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Quilt Market May 2013

Welcome to Hoffman Modern! Here you’ll find our sophisticated designs known for inspiring quilters and sewists with this distinction: these screenprints and batiks reflect the current “modern aesthetic” in styles and colors. You may wonder: Can hand-dyed fabrics go modern? They can if they’re Hoffman Bali Batiks! Our collection offers dynamic geometrics and bold graphic designs in eye-popping brights and compelling neutrals. Our diehard “Hoffman Bali Girls” and “Hoffman Bali Boys” will jump at the chance to inject the modern aesthetic into their quilt projects. The next generation of quilters who identify with the Modern Quilt Guild will see how beautifully and energetically our batiks lend themselves to modern-quilt designs. The debut of Hoffman Modern gives us the opportunity to introduce our collaboration with FRINGE, a studio celebrated for its unique mix of modern-graphic design with nature-inspired vintage art. Thanks to FRINGE, we have one more debut to announce: we’ve launched a one-of-a-kind Hoffman Bali Pop and a Hoffman Bali Snap that combines FRINGE screenprints with batiks! (That’s right: “Two great styles that look great together!” to borrow from the classic commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.) Quilters will find the new Fringe Blossom Bali Pop and Bali Snap very tasty indeed!

Modern Summer | Quilt Design by Linda Fitch | Quilt Size 48” x 64” | (Cover Art Inspiration)


Hoffman California Fabrics

Bali Batiks

L2572 133-Pacific L2567 353-Teddy L2577 176-Ice L2567 133-Pacific

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L2571 353-Teddy L2568 176-Ice L2574 133-Pacific L2574 59-Coral

L2561 59-Coral L2562 339-Summer L2572 259-Lion L2571 596-November

L2571 339-Summer L2567 76-Pewter L2574 596-November L2576 339-Summer



Bali Batiks

L2572 113-Frost L2565 242-London L2578 113-Frost L2568 524-Moonstruck


L2560 242-London L2568 113-Frost L2564 242-London L2577 113-Frost

Hoffman California Fabrics

L2560 113-Frost L2580 524-Moonstruck L2580 113-Frost L2576 524-Moonstruck

L2570 524-Moonstruck L2567 113-Frost L2575 524-Moonstruck L2569 524-Moonstruck


Bali Pop®

2 1/2” wide strips

BP 133-Pacific

L2576 68-Indigo

1895 541-Peace

1895 222-Hydrangea

L2572 113-Frost

L2568 524-Moonstruck

L2567 128-Midnight

L2578 68-Indigo

L2565 242-London

L2568 113-Frost

L2567 113-Frost

1895 442-Flax

L2577 243-Delft

L2577 68-Indigo

L2570 524-Moonstruck

L2560 128-Midnight

L2580 113-Frost

L2564 242-London

L2578 113-Frost

L2566 68-Indigo

1895 492-Breeze

L2576 243-Delft

L2582 68-Indigo

L2575 524-Moonstruck

L2565 128-Midnight

L2577 113-Frost

1895 440-Liquorice

L2560 113-Frost

L2568 68-Indigo

L2560 242-London

1895 242-London

1895 92-Slate

L2569 524-Moonstruck

1895 524-Moonstruck

1895 19-Navy

1895 421-Ceylon

L2566 243-Delft

L2576 524-Moonstruck

L2580 524-Moonstruck

L2583 113-Frost

(Thumbnail designs are not to scale)

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L2564 128-Midnight



Bali Batiks

L2577 97-Raspberry L2578 355-Patty L2576 599-Valentine L2564 29-Jade


L2566 29-Jade L2578 599-Valentine L2577 355-Patty L2569 97-Raspberry

Hoffman California Fabrics

L2577 152-Tangerine L2570 443-Seasalt L2560 67-Flame L2578 152-Tangerine

L2577 443-Seasalt L2569 67-Flame L2568 451-Cornflower L2582 523-Citrus

Bali Batiks

L2569 371-Aruba L2568 1-Azure L2560 523-Citrus L2577 371-Aruba

(800) 547-0100

L2570 1-Azure L2576 523-Citrus L2560 481-Key Lime L2576 439-Tulip

L2568 568-Red Velvet L2578 481-Key Lime L2560 439-Tulip L2576 568-Red Velvet

L2572 481-Key Lime L2583 568-Red Velvet L2562 481-Key Lime L2569 439-Tulip




Bali Pop®

2 1/2” wide strips

BP 518-Splash

L2560 481-Key Lime

L2569 97-Raspberry

1895 368-Coral Gables

1895 364-Tokyo

L2583 568-Red Velvet

L2577 152-Tangerine

L2578 481-Key Lime

L2578 599-Valentine

1895 596-November

L2571 178-Leaf

L2576 439-Tulip

L2569 67-Flame

L2562 481-Key Lime

1895 597-December

L2560 523-Citrus

L2562 178-Leaf

1895 55-Charcoal

L2578 152-Tangerine

1895 481-Key Lime

L2560 439-Tulip

L2560 592-July

L2576 599-Valentine

1895 513-Volcano

L2569 371-Aruba

L2577 97-Raspberry

1895 587-February

1895 371-Aruba

1895 557-Azalea

L2569 439-Tulip

L2568 1-Azure

L2568 568-Red Velvet

L2582 523-Citrus

1895 370-Acapulco

L2563 337-Shirley

1895 240-Singapore

1895 602-Earth Day

1895 208-Strawberry Daiquiri

L2560 67-Flame

L2577 371-Aruba

(Thumbnail designs are not to scale)


Hoffman California Fabrics

L2570 1-Azure

Bali “Tiles”

Our colorful Hoffman Bali Tiles let quilters truly “make it their own” while also jump-starting the designing, piecing, and quilting process. Simply fussy-cut the batik motifs into the desired block size, set the blocks in a pleasing arrangement of color and motif, and then piece and quilt. The quilter’s one-of-a-kind creation comes together quickly and beautifully with the amazing look and style inherent in authentic Hoffman Bali Batiks! Each pack of Bali Tiles contains 10 pre-cut strips measuring 12” wide by 42”/43” long. The quilter sub-cuts the strips for a total of 40 different batik squares. No two squares are exactly alike. The squares can be combined to make a quilt, a throw, a bed runner or table runner, pillows – whatever suits the quilter’s fancy. Quilters may “customize the size” of their projects by using the squares on their own or combining them with coordinating Hoffman Bali Snaps, Crackers, or Pops, or of course Hoffman batik yardage. Quiltmaking is a breeze with Hoffman Bali Tiles.

Strips as Packaged

(800) 547-0100

BT 518-Splash

For your inspiration... Quilt Design by Linda Fitch 6 x 6 Bali Tiles (sashing not included)



40 Individual Tile Designs

Strips as Packaged


Hoffman California Fabrics



L3355 469-Nasturtium

The mix of high-pop colors and playful patterns create a mesmerizing artistic alchemy in Bohemia by Fringe. The juxtaposition of intricate vintage designs with minimalist modern-graphic shapes invites quilters to cut loose their creativity.

Bohemia Circle Quilt Design by Linda Fitch & Sandy Muckenthaler Quilt Size 43� square

Nasturtium Color Way

L3356 469-Nasturtium

(800) 547-0100

L3357 469-Nasturtium

L3358 4-Black

L3359 21-Teal

BF1 157-Verde

BF2 469-Nasturium

www.hoffmanfabrics.com | 10

BF3 9-Yellow

BF3 29-Jade

BF3 224-Poppy

Tahiti Tote by Pink Sand Beach Designs

Azalea Color Way

L3355 557-Azalea

BF1 120-Hyacinth

L3356 557-Azalea

BF2 497-Guava

11 | Hoffman California Fabrics

(Pattern For Purchase)

L3357 178-Leaf

L3359 31-Emerald

L3358 68-Indigo

BF1 222-Hydrangea

BF3 31-Emerald

BF4 139-Periwinkle

Bali Pop®

Blossom For the first time ever we have created a Bali Pop with half Bali batiks and half screenprints! This Blossom Pop will give quilters the best of both worlds; creations will have the natural, unique beauty that Bali batiks offer, as well as the finely-detailed design work that quilters have grown to love in our screenprint collections. The Blossom Pop features two screenprint collections: Bohemia and Modern Scrapbook by Fringe Studio.

BFS 448-Blossom

2 1/2” wide strips

BFP 448-Blossom

Fringe Blossom Quilt Design by Linda Fitch Quilt Size 50” x 63”

(800) 547-0100

www.hoffmanfabrics.com | 12

Modern Scrapbook


Hydrangea Color Way

L3360 222-Hydrangea

BF3 178-Leaf

L3361 222-Hydrangea

BF4 68-Indigo

L3362 222-Hydrangea

L3364 557-Azalea

L3363 68-Indigo

BF2 222-Hydrangea

BF4 115-Grass

Modern Scrapbook by Fringe resonates like snippets of a forgotten dream. This collection of nature vignettes and timeless motifs reminds quilters that art can be found in the most ordinary things.

13 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BF4 557-Azalea

Primrose Color Way

L3360 42-Primrose

L3361 194-Robin’s Egg

L3363 4-Black

L3364 21-Teal

BF2 42-Primrose

BF1 42-Primrose

BF2 194-Robin’s Egg

BF4 A25-Antique Beige

(800) 547-0100

L3362 42-Primrose

BF4 405-Wildberry

www.hoffmanfabrics.com | 14

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