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Character is the pursuit of a moral and ethical life; it promotes within us a self-assurance and strength to withstand life’s pressures.

Every day stretches us intellectually and personally and asks of us a commitment to develop character.


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Scholarship is the search for knowledge that brings a wise understanding of a complex world; it fosters in us a creative, discerning, and resourceful mind.


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Athletics is an essential part of a healthy, active, and balanced life; it embraces challenges and inspires us to be modest winners and courageous losers.


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Courtesy is the quality equated with dignity and generosity of spirit; it is our outward expression of respect not only for others, but also for ourselves.

The Hockaday School helps us discover our unique gifts, preparing us not only for higher education but for an entire life lived with brilliance, where nothing is beyond our reach.

“At Hockaday, girls learn in an env ironment that engages the heart, the body, and the mind. For almost a century, Hockaday has prepared girls to be resilient, caring, and creative leaders, embracing challenge as an opportunity to grow and learn. The Hockaday experience provides the tools not only for higher education, but for living a life of purpose and excellence in an ever-changing world.� K IM WA RGO, EU GENE M CDERM OT T HE A DMIS TRESS

Th e Ho c k a d ay S chool We represent diverse backgrounds and personalities, have myriad interests and talents, and pursue a vast range of academic and professional careers. Yet there are certain qualities all Hockaday women share. Our school has helped us achieve confidence and competence, respect for ourselves and for others, conviction about our role in the world, and a certainty that, in every endeavor, we can soar.



R eaching For The H ighest G oals One of the Four Cornerstones of Hockaday, character means more than just pursuing high ethical standards. Character also means having a strong sense of self— knowing who we are, being firm in what we stand for, and respecting the talents and opportunities we have been given. This gives us courage to do what is right for others and for ourselves, even when it is hard.



A Car ing Commu n ity Teamwork is one hallmark of the Hockaday experience. Much of our learning is team-based. Studying, working, and playing in a supportive environment surrounded by other high achievers not only helps us reach higher levels of accomplishment, it also helps make us better people. Hockaday is an honorcode communit y that places a high value on trust. Here we encourage each other to act with integrity.



R e ach i ng O ur P ot e nt ia l Our visionary founder, Miss Ela Hockaday, established a rigorous academic program—unusual for girls’ schools of the time. Her wisdom has been borne out not only by our achievements in the classroom but also by the legacy of our graduates. An all-girl setting promotes intellectual curiosity, classroom participation, and a lively involvement with the sciences and mathematics. It has been said that girls who attend Hockaday believe they can achieve anything, because here, girls do everything.



CORE SUBJECTS Language Arts Mathematics Social Studies Science Art Music World Languages French Spanish Physical Education OTHER CL A SSES & AC TIVITIES Computer Skills Health and Wellness Library Cornerstone Studies Learning Garden Community Service

Low e r School


From our earliest days at Hockaday, we beg in to discover our dist inct ive


abilities, gain confidence, and grow in key sk ills. Science labs, creative


w rit ing, foreig n lang uages, computers, v isual and performing ar ts, and


ot her intellectual challenges enlarge our world, enliven our curiosit y,

Handbell Choir

and encourage problem solv ing. Moms and dads play a big role in Lower


School, from helping with special projects to planning holiday festivities.


This helps create the joyful, exciting env ironment that nurtures a lifelong love of learning.


FIFTH GR ADE Language Arts Social Studies Everyday Math 5 French or Spanish Integrated Science – Lithosphere SIXTH GR ADE English U.S. History Part I Transition Math French or Spanish Integrated Science – Hydrosphere SEVENTH GR ADE English U.S. History Part II Pre-Algebra French, Latin, or Spanish Integrated Science – Atmosphere

Mi ddle S c hool

EIGHTH GR ADE English Ancient and Medieval History

Middle School is a revelation. We begin to glimpse the powerful people we can become, to take leadership roles in all aspects of school life, to become articulate and responsible young women. Caring teachers and advisors help shape our new aspirations and ideals into attainable goals. A greater world opens up to us through challenging academics, expanded athletics,

Algebra I French, Latin, or Spanish Earth Science Systems – Engineering FOR ALL GR ADES

and a comprehensive arts program. Computer Fine Arts Physical Education


A D VA N C E D P L A C E M E N T AP English V AP French IV AP Latin Vergil AP Mandarin Chinese AP Spanish IV and V AP Comparative Government AP Economics AP United States History AP Modern European History AP World History AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Statistics AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Physics B and C AP Music Theory AP Studio Art HONORS OFFERINGS Honors English III

Upper School

French V Algebra II / Pre-Calculus Calculus / Analytical Geometry

In Upper School we feel ourselves stretching, reaching for every bit of our

Advanced Genetics

potential as students, athletes, artists, citizens, and friends. The academic

Classical Genetics

program emphasizes independent learning and team-based problem

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

solv ing, emulating the demanding conditions and expectations of higher

Ecology Human Evolution Microbiology and Human Diseases

education. Teachers help us sharpen our research and w riting sk ills, give voice to our critical thinking, and clarif y our ambitions. Upper School draws out our leadership abilities as we found new student-led clubs and develop service projects.

Modern Physics Multimedia Engineering Science & Pseudoscience



COURSE OFFERINGS Acting Advanced Debate Advanced Performing Groups Actors Workshop Dance Workshop Dance Lab Dance Theater Madrigals Show Choir AP Studio Art AP Music Theory Ceramics and Sculpture and Advanced Ceramics Concert Choir Dance Studio Digital Imaging Digital Music and Advanced Digital Music Gospel Choir Individual Music Instruction Piano, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Horn Individual Music Instruction Voice

Fine Arts

History of Art and Music History of 20th Century Arts Orchestra

The arts at Hockaday are nothing short of astonishing. A musical produced

Photography and Advanced Photography

by fourth graders. A world-class debate program. A student’s paintings

Introduction to Debate

exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art. A 53 -piece orchestra. More than a

Technical Theater

creative outlet, the arts instill leadership and entrepreneurship as we

Studio Art and Advanced Studio Art

direct plays, choreograph dance pieces, or curate shows. Many of us continue these studies in college. And we all begin a lifelong engagement.



Fac i l i t i e s The Hockaday education blends timeless values with advanced instructional tools. The Liza Lee Academic Research Center, hub of our w ireless campus, houses two libraries, media labs, and resources that make technology a seamless part of our learning process. Imaginatively designed classrooms and labs inspire us and our teachers. A wellness center and top-f light athletic fields help us keep fit mentally and emotionally. And 100 acres of grounds provide beauty and tranquility during our busy days.



R eaching D eeper Another cornerstone established by Miss Ela Hockaday, athletics helps us enjoy mental, physical, and ethical balance. We learn teamwork, self-sacrifice, and perseverance. We discover new, sometimes surprising strengths. We make fitness and sport a welcome, regular part of our lives. And, of course, we also have a lot of fun and win our share of conference championships.



AT H L E T I C F A C I L I T I E S Three Basketball Courts Four Volleyball Courts Small Gym for Lower School Wellness Center 10 Outdoor Tennis Courts Two Indoor Racquetball Courts 25-Yard Indoor Pool Recreational Outdoor Pool Five Athletic Fields All-Weather Running Track Softball Complex Concession Stands 65 Acres of Open Space VA R S I T Y AT H L E T I C T E A M S

At h let ic s & Physic a l E duc at ion

Basketball Crew Cross-Country Fencing

From track, field hockey, and swimming to yoga, dance, and in-line skating,

Field Hockey

at Hockaday our athletic opportunities are second to none. In our wellness


center, each Upper School student has the opportunity to work with a trainer


to create a personalized workout program tailored to her interests and


goals. Physical education classes begin in prekindergarten, competitive sports


in seventh grade. And competitive we are. “Because we learn to excel in

Swimming and Diving

the classrooms,” says one student, “we learn to excel on the sports fields.”

Tennis Track and Field Volleyball




R eaching O ut To O thers While social commentators note its demise in much of today’s culture, courtesy—deep respect for ever y individual—remains very much alive at Hockaday. This cornerstone creates the supportive, emotionally healthy—if fast-paced—environment in which we study, create, and compete. It inspires us to appreciate and celebrate the diverse personalities of our fellow students. And it moves us to serve others.



S t u de n t S u p port As scholars, athletes, and just as girls grow ing up in a sometimes confusing world, we f ind a lot of support at Hockaday. In Lower School, our homeroom teacher ser ves as a caring mentor. In Middle School, each of us is assigned an advisor as our personal advocate. In Upper School, we join an advisor y group made up of girls our age. From advisors and counselors to facult y and staff, ever yone is here to help us work through academic and social challenges.


Boar di ng As boarders, we enjoy a safe, secure home away from home with superb facilit ies, caring staf f, and a dist inct sense of sisterhood w it h our fellow students. Hockaday is large enough to offer us many prog rams and ex per iences yet sma l l enoug h for us to ma ke ou r ma rk as indiv idua ls. A resident counselor and a local Host Family provide a solid support system. Students in g rades eight t hrough t welve from across t he United States and from around the world are warmly welcomed and appreciated for the unique perspectives, languages, and abilities we contribute to our school community.



SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES AIDS Resource Center Austin Street Centre Boys and Girls Club Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Bryan’s House Cedar Crest Corp Community Center Dallas Arboretum Dallas Children’s Theater Dallas Parks Foundation Emanuel Head Start Program Equest The Family Place

Se rvi ng Our Com mu n i t y

The Forum Genesis Women’s Shelter Girls Inc.

Hockaday girls are compassionate, thoughtful, and responsible. Starting in

Golden Acres Home

Lower School, Hockaday places strong emphasis on community service.

Habitat For Humanity

All Upper School students devote at least 15 hours during the year to service.

Jubilee Center

We help build houses, work in hospitals and shelters, teach English to

Mi Escuelita Head Start Program

new Americans, tutor inner-city children, and serve in countless other ways.

Salvation Army of Dallas County

Ser v ice helps us exercise responsibilit y and leadership in a world we will someday shape.

The Science Place Voice of Hope West Dallas Community School




In the past three years, two or more Hockaday students have attended the following colleges or universities:

P r e pa r e d f o r C o l l e g e a n d B e y o n d Throughout the Upper School years, college counseling helps us explore our goals, aspirations, needs, and preferences to help us make good college decisions and transition successfully to higher education. Each of us begins working directly with a college counselor during our junior year, with parents closely involved. Hockaday graduates return each year to share their experiences. Time and again they tell us: Thanks to Hockaday, we are beautifully prepared to succeed in higher education and in life.


Boston University

Rice University

Carnegie Mellon University

Scripps College

Colby College

Southern Methodist University

Colorado College

Stanford University

Columbia University

Texas A&M University

Cornell University

Trinity University

Dartmouth College

Tufts University

Duke University

Tulane University

Georgetown University

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Harvard University

University of Pennsylvania

Indiana University at Bloomington

University of Rochester

Lehigh University

University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

Louisiana State University

University of Southern California

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of Texas, Austin

Middlebury College

University of Virginia

New York University

Vanderbilt University

Northwestern University

Wake Forest University

Princeton University

Washington University in St. Louis

Purdue University

Yale University

Rhodes College

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Hockaday Viewbook  

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