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Aspen Creek

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Hoffman Challenge & Anisa

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Meadow Rain

pg. 13

Paisley Peacock by Punch Studio

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Fairy Briar

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Sweet Flowers by Mary Capan


Hoffman California Fabrics

Hearts of Gold by Mary Capan

pg. 19

Rodeo Cats by Laura Berry


Additional Projects

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Shamrock Celebration by Mary Capan

pg. 20

Confetti Celebration

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Bali Waterfalls

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Coming At You 3D

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NEW Bali Batiks

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2014 co-sponsored by

Since 1987, the Hoffman Challenge has inspired tens of thousands of quilters and sewists to test their technical and creative skills. Co-sponsored by Sulky Thread, the contest offers cash and product prizes, and the chance for quilters and sewists to see their work exhibited as part of a year-long tour. For the 2014 Hoffman Challenge, the contest fabric is L7292 68-Indigo, selected from our Anisa collection. Participating shops receive lots of marketing support and tools to assist in merchandising the collection, including: ▪ A 9” X 13”, easel-back, point-of-purchase sign to display with the Challenge collection. The poster has a digital tag readable by smart phones that take viewers to the Hoffman Challenge website ( maintained by curator Julie Breidt. ▪ A 4” X 5” window cling for the shop door or window announcing the shop as “an authorized retailer.” The window cling includes the digital tag as well. ▪ At least five 11” X 17” Hoffman Challenge brochures to distribute (more available upon request.) ▪ Separate listing as a Challenge shop on the Hoffman Fabrics website. ▪ Opportunity to carry the 2014 Challenge coordinating thread collection (Item #886HC14) created by Sulky for the Challenge. (More Info on Page 4). ▪ Inclusion in the monthly enewsletter sent to “opted-in” quilters and sewists. ▪ Inclusion in our social-media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr) for the Challenge.

L7292 68-INDIGO (Hoffman Challenge Fabric) Anisa Indigo Color Way Focal

▪ The 2014 Hoffman Challenge will be promoted in issues of Quilt Sampler magazine, Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine and Quiltmaker magazine. ▪ Photos of the entries and quilters’ names are published in a collectible print catalog sold by the curator through the Hoffman Challenge website. The curator also coordinates dozens of entries to travel for 12 months in trunk shows.


Hoffman California Fabrics

(Swatch Shown at 50%)


(Hoffman Challenge Group) Suggested Challenge Coordinates

Indigo Color Way

L7296 7-Blue

L7293 61-Turquoise

L7293 12-Pink

L7294 12-Pink

L7295 7-Blue

L7296 4-Black

L7296 41-Aqua

L7296 12-Pink

L7296 59-Coral

L7296 74-Mint

Item #886-HC14 Sulky is offering the 50-spool collection (presented in its patented Universal Slimline Storage Box) at special pricing with a minimum order of three. Sulky awards prizes in the “Best Use of Sulky Thread� category. Sulky promotes the Hoffman Challenge at its Quilt Market and Quilt Festival booths, at other consumer shows, and at Sulky Educator Certification classes.

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(Swatches Shown at 30%)



L7292 72-Magenta Anisa (Magenta Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Larene Smith of the Quilted Button Quilt Size 71” x 89”

Magenta Colorway

Retro florals, modern graphics and global motifs combine with a bold and bright color palette to create a playful collection for quilting and fashionsewing. Fun graphics, paisleys and chevrons appeal to quilters and sewists of all generations, and they’ll love the spots of design whimsy provided by modern mandalas and embroidery-stitch florals.

L7295 41-Aqua

L7296 4-Black

L7293 30-Lilac


L7294 72-Magenta

Hoffman California Fabrics

L7296 14-Purple

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

L7296 41-Aqua

Ice Blue Colorway

L7294 12-Pink

L7292 190-Ice Blue

L7293 70-Lavender

L7295 17-Cobalt

L7296 12-Pink

L7296 17-Cobalt

Barbados Bag (Anisa Ice Blue) Design by Pink Sand Beach Designs Pattern for Purchase

L7296 74-Mint

(800) 547-0100

Anisa (Ice Blue Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Larene Smith of the Quilted Button Quilt Size 71” x 89”


Paisley Peacock


L7280 500S-Gardenia/Silver Our collaboration with Punch Studio began with its Royal Peacocks collection. We’ve graduated to Paisley Peacock: high-graphic paisleys and 1970s-style watercolor florals. These peacocks are just as elegant as those in the previous collection, but clean line art, simple shapes, and vintage damask elements present a modern-design aesthetic. It is extremely difficult for quilters to say no to peacocks and paisley, an addiction that’s well known in quilting, yet lacks a scientific name.

Paisley Peacock (Gardenia Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Brenda Miller of Among Brenda’s Quilts Quilt Size 48” x 62”

Gardenia Colorway

J9216 4S-Black/Silver

L7281 4S-Black/Silver


L7282 500S-Gardenia/Silver

L7284 4S-Blue/Silver

J9216 3S-White/Silver

L7283 4S-Black/Silver

L7284 28S-Silver/Silver

J9216 61S-Turquoise/Silver

Hoffman California Fabrics

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

Iris Colorway

L7282 40G-Iris/Gold

L7280 40G-Iris/Gold

L7281 18G-Royal/Gold

L7283 18G-Royal/Gold

L7284 445G-Spearmint/Gold

J9216 3G-White/Gold

J9216 70G-Lavender/Gold

J9216 19G-Navy/Gold

(800) 547-0100

L7283 214G-Aquamarine/Gold L7284 352G-Lilly/Gold

Paisley Peacock (Iris Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Brenda Miller of Among Brenda’s Quilts Quilt Size 48” x 62”


Fairy Briar

Fairy Briar (Antique Black Colorway) Free Pattern Quilt Design by Linda Fitch Quilt Size 53� x 69�

L7269 A4G-Antique Black/Gold

This beautifully painted collection combines two ongoing trends: nostalgic themes in prints (particularly for children) and soft botanical designs with French flair. The fairies have a hand-drawn look (the art was painted in watercolor) that will appeal to all ages. Art Nouveau design aesthetic and gold metallic outlines make the sweet look sophisticated.

Cream Colorway

L7271 33G-Cream/Gold

L7273 A4G-Antique Black/Gold

L7273 447G-Sweet Pea/Gold

L7269 33G-Cream/Gold


L7270 A4G-Antique Black/Gold

Hoffman California Fabrics

L7272 33G-Cream/Gold

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

G8555 4G-Black/Gold

Navy Colorway

L7273 12G-Pink/Gold

L7269 22G-Ivory/Gold

L7271 98G-Moss/Gold

L7273 184G-Willow/Gold

L7268 19G-Navy/Gold

L7269 19G-Navy/Gold

L7270 19G-Navy/Gold

L7272 98G-Moss/Gold

L7268 22G-Ivory/Gold

L7269 20G-Natural/Gold

L7271 D21G-Dusty Teal/Gold

L7273 59G-Coral/Gold

Chocolate Colorway

L7273 108G-Chocolate/Gold

L7269 108G-Chocolate/Gold

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L7270 108G-Chocolate/Gold

L7272 64G-Tan/Gold

G8555 407G-Bark/Gold | 10

Aspen Creek

L7287 4S-Black/Silver Meet our “summer Cardinal,” aka the Blue Jay. We enjoy such a strong following for our fall-winter Hoffman cardinal – why not give quilters a bird for spring and summer? Beautifully drawn and finely etched in metallic, the Blue Jay comes across as an elegant yet cheerful bird. A high-contrast color palette of deep blues and greens against black, brown and white will inspire quilters to follow an unexplored path of seasonal quilting. And, these are the perfect colors for the “man cave” quilt, wall-hanging or runner.

Aspen Creek Lodge (Black Colorway) Free Pattern Quilt Design by Denise Russart Quilt Size 78 1/2” x 96”

Black Colorway

L7289 166S-Evergreen/Silver

L7290 4S-Black/Silver

L7291 4S-Black/Silver

G8555 213S-Onyx/Silver

L7288 4S-Black/Silver

L7289 166-Evergreen

11 | Hoffman California Fabrics

L7290 7S-Blue/Silver

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

Aspen Creek mixes perfectly with Meadow Rain on pg. 13

Cream Colorway

L7289 178-Leaf

L7290 33G-Cream/Gold

L7288 33G-Cream/Gold

L7287 33G-Cream/Gold

L7289 115G-Grass/Gold

L7291 7G-Blue/Gold

L7289 115G-Grass/Gold

L7290 6G-Brown/Gold

G8555 22G-Ivory/Gold

Brown Colorway

L7287 6G-Brown/Gold

G8555 60G-Hunter/Gold

(800) 547-0100

L7288 6G-Brown/Gold

L7290 166G-Evergreen/Gold L7291 6G-Brown/Gold

G8555 407G-Bark/Gold | 12

Meadow Rain

Meadow Rain (Stone Colorway) Free Pattern Quilt Design by Linda Fitch Quilt Size 58 1/2” x 72” Natural textures are the antidote to our overscheduled, technologydriven lifestyles. Patterns with wood, water, leaves, grasses, and other natural motifs invite the serenity of the outdoors into our homes. Meadow Rain’s streamlined motifs and uncluttered layouts reflect the modern aesthetic. Softly blurred, photorealistic artwork pleases the senses and inspires creativity. There’s no end to what can be done with these fabrics, from making a minimalist-modern quilt to an artful landscape quilt to various home fashions.

L7289 166-Evergreen

L7289 178-Leaf

L7289 115-Grass

L7260 4-Black

L7260 7-Blue

L7260 18-Royal

L7259 36-Amber

L7259 8-Green

L7259 4-Black

L7259 170-Meadow

13 | Hoffman California Fabrics

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

L7258 131-Oak

L7262 18-Royal

L7262 101-Evening

L7257 342-Woody

L7262 288-Clouds

L7257 131-Oak

L7257 80-Taupe

L7261 115-Grass

L7261 436-Eucalyptus

L7258 54-Rosewood

L7258 48-Gray

L7258 342-Woody

Meadow Rain (Sand Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Linda Fitch Quilt Size 58 1/2” x 72”

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L7261 116-Harvest | 14


L7250 76S-Pewter/Silver “Vintage modern” meets iconic Hoffman Asian style in this versatile collection for quilting, home-sewing, and fashion-sewing. Inspired patterns range from kimono-esque florals to decorative chinoiserie. Simple shapes, solid colors, and clean lines instill the modern aesthetic. The trio of color ways – dusty blue/indigo; antique/rust; and pewter/rose – reflect today’s modern interior palette of cool neutrals with gold and copper accents.

Asuka (Pewter Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Toby Lischko Quilt Size 59” x 63”

Pewter Colorway

L7251 50S-Wine/Silver

L7252 76S-Pewter/Silver

L7254 D63S-Dusty Rose/Silver L7256 134S-Parchment/Silver

L7253 76S-Pewter/Silver

L7255 76S-Pewter/Silver

15 | Hoffman California Fabrics

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

L7256 4S-Black/Silver

Dusty Blue Colorway

L7251 68G-Indigo/Gold

L7253 68G-Indigo/Gold

L7255 D7G-Dusty Blue/Gold

L7256 33G-Cream/Gold

L7250 D7G-Dusty Blue/Gold

L7252 D7G-Dusty Blue/Gold

L7254 47G-Gold/Gold

L7256 47G-Gold/Gold

Antique Colorway

L7251 4G-Black/Gold

L7251 39G-Rust/Gold

L7253 213G-Onyx/Gold

L7255 164G-Antique/Gold

L7256 4G-Black/Gold

L7250 164G-Antique/Gold

(800) 547-0100

L7252 172G-Copper/Gold

L7254 164G-Antique/Gold

L7256 47G-Gold/Gold | 16

Sweet Flowers By Mary Capan

L7285 14G-Purple/Gold Sweet Flowers (Purple Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Daniela Stout of Cozy Quilt Designs Quilt Size 65” x 78”

Purple Colorway

L7285 373G-Dark Orchid/Gold

L7286 14G-Purple/Gold

17 | Hoffman California Fabrics

L7286 373G-Dark Orchid/Gold

J7032 14G-Purple/Gold

J7028 14G-Purple/Gold

J7032 3G-White/Gold

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

Mary’s modern abstract swirls are a big hit, as seen in the strong-selling Joy of Life, Celestial Dreams, and Celebration. Her sophisticated and joyful art is both contemporary and timeless. Sweet Flowers presents romantic abstract florals, bold swirls, and the popular J7032 Joy Of Life blender that has become a mainstay in our blender collections. The real beauty of this collection are the open layouts and flowing motifs that will allow quilters and sewists to apply these fabrics in a wide variety of projects.

Sweet Pea Colorway

L7285 447G-Sweet Pea/Gold

Sweet Flowers (Sweet Pea Colorway) - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Daniela Stout of Cozy Quilt Designs Quilt Size 65” x 78”

L7285 63G-Rose/Gold

J7028 447G-Sweet Pea/Gold

L7286 63G-Rose/Gold

L7286 447G-Sweet Pea/Gold

J7032 447G-Sweet Pea/Gold

J7032 4G-Black/Gold

(800) 547-0100 | 18

Hearts of Gold By Mary Capan

L4171 3G-White/Gold

L4173 3G-White/Gold Table Runner: 11” x 33” Placemat: 18” x 13” Mug Rug: 9” Square Patterns for Purchase Projects Designed by Larene Smith of The Quilted Button

L4172 3G-White/Gold

J7032 3G-White/Gold

L4173 4G-Black/Gold

L4171 4G-Black/Gold

19 | Hoffman California Fabrics

L4172 4G-Black/Gold (Swatches Shown at 30%)

J7032 447G-Sweet Pea/ Gold

Shamrock Celebration By Mary Capan

Hearts, Shamrocks, & Confetti Patterns in this trio play up popular symbols of love, family, friends, and celebration. Quilters can inject playful motifs (confetti, hearts, and shamrocks) into commemorative and gift quilts that mark a special event. These groups easily cross over into the crafting niche for fun-and-fast sewing projects for the home or as gifts. These groups are a retailer’s friend, as they’re ideal for in-shop kitting as fat-quarters or strips.

L4174 166G-Evergreen/Gold

Table Runner: 11” x 33” Placemat: 18” x 13” Mug Rug: 9” Square Patterns for Purchase Projects Designed by Larene Smith of The Quilted Button

L4175 166G-Evergreen/Gold

J7032 8G-Green/Gold

L4174 4G-Black/Gold

L4175 4G-Black/Gold

J7032 4G-Black/Gold

(800) 547-0100 | 20

Confetti Celebration

L4177 3-White

L4177 4-Black

Coming At You 3D Where to go in 3D fabric after successfully offering dinosaurs, fireworks, rocket ships, and butterflies? Deep space seems the most logical choice, with Star Trek II and the new Superman movies, and Comic Con launching dozens more in the genre. The detailed artwork and background in our new 3D collection have the look of comic book or animated art. It should appeal to kids who have aged out of the whimsical rocket ships of the previous group.

L4176 4-Black

L4176 19-Navy

1895 321-Gecko

Brioche and Baguette (Coming at You 3D) Quilt Design by Modern Quilt Relish Quilt Size 38� x 57� Pattern for Purchase

1895 359-The O.C. 1895 360-Waikiki

21 | Hoffman California Fabrics

1895 444-Chilies

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

Rodeo Cats

By Laura Berry

Because quilters love their cats, we asked illustrator Laura Berry for cat pirates and got them. Next up: cats on bucking broncos – well, actually dogs. As always, Laura injects tons of “purr”-sonality into her feline characters. No quilter can keep from smiling when seeing their furryfaced expressions. The large repeat pattern allows plenty of room for fussy-cutting, but left whole offers a panellook for fast quilts and home-dec projects.

Rodeo Cats - Free Pattern Quilt Design by Linda Ambrosini Quilt Size 42” square

L4170 33-Cream

L4170 55-Charcoal

1895 5-Red

1895 342-Woody

(800) 547-0100

1895 261-Blue Jay

1895 511-Bluff

Rodeo Round-Up Quilt Design by Larene Smith of The Quilted Button Quilt Size 47 1/2“ x 59 1/2“ Pattern for Purchase | 22

Additional Projects

Anisa Ruffle Apron Project by CW Design Company Pattern for Purchase

Reflections (Paisley Peacock Gardenia) Quilt Design by Mountainpeek Creations Pattern for Purchase

23 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Times 3 (Fairy Briar) Quilt Design by Mountainpeek Creations Pattern for Purchase

Divided by 3 (Paisley Peacock Iris) Table Runner Design by Mountainpeek Creations Pattern for Purchase

Fairy Briar (Navy Colorway Above) Free Pattern Quilt Design by Linda Fitch Quilt Size 53” x 69” (Chocolate Colorway Right)

Aspen Creek Lodge (Brown Colorway Above) Free Pattern Quilt Design by Denise Russart Quilt Size 78 1/2” x 96” (Cream Colorway Left)

(800) 547-0100 | 24

Sweet Katie Bird (Sweet Flowers Purple) Design by Virginia Lindsay of Gingercake Sewing Patterns Pattern for Purchase

Aruba Bag (L) & Huntington Hobo (R) (Sweet Flowers Purple) Designs by Pink Sand Beach Designs Patterns for Purchase

Asuka (Antique Colorway Above) Free Pattern Quilt Design by Toby Lischko Quilt Size 59” x 63” (Indigo Colorway Right)

25 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Bali “Waterfalls”

*1895 Please see page 28 for color chart index

Organized by Sample Header

(Swatches start on pg. 30)

Header 1 of 20

Header 2 of 20

L2602 481-Key Lime 1895 413 L2601 128-Midnight L2605 413-Watercress L2613 128-Midnight L2601 178-Leaf 1895 28, 4 L2610 128-Midnight

Header 3 of 20

Header 4 of 20

L2600 N115-New Grass L2603 41-Aqua 1895 498 L2612 N115-New Grass L2602 41-Aqua 1895 234 L2603 N115-New Grass

L2614 577-Bayou L2612 413-Watercress 1895 418 L2609 332-Julie L2614 226-Sea Holly L2601 413-Watercress L2616 332-Julie L2609 577-Bayou

L2602 474-Punch 1895 474 L2610 229-Wisteria L2615 120-Hyacinth L2603 474-Punch 1895 451 L2605 474-Punch

Header 5 of 20

Header 6 of 20

Header 7 of 20

Header 8 of 20

L2600 173-Smoke L2603 391-Blush L2615 537-Blacklight L2608 173-Smoke L2616 113-Frost L2613 391-Blush L2612 173-Smoke L2607 537-Blacklight

L2613 42-Primrose 1895 574 L2612 418-Chamomile L2601 441-Winter Cherry 1895 467, 174 L2605 418-Chamomile 1895 561 L2602 441-Winter Cherry

L2608 450-Spa L2604 581-Bluegrass 1895 581 885 450-Spa L2603 581-Bluegrass L2615 450-Spa

L2613 245-Victoria 1895 511 L2606 245-Victoria L2616 574-Belle L2614 245-Victoria 1895 21, 245 L2613 574-Belle L2609 245-Victoria

(800) 547-0100 | 26

Header 9 of 20

Header 10 of 20

Header 11 of 20

Header 12 of 20

L2613 550-Big Sur L2615 484-Seaside 1895 484 L2616 550-Big Sur L2610 484-Seaside 1895 19 L2615 550-Big Sur

L2617 272-Mallard L2613 105-Celadon L2568 496-Pineapple L2615 272-Mallard L2609 105-Celadon 1895 273 L2605 496-Pineapple L2612 272-Mallard

L2610 536-Aquarius L2615 265-Oyster L2601 51-Chestnut L2616 265-Oyster L2601 536-Aquarius 1895 290 L2610 51-Chestnut

L2614 547-Loden L2603 510-Plumeria 1895 77 L2609 547-Loden L2601 510-Plumeria 1895 410

Header 13 of 20

L2602 345-Fawn 1895 454 L2608 A25-Antique Beige L2612 345-Fawn 1895 514 L2615 A25-Antique Beige L2617 345-Fawn

Header 14 of 20

Header 15 of 20

Header 16 of 20

L2614 377-Spinach 1895 383 L2609 377-Spinach 1895 141 L2612 377-Spinach

L2609 560-Tidepool L2615 275-Marlin L2601 559-Riviera 885 79-Seafoam L2610 275-Marlin 1895 418, 577 L2614 560-Tidepool 885 275-Marlin

L2602 114-Geranium L2603 173-Smoke L2601 224-Poppy 1895 597 L2615 173-Smoke 1895 173 L2612 114-Geranium L2617 173-Smoke

27 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Header 17 of 20

Header 18 of 20

Header 19 of 20

Header 20 of 20

L2614 91-Amethyst L2615 100-Adobe L2610 233-Rose Quartz L2609 100-Adobe L2616 91-Amethyst L2613 233-Rose Quartz L2614 100-Adobe L2613 91-Amethyst

L2600 592-July L2601 329-Brooke 1895 338, 469 L2612 592-July L2610 329-Brooke L2602 469-Nasturtium

L2614 512-Paradise L2617 174-Seamist L2605 501-Sanddollar L2609 512-Paradise 1895 328 L2612 174-Seamist 1895 467 L2606 512-Paradise

L2613 545-Vineyard L2601 515-Rum Raisin 1895 70 L2614 545-Vineyard L2601 35-Claret L2609 545-Vineyard 1895 390 L2610 515-Rum Raisin

1895ÊC olorÊC hart

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290 Seahorse





328 Bergen





338 Skipper





383 Pesto





390 Zinfandel


Brown Sugar



410 Earl Grey





413 Watercress





418 Chamomile





451 Cornflower





454 Dune





467 Seacliff



469 Nasturtium | 28

Squares Squared (Bali Batiks) Quilt Design by Aardvark Quilts Pattern for Purchase

Moondance (Bali Batiks) Quilt Design by Amazing Quilts by Grace Pattern for Purchase

29 | Hoffman California Fabrics

New Bali Batiks Jewel-tone brights, fashionista florals, and textile textures lead the way in our 2014 midseason lineup. Check, dot, and swirl designs invite quilters to play. Exquisite leaf and flower shapes will inspire new heights of quilting creativity.

L2600 173-Smoke

L2600 592-July

L2600 N115-New Grass

L2601 35-Claret

L2601 51-Chestnut

L2601 128-Midnight

L2601 178-Leaf

L2601 224-Poppy

L2601 329-Brooke

L2601 413-Watercress

L2601 441-Winter Cherry

(800) 547-0100

(Swatches Shown at 30%) | 30

Bali Batiks

L2601 510-Plumeria

L2601 515-Rum Raisin

L2601 536-Aquarius

L2601 559-Riviera

L2602 41-Aqua

L2602 114-Geranium

L2602 345-Fawn

L2602 441-Winter Cherry

L2602 469-Nasturtium

L2602 474-Punch

L2602 481-Key Lime

L2603 41-Aqua

L2603 173-Smoke

L2603 391-Blush

L2603 474-Punch

L2603 510-Plumeria

31 | Hoffman California Fabrics

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

Bali Batiks

L2603 581-Bluegrass

L2603 N115-New Grass

L2604 581-Bluegrass

L2605 413-Watercress

L2605 418-Chamomile

L2605 474-Punch

L2605 496-Pineapple

L2605 501-Sanddollar

L2606 245-Victoria

L2606 512-Paradise

L2607 537-Blacklight

L2608 173-Smoke

L2608 450-Spa

L2608 A25-Antique Beige

L2609 100-Adobe

L2609 105-Celadon

(800) 547-0100 | 32

Bali Batiks

L2609 245-Victoria

L2609 332-Julie

L2609 377-Spinach

L2609 512-Paradise

L2609 545-Vineyard

L2609 547-Loden

L2609 560-Tidepool

L2609 577-Bayou

L2610 51-Chestnut

L2610 128-Midnight

L2610 229-Wisteria

L2610 233-Rose Quartz

L2610 275-Marlin

L2610 329-Brooke

L2610 484-Seaside

L2610 515-Rum Raisin

33 | Hoffman California Fabrics

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

Bali Batiks

L2610 536-Aquarius

L2612 114-Geranium

L2612 173-Smoke

L2612 174-Seamist

L2612 272-Mallard

L2612 345-Fawn

L2612 377-Spinach

L2612 413-Watercress

L2612 418-Chamomile

L2612 592-July

L2612 N115-New Grass

L2613 42-Primrose

L2613 91-Amethyst

L2613 105-Celadon

L2613 128-Midnight

L2613 233-Rose Quartz

(800) 547-0100 | 34

Bali Batiks

L2613 245-Victoria

L2613 391-Blush

L2613 545-Vineyard

L2613 550-Big Sur

L2613 574-Belle

L2614 91-Amethyst

L2614 100-Adobe

L2614 226-Seaholly

L2614 245-Victoria

L2614 377-Spinach

L2614 512-Paradise

L2614 545-Vineyard

L2614 547-Loden

L2614 560-Tidepool

L2614 577-Bayou

L2615 100-Adobe

35 | Hoffman California Fabrics

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

Bali Batiks

L2615 120-Hyacinth

L2615 173-Smoke

L2615 265-Oyster

L2615 272-Mallard

L2615 275-Marlin

L2615 450-Spa

L2615 484-Seaside

L2615 537-Blacklight

L2615 550-Big Sur

L2615 A25-Antique Beige

L2616 91-Amethyst

L2616 113-Frost

L2616 265-Oyster

L2616 332-Julie

L2616 550-Big Sur

L2616 574-Belle

(800) 547-0100 | 36

Bali Batiks

L2617 173-Smoke

L2617 174-Seamist

L2617 272-Mallard

L2568 496-Pineapple

New Style #885 Colors!

885 79-Seafoam

885 275-Marlin

37 | Hoffman California Fabrics

885 450-Spa

(Swatches Shown at 30%)

L2617 345-Fawn

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2013 Volume 3 Catalog  

This catalog displays Hoffman California Fabrics' mid-season release in 2013. Spring themes permeate many of the screenprint collections. Th...

2013 Volume 3 Catalog  

This catalog displays Hoffman California Fabrics' mid-season release in 2013. Spring themes permeate many of the screenprint collections. Th...