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LP2: Command Syntax How to Read a Syntax Diagram In order to be able to read, use, and understand the language of a command line you must learn the vocabulary, understand the grammar, and syntax. You must use the specific command vocabulary in order to get the command to work. The punctuation or grammar that is used is also very important in a command working. The syntax is the order in which the command and the optional and mandatory parameters are needed to be placed along with the correct punctuation. Syntax Parameters Parameters are information that can be used to modify or qualify a command. Some commands require parameters, while others let you add them when needed. Variable and fixed parameters are used in commands. Variable parameters can be supplied by the user, while fixed parameters have a fixed value that the user cannot change. Purpose of Wildcard Wildcards are formally called global file specifications. Wildcards help you find files that have similar names or a group of files that you do not know the specific name of. The wildcards in windows are the question mark (?) and the asterisks (*). The asterisk (*) represents a group or string of characters. The question mark (?) represents a single character. PATH Commands PATH is the locations that where the COMMAND will search for files. This will include the root directory as well as the subdirectories. The syntax diagram or the full path name will tell you the exact location of the searched file. Redirection Function Redirection allows you to tell the operating system to write the information somewhere else other than the screen. This is usually redirected to a file or a local printer (not a network printer). The syntax for redirection is COMMAND>DESTINATION. The greater symbol (>) redirects the command to a specified location and not your screen. If sending to a printer, the printer must be local printer and the actual printer name, PRN for the default printer, or the port that the printer is connected too.

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