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Selby is back with a behind-the-scenes look at the people and places that make the fashion world go round ■

By To d d S E l By

F o R E w o R d By S I m o n d o o n A n


he next installment in the bestselling “Selby” series, Fashionable Selby explores the kaleidoscopic

world of fashion, featuring profiles of today’s most interesting designers, stylists, haberdashers, models, shoemakers, and more. The subjects include a mix of the avant-garde, the traditional, the must-haves, and the totally unexpected. Chapters on individual artists bring

readers inside their studios, workshops, and homes, and include Selby’s signature photographs and watercolors of not only the artists and their environments, but also the things that inspire them, the materials they use, their creative process, the people who work alongside them, and the final pieces. From the showroom of one of the Antwerp Six to the studios of Central St. Martins in London to a punk knitter in Brooklyn, Selby captures some of fashion’s biggest names, rising stars, and bestkept secrets. Todd Selby is an interiors, fashion, and portrait photographer and illustrator. His photographs can regularly be seen in Vogue, British Vogue, Le Monde’s M Magazine, D Magazine, and more. He lives in Brooklyn. Simon Doonan is creative ambassador for Barneys New York and the author of The Asylum: A collage of couture reminiscences . . . and hysteria. He lives in New York City with his husband, Jonathan Adler, and Liberace, their Norwich terrier.

Also AVAil AB le

s e lling points

s pecificAtions 500 color illustrations

■ The Selby Is in Your

348 pages, 8 × 11"

Place and Edible

Hardcover, with paper dolls

Selby have sold more than 100,000 copies




■ Features profiles from

Edible Selby ISBN 978-0-8109-9804-9 ISBN 978-0-8109-9804-9 US $35.00 CAN $40.00 53500

all over the world ■ Includes 2 sheets of paper dolls ■ Range of subjects

9 780810 998049

ISBN 978-1-4197-0861-9 ISBN$35.00 978-1-4197-0861-9 US CAN $40.00


9 781419 708619

The Selby Is in Your Place ISBN 978-0-8109-8486-8 ISBN 978-0-8109-8486-8 US $35.00 CAN $42.00 53500

includes famous brands and up-and-coming designers 9

See page 122

780810 984868

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Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127



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FROM THe MeTROPOLITAN MUSeUM OF ART ■ The Metropolitan Museum of art is the largest museum in the Western

Fashion Is...

Hemisphere and the world’s most encyclopedic art museum under one roof. Founded in 1870, its permanent collection, housed in 17 curatorial departments, comprises more than 2 million works of art spanning 5,000 years of world culture, from prehistory to the present, from every part of the globe, in all artistic media, and at the highest levels of creative excellence.

s pecificAtions 188 color illustrations 384 pages, 5½ × 6⅝" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WoRlD ENGlISH PUB MONTH: MaRcH GIFT • FaSHIoN •  aRT HISToRy ISBN 978-1-4197-1168-8 51895



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ashion Is . . . encourages readers to think about the myriad definitions of fashion. A Dior day

suit. An Yves Saint Laurent minidress. A Japanese

kimono. A Ferragamo shoe. A British court ensemble. A Schiaparelli hat. Fashion is glamour and attitude, texture and pattern, sexy and prim, luxurious and eccentric. It is above all a rich and evocative means of expression for both the designer and the wearer.

ISBN$18.95 978-1-4197-1168-8 US CAN $21.95

9 781419 711688


Gathered here are costumes, regional dress, haute couture, and accessories from prehistory to the present, as well as paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts relating to modes of dress.

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:49 PM

Highlights from the collection of the world-famous museum in a fun, accessible format

New York Is...

s e lling points ■ The books are an ideal gift for lovers of art, fashion, or New York City ■ The Metropolitan Museum of Art welcomes more than 6 million visitors annually

Also AVAil AB le in the s e rie s

Art Is... ISBN 978-1-4197-1125-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-1125-1 US $18.95 CAN $21.95 51895 9 781419 711251

s pecificAtions 188 color illustrations 384 pages, 5½ × 6⅝" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WoRlD ENGlISH PUB MONTH: MaRcH GIFT • REGIoNal • aRT


ew York Is . . . offers answers to the question: What is New York in the eyes of

artists? The Flatiron Building is shape; the empire

State Building is line. Washington Square Park is joyous; Times Square is spectacle. Among the enduring illustrations are paintings by edward Hopper, Stuart Davis, Winslow Homer, Jacob Lawrence, and Charles Demuth; photographs by

ISBN 978-1-4197-1169-5 ISBN$18.95 978-1-4197-1169-5 US CAN $21.95


9 781419 711695

Walker evans, Berenice Abbott, Alfred Stieglitz, Garry Winogrand, and Cindy Sherman; and drawings, lithographs, and posters, all celebrating this endlessly fascinating metropolis.

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Chihuly on Paper ■

By dA l E C h I h u ly

E d I T E d By B A R R y R o S E n

w I T h A n E S S Ay By n AT h A n K E R n A n

s e lling points ■ Dale Chihuly is the most important living artist working in the medium of glass

A lavish set of slipcased volumes featuring the acclaimed glass artist’s beautiful works on paper

■ This is the single largest survey of Chihuly’s works on paper ■ Books on this internationally renowned artist are strong sellers ■ Chihuly’s work is on display in museums, botanical gardens, and other venues around the world

s pecifications 274 illustrations 512 pages, 10⅜ × 13⅛" Hardcover with slipcase, 3 volumes

“Dale Chihuly’s drawings . . .


constitute a parallel visual world as


compelling and original as that of his amazing


sculptures in glass.”—Nathan Kernan

ISBN 978-1-4197-1256-2 ISBN$125.00 978-1-4197-1256-2 US CAN $145.00


9 781419 712562


hese three volumes, housed in a stunning slipcase, bring together many of renowned glass artist Dale

Chihuly’s most impressive works on paper. Organized across medium—graphite, charcoal, and acrylic—Chihuly on Paper is the single most comprehensive book covering what the artist considers to be the most direct representation of the energy behind his artistic process.

Also AVAil AB le

Chihuly (b. 1941) describes this energy as “spontaneous, fast, immediate,” and the gorgeous reproductions here convey this immediacy as never before. The excitement of Chihuly’s work on paper is in its unpredictability and organic expressiveness—the same elements that distinguish the artist’s signature work in glass. An essay

Chihuly: 365 Days ISBN 978-0-8109-7088-5 ISBN 978-0810970885 US $32.50 CAN $37.50 53250 9 780810 970885

Chihuly Garden Installations ISBN 978-1-4197-0103-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0103-0 US $75.00 CAN $86.00 57500

9 781419 701030



Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 8

by Nathan Kernan explores these compelling works of art. Barry Rosen is an advisor to artists and artists’ estates. Nathan Kernan is a New York–based writer and poet. He is the author of books and exhibition catalogues on Robert Indiana, Joan Mitchell, and other artists, and contributes to Art in America, Art on Paper, The Burlington Magazine, and Modern Painters.

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:50 PM

An Ocean Garden T H e S e C R e T L I F e O F S e AW e e D ■

By J o S I E I S E l I n

s e lling points ■ Josie Iselin’s books on the seashore have sold more than 135,000 copies combined ■ The perfect gift for anyone who simply loves the ocean ■ explores the beneficial properties of seaweed, a popular ingredient in food and skin-care products

s pecificAtions 100 color photographs 144 pages, 7 × 7" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MONTH: MaRcH NaTURE • aRT ISBN 978-1-4197-1170-1 ISBN$17.95 978-1-4197-1170-1 US CAN $19.95



A new celebration of the natural beauty of the oceans from the author of Beach Stones and Seashells n her captivating new book, artist and avid beachcomber Josie Iselin returns to the seashore

9 781419 711701

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

See page 122 6-coPy coUNTER DISPlay

to reveal the unexpected beauty of seaweed.

ISBN 978-1-4197-1340-8

Produced on a flatbed scanner, Iselin’s vibrant

ISBN$107.70 978-1-4197-1340-8 US CAN $119.70


portraits of ocean flora reveal the exquisite color and extraordinary forms of more than 200 specimens

9 781419 713408

gathered from tidal pools along the California and Maine coasts. Her engaging text, which accompanies

Also AVAil AB le

the images, blends personal observation and

Sea Glass Hearts ISBN 978-1-4197-0218-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0218-1 US $12.95 CAN $13.95 51295

philosophical musings with scientific fact. Like her previous books, An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed is a poetic and compelling tribute to the natural world and the wonder it evokes. Josie Iselin is a photographer, writer, and book designer with six previous books to her credit, including Beach Stones, Heart Stones, and Beach: A Book of Treasure. She holds a B.A. in Visual and environmental Studies from Harvard University and an M.F.A. from San Francisco State University. She shows her artwork regularly at galleries and museums throughout the United States. Her work is on view at She lives and works in San Francisco, where she walks the beach often.

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9 781419 702181

Beach Stones ISBN 978-0-8109-5533-2 ISBN-13: 978-0-8109-5533-2 US $17.95 CAN $19.95 51795

9 780810 955332

Seashells ISBN 978-0-8109-9327-3 ISBN 978-0810993273 US $17.95 CAN $19.95 51795

9 780810 993273

Heart Stones ISBN 978-0-8109-9465-2 ISBN 978-0810994652 US $12.95 CAN $13.95 51295

9 780810 994652



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Be in a design ■




By P E T E n E l S o n


ete nelson, the world’s best-known treehouse designer and builder,

Host l of Anima Planet’s e s Treehou Masters

wants to put readers in trees—his motto is, “get ’er done, so you can

BE in a TREE.” his new book is a comprehensive source of inspiration and practical information about treehouse design and construction. To that end, he shares the basics of treehouse construction with his own recent projects

as case studies. using photographs taken especially for this project along with diagrams, he covers the selection and care of trees, and explains the fundamentals of building treehouse platforms. To ignite the imagination, nelson presents 27 treehouses in the united States, Europe, and Africa. The book will be indispensible to anyone who aspires to have a treehouse, from the armchair dreamer, to the amateur builder, to the professional contractor. Pete Nelson’s previous books for Abrams include Treehouses of the World (2004) and New Treehouses of the World (2009). The host of the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters, nelson runs nelson Treehouse and Supply (nTS) outside of Seattle. he lives in Fall City, washington.



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z Abrams 10/16/13 10:06 AM

From the acclaimed treehouse master, a complete and inspiring guide to all aspects of treehouses s pecificAtions

Also AVAil AB le

237 color photographs and 39 diagrams 224 pages, 7½ × 11¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MONTH: MaRcH aRcHITEcTURE • HoME DESIGN ISBN 978-1-4197-1171-8 ISBN$37.50 978-1-4197-1171-8 US CAN $42.50


9 781419 711718

See page 122

Treehouses of the World ISBN 978-0-8109-4952-2 ISBN 978-0-8109-4952-2 US $37.50 CAN $42.50 53750 9 780810 949522

New Treehouses of the World ISBN 978-0-8109-9632-8 ISBN 978-0810996328 US $37.50 CAN $42.50 53750

9 780810 996328

s e lling points ■ Nelson’s previous books Treehouses of the World and New Treehouses of the World have sold more than 100,000 copies combined ■ The “treehouse man” has greater outreach than ever, with his own TV show, Treehouse Masters, on Animal Planet ■ Focuses on practical advice and design inspiration for aspiring treehouse owners ■ A Pete Nelson treehouse is a model of environmentally responsible building

Treehouses of the World 2015 Wall Calendar ISBN 978-1-4197-1266-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-1266-1 US $13.99 CAN $16.99 51399 9 781419 712661

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10/16/13 10:06 AM

Nikki Mc Clure’s boo calenda ks and rs have s old more 200,000 than copies combine d

Collect Raindrops T H e S e A S O N S G AT H e R e D ■

By n I K K I m c C lu R E

A collection of renowned artist Nikki McClure’s stunning paper cuts reissued with new art in a smaller package

s e lling points ■ Featuring a smaller trim size and lower price point, this reissue makes the perfect gift ■ Includes 64 pages of new art ■ Organized by season, this tribute to family, community, and living close to nature will resonate strongly with environmentalists


and DIYers alike


■ Printed on recycled paper stock

“A wonderful collection of paper-cut prints . . . McClure is self-taught in the medium, and her work is folk art at its best. She has a fine sense of composition, and her pieces have a bold, graphic appeal that is

s pecifications

easy to like. Her organic, modernist

150 color illustrations

images and life-affirming message

176 pages, 7½ × 9"

make this a suitable children’s


book, too.” —Library Journal

RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MONTH: MaRcH aRT ISBN 978-1-4197-1167-1 ISBN$24.95 978-1-4197-1167-1 US CAN $27.95


9 781419 711671

See page 122


ather, Navigate, Welcome, Fortify, Surrender, Save, Listen, Make Mistakes. These are some of

the messages renowned artist Nikki McClure affirms in

this gorgeous monograph of her paper cuts. Organized by season, these delicate pieces exude an optimism that revolves around community, sustenance, parenting, and appreciating both urban and rural landscapes. McClure’s

Also AVAil AB le

work reminds us of the important things: the change of seasons, slowing down the world for a moment so we can actually taste it, looking up at the stars to dream. This reissue of the 2007 art book includes 64 pages of new, breathtaking art. At a smaller trim size than the original, this volume makes the perfect gift.

Apple ISBN 978-1-4197-0378-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0378-2 US $12.95 CAN $13.95 51295 9 781419 703782

May the Stars Drip Down ISBN 978-1-4197-1024-7 ISBN 978-1-4197-1024-7 US $17.95 CAN $19.95 51795

9 781419 710247



Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 12

Nikki Mcclure is a self-taught cut-paper artist known for her calendar and gift line. She is the author and illustrator of Mama, Is It Summer Yet?; To Market, To Market; Apple; How to Be a Cat; and the illustrator of All in a Day, written by Cynthia Rylant, and May the Stars Drip Down, written by Jeremy Chatelain. She lives in Olympia, Washington. Visit

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:50 PM

Animal Architecture ■

By I n g o A R n dT

F o R E w o R d By J I m B R A n d E n B u R g

T E x T By J ü R g E n TAu T z

s e lling points ■ Vibrant, riveting images from an award-winning photographer ■ Features structures and habitats constructed by a vast array of

Breathtaking marvels of design by the architects of the animal kingdom

wildlife from around the globe ■ Reveals interesting facts about the evolution of animals, their habits, and their homes

s pecificAtions 120 color photographs 160 pages, 8½ × 10" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD ENGlISH PUB MONTH: aPRIl PHoToGRaPHy • NaTURE ISBN 978-1-4197-1165-7 ISBN$29.95 978-1-4197-1165-7 US CAN $32.95


9 781419 711657


Also AVAil AB le very day, all over the world, animals and insects set about the purposeful tasks of designing their

homes, catching their prey, and attracting their mates. In the process they create gorgeous nests, shelters, and habitats. Capturing 120 of these wonders in all their beauty and complexity, Animal Architecture presents

a visually arresting tribute to the intersection of nature, science, function, and design. Ingo Arndt’s stunning studio photographs and vibrant in-situ shots of nests, forests, and wetlands provide close-up details of these designs, as well as the animals who created them. These compelling images are combined with an abundance of fascinating facts about the evolution of animals and insects, as well as their survival

More than Human ISBN 978-1-4197-0552-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0552-6 US $65.00 CAN $75.00 56500 9 781419 705526

Sea ISBN 978-1-4197-0087-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0087-3 US $50.00 CAN $57.50 55000

9 781419 700873

methods, mating habits, genetic dispositions, and more. Ingo arndt is a world-renowned nature photographer. His photographs regularly appear in magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, and BBC Wildlife. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the World Press Photo Award, and he has been awarded five times at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

z Abrams Spr14AdultCat_001-29x.indd 13

Serpentine ISBN 978-1-4197-0630-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0630-1 US $50.00 CAN $57.50 55000 9 781419 706301



10/9/13 11:12 AM

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Style A DV I C e A N D M U S I N G S F R O M A M e R I C A’ S TO P FA S H I O N D e S I G N e R S ■

By Th E Co u n C I l o F FA S h I o n d E S I g n E RS o F A m E R I C A

F o R E wo R d By d I A n E Vo n Fu RS T E n B E Rg

I l luS T R AT I o n S By B I l d o n oVA n

s e lling points ■ Highly quotable, original material, elegant illustrations, and a chic package make it a go-to gift for

Witty and original advice on living a stylish life from the most important names in American fashion

fashion lovers ■ More than 25 million people follow the CFDA and its members on Facebook and Twitter ■ Follows in the footsteps of the successful Little Dictionary of Fashion and A to Z of Style

s pecificAtions 40 color illustrations 224 pages, 5⅛ × 7" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MONTH: aPRIl FaSHIoN ISBN 978-1-4197-0621-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-0621-9 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


9 781419 706219

See page 122


ife, Love, and the Pursuit of Style is an all-new, origi-

6-coPy coUNTER DISPlay ISBN 978-1-4197-1341-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-1341-5 US $119.70 CAN $131.70 11970

9 781419 713415

nal collection of clever, charming, and often hilarious

musings from American fashion’s biggest designers. The book culls the best pieces of advice and insight from a survey conducted by the Council of Fashion Designers of

America (CFDA) of its 400-plus members, including Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Betsey Johnson, Narciso

Also AVAil AB le

Rodriguez, Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren, among many others. From tips and tricks for breaking into a fashion career, to essential wardrobe items, to favorite words of wisdom, this book provides a glimpse inside the fashion world’s most creative minds and offers readers an endless

IMPACT ISBN 978-1-4197-0231-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0231-0 US $60.00 CAN $69.00 56000 9 781419 702310

The little Dictionary of Fashion ISBN 978-0-8109-9461-4 ISBN 978-0810994614 US $19.95 CAN $25.95 51995

9 780810 994614

A to Z of Style ISBN 978-1-4197-0255-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0255-6 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995

9 781419 702556



Spr14AdultCat_001-29x.indd 14

amount of inspiration. Illustrated by Bil Donovan, this stylish package is the must-have fashion gift book of the season. The council of Fashion Designers of america, Inc. (CFDA), is a not-for-profit trade association that leads industry-wide initiatives and whose membership consists of more than 400 of America’s foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry, and accessory designers. Bil Donovan is one of today’s most revered fashion illustrators. He promotes the genre through his role as artist-in-residence for Dior Beauty, as a professor at FIT, and as an author, speaker, and working artist.

z Abrams 10/9/13 11:12 AM

Halston and Warhol S I LV e R A N D S U e D e ■

By T h E A n dy wA R h o l m u S E u m

s e lling points ■ Features Halston’s designs, Warhol’s artwork, photographs, correspondence, and littleknown artifacts from The Andy

A look at the intertwined lives and careers of two American icons

Warhol Museum archive ■ Combines art history, fashion history, and biography to profile two of America’s leading cultural figures of the late 20th century

s pecificAtions 200 color and black-and-white illustrations 240 pages, 9½ × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NoRTH aMERIca PUB MONTH: May FaSHIoN • aRT HISToRy ISBN 978-1-4197-1095-7 ISBN$50.00 978-1-4197-1095-7 US CAN $57.50



9 781419 710957

amous for his effortlessly chic Ultrasuede shirtdress and other modern classics, Halston

was the defining American fashion designer of the

1970s. Just as his friend Andy Warhol challenged the canon of high art, Halston democratized fashion with elegant and urbane ready-to-wear clothes. Halston and Warhol complements a groundbreaking exhibition of

e XhiB ition sche DUle The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, May 15–Aug 2014 Des Moines Art Center, Iowa, Fall–Winter 2014 The Museum at FIT, New York, 2015

clothes and accessories by Halston, art by Warhol, and photographs and ephemera that document the connec-

Also AVAil AB le

tions between the two men against the social backdrop of 1970s New York. Included are essays, interviews, and biographical timelines that cover topics such as Halston’s importance in the canon of American couture, Warhol’s Fashion TV, the similarities in their lives and careers, and the role of celebrity in art and fashion. lesley Frowick, the niece of Roy Halston Frowick, is a photographer and writer who worked with her uncle. She lives in Washington, D.C. Geralyn Huxley is curator of film and video at The Andy Warhol Museum. Valerie Steele is the director and chief curator at The Museum at FIT, New York. corinne laBalme is a former Halston employee and a writer who lives in Paris.

9 780810 943292

Art of Andy Warhol 2015 Wall Calendar ISBN 978-1-4197-0973-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-0973-9 US $14.99 $16.99 5 1 4 9 9

9 781419 709739

z Abrams Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 15

Andy Warhol: 365 Takes ISBN 978-0-8109-4329-2 ISBN 978-0-8109-4329-2 US $32.50 CAN $37.50 52995



9/24/13 5:50 PM

One + One = 3 M AU R I C e R e N O M A , A S I N G U L A R A DV e N T U R e ■

By g A B R I E l B Au R E T

s e lling points ■ Renoma has a worldwide

Fifty years of rebellious fashion and photography from France’s Maurice Renoma

reputation for fashion and photography ■ Includes archival documents and Renoma’s exclusive Modographie stories

s pecifications More than 250 color and blackand-white illustrations 240 pages, 10¼ × 11¼" Paperback with belly band RIGHTS: WoRlD ENGlISH PUB MONTH: MaRcH FaSHIoN


tylist, designer, photographer, and decorator: Maurice Renoma is celebrated in this 50th-

anniversary retrospective of a multifaceted career. As

ISBN 978-1-4197-1243-2 ISBN$55.00 978-1-4197-1243-2 US CAN $62.00


9 781419 712432

a fashion designer, Renoma (b. 1940) was a pioneer of France’s own pop style, known as yé-yé. He revolutionized 1960s fashionand went on to revolutionize photography. His suits and blazers bore the unmistakable mark of a man who broke old-school fashion rules and shattered all the stereotypes. He is a man who defined his own creative universe, modographie (fashion + photography), at the crossroads between fashion and photography. He retouches, composes, and plays with his images until they are completely unreal creations—and completely intriguing. This book evokes the world of Renoma and the personalities with whom he has surrounded himself. An icon of Parisian high society, he has mixed with, dressed, and photographed French stars such as Serge Gainsbourg and Catherine Deneuve, and everyone who is anyone shops at his famous boutique. In this book, Renoma’s creations and influences, as well as his thoroughly original work, are explored and pictured. Gabriel Bauret is an independent exhibition curator and author who specializes in photography. He regularly works with La Maison européenne de la Photographie.



Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 16

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:50 PM

Valentin Yudashkin 2 5 Y e A R S O F C R e AT I O N ■

By A l E x E y TA R K h A n oV

I n T R o d u C T I o n By h A R o l d Ko dA

s e lling points ■ Introduces a great Russian fashion designer to a wider

The sumptuous fashions of Russian couturier Valentin Yudashkin

audience ■ Yudashkin’s haute couture and ready-to-wear lines are shown at Fashion Weeks in Paris, New York, London, and Milan ■ Magnificent photography includes close-ups of extraordinary details, including intricate embroidery, beading, lace, and more

s pecifications 300 color and black-and-white illustrations 320 pages, 9⅞ × 12¼" Hardcover with acetate jacket,


8-page gatefold esigner Valentin Yudashkin (b. 1963) has brought a


contemporary Russian aesthetic to modern fashion.


Yudashkin, the only Russian designer honored with membership


in the exclusive Syndicate of High Fashion in Paris, showed his first collection in Paris in 1991. Today he creates both luxurious haute couture and ready-to-wear lines, and his fashions are in the Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the California Museum of Fashion, and other prominent collections. Lavishly illustrated, this book presents the many facets of

ISBN 978-1-4197-1213-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-1213-5 US $100.00 CAN $115.00 10000

9 781419 712135

“[Yudashkin] inspires a feeling

Yudashkin’s work, showing how he draws inspiration from czarist

through his creations that carries us

Russia as well as his own poetic imagination. Yudashkin’s lush,

into a world of fantasy, poetry, and

vividly colored fashions are rich with incredible detail, including

sublime emotion.” –Harold Koda

fur, beading, embroidery, and all variety of ornamentation. His technical mastery and his theatricality have wowed critics around the world. This book, which includes runway photographs and never-before-seen sketches, brings his work to a wider audience. alexey Tarkhanov is a Russian-born journalist, art critic, and French correspondent for the Russian publishing company Kommersant, as well as the head of the culture department of the daily newspaper of the same name. He is a regular contributor to the Russian editions of Forbes, Vogue, GQ, AD, Tatler, and The Art Newspaper. Harold Koda is curator in charge of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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10/9/13 11:13 AM

Star Wars ® Storyboards T H e O R I G I N A L T R I LO GY ■

E d I T E d By J . w. R I n z l E R

I n T R o d u C T I o n By J o E J o h n S To n

s e lling points ■ Appeals to the devoted Star Wars fans who are especially fond of the original films

A rare glimpse into the Lucasfilm Archives, showcasing iconic storyboards from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi

■ exclusive access behind the scenes of the creative process ■ Star Wars is the most successful entertainment franchise ever ■ Comprehensive storyboards from the original Star Wars films have never been released ■ J. W. Rinzler is a New York Times bestselling author of multiple Lucasfilm books

s pecificAtions 1,200 color illustrations 352 pages, 9 × 11⅞" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MONTH: aPRIl PERFoRMING aRTS • FIlM ISBN 978-1-4197-0774-2 ISBN$40.00 978-1-4197-0774-2 US CAN $45.00


9 781419 707742


or the first time, Lucasfilm has opened its Archives to present the complete storyboards for the original Star Wars trilogy—the world-

changing A New Hope and its operatic sequels, The Empire Strikes Back

and Return of the Jedi—as well as never-before-published art from early conceptual and deleted scenes.

Also AVAil AB le

From the opening chase above Tatooine in A New Hope to the Battle of endor in Jedi, this book presents the visual inspiration behind now-iconic moments. Readers can finally see a full set of storyboards by legendary artist Joe Johnston, as well as early boards for episode IV by Alex Tavoularis and for episode V by Ivor Beddoes, rarely seen episode VI boards by

Star Wars Storyboards: The Prequel Trilogy ISBN 978-1-4197-0772-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0772-8 US $40.00 CAN $45.00 54000 9 781419 707728

Star Wars: Frames ISBN 978-1-4197-0470-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0470-3 US $150.00 CAN $160.00 15000

9 781419 704703

Star Wars Art: Concept ISBN 978-1-4197-0862-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0862-6 US $40.00 CAN $45.00 54000

Roy Carnon, and Ralph McQuarrie’s neverbefore-seen storyboards for episode V. J. W. Rinzler, executive editor at Lucasfilm Ltd., is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Making of Star Wars and The Making of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. He lives in San Francisco. Joe Johnston served as a storyboard and concept artist on the original Star Wars trilogy. He has since directed The Rocketeer, Jumanji, and Captain America: The First Avenger. He lives in Los Angeles.

9 781419 708626



Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 18

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:51 PM


By P h I l I P P E S q uA R zo n I

s e lling points

A look at the causes, controversies, and consequences of climate change— and what we can do about it

■ The 9/11 Report, Economix, and The Photographer have shown that graphic novels are the perfect medium for tackling complex current issues ■ An important and divisive topic we all need to know about—as Secretary of State John Kerry has stated, “The science is

“Great scholarship on all facets of the climate problem. . . . An extremely well

screaming at us” ■ An unflinching look at science,

documented work. A true feast.”

politics, and our consumer

—Jean Jouzel, the Intergovernmental


Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

s pecifications Black-and-white illustrations throughout 480 pages, 6½ × 9¼" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WoRlD ENGlISH PUB MONTH: aPRIl coMIcS • GRaPHIc


NoVEl • ENVIRoNMENT • hat are the causes and consequences of


climate change? When the scale is so big, can

an individual make any difference? Documentary, diary, and masterwork graphic novel, this up-to-date look at

ISBN 978-1-4197-1255-5 ISBN$24.95 978-1-4197-1255-5 US CAN $27.95


our planet and how we live on it explains what global warming is all about. With the most complicated concepts made clear by investigative journalist and artist Philippe

9 781419 712555

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

Squarzoni, Climate Changed weaves together scientific research, extensive interviews with experts, and a call

See page 122

for action. Weighing the potential of some solutions and the false promises of others, this groundbreaking work provides a realistic, balanced view of the magnitude of

Also AVAil AB le

the crisis that An Inconvenient Truth only touched on. Philippe Squarzoni attended college in Lyon, France. He visited Croatia and the former Yugoslavia several times as a volunteer in a conflict-resolution project and traveled through Mexico, Palestine, and Israel as a human-rights observer. He has published graphic novels on Central American politics and the Holocaust and is the translator into French of several works by Richard Brautigan.

Economix ISBN 978-0-8109-8839-2 ISBN 978-0-8109-8839-2 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 780810 988392


Spr14AdultCat_001-29x.indd 19


10/9/13 11:13 AM


Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 20

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:51 PM

The Art of DreamWorks Animation ■

By R A m I n z A h E d

I n T R o d u C T I o n By J E F F R E y K AT z E n B E R g

s e lling points ■ DreamWorks Animation’s films include blockbuster franchises such as Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda ■ Timed to publish with

A visual celebration of DreamWorks Animation’s 20th anniversary, featuring artwork from all 30 of the studio’s films

DreamWorks Animation’s 20th-anniversary celebrations, including an April 2014 exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image ■ Features concept art, preproduction designs, and character sketches, many never before published

s pecifications 400 color illustrations 324 pages, 10 × 12" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MONTH: aPRIl PERFoRMING aRTS • FIlM


ounded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen, DreamWorks Animation instantly became

ISBN 978-1-4197-1166-4 ISBN$50.00 978-1-4197-1166-4 US CAN $57.50


a world-renowned animation studio with blockbuster franchises including Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda. Though its

9 781419 711664

earliest films, such as The Prince of Egypt, feature traditional handdrawn cel animation, DreamWorks soon forayed into claymation with Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit, and pioneered advanced computer animation with films such as Antz, Shark Tale, and How to Train Your Dragon. Brimming with concept art, preproduction designs, and character sketches, The Art of DreamWorks Animation marks the studio’s 20th anniversary and offers unprecedented behind-thescenes access into its archives. An introduction by DreamWorks cofounder Katzenberg provides insider perspective on the studio’s most popular films, as does running commentary from artists and directors on all of DreamWorks’ 30 films to date. Ramin Zahed is the editor-in-chief of Animation Magazine and has been covering the animation and visual-effects world for more than 20 years. Previously he was a senior editor at Variety. He is also the author of The Art of Rise of the Guardians and The Art of Puss In Boots. He lives in Los Angeles.

z Abrams Spr14AdultCat_001-29xx.indd 21



10/16/13 10:08 AM


Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 22

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:51 PM

Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection F e AT U R I N G 2 0 R e M OVA B L e , F R A M A B L e P R I N T S ■

P R E S E n T E d By C A R To o n n E T w o R K s e lling points ■ Adventure Time has a viewership of approximately 3.3 million

Superfans and turbonerds can level up their walls with 20 exclusive Adventure Time posters!

viewers per week and has attracted a cultlike following, including a strong adult audience ■ Cartoon Network has expanded the brand into apparel, toys, jewelry, blankets, backpacks, and more ■ An accessible format and price point make this a perfect gift or impulse buy for any Adventure Time fan of any age

s pecificAtions 20 removable posters 40 pages, 11 × 16" Paperback RIGHTS: US & caNaDa PUB MONTH: MaRcH aRT • PERFoRMING aRTS • PoP cUlTURE ISBN 978-1-4197-1164-0 ISBN$19.95 978-1-4197-1164-0 US CAN $21.95



9 781419 711640

eaturing 20 exclusive, removable

Adventure Time posters to delight and

bewilder, this book collects a madcap array of

Also AVAil AB le

lovingly crafted artwork by world-class artists

N e w York New Yo r kTimes Times bestseller!

and designers such as Olly Moss and Tony Millionaire. Cover your walls with colorful visions from the land of Ooo. Pore over gorgeous, high-quality prints featuring all your favorite characters, including Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen, LSP, and Princess Bubblegum! Fans—both young and young at heart—will find plenty to totally crush on in this tome of Adventure Time goodness. Perfect for displaying, these large-format, crease-free posters are so rhombus, you’ll want to build more walls in your home or office to display them all!

z Abrams Spr14AdultCat_001-29x.indd 23

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia ISBN 978-1-4197-0564-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-0564-9 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781419 705649

The Adventure Time 2015 Wall Calendar ISBN 978-1-4197-1267-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-1267-8 US $14.99 CAN $16.99 51499 9 781419 712678



10/9/13 11:14 AM

Jim Curious A VOYAG e TO T H e H e A R T O F T H e S e A ■

By m AT T h I A S P I C A R d

In breathtaking 3-D, an innovative wordless picture book about a boy’s adventure into the depths of the ocean s e lling points ■ The artwork is exceptionally

3 -D glasse s include d!

detailed and breathtaking, and the 3-D effect makes the imagery that much more compelling ■ The original French edition has enjoyed multiple printings and great reviews ■ An official selection of the 40th annual Angoulême International Comics Festival ■ Two pairs of traditional red-andblue 3-D glasses (one adult size and one child size) are included in an envelope at the back of the book

s pecificAtions 3-D illustrations throughout 52 pages, 9¼ × 13" Hardcover, 8-page gatefold, 2 pairs 3-D glasses RIGHTS: US, caN, PHIl, UK,


im Curious portrays the fantastical story of a young boy and his thrilling trip to the bottom of the sea

in an old-fashioned diving suit. But there are no words telling his tale—only intricately illustrated images in

exceptional 3-D. On his journey, Jim initially passes the garbage tossed into the waters by land-dwellers, but soon he goes deeper and deeper, immersing himself in the wonders of the waters. He encounters sea creatures


large and small, a sunken pirate ship, and even the rem-


nant of what seems to be Atlantis, before coming upon


a mysterious force at the bottom that turns everything

ISBN 978-1-4197-1043-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-1043-8 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


9 781419 710438



Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 24

on its head. Matthias Picard is a graphic artist who has published a graphic novel, Jeanine, in France. He is based in Paris.

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:51 PM

Optical Illusions ■

By PAu l m . B A A R S


This definitive collection celebrates the art and science of images that play tricks on our eyes s e lling points ■ Books on optical illusions sell well in many different retail settings, including bookstores, gift shops, and museum shops ■ Unlike other books of illusions, this one includes work by well-known artists from around the world ■ explains how different types of illusions “fool” human perception ■ Produced by Joost elffers, the creator of bestsellers such as Play With Your Food, The 48 Laws of Power, and The Secret Language of Birthdays

s pecificAtions 300 color illustrations


320 pages, 8⅝ × 8⅝" Paperback with flaps, eople are fascinated by optical illusions. There is something intrinsically satisfying about static

pictures that appear to move, change color, or fool us into seeing things that “aren’t really there.” This

comprehensive survey of optical illusions includes

8 gatefolds RIGHTS: NoRTH aMERIca PUB MONTH: MaRcH aRT • GaMES

an astonishing range of images from ancient times to

ISBN 978-1-4197-0510-6

the present. Covering illusions of depth, inversions,

ISBN 978-1-4197-0510-6 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


vibration effects, ambiguous figures, camouflage, anamorphic art, tessellations, and other visual brain

9 781419 705106

teasers, it presents examples from psychology, the popular press, the decorative arts, contemporary street art, and the fine arts. M. C. escher, Pablo Picasso, René Magritte, Liu Bolin, and other artists are generously represented. Thanks to author Paul Baars’s deep engagement with the art and science of optical illusions, this book supersedes all others on the subject. Paul M. Baars is a designer based in Amsterdam. His firm, Paul Baars Design, creates original identities and objects, and his works are sold in galleries and museums in the Netherlands and abroad. His lifelong fascination has been optical illusions.

z Abrams Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 25



9/24/13 5:51 PM

Jackie Robinson A N I N T I M AT e P O R T R A I T ■

By R AC h E l R o B I n S o n w I T h l E E dA n I E l S

F o R E w o R d By R o g E R w I l K I n S

B a ck in print!

s e lling points ■ 42, the recent film on Robinson, was a box-office and critical success, earning more than $94 million domestically and

A vibrant look at the baseball legend as told by his wife, illustrated with hundreds of personal photographs

renewing public interest in his story ■ Features a fresh, new jacket design ■ Rachel Robinson works tirelessly to promote her husband’s legacy through the Jackie Robinson Foundation

s pecifications 301 black-and-white photographs 240 pages, 9½ × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MONTH: MaRcH SPoRTS • BIoGRaPHy •  HISToRy ISBN 978-1-4197-1214-2 ISBN$29.95 978-1-4197-1214-2 US CAN $32.95


9 781419 712142


n the spring of 1947, Jackie Robinson played his first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking

down baseball’s decades-old color barrier and changing the face of the game forever. In this intimate portrait, Robinson’s widow, Rachel, tells her husband’s story—and that of her life with him—from her unique perspective, complemented by 301 black-and-white photographs from her own collection. Now back in print with a new jacket, this classic book is a moving tribute to a remarkable man seen through the eyes of an

equally remarkable woman. Rachel Robinson, a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, and New York University, has been a nurse, professor, business leader, and activist. In 1973 she founded the Jackie Robinson Foundation, a not-for-profit organization providing educational and leadership opportunities for minority students. In 2005, she accepted the Congressional Medal of Honor on behalf of Jackie Robinson. She has two children and fifteen grandchildren.



Spr14AdultCat_001-29.indd 26

z Abrams 9/24/13 5:51 PM

Prefabulous World e N e R GY- e F F I C I e N T A N D S U S TA I N A B L e H O M e S A R O U N D T H e G LO B e ■

By S h E R I Ko o n E S

F o R E w o R d By R o B E R T R E d F o R d

A lushly illustrated tour of cutting-edge architectural design around the world s e lling points ■ Includes a wide range of architectural styles and geographic locations, with homes in Africa, Asia, europe, South America, and North America ■ Both a practical guide for homebuilders and inspiration for architecture and design buffs ■ Koones’s three previous Prefabulous books have sold 45,000 copies combined

s pecifications 300 color photographs 300 pages, 9½ × 10" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD


PUB MONTH: aPRIl he rising cost of fuel and the growing commit-


ment to protect the environment have sparked


exciting innovations in prefab home construction.

ISBN 978-1-61769-083-9

Showcasing the unlimited possibilities offered by

ISBN$35.00 978-1-61769-083-9 US CAN $40.00


prefabrication to build incredibly energy-efficient, green homes, Prefabulous World features sophisticated examples of eco-friendly home design in Australia, New

9 781617 690839

See page 122

Zealand, Japan, Canada, the United States, england, Germany, South Africa, and beyond. With floor plans, multiple images of the exterior and interior of each home,

Also AVAil AB le

and an extensive resource section listing architects, builders, and suppliers, this book is a vibrantly illustrated yet practical guide that reveals how living in a beautiful, well-built, energy-efficient home is achievable for us all. Sheri Koones is a bestselling author and expert on

Prefabulous + Sustainable ISBN 978-0-8109-8483-7 ISBN 978-0-8109-8483-7 US $25.00 CAN $29.00 52500

prefabrication whose previous books include House About It, Modular Mansions, Prefabulous, and Abrams’ Prefabulous + Sustainable and Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid. She won the prestigious Robert Bruss Real estate Book Award from NARee in 2008, 2011, and 2013. Koones is also a columnist for Home Resource Guide and a freelance writer and speaker. She lives in Connecticut.

780810 984837

Prefabulous + Almost off the Grid ISBN 978-1-4197-0325-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0325-6 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495

9 781419 703256

z Abrams Spr14AdultCat_001-29xx.indd 27




10/16/13 10:08 AM

Two luxurious collector’s editions on legendary Coco Chanel—available now!

No. 5 Culture Chanel ■

By J E A n - lo u I S F R o m E n T


s pecificAtions 250 color illustrations

n No. 5 Culture Chanel, Jean-Louis Froment pays homage to the legendary Coco Chanel by explor-

ing the intimate links between her fabled fragrance

400 pages, 8¾ × 10½"

and the modernist art movements of her time, such

Hardcover with jacket, French

as Cubism and Surrealism. Counting Jean Cocteau

folds, gatefolds, small-format

and Salvador Dalí among her friends, Chanel

inserts, a variety of paper types

lived in and drew inspiration from the world of the


Parisian avant-garde. Lavishly designed with stun-

aVaIlaBlE NoW

ning photographs and illustrations, this extremely luxurious volume offers a glimpse into both the


storied house of Chanel and the artistic landscape of Paris in the 1920s. Photographs of Chanel are

ISBN 978-1-4197-1135-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-1135-0 US $250.00 CAN $287.00 25000

displayed alongside the works of artists such as Amedeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso and the writ-

9 781419 711350

ings of Guillaume Apollinaire and Marcel Proust. Jean-louis Froment curated the exhibition Nº5 Culture Chanel at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, on which this book is based. He is also the founder of the CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain in Bordeaux and the artistic director of the Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco.

Chanel L I V R e D ’A R T I S T e S ■

By I R m A B o o m

Folded and gathered signatures


with embossing throughout,

French embossed on the book’s pages.

packed in an embossed

Devoid of ink, the monochromatic white pages

cardboard clamshell box

provide the perfect backdrop for Boom to dis-

s pecificAtions 600 pages, 8¼ × 9¾"

book unlike anything seen before,

Chanel features Irma Boom’s original

designs and quotes from Coco Chanel in


play her beautiful, raised, Braillelike patterns.

aVaIlaBlE NoW

Boom’s embossings play with the senses,


capturing the essence of the legendary Chanel No. 5 fragrance through sight and touch.

ISBN 978-1-4197-1136-7 ISBN 978-1-4197-1136-7 US $200.00 CAN $230.00 20000

9 781419 711367

TERmS: 30% discount, non-returnable

Irma Boom is an internationally renowned graphic designer and bookmaker based in Amsterdam. She is the youngest recipient of the Gutenberg Prize, and many of her works are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Spr14AdultCat_001-29x.indd 28

z Abrams 10/9/13 11:15 AM


Vision and Art

150 color illustrations, 108 charts

T H e B I O LO GY O F S e e I N G R e V I S e D A N D e x PA N D e D e D I T I O N

240 pages, 9 × 11"

and plates + new text Hardcover with jacket

By m A Rg A R E T lI V I n g S To n E


F o R E wo R d By dAV I d h u B E l

aVaIlaBlE NoW aRT • ScIENcE

With the original release of Vision and Art in 2002, Harvard professor Margaret Livingstone bridged the

ISBN 978-1-4197-0692-9

gap between the science of optics and art. In this

ISBN 978-1-4197-0692-9 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


revised and expanded edition, she presents two new chapters of her latest observations and updates

9 781419 706929

the text with new insights gleaned from her ongoing research, bringing the book to the cutting edge in the field of neuroscience.

The Candlelit Home D e C O R AT I N G W I T H CANDLeS YeAR-ROUND ■

Back in Print!

By J o h n T E R R E l l F Ry

A beautiful and inspiring guide to decorating with candles 165 color photographs

There is no easier, more inexpensive, more

160 pages, 8¼ × 9⅞"

stylish, and more dramatic way to quickly

Hardcover with jacket

change the look and mood of one’s living

aVaIlaBlE NoW

space than with candlelight. Part wish book,


part practical interior design guide, this resplendent volume—now back in print— presents dozens of innovative ideas for using candles to spruce up any home.

ISBN 978-0-8109-0608-2 ISBN$29.95 978-0-8109-0608-2 US CAN $45.00


9 780810 906082

Back in Print!

THe ART OF MAURICe SeNDAK In celebration of the late Maurice Sendak, Abrams is reissuing two timeless classics on the legendary artist

The Art of Maurice Sendak: 1980 to the Present Text by Tony Kushner ISBN 978-0-8109-9448-0 ISBN 978-0810994485 US $65.00 CAN $75.00 53750 9 780810 994485

The Art of Maurice Sendak By Selma g. lanes ISBN 978-0-8109-8063-1 ISBN 978-0-8109-8063-1 US $65.00 CAN $75.00 56500 9 780810 980631

Also AVAil AB le Maurice Sendak: A Celebration of the Artist and His Work ISBN 978-1-4197-0826-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0826-8 US $45.00 CAN $52.00 54500 9 781419 708268

z Abrams Spr14AdultCat_001-29x.indd 29



10/9/13 11:15 AM

Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 30

10/9/13 11:42 AM

Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 31

10/9/13 11:42 AM

’s encer p S Lara -up to s ow Time foll k r o e ew Y N Brak e I th r selle t ales s S e b d Yar uide for g n fu rket is a a m lea to f pping sho


I Flip for Flea Ma rkets Designing Gorgeous R

ooms with Secondhand



Spr14AdultCat_030-59xx.indd 32

10/16/13 10:23 AM

By L a r a S p e n c e r

p h oto g r a p h S By c h i c h i U B i ñ a


n her newest book, Lara Spencer teaches us how to navigate and negotiate the tricky world of flea

markets. taking readers to her favorite haunts across the northeast, Lara tackles eight common design

dilemmas in eight different homes—and solves them by finding and restoring flea-market finds to show that you can achieve a gorgeous space with value for your money. Mirroring the setup of her nine-part hgtV special, at the end of the process, should you wish to part with your find, she will show you the best ways to flip it and make some cash. Lara also tackles problems that many of us struggle with in our homes—too little space, too much stuff, and out-of-date design—all in her witty and charming style. Lara Spencer is the author of the New York Times bestselling book I Brake for Yard Sales. She is an anchor on Good Morning America and the host of Flea Market Flip on hgtV. She lives in connecticut and new york city.

s pecificAtions 100 color photographs 176 pages, 7¾ × 9¾" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WorLd EngLiSh PUB MONTH: APriL i nt ntE E rior dES dESign ign ••  ign  h ouSE SE & gA gArdE En

s e lling points ■ A popular anchor on Good Morning America and the dynamic host of a top HGTV show, Flea Market Flip, Spencer has legions of fans and more than 128,000 Twitter followers ■ The author’s previous book, I Brake for Yard Sales,

iSBn 978-1-61769-095-2 ISBN$27.50 978-1-61769-095-2 uS CAN $31.50


9 781617 690952

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

See page 122

has sold more than 50,000 copies ■ Flea markets never go out of style!

6-CoPY CountEr diSPLAY iSBn 978-1-61769-119-5 ISBN$165.00 978-1-61769-119-5 uS CAN $189.00


Also AVAil AB le New York Times bestseller!

9 781617 691195

I Brake for Yard Sales ISBN 978-1-58479-922-1 ISBN 978-1-58479-922-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781584 799221


Spr14AdultCat_030-59xx.indd 33


10/16/13 10:24 AM

handmade for the Garden 7 5 I N G e N I o u S waYS to e N h a N c e Yo u R o u t D o o R S Pac e w I t h D I Y to o l S , P ot S , S u P P o R t S , e m B e l l I S h m e N t S , a N D m o R e ■

By S U S a n g Uag L i U M i

s e lling points ■ Both DIY and gardening are

One-of-a-kind DIY projects, from dibbles to planters to trellises, to personalize and beautify outdoor spaces

popular, and Handmade for the Garden brings together these two symbiotic communities ■ most of these useful and attractive projects are made from inexpensive or repurposed materials and can be completed in a weekend or less ■ clear, illustrated instructions give DIYers the confidence they need to get started (and to finish successfully)

s pecifications 100 color photographs and 140 black-and-white illustrations 208 pages, 8¼ × 10" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: MArCh gArdEning • CrAft iSBn 978-1-61769-097-6 ISBN$27.50 978-1-61769-097-6 uS CAN $31.50


9 781617 690976


he DIY craze has moved beyond the craft room and into the garden! Relying on easy-to-find, inexpensive,

and repurposed materials, Handmade for the Garden is a treasure trove of original projects that not only make planting and growing efficient and successful but

also add a personal touch to the gardenscape. Among the myriad projects in this hardworking book are mini hothouses; painted, stamped, and stenciled terracotta planters; hypertufa and cement pots and decorations; rustic and formal fencing and trellises; plant markers and stakes; and sieves and baskets. With Handmade for the Garden to inspire them, gardeners of all skill levels will be empowered to experiment with form and function to

Also AVAil AB le

discover creative, artful ways to personalize and beautify their gardens with handmade objects. Susan guagliumi has restored the interiors and gardens of two early 19th-century homes, and her gardening projects are a compilation of 10 years of research, explo-

Tiny World Terrariums ISBN 978-1-58479-964-1 ISBN 978-1584799641 uS $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781584 799641


ration, experimentation, and creativity. She is also the author of several machine- and hand-knitting books and has led craft workshops in the United States and abroad. She lives in Northford, Connecticut.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 34

9/25/13 11:07 AM

living color Pa I N t I N G , w R I t I N G , a N D t h e B o N e S o F S e e I N G ■

By n ata L i e g o L d B e r g

s e lling points ■ Goldberg is a bestselling author with more than 2 million books

A revised and expanded memoir on living an artistic life, from bestselling author Natalie Goldberg

sold in 15 languages ■ Books on creativity are hot, and Goldberg’s exceptional track record will drive this title to the top of the must-have list ■ Goldberg is one of the world’s most sought-after writing teachers; over the years her workshops and retreats have attracted tens of thousands of students from around the world

s pecifications 75 color illustrations 192 pages, 5⅝ × 8½" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: MArCh CrAft


iSBn 978-1-61769-084-6 rom fill-in art journals to self-help books on

ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-084-6 uS CAN $27.95


creativity, more than ever the public is striving to

bring artistic enlightenment into their everyday lives.

9 781617 690846

In Living Color, one of the country’s most celebrated writers expounds on her own path to artistic inspiration. Tailored to a new generation of aspiring creatives, this revised and expanded edition pairs 13 of Goldberg’s engaging and encouraging essays with 75 of her paintings and 22 never-before-shared artistic exercises. This timely re-publication will speak straight to the heart of readers everywhere who want to break down creative barriers or explore their creativity anew.

Also AVAil AB le

natalie goldberg is the author of the bestselling Writing Down the Bones, which has sold more than 1.5 million copies since publication in 1986, as well as nine other books, including Wild Mind and Long Quiet Highway. She regularly leads workshop retreats at the Mabel Dodge House in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and other locales worldwide. Her paintings are exhibited throughout the country.

Art Doodle Love ISBN 978-1-61769-012-9 ISBN 978-1-61769-012-9 uS $15.95 CAN $17.95 51595 9 781617 690129


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 35


9/25/13 11:07 AM


Fa r m e r s t H e B i o DY n a m i c waY t o g r o w HealtHY FooD, BuilD tHriving com munities, anD give Back to tHe eartH



“Far mer D”


P H o t o g r a P H s BY r i n n e a l l e n



Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 36

10/9/13 11:43 AM

a comPreHensive guiDe to BioDYnamic Far ming PrinciPles, incluDing reciPes anD tiPs For growing an ecologicallY sustainaBle garDen


iodynamic farming, with its focus on ecological sustainability, has emerged as the gold standard in

the organic gardening movement. daron Joffe (known as

s e lling points

s pecificAtions

Farmer d) has made it his mission to empower, educate,

■ Practical advice and inspiration

and inspire people to become conscientious consumers,

from Farmer D, a go-to expert

224 pages, 7¾ × 9¼"

citizens, and stewards of the land. in this engaging call to

on biodynamic farming who

Paperback with flaps

action, Farmer d teaches us to not only create sustainable

has been featured in national

gardens but also to develop a more holistic, community-

media and has partnerships

minded approach to how our food is grown and how

with both Whole Foods and

we live our lives in balance with nature. illustrated with


photographs of gardens designed by Farmer d as well

■ The book will appeal to those

as line drawings, the book is an indispensible resource

ready to move beyond backyard

packed with advice on establishing a biodynamic garden,

gardening and interested in

composting, soil composition and replenishment, control-

becoming part of a gardening

ling pests and disease, cooperative gardening practices,


and even creating delicious meals.

■ Packed with recipes for creating

100 color photographs

RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: MArCh gArdEning iSBn 978-1-61769-101-0 ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-101-0 uS CAN $27.95


9 781617 691010

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

See page 122

wholesome meals from your daron Joffe is the founder of Farmer d organics and designs and builds biodynamic farms all over the country

homegrown efforts

Also AVAil AB le

for celebrity clients as well as nonprofit organizations. he and his company have appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Southern Living, and on cnn’s Eatocracy. his Farmer d brand of compost is sold in Whole Foods stores in the Southeast, and his planting beds are sold through Williams-Sonoma. he lives in oakland, california.

Complete Kitchen Garden ISBN 978-1-58479-856-9 ISBN-13: 978-1-58479-856-9 US $24.95 CAN $29.95 52495 9 781584 798569


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 37


10/9/13 11:43 AM

A comprehensive how-to manual for creating jaw-droppingly beautiful blooms and floral arrangements out of paper


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 38

9/25/13 11:08 AM

The exquisite Book of Paper Flowers A G U I D e To M A K I N G U N B e l I e VA B lY R e A l I S T I C PA P e R B lo o M S ■

By L i V i a c e t t i

p h oto g r a p h S By a d d i e J U e L L s e lling points ■ Paper flowers are on trend with design and DIY buffs, and this fresh, comprehensive how-to manual speaks to the modern aesthetic ■ A thorough resource for creating 27 exquisite blooms, plus many ideas for combining them to make arrangements ■ Cetti is the premiere paper-flower artist in the nation and counts among her clients Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Godiva, Coach, Kate Spade, Bergdorf Goodman, and even the White House

s pecificAtions 300 color photographs 192 pages, 8½ × 9⅞" Paperback with cloth spine RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: APriL


CrAft • hoW-to he country’s premiere paper-flower artist, Livia Cetti is known for her high-style,

gorgeous tissue and crepe-paper flowers—many of which are often mistaken for real flowers.

The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers is Cetti’s

iSBn 978-1-61769-100-3 ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-100-3 uS CAN $27.95


9 781617 691003

comprehensive how-to manual showcasing her until-now secret techniques for creating 27 popular blooms, including peonies, poppies, roses, and hibiscus. Clear instructions and stunning step-bystep photographs show crafters of all levels how to make individual flowers as well as how to combine blooms to form 20 exquisite garlands, centerpieces, wreaths, corsages, and boutonnieres. Livia Cetti is the owner of The Green Vase, a florist and paper-flower company; the style director at Brides magazine; and a contributing editor at Martha Stewart Weddings. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle, Food and Wine, Real Simple, Elle, New York, and Brides, among many other publications.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 39


10/9/13 11:43 AM

cloth 3 0 + P R oj e c t S to S e w F R o m l I N e N , c ot to N , S I l K , w o o l , a N D h I D e ■

By c a S S a n d r a e L L i S

An inspirational guide to the beauty, history, and utility of natural textiles s e lling points ■ Irresistible to anyone with a passion for textiles and an interest in sewing ■ Design-, fashion-, and decorating-oriented DIYers will be drawn to this high-end presentation of simple, sophisticated sewing projects

s pecifications 100 color photographs 192 pages, 8¼ × 9¾" hardcover RIGHTS: north AMEriCA PUB MONTH: MArCh CrAft • intErior dESign iSBn 978-1-61769-109-6 ISBN$35.00 978-1-61769-109-6 uS CAN $40.00



andmade cloth items always have a story, and many of us spend our lives hunting and gathering

precious pieces and scraps to add that final touch of life

9 781617 691096

to a special room or outfit. Cloth is an inspirational guide to the beauty, history, and utility of natural textiles. Woven throughout the five main sections—cotton, wool, silk, linen, and hide—are more than 30 breathtaking sewing projects that make the most of each textile’s properties, including waxed-cotton purses, Liberty-print cushions, silk scarves, linen bedcovers, and leather journals. With a guide full of invaluable information on where to buy antique fabrics and organic and well-sourced cloth, plus

Also AVAil AB le

a toolkit of essential instructions on hand-dyeing fabric, Cloth is both a resource and an opportunity to create practical, precious, and personal items for mindful living. Cassandra Ellis is a designer and maker of high-end quilts, homewares, and accessories, which she sells to

Alabama Studio Sewing + Design ISBN 978-1-58479-920-7 ISBN 978-1-58479-920-7 uS $35.00 CAN $40.00 53500 9 781584 799207


Liberty of London and other retailers by commission. Her work has been featured in Elle Decoration, in House & Garden, and on Design*Sponge. Visit her site at www.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 40

9/25/13 11:08 AM

Vegetarian for a New Generation S e a S o N a l V e G e ta B l e D I S h e S F o R V e G e ta R I a N S , V e G a N S , aND the ReSt oF uS ■

By L i a n a K r i S S o F F

p h oto g r a p h S By r i n n e a L L e n s e lling points ■ the previous two books in the successful New Generation

A collection of irresistible vegetarian recipes for today’s adventurous cooks

series have sold more than 75,000 copies combined ■ unique dishes that are seasonally driven, globally influenced, and easy enough for every day ■ all recipes in the book are gluten free

s pecificAtions 110 color photographs 272 pages, 8 × 9" Paperback RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: APriL CooKing iSBn 978-1-61769-040-2


ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-040-2 uS CAN $27.95


ith recent nationwide health initiatives, we all know that vegetables need to be the main focus of our

9 781617 690402

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

diet. The number of vegetarians and vegans in the United

States is growing every year, and, even for the omnivorous,

See page 122

cooking and eating more vegetables is the new normal. Vegetarian for a New Generation celebrates modern-day vegetable cookery with dishes that are fresh, uncomplicated, flavor-packed, and, as it happens, entirely gluten free. Author

Also AVAil AB le

Liana Krissoff draws on global food traditions, offering new takes on classics like caponata, lesser-known creations like poha (a breakfast rice and vegetable dish) and shrubs (drinking vinegars), and more contemporary ideas like grilled collards, roasted shallot salad, and carrot marmalade. With 175 delicious recipes, Vegetarian for a New Generation

Canning for a New Generation ISBN 978-1-58479-864-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-864-4 uS $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495

makes eating more vegetables a pleasure. Liana Krissoff is the author of four books, including Canning for a New Generation (STC, 2010) and Whole Grains for a New Generation (STC, 2012), nominated for a 2012 IACP award. She has been a freelance writer, cookbook editor, copyeditor, and recipe tester for more than a decade and now lives in Nebraska with her husband and daughter.


781584 798644

Whole Grains for a New Generation ISBN 978-1-61769-001-3 ISBN 978-1-61769-001-3 uS $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495

9 781617 690013


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 41


9/25/13 11:08 AM

An enchanting vegetarian cookbook inspired by the author’s rustic home in the woods


rin gleeson made her dream a reality when she left new york city and moved into a tiny cabin

in a california forest in order to be closer to nature.

the natural beauty of her surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for The Forest Feast, based on her popular blog. Most of the book’s 100 wholly vegetarian recipes call for only three or four ingredients and require very few steps, resulting in dishes that are fresh, wholesome, delicious, and stunning. among the delightful recipes are eggplant tacos with brie and cilantro, rosemary shortbread, and blackberry negroni. Vibrant photographs, complemented by erin’s own fanciful watercolor illustrations and hand lettering, showcase the rustic simplicity of the dishes. part cookbook, part art book, The Forest Feast will be as comfortable in the kitchen as on the coffee table. photographer and artist Erin gleeson lives in an idyllic cabin near San Francisco, california, where she paints beautiful watercolors, cooks from her cSa box, and writes her beloved food blog, the Forest Feast, and a weekly “delish dish” column for Better Homes and Gardens. She has garnered attention from design*Sponge, Food 52, Bon Appétit, and Saveur.



Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 42

10/9/13 11:45 AM

Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the Woods


s pecificAtions

s e lling points

200 photographs with illustrations

■ Part cookbook and part art book, it has a unique presentation

240 pages, 8 × 11"

that combines simple recipes,


gorgeous photography, and


beautiful watercolor illustrations


■ Vegetarian cookbooks are


among the highest selling cookbooks on the market and are

iSBn 978-1-61769-081-5

constantly in demand

ISBN$35.00 978-1-61769-081-5 uS CAN $40.00


■ of the 100 recipes, 75 are new 9 781617 690815

to the book and 25 are blog

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127


See page 122

Also AVAil AB le

Home Made Summer ISBN 978-1-61769-015-0 ISBN 978-1-61769-015-0 uS $35.00 CAN $40.00 53500

Home Made ISBN 978-1-58479-946-7 ISBN 978-1-58479-946-7 uS $40.00 CAN $45.00 54000

9 781617 690150

9 781584 799467

9 781617 690044

9 781617 690488

Home Made Winter ISBN 978-1-61769-004-4 ISBN 978-1617690044 uS $35.00 CAN $40.00 53500

Bountiful ISBN 978-1-61769-048-8 ISBN 978-1-61769-048-8 uS $35.00 CAN $40.00 53500


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 43


9/25/13 11:09 AM

The New York Dog ■

By r ac h a e L h a L e M c K e n n a

F o r e W o r d B y g e o r g i n a B Lo o M B e r g

Gorgeous photographs of New York’s most charming dogs from bestselling author Rachael Hale McKenna

s e lling points ■ Hale’s The French Cat and The French Dog have sold more than 28,000 copies combined ■ Combines two bestselling categories—dogs and New York City ■ Shows a dog lover’s version of New York City, exploring our fourlegged friends’ favorite haunts

s pecifications 150 color photographs 168 pages, 8½ × 11¼" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WorLd EngLiSh PUB MONTH: MArCh PEtS • PhotogrAPhY iSBn 978-1-61769-090-7 ISBN$29.95 978-1-61769-090-7 uS CAN $32.95



ollowing in the paw prints of The French Cat and The

French Dog, The New York Dog showcases Rachael

9 781617 690907

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

Hale McKenna’s signature photographic style in the Big

Apple. Capturing both the atmosphere of the city and the personalities of its canine residents, Hale explores the life of the New York dog from many angles, showing dogs taking walks, riding in taxis, lounging in extravagant apartments,

Also AVAil AB le

shopping in boutiques, visiting spas, dining in restaurants, and much more. From purebreds on the Upper East Side to loveable mutts in Queens, The New York Dog celebrates the wide variety of dogs that live throughout all five boroughs of this great city.

The French Cat ISBN 978-1-58479-950-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-950-4 US $29.95 CAN $32.95 52995 9 781584 799504

The French Dog ISBN 978-1-58479-977-1 ISBN 978-1-58479-977-1 US $29.95 CAN $32.95 52995

9 781584 799771


Bestselling author rachael hale McKenna is one of the world’s most popular photographers. Her books, including The French Cat, The French Dog, 101 Salivations: For the Love of Dogs, 101 Cataclysms: For the Love of Cats, and Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats, have sold more than 2.8 million copies in 20 languages. Born and raised in New Zealand, Rachael now lives in France with her husband, Andrew, and their daughter, Charlize.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 44

10/9/13 11:46 AM

Birdhouses of the World ■

By a n n e S c h M aU S S

s e lling points

A survey of fantastic birdhouses from around the world

■ 54 million people in North America feed birds in their backyards ■ Author’s book For the Birds has sold more than 36,000 copies ■ Includes birdhouses from the U.S., Canada, england, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, japan, lebanon, egypt, and Turkey

s pecifications 75 color photographs 144 pages, 7 × 8" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WorLd


PUB MONTH: APriL irdhouses of the World offers readers a

nAturE • ArChitECturE

curated collection of beautiful, whimsical,

stop-you-in-your-tracks amazing birdhouses created

by designers and bird lovers around the world. Bird

iSBn 978-1-61769-064-8 ISBN$22.50 978-1-61769-064-8 uS CAN $25.50


expert and author Anne Schmauss provides a brief history of birdhouses and lists the kinds of birds that inhabit them, as well as the types of structures

9 781617 690648

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

that attract various species. Most important in her selection for this book is the “wow” factor: These birdhouses are spectacular in their creativity, ingenuity, and sheer originality. With styles ranging

Also AVAil AB le

from sleek modern to elaborate Victorian, they are as varied as human houses. Illustrating the wideranging designs found throughout the world, and even including the birdhouse of filmmaker George Lucas, this book is a captivating look at the creativity than can result when a functional structure is infused with a love of birds. Anne Schmauss is owner of the store Wild Birds Unlimited and a columnist for the Santa Fe New Mexican. She coauthored For the Birds: A Month by Month Guide to Attracting Birds to Your Backyard with her sisters. She lives in New Mexico.

For the Birds ISBN 978-1-58479-717-3 ISBN 978-1584797173 US $21.95 CAN $24.95 52195 9 781584 797173

New Treehouses of the World ISBN 978-0-8109-9632-8 ISBN 978-0810996328 US $37.50 CAN $42.50 53750

9 780810 996328


Spr14AdultCat_030-59xx.indd 45


10/16/13 10:26 AM

SeaSon 4 Winner

Luca Manfé otta—

Homemade Ric

so easy,

f an t as t i c o! Fresh Pasta— ke it How to ma

from scratch in



Plus—ake a How to m



with love!


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 46

10/9/13 11:46 AM


M y Fav o r i t e Fa M i Ly r e C i P e S F r o M i ta Ly A collection of rustic i talian recipes from Luca Manfé, Season 4 winner of the hit fo foX X series series MasterChef MasterChef

By Luc a M a nfé ■

F o r e W o r d S B y g o r d o n r a M S ay a n d J o e B a S t i a n i c h

F o o d p h oto g r a p h y B y t i n a r U p p


he No. 1 prime-time summer program on FOX, MasterChef is a nationwide

reC re CiPe eS in inCLUD CLUDe CLUD e:

competition to find the best amateur cook in the country. The judges are some

of cooking’s biggest stars—award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur and winemaker Joe Bastianich, and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot. The prize? A chance to win $250,000—and a cookbook deal. The book highlights the food that Luca Manfé, the Season 4 winner, grew up eating in the Friuli region of Italy, an area renowned for its prosciutto and pancetta, its savory, sharp Montasio cheese, its crispy crostini, its rich risottos, and its comforting polentas.

La Bruschetta Bomba (Tomato, Mozzarella, and Spicy Salami Bruschetta) Asparagus and Lemon Risotto

Simple by design, the book offers 75 mouthwatering, rustic recipes from Luca’s

Luca’s Famous Frico

table to yours. Showcasing the dishes that propelled Luca to victory, such as his flawless agnolotti stuffed with mortadella and ricotta and his black cod with butter-sautéed mushrooms, along with headnotes that offer fun, behind-the-scenes details about the show’s excit-

Pancetta-Wrapped Veal Cutlets Broccoli Rabe Girasoli

ing challenges and nail-biting competition, the book will be a delight for home cooks

Caprese Panna Cotta

and MasterChef fans everywhere. Luca Manfé is the Season 4 winner of the hit FOX series MasterChef. Originally from Friuli, Italy, he currently lives in New York.

s e lling points

s pecificAtions

■ More than 40 million people tuned in to watch

50 color photographs

FoX’s MasterChef last season, the No. 1 show

208 pages, 7⅝ × 9½"

in its time period


■ Fan favorite and Season 4 winner luca Manfé


will return to the show next season to present


a challenge using a recipe from this cookbook

CooKing Coo

■ The book is packed with Italian culinary favorites from luca’s childhood in Friuli— including his homemade agnolotti, praised by lidia Bastianich

iSBn 978-1-61769-103-4 ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-103-4 uS CAN $27.95


9 781617 691034

See page 122 6-CoPY CountEr diSPLAY iSBn 978-1-61769-120-1 ISBN$149.70 978-1-61769-120-1 uS CAN $167.70


9 781617 691201

■ The cookbook by previous MasterChef winner Christine Ha was a New York Times bestseller


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 47


10/9/13 11:46 AM

under the Shade of olive trees R e c I P e S F R o m j e R u S a l e m to m a R R a K e c h a N D B e Yo N D ■

By n a d i a Z e r o Ua L i a n d M e r i J n to L

s e lling points ■ mediterranean and middle eastern cookbooks are big

Bold flavors and tastes from Middle Eastern kitchens

sellers, and the region’s vegetable-forward, vibrantly spicy cuisine is hot right now ■ the food is simple, fast, healthy, and flavorful. Salads and whole-grain dishes are perfect for summer

s pecifications 200 color photographs 288 pages, 7¾ × 9¾" hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd EngLiSh PUB MONTH: MArCh CooKing


utch writers and cooks Nadia Zerouali and Merijn

Tol are in love with the culture and foods of the

Mediterranean-Arabian world. They set out on a journey

iSBn 978-1-61769-108-9 ISBN$35.00 978-1-61769-108-9 uS CAN $40.00


that took them across Morocco and Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon, Sicily and Spain, to experience the rich, exotic flavors of the Middle East. Here, they unpack the secrets

9 781617 691089

See page 122

to the region’s healthful and intensely flavorful food. They teach the reader about the ingredients—from orange blossom and honey to coriander and argan oil—and how to use them to maximize taste. The region’s food is alive with color, as illustrated by the luscious photographs that accompany the more than 100 recipes. But it is the taste and texture of the foods that will win readers’ hearts: creamy labne, sweet pomegranate, flaky filo pastry, silky hummus. There are whole grains, such as simple summer bulgur salads and vegetable couscous, and tricks for preparing meat to be as flavorful as possible. Easy enough for cooking novices, Under the Shade of Olive Trees will transport readers to a magical, delicious region of the world. nadia Zerouali and Merijn tol are food writers and recipe developers with a fierce passion for the ArabicMediterranean kitchen. They are regular contributors for well-known Dutch magazines such as delicious.



Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 48

9/25/13 11:10 AM

Best White Wine on earth THe RIeSlING BooK ■

By S t Ua r t p i g ot t

s e lling points ■ Riesling is the darling of white-wine enthusiasts around

A unique guide to the wine of the moment by a passionate authority on the grape

the world, and this book covers all the regions that produce the wine ■ With a contemporary design and handbook approach, the book will appeal to a wide audience of wine lovers ■ The book will be published to coincide with the “Summer of Riesling” promotion in june 2014

s pecifications 50 color photographs 192 pages, 7 × 8" Paperback, flexibound RIGHTS: WorLd EXCLuding


gErMAn n this vibrant, one-of-a-kind guide to one of


the most sought-after white wines today, wine


authority, author, and Riesling enthusiast Stuart Pigott shares his personal stories of the world of top winemakers, sommeliers, and restaurateurs who are as devoted to Riesling as he is. Pigott travels to the great Riesling-producing areas of the world—from the North American regions of the Finger Lakes, Upper Midwest, Canada,

Oregon, and California to Switzerland, Northern

iSBn 978-1-61769-110-2 ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-110-2 uS CAN $27.95


9 781617 691102

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

See page 122

Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and South America— and provides wine history and tasting notes. The book also includes a simple and novice-friendly description of how Riesling is made. Illustrated throughout with Pigott’s own photography and featuring an innovative design, Best White Wine on Earth is the must-have guide for the white-wine enthusiast. Stuart Pigott is a British wine journalist living in Berlin. He has published a number of other wine books, including Touring in Wine Country, the Wine Atlas of Germany, Planet Wine, and Life Beyond Liebfraumilch.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 49


10/9/13 11:46 AM

ample hills creamery S e c R e t S a N D S to R I e S F R o m B R o o K lY N ’ S FaVo R I t e I c e c R e a m S h o P ■

By B r i a n S M i t h a n d Jac K i e c U S c U n a W i t h L aU r e n K a e L i n

s e lling points

Make Ample Hills Creamery’s signature flavors at home with this vibrantly illustrated, step-by-step guide

■ extensively covered in national media, appearing on the TODAY show and the cooking channel, ample hills has also been named the best in the city by the Village Voice and Zagat, and New York Magazine listed its Salted crack caramel flavor: “the crackiest crack food in town” ■ an estimated 6,500 people pass through the Prospect heights store on a busy summer weekend ■ Ranging from classic flavors to the outrageously creative, the recipes focus on local, organic, all-natural ingredients and are easy, fun, and kid-friendly

s pecificAtions 125 color photographs and 125 illustrations 224 pages, 7 × 9" hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: APriL


mple Hills Creamery is an ice-cream destination that attracts thousands of customers each day from near

and far to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Lines wind around the block, spurred on by the chance to try one of their unforgettable flavors, and these and countless others will be dreamed


up in kitchens across the country with the help of Ample

iSBn 978-1-61769-076-1 ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-076-1 uS CAN $27.95


Hills Creamery. Featuring recipes for the most sought-after flavors—including Salted Crack Caramel, Ooey Gooey, and the Munchies—the book is organized by mood. Are you feeling

9 781617 690761

See page 122

nostalgic? Try a scoop of Black Cow Float. Or maybe you need a drink? Daddy’s Sundae, made with bourbon, will set you right. For kids and kids-at-heart, stories, activities, and hand-drawn characters appear throughout each chapter, offering games,

Also AVAil AB le

helpful tips, and inspiration for creating new flavors. With mouthwatering photography and charming illustrations, Ample Hills Creamery is a definitive, cow-filled guide to making exceptionally delicious ice cream at home. Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna are the owners of Ample Hills

I Scream Sandwich ISBN 978-1-61769-036-5 ISBN 978-1-61769-036-5 uS $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781617 690365


Creamery. They live in Brooklyn with their two children, Nonna Kai and Kaleo. Lauren Kaelin, coauthor and illustrator, is the director of marketing at Ample Hills, the author of When Parents Text, and the creator of the popular blog Benjameme.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 50

9/25/13 11:11 AM

First Prize Pies S h o o - F lY, c a N DY a P P l e , a N D ot h e R D e l I c I o u S lY I N V e N t I V e P I e S F o R e V e RY w e e K o F t h e Y e a R ( a N D m o R e ) ■

By a L L i S o n K aV e

p h oto g r a p h S By t i n a r U p p s e lling points ■ Food & Wine named Kave’s pie

Brooklyn’s sweetest baker reveals the secrets to her award-winning pies

shop as one of its “10 Favorite Places for Pie” in the uS, and her pies have been featured in the New York Times, Dailycandy, Serious eats, and more ■ the lessons from Kave’s popular pie-making classes come through in her recipes ■ First Prize Pies is written for all pie lovers—including beginner bakers, people with gluten sensitivity, and unapologetic chocoholics

s pecifications 75 color photographs 224 pages, 9 × 9" hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd


PUB MONTH: MArCh llison Kave made pies as a hobby, until


one day her boyfriend convinced her

to enter a Brooklyn pie-making contest. She

won. In fact, her pies were such a hit that she turned pro. People can’t get enough of her Bourbon Ginger Pecan pie, her whimsical Root Beer Float Pie, her addictive Chocolate Peanut Butter

iSBn 978-1-61769-102-7 ISBN$29.95 978-1-61769-102-7 uS CAN $32.95


9 781617 691027

See page 122

Pretzel Pie. And the crusts—oh, the crusts!—are so impossibly flaky, so utterly delicious, that pie eaters around the world will rejoice that Allison has at last divulged her techniques and tips. Organized by month, the book includes pies for every sweet tooth, from inventive pies like Chocolate Lavender Teatime to old-school comfort pies like Candy Apple.

Also AVAil AB le

Allison Kave is the founder of the made-toorder First Prize Pies pie shop on the Lower East Side. In 2012 she and partner Keavy Blueher opened Butter & Scotch, a dessert and cocktail business based in Brooklyn. She has taught pie making at the French Culinary Institute and the James Beard Institute.

Baked Elements ISBN 978-1-58479-985-6 ISBN 978-1-58479-985-6 uS $32.50 CAN $37.50 53250 9 781584 799856


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 51


9/25/13 11:11 AM

Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary M o R e T H A N 1 5 0 S T I TC H PAT T e R N S To K N I T To P D o W N , B oT To M U P, B AC K A N D F o R T H , A N D I N T H e R o U N D ■

By W e n dy B e r n a r d

p h oto g r a p h S By t h ay e r a L Ly S o n g o W dy

s e lling points ■ This invaluable go-to resource is the first book to provide stitch patterns written for top-down,

A groundbreaking reference title for knitters

bottom-up, back-and-forth, and in-the-round constructions ■ Bernard’s first three books in the Custom Knits series have sold more than 50,000 copies to date ■ Bernard is a top-down knitting guru. Her popular blog,, has a weekly readership of several thousand, and her group on has more than 2,000 members

s pecificAtions 170 color photographs 288 pages, 7⅜ × 9⅝" hardcover with concealed spiral RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: MAY CrAft

iSBn 978-1-61769-099-0 ISBN$29.95 978-1-61769-099-0 uS CAN $32.95


9 781617 690990


titch dictionaries are to knitters what Webster’s is to a writer. Within the pages of these inspiring

reference books are the endless variations of knit and purl stitches that produce the fabrics of all knitting. But in the

Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary, designer Wendy Bernard does something no other author has done before— she presents instructions for working 150 popular stitch

Also AVAil AB le

patterns four different ways: top down, bottom up, back and forth, and in the round. This hefty collection, ranging from lace and cables to colorwork and fancy edgings, is loaded with beautifully photographed swatches of each pattern, plus charted and text instructions. To showcase the stitch patterns in action, Bernard also includes instructions for

Custom Knits ISBN 978-1-58479-713-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-713-5 US $27.50 CAN $35.95 52750 9

781584 797135

Custom Knits 2 ISBN 978-1-58479-938-2 ISBN 978-1-58479-938-2 US $27.50 CAN $31.50 52750

9 781584 799382

Custom Knits Accessories ISBN 978-1-58479-955-9 ISBN 978-1-58479-955-9 US $27.50 CAN $31.50 52750

9 781584 799559


eight garments as well as her famous formulas for knitting garments without a pattern. This is an invaluable go-to resource, sure to inspire legions of knitters to use stitch patterns in new and exciting ways. Wendy Bernard is the author of STC Craft’s Custom Knits, Custom Knits 2, and Custom Knits Accessories. Her patterns have been published online by Knitty and Stitch Diva Studios; in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, and Yarn Forward magazines; in the books No Sheep for You, Brave New Knits, and STC’s My Grandmother’s Knitting; and in a DVD series teaching top-down knitting techniques.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 52

10/9/13 11:47 AM

How to Catch a Frog A N D oT H e R S To R I e S o F FA M I lY, loV e , DYS F U N C T I o N , S U RV I VA l , A N D D I Y ■

By h e at h e r r o S S

s e lling points ■ Ross is one of the most well-known and collected fabric designers working

A deeply moving and evocative collection of stories with illustrations from renowned fabric designer, illustrator, crafter, and storyteller Heather Ross

today, and her blog,, attracts 80,000 views each month ■ Ross is beloved for her enchanting storytelling, both on her blog and at live events ■ Her two previous STC Craft books have sold more than 60,000 copies combined

s pecifications 25 illustrations 176 pages, 5⅝ × 8½" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: MAY MEMoir • CrAft


iSBn 978-1-61769-098-3 ISBN$24.95 978-1-61769-098-3 uS CAN $27.95

uch of Heather Ross’s creative work has been inspired


by her being born into an eccentric family of artists and 9 781617 690983

idealists in a rural corner of Vermont during the 1970s. According

See page 122

to Heather, that environment was defined by stunning natural beauty, creative and innovative living, and daily lessons in self-reliance. It also included equal parts of general dysfunction, a self-imposed but nearly inescapable poverty, and little exposure to basic life skills.

Also AVAil AB le

When, as a twentysomething, Heather complained to her mother about a long list of things she had missed out on and that had compromised her chance of ever leading a “normal” life (immunizations, a healthy respect for authority), her mother waved a hand and replied, “Well, you should thank me, because you have a lot of good stories instead.” How to Catch a Frog is a collection of those stories, plus others that show Ross’s eventual route to success as an artist, entrepreneur, and mother, all animated by Ross’s delightful illustrations and how-to instructions. heather ross is the author of the STC Craft titles Weekend Sewing and Heather Ross Prints, a fabric designer, and an illustrator of children’s books. She lives in New York City and the Catskills.

The Yarn Whisperer ISBN 978-1-61769-002-0 ISBN 978-1-61769-002-0 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781617 690020

Weekend Sewing ISBN 978-1-61769-042-6 ISBN 978-1-61769-042-6 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781617 690426

Heather Ross Prints ISBN 978-1-58479-995-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-995-5 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495

9 781584 799955


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 53


10/9/13 11:47 AM

T h e Ac A de m y ’ s Ol d FA sh iOn e d Serving a drink with brown liquor says no children will be joining us. These drinks must be sipped, so strong are they, and they spark conversations and relationships in equal order.

Bourbon is the oil that keeps the gears of Southern society well lubricated.

S ta f f i n g If you have children, you have helpers. They are difficult to train, crabby, and not necessarily very good, just like all staff, but these people exist and should be indoctrinated accordingly.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 54

10/9/13 11:47 AM

The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits A HANDBooK oF eTIqUeTTe WITH ReCIPeS ■

By S U Z a n n e p o L L a K a n d L e e M a n i g aU Lt

i L LU S t r at i o n S By ta n i a L e e s e lling points

Amusing, authoritative advice from the doyennes of Deep South domesticity about wringing the most out of your home life—and enjoying a cocktail or two along the way— with 100 inspiring, battle-tested recipes

■ Includes modern takes on old classics: chicken with oranges, bourbon coconut pie, and tankfuls of rum daiquiris ■ The authors, affectionately referred to as the Deans, enthrall students at their sold-out classes at Academy headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina ■ Debossed cover, original illustrations, ribbon marker, and overall elegance of the package make the book a perfect gift

s pecifications 60 black-and-white illustrations 216 pages, 6¼ × 8¾" hardcover, ribbon marker RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: APriL CooKing • EntErtAining • EtiquEttE


iSBn 978-1-61769-086-0 estled deep in the South is a tiny Academy that teaches classes in the most important subject in the world: the

domestic arts. The Academy’s unique curriculum includes everything from cocktail-party etiquette to business entertaining, dealing with household guests, and cooking for the holidays. Here, after a little gentle instruction from Deans Pollak and Manigault, interspersed with plenty of humor, students find they

ISBN$25.00 978-1-61769-086-0 uS CAN $29.00


9 781617 690860

See page 122 6-CoPY CountEr diSPLAY iSBn 978-1-61769-121-8 ISBN$150.00 978-1-61769-121-8 uS CAN $174.00


are living healthier, having stronger ties to friends and family, and using their houses to branch out in ways they never dreamed

9 781617 691218

possible. Since not everyone can get to their sold-out classes in Charleston, the Deans are now offering this book so happier living can be within everyone’s grasp, not just the select few. Suzanne Pollak is the author of Entertaining for Dummies and The Pat Conroy Cookbook. She was the spokesperson for Federated Department Stores, giving seminars on home decorating, entertaining, and cooking for many years. Lee Manigault lives in one of the grand 18th-century Charleston homes and hosts an array of activities there.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59xx.indd 55


10/16/13 10:27 AM

The Cocktail Club A Y e A R o F R e C I P e S A N D T I P S F o R S P I R I T e D TA S T I N G PA R T I e S ■

By M aU r e e n c h r i S t i a n - p e t r o S K y

p h oto g r a p h S By t h ay e r a L Ly S o n g o W dy

A lively month-by-month guide that encourages at-home mixology and a fresh, fun approach to entertaining

s e lling points ■ easy recipes, basic techniques, and a monthly “10-Minute Happy Hour” feature make this the perfect resource for fresh entertaining with minimal effort ■ DIYers will be delighted with on-trend instructions for infusing flavored spirits or garnishing beverages with herbs from the garden ■ Petrosky appears regularly on the TODAY show and writes a popular weekly cocktail column on The Kitchn blog

s pecifications 40 color photographs 176 pages, 7 × 9" hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: MAY CooKing • EntErtAining iSBn 978-1-61769-026-6 ISBN$22.50 978-1-61769-026-6 uS CAN $25.50



ith a little bit of history and a lot of flavor, The

Cocktail Club is a guide for connecting with

your friends over the best-tasting therapy around—cocktails! Using a format reminiscent of your favorite book

9 781617 690266

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

See page 122

club, Maureen Christian-Petrosky highlights one specific spirit or drink type each month. Classic favorites like the Martini and the Old-Fashioned, as well as new sips like the Mason Jar Basil Pisco Sour and Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer, will inspire novices and enthusiasts alike to build up their bar vocabulary and taste outside their comfort zone. The book also offers a delicious selection of hors d’oeuvres pairings like Grilled Figs with Prosciutto and Rosemary Lemon Bars. So whether you’ve been

Also AVAil AB le

curious about absinthe rinses or want to bone up on your bitters, The Cocktail Club gives you the perfect excuse to pull out your shaker and dip into the art of at-home mixology. Maureen Christian-Petrosky, author of The Wine Club

Drinkology: Revised and Updated ISBN 978-1-58479-828-6 ISBN 978-1-58479-828-6 US $22.50 CAN $29.50 52250 9

781584 798286


and a popular columnist for, regularly appears as a lifestyle expert on NBC’s TODAY show. She lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Michael, and boys, Christopher and Elliot.


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 56

10/9/13 11:47 AM

the Glow a N I N S P I R I N G G u I D e to S t Y l I S h m ot h e R h o o D ■

t e x t By V i o L e t g ay n o r

p h oto g r a p h S By K e L Ly S t Ua r t

Fore Word By cynthia roWLe y

s e lling points ■ Profiles more than 50 tastemaker moms, including julie Bowen, Selma Blair, tracy anderson, Busy Philipps, and josie maran ■ has been featured

A glimpse into the lives of tastemaker mothers and their children

in the New York Times and on the huffington Post, Dailycandy, and the TODAY show ■ Includes original content never before seen on the website

s pecifications 150 color photographs 224 pages, 8 × 10⅞" hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: APriL


PArEnting • fAShion • he Glow provides a rare glimpse into the world of fashionable mothers at home, capturing

tender moments between them and their young ones

intErior dESign iSBn 978-1-61769-068-6 ISBN$29.95 978-1-61769-068-6 uS CAN $32.95


and sharing their inspiration, insights, and a few of their favorite things. Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart, creators of the popular website, bring

9 781617 690686

See page 122

their unique vision of motherhood to the page with 150 gorgeous photographs and intimate interviews with tastemaker moms that follow the path from pregnancy to parenthood with wry wit, charming advice, and a deep understanding of the affectionate relationship between parent and child. The book

pR Ais e foR theg “It’s very inspiring to look at and also full of useful ideas directly from one mom to another.”—Goop

covers everything from personal style to home decor, cooking, fitness, beauty, marriage, and more, making The Glow the parenting book for the new generation of hip moms.

“From warm embraces between mother and child to snaps of mom’s favorite style pieces, the site captures these fashionistas—and

Violet gaynor and Kelly Stuart are the creators of the website, which has amassed a large

their fashionable minis—at their best and cutest.”—Huffington Post

international following since its launch in 2011. They

“the Glow’s pictorial profiles have

met while working together at Violet is now

an almost fantastical feel. think

the senior fashion editor at and Kelly is the

the Selby meets Fashion week

photo director at Hearst Digital Media.

meets Dwell Studio.”—DailyCandy


Spr14AdultCat_030-59.indd 57


9/25/13 11:11 AM

A comprehensive resource for finding inspiration at the library, in person and online


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 58

10/9/13 11:47 AM

BiblioCraft A M o D e R N C R A F T e R ’ S G U I D e To U S I N G l I B R A RY R e S o U R C e S To j U M P S TA R T C R e AT I V e P R oj e C T S ■

By J e S S i c a p i g Z a

p h oto g r a p h S By J o h n n y M i L L e r

F o r e W o r d B y a n n t h o r to n

s e lling points ■ Contributors include well-known and well-regarded stars of the craft world ■ Craft programs have a longestablished place in library calendars, and this book will give librarians new ideas and easy-toimplement templates ■ The New York Public library will support outreach of the published book; Ann Thorton, the Andrew W. Mellon Director of New York Public libraries, wrote the foreword

s pecifications 80 color photographs and 20 black-and-white illustrations 208 pages, 7¾ × 9¼" hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: MArCh CrAft


here is untold wealth in library collections, and, like every good librarian, Jessica Pigza loves to share. In BiblioCraft,

iSBn 978-1-61769-096-9 ISBN$27.50 978-1-61769-096-9 uS CAN $31.50


Pigza hones her literary hunting-and-gathering skills to help

creatives of all types, from DIY hobbyists to fine artists, develop projects based on library resources. In Part I, she explains how to take advantage of the riches libraries have to offer—both in

9 781617 690969

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

person and online. In Part II, she presents 20+ projects inspired by library resources from a stellar designer cast, including STC

Also AVAil AB le

Craft authors Natalie Chanin, Heather Ross, Liesl Gibson, and Gretchen Hirsch, and Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney. Whatever the quest—historic watermarks transformed into pillows, Japanese family crests turned into coasters, or historic millinery instructions worked into floral fascinators—anyone can utilize library resources to bring their creative visions to life. Jessica Pigza is a rare-books librarian at the New York Public Library. The host of the library’s monthly DIY event series, she has been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine, has guest-blogged on Design*Sponge, and has lectured at library conferences on design and craft inspiration. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

The Repurposed Library ISBN 978-1-58479-909-2 ISBN 978-1584799092 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781584 799092

Past & Present ISBN 978-1-61769-020-4 ISBN 978-1-61769-020-4 US $27.50 CAN $31.50 52750

9 781617 690204


Spr14AdultCat_030-59x.indd 59


10/9/13 11:47 AM

Spr14AdultCat_060-68.indd 60

9/25/13 11:24 AM

Spr14AdultCat_060-68.indd 61

9/25/13 11:24 AM

“You like what you’re wearing?”

“When poverty comes in the WindoW, love goes out the door.”

“Learn to type, but don’t tell anybody.”

“Walk in as if you own the place.”

“Wear a sweater, I’m cold.”

“Have a drink. You’ll perk right up!”

“Don’t be impressed by a man’s car—he may be living in it.”


Spr14AdultCat_060-68.indd 62

9/25/13 11:24 AM

Like My Mother Always Said . . . W I S e W o R d S , W I t t y WA R N I N G S , A N d o d d A dv I c e W e N e v e R F o R G e t ■

By E r i n M c H u g H

s e lling points ■ Fun, unique concept—an attractive and entertaining

A small, giftable volume of the wise, weird, and funny advice moms offer to their kids

collection of words from moms themselves that offers a fresh take on motherhood books

s pecifications 128 pages, 5 × 7" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: MarcH HUMor ISBN 978-1-4197-1173-2 ISBN$14.95 978-1-4197-1173-2 US CAN $16.95


9 781419 711732

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

See page 122 6-coPY coUNTEr dISPlaY


ISBN 978-1-4197-1342-2 uring an afternoon of coffee and conversation, a friend of Erin McHugh’s pointed out that she frequently invoked

quotations and memories from her mother. Then Erin started

ISBN$89.70 978-1-4197-1342-2 US CAN $101.70


9 781419 713422

noticing how many other people did the same. It also became clear how humorous, moving, and unusual these gems were—so she decided to do something about it. In Like My Mother Always Said,

aL so aVai L aB Le

McHugh, author of the successful Abrams Image feel-good title One Good Deed, collects the wonderful and laugh-worthy words that our moms tell us in their attempts to be helpful and instructive. (Whether they succeed or not is another thing entirely!) Offered up in quips and short anecdotes, all the kinds of nurturing and nutty information we glean from our mothers is divided into chapters such as “Questionable Wisdom,” “Unconditional Love,” “Good Manners & Bad Behavior,” and “Wise Words.” Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and the awardwinning author of more than 20 books of trivia, history, children’s titles, and more. She splits her time between New York City and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

One Good Deed ISBN 978-1-4197-0417-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0417-8 US $18.95 CAN $21.95 51895 9 781419 704178


Spr14AdultCat_060-68xx.indd 63


10/16/13 10:56 AM

Berlin Street Style A G U I d e to U R B A N C h I C ■

By A n g E l i k A TA s c H E n w i T H A l E x A vo n H E y d E n

P H oTo g r A P H s By s A n d r A s E M B u r g

s e lling points ■ Berlin insider Angelika taschen is well known for her taste

This richly illustrated follow-up to Paris Street Style explains how to achieve the hip Berlin look

in fashion, design, art, and architecture and has published many books on these subjects ■ there is little published about the cool style of Berlin residents ■ Serves as both a style and travel guide to the third most visited city in europe, with more than 11 million visitors in 2012 ■ Paris Street Style has sold more than 25,000 copies

s pecifications 200 color photographs and illustrations 240 pages, 6¼ × 9½" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: aPrIl FaSHIoN ISBN 978-1-4197-1257-9 ISBN$24.95 978-1-4197-1257-9 US CAN $27.95


9 781419 712579

Art of Selling Books See pages 126–127

See page 122


n Berlin Street Style, noted design expert Angelika Taschen defines the unique fashion sense of this hip city. The book

showcases the popular “anti-chic” look seen throughout Berlin,

offering advice on how to create a simple, casual, and appealingly disheveled appearance with vintage pieces, essential basics, and carefully selected accessories. For travelers to Berlin, the book recommends the city’s top destinations for fashion, beauty, design, and culture. With street-style photography and hand-drawn illustrations, this accessible style guide explores how Berlin women dress and where they find

aLso aVai L aB Le

their fashion inspiration, highlighting trendsetting blogs and local labels. angelika Taschen is a notable lifestyle and design expert. She has published more than 150 books on design, fashion, contemporary art, photography, and architecture. alexa von Heyden is a fashion journalist who has contributed to Vanity Fair, Journelles, and InStyle, as well as other international publi-

Paris Street Style ISBN 978-1-4197-0681-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0681-3 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781419 706813


cations. She also writes the blog Alexa Peng. Sandra Semburg is a fashion and street-style photographer whose work has been featured in Vogue Australia, Glamour, Grazia, and Lucky. She writes the blog A Love is Blind.


Spr14AdultCat_060-68.indd 64

9/25/13 11:24 AM

Lunch at the Shop t h e A R t A N d P R AC t I C e o f t h e M I d dAy M e A L ■

By P E T E r M i l l E r

P H oTo g r A P H s By c H r i s To P H E r H i r s H E i M E r A n d M E l i s s A H A M i lTo n

s e lling points ■ Gorgeous photographs by the

A lyrical and beautifully illustrated manifesto arguing in favor of preparing and savoring lunch every single day

James Beard Award–winning Canal house team, Melissa hamilton and Christopher hirsheimer ■ the fresh, seasonal, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes offer an irresistible alternative to standard prepackaged salads and sandwiches ■ Part cookbook, part lifestyle manifesto, the book includes Peter Miller’s atmospheric anecdotes about wonderful lunches with interesting people

s pecifications 55 color and black-and-white photographs


160 pages, 6¾ × 9¼" Hardcover n our current bustle, lunch has been outsourced to standup counters, reduced to take-out platters, wrapped and

rolled and packaged. But it doesn’t need to be so. Peter

Miller makes lunch every day at his bookshop in Seattle. It may be only a salad or a sandwich, but he and his team put it together each day without a formal kitchen. It is a moment set aside, away from the computer and the clock. Lunch at the Shop is a call to lunch. On the most basic level, the book is a primer for making lunch for a few people at work, including more than 45 tried-and-tested,

RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: MarcH cookINg ISBN 978-1-4197-1065-0 ISBN$24.95 978-1-4197-1065-0 US CAN $27.95


9 781419 710650

See page 122

deliciously simple recipes. However, the essence of the book is about adopting a lifestyle that allows food to be savored every day, in a way that is easy, fresh, healthy, and a pleasure. Peter Miller has operated his design bookshop in Seattle

6-coPY coUNTEr dISPlaY ISBN 978-1-4197-1343-9 ISBN$149.70 978-1-4197-1343-9 US CAN $167.70


9 781419 713439

for 35 years. He trained as a chef with the remarkable Maurice Thuillier and is a regular contributor to the online magazine Melissa Hamilton, a renowned food stylist, editor, and chef, and christopher Hirsheimer, an award-winning photographer, are the cofounders of Canal House and the authors of the James Beard Award– winning Canal House Cooks Every Day.


Spr14AdultCat_060-68.indd 65


9/25/13 11:24 AM

X vs. y A C U Lt U R e WA R , A Lov e S to Ry ■

By E v E E P s T E i n A n d l E o n o r A E P s T E i n

s e lling points ■ X vs. Y rides the strong nostalgia trend for 1980s and 1990s pop culture ■ A book by two sisters about

A smart and lively ode to the pop culture that came to define Generations X and Y, authored by two sisters— one from each camp

the dueling cultures of Gen X and Gen y is guaranteed to pique media interest as well as consumer attention ■ the authors’ professional media background with dailyCandy, Buzzfeed, and numerous other platforms will result in strong visibility for the book ■ X vs. Y has been optioned by Warner Bros to develop into a tv series

s pecifications 40 color illustrations 192 pages, 6 × 8¼" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: MarcH PoP cUlTUrE


een through the eyes of siblings 14 years apart in age, X vs. Y is a smart, funny,

stylish, and visually driven anthology that com-

ISBN 978-1-4197-0770-4 ISBN$18.95 978-1-4197-0770-4 US CAN $21.95


piles and compares their two generational cultures. It’s a story told through lists, infographics, essays, anecdotes, and images, with chapters

9 781419 707704

See page 122

devoted to fashion, TV, music, technology, dating, books, and movies. Through musings on topics such as leg warmers, Clueless, Sassy magazine, and MTV, along with mixtapes and TV characters, X vs. Y paints a portrait of two intricately entwined generations. Former DailyCandy editor-in-chief and current director of Web programming at Participant Media, Eve Epstein (Team X) has worked as a writer, editor, and branding expert for 15 years. Her articles have appeared in Vanity Fair, Allure, and Glamour. leonora Epstein (Team Y) is an editor at She has blogged for,, and They both live in Los Angeles.



Spr14AdultCat_060-68x.indd 66

10/9/13 12:05 PM

Mad World A N o R A L h I S to Ry o f N e W WAv e A R t I S t S A N d S o N G S t h At d e f I N e d t h e 1 9 8 0 S ■

By lo r i M A j E w s k i A n d j o n AT H A n B E r n s T E i n

f o r E w o r d By n i c k r H o d E s

Af TErword By MoBy s e lling points ■ the first original, journalistic look at the New Wave movement, full of brand-new information from some of the most famous figures

A celebration of the New Wave movement, featuring original interviews with the biggest recording artists of the era

of the era, such as duran duran, the Smiths, and New order ■ New Wave is still popular, as evidenced by video channels, specialized radio stations, and karaoke lounges, as well as by its heavy influence on current music ■ the authors’ solid media connections will result in strong publicity coverage

s pecifications 50 color and 20 black-and-white photographs 272 pages, 6 × 8" Paperback RIGHTS: NorTH aMErIca PUB MONTH: aPrIl


MUSIc • PoP cUlTUrE ad World is a highly entertaining oral history that celebrates the New Wave music phenomenon

of the 1980s via new interviews with 35 of the most notable artists of the period. Each chapter begins with a discussion of their most popular song but leads to stories of their history and place in the scene, ultimately painting

ISBN 978-1-4197-1097-1 ISBN$18.95 978-1-4197-1097-1 US CAN $21.95


9 781419 710971

See page 122

a vivid picture of this colorful, idiosyncratic time. Mixtape suggestions, fashion sidebars, and quotes from famous contemporary admirers help fill out the fun. Participants include members of Duran Duran, New Order, The Smiths, Tears for Fears, Adam Ant, Echo and the Bunnymen, Devo, ABC, Spandau Ballet, A Flock of Seagulls, Thompson Twins, and INXS.

aL so aVai L aB Le

lori Majewski was a cofounder and editor-in-chief of Teen People. She was also an executive editor of Entertainment Weekly and Us Weekly. She lives in Weehawken, New Jersey. Jonathan Bernstein is a Los Angeles–based writer. He is the author of, among other titles, Pretty In Pink: The Golden Age of Eighties Teen Movies, and has contributed to publications such as The Guardian, Spin, Rolling Stone, and The Face.

Commando ISBN 978-0-8109-9660-1 ISBN 978-0-8109-9660-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 780810 996601


Spr14AdultCat_060-68x.indd 67


10/9/13 12:05 PM

toy Stories P h oto S o f C h I L d R e N f R o M A R o U N d t h e W o R L d A N d t h e I R fAvo R I t e t h I N G S ■

By g A B r i E l E g A l i M B E r T i

s e lling points ■ the broad appeal of the pictures has brought hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to the photographer’s website after a few circulated on the Internet

Vibrant portraits of children from all over the world with their treasured toys

■ Comparable volumes of international portraits like Material World and What I Eat have been very strong sellers

s pecifications 54 color photographs 112 pages, 9 × 9" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: MarcH PHoTograPHY ISBN 978-1-4197-1174-9 ISBN$24.95 978-1-4197-1174-9 US CAN $27.95



or over a year, the photographer and journalist Gabriele Galimberti visited more than 50

countries and created colorful images of boys and

9 781419 711749

girls in their homes and neighborhoods with their most prized possessions: their toys. From Texas to India, Malawi to China, Iceland, Morocco, and Fiji, Galimberti recorded the spontaneous and natural joy that unites kids despite their diverse backgrounds. Whether the child owns a veritable fleet of miniature cars or a single stuffed monkey, the pride that Galimberti captures is moving, funny, and thought provoking. gabriele galimberti studied photography at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence from 2000 to 2003. He then ran a professional photography laboratory and a photo gallery in Florence. His photos have appeared in international magazines including Newsweek, Le Monde, Geo, D–La Repubblica, lo Donna, Le Temps, Vanity Fair, and many others. Based in Florence, Italy, Galimberti is on the road all around the world, all year-round.



Spr14AdultCat_060-68.indd 68

9/25/13 11:25 AM

Spr14AdultCat_069-75.indd 69

9/25/13 12:00 PM

aama 1 . T h e S m e l l o f Wa R m D u S T ■

By F r e d e r i k P e e t e r s

s e lling points ■ Aama volumes 1 and 2 won the award for Best Series at the 2013 angoulême International Comics festival

An award-winning, futuristic graphic novel that challenges modern technology

■ Innovative, beautifully illustrated, and compelling science fiction that comments sharply on contemporary society ■ Perfect for fans of science fiction, graphic novels, and film

s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 88 pages, 8 × 10½” Hardcover RIGHTS: US & CaNada PUB MONTH: MaRCH CoMICS • GRaPHIC Novel ISBN 978-1-906838-73-7 ISBN$19.95 978-1-906838-73-7 US CAN $21.95



n the distant future, Verloc Nim wakes up in the middle of nowhere suffering from complete amnesia. He

remembers nothing of his former life. But when Verloc is handed his diary by a robot-ape called Churchill,

9 781906 838737

he is able to revisit his past. His life, he discovers, has been a miserable one. He lost his business, his family, and his friends mainly because he refused the technological advancements of society. The eye implants, the pharyngeal filters, the genetic modifications—he went without all these. He was astray in a society he deeply resented—that is, until his brother, Conrad, took him to another planet to retrieve a mysterious biorobotic experi-


ment called aama. Full of action, adventure, and strange characters, Aama is a unique exploration of society’s dangerous relationship with technology. Frederik Peeters is one of the world’s most important graphic novelists and the author of the highly acclaimed Blue Pills. He has received five nominations in the Best

Sandcastle ISBN 978-1-906838-38-6 ISBN 978-1-906838-38-6 uS $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781906 838386


Book category at the Angoulême International Comics Festival; in 2013 he won the Best Series prize at the same event for the first two volumes of Aama. He lives with his wife and daughter in Geneva, Switzerland.


Spr14AdultCat_069-75.indd 70

9/25/13 12:00 PM

The Park ■

By O s c a r Z a r at e

s e lling points ■ Includes beautiful watercolor

An impulsive reaction sets off a chain of events that challenges our perception of right and wrong

images of a much-loved park in North london ■ a compelling and philosophical story that will appeal to comics fans and readers of literary fiction ■ oscar Zarate is an acclaimed graphic novelist best known for his eisner-winning collaboration with alan moore, A Small Killing

s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 160 pages, 6 × 9½” Hardcover RIGHTS: US & CaNada PUB MONTH: MaRCH CoMICS • GRaPHIC Novel


n a beautiful Sunday afternoon, an incident takes place in a North London

ISBN 978-1-906838-47-8 ISBN$24.95 978-1-906838-47-8 US CAN $27.95


park. Chris is accidentally bitten by an excited

dog and aims a defensive kick at it. The owner,

9 781906 838478

well-known polemicist Ivan Grubb, takes to his blog to express his outrage, spinning the story to fit happily within his own narrative. When Ivan and Chris relate the event to their children, they are surprised and confused by the strength of feeling their reactions provoke. The Park is a delicate examination of how anger, repression, and powerlessness can overwhelm even the most logical and well-intentioned person amid


the confusion of the modern world. oscar Zarate is a prize-winning author and illustrator whose work includes A Small Killing (with Alan Moore), Geoffrey the Tube Train and the Fat Comedian, and an adaptation of Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus. Zarate worked with Carlos Sampayo on Trois Artistes à Paris, Fly Blues, and La Faille. He lives in London.

Nao of Brown ISBN 978-1-906838-42-3 ISBN 978-1-906838-42-3 uS $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781906 838423


Spr14AdultCat_069-75x.indd 71


10/9/13 12:25 PM

The Cigar That fell In love With a Pipe f e aT u R I N G o R S o N W e l l e S a N D R I Ta h ay W o R T h ■

By dav i d c a m u s a n d n i c k a B a dZ i s

s e lling points ■ Nick abadzis won an eisner award in 2008 for his graphic

Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth star in this tragicomic tale of love, heartbreak, and tobacco

novel Laika, published in 2007 by firstSecond, and David Camus won the Prix Relay for Knights of the Kingdom in 2005 ■ Perfect for fans of old hollywood glamour

s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 128 pages, 6 × 9½” Hardcover RIGHTS: US & CaNada PUB MONTH: aPRIl CoMICS • GRaPHIC Novel ISBN 978-1-906838-48-5 ISBN$22.95 978-1-906838-48-5 US CAN $25.95



n the eve of the release of his latest movie, The Lady From Shanghai, Orson

Welles receives a gift: An admirer has sent him a box of cigars. Rich and full bodied, they are the finest he’s ever tasted. But then, these are

9 781906 838485

no ordinary cigars: They’ve been assembled by the most famous cigar roller in Cuba, Conchita Marquez. It is an exquisite gift, though one not appreciated by Welles’s wife, Rita Hayworth. As he smokes these most coveted of cigars, he daydreams about the plump genius Conchita Marquez, whose story of triumph, despair, and love unfolds within the pages of this stunning and imaginative graphic novel.

ALSO AVAIL AB LE david Camus is an award-winning writer. His work Knights of the Kingdom won the Prix Relay for best adventure/fantasy novel. He lives in Paris, France. Nick abadzis is an artist, writer, and editor who has won various awards, includ-

Chico & Rita ISBN 978-1-906838-29-4 ISBN 978-1-906838-29-4 uS $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781906 838294


ing an Eisner in 2008 for his graphic novel Laika, which was also selected as Best Book of the Year by both Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus. He lives in New York.


Spr14AdultCat_069-75.indd 72

9/25/13 12:01 PM

The Boxer T h e T R u e S To Ry o f h o lo C au S T S u R v I vo R h a R Ry h a f T ■

By r e i n h a r d k l e i s t

s e lling points ■ Perfect for history buffs, boxing fans, or anyone who enjoys a

The life of Harry Haft, a Polish Jew who escaped Auschwitz and became an American professional heavyweight prizefighter

good story about the rise of an underdog ■ Reinhard Kleist is an acclaimed artist, best known for his biographical graphic novels, including the eisner-nominated Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness ■ The Boxer won the Best German Book award at the munich Comic festival 2013 and the Grand Prix de lyon at the lyon BD festival

s pecifications Black-and-white illustrations throughout 200 pages, 6½ × 9½” Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: US & CaNada PUB MONTH: aPRIl CoMICS • GRaPHIC Novel • HIStoRy • SPoRtS


oland, 1941. Sixteen-year-old Harry Haft is sent to

ISBN 978-1-906838-77-5

Auschwitz. When he is forced to fight against other

ISBN$22.95 978-1-906838-77-5 US CAN $25.95


inmates for the amusement of the SS officers, Haft shows

extraordinary strength and courage, and a determination

9 781906 838775

to survive. As the Soviet Army advances in April 1945, he makes a daring escape from the Nazis. After negotiating the turmoil of postwar Poland, Haft immigrates to the United States and establishes himself as a professional prizefighter, remaining undefeated until he faces heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano in 1949. In The Boxer,


Reinhard Kleist reveals another side to the steely Harry Haft: a man struggling to escape the memories of the fiancée he left behind in Poland. This is a powerful and moving graphic novel about love and the will to survive. Reinhard Kleist has written a number of critically acclaimed graphic novels, among them the award-

Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness ISBN 978-0-8109-8463-9 ISBN 978-0-8109-8463-9 uS $17.95 CAN $23.50 51795

winning biographies Havana: A Cuban Journey (2008), Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness (Abrams ComicArts, 2009), and Castro (2010). Kleist lives in Berlin, Germany.


780810 984639


Spr14AdultCat_069-75x.indd 73


10/9/13 12:25 PM

Celeste ■

By i . n . J . c u l B a r d

s e lling points

Lovecraft author and illustrator I. N. J. Culbard’s gripping new graphic novel about the loneliness of humankind and our need for companionship

■ Culbard has won awards and widespread acclaim for The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Selfmadehero) and The New Deadwardians (vertigo) ■ Culbard has worked on several Selfmadehero titles, such as The Lovecraft Anthology, Volume I and The Shadow Out of Time, and has a fan base for his comics work

S pEcIfIcAtIOnS Color illustrations throughout 192 pages, 6 × 9½” Hardcover RIGHTS: US & CaNada PUB MONTH: May GRaPHIC Novel ISBN 978-1-906838-76-8 ISBN$24.95 978-1-906838-76-8 US CAN $27.95


9 781906 838768



n Los Angeles, Ray is sitting in gridlock when he receives a call from an LAPD officer with news about his

wife. Fearing the worst, he listens intently—but suddenly the caller and everyone else around him disappears. In London, the moment two commuters catch sight of each

other on a packed Monday morning tube train, everyone around them vanishes. In Japan, comic artist Yoshi has

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward ISBN 978-1-906838-35-5 ISBN 978-1-906838-35-5 uS $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781906 838355

come to the Aokigahara Forest to hang himself. But when the attempt fails and he slides free, the forest comes alive with mythological creatures. Taking us through the empty freeways of Los Angeles, the deserted streets of London, and the dream world of the Aokigahara Forest, Celeste is an ambitious and profound graphic novel that explores what it means to be alive. I. N. J. Culbard is an author, artist, and animator whose

The Lovecraft Anthology, Volume 1 ISBN 978-1-906838-53-9 ISBN 978-1-906838-53-9 uS $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781906 838539


work has appeared in several comics anthologies, including Dark Horse Presents, Judge Dredd Magazine, and 2000 AD. He has also adapted and illustrated several classics for SelfMadeHero and The New Deadwardians for Vertigo.


Spr14AdultCat_069-75.indd 74

9/25/13 12:01 PM

Weapons of mass Diplomacy ■

By a B e l l a n Z ac

i l lu s t r at e d By c h r i s tO P h e B l a i n

s e lling points ■ The french edition of Weapons of Mass Diplomacy, Quai d’Orsay,

The international bestseller about the lead-up to the Iraq War

won the Best Graphic Novel award at angoulême in 2013 ■ This book is a bestseller in Germany and france, with more than 400,000 copies sold in france alone ■ Based on abel lanzac’s experience as the speechwriter for former french Prime minister Dominique de villepin ■ a large part of the graphic novel takes place in the united States, examining the country’s political relationship with europe and the middle east


S pEcIfIcAtIOn S ollowing 9/11, President Bush’s “War on Terror” with

Color illustrations throughout

plans to invade Iraq erupted into a cultural clash

200 pages, 8 × 10½”

between French reluctance and American assurance over the case for “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” In Weapons of

Mass Diplomacy, diplomat Abel Lanzac reveals the tension and politics through a French insider’s point of view, with satirical humor that softens the controversial subject matter. Readers follow Lanzac’s fictionalized self, Arthur Vlaminck, a speechwriter for the French Foreign Minister. As part of a team of flamboyant ministerial advisors, he has been tasked with drafting France’s response to the growing international crisis in the Middle East, which is then delivered before the United

Hardcover RIGHTS: US & CaNada PUB MONTH: May CoMICS • GRaPHIC Novel ISBN 978-1-906838-78-2 ISBN$24.95 978-1-906838-78-2 US CAN $27.95


9 781906 838782

Nations Security Council. A graphic milestone of diplomacy, Weapons of Mass Diplomacy—a bestseller in Europe—pro-


vides a revelatory account of a period that saw French fries become “freedom fries” and an alternative perspective on the decisions leading up to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. abel lanzac, a pseudonym for Antonin Baudry, is a diplomat and former advisor to French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin. Christophe Blain is an award-winning artist and writer. In 2002, he won the Best Graphic Novel award at Angoulême for Isaac the Pirate.

A Chinese Life ISBN 978-1-906838-55-3 ISBN 978-1-906838-55-3 uS $27.50 CAN $31.50 52750 9 781906 838553


Spr14AdultCat_069-75x.indd 75


10/9/13 12:25 PM

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9/25/13 12:08 PM

Tate Publishing Royal Academy of Arts Publications V& A Publishing Booth ‑ Clibborn Editions 5 Continents Editions Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 77

10/9/13 12:54 PM


Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 78

Tate 10/9/13 12:54 PM

Words and Pictures ■

By Q u e n t i n B l a k e

F r o m TaT e P u B l i s h i n g

s e lling points ■ The story, in his own words, of

An eye-opening look at the charming world of illustrator Quentin Blake

how Quentin Blake became one of the world’s best-loved illustrators ■ Includes much of Blake’s most famous work, including his Roald Dahl characters ■ Available in paperback for the first time ■ Published to follow on the success of Beyond the Page

s pecifications 300 color illustrations 216 pages, 9 × 11" Paperback RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: march arT isBn 978-1-84976-151-2 ISBN$26.95 978-1-84976-151-2 us CAN $29.95



9 781849 761512

enowned illustrator Quentin Blake’s acclaimed Words and Pictures, first published in 2000, is now available in

paperback for the first time. “Exuberance is present in everything

Blake does” (Telegraph), and in these pages the artist’s joy and humor take center stage. Providing fascinating insight into Blake’s work from the start of his career until 2000, the book describes his approach to the challenges and opportunities of illustration. Charming images, chosen from 50 years of publication, chart his progress, from his beginnings with Punch magazine to his authored


picture books such as Fantastic Daisy Artichoke. Some characters are familiar, such as Roald Dahl’s Matilda and the BFG, while others are from early in his career, with roughs, layouts, and personal drawings that will be completely new to most readers. Quentin Blake is an internationally celebrated children’s book illustrator, especially well loved for his long association with Roald Dahl. His many books include Beyond the Page, his book on his career after 2000.

9 781849 760836

Tate Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 79

Beyond the Page ISBN 978-1-84976-083-6 ISBN 978-1-84976-083-6 US $32.00 CAN $37.00 53195



9/25/13 12:08 PM


Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 80

Tate 9/25/13 12:08 PM

Turner and Constable S k e TC h I N G f R o m N AT U R e ■

By M i c h a e l R o s e n t h a l a n d a n n e ly l e s

e d i t e d By s t e v e n Pa R i s s i e n

F r o m TaT e P u B l i s h i n g

s e lling points ■ Includes many masterpieces of 19th-century British landscape painting

A rich visual tour of the history and development of oil sketching

■ Generously illustrated with works by two of the most popular painters in the world

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 90 color illustrations 120 pages, 8⅝ × 10⅝" Paperback RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: march arT isBn 978-1-84976-206-9 us $24.95

CAN $27.95

ISBN 978-1-84976-206-9


9 781849 762069



ocusing on the works of J. M. W. Turner, John Constable, and their contemporaries, this richly illustrated book

explores the development, variety, and innovation of the landscape oil sketch in British art, beginning with its appear-

ance in the 1770s. With insight into the different modes used for oil sketching in this period—a time when working en plein

How to Paint Like Turner ISBN 978-1-85437-883-5 ISBN 978-1-85437-883-5 US $24.95 CAN $32.50 52495

air was still comparatively unusual—the authors show how each practitioner approached similar subjects. The result is an accessible introduction to the techniques of sketching and the often surprising connections that can be drawn among the


781854 378835

artists involved. The book features some 60 works from the Tate collection by Turner, Constable, George Stubbs, William Henry Hunt, and many others. michael rosenthal is emeritus professor at the University of Warwick, England. anne lyles is a leading authority on the

The Turner Book ISBN 978-1-85437-572-8 ISBN 978-1-85437-572-8 US $29.95 CAN $34.00 52995

art of John Constable and the editor of Constable: The Great Landscapes. steven Parissien is director at Compton Verney, an art gallery in Warwickshire, England.


Tate Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 81

781854 375728



9/25/13 12:09 PM

Lowry and the Painting of modern Life ■

By t. J . c l a R k a n d a n n e M . waG n e R

F r o m TaT e P u B l i s h i n g


S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 120 color illustrations

uch-loved British painter L. S. Lowry (1887–1976) made the industrial city

the focus of his career. This book, published to

224 pages, 7 × 8½"

accompany a retrospective at Tate Britain, shows


how Lowry depicted the public rituals of working-

RIGHTS: norTh america

class urban life: football matches and protest

PUB MONTH: march

marches; evictions and fistfights; workers going to and from the mill. He was also a landscape


painter, and he sought to show the effects of the

isBn 978-1-84976-091-1

industrial revolution. Written by groundbreaking

ISBN 978-1-84976-091-1 us $39.95 CAN $44.95 53995

art historians T. J. Clark and Anne M. Wagner, this is a fresh approach to the study of this

9 781849 760911

popular painter T. J. clark is professor emeritus of modern art at the University of California, Berkeley. anne Wagner is professor emerita of modern and contemporary art, University of California, Berkeley.

Paul klee C R e AT I v e C o N f e S S I o N A N D oT h e R W R I T I N G S ■ S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 5 black-and-white illustrations 32 pages, 5 × 7½" Paperback RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: march arT

F r o m TaT e P u B l i s h i n g


reative Confession brings together three short critical texts written by Paul Klee

(1879–1940), one of the most distinctive artists of the early 20th century. Reflective and often lyrical, the essays exemplify Klee’s artistic thinking and his relationship with the creative process. Titled

“Graphic Art” (published as “Creative Confession,” 1920), “Ways of Nature Study” (1923), and “Exact

isBn 978-1-84976-234-2 ISBN 978-1-84976-234-2

us $10.95

e d i t e d By M at t h e w G a l e

CAN $11.95 51095

9 781849 762342

Experiments in the Realm of Art” (1928), the texts arch into each other through common and overlapping concerns. The goal of these writings was to draw a wider public into a dialogue that Klee was already having with the world around him through his art. He said, “Art does not reproduce what is visible, instead it makes it visible,” and


thus he talks readers through his own creative

Tate modern, London

confessions. This compact new edition includes a

Oct 16, 2013–Mar 9, 2014

postscript by Tate curator Matthew Gale. matthew gale is head of displays and curator (modern art) at Tate Modern.



Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 82

Tate 10/9/13 12:54 PM

mira Schendel ■

By ta n ya B a R s o n

F r o m TaT e P u B l i s h i n g


his stunning book accompanies the first full-scale survey of the dynamic work

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 265 color illustrations

of Swiss-born Brazilian artist Mira Schendel

260 pages, 8¼ × 10½"

(1919–1988). Alongside her contemporaries Lygia


Clark and Helio Oiticica, Schendel reinvented the language of European modernism in Brazil. Her work is characterized by a variation in materials, from braided, twisted rice paper to acrylic paintings to black-and-white temperas and a series of paintings using brick dust. During the height of her artistic powers, her work often focused on the visual component of language—using letters, words, and phonetic combinations to highlight the gestural and “sudden semantic value” of the written word. After her death in 1988 her work was shown extensively around the world, culminating in a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 2009.

RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: march arT isBn 978-1-84976-090-4 ISBN 978-1-84976-090-4 us $46.00 CAN $52.00 54600

9 781849 760904

E XHIB ItIOn ScHE dULE Tate modern, London Sep 25, 2013–Jan 19, 2014 Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo Date TBA

Tanya Barson is curator (international art) at Tate Modern.

Tate Britain Companion A G U I D e To B R I T I S h A R T ■

e d i t e d By P e n e lo P e c u R t i s

F r o m TaT e P u B l i s h i n g

A new guide to the incredible collections at Tate Britain, London


S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 172 color illustrations 224 pages, 7¾ × 11¾" Paperback RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: march

ith entries on over 170 artworks


representing the unrivaled collection

at Tate Britain, this useful handbook provides a

isBn 978-1-84976-033-1

lively and informative introduction to the story of

ISBN 978-1-84976-033-1 us $29.95 CAN $32.95 52995

art in Britain over the last 500 years. A concise and accessible guide, the handbook’s publication

9 781849 760331

coincides with the new chronological re-hanging of the Tate Collection. Presented in a similar chronological fashion, the works in this guide provide fascinating insight into British history as well as the evolution of British art. Brief descriptions accompany each work. Penelope curtis is director at Tate Britain.

Tate Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 83



10/9/13 12:54 PM

TATE INTRODUCTIONS ALSO AVAIL AB LE In tHE S E RIE S ■ The latest title in Tate Introductions, a new series that offers concise, affordable introductions and pictorial overviews of the greatest modern artists and artistic movements

klee ■

Chagall ISBN 978-1-84976-037-9 ISBN 978-1-84976-037-9 US $10.95 CAN $11.95 51095

By F l av i a F R i G e R i

9 781849 760379

Lichtenstein ISBN 978-1-84976-021-8 ISBN 978-1-84976-021-8 US $10.95 CAN $11.95 51095 9 781849 760218

Miró ISBN 978-1-85437-941-2 ISBN 978-1-85437-941-2 US $10.95 CAN $14.50 51095

S E LLIng pOIntS ■ Affordable introduction to klee’s


9 781854 379412

wiss-born artist Paul Klee (1879–1940) created some of the most innovative and best-loved works

of the 20th century. Uniquely among his contemporaries,

life and work ■ Covers the artist’s entire career ■ fully illustrated in color

he combined the modernist machine aesthetic with lyrical, organic elements, arriving at a visual language entirely his own. Klee’s works remain instantly recognizable, often characterized by a playfulness and wit that


can sharpen to biting satire on occasion. This accessible

60 color illustrations

overview provides a clear and concise guide to this

80 pages, 6½ × 8¼"

popular modern artist.

Munch ISBN 978-1-84976-022-5 ISBN 978-1-84976-022-5 US $11.95 CAN $13.95 51195 9 781849 760225

Paperback RIGHTS: norTh america

Flavia Frigeri is assistant curator at Tate Modern.

PUB MONTH: march arT isBn 978-1-84976-036-2 ISBN$10.95 978-1-84976-036-2 us CAN $11.95

Pre-Raphaelites ISBN 978-1-84976-024-9 ISBN 978-1-84976-024-9 US $10.95 CAN $11.95 51095


9 781849 760362

9 781849 760249



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 84

Tate 9/25/13 12:09 PM

Lost Art S

m I S S I N G A R T W o R k S o f T h e T W e N T I e T h C e N T U Ry ■

By J e n n i F e R M u n dy

F r o m TaT e P u B l i s h i n g

s e lling points ■ Lively and engaging study of

Lost 20th-century art—major works by major artists that have, for many reasons, disappeared

a relatively ignored aspect of modern and contemporary art ■ Includes work by marcel Duchamp, Wassily kandinsky, frida kahlo, Joseph Beuys, Lucian freud, keith haring, and others ■ Based on the hugely popular Tate online exhibition (now closed), The Gallery of Lost Art, which generated more than 900

“Art history tends to be the history of what has survived. But loss has shaped our sense of art’s history in ways that we are often not aware of.”—Jennifer Mundy, curator of The Gallery of Lost Art

features across print and online media and 600k+ page views from 153 countries

s pecifications 70 color illustrations

“Brilliant idea. . . . one of the most

288 pages, 6⅛ × 9¼"

original studies . . . to have appeared for


many years.”—Dawn Ades, professor of art history and theory, University of Essex

RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: aPril arT isBn 978-1-84976-140-6


ISBN$31.95 978-1-84976-140-6 us CAN $36.95


any assume that modern works of art are easily preserved; that their whereabouts can be readily

9 781849 761406

established, thanks to sophisticated documentation systems; and that, in general, they are not subject to loss or destruction. But many important works have disappeared over the last century in a variety of ways, including war, theft, natural catastrophe, and carelessness. Most significantly, loss itself has been a major theme within modern

and contemporary art, with elements of transience central to the practice of many well-known figures. Grouped into 10 sections—Discarded, Missing, Rejected, Attacked, Destroyed, Erased, Ephemeral, Transient, Unrealized, and Stolen—this unique book surveys 40 case studies, looking at the stories behind lost works of art by artists such as Kandinsky, Miró, Kahlo, Christo, Keith Haring, and including Michael Landy’s 2001 project Break Down, in which he systematically destroyed every one of his possessions himself. Jennifer mundy is head of collection research at Tate.

Tate Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 85



9/25/13 12:09 PM


■ The modern Artists Series from Tate Publishing focuses on living artists. Generously illustrated, accessible, and affordable, these are essential references for those interested in contemporary visual culture.

Richard Deacon ■

By c l a R R i e wa l l i s , P e n e lo P e c u R t i s , a n d t e R e s a G l e a d o w e


S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 100 color illustrations

orn in Bangor, Wales, in 1949, Richard Deacon has been at the forefront of sculpture for the

last 35 years and was awarded the Turner Prize in 1987.

128 pages, 8¼ × 10⅝"

His work employs curvilinear forms made from a wide


range of materials that are traditionally associated with

RIGHTS: norTh america

the manufacturing of industrial and domestic products.


Language and speech have played an important role in


Deacon’s approach to his work: “I think of making things, structuring, as being an activity not unlike the power of

isBn 978-1-84976-225-0

speech, in that it is a means of giving shape . . . a means

ISBN$26.95 978-1-84976-225-0 us CAN $29.95


whereby the world, a chaotic universe, is actually made understandable.”

9 781849 762250

clarrie Wallis is curator of contemporary art at Tate Britain. Penelope curtis is director at Tate Britain.


Olafur Eliasson ISBN 978-1-85437-966-5 ISBN 978-1-85437-966-5 US $27.50 CAN $31.50 52750 9 781854 379665

Louise Bourgeois ISBN 978-1-85437-882-8 ISBN 978-1-85437-882-8 US $27.50 CAN $35.95 52750 9

William Kentridge ISBN 978-1-85437-972-6 ISBN 978-1-85437-972-6 US $27.50 CAN $31.50 52750 9 781854 379726



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 86


Antony Gormley ISBN 978-1-85437-797-5 ISBN 978-1-85437-797-5 US $27.50 CAN $39.95 52750 9

Gabriel Orozco ISBN 978-1-85437-912-2 ISBN 978-1854379122 US $27.50 CAN $35.95 52750 9 781854 379122

781854 378828

Tracey Emin ISBN 978-1-85437-542-1 ISBN 978-1-85437-542-1 US $27.50 CAN $34.95 52750

781854 377975

781854 376237


Richard Wilson ISBN 978-1-85437-570-4 ISBN 978-1-85437-570-4 US $27.50 CAN $38.95 52750 9

Ed Ruscha ISBN 978-1-85437-623-7 ISBN 978-1-85437-623-7 US $27.50 CAN $39.95 52750 9

781854 375421

Rachel Whiteread ISBN 978-1-85437-519-3 ISBN 978-1-85437-519-3 US $27.50 CAN $43.95 52750

781854 375704

Douglas Gordon ISBN 978-1-85437-464-6 ISBN 978-1-85437-464-6 US $24.95 CAN $39.95 52495 9

Jeff Wall ISBN 978-1-85437-611-4 ISBN 978-1-85437-611-4 US $24.95 CAN $39.95 52495 9

781854 376114

781854 375193

781854 374646

Peter Blake ISBN 978-1-85437-419-6 ISBN 978-1-85437-419-6 US $24.95 CAN $39.95 52495 9

781854 374196

Tate 9/25/13 12:09 PM

Standing in the Sun A L I f e o f J . m .W. T U R N e R ■

By a n t h o n y B a i l e y

s e lling points ■ fascinating biography that received rave reviews when first published

A “beautifully written” (Sunday Telegraph) biography of a mercurial artist, available again after more than a decade

■ A revealing portrait of the man behind the art ■ Includes vivid contextual details, placing Turner in his time

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S “An enthralling and meticulously researched biography . . . bringing the past vividly to life.” —Publishers’ Weekly

16 black-and-white illustrations 504 pages, 6⅛ × 9¼" Paperback RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: aPril arT isBn 978-1-84976-192-5 ISBN$27.95 978-1-84976-192-5 us CAN $31.95


9 781849 761925


ack in print after a decade, this book, which A. S.


Byatt called “a pleasure to read,” explores the life

of J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851), Britain’s most mysterious painter, whose range of work encompasses seascapes

and landscapes, executed in both immensely powerful oil paintings and intimate watercolors. Anthony Bailey crafts what the Guardian called a “very fine portrait” of Turner, the short and stout son of a Covent Garden barber, who achieved fame and fortune during his lifetime and

Turner ISBN 978-0-8109-6253-8 ISBN 978-0-8109-6253-8 US $39.95 CAN $65.00 53995

whose works remain enormously popular and influential today. Bailey “writes with flair and imagination” (Sunday

Turner Watercolours ISBN 978-1-85437-771-5 ISBN 978-1-85437-771-5 US $29.95 CAN $35.95 52995 9 781854 377715

Times), using archival material, scholarly literature and research, and many of Turner’s sketchbooks, paintings,


780810 962538

and watercolors to shed new light on this complicated and secretive artistic figure. anthony Bailey’s books include Rembrandt’s House, a biographical study of another great painter; the novel Major André; and memoirs from America and England.

Tate Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 87

Turner’s Secret Sketches ISBN 978-1-84976-085-0 ISBN 978-1-84976-085-0 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781849 760850



9/25/13 12:09 PM

TATE BRITISH ARTISTS ■ The British Artists Series from Tate Publishing provides an affordable and accessible introduction, in a hardcover format, to some of the greatest figures in British art. See for the complete list of titles in the paperback series.

J.m.W. Turner William Blake ■

By s a M s M i l e s

By w i l l i a M vau G h a n

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S fOR E AcH tItLE 60 color illustrations 96 pages, 7½ × 9¾" hardcover RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: aPril arT



. M. W. Turner (1775–1851) is probably Britain’s greatest painter. Both profoundly original

and astonishingly prolific, he helped transform


ore than 150 years after his death, William Blake (1757–1827) remains a cryptic and

controversial figure. Equally gifted as a poet and

landscape painting into an expressive art form of

a painter, he produced work that is as arresting

enormous range and power. This book reveals

for its beauty as for its strangeness. With this

the extent to which Turner wanted his paintings to

fresh examination of Blake’s unfolding career,

communicate intellectually as well as emotionally

William Vaughan presents an artist with a radical

and how he used landscape as a vehicle for deep

and utterly individual vision, who was deeply

ruminations on society, politics, and the human

concerned with the social, religious, and political

condition. Sam Smiles discusses and illustrates

issues of his age.

William Scott ISBN 978-1-84976-082-9 ISBN 978-1-84976-082-9 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781849 760829

the whole range of Turner’s work. William Vaughan is professor emeritus in the sam smiles is professor of history of art at the

history of art at Birkbeck College, University

University of Plymouth, England.

of London.

isBn 978-1-84976-191-8

isBn 978-1-84976-190-1

ISBN$24.95 978-1-84976-191-8 us CAN $27.95 52495

ISBN$24.95 978-1-84976-190-1 us CAN $27.95 52495

9 781849 761918



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 88

9 781849 761901

Patrick Caulfield ISBN 978-1-84976-127-7 ISBN 978-1-84976-127-7 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495 9 781849 761277

Tate 9/25/13 12:09 PM

Australia ■

By wa l ly c a R ua n a , F R a n c h e s c a c u B i l lo, a n n a G R ay,

d e B o R a h h a R t, t h o M a s k e n e a l ly, R o n R a d F o R d, k at h l e e n s o R i a n o, a n d da n i e l t h o M a s

a r oya l ac a d e m y o F a r T s P u B l i c aT i o n

s e lling points ■ A stunning exploration of

A landmark book on Australian art, from its sacred Aboriginal origins to the dynamic contemporary art scene

the development of art in Australia both before and after colonization ■ Reveals the fascinating social and cultural evolution of a nation through its art ■ Written by renowned experts in all aspects of Australian art, in conjunction with the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, and including a contribution by Schindler’s List author Thomas keneally

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 200 color illustrations


320 pages, 9½ × 11" his unprecedented book charts the development of Australian art since 1800, from early Aboriginal

paintings and the work of the first colonial settlers to

contemporary artists whose work reflects their culturally

hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: FeBruary arT

diverse influences. The book celebrates key moments in the Australian canon and showcases more recent artists

isBn 978-1-907533-45-7

such as Tracey Moffatt, Fiona Hall, and Vernon Ah Kee,

ISBN$75.00 978-1-907533-45-7 us CAN $86.00


who have emerged and established a highly original native art scene. Because the art of this continent is

9 781907 533457

indelibly linked to its epic landscape, this book focuses especially on this complex and evolving alliance, illustrating in some 200 paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, and film and video stills the distinctive Australian terrain, and examining the ways in which Australian artists have sought to negotiate their identities in relation to the extremes of their land. Wally caruana is an independent curator, formerly a curator at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Franchesca cubillo is curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Royal Academy of Arts Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 89



9/25/13 12:09 PM

Richard Rogers INSIDe oUT ■

e d i t e d By J e R e M y M e lv i n

a r oya l ac a d e m y o F a r T s P u B l i c aT i o n


S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 70 color illustrations

ichard Rogers (b. 1933) is one of the world’s most distinguished architects, as well as

a powerful advocate for the role of architecture

112 pages, 6⅝ × 9"

and urban design in improving everyday lives.


Famous for his “inside out” architectural style,

RIGHTS: norTh america

Rogers is known for such landmarks as the

PUB MONTH: march

Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Lloyd’s building

arT • archiTecTure

in London. This volume explores the origins of and influences on Rogers’s thinking and explains

isBn 978-1-907533-61-7

how his wide-ranging interests inform his design

ISBN 978-1-907533-61-7 us $30.00 CAN $33.00 53000

process. With contributions from major figures in a range of fields, as well as a new interview with

9 781907 533617

Richard Rogers, this book shows why his work continues to be fresh, challenging, and inventive. Jeremy melvin is curator of the World Architecture Festival and consultant curator for the architecture program at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Being AN ARChITeCT ■ S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 200 illustrations 400 pages, 8¼ × 10¼" Paperback

By i a n R i tc h i e

a r oya l ac a d e m y o F a r T s P u B l i c aT i o n


ith an international reputation for innovative architecture, art, engineer-

ing, industrial design, applied science, and

urban planning, Ian Ritchie Architects is the least

RIGHTS: norTh america

predictable of contemporary practices. Being:

PUB MONTH: march

An Architect is the autobiography of the founder


of this unique collaborative firm. With refreshing

isBn 978-1-907533-08-2

frankness, Ritchie describes both the pleasures

ISBN 978-1-907533-08-2

and the struggles of making architecture in the

us $90.00

CAN $102.00 59000

9 781907 533082

real world. An in-depth commentary by the architectural critic Roger Connah explores Ritchie’s achievements, his dynamic mode of working, and


the unusual position that he occupies at both the center and the vanguard of architecture today. ian ritchie is an internationally acclaimed English architect. His built designs include the

Ian Ritchie: Lines ISBN 978-1-9085711-81-9 ISBN 978-1-905711-81-9 US $15.95 CAN $18.95 51595 9

781905 711819



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 90

Messe-Leipzig Glass Hall; the Spire of Dublin; and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, winner of the RIBA National Award in 2007.

Royal Academy of Arts 9/25/13 12:09 PM


By ac h i M G n a n n , G e o R G B a s e l i t z , a n d dav i d e k s e R dJ i a n

a r oya l ac a d e m y o F a r T s P u B l i c aT i o n

s e lling points ■ Brings together for the first time 160 masterpieces from the

Stunning Renaissance chiaroscuro woodcut prints from the collections of artist Georg Baselitz and Vienna’s Albertina Museum

collection of the renowned artist Georg Baselitz and the Albertina museum in vienna ■ An exclusive interview with Georg Baselitz explores his fascination with the medium and its influence on his works ■ Catalog of an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London

s pecifications 160 color illustrations 224 pages, 9½ × 11" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: aPril arT


isBn 978-1-907533-63-1 uring the 16th century, a revolutionary printing process was developed in Northern Europe,

allowing artists to produce color effects never before seen in printed media. The chiaroscuro woodcut added tonal blocks to the black line block to create an interplay of light and dark. This beautiful volume brings together

120 masterpieces of the chiaroscuro woodcut technique,

ISBN$65.00 978-1-907533-63-1 us CAN $75.00


9 781907 533631

E XHIB ItIOn ScHE dULE Royal Academy of Arts, London Mar 15–Jun 8, 2014

examining the fascinating history of the medium and showing its spread to Italy and the Netherlands. Drawn from the collections of the renowned painter Georg Baselitz and the Albertina Museum in Vienna, the book includes masterpieces from Cranach, Burgkmair, Baldung Grien, and Wechtlin from the Dürer circle of artists; Albrecht Altdorfer; the Sienese artist Beccafumi; and the undisputed Italian master of the genre, Ugo da Carpi. achim gnann is curator of 14th- to 19th-century Italian art at the Albertina Museum, Vienna. georg Baselitz (b. 1938) is one of Germany’s most distinguished artists. david ekserdjian is professor of history of art and film at the University of Leicester, England.

Royal Academy of Arts Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 91



9/25/13 12:09 PM

eileen Cooper BeT WeeN The LINeS ■

By M a R t i n G ay F o R d a n d s a R a l e e

a r oya l ac a d e m y o F a r T s P u B l i c aT i o n


S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 150 illustrations

his thought-provoking retrospective on Eileen Cooper (b. 1953) spans the entire

breadth of her career, from her early days as a

192 pages, 9½ × 11"

singular figurative voice in British art and her


exploration of ideas of feminism and femininity in

RIGHTS: norTh america

painting to her current mature work, character-

PUB MONTH: march

ized by uninhibited colors bursting with energy,


contained by her expressive use of line. In a substantial and wide-ranging essay, Martin

isBn 978-1-907533-62-4

Gayford expands his ongoing investigation of

ISBN 978-1-907533-62-4 us $45.00 CAN $52.00 54500

Cooper’s work, aided by extracts from a recent series of interviews with the artist.

9 781907 533624

martin gayford is a writer and art critic whose many publications include A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney and Man with a Blue Scarf, an account of the time he spent sitting for a portrait by Lucian Freud.

maurice Cockrill S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 150 full-color illustrations 160 pages, 9½ × 11¾" hardcover with jacket

By n i c h o l a s a l F R e y, a l e x k i d s o n , a n d a R t u R o d i s t e Fa n o

a r oya l ac a d e m y o F a r T s P u B l i c aT i o n


aurice Cockrill (b. 1936) is one of Britain’s most important abstract artists. This

definitive book traces his distinguished career,

RIGHTS: norTh america

from the realist and Pop works he produced

PUB MONTH: march

as a central figure in the Liverpool art scene in the 1960s to the expressionist and abstract


work he began to make after moving to London

isBn 978-1-907533-09-9

in the 1980s. Essays by renowned artists and

us $45.00

art historians provide an overview of Cockrill’s

ISBN 978-1-907533-09-9 CAN $52.00 54500

development, his early realist paintings and their 9 781907 533099

links with his later abstract compositions, and an analysis of 12 key works. nicholas alfrey is associate professor in art history at the University of Nottingham. alex Kidson is curator of British Art at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. arturo di stefano is an artist.



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 92

Royal Academy of Arts 9/25/13 12:09 PM

Sensing Spaces A R C h I T e C T U R e R e I m AG I N e D ■

By P h i l i P u R s P R u n G a n d k at e G o o d w i n

a r oya l ac a d e m y o F a r T s P u B l i c aT i o n

A groundbreaking exploration of immersive architectural environments that are sensory, transportative, and poetic

s e lling points ■ Showcases the work of six internationally acclaimed architects through completely new projects created for the Royal Academy of Arts ■ A pioneering study of the power of architecture to affect people on a sensual, emotional, and subconscious level ■ Interviews with each of the architects give an in-depth view into their creative processes and ideologies

s pecifications 120 illustrations 176 pages, 8⅝ × 10¼" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: norTh america


PUB MONTH: aPril rchitecture is part of our everyday life, but its


ability to dramatically affect the way we think,

feel, and interact with one another is often overlooked. This compelling volume brings the focus

isBn 978-1-907533-71-6 ISBN$45.00 978-1-907533-71-6 us CAN $52.00


back to the sensual aspects of architecture—the subtle and intangible ways it impacts human experience—through the work of six leading architects from around the world. Conversations with each of these architects—Grafton Architects, Kengo Kuma, Li Xiaodong, Francis Kéré, Pezo von Ellrichshausen,

9 781907 533716

E XHIB ItIOn ScHE dULE Royal Academy of Arts, London Jan 25–Apr 6, 2014

and Eduardo Souto de Moura and Álvaro Siza—show the multiplicity of ways in which different approaches to the built environment can affect the way in which we connect with our surroundings. An introduction by Philip Ursprung explores the background to this humanistic approach to design, and preparatory sketches illustrate key buildings by each of the architects. Philip ursprung is professor of history of art and architecture at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, Zurich. Kate goodwin is Heinz Curator of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Royal Academy of Arts Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 93



9/25/13 12:09 PM

vincennes and early Sèvres Porcelain f R o m T h e B e Lv e D e R e C o L L e C T I o N ■

By J oa n n a G w i lt

V& a P u B l i s h i n g



he glittering and colorful wares of the renowned

1000 color illustrations

royal Sèvres manufactory are prominently

256 pages, 8½ × 10⅝"

displayed in palaces and art galleries around the

hardcover with jacket

world. By contrast, the comparative delicacy and

RIGHTS: World english

simplicity of the beautiful wares of the Vincennes

excl aus/nZ

porcelain works, out of which the Sèvres factory


evolved, remain relatively unknown, even by porce-

arT hisTory

lain experts. Drawing from the V&A and Belvedere collections, which include rare early pieces of these

isBn 978-1-85177-773-0

two factories, the book traces virtually every step in

ISBN 978-1-85177-773-0 us $80.00 CAN $92.00 57000

the development of the first Vincennes manufactory in 1740, documenting its success in overcoming

9 781851 777730

technical and artistic challenges and its rivalry with other European manufactories. Joanna gwilt, former assistant curator at the Royal Collection and also of the Wallace Collection, London, specializes in 18th-century French decorative arts, in particular Vincennes and Sèvres porcelain.

frank Pick’s London A R T, D e S I G N A N D T h e m o D e R N C I T y s pecifications 200 illustrations 160 pages, 8½ × 10⅝" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World english excl aus/nZ PUB MONTH: march arT hisTory • design

By o l i v e R G R e e n

V& a P u B l i s h i n g


s managing director of the London Underground in the 1920s and the first

chief executive of London Transport, Frank Pick (1878–1941) had more influence than any other individual on the look of 20th-century London. Pick’s vision for the city was more powerful than

anyone’s since Christopher Wren, and his passionate belief in the social and civic value of good,

isBn 978-1-85177-757-0

practical applied art and design was extended

ISBN 978-1-85177-757-0 us $40.00 CAN $45.00 54000

across his vast organization. Frank Pick’s London explores his extraordinary contribution to the

9 781851 777570

environment and everyday experience of modern London through his meticulously planned


approach to everything from maps through the distinctive red, white, and blue Underground logo and typeface to publicity posters and upholstery fabrics created by famous artists such as Man Ray, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Paul Nash, and

E. McKnight Kauffer ISBN 978-1-85177-466-1 ISBN 978-1851774661 US $39.95 CAN $57.95 53995 9 781851 774661



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 94

Edward Bawden. oliver green is former head curator of the London Transport Museum and is now its research fellow.

V&A Publishing 9/25/13 12:09 PM

The house of Worth PoRTRAIT of AN ARChIve ■

By a M y d e l a h ay e a n d va l e R i e d. M e n d e s

V& a P u B l i s h i n g

s e lling points

An unprecedented look at the designs, couture house, and legacy of Charles Frederick Worth (1825–1895), the father of haute couture

■ Stunning black-and-white photographs from the v&A’s superb collections ■ excellent resource for fashion and design students; neverbefore-seen photos show craftsmanship of Worth’s creations in amazing detail ■ A lavish showcase of what fashionable women wore at the turn of the 20th-century, from day dresses to evening wear ■ Worth’s famous followers included Lillie Langtry and Consuelo vanderbilt—even Lady Sybil on Downton Abbey wore Worth’s harem pants

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 300 black-and-white photographs and 25 color illustrations


176 pages, 9½ × 12¼" egendary British-born designer Charles Frederick

hardcover with jacket

Worth (1825–1895), with enormous talent for design

RIGHTS: World english

and promotion, built his fashion house into an empire

excl aus/nZ

during the last quarter of the 19th century—the first busi-

PUB MONTH: march

ness of its kind with global reach. His company, through


his heirs, endured until 1952, when his great-grandson retired. Profusely illustrated, this astonishing book

isBn 978-1-85177-774-7

explores Worth’s success in the realm of haute couture

ISBN$55.00 978-1-85177-774-7 us CAN $62.00


after 1890. Hundreds of photographs selected from the V&A’s unique archive of more than 7,000 official house

9 781851 777747

records capture the Worth style and offer valuable insights into the daily routine at Maison Worth in Paris.


Images and text tell the intriguing story of these creations, providing historical context and describing Worth’s international clientele of elegant women of wealth and power. amy de la haye is Professor of Dress History and Curatorship, Rootstein Hopkins Chair, London College of Fashion. Valerie d. mendes, formerly head of Fashion and Textiles at the V&A, is a freelance fashion and textiles historian.

9 781851 775613

V&A Publishing Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 95

Lucile ISBN 978-1-85177-561-3 ISBN 978-1851775613 US $60.00 CAN $65.00 56000



9/25/13 12:10 PM

Selling Silks A meRChANT’S SAmPLe Book ■

V& a P u B l i s h i n g


S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 145 color illustrations 272 pages, 8⅞ × 12¼"

n 1764, British customs confiscated a book containing hundreds of samples of different

qualities of silks from French agents who were

hardcover with jacket

attempting to sell them illegally in London. This

RIGHTS: World english

merchant’s sample book was acquired in 1972

excl aus/nZ

by the Victoria and Albert Museum, and today it


provides a fascinating record of the 18th-century

Fashion • TexTiles

French and English silk industries and their commercial practices. Alongside a full and faithful

isBn 978-1-85177-781-5 ISBN 978-1-85177-781-5

us $60.00

By l e s l e y e l l i s M i l l e R

reproduction of the whole beautiful album—an

CAN $69.00 56000

extremely rare, fragile, and significant object— Lesley Miller describes how the sample book was

9 781851 777815

a marketing tool for the premier European silk-




weaving center of Lyon, France, and a model for

Iranian Textiles ISBN 978-1-85177-615-3 ISBN 978-1-85177-615-3 US $55.00 CAN $71.50 55500

English textile manufacturers in Spitalfields. She also discusses how the silks were made and for whom through the use of contemporary portraits and archival documents dating to the 1760s. The

781851 776153

album itself is astonishing, reproducing hundreds

Toiles de Jouy ISBN 978-1-85177-617-7 ISBN 978-1-85177-617-7 US $55.00 CAN $66.00 55500

of patterns. lesley ellis miller is senior curator of textiles and

781851 776177

fashion (pre-1800) at the V&A.

The v&A Gallery of fashion ■

S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 130 color illustrations 160 pages, 7⅞ × 10½" Paperback RIGHTS: World english excl aus/nZ PUB MONTH: march Fashion • arT hisTory isBn 978-1-85177-752-5 ISBN$24.95 978-1-85177-752-5 us CAN $27.95 52495

9 781851 777525

e d i t e d By c l a i R e w i lc ox a n d J e n n y l i s t e R


V& a P u B l i s h i n g

panning four centuries, the V&A’s fashion collection is the most compre-

hensive in the world, housing unrivalled collections of dress, accessories, shoes, and hats from the 17th century to the present day. This

concise volume perfectly encapsulates the collection, from rare 18th-century gowns and exquisite bodices to 1930s evening wear, postwar couture, and show-stopping ensembles by contemporary designers. Fashion couturiers represented include Charles Frederick Worth, Madeleine Vionnet, Cristobal Balenciaga, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Mary Quant, Stephen Jones, Vivienne Westwood, and


Alexander McQueen.

80s Fashion ISBN 978-1-85177-725-9 ISBN 978-1-85177-725-9 US $30.00 CAN $33.00 53000

the V&A. Jenny lister is a curator of textiles

9 781851 777259



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 96

claire Wilcox is senior curator of fashion at and fashion at the V&A.

V&A Publishing 9/25/13 12:10 PM

edward Bawden’s kew Gardens ■

By P e y to n s k i P w i t h a n d B R i a n w e B B

V& a P u B l i s h i n g

s e lling points ■ kew Gardens, six miles outside of central London, attracts millions of visitors every year ■ kew was designed and inhabited by such royal figures as king

London’s famed Kew Gardens in delightful, nostalgic illustrations by the well-known English painter, illustrator, and graphic artist Edward Bawden

George III (kew Palace is open to the public) ■ Bawden’s images of botany and of kew demonstrate both his distinctive style and kew’s unique atmosphere

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S


100 color illustrations ased on Edward Bawden’s evocative

128 pages, 5⅞ × 9"

period illustrations, posters, and linocuts,

hardcover with jacket

this charming book brings to life Kew Gardens, the 300-acre site just outside London that

encompasses a world-renowned botanical garden, Kew Palace, and much more, all open to the public. Offering a lighthearted social history of

RIGHTS: World english excl aus/nZ PUB MONTH: aPril arT

Kew, peopled with the many royals who lived at or

isBn 978-1-85177-779-2

visited Kew, this is a colorful portrait of a time gone

ISBN$30.00 978-1-85177-779-2 us CAN $33.00


by. Embellished with contemporary caricatures by famed artists Rowlandson and Gillray, as well

9 781851 777792

as early botanical illustrations by Franz Bauer and others, the book also features previously unseen


material from Bawden’s personal scrapbooks and an unpublished guidebook to Kew drawn by a 19-year-old Bawden while he was a student at the Royal College of Art. Peyton skipwith is an independent fine art consultant. Brian Webb is a designer and lecturer. They have produced numerous books on British design, including Edward Bawden’s London.

9 781851 776559

V&A Publishing Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 97

Edward Bawden’s London ISBN 978-1-85177-655-9 ISBN 978-1-85177-655-9 US $40.00 CAN $45.00 54000



9/25/13 12:10 PM



A Flower Wedding


D e S C R I B e D By T W o WA L L f Lo W e R S , A fAC S I m I L e e D I T I o N

By R ac h e l c h u R c h

V& a P u B l i s h i n g

d e c o R at e d By wa lt e R c R a n e

V& a P u B l i s h i n g

New green cloth binding!

Now in paperback!

“Yes, flower bells rang right merry that day,  When there was a marriage  of flowers, they say.”


alter crane, one the best-loved designers of the British arts and

crafts movement, produced this beautifully illustrated poem that

tells the delightful story of a wedding day in 1905. this lovely facsimile


ings are perhaps the most common and yet the most evocative pieces of jewelry.

worn as a sign of love or as a fashion accessory,

edition, reproduced in glorious color, and now bound in lovely green

to mark weddings, remember the dead, or show

cloth and embossed with foil, makes a perfect wedding, engagement, or

religious faith, the unbroken circle—a plain

valentine’s day gift.

band or one that is elegantly adorned—holds a multitude of meanings for every wearer. From

Walter crane (1845–1915) is best known for his paintings and illustrations for

simple medieval hoops worn to ward off disease,

children’s books, but he also produced designs for wallpapers, textiles, and

to the glamorous rocks worn on the red carpet

ceramics and published important books on design.

by hollywood stars, to stunning works of art created by contemporary artist-jewelers, this book draws from the collections of the v&a to offer a beautifully illustrated introduction to rings. rachel church is a curator in the Metalwork department of the v&a.

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 48 full-color illustrations

175 color illustrations

48 pages, 5 × 7"

128 pages, 7⅜ × 8¼"

Hardcover cloth case, ribbon marker


RIGHTS: World EnglisH Excl Aus/nZ

RIGHTS: World English Excl Aus/nZ



PoEtry • Art

FAshion • JEWElry

isBn 978-1-85177-788-4

isBn 978-1-85177-785-3

ISBN 978-1-85177-788-4 us $14.95 CAN $17.95 51495

ISBN 978-1-85177-785-3 us $16.95 CAN $18.95 51695

•••••••••••••••••••••• 9 781851 777884



Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 98

9 781851 777853

V&A Publishing 10/9/13 12:56 PM


The Wedding Dress 3 0 0 y e A R S o f B R I DA L fA S h I o N S ■

By e d w i n a e h R M a n

V& a P u B l i s h i n g

Now in paperback!

A spectacular look at the history of the wedding dress, now available in paperback S E LLIng pOIntS ■ Tie-in to major v&A exhibition ■ Perfect inspiration for any bride-to-be ■ for fashionistas, fashion


historians, costume designers, and wedding dress designers ■ Includes dresses by Worth, fortuny, molyneux, Norman hartnell, Charles James, Zandra Rhodes, Christian Lacroix, vera Wang, and other well-known designers


rom the romance of its evolution to the splendor of

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S

its design, the wedding dress is unlike any other

garment, a talisman from a fantasy world, the manifestation

185 color illustrations

of dreams coming true. this book draws on wedding

208 pages, 9½ × 12¼"

garments in the v&a’s renowned collection along with


photographs, letters, memoirs, and newspaper accounts

RIGHTS: World English

to explore the history of the white wedding dress and the

Excl Aus/nZ

traditions that have developed around it from 1700 to today,


when designers from vera wang to vivienne westwood


continue to challenge the aesthetic. Paintings, drawings, and wedding photos depict queens, princesses, celebrities,

isBn 978-1-85177-783-9

and everyday women—including kate Middleton—in their

ISBN$39.95 978-1-85177-783-9 us CAN $44.95


gowns. the text considers the dress in the context of the 9 781851 777839

commercialization of weddings that began in the victorian era. The Wedding Dress is not only about costume, but also


about the cultivation of the image of the bride.

The victoria and Albert museum, London Jun 2014–Jan 2015

edwina ehrman is a curator of textiles and fashion at the v&a and of the exhibition “the wedding dress: 300 years of Bridal Fashions.” she is co-author of The London Look: Fashion from Street to Catwalk and a contributor to The Englishness of English Dress.

•••••••••••••••••••••• V&A Publishing Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 99



10/9/13 12:56 PM



Now in paperback!

fA S h I o N I N D e TA I L ■

By e l e R i ly n n

V& a P u B l i s h i n g

S E LLIng pOIntS ■ The essential visual reference for


et intimately acquainted with the V&A’s world-renowned

collection of undergarments in this eye-

any student of fashion

opening visual history. From camisoles

■ features famous pieces

to corsets, basques to boudoir caps,

by Christian Dior, vivienne

Underwear: Fashion in Detail traces the

Westwood, and many others

peculiar evolution of underwear. Revealing

■ This successful entry in the v&A’s

photographs highlight close-up details in

fashion in Detail series is now in

the garments, while intricate line drawings


show their masterly construction. A wide range of designs is represented, from rare 16th-century examples to Dior’s curvaceous New Look, to Calvin Klein’s notorious briefs. eleri lynn is a fashion curator at the

s pecifications

V&A and was the assistant curator of the

190 color illustrations

V&A’s major exhibition The Golden Age of

224 pages, 9 × 11¾"

Couture (V&A 2007). She contributed to

Paperback with flaps

the accompanying book of that title.

RIGHTS: World english excl aus/nZ PUB MONTH: may Fashion • TexTiles isBn 978-1-85177-784-6 ISBN$39.95 978-1-85177-784-6 us CAN $44.95


9 781851 777846


Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Fashion in Detail ISBN 978-1-85177-567-5 ISBN 978-1-85177-567-5 US $39.95 CAN $44.95 53995

Nineteenth-Century fashion in Detail ISBN 978-1-85177-572-9 ISBN 978-1-85177-572-9 US $39.95 CAN $44.95 53995 9

781851 775729




Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 100

781851 775675

Twentieth-Century fashion in Detail ISBN 978-1-85177-571-2 ISBN 978-1-85177-571-2 US $39.95 CAN $44.95 53995 9

781851 775712

World Dress: fashion in Detail ISBN 978-1-85177-568-2 ISBN 978-1-85177-568-2 US $39.95 CAN $44.95 53995 9

781851 775682

fashion in Detail 1700–2000 ISBN 978-1-85177-768-6 ISBN 978-1-85177-768-6 US $85.00 CAN $98.00 58500 9 781851 777686

V&A Publishing 9/25/13 12:10 PM

British magazine Design ■

By a n t h o n y Q u i n n

V& a P u B l i s h i n g


hat does a magazine’s look and feel say about it? Sometimes more than its

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 250 color illustrations

written content. Starting with the advent of two

240 pages, 8⅝ × 12¼"

periodicals—Punch in 1841 and the Illustrated


London News a year later—this groundbreaking study investigates the design history of British magazines over the past 170 years, right up to the beginnings of digital distribution. This groundbreaking study of a still-developing story encompasses graphic design, typography, photography, and innovative print technology, and explores why magazines have looked how they do and how they have changed over time. The

RIGHTS: World english excl aus/nZ PUB MONTH: June graPhic design isBn 978-1-85177-786-0 ISBN$50.00 978-1-85177-786-0 us CAN $57.50 55000

9 781851 777860

wealth of superb illustrations is drawn from the V&A’s National Art Library’s unparalleled archive of periodicals. anthony Quinn is a Financial Times journalist who has worked extensively in magazines throughout his career.

ALSO AVAIL AB LE The Ambassador Magazine ISBN 978-1-85177-677-1 ISBN 978-1-85177-677-1 US $65.00 CAN $75.00 56500 9 781851 776771

Dutch & flemish Drawings at the victoria and Albert museum ■

By c h R i s to P h e R w h i t e , Ja n e s h oa F t u R n e R , a n d M a R k e va n s

V& a P u B l i s h i n g


he V&A’s collection of more than 800 Dutch and Flemish sheets, made between the 15th and late

S pEcIfIcAtIOn S Two volumes, 1,000 color

19th centuries, is among the largest in the world and


includes masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rubens, and

320 pages, 9¾ × 11¼"

van Dyck, as well as designs for tapestries, stained

hardcover with slipcase

glass, prints, portraits, and topographical views. This systematic catalog is the result of seven years of research by two leading authorities and includes an essay on the history of the collection by Mark Evans, senior curator of paintings and drawings at the V&A.

RIGHTS: World english excl aus/nZ PUB MONTH: June arT

All works are illustrated in full color, with full catalog

isBn 978-1-85177-787-7

data, as well as illustrations of watermarks and

ISBN$400.00 978-1-85177-787-7 us CAN 4$460.00 0000

comparative works.

9 781851 777877

christopher White is former director of the

teRMs: 30% discount, non-returnable

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Jane shoaf Turner is head of the Rijksprentenkabinet, Amsterdam, and editor of the international journal Master Drawings. mark evans is senior curator of Paintings at the V&A.

V&A Publishing Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 101



9/25/13 12:10 PM

Gyre: The Plastic ocean ■

e d i t e d By J u l i e d e c k e R

a B o oT h - c l i B B o r n e d i T i o n s B o o K

s e lling points ■ Art and science combine to take

Internationally recognized artists create works of art from debris washed up on beaches around the world

a look at the human impact on our oceans ■ Pollution is an ever-growing issue: our oceans are filled with trash, most caught up in gyres, systems of rotating ocean currents that are becoming increasingly large ■ Brings together several important voices—of artists, scientists, writers, and others—to look at our environment and the effects of mass consumerism ■ Catalog of a traveling exhibition opening at the Anchorage museum in february 2014

S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 115 color illustrations 200 pages, 7 × 8½" hardcover RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: march arT


flip-flop discarded in Thailand finds its way to Hawaii, and a bottle cast off from

Japan’s tsunami is soon Alaska’s beach litter.

isBn 978-1-86154-355-4

With stunning visual impact and an astonishing

ISBN$25.00 978-1-86154-355-4 us CAN $29.00

array of ocean trash, internationally recognized


9 781861 543554

artists create works of art from debris collected from beaches around the world. Much of the oceans’ trash is swirling in one of five gyres,


which are large systems of rotating ocean cur-

Anchorage museum,

rents. Plastic packaging in a throwaway culture

Anchorage, Alaska

finds its way into our ocean biosphere and onto

Feb 7–Sept 6, 2014

beaches, propelled by the gyres, and now, in

Additional venues to be announced

this compelling book and related exhibition, into the hands of artists. This book, which explores the relationship between humans and the ocean in a contemporary culture of consumption, offers an international perspective on a pressing environmental problem. Julie decker is chief curator at the Anchorage Museum, Alaska. Decker has authored numerous articles and publications on the art and architecture of Alaska.

1 02


Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 102

Booth-Clibborn 9/25/13 12:10 PM

Tokyo Adorned ■

P h oto G R a P h s By t h o M a s c . c a R d

i n t R o d u c t i o n By s i M o n d o o n a n

c o M M e n ta Ry By B u z z s P e c to R

a B o oT h - c l i B B o r n e d i T i o n s B o o K s e lling points ■ Tokyo’s fashion icons are known and followed worldwide; their

In stunning, large-format portraits, photographer Thomas C. Card pays tribute to Tokyo’s inimitable fashion tribes

astonishing fashions are highly influential ■ Books on this subject have been popular sellers ■ A portion of the author’s profits will be donated to the continued relief efforts in Japan following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami ■ Introduction by writer, bon vivant, and fashion personality Simon Doonan ■ essay by Samantha Boardman, a well-known psychiatrist and author of ■ Large format, stunning design, gorgeous production


S pEcIfIcAtIOn S he neon, pastels, bows, and vibrant prints of Tokyo’s

132 color photographs

fashion tribes are unmistakable, outrageous, and

130 pages, 12 × 15"

fun. Recognized around the world, with huge online


followings, the city’s style icons are photographed here

RIGHTS: norTh america

against white backgrounds, revealing a new dimen-

PUB MONTH: march

sion of personality and emotion in these remarkable

PhoTograPhy • Fashion

individuals. Portraits include fashion icon Kumamiki—the vision behind the Party Baby movement and clothing brand—who has a growing global online following, as

isBn 978-1-86154-347-9 ISBN$40.00 978-1-86154-347-9 us CAN $45.00


well as personalities such as Chocomelo, Saki Kurumi, and Haruka Kurebayashi. The book includes an introduc-

9 781861 543479

tion by Simon Doonan and a cultural critique by artist and writer Buzz Spector. Thomas c. card is a New York–based photographer and director who has worked with Gucci, Barneys New York, Ferragamo, and Versace, and has contributed to Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and the New York Times Magazine. simon doonan is creative ambassador for Barneys New York. His books include Confessions of a Window Dresser, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, and The Asylum. Buzz spector’s work has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and other major venues.

Booth-Clibborn Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 103



9/25/13 12:11 PM

Samia halaby f I v e D e C A D e S o f PA I N T I N G A N D I N N ovAT I o N ■ ■

By s a M i a h a l a By, w i t h c o M M e n ta Ry By M ay M a n a h Fa R h at a B o oT h - c l i B B o r n e d i T i o n s B o o K

s e lling points ■ Palestinian-born painter Samia

A lush, unprecedented look at Samia Halaby, one of the Arab world’s leading abstract painters

halaby is widely recognized as a major innovator of the school of abstraction in contemporary Arab art ■ oversized format stunningly showcases halaby’s work ■ halaby’s works are in the permanent collections of the British museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum, the

“Samia Halaby is epic.”—Vanity Fair

Art Institute of Chicago, and the Detroit Institute of Arts, among others

s pecifications color illustrations throughout 360 pages, 12½ × 15" hardcover RIGHTS: norTh america PUB MONTH: march arT isBn 978-1-86154-342-4 ISBN$75.00 978-1-86154-342-4 us CAN $86.00



amia Halaby: Five Decades of Painting and Innovation offers an unprecedented look at

one of the world’s leading abstract painters. Born in

9 781861 543424

Jerusalem in 1936, Halaby now lives and works in New York. Spanning more than five decades of the Palestinian artist’s illustrious career, from her early student days in the 1960s to her most recent series in 2013, the book contains nearly 450 color reproductions, presenting her


expansive oeuvre through paintings, prints, and drawings. From large canvases exploring the color planes of geometric and helix formations to abstract assemblages that pulse with movement, her practice is one of radical experimentation and creative urgency.

Abdulnasser Gharem ISBN 978-1-86154-324-0 ISBN 978-1-86154-324-0 US $50.00 CAN $57.50 55000 9 781861 543240

Ahmed Mater ISBN 978-1-86154-318-9 ISBN 978-1-86154-318-9 US $40.00 CAN $50.00 54000


781861 543189



Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 104

A major international artist, samia halaby has taught at the Yale School of Art and other institutions. Halaby’s work is in the collections of numerous major museums worldwide and has been included in solo and group exhibitions from Tokyo to Little Rock to Beirut and Damascus. maymanah Farhat is a New York–based art historian who has written widely on modern and contemporary art of the Arab world and its diaspora.

Booth-Clibborn 9/25/13 12:11 PM

African fetishes and Ancestral objects ■

t e x t By F R a n ç o i s n e y t

P h oto G R a P h s By h u G h e s d u B o i s

From 5 conTinenTs ediTions


S pEcIfIcAtIOn S 163 color illustrations 288 pages, 9½ × 11¼" Bilingual: English and French

he 70-some carved objects from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

presented in this book have something remark-

able in common: They are permeated with the powers of magic and sorcery, and are believed to be inhabited by the spirits of nature and the ghosts of ancestors. Selected with great care by

hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World english PUB MONTH: march arT isBn 978-88-7439-654-2 ISBN 978-88-7439-654-2 us $75.00 CAN $86.00 57500

Patric Didier Claes, a Belgian expert in African art, the works are from the Kingdom of Luba, at the

9 788874 396542

source of the Congo, and the Kingdoms of Kongo and Teke. Each sculpture is identified, indexed,


meticulously described, placed in context, and pinpointed as an example of the particular carving style of a specific workshop. François neyt is director of the Department of Archaeology and Art History at the Catholic University of Louvain. hughes dubois is a photographer specializing in advertising and art.

African Impressions ISBN 978-88-7439-597-2 ISBN 978-88-7439-597-2 US $68.00 CAN $81.50 56800 9 788874 395972

Bismarck Archipelago Art ■

t e x t By i n G R i d h e e R M a n n , k l au s -J o c h e n k R ü G e R , e t a l .

e d i t e d By k e v i n c o n R u

From 5 conTinenTs ediTions

P h oto G R a P h s By h u G h e s d u B o i s

s pecifications 275 color illustrations


328 pages, 10⅝ × 14" he first devoted to the art of the vast

hardcover with jacket

South Seas island groups in the Bismarck

RIGHTS: World english

Archipelago, this book features stunning, ephemeral creations made with natural materials

PUB MONTH: march arT

such as plant fiber, light woods, bark cloth, and tree pith—among the most colorful of the

isBn 978-88-7439-659-7

Pacific Island arts. An inspiration to the German

ISBN 978-88-7439-659-7 us $165.00 CAN $190.00 16500

Expressionists and the Surrealists, these pieces combine color, fragility, and a sense of temporal

9 788874 396597

purpose. Essays explore the art history of the region and set the beautifully photographed works in cultural context.


ingrid heermann is senior curator in the Department of Oceanic Art at the Linden-Museum, Stuttgart. Klaus-Jochen Krüger is a collector and expert on African art. Kevin conru is a member of the Pacific Arts Association and the Oceanic Arts Society. hughes dubois’s photographs have appeared in numerous books.

5 Continents Spr14AdultCat_076-108.indd 105

Solomon Islands Art ISBN 978-88-7439-493-7 ISBN 978-88-7439-493-7 US $125.00 CAN $135.00 12500 9 788874 394937



9/25/13 12:11 PM

The olivier mosset Collection f R o m T h e A R T I S T To T h e C o L L e C To R ■

e d i t e d By l a da u M s tät t e R

From 5 conTinenTs ediTions


S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 250 color illustrations

livier Mosset (b.1944) is a Swiss-born artist who now lives and works in Tucson.

While establishing a worldwide reputation for his

304 pages, 7 × 10¼"

own painting, he has also assembled an excep-

hardcover RIGHTS: World english

tional collection of works by other European


and American artists of the late 20th century, among them Yves Klein, Joseph Beuys, Carl


André, Sol Lewitt, Peter Halley, John Armleder, Sylvie Fleury, and Steven Parrino. This book, the

isBn 978-88-7439-653-5 ISBN 978-88-7439-653-5

us $55.00

catalog of an exhibition at the Museum of Fine

CAN $62.00 55500

Arts of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, presents more than 140 paintings, drawings, sculptures,

9 788874 396535

miscellaneous objects, installations, photographs, videos, posters, and prints, all donated to the museum in 2007. lada umstätter is a curator at the Museum of Fine Arts of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Samuel hieronymus Grimm (1733–1794)

A v e Ry e N G L I S h S W I S S S pEcIfIcAtIOnS 164 color illustrations 224 pages, 8⅝ × 10⅝" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: World english PUB MONTH: march arT

e d i t e d By w i l l i a M h au P t M a n

From 5 conTinenTs ediTions


amuel Hieronymus Grimm (1733–1794) recorded, in watercolor and pen and

ink, great historical events as well as everyday

English life in the 18th century. Born near Bern, Switzerland, Grimm moved to London in 1768 and began an unrivaled career documenting the landscape and antiquities of Britain, and gaining a

isBn 978-88-7439-662-7 ISBN 978-88-7439-662-7 us $45.00 CAN $52.00 54500

9 788874 396627

reputation for accuracy and speed. His extensive travels resulted in more than 2,600 drawings and watercolors, ranging from pure landscape to highly valuable scenes of country life of the day. Grimm also published witty political and social caricatures. This new book, published to accompany an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum, Bern, opens a window onto 18th-century England. William hauptman has written several books on 18th- and 19th-century painting and organized dozens of exhibitions in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe.



Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 106

5 Continents 10/9/13 12:58 PM

Resonant Space T h e C o Lo R I T m o S o f A L e JA N D R o oT e R o ■

e d i t e d By R i n a c a R va Ja l

t e x t By k a i R a M . c a B a ñ a s ,

J ua n c a R lo s l e d e z M a , a n d n a dJa R ot t n e R ■

From 5 conTinenTs ediTions s e lling points ■ otero is an important abstract

The first book on the renowned Venezuelan artist Alejandro Otero’s signature works, the Colorhythms

artist whose work is unfamiliar to many American and european art enthusiasts ■ otero’s work is in major collections, including momA, the National Air and Space museum, the museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, the Dallas museum of Art, and more ■ This book is the first to examine otero’s Colorhythms

s pecifications 86 color illustrations 224 pages, 8½ × 10½" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: World english PUB MONTH: march arT


isBn 978-88-7439-665-8 he Venezuelan painter and sculptor Alejandro Otero

ISBN$50.00 978-88-7439-665-8 us CAN $57.50


(1921–1990) was one of the most significant artists

in the history of abstraction. Between 1955 and 1960, he

9 788874 396658

developed an extraordinary series of 75 paintings called Coloritmos (Colorhythms), one of his major contributions to the field of painting. Painted with Duco, a shiny industrial lacquer applied with a spray gun or roller, the Colorhythms are large-scale compositional modules executed on rectangular support structures. In these works, Otero succeeded in emphasizing rhythm and color over form; as a consequence of optical intensity, chromatic vibration, and the suggestion of rhythmic movement, the pictures seem to expand dynamically outward. This illuminating book, the first dedicated to Colorhythms, evaluates their place in Otero’s practice and in the context of international geometric abstraction. rina carvajal is an independent curator and critic based in Miami who is presently a guest curator for the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea (IAC) in São Paulo and the Instituto Moreira Salles in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

5 Continents Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 107


1 07

10/9/13 12:58 PM


yaka ■

By a R t h u R P. B o u R G e o i s

From 5 conTinenTs ediTions


s e lling points ■ The successful visions

he Yaka, a tribe in the southwestern corner of the Democratic Republic

of the Congo, have for over a century

of Africa series is the only series to examine African

produced figurative statuettes, masks, and

art systematically, tribe by

other objects that have fascinated Western

tribe, in an affordable and

scholars, collectors, and explorers. This

accessible format

impressive book brings together some of the earliest examples, as well as some of the

■ features many unpublished or

most visually striking, and explores their uses

little-known figurative statuettes, masks, and other objects, placing

in installation and initiation ceremonies and

them in their context of ceremony

curative rituals, examining their relationship to leadership, divination, and sorcery.

and curative rituals

Colonial influences as well as "anti-fetish" religious movements are studied for their


impact on Yaka traditional art. The book

62 color and 21 black-and-white

includes 21 black-and-white illustrations and


drawings accompanying the text, 62 color

160 pages, 6½ × 9½"

plates with commentary, and an annotated



RIGHTS: World english PUB MONTH: June

arthur P. Bourgeois is Professor Emeritus in


Art History at Governors State University in University Park, Illinois.

isBn 978-88-7439-515-6 ISBN$39.95 978-88-7439-515-6 us CAN $44.95


9 788874 395156

ALSO AVAIL AB LE In tHE S E RIE S Igbo ISBN 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN 978-88-7439-632-0 US $39.95 CAN $44.95 53495 9 788874 396320

Kota ISBN 978-88-7439-607-8 ISBN 978-88-7439-607-8 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 3960 37 28 0

Yoruba ISBN 978-88-7439-587-3 ISBN 978-88-7439-587-3 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 495 539 68 37 23 0 9 788874 395

Bamum ISBN 978-88-7439-573-6 ISBN 978-88-7439-573-6 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 495 539 67 33 26 0 9 788874 395



Spr14AdultCat_076-108x.indd 108

Baule ISBN 978-88-7439-386-2 ISBN 978-88-7439-386-2 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 393 68 36 22 0

Bamana ISBN 978-88-7439-348-0 ISBN 978-88-7439-348-0 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 393 64 38 20

Kuba ISBN 978-88-7439-404-3 ISBN 978-88-7439-404-3 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 394 60 34 23 0

Pende ISBN 978-88-7439-384-8 ISBN 978-88-7439-384-8 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 393 68 34 28 0

Luba ISBN 978-88-7439-297-1 ISBN 978-88-7439-297-1 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 392 69 37 21 0

Chowke ISBN 978-88-7439-293-3 ISBN 978-88-7439-293-3 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 392 69 33 23 0

Punu ISBN 978-88-7439-401-2 ISBN 978-88-7439-401-2 978-88-7439-632-0 ISBN US $39.95 CAN $44.95 539 495 9 788874 394 60 31 22 0

5 Continents 10/9/13 12:58 PM


Spr14AdultCat_109-119x.indd 109

10/9/13 1:20 PM

a un p u ll l e b li c al s s sh en ot e d da he in r s rw a a i s u g re e u no s t te d

A y e Ar o f f r o m thlove e m os t Am A o n th e pzi n g c At l An e t! Lil Bub 2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

good Job bUb!

By L i L B u B

New! s e lling points ■ Over 145,000 Facebook likes ■ Over 4.4 million views on YouTube ■ Over 115,000 followers on Instagram ■ Over $60,000 raised for charity

■ Proving that being different is better, Lil BUB is taking the world by storm with her adorable face and feel-good message. Born with severe abnormalitites, BUB has overcome her obstacles to become a poster kitty for inspiration, positivity, and pride. Celebrate her inspirational message and irresistibly cute face all year long with the official Lil BUB 2015 wall calendar.

s pecifications 16-month calendar 24 pages, 12 × 12" RIGHTS: World ISBN 978-1-4197-1335-4 ISBN$13.99 978-1-4197-1335-4 US CAN $16.99


9 781419 713354



Spr14AdultCat_109-119.indd 110


9/25/13 12:27 PM

2015 is Adventure Time! Heck, Yeah! Two brand new calendars based on the wildly popular Cartoon Network Series

adventure Time

adventure Time

2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 5 M I N I Wa L L C a L e N da R

By C a r to o n n e t w o r k

By C a r to o n n e t w o r k


■ What time is it? Adventure Time™! Explore the magical world of Ooo with Jake the dog

■ It’s Adventure Time! Come on, grab your friends! Let’s spend 2015 with Jake and Finn in very distant lands! Highlighting the best of

and Finn the human, along with the Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, and all your favorite Adventure Time characters, in this 2015 mini wall calendar.

the stunning title-card paintings produced for each episode of the Cartoon Network’s wildly successful show, this popular 16-month calendar is totally mathematical! Heck, yeah!

s pecifications

s pecifications

16-month calendar

16-month calendar

28 pages, 12 × 12"

24 pages, 7 × 7"



ISBN 978-1-4197-1267-8

ISBN 978-1-4197-1331-6

ISBN$14.99 978-1-4197-1267-8 US CAN $16.99

ISBN$7.99 978-1-4197-1331-6 US CAN $8.99


9 781419 712678


9 781419 713316

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0668-4


Spr14AdultCat_109-119x.indd 111



10/9/13 1:12 PM

A pair of bestselling, action-packed calendars celebrating two of the most successful video-game series of all time (60 million fans and counting)

The Official

The Official

Legend of Zelda

Super Mario Brothers

2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

By n i n t e n d o

By n i n t e n d o

■ Dive into 2015 with an action-packed trip

■ Everyone’s favorite video-game hero, Mario, is

through the fantastical world of Hyrule. Following

back to save the day in this 16-month wall calendar,

our hero, Link™, in his never-ending quest to save

featuring art and imagery from the world of Super

Princess Zelda™ from the evil Ganon, this lavishly

Mario. Embark on an epic adventure with the plumber-

illustrated 16-month calendar features images

by-trade, hero-by-destiny as he navigates the world of

from the beloved and bestselling franchise.

2015. Featuring Mario’s allies and foes, this calendar will appeal to nostalgic Mario fans and new gamers alike.

s pecifications

s pecifications

16-month calendar

16-month calendar

24 pages, 12 × 12"

24 pages, 12 × 12"



ISBN 978-1-4197-1333-0

ISBN 978-1-4197-1334-7

ISBN$14.99 978-1-4197-1333-0 US CAN $16.99

ISBN$14.99 978-1-4197-1334-7 US CAN $16.99


9 781419 713330


9 781419 713347

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0780-3

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0779-7 TM



Spr14AdultCat_109-119.indd 112

/ © 2012 Nintendo


9/25/13 12:28 PM

The Wimpy Kid Illustrated 2015 Wall Calendar ■ ■ I llustr ate d by J e f f K inn e y

—NPR's Backseat Book Club S pecification s ■■ 16-month calendar ■■ 24 pages, 12 × 12" ■■ Includes stickers

Inclu Wimp des stick y Kid ers!

RIGHTS: world ISBN 978-1-4197-1336-1 ISBN $13.99  978-1-4197-1336-1 US CAn $16.99


9 781419 713361

2014 ISBN 978-1-4197-1044-5 10-COPY COUNTER DISPLAY ISBN 978-1-4197-1320-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-1320-0 US $139.90  CAN1$169.90 3990 9 781419 713200

■■ Enjoy Wimpy Kid all year long with this fully

S e lliing points

illustrated, 16-month calendar, complete with

■■ Based on the bestselling

fun stickers to make remembering birthdays, lessons, and other after-school activities easy.

series by Jeff Kinney ■■ The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade giant helium balloon,

Jeff Kinney is an online game developer and designer, and

three movies, T-shirts, games,

a No. 1 New York Times bestselling author. Jeff was named

vinyl figures, and more cement

one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the

Wimpy Kid’s popularity and

World. He spent his childhood in the Washington, DC, area

permanence in the market

and moved to New England in 1995. Jeff lives in southern Massachusetts with his wife and their two sons.

■■ Any time of year, for any occasion, Wimpy Kid makes the perfect gift

DIARY OF A WMPY KID ®, WIMPY KID™, and the Greg Heffley design™ are trademarks of Wimpy Kid, Inc. All rights reserved.


SPRING 2014  ■  113

art of andy Warhol 2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

u n d e r L i C e n S e F r o m t h e a n dy wa r h o L F o u n dat i o n F o r t h e V i S ua L a r t S , i n C .

■ Pop was and still is for everyone! More

s pecifications

than 20 years after his death, Andy Warhol

16-month calendar

remains one of the most influential figures in

24 pages, 12 × 12"

contemporary art and culture. This brilliant 16-month calendar under license from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts features the most iconic images from the “Pope of Pop” in combination with less familiar ones.

RIGHTS: CoNTaCT PUBlISHEr ISBN 978-1-4197-0973-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-0973-9

US $14.99

CAN $16.99 51499

9 781419 709739

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0875-6

©/®/™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

extraordinary Chickens

archer 2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

By a da m r e i d / F X

By S t e P h e n G r e e n -a r m y taG e

■ Among Abrams’ top-selling

■ Add more awesomeness to

calendars since 2003, Stephen

your life. Slink into 2015 with the

Green-Armytage’s annual tribute to the fanciest, funniest, and

s pecifications

incredibly vain master spy Sterling Archer and his double-crossing

s pecifications

freakiest fowl has legions of loyal

16-month calendar

cohorts from ISIS. Based on FX

16-month calendar

fans across the globe. Featuring

24 pages, 12 × 12"

Network’s popular animated

24 pages, 12 × 12"

the most extraordinary of the extraordinary—from Polish

comedy, this top-selling 16-month


Frizzles to Sicilian Buttercups—

ISBN 978-1-4197-1261-6

this charming 16-month calendar

ISBN$13.99 978-1-4197-1261-6 US CAN $16.99


includes many previously unpublished photographs.

9 781419 712616

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0744-5



Spr14AdultCat_109-119x.indd 114

calendar highlights each of the


main characters and their favorite

ISBN 978-1-4197-1260-9

pastime: using covert operations

ISBN$14.99 978-1-4197-1260-9 US CAN $16.99


and global crises as an excuse to undermine, sabotage, and betray each other for personal gain.

9 781419 712609

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0714-8


10/9/13 1:12 PM

CHIHULY BY da L e C h I h u LY

Two beautiful new calendars from the modern-day Tiffany



2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 5 W e e K LY P L a N N e R



■ Dubbed a modern-day Tiffany, Dale Chihuly

■ Dale Chihuly is renowned as the most prolific

is famous worldwide for his biomorphic blown-

living artist working in glass, with hugely popular

glass sculptures. This stunning 16-month calendar

exhibitions in major museums around the world. This

highlights 13 of his most spectacular and colorful

richly illustrated engagement calendar features more

works inspired by forms in the natural world.

than 50 full-color photographs of his most evocative works—from intimate smaller pieces to the tremendous outdoor installations that have thrilled millions.

s pecifications

s pecifications

16-month calendar

More than 50 color photographs

24 pages, 12 × 12"

160 pages, 6¼ × 8½”



ISBN 978-1-4197-1306-4

ISBN 978-1-4197-1305-7

ISBN$13.99 978-1-4197-1306-4 US CAN $16.99

ISBN$16.99 978-1-4197-1305-7 US CAN $18.99


9 781419 713064


9 781419 713057


Spr14AdultCat_109-119x.indd 115



10/9/13 1:12 PM

FRENCH COUNTRY By L i n da da n n e n B e r G P h oto G r a P h S By G u i L L au m e d e L au B i e r

Spend 2015 in the lush French countryside with these two elegantly designed classics

French Country 2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R


■ This lovely 12-month wall

s pecifications

calendar celebrates the charm

12-month calendar

of the French countryside and

24 pages, 12 × 12"

its elegant country homes, lush gardens, and picturesque villages. With 13 full-color photographs, it will inspire Francophiles throughout 2015.

RIGHTS: World ISBN 978-1-4197-1262-3 US $13.99 CAN $16.99 ISBN 978-1-4197-1262-3


9 781419 712623

French Country 2 0 1 5 d I a RY

New! ■ This timeless classic highlights the country

s pecifications

homes, lush gardens, picturesque villages, and

128 color illustrations

charming landscapes for which the French

128 pages, 8⅛ × 7⅛"

countryside is known and beloved. This elegant


27th edition, perfect for desktop or handbag, has a ribbon bookmark and comes in a slipcase.

ISBN 978-1-4197-1263-0 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 ISBN 978-1-4197-1263-0


9 781419 712630



Spr14AdultCat_109-119x.indd 116


10/9/13 1:12 PM

Treehouses of the World

Birdhouses of the World

2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

By P e t e n e L S o n

By a n n e S C h m au S S


■ Featuring 13 of the most striking and fantastic birdhouses from the USA, Canada, Denmark, Japan,

■ Get motivated! Be inspired! Be in a tree! Spend

Lebanon, and more, this 16-month

s pecifications

wall calendar is a must-have. Each

s pecifications

2015 out on a limb with

16-month calendar

month, users can delight at the

16-month calendar

treehouse architect and

24 pages, 10 1/2 × 14 1/2"

spectacular creativity and sheer

24 pages, 12 × 12"

master carpenter Pete Nelson


originality of each birdhouse and


learn about its construction, where

as your guide. This popular 16-month calendar highlights

ISBN 978-1-4197-1266-1

it’s located, and what kinds of birds

ISBN 978-1-4197-1332-3

13 of the most enchanting

ISBN$13.99 978-1-4197-1266-1 US CAN $16.99

utilize it. The styles vary widely,

ISBN$13.99 978-1-4197-1332-3 US CAN $16.99


and unusual treehouses from around the world—and the amazing stories behind them.


much as those of human houses do, from sleek modern to elaborate 9 7 8 1 4 1 9 7 1 3 3 2 3

9 781419 712661

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0745-2

Victorian to DIY hippie style.

Planet Golf 2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R : F e aT u R I N G T h e G R e aT e S T G O L F C O u R S e S a R O u N d T h e W O R L d ■

P h oto G r a P h S By J e a n n i n e a n d J o h n h e n e B ry

t e X t By da r i u S o L i V e r

The next best thing to being there

s pecifications 16-month calendar 24 pages, 14 × 12" RIGHTS: World

■ The next best thing to being there, this popular 16-month calendar takes golfers of all ages and stages—from active to armchair—on a

ISBN 978-1-4197-1265-4 ISBN$13.99 978-1-4197-1265-4 US CAN $16.99


tour of the most spectacular golf courses on the planet. Breathtaking photography paired with insightful commentary on course design and

9 781419 712654

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0746-9

history make this calendar a perennial standout.


Spr14AdultCat_109-119x.indd 117



10/9/13 1:12 PM

WILLIAM WEGMAN CALENDARS P h oto G r a P h S By w i L L i a m w e G m a n

“My Weimaraners are perfect fashion models. Their elegant, slinky forms are covered in gray—and gray, everyone knows, goes with anything.” —william wegman

William Wegman

William Wegman

Man’s Best Friend


2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 5 Wa L L C a L e N da R

■ A beloved bestseller, this classic

■ More irresistible than ever, this popular

16-month calendar features the best of

16-month calendar features the most adorable of

William Wegman—from early photographs

William Wegman’s puppy photographs. Paired with

of his canine collaborator and muse

his whimsical drawings, Wegman’s cute and cuddly

Fay Ray to all-new photographs of the

Weimaraners will delight new and established

charismatic Chundo and Candy.

fans alike throughout 2015. Includes a poster.

s pecifications

s pecifications

16-month calendar

16-month calendar

24 pages, 10½ × 14½"

24 pages, 12 × 12"

RIGHTS: World ENglISH ISBN 978-1-4197-1268-5

ISBN 978-1-4197-1269-2

ISBN$14.99 978-1-4197-1268-5 US CAN $16.99


9 781419 712685


Spr14AdultCat_109-119.indd 118

ISBN 978-1-4197-1269-2

US $14.99

CAN $16.99 51499

9 781419 712692

2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0742-1



2014 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0743-8


9/25/13 12:28 PM

hello Kitty® P O P - u P a dv e N T C a L e N da R ■

By S a n r i o s pecifications Advent calendar 12 × 12" RIGHTS: US & CaNada avaIlaBlE NoW ISBN 978-1-4197-0912-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0912-8 US $14.99 CAN $16.99


9 781419 709128

■ Hello Kitty can’t wait for Christmas, and neither can you! This delightful Advent calendar makes the holiday season even more fun than it already is. Hello Kitty fans of all ages will enjoy counting down the days to December 25 with their favorite friend.

Norman Rockwell’s

24 Penguins Before Christmas

C h R I S T M a S a dv e N T C a L e N da R

a 3 6 5 P e N G u I N S a dv e N T C a L e N da R ■

t e X t By J e a n - Lu C F ro m e n ta L

i L LuS t r at i o n S By J o ë L Le J o L i V e t

■ Behind each of the 24 die-cut windows in this Abrams holiday favorite, children will find one, two, three, or even more penguins! A miniature book giving door-by-door explanations, all in silly rhyme, is included in the package.

■ This timeless treasure features

s pecifications

s pecifications

25 illustrations by Norman Rockwell,

18 × 11"

11 × 13¾"

America’s most beloved and

Includes 8-page carol booklet

Includes 4-page booklet



universally popular artist. Sure to become a holiday tradition, this charming Advent calendar and bonus Christmas carol booklet promise to bring the Christmas spirit to your home this year and every year after.

avaIlaBlE NoW

avaIlaBlE NoW

ISBN 978-0-8109-9581-9

ISBN 978-0-8109-9555-0

ISBN 978-0-8109-9581-9 US $10.99 CAN $11.99

US $16.99

ISBN 978-0-8109-9555-0


9 780810 995819



Spr14AdultCat_109-119x.indd 119

CAN $19.99 51699

780810 995550



10/9/13 1:12 PM


Pure Grit

By J o s é M a n u e l M at e o

H o w A M e R I c A N w o R l d wA R I I

I l lu s t r at e d By

N u R S e S S u R v I v e d b At t l e A N d

Separate Is Never equal

P R I S o N c A M P I N t H e PAc I f I c

S y lv I A M e N d e z A N d

Jav I e r M a r t í n e z P e d r o

By M a ry C r o n k Fa r r e l l

Fore word By FIrst

lIeutenant dIane Carlson

H e R fA M I ly ' S f I G H t f o R d e S e G R e G At I o N ■

By d u n C a n to n at I u h

e va n s , a n C r v n


Brown v s . B oa of Edu rd ca 60th A tion nn May 20 iv. 14

March is Wom en Histor y ’s Month Mexican boy tells of his journey to the U.S. with his family. They must face

many dangers to cross the border, only to

experience the uncertainty felt by all illegal


hen the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 blasted the U.S. into

WW II, 101 American Army and Navy nurses


lmost 10 years before Brown vs. Board of Education, Sylvia Mendez and her

parents helped end school segregation in

serving in the Philippines were suddenly treat-

California. An American citizen of Mexican

one long, beautifully vivid illustration reminis-

ing wounded and dying soldiers while bombs

and Puerto Rican heritage who spoke and

cent of pre-Hispanic codices, packaged as an

exploded all around them. Later, when most

wrote perfect English, Mendez was denied

accordion-style foldout frieze.

of them were captured by the Japanese as

enrollment to a “Whites only” school. Her

prisoners of war, they suffered for three years.

parents took action by organizing the Hispanic

José Manuel Mateo is a Mexican writer and

The women cared for one another, maintained

community and filing a lawsuit in federal

poet who has published a number of Spanish-

discipline, and honored their vocation to

district court. Their success eventually brought

language children’s books. Javier Martínez

nurse anyone in need—all 101 coming home

an end to the era of segregated education in

Pedro is from the only Indian community

alive. Illustrated with archival photographs and


where these illustrations, painted on amate

includes an index, glossary, and timeline.

immigrants. The narrative is accompanied by

duncan tonatiuh’s first book, Dear Primo,

bark paper, are made. He has won many prizes for his work.

s pecifications

An award-winning journalist, Mary cronk

won the 2011 Pura Belpré Honor for Illustration,

Farrell’s books have received many accolades

and Diego Rivera won the 2012 Pura Belpré

and a SPUR Award. She lives in Spokane, WA.

Illustration Award. Tonatiuh lives in Mexico.

s pecifications

s pecifications

Continuous black-and-white illustration 22 pages, 12½ × 6¼" Hardcover

Archival photographs throughout

Color illustrations with archival images

RIGHTS: World englisH

160 pages, 8½ × 10"

40 pages, 9 × 11"

excluding latin aMerica and

Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket





PUB MONTH: February


Picture book

nonFiction Picture book

nonFiction Picture book

isbn 978-1-4197-0957-9

isbn 978-1-4197-1028-5

isbn 978-1-4197-1054-4

ISBN 978-1-4197-0957-9 us $17.95 CAN $19.95

ISBN 978-1-4197-1028-5 us $24.95 CAN $27.95

ISBN 978-1-4197-1054-4 us $18.95 CAN $21.95



9 781419 709579

9 781419 710285

z Abrams Books for Young Readers 1 20


Spr14AdultCat_120-128x.indd 120

z Abrams Books for Young Readers


9 781419 710544

z Abrams Books for Young Readers

Also of Interest 10/16/13 2:07 PM

A woman in the House (and Senate)

Girls Standing on lawns

H o w w o M e N c A M e to t H e u N I t e d S tAt e S

I l lu s t r at e d By M a I r a k a l M a n

coNGReSS, bRoke dowN bARRIeRS,

t e x t By da n I e l h a n d l e r

A N d c H A N G e d t H e c o u N t Ry

M u s e u M o F M o d e r n a r t, n e W yo r k

By I l e n e C o o P e r

elIz aBeth Baddeley

FroM tHe

I l lu s t r at e d By

Fore word By

F o r M e r u. s . s e n ato r o ly M P I a s n o w e


unique collaboration between Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler,


better known as Lemony Snicket, this clever book contains 40

or the first 128 years of our country’s history, not a single woman served in the Senate or House of Representatives. All of that

vintage photographs from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, original paintings by Kalman inspired by the photographs,

changed in November 1916, when Jeannette Rankin of Montana

and brief, lyrical texts by Handler. Poetic and thought-provoking, Girls

became the first woman elected to Congress. Beginning with the wom-

Standing on Lawns is a meditation on memories, childhood, nostalgia,

en’s suffrage movement and going all the way through the 2012 election,

home, family, and the act of seeing. Girls, women, families, and even

Ilene Cooper deftly covers more than a century of U.S. history in order

pets from days gone by grace the pages, enticing readers to imagine

to highlight the influential and diverse group of female leaders who

these people, their lives—and where they have gone.

opened doors for women in politics as well as the nation as a whole. The book is filled with lively illustrations and archival photographs.

Maira kalman is a bestselling and award-winning artist, illustrator, and writer whose books include 13 Words (with Lemony Snicket), And the

ilene cooper has written many acclaimed children’s books, including

Pursuit of Happiness, and The Elements of Style. daniel Handler is the

Jewish Holidays All Year Round, winner of the National Jewish Book

internationally renowned author of the A Series of Unfortunate Events

Award. She is an editor for Booklist and lives in Chicago.

series, whose books have sold over 60 million copies in 44 languages.

s pecifications

s pecifications

Full-color illustrations and

RIGHTS: World englisH

12 color illustrations and

RIGHTS: World englisH



over 40 black-and-white and


144 pages, 8½ × 10"

nonFiction Picture book

color photographs

Hardcover with jacket

isbn 978-1-4197-1036-0

64 pages, 5 × 8"

isbn 978-0-87070-908-1

ISBN 978-1-4197-1036-0 us $24.95 CAN $27.95

clothbound with tipped-on

ISBN 978-0-87070-908-1 us $14.95 CAN $16.95


Picture book 51495

colorplates 9 781419 710360

9 780870 709081

z Abrams Books for Young Readers

Also of Interest Spr14AdultCat_120-128x.indd 121



10/16/13 2:07 PM



Available wherever ebooks are sold


Stewart, Tabori & Chang Abrams Image

Collect Raindrops ISBN 978-1-61312-653-0

Citizen Farmers MAR

Fashionable Selby ISBN 978-1-61312-589-2

ISBN 978-1-61312-596-0

ISBN 978-1-61312-597-7


ISBN 978-1-61312-598-4


Ample Hills Creamery




ISBN 978-1-61312-662-2


Mad World ISBN 978-1-61312-666-0



The Forest Feast

Abrams ComicArts

I Flip for Flea Markets

Climate Changed

ISBN 978-1-61312-651-6 APR


Berlin Street Style APR

The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits ISBN 978-1-61312-599-1


Lunch at the Shop X vs. Y

ISBN 978-1-61312-603-5

ISBN 978-1-61312-664-6


ISBN 978-1-61312-668-4

Prefabulous World ISBN 978-1-61312-592-2

ISBN 978-1-61312-602-8

Under the Shade of Olive Trees

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Style ISBN 978-1-61312-590-8

ISBN 978-1-61312-654-7


Be in a Treehouse ISBN 978-1-61312-593-9

Like My Mother Always Said … MAR

First Prize Pies MAR

An Ocean Garden ISBN 978-1-61312-591-5

ISBN 978-1-61312-601-1



The Glow ISBN 978-1-61312-665-3


Vegetarian for a New Generation ISBN 978-1-61312-606-6


The Cocktail Club ISBN 978-1-61312-600-4


Eataliano! ISBN 978-1-61312-667-7


Best White Wine on Earth ISBN 978-1-61312-663-9


STC Craft | Melanie Falick Books How to Catch a Frog ISBN 978-1-61312-652-3


■ Visit for MAY

our bestselling backlist


Spr14AdultCat_120-128x.indd 122

10/16/13 4:11 PM

PH otog r a PH y a n d a rt c r e d its fRoNt coveR From Toy Stories, © Gabriele Galimberti INSIde fRoNt From BiblioCraft, Johnny Miller INSIde bAck From The New York Dog, © Rachael Hale McKenna bAck coveR From Optical Illusions, Who to Believe?, © François Abélanet PAGe 1/coNteNtS © Josie Iselin PAGeS 2–3/Abrams opener From Valentin Yudashkin © Valentin Yudashkin PAGeS 4–5 © Todd Selby PAGeS 6–7 John Singer Sargent, Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau); Salvatore Ferragamo, Platform Sandal; John Galliano for Christian Dior, Maria-Luisa (dite Coré); Georges Barbier, Le bonheur du jour; ou, Les graces à la mode; Adolf Dehn, Spring in Central Park; Susan Holcomb, “Poodlehead”; Samuel Halpert, The Flatiron Building. All images courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art PAGe 8 © 2013 by Chihuly Workshop PAGe 9 © Josie Iselin PAGeS 10–11 © Pete Nelson PAGe 12 © Nikki McClure PAGe 13 Ingo Arndt PAGe 14 Illustrations by Bil Donovan PAGe 15 Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, ca. 1976; Andy Warhol, Halston Advertisements/Men’s Wear, 1982; Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli, 1979. The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh; Founding Collection, Contribution Dia Center for the Arts. © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. PAGe 16 Top to bottom: © Elle, © Archives Maurice Renoma, © Randall Mesdon PAGe 17 © Valentin Yudashkin PAGe 18 © 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. And TM. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization. PAGe 19 Illustrations by Philippe Squarzoni PAGeS 20–21 © 2014 DreamWorks L.L.C. PAGeS 22–23 TM & © 2014 CARTOON NETWORK (S14) PAGe 24 Illustrations by Mattias Picard

PAGe 25 Top: David Macdonald, The Engineer, Primary School; bottom: Peter Brookes, Cat or Mouse? PAGe 26 Courtesy of Rachel Robinson PAGe 27 Cover: Grandpierre Design GmbH; top: designyougo; middle: InHaus Development; bottom: Patrick BinghamHall PAGeS 30–31/Stewart, tabori & chang opener From Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary, Thayer Allyson Gowdy PAGeS 32–33 ChiChi Ubiña PAGe 34 John Gruen PAGe 35 Paintings by Natalie Goldberg PAGe 36–37 Photographs by Rinne Allen, illustrations by Heads of State PAGeS 38–39 Addie Juell PAGe 40 Catherine Gratwicke PAGe 41 Rinne Allen PAGeS 42–43 Photographs and watercolor illustrations by Erin Gleeson PAGe 44 © Rachael Hale McKenna PAGe 45 Cover (photography, clockwise from upper left): Dave and Steve Maslowski, London Fieldworks, Amadeus Leitner, J. Schatz; top: Elephant Room Creative; center: Lili Engelhardt; bottom: Thomas Dambo Winther PAGe 46 MasterChef is a trademark of Reveille Independent, LLC and used under license. The MasterChef logo is a trademark of Shine Limited and used under license. All rights reserved. MasterChef is based on a format created by Franc Roddam in association with Ziji Productions. FOXTM Fox and its related entities. All Rights Reserved. Photographs, top row: courtesy of Tina Rupp; bottom row, left and middle: courtesy of Tina Rupp; bottom row, far right: courtesy of Fox PAGe 48 Sven Benjamins PAGe 49 Stuart Pigott PAGe 50 Illustration by Lauren Kaelin, photographs by Lucy Schaeffer PAGe 51 Tina Rupp PAGe 52 Thayer Allyson Gowdy PAGeS 54–55 Illustrations

by Tania Lee PAGe 56 Thayer Allyson Gowdy PAGe 57 Kelly Stuart PAGeS 58–59 Johnny Miller PAGeS 60–61/Abrams Image opener From Toy Stories, © Gabriele Galimberti PAGe 64 © Sandra Semburg PAGe 65 © CHRISTOPHER HIRSHEIMER and MELISSA HAMILTON PAGe 67 Getty Images PAGe 68 © Gabriele Galimberti PAGe 69/SelfMadeHero opener From Celeste, I. N. J. Culbard PAGe 70 Frederik Peters PAGe 71 Oscar Zarate PAGe 72 Nick Abadzis PAGe 73 Reinhard Kleist PAGe 74 I. N. J. Culbard PAGe 75 Christophe Blain PAGe 76–77/ distributions opener From Australia. Charles Conder. A Holiday at Mentone. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. South Australian Government Grant with the assistance of Bond Corporation Holdings Limited through the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation to mark the Gallery’s Centenary, 1981 PAGeS 78–79 All © Quentin Blake PAGe 80 Top to bottom: J. M. W. Turner. The River Thames with Isleworth Ferry; John Constable. Malvern Hall, Warwickshire; John Constable. Flatford Mill (‘Scene on a Navigable River’). All © Tate. Photography © Tate Photography 2013/Samuel Drake, Jo Fernandes and Mark Heathcote PAGe 85 Lucian Freud. Portrait of Francis Bacon. Photo © Tate PAGe 89 Top: Rover Thomas. Cyclone Tracy. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Purchased 1991. © The artist’s estate courtesy Warmun Art Centre; (bottom) Grace Cossington Smith. The Bridge in Building. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Gift of Ellen Waugh, 2005. © Estate of Grace Cossington Smith PAGe 91 Top: Domenico Beccafumi (Il Mecarino). Apostle. Bottom: Hendrick Goltzius.

Herkules Killing Cacus. Both Collection Georg Baselitz PAGe 93 Top to bottom: Li Xiaodong. Water House, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China. Photo © Li Xiaodong; Eduardo Souto de Moura. Cinema House for Manoel de Oliveira Oporto, Portugal. Photo © Luis Ferreira Alves; Diébédo Francis Kéré. Public Library in Gando, interior public reading space. Photo © Weneyida Kéré PAGe 95 Images © Victoria and Albert Museum, London PAGe 97 © The Estate of Edward Bawden PAGe 99 Images © Victoria and Albert Museum, London PAGe 103: Photographs © Thomas C. Card PAGe 104 All works © Samia Halaby, courtesy Ayyam Gallery PAGe 107 Bottom left: Alejandro Otero. Coloritmo 41A. Private Collection. Alejandro Otero. Coloritmo 69A PAGe 109/calendars opener From Lil Bub 2015 Wall Calendar, © 2014 Lil Bub, LLC. All rights reserved. PAGe 110 © 2014 Lil Bub, LLC. All rights reserved. PAGe 111 TM & © 2014 CARTOON NETWORK (S14) PAGe 112 TM & © 2014 Nintendo PAGe 114 Top: © / ® / TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.; bottom right: TM & © 2014 FX Networks, LLC PAGe 113 © 2014 by Chihuly Workshop PAGe 115 Top left: © Pete Nelson; top right: Paige Eden Photography, Inc. PAGe 119 Top: © Sanrio.

ComicArts is a registered trademark of Harry N. Abrams, Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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a lPH a b eti ca l i n d e x A



Aama: The Smell of Warm Dust 70

Dutch & Flemish Drawings at the

Legend of Zelda 2015 Wall

Victoria and Albert Museum 101

Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection 22–23 Adventure Time 2015 Mini Wall Calendar 111

E Eataliano!: My Favorite Family Recipes from Italy 46–47

Adventure Time 2015 Wall Calendar 111 African Fetishes and Ancestral

Edward Bawden’s Kew Gardens 97 Eileen Cooper: Between the

Objects 105 Ample Hills Creamery 50

Lines 92 Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers, The 38–39

Animal Architecture 13 Archer 2015 Wall Calendar 114

Extraordinary Chickens 2015 Wall Calendar 114

Art of Andy Warhol 2015 Wall Calendar 114

Calendar 112 Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Style 14 Lil Bub 2015 Wall Calendar 110 Living Color: Painting, Writing, and the Bones of Being 35 Lost Art: Missing Artworks of the Twentieth Century 85 Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life 82

Art of Maurice Sendak: 1980 to the

Fashion is... 6

Mira Schendel 83

Mad World 67

Flower Wedding, A 98


Forest Feast, The 42–43

New York Dog, The 44

Frank Pick’s London 94

New York is... 7

Be in a Treehouse 10–11

French Country 2015 Diary 116

No. 5 Culture Chanel 28

Being: An Architect 90

French Country 2015 Wall

Norman Rockwell’s Christmas Advent

Calendar 116

Best White Wine on Earth: The

British Art 83 Toy Stories 68 Treehouses of the World 2015 Wall Calendar 117

24 Penguins Before Christmas

Maurice Cockrill 92

Berlin Street Style 64

Tate Britain Companion: A Guide to


Fashionable Selby 4–5



Turner and Constable: Sketching from


Australia 89

Calendar 112

Lunch at the Shop 65

Art of Maurice Sendak 29

First Prize Pies 51

Trilogy 18 Super Mario Brothers 2015 Wall

Like My Mother Always Said... 62–63

Art of DreamWorks Animation 20–21

Present 29

Star Wars® Storyboards: The Original

Calendar 119

Nature 80–81 Advent Calendar 119

U Under the Shade of Olive Trees 48 Underwear: Fashion in Detail 100 Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary 52

V V&A Gallery of Fashion, The 96 Valentin Yudashkin: 25 Years of



BiblioCraft 58–59

Glow, The 57

Ocean Garden, An 9

Vegetarian for a New Generation 41

Birdhouses of the World 45

Gyre: The Plastic Ocean 102

Olivier Mosset Collection, The 106

Vincennes and Early Sèvres

Riesling Book 49

Birdhouses of the World 2015 Wall Calendar 117 Bismarck Archipelago Art 105

H Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede 15

Boxer, The 73 British Magazine Design 101



Park, The 71

Weapons of Mass Diplomacy 75

Paul Klee: Creative Confession and

Wedding Dress, The 99

Celeste 74

How to Catch a Frog 53

Pursuits, The 54–55

Expanded 29


House of Worth, The 95

Chiaroscuro 91

Optical Illusions 25

Porcelain 94 Vision & Art, Updated and

Hello Kitty® Pop-Up Advent

Candlelit Home 29

Charleston Academy of Domestic

Singular Adventure 16

Handmade for the Garden 34 Calendar 119

Chanel 28

One + One = 3: Maurice Renoma, A

Creation 17

Other Writings 82 Planet Golf 2015 Wall Calendar 117 Prefabulous World 27

I I Flip for Flea Markets 32–33

R Resonant Space: The Colorhythms of

William Blake 88 William Wegman Man’s Best Friend 2015 Wall Calendar 118 William Wegman Puppies 2015 Wall Calendar 118 Wimpy Kid 2015 Wall Calendar 113

Chihuly 2015 Wall Calendar 115


Chihuly 2015 Weekly Planner 115

J. M. W. Turner 88

Richard Deacon 86

Chihuly on Paper 8

Jackie Robinson: An Intimate

Richard Rogers: Inside Out 90


Rings 98

X vs. Y: A Culture War, A Love Story 66



Samia Halaby: Five Decades of

Yaka 108

Cigar That Fell In Love With a Pipe, The 72

Alejandro Otero 107

Portrait 26 Jim Curious: A Voyage to the Heart of

Citizen Farmers 36–37 Climate Changed: A Personal Journey Through the Science 19 Cloth: 30+ Projects to Sew from Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, and Hide 40 Cocktail Club, The 56 Collect Raindrops 12

the Sea 24

K Kew Gardens 97 Klee 84

Words and Pictures 78–79

Painting and Innovation 104 Samuel Hieronymus Grimm (17331794): A Very English Swiss 106 Selling Silks: A Merchant’s Sample Book 96 Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined 93 Standing in the Sun: A Life of J. M. W. Turner 87

1 24


Spr14AdultCat_120-128x.indd 124

10/16/13 2:07 PM

cate g o ry i n d e x ARCHITECTURE Be in a Treehouse 10–11 Being: An Architect 90 Birdhouses of the World 45 Prefabulous World 27 Richard Rogers: Inside Out 90 Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined 93 ART Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection 22–23 African Fetishes and Ancestral Objects 105 Australia 89 Bismarck Archipelago Art 105 Chiaroscuro 91 Chihuly on Paper 8 Collect Raindrops 12 Dutch & Flemish Drawings at the Victoria and Albert Museum 101 Edward Bawden’s Kew Gardens 97 Eileen Cooper 92 Flower Wedding, A 98 Gyre: The Plastic Ocean 102 J. M. W. Turner 88 Kew Gardens 97 Klee 84 Lost Art: Missing Artworks of the Twentieth Century 85 Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life 82 Maurice Cockrill 92 Mira Schendel 83 New York is... 7 Ocean Garden, An 9 Olivier Mosset Collection, The 106 Optical Illusions 25 Paul Klee: Creative Confession and Other Writings 82 Resonant Space: The Colorhythms of Alejandro Otero 107 Richard Deacon 86 Samia Halaby 104 Samuel Hieronymus Grimm 106 Standing in the Sun: A Life of J. M. W. Turner 87 Tate Britain Companion: A Guide to British Art 83 Turner and Constable 80–81 William Blake 88 Words and Pictures 78–79 Yaka 108 ART HISTORY Fashion is... 6 Frank Pick’s London 94 Halston and Warhol 15 V&A Gallery of Fashion, The 96

Vincennes and Early Sèvres Porcelain 94 BIOGRAPHY Jackie Robinson 26 CALENDARS 109–19 COMICS Aama: The Smell of Warm Dust 70 Boxer, The 73 Cigar That Fell In Love With a Pipe, The 72 Climate Changed 19 Park, The 71 Weapons of Mass Diplomacy 75 COOKING Ample Hills Creamery 50 Best White Wine on Earth: The Riesling Book 49 Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, The 54–55 Cocktail Club, The 56 Eataliano!: My Favorite Family Recipes from Italy 46–47 First Prize Pies 51 Forest Feast, The 42–43 Lunch at the Shop 65 Under the Shade of Olive Trees 48 Vegetarian for a New Generation 41 CRAFT BiblioCraft 58–59 Cloth: 30+ Projects to Sew from Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, and Hide 40 Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers, The 38–39 Handmade for the Garden 34 How to Catch a Frog 53 Living Color: Painting, Writing, and the Bones of Being 35 Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary 52 DESIGN Frank Pick’s London 94 ENTERTAINING Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, The 54–55 Cocktail Club, The 56 ENVIRONMENT Climate Changed 19 ETIQUETTE Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, The 54–55

FASHION Berlin Street Style 64 Chanel 28 Fashionable Selby 4–5 Fashion is... 6 Glow, The 57 Halston and Warhol 15 House of Worth, The 95 Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Style 14 No. 5 Culture Chanel 28 One + One = 3: Maurice Renoma 16 Rings 98 Selling Silks 96 Tokyo Adorned 103 Underwear: Fashion in Detail 100 V&A Gallery of Fashion, The 96 Valentin Yudashkin 17 Wedding Dress, The 99 FILM Art of DreamWorks Animation, The 20–21 Star Wars® Storyboards: The Original Trilogy 18 GAMES Optical Illusions 25 GARDENING Citizen Farmers 36–37 Handmade for the Garden 34 GRAPHIC DESIGN British Magazine Design 101 GRAPHIC NOVEL Aama: The Smell of Warm Dust 70 Boxer, The 73 Celeste 74 Cigar That Fell In Love With a Pipe, The 72 Climate Changed 19 Park, The 71 Weapons of Mass Diplomacy 75 HISTORY Boxer, The 73 Jackie Robinson 26 HUMOR Like My Mother Always Said… 62–63 INTERIOR DESIGN Cloth: 30+ Projects to Sew from Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, and Hide 40 Glow, The 57 I Flip for Flea Markets 32–33

JEWELRY Rings 98 MEMOIR How to Catch a Frog 53 MUSIC Mad World 67 NATURE Animal Architecture 13 Birdhouses of the World 45 Climate Changed 19 Ocean Garden, An 9 PARENTING Glow, The 57 PERFORMING ARTS Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection 22–23 Art of DreamWorks Animation, The 20–21 Star Wars® Storyboards: The Original Trilogy 18 PETS New York Dog, The 44 PHOTOGRAPHY Animal Architecture 13 Candlelit Home 29 Fashionable Selby 4–5 New York Dog, The 44 Tokyo Adorned 103 Toy Stories 68 Vision & Art 29 POETRY Flower Wedding, A 98 POP CULTURE Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection 22–23 Mad World 67 X vs. Y: A Culture War, A Love Story 66 REGIONAL New York is... 7 SCIENCE Climate Changed 19 SPORTS Boxer, The 73 Jackie Robinson 26


Spr14AdultCat_120-128x.indd 125

1 25

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AD U LT A sso r Tm e nTs fo R S P R I N G 2014 ava I l a B l e to r e ta I l e r s o n ly

b e ac H a s s o r tM e nt

H o M e g r oW n a s s o r tM e nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97-1 3 1 4 - 9

97 8 -1 - 41 97-1 3 1 5 - 6

4 copies An Ocean Garden new 978-1-4197-1170-1 US $17.95 CAN $19.95

3 copies Citizen Farmers new 978-1-61769-101-0 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

2 copies Seashells 978-0-8109-9327-3 US $17.95 CAN $19.95

2 copies The Complete Kitchen Garden 978-1-58479-856-9 US $24.95 CAN $29.95

2 copies Beach Stones 978-0-8109-5533-2 US $17.95 CAN $19.95

1 copy Urban Farms 978-1-4197-0199-3 US $30.00 CAN $33.00

ON SALE DATE 3/11/2014 US $143.60 CAN $159.60

ON SALE DATE 3/18/2014 US $154.75 CAN $176.75

a dv i c e a s s o r tM e nt

b i b li o PH i le a s s o r tM e nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97-1 3 1 7- 0

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 8 - 8

4 copies Like My Mother Always Said… new 978-1-4197-1173-2 US $14.95 CAN $16.95

3 copies BiblioCraft new 978-1-61769-096-9 US $27.50 CAN $31.50

3 copies One Good Deed 978-1-4197-0417-8 US $18.95 CAN $21.95

2 copies The Repurposed Library 978-1-58479-909-2 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

2 copies Sh*tty Mom 978-1-4197-0459-8 US $18.95 CAN $19.95

1 copy Crafting a Meaningful Home 978-1-58479-867-5 US $24.95 CAN $32.50

ON SALE DATE 3/11/2014 US $154.55 CAN $173.55

ON SALE DATE 3/18/2014 US $157.35 CAN $182.90

s e lby a s s o r tM e nt

a n i M a l lov e r a s s o r tM e nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97-1 3 1 2 - 5

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 7-1

3 copies Fashionable Selby new 978-1-4197-0861-9 US $35.00 CAN $40.00

3 copies The New York Dog new 978-1-61769-090-7 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

2 copies Edible Selby 978-0-8109-9804-9 US $35.00 CAN $40.00

2 copies The French Dog 978-1-58479-977-1 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

2 copies Selby Is in Your Place 978-0-8109-8486-8 US $35.00 CAN $42.00

1 copy The French Cat 978-1-58479-950-4 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

ON SALE DATE 3/18/2014 US $245.00 CAN $284.00

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ON SALE DATE 3/25/2014 US $179.70 CAN $197.70

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co m i c A r t s A s s o r tm e nt

B i r D WAtc h e r A s s o r tm e nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97-1 3 1 3 -2

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 6 - 4

3 copies Climate Changed NEW 978-1-4197-1255-5 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

3 copies Birdhouses of the World NEW 978-1-61769-064-8 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

2 copies Economix 978-0-8109-8839-2 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 1 copy How to Fake a Moon Landing 978-1-4197-0689-9 US $16.95 CAN $18.95

ON SALE DATE 4/8/2014 US $131.70 CAN $146.70

Don’t miss our ChilDren’s Chil D ren’s Dren’s Assortments in the ChilD Chil D ren’s CAtA log CAt

3 copies For the Birds 978-1-58479-717-3 US $21.95 CAN $24.95

h o m e D e co r Ato r A s s o r tm e nt

n e W G e n e r Ati o n s A s s o r tm e nt

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 1 - 9

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 4 - 0

3 copies I Flip for Flea Markets NEW 978-1-61769-095-2 US $27.50 CAN $31.50

3 copies Vegetarian for a New Generation NEW 978-1-61769-040-2 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

2 copies I Brake for Yard Sales 978-1-58479-922-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 1 copy Good Bones, Great Pieces 978-1-58479-957-3 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

ON SALE DATE 4/15/2014 US $162.35 CAN $183.35

2 copies Canning for a New Generation 978-1-58479-864-4 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 2 copies Whole Grains for a New Generation 978-1-61769-001-3 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

s t y le A s s o r tm e nt

m i xo lo Gy A s s o r tm e nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97-1 3 1 1 - 8

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 5 -7

3 copies Berlin Street Style NEW 978-1-4197-1257-9 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

4 copies The Cocktail Club NEW 978-1-61769-026-6 US $22.50 CAN $25.50

2 copies Paris Street Style 978-1-4197-0681-3 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 2 copies Fashion Insider’s Guide to New York 978-1-4197-0723-0 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

ON SALE DATE 4/15/2014 US $174.65 CAN $195.65

3 copies Drinkology Revised and Updated 978-1-58479-828-6 US $22.50 CAN $24.50 2 copies Drinkology: Beer 978-1-58479-851-4 US $22.50 CAN $25.50

s e A s o n A l h A rv e s t A s s o r tm e nt

W i n e lov e r A s s o r tm e nt

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 2 - 6

97 8 -1 - 61 76 9 -1 1 3 -3

ON SALE DATE 4/15/2014 US $140.70 CAN $158.70

ON SALE DATE 4/15/2014 US $174.65 CAN $195.65

ON SALE DATE 5/13/2014 US $202.50 CAN $226.50

ON SALE DATE 6/17/2014 US $154.85 CAN $189.75

3 copies The Forest Feast NEW 978-1-61769-081-5 US $35.00 CAN $40.00 2 copies Home Made 978-1-58479-946-7 US $40.00 CAN $45.00 1 copy Bountiful 978-1-61769-048-8 US $35.00 CAN $40.00

Spr14AdultCat_120-128x.indd 127

3 copies The Best White Wine on Earth NEW 978-1-61769-110-2 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 ON SALE DATE 4/15/2014 US $220.00 CAN $250.00

2 copies Drinkology: Wine 978-1-58479-453-0 US $22.50 CAN $31.95 1 copy Bettane and Desseauve’s Guide to the Wines of France 978-1-58479-732-6 US $35.00 CAN $42.00

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10/9/13 2:23 PM

115 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011





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10/9/13 2:22 PM

ABRAMS Spring 2014 Catalog  
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