow all the fire codes and local ordinances from the fire marshal’s office of Nassau County,” he said, “so that building, the way it’s built follows all those codes and within that we have detection equipment throughout every part of the suite, every bedroom, outside the bathroom, right outside the kitchen area, the hallways, the air handling equipment. everywhere there’s detection, now that’s not normal for people’s homes.” Since august 10, 2011 there have been 23 fire alarms logged by Public Safety, said Sollin, 15 of which have been caused by cooking. This period, between august and September is what Sollin refers to as the “breaking in phase.” “The practice is at home. if you burn a little something, open a window, take the battery out of the smoke detector,” said Sollin, “Their habits at home do not complement this building.”

But as any graduate student, and Sollin himself will tell you, the smoke detectors in the graduate building are not battery operated and there is no window to open. Worse yet, Sollin said, is that students open the door as an alternative, allowing the smoke to reach the hallway smoke detector. The remaining alarms this summer were caused by steam from a faulty dryer vent and hairspray, said Sollin. He explained that the mirror in the hallway of graduate suites has a smoke detector right above it, which has to be there by code; and that the problem could be solved if students did their hair in their bathrooms. in an effort to deal with the problem Sollin met with Jean Smith, associate Director of residential Life, Graduate resident Director Becky Christiansen and students to discuss the problem. Sollin said that they had just enough time to make the introductions befo the fire alarm went off. Sollin said that Christiansen is also working on addressing the problem by sending out a list of tips and posting a YouTube video to help students learn what they can do to prevent fire drills. Graduate student Jennifer Joyce said, “i don’t know the exact number, but i experienced a lot of them. They didn’t really do anything to my schedule but it just interrupted my day, which was kind of annoying. The only one that really got me pissed was the one at 4 a.m.!”


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Chronicle File Photo

Jimmy Wells, Chair of the Rules Committee, reads a letter to the senate from the former Ethics and Conduct Chair.

SGA loses members of senate By Claudia Balthazar STaff WriTer

in the past few weeks, SGa has lost six members from its Senate. One of the most prominent departures has been that of sophomore Gary Duff, former ethics and Conduct Chair. His departure leaves a new hole in President David Zuniga’s cabinet, just a week after another position, the Club Relations Chair, was filled. Senator Katy friedman said, “it’s upsetting and a little discouraging for the new senators [to have lost six people].” She added, “Some were asked to leave because they couldn’t fulfill their duties.” friedman is the Social Chair and a senior. Gary Duff says he left on his own terms. He felt that he was in conflict with next semester’s schedule, so he wanted to step

down to let someone else take the job and carry it through to next semester. “i wish he would’ve stuck it out for a little bit longer, but he’s going to do what’s best for him.” said Jimmy Wells. Wells, a senior, currently chairs the rules Committee and last year was president of SGa. “i regret losing him as an asset,” Zuniga said. “it’s a shame to lose Gary. He was very principled.” Duff wrote a letter for the senate, which he chose Wells to read in his place because he felt that he and Jimmy share the same values. in the letter, he talked about SGa and gave regards to

some of the people in the organization. He said, “i wrote the letter mainly to get my point across, and to give advice to SGa for the future.” Wells said, “it’s unfortunate [that we no longer have Duff] because i want voices to be heard.” as of now there is no one to replace Duff, but Wells hopes to have someone by the end of the week. Wells also added that the resignations of former senators give opportunities to new leaders. Vice President alex Zelinski is currently handling the ethics Chair responsibilities. Visit Suggestions@Hofstra to share suggestions with SGA.

“I wrote the letter mainly to get my points across and to give advice to SGA for the future.”

Public Safety Briefs Compiled By Jessica Lewis

a disorderly manner. When he approached the group, they fled. The PSO called for assistance, more officers responded and apprehended the group. four non-students were taken to the HiC and one student was given a summons for actions of guests.

Chronicle File Photo

A non-student was banned from campus on Oct. 7 after he refused to stop at the main gate on Hempstead Turnpike.

A PSO on patrol of the

main campus observed several people near Weed Hall acting in

A student reported that sometime between 11:10 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. on Oct. 7, his Macbook Pro and two textbooks were taken from his unlocked vehicle parked at the fitness Center. Three female students

reported to Public Safety that after leaving the bars, they went to wait on Belmont Street for a ride. a

vehicle with five individuals pulled up and verbally harassed them and drove off on Oct. 9.

A student reported to Public Safety that sometime between Sept. 28 and Oct. 9 three tires on his vehicle were slashed. Police assistance was declined. While conducting

Health and Safety inspections in Plymouth house on Oct. 11 a glass pipe was found in a room. Public Safety responded, confiscated the pipe and the residents of the room were given a summons.

While conducting

rounds in Vander Poel Hall, an

ra smelled the odor of marijuana coming from a room on Oct. 11. Public Safety responded, accessed the room and found marijuana stems and seeds on the dresser. The items were confiscated and destroyed. The resident of the room was given a summons.

Key  HIC- Hofstra Information Center  PSO- Public Safety Officer  RSR- Resident Safety representative  RA- Resident Assistant

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January 3-17, 2012* January Session is the perfect opportunity to take new or popular courses and earn up to three credits in two weeks. Hofstra offers a broad range of courses with an emphasis on diversity, including study abroad and distance learning (online) courses. Distance learning courses for January Session 2012 are offered in anthropology, comparative literature and languages, dance, elementary education, English, foundations of education, French literature in translation, health professions and family studies, information technology, international business, Italian, management, marketing, mathematics, political science, psychology, and public relations.

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A5•October 13, 2011


A6 •october 13, 2011

The Chronicle

Hofstra leads by tolerant example By Chelsea Tirrell ColumnisT

Illustration by Ashlie Bauer

Dorming with opposite sex distracts learning environment By Victoria neely ColumnisT

Hofstra follows a typical co-ed dorming system, which involves having both young men and young women living in the same residence hall or floor. But in other colleges, a new concept of co-ed living is allowing people of the opposite sex to live in the same dorm rooms or suites. it is possible to argue that in today’s society, anything should be allowed because it is our “basic rights” as humans to do whatever we wish. Because college students are adults now, they should be able to live with whoever they want, right? most colleges restrict girls and boys from being roommates, but should they be separate? it’s hard for any one person to decide which system of living would be the most beneficial for any single college student. it’s easy to argue that living in a room with only girls or only boys is just as difficult as it would be to live with someone of the opposite

“If a young man and woman are roommates and they are dating, what will happen when they break up?”

sex. i, however, don’t see that as possible. As a college student swamped with homework, papers, extracurricular activities and social life, i feel that living with someone of the opposite sex would only provide an extra and unnecessary distraction. Whether a female and a male choose to be each other’s roommates or are randomly placed in the same room, the manner of living between two people of the opposite sex would be extremely distracting and unconventional for the both of them. it is natural for young men and women, who many presume to be flooded with overactive hormones, to long for the company of someone of the opposing gender. However, the continuous company of that someone could possibly endanger their productivity and willpower to focus on studies. i am someone who ardently promotes the benefits of mixing young men and women in the same halls, floors, and houses. i believe that open exposure to people of the opposite sex can assist college students in the process of maturing and preparing for life in the “real world.” in the professional world, men and women are forced to adapt with the opposite sex in their day-to-day lives, and co-ed living

is a great way to help prepare young adults for that aspect of life. on the other hand, students who attend college tend to have excessively busy lives, and must learn how to balance their social and academic lives appropriately. College students (in general) do not attend college for the sole reason of getting to know the opposite sex. Going to college means focusing on academics, and learning how to ignore the distractions around you in order to complete your goals. There are also many technical factors to this subject. if a young man and woman are roommates and they are dating, what will happen when they break up? Would an RA or resident director want to put up with whiny boys and girls deciding they don’t want to room together anymore because someone’s feelings were hurt or they got into a big fight? Probably not. Those types of situations are a waste of time and energy. There is, of course, an exception. i believe that in the rare case that two college students are legally married, attending the same college and living on campus, they should have the option to live together. The college should not be able to tell two people who are bonded by legitimate matrimony that they must live with other people instead.

Weeks ago, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide in Buffalo, n.Y. after he was tormented online and in school for being gay. Though the acceptance level may be rising, it’s apparently not high enough. suicide shouldn’t have to be an option for students – especially when there is the potential for so much support. But are there really enough safe spaces at high schools and colleges worldwide? When i hear of stories like this, i wonder how people let bullying get so far. The ridicule is in plain sight – on news feeds, wall posts and statuses – and yet,

there are many that do nothing about it. Whether it be because they’re a friend of the bully or because they think someone else will take care of it, they step away. But it’s ignorance that leads to tragedy. I find, however, that the Hofstra community is one of the most welcoming. Fraternities and sororities don’t turn you away because you’re gay. Your RAs and mentors won’t turn their backs when you need them most, and your friend group will very likely support you through everything.

Continued on A8

Campus emphasizes unity to help those that feel alone By Andrea ordonez ediToRiAl ediToR

For the u.s. Army, october signifies National Depression Awareness month. Just last week, Hofstra observed national depression screening day alongside other schools and organizations around the country, by providing information about common mood concerns and mental health issues. most students forgot about the screening day, and overlooked the table because of a hectic day’s schedule. However, the significance of the day and this month as a whole should not be undermined. life does not always include easy-breezy days and nice easy breezes. We all face hard times that make us feel like no one else suffers like we do. i remember experiencing that feeling in high school, where the struggle for popularity collides with the pressure to perform well academically. For some in high school, the demands become too much. Without a loving sense of

community and attention from others, they divert to seclusion without anyone really noticing. no event in my life would have ever prepared me for the summer going into my senior year, when one of my childhood companions told me his best friend had committed suicide. To think that someone my age felt like they were so alone in this world was unacceptable. every life has the potential to grow into something beautiful, and that potential should be fostered with good attention and care. College has been an experience completely different from high school. Where the competition back then was bitter and rough, the community surrounding me encourages and celebrates personal growth and accomplishment. From the first semester here, Hofstra has emphasized the P.R.I.D.E. principles, which gives solace in the fact that we are not alone, but a community. The overall goal is that we graduate with P.R.I.D.E. and apply it to whatever

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A7•october 13, 2011

Racist immigration law forces Alabama Hispanics out By michael margavitch ColumnisT

Two of the P.R.I.D.E. principles that Hofstra preaches are diversity and Community and Respect for self and others. Apparently, our country does not seem to value these principles as much as Hofstra does. A primary example of this is our mistreatment of illegal immigrants. even though they are not technically citizens, we must recognize that these are still people. They are not the unwanted gum that attaches itself to the bottom of our shoe. We need to respect what these people contribute to our country day after day in a foreign land. overall, America could use a little Hofstra P.R.I.D.E. How did the first settlers of America obtain their land? some of our ancestors, the founders of the America that we live in today, were illegal immigrants who stole land from the native Americans, the rightful owners. subsequently, they forced the native Americans to move further and further West until they were cornered into sometimes inadequate reservations. This is not the case with current illegal immigrants. They have to live in fear of being caught. Knowing that they are not welcomed by a majority of America, they hide in low wage jobs so as to avoid being detected and deported, or even worse, imprisoned. one of the strictest immigration policies was recently upheld in Alabama, leading many Hispanic immigrant families to flee. Instead of chasing

Illustration by Isobel Stanton immigrants out of their now stable homes, America needs to take a look at how we got to this point. Yes, we are becoming a little crowded, but we cannot let this racism labeled as “immigration policy” continue. At least these people are not forcing aliens into reservations. in what is called the strictest immigration law of the country, Judge sharon lovelace Blackburn upheld a

law that would include asking for immigration papers at routine traffic stops and forcing schools

but many immigrants are not remaining in Alabama to find out. Within days of the ruling, 123 students had withdrawn from state schools. By the end of that week, the total statewide absence count of the Hispanic student population was just under 2,000. In a week, five percent of the Hispanic student population had disappeared. Residencies

“By the end of that week, the total statewide absence count of the Hispanic population was just under 2,000.” to confirm the immigration status of students at the time of enrollment. it is still unclear how severe a punishment Alabama police are expected to enforce,

in some areas have dropped by about a quarter. stores have less traffic. is a minor increase in employment worth all of these downsides? As a result of the strict law, schools will not be as populated. This is good for the overall student-to-teacher ratio. However, if attendance plummets further, funding will have to be cut. What about the children? As families search for another

Continued on A8

Hofstra Republicans blame politicians for country’s problems By Hofstra College Republicans SPEcIAl To THE cHRoNIclE

on sept. 17, 2011, in lower Manhatten’s Zuccotti Park, a muddled yet vigorous movement known as “occupy Wall street”

was borne. it is a motley crew of protestors consisting largely of young, jobless and discontent Americans, frustrated with the with the swelling income inequality that threatens the very existence of the middle class. it

has since spread from its new York hub to more than 25 cities across the nation. The protest-driven movement clearly has its merits. it is a public outcry by the vigilant masses against a woefully inefficient and ineffective government that has failed to serve and protect the people by permitting a crooked corporate culture to exist.

ultimately, their unyielding vitality and resolve to redress the ills of our nation is admirable. The protest is also similar to the Tea Party movement. Whether the protestors are aware of it or not, they are bemoaning the futile policies of the obama administration, which have done little to improve the stagnating economy. Their inability to see this contributed to their unfair scapegoating of “Wall street” and our financial system as a whole as the sole reason for our

economic malaise. Consequently, many of the ill-advised protestors have been portrayed as “trying to destroy the jobs of working people in the city,” as mayor Bloomberg said, and rightfully so. The productivity of these quasi sit-in protests is also highly suspect. The protests have led to the arrests of thousands nationwide, particularly in new York City, where unruly demonstrators purporting to be peaceful have

Continued on A8

A8 •october 13, 2011

Alabama law treats Hispanics unfairly Continued from A6 place to call home, their education becomes less of a priority. everybody, not only citizens, have the right to education and the right to social mobility. Additionally, there are less people who can spend money on goods. The economy will ultimately suffer as unemployment has only a slight decrease. Are the immigrants even doing enough harm to justify this treatment? They usually take

low-wage jobs for which many Americans previously felt that they were overqualified. Now that unemployment is up, people are just now starting to get less picky, salivating over jobs that they once looked down upon. The united states is too crowded, but it’s not merely the illegal immigrants over the last decade or two, it is an accumulation of steady heavy immigration since the days of Jamestown. At the heart of the matter

Editorial is racism. do we have a wall blocking Canada from us, with border patrol ready to arrest at the drop of a hat? no, we welcome the “aye”-sayers with open arms. This is just like the Chinese exclusion Act of the late 1800s, which banned anyone of that ethnicity from immigrating to the united states for 10 years. soon, we will have specific percent quotas on how many Hispanic immigrants will be allowed in the country each year. We need to realize that though this racism may seem justified through quick fixes in increasing the amount of jobs, we will ultimately suffer in our country’s turnover in employment, education, and economy.

Hofstra accepting of all sexualities Continued from A6 We have monthly, if not more frequent, programs to encourage safe spaces and being open about your sexuality. We don’t just encourage you to express who you are; we celebrate it. Through drag fashion shows and awareness activities put on by the PRIDE network, Hofstra encourages students to be who they are – whoever that may be. Tolerance is even built into training sessions for jobs all throughout campus. it may just be that my eyes cannot genuinely see the torment that lurks in Hofstra’s corners but it’s my observation that those

gray areas are far and few in between. And if they aren’t, then it’s my knowledge that there are more than plentiful resources on campus that would stand up and fight.

can’t criticize the school for its sexual tolerance. isn’t that far more important than whether the orange girl looks awful in leggings and uggs? our university needs to lead by example. We must demonstrate how easy it is to be accepting, what you can do to give students a sense of it, and why it’s important to do so. if we can do that, we may save an innocent life. When i say i’m a proud member of the Hofstra community, i mean it. i am tolerant, and thousands of students are as well. Join us and be a part of something much greater than what many colleges think have.

“We must demonstrate how easy it is to be accepting...If we can do that, we may save an innocent life.” Hofstra has been scrutinized for its “long island” stereotype and is often ridiculed for reasons including food, subject matters and its students’ clothing choices. At the end of the day, you

The Chronicle

Community makes the lonely feel welcome Continued from A6 occupation or environment we encounter. Aside from the P.R.I.D.E. principles, Hofstra provides helpful services at the saltzman Center, giving students the attention they deserve when they face times of stress and anxiety. There’s also a club on campus called Active minds, a studentrun organization that seeks to increase awareness and promote an open conversation about mental health issues. Besides seeing these great resources at work on campus, i have been an avid follower

of To Write love on Her Arms, a non-profit organization that provides support for people who struggle with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. The organization has attracted students across the country through music and motivational speeches. Hofstra is a place where no one should feel alone. it is a place of tolerance, acceptance, and community. For those that do feel like no one cares, try to reach out to someone. i guarantee that there will be a hand reaching out to help you.

Submit a letter to the editor! The Chronicle welcomes signed letters to the editor. letters should not exceed 400 words and must include contact information as well as relationship to the university. submissions may be edited for clarity and space constrictions. send letters to:

College Republicans demand better gov’t leadership Continued from A6 openly flouted the warnings of the N.Y.P.D. by flooding major thoroughfares such as the Brooklyn Bridge, defecating police vehicles, and spitting on pedestrians of the suit and tie variety). While that may not characterize all of the participants in this movement, it offers an accurate portrayal of reality, as 99 percent of any body of people is bound to have a few bad apples that can spoil the bunch. The squalid conditions that they have created by essentially trashing Zuccotti Park are equally appalling and

counterproductive to their cause. However, it is some of the goals of the movement that are most foreboding. According to occupywallstreet. org, the people of occupy Wall street are “using the revolutionary Arab spring tactic to achieve our ends.” if their ends are to bring about a “radical rethinking and restructuring of government, power, and wealth in the united states,” as they are according to Tracey e. Vitchers of the Huffington Post, then this movement is beyond salvage. signs reading “occupy everything,” brandished by

some protestors are even more alarming as they indicate that the people have a right to seize anything and everything, all in the name of “parity” and “fairness.” it is not fair when you harass those who have achieved financial success through hard work. There is no entitlement in America, except the liberties and rights of the Constitution, which afford us to ascend the ladder of opportunity through tenacity and diligence in duty. As college students ourselves, with job prospects just as dismal as those who occupy Wall street, we the College Republicans

of Hofstra university have some common ground with this controversial movement. Rather than blaming Wall street and capitalism for our country’s trials, the very system that propelled us into prominence as the world’s economic dynamo and premier economy, we hold the politicians and the bureaucracy accountable for our nation’s woes. if occupy Wall street is to become a viable agent of change, it will undoubtedly have to alter its convoluted message and develop some semblance of organization and leadership. in its current form, they are perceived

as a cluster of immature, languid, unemployed squatters, with nothing better to do than air their grievances 24/7 with energy that could be better channeled through job-hunting or planned, organized demonstrations, supplemented by eloquent writing and lobbying of politicians. if occupy Wall street were to embrace the message of the 53 percent who pay taxes, who have struggled, and who have overcome, and become civilized, perhaps it would unite the nation and finally give our floundering government a much needed wake-up call.


A9•October 13, 2011

The Chronicle

Faculty Spotlight: Elizabeth Glazer By Samantha abram SPeCiaL tO tHe CHrONiCLe

elizabeth M. Glazer, associate Professor of Law at Hofstra University, gave a lecture to around 40 students, faculty and community members on Wednesday titled “Sexual reorientation.” Glazer is a leading scholar on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBt) issues. according to Glazer, in the past bisexuals have been “invisible,” but now are “hyper-visible.” the law is just starting to accept bisexual issues in harassment lawsuits and court cases. Glazer believes courts are reluctant to treat bisexuals as their own orientation under the law because they are seen as indecisive. this makes courts uncomfortable, she says, believing bisexuals change their minds and switch from preferring male to female at any time. “I want to change the definition of sexual orientation under the law,” Glazer said. Glazer’s goal is to open the eyes of

the court system to include bisexuals in the law. She uses the term “general orientation” referring to the sex to which a person is attracted the majority of the time, as well as “specific orientation,” referring to the individual’s partner at a specific time. She says in some cases these two are the same. However, for bisexuals it differs depending on the sex the person is with at the time. these terms would make it easier for courts to understand, as well as help people who identify as bisexual, in a sense that regardless of which sex their current partner is, their previous relationship with the other sex will not be discredited. “it was informative and gave a new perspective on the definition of sexual orientation,” said Christian fuscarino, a senior television and broadcast major, with a minor in LGBt studies. Glazer’s paper on the lecture will be published in the Gerorgetown Law Journal in april 2012.

“I want to change the definition of sexual orientation under the law,” Glazer said.

Overheard @ Hofstra

Compiled by The Chronicle Staff

In The Chronicle Office: Staff: Dean Libman rocks! He sent us great pizza! Off-campus: Guy: Do you like Bravo? they should call it the gay network. My mom loves that, really.

Courtesy of

Professor Glazer works to improve the definition of bisexual in the law.

Student Center: Girl: i only dress up when i have a test. i have two tests today!

On Unispan: Guy: this sucks! i’m gonna miss the Price is right. Maybe if i’m lucky i’ll make it home for the Showcase Showdown. Student Center: Girl: i’ve never gotten a B+ in my entire life.

Outside Davison: Guy: i mean, i guess i wouldn’t mind if you banged my mom... but you’d both have to be really wasted.

Bits & Bytes: Girl 1: Come on. Girl 2: i’m coming. Like, coming coming. Girl 1: Oh, like masturbation coming. Like, ahhhhh.

Overhear something funny? Send it to us!



The Chronicle

A10•October 13, 2011

Freshman Dos and Don’ts By Sophia Stawser Staff Writer

Here we are once again, in another issue of the Chronicle. i, sitting in front of my cluttered Hofstra-provided desk, and you accidently reading the first couple sentences of this article as you attempt to eat the food you have just dropped on to my words. if you have chosen to read further, i sincerely hope that your newly created grease stains do not hinder your ability to read this. Let’s talk Dutch. Where i come from, “Dutch” means the language of Pennsylvania Dutch, but i prefer Hofstra’s Dutch much better. Dutch treats is an amazing opportunity to grab a container of milk or a snack without leaving campus. that being said,

get your card ready because the prices surely aren’t forgiving. Oreos no longer leave me feeling guilty but also disgusted for spending $6 on a container of empty calories. Scrumptious empty calories. Do utilize Dutch treats, but don’t let yourself go overboard. You might just find yourself lacking money at the end of the semester. Speaking of not having money, expand your closet by sharing clothes. Maybe you need to do this because you have permanently acquired an Oreo food baby, or maybe because you want more clothing options. Both reasons are acceptable. When a majority of your friends are here on campus it seems illogical not to swap clothes with friends. You need a scarf and i need a skirt – an easy swap.

if you and your comrades are extremely close make an event of it. Over the weekend, you and your friends each pick four items out of your closet and bring them to one designated room. Gather, and make your selections! If you find that the person you picked from also picked something from you, then you swap for the week. it’s like hitting the mall – but without the commitment or cash. While you are not in the dorm room, talk to the high school seniors who are visiting on tours. Let them know how you ended up here, or why you turned down the other schools. all the while, the thought is comforting to the parents, assuring them that all you do on friday nights is knit and eat Oreos. i hope that you are proud to be at Hofstra. if you are, then you should yearn for others to

experience that same feeling and that same appreciation. My tip for the week: don’t torture your elevator partner. When did it become a crime to talk to a stranger on the elevator? a conversation, at least for me, is much more pleasant than standing awkwardly and avoiding eye contact (while playing with my keys in order to fill the dull silence). Say hello. Whether you didn’t mean to read this article, you are reading because you know me, or because you need something to do while sitting in your dorm with only a copy of the Chronicle and a near empty container of Oreos as company, i hope this makes the week a little bit better.

Jake’s Health Corner

By Jake Boly

Moderation: If it fits your macros

Staff Writer

So far, i’ve supplied you with what i think is valuable information regarding calculating calories and finding the ideal macronutrient intake for you. In case you missed it, you can check out these articles online at this week’s topic is a model for living a balanced life while still trying to achieve realistic goals: iifYM, or if it fits Your Macros. How many people have you heard say that you need to eat every two or three hours to keep your metabolism high? So far, this myth has no bearing. in a report done by Lyle McDonald, kinesiologist and personal trainer, he stated, “eating more frequently does not – i repeat does not – stoke the metabolic fire.” What about the myth of eating only certain so-called “healthy” or “clean” foods? examples of this would be the Paleo diet or eating chicken, brown rice, and broccoli every day. But, what do these theories have to do with iifYM? these theories helped create iifYM. this model is a way of dieting in which you have the power of moderation to fuel you towards your goals. When you have a set caloric limit and daily macronutrient goals, hitting these with foods you enjoy should be your main concern. this theory is very easy to adjust to. By hitting your calories and daily macronutrients with things you enjoy, it takes off the stress of eating perfectly and helps keep you sane. If you’ve hit your daily protein and fat goal with calories to spare, you can fill them with foods you desire without the fear of weight gain or guilt. this is where common sense comes in. a diet should not stress you out and be the most demanding aspect in your daily routine. When applying this term it doesn’t mean go crazy and binge as long as you’re in your caloric limit. it states that, if you’ve eaten your daily macro minimums with calories to spare and want a slice of cake, go ahead and enjoy it! i couldn’t imagine going back to my old eating habits of meals every two or three hours; it was too stressful on my daily routine. the fact is, most of us have never eaten this way until we read about it online, or heard a celebrity advertise it. When you apply the knowledge i’ve supplied you with in regards to calculating your calories and macronutrients, the rest of is up to you. Hit your goals, use moderation, and enjoy food.

You can follow jake and his progess at

Photo Courtesy of Jake Boly Jake’s tips tell you all about the importance of eating in moderation.


A11•October 13, 2011

The Chronicle

Chili Dip

By Jenna Grasso Staff Writer

While in college, many students want to maintain a healthy diet. although it is a good thing to eat healthy and maintain a healthy diet, there is always time for chips and dip on the weekends! it won’t hurt anyone if you cheat a little on your diet during the weekend. You can always find time to go to the gym during the week,

right? Chili dip is something that is dorm room-friendly. it’s also fast and simple if you need to whip it up in a hurry. the dip should take between 3 to 5 minutes to make. the only electronic you need to make the dip is a microwave, which you should either have in your room on in your building’s kitchen. The first step in making the dip is to put

Chili Dip


- 1 packet of cream cheese - 1 can of beef-less chili - American cheese (can also use grated cheese from store: Mexican Blend or Three Cheese Blend) - Fritos, Doritos, or Tortilla chips will go best with the chili dip

Courtesy of This week’s chili dip is a perfect snack during a football game get-together.

one packet of cream cheese and one can of beef-less chili into a large microwavesafe bowl. Once in a bowl, you should put the bowl into the microwave for two minutes or until hot. after the cream cheese and beef-less chili are hot, you can mix the two ingredients together. then you can open up

your favorite kind of cheese (american, Mexican Blend, or three Cheese Blend work the best) and sprinkle it on top of the cream cheese and chili mixture. Put the whole bowl back in the microwave and heat it up for another minute. then the dip should be ready to eat!

“I would - it saves me money.” - Vishal Kumar, Junior

“I did it, but I had to search for it.” - Julie rafatpanah, freshman

Man on the Unispan Would you take advantage of the opt-in tuition system?

“The University wouldn’t do it unless they knew they would make money. It’s a business.” - Jonathon Perone, Junior

“I would do it, because I would love to have the insurance and safety.” - Max Lehman, Junior

“I would definitely do it because of the amount of money it has been going up every year.” - Chad Goldsmith, Junior

“l see it as unfair for the upperclassmen.” - Darnell Lee, freshman

The Chronicle

Vol.77 Issue 5

Arts & Entertainment

October 13, 2011


Star-studded cast makes ‘Ides of March’ a strong political drama -B2

Courtesy of

B 2• October 13, 2011


The Chronicle

4S comes ‘Ides of March” Cont. iPhone with significant By Mathew Dougherty special to the chronicle

after “Good night and Good luck”, George clooney’s role in hollywood as a director became one of the most talked-about aspects of his career. “the ides of March” is an interesting move for clooney. political thrillers are always tricky to pull off. if they fail they are incredibly boring and can be tougher to sit through than the Transformers sequels. luckily, this film pulls it off pretty well. While it isn’t close to the best movie of the year, it benefits from a fantastic script and a great cast. the plot revolves around ryan Gosling’s character, stephen, who is working on the campaign for clooney’s character Mike Morris as they head towards the ohio primary. slowly, a number of scandals come out which could ruin Morris’ campaign, and stephen is left to deal with most of them. the plot moves quickly and the pacing is very good. the movie never feels too long or boring, and as the

stakes rise you will find yourself on the edge of your seat. i will say, however, that this is not a movie for people who have a true understanding of the political process. Gosling’s character knows about as much as the average person, not a campaign manager. everyone who understands anything about a primary will account for the other party to vote for the candidate they think they could beat. so why does this have to be explained to one of the best up-and-coming people in the industry? the cast performs well. Gosling has had better roles this year in “crazy, stupid, love” and “Drive”, but here he comes off as, well, tired. Yes, that is a part of his character for some of the movie, but overall Gosling just doesn’t seem to have his heart in this project. as for clooney, he is getting very close to the caliber of Morgan Freeman or Michael caine where he pretty much does the same thing in every movie

but he has such a strong screen presence that it doesn’t matter. philip seymour hoffman does a good job as Gosling’s boss and clooney’s campaign manager. he’s a good man at heart, but his job comes first. Tomei and Giamatti have very limited screen time but do what they can with it. among all these superstars, the best performance of the movie goes to evan rachel Wood, playing an intern for Morris’ campaign. her role is expertly written and even at this young age, Wood shows all the versatility of a veteran actress. it is a standout performance in a cast of oscar winners, a tough job to pull off. the “ides of March” isn’t the best movie of the year, but if you enjoy the drama of politics you shouldn’t miss it. some of the politics early on seem arbitrary and Gosling’s performance seems a bit phoned-in but the brilliant writing and evan rachel Wood’s tender performance more than make up for the film’s shortcomings. Keep ‘em coming clooney.

improvements nate sukonik coluMnist

Apple has finally revealed its next iphone — the iphone 4s. What makes this device better than the iphone 4?apple fans worldwide might be disappointed that the new device does not live up to the mystique of the legendary iphone 5, but the iphone 4s is a theatrical leap forward in technological innovation and preeminence that will surprise mobile users, even current iphone 4 owners. here are the four most significant reasons why I think the iphone 4s is worth the price of upgrading. But if none of these speak to your inner gadget geek, perhaps a free iphone 3Gs or a $100 iphone 4 will do the trick. how does having your own personal assistant waiting for your every beck-and-call sound? how about a helping hand that

can look up the weather, read you text messages, find you nearby restaurants, tell you the time in paris, set your alarm clock, give you directions, check your calendar for conflicting meetings, dictate and transcribe your notes and text messages, and so on — and all you have to do is ask? sounds amazing, right? that’s siri and it’s a personal assistant built in to the iphone 4s. You can speak as you normally would and tell siri to do something like set a reminder, schedule a meeting or send a text message. You can also ask siri for traffic conditions or weather conditions: “Do i need a rain jacket?” or “is it the right weather for tanning?” siri understands what you say and is capable of responding accordingly meaning you won’t get it with a simple ios 5 upgrade. CONT B3


The Chronicle

B 3• October 13, 2011

TNL Review By amanda love

special to the chronicle

i walked into studio a and onto the set of thursday night live last week, not quite sure what to expect. Busy technicians focused on their work breezed by, talking earnestly into headsets, and the audience buzzed with anticipation. i took a seat in the front row, noticing that although the technicians seemed focused, they were making jokes to each other and to the audience, creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. after one false start and some more joking around, the show finally started, opening with a hilarious skit where a couple walks into a pet store only to find that the inventory consists of dead puppies. the dialogue was witty and the dead puppy salesman had an impeccable deadpan that had me out of my seat laughing. it wasn’t perfect. the script, like most of the skits i saw that night, had moments ranging from

hilariously amusing to repetitive and unconvincing. however, i enjoyed most of the live skits and appreciated the range of comedy presented; there was even a skit called “oh Betty!” where a posh British woman admitted to having a fetish for old ladies, particularly for Betty White! the live tnl cast is made up of very talented actors with great comic timing, but i did note that a couple of the scripts left a little to be desired plot-wise. in addition to live skits, tnl also aired multiple pre-filmed packages, which were a mixed bag of skits that made you chuckle, skits that made you laugh out loud, and an unfortunate couple of skits that failed to be entertaining in the slightest. one skit, called “alex and anthony 1 and 2,” had incredible cinematography and was side-splitting. the smaller and simpler packages, like the series of Facebook advice segments that detailed frankly how to not look like a pretentious douchebag

The band “Don’t Upset the Bear” peformed on TNL last Thursday. online, had the whole audience laughing. one of the best parts of thursday night live’s premiere was the performance of “Don’t upset the Bear,” an alternative band with unique vocals and high-energy, hard-rock instrumentals paired with thoughtful lyrics. it was the kind of beat that pounded in the ears and had the entire audience bobbing their heads. i also thought one of the fun-

Michaela Papa/ The Chronicle

niest parts of the show was a sardonic and amusing satire on the news that elicited a steady stream of chuckles from everyone present. the best line was when the “reporter” started to talk about the politics of occupy Wall street, paused to listen to a voice in his headset before saying, “nevermind! america is great, God bless you all.” i was struck by the cleverness and sophistication of most of the humor throughout the show, and

was pleased to see that it rarely digressed into cheap jokes. overall, the crew and cast clearly have a lot of fun doing what they do, and that translates directly into what they present on the screen: a fun, relaxed atmosphere that’s all about having a good time and sharing that with their audience. if you have nothing to do on a thursday night check out tnl.

CONT FROM B2 apple has always spoken of the camera on the iphone as a bona fide digital camera replacement. Device owners seem to approve — the iphone is the top camera on Flickr. But for the first time, the iphone camera hype matches up with reality. the iphone 4s sports a new camera with an an 8 megapixel sensor, a new fifth lens, an enlarged aperture, face discovery and reduced motion blur. that means it legitimately rivals the specs of point-andshoot cameras. the camera also now allows for basic photo editing, so users can crop and rotate photos, auto-enhance photos and eliminate red-eye. specs aside, this is a camera that you’ll actually want to take your photos with no sacrifices here. And for many, as apple noted, the iphone 4s will be the only camera they ever use. of course, apple also upped the quality on the video camera as well; the iphone 4s can shoot 1080p hD video. the iphone 4s features apple’s custom a5 chip. this

means the iphone 4s’s two processors will now split the duties of your iphone’s workload. everything will be strikingly faster: Web pages will load twice as fast, applications will launch and run quicker, data will download at twice the speed (14.4 Mbps) and graphics will solidify more rapidly. and faster doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on battery life. the iphone 4s battery can handle up to eight hours of talk time or 14 hours of talk time on 2G and six hours of 3G browsing or nine hours of WiFi browsing. are you a cDMa or GsM customer? Who wants to worry about the network capability of their mobile device? not me, and especially not those who travel abroad frequently. iphone 4s customers won’t have to bother with such details as the device supports both GsM and cDMa. Why would this matter? First, there’s the commercial class of folks — an important market for apple — who need a device that works in whatever country they may be in this week.

iPhone Cont.


B 4• October 13, 2011

TV That

Review Round-up


By Matt Ern COluMnIst

Breaking Bad- “Face Off” Grade: A attention other tV shows: this is how you do a season finale. “Breaking Bad” wrapped up another flawless season this week, and this time it didn’t end with a major cliffhanger, so fans can rest easy until next summer when it returns. Before going into the episode i just want to point out my two minor gripes with it. one is Gus in the aftermath of the explosion. i went into the episode hoping and expecting the title “Face off” to be literal as well as figurative, but Gus’ two Face makeup looked a little cheesy, no? that said, a villain a memorable as Gus needed that kind of sendoff. My other complaint is that last shot going towards the plant. i guess that was supposed to be a big twist at the end, but like, i think it was pretty obvious that Walt was behind Brock’s poisoning. over the course of the show we’ve seen Walt grow more amoral: cooking crystal meth, killing to protect himself and his family. But there has always been a limit to how far he would go. But now we have a Walt who would poison a child just to manipulate Jesse and set a bomb off in a nursing home if that’s

what it takes to kill his rivals. he even tricks an elderly neighbor into going into his house first when he suspects Gus’ men may be waiting there to kill him. it’s especially dark considering Walt’s whole conflict with Gus started when Walt killed some of Gus’ goons that were responsible for the death of a child. now Walt is casually poisoning kids himself to stay alive (okay, the poison Walt used on Brock wasn’t fatal but it’s still a little dark).

Bored to Death- “The Blonde...” Grade: A the episode begins at a signing for Jonathan’s second novel (where he’ll “be signing books, ipads, and Kindles”). George has opened up an organic restaurant since leaving his magazine, and ray is preparing to meet his infant son for the first time. Jonathan’s case this week involves tailing a woman to a hotel room, where he is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up there’s a gun in his hand, a dead body in the room with him, his pants are around his ankles, and the police are knocking on the door. “Bored to Death” is really good at constructing such strange circumstances but this time there’s a much more sinister element here -- Jonathan is being framed for murder (maybe this all relates to the mysterious guy at his book

The Chronicle

By Bryan Menegus


I Kill Giants - Let It Out Grade: A signing in the beginning of the episode?). a scene in which the main character wakes up next to a dead body would ordinarily be terrifying, but the fact that Jonathan’s pants are off eases the tension and makes it silly. Meanwhile, Ray finds new purpose in life taking care of his son. and we’re treated to a great scene where Zach Galifianakis breastfeeds the baby after soaking his nipple in booze. George is troubled to find out his daughter is dating someone around his own age, despite his predisposition for younger women. Keeping with the fatherhood theme, Jonathan finds out that he was conceived with donated sperm from a sperm bank in new Jersey. it’s hard to really judge this episode on its own because the cliffhanger ending (Jonathan is literally hanging from a giant clock) indicates more to the story is forthcoming, but it sets up a lot of good plots for the season. the actual Jonathan ames (the show’s creator and writer) hasn’t lost his touch and personally i’m very excited to have Jonathan, ray and George back in my life. they’re the kind of characters that you can actually picture yourself hanging out with and drinking some white wine, even if you can’t relate to hanging out with artists in Brooklyn.

an extraordinarily promising four-piece from Berklee, i Kill Giants (named after the Joe Kelly comic) stand somewhere between math- and indie-rock, employing the technique but not the stifling braininess of the former, and the gleeful roughness of the latter. this six-track ep displays songwriting abilities not possessed by most college kids, let alone most musicians. the headlong dash of “i Believe in technology” is countered with equal finesse by slow burning and polyrhythmic closer “Balance”. The last two overwhelmingly cathartic minutes of “Balance” are reason enough to attach high expectations to these Bostonites.

RIYL: This Town Has Guns

Star F--king Hipsters - From The Dumpster.... Grade: B+ a supergroup of sorts, star Fucking hipsters are the byproduct of several bands, not the least of which are the ergs and leftover crack. they’re anarchists. they’re crust punks. What that means for the listener: if you’ve ever felt oppressed by “the system”, eaten garbage, or feel that showering twice a year smacks of “authenticity”, sFh are your boys through and through. sure a lot of this is terribly juvenile—some of it borders on unintentional self-parody—but enjoyable nonetheless, in much the same way that sometimes you just want Dunkaroos for breakfast. and there’s a they Might Be Giants cover!

RIYL: Choking Victims, Colt 45 I Am The Avalanche - Avalanche United Grade: Bi am the avalanche has their devout fans. i am not one of them. another band falling under the incestuous banner of post2000 ‘melodic hardcore’, iata sound as same-y as damn near every other group to bear that label. sure, their musicianship is a bit tighter than most, and they pick up a few extra fans from vocalist Vinnie caruana’s previous project, the Movielife. avalanche united also has slicker production than similar records, but they strike a deal with the devil by trading grit for clarity. something about this record feels disingenuous—I’ll be the first to call the Better Business Bureau when I figure out what it is.

RIYL: Polar Bear Club, Spraynard

Courtesy of

Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) in the dark and violent season 4 finale of “Breaking Bad.”

A 12 October 13, 2011

The Chronicle

The Chronicle

versus Northeastern and VCU Photos by Cody Heintz & Joe Pantorno/The Chronicle Layout by Jenny Hart

A 13•October 13, 2011

A 14 October 13, 2011


The Chronicle

“Dream Team” has become a scheme A sports definition: Dream team (noun): the 1992 gold medalist U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team consisting of legends like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. Now, the modern translation: Dream team (noun): a team consisting of overpaid talent that believes they can win not 5, not 6, not 7 championships. Clearly, the meaning of this term has gone out of the window. Today, calling yourself a dream team is like Charlie Sheen saying he is winning. Doesn’t quite have the same meaning anymore. Over the past few months, it seems like anybody with more than one athlete with an overstuffed payroll is a dream team by default. It is truly such an insult to a team that consisted of a rotund Charles Barkley beating up on Angola by 68 points. Unfortunately, that didn’t follow the delicious 5-buck box that rocks, that rocks. But I digress. The dream team

phrase has completely gone awry when people without championship rings and without the skills automatically assume destiny. The latest perpetrator of this crime against sporting vocabulary is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles had themselves an incredible offseason, no denying that. Along with the additions of Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the secondary, Philly also sent Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb packing to make room for their new starter Michael Vick. All signs pointed to success, leading to a bold prediction from a superstar from the Eagles. None other than the outstanding, unbelievable, remarkable… backup quarterback Vince Young. Young stood before the press, or whoever was willing to listen, and called the 2011 Eagles “the dream team”. The backup quarterback of the team making the boldest of statements is like me being a wingman at a bar

and calling myself God’s gift to women. Regardless, many analysts followed suit, saying that this Eagles team was unstoppable



with Matt


Humor Columnist

and a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. Some went so far as to declare a Super Bowl champion, when there wasn’t even a coin toss in the preseason. People jumped on the Philadelphia bandwagon like

Men’s and women’s cross country finish eighth over the weekend By Jesse Savin SPECIAL TO THE CHRONICLE

The Hofstra cross country men’s and women’s team finished eighth out of 13 squads at the Metropolitan Conference Championships last Friday in the Bronx. While not the improved and impactful finish the Pride would have preferred, both top-ten finishes are an optimistic building block leading up to a heavy-hitting weekend that starts with the Penn State Nationals on the fourteenth and ends two days later with the St. John’s Fall Festival in Jamaica, NY. It was a big stage at Van Cortlandt Park and the top ten finishes certainly bodes well for improvement at the upcoming meets this weekend. Friday’s task did not daunt junior Daniel Rono who followed up his strong performance at the Iona Meet of Champions with

another just like it, finishing nineteenth to lead all Hofstra men’s runners. It was his second outing in which he took home the team’s best score, collecting 17 of the team’s 243 total points. Three other Hofstra runners placed in the top 100 for the men’s squad, although Rono was the only men’s runner in the top 20. Freshman Jacob Malakoff finished at forty-seventh, while senior Fred Shatell and freshman Vic Palumbo placed eighty-first and ninety-ninth respectively. Rono will be looking to make his third consecutive top 20 finish when Hofstra arrives at College Park on Friday. On the women’s circuit, senior Brittany Rose also kept her hot streak from Iona going at the Conference Championships, leading the women’s squad with a thirty-seventh place finish and

collecting 33 of the team’s 245 total points. Hofstra had four other girls finish in the top 100 on its way to an eighth place team finish. Senior Meghan McCloskey, who excelled at Iona, was the next best finisher at sixtieth. Senior Kelly Lutz finished only ten seconds behind McCloskey at sixty-seventh, while sophomore Kristin Mathis and junior Cara Mattson finished next to each other at sixty-ninth and seventieth. Mattson stayed optimistic, citing the fact that several runners posted “PR’s,” or Personal Bests, despite the team’s less than ideal overall finish. The top ten results for both squads was the silver lining at Van Cortlandt Park, but the upcoming weekend will demand that Hofstra brings it A-Game and post improved scores at Penn State this week.

prepubescent girls and strange old men on Justin Bieber tickets. Jersey sales for Vick and Asomugha skyrocketed. Celebratory cheese steaks were already deep in lard. Then, the season kicked off, and the Eagles became the greatest joke since the one about the man from Nantucket. Poor play by Michael Vick, second half breakdowns, and the fact that their defensive coordinator is their former offensive line coach, has brought Philadelphia to a 1-4 record, sitting at the bottom of the NFC East. Granted, there are still eleven games left, but the Eagles are a miserable site. Their coach, Andy Reid, is treating them like his sons, in that he has zero control over the squad. The high paid players have not been worth the cash sent there way, and THEIR FORMER OFFENSIVE LINE COACH JUAN CASTILLO IS THEIR DEFENSIVE

COORDINATOR NOW! So where is the resolve in this team? Management seems to think everything is fine, and there is no effort to correct the faults of Vick, who is tossing interceptions like he used to apologies. All around, Philadelphia has the roster of a 5-0 team, but is playing like a 1-4 squad. The simple solution is not there, but the fact that the dream team label is still worn in the City of Brotherly Love is a joke. Dream teams beat up on the lesser and weaker foes. Dream teams are made of athletes who, whatever the pay, step up and deliver. Dream teams actually win something! The Eagles are a nightmare team, a nuisance team, and mainly because THEIR DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR, JUAN CASTILLO, WAS THEIR OLD OFFENSIVE LINE COACH! I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE!

Hofstra sports trivia week 5 Last week’s answer:

The current head coach of the Hofstra field hockey team is Kathy De Angelis

This week’s Question: what was the women’s soccer team’s record in 2006, the last time the squad lost three games in a row? E-mail your answers to for your chance to win a great prize!

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With the loss of Jenkins, men’s basketball looks for newest hero By Hayle Krigel SPECIAL TO THE CHRONICLE

A superhero’s job is to save the day, and Charles Jenkins did that time after time for the Hofstra men’s basketball team. Now, Jenkins, the Pride’s all-time leading scorer, has moved on to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. That leaves head coach Mo Cassara’s squad in need of a new hero. Mike Moore was Jenkins’ sidekick last year, averaging 14.7 points a game, second best on the team. “Last year, I was the Robin to Batman with Charles Jenkins,” Moore said. Moore, a senior guard and tricaptain, feels that the hero role can be filled. “[Jenkins] was a great Batman,” Moore said, “...this year they are looking at me to be Batman finally and I’m looking forward to it.” But the team can share Moore’s confidence. “[Our team] might be the Fantastic Four,” Moore said, suggesting that a group effort might be needed to replace the Pride’s three-time Haggerty Award Winner as the best player in the Metropolitan area. “We have to see what movie [we will be].” Cassara agrees that this year will have to be more of a group effort. “I think we need to reinvent ourselves a little bit,” the secondyear head coach said, “Score and defend in some different ways.” “We have to develop our own swagger, our own kind of motto now and I think swagger is a great word. If we can do that, we will have enough talent to be successful.” Last year’s success will be hard to match, as the Pride won 21 games and finished tied for second in the competitive Colonial Athletic Association. “At the end of the day, we might end up being better than

last year,” junior forward David Imes said. Imes thinks this year is a chance for former role players to prove what they are capable of. “Now’s our chance to prove what everyone else can do,” Imes said. Despite the 22.6 points per game the Pride will be losing due to Jenkins’ graduation, senior forward Nathaniel Lester, Moore and Imes all seem confident that the scoring can be replaced. “Mike [Moore] averages 15 [points], I’ll put in 15, Dave [Imes] will put in 10,” Lester offers as a solution. Lester and Moore both said they feel comfortable taking a final shot at the buzzer, as Jenkins achieved notoriety for doing in last season’s contest against William and Mary. “I’m looking forward to it, I dream about it,” Moore said. “I want to hit that half court shot. Players should thrive on those situations and I’m looking forward to it.” “I have no problem with taking the last shot and stepping up to the plate,” Lester said. Cassara believes that with a lot of hard work and a lot of new pieces his team will have a different dynamic from last year, but will still be successful. “I think Charles taught these guys a lot with sharing the ball,” Cassara said. “Yes, he scored a lot of points, but he was also a very dynamic distributer as well.” The number of different aspects that Jenkins brought to the team almost overwhelmed Cassara. “I feel like my best friend is not on the team anymore,” he said with a smile. Now, as the first season postJenkins approaches, the Pride’s veterans are eager to prove they too, can be a hero.


A 15•October 13, 2011

File Photo/The Chronicle

Senior guard Mike Moore (23) is looking to be Hofstra’s go to guy this season as the Pride looks to replace Charles Jenkins.






A 16 October 13, 2011

The Chronicle

Kovar and Layne keep field hockey rolling By Joe Pantorno SPORTS EDITOR

Hat tricks from senior forward Genna Kovar and junior forward Krizia Layne carried the Hofstra University field hockey team to its seven straight home win with a 7-2 victory over Delaware on Sunday afternoon. “I’m absolutely delighted,” said head coach Kathy De Angelis. “We came out with the absolute intensity that we’ve been preparing for in practice every single day and we’ve been trying to get that from each and every single player.” As it has been all season, Kovar got things started offensively for Hofstra just a minute and a half in the game when a long pass from senior defender Amy-Lee Levey Layne, who found Kovar in the box and she rolled it into the back of the net. Layne cashed in on a penalty corner with 25:47 left when she tipped a shot from Levey off the goalkeeper’s foot into the top of the net. The Delaware offense picked up, and was awarded a penalty stroke. Freshman defender Kelsey McKee sent her shot to the right of the goal where senior goalkeeper Amanda Heyde was able to get a pad on it, but it tipped into the back of the net with 19:02 left in the first. With Delaware monopolizing possession midway through the first, Kovar settled things down for the Pride, netting her second

of the game after a long, winding run into the right side of the shooting circle, sending a hard low shot into the bottom left corner with 13:17 remaining. “We knew Delaware had an amazing defense and we knew in order for us to beat them we had to step up our game,” said De Angelis. “It took us a little bit of time to adjust to such strong tackling and that’s what really gave us more possession later.” Kovar was at it again with 3:09 left in the half when another sparkling run down the left side of the field gave her the opportunity to center it for Layne who tipped it into the wide open net. Despite Delaware’s offensive prowess, the defense stayed strong and kept the 4-1 lead intact going into the second half. “Those guys in the back line did a fantastic job today,” said De Angelis. “They set a standard and it has come from them and it has trickled up all the way to the striker line now.” Delaware did not let up with the start of the second half and with five minutes gone, cashed in off a penalty corner despite Heyde’s brilliance in net, constantly being called into action to save the Hofstra defense. “I thought she [Heyde] played a great game,” said De Angelis. “She was very steady today. There was times she had tremendous saves and there were times where she would be directing for a long period of time and her focus was unreal so I can’t say

Cody Heintz/The Chronicle

Freshman forward Jonel Boileau (21) trying to create an offensive chance against Delaware. enough about her.” Hofstra’s offense stabilized thanks to the play of Kovar and Layne managing to keep possession. Kovar got her hat trick with 20 minutes remaining when a pass from junior midfielder Micaela Gallagher sent her on a run into the shooting circle. While meandering towards the right across the face of goal, she sent the keeper the wrong way and finished into the bottom left hand corner. Hofstra continued to buzz offensively, piling up the chances and drawing a lot of penalty

corners. Layne joined Kovar in the hat trick club when Kovar gained possession, streaked past two defenders and centered it again for Layne who had another easy tap in with 11:14 left. “Krizia is having a fantastic year,” said De Angelis. “Playing as a right striker, she usually is crossing the ball more, but she has been in the right spots this year.” Senior forward Darrah Rachman got into the scoring mix with less than three minutes left in the game when a shot off a Hofstra penalty corner was saved

with the rebound coming right out to Rachman who rolled it into the net. With her eight point game, Kovar set the new school record for points in a career and most goals in a season. “You just sit back and it happens right in front of you,” said De Angelis. “She has shined in so many games for us and this year has been a huge breakout year for her and she comes every game with that true ambition to compete and compete and against herself.”

Hofstra Athletics Calendar Home


THU 10/13

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@ delaware 3:00 P.M.

Men’s Soccer Women’s Soccer Volleyball

SUN 10/16

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7:00 P.M.

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@ Ja mes M adison 7:00 P.M.

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MON 10/17

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wEd 10/19 @ dre xel 7:00 P.M.


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A 17•October 13, 2011

Women’s basketball unveiling leaders of all ages



The upcoming 2011-2012 season will mark landmark seasons for some of the Hofstra University women’s basketball players who are stepping into leadership roles and looking to bring this team to new heights. This is senior guard Candice Bellocchio’s fifth season as point guard for the Pride (she took a medical redshirt). For some reason however, it seems that Bellocchio has been here longer, applying her craft of hard-nosed play and leadership to fuel Hofstra to some great seasons. “It’s actually just starting to hit me that I’m a senior,” said Bellocchio. “I feel like I’ve been gaining years somehow and stealing some eligibility but I’m actually excited about being a senior and having the responsibility officially on my shoulders and I’m just ready to lead this team to the NCAA’s and as far as we can go.” During her tenure, Bellocchio has slowly been climbing up the ranks as leader of the team with one of her biggest roles coming

year, commanding the offense like any point guard would. “I want it all,” said Bellocchio. “It’s my job to be the coach on the floor and she [head coach Krista Kilburn-Steveskey] has prepped me great these last four years. I feel like I’m really experienced and that I can handle it.” With Kilburn-Steveskey leading this team, she realizes that her point guard will be a big asset to

her squad. “Across the board, the things you don’t even see that she does off the court is phenomenal,” said Kilburn-Steveskey. “She leads the team in assists, she constantly

makes the self-sacrifice. She’ll do whatever it takes to win.” Bellocchio’s teammates also realize how valuable her experiences and leadership is to the team. “I don’t think there’s enough to say about Candice Bellocchio,” said sophomore guard Kate Loper. “She’s so special in her own way. She’s just a smart basketball player and you can’t really teach that to some point guards and even her leadership off the court is tremendous. She leads us in everything. And on the court we trust her so much.” “She’s a think about other people before herself kind of person which is so rare,” said Loper. “Along with Candice we also have great senior leadership with Nicole Capurso.” Senior guard Nicole Capurso is looking to continue the connection with Bellocchio the two have had for the past three seasons. Knowing the responsibility that is due to confront her teammate, Capurso is ready to help take part of the leadership role. “I think my personality is naturally a come follow me kind of mentality,” said Capurso. “I think now I’ll be able to confidently help people because I’m comfortable where I am. I know the system, I know the coach, I know the program, I know the school so I can very strongly say come follow me and watch me. I know what I’m doing and I think it’s a lot easier and natural now.” “Along with Candice, Nicole has been the face of this program,” said Kilburn-Steveskey. “Physically she is in the best shape ever and mentally she is ready to have a memorable season this year and lead the squad.” Junior forward Shante Evans has brought national attention to the team this year, receiving All-American mentions and making the USA National team for the Pan American Games later in October.

Averaging a double double last season with 18.4 points per game and 11.4 rebounds, it’s evident that all of the Pride’s opponents will be zeroing in on Evans. It is up to the West Chester, PA native if she can lead the offense to another record-breaking season. “I’ve done a lot of cardio, shooting, eating healthy and a little bit of everything on and off the court,” said Evans. “Because we’re getting [senior forward] Marie Malone back I won’t get double and triple teamed as much as I did so hopefully I’ll have a lot less pressure and it will be easier to make my first shots.” “She’s a player that could tell you all the awards she has right here but instead she goes into work everyday and she is a leader and leads by example,” said Kilburn -Steveskey. “To have a best player that you don’t have to worry about trying to get special treatment in the world that we live in today has been an absolute joy to coach.” After a stunning freshman season that brought CAA rookie team honors, Loper is looking to develop her game not only as a sniper from beyond the arc, as she led the Pride last year with 75 three-pointers made, but to a multidimensional threat. “Now that the scouting report will say Kate Loper is a shooter I’m kind of getting ready for not only shooting, but going by them and getting to the basket and also being a better distributor and rebounder that our team needs.” “She’s as hungry as ever,” said Kilburn-Steveskey. “They’ve

coined her as the fastest release in the East. If you see her shoot, you can’t blink and certainly can’t be hand down man down so she has a pretty nice shot.” Leadership is not only found within veteran players. From fifth year seniors to sophomores, Hofstra has a well-rounded group of great athletes and great people to set the standard on how to play the game of basketball.

File Photos/The Chronicle

Clockwise from above left: Senior guard Candice Bellocchio (10), junior forward Shante Evans (30), freshman guard Kate Loper (31), senior guard Nicole Capurso (22).


A 18•October 13, 2011

The Chronicle

Women’s soccer drops three straight By Joe Pantorno SPORTS EDITOR

Cody Heintz/The Chronicle

Sophomore midfielder Brittany Butts (25) keeping possession against Drexel last weekend.

The last time the Hofstra University women’s soccer team experienced a three game losing streak was in October of 2006. After its last weekend of CAA play, Hofstra has updated that statistic to October of 2011 with a 3-2 loss to Towson and a 1-0 setback to George Mason. Things did not look as bleak to start the weekend, when on Friday, freshman striker Sam Scolarici put Hofstra ahead of Towson with a sublime strike in the fourth minute. The lead would not last long, with Towson’s equalizer coming just five minutes later through a Courtney McKee volley off a cross from Cheyenne Skidmore. Towson took the lead just two minutes later when McKee took advantage of another Skidmore cross. Courtney Axenfield made it 3-1 in favor of Towson in the fiftythird minute off an assist from Skidmore. Hofstra managed to pull one back in the seventy-ninth minute

when senior striker Laura Greene netted her twelfth goal of the season, but it was not enough as Riddiough’s banged up roster looked to improve things on Sunday against George Mason. “This team is beat up. I do honestly believe if we had the Laura Greene from four weeks ago, she would have gotten two goals in each of these games,” said Riddiough. “She’s doing whatever she can to battle through when she’s being isolated and bullied a bit but she’s still finding opportunities and she’s been fantastic all year.” Going into the game though, Riddiough seemed optimistic. “I thought Saturday we had a good day and Sunday’s warm up was fantastic,” said Riddiough. “I thought, ‘you know what? We’re getting it now.’ This is the game where we’re going to turn it around.” It was a story of defense though, as both teams could not create any threatening offensive chances. For the game, Hofstra only recorded six shots, with one

going on target while George Mason had ten shots with two going on frame. Tiana Kallenberger broke the deadlock for George Mason in the eighty-eighth minute when she rolled a cross into the back of the net for the game-winner. “There were no signs that we were going to be in any trouble. Unfortunately, the soccer gods were not on our side,” said Riddiough. “Mason, to be fair to them, broke away and managed to find a way past us and beat us 1-0.” Hofstra drops to 6-6 on the season and 2-4 in CAA play. “We’ve got to get out of this funk and find a way to turn it around,” said head coach Simon Riddiough. The schedule does not get easier for Hofstra as it faces William and Mary, a perennial conference threat in the CAA. “It’s going to be a tough week of practice, we’re going to work hard and get back to basics,” said Riddiough. “Hopefully we’ll be ready for William and Mary.”

Own goal dooms Hofstra against VCU By Alex Hyman STAFF WRITER

The Hofstra University men’s soccer team was as hot as it hosted Virginia Commonwealth University on Saturday night. The Rams were looking to improve its 1-2 conference record while Hofstra was looking to continue its stellar play. “I thought we played very well for the first 75 minutes,” said head coach Richard Nuttall. “I was extremely pleased because VCU is very talented and I thought we were by far the better side and I thought we were going to win the game.” The defenses were the story of the game, as Hofstra, led by sophomore defender Shaun Foster, who was very busy on the back line breaking apart the VCU offense despite a minor injury. “Shaun’s outstanding. He’s a quality player,” said Nuttall. “He reads the game very well, he’s a leader, a great player and

he’s got a very bright future in the game. He’s played with a slightly pulled hamstring and I’m surprised he made it through the entire game.” Scoreless into the seventysixth minute, Hofstra freshman defender Tommi Kjartansson headed one over the head of goalkeeper Roberto Pellegrini and into his own goal. It was the second time this season that the Pride has scored on its own net. Hofstra tried to push its attack forward in order to find the equalizer but, like many of these situations, an emphasis and pressing of the offense leaves the opportunities for quick and deadly counter-attacks. VCU did just that in the eightysixth minute when a free kick caught the Pride napping as Jason Johnson sent his shot over Pellegrini to double Hofstra’s deficit. Just minutes later, VCU was on the counter attack yet again

with some crisp, pin-point passing found the run of Yoram Mwila who unleashed a low, screaming strike that found the back of the net for the 3-0 VCU win. “We tried to push forward after the own goal and they exposed us at the back,” said Nuttall. “In terms of playing we outshot a very good team.” The Pride outshot the Rams 15-9 but could not find the back of the net. Junior midfielder Mike Annarumma led the team with four shots and freshman midfielder Maid Memich had two of his own. “We had six, seven or eight very good chances and we didn’t take them,” said Nuttall. “Because of that we don’t have the upper hand and the own goal turned the tide of the game. I’m not too dismayed about the play of the game just very upset by the result.” Hofstra dropped to 5-5 on the season and 2-2 in CAA play.

Cody Heintz/The Chronicle

Senior striker Brett Carrington (10) tries to gain possession against UNCWilmington last week.


The Chronicle

A 19•October 13, 2011

Volleyball sinking in CAA standings By Angelo Brussich STAFF WRITER

Cody Heintz/The Chronicle

Freshman outside hitter Kelsie Wills (5) goes up for a kill in the Pride’s loss to Georgia State.

The women of Hofstra’s volleyball team had a disheartening weekend, losing two games to conference opponents and evening up its record on the year at 11-11 and dropping to 2-3 in Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) conference play. The Pride’s once powerful home advantage has also taken a hit as they have lost three of four at home, bringing its record to 7-3 at the Physical Education Building. The first game for the Pride was against the Georgia State Panthers, who were coming into the game with an 8-12 record with a 2-1 mark in conference play. Set one was a tight fought battle with the Panthers coming away with a narrow 25-22 win. Hofstra was leading midway through the set 18-16, but the Panthers rode a 9-4 run to cap off the set. The second set was a dominant performance by the Panthers controlling play and putting the Pride away with a 25-15 victory. Hofstra finally came away with a success in the third set with a 25-23 victory. The Pride won the close back and forth set with the aid of its highest hitting percentage of the game at a .225 clip. The score was even at twenty-

three before Hofstra standout sophomore Nikki Kinnier slammed home a kill to give Hofstra the lead for good. Kinnier had sixteen kills for the Pride in the set while also adding ten digs. Any momentum gained by the third set victory was washed away early in the fourth set as Georgia State erased a five all tie with another impressive points streak, this time scoring five straight points to give them the 10-5 advantage in the game en route to a 25-20 victory. “Our serving and our passing was just not where it needed to be,” said head coach Kristina Hernandez, “A lot of serving errors gives very little room for other mistakes.” Other good performance for Hofstra included junior setter Catalina Charry, who lead the game with 46 assists while also pitching in 13 digs and five blocks. Junior libero Kylee Maneja chipped in with a match high 19 digs. Hofstra had a chance to put the loss behind them early with a quick turnaround against another conference opponent in the UNCWilmington Seahawks. Set one saw the Pride come through with a 25-18 victory while holding the Seahawks to a .032 hitting percentage. Set two brought an even more potent defense in the Pride as it won the set 25-21, limiting the

Seahawks to another low hitting percentage of .040. An intense back and forth third set came down to the final few points. The game extended past the 25 point victory mark as the teams continued their tug of war match. Hofstra had a chance to end the set and the match when they had taken a 28-27 lead, but could not put the game away and they would eventually fall 30-28. “What we were doing right in the first two sets we didn’t do well in the third set.” said Hernandez. The fourth set included two lead changes and eight tie scores, one of them coming at 24, as Kinnier again came through with an impressive kill when the Pride needed it most. Kinnier again lead the Pride in kills with 18, but her impressive game was again for not as Hofstra fell short in the fourth set on an attack error by the Pride. With the match tied up at 2-2, the Seahawks rode their momentum and jumped out to an early 4-1 lead and never looked back. Hofstra closed the set to within three when it cut its deficit to 11-8, but the Seahawks maintained control and eventually won the match, capping a very impressive comeback, rallying from a 2-0 set deficit to win 3-2. “It’s more about what we’re doing wrong now rather than the teams actually beating us,” said Hernandez.

Northeastern hands men’s soccer second straight loss By Danny Lovi SPECIAL TO THE CHRONICLE

The Hofstra men’s soccer team took an early 1-0 lead, but could not hang on, losing to conference foe Northeastern 3-2 Wednesday night. Hofstra was aggressive out of the gate, getting a few good looks at goal in the early minutes. Sophomore midfielder Florian Popp had a wide-open shot in the ninth minute, but whizzed it just past the left post. It was an opportunity missed, a theme that would plague Hofstra for the entire game. In the thirty-fourth minute, senior forward Brett Carrington had a golden opportunity to score, chipping the ball right over the goalkeeper’s head. Right

before the ball crossed the goal line however, Northeastern defenseman Don Anding got a foot on the ball, saving his team from going down what would have been 2-1 at the time. Hofstra also had a goal negated early on, due to an offsides call, which would have put the Pride up 2-0. The Pride had many more opportunities to score, outshooting Northeastern 17-9, but could not capitalize. Sophomore goalkeeper Roberto Pellegrini was frustrated by the missed opportunities. “I see so many chances that we have that we don’t finalize,” Pellegrini said. “It’s small things that change the whole game. If we pulled in the second goal, the whole game would be different.” The momentum seemed to

shift in Northeastern’s favor after the goal-saving play by Anding. Just a minute later, Northeastern scored its second goal, taking advantage of a Hofstra defensive lapse. No Hofstra player put pressure on forward Dante Marini who had plenty of space to maneuver along the top of the box, striking the ball into the back of the net. Hofstra head coach Richard Nuttall thought the defense just got confused. “It was just a miscommunication,” Nuttall said. “There was no depth in the defense there.” Northeastern scored its first goal in the twenty-fourth minute, when forward Josh Semerene got past junior Stephan Barea, who typically plays midfield, but started on defense for the injured freshman Tommi Kjartansson.

Northeastern expanded its advantage when forward Mike Kennedy scored the team’s third goal in the eighty-second minute. He scored on a free kick just outside the box, bending the ball right over the heads of Hofstra’s five-man wall. “Credit to Northeastern, they are a strong team,” Nuttall said. “They’ve got some skill. You saw the great free kick in the end to kill us off.” Hofstra brought the game close for a brief couple of minutes, scoring late on a header by sophomore defender Shaun Foster. He was the second defender to score for Hofstra, the first goal coming in the fourteenth minute on a chip shot from sophomore Tyler Botte. Hofstra did not have enough

time to put in the equalizer though, falling to 2-3 in conference play. The loss breaks a five-way tie for fourth place in the Colonial Athletic Association standings. With the loss, Hofstra drops below .500 and lose consecutive games for the first time this season. The team looks to rebound on the road against Delaware on Sunday in another conference matchup.

Back Cover: Freshman striker Caylin Dudley (23) looks to restart play via the throw in.

Photo by Cody Heintz

A 20 October 13, 2011

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Say what? Women’s soccer loses three straight for first time since 2006

The Hofstra Chronicle: October 13th, 2011 Issue  

The October 13th, 2011 issue of The Hofstra Chronicle, the student newspaper of Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.

The Hofstra Chronicle: October 13th, 2011 Issue  

The October 13th, 2011 issue of The Hofstra Chronicle, the student newspaper of Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.