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Thursday April 14, 2011

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SGA candidates step up their campaigns

Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar addresses the crowd after being introduced by Shante Evans (seated).

Abdul-Jabbar excites, offends By Joe Pantorno AssistAnt sPorts Editor

“i don’t think the two [records] are equal. that’s why they have women’s sports,” said nBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Friday afternoon, when asked by Hofstra women’s basketball player Aamira terry how he felt after the UConn women’s basketball team broke his UCLA team’s streak of 88 consecutive wins. the basketball legend visited Hofstra to promote his new documentary, “on the shoulders of Giants” and discuss the significance of the Harlem renaissance (a.k.a. rens), an African-American basketball team that proved to a nation that anyone can compete in professional sports. “it means a lot to me,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “i always felt…that [the rens team] was neglected in the history books...A lot of black kids don’t understand what black people have given to America, so having a chance to raise that kind of awareness makes me feel good.”

After being introduced by Hofstra women’s basketball forward shante Evans, Abdul-Jabbar spoke to students at the John C. Adams Playhouse where he not only stressed the importance of equality, but also academics. “not only do you have academic potential, but you also have intellectual potential as well,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “And you have to take advantage of that.” it was after this short lecture that the floor was opened up for questions, where Abdul-Jabbar’s answer to terry’s question raised some eyebrows. “We were pretty surprised at what he said,” stated women’s basketball head coach Krista Kilburn-steveskey. “But after that i haven’t put much stock into it.” “i was shocked at just how blunt he was,” said sophomore Kevin rafuse, who attended the conference. “With all the debate about the [nCAA winning] streak, it was surprising to see someone of his stature come out and say that.” “the University does not always share the point of view of each

speaker,” read a press release from Vice President of University relations Melissa Connolly. “But we respect their right to speak and value the opportunity it gives our students to question them.” Later in the evening, AbdulJabbar headlined a banquet to discuss the rens and AfricanAmerican culture, held in a decorated student Center cafeteria that transported guests, from deans to athletes, back to 1935 with authentic music, fashion and food. Hofstra guard Charles Jenkins introduced Abdul-Jabbar at the banquet. “We talked about hoops, and the history of it,” said AbdulJabbar. “the Harlem renaissance is an important aspect of American history. to this day the 1920s is known as the jwazz age so all of that, i think, is relevant now.” “i think it was very successful,” said director of University relations Ginny Greenberg of the entire conference. “it was nice to see such a nice turnout from the campus community.”

Max Sass/The Chronicle

Above: David Zuniga and running mate Alex Zelinski play guitar and campaign. Below: Kalyn Gambord passes out campaign flyers.


A 2•April 14, 2011

The Chronicle

Nexus Yearbook presents Olive Plunkett awards By Megan Walsh stAFF WritEr

The first ever Olive Plunkett Awards Ceremony occurred Wednesday night at the Hofstra University Club and was hosted by Hofstra’s nexus Yearbook in conjunction with the student Government Association (sGA). Kenny Cordero, creator of the olive Plunkett Awards, as well as the Greek section editor for nexus, explained that olive Plunkett inspired these 25 awards.

She was the first Nexus Editorin-Chief and proved to be an outstanding member of the Hofstra community. “the awards were started to create a peer community,” said Cordero. “it’s about students recognizing their peers and other factors that help them to

be successful.” He then went on to explain that anyone could place a nomination through a Google doc link revealed in flyers throughout the school. According to Carrie Lones, Vice Chair of the olive Plunkett Awards and nexus Copy Editor, “on a

“We also think there are a lot of amazing people on this campus who are overlooked...”

The recipients and the awards distributed in this year’s ceremony were: Outstanding New Organization:

Hofstra Afrikan student organization

Outstanding Academic Organization:

Health and Wellness Club

Outstanding Media Organization:

Hofstra Filmmakers Club

Outstanding Multicultural Organization:

Hofstra organization of Latin Americans

Outstanding Performance Organization:

imani dance Ensemble

Outstanding Pre-Professional Organization:

Lehman College–City University of New York Session 1 – May 31st – June 30th Session 2 – July 5th – August 3rd

Visiting Students Welcome!

newman Club

Outstanding Social Organization:

this year because it’s the 75th Anniversary of Hofstra and the yearbook. We wanted to do something to celebrate the work we have done as a staff over the past few years but also the work all the yearbook staffs have done in the last 75 years. it seemed only appropriate to celebrate our founder, and as far as i know the only four year Editor-in-Chief, olive Plunkett,” said svenja van den Woldenberg, Co-Editor-inChief of nexus Yearbook.

Summer in the City

Public relations student society America

Outstanding Religious Organization:

promotional level, it gets nexus’ name out. on a different level, i hope i can speak for nexus and sGA by saying we also think there are a lot of amazing people on this campus who are overlooked when they should be recognized for their deeds around this campus. We have what, more than 10,000 students and who knows how many faculty members on this campus, and a lot aren’t even known to the general public.” “the award was created

Entertainment Unlimited

Outstanding Social/Political Organization:

students for a Greener Hofstra

Outstanding Sports Organization:

Women’s Club Lacrosse

Outstanding Fraternity:

Phi iota Alpha, Fraternity inc.

Outstanding Sorority:

Phi Epsilon sorority

Outstanding Administrative Assistant:

Anna Arena

Outstanding Alumnus:

Anita Ellis

Outstanding Club Advisor:

rosie scavuzzo

Outstanding Professor:

Mary-Ann Allison

Outstanding Athlete:

Matt Farra

Outstanding Freshman Leaders:

Mariel Carbone & dennis Vasquez Montes

Outstanding Sophomore Leaders:

• • • • • •

Haley tynes & Agnes Mathenge

Outstanding Junior Leaders:

omar Peele & Amy-Lee Levey

Outstanding Senior Leaders:

Andreina nunez & Yaneke douglas.

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in last week’s article “Zuniga, Gambord running for sGA President,” Maryann Lucks and Kalyn Gambord’s statements were reversed. The Chronicle regrets the error.

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A3•April 14, 2011

How satisfied are you with Lackmann Culinary services? By ryan Broderick A double survey was conducted by The Chronicle this week to determine how they felt students were with their dining services on campus. A hundred and seventy-one students out of 200 polled answered that yes, they did wish to see Lackmann replaced with a different culinary. Eleven of the students polled said they did not wish to see Lackmann replaced. Eighteen students had no preference. in the second survey conducted this week 100 students were asked if they were satisfied with Lackmann’s services. Eighty students said they were not satisfied with the quality of Lackmann’s services. ten students were satisfied with Lackmann and ten students had no preference. the surveys were conducted

after news of Lackmann’s alleged mistreatment of employees broke last week. two weeks ago the new York City department of Health and Mental Hygiene shut down Lackmann Culinary services at Pace University after failing to meet cleaniness standards. A student boycott was held protesting the culinary company. A press release issued by Lackmann explained, “With guidance from our Quality Assurance department, we are cleaning the areas thoroughly and monitoring protocols were established. We will be retraining and reinforcing associates on food safety. We will ensure proper temperature readings. the operations team cleaned the account to address all regulatory violations cited.” According to the Pace Press, Lackmann will not be returning to the university in the fall.

no preference no preference

no, i would not replace Lackmann

Yes, I am satisfied sample size: 100

sample size: 200





Yes, i would replace Lackmann

If possible, would you replace Lackmann as the culinary provider for Hofstra University?


80% No, I am not satisfied

Are you satisfied with the services provided by Lackmann Culinary Services?


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A 4•April 14, 2011

Greek Week Results overall Fraternity Placement 1. sigma Pi 2. delta Chi 3. Alpha Kappa Psi

overall sorority Placement

Best sportsmanship Awards Alpha theta Beta Phi delta theta

t-1. Alpha Phi t-1. Alpha Epsilon Phi 2. delta Phi Epsilon 3. Phi Epsilon

Greek Man of the Year

Greek Woman of the Year

Geoff smith

shannon Maguire

Pi Kappa Alpha

delta Phi Epsilon

Photo Courtesy Kenny Cordero

SGA considers club budget appeals By Ben suazo AssistAnt nEWs Editor

sGA met tuesday for its fourhour appeals hearing, where clubs requested extra money for their 2011-’12 budgets. Appropriations Chair Jordan Baer captured much of the atmosphere of the meeting, when he warned the senate that they had $200,000 less to work with than had been given the previous year. “i’m going to be honest,” Baer told the senate. “We really don’t have the money to meet every appeal.” He added that more money would be available in the coming spring and fall, cautioning the senate to support the allocations of Appropriations whenever they could because money was already very tight. Baer emphasized that his goal was to be fair to all clubs: “i wanted to show clubs that sGA is not above or below them; if they have to suffer, sGA should suffer, too.” Comptroller Brian Marquis explained that sGA took $27,000

out of its emergency funds to add to club funding. Men’s Rugby was the first club to present an appeal. the various tensions which both senate and club would have to wrestle with all night became immediately apparent, as President rick Weiss explained that rugby UsA, their national league, is pushing for costlier professional standards from their member teams. Weiss explained that their allocated coaching budget would not be nearly enough to meet national standards. “the problem is, UsA rugby mandates the amount you pay a coach,” Weiss said. All night, sGA attempted to follow a standard of ensuring that minimal on-campus functionality could be met by clubs. Whenever the senate felt a club could function at an on-campus level, an appeal was denied. two clubs, roller Hockey and the Equestrian team, were especially nervous because they felt

“I wanted to show clubs that SGA is not above or below them...”

they could not even practice, or in the case of Equestrian team, take lessons without additional money. roller Hockey explained that members already pay exorbitant dues of $800, and its members cannot afford to also pay for the necessary ring time for team practice. “if we could practice anywhere on campus, we’d love to,” the club told sGA, “but we’ve been told many, many times that we can’t.” Concerns over the extreme monetary needs of the Equestrian team led to passionate statements that their team ought to be adopted under the University’s athletic association. senator ralph dweck steered this agitated discussion back on topic, “right now, we’re responsible for funding,” he reminded the senate. informed of the total $200,000 drop to sGA’s budget by Vice President Luke Miedreich, stefanie Gayer, president of the Equestrian team, summed up the reactions of many other clubs to the evening’s efforts and inevitable disappointments. “that’s not even fair to you [sGA].”

The Chronicle

Health Professions Night University students interested in health field are given advisement By Jenica Chandran stAFF WritEr

Hofstra’s Annual Health Professions night, an event aimed at helping pre-medical students learn more about the medical field, took place on April 7 at the netherlands Core. similar to a college-fair event, students were able to meet one-on-one with professionals who specialize in a variety of health-related fields. “We understand that every pre-health student here at Hofstra is not looking to go to medical school, so we try to bring in people from various fields that can help them learn more about what they want to do. We also had people come in who can help the pre-professional students with their applications and admittance into schools,” said Christine Hickey, Graduate Assistant at the Center for University Advisement. students who attended the event were given an edge by getting the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Hofstra’s own medical school faculty. Because of the various components that make up the application process to medical school, the event featured Hofstra medical school faculty, English professors to help with writing statements, financial aid personnel and pre-health advisement deans. Jackie Mcdermott, a junior majoring in Biology, spoke with dr. Patrick Gannon, a professor and Chair for the department of science Education at Hofstra’s Medical school. “i enjoyed chatting with him about various potential research opportunities that are available on Long island. He was also very informative about the new types of learning strategies that are going to be implemented in the medical school,” she said. Also at the event was dr. thomas Kwiatkowski, doctor of Emergency Medicine, Medical director of the Patient safety institute and Assistant dean for Education/simulation at Hofstra north shore-LiJ school of Medicine. His involvement with the medical school included visiting other medical schools and observing their curricula, as well as creating a program for Hofstra students that was centered on

patient-centered care. students were also given the opportunity to learn how these medical careers affect the professionals on a more personal level. doctor of Chiropractic medicine and guest speaker at the event, dr. Chris Wildneauer told students how he integrated his career into his personal life. “i practice what i preach to my clients. i avoid medicine until it’s absolutely necessary and i go to my own chiropractor once a week. i believe that one must sustain structural, mental and physical health. You must stay in good shape, as you never know what shape your patient will be in.” the event also featured current medical school student and Hofstra alumna, Lisa terrana. she is a third year medical school student at stonybrook University with a B.A. in Biology and Philosophy from Hofstra. she was able to relate her more recent experiences as a Hofstra pre-health student with others. Her college degree showed students that it is possible to have a diverse college curriculum and still be successful as a health professional. “i gained a lot from my philosophy concentration. it helped me in my interactions with my patients and my mental stamina,” she said. terrana advised students that the key to being successful in the medical field is to stay motivated and passionate, “A lot of people try to scare you. if you love it and want to do it, you will be able to do it. don’t let someone scare you away. You can always rise to the challenge.” students who attended the event also received realistic advice from the health professionals about the current conditions in medical school and in practicing medicine. Many of the health professionals reminded students to stay true to their passions and hobbies, even if it’s not in the sciences. dr. Mike serotoff, doctor of Emergency Medicine and resident at Albert Einstein Hospital in the Bronx, recommended students to be open-minded: “dabble in everything, such as research, clinical experience, and also find a co-curricular that you are passionate about. don’t give up.”


The Chronicle

A5•April 14, 2011

Earthquake sends teacher back to U.S. early By stefanie Avila sPECiAL to tHE CHroniCLE

“it seemed normal to everyone around me…until it wasn’t, all the children started to whimper and the other teachers didn’t know what to do at one point,” said Caroline Cabal, 22, an English teacher that worked in Japan for almost two years up until a week ago.” Japan was beautiful, but once the earthquake hit it wasn’t the same.” Cabal lived in the town of nagano, about 130 miles from the epicenter. Her town felt a high 6 or low 7 on the richter scale. Early that morning, Cabal and her boyfriend, daniel Conglio, 28, were at the market getting breakfast when their phones and the phones

of everyone around them rang. the message read “earthquake warning five minutes,” but since earthquakes are normal in Japan no one really paid much attention to it, and in fact they felt nothing when five minutes passed. the Japanese government sends a message to every cell phone in Japan that is registered for emergencies. Later, Cabal was teaching her first grade class when alarms in the school went off and an announcement on the loudspeaker announced, “Earthquake in five minutes, please do not panic.” this time, the Earth actually shook. Earthquakes usually last about 2-3 minutes; this earthquake lasted 5 minutes. “those were the longest 5 min-

utes of my life,” Cabal said. “it felt like an hour had passed and it was never going to end.” the town of nagano is landlocked and was not effected by the tsunami, but the earthquake left houses broken down the middle with shattered glass everywhere. “We had taken the children outside to the playground to evacuate the building for safety purposes, but after the initial earthquake, all there was were aftershocks, one after another, after another.” Aftershocks reached a 4.3 on the richter scale and recurred often because of the severity of the initial 8.9 quake. they can last up to a month after the initial quake. For Cabal, the aftershocks led

her to miss home. “i couldn’t deal with the shaking; i woke up every morning after the earthquake to an aftershock instead of my alarm clock. i just couldn’t do it. While i was teaching class, there were aftershocks, when i was driving home there were aftershocks, when i was using the bathroom there were aftershocks, i couldn’t do it. i was scared; Americans aren’t trained for this type of lifestyle. i wanted to cry every time.” With the nuclear crisis that spawned from the quake, radiation in tokyo’s tap water spiked to twice the level tolerable for infants, but it remains safe for adults, according to officials. Officials in nagano said that as soon as residents get home from being

outside, clothes should immediately be changed due to possible radiation. Getting food from the supermarket two days after the earthquake was “no picnic,” Cabal said. “I had to fight to get one of the last few bottles of water in the supermarket.” Conglio says that, “it wasn’t so bad right after the earthquake…it just progressively got worse, and then we decided that twiddling our thumbs here in Japan wasn’t going to get any better, so we decided to head back home. it was the only option.” Caroline Cabal is Stef.anie Avila’s cousin.

Public Safety Briefs Compiled By Jessica Lewis

Two students reported to

Public safety on April 6 that they witnessed a student rip down the Gay and Greek sign from the student Center. Public safety responded and they were able to apprehend the student; she was given a summons for her actions.

in her office in Roosevelt Hall, containing money, debit cards, her license, her house and car keys were missing. A report of the theft was given to the Hempstead Police department and an investigation is being conducted.

A student reported to

A student reported

Public safety that while parked in front of nassau suffolk residence Hall, her ex-roommate approached her vehicle and threatened her with physical harm over past differences. Public safety responded and the student received a summons for harassment.

On April 7, a professor

A student reported on April 8, that while she was at Campus Pizza on Hempstead turnpike April 3, she was con-

to Public safety that when he returned to his car parked in netherlands north he saw that two Garmin GPs systems and a Bose sound system was missing from his vehicle, police assistance was declined and an investigation is being conducted.

reported to Public safety that at sometime between 12 and 12:30 p.m. her purse, left unattended

fronted by a female student in the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma and five other members of the sorority. the sorority members got into an altercation with the other student and pulled her hair. A week later she was confronted by the same girl in Hofstra UsA, who threatened to pull her hair out.

While conducting rounds in nassau Hall, an rA reported to Public safety that she smelt the odor of marijuana coming from a room. Public safety responded and keyed into the room and found the resident inside with a strong odor of marijuana, no marijuana was recovered but the student was given a summons.

The RSR assigned to

Colonial square West reported on April 11 that she received sexually harassing phone calls from an unidentified male. An investigation is being conducted.

overturned on the main campus. A search of the area was conducted for the person or persons responsible, but no results were returned.

While on patrol on April 11, a Public Safety Officer observed three cement trash bins and a bench

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A 6•April 14, 2011

Right to vote should be exercised, but not without a compelling reason

IllustratIon by Isobel stanton

By Andrea ordonez ColuMnist

Months before i turned 18, i submitted my voter registration early so that i could be ready to vote in the 2008 Presidential election. i diligently watched the Presidential debates, one of which was at Hofstra university, and became politically involved with local government campaigns because i wanted to make good, educated voting choices. Even though many take their right to vote for granted, i took mine seriously; i chose those candidates who i believed would reform the policies that i wanted changed on the local, state and national levels. in college, i remained civically involved by reading various newspapers’ coverage of the midterm elections, and even volunteered at the 2010 new York state Gubernatorial Debate because i thought that such contact with state politicians would help me once again make

well-informed decisions about who i would vote for. According to the Pew Research Center, only 12 percent of the 18-29-year-old demographic voted in the 2010 midterm elections. i was one person among that 12 percent who ran to the elementary school next to Hofstra in between classes just so i could vote for the new state governor. As someone who takes the elections of even local politicians seriously, i recently made a decision that goes against the civic engagement i have shown since first voting in 2008. i chose not to vote in this year’s student Government Association elections; i just don’t feel the need. this choice may not seem radical, seeing that participation in these elections is not a very popular thing. in last year’s sGA elections, only 10 percent of the student body voted. i, once again as part of the minority, voted in

I chose not to vote in this year’s Student Government Association elections; I just don’t feel the need.

that election. i initially thought that my personal desire to listen to and vote for student leaders who wanted to change aspects of Hofstra that i am not entirely satisfied with would overrule my dislike of small talk about the candidates. However, as seen in real politics, people do not just vote for politicians who vow to reform and implement new policies. they base their votes on media character and previous experiences. However, in real politics, we as voters may not personally know the candidates they choose. With student elections, the candidates who run are our friends, acquaintances, and classmates. We may know their personal strengths and vices so well that it conflicts with our objectivity. Coverage of real politics is already negative, to the point that for many it seems excessive to read or hear every week about a new argument or conflict between members of sGA or regarding legislation. such coverage has helped me realize that there actually were not many aspects of Hofstra that i was disappointed with, and certainly nothing i was sufficiently angry about that

would motivate me to vote. the lack of interest in getting involved with this election on my part, and on the part of most of the student population can be interpreted both ways. From one view, it could mean that sGA has done a good job of keeping me satisfied with Hofstra. But from another, it could mean that they are not functioning as a proper representation of the student body’s interest. if they were,

perhaps the student population would feel more motivated to vote in these elections. Arguing over whose fault it is should not be a drastic matter after this election. While a lack of participation in any election can be disappointing, it is not the end of the world. After all, plenty of people do not even vote in presidential elections, yet still live quite contently.

Religious group ignores sexual abuse By Katherine Yaremko ColuMnist

Associations of sexual abuse with the Catholic Church have been burned into the minds of many over the years. While still capable of producing reactions of anger and outrage, these stories might be viewed by some as no longer surprising, due to the relative frequency with which they have occurred. there exists, however, a group of churches across America that not only participate in, but

also condone sexual abuse, which remain relatively unknown to many individuals. Called independent Fundamental Baptist (iFB) churches, they have been called cults by people who no longer attend their services. Members of their congregation have often suffered privately and alone, often for years, with the effects of sexual and psychological abuse. Much of their silence is attributed to the severely manipulative, controlling

Continued on A7

The Chronicle

Flip cams are inept, outdated technology By Ryan Broderick EDitoR-in-CHiEF

the Flip cam died this week. Cisco, the company behind these horrid little video-goblins decided to pursue other ventures. it’s kind of incredible that they lasted this long, considering they were obsolete before they were even on the market. it’s a camera with the same fidelity as the camera on your phone, without the ability to do anything other than take horribly grainy, digital video. they’re the 8-track of home recording. And now—most hilariously of all—a pile of them is sitting in Dempster Hall’s equipment room, hopefully waiting to be incinerated. i suppose that’s what you get for hopping on a bandwagon. And that’s what the Flip cam represents, really: the horribly misguided, painfully sad desperation of members of a journalism industry reaching for anything to keep themselves relevant. Around Dempster you’ll hear a lot of things like, “just shoot on the flip,” or “it’s viral video, it doesn’t have to be good,” usually coupled with completely idiotic buzzwords likes “hyperlocal” or “cell phone journalism” or “Patch. com.” that’s nice and all, but it’s a myth. What will hopefully die with the Flip cam is the idea that “hyperlocal” journalism can look like a monkey did it. it’s easy for Hofstra’s journalism program to say, “oh, if it’s done fast, it doesn’t have to look professional.” Meanwhile, better schools with better programs are learning

how to do the same speed of coverage with dslRs edited professionally on Final Cut Pro. if The Chronicle can be an example of an organization moving slightly faster than the school of Communication, at least in terms of technology, we know we have switched to HD video segments on dslR as of last semester. now, swing on over to and feel like a complete failure. And if you think, even for a second, “Well that’s nYu,” then i suppose you deserve your miserable little Flips. in a post-internet-journalism world, where everyone can broadcast instantly but not everyone can broadcast instantly and professionally, it’s nice to know Hofstra’s missed the point again. take for example, the amount of snake oil salesmen that have come through the school of Communication in the last five years, claiming they have the answer to Hofstra Journalism’s relevancy problem. i guarantee that each one of those professors has raved about the power of the Flip. We won’t name names, but thankfully, they’re no longer employed at Hofstra. it might seem like a huge overreaction to align the errors of an entire department with the illbegotten, delusional, completely and objectively wrong purchase of a bunch of wretched little point-and-shoot video cameras, but explain how it isn’t a perfect symbol. now maybe we can stop teaching Windows Movie Maker. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves... we wouldn’t want our students getting any sort of reallife skills in digital media.

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A 7•April 14, 2011

Man On The Unispan Do you know who is running for SGA candidacy this year?



“two girls and two guys.”



“David and Alex, but i don’t know the others.”

Eryka Junior

“i don’t know.”



“i signed a petition, but i don’t know names.”



“David and Alex, i don’t know the others.”



“i don’t know their names.”

IFB turns blind eye on abuse Continued From A6 attitudes of a number of religious authority figures within the IFB. Victims have been dissuaded from reporting their harassment to the police. According to an investigative piece conducted by Elizabeth Vargas, on more than one occasion girls raped by members attending iFB churches were forced to recount the horrifying incident in front of the other congregation members. the girls were imbued with an enormous sense of guilt and made to believe that they were somehow responsible. often, the rapists were present when the confessions took place. the reasons behind the iFB’s toleration of such awful events

stem in part from the decision to literally interpret the Bible. such interpretations lead members to believe in punishing their children by beating them physically. it also means that women are told to carry out roles of submission and obedience around their husbands. Undeniably horrific, these incidents are not the only ones to occur among religious groups who adhere to a strict belief system. Yet this is not the only danger of literally interpreting one’s scripture of choice. Many religious books contain gruesome stories of child slavery, incest, and archaic forms of punishment, in addition to stories concerning love, compassion and other esteemed values.

it is impossible to reconcile such disparate messages. Religious texts would be best read and analyzed with the thought in mind that they were written within a particular social, cultural and historical period, regardless of whether one believes them to be divinely inspired or not. the extremist idea that one must accept all of what a book offers prevents individuals from weeding out those concepts which are not conducive for a high-functioning society, least of all a healthy spiritual life. in the worst cases, atrocious crimes are covered up and criminals are permitted to continue their lives free of either incarceration or rehabilitation.


The Chronicle

A8 April 14, 2011

Technology takes place of socializing and books By Julia Hahn ColuMnist

nowadays, technology truly seems to be everywhere. For the district of Auburn in Maine this is especially the case. last week, the district approved a $200,000 pilot program to buy 285 iPad 2 tablets for the kindergartners of the town. “What we’re seeing is that this is an essential tool even more important than a book,” said school superintendent tom Morrill, as quoted from the Huffington Post. “It’s a learning tool they need to have.” the superintendent then went on to say that he would try to get grants and donations to fund the program. the only question left is this: Why on Earth would a bunch of five-year-olds need to be surrounded by iPads in their classroom all day? And how could anyone think that an iPad is a more essential tool for kindergartners to have than a book? the answer could be coming from the persistent need of our society to be constantly “plugged in” to some form of technology. Just by walking down the street you can see tons of people with their heads down

while they’re surfing the Internet, browsing Facebook, tweeting or texting. But do we really need to be exposing our children at such a young age to this kind of technology? My answer is no. one of the main purposes of kindergarten is for children to learn how to cooperate and interact with other people. this is one of the first opportunities a child has to socially interact with people outside of his or her family, and this is an important skill to have in life. if a child were to be dissuaded from learning this skill then there could be some serious setbacks during his or her development. it’s unhealthy for a child to not be involved with the group, seeing as a huge part of life is all about learning how to behave in a group. We all remember that really awkward kid in elementary school who wouldn’t talk to anyone and just mindlessly played on his GameBoy, right? Well, to have this new “learning tool” at such an early level would be creating a whole generation of that particular kind of kid. He was probably also the kid who was held back once or twice. that doesn’t sound like a very appealing culture to me. We

wouldn’t be creating geniuses; we would be creating class dunces. it is true that some individuals tend to be socially awkward anyway, but i think many would argue that even the socially awkward have their own group of friends they hang out with. Having children learn at a very young age that socializing with other children is unnecessary would make sure that even the most basic kind of bonding would rarely take place. Psychologists and even our own parents are seeing what this kind of technology is doing to us, and they’re scared that we’re becoming de-socialized. there are people who break off engagements over Facebook? Why would we want our children to start off with this kind of behavior? the iPad as a learning tool that is more important than a book is just an absurd thought in itself.

the process of learning how to use an iPad or any of the 21st century technology is probably one of the easiest things a person can do in his or her everyday life. A child will pick up any kind of iPad or cell phone and learn how to use it within minutes. A book, however, is something that takes skill to learn how to use, and it allows a child’s brain to really develop. the bottom line is this; having iPads for kindergartners is superfluous. if America is supposed to be trying to cut back in spending,

what business does this district have buying this kind of unnecessary technology?

IllustratIon by Isobel stanton

Politicians won’t relinquish power without force By Miles Bett ColuMnist

Douglas Adams once said, in his book The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should, on no account, be allowed to do the job.” i can’t help but feel the truth in this statement while reading the news this past week, but in a much broader sense. to me, this idea is in fact applicable to all politicians.

take those who make up our own government. they are the most powerful people in the world, and yet they came an inch away from shutting the entire country down over a dispute involving several billion dollars out of trillions total. not much, all things told. next, look at former president laurent Gbagbo of the ivory Coast, a man who was voted out of office months back, yet who was still in office just a few

“Lawmakers Disagree Over Why They Can’t Agree.” I know I’m not the only one that laughed at this, but am I the only one that sighed as well?

days ago. these two instances are worlds apart, but are linked in a fundamental manner. the subjects of both are, with a touch of bluntness, children. i don’t necessarily mean these politicians run around with sticks, though it does put war in a new perspective. i mean that Gbagbo and our government are certain kinds of children. Gbagbo is a possessive child with a toy. He does not want to share and does not want to pass on his position of power when it is time. A leader’s toy is power, and he or she rarely wants to let that go. Gbagbo had to pass his power on in november when Mr. ouattara won the presidential election. He didn’t want to. it has taken five months and over a thousand dead in order to see Gbagbo pass over his ‘toy.” Even then he

had to be taken by force. in short, he had a terrible and extreme tantrum. u.s. politicians are just as dismaying. i saw an MsnBC headline that read, “lawmakers Disagree over Why they Can’t Agree.” i know i’m not the only one that laughed at this, but am i the only one that sighed as well? think back on the days when we were small and used “you smell because you do” or “you’re wrong because you are” arguments. now i fondly look

back on that innocence–we all should–but i do not look fondly on the leaders of our nation using what is more or less the same rhetoric. simply put, they need to use their years and do what our parents taught us to do when we were small people: don’t let it get out of hand in the first place. that is the problem with power and those who have it. they want that new toy and the moment they have it they will not let it go, no matter how childish they end up looking.


The Chronicle

A9 April 14, 2011

IllustratIon by ryan broderIck

Letter to the Editor: Parking violation met with indifference A Concerned Student

i am writing to inform you that on March 29, 2011, i received a parking violation for parking in an “illegal” spot. First and foremost, it should be known that i have a medical condition (cerebral palsy) that prohibits me from performing certain actions, and on occasion it leaves me in severe pain when my right side is over-worked. on that particular morning, i arrived at Hofstra around 9:20 a.m. and was searching for parking behind C.V. starr for almost thirty minutes. Even though my marketing class begins at 9:35 a.m. i was already fairly late for my first class of the day, so I decided to park in an “illegal” parking spot, right next to several other cars (all belonging to Hofstra students, might i add). When i came back to my car

after my final class of the day, I was shocked to see that a “boot” had been placed on one of my tires, especially considering the fact that none of the cars next to me were booted. i explained to the Public safety officer behind the desk about my current medical condition and the fact that i had been in a considerable amount of pain as a result of marching in the Greek Parade representing Hofstra university the day before. i was treated rather indifferently and was told to appeal the parking violation to the student Conduct Board if i desired to do so. i was not only shocked by the lack of empathy for my medical condition, but also because he refused to acknowledge any relevant points that i had brought up to him. After all was said and done at

the Public Safety office, I decided to appeal my case before the student Conduct Board, in hopes of receiving more sympathy and understanding from my fellow students than i had elicited from the officer. needless to say, i was met with a fairly similar response and was also told that i hadn’t parked in an actual parking spot. it was upsetting to see that the board refused to understand the depth of my medical condition. After all, having four surgeries on the right side of my body and walking with a noticeable limp should be a substantial amount of evidence for my case.

When they asked if i had a handicap sticker, i stated that i was never asked whether i needed one and that i would never have taken one out of guilt of depriving someone else who is severely handicapped. to be quite honest, i feel that the both the Public Safety officer and the board had already decided in their minds what the outcome of my case would be, despite anything i tried to do to convince them otherwise. on another note, i was also surprised that i wasn’t given any benefit of the doubt considering that i am an active student in

It was upsetting to see that the board refused to understand the depth of my medical condition.

good standing–i have never received a violation of any sort before this unfortunate incident –and i also currently have a 3.85 GPA at the university. As a student who is enrolled at Hofstra and as someone who cares greatly about his academic endeavors, i was utterly disgusted by the way my case was handled by both the Public Safety officer and the Student Conduct Board. i would never wish such a situation on anyone else. to be quite frank, if a student with documented disabilities is not even given the slightest amount of empathy, i believe that this does not reflect well on the image or the standard procedures of the university itself.

A 10•April 14, 2011

2011-12 Club Budgets as allocated by SGA





$ 33,977.65

$ 10,067.34

Women’s Club Soccer

$ 2,306.00

$ 850.00

Men’s Club Lacrosse Equestrian Ice Hockey Quidditch Baseball Ski and Snowboard Club Softball

$ 19,235.00 $ 55,350.00 $ 49,750.00 $ 800.00 $ 16,045.40 $ 1,728.00 $ 1,552.54

$ 8,270.00 $ 8,509.99 $ 22,250.02 $ 100.00 $ 6,755.40 $ 864.00 $ 625.59

Men’s Rugby Men’s Basketball Club Men’s Club Soccer

$ 10,946.97 $ 3,539.46 $ 3,182.62

$ 3,401.98 $ 1,089.47 $ 2,616.94

Roller Hockey Club Volleyball Women’s Frisbee Women’s Club Lacrosse Tennis Club Hofstra Cricket Club

$ 30,270.00 $ 3,600.00 $ 7,198.17 $ 31,602.32 $ 19,674.50 $ 7,600.00

$ 6,570.00 $ 2,327.50 $ 3,148.00 $ 5,000.38 $ 8,767.94 $ 2,300.00

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Concerts

$ 10,883.00 $ 203,840.00

$ 4,660.00 $ 91,522.00

SASA NSB Lion’s Den Haga USITT Students for a Greener Hofstra Sigma Capella Ta’Daa Maqerade FMA Club Max Kolb Telethon College Republicans

$ 3,000.00 $ 1,295.95 $ 10,470.04 $ 2,027.77 $ 2,860.00 $ 1,637.90 $ 531.49 $ 1,835.00 $ 16,878.20 $ 8,213.05 $ 1,868.25 $ 1,656.00

$ 1,334.32 $ 792.79 $ 6,102.85 $ 1,006.42 $ 667.20 $ 1,109.50 $ 392.75 $ 642.00 $ 13,064.00 $ 1,812.10 $ 1,527.65 $ 1,334.00

Newman Club HFC HASA HAGA HITA Get Global

$ 12,532.71 $ 19,202.98 $ 3,573.84 $ 1,404.37 $ 1,766.14 $ 1,888.18

$ 2,064.02 $ 5,697.45 $ 1,496.37 $ 579.50 $ 267.98 $ 1,501.70

Hofstra InterVarsity Christian Fellowship HaHa Hofstra NABA Hellenic HEAT Hofstra Chronicle HINT History Club Spectrum CWC Hepcatz Swing Youth Against Sickle Cell

$ 4,291.69 $ 15,942.50 $ 3,762.12 $ 4,958.95 $ 4,342.63 $ 51,758.27 $ 11,345.87 $ 846.84 $ 2,959.37 $ 8.910.00 $ 3,464.00 $ 600.00

$ 2,529.75 $ 7,154.50 $ 2,250.00 $ 1,210.00 $ 2,127.75 $ 22,424.00 $ 4,258.60 $ 114.00 $ 1,498.02 $1,396.24 $ 3,000.00 $0

The Chronicle

The Chronicle

2011-12 Club Budgets as allocated by SGA




Computer Science MEISA Mock Trial Club USEP

$ 300.00 $ 1,094.00 N/A $ 962.08

$0 $ 580.00 $0 $ 490.71

Hawaii Club Chabad at Hofstra American Red Coss Club BSU Active Minds at Hofstra University Hofstra Model UN Fashion Reform Entertainment Unlimited Hillel ACDA Dutchmen ED2010 AlPHA Neuroscience Club Welcome to Edeyo

$ 940.66 $ 15,309.69 $ 540.55 $ 95,912.31 $ 6,286.64 $ 4,698.17 $ 2,193.50 $ 110,293.45 $ 12,355.03 $ 1,350.00 $ 66.00 $ 1,083.14 $ 718.90 $ 599.02 $ 3,968.85

$ 313.85 $ 7,368.20 $ 213.10 $ 28,702.50 $ 2,962.09 $ 1,754.00 $ 750.25 $ 66,910.50 $ 5,419.79 $0 $ 66.00 $ 497.44 $ 367.50 $ 194.32 $ 1,918.50

FONT NAACP Hofstra Gospel Ensemble Show Choir Women of Action Makin’ Treble ACS

$ 4,948.26 $ 125,879.18 $ 9,900.04 $ 142.75 $ 645.00 $ 440.00 $ 7,776.55

$ 2,565.26 $27,285.05 $ 4,851.00 $ 142.75 $ 222.00 $ 22.00 $ 3,011.55

Actuarial Science Muslim Students Association HAMA FIMRC NSSLHA Nonsense Improfstra

$ 2,283.00 $ 5,713.50 $ 24,964.74 $ 1,496.80 $ 491.00 $ 17,551.00 $ 730.98

$ 107.00 $ 1,874.04 $ 11,030.00 $ 539.89 $ 32.00 $ 4,266.90 $ 339.98

IEEE ASCD Legal Studies Nexus IFC Danceworks Economics Club Impact We Connect Now

$ 4,639.50 $ 5,641.47 $ 1,752.00 $ 42,313.16 $ 21,064.85 $ 8,038.64 $ 1,376.40 $ 6,271.56 $ 579.75

$ 2,420.50 $ 2,385.96 $0 $ 38,989.00 $ 3,496.00 $ 3,513.64 $ 58.00 $ 2,365.13 $ 173.00


$ 2,249.98

$ 127.50


$ 1,118.00

$ 400.00


$ 5,239.85

$ 1,797.87

Phi Alpha Delta

$ 1,260.00

$ 270.00




Tax Society

$ 1,634.95



$ 52,376.11

$ 37,582.84

Health and Wellness and Roteract

$ 1,641.00

$ 482.00

A 11•April 14, 2011

The Hofstra


Vol.76 Issue 24

Bands Battle for Charity B2

Mike Viscardi/ The Chronicle



April 14, 2011


B 2•April 14, 2011

The Chronicle

Sigma’Capella and others perform for a cause By Jenny marsh

EntErtAinmEnt CoPY Editor

it’s hard to argue that sigma’Cappella didn’t bring out all the stops thursday night at the “raise Your Voice for relay” benefit concert. Besides Sigma itself, there were various acts featuring everything from heart-felt poetry to raffles hosted by singers in cow costumes. the April 7 concert was held in the monroe Lecture theatre and aimed to collect money that will go towards sigma’s team for Relay for Life, an organization that raises money for the American Cancer Society. the program began with the sigma men singing down the aisles to Adele’s “rolling in the Deep,” meeting the girls and soloist on stage. Soloist, erin Willet’s voice had the uncanny likeness of the famous singer and immediately tooks control of the room. Although the singers presented us with a fun-loving and laid back attitude between numbers, the powerful lyrics and music of their opener provided a no-nonsense beginning to the concert. Haha Hofstra’s Emma Clark was the comedic high point of the evening, getting audience members laughing at everything she said–even things, she says. that weren’t meant to be funny. Her interpretation of rebecca

Black’s day of the week lesson, and a song, “Lazy” – a spoof off of Gnarls Barkley’s “Krazy” – elicited resounding applause and amusement. sigma’s next set of three songs were upbeat pop hits, Corinne Bailey rae’s “Put Your records On,” Otis Reading’s “Sittin’ on the Dock,” and Bruno Mars’ recent hit, “Grenade.” Angelica Levy provided a quick interlude with three of her very well-versed poems dealing with love, childhood and self-image. “Blue Jeans,” detailing the speaker’s dependence on a pair of jeans to make her feel self-worth was the most solemn and deep, perfectly setting the tone for the next set sigma had to offer. “Apologize” by One Republic was a very unexpected number for the group, as it did not showcase the expertise and musicality of the previous numbers; however, soloist Matt Georgetti hit some pretty impressive high notes that warranted praise. “sweet disposition” by temper trap was pure beauty and sinead Conlon, again, helped to highlight the large array of different sounds and talents the group contains. “Hometown Glory” by Adele was no exception to this standard and stole the show as Willett busted out vocals challenging that of even Adele.

Sigma’Cappella performed in support of Relay for Life last Thursday.

Hofstra’s strictly steppin’ deserved the awe and adoration they received after delivering a (mostly) flawless step routine that was intricate, rhythmic and all business. The only minor flaw was the unfortunate mistake made at the end by a member who forgot the step. All in all, they were a force to be reckoned with. Sigma’Cappella had its final set of three songs, the most memorable being “Ragged Wood” by fleet foxes. The group pulls out sheet music and apologizes for not being prepared and feigns two false starts before throwing the music into the air and delivering a thoroughly rehearsed performance, much to the relief of the audience. The final variety act of the night, Mike Petrow and Way C, took to the stage before sigma’s final song, with what was the most perplexing act of the night. the rappers’ displays were outlandish and left attendees confused. Before closing the show with the showy “somethin’ to Talk About” by Bonnie Rait, sigma’Cappella announces that between ticket sales, the raffles and the date auction, as well as donations from the audience, they raised over $650 towards their cause. Hofstra University’s Relay for Life is on April 30.

Sean M. Gates/ The Chronicle

Mike Viscardi/ The Chronicle

Drift Away performed and won a PR contract on Wednesday.

Charity Battle of the Bands By Lisa diCarlucci EntErtAinmEnt Editor

the speakers were blaring amateur rock and roll at Hofstra USA on Wednesday night but unfortunately there was hardly a crowd to absorb the sound. The Hofstra Rotaract, Health and Wellness Club and eta sigma Gamma Honors society hosted their 3rd Annual Battle of the Bands to raise money for the Smile Train organization but few supporters came out for the cause. Fortunately for those in the crowd, the low attendance did little to diminish the energy of the bands playing. An incentive was likely the panel of judges which included Mark Mendoza, the bassist from Twisted Sister, Joe Rock from WBAB and Sam Little from Hofstra’s own WRHU, who gave feedback after each performance. The first band, All New episode was a high energy pop-punk band that threw in a few hints of ska into their set. The band featured a female vocalist who treated the show like a stadium performance, constantly moving around and interacting with the crowd. The band did a good job of staying in sync and maintain a solid rhythm, even as the drummer’s bass drum started to slip away from him. each member of the band did well to keep moving making for a dynamic stage presence. some awkward male back-up vocals fell flat however. Makin’ Treble, Hofstra’s only all-female a capella group gave a performance that served as a nice palate cleanser between bands. The group has been performing around campus for at least a year now and has opened with the same song almost every

time which needs to be mixed up. some new songs that followed brought things around though. Unfortunately the sound system did not work in their favor, blasting the lead vocals (with some dangerously high notes) and drowning out the background. An excellent rendition of “Empire State of Mind,” rap included, made up for any earlier mishaps. technically this group was not part of the competition but merely for entertainment. the evening then took a very dark and loud turn with FXZEro a scream metal band featuring several Hofstra students. Their volume and energy was intense with a lead vocalist that let out some serious screams ranging from low to high with impressive strength for his small stature. The guitar and bass sections added a tight, dynamic quality to the songs, even slipping in bits of classical pieces to keep things fresh. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but it was a great representation of the metal core genre for this contest. the crowd nearly doubled in size (to about 20 people) for the last act, Drift Away, an acoustic duo. Slowing down the pace from the previous group, these two sounded something like an unplugged Alice and Chains or staind with really solid guitar playing and angsty lyrics. Their harmonies were spot on my the melody singer greatly overpowered the other in volume. Luckily his voice was incredible, hitting some impressively high notes with perfect pitch. At the end of the night third place went to fXZeRO, second place to All new Episode and the grand prize, a $2,000 PR contract went to Drift Away, a well-deserved winner.


The Chronicle

B 3•April 14, 2011

Student film hits the big screen with a bang By Bryan menegus STAff WRITeR

What’s most shocking about Hanna isn’t its opening scene of the titular 16-year old, hunting and disemboweling a deer in the wilderness of finland. Nor is it the penultimate sequence, wherein Erik Heller (Eric Bana) forces a rusted steel girder through his adversary’s ribcage. The truly amazing thing about this film is that its life began as the senior film project of Seth Lochhead, a student of the Vancouver Film School. Hanna tells the story of a girl separated from society. Her father, erik Heller, an ex-CIA agent, has raised her in seclusion and given her an assassin’s homeschooling: she is fluent in most languages, deadly in armed or unarmed combat and taught to always gain the upper hand. In many ways, her story is reminiscent of Hit-Girl from last year’s Kick-Ass, but Hanna trades genre savvy, comic flare and self-awareness for the blank-faced intensity of a pure thriller. Unlike Hit-Girl, Hanna’s foray into the real world reveals not just her acumen as a trained killer, but highlights the ignorance a sheltered existence instilled in her. Director Joe Wright (Atonement) lends his unique visual style to the film, alternating

between disorienting, quick-cut action (which is, more often than not, representative of modernity) and the idyllic, sprawling canvas of the untamed wilderness. The more kinetic parts of Hanna are further bolstered by an excellent quasi-industrial soundtrack, provided by the Chemical Brothers. Keeping consistent with the protagonist’s state of mind, Hanna is almost totally devoid of establishing shots. While this keeps the viewer grounded in Hanna’s perspective, the film also takes place over a half-dozen countries and it’s difficult to keep track of exactly where things are happening. In the simplest of terms, Hanna is a chase scene, spread out over 111 minutes. And it’s a premise that becomes tired about halfway through. Because Hanna has the decency not to rely on the cheap thrills of constant, senseless, adrenaline-junkie violence, the audience expects more cinematic merit and emotional investment. It’s not that the dialogue isn’t engaging or that the action scenes aren’t on point, there just isn’t enough thought given to character. Both Hanna and her father erik are given a single, two-pronged objective: survive long enough to kill marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett). This goal is not elaborate or varied

A young girl is raised for violence in the new thriller Hanna. enough to fill the length of the movie, and neither character grows much through their trials. Each aspect of the modern world that baffles or bests Hanna seems to pass right by her, never imbuing her with some new, earned knowledge—and her stoic

self-assurance as an assassin keeps the audience from ever truly connecting with her. the big reveal in Hanna gets saved for the end, and the groundwork for it is poorly laid. It feels like a twist out of a latterday M. Night Shyamalan flick

Courtesy of Focus Pictures

(i.e. rather than an “oh, I get it!” a “why did that happen?”). Still, Hanna gets a lot of points for originality of subject matter, and Joe Wright’s directorial prowess is on full display.

Paul Simon’s new album lacks inspiration

Paul Simon released his 12th studio album on April 12.

By Aaron Calvin

AssistAnt EntErtAinmEnt Editor

Paul simon seems to be inviting a clear-cut judgment in the very title of his new album. Is the aging pop-folk artists newest effort so Beautiful or is it so What? The answer lies somewhere in between these two

extremes. the album opens with “Getting Ready for Christmas Day.” Christmas songs are all well and good, but including one on a nonholiday themed collection seems like a strange move, especially starting an album with one. But perhaps Simon has earned this. After his long tenure in the world

Courtesy of

of popular music, perhaps he can throw in a little Christmas music at the beginning of his record, simply because he wants one there. After this odd introduction, simon ambles on with one song after another, shifting genres as he goes along. Some of them are higher energy, like “The Afterlife”

or “Love is Eternal sacred Light.” Some are quiet and more stripped down than anything he’s done since the simon and Garfunkel days (he even references “Homeward Bound” in “Questions for Angels”). He also incorporates some of the world sound that he’s been experimenting with for the past twenty years or so. All of this genre shifting makes for an interesting album musically, and, at the brisk pace of 38 minutes, the listener doesn’t get too bored. However, there is a pervasive feeling throughout the album that simon’s songwriting has become simply uninspired. Lyrically, Simon writes sloppily at his best, condescendingly at his worst. The album is filled with vague reflections on the generalities of love and life, sentimentality one comes to expect from artists

of a certain age. Simon, as well as other critics, has claimed that So Beautiful or So What is the artist’s best album since Graceland in 1986. This very well could be the case, but it doesn’t say much towards the quality of this album. While the comparisons are easy to draw, So Beautiful is missing the qualities that made Graceland such a well-crafted album. There is in none of the helpless sadness of the song “Graceland.” There is none of the lyrical and musical charm of “You Can Call Me Al.” So Beautiful or So What is a decent work from an older musician working in the twilight of his career and would make a good addition to die hard Paul simon fan’s anthology. But for the casual listener, the album passes by in a fairly unremarkable way.


B 4•April 14, 2011

Tech Talk: Accelsor Web Design

By nathan sukonik COLUMNIST

Ever wanted to design a website in realtime on your mobile device? find yourself wishing no coding was involved to create a website of beauty, simplicity and of a natural feel? Well I certainly have! one day mark nadal and Hunter owens decided to take these questions, find a solution and make it a plausible reality. In my interview via ooVoo, with mark nadal and Hunter owens i discovered how two young men are creating the next big technology invention. two strapping entrepreneurs: Mark Nadal and Hunter Owens, with a history of being entrepreneurial gave me the scoop on their next big project called Accelsor. This is a website (currently beta) that will allow for codeless efficient web design on the part of the consumer. Using drag and drop images from the desktop, the keyboard-shortcut techniques and mouse or touchscreen compatibilty they have developed a quick and efficent way to make attractive websitesand have taken the guess work out of the webdesign experience, which is they hope a good thing. that the beautiful sites can be created without being Cluttered is the biggest advantage of this software. Take a look at the Hofstra website, compare it to NYU’s website: do you see the problem with Hofstra’s website? It is too cluttered. Accelsor can change the way a website looks in minutes. The program is revolutionizing the industry and i would hope they can help some of the universities (Hofstra included) and sort out their website inefficiencies. mark nadal and Hunter Owens, are both from San Diego and they liked how the community was centralized and advanced

The Chronicle

Review Round-up By Bryan menegus


Atmosphere- The Family Sign Grade: Cfor their first full-length in three years, Atmosphere (rapper Slug and producer Ant) have begun experimenting with more live instrumentation and a downtempo feel, but the effect isn’t so much refreshing as it is boring. What could have been a quiet, introspective record comes off as sluggish. And speaking of Slug, his rhymes on The Family Sign no longer focus on his tried-and-true loner narratives, and for the most part are cheap or sophomoric. If there’s a standout track on The Family Sign, I can’t seem to find it.

RIYL: Disappointment Panda Bear- Tomboy Grade: B+ Tomboy isn’t a record you listen to with squinted, analytical ears. It’s a record you experience, preferably in a hammock with a cold gin and tonic. Case in point: nothing on Tomboy really qualifies as a ‘song’. Instead, Panda Bear (one of the main creative forces in the inventive albeit over-lauded Animal Collective) makes textures. Tomboy is like a 50-minute droning Gregorian hymnal for a religion whose main rite of passage includes regular doses of LSD. While it’s certainly not the most engaging listen, this record captures an otherworldly mood which, at the very least, seems to be pushing the musical envelope.

RIYL: Afternoon Bong Rips Logo courtesy of

technologically, but they were disheartened by lack of investors for technology in San Diego. nadal and owens both went to Southern California University and discovered that they shared the same desire, to create a website software dedicated to making websites in a simplified and intuitive manner. Owens studied in numerous areas from Business to Computer science and even Interior Design. Nadal, is a self-described math geek. He took calculus and math theory, in addition to being a liberal arts major. They both studied a lot of code outside of school. According to Nadal, in-school coding was too old fashioned. It only helped us to get into the industry. Today he spends nearly 18 hours a day coding the new software—while owens edits and markets the software. Together they scored an interview with the WSJ and have met with countless other young entrepreneurs who support

their idea. Currently they are focusing on finishing the software, marketing it and finding a strong investor. i also got to know their favorite gadgets. Nadal enjoys the motorola Atrix and owens adores his iPad 2. They only differ in opinion on software preference: it seems they both agree mobile touch software is the way to go. owens had a cool gadget called the FitBit (see next addition for more). they believe what separates their software most from the competition is: 1. All major browsers compatibility 2. In-browser design. 3. Real time design 5. Cloud software format 6. Innovative simple keyboard shortcut web design is a revolutionary idea

Spraynard- Funtitled Grade: BIn a previous review, I referred to Spraynard as “the Cheeze Whiz of punk rock”: nothing fresh about it, but a mouthful still tastes pretty good at 3 a.m. after a few dozen beers. The strangely befitting addendum is that, like Cheeze Whiz, Spraynard never really go stale. Even though Funtitled gives listeners almost exactly the same thing as their debut, Cut & Paste, which came out a little over a year ago, Spraynard’s music is still a lot of fun. More often than not you’ll think ‘didn’t I hear this song already?’ halfway through the record, but they have enough jubilance and heart to make it worthwhile.

RIYL: Latterman Capsule- No Ghost Grade: Afollowing their daunting 2008 debut, Blue, it seems Capsule have put their sound to the grindstone. for starters, the production value has increased tenfold: each angular shard of guitarwork is felt, every winding bass riff feels like a twisting tourniquet—and the vocals are audible! More than that, their songwriting is as chaotic as ever, but somehow more purposeful, leaner and more self-assured. If the heady, challenging blend of early screamo, math-rock and hardcore they put forward on Blue impressed you (or didn’t leave you with a headache), No Ghost is bound to satisfy.

RIYL: Sleepytime Trio


The Chronicle

A 12•September 30, 2010

Celebrating 75 years

Club Spotlight: Active Minds at Hofstra By Danielle Ruiz STAFF WRITER

This semester, returning to Hofstra with a bang, is the mental health awareness club Active Minds. The national organization of Active Minds was formed in 2001, and reached Hofstra in Fall 2009. The Hofstra chapter of Active Minds was started by Genevieve Gans, a 2010 Hofstra graduate who was looking to bring awareness of mental illnesses to the Hofstra community. Briefly inactive for the Fall 2010 semester, Active Minds has returned to Hofstra with a mission in mind. “The goal is to raise awareness about mental illnesses and to erase the stigma that comes along with having a mental illness” says current Active Minds president Deysi Aguilar. Active Minds is dedicated to spreading awareness on such matters, like anxiety disorders, suicide, depression and “anything that has to do with your mental well being” notes Aguilar. Active Minds has recently held many atrium tables to promote its suicide awareness event and has encouraged passing students to pick up pamphlets about different mental health illnesses.

“The national chapter sends us information about all of the disorders so that we’re able to do events here and also share that information with the Hofstra community” Aguilar mentions. The national chapter of Active Minds works hard to supply its smaller school branches with materials to help members spread the news. This semester, Active Minds has focused all of its attention on one large event it is holding on Thursday, April 14 in Room 142 of the Student Center at 8:45 p.m. Active Minds organized an interactive lecture on suicide awareness with guest speakers Dr. Guthman, Saltzman Center Director and Active Minds advisor, and Dr. Gillete, Co-Director of the Saltzman Center. Both doctors are psychologists in the Saltzman Center and will be discussing suicide, how to prevent it, and other ways to help oneself and others on the matter of suicide. In addition to promoting the suicide awareness lecture, the Active Minds atrium table encouraged students fill out small yellow flags with encouraging messages. The flags represent the 1,100 col-

“The goal is to raise awareness about mental illnesses...”

Photo Courtesy of Active Minds at Hofstra Active Minds at Hofstra promotes awareness of suicide and mental illnesses.

lege students who commit suicide each year. The Hofstra community stepped up, filling out more than 400 flags, which were placed in Calkins Quad by Active Minds. These messages were written with the intent of preventing suicides at Hofstra and encouraging students to feel happier, letting them know they are not alone. If you or your friends are interested in

being part of Active Minds, the club meets in Room 142 of the Student Center every Thursday night at 9 p.m. If you or anyone you know feels they need to speak to a professional, please contact the Saltzman Center at (516) 463-6791. The first three sessions are free for Hofstra students.

Aussie comes to New York City from down under By Haleigh Zueger


At first glance, Ben Thompson-Star might appear like a typical US student. But strike up a conversation with the senior Public Relations major with a Music minor, and Ben’s prominent accent reveals that he is far from home. Ben makes the trip to Hofstra each year from his hometown of Port Macquarie, Australia. The popular tourist town, located nearly ten thousand miles away from campus, is situated along the eastern coast of Australia and is well-known for its beaches, beautiful weather and prominent Koala population. “It’s a beach culture town, where things like body boarding and surfing are common” described Thompson-Star of his temperate home ‘down under.’ Ben’s educational and athletic ambitions have carried him far from the year round sunshine of his southern hemisphere home. The lifelong tennis player knew from an early age that he wanted to attend a university in the United States to experience American culture and strengthen his tennis competition. “I

“Australians are more laid back and easy going,”

Photo Courtesy of Ben Thompson-Star Hofstra senior and Australia native Ben Thompson-Star plays both singles and doubles on the men’s tennis team.

wasn’t sure what I wanted to study out of high school, so I decided to go somewhere where I could explore my options and play tennis.” Ben is more than just your typical student athlete. In addition to playing tennis, he works as a Resident Assistant, interns

at music law firm in Manhattan and plays the piano in his spare time. Surprisingly, Ben doesn’t see too many differences between his home country of Australia and the United States. “It’s different when you live somewhere, you’re not experiencing it as a tourist—you

become a part of that culture,” said Ben of his time spent on Long Island. However one major difference, Ben has noted, is the attitudes of his fellow Aussies compared with those of New Yorkers. “Australians are more laid back and easy going,” said Ben. “New Yorkers seem a bit more uptight.” In addition, the colder weather has been quite the adjustment for Thompson-Star. “That was one of my biggest concerns coming here. Am I going to be able to survive the cold?” Although Thompson-Star is ultimately happy with his decision to live and study in the United States, he admits that being away from home and the 22 hour flight across the Pacific Ocean is not always easy. Ben chooses to return home only a few times per year because of the extreme length of travel. “There’s no way I’d be going home for spring break, let’s put it that way.” For now, Thompson-Star is enjoying his final semester as a senior, and is looking forward to graduating in May. Ben plans to enroll in law school in Melbourne, Australia, and eventually hopes to return to New York. “I like the opportunities of New York—it’s exciting.”

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A 13•September 30, 2010

Celebrating 75 years

Homemade Granola Bars By Samantha Lim

brand is enough to make one queasy. Chances are you will spot names of STAFF WRITER preservatives you can barely pronounce, There seems to be a particular emphaand additives that give the product an sis on sports, health and general well unnaturally long shelf life. Cooking offers being at Hofstra as of late. Greek and the control over what goes into your body. Earth Week activities encouraged physiHence, this week’s culinary quest–homecal fitness as well as making our world healthy. So many food products offered in made granola bars. On top of eating better, baking these the market nowadays are advertised as will make it easier on your wallet or diminhealthy, but are they? ishing meal plan. A box of six granola The ubiquitous granola bar is one such bars from the Student Center cafeteria food on the suspect list. Granola bars are or Dutch Treats sets you back by $6.29, a favorite grab-and-go snack of almost while a single bar costs a whopping every household. These convenient $2.85. Take this recipe to the kitchen and tummy-fillers are so yummy, they seem you’ll be rewarded with sixteen to twenty like candy bars minus the guilt. However, bars for fewer than 15 dollars. close inspection of the list of ingredients Preheat your oven to 350 °F. Grease printed on the back of a store-bought a 9 x 13 inch baking pan. Stir the oats, flour, baking soda, vanilla extract, softened butter, honey and sugar in a large bowl. I used natural sweeteners such oats g okin k-co quic or oats d rolle as honey and cane cups ½ sugar as opposed to 1 cup all-purpose flour regular sugar. Add the 1 tsp baking soda two cups of assorted 1 tsp vanilla extract goodies–butterscotch ned softe r, butte cup chips, nuts and dried 2/3 fruit–and mix well using 1/2 cup honey your hands. I replaced 1/4 cup packed cane sugar common chocolate 2 cups butterscotch chips, slivered almonds chips for butterscotch olate choc with able lace (rep go man dried chips, and passed and ) fruit dried or on raisins for dried chips and other kinds of nuts mango. Go ahead and

Granola Bars


Samantha Lim/The Chronicle Hello, homemade granola bars! Goodbye , unhealthy snacking!

add flax seeds, whole-wheat germ or any other supplements. If you’re looking to bulk up, you could even toss in a tablespoon or two of pricey protein powder. Scoop the mixture into the prepared pan then press flat. Bake for 25 to 35 minutes, depending on how you want them. If they are just slightly brown around the edges, you will get moist, chewy bars, but leaving them in the oven

until they turn golden brown provides a crunchier texture. After 10 minutes of cooling time, cut into bars or squares. Let the bars cool completely before removing from the pan. I left a trail of melted butterscotch chips on top of my squares for added appeal. If stored in an airtight container, they remain fresh for up to a week. Happy healthy snacking!

Overheard @ Hofstra Compiled by The Chronicle Staff

In Class: Professor: I’m actually an easy grader if I’m in the mood. Student: How do I get you in the mood? In the Student Center: Guy: Do you want to donate some blood tonight? Girl: No, I don’t have any cash.

On the Unispan: Girl: We had a lady and the tramp moment, but when we met in the middle I was like, “I’m not putting that in my mouth.” In Dempster Hall: Girl: I can’t stand him. He’s so uppity and snobby, I can’t stand people who flaunt their wealth. Guy: Said the girl who drives an Audi.

After Class: Guy 1: He was doing slides in class and we saw pics of Latin American male prostitutes and animals humping. Guy 2: Can we call him Señor Craigslist from now on? Outside Hammer Lab: Girl: What do cows drink? Guy: Milk, duh.

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A 14 April 14, 2011

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In honor of the Masters, a history of obscure winners By Matt Napolitano

boot on American Idol.

Last Sunday, South African golfer Charl Schwartzel shocked the field by taking the Masters Tournament at Augusta National. Seeing this led many to ask “Who the hell is Charl Schwartzel?” I mean he doesn’t have the name of a Tiger or a Lefty, and he’s no boyish dreamboat like Rory McIlroy. Plus, he shortened Charles to Charl. What the hell is that? Chuck or Charlie not good enough! It’s people like him and Topher Grace who make me wanna…sorry, I digress.

GORAN IVANISEVIC: Remember him? The winner of Wimbledon in 2001? The guy who cut short Pete Sampras’ drive for five? No, well, he retired from tennis one year later after shoulder surgery. The Croatian made a failed comeback and retired for good in 2004. Still, he will go down as the guy who p’oed a lot of Americans.

Anyway, in honor of the out of nowhere Schwartzel, I have decided to devote this week’s article to those champions who worked their way into our hearts…for about 48 hours, then we changed focus to who got the

MARK MOSELEY: That’s right, the legend, Mark Moseley, the only placekicker to ever be named NFL MVP. Moseley took the award in the strike shortened 1982 season. He retired in 1987, after a short stint with the Cleveland Browns. Now, he is Director of Franchising for Five Guys Burgers (not even kidding, the guy runs the franchise that

makes some of the best damn fries ever!) UPSET: You’re probably waiting on the definition. The word “upset” in sports jargon actually comes from the name of the only horse to defeat legendary thoroughbred Man O War in a race. Upset’s name is forever enshrined in sports terminology, and ironically enough, his hooves were turned to glue, so that’s keeping something pasted to a wall forever. YAY USELESS TRIVIA! SHAWN BRADLEY: 7-foot6 –inches and worthy of the second overall pick in the 1993 NBA draft. Especially awesome since the guy played one season of college hoops. Bradley soon faded out, forever known as a tree in a basketball jersey and

a hurdle for dunkers. If he were any more awkward looking, he could have been in that movie Big Fish. Bradley did earn a special corporate gig after basketball. His stomach and intestinal track double as a headquarters for the Keebler elves. Oh, tree jokes. EVERY OTHER TOUR DE FRANCE WINNER THAT WAS NOT LANCE ARMSTRONG: Go to Wikipedia for the full list. Damn if I knew any of those names. I thought the race was called the Tour De Lance until 2009. What does that tell you? And by the way, the main reason none of these guys are well known, they don’t have badass yellow wrist wear. THAT GUY THAT LOST TO MICHAEL PHELPS IN BEIJING: You know, that guy, from that

country, with the water. He and his 3 buddies lost to Phelps and his 3 buddies. You know who I’m talking about, moving on. TOM BRADY: Would be obscure, but NOOOOOO! Mo Lewis had to go and throw Drew Bledsoe into a concussion back in Week 2 on 2001. Welcome in Justin Bieber, sorry, Tom Brady. Remember Patriots fans, you owe the Jets franchise big time! If Lewis didn’t lay that hit, Brady would be flipping burgers for Mark Moseley and Bill Belichick would have a gig as a guard at Buckingham Palace. WHAT’S THEIR FACE?: Yea, that guy, girl, who played that sport that involves a ball, or a puck, of some sort…and ya know what, I give up on this. Irrelevance. It is golden.

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Chronicle Quick Hits wrestler  Senior Lou Ruggirello

was named CAA Wrestling ScholarAthlete of the year on Wednesday. Nominees needed to have a minimum GPA of 3.25.

Men’s golf finished ninth at the Lafayette Invitational on Sunday. Freshman Paul Bruckner led the Pride at +6, tied for 11th individually.

The Pride women’s golf won the Hofstra Triangle Meet. Ali Wakefield, junior, led all golfers at +15 and members of the Pride occupied the top five individual spots.

Men’s tennis dropped a 5-2 decision to Bryant on Saturday. Sophomore Chris Damion recorded the only singles victory for the Pride.

Women’s tennis defeated Farleigh Dickinson 4-3. Elena Ivanova, Sonia Tsay and Brooke Sailer recorded vital singles points in the win.

Charles Jenkins received the Chip Hilton Award as the nation’s most outstanding senior men’s basketball player on April 1.


A 15•April 14, 2011


A 16 April 14, 2011

The Chronicle

Softball’s win streak snapped at 16 By Tyler McCord STAFF WRITER

George Mason University snapped Hofstra’s 16-game Colonial Athletic Association winning streak in the final game of a three-game series last weekend in Fairfax, Va. The Pride won the series 2-1 which improved its record to 25-9 and 8-1 in the CAA, while the Patriots fell to 12-19 and 10-11 in the CAA. “We played very well on Saturday,” said head coach Bill Edwards. “Sunday we just couldn’t make the adjustment we needed to make during the course of the game to be successful.” Hofstra proved to be dominant in the first game by scoring 10 runs on 12 hits. In the circle, sophomore Olivia Galati threw a two-hitter, while striking out 14 batters to keep the Patriots from crossing the plate. Sophomore Tessa Ziemba went 4-4 including a double and an RBI, and Senior Sarah Michalowski went 2-2 with two homeruns and 4 RBIs. Hofstra won after six innings, 10-0. In the proceeding game, Hofstra picked up where it left off scoring 11 runs off of 13 hits. The Pride broke the game open in the

fifth inning by scoring five runs with a little help from two errors from the Patriots. Junior Michelle Lavagnino went 3-3 with three runs scored and an RBI. Junior Erin Wade went the distance for Hofstra, striking out four batters and letting up only two runs. The Pride extended its CAA winning streak to 16 consecutive games with the 11-2 win. “We had all three components going [for us],” said Edwards. “Which are hitting, pitching and defense.” It was apparent that George Mason refused to be swept by the number-one ranked team in the CAA. After three innings the game was scoreless and Galati had a no-hitter intact. George Mason’s Stephanie Maher was pitching just as well as Galati, only surrendering one hit through three innings to senior Krista Thorn. “We could not adjust to a pitcher that was throwing a little bit softer than what were used to seeing,” said Edwards. “We didn’t get good at-bats because we were out in front of everything and we just couldn’t get on time to get the hitting that we needed to do to win the game.” It seemed as if this game would be a pitching duel all seven

innings, but the Patriots were able to score four runs on five hits in the fourth inning. After striking out five and letting up four runs through four innings, Galati’s day was done and Wade came in to clean up the mess. “She had great stuff early on and then she had two or three counts where she had the hitter 0-2 and, whether or not it was mental or physical, she did not throw good pitches in those counts.” Hofstra was able to score in the sixth inning with a pinch-hit RBI from freshman Jess Zielman, but the Pride could not produce any more runs than that. Unlike the first two games, Hofstra was held to just six hits through seven innings and was handed its first conference loss of the season and first loss since March 12. “If you’re going to have one of those games it’s better to have it earlier in the year. It’s better to have it when you can make adjustments to it, that you can learn from it,” said Edwards. “They will learn through the heartbreak of a loss rather than an ugly victory, and it was a learning experience.” The Pride will host James Madison University in a threegame series this weekend.

Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle

Senior shortstop Trisha Dreslinski (22) slides into home against UConn earlier this season.

Hofstra Athletics Calendar Home


THU 4/14

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2:00 P.M. 3:30 P.M.

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A 17•April 14, 2011

If Charl Schwartzel can beat Tiger, why can’t I beat Galati? even played when I was on Charl Schwartzel winning the that JV team? So what if softMasters was probably the worst ball is a completely different thing that could have happened sport from baseball and Galati to me. Not because I have any is firing underdisdain towards handed from a Schwartzel or significantly closer because I live distance than I and die with would be used to? Tiger. Instead, Schwartzel beat Schwartzel’s Tiger. I can beat victory was Galati. This is a bad news for challenge! me, because Inspired by my he made me presumably Rey believe that any Ordonez-like hitaverage guy by Max Sass ting prowess, I will could do someSports Editor move on to men’s thing great. lacrosse. John Antoniades is the I thought I had learned my star face-off man for coach Seth lesson. Men’s soccer goalie Greg Tierney’s squad. Antonaides has Cumpstone made me look silly, won 124 of 186 (66.7 %) face-offs men’s basketball assistant coach Wayne Morgan got a good chuck- this season, which is second best in the nation. le out of my attempt to walk-on So what if Antoniades plays a to the team and basketball player Kate Loper took me to school in a position that requires an incredible level of physicality that I three-point shooting contest. could never match? So what if With Schwartzel’s inspiration Antonaides regularly beats some Sunday afternoon, I took out a of the top face-off men in the wedge, placed a golf ball on the nation, let alone an average Joe ground and wanted to see if I who has never played lacrosse could drop a beautiful shot onto in his life (a.k.a. me)? Schwartzel the green like he did. beat Phil Mickelson. I can win a I couldn’t. Needless to say, I face-off. was not deterred. If some noAs if my attempt at outdoing name could be draped in a green Antonaides would not be enough, jacket that weighed more than I would decide to take on another he did, than I could take on any sports challenge I set my mind to. lacrosse challenge. Women’s lacrosse goalie Jackie Pandolf Is it too bold to continue challenging Hofstra athletes and think has been a star this season, saving 120 shots in just 11 I can compete? games. Pandolf made 11 saves Olivia Galati was the Colonial in the Pride’s victory over Notre Athletic Association Pitcher and Dame, including a key point-blank Rookie of the Year last season. save with just minutes remaining She struck out 294 very talented to keep her team alive. Division I softball players. I spent So what if Pandolf knows how all of last spring convinced that I to hold a lacrosse stick and I would rather take a final exam for don’t? So what if I can barely Cultures & Expression again than cradle? So what if Pandolf has get in the batter’s box against stopped some of the most danGalati. gerous attackers in the nation? But then a funny thing hapSchwartzel beat everyone! I can pened Sunday afternoon. As I score a goal on Pandolf. was sitting on the couch in my Who am I kidding? I can’t touch Dockers shorts, penny loafers a Galati pitch. Antoniades would and Lacoste polo, trying to be as win 115 percent (not a typo) of country club as possible, a ghost the face-offs I took against him whispered in my ear. It was not and Pandolf could probably save just any typical Casper like being every shot I took with both her with a white bed sheet over him. hands tied behind her back. This one had a green jacket over Heck, I can’t even tweet as well his rail-thin body and he had a as most of the athletes on this funny accent. campus. The ghost of Charl Schwartzel Love the column? Hate it? Let inspired me. I could hit against us know at chroniclesports@ Galati! So what if I never played higher than high school JV baseball? So what if I never

Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle

Above: Sophomore pitcher Olivia Galati (2) brings the heat in a game vs. UConn. Below: Sophomore midfielder and face-off specialist John Antoniades (left) attempts to win possession against Maryland last season.


A 18•April 14, 2011

The Chronicle

Towson dominates second half, wipes away Pride’s quick start By Joe Pantorno ASSISTAT SPORTS EDITOR

It was a story of two very different halves in the Hofstra University women’s lacrosse team’s 18-9 loss to Towson on Sunday afternoon as the Pride drops to 4-7 on the season and 0-2 in CAA conference play. “It’s tough to be 0-2 in the CAA,” said Morgan. “It’s not a good feeling that’s for sure.” It was a great start for the blue and gold, with three goals in the game’s first four minutes, two from sophomore midfielder Jill Maier, sparked a 5-0 scoring run, as the Pride looked to put the game away early with just seven minutes gone in the first half. The field seemed to tilt after senior attack Stephanie Rice’s goal made gave the Pride the five goal margin. Towson ignited, ripping apart Hofstra’s defense going on a 5-0 run to tie the game up. Teams traded goals as the half winding down and Towson took its first lead of the game with 37.4 seconds remaining in the first half

at 9-8. Sophomore attack Claire Brady recorded her fourth point of the half with a bouncing shot that found the back of the net as time expired on the game’s opening 30 minutes. “At halftime we thought okay whoever has the ball last might win this thing,” said Morgan. “But the second half did not go that way.” The beginning of the second did not have the offensive fire power the first half provided, as the Tigers grabbed the lead with a goal just 4 minutes in, but that was all the scoring the second frame saw until senior attack Jess Dunn, who scored four goals in the game, put Towson up two with 13:34 remaining. Hofstra could not find an answer to the Tigers’ attack as Towson continued to carve up the opposing defense. The Pride’s lack of offensive presence made comeback hopes even more difficult. “I think they made a change and we were definitely shooting low as much as possible in the

first half,” said Morgan. “[Towson goalie] Mary Teeters made a good adjustment and was taking away our low shots and we didn’t make an adjustment to shoot high.” A 6-0 scoring run to start the second half that put Towson up 15-9 with 7:43 remaining had Hofstra bewildered and looking for answers. “We looked confused,” said Morgan. The Tigers seemed to be toying with Hofstra as the Pride could not grab the ball for a majority of the half. Hofstra’s lack of draw control deprived it of much needed possession, but Towson continued to hold the game by the scruff of its neck. The second half dominators did not slow down, constantly shutting down the Pride when rare chances arose until the final whistle. Hofstra was not only held scoreless in the second half, but was outscored 18-4 in the game’s last 52 minutes.

Mike Viscardi/The Chronicle

Sophomore midfielder Jill Maier (15) blows by a Towson defender in the Pride’s 18-9 loss to Towson on Sunday.

Baseball unable to drive in single run in series sweep By Alex Hyman STAFF WRITER

Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle

Sophomore pitcher Joe Burg (34) delivers home last month against Delaware.

The bats went silent for the Hofstra University baseball team as the Northeastern Huskies swept the Pride over the weekend. The three straight shutouts marked the first time the Pride failed to score a run in a series this season. The Huskies entered the series at 5-20 having lost four straight games. “I told our guys regardless of numbers that they [Northeastern] can pitch,” said head coach Patrick Anderson in the W.B. Mason Coaches Report. “We didn’t grind it out this weekend and they pitched the ball really well.” In the first game of the series, the Pride sent sophomore David D’Errico to the mound coming off two consecutive great starts. D’Errico pitched a complete game, allowing six hits, three walks, and two earned runs. He

struck out six in his eight innings of work. The Pride offense got only six hits, two from freshman outfielder Kenny Jackson, and two from sophomore first baseman Jared Hammer. The Pride had a chance in the fifth, putting runners at the corners, but failed to get a run across the plate dropping a 3-0 decision. Game two of the series had a similar outcome. The pitching for the Pride was spectacular, but the offense couldn’t get a run across. The Pride had just two hits on the afternoon, a triple from junior outfielder Danny Poma and a single from Hammer. Senior Rob Kumbatovic started for the Pride and threw seven shutout innings. Senior Jeff Guthridge looked to continue his great season and after throwing a scoreless eighth, a two-out single in the ninth won the game for the Huskies 1-0. The loss moved Guthridge to 1-1 on the season.

The final game of the series came and went with the Pride offense still trying to find a run. Northeastern starting pitcher Brandon McNelis pitched a complete game three-hit shutout to complete the sweep of the Pride. Freshman Matt Reistetter, junior Joe Perez, and Hammer each had one hit for Hofstra. “They did a great job of being aggressive in the zone,” said Anderson. Sophomore southpaw Joe Burg got the start for the Pride and gave up nine hits and five runs of 4.2 innings of work. Sophomores Cody Normand threw two perfect innings out of the bullpen to keep the Pride in the game but with a lack of offense, it was not enough in the 5-0 loss. “We just didn’t make adjustments,” said Anderson. “We have the talent, there’s no doubt in my mind but this game is such a struggle because there is so much struggle that goes on.”


The Chronicle

A 19•April 14, 2011

Men’s lacrosse takes care of business against St. Joe’s By Max Sass SPORTS EDITOR

Good teams get the job done, no matter who is standing across the field. The Hofstra men’s lacrosse team got its job done Saturday; despite the fact that St. Joseph’s yet to win a game was the opponent. The Pride (10-1, 3-1 CAA) did not overlook its opponent, instead remaining focused and downing the Hawks easily, 11-3. St. Joseph’s (0-9, 0-4 CAA) tried to shorten the game, stalling on offense and allowing the clock to tick down. “I’m happy for our guys that they kept their composure,” Hofstra coach Seth Tierney. “I don’t think the game was ever in question outside of the first goal and I thought our guys stayed together and got the victory, which is the most important thing.” St. Joseph’s scored the games first goal, a tally over 6 minutes in. Hofstra scored the next 11 goals, ending any hopes of an upset. The Pride kept the Hawks off the scoreboard for a period of 49 minutes and 19 seconds

straight. “I think St. Joe’s helped us in keeping them off the board,” Tierney said. “They didn’t go to the goal. That’s their mantra, to hold the ball and take the air out of it and get a good shot at the end when you get frustrated.” Hofstra’s first goal came courtesy of senior midfielder Steven DeNapoli, who bounced the ball past St. Joseph’s goalie Chris Moffa. The Pride took the lead when senior attacker Jamie Lincoln scored 49 seconds after DeNapoli’s goal. Lincoln found the back of the net three times and added an assist in the game. Fellow senior attacker Stephen Bentz opened the second quarter scoring when he took a feed from sophomore midfielder Ian Braddish and beat Moffa. Braddish would add three more assists in the game. Lincoln scored another to put the Pride up 4-1, and then senior attacker Jay Card and junior midfielder Kevin Ford scored to end the half. Ford scored again to open the second half, his eighth of the season. Card then found


Hero|Jamie Lincoln #8

Lincoln was good for another four point game with three goals and an assist in the win.

Zero|Chris Jenkins #36 St. Joseph’s faceoff specialist did not fare well against the Pride, going 3-13.

his second of the game before Lincoln and junior midfielder Brad Loizeaux each took feeds from Braddish to score and put the Pride up 10-1. Card ended the Pride’s scoring with 7:51 to play, as many backups came off the bench to get more game experience. “The first midfield did their job, the first attack, I think, did their job and we’ve got to get the second [string] guys rolling a little bit,” Tierney said. St. Joseph’s scored the final two goals of the game, but long after the outcome had been determined. The Pride next face Fairfield in Connecticut, for its final non-conference game, before facing CAA foe Massachusetts in the Warrior Classic at Rentschler Field. Additional reporting by Mitch Merman.

Back Cover: Junior midfielder Brad Loizeaux runs down field against Drexel University..

Photo by Sean M. Gates

Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle

Senior attacker Jamie Lincoln (8) attempts a jumping shot against Princeton earlier this season.

Hofstra at.

St. Joseph’s The dutchmen’s downlow

“I don’t think the game was ever in question outside of the first goal and I thought our guys stayed together and got the victory which is most important.” -Head coach Seth Tierney Turning Point

With 3:24 remaining in the first quarter, senior midfielder Steven DeNapoli scored Hofstra’s first goal of the game, sparking an 11-0 run.

3 Key Number


The number of minutes between the first and second goals from St. Joseph’s. The Hawks’ final two goals of the game had no effect on the score.

A 20 April 14, 2011

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Takin’ Care of Business

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