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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Dear Readers, No school and temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees in Nebraska today. This can only mean one thing - summer has officially arrived! There are so many great products featured in this issue of Hobby Outlook to keep you and your family entertained this summer. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new exclusive radio control car, the Animus 18SC. This car packs a lot of punch at a very competitive price – just think of all the fun you can have with the Animus this summer! We have also featured 10 outdoor products that are great for all ages. And be sure to read about the R/C racing event that was held at the Omaha HobbyTown USA® HobbyPlex raceway. You can also check out articles about the HobbyTown USA® Spring National Model Contest, Micro Mosquito radio control airplane, Tenzi dice game, building the perfect tool kit with Big Squid RC, Team Associated’s RC18T2, SC18 and RC18B radio control cars and so much more. Don’t forget to click on the active links throughout the magazine to receive even more information about your hobby. Enjoy your summer, the weather and, most importantly, your favorite hobbies! Mary Friesen Editor-in-Chief






Summer 2011



IN THIS ISSUE COVER STORY 8 Animus 18SC Helion’s First R/C Short Course 1/18 Scale Vehicle EXCLUSIVES 14 Summer Racing 1:8 Spring Nationals Coverage 18 Bashing on The Go DIY Bashing Tool Kit 28 Three Times the Charm Associated’s SC18, RC18B & RC18T2 36 National Model Contest Spring 2011 National Winners REGULARS 6 Hobby Talk Best Hobby Moments 7 Hobbies in the News Warhammer Collector’s Game 26 Craig’s Pick Micro Mosquito MK VI BNF 32 Top 10 Summer Items Kites, Telescopes, Nerf & More! 40 HTUniversity Mythbusters: Air Pressure 44 Gaming Corner Catch the Tenzi Frenzy



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Fill in the blank: The most enjoyable hobby moment I have had so far is when_________________. My dad jumped 3 vehicles with my Rustler VXL Brushless and a custom built ramp. -Robert

I started researching online for further details in building my military models. -Da Hook

I got my first nitro truck. -Trevor

A real airplane was almost right at the same elevation as my R/C plane! - Spencer

HobbyTown opened a mega store at the end of my block and gave me the key to the town. Okay, that didn’t happen. But how awesome would it be if it did!? -Paul

I went to my closest HobbyTown USA® in Springfield, MO and won third place in the model contest. It was exciting to be there with other modelers. - Nicolas

I used to build and fly model rockets as a youth. -Stephen

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I built rockets with over 300 6th graders at Scott Middle School for a HobbyTown USA Build N’ Blast. -Lauren

I finished my first R/C: Tw 747 i. -Osamah I won my first R/C truck. -Carlos

I worked with all three of my sons on their Pinewood Derby cars….while they were Cub Scouts…good quality time. -Rick

I got a new Pennsylvania Flyer for Christmas! -Alex

I see the smiles of the kids and my kids. - Donnie

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Hobbies in the News

Hobbies in the News Coverage of our favorite hobbies in local newspapers around the globe As the gaming community gears up for the much anticipated Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine video game release this summer, THQ has announced that it will also be introducing a game collector’s edition. Rumor has it, the kit is full of awesome surprises - fans and avid gamers will not want to skip out on this. Reportedly, the kit will include a 10” Purity Seal replica, an art book, the soundtrack to the video game and a pack of 25 character information cards.

Above: A big thanks to the 6th graders who made us this fantastic 3D rocket card! We had a “blast” too!


T R O H H T I S W E H T RSE U O C e h t g



n i c du




S 8 1


“ E D

T T A “ 8


Review Review Click here to view the Animus 18SC in action.

HELION ANIMUS 18SC By Brandon Halvorsen

The Animus 18SC is the first vehicle released by the new radio control company, Helion. Dubbed the “short course with attitude” by R/C Driver magazine, this great little vehicle was a fantastic way to kick off their R/C line. The Animus is a 1/18th scale ready to run (RTR) short course truck that promises features never before seen at such an affordable price. The vehicle is available exclusively at HobbyTown USA® or online at www.hobbytown. com. After testing the vehicle, I can report that we are highly anticipating the next release from Helion. There are several variables that make this vehicle - and the Helion brand - an awesome pick. First, let’s look at all of the parts that make up the Animus. It comes with a battery and charger. All you need are 8 AAs and you are ready to run. I should point out that the included charger, while perfectly adequate, is an overnight-type wall charger. You may want to consider upgrading to shorten the time between runs. Either way, while the battery is charging, take a look at the instructions and familiarize yourself with the Animus. outlook



The Animus 18SC was tested on a variety of surfaces here at Hobby Outlook. We ran it on grass, gravel, dirt and sand - the 4WD (meaning you get imporved handling over 2WD vehicles - not at all common amongst minis) never gave up. Did we mention the 5 foot wall we jumped him off of?

Get the Animus today. Click here to purchase.




HELION ANIMUS 18SC CONT’D... The first thing you will notice when you look at the truck is the tidy chassis. It features shaft driven four wheel drive with gear differentials. This, along with the real rubber tires, ensures great traction, helping you put down maximum power and guaranteeing durability so you are out running - not fixing. The suspension is completely independent with the oil-filled adjustable shocks. Just like a full scale off road racer, you can tune suspension stiffness and damping to match your truck to your tastes. Power comes from a 370 brushed motor and an included 1100mAh 7.2v NiMH battery that combine for good runtimes and speeds of up to 20mph. The second thing you will notice is the integrated ESC, servo and receiver. It helps make the Animus easy to use and very affordable. There are dual steering bell cranks and a servo saver for precision and durability. The radio system is 2.4 GHz spread spectrum which, in English, means you and all your friends can run your trucks without the worry or hassle of old fashioned crystals and

interference. Just turn on the transmitter and truck. It will automatically find an open frequency so you can race. This removes one of the biggest headaches for new enthusiasts. When it came time to run the truck I recruited another radio control fan from the office, IT Director Chad Yost, to evaluate with me. We were in for a couple of pleasant surprises. First, the advertised 1100mAh battery charged up to almost 1300mAh on my Patriot HTX charger. It is uncommon to see a battery advertised at less than its actual capacity and this meant there would be some additional runtime before recharging. Secondly, the Animus was all around better than we expected it to be. It was very quick, and handled well on pavement. I tried everything I could think of and could not get it to come close to rolling. It handled well both on and off power which is not always the case for four wheel drive vehicles on pavement. Next, we took it off road on Left: The Animus tearing up a gravel and sand pit. Above: Runs on grass! Above Right: Uphill test.



Review Interior view of the vehicle post driving. Besides a little dirt, this short course is still in top shape. Bravo, Helion!

Want more? Click here to view the Helion R/C website.

some packed dirt. It handled the bumps and jumps without any problem. It was a natural jumper and we quickly got the hang of acing landings. Handling on dirt was outstanding with predictable tendencies. After all the testing, we only had a few rolls, flips and crashes with no breakage. We can attest to its excellent durability. Even though this is the first vehicle from Helion, the experience their people bring to the market is evident in the polish on the Animus. 12


The bottom line is that this truck offers features comparable or better than other 1/18th scale models on the market at a much lower price. It is easy to use, well built and a great performer. I should point out again it is only available at your local HobbyTown USA速 or online at It is my hope this will allow a whole group of enthusiasts who have been waiting on the sidelines to get into the hobby and start enjoying R/C with the Animus.


Four-wheel drive drivetrain Adjustable, oil-filled, coil-over shock absorbers with bladder Integrated ESC, servo & receiver 370 size 4,200 rpm brushed motor Four-wheel independent suspension Aggressive tread design tires with real rubber compound Dual bell crank steering system with servo saver





By Lauren Larsen Dennis Jonon from Kansas poses at the HobbyPlex raceway with his muddied vehicle after the race.



The smell of fuel combined with boiling summer temperatures is enough to make any R/C enthusiast’s mouth water - throw some mud into the mix and it’s a (off-road) party. In the world of bashing and swag, summer means one thing: a new season of outdoor races. After spending all of winter cooped up at indoor tracks, warmer weather (albeit rainy or sunny) initiates a period of long awaited leg stretching for the true fans of the dirt, off-road track. On May 29, racers gathered at the HobbyPlex in Omaha, NE to compete in the JConcepts 1:8 Spring Nationals Competition. Races, initially scheduled to kick off around 9am, were delayed because of rain. After spending an hour or so removing tarps and reconditioning the track, HobbyPlex employees gave the go ahead for races to commence. While entrants were not dealing with the most ideal conditions, nothing could cap their excitement as they took their places on the racing platform. Over 150 racers participated from all over the US. Fans and friends lined the track, despite the wet weather, to cheer


Click here to visit the HobbyPlex website.

The HobbyPlex raceway in Omaha, NE. This outdoor track is undergoing major renovations. In September, this track will become one of the largest indoor tracks in the US.




The HobbyPlex raceway houses a large indoor track (also used for R/C flying) and an air conditioned pitting area.

on their favorite racing teams. From the perspective of someone who has never been to an R/C track in her life, I found the race exhilarating. The cars were loud – really loud. As they drifted around the track, the air became saturated with the high pitched hums of their tiny engines - think “massive beehive”. Audience members laughed and cheered as HobbyPlex employees dove after stuck cars and fell victim to the muddy course. The atmosphere grew more welcoming as each qualifying round progressed. A chorus of “congrats” and an onset of high fives followed each race. People were happy. 16


The HobbyPlex is unique in that it is able to offer year round racing because of its large indoor and outdoor tracks. Currently, the Plex is looking at enclosing their outdoor track - making it one of the largest indoor tracks in the country. Off-road racing available all year will probably sound pretty good to racers who reside in wintery states. What impressed me most about the race wasn’t the infinite amount of track space or the “rain or shine” attitude of devotees. Rather, it was the variety of people in attendance. Ages at the HobbyPlex track ranged from 8-60. Like many hobbies, R/C has the ability to unite very different types of people


with similar interests. As the Sunday races concluded, trophies were distributed to winners. The Team Losi Racing group cleaned house and were awarded the 1:8 Expert Buggy, 1:8 Expert Truggy and Electric 1:8 Buggy. To watch a clip from the race, click here. The HobbyPlex has a list of track rules. One of the top rules states, “We are here to have fun.” No matter how new you are to the hobby, it is obvious that anyone can enjoy the outdoor racing season - even if you are just there to watch. It is, after all, a requirement of the track. There are no age or skill level prequalifying rounds when it comes to hobbies. Those ready to hit the track should visit the HobbyPlex website for more information. HobbyPlex offers R/C events year round and almost every day of the week - including practice times for those intimidated by the racing process. To check the current HobbyPlex schedule for track information, click here. To find outdoor tracks in your area or learn more about how to get involved in R/C contact your local HobbyTown USA®.

Racers control their vehicles from a platform that overlooks the entire track.



BASHING Y I D project



Side Cutters

There will come a time when you find yourself having to cut away som ties. You could use scissors, but they dull out fast. A sharp set of side cu will make quick work of any tough ties or hard to cut items.

Allen Wrenches

The Perfect Bashing Tool Kit Make sure you have everything you need when you hit the road with suggestions from the bashing pros at Big Squid R/C. By Brian Smolik Big Squid RC

Now that you have your ramp and field box [click here to check out our previous articles], it’s time to start bashing. Right? Not so fast. Every good basher needs a good tool box full of the necessary items to work on their vehicles. Most every RTR truck comes with some sort of tool pack. These are fine if you plan on bringing your truck back to the hobby shop every time it breaks. If you want to be a basher wrench, you need a good deal more than what came in the box. So what do you need? What can you live without? Read on to find out how to successfully bash on the go and never stop! We’ve got all the tools you need to bash for hours on end. 18

outlook outlook

Most every company (with a exceptions) has started using all head screws on their vehicles. A s set of allen wrenches (or hex wrenc are a must. You could use the set came with the truck, or a multi tip However, if you are going to put tim and get to know your truck, you nee good set of hobby wrenches. The la handles make it easier on your ha and the longer shafts help get into s tight spaces. There are two types: m and standard. Most companies metric, and 2.0mm is by far the favo Do yourself a favor and don’t go ch here.

Glow Plug Wrench

Even if you run electric, a glow wre is a good thing to have. With mult drivers on them, they can come handy when working on your vehic They usually have 3 or 4 differ wrench openings and can be u on wheel nuts, glow plugs and ot things. It is a good idea to have a nut drivers also. Different scale tru have different requirements for driv Wheel nuts, bolts and even ball st require the use of nut drivers. You co get a full set, or just check your truck what you need.

u will me zip y will utters h zip

few hex solid ches) that p set. me in ed a arger ands, some metric use orite. heap

ench tiple e in cles. rent used ther few ucks vers. tuds ould k for


Lexan Scissors and a Body Reamer

Too many times you find that you need to trim up your body in the field. When you are running a body for the first time, you might find that it is rubbing or that you forgot to make a hole for the glow igniter or stinger on your exhaust. I have found myself adding holes for cooling or to get to a tuning needle without removing the body.

Temp Gun



Even electric guys can use these in the field. The nitro uses are obvious. For electrics, you can see if your motor is running hot and you need to re-gear, or if your ESC is overheating .

Tongue and Grove Pliers

As bashers, we like to go big. When fixing some damage, sometimes there is no substitute for a good pair of tongue and grove pliers. Use it to bend pins, remove parts and occasionally, as a hammer.


The flathead will mostly be used as a tuning screwdriver for your nitro motor. The Phillips will have various needs. Some kits will require special drivers (torques, star and square heads) so look over your truck to to see what you need. outlook outlook


Guest Columnist

Zip Ties or Cable Ties One of our mottos around here: zip ties fix everything! These come in handy to keep wires out of moving parts, or to keep your exhaust pipe from falling off. We have even tied a-arms back onto a truck to keep bashing. Get creative with these, and they will save a day of bashing from ending early. Double Sided Tape Sometimes your ESC will come loose or your receiver will pop off the chassis. A good two sided tape will keep you running (if you don’t have zip ties handy). You might even find yourself using it to keep your body on after you grind down the body posts from some nasty wheelies.


Things you are going to want to have with you that are not “tools”:

CA Glue Tires can become unglued, especially when you have a heavy trigger finger or you are trying to pull a triple back flip off of a ramp. A bottle of quick setting CA glue will keep you bashing. Be careful with this stuff in your toolbox. If it spills or gets punctured, you will have a huge mess and a lot of damaged tools. Consider keeping it in a Ziploc bag or baby food jar. 20


AA Batteries Nobody wants to end their day because their radio died, or they left their receiver on from the last time. Replacement Parts Make sure to pack the things you break every time you go out. A-arms, spur gears, glow plugs and drive shafts. Anything you might need to keep bashing. We have started making smaller boxes of ‘spare parts’ for specific vehicles. If I know I’m taking out the Traxxas Slash and HPI Savage, I’ll grab the boxes with those parts in them. If you have a lot of vehicles, you can’t take all the parts. Keep them sorted and just take what you need.

Guest Columnist

Of course you need something to put it all in. There are a lot of companies that make R/C tool boxes and carrying bags. Having a solid toolbox can come in handy. It can be used as a seat, a driver’s stand and sometimes a work bench. When picking one out, keep some things in mind. Where are you going to put it? Will it fit in your car/ truck? Are there other things you want it to carry? Some people keep EVERYTHING in theirs: chargers to radios, batteries to nitro fuel. Above all, keep it organized. You don’t want to spend 10 minutes every time you are looking for that 2.0mm hex head! To help keep things organized, go pick up a cheap fishing tackle box,

or just the inner compartments. They cost about 1/3 of what the same thing would cost to hold nuts and bolts of the hardware department, and do just as good of a job! There are a lot of other things you can take with you - a soldering iron, extra receivers or motors. This is just a list of essentials. Stuff that will make your day of bashing much easier and enjoyable if you have it with you. Now that you have your toolbox set up, what are you waiting for? Go Bash! For more information and bashing on the go R/C tips, check out our website at www.BigSquidRC. com.


show off your

true colors.

Rediscover a time-honored tradition made easier and more organized than ever before! With 7 awards and counting, My Friendship Bracelet Maker® continues to be a favorite with kids, parents and the toy industry, receiving winning ratings for entertainment, originality and educational value. With the simple message of “Choose Friendship,” we encourage kids of every age to celebrate who they are and their connections to each other. ®

Visit us at today! Call toll free: 866.693.2648



Dealers and Manufacturers are missing out. Those of us that make the trip every

year want to see manufacturer’s new products, touch them and maybe even speak with

As a dealer I learn new ways to grow my business by returning year in and year out. Making friends and partners along


the way!


October 20 and 21 — Trade October 22 and 23 — Trade & Consumer Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont (Chicago) IL See over 350 displays of “NEW”radio control, model railroad, plastics & die cast, toy, and general hobby products. Source products for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. A�end valuable educational seminars to help you increase sales. Network with your industry peers. Meet future hobby enthusiasts—more than 19,000 in 2010!

The Hobby University

Seminars, and especially the one on ‘The Bottom Line’, was extremely valuable

to a new retailer.


To secure your preferred exhibit Space, email To receive a�endee registration information



or visit outlook

Find the HobbyTown USA速 location nearest to you. With over 150 franchises nationwide, you can find us just about anywhere.




Store Locator




Ultra Micro Mosquito MK VI BNF by ParkZone By Craig Trachten HobbyTown USA® Brookfield CT

History Lesson: The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito is by far my favorite WWII British aircraft. It was a multipurpose aircraft made primarily from Plywood, Balsa and Spruce - like a lot of R/C models. Because of this, many British piano manufacturers became aircraft builders during WWII. As a bomber, the Mosquito was one of the fastest operational aircrafts in the world during WWII. She could easily out run most enemy fighters. This is why the Mosquito was unarmed. Other versions were developed for high altitude night bombing and recon. One variant had machine guns mounted in the beak of this bird for fighting. During WWII, the Mosquito successfully defended the British skis from the Luftwaffe. Flying the Micro Mosquito: What can I say other than ParkZone does it again. They successfully reproduced the Mosquito MK VI, (the machine 26


gun version - my favorite) micro-sized. This is their first multi-motor, 4 channel micro aircraft and it’s a winner! It is currently available as a BNF (Bind-n-Fly) package. Aircraft, batteries and charger are included. Note that you’ll be using a 4+ channel DSM2 transmitter. Open the box and you will find everything (sans transmitter) you need for a fun day of flying. The first thing you will notice is the attention to detail on the plane - it is outstanding. Examine the realistic paint scheme - roundels and the 3-bladed props with yellow tips make it pretty cool looking. Under the glass, you’ll see there is some cockpit detail. To top it all off, the box makes a perfect carry for transport as every item has its own home. There are additional slots for multiple batteries just in case you end up with extra (you will!). I’m sure the first thing out of the box will be the aircraft, but don’t forget to read the documentation - available in four different languages. The charger will work with either a 6V or 12V battery


View the Ultra Micro Mosquito MK VI BNF online here. You can also find video clips of the Micro Mosquito in action here.

or an optional A/C power cord that is available as an option. After hooking up the charger to power and press the + button until .7 amps light up. Plug in the single cell 250mAh Lipo and then press start. When the charger’s LEDs flash like a Christmas tree, it’s flying time. The battery is tucked in the beak behind the machine guns. Position it so the aircraft will balance 1-½” behind the leading edge. Now, make sure your trims are centered and the control surfaces are in the neutral position. Make adjustments by either squeezing or separating the “U” bend in the control rods. Hang on to her and add some throttle. The counter-rotating props make this plane the real deal. Flying the Mosquito is a joy. When I fly indoors, the Mosquito will taxi, rotate and take off the hard floor surface. Outdoor flying is a different matter. If you have access to a ball field to fly, the Mosquito will take off the hard packed dirt of the base paths. If not, hand launch is your only option. Throttle up to half-

throttle (or more if you are comfortable with that) and give her a gentle push off. With the props counter rotating, she’ll lift off level. Climb to altitude and trim if needed. In the gym, I was only able to fly the pattern and do some touchn-go’s. Nets, beams and obstructions limited what could be done. Outside, however, it is a different story. The Mosquito will perform nice wide loops and some victory rolls. Flying inverted required only a slight touch of down elevator. Although the Mosquito is the farthest thing from a 3-D or acrobatic aircraft, I had fun flying high alpha and spins. The best testament to an aircraft is that if anything happens to it, one replaces it. Nothing happened to my Micro Mosquito but I would like ParkZone to put the micro on steroids and grow a bigger version. Then they could make the Micro Mosquito the star of a new movie called “Honey, I grew the Mosquito!” Have fun, fly safe. outlook


R/C Gear-Up

R/C Gear-Up

3 Times the Charm Outlook enlisted HobbyTown USAŽ fun enthusiast Ryan Phillips to test out the RC18T2, RC18B and SC18 from Team Associated. He raced and conquered (sort of) in this issue’s R/C Gear-Up. By Ryan Phillips

My elaborate plan to conduct this review was spoiled by amateurs. Then again, who am I to judge since I was one of the culprits. On a recent trip to the lake, I took three Associated 1:18 scale vehicles: the RC18T2, RC18B, and SC18. It was simply an awesome time! At first, I wanted to drive each vehicle separately to get a feel for the controls, speed and response time of the included

and highly reviewed XP3-SS 3-channel, 2.4GHz radio system. The one problem with my original thought was that I had my father and best friend with me. They were just as excited to rip them out of the box as me. So we developed quite an elaborate plan. While the vehicles were charging with the included AC charger and 6-cell 1100mAh NiMh Sport Pack, we brought in piles of sand and cones with the idea of having a


SC18 Scale:


Internal Gear Ratio:



RC18T2 Wheelbase:



143mm 505g 1:18







252mm 166mm




R/C Gear-Up Click here to view the product online.



The 1:18 Scale Vehicles from Associated can really kick it into gear. Ryan couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had. These pictures are post “warm-up”.



R/C Gear-Up

three car race and video/pictures to document our fun. In theory, this was the perfect plan. Each vehicle has a sealed drive train to help keep rocks and dirt away from all the gears and pulleys (an absolute necessity with offroad driving). The problem? Well let’s just say that the kid in each of us took over and we never made it out of warmups. One bump lead to another (rubbing is racing right?) and soon our afternoon was ended with a pile of parts. This is not a comment that will challenge the durability of the vehicles, but more of testament about how they got our adrenaline running and how hard we


punished them. The point of this story is that each vehicle provided the speed to get our hearts pumping even for 1:18 scale. I particularly enjoyed the drifting ability and peel outs in the sand that were all made possible through the 4WD and 5000kV Reedy brushless power system. My father enjoyed the detail of the AMT style wheels, mud flaps and decals of the SC18 short course truck. Other great aspects of all three vehicles are the sealed drive train, composite fluid filled shocks, durable composite chassis and XP3-SS radio system. Since I have mentioned the radio system twice, I might as well break it down and describe

R/C Gear-Up

it in further detail. First, the XP3-SS system is a 3CH, 2.4GHz radio that will give you plenty of range to drive your car. In our warmups, I drove the SC18 about 300 yards before I turned around (more than far enough for this amateur). I also enjoyed having features like a built in battery monitor and easy to use steering and throttle trim controls that are so straight forward that even a beginner could figure them out. However, Associated didn’t stop there. They also included a throttle/brake adjustable travel volume and folding antenna. You will be hard pressed to find a radio system that delivers better precision control than

the XP3-SS. The only advice that I have for you is that you make sure to purchase additional batteries and a rapid charger. As previously stated, the RC18T2, RC18B and SC18 each come with one 6 cell NiMh Sport Battery Pack and an AC wall charger. I promise you will not want to put your radio down and will be hungry for more if you stick with just the single battery and stock charger. I would like to add that in the few days that have passed since our immature debacle, I have fielded several phone calls from my father and best friend asking when we can get the cars back out and have that race.



summer FUN

We’ve compiled a list to help you do summer the right way: getting outside and enjoying your favorite hobby. From kites to rockets, we’ve got you covered. Just don’t forget the sunscreen. For more ideas on outdoor summer fun, check out our outdoor activities section here on our website.



Outdoor Hobby


Flying a kite is one of the most quintessential summer activities. Whether it is colorful, handmade or shaped like your favorite Star Wars character, find one and fly it. Check out our selection of kites online.



Outdoor Hobby



summer get your hobby on. FUN


Ultra Stomp Rocket The Ultra Stomp Rocket is one of the best toys of the summer. Just stomp on the launching pad and watch the rocket soar over 200 feet in the air. The rocket doubles as a stress reliever and hours of entertainment for your kids. Ultra Stomp Rocket by D&L Company.

ACE 150 Metal Detector In need of a summer adventure? The ACE 150 metal detector from Garrett features One-Touch treasure operation, 3 search modes and a Graphic Target ID screen which indicates coin depth. Ace 150 Metal Detector by Garrett. Tie Dye Kit Go retro. Nothing says “old school” summer like Tie Dye. The Tie Dye Fashion Kit from Alex includes everything you need. Tie Dye Kit by Alex.

PowerSeeker 60 This telescope is perfect for a first time user. The high quality scope sells at a very affordable price and is perfect for a backyard stargazing camp out - bring marshmallows! PowerSeeker 60 by Celestron. 34


? r h h t n

Outdoor Hobby


Zyclone Summer Nerf battles just got more awesome. Simply attach the Zing-Ring onto the Zyclone, pull, twist and shoot. Perfect for neighborhood turf wars and sibling rivalries. Zyclone by Zing.

Strato Streak Glider Powered by rubber bands, this glider from Guillow is a steal. For under $6, you can assemble quickly and get flying in no time. Strato Streak Glider by Guillow.

Z-Curve Bow Highly rated bow and arrow toy set that fires with surprising accuracy up to 125 feet. Z-Curve Bow by Zing.

! N RU Spyhawk Night Vision Perfect for hide and seek in the dark or nighttime nature walks. The Slinky Science goggles come with a highpowered LED light for better viewing and headphones for advanced sound. Spyhawk Night Vision by Slinky.

Hydro Cannon Neighborhood enemies and office foes beware! The Super Soaker Hydro Cannon is built to drench opponents in gigantic blasts of water. One hit from this monster and you’re finished. Hydro Cannon by Nerf. outlook


Winner’s Circle

To find a model to create for the fall contest, click here.

Best of Show: James Speorl submitted this extremely detailed and “dirty” construction truck. James was this spring’s Best of Show Winner. He submitted the model at the Frederick, Maryland HobbyTown USA®. For more photos, visit the HobbyTown USA® Facebook page.



Winner’s Circle

Spring National

MODEL CONTEST By Lauren Larsen

On April 16, modelists nationwide flocked to their local HobbyTown USA® stores to participate in the spring National Model Contest. Contestants were encouraged to bring their best completed models - cars, military vehicles and scenes from Dracula were just a few of the varieties in tow. James Speorl, the spring 2011 Best of Show winner (pictured), says that the model contest is, “...great to exchange techniques and experiences on building and weathering, as well as see what people have done.” This is a great opportunity to learn more about the hobby or fine tune various model techniques. The winners of the in-store contests were then forwarded on to compete against other entrants on a national level. Winners were selected for Best of Show, Best Paint, Best Osprey and Best Junior. The winners of Best of Show, Best Paint and Best Osprey will be receiving a $250 gift card to HobbyTown USA® and a plaque with their name on it. The Best Junior recipient will receive a gift card for $150 and a plaque with his name on it. The winners are displayed on the next page. outlook


Winner’s Circle

Best Junior: 1/72 Vietnam War Diorama - William Culbreth, Las Vegas, NV HobbyTown USA®

Best Osprey: Kory Waford, Idaho Falls, ID HobbyTown USA®

Best Paint: Stug IV - Marc Randall, Tulsa, OK HobbyTown USA® 38



niversity est. 1986

Testing the ever popular marshmallow shooter.


Power of Air Pressure Ken Versaw works out the myths behind Air Pressure with the help of four other qualified HTUniversity scientists in this issue’s HTUniveristy. By Ken Versaw

Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel is one my kids’ top 3 favorite shows. They all enjoy science as a subject at school and home. Saturday morning, I called them all to the kitchen table to unpack the kit. As we took each of the components out, we wondered what they would be used for. My son, 40


for example, guessed that we would be making our own soda pop because of the bottles provided in the kit. The nice thing about the kit is almost every component inside is something you can find around the house. This means you can change some of the variables in other experiments for extended use



Power of Air Pressure

of the kit. Included are materials to test three different myths along with instructions on how to test a fourth myth using household items. The kit also contains some small PVC pipes, pom-poms and instructions on how to make a small, air-powered marshmallow launcher. The artwork on the materials was created in the same distressed urban style as the show. The colors and graphics pop which helps hold the children’s attention. The voice of the materials is third person and irreverent, much like the voice-over actor on the show. The only problem we had was deeming which child would perform which experiment - they all wanted to do each one. Every page in the instructions manual starts with a paragraph describing the myth. Next, each myth is broken down into scientific principles. Buster (the dummy and reoccurring sidekick on the show) chooses one of the principles, explains it and creates an experiment around it. The children listened to the “whys” behind the experiments, but it was clear that they were eager to jump into the “builds”.

Filling the balloon with Carbon Dioxide gas.

Myth #1: Dangerous Belch Can air cause your stomach to explode? Since gas is lighter than air, it will expand and try to escape when introduced to air. Can this effect cause a person’s stomach to explode if the gas is introduced but not allowed to escape? The Mythbusters consulted their lawyers and determined that it would be too risky to test this myth in full scale. However, they included a small jar, balloon, baking soda and citric acid. When citric acid and baking soda are mixed together, carbon dioxide gas is created. The objective of the experiment was to see what effect this gas would have on the balloon, which was attached to the jar and served as a stomach analog. This experiment was very easy for the children to perform. I won’t spoil the results of this myth (or any others), but no stomachs were outlook



Testing joint stiffness with a tiny pipette.

Creating a tornado with two soda bottles.

harmed in this myth. Myth of the Human Weather Forecast Will air help your bones predict the weather? Most people perceive air as nothing. However, it is actually a thin liquid bearing down on us all the time. As air warms and cools the weight of the air above us changes. The Mythbusters have postulated that the changes in weight can push around the small amount of air trapped in our joints causing aches and discomfort. The Mythbusters decided the best way to test this myth would be to reduce it to a small scale, controlled environment. A small air-tight pipette would serve as the air trapped in joints, and a soda bottle filled with water would serve as the outside environment. My 8 and 9-year-old sons worked together to assemble the experiment. First they filled bottle 他 full of water 42


and placed the pipette in it. After screwing the cap back on the bottle increases in air pressure were mimicked by squeezing the bottle. This was a fun and easy way to see the changes that outside pressure can have on the small amounts of air trapped inside a closed environment. Myth of the Wimpy Tornado The winds that swirl around a tornado cause the air pressure to drop to very low levels. Air, as a liquid, moves from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure, like water draining out of a bathtub. With this effect in mind, the big question is, can a tornado cause a house to explode by lowering the pressure outside of a house suddenly? To test the effect of differences in air pressure, we placed a balloon on the inside of an empty soda bottle, so the soda bottle is air tight. Then we attempted to blow up the balloon inside the bottle. Next we placed small holes


in the bottle so the air could escape as we blew up the balloon. Again, the results are something you will have to test for yourselves. The total time to work through all the myths was about an hour and a half. There are suggestions in the myths for ways to vary them to demonstrate different principles. Again, most of these experiments can be done with items found around the house. The kit’s purpose is to provide an excellent resource for the “science” aspect and make the experience more fun. It provides an offbeat approach to the scientific method and appeals to a wide age range. In the end, the kids all had a very

fun time. Most importantly, they left eager to try other Mythbuster brand science kits. This is a great educational tool to make science fun and I would recommend it to anyone with children who is curious about science. Want more? Mythbusters has several kits available for science lovers. Mythbusters Weird World of Science, Forces of Flight, Science of Sports and the “Don’t Try this at Home” kit are just some of the different varieties of kits available. The show airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the Discovery Channel. It is a 100% family friendly show and is a great source of educational entertainment. More: To watch clips from the show, click here. To check out more science kits by Mythbusters, click here.


This issue:

TENZI By: David Nolte

I’ve played many games using “buckets o’ dice” over the years, but Tenzi is the first one that is purely about the dice - and rolling them fast. The concept is really simple; 2-4 players each have 10 dice of the same color. On “Go!” each player rolls all of their dice. You choose the number showing on the most dice, and pick up the rest and roll them again, and repeat until all 10 of your dice show the same number, when you call “Tenzi!’” and 44


win the game. An average “hand” or “round” takes only about 30 seconds. Fun, fast and easy. To switch things up, try: “Halfzies” (you try to get 5 dice each to 2 different numbers) “Stackzies” (you have to stack your dice as you get your chosen number) and “Stealzies” (if another player rolls your number, you can take their die and replace with one of yours). Variants provide some interesting changes. This game is tailored towards all ages and skill levels. Find you favorite rules and “roll them bones”!


breakdown Game Time: 30 Seconds Perfect For: Family group or friends. Anyone can play!

Gaming Corner

Instructions Clarity Very simple instructions for a very simple game.

Game Play A single “game” will only take seconds to play. It is best played in many different rounds (first player to 3 wins, etc) and with different variations.

More: You can mix the rules anyway you want. Play dozens of rounds in a sitting, and play many different ways.


If you like Tenzi, you’ll like: Yahtzee, Pit


This game has very little strategy, other than selecting which number to roll for. It’s about thinking and rolling fast.

Just pick a place to play, pour out the dice, and pick a color!

Overall Tenzi is perfect for adults and kids. To order the game, click here.

This game was great fun for any ages. There are dice for 4 players, but is fun with 2 or 3. It goes so fast, that 6 players were able to get in several rounds as we rotated players through.






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