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Celebration by Mary Capan

pg. 4


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pg. 24

Snow Globes by Punch Studio

pg. 6

Ribbons & Holly

pg. 18


pg. 26

Merry Birds by Punch Studio

pg. 8

Dashing All The Way

pg. 20

Snow Festival

pg. 28

Winter Wishes

pg. 10


pg. 22

Tuscan Sunflowers by Punch Studio

pg. 30


Hoffman California Fabrics

Autumn Serenade

pg. 32

Bolts and Bots by Nicole Tamarin

pg. 46

Deep Sea Land

pg. 52

Celestial Dreams by Mary Capan

pg. 34

Meowice by Laura Berry

pg. 48

NEW Seasonal Bali Batiks & Hand-Dyes

pg. 53

Screenprint Waterfalls (Sample Headers)

pg. 36

Additional Projects

pg. 42 Frankenville

pg. 49

Wind in the Whiskers By McKenna Ryan

pg. 66

Snowy Owls by Laura Berry (800) 547-0100

pg. 45

Far Away Land

pg. 50

pg. 50 Heaven and Nature Sing pg. 68 By McKenna Ryan


Celebration By Mary Capan

K7152 33G-Cream/Gold

We’re delighted to offer more of Mary’s captivating abstract art on quilting cottons. Her signature swirls, repeating lines and natural shapes gracefully denote happy tidings of the season. Note the return of the beautiful texture pattern, Style #J7032 (the abstract squiggle from “Joy Of Life by Mary Capan”).

Celebration (Gold Version) Quilt Design by Daniela Stout Quilt Size 74” square

Onyx Color Way

K7154 33G-Cream/Gold

K7152 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7155 33G-Cream/Gold

J7032 33G-Cream/Gold

J7032 4G-Black/Gold

K7153 213G-Onyx/Gold


Hoffman California Fabrics

K7155 213G-Onyx/Gold

J7032 47G-Gold/Gold

Midnight Color Way

K7152 128G-Midnight/Gold

K7154 354G-Kelly/Gold

K7154 4G-Black/Gold

K7153 128G-Midnight/Gold

K7155 128G-Midnight/Gold

J7032 5G-Red/Gold

K7154 230G-Sapphire/Gold

J7032 12G-Pink/Gold

Evergreen Color Way

K7152 166G-Evergreen/Gold

J7032 3G-White/Gold

K7153 132G-Opal/Gold

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K7154 3G-White/Gold

K7155 132G-Opal/Gold

J7032 8G-Green/Gold


Snow Globes

Sky Color Way


K7168 16G-Sky/Gold Merry Birds & Snow Globes (Sky Version) Quilt Design by Nancy Mahoney Quilt Size 61 1/2� x 77 1/2� A nostalgic theme beautifully comes to life thanks to splendid artwork and super-fine gold metallic accents. Classic color ways are updated for fresh, contemporary appeal.

K7169 16G-Sky/Gold

K7170 33G-Cream/Gold

K7170 16G-Sky/Gold

J9216 33G-Cream/Gold


Hoffman California Fabrics

Cream Color Way

K7168 3G-Cream/Gold

K7166 33G-Cream/Gold

J9216 96G-Olive/Gold

K7169 33G-Cream/Gold

K7170 231G-Garnet/Gold

Color ways are also compatible with Merry Birds on pg. 9

Black Color Way

K7168 4G-Black/Gold

K7170 4G-Black/Gold

J9216 A64G-Antique Tan/Gold

K7169 4G-Black/Gold

J9216 33G-Cream/Gold

J9216 4G-Black/Gold

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Merry Birds


K7164 33G-Cream/Gold

With its beautifully defined motifs, high-concept graphics and layered images, this group is something to tweet about! Quilters will be tempted to leave their holiday projects out year-round, the better to enjoy these queenly patterns!

Cream Color Way

Merry Birds & Snow Globes (Cream Version) Quilt Design by Nancy Mahoney Quilt Size 61 1/2� x 77 1/2�

K7165 231G-Garnet/Gold

K7166 231G-Garnet/Gold

K7163 178G-Leaf/Gold

K7167 231G-Garnet/Gold


Hoffman California Fabrics

Sky Color Way

K7164 16G-Sky/Gold

K7166 16G-Sky/Gold

K7167 33G-Cream/Gold

Color ways are also compatible with Snow Globes on pg. 7 K7165 16G-Sky/Gold

K7167 16G-Sky/Gold

Black Color Way

K7164 4G-Black/Gold

K7166 4G-Black/Gold

K7163 231G-Garnet/Gold

K7165 4G-Black/Gold

K7167 4G-Black/Gold

J9216 8G-Green/Gold

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Winter Wishes

Ice Color Way

Our annual Hoffman Cardinal takes wing in this contemporary collection of poinsettia, pine bough and holly berry patterns. Our newest take on the cardinal shows the bird perched on a mailbox with a snowy countryside in the background. Quilters will find all the classic motifs they enjoy year after year, and as always, the fabrics “glow� with fine-line metallic outlines and accents.

K7171 176S-Ice/Silver

K7173 176S-Ice/Silver

K7175 176S-Ice/Silver

K7176 176S-Ice/Silver

H8821 176S-Ice/Silver

10 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7177 176S-Ice/Silver

Snow Birds (Ice version) Quilt Design by Denise Russart Quilt Size 70” x 80”

K7174 176S-Ice/Silver

(800) 547-0100

K7178 176S-Ice/Silver

K7180 176S-Ice/Silver

K7159 176S-Ice/Silver | 11

Cream Color Way

H8821 33G-Cream/Gold

K7172 33G-Cream/Gold

K7173 33G-Cream/Gold

K7179 33G-Cream/Gold

K7174 33G-Cream/Gold

K7159 5G-Red/Gold

K7177 166G-Evergreen/Gold

K7159 60G-Hunter/Gold

G8556 33G-Cream/Gold

12 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Snow Birds (Cream version)

Black Color Way

H8821 4G-Black/Gold

K7175 78G-Scarlet/Gold

K7173 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7176 22G-Ivory/Gold

K7177 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7180 78G-Scarlet/Gold

K7178 78G-Scarlet/Gold

G8555 22G-Ivory/Gold

(800) 547-0100 | 13

Burgundy Color Way

K7171 20G-Natural/Gold

Snow Birds (Burgundy version) K7172 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7173 4G-Black/Gold

K7179 60G-Hunter/Gold

14 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7174 4G-Black/Gold

K7180 4G-Black/Gold

K7180 33G-Cream/Gold

K7159 178G-Leaf/Gold

G8555 60G-Hunter/Gold

G8555 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7176 20G-Natural/Gold

K7177 78G-Scarlet/Gold

K7177 60G-Hunter/Gold

G8555 78G-Scarlet/Gold

H8821 38G-Burgundy/Gold

K7175 38G-Burgundy/Gold

Red Color Way

K7179 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7171 22G-Ivory/Gold

K7172 213G-Onyx/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7174 213G-Onyx/Gold

G8555 3G-White/Gold

G8556 78G-Scarlet/Gold

G8555 78G-Scarlet/Gold

G8555 4G-Black/Gold | 15


Combine naturalistic flowers, modern-graphic art and rich colors to get a head-turning collection brimming with seasonal drama. Isn’t that the French way? You’ll notice that the burgundy and hunter colorways cross over as complementary coordinates to Winter Wishes.

Black Color Way

K7157 4G-Black/Gold

K7178 4G-Black/Gold

K7156 4G-Black/Gold

K7158 77G-Sage/Gold

K7159 4G-Black/Gold

K7156 6G-Brown/Gold

K7158 33G-Cream/Gold

K7178 33G-Cream/Gold

K7157 6G-Brown/Gold

K7159 178G-Leaf/Gold

K7159 6G-Brown/Gold

Brown Color Way

16 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Burgundy Color Way

K7156 38G-Burgundy/Gold

K7178 38G-Burgundy/Gold

K7180 38G-Burgundy/Gold

K7157 38G-Burgundy/Gold

K7159 33G-Cream/Gold

K7159 38G-Burgundy/Gold

K7156 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7178 166G-Evergreen/Gold

K7180 166G-Evergreen/Gold

K7157 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7159 33G-Cream/Gold

K7159 60G-Hunter/Gold

Hunter Color Way

(800) 547-0100 | 17

Ribbons & Holly Black Color Way

K7181 4G-Black/Gold

K7182 4G-Black/Gold

That special feeling of receiving a handmade holiday card is infused into this boutique collection featuring watercolor art painted by hand. These fabrics coordinate well with our Winter Wishes collection.

K7183 4G-Black/Gold

18 | Hoffman California Fabrics

G8555 178G-Leaf/Gold

G8555 4G-Black/Gold

Cream Color Way

K7183 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7181 33G-Cream/Gold

K7182 33G-Cream/Gold

K7183 33G-Cream/Gold

G8555 22G-Ivory/Gold

Ice Color Way

K7183 78G-Scarlet/Gold

K7181 176G-Ice/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7182 176G-Ice/Gold

G8555 3G-White/Gold

G8555 115G-Grass/Gold | 19

Dashing All The Way By Nicole Tamarin

K7203 128G-Midnight/Gold Dashing All The Way (Midnight Version) Quilt Design by Heidi Pridemore Quilt Size 60� square

Midnight Color Way

We welcome illustrator Nicole Tamarin, whose art brims with sweet whimsy and brings to mind childhood memories of simple yuletide joys.

J8819 4G-Black/Gold

K7206 128G-Midnight/Gold

J8819 33G-Cream/Gold

G8565 4G-Black/Gold

K7204 128G-Midnight/Gold

K7205 128G-Midnight/Gold

20 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7207 128G-Midnight/Gold

G8565 33G-Cream/Gold

Vanilla Color Way

G8565 78G-Scarlet/Gold

K7205 156G-Vanilla/Gold

G8565 60G-Hunter/Gold

J8819 78G-Scarlet/Gold

K7203 156G-Vanilla/Gold

K7204 156G-Vanilla/Gold

K7207 77G-Sage/Gold

Hunter Color Way

G8565 476G-Juniper/Gold

K7207 161G-Christmas/Gold J8819 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7204 60G-Hunter/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7205 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7206 156G-Vanilla/Gold | 21


K7145 410G-Earl Grey/Gold

The capital city of the Tuscany region is known for excellence in art and manufacturing. Its spirit of refinement is captured with exceptionally detailed florals, paisleys and mosaic motifs.

Earl Grey Color Way

K7147 410G-Earl Grey/Gold

Florence (Earl Grey Version) Quilt Design by Larene Smith Quilt Size 71” x 86”

K7149 410G-Earl Grey/Gold K7151 19G-Navy/Gold

K7151 F7G-French Blue/Gold

K7146 410G-Earl Grey/Gold

K7148 410G-Earl Grey/Gold

22 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7150 410G-Earl Grey/Gold K7151 33G-Cream/Gold

Monaco Color Way

K7145 369G-Monaco/Gold

K7147 369G-Monaco/Gold

K7149 369G-Monaco/Gold

K7151 5G-Red/Gold

K7151 21G-Teal/Gold

K7146 369G-Monaco/Gold

K7148 369G-Monaco/Gold

K7150 369G-Monaco/Gold

K7151 178G-Leaf/Gold

K7147 4G-Black/Gold

K7149 4G-Black/Gold

K7151 47G-Gold/Gold

Black Color Way

K7145 4G-Black/Gold

K7151 4G-Black/Gold

K7146 A64G-Antique Tan/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7148 4G-Black/Gold

K7150 4G-Black/Gold

K7151 6G-Brown/Gold | 23


K7184 10G-Crimson/Gold

Canterbury (Crimson Version) Quilt Design by Toby Lischko Quilt Size 75” square

This elegantly simple collection pays homage to the “cathedral city” known for its breathtaking gardens with tapestry-style florals denoted by line art and artistic shading.

Crimson Color Way

K7187 8G-Green/Gold

K7185 10G-Crimson/Gold

K7186 10G-Crimson/Gold

24 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7187 10G-Crimson/Gold

J9216 155G-Terra Cotta/Gold

Onyx Color Way

K7184 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7185 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7187 80G-Taupe/Gold

J9216 4G-Black/Gold

K7186 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7187 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7187 134G-Parchment/Gold

French Blue Color Way

K7184 F7G-French Blue/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7185 F7G-French Blue/Gold

K7187 19G-Navy/Gold

K7186 F7G-French Blue/Gold

J9216 18G-Royal/Gold | 25


Blue Color Way

K7192 7G-Blue/Gold

Masami Kimono Quilt Design by Toby Lischko Quilt Size 62� x 74�

This mesmerizing Asian-themed collection was inspired by a vintage embroidered kimono made in the 19th century. Precise artistic shading and screenprinting achieved a perfect interpretation of the piece into a stunning quilting collection suitable for a year-round look.

K7193 7G-Blue/Gold

K7194 7G-Blue/Gold

G8555 D7G-Dusty Blue/Gold

G8555 22G-Ivory/Gold

K7195 7G-Blue/Gold

26 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7196 7G-Blue/Gold

G8555 96G-Olive/Gold

Nightshade Color Way

K7192 533G-Nightshade/Gold

K7194 533G-Nightshade/Gold

K7196 4G-Black/Gold

G8555 178G-Leaf/Gold

K7193 533G-Nightshade/Gold

K7195 533G-Nightshade/Gold

G8555 4G-Black/Gold

K7194 531G-Papyrus/Gold

K7196 580G-Cypress/Gold

Papyrus Color Way

K7192 531G-Papyrus/Gold

G8555 6G-Brown/Gold

K7193 531G-Papyrus/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7195 531G-Papyrus/Gold

G8555 47G-Gold/Gold | 27

Snow Festival

Snow Festival (Storm Version) Quilt Design by Linda Fitch Quilt Size 43 1/2” x 53 1/2”

Haven’t yet visited Kyoto in winter? Fear not, as the mystical look is captured in an inspired collection that joins classic motifs like elegant cranes, umbrellas and flora with high-concept graphics.

Storm Color Way

K7198 4S-Black/Silver

K7197 147S-Storm/Silver

K7200 147S-Storm/Silver

K7202 147S-Storm/Silver

G8555 63G-Rose/Gold

K7199 11S-Mauve/Silver

28 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7201 4S-Black/Silver

G8555 55S-Charcoal/Silver

Ice Blue Color Way

K7198 7S-Blue/Silver

K7200 373S-Dark Orchid/Silver K7202 190S-Ice Blue/Silver

G8555 113S-Frost/Silver

K7197 190S-Ice Blue/Silver

K7199 373S-Dark Orchid/Silver

K7201 19S-Navy/Silver

K7198 29G-Jade/Gold

K7200 166G-Evergreen/Gold K7202 166G-Evergreen/Gold

G8555 19S-Navy/Silver

Evergreen Color Way

G8555 3G-White/Gold

K7197 166G-Evergreen/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7199 29G-Jade/Gold

K7201 166G-Evergreen/Gold G8555 141G-Pine/Gold | 29

Tuscan Sunflowers By Superbly executed screenprinting achieves the look of hand-painted florals in this bouquet group. Among the feature fabrics: a lush sunflower pattern with a 24-inch-repeat and an elegant damask pattern.

K7160 150G-Sunflower/Gold

Fields of Tuscany Quilt Design by Denise Russart Quilt Size 72� x 88�

K7161 150G-Sunflower/Gold

30 | Hoffman California Fabrics

K7162 D21G-Dusty Teal/Gold

K7162 6G-Brown/Gold

K7162 33G-Cream/Gold

K7163 D21G-Dusty Teal/Gold

K7163 6G-Brown/Gold

K7163 33G-CreamGold

J9216 A64G-Antique Tan/Gold

K7163 178G-Leaf/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7163 47G-Gold/Gold

J9216 6G-Brown/Gold | 31

Autumn Serenade

K7188 33G-Cream/Gold

Cream Color Way

Autumn Serenade Quilt Design by Daniela Stout Quilt Size 66” x 84”

K7189 33G-Cream/Gold

32 | Hoffman California Fabrics

The Hoffman Cardinal commands a new perch amid colorful fall leaves, giving early warning of the coming winter. The red herald makes an iconic statement against fall’s fiery palette of scarlet, gold and amber.

K7190 33G-Cream/Gold

K7191 77G-Sage/Gold

G8555 60G-Hunter/Gold

G8555 22G-Ivory/Gold

Black Color Way

K7188 4G-Black/Gold

K7189 4G-Black/Gold

K7190 4G-Black/Gold

K7191 5G-Red/Gold

K7191 116G-Harvest/Gold

G8555 4G-Black/Gold

(800) 547-0100

G8555 47G-Gold/Gold | 33

Celestial Dreams By Mary Capan

K7218 549G-Celestials/Gold

No you’re not dreaming; this is one superstar collection! Your creative dreams are sure to come true when quilting with Mary’s sun and moon characters, starry skies and swirling “spacescapes.” See her modern abstract art paintings at

Celestial Dreams (Celestials Version) Quilt Design by Larene Smith Quilt Size 40” square

Celestial Color Way

K7221 549G-Celestials/Gold

K7219 549G-Celestials/Gold

K7220 549G-Celestials/Gold

34 | Hoffman California Fabrics

J7032 19G-Navy/Gold

J7032 47G-Gold/Gold

Aquarius Color Way

K7218 536G-Aquarius/Gold

K7219 536G-Aquarius/Gold

K7220 536G-Aquarius/Gold

J7032 41G-Aqua/Gold

K7221 536G-Aquarius/Gold

J7032 33G-Cream/Gold

Garnet Color Way

J7032 4G-Black/Gold

K7218 231G-Garnet/Gold

(800) 547-0100

K7219 231G-Garnet/Gold

K7220 213G-Onyx/Gold

J7032 38G-Bugundy/Gold

K7221 231G-Garnet/Gold

K7221 213G-Onyx/Gold | 35

Screenprint “Waterfalls” Organized by Sample Header

*See pg. 41 for G8555 chart

Autumn Serenade pg. 32

Autumn Serenade pg. 33

Canterbury pg. 24

Canterbury pg. 25

K7188 33G-Cream/Gold G8555 22G-Ivory/Gold K7191 77G-Sage/Gold K7190 33G-Cream/Gold G8555 60G-Hunter/Gold K7189 33G-Cream/Gold

K7188 4G-Black/Gold K7191 116G-Harvest/Gold K7190 4G-Black/Gold G8555 47G-Gold/Gold K7191 5G-Red/Gold G8555 4G-Black/Gold K7189 4G-Black/Gold

K7185 10G-Crimson/Gold K7187 8G-Green/Gold K7186 10G-Crimson/Gold J9216 155G-Terra Cotta/Gold K7187 10G-Crimson/Gold K7184 10G-Crimson/Gold

K7185 213G-Onyx/Gold J9216 4G-Black/Gold K7187 134G-Parchment/Gold K7187 80G-Taupe/Gold K7184 213G-Onyx/Gold K7187 213G-Onyx/Gold K7186 213G-Onyx/Gold

Canterbury pg. 25

K7185 F7G-French Blue/Gold J9216 18G-Royal/Gold K7184 F7G-French Blue/Gold K7187 19G-Navy/Gold K7186 F7G-French Blue/Gold

Celestial Dreams pg. 34

Celestial Dreams pg. 35

Celestial Dreams pg. 35

K7219 549G-Celestials/Gold J7032 19G-Navy/Gold J7032 47G-Gold/Gold K7221 549G-Celestials/Gold K7220 549G-Celestials/Gold K7218 549G-Celestials/Gold

K7219 231G-Garnet/Gold J7032 38G-Burgundy/Gold J7032 4G-Black/Gold K7221 213G-Onyx/Gold K7221 231G-Garnet/Gold K7220 213G-Onyx/Gold K7218 231G-Garnet/Gold

K7219 536G-Aquarius/Gold J7032 41G-Aqua/Gold J7032 33G-Cream/Gold K7220 536G-Aquarius/Gold K7221 536G-Aquarius/Gold K7218 536G-Aquarius/Gold

36 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Celebration pg. 4

Celebration pg. 5

Celebration pg. 5

Dashing All The Way pg. 20

K7155 33G-Cream/Gold K7154 33G-Cream/Gold K7153 213G-Onyx/Gold K7152 33G-Cream/Gold J7032 4G-Black/Gold J7032 33G-Cream/Gold K7155 213G-Onyx/Gold J7032 47G-Gold/Gold K7152 213G-Onyx/Gold

K7153 128G-Midnight/Gold J7032 5G-Red/Gold K7155 128G-Midnight/Gold K7154 354G-Kelly/Gold K7154 4G-Black/Gold K7152 128G-Midnight/Gold

K7152 166G-Evergreen/Gold K7154 3G-White/Gold J7032 8G-Green/Gold K7153 132G-Opal/Gold K7154 230G-Sapphire/Gold J7032 3G-White/Gold J7032 12G-Pink/Gold K7155 132G-Opal/Gold

K7203 128G-Midnight/Gold J8819 33G-Cream/Gold J8819 4G-Black/Gold K7206 128G-Midnight/Gold K7207 128G-Midnight/Gold K7205 128G-Midnight/Gold G8565 33G-Cream/Gold G8565 4G-Black/Gold K7204 128G-Midnight/Gold

Dashing All The Way pg. 21

K7204 156G-Vanilla/Gold J8819 78G-Scarlet/Gold K7207 77G-Sage/Gold K7203 156G-Vanilla/Gold G8565 60G-Hunter/Gold G8565 78G-Scarlet/Gold K7205 156G-Vanilla/Gold

(800) 547-0100

Dashing All The Way pg. 21

Florence pg. 22

Florence pg. 23

K7204 60G-Hunter/Gold G8565 476G-Juniper/Gold K7206 156G-Vanilla/Gold K7207 161G-Christmas/Gold J8819 60G-Hunter/Gold K7205 60G-Hunter/Gold

K7145 410G-Earl Grey/Gold K7151 33G-Cream/Gold K7146 410G-Earl Grey/Gold K7147 410G-Earl Grey/Gold K7151 F7G- French Blue/Gold K7151 19G-Navy/Gold K7149 410G-Earl Grey/Gold K7148 410G-Earl Grey/Gold G8555 55S* | G8555 19S* K7150 410G-Earl Grey/Gold

K7145 4G-Black/Gold K7151 6G-Brown/Gold|G8555 6G* K7146 A64G-Antique Tan/Gold K7147 4G-Black/Gold K7151 47G-Gold/Gold|G8555 47G* K7149 4G-Black/Gold K7148 4G-Black/Gold K7151 4G-Black/Gold|G8555 407G* K7150 4G-Black/Gold | 37

Florence pg. 23

Madeline pg. 16

Madeline pg. 16

Madeline pg. 17

K7157 6G-Brown/Gold K7178 33G-Cream/Gold K7158 33G-Cream/Gold K7159 6G-Brown/Gold K7159 178G-Leaf/Gold K7156 6G-Brown/Gold

K7157 38G-Burgundy/Gold K7178 38G-Burgundy/Gold K7159 38G-Burgundy/Gold K7159 33G-Cream/Gold K7180 38G-Burgundy/Gold K7156 38G-Burgundy/Gold

Masami pg. 26

Masami pg. 27

Masami pg. 27

K7192 7G-Blue Gold G8555 D7G-Dusty Blue Gold K7193 7G-Blue Gold G8555 22G-Ivory Gold K7196 7G-Blue Gold G8555 96G-Olive Gold K7194 7G-Blue Gold K7195 7G-Blue Gold

K7192 533G-Nightshade Gold G8555 63G-Rose Gold K7194 533G-Nightshade Gold K1796 4G-Black Gold K7193 533G-Nightshade Gold G8555 4G-Black Gold G8555 178G-Leaf Gold K7195 533G-Nightshade Gold

K7192 531G-Papyrus Gold G8555 79G-Seafoam Gold K7193 531G-Papyrus Gold K7196 580G-Cypress Gold G8555 47G-Gold Gold K7194 531G-Papyrus Gold G8555 136G-Peacock Gold G8555 6G-Brown Gold K7195 531G-Papyrus Gold

K7145 369G-Monaco/Gold K7157 4G-Black/Gold K7151 178G-Leaf/Gold | G8555 96G* K7178 4G-Black/Gold K7146 369G-Monaco/Gold K7158 77G-Sage/Gold K7147 369G-Monaco/Gold K7159 4G-Black/Gold K7151 21G-Teal/Gold | G8555 141G* K7156 4G-Black/Gold K7149 369G-Monaco/Gold K7148 369G-Monaco/Gold K7151 5G-Red/Gold | G8555 39G* K7150 369G-Monaco/Gold

Madeline pg. 17

K7157 60G-Hunter/Gold K7178 166G-Evergreen/Gold K7159 60G-Hunter/Gold K7159 33G-Cream/Gold K7180 166G-Evergreen/Gold K7156 60G-Hunter/Gold

38 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Merry Birds pg. 8

Merry Birds pg. 9

Ribbons & Holly pg. 19

Ribbons & Holly pg. 18

K7164 33G-Cream/Gold K7167 231G-Garnet/Gold K7165 231G-Garnet/Gold K7163 178G-Leaf/Gold K7166 231G-Garnet/Gold

K7164 4G-Black/Gold K7163 231G-Garnet/Gold K7165 4G-Black/Gold K7167 4G-Black/Gold J9216 8G-Green/Gold K7166 4G-Black/Gold

K7181 176G-Ice/Gold G8555 3G-White/Gold K7182 176G-Ice/Gold G8555 115G-Grass/Gold K7183 78G-Scarlet/Gold

K7181 4G-Black/Gold G8555 178G-Leaf/Gold K7182 4G-Black/Gold G8555 4G-Black/Gold K7183 4G-Black/Gold

Ribbons & Holly pg. 19

Snow Globes pg. 7

Snow Globes pg. 7

Snow Globes pg. 6

K7168 4G-Black/Gold J9216 33G-Cream/Gold K7170 4G-Black/Gold J9216 A64G-Antique Tan/Gold J9216 4G-Black/Gold K7169 4G-Black/Gold

K7168 33G-Cream/Gold J9216 96G-Olive/Gold K7169 33G-Cream/Gold K7170 231G-Garnet/Gold K7166 33G-Cream/Gold

K7168 16G-Sky/Gold J9216 33G-Cream/Gold K7169 16G-Sky/Gold K7170 33G-Cream/Gold K7165 16G-Sky/Gold K7170 16G-Sky/Gold K7166 16G-Sky/Gold K7167 33G-Cream/Gold K7167 16G-Sky/Gold K7164 16G-Sky/Gold

K7181 33G-Cream/Gold G8555 22G-Ivory/Gold K7183 33G-Cream/Gold K7182 33G-Cream/Gold K7183 60G-Hunter/Gold

(800) 547-0100 | 39

Snow Festival pg. 28

Snow Festival pg. 29

Snow Festival pg. 29

K7197 147S-Storm Silver G8555 55S-Charcoal Silver K7202 147S-Storm Silver K7198 4S-Black Silver G8555 63G-Rose Gold K7199 11S-Mauve Silver K7201 4S-Black Silver G8555 213S-Onyx Silver K7200 147S-Storm Silver

K7197 190S-Ice Blue Silver G8555 16S-Sky Silver K7202 190S-Ice Blue Silver K7198 7S-Blue Silver G8555 19S-Navy Silver K7199 373S-Dark Orchid Silver K7201 19S-Navy Silver K7200 373S-Dark Orchid Silver

K7197 166G-Evergreen Gold G8555 3G-White Gold K7202 166G-Evergreen Gold K7198 29G-Jade Gold K7199 29G-Jade Gold K7201 166G-Evergreen Gold G8555 141G-Pine Gold K7200 166G-Evergreen Gold

Winter Wishes pg. 14

Winter Wishes pg. 15

Winter Wishes pg. 12

H8821 38G-Burgundy Gold K7180 4G-Black Gold K7180 33G-Cream Gold K7176 20G-Natural Gold G8555 60G-Hunter Gold K7179 60G-Hunter Gold K7159 178G-Leaf Gold K7177 78G-Scarlet Gold K7175 38G-Burgundy Gold K7173 4G-Black Gold

K7171 20G-Natural Gold G8555 3G-White Gold K7172 60G-Hunter Gold G8555 78G-Scarlet Gold K7177 60G-Hunter Gold G8555 60G-Hunter Gold K7174 4G-Black Gold

H8821 33G-Cream Gold K7174 33G-Cream Gold K7159 5G-Red Gold K7159 60G-Hunter Gold K7179 33G-Cream Gold K7173 33G-Cream Gold K7177 166G-Evergreen Gold G8556 33G-Cream Gold K7172 33G-Cream Gold

40 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Tuscan Sunflowers pg. 30 K7161 150G-Sunflower/Gold K7163 47G-Gold/Gold K7163 33G-Cream/Gold K7162 33G-Cream/Gold K7162 D21G-Dusty Teal/Gold J9216 6G-Brown/Gold J9216 A64G-Antique Tan/Gold K7163 D21G-Dusty Teal/Gold K7163 178G-Leaf/Gold K7162 6G-Brown/Gold K7163 6G-Brown/Gold K7160 150G-Sunflower/Gold

All J7032 Blenders

Winter Wishes pg. 10 K7171 176S-Ice Silver K7180 176S-Ice Silver K7176 176S-Ice Silver K7173 176S-Ice Silver K7175 176S-Ice Silver K7159 176S-Ice Silver K7177 176S-Ice Silver H8821 176S-Ice Silver K7178 176S-Ice Silver K7174 176S-Ice Silver

Winter Wishes pg. 15

Winter Wishes pg. 13

K7171 22G-Ivory Gold G8555 3G-White Gold G8555 78G-Scarlet Gold K7174 213G-Onyx Gold K7179 213G-Onyx Gold G8555 4G-Black Gold G8556 78G-Scarlet Gold K7172 213G-Onyx Gold

H8821 4G-Black Gold K7176 22G-Ivory Gold K7180 78G-Scarlet Gold K7175 78G Scarlet Gold G8555 22G-Ivory Gold K7178 78G-Scarlet Gold K7177 213G-Onyx Gold K7173 213G-Onyx Gold

4G-Black Gold 47G-Gold Gold 33G-Cream Gold 12G-Pink Gold 38G-Burgundy Gold 3G-White Gold 5G-Red Gold 8G-Green Gold 41G-Aqua Gold 19G-Navy Gold

G8555 Color Chart 6G
















All J9216 Scroll Blenders

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574S-Belle/Silver | 55S-Charcoal/Silver 436S-Eucalyptus/Silver | 76S-Pewter/Silver 33G-Cream/Gold | 77G-Sage/Gold 12G-Pink/Gold | 59G-Coral/Gold 223G-Orchid/Gold | 139G-Periwinkle/Gold 79G-Seafoam/Gold | D21G-Dusty Teal/Gold 7G-Blue/Gold | D7G-Dusty Blue/Gold 41G-Aqua/Gold | 230G-Sapphire/Gold 21G-Teal/Gold | 18G-Royal/Gold 96G-Olive/Gold | 8G-Green/Gold A64G-Antique Tan/Gold | 155G-Terra Cotta/Gold 231G-Garnet/Gold | 6G-Brown/Gold 4G-Black/Gold | 41

Additional Quilt Projects Alternate Color Ways

How-to instructions for projects shown in this section (along with most projects shown for individual fabric collections) will become available soon as free patterns to download from

Celebration (Multi Version) Quilt Design by Daniela Stout Quilt Size 74” square

Merry Birds & Snow Globes (Black Version) Quilt Design by Nancy Mahoney Quilt Size 61 1/2” x 77 1/2”

42 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Celebration Tree Skirt Design by Linda Ambrosini Size 51” wide (Photographed on Cover)

Dashing All The Way (Vanilla Version) Quilt Design by Heidi Pridemore Quilt Size 60” square

Florence (Monaco Version) Quilt Design by Larene Smith Quilt Size 71” x 86”

Canterbury (French Blue Version)

(800) 547-0100

Florence (Antique Black Version)

Canterbury (Black Version) Quilt Design by Toby Lischko Quilt Size 75” square | 43

Snow Festival (Blue Version) Quilt Design by Linda Fitch Quilt Size 43 1/2” x 53 1/2”

Celestial Dreams (Aquarius Version) Quilt Design by Larene Smith Quilt Size 40” square

44 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Snow Festival (Evergreen Version)

Celestial Dreams (Garnet Version)

Snowy Owls by Laura Berry

Laura Berry of Big Cat Designs™ gives us a peek into the secret (and fun!) life of the Snowy Owl, shown in this charming novelty group tobogganing, ice fishing, snowshoeing and making snow people!

L4159 18-Royal

L4159 16-Sky

L4160 18-Royal

L4160 16-Sky

(800) 547-0100 | 45

Bolts and Bots By Nicole Tamarin

L4154 19-Navy

Any boy or girl will be swept up in the animated charm of Nicole Tamarin’s goofy yet sweet robots in this children’s group featuring brightly colored graphic designs combined with soft shapes and subtle texture.

15% Ratio (selvage to selvage design)

35% Ratio All Other Art

L4155 19-Navy

46 | Hoffman California Fabrics

L4156 19-Navy

L4158 3-White

L4157 130-Multi

L4158 19-Navy

L4154 4-Black

15% Ratio (selvage to selvage design)

35% Ratio All Other Art

L4156 4-Black

L4155 4-Black

(800) 547-0100

L4158 4-Black

L4157 41-Aqua | 47

Meowice By Laura Berry

Bliss Blenders

J9000 5-Red

J9000 8-Green

J9000 12-Pink

K4140 181-Rainbow

The cast of Broadway’s “Cats” can’t lay a paw on the vivid “purr-sonalities” captured in Laura Berry’s homage to “Alice In Wonderland.” We envision a catty version of the Lewis Carroll tale hitting The Great White Way anytime now.

J9000 18-Royal

J9000 178-Leaf

J9000 471-Buttercup

48 | Hoffman California Fabrics


Who knew ghouls and goblins could be so cute? This darling children’s group created from original hand-drawn art offers adorable monsters, boisterous bats and spirited kitty-cats in this sweetly animated collection.

L4150 130-Multi

L4150 4-Black

L4152 45-Grape

L4152 4-Black Frankenville Trick-or-Treat Bag

L4151 45-Grape

L4151 4-Black

Photo and tote design by Hadley Grace Designs. Pattern available via Hadley Grace Designs shops on and

L4153 45-Grape

(800) 547-0100

L4153 4-Black | 49

Far Away Land Sky Color Way

A magic castle, a fairy godmother, butterflies and a princely frog – why, it’s a fairytale come to life in this delightful children’s group wonderfully illustrated and colored to please any princess-in-training.

L4161 16-Sky

L4164 16-Sky

L4162 16-Sky

L4165 12-Pink

L4163 H12-Hot Pink

50 | Hoffman California Fabrics

L4167 16-Sky

L4166 16-Sky

Aqua Color Way

L4161 41-Aqua

L4164 41-Aqua

L4162 41-Aqua

L4165 70-Lavender

L4163 3-White

(800) 547-0100

L4167 14-Purple

L4166 70-Lavender | 51

Deep Sea Land

L4168 19-Navy

L4168 73-Ocean

L4169 19-Navy

L4169 73-Ocean

Young children will be charmed by the bright, primary colors, simple shapes and dozens of smiley faces awash in this boating- and animal-themed novelty group.

L4167 19-Navy

52 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Bali “Waterfalls�

*1895=Please see page 55 for color chart index

Organized by Sample Header

(Swatches start on pg. 56)

Header 1 of 22

Header 2 of 22

K2543 142-Pistachio 841 252-Dublin K2546 142-Pistachio 885 89-Persimmon K2550 129-Mistletoe K2547 142-Pistachio J2400 60-Hunter K2542 142-Pistachio

K2542 458-Trellis 885 202-Grasshopper K2544 458-Trellis 839 202-Grasshopper K2543 458-Trellis *1895 383,433 K2541 458-Trellis

Header 5 of 22 K2553 51-Chestnut K2544 536-Aquarius 842 183-Glacier K2541 489-Seagull K2548 536-Aquarius 841 51-Chestnut K2551 489-Seagull K2552 51-Chestnut

(800) 547-0100

Header 3 of 22

Header 4 of 22

K2540 4-Black 842 483-Fog K2542 4-Black K2546 597-December K2548 4-Black 841 537-Blacklight 841 597-December K2550 597-December K2545 4-Black

K2549 180-Walnut K2544 415-Chai Tea *1895 260 K2551 180-Walnut K2551 415-Chai Tea *1895 386, 180 K2553 180-Walnut

Header 6 of 22

Header 7 of 22

Header 8 of 22

K2543 534-Hemp K2544 39-Rust 841 279-Crocodile K2547 39-Rust K2541 6-Brown K2540 96-Olive 841 6-Brown K2544 171-Mocha K2540 39-Rust

K2547 514-Brown Sugar K2542 596-November 841 308-Mink K2552 202-Grasshopper K2542 514-Brown Sugar K2553 596-November K2550 202-Grasshopper K2541 596-November K2549 514-Brown Sugar

K2553 250-Sahara K2550 381-Pomegranate 841 250-Sahara K2552 250-Sahara *1895 568, 381 K2551 381-Pomegranate | 53

Header 9 of 22

Header 10 of 22

Header 11 of 22

Header 12 of 22

K2543 A4-Antique Black K2544 511-Bluff K2546 A4-Antique Black 885 432-Dijon K2542 A4-Antique Black K2552 511-Bluff *1895 250, 430 K2547 A4-Antique Black

K2552 186-Morocco 885 60-Hunter K2541 186-Morocco *1895 433, 431 K2544 252-Dublin K2552 66-Autumn 841 66-Autumn

K2551 110-Daffodil K2553 367-Aspen *1895 569, 568 K2544 110-Daffodil *1895 328 J2386 367-Aspen 885 14-Purple K2549 110-Daffodil

K2545 437-Pansy K2550 598-New Year’s K2542 437-Pansy 841 45-Grape K2547 91-Amethyst K2541 437-Pansy K2546 598-New Year’s K2552 244-Paris

Header 13 of 22

Header 14 of 22

Header 15 of 22

Header 16 of 22

K2551 338-Skipper 842 526-Incense K2553 338-Skipper 839 448-Blossom K2542 594-September *1895 242, 574 K2549 338-Skipper

K2540 41-Aqua 841 21-Teal *1895 577 J2401 41-Aqua K2541 21-Teal K2544 41-Aqua J2399 21-Teal

K2547 226-Seaholly 842 225-Rosemary K2548 185-Abalone *1895 477, 564 K2544 226-Seaholly 840 553-Rainforest K2540 226-Seaholly

K2543 538-Nirvana K2544 594-September *1895 D12 K2542 336-Vienna *1895 550, 467 K2542 538-Nirvana K2547 594-September K2545 366-Vienna

54 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Header 17 of 22

Header 18 of 22

Header 19 of 22

Header 20 of 22

K2542 249-Iceland 842 91-Amethyst K2552 249-Iceland 842 242-London K2543 249-Iceland K2541 352-Lilly *1895 243, 474 K2548 428-Mulberry

K2544 492-Breeze 840 462-Dewdrop K2547 65-Denim 885 504-Montego K2546 506-Barbados 841 65-Denim 839 581-Bluegrass K2550 413-Watercress

K2545 361-Cabo *1895 178 K2550 115-Grass K2548 87-Blueberry *1895 329, 553 K2547 115-Grass 839 559-Riviera K2541 361-Cabo

K2541 224-Poppy K2545 321-Gecko *1895 596, 240 K2553 165-Melon K2551 224-Poppy *1895 321, 315 K2547 321-Gecko K2552 604-Halloween

1895 Color Chart

Header 21 of 22

Header 22 of 22

K2551 72-Magenta *1895 263 K2546 174-Seamist 841 23-Fuchsia K2544 120-Hyacinth 842 174-Seamist K2544 72-Magenta

K2540 75-Peppermint K2544 403-Cherry J2401 75-Peppermint K2541 403-Cherry K2548 75-Peppermint G2236 403-Cherry K2552 75-Peppermint

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Sea Cliff








Shaved Ice




Big Sur












Red Velvet



















D12 Dusty Pink | 55

841 & 842 Hand-dyes New Mottles

Say hello to our new Style 841 and Style 842 Hoffman Bali Batiks. They’re mottled handdyes. They’re also texture batiks. Yes, they’re both! AND, they look like screenprints, except they’re not! These are hand-dyes made with our special technique. These sister batik groups rock with rich mottling and texture patterns with the look of stone or granite. 841 21-Teal

841 6-Brown

841 23-Fuchsia

841 45-Grape

841 51-Chestnut

841 66-Autumn

841 65-Denim

841 250-Sahara

841 252-Dublin

841 279-Crocodile

841 308-Mink

841 537-Blacklight

841 597-December

56 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Ideal uses include landscape quilts and borders, but quilters no doubt will come up with dozens of ideas for incorporating these Bali beauties in their projects. And imagine all the possibilities for appliqué, art-quilting and home décor! Style #841 shows more as an overall tonal fabric. Style #842 offers varied areas of pure-color mottling next to light-colored texture-and-mottle areas, so it has more “movement.”

842 174-Seamist

842 91-Amethyst

842 183-Glacier

842 225-Rosemary

842 242-London

842 483-Fog

(800) 547-0100

842 526-Incense | 57

Seasonal Bali Batiks

You’ll find in this collection that we’ve focused on stylish geometrics, natural textures and both fashionable and home-décor-friendly color ways in response to what retailers are requesting. There’s a soft fall color palette, but rich teal returns as a strong trendsetter. We always offer cheery red-and-white and red-on-red holiday batiks. Blues and blue-greens remain popular, but plum and navy reflect new fashion/home-dec styles. And the hottest demand is for brights, so we’re putting forth poppy/gecko, magenta/fuchsia and other eye-popping color combinations.

G2236 403-Cherry

J2386 367-Aspen

J2399 21-Teal

J2400 60-Hunter

J2401 41-Aqua

J2401 75-Peppermint

K2540 4-Black

K2540 39-Rust

K2540 41-Aqua

K2540 75-Peppermint

58 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Bali Batiks

K2540 96-Olive

K2540 226-Sea Holly

K2541 6-Brown

K2541 21-Teal

K2541 186-Morocco

K2541 224-Poppy

K2541 352-Lilly

K2541 361-Cabo

K2541 403-Cherry

K2541 437-Pansy

K2541 458-Trellis

K2541 489-Seagull

K2541 596-November

K2542 4-Black

K2542 142-Pistachio

K2542 249-Iceland

(800) 547-0100 | 59

Bali Batiks

K2542 366-Vienna

K2542 437-Pansy

K2542 458-Trellis

K2542 514-Brown Sugar

K2542 538-Nirvana

K2542 594-September

K2542 596-November

K2542 A4-Antique Black

K2543 142-Pistachio

K2543 249-Iceland

K2543 458-Trellis

K2543 534-Hemp

K2543 538-Nirvana

K2543 A4-Antique Black

K2544 39-Rust

K2544 41-Aqua

60 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Bali Batiks

K2544 72-Magenta

K2544 110-Daffodil

K2544 120-Hyacinth

K2544 171-Mocha

K2544 226-Sea Holly

K2544 252-Dublin

K2544 403-Cherry

K2544 415-Chai Tea

K2544 458-Trellis

K2544 492-Breeze

K2544 511-Bluff

K2544 536-Aquarius

K2544 594-September

K2545 4-Black

K2545 321-Gecko

K2545 361-Cabo

(800) 547-0100 | 61

Bali Batiks

K2545 366-Vienna

K2545 437-Pansy

K2546 142-Pistachio

K2546 174-Seamist

K2546 506-Barbados

K2546 597-December

K2546 598-New Year’s

K2546 A4-Antique Black

K2547 39-Rust

K2547 65-Denim

K2547 91-Amethyst

K2547 115-Grass

K2547 142-Pistachio

K2547 226-Sea Holly

K2547 321-Gecko

K2547 514-Brown Sugar

62 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Bali Batiks

K2547 594-Semptember

K2547 A4-Antique Black

K2548 4-Black

K2548 75-Peppermint

K2548 87-Blueberry

K2548 185-Abalone

K2548 428-Mulberry

K2548 536-Aquarius

K2549 110-Daffodil

K2549 180-Walnut

K2549 338-Skipper

K2549 514-Brown Sugar

K2550 115-Grass

K2550 129-Mistletoe

K2550 202-Grasshopper

K2550 381-Pomegranate

(800) 547-0100 | 63

Bali Batiks

K2550 413-Watercress

K2550 597-December

K2550 598-New Year’s

K2551 72-Magenta

K2551 110-Daffodil

K2551 180-Walnut

K2551 224-Poppy

K2551 338-Skipper

K2551 381-Pomegranate

K2551 415-Chai Tea

K2551 489-Seagull

K2552 51-Chestnut

K2552 66-Autumn

K2552 75-Peppermint

K2552 186-Morocco

K2552 202-Grasshopper

64 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Bali Batiks

K2552 244-Paris

K2552 249-Iceland

K2552 250-Sahara

K2552 511-Bluff

K2552 604-Halloween

K2553 51-Chestnut

K2553 165-Melon

K2553 180-Walnut

K2553 250-Sahara

K2553 338-Skipper

K2553 367-Aspen

(800) 547-0100

K2553 596-November

Crazy Jacks From the book “Frightfully Crazy” by The Buggy Barn Quilt Size 54” x 58” Pattern for Purchase | 65

Wind In The Whiskers By Oh, if cats could talk what adventurous tales they would have to tell us! McKenna’s new art quilt takes a look behind the garden gate, revealing the storybook lives that country cats lead. Five of the new PN014 ombre/texture screenprints from McKenna’s new Natural Instincts collection are used in this project. Hoffman Bali Batiks and Style 1895 Hand-Dyes combine beautifully with the ombres to create fantastic scenes of cats at play, cats napping and cats hunting – err – investigating their idyllic garden surroundings. Seven blocks and an outer border come together to create the complete 65½” X 62½” quilt. As with most of McKenna’s multi-block pattern series, these blocks can come together as a large storytelling quilt or stand alone as small quilts used as wall-hangings or other home-dec items.

Quilt Size 65½” X 62½”

WW839 24-Alabaster

WW839 112-Dawn

WW839 202-Grasshopper

WW839 331-Herb

WW839 462-Dew Drop

WW840 462-Dew Drop

WW885 91-Amethyst

WW885 184-Willow

WW1384 33-Cream

WW1895 36-Amber

WW1895 39-Rust

WW1895 64-Tan

66 | Hoffman California Fabrics

WW1895 105-Celadon

WW1895 110-Daffodil

WW1895 237-Aventurine

WW1895 247-Juneau

WW1895 276-Sea Urchin

WW1895 281-Hamster

WW1895 303-Frog

WW1895 308-Mink

WW1895 318-Robin

WW1895 391-Blush

WW1895 416-Marmalade

WW1895 474-Punch

WW1895 510-Plumeria

WW1895 511-Bluff

WW1895 537-Blacklight

WW1895 565-Savannah

WW1895 593-August

WWK2436 371-Aruba

WWK2437 557-Azalea

WWK2438 136-Peacock

WWK2438 234-Peridot

WWK2440 77-Sage

WWK2440 371-Aruba

WWK2441 136-Peacock

WWK2447 474-Punch

WWK2447 536-Aquarius

WWK2451 550-Big Sur

WWK2454 489-Seagull

WWK2461 165-Melon

WWK2461 469-Nasturtium

WWK2463 581-Bluegrass

WWK2466 352-Lilly

WWK2470 352-Lilly

WWK2470 553-Rainforest

PN014 29-Jade

PN014 34-Eggplant

PN014 92-Slate

PN014 173-Smoke

PN014 194-Robin’s Egg

(800) 547-0100 | 67

Heaven and Nature Sing By McKenna Ryan returns to the “woodlands holiday theme” with Heaven and Nature Sing. This series featuring Hoffman Bali Batiks (with a few screenprints) stands out as one of her most beautiful designs. Retailers who have been requesting this classic holiday look from McKenna will be delighted at the opportunity to offer the fabrics and patterns to their customers who are devoted McKenna fans. The rich hues of teal, aqua and plum batiks have been strong sellers, as this color family updates holiday home-dec styles from traditional to modern.

Quilt Size 60 1/2” x 58 1/2”

HN839 5-Red

HN1384 11-Mauve

HN1384 33-Cream

HN1384 183-Glacier

HN1384 582-Twilight

HN1895 5-Red

HN1895 28-Silver

HN1895 36-Amber

HN1895 58-Earth

HN1895 70-Lavender

HN1895 84-Wheat

HN1895 171-Mocha

68 | Hoffman California Fabrics

HN1895 176-Ice

HN1895 208-Strawberry Daiquiri

HN1895 293-Fox

HN1895 308-Mink

HN1895 351-Sunny

HN1895 404-Bubblegum

HN1895 418-Chamomile

HN1895 485-Funnel Cake

HN1895 490-Cabana

HN1895 537-Blacklight

HN1895 538-Nirvana

HN1895 549-Celestial

HN1895 550-Big Sur

HN1895 562-Blooms

HN1895 577-Bayou

HN1895 595-October

HN1895 D12-Dusty Pink

HNE264 241-Sonoma

HNG2195 21-Teal

HNJ2392 519-Hibiscus

HNJ2393 241-Sonoma

HNJ2393 389-Paprika

HNJ2395 585-Galaxy

HNJ2397 41-Aqua

HNJ2397 241-Sonoma

HNJ2399 21-Teal

HNJ2399 46-Plum

HNJ2400 60-Hunter

HNJ2400 538-Nirvana

HNJ2401 75-Peppermint

HNJ2401 585-Galaxy

Quilt patterns can be purchased now through McKenna’s company, Pine Needles Designs. Fabric delivery begins in Spring 2013. Retailers who take advantage of first delivery will be able to get Heaven and Nature Sing to their customers just as quilting season gets under way.

PN041 503-Lagoon

(800) 547-0100 | 69

Meet the Artists... Mary Capan

Fine artist Mary Capan expresses emotions and energy in her work by adding vibrant colors and strong shapes. By using mixed media, multiple textures and three-dimensional materials she infuses her work with complexity, and a sense of voluminous sculpture. Originally from Romania, Denmark and Canada, Mary now lives in Los Angeles, where she has a gallery.

Celebration pg. 4

As seen in her colorful art, Mary takes an optimistic view of life and pours her passion for creating into her work. Quilters responded strongly to the vivid expressionism of Mary’s “Joy Of Life,” her debut screenprint collection for Hoffman California Fabrics. We expect the vivaciousness and joy of Mary’s “Celestial Dreams” and “Celebration” will also delight quilters around the world.

Celestial Dreams pg. 34 “I want my paintings to have their own language and reflect a unique image that will bring you into a whole new dimension. If you open your soul, you will enjoy letting the peace of my art go through.” -Mary Capan

Nicole Tamarin admits that she’s mostly drawn to traditional themes; however, she manipulates a classic look and “makes it her own.” For this reason, Nicole’s art may at once feel familiar, yet completely new. We expect the softly edged and subtly shaded motifs seen in Nicole’s designs will hold great appeal for quilters.

Nicole Tamarin

Despite the movement toward digital art as a

Dashing All The Way pg. 20 standard, Nicole prefers painting in watercolor even though it takes longer to create and the medium can be less forgiving as far as making mistakes. She’s found that the artful effects she achieves in watercolor so far cannot be produced exactly the same using digital software programs.

Bolts & Bots pg. 46

With a background in illustration, package design, interior design and graphic design, Nicole takes great satisfaction in seeing her work as serving and improving a finished product. We believe quilters will embrace the special characteristics of Nicole’s “Dashing All The Way” and the whimsical “Bolts and Bots.”

“I grew up sewing and crafting with my mom and was always making something, even going on to sew my own figure skating costumes as a teenager. It is an amazing feeling to have my art on fabric!” -Nicole Tamarin

70 | Hoffman California Fabrics

HOW TO ORDER FABRICS Hoffman California Fabrics is a wholesale textile manufacturer serving retailers and manufacturers. There are several methods available for ordering: Call 1-800-547-0100 to speak to a helpful and knowledgeable Customer Service assistant. Visit to set up an online ordering account. Stop by our booth at a regional or national trade show (find show dates on our website.)

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2013 Fall/Winter Catalog  

Seasonal screenprints and Bali Batiks brought to you by Hoffman California Fabrics. Released Jan 2013 for the upcoming Autumn and Winter sea...

2013 Fall/Winter Catalog  

Seasonal screenprints and Bali Batiks brought to you by Hoffman California Fabrics. Released Jan 2013 for the upcoming Autumn and Winter sea...