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Agenda of  the  82nd  Senate   Hofstra  University  Student  Government  Association   February  1st,  2018   Student  Center  Greenhouse  

  Call  to  Order     I.   Quorum  Call   II.   Approval  of  Senate  Minutes  from  December  7th,  2017     III.   Approval  of  the  Cabinet  Minutes  from  January  31st,  2018   IV.   New  Business   V.   Executive  Board  Reports   A.   President—R.  Cinquemani   B.   Vice  President—A.  Normandin   C.   Comptroller—M.  Kutsch   D.   Secretary—A.  Gieger   VI.   Committee  Chair  Reports   A.   Appropriations—S.  Read   B.   Club  Relations—A.  Radeva   C.   Public  Relations—I.  Hinson   D.   Rules—A.  Labrie   E.   Spirit—C.  Tomasso   F.   Student  Services—D.  Denton   VII.   For  the  Good  of  the  Order   VIII.   Announcements   IX.   Snap  Cup   Adjournment  

Minutes of  the  82nd  Senate   Hofstra  University  Student  Government  Association  

December 7th,  2017   Multipurpose  Room  West  and  Greenhouse     Meeting  called  to  Order  at  6:54  pm   I.   End  of  Semester  Reports     A.   President’s  Report  -­‐  President  Cinquemani   i.   3  mantras   1.    Collaborating  with  organizations   2.   Embracing  differences   3.   Staying  positive  and  open  minded  to  new  ideas   ii.   Four  “C”s  of  Senate   1.   Collaboration   a.   SGA  works  with  other  clubs  often  for  various  events,  in  particular  with  Pride   Expo,  SAW,  PUW   2.   Communication   a.   Remain  in  contact  with  administration  and  students;  dining,  SHACC,  and  more   3.   Community  Service   a.   SGA  participates  in  bettering  our  community  -­‐  helping  RHA  with   Halloweentown,  some  Senators  went  to  Ronald  McDonald  House,  Thanks  and   Giving  cards   4.   Civic  Engagement   a.   Reach  out  to  students  to  ensure  to  be  their  voice;  Facetime  with  SGA,  Vigil  for   Peace,  and  others     iii.   Two  weeks  of  Programming  with  Stressbusters  are  still  ahead  even  though  Senate  will  be  out  of   session     B.   Comptroller’s  Report  -­‐  Comptroller  Kutsch     i.   Comptroller  is  a  procedural  position  and  this  report  is  mostly  a  snapshot  of  flow  of  funds  and   allocations  made  all  semester     ii.   Joseph  Fitzpatrick  helped  SGA  with  knowing  exact  amounts  they  have  which  allowed   appropriations  to  allocate  a  more  specific  amount  and  overall  more  funding  to  clubs   iii.   Voucher  system  from  the  Compass  Contribution  to  allocate  this  to  clubs  for  food  events   iv.   Keeping  communication  open  is  key  and  will  continue  to  do  this  next  semester   v.   IRCB:  Justices  and  Senators  went  above  and  beyond  to  reach  out  to  clubs  and  sit  with  them  to   discuss  and  help  them  better  with  financing     vi.   Tracking  restricted  items  and  working  on  internal  accounting  as  well  as  rollback  and  is  working  on   a  more  efficient  system   vii.   New  initiatives:  Comptroller  Kutsch  is  also  working  on  a  compost  initiative  and  a  financial  services   initiative-­‐  still  able  to  work  outside  the  Comptroller  duties  by  aiding  in  wider  Senate  initiatives   C.   Appropriations  Chair  Report  -­‐  Chairperson  Read   i.   $67,720.26  were  allocated  to  clubs  this  semester  during  weekly  meetings    


Treasurer Trainings:    not  only  did  they  host  the  usual  ones  but  her  and  Comptroller  Kutsch  made   sure  to  go  out  of  their  way  to  reach  out  to  Club  Sports  meetings  and  Multicultural  Caucuses  to   make  as  many  people  aware  as  possible   iii.   Budget  Review  -­‐  day  budgets  are  due  and  help  clubs  with  the  paperwork  so  the  budget  is  the  best   it  can  be  for  Appropriations   iv.   Budget  Weekend  -­‐  Appropriations  finished  in  less  than  24  hours  which  is  the  shortest  it  has  been   which  is  good  in  terms  of  efficiency   v.   26  clubs  received  the  vouchers  they  came  up  with  from  the  Compass  Contribution   vi.   Goals  for  next  semester:   1.    have  clubs  submit  budgets  on  GIHU  so  advisors  can  view  the  budgets  -­‐  will  also   streamline  the  process  and  help  appropriations  keep  track  of  budgets  better   2.   Add  a  3rd  treasurer  training  during  a  common  hour   3.   Continue  going  to  many  club  category  (sports,  multicultural,  etc.  meetings)   D.   Club  Relations  Report  -­‐  Chairperson  Radeva   i.   Club  Portfolios  Project  -­‐  started  this  summer  and  compiled  information  about  all  SGA  recognized   clubs  -­‐  establishes  an  increase  in  communication  between  SGA  and  club  leaders  -­‐  included  in  this   is  a  mailing  list  so  all  club  leaders  can  receive  emails  SGA  wants  them  to  -­‐  as  well  as  makes  sure   that  SGA  is  aware  of  any  potential  issues   ii.   Senators  are  keeping  in  touch  with  their  assigned  club  from  this  project     iii.   Club  Mixer  -­‐  collaboration  event  during  SAW  -­‐  more  than  20  clubs  were  represented;  it  was  a   game  setting  -­‐  received  good  feedback  from  clubs  and  will  hold  a  second  event  at  the  end  of  next   semester   1.   Focus  of  event:    on  collaboration,  building  connections,  and  having  clubs  come  to  work   together  on  initiatives   iv.   Club  Office  Space  Reallocation  Transition  -­‐  facilitated  this  process  and  work  orders   v.   Have  made  club  office  space  rules  sheets  which  are  posted  so  everyone  is  aware     1.   This  includes  in  the  future  mandatory  office  hours  so  SGA  can  ensure  proper  use  of  the   space     vi.   NEXUS  initiative  -­‐  students  wanted  help  to  establish  this  new  club  -­‐  Senator  Crofts  is  leading  this     vii.   Update  and  regulation  of  prayer  space  -­‐  Senator  Tadbiri  as  Inclusion  Ambassador  is  working  on   this  and  will  continue  next  semester;  she  has  been  attending  multicultural  caucuses  and  has   helped  to  establish  great  communication  with  this  club  category  and  their  needs     E.   Public  Relations  Chair  Report  -­‐  Chairperson  Hinson   i.   Senator  Greenberg  presents   ii.   Public  Relations  worked  to  make  sure  the  student  body  was  informed  and  aware  of  activities  on   campus   iii.   PR  used  fliers,  posters,  and  social  media  posts  to  get  information  out   iv.   Student  Appreciation  Week  video  was  created  about  what  SAW  is  and  how  students  can  get   involved   v.   Build-­‐A-­‐Friend  is  on  December  11th  in  HofUSA  where  students  can  stuff  an  animal   vi.   Finals  Survival  Kits  -­‐  PR  made  bags  to  hand  out  to  students     vii.   Hope  to  continue  promoting  SGA  as  an  organization  even  more  going  forward  -­‐  will  bring  back   “Spotlight”  on  social  media  for  all  members  of  SGA  to  be  featured   F.   Rules  Chair  Report  -­‐  Chairperson  Labrie   i.   Vice  President  Normandin  presents   ii.   Chairperson  Labrie  ran  fall  elections  which  were  very  successful  in  growing  SGA-­‐  Senate  has  the   largest  involvement  it  has  had  in  awhile   iii.   Senator  Chiagozie  is  Ethics  and  Conduct  chair  and  Senator  Farooqui  is  archivist;  both  are   important  internal  positions  

II. III.  



iv. New  initiative  for  allocating  club  elections  -­‐  it  is  an  ongoing  responsibility  of  SGA  to  have  a   representative  so  Chairperson  Labrie  has  decided  to  assign  a  committee  to  election  duties  each   week  to  ensure  this  responsibility  is  spread  evenly  throughout  Senate   v.   12  items  of  Senatorial  Action  all  varied  in  type  and  topic   1.    in  particular  some  were  passed  to  approve  questions  for  polling,  internal  legislation   about  IRCB  and  Judicial  Panel,  also  some  involving  OSLE   vi.   Going  forward  -­‐  more  civic  minded  initiatives  coming   vii.   4  clubs  were  recognized  this  semester  and  others  updated  their  Constitution   G.   Spirit  Chair  Report   i.   Pride  Expo  -­‐    not  only  had  presence  and  had  a  poll  this  year  -­‐  on  sporting  events  and  activities   which  is  useful  for  other  spirit  events   ii.   Midnight  madness  -­‐  tabling  and  face  tattoos  to  support  basketball  team   iii.   Pride  Unleashed  Week  –  similar  but  changed  it  up  a  little  and  did  Bingo  -­‐  70  plus  students   attended  which  was  a  great  turn  out  and  tabled  giving  out  things  to  students  to  get  interaction   and  increase  pride   iv.   Hof  Celebrates  holidays  -­‐  worked  with  CSA  and  RHA  to  decorate  a  window   v.   Stressbusters  -­‐  spirit  is  doing  a  candy  bar  on  Monday   vi.   Hofstra  vs.  Villanova  game  -­‐  hopefully  students  can  come  to  that   vii.   For  the  future:     1.   working  on  Pride  Block  -­‐  (other  schools  call  it  spirit  rock)  -­‐  is  hoping  to  keep  moving   forward  with  this  initiative     2.   In  contact  with  George  Mason  about  their  equivalent  and  looking  into  bringing  this  to   Hofstra   H.   Student  Services  Chair  Report   i.   Defamation  Experience  -­‐  focus  on  diversity  and  inclusiveness  -­‐  worked  with  a  lot  of  organizations   and  offices  before  this  event  for  programming   ii.   SAW  -­‐  polled  over  2,080  students  which  is  significantly  more  than  in  past  years  and  will  help  with   initiatives   iii.   Provost  Scholar  receptions  with  bookstore  and  provost  office  -­‐  over  73  recipients  were  present   iv.   Stressbusters  coming  up   v.   Initiative  and  events  coming  up  -­‐  P  Safe  event  in  February   Quorum  Call   Approval  of  Senate  Minutes  from  November  30th,  2017     A.   Senator  Leighton  moves  to  pass  the  Senate  Minutes   i.   Motion  seconded   ii.   Motion  passes  unanimously     Approval  of  the  Cabinet  Minutes  from  December  6th,  2017   A.   Comptroller  Kutsch  moves  to  pass  the  Cabinet  Minutes   i.   Motion  is  seconded   ii.   Motion  passes  unanimously   New  Business   A.   S.A.2017.82.010   i.   President  Cinquemani  explains  that  students  are  concerned  and  unclear  among  student  body   about     ii.   Comptroller  Kutsch  explains  that  they  included  a  background  of  how  the  petition  went  around   and  comes  directly  from  the  students   iii.   Vice  President  Normandin  adds  that  they  included  information  about  the  peaceful  protest  and   checked  with  Crofts  to  ensure  all  information  was  correct  and  that  the  purpose  is  that  SGA  is   supporting  open  communication     iv.   Chairwoman  Read  asks  who  sees  this  if  it  gets  past   1.   Rita  says  it  will  be  published  on  our  website  but  will  also  go  to  administration    

2. VP  adds  this  will   Algarin  asks  them  what  the  overall  objective/what  they  want  to  happen   1.   VP  says  to  look  at  the  “let  it  be  resolved”  section;  most  importantly  want  to  resolve   miscommunication-­‐  they  kept  the  SA  vague  since  there  is  not  a  cohesive  agreement  of   what  the  students  want  so  just  want  to  ensure  it  is  left  open  to  conversations  -­‐  no   particular  specific  policies  in  resolution  yet   vi.   Algarin  asks  what  will  happen  if  it  passes   1.   Kutsch  says  it  will  go  to  administration  and  they  will  see  that  SGA  and  student  body   wants  this  to  happen;  it  will  go  to  the  appropriate  offices  and     2.   VP  says  it  adds  weight  to  the  SA  that  Senate  votes  for  this  because  if  senate  votes  and   the  student  body  voted  in  senate  -­‐  there  is  a  precedence  for  this     3.   Rita  says  it’s  important  to  let  student  body  know  that  we  hear  their  concerns     vii.   Crofts  moves  to  pass  SA.2017.82.010   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   By  a  vote  of  25-­‐0-­‐0  this  motion  passes     B.   S.A.2017.82.011   i.   Chairperson  Denton  explains  this  comes  out  of  student  concerns  as  well  -­‐  this  is  mostly  related  to   polling  data  from  SAW  week;  want  to  extend  the  hours  of  the  Oak  Street  Cafe;  if  it  passes  it  will  go   to  Dining   ii.   Senator  Ramirez  asks  if  change  will  happen  immediately  or  if  it  will  need  to  be  approved  and  how   will  students  learn  about  this   1.   VP  explains  that  at  Cabinet  when  talking  with  Rich  and  Candace  it  is  possible  if  the   students  support  it  so  it  could  happen  but  by  wanting  to  extend  Oak  by  8  hours  a  week  8   hours  will  have  to  be  eliminated  somewhere  else  so  that  would  have  to  be  discussed   before  it  was  implemented   2.   Denton  adds  SAC  will  also  have  to  approve  this   iii.   Senator  Harley  moves  to  pass  SA.2017   1.   Seconded   2.   Objection   3.   Rescinded   iv.   President  Cinquemani  adds  a  point  of  information  that  of  those  who  agreed  23%  were  commuters   and  77%  were  Residents;  327/673  Commuters  said  yes    and  1119/1407  Residents  said  yes   v.   Senator  Crofts  adds  that  based  on  the  numbers  80%  of  Residents  who  took  survey  said  yes  and   49%  of  Commuters  who  took  the  survey  said  yes   vi.   Senator  Farooqui  moves  to  add  a  statement  that  says,  “Whereas,  of  the  2,080  students  polled,   80%  of  residential  students  and  49%  of  commuter  students  said  they  would  utilize  these  extended   hours  of  the  Netherlands  Oak  Street  Cafe;”   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   By  a  vote  of  26-­‐0-­‐1  this  motion  passes   vii.   Senator  Narain  moves  to  pass  S.A.2017.82.011   1.   By  a  vote  of  25-­‐0-­‐1  this  motion  passes   C.   S.A.2017.82.012   i.   Chairwoman  Denton,  President  Cinquemani,  Tadbiri,  Leighton   ii.   Cinquemani  reads  the  first  two  whereas   iii.   Tadbiri  reads  the  next  two  whereas     iv.   Denton  reads  the  next  two  whereas   v.   Leighton  reads  the  final  whereas  and  the  Let  it  be  Resolved   vi.   Read  asks  what  administrators  think  about  Compass’s  plans   1.   Cinquemani  explains   vii.   Read  moves  to  pass  S.A.2017.82.012   1.   By  a  vote  of  26-­‐0-­‐0  this  motion  passes   v.  

VI. Executive  Board  Reports   A.   President—R.  Cinquemani   i.   Waiting  to  hear  about  follow  up  information  in  regards  to  expanding  the  amount  of  free   counseling  sessions  available   ii.   The  HCLAS  SAC  is  looking  for  new  members  for  the  Spring  semester   1.   The  council  is  open  to  any  student  who  has  a  major  in  the  College  of  Liberal  Arts  and   Sciences   2.   It  meets  three  times  a  semester  on  Fridays  at  2:30  PM   3.   Contact  President  Cinquemani  if  you  would  like  an  application   iii.   Like  HCLAS  on  social  media   B.   Vice  President—A.  Normandin   i.   End  of  Semester  reports  with  administrators  was  a  success   ii.   Straw  poll,  should  we  do  a  similar  meeting  with  admins   iii.   Make  sure  that  all  members  respond  to  polls  and  surveys  sent  by  SGA   iv.   Attempt  to  make  progress  on  initiatives  during  Winter  break   C.   Comptroller—M.  Kutsch   i.   Most  paperwork  came  in  under  the  deadline,  waiting  on  a  few  straggling  pieces   D.   Secretary—A.  Gieger   i.   No  report     VII.   Committee  Chair  Reports   A.   Appropriations—S.  Read   i.   Thank  you  to  everyone  on  the  Appropriations  Committee  who  went  to  elections  this  past  week   ii.   The  committee  also  helped  fill  out  the  Compass  dining  vouchers   iii.   Senator  Battipaglia  moves  to  pass  the  Appropriations  Minutes   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   Motion  passes  unanimously     B.   Club  Relations—A.  Radeva   i.   No  report   ii.   Work  orders  for  the  new  club  office  signs  are  in,  waiting  on  OSLE  to  officially  order  the  signs   iii.   Senator  Harley  moves  to  pass  the  Club  Relations  Minutes   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   Motion  passes  unanimously   C.   Public  Relations—I.  Hinson   i.   Senator  Greenberg  presents  for  Chairperson  Hinson   ii.   Senator  Greenberg  went  to  an  election   iii.   Build-­‐  A-­‐Friend  -­‐  Dec.  11  at  HofUSA  at  7  PM   iv.   Created  100  bags  for  Finals  Week  survival  kits   v.   The  extra  bags  of  stuffing  came  in!   1.   There  are  400  individual  bags  of  stuffing   vi.   Sign-­‐up  sheet  passed  around   vii.   Comptroller  Kutsch  explained  the  event  timeline   viii.   Comptroller  Kutsch  moves  to  pass  the  Public  Relations  Minutes   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   Motion  passes  unanimously     D.   Rules—A.  Labrie   i.   Senator  Leighton  presents  the  minutes  for  Chairperson  Labrie   ii.   Three  resolutions  were  passed   iii.   Senator  Narain  moves  to  pass  the  Rules  Minutes   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   Motion  passes  unanimously     E.   Spirit—C.  Tomasso  

i. ii.  

Painted for  Hofstra  Celebrates  the  Holidays   Colored  with  the  little  kids   1.   Thank  you  to  everyone  who  came  to  help  color   iii.   Raffling  off  20  tickets  for  Villanova  game   1.   We  will  be  using  the  prize  wheel   2.   The  game  is  December  22nd   iv.   Candy  Stressbuster   1.   Monday,  December  11th  from  11am  to  2pm   v.   Spirit  has  put  on  a  lot  of  events  this  semester  and  would  like  more  attendance  at  events  moving   forward   vi.   Senator  Ismail  moves  to  pass  the  Spirit  Minutes   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   Motion  passes  unanimously     F.   Student  Services—D.  Denton   i.   Updates  from  SAC  University  Senate  committee   1.   Discussed  the  smoking  ban  polling  data  from  Student  Appreciation  Week   ii.   Stressbusters  are  going  to  be  run  by  senators   1.   A  signup  sheet  was  passed  around   2.   Please  contact  the  point  person  for  each  event  if  there  are  questions   iii.   Initiatives  are  in  the  works   1.   Employee  Appreciation  Day   a.   Senator  Leighton  and  Senator  Schmidt  speak   i.   They  would  like  to  have  a  larger  event  next  semester   ii.   Senator  Schmidt  talks  about  Faculty  and  Staff  appreciation  cards   iii.   Write  a  card  for  whoever  you  want  to  write  a  card  for   iv.   Everyone  should  do  five  (5)  or  six  (6)  cards   v.   Drop  off  completed  cards  in  the  Student  Government  office   vi.   They  will  be  delivered  next  Friday,  December  15th   b.   Senator  Leighton  is  planning  for  next  semester   i.   He  would  like  to  see  a  Student  Appreciation  Week  type  of   scheduling  centered  on  appreciating  employees   ii.   That  way,  we  can  take  the  weight  of  the  work  away  from  those  who   do  it  every  day   iii.   It  would  be  a  good  way  to  show  employees  that  we  appreciate  them   iv.   Five  (5)  letters  may  seem  like  a  lot,  but  it  is  important  to  show   employees  that  we  appreciate  them   c.   Senator  Spann  asked  if  the  letters  are  going  to  just  dining  employees   i.   Yes,  but  looking  to  expand  it  to  other  departments  later  on   d.   A  signup  sheet  is  going  around   iv.   Prizes  for  the  top  pollers  from  Student  Appreciation  Week   v.   Senator  McCarthy  suggested  that  everyone  ask  employees  how  they  are  and  say  hello  at  other   times  as  well   vi.   Senator  Ismail  moves  to  pass  the  Student  Services  Minutes   1.   Motion  seconded   2.   Motion  passes  unanimously   VIII.   For  the  Good  of  the  Order   IX.   Announcements   X.   Snap  Cup     Senator  Narain  moves  to  Adjourn  the  Senate  Meeting     Motion  is  seconded     Motion  passes  unanimously  

Senate Meeting  Adjourned  at  9:30    pm   SGA  Annual  Holiday  Party  

Minutes of the 82nd Cabinet Hofstra University Student Government Association

January 31st, 2018 DSA Conference Room Meeting Called to Order at 6:33 p.m. I.

Call to Order


New Business a.  


No New Business

President Updates a.  

Compass Updates i.  

Cafe on the Quad was pushed back from the start of the semester to mid-February and now it’s just sometime in the Spring


24 hour area in the Law School is open and running - look for photos on social media


A survey from Student Affairs was sent out to a randomized list of students - only about 100 - on what to do with Bits since Chic Fil A is for sure not happening - they’re still pushing for franchises 1.  

There are many issues with this since it’s not a large sample and won’t get a good response and just seems problematic


Want BYOB option to stay on top and not hidden on the bottom. Also if not enough students are responding, SGA should poll


This semester is about accountability and making sure that all initiatives from last semester are completed


SGA is partnering with Panhellenic for “Who Run The World?” March 7th at 8pm in the Playhouse - about femininity and womanhood - proceeds from the lip sync after go to Circle of Sisterhood


Vice President Updates a.  

Fall in Review i.  

Feedback, Suggestions for improvement


Vision for going forward


Commuter Lounge: Anita wants to have a Grand Opening for the Commuter Lounge and wants SGA to plan it



Chairperson Denton adds Commuter Student Association will be helping.


Common hour sounds best - sometime soon

Matters at Hand a.  

SGA Advisor Boneta i.  

For Relay for Life they used to donate money but now because of the Contribution Vouchers they will take the money out for food at these events of the Compass Contribution 1.  

Comptroller Kutsch and Chairperson Read are going to discuss this at an Appropriations meeting


Surf Club and Swim Club are no longer recognized by OSLE - this decision carries over to SGA recognition


Clubs whose full executive board did not attend a meeting, their clubs will be frozen meaning they will not access/receive funding or be able to book space 1.  

Chairperson Labrie requests that he can be notified about any decisions about freezes and recognition issues


Appropriations - Chairperson Read i.  

Budget Weekend is April 6th, 7th, and 8th 1.  

Trying something new: will be for shorter hours over three days to hopefully be able to focus better and avoid mistakes


Public Relations - Chairperson Hinson


SGA Spotlight 1.  

Comptroller Kutsch suggests making it bi-weekly: it’s about their productivity and contribution to the University- their initiatives and work they’ve done


Chairperson Hinson is planning on asking Senate for nominations - Senators or Cabinet can nominate and will reach out to J-Panel for nominations too

ii. d.  

Facetime with SGA will start soon and be on a rotating committee basis

Club Relations - Chairperson Radeva i.  

Working on Storage Space so that clubs can get their belongings that are in the space and are organizing it and were warned that they have a month or the objects will be gotten rid of


Goal: end of March the Space should be cleaned and done


Club Office hours are almost all set and posted


OSLE notified her of fire safety violations


Next week- will conduct a check of all offices to be sure that they comply


Wants to work on another Club Collaboration with SGA event similar to the club event last semester 1.  

Idea: get clubs together (random groups) and come up with a mock proposal for an event that they can put together based on their organization purpose and then it would be a contest and hopefully with SGA to help them then put on these collaboration events


For the committee - will have each committee Senator get a project to communicate with clubs and work on individually


Student Services - Chairperson Denton i.  

Wants to promote initiatives more and will be having weekly updates and promoting people joining others during meetings


Public Safety Event Wednesday, February 28th at 7pm in the Student Senate Theater 1.  

Chairperson Denton moves to require senators to attend the Public Safety Event for an hour to help with food, setup, background of event instead of your office hour a.  

Motion seconded

b. iii.  

Motion passes unanimously

Student Success Connect and Mid-Semester Reports 1.  

Thinking about doing a plug on SGA social media so students are aware of this and how to access it/ other good points of Student Success Connect


Vice President Normandin suggests Chairperson Denton also gets in contact with Dean Oppenheim in CUA because he wants it advertised that appointments can be made



Rules - Chairperson Labrie i.  

Senator Tadbiri is the newly appointed Ethics and Conduct Chair


Senator MacCarthy is the newly appointed Archivist

Spirit - Chairperson Tomasso i.  

Valentine’s Day tabling: Wednesday, February 14th- will be making gift bags of candy with tags with corny pickup lines 1.  

Will send a sign up at Senate tomorrow


Watch party for basketball finals game


Wants to have a Spring equivalent of Pride Unleashed Week 1.  

Looking at a week with a Lacrosse game to increase school spirit


George Mason contact about Pride Rock


SGA plaque will be the same design as the original in the SGA conference room but will make it nice and new


Chairperson Tomasso would like to get the Spirit email as a contact on OSLE’s emails list so she is aware of all events as the events contact person


Comptroller Kutsch i.  


Roll-back is completed

For the Good of the Order

Chairperson Tomasso moves to adjourn the Cabinet Meeting Motion seconded   Motion passes unanimously   Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm  

Appropriations Minutes      6:34  PM  

Meeting  Commenced      Attendance      Attended  

S18 Weekly  Meeting  1   1/30/18  


Senator Zain  Farooqui   Senator  Timothy  Grief   Senator  Moontahinaz  Rob  

Senator Rana  Ismail  

Senator Janet  Narain  


Comptroller Max  Kutsch   Chair  Sandra  Read  


  1.   Welcome   2.   Procedure   a.   Reviewed  how  meetings  will  be  run  and  the  format  of  them   3.   Budget  Weekend   a.   Scheduled  Budget  Weekend  to  be  April  6,  7  and  8th.        


Respectfully Submitted,     Sandra  Read   Appropriations  Chair    

6:41 PM  

Club Relations Minutes S18 Weekly Meeting #1 01/29/18

Meeting Commenced

6:30 PM

Attendance Attended Senator Lily Chiagozie Senator Dana Craig Senator Brandon Crofts Senator Manni Doan Senator Christian Sanchez Chair Aleksandra Radeva Absent

1) Introduction of new members and overview of CR 2)   Chair’s Updates a)   Storage space: new requests and organization schedule b)   Office space fire safety violations c)   Club office hours d)   Recent work orders e)   CR spring event discussion f)   HGE office discussion 3)   Nexus initiative status

Meeting Adjourned

7:10 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Aleksandra Radeva Club Relations Chair


Public Relations  Minutes   S18  Weekly  Meeting  #1   01/29/18  

Meeting  Commenced      Attendance     Attended  

6:34 PM  

Senator Rosaria  Rielly    

Senator Charles  Greenberg    

Associate Julia  Esposito  

Chairwoman Imani  Hinson  

 Absent                                                                                                      Senator  Jewell  Stewart  (excused)    

Associate Margaux  Davis  (excused)  

1.   Ice  Breaker     2.   Ideas  for  PR  this  Semester     a.   Finals  week  survivor  kits     i.   More  or  bigger  or  both     b.   Something  for  midterms     i.   Handing  out  granola  bars  or  some  type  of  snack     c.   Facetime  with  SGA     i.   Having  food  at  table     d.   Work  with  spirit  on  promotional  tools  for    Lacrosse  or  sports  teams  in  general   e.   Order  giveaways     3.   Involvement  fair   a.   Folding  pamphlets  to  give  out     b.   Senator  Reilly  will  make  sure  they  make  it  to  the  event       4.   Facetime  Schedule     Meeting  Adjourned  

6:53 PM  

Respectfully Submitted,   Public  Relations  Chairwoman  Imani  Hinson  


Rules Minutes   S18  Weekly  Meeting  1  

Meeting  Commenced  

6:33 PM  


 Attendance     Attended    

Senator Wiley  Fletcher  

Senator Catherine  MacCarthy  

Senator Mana  Tadbiri  

Senator Donia  Firooz  

Chairman Alex  Labrie  



Introductions a.  

Senator MacCarthy  is  the  only  returning  Rules  Committee  member  


Crash course  on  the  Rules  Committee  and  how  we  run  

2. Update  on  Elections   a.   New  club  election  system  will  actually  begin  next  week   b.   Club  Volleyball  election  on  the  31st  needs  to  be  staffed   i.   Senator  Fletcher  volunteers   3.   Appointed  Positions   a.   Reminder  about  what  each  appointed  position  does   b.   Senator  Tadbiri  volunteers  to  be  Ethics  and  Conduct  chair   c.   Senator  MacCarthy  volunteers  to  be  Archivist  


Meeting  Adjourned   Respectfully  Submitted,   Rules  Chairman  Labrie  

6:51 PM  

Spirit Minutes     Meeting  Commenced      Attendance     Attended          

6:48 PM  

S18 Weekly  Meeting  1   1/30/18  

Senator TJ  Nair   Senator  Isabelle  Schmidt     Senator  Nicole  Aldrin  

Senator Celeste  Battipaglia     Chair  Chelsea  Tomasso  





Valentine’s Day   a.   Candy  &  corny  pick-­‐up  lines   b.   Tabling  in  the  atrium  2/14  (Wednesday  during  common  hour)   c.   Will  take  Senate  sign-­‐ups   d.   Decide  /  write  pick-­‐up  lines  next  week   Spring  Semester  Obligations:   a.   CAA’s     i.   This  year  in  South  Carolina   ii.   Travel  plans  TBD   Lacrosse  will  be  main  sport  of  spring  season   a.   Possible  “Spirit  Week”  which  will  be  spring  semester’s  version  of  Pride  Unleashed  Week   b.   In  the  meantime  –  will  focus  on  1  basketball  game  this  season  besides  CAAs   i.   Pink  Game  2/23     Miscellaneous  Spring  Semester   a.   Pride  Blocks     i.   Want  proposal  done  by  March  1st   ii.   SGA  Plaque     1.   Keep  old  design,  but  make  new  plaque  for  the  Pride  Den   2.   Will  be  a  joint  committee  effort   iii.   Relay  for  Life   1.   Service  Chair  Kathryn  Harley  will  be  handling  the  most   a.   More  information  to  come  on  this  


Meeting  Adjourned  

7:26 PM  

Respectfully Submitted,   Chairperson  Tomasso  


Student Services  Minutes   S18  Weekly  Meeting  #  1   1/30/18  

Meeting  Commenced      Attendance     Attended  

5:39 PM  

Senator Gabrielle  Spann  

                                                                                                                               Senator  Carissa  Ramirez     Senator  Alexa  Osner    


Senator Ryan  Leighton    

                                                                                                                               Senator  Isabelle  Schmidt                                                                                                                                      Senator  Kathryn  Harley    

Chair Deandra  Denton  


I.   II.   III.  



Welcome! Updates  from  break     Plans  &  Dates  for  the  semester     A.   Public  Safety  Event     1.   Wednesday,  February  28,  2018  at  7:00  pm  in  the  Student  Center  Theater     2.   Collaboration  between  SGA,  USenate,  and  Public  Safety  to  facilitate  a   productive  and  open  dialogue  between  students  and  Public  Safety   representatives  (open  to  the  entire  Hofstra  community)     B.   SGA  at  the  Corner     1.   March  13  -­‐  15,  2018     2.   Semesterly  event  that  is  similar  to  Student  Appreciation  Week;  however,   condensed     3.   Polling     C.   Provost  Scholar  Reception     1.   Will  need  to  confirm  date,  time,  and  location  with  Provost  Office     D.   Initiatives     1.   Provide  weekly  updates  (research,  emails,  etcetera)     2.   All  hands  on  deck!     3.   Reach  out  to  senators  to  hear  more  about  their  ideas  for  initiatives,  their  work   thus  far,  any  recommendations,  and  more     Delegation     A.   SGA  at  the  Corner:  Senator  Isabelle  Schmidt,  Senator  Alexa  Osner,  Senator  Carissa   Ramirez     B.   Provost  Scholar  Reception:  Senator  Gabrielle  Spann,  Senator  Ryan  Leighton,  Senator   Kathryn  Harley     Academic  Affairs  Subcommittee   A.   Appointed    Senators  will  oversee  academic  related  initiatives  

Meeting Adjourned   Respectfully  Submitted,   Deandra  Denton     Student  Services  Chairperson    


6:45  PM