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Welcome to ME+YOU ME+YOU brings innovative minimalist designs and delightfully unexpected colors to modern and contemporary quilters, sewists, and makers. Me+You rides the cutting edge of textile design as a division of Hoffman Fabrics, which set the standard for hand-dyed and batiked fabrics. Our base cloth is premium, 100% combed cotton woven with a very fine size-40 thread to ensure the softest hand, durability, and virtually no fraying. Ready to get your creative juices flowing? Flip through to see these thoughtfully curated collections:

Accent Batiks | pg 10

Graphic motifs in dynamic colors come together as Indah Batiks, letting quilters create striking looks for their patchwork, pieced, and applique designs. These minimalist batiks have just enough going on to grab your attention and complement Indah Solids.

Hand-Dyed Solids | pg 30

Me+You launched with Indah Solids, a series of colorfast, handdyed fabrics. There’s no right or wrong side of these solid fabrics (meaning no white edges when working in raw-edge appliqué). Featuring a uniquely memorable color palette, Indah Solids is at 90+ hues and growing.

Hand-Screened METALLICS | pg 38

Recently, we added a touch of gold or silver pigment to a select few fabric designs to create our exciting Indah Metals line.

Planet Postive Approach

Our conscientious attention to detail, artistry, and quality go beyond the batiking process. A state-of-the-art filtration system at the Hoffman Fabrics’ factory in Bali cleans the rinse water and restores it to a neutral pH balance before the water returns to the local environment.

Uncommon Screen Prints | pg 42

Me+You represents exploration and flipping the script. Our guest artist screen prints are sought by quilters and sewists who are inspired by unsurpassed quality, exciting designs, fresh colors, and artistic textures for their modern and contemporary projects.

We invite you to start exploring… Rex Hoffman | 5th Generation of the Hoffman Fabrics Family

Neoteric Pattern by @sariellastudios



new release

Indah Batiks

Hiss Quilt by @nohatsquilts 11

Glam Clam Quilt by @latifahsaafirstudios


Indah Metals


ME+YOU Signature Designer Latifah Saafir had us at hello. She is a pioneering visionary who colors outside the lines, lives for design and texture, and tests the status quo. She’s our “collaboration soul mate.” Her best-selling screen-print line Grafic pays homage to the fashion, graffiti, and dance that grew from the hip-hop subculture. Her sequel line, Double Dutch, captures the same urban art flair while celebrating childhood memories of summer days spent jumping rope with friends and running for the ice cream trunk. Combining her training as an engineer with a lifelong passion for sewing, Latifah creates textile and quilt designs that are graphic and contemporary with meticulous attention to detail. Co-founder of the Modern Quilt Guild and its Los Angeles chapter, Latifah teaches workshops around the country. She’s a prolific designer of quilting and home-sewing patterns and projects, an author of quilting/sewing books, and creator of a line of rulers to make clamshell blocks.

Kicks Quilt by @latifahsaafirstudios 43






ME+YOU Fabrics Lookbook  

Check out all generations of ME+YOU Indah Batiks and Solids, by Hoffman Fabrics.

ME+YOU Fabrics Lookbook  

Check out all generations of ME+YOU Indah Batiks and Solids, by Hoffman Fabrics.