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Int rod uc i n g A b r a ms ’ ne w e st g ra p hi c n ov e l i mp r i nt S p ri ng 2 01 2

Publisher of the finest fiction, biography, history, and humor in the graphic novel medium. Showcasing leading authors and artists from around the world, from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound.

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Chico & Rita ■ ■ B y J av i e r M a r i s c a l & F e r n a n d o T r u e b a

s e lling points ■■ The award-winning animated movie of Chico & Rita will premiere in New York in February 2012 ■■“A work of art in its own right . . . I defy anyone to reach the

A love story set in Cuba and New York about a young musician and a beautiful young singer

end of it without a tear in their eye.” —Rachel Cooke, The Observer

s pecifications 210 color illustrations throughout 216 pages, 6½ x 9½" Hardcover RIGHTS: North America Pub Month: February Original Fiction • Graphic novels ISBN: 978-1-906838-29-4 ISBN$24.95  978-1-906838-29-4 US CAN $27.95 52495

9 781906 838294

Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unite them, but their journey brings heartache and torment. From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood, and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love. Mariscal’s art perfectly captures the steamy, vibrant atmosphere of 1940s Havana and transports the reader back to a time filled with music and romance. Based on the true story of Grammy Award–winning Cuban pianist and bandleader Bebo Valdes, this graphic novel is adapted from the animated feature film Chico & Rita, directed by Trueba and Mariscal. Fernando Trueba is a multiaward-winning writer, director, and producer, with a career spanning more than three decades in film, television, documentaries, theater, and music. Javier Mariscal is an artist and designer working in multiple fields, including illustration, graphics, comic books, paintings, animation, interiors, product design, furniture, and web design. He has a long-standing association with The New Yorker.

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Kiki de Montparnasse ■ ■ B y C at e l & B o c q u e t

Kiki de Montparnasse, muse to famous photographer and artist Man Ray

s pecifications Black-and-white illustrations throughout 416 pages, 6½ x 9½"

In bohemian Montparnasse of the 1920s,

Paperback with flaps

Kiki escaped poverty to become one of the

RIGHTS: North America

most charismatic figures of the avant garde


years between the wars. Partner to Man Ray,

Graphic novels •

and one of the first emancipated women of


the 20th century, Kiki made her mark with her freedom of style, word, and thought that

ISBN 978-1-906838-25-6

could be learned from only one school—the

US $24.95  CAN $27.95 52495

school of life.

ISBN 978-1-906838-25-6

9 781906 838256

José-Luis Bocquet is a writer, comic book editor, and former journalist. Catel Muller is a renowned author of children’s books and mature graphic novels. They jointly won the Angoulême Festival Grand Prize, France’s most prestigious graphic novel award.

Best of Enemies A histo ry o f US an d M i dd le E ast re l ati o ns , Part o ne: 1783 –1 953 ■ ■ B y J e a n - P i e r r e F i l i u a n d Dav i d B .

s pecifications

Volume one of an original graphic novel recounting the history of US–Middle East relations

Black-and-white illustrations throughout 120 pages, 6½ x 9½" Hardcover

David B. and Filiu draw striking parallels between ancient and contemporary political history in this look at the US–Middle East conflict. The reader is transported to the piratechoked Mediterranean sea, where Christians and Muslims continue the crusades, only this time on water. As the centuries pass, the traditional victims of the Muslim pirates—the British, French, and Spanish—all become

RIGHTS: North America PUB MONTH: May Graphic novels • History and Criticism ISBN 978-1-906838-45-4 ISBN 978-1-906838-45-4

US $24.95  CAN $27.95 52495 9 781906 838454

empire-building powers whose sights lie beyond the Mediterranean. Jean-Pierre Filiu is a world-renowned expert on the Middle East. David B. is the Eisner Award–nominated artist of Epileptic.

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The Lovecraft Anthology Vo lume I s pecifications 108 full-color illustrations 120 pages, 6½ x 9½" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: North America

■ ■ b y H . P. Lov e c r a ft ■ ■ E d i t e d b y Da n Lo c k w o o d

A graphic anthology of tales from the renowned master of the eerie, H.P. Lovecraft


A graphic anthology of tales featuring

Graphic novels •

collaborations between established writers and

Sci Fi and Horror

artists and debut contributors, The Lovecraft Anthology showcases Lovecraft’s talent for

ISBN 978-1-906838-53-9

the macabre. From the insidious mutations

US $19.95  CAN $21.95 51995

of “The Shadow over Innsmouth” to the mind-

ISBN 978-1-906838-53-9

bending threat of “The Call of Cthulhu,” this 9 781906 838539

collection explores themes of insanity, inherited guilt, and arcane ritual to startling effect. H. P. Lovecraft (1890–1937) was an author of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. He is now regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century.

s pecifications 176 full-color illustrations 176 pages, 6½ x 9½" Hardcover RIGHTS: North America PUB MONTH: April Graphic novels • Humor ISBN 978-1-906838-46-1 ISBN 978-1-906838-46-1

US $24.95  CAN $27.95 52495 9 781906 838461

But I Really Wanted to Be an Anthropologist ■ ■ B y M a r g au x M ot i n

An original diary chronicling life as an artist, blogger, mother, and shoe fanatic in Paris But I Really Wanted to Be an Anthropologist is an introduction to the world of Margaux, a charming 30-something living in Paris, navigating the world as an illustrator. This diary documents her day-to-day existence with her boyfriend and young daughter, drinking and smoking, and the difficulties of a persistent and precocious child. Anyone who’s ever worn inappropriate shoes to the supermarket or danced around the house in their underwear will be charmed by Motin’s irreverent humor. Margaux Motin’s illustration credits include covers for the French editions of Bridget Jones’ Diary, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.

4 ■ S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

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Fashion abulous


The Fa s hion World oF Je an Paul GaulTie r

harPe r’ s Ba z a ar: G re aTe sT hiTs

This stunning hardcover book in a slipcase explores the ties between

A celebration of fashion, a romp through a riotous and eventful decade,

the designer and the pop/rock music scene, film, and dance, and sheds

and a banquet of contemporary imagery, Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest

light on his sources of inspiration, which are as eclectic as they are

Hits is also a glamorous object in itself.


ISBN 978-1-4197-0070-5

ISBN 978-1-4197-0002-6

ISBN 978-1-4197-0070-5 US $65.00 Can $75.00


ISBN 978-1-4197-0002-6 US $125.00 Can $145.00 12500

9 781419 700705

9 781419 700026

VoGue : The CoVe rs

diana Vre e l and: The e ye ha s To Tr aVe l

More than 300 of the most beautiful, provocative, and fashion-forward

Featuring more than 350 illustrations, including original magazine

covers ever produced are highlighted alongside the history and stories

spreads and many famous photographs, this intensely visual book

behind the covers themselves.

shows fashion as it was being invented, and how Vreeland shaped

ISBN 978-0-8109-9768-4

American taste through her superb vision.

ISBN 978-0-8109-9768-4 US $50.00 Can $57.50

ISBN 978-0-8109-9743-1


ISBN 978-0-8109-9743-1 US $55.00 Can $62.00


9 780810 997684



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z Abrams

9 780810 997431

10/14/11 2:06 PM

Inspiration Dior ■

By F lo r e n C e M ü l l e r

The definitive book on the legacy of this legendary fashion house s e llinG PoinTs ■ Showcases works of art, archival photographs of the gowns and of fashion shows, unpublished images, and sketches ■ Features gatefolds, additional pages on special papers, and 3 facsimile booklets

s PeCiFiCaTions 200 color illustrations 330 pages, 10 × 12½" Hardcover With 98 additional pages on special papers, three 8-page gatefolds, 3 facsimile booklets RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH AVAIlABlE NoW FaSHIon ISBN 978-1-4197-0106-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0106-1 US $125.00 Can $145.00 12500

9 781419 701061


also aVail aB le nspiration Dior is an exclusive, comprehensive, and stunningly beautiful look into one of the world’s most

successful names in fashion. Moving from the launch in

1947 to the present day, the book defines the roots of Dior style. The book showcases gowns, suits, and accessories, with close-up details; it traces the themes and


sources of inspiration, from artwork to the natural world;

ISBN 978-88-87029-44-4

and it delves into the craft of haute couture—leatherwork,

ISBN 978-88-87029-44-4 US $125.00 Can $162.50 12500

intricate embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and more. archival photographs, previously unpublished images, and sketches are reproduced as well. a showcase of the

9 788887 029444

many famous people who have worn Dior, including Elizabeth Taylor, nicole Kidman, Princess Diana, and Kate Moss, to name just a few, completes this luxurious volume, a fitting tribute to this legendary fashion house.

Louis Vuitton: Birth of

Florence Müller is a curator, journalist, and author of

Modern Luxury

many books on fashion. She organized the Yves Saint

ISBN 978-0-8109-5950-7

Laurent: Style exhibition at Montreal’s Musée des

ISBN 978-0-8109-5950-7

US $125.00

beaux-arts and is also the coauthor of abrams’ Yves Saint Laurent.


z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 5

Can $175.00 12500

780810 959507



10/14/11 11:00 AM


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z Abrams 10/14/11 11:00 AM

IMPACT 5 0 Y e A R S o F T h e C o U N C I l o F FA S h I o N D e S I G N e R S o F A M e R I C A ■

By PAT r i C i A M e A r S

F o r e w o r d B y d i A n e vo n F u r S T e n B e r g

i n T r o d u C T i o n By C AT h y h o ry n s e llinG PoinTs ■ The CFDA has over 400 members and includes all of the biggest names in American fashion,

The ultimate celebration of america’s most influential fashion designers

from Diane von Furstenberg to Marc Jacobs ■ over 25 million people follow the CFDA and its members on Facebook and Twitter ■ Includes handpicked images from over 100 iconic designers, plus personal essays ■ Authors horyn, von Furstenberg, and Mears are all high-profile, well-connected members of the fashion world

s PeCiFiCaTions 500 color and black-and-white illustrations 304 pages, 9½ × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: FEBRUARY


FASHIoN MPACT is the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the

Council of Fashion Designers of america, exploring the influ-

ence of the careers of america’s most influential designers over the last five decades. anchored by Patricia Mears’s illuminating essay on the history of the CFDa, this book incorporates over

ISBN 978-1-4197-0231-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0231-0 US $60.00 Can $69.00


9 781419 702310

300 personal Impact statements from the most important names in american fashion, including Marc Jacobs, alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler, and Donna Karan. Illustrated with many never-before-seen images, this is the ultimate fashion who’s who and a celebration of this important fashion organization. accompanied by elegant images of these career-changing moments, this book is the definitive word on the voice of american fashion. Cathy Horyn is an american fashion journalist who works as a critic for the New York Times, where she also keeps a highly noted and provocative blog called on The Runway. Diane von Furstenberg is an internationally renowned designer and current president of the CFDa. Patricia Mears is deputy director at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and is the curator of the 2012 IMPACT exhibit that will accompany the publication of the book.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 7



10/14/11 11:00 AM


Heart Stones ☐ 96 pages, 5 × 5" ISBN 978-0-8109-9465-2 ISBN 978-0810994652 US $9.95 Can $11.95 50995 9 780810 994652

Beach Stones ☐ 144 pages, 7 × 7” ISBN 978-0-8109-5533-2 ISBN-13: 978-0-8109-5533-2 US $17.95 Can $21.95 51795 9 780810 955332

Seashells ☐ 152 pages, 7 × 7” ISBN 978-0-8109-9327-3 ISBN 978-0810993273 US $17.95 Can $21.95 51795 9 780810 993273


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z Abrams 10/14/11 11:00 AM

Sea Glass hearts ■

By J o S i e i S e l i n

artist Josie Iselin reveals the inner beauty of the phenomenally popular sea glass—an inspiring gift book s e llinG PoinTs ■ Iselin’s previous beachcomber books have sold more than 100,000 copies ■ The perfect sweetheart’s gift for Valentine’s Day and all year around

s PeCiFiCaTions 96 color photographs 96 pages, 6 × 6" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: FEBRUARY NATURE • PHoTogRAPHY


osie Iselin, the author of abrams’ popular Heart Stones, turns to sea glass hearts for a companion volume that

ISBN 978-1-4197-0218-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0218-1 US $12.95 Can $13.95


promises to be just as appealing. Beachcombers the world

over treasure sea glass—the shards of broken glass that are

9 781419 702181

tumbled by the waves into smooth, pebblelike forms. They

6-copy counter display

know which colors are common (green and brown) and which

ISBN 978-1-4197-0364-5

are unusual (black, yellow, red, and, especially, orange) and

ISBN 978-1-4197-0364-5 US $77.70 Can $83.70


they can often identify the age and origin of a specimen. on rare occasions, sea glass takes the shape of a heart, the uni-

9 781419 703645

versal symbol of love. In Sea Glass Hearts, Iselin assembles an inspiring collection of these precious objects that are free for the taking—if you are lucky enough to find them! Josie Iselin is the author of abrams’ Beach Stones, Leaves & Pods, Seashells, and Heart Stones, as well as Beach: A Book of Treasure. an artist who uses a flatbed scanner to create sculptural two-dimensional designs with three-dimensional objects, Iselin is especially drawn to the ocean shore. Before becoming a bookmaker, she was a photographer and installation artist exhibiting throughout the Bay area and teaching at the California College of arts and Crafts (CCa). She lives in San Francisco.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 9



10/14/11 11:00 AM

a graphic novel by

derf backderf


ou only think you know this story. In 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer—the most


notorious serial killer since Jack the Ripper—seared himself into

“Stunning. Horrifying. Beautifully done.”

the American consciousness. To the public, Dahmer was a monster who

—Alison Bechdel, author and

committed unthinkable atrocities. To Derf Backderf, “Jeff” was a much more

illustrator of Fun Home, National

complex figure: a high school friend with whom he had shared classrooms,

Book Critics Circle Award finalist

hallways, and car rides. In My Friend Dahmer, a haunting and original graphic novel, writer-artist Backderf creates a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of a disturbed young man struggling against the morbid urges emanating from the deep recesses of his psyche—a shy kid, a teenage alcoholic, and a goofball who never quite fit in with his classmates. With profound insight, what

“A well-told, powerful story. Backderf is quite skilled in using comics to tell this tale of a truly weird and sinister 1970s adolescent world.” —R. Crumb

emerges is a Jeffrey Dahmer that few ever really knew, and one readers will never forget. Derf Backderf has been nominated for two Eisner Awards and has received a host of honors, including the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for political cartooning. His weekly comic strip, The City, has appeared in more than 100 newspapers over the past 22 years. Backderf lives in Cleveland, Ohio.



S12Adult_01-45.indd 10

10/14/11 11:01 AM

A fascinating and intimate look at Jeffrey Dahmer through the eyes of one of his high school friends

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Unique perspective on the

s PeCiFiCaTions 180 two-color illustrations

teenager who would go on to

224 pages, 6 × 9¼"

become the most notorious

Hardcover with jacket

serial killer since Jack


the Ripper ■ Revealing depiction of high school and suburban America


in the 1970s ■ Bound galleys

ISBN 978-1-4197-0216-7 ISBN 978-1-4197-0216-7 US $24.95 Can $27.95


9 781419 702167

Paperback Edition ISBN 978-1-4197-0217-4 ISBN 978-1-4197-0217-4 US $17.95 Can $19.95


9 781419 702174

S12Adult_01-45.indd 11

10/14/11 11:01 AM

Music Box ■

By g i n o C A S TA l d o

an irresistible collection of the stars of popular music captured by great photographers s e llinG PoinTs ■ Includes over 300 images of stars from all genres of popular music, from David Bowie to louis Armstrong ■ Seminal photographs by Annie leibovitz, Philippe halsman, and Bob Gruen ■ An affordable gift for music lovers

s PeCiFiCaTions 340 color and black-and-white photographs 480 pages, 6⅝ × 8⅝" Hardcover with flaps, magnetic closure RIGHTS: NoRTH AMERICAN ENglISH PUB MonTH: MARCH MUSIC ISBN 978-1-4197-0074-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0074-3 US $29.95 Can $32.95


9 781419 700743

also aVail aB le


usic and photography have always shared a special relationship—when an iconic musician

is portrayed by a first-rate photographer, the result is

often transformative and transcendent, and a classic pop culture image is born. Music Box gathers more than 340 such legendary photographs of musicians—covering the stars of jazz, blues, rock and roll, soul, and all of their contemporary offshoots.

PHOTO:BOX ISBN 978-0-8109-8435-6 ISBN 978-0-8109-8435-6

US $29.95 9

Can $38.95 52995

Music Box is arranged in thematic chapters that look at the music scene from a witty and fresh perspective, collecting photographs such as Philippe Halsman’s seminal portrait of Louis armstrong, Jim Marshall’s vision

780810 984356

of Jimi Hendrix kneeling over his burning guitar, annie Leibovitz’s anthemic shot of Bruce Springsteen leaping in front of the american flag, and many more. It is an amazing collection of memorable photographs in an irresistible package.

Rock Seen ISBN 978-0-8109-9772-1 ISBN 978-0-8109-9772-1 US $45.00 Can $52.00


9 780810 997721



S12Adult_01-45.indd 12

gino Castaldo is the chief music critic for La Repubblica and editor in chief of Musica. He is the author of several books about popular music and teaches at the University of Rome.

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:01 AM

lillian Bassman: lingerie ■

By l i l l i A n B A S S M A n

s e llinG PoinTs ■ An elegant, affordable gift for the fashionable woman ■ Bassman’s inimitable

a new collection of sensual images, many never before seen, from famed fashion photographer Lillian Bassman

photographs capture a memorable era of women’s lingerie, with many previously unseen images ■ Bassman is described by the New York Times as “among the most important fashion photographers of the 20th century”

s PeCiFiCaTions 80 black-and-white photographs 128 pages, 7½ × 12½" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: MARCH FASHIoN • PHoTogRAPHY ISBN 978-1-4197-0215-0


ISBN 978-1-4197-0215-0 US $29.95 Can $32.95


hrough the 1950s and the early 1960s, working with that era’s supermodels, fashion photographer Lillian

9 781419 702150

Bassman created the quintessential modern feminine image of women in their lingerie. as Ginia Bellafante put it in the New York Times recently, “In place of heavyset women constraining themselves in what was essentially

equipment, Ms. Bassman deployed immeasurably lithe models, conveying a world in which women seemed to linger in the pleasures of their own sensuality.” Fifty years later, these images have lost none of their allure, and the

also aVail aB le

enormous cultural impact of the TV show Mad Men has given them new currency. lillian Bassman is a beloved figure in the pantheon of fashion photographers. Her signature style, once described by Richard avedon as making “visible that heartbreaking invisible place between the appearance and the disappearance of things,” offers a sensuous and intimate vision of modern women. She lives in new York City.

ISBN 978-0-8109-8260-4 ISBN 978-0810982604 US $50.00 Can $64.99 55000

9 780810 982604

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 13

Lillian Bassman: Women



10/14/11 11:02 AM

dAvid HoCkneY ■

w i T h e S S AyS By

M A R C O L I V I n g S TO n E , M A R g A R E T  D R A B B L E , T I M  B A R R I n g E R , X AV I E R  S A LO M O n , DAV I D  H O C K n E y, A n D M A r T i n g Ay F o r d

s e llinG PoinTs ■ David hockney is one of the world’s most beloved and celebrated living artists ■ The first time hockney’s most recent work will be published in a book, including his iPhone and iPad drawings ■ The official catalog of the exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in January 2012, the international art event of the season

s PeCiFiCaTions 300 color illustrations 304 pages, 11¾ × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NoRTH AMERICA PUB MonTH: MARCH ART


ISBN 978-1-4197-0280-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0280-8 US $95.00 Can $109.00 59500

the capstone of his engagement with nature, not only in England but also in the the catalog of the first major Hockney museum exhibition in many years, offers a glorious view of the landscape as seen by the artist, and it includes not only

See pages 100–101 David Hockney: A Yorkshire Sketchbook ISBN 978-1-907533-23-5 52500

various perspectives.

9 781907 533235

Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm with Illustrations by David Hockney ISBN 978-1-907533-24-2

Marco livingstone is an art historian and independent curator and the author of numerous books about postwar art. Margaret Drabble is an English novelist, biographer, and critic. Tim Barringer is the Paul Mellon Professor of the History of art at Yale University. Xavier Salomon is the curator of Southern Baroque

ISBN 978-1-907533-24-2 US $25.00 Can $29.00


paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of art. Martin gayford is a writer focusing on art and jazz.

9 781907 533242


his recent paintings but also his iPhone and iPad drawings. Essays by leading art historians—as well as a more literary piece by novelist Margaret Drabble and Hockney’s own reflections on his recent work—explore Hockney’s art from

ISBN 978-1-907533-23-5 US $25.00 Can $29.00

S12Adult_01-45.indd 14

of the most significant work of his long career, painting the landscape

american Southwest, through the media of painting and photography. This book,

also aVail aB le

avid Hockney, one of the world’s greatest living artists, is creating some

and changing seasons of his native Yorkshire. These large, colorful works are

9 781419 702808


The definiTive book on david Hockney’s landscapes

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:02 AM

A bigger Picture

S12Adult_01-45.indd 15

10/14/11 11:02 AM

holy Cards ■

By B A r B A r A C A l A M A r i A n d S A n d r A d i PA S q uA

s e llinG PoinT

The popular Holy Cards, finally available in a more giftable, affordable trade paperback edition

■ The perfect gift for celebrations and holidays, including first Communion, confirmation, and easter

s PeCiFiCaTions 118 color illustrations 144 pages, 7 × 10" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: MARCH RElIgIoN ISBN 978-1-4197-0227-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0227-3 US $19.95 Can $21.95


9 781419 702273


oly cards offer comfort, consolation, and encouragement to Catholics, who often carry these

portable images with them and use them in daily religious

also aVail aB le

rituals. Given as remembrances at wakes and funerals, Communions, and confirmations, holy cards are also a widely popular—and highly collectible—form of folk art. This handsome volume is both a richly illustrated survey of this devotional art and a gallery of saints organized thematically along with brief biographies, attributes, and

Holy Cards Note Card Set ISBN 978-0-8109-5955-2 ISBN 978-0810959552 US $14.95 Can $16.95 51495

powers. Prophets and angels, disciples and evangelists, martyrs and hermits, visionaries and mystics are among the religious figures in Catholicism represented here—in exquisite depictions that are at times dramatic and disturbing, at times moving and comforting. This book

9 780810 959552

explains the often enigmatic symbolism in these cards in a beautiful package that makes an ideal gift for first Communion, confirmation, or graduation. Barbara Calamari is a freelance writer who has worked in film and television. Sandra DiPasqua is a graphic

Patron Saints ISBN 978-0-8109-9402-7 ISBN 978-0810994027 US $27.50 Can $31.50


9 780810 994027



S12Adult_01-45.indd 16

designer and art director. The two women have collaborated on Patron Saints, Holy Cards, Visions of Mary, Novena: The Power of Prayer, and Holy Place: Sacred Sites in Catholicism. Both authors live in new York City.

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:02 AM

Saints and Their Symbols ■

By r o S A g i o r g i

The origin and significance of the symbols associated with the most important saints s e llinG PoinTs ■ A new approach to the popular subject of saints coupled with beautiful illustrations ■ Features more than 120 of the most important saints ■ The perfect gift for easter and confirmations

s PeCiFiCaTions 200 color illustrations 420 pages, 6 × 6⅓" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH PUB MonTH: MARCH RElIgIoN • ART ISBN 978-1-4197-0224-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0224-2 US $19.95 Can $21.95



aints are often depicted with particular objects

9 781419 702242

that played a dramatic role in their lives, and

these objects or characteristics have become symbolic

of the saints and can be used to identify them in art. For

also aVail aB le

instance, Saint Catherine of alexandria is usually shown with a wheel, the object on which she was tortured as a result of her faith, while Saint Peter the apostle often appears with the keys to heaven given to him by Jesus. These symbols represent drama, suffering, and unbending faith, and one has only to be aware of these elements


in order to recognize the saints in art.

ISBN 978-0-8109-5499-1

Detailing the feast day, patronage, appearance,

ISBN 978-0-8109-5499-1

US $19.95

biography, and symbols of more than 120 saints, Saints and Their Symbols is an exquisite reference, illustrated by more than 200 evocative images.


780810 954991

Angels ISBN 978-0-8109-9436-2

Rosa giorgi is an art historian who is an iconography

ISBN 978-0-8109-9436-2

US $19.95

specialist. She is the author of abrams’ bestselling books Mary, Angels, and Saints: A Year in Faith and Art.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 17

Can $23.95 51995


Can $23.95 51995

780810 994362



10/14/11 11:02 AM

CUlTURe ChANel ■

d i r e C T e d By J e A n - lo u i S F r o M e n T

T e x T By F r A n ç o i S e C l A i r e P r o d h o n

s e llinG PoinTs ■ ChANel remains one of the top luxury brands today

a look inside the inspiration behind one of the world’s most revered luxury houses

■ There is enduring curiosity about the life and work of Gabrielle Chanel

s PeCiFiCaTions 170 color illustrations 454 pages, 12¼ × 14½" Trilingual: English, French, Chinese Hardcover with jacket, french folds, 2 gatefolds, 3 small-format inserts, a variety of paper types RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH PUB MonTH: MARCH FASHIoN


hroughout her life, Gabrielle Chanel was close to the greatest artists of her time, including poets Jean Cocteau

and Pierre Reverdy, painters Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, and composer Igor Stravinsky. The creative heritage of the House of CHanEL has continued throughout the decades, from

Gabrielle Chanel to Karl Lagerfeld, in the form of a dialogue

ISBN 978-1-4197-0332-4

established between artists and authors. The impact of these

ISBN 978-1-4197-0332-4 US $250.00 Can $287.00

individuals and others on Chanel’s designs is explored in detail


9 781419 703324

throughout the book. Paintings, sketches, letters, documents, and rare archival photographs illustrate the influence of different eras and inspirations on the clothing, jewelry, and perfumes

also aVail aB le

that have shaped fashion throughout the decades. Moving from the little black dress to the women’s suit to CHanEL n°5, CULTURE CHANEL explores the bold path of a brand that has always known how to express the essence of its times, a fashion house that continues to be an enduring symbol of modernity.

Jacques Helleu & CHANEL ISBN 978-0-8109-4312-4 ISBN$125.00 978-0810943124 US Can $160.00


9 780810 943124



S12Adult_01-45.indd 18

Jean-louis Froment, a prominent figure in the world of contemporary art, is the curator of the CULTURE CHanEL exhibition. Françoise Claire Prodhon, an art historian specializing in the 19th and 20th centuries, is also the author of several books including Jean Prouvé.

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:03 AM

Versailles ■

By vA l é r i e B A J o u

a lavish visual biography of one of the most famous palaces ever built s e llinG PoinTs ■ Versailles is one of the most well-known and popular attractions in France ■ Author is a curator at Versailles and has firsthand knowledge ■ Beautiful format featuring gilt-edged pages

s PeCiFiCaTions 280 color photographs 480 pages, 8¼ × 8¼" Hardcover, case printed in gold duotone, with title on spine and front cover in gold foil, and with gilt edges RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH PUB MonTH: MARCH ART


spectacularly opulent relic of royal wealth and power comes alive in Versailles.

ISBN 978-1-4197-0067-5

Highlighting the château’s vibrant, tumultuous past,

ISBN 978-1-4197-0067-5 US $40.00 Can $45.00


the book covers everything from its metamorphosis from humble hunting lodge to palace, to the

9 781419 700675

dismantling of its collections during the French Revolution and its restoration and status as a UnESCo World Heritage site today. In addition, the singular château is explored from top to bottom in

also aVail aB le

an extravagantly extensive photographic tour that reveals the many priceless artistic and architectural treasures of this palace of palaces. Valérie Bajou is a curator at the Château de Versailles. The author of monographs on Frédéric Bazille, Eugène Carrière, and Jean auguste Dominique Ingres, she is a renowned specialist of French painting in the 19th century and also teaches at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris.

ISBN 978-0-8109-7116-5 ISBN 978-0810971165 US $45.00 Can $52.00


9 780810 971165

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 19




10/14/11 11:03 AM

Now at a more affordab le price!

Vermeer T h e C o M P l e T e PA I N T I N G S ■


s PeCiFiCaTions 90 color illustrations


ohannes Vermeer (1632–1675) is one of the most admired and influential European

painters. His limited output, as well as his

208 pages, 9¾ × 12⅜"

extremely private life and his supposed use of


a camera obscura, have until recently made


him appear to be an isolated genius shrouded


in mystery. Walter Liedtke’s superb monograph,


now available at a new affordable price, reveals Vermeer’s life to be well-documented and places

ISBN 978-1-4197-0308-9

ISBN 978-1-4197-0308-9 US $75.00 Can $86.00 57500

his work in context. Vermeer’s many admirers will relish Liedtke’s exploration of the subtleties of meaning in Vermeer’s work and the refinements

9 781419 703089

of his technique and style. alongside the most historical approach to Vermeer to date, large, stunning color plates of Vermeer’s complete paintings—with many close-up details—reveal a master whose rare sensibility may be described but not explained. Walter liedtke is curator of European paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of art, new York.

Now at a more affordab le price!

Bruegel T h e C o M P l e T e PA I N T I N G S , D R Aw I N G S A N D P R I N T S ■

s PeCiFiCaTions 300 color and black-and-white

By M A n F R E D S E L L I n K


he Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525–1569) is considered the first Western


landscape and genre painter. He has been

304 pages, 9¾ × 12⅜"

especially beloved through the centuries for his


paintings of peasant scenes. With an illuminating


text by Manfred Sellink, this superb monograph, now available at a new affordable price, reprints the first biography of Bruegel, in facsimile and translation, written by Karel van Mander around 1604. This stunning book reproduces all 40 paintings and 70 drawings attributed to Bruegel in lush

ISBN 978-1-4197-0309-6

ISBN 978-1-4197-0309-6 Can $86.00 57500

US $75.00

9 781419 703096

full color, with numerous close-up details, as well as his 75 prints. Manfred Sellink is the director of Musea Brugge, which comprises the museums and historic sites of Bruges. He is an art historian specializing in Dutch and Flemish art and a leading expert on the work of Bruegel.



S12Adult_01-45.indd 20

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:03 AM

Charles R. Knight T h e A R T I S T w h o S Aw T h R o U G h T I M e ■

By r i C h A r d M i l n e r

I n T R O D u C T I O n By R H O DA K n I g H T K A LT

s e llinG PoinTs

a celebration of the pioneering wildlife artist whose evolutionary murals and dinosaur paintings first enabled us to glimpse the “lost world” of prehistory

■ Features a definitive new biography drawn from rare archival material, as well as a sumptuous gallery of Knight’s paintings of living wildlife, extinct animals, and ancient humans ■ Knight’s work can still be seen at the Bronx Zoo, the American Museum of Natural history, the National Zoo, and many other museums and parks nationwide ■ Documents Knight’s direct influence on popular culture through such films as Fantasia, King Kong, and Jurassic Park

s PeCiFiCaTions 260 color and black-and-white illustrations


180 pages, 11 × 10" merican wildlife artist Charles R. Knight (1874–

1953) spent a lifetime creating some of the

Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD

first paintings and sculptures of dinosaurs, mammoths,


and cavemen that were both spectacularly beautiful


and scientifically accurate. For generations, his work has inspired scientists, artists, and filmmakers all over the world. This richly illustrated celebration of Knight’s artwork gathers together famous and never-beforeseen paintings, sculptures, sketches, and murals. In

ISBN 978-0-8109-8479-0 ISBN 978-0-8109-8479-0 US $40.00 Can $45.00


9 780810 984790

addition to a new biographical essay, it also features excerpts from Knight’s extensive writings about extinct and modern animals. above all, it provides a refreshing new look at Knight’s lifelong quest to depict the range of animal species, his struggles with failing eyesight, his desire for artistic independence, and his deep sense of kinship with Ice age cave artists. Richard Milner’s award-winning books include The Encyclopedia of Evolution (1990), Darwin’s Universe: Evolution from A to Z (2009), and The Last Human (2007). a longtime editor of Natural History magazine, he is a frequent contributor to top science journals, and has appeared on the History Channel, animal Planet, Nova, BBC Two, and the Discovery Channel. Rhoda Knight Kalt contributes a warm introduction about her beloved grandfather.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 21



10/14/11 11:03 AM

Color in Art ■

By S T e FA n o Z u F F i

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Scientific yet accessible: Art historian Stefano Zuffi focuses on how materials are mixed, where colors come from, their evolution in art history, and more ■ Gifty, attractive package, with color showing on page edges ■ Books on color sell to artists and as art history, applied art, and interior design

s PeCiFiCaTions 200 color illustrations 304 pages, 8¼ × 8¼" Hardcover RIGHTS: NoRTH AMERICAN ENglISH PUB MonTH: MARCH ART ISBN 978-1-4197-0111-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-0111-5 US $30.00 Can $33.00


9 781419 701115

an accessible introduction to color and color theory, through masterpieces that each illustrate one aspect of one color


very color has many aspects, many variations, and many meanings. Red, for instance, can mean

passion, or suffering, or anger. How are these aspects

represented in works of art from Titian and Bosch to

also aVail aB le

Matisse and Warhol? Painters use colors to convey a message as much as they do for surface appeal. In design and fashion, color is omnipresent as well, but incredibly varied in its significance. This fascinating book focuses on the most important colors in art—red, blue, yellow, black, white, green, and gold—and looks at them through some 200 beautifully printed works.

Colors ISBN 978-0-8109-9292-4 ISBN 978-0810992924 US $32.50 Can $37.50


9 780810 992924



S12Adult_01-45.indd 22

Stefano Zuffi has written many books on art history, including The Cat in Art and How to Read Italian Renaissance Painting. He lives and works in Milan.

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:03 AM

Robert Capa T h e PA R I S Y e A R S 1 9 3 3 – 1 9 5 4 ■

By B e r n A r d l e B r u n A n d M i C h e l l e F e B v r e

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Discovery of new material has brought the spotlight back

an intimate illustrated biography of the legendary photojournalist’s Paris years

to Capa ■ Showcases famous photographs alongside recently discovered artifacts ■ examines Capa’s oeuvre, as well as his fascinating personal life

s PeCiFiCaTions 240 color and black-and-white photographs 264 pages, 8½ × 10¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH PUB MonTH: MARCH PHoTogRAPHY


obert Capa, the most celebrated photojournalist of the 20th century and a founder of Magnum

ISBN 978-1-4197-0062-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0062-0 US $40.00 Can $45.00


Photos, used Paris as a global platform for his photography throughout his career. Robert Capa: The Paris

9 781419 700620

Years 1933–1954 tells Capa’s story by focusing on his Paris studio. Recently many artifacts have surfaced, including the so-called “Mexican suitcase,” which contained Capa’s Spanish civil war negatives. These newly discovered documents, which were either created in or were found in his Paris studio, are featured in the book. With original textual analysis and both rare and renowned images, Robert Capa offers a newly informed, fresh look into the life of this revered photographer. Bernard lebrun is a war correspondent who has reported from Iraq, the former Yugoslavia, afghanistan, and Saudi arabia. He is the author of Normandie 44. Michel lefebvre is a journalist for Le Monde and has written extensively on Robert Capa, 1930s photography, and the International Brigades.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 23



10/14/11 11:04 AM

The Dodgers F R o M C oA S T To C oA S T ■

i n T r o d u C T i o n By v i n S C u l ly

F o r e w o r d B y To M M y l A S o r dA

s e llinG PoinTs ■ The Dodgers are a historically

The Dodgers at Ebbets Field, the Los angeles Coliseum, and Dodger Stadium— the past, the present, and a peek at the future

important team, and are among the most beloved (and most hated, by Brooklynites, for leaving Brooklyn for los Angeles after the 1957 season) teams in baseball ■ The book is officially sanctioned by the team and includes documents and memorabilia from the Dodger archives as well as from private collections ■ Covers the entire history of the Dodgers ■ Contributors Vin Scully and Tommy lasorda are huge fan favorites

s PeCiFiCaTions Color illustrations throughout 256 pages, 9¼ × 11¾" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NoRTH AMERICA PUB MonTH: APRIl


ince 1901, the Dodgers have drawn more fans than any other baseball franchise in history. Players

such as Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale,


Steve Garvey, and Fernando Valenzuela rank among

ISBN 978-1-4197-0322-5

the legends of the game, and former managers such as

US $40.00

Casey Stengel, Walter alston, and Tommy Lasorda stand

Can $45.00

ISBN 978-1-4197-0322-5 54000

9 781419 703225

among the greats. Today, with stars like Clayton Kershaw, andre Ethier, and Matt Kemp, and manager Don Mattingly, the Dodgers continue to claim legions of dedicated fans. as the Dodgers toast the 50th anniversary of their Southern California stadium in 2012, this book of original essays, rare photos and documents, and unique memorabilia celebrates the colorful and diverse history of the franchise. Here are the early years in Brooklyn, including the historic arrival of Jackie Robinson in 1947 and the fabled 1955 World Series Championship, as well as the move to Los angeles, where this famous baseball legacy merged with Hollywood. Vin Scully has been the “Voice of the Dodgers” since 1950; he is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame. Tommy lasorda, former player and longtime manager of the La Dodgers, was inducted into the national Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager in 1997.



S12Adult_01-45.indd 24

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:04 AM

houses of the Sundown Sea T h e A R C h I T e C T U R A l V I S I o N o F h A R RY G e S N e R ■

By l i S A g e r M A n y

n e w P h oTo g r A P h y By J u e r g e n n o g A i

s e llinG PoinTs ■ The only book on the life and work of this architect ■ Gesner’s houses have helped define the architectural landscape of Southern California

a celebration of this daring american architect's work, featuring his iconic Southern California houses

■ Features images by fine-art and architectural photographer Juergen Nogai

s PeCiFiCaTions 250 color photographs 240 pages, 10 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: APRIl ARCHITECTURE


or more than 60 years, passersby have strained to catch a glimpse of maverick architect Harry

ISBN 978-1-4197-0049-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0049-1 US $75.00 Can $86.00


Gesner’s houses in Southern California. This is the first book to examine Gesner’s architecture, tracing his career

9 781419 700491

from 1945 to the present and opening the doors to 15 of Gesner’s intriguing homes, all located in or near Los angeles and built in the 1950s and 1960s. an insightful and revealing text accompanies new photography by Juergen nogai along with historical photographs and Gesner’s own drawings, floor plans, and blueprints drawn from his remarkably rich archive. Gesner’s utterly unique, often eccentric and unorthodox designs are outside the

also aVail aB le

canons of doctrinaire modernism, yet he is undoubtedly a Modernist, and one whose romantic, quixotic nature has caused his truly extraordinary body of work to be overlooked by many—until now. lisa germany is the author of Great Houses of Texas and is a widely published expert on architecture. Juergen Nogai is a noted architectural photographer and the former business partner of famed photographer Julius Shulman.

ISBN 978-0-8109-5885-2 ISBN 978-0810958852 US $50.00 Can $72.50


9 780810 958852

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 25




10/14/11 11:04 AM

I am sure that a generation from now, all our hassles with cables will be long forgotten. But I pledge to keep history alive, and look forward to telling my grandkids stories of SCSI cables, unpolarized NEMA 1-15 sockets, and DVI plugs.

We try to keep

. . . ta-da! One

our place tidy. I

of those little

sweep the floor,

beasts jumps out

I sit back, relax,

to mock me.

and ponder my good work, yet . . . . . . a few seconds later . . .


S12Adult_01-45.indd 26

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:04 AM

Abstract City ■

By C h r i S To P h n i e M A n n

Brilliantly illustrated reflections on modern life—from one of the premier graphic designers of our time s e llinG PoinTs ■ The complete collection of Niemann’s blog from the New York Times ■ Niemann’s Abstract Sunday blog and Twitter account both have strong followings ■ Follows the successful publication of I LEGO N.Y.

s PeCiFiCaTions 200 color illustrations 256 pages, 6¼ × 8¾" Hardcover with jacket; one 6-page and one 8-page gatefold RIGHTS: WoRlD EXClUDINg gERMAN PUB MonTH: APRIl DESIgN


ISBN 978-1-4197-0207-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-0207-5 US $24.95 Can $27.95

n July 2008, illustrator and designer Christoph niemann


began Abstract City, a visual blog for the New York

Times. His posts were inspired by the desire to re-create

9 781419 702075

simple and everyday observations and stories from his own life that everyone could relate to. In niemann’s hands, mundane experiences such as riding the subway or trying to get a good night’s sleep were transformed into delightful flights of visual fancy. The struggle to keep up with housework became a battle against adorable but

also aVail aB le

crafty goblins, and nostalgia about new York manifested in simple but strikingly spot-on LEGo creations. This brilliantly illustrated collection of reflections on modern life includes all 16 of the original blog posts as well as a new chapter created exclusively for the book.


Christoph Niemann is an award-winning illustrator,

ISBN 978-0-8109-8490-5

designer, and children’s book author. He is a regular

ISBN 978-0-8109-8490-5

US $14.95

contributor to the New Yorker, Wired, and the New York Times. He lives in Berlin, Germany.


z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 27

Can $17.95 51495

780810 984905



10/14/11 11:04 AM

Saint laurent Rive Gauche FA S h I o N R e Vo lU T I o N ■

By P i e r r e B e r g é A n d J é r o M i n e S Av i g n o n

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Pierre Bergé, cofounder of couture house Yves Saint laurent, contributes his

The story of Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, the first ready-to-wear clothing line launched by a couture house

considerable knowledge and behind-the-scenes insight into the success of the Rive Gauche line ■ The Yves Saint laurent network currently has 63 stores, including flagship stores in Paris, New York, london, Milan, hong Kong, and Tokyo

s PeCiFiCaTions 100 color illustrations 160 pages, 8¾ × 10½" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH PUB MonTH: APRIl FASHIoN ISBN 978-1-4197-0310-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0310-2 US $35.00 Can $40.00


9 781419 703102


ves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to launch the modern concept of luxury ready-to-wear

clothing with a collection called Rive Gauche in 1966. Exploring Laurent’s progressive approach to fashion,

also aVail aB le

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche highlights the cultural impact of the brand, especially its influence on women during the late ’60s and ’70s. Rive Gauche revolutionized everyday pieces that were traditionally male—the shirt, blazer, and trouser suit—for the burgeoning female workforce. With three insightful essays and an incredible array of visual material—drawings, articles, and photographs—the

Yves Saint Laurent

book celebrates the far-reaching legacy of Rive

ISBN 978-0-8109-9608-3 ISBN 978-0-8109-9608-3 US $65.00 Can $71.50


9 780810 996083

Yves Saint Laurent: Style ISBN 978-0-8109-7120-2 ISBN 978-0810971202 US $55.00 Can $62.00


9 780810 971202



S12Adult_01-45.indd 28

Gauche, one of the most significant fashion lines of the past 50 years. Pierre Bergé is cofounder of the Yves Saint Laurent couture house. Jéromine Savignon is a fashion historian and author, who has written numerous books on French designers, including Jacques Fath, Jean-Louis Scherrer, and L’Esprit Vionnet.

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:04 AM

Vintage Remix The INTeRIoRS oF KIShANI PeReRA ■

By K I S H A n I P E R E R A

F o r e w o r d B y g A ry o l d M A n

i n T r o d u C T i o n By M o l ly S i M S

Interior designer Kishani Perera shares her mix-and-match philosophy of design with helpful how-to tips and stunning images of eclectic interiors

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Packed with helpful advice for decorating your own home on any budget ■ Perera’s designs have appeared in InStyle, People, and Sunset and on popular design websites such as Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, and So haute ■ Perera owns a design store called Rummage in los Angeles ■ Shows how to mix modern with vintage and retail with custom pieces

s PeCiFiCaTions 200 color photographs 224 pages, 8½ × 10⅞" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: APRIl INTERIoR DESIgN


nterior designer Kishani Perera knows that good design is everywhere and at every price point. Mixing modern

ISBN 978-0-8109-9767-7 ISBN 978-0-8109-9767-7 US $35.00 Can $40.00


with vintage, and retail with custom, her eclectic interiors incorporate pieces from designer showrooms and Etsy

9 780810 997677

alike to create spectacularly layered, vibrant homes. In Vintage Remix, Perera’s striking interiors serve as a guided tour through the stages of design, from deciding when to skimp or splurge to adding the finishing touches and unexpected elements of whimsy. Her mix-and-match philosophy will help readers discover and express their own tastes. Perera takes the intimidation out of blending styles, proving that pairing seemingly opposing pieces can strike a balance that is classically chic. Kishani Perera is founder of the L.a.-based design company Kishani Perera Inc. and has worked with many celebrity clients. Her designs have appeared in InStyle, People, and Better Homes & Gardens, among many other publications. She was named a Designer to Watch by Town & Country. In 2011 she opened her first store, Rummage, in Los angeles. Molly Sims and gary oldman are actors and Perera’s longtime clients.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 29



10/14/11 11:05 AM


S12Adult_01-45.indd 30

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:05 AM

Steven Gambrel T I M e & P l AC e ■

By S T e v e n g A M B r e l

F o r e w o r d B y w e n dy g o o d M A n

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Gambrel is widely respected in the interior-design world ■ Features many never-beforepublished interior-design projects ■ Gambrel’s projects are frequently featured in boldface design

The acclaimed interior designer’s approach to color and form

publications like Architectural Digest and Elle Décor ■ Both city and country locales are included

s PeCiFiCaTions 200 color illustrations 240 pages, 10 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: APRIl


INTERIoR DESIgN he first book from renowned new York–based designer Steven

ISBN 978-1-4197-0068-2

Gambrel showcases his bold and innovative designs. Featuring 10

ISBN 978-1-4197-0068-2 US $50.00 Can $60.00

individual residences photographed by Eric Piasecki, Steven Gambrel


illustrates the designer’s fresh approach to color and composition in creating spaces that reflect, support, and enhance the lifestyles of today

9 781419 700682

while at the same time embracing the history of each individual home. From Manhattan townhouses and apartments to beachside retreats in the Hamptons, Gambrel has a passion for timeless and unique interiors that allow him to design a backdrop for individual and changing lives. The photographs and accompanying text, written by Gambrel himself, reveal the inside stories behind stunning interiors that feature his signature mix of the modern and the traditional, and give the reader a window into his unique inspirations and design point of view.

also aVail aB le

Steven gambrel is the founder of the new York–based design firm S.R. Gambrel Incorporated. Established in 1995, S.R. Gambrel has a fresh, innovative approach to color and form and has been widely celebrated in magazines and newspapers, including House & Garden, Elle Décor, Interior Design, Departures, the New York Times, and New York magazine.

American Modern

Wendy goodman is the design editor of New York magazine, a contribut-

ISBN 978-0-8109-8478-3

ing editor for Departures magazine and German and French Architectural

ISBN 978-0-8109-8478-3

US $50.00

Digest, author of abrams’ The World of Gloria Vanderbilt, and coauthor of abrams’ Tony Duquette. She lives in new York.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 31


Can $60.00 55000

780810 984783



10/14/11 11:05 AM


By w i l l B i n g l e y

Fore word By Al An rinZler

i l lu S T r AT e d By A n T h o n y h o P e - S M i T h

s e llinG PoinTs ■ hunter S. Thompson is the inspiration for the character of Duke in the comic strip

a graphic biography of one of the most influential, iconoclastic (and potentially crazy) writers of the late 20th century

“Doonesbury,” a major cult figure, and still a bestselling author today ■ The reviews in the UK have been great: Esquire UK called it “superb . . . taut and evocative” and Maxim UK said, “entertaining . . . we are calling it a must.” ■ legendary editor Alan Rinzler, who worked with Thompson and other authors including Tom Robbins and Toni Morrison, penned the foreword

s PeCiFiCaTions Black-and-white illustrations throughout 180 pages, 6½ × 9¼" Paperback RIGHTS: NoRTH AMERICA PUB MonTH: APRIl CoMIC ART • 


ver the course of Hunter S. Thompson’s extraordinary life he was publicly branded a bum, a vandal,

a thief, a liar, an addict, a freak, and a psychopath. Some of which were true. Yet even when compared to the most significant figures of the 20th century, his legacy retains a brilliantly vital force. The great american writer, the great


american iconoclast, the great american hedonist—however

ISBN 978-1-4197-0242-6

you choose to view him, Thompson remains the high-water

ISBN 978-1-4197-0242-6 US $17.95 Can $19.95

mark for all social commentators worldwide, and a truly


9 781419 702426

fearless champion of individual liberties. This is his story, the story of a troubled kid from Louisville who went on to become an international icon. a story that plumbs the

also aVail aB le

darkest depths of american society and charts the now legendary adventures that birthed Gonzo Journalism, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and a lifestyle beyond imagination. Will Bingley began his career in the film industry, working as a scriptwriter and script editor on several major studio

Johnny Cash ISBN 978-0-8109-8463-9 ISBN 978-0-8109-8463-9

US $17.95 9

Can $23.50 51795

780810 984639


productions before moving into TV and advertising work. He is a contributor to several major U.S. anthologies and journals. Anthony Hope-Smith studied graphic design and animation and now works as an illustrator. This is his first full-length graphic novel.


S12Adult_01-45.indd 32

10/14/11 11:05 AM

Garbage Pail Kids ■

By T h e To P P S C o M PA n y

i n T r o d u C T i o n By A r T S P i e g e l M A n

AF Terword By John Pound


Tr a d i n G Ca r d Bo o k

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Features an introduction by Pulitzer Prize–winner and Garbage Pail Kids cocreator Art Spiegelman ■ Contains a limited edition set of four rare and unreleased stickers ■ Garbage Pail Kids are a nostalgic touchstone for those who grew up in the 1980s

s PeCiFiCaTions 206 illustrations

oriG inal imaG e s inside inClude :

224 pages, 5½ × 7⅛" Hardcover with wax jacket, 4 stickers RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: APRIl PoP CUlTURE ISBN 978-1-4197-0270-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-0270-9 US $19.95 Can $21.95

You loved them as much as your mom hated them—collected here for the first time!



9 781419 702709

6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-4197-0365-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0365-2 US $119.70 Can $131.70 11970

arbage Pail Kids—a series of collectible stickers produced by Topps in the 1980s—combined spectacular

9 781419 703652

artwork and over-the-top satire. The result was an inspired collaboration between avant-garde cartoonists and humorists

also aVail aB le

including art Spiegelman, Mark newgarden, John Pound, Tom Bunk, and Jay Lynch. a new generation of fans continues to embrace this pop-culture phenomenon as Garbage Pail Kids stickers are still being published. now, for the first time, all 206 rare and hard-to-find images from Series 1 through 5 are collected in an innovative package, along with a special set of

Wacky Packages

four limited-edition, previously unreleased bonus stickers. This

ISBN 978-0-8109-9531-4

exciting follow up to Wacky Packages is guaranteed to appeal to

ISBN 978-0-8109-9531-4

US $19.95

die-hard collectors as well as a new generation of fans. The Topps Company, Inc., founded in 1938, is the preeminent



780810 995314

Wacky Packages New New New

creator and brand marketer of sports cards, entertainment

ISBN 978-0-8109-8838-5

products, and distinctive confectionery. Art Spiegelman is an

ISBN 978-0-8109-8838-5

US $19.95

american comics writer, artist, and editor best known for his Pulitzer Prize–winning graphic novel memoir, Maus.





780810 988385


S12Adult_01-45.indd 33


10/14/11 11:05 AM


S12Adult_01-45.indd 34

10/14/11 11:06 AM

The Art of Daniel Clowes M o D e R N C A R To o N I S T ■

By A lv i n B u e n Av e n T u r A

I n T E R V I E W By K R I S T I n E M C K E n n A W I T H E S S Ay S By C H I P K I D D,

i n T r o d u C T i o n By g e o r g e M e y e r

S u S A n M I L L E R , K E n PA R I L L E , R Ay P R I D E , A n D C H R I S WA R E s e llinG PoinTs ■ A traveling exhibition of Clowes’s work will open at the oakland Museum in April 2012 ■ Includes essays by Chip Kidd,

The first monograph on the celebrated cartoonist Daniel Clowes, author of the bestselling graphic novels Ghost World and Mister Wonderful

Chris ware, and many others ■ All images in the book are reproduced from the original art ■ Includes many previously unpublished comics and illustrations ■ PeN Center USA named Daniel Clowes the 2011 literary Award winner for Graphic literature for his outstanding Body of work in Graphic lit

s PeCiFiCaTions


300 color illustrations hroughout his 25-year career, alternative cartoonist/screen-

224 pages, 9¼ × 12"

writer Daniel Clowes has always been ahead of artistic and

Hardcover with jacket

cultural movements. In the late 1980s his groundbreaking comic


book series Eightball defined indie culture with wit, venom, and


even a little sympathy. With each successive graphic novel


(Ghost World, David Boring, Ice Haven, Wilson, Mister Wonderful ), Clowes has been praised for his emotionally compelling

ISBN 978-1-4197-0208-2

narratives that reimagine the ways that stories can be told in

ISBN 978-1-4197-0208-2 US $40.00 Can $45.00


comics. The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist is the first 9 781419 702082

monograph on this award-winning, New York Times–bestselling creator, compiled with his complete cooperation. It includes all of Clowes’s best-known illustrations as well as rare and previously

also aVail aB le

unpublished work, all reproduced from the original art, and also includes essays by noted contributors such as designer Chip Kidd and illustrator Chris Ware. Alvin Buenaventura recently started the publishing company Pigeon Press. He previously published artistic and insightful graphic novels, books, and prints under the imprint Buenaventura Press from 2003 to 2009. Buenaventura also edits the monthly

The Art of Harvey Kurtzman

ISBN 978-0-8109-9570-3

ISBN 978-0-8109-7296-4

ISBN 978-0-8109-9570-3

US $40.00

comics section for McSweeney’s literary magazine, The Believer. He lives in oakland, California.

The Art of Jaime Hernandez


Can $51.99 54000

780810 995703

ISBN 978-0810972964 US $45.00 Can $52.00 54500 9 780810 972964


S12Adult_01-45.indd 35


10/14/11 11:06 AM

The Art of George Rodrigue ■

i n T r o d u C T i o n By g i n g e r dA n To

P r e FAC e B y M i C h A e l l e w i S Now in paperba ck!

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Now in a more affordable paperback format ■ Blue Dog continues to be a beloved pop-culture icon

The definitive guide to the work of this iconic american artist

s PeCiFiCaTions 265 color illustrations 256 pages, 9 × 12" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WoRlD PUB MonTH: APRIl ART ISBN 978-1-4197-0317-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0317-1 US $40.00 Can $45.00



orn and raised in the heart of French Louisiana,

George Rodrigue is best known for his Blue Dog

paintings. Rodrigue, who began painting in the third

grade while bedridden with polio, had already won 9 781419 703171

local acclaim for his rich portrayals of the landscape and people he grew up with when Blue Dog transformed the image of the original Cajun werewolf dog into an international pop icon. This accessible paperback edition of The Art of George Rodrigue is a retrospective featuring 265 paintings spanning Rodrigue’s career. With text by art historian Ginger Danto, this book continues to be the definitive guide to Rodrigue’s work, documenting his artistic development as his subjects shifted from majestic oak trees to Cajun fishermen to the incomparable Blue Dog. ginger Danto has contributed to ARTnews, the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Village Voice, Dance Magazine, and Art & Antiques. Michael lewis is the author of the international bestsellers The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, Liar’s Poker, The New New Thing, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, and The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game and is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair.



S12Adult_01-45.indd 36

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:06 AM

Paul Smith ■

By PAu l S M i T h

I n T E R V I E W S By O L I V I E R W I C K E R


an a-to-Z exploration of what inspires the preeminent British fashion designer

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Paul Smith has been a force in British fashion for over 30 years ■ The brand is appealing to both men and women

s PeCiFiCaTions 250 color photographs 192 pages, 7½ × 9¼" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH


PUB MonTH: APRIl aul Smith has created one of the world’s


most successful fashion brands. In this richly

illustrated book—which includes many photos taken

by Paul Smith himself—excerpts from interviews with

ISBN 978-1-4197-0352-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0352-2 US $30.00 Can $33.00


the designer recount his history and explain how he 9 781419 703522

approaches design. This talented creator finds inspiration everywhere: personal photographs, musicians, scrawled messages on Post-it notes, electronic gadgets, and more. From a for architecture to Z for Zebra, this alphabetical manual not only highlights the eclectic sources of inspiration behind his unforgettable designs, but also the unique way in which Paul Smith sees the world, suggesting how he has continually been able to anticipate and reimagine trends in popular culture since opening his first small boutique in 1970. Paul Smith is the preeminent British designer. offering 12 different collections, ranging from clothing to shoes, furniture, and fragrances, Paul Smith is a global brand, with merchandise sold in 35 countries. olivier Wicker is the editor in chief of Libération Next, a French monthly magazine dedicated to fashion, art, design, and travel.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 37



10/14/11 11:06 AM

Blown Covers ■

By F r A n ç o i S e M o u ly


rançoise Mouly takes us behind the scenes at the New Yorker and reveals how the magazine creates its signature covers commenting

on the most urgent political and cultural events of the day. She shows the shocking and hilarious sketches that didn’t make the cut and explains how these are essential stages in the evolution of a cover that stands the test of time but retains its edge. Her book captures contemporary history—from the farce of Monica Lewinsky to the adventures of Michelle and Barack to nuclear meltdown in Japan—in images that are as acute as they are

outrageous. More than that, it shows how the magazine that exemplifies

An inside look at the creative process behind the most controversial

journalistic excellence in america also dares to cultivate a sense of humor when grappling with complex moral and political issues. Françoise Mouly is an artist and designer. Since 1993 she has been the art editor of the New Yorker, and she is the publisher and editorial director

and influential New Yorker covers and almost-covers

of Toon Books. Together with her husband, art Spiegelman, she edited the groundbreaking comics anthology RAW from 1980 to 1991, as well as abrams’ TOON Treasury of Classic Children’s Comics (2009). She lives in new York City.



S12Adult_01-45.indd 38

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:07 AM

New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to see s e llinG PoinTs ■ A behind-the-scenes look at the

s PeCiFiCaTions 250 color illustrations

New Yorker, which has more than

128 pages, 8½ × 10⅞"

1 million subscribers

Hardcover with jacket

■ A must-have book for anyone


interested in contemporary


media, illustration, or design


■ Includes iconic covers that comment on the most urgent political and cultural events of

ISBN 978-1-4197-0209-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-0209-9 US $24.95 Can $27.95


our time ■ Mouly is the most influential

9 781419 702099

magazine cover editor in journalism today

S12Adult_01-45.indd 39

10/14/11 11:07 AM

Building Change from the Ground Up

Design LikeYou Give a Damn [2] Edited by Architecture for Humanity


esign Like You Give a Damn [2] is the indispensable handbook for anyone commit-

ted to building a more sustainable future. Following the success of their first book, architecture for

Humanity brings readers the next edition, with more than 100 projects from around the world. Packed with practical and ingenious design solutions, this book addresses the need for basic shelter, housing, education, health care, clean water, and renewable energy. one-on-one interviews and provocative case studies demonstrate how innovative design is reimagining community and uplifting lives. From building material innovations such as smog-eating concrete to innovative public policy that is repainting Brazil’s urban slums, Design Like You Give a Damn [2] serves as a how-to guide for anyone seeking to build change from the ground up. Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit designservices firm dedicated to building a more sustainable future using the power of design. Through a global network of building professionals, architecture for Humanity brings design and construction services to communities in need. Proceeds from the sale of this book will support the work of architecture for Humanity.

s e llinG PoinTs

s PeCiFiCaTions

■ Architecture for humanity is on the front lines of

500 color photographs

ISBN 978-0-8109-9702-8 ISBN 978-0-8109-9702-8 US $35.00 Can $40.00


336 pages, 8 × 8"

humanitarian design ■ Filled with practical design solutions that create

Flexibind with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD

real change ■ An indispensable resource for designers, architects,


planners, local policymakers, students, and


educators interested in sustainable design


■ Includes examples of more than 100 innovative projects in more than 30 countries

9 780810 997028

also aVail aB le Worldchanging, Revised and Updated Edition ISBN 978-0-8109-9746-2 ISBN 978-0-8109-9746-2 US $24.95 Can $29.95


■ Perfect companion to Design Like You Give a Damn, which has sold over 50,000 copies



S12Adult_01-45.indd 40

9 780810 997462

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:07 AM

Demonstrates the power of design to improve lives

S12Adult_01-45.indd 41

10/14/11 11:08 AM

women Are heroes A G lo B A l P R oJ e C T BY J R ■

By J r

T e x T By M A r C B e r r e B i

F o r e w o r d S By C h r i S T i A n C Au J o l l e A n d F r A n ç o i S e d o C q u i e r T

s e llinG PoinTs ■ JR is one of the biggest names in street art today ■ Chronicles one of JR’s most ambitious projects

“JR is the most ambitious street artist working.” —Shepard Fairey

s PeCiFiCaTions 375 color photographs 360 pages, 8½ × 12¾" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD ENglISH PUB MonTH: MAY PHoTogRAPHY


uerilla street artist JR traveled to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan, Kenya, Brazil, India, and

Cambodia to seek out women struggling in their every-

ISBN 978-1-4197-0333-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0333-1 US $40.00 Can $45.00


day lives and, in his words, “to take their stories around the world.” Pasting mural-size portraits of his subjects into their own communities—on the sides of buildings, on

9 781419 703331

trains, on bridges—he brings a haunting human presence to harsh environments of social conflict. His photographs of the vast outdoor “exhibitions” that he creates are iconic images celebrating the worth of the individual. a beautifully illustrated account of this remarkable project, Women Are Heroes introduces JR’s thrilling imagery of the modern landscape filled with human faces, and also includes his original photographic portraits paired with interviews in which the women share their lives and dreams. JR creates participatory art projects that he hopes will change the world. He has reinvented public art and given new meaning to the photographic portrait. He is the 2011 winner of the TED Prize. Marc Berrebi is a producer and technology entrepreneur. Christian Caujolle is a distinguished critic and curator of photography. Françoise Docquiert is a professor of art and cultural studies at the University of Paris.



S12Adult_01-45.indd 42

z Abrams 10/14/11 11:08 AM

Urban Farms ■

By S A r A h r i C h

P h oTo g r A P h y By M AT T h e w B e n S o n

an examination of city dwellers growing their own food in urban environments s e llinG PoinTs ■ Features in-depth profiles of 16 established and emerging farm leaders across the country ■ The public’s perception of food—where it comes from, how it’s grown—has undergone a sea change in the last 10 years ■ Growing food in urban environments has become extremely popular across the country

s PeCiFiCaTions 200 color photographs 224 pages, 8 × 9" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD


PUB MonTH: JUNE rban Farms provides in-depth profiles of 16


innovative farms located in major metropolitan

areas across the country, each operated by passionate individuals and communities committed to growing their

ISBN 978-1-4197-0199-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0199-3 US $30.00 Can $33.00


own fruits and vegetables and raising animals. Included in these pages are some of the leaders in the movement,

9 781419 701993

from novella Carpenter’s farm in an empty lot in oakland to Growing Power’s vast compound in Milwaukee. In addition to stories about the farms and their owners, sidebars provide basic how-to tips for such activities as composting, canning, beekeeping, and growing vegetables. a burgeoning movement that is fast catching on, urban farming taps into many touchstones of the zeitgeist, including environmental awareness, the foodie culture, localism, distrust of mass-production farming practices, and the DIY approach to life and living. Sarah Rich is the creator of Civil Eats, a sustainable farming blog. She serves on the advisory board of the White House organic Farm Project and was previously an editor at both and Dwell magazine. Matthew Benson is a photographer whose work has appeared in House & Garden, the New York Times, and This Old House, among other publications.

z Abrams S12Adult_01-45.indd 43



10/14/11 11:08 AM

Christopher NolaN’s

BatmaN t h e a r t a N d m a k i N g o f t h e da r k k N i g h t tr i l o gy

By J o dy d u n C A n J e S S e r A n d JA n i n e P o u r r oy

D E S I g n By C H I P K I D D


n 2005, director Christopher nolan redefined the Batman legend with Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader.

A fresh, dynamic reboot of the franchise, Batman Begins explored the comic book hero’s origins and his evolution from billionaire Bruce Wayne to dark avenger who fights crime and corruption in gotham City. A 2008 sequel, The Dark Knight, took those compelling, characterdriven foundations and raised the stakes, pitting Batman against a deranged master criminal, the Joker, in an all-out war for gotham’s soul. now, the final film of nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, is 2012’s most anticipated film release. Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy tells the complete behind-the-scenes story of these three monumental films. Based on in-depth interviews with nolan and all of the films’ key cast and crew—including cowriters David S. goyer and Jonathan nolan, cinematographer Wally Pfister, and more—the book reveals the creative process behind the epic Dark Knight Trilogy, supported by lavish art and never-before-seen photography.

Jody Duncan Jesser has served as editor of Cinefex magazine since 1992. She is the author of 10 books covering the making of blockbuster films, including Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, and Avatar. She lives in Los


Angeles. Janine Pourroy has written extensively for Cinefex magazine, covering special and visual effects in film since 1985. Pourroy lives in Southern California.

s e llinG PoinTs ■ Batman is a billion-dollar franchise: The Dark Knight holds the record for the second-biggest box-office opening in history ■ The Dark Knight Rises, scheduled for release on July 20, 2012, is anticipated to break all existing box-office records ■ Previous nonfiction Batman books have sold very well ■ Jacket, case, and interior designed by award-winning graphic designer Chip Kidd

s PeCiFiCaTions 300 color images

ISBN 978-1-4197-0369-0

304 pages, 9¼ × 11⅞"

ISBN 978-1-4197-0369-0 US $40.00 Can $45.00


Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NoRTH AMERICA, 9 7 8 1 4 1 9 7 0 3 6 9 0 UK, AUSTRAlIA, NEW ZEAlAND PUB MonTH: JUlY FIlM



S12Adult_01-45.indd 44

z Abrams

THE DaRK KnIGHT RISES and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s11)

10/14/11 11:09 AM

The epic sTory of The Dark knighT Trilogy TolD Through lush arT anD phoTography

S12Adult_01-45.indd 45

10/14/11 11:10 AM

S12Adult_46-79.indd 46

10/14/11 11:37 AM

S12Adult_46-79.indd 47

10/14/11 11:37 AM

Knitted Dinosaurs 1 5 P R e h I S to R I c Pa l S to K N I t f R o m S c R atc h ■

By T i n a B a r r e T T

A Jurassic park of quirky knitted creatures s e lling points ■ cute creatures are taking the knitting world by storm ■ Irresistible dinos appeal to adults and children alike ■ Beginner-friendly, with illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions

s pecifications 160 color illustrations 128 pages, 8¼ × 9¼" Paperback RIGHTS: NOrTh AmErIcA AVAILABLE NOw crAfT ISBN 978-1-58479-970-2 ISBN 978-1-58479-970-2 US $16.95 CAN $18.95


9 781584 799702



his super-fun collection of prehistoric pals is a must-have for dino-obsessed children and

grown-ups alike. From the neck frills of Triceratops to the ferocious chompers on T-Rex to the aquatic

Kata Golda’s Hand-Stitched Felt ISBN 978-1-58479-798-2 ISBN 978-1-58479-798-2

US $19.95 9

CAN $25.95 51995

781584 797982

flippers of Plesiosaur, the creative details included in these 15 knitting patterns make the charismatic creatures both endearing and true to what scientists believe they looked like when they roamed planet Earth (with some creative license taken with their coloring). Best of all, each dinosaur can be knitted up quickly using only one or two skeins of yarn, and a basic techniques section guides new knitters each step of the way.

Wee Wonderfuls ISBN 978-1-58479-858-3 ISBN 978-1-58479-858-3

US $27.50 9

CAN $35.95 52750

781584 798583


Tina Barrett is a UK-based knitwear designer. She designs regularly for the magazines Knit Today, Let’s Knit!, and Knitting, and is the author of the books Knits for Dogs & Cats, Natural Knits for Babies & Toddlers, and Natural Crochet for Babies & Toddlers.


S12Adult_46-79.indd 48

10/14/11 11:37 AM

Knitting Nature 3 9 D e S I G N S I N S P I R e D By Pat t e R N S I N N at U R e ■

By n o r a h G au G h a n

p h oTo G r a p h s By T h ay e r a l lys o n G o w dy

s e lling points ■ 39 patterns now available in a more affordable paperback

The classic, groundbreaking title showcasing 39 exquisite, timeless designs at a must-have paperback price

format ■ answers knitting community’s call for fashionable, innovative, technically interesting patterns ■ author reaches thousands of knitters weekly via Berroco’s e-newsletter and her Ravelry fan group

s pecifications 75 color illustrations 176 pages, 9 × 10" Paperback RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mArch crAfT ISBN 978-1-58479-968-9 ISBN 978-1-58479-968-9 US $22.50 CAN $25.50


9 781584 799689


A L SO AVAI L AB LE ritten by Norah Gaughan, one of the most innovative and respected knitwear designers

working today, Knitting Nature was an instant classic when it was released in hardcover in 2006, and it is now

available at a must-have paperback price. In Knitting Nature, Gaughan blends together the natural and artistic world with 39 stunning, fun-to-knit designs for women, men, and children. Among them are a skirt patterned after the hexagonal scales nature has used to cover a domed turtle’s shell, a jacket whose collar grows in a spiral—much the same way a ram’s horn

Reversible Knitting ISBN 978-1-58479-805-7 ISBN$29.95 978-1584798057 US CAN $38.95


9 781584 798057

does—and a tank top with leaves that grow the same way they do on a stem. Norah Gaughan is the design director at Berroco Yarns. Her work has been published in all of the major knitting magazines, online, and in many books, including Reversible Knitting, Weekend Knitting, and Handknit Holidays from STC Craft. She is a coauthor of the STC Craft book Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Afghans.

Loop-d-Loop Lace ISBN 978-1-58479-834-7 ISBN 978-1584798347 US $29.95 CAN $35.95


9 781584 798347


S12Adult_46-79.indd 49


10/14/11 11:37 AM


Profiles of Black Women C ■

By C rys Ta l M c C r a ry

p h oTo G r a p h s By l au r i lyo n s


nspiration shares the personal stories and unique voices of 30 extraordinary black

women. whether in the white house or on the

courts of wimbledon, in hollywood or on the stage of the Metropolitan opera house, these women have influenced the social, cultural, and political landscape of this country, and even the world. luminaries such as patti laBelle, Venus williams, susan Taylor, and Judith Jamison speak about the challenges they’ve faced and the victories they’ve won throughout their careers. These inspiring black women pass their knowledge and lessons on to a new generation of women in intimate first-person essays and stunning color portraits. crystal mccrary is the cocreator of BeT’s show Leading Women and the author of the novels Gotham Diaries and Homecourt Advantage. she is a frequent morning show commentator and sits on the advisory board of Jumpstart. she lives in new york City. Lauri Lyons is a faculty member at the international Center of photography and the rhode island school of design. she has photographed for the Source, Essence, and Fortune, among other magazines. in 2006 she became

s pecifications

the first black female photographer to sign with

60 color photographs

Getty images. she lives in new york City.

240 pages, 9⅛ × 11" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: wOrLd

ISBN 978-1-58479-959-7


ISBN 978-1-58479-959-7 US $40.00 CAN $45.00




9 781584 799597


S12Adult_46-79.indd 50

10/14/11 11:37 AM


n Changing Our World Stunning photographic portraits and text profiles of influential black women in America today

i i i i

s e lling points ■ Incredible variety of acclaimed women, including first lady michelle obama,

i i i i i i i i i i i

R&B singer mary J. Blige, actress Whoopi Goldberg, and many others


■ author has appeared on Good Morning America, Today, cNN’s American Morning, and The View


and is the cocreator of the Bet show Leading Women


■ acclaimed african american photographer lauri lyons was the first black female photographer to sign with


Getty Images

i maRIaN WRIGht eDelmaN

S o l e Da D o ’ B R I e N

i i i i i i i mISty coPelaND

R U By D e e

l aIl a alI

i S12Adult_46-79.indd 51

10/14/11 11:38 AM

“I want to dress women like me, modern women who may not have perfect bodies or stylists to help them make wardrobe choices but who want to make their way through their busy lives with beauty and grace, who want to sustain valuable traditions and live in beautiful clothing as an accessory to their big and beautiful lives.” —from the Introduction


S12Adult_46-79.indd 52

10/14/11 11:38 AM

alabama Studio Sewing + Design a G U I D e to h a N D - S e W I N G a N a l a B a m a c h a N I N Wa R D R o B e ■

By n aTa l i e C h a n i n s e lling points ■ the alabama chanin brand continues to grow—recent and upcoming events and press include the global etsy conference, an exhibition at the textile museum in Washington, D.c., and New York Times T Magazine coverage ■ complete instructions for couture-quality garments that retail for thousands of dollars ■ DIy fashion is hot—ecoSalon calls it a “burgeoning sewing renaissance,” and the online sewing community BurdaStyle has over a half million members

s pecifications 200 color and black-and-white illustrations

Beautiful clothing from an award-winning designer


176 pages, 10¾ × 8½" hardcover with cloth spine RIGHTS: wOrLd

labama Studio Sewing + Design is an invaluable


reference for any woman who has dreamed of creating


her own gorgeous handmade wardrobe. In this follow-up to

Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style, author Natalie

ISBN 978-1-58479-920-7

Chanin presents all of the stenciling, hand-stitching, and bead-

ISBN 978-1-58479-920-7 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


ing techniques her company uses to create the award-winning Alabama Chanin line of organic cotton clothing, plus more than

9 781584 799207

50 variations that lead to infinite design possibilities. Included in this encyclopedic compilation of Alabama Chanin skill and style are patterns and instructions for dresses, skirts, tops, a wrap, a poncho, a bolero, fingerless gloves, and a hat. Each piece is

also aVail aB le

featured in both its basic form and with varying embellishment combinations. By mixing, matching, and layering, a stunning, unique, and versatile wardrobe can be built. Natalie chanin is the founder and head designer of Alabama Chanin and the author of Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style (both from STC Craft). Her work has been featured in Vogue, the New York Times, and Town & Country, among many other publications, as well as on CBS News. She is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Visit her website at

Alabama Stitch Book

Alabama Studio Style

US $37.50

US $35.00

ISBN978-1-58479-638-1 978-1584796381ISBN 978-1-58479-823-1 ISBN ISBN 978-1-58479-823-1

CAN $42.50

9 781584 796381


CAN $45.50 53500

781584 798231


S12Adult_46-79.indd 53


10/14/11 11:38 AM

harry’s Bar ■

By i s a B e l l e M a c e l h o n e

s e lling points ■ full of stories of well-known individuals—hemingway, fitzgerald, Sinclair lewis, Knute Rockne, cole Porter, George

A 100th-anniversary celebration of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Paris

Gershwin (who composed An American in Paris at harry’s), and many others ■ Includes 15 recipes for cocktails created at harry’s Bar—including the bar’s famous creation, the Bloody mary! ■ harry’s Bar has plenty of history, but it isn’t a museum. It’s alive and vibrant, while never losing sight of its traditions

s pecifications 250 color and black-and-white illustrations 128 pages, 8 × 11" hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTh AmErIcA ANd UK ENGLISh PUB MONTH: mArch hISTOry


o celebrate the 100th anniversary of Harry’s Bar in Paris, originally Harry’s New York Bar, here is the

ISBN 978-1-58479-974-0 ISBN 978-1-58479-974-0 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781584 799740

history of one of the world’s best-known watering holes. Illustrated throughout with photographs, caricatures, newspaper and magazine clippings, business and calling cards, ads, and much more, the book begins with American ex-jockey Tod Sloan, who founded the bar in 1911 and hired an inventive Scottish bartender, Harry MacElhone, who eventually became the bar’s owner. Anecdotes abound from the many celebrities, writers, athletes, artists, and more who frequented Harry’s Bar over the years—among them Ernest Hemingway and Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marlene Dietrich and Leslie Caron, Jack Dempsey and Marcel Cerdan, and many more. A “home away from home” for traveling Americans and ex-pats alike, Harry’s Bar is a hugely popular destination. With 15 recipes for cocktails created at the bar, this book is the perfect souvenir for anyone who’s ever enjoyed a drink at 5, Rue Daunou. Isabelle macElhone, along with her son, Franz-Arthur, is

the owner of Harry’s Bar.



S12Adult_46-79.indd 54

10/14/11 11:39 AM

Pierre hermé Pastries ■

By p i e r r e h e r M é

p h oTo G r a p h s By l au r e n T Fau

s e lling points ■ Pierre hermé, an internationally renowned pastry chef, has his own line of pastry shops in Paris and tokyo and is the author of numerous cookbooks ■ features 50 iconic french desserts and mouthwatering photographs ■ first english-language cookbook in 10 years ■ each sugary treat has its own story with fascinating trivia about the dessert’s history

s pecifications 80 color photographs 288 pages, 11⅞ × 10¼" hardcover with jacket

Delicious classics as well as inventive dessert recipes from the famous Pierre Hermé, dubbed the “Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue


RIGHTS: wOrLd ENGLISh PUB MONTH: mArch fOOd & wINE ISBN 978-1-58479-945-0 ISBN 978-1-58479-945-0 US $50.00 CAN $57.50


fter divulging the intriguing histories behind 50 iconic desserts, master pastry chef Pierre Hermé

9 781584 799450

shares his tried-and-tested recipes for the great classics

of French pastry and other definitive desserts from around the world—and then he reveals how to reinvent them. Rose-scented almond paste and a compote of raspberries and lychees fill Hermé’s croissants; his Saint Honoré cake combines green tea, chestnuts, and passion fruit; and caramelized mango adorns his foie gras

also aVail aB le

crème brûlée. The luscious photographs and 100 recipes featured in Pierre Hermé Pastries flaunt Hermé’s mastery of technique and the talent for combining textures and flavors that have earned him the reputation as one of the world’s most skilled and inventive pastry chefs. Pierre hermé is a master pastry chef with his own line of shops in Paris and Tokyo. He has published numerous books, including Desserts by Pierre Hermé and Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Hermé.

The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts ISBN 978-1-58479-803-3 ISBN 978-1584798033 US $80.00 CAN $95.00


9 781584 798033


S12Adult_46-79.indd 55


10/14/11 11:39 AM

Natural CompaNioNs T H E G A R D E N LO V E R ’ S G U I D E TO P L A N T C O M B I N AT I O N S ■

By K e n d r u s e


B oTa n i C a l p h oTo G r a p h s By e l l e n h oV e r K a M p

cclaimed garden writer Ken druse presents hundreds of perfect plant pairings with diverse

species that look great together and bloom at the same time. organized by themes, seasons, color,

fragrance, foliage, grasses, edible flowers, and many more, the striking photographs are created on a giant flatbed scanner, resulting in images of remarkable depth, clarity, and color. also included are druse’s photographs of gardens showing examples of the plants and flowers growing together. Filled with an incredible amount of information on gardening techniques and lore, written in druse’s charming, witty style, this book is the ultimate tool for gardeners and lovers of plants and flowers.

s e lling points ■ author has hugely successful sales track record with 17 garden books totaling more than 250,000 copies ■ Presents a scanning method never before published in a garden book, resulting in images of incredible depth and color ■ author has a public radio show and podcast, Ken Druse—Real Dirt, and contributes regularly to the New York Times and nearly every shelter magazine, including Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, This Old House, and Garden Design

s pecifications 200 color illustrations


ISBN 978-1-58479-901-6

256 pages, 8¾ × 12"


ISBN 978-1-58479-901-6 US $40.00 CAN $45.00

hardcover with jacket



9 781584 799016

Ken druse is the author of 17 award-winning gardening books. he has a weekly radio show and podcast, Ken Druse—Real Dirt, on public radio and has written for the New York Times and many shelter magazines. druse lives in Brooklyn and new Jersey.



S12Adult_46-79.indd 56

10/14/11 11:39 AM

two stunning gardening guides from bestselling author Ken Druse

Making More Plants T H E S C I E N C E , A R T, A N D J Oy O F P R O PAG AT I O N ■

By K e n d r u s e

Now in paperba ck!


or people who love gardens,

s e lling points

propagation—the practice of

■ original hardcover edition,

growing whatever you want, whenever

published in 2000, sold 45,000

you want—is gardening itself. in this

copies at a $45.00 price point

paperback reissue of the successful book Making More Plants, druse, one of america’s foremost gardening authorities, presents innovative, practical techniques for expanding any plant collection, along with more

■ Includes more than 550 full-color photographs and a comprehensive appendix of more than 700 plants

s pecifications

than 500 photographs. Based on

550 color photographs

years of personal research, this is a

256 pages, 8½ × 11"

practical manual as well as a beautiful


garden book, presenting procedures


Ken druse has tested and adapted, as


well as photographed step by step.

GArdENING ISBN 978-1-58479-960-3 ISBN 978-1-58479-960-3 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


9 781584 799603

S12Adult_46-79.indd 57

10/14/11 11:39 AM


S12Adult_46-79.indd 58

10/14/11 11:40 AM

the Joy of Decorating S o U t h e R N S t y l e W I t h m R S . h o Wa R D ■

By p h o e B e h o wa r d

Southern interior design sensation Phoebe Howard offers a unique take on stylish spaces s e lling points ■ mrs. howard is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on Southern interior design style ■ author’s designs are widely published in many shelter magazines such as Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, as well as in the New York Times and Washington Post ■ Beautiful oversize package with more than 150 lavish full-color photographs

s pecifications 150 color photographs 256 pages, 9 × 11" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mArch INTErIOr dESIGN ISBN 978-1-58479-961-0 ISBN 978-1-58479-961-0 US $50.00 CAN $57.50



9 781584 799610

hoebe Howard, known affectionately as Mrs. Howard to her clients, has a penchant for creating stylish spaces,

which has evolved into her own critically acclaimed brand of interior design. Mrs. Howard’s first book features several of

her largest design projects and addresses the most common decorating issues and questions her clients and customers ask. The book’s design projects are organized by theme:

also aVail aB le

Inviting, Inspiring, Timeless, Graceful, Tranquil, Casual, and Comfortable—all words that have been used to describe Mrs. Howard’s work and ones that illustrate the many different ways she strives to make her houses look and feel. Cowritten with well-known Southern writer Susan Sully, this gorgeous book epitomizes the grace and elegance of Southern interior design. Phoebe howard is the owner and operator of several Southern interior design stores, called Mrs. Howard and Max and Company, in Jacksonville, Florida, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

An Affair with a House

Timeless Elegance

ISBN 978-1-58479-470-7

ISBN 978-1-58479-865-1

ISBN 978-1-58479-470-7 US $65.00 CAN $75.00

ISBN 978-1-58479-865-1 US $65.00 CAN $78.00


9 781584 794707


9 781584 798651


S12Adult_46-79.indd 59


10/14/11 11:40 AM

PIE forward it

pies, tarts, tortes, galettes & other pastries reinvented ■

By G e s i n e B u l lo C K- p r a d o

p h oTo G r a p h s By T i n a r u p p


ith her previous cookbook, Sugar Baby, Gesine Bullock-prado inspired readers with her delicious, inventive recipes for sweets—and

her hilarious voice kept them laughing every step of the way. with Pie It

Forward, Bullock-prado is back—with 100 recipes for classics such as apple pie and cherry pie, alongside other unforgettable recipes that virtually redefine what can be done in between a pie crust and a pastry shell: Chocolate silk and strawberries with a Meringue Crust, Tiramisu Tart, and much more. including sweet, savory, and layered pies and tarts, as well as minis and pie pops, Bullock-prado removes the intimidation factor with the voice her fans have come to know and love, so that bakers can stretch their floured limbs into a pastry world they never knew existed. Gesine Bullock-Prado is the author of Sugar Baby. Gesine and her product line, Gesine Confectionary, have been featured on the Today Show, the Rachael Ray Show, and Food network. she lives in Vermont.



S12Adult_46-79.indd 60

10/14/11 11:40 AM

Delectable recipes that redefine what can be done within a pie crust and a pastry shell

s e lling points

s pecifications 40 color illustrations

■ from sweet to savory, full-size, freeform, and mini-pies, galettes

252 pages, 9 × 9"

and pie pops—all are covered in

hardcover with jacket

this book


■ Pies are the next big thing. In the


baking world, pies are the new

fOOd & wINE


ISBN 978-1-58479-963-4

■ author will cross-promote

ISBN 978-1-58479-963-4 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

with her growing product line,


Gesine confectionary 9 781584 799634

also aVail aB le Sugar Baby ISBN 978-1-58479-897-2 ISBN 978-1-58479-897-2 US $29.95 CAN $35.95


9 781584 798972

S12Adult_46-79.indd 61

10/14/11 11:41 AM

fabrics a to Z t h e e S S e N t I a l G U I D e to c h o o S I N G a N D U S I N G fa B R I c f o R S e W I N G ■

By da n a w i l l a r d

An indispensable, portable reference for sewists who want fabric facts at their fingertips

s e lling points ■ compact package, comprehensive content, and accessible, easy-to-read format set this book apart from the competition ■ meets the needs of a wide audience including home and professional sewists, fashion students, established designers, and crafters of all levels ■ author’s popular sewing blog is read by about 20,000 crafters daily

s pecifications 400 color illustrations 224 pages, 5¾ × 8¼" flexibind RIGHTS: NOrTh AmErIcAN ENGLISh PUB MONTH: APrIL crAfT

ISBN 978-1-58479-956-6 ISBN 978-1-58479-956-6 US $22.50 CAN $25.50



abrics A to Z is the essential guide for sewists and fabric enthusiasts of all levels. This thorough

resource explains the unique characteristics, strengths,

and limitations of more than 100 fabrics in easy-to-

9 781584 799566

understand terms, so any sewist can enter a fabric shop


with confidence. From dotted swiss to silk charmeuse to faux fur, each entry includes a close-up photo of the fabric as well as an overview of its characteristics, ideal uses, and special considerations when sewing. As a bonus, the book concludes with a section on the best tools and notions to use when working with particular fibers, as well as tips on how to read patterns. The small

Sewing Basics

size and flexibind format of Fabrics A to Z make it perfect

ISBN 978-1-58479-947-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-947-4 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

for tossing into a bag when headed to the fabric store.


dana willard is the creator of the popular blog MADE.

9 781584 799474

Her patterns and designs have been featured in sewing

Weekend Sewing ISBN 978-1-58479-675-6 ISBN 978-1584796756 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781584 796756


publications such as Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cause and Sew magazine, as well as on blogs and zines such as Craft, Odeedoh, Sewfearless, and Refashion. She lives in Texas. Visit her website at


S12Adult_46-79.indd 62

10/14/11 11:41 AM

I Brake for yard Sales a N D f l e a m a R K e t S , t h R I f t S h o P S , aU c t I o N S , aND the occaSIoNal DUmPSteR ■

By l a r a s p e n C e r

F o r e w o r d B y K aT h y G r i F F i n s e lling points

Spencer, of Good Morning America, The Insider, and Antiques Roadshow fame, shares her secrets for bargain hunting and designing with your finds

■ Spencer is a coanchor on Good Morning America, and a former host of The Insider (cBS-tV) and Antiques Roadshow (PBS) ■ foreword by comedienne and good friend Kathy Griffin, with contributions from other celebrity pals ■ frugalistas will rejoice! Spencer shares secrets from worldrenowned appraisers on finding the best deals possible ■ tips on decorating with newfound antiques and vintage items

s pecifications 150 color photographs 176 pages, 7¾ × 9¾" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: APrIL INTErIOr dESIGN


ISBN 978-1-58479-922-1

ood Morning America correspondent Lara

ISBN 978-1-58479-922-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


Spencer is a self-confessed frugalista with a

passion for shopping at yard sales, thrift shops, and

estate sales, and for decorating her home and friends’

9 781584 799221

homes with her fabulous finds. In I Brake for Yard Sales,

also aVail aB le

Lara shares her secrets for bargain hunting and tells you where to shop, what to look for, how to pay for it, how to restore it, and finally, where to put it in your house. Looking for the newest arrivals at your local thrift shops? After busy Saturdays and no-pick-up Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the best days to shop for

Frank Fontana’s Dirty Little

fresh items. Peppered with wisdom from world-renowned

Secrets of Design

appraisers whom Lara knows from her previous work on

ISBN 978-1-58479-855-2

Antiques Roadshow as well as contributions from well-

ISBN 978-1-58479-855-2

US $24.95

known designers, this book also features the house of comedienne and good friend Kathy Griffin, which Spencer herself refurbished and decorated.


781584 798552

The Big-Ass Book of Home Décor ISBN 978-1-58479-825-5

Lara Spencer is a Good Morning America coanchor and

ISBN 978-1-58479-825-5

US $22.50

former host of CBS-TV’s The Insider and PBS’s Antiques Roadshow. She lives in New York City.

CAN $29.95 52495


CAN $29.50 52495

781584 798255


S12Adult_46-79.indd 63


10/14/11 11:41 AM

Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration

De N y s e s c h m i Dt

20 N e w D e s i g N s w i t h h i s t o r i c r o o t s ■

By d e n y s e s C h M i dT

p h oTo G r a p h s By J o h n G r u e n


enyse Schmidt is one of the leading quilters of the 21st century. Known as a “modern” quilter, she actually draws much of her creative

vision from quilts of the past. In Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional

Inspiration, Schmidt pays homage to the quilters and quilts that came before her. Each of the 20 traditional quilt designs she has reinterpreted here (among them are Irish Chain, Mariner’s Compass, and Orange Peel, to name a few) is introduced with a lively overview of the pattern’s history. Instructions are illustrated, templates are provided at full size on a pullout pattern sheet, and a complete techniques section is included at the back of the book. denyse Schmidt’s work has been featured in hundreds of publications, including the New York Times, TIME, People, and Martha Stewart Living. Her fabric and stationery lines are sold worldwide. She is the author of Denyse Schmidt Quilts and 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects. Visit her website at

s e lling points ■ the first large collection of original

s pecifications 100 color photographs

quilts to make from one of the

160 pages, 8½ × 9⅞"

best-known designers today


■ celebrated by the art, design, and

full-size pattern insert

craft communities, Denyse Schmidt


quilts have been featured at museums


and in home design stores ranging


from henri Bendel to Pottery Barn to the Sundance catalog, and Schmidt’s fabric collections are sold at fabric

ISBN 978-1-58479-900-9 ISBN 978-1-58479-900-9 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


stores worldwide ■ Quilting is in the public spotlight—the

9 781584 799009

also aVail aB le

folk art museum’s recent exhibition of quilts attracted record-breaking attendance

“[Denyse’s] trademark look features pared-down simplicity and vibrant, current colors . . . While most art quilters in

Kaffe Fassett’s Simple Shapes Last-Minute Patchwork +

America push the envelope on over-the-top embellishment

Spectacular Quilts

and dense threadwork, Ms. Schmidt strives to make 9

ISBN 978-1-58479-634-3

ISBN 978-1-58479-837-8

US $35.00

simplicity a virtue.” —Wall Street Journal 64

Quilted Gifts

ISBN 978-1-58479-837-8

ISBN 978-1-58479-634-3

CAN $42.00 53500

781584 798378

US $27.50 9

CAN $35.95 52750

781584 796343


S12Adult_46-79.indd 64

10/14/11 11:41 AM

Twenty fresh designs from a contemporary quilting icon

S12Adult_46-79.indd 65

10/14/11 11:41 AM

the classic Palmer ■

By J o h n F e i n s T e i n

p h oTo G r a p h s By wa lT e r i o o s s

The perfect gift book about golf’s most beloved living icon s e lling points ■ elegant and giftable format ■ Great author platform— sportswriter for the Washington Post and Golf Digest and frequent commentator on the Golf channel ■ Vivid images from famed sports photographer Walter Iooss, who has shot more than 300 covers for Sports Illustrated

s pecifications 50 color and black-and-white photographs 144 pages, 5½ × 7½" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: APrIL SPOrTS

ISBN 978-1-58479-899-6 ISBN 978-1-58479-899-6 US $19.95 CAN $21.95



he Classic Palmer launches a new series of from

Abrams. Renowned sportswriter John Feinstein

9 781584 798996

provides a vivid biographical portrait of golf’s most

6-copy counter display

beloved living icon, Arnold Palmer, accompanied by

ISBN 978-1-58479-978-8

Walter Iooss’s superb photographs. From the moment he

ISBN 978-1-58479-978-8 US $119.70 CAN $131.70

stepped into the spotlight, Arnold Palmer captured the


9 781584 799788

loyalty of the nation. Over a more than 50-year career, Palmer amassed a truly impressive record—92 worldwide titles, four Masters championships, a U.S. Open crown,

also aVail aB le

and back-to-back British Open victories. A moving essay by Feinstein, coupled with Iooss’s stunning images and a small, giftable trim size, makes this portable companion the perfect gift for any golf fan. John feinstein is a bestselling sportswriter and columnist for the Washington Post, Golf World, and

Arnold Palmer ISBN 978-1-58479-330-4 ISBN$35.00 978-1584793304 US CAN $42.00


9 781584 793304


Golf Digest and a frequent commentator on the Golf Channel. walter Iooss has worked extensively for Sports Illustrated magazine, photographing more than 300 of its covers.


S12Adult_46-79.indd 66

10/14/11 11:42 AM

tiny World terrariums a S t e P - By- S t e P G U I D e to e a S I ly c o N ta I N e D l I f e ■

By M i C h e l l e i n C i a r r a n o a n d K aT y M a s lo w

p h oTo G r a p h s By r o B e r T w r i G h T

s e lling points ■ terrariums are in the design spotlight, featured in stylish stores such as anthropologie and on influential websites such as Design*Sponge ■ the book’s 40 fun, unique projects come with step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photographs ■ major media coverage for the authors’ company, twig terrariums, puts them at the forefront of this growing trend

s pecifications 100 color photographs 144 pages, 8½ × 9" hardcover

This hip DIY guide will inspire you to create your own tiny green worlds


RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mAy crAfT • GArdENING ISBN 978-1-58479-964-1

errariums are a vibrant, unique way to inject a little

ISBN 978-1-58479-964-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


greenery into any home. In Tiny World Terrariums,

authors Katy and Michelle of Brooklyn’s celebrated Twig

9 781584 799641

Terrariums offer step-by-step instructions for building your own, from selecting glass containers to layering soil and filtration to adding moss, succulents, and other

also aVail aB le

plants. To give each terrarium a whimsical, personal touch, Katy and Michelle demonstrate how to use tiny figurines and toys to create to-scale scenes, such as a couple at their wedding, a CSI crime scene, and Central Park in springtime. Photos of gorgeous finished terrariums and detailed instructions will empower anyone—whether green-thumbed or not—to create their own Lilliputian worlds.

Weekend Handmade ISBN 978-1-58479-940-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-940-5 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


Katy maslow and michelle Inciarrano own the Brooklyn-based company Twig Terrariums, through which they run popular terrarium workshops and sell DIY kits and finished terrariums nationwide. Their work has been featured in the New York Times and on the blog Design*Sponge. Visit

9 781584 799405

The Repurposed Library ISBN 978-1-58479-909-2 ISBN$24.95 978-1584799092 US CAN $29.95


9 781584 799092


S12Adult_46-79.indd 67


10/14/11 11:42 AM


S12Adult_46-79.indd 68

10/14/11 11:43 AM

the french Dog ■

By r aC h a e l h a l e

Unforgettable chiens in their spectacular natural habitats s e lling points ■ Rachael hale’s bestselling books have sold over 2.8 million copies in 20 languages ■ the charming follow-up to The French Cat ■ the perfect gift for dog lovers and francophiles

s pecifications 150 full-color photographs 168 pages, 8½ × 11¼" hardcover with jacket; 4-page facsimile booklet RIGHTS: NOrTh AmErIcA PUB MONTH: mAy PETS ISBN 978-1-58479-977-1


oining their owners at cafés, in shops, and just about everywhere else, dogs have always had a special place in

ISBN 978-1-58479-977-1 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781584 799771

French life. In The French Dog, bestselling animal photographer Rachael McKenna (née Hale) has captured a host of unforgettable dogs—dachshunds, poodles, Labradors, bulldogs, and more—in a variety of stunning locations, from stately chateaux to chic Paris addresses to cobblestoned streets in quiet villages. A follow-up to the popular book The French Cat, this photographic exploration of the captivating canines of Rachael’s

also aVail aB le

adopted home, also shares her experience living in a new country with her young family. Artwork and quotes from famous French dog lovers and literary greats are also included, making this an irresistible read for Francophiles and dog lovers alike. rachael mcKenna (née Hale) is a photographer and author whose books—including Snog: A Puppies Guide to Love and 101 Salvations: For the Love of Dogs—have sold more than 2.8 million copies. Originally from New Zealand, Rachael now lives in France with her husband, Andrew, and their daughter, Charlize.

The French Cat ISBN 978-1-58479-950-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-950-4 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781584 799504


S12Adult_46-79.indd 69


10/14/11 11:43 AM

memories of Philippine Kitchens ■

By a M y B e s a a n d r o M y d o r oTa n

p h oTo G r a p h s By n e a l o s h i M a

i n T r o d u C T i o n By r ay M o n d s o Ko loV

Fore word By peTer K aMinsK y

s e lling points ■ Winner of the 2007 IacP Jane Grigson award ■ Includes updated text, new recipes, and new photographs ■ first edition received amazing print coverage in the New York Times, Food & Wine, the Wall Street Journal, and more ■ filipino cuisine is on the rise, especially with foodies and home cooks who love fusion food trends

s pecifications 200 color photographs 232 pages, 10 × 9" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mAy

Updated and revised edition of an award-winning go-to resource for Philippine cooking

fOOd & wINE ISBN 978-1-58479-973-3 ISBN 978-1-58479-973-3 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781584 799733


n the newly revised and updated Memories of Philippine Kitchens, Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan,

owners and chef at the Purple Yam and formerly of

Cendrillon in Manhattan, present a fascinating—and very personal—look at Filipino cuisine and culture. From adobo to pancit, lumpia to kinilaw, the authors trace the origins of native Filipino foods and the

also aVail aB le

impact of foreign cultures on the cuisine. More than 100 unique recipes, culled from private kitchens and the acclaimed Purple Yam menu, reflect classic dishes as well as contemporary Filipino food. Filled with hundreds of sumptuous photographs and stories from the authors and other notable cooks, this book is a joy

How to Cook Indian ISBN 978-1-58479-913-9 ISBN 978-1-58479-913-9 US $29.95 CAN $35.95


9 781584 799139


to peruse in and out of the kitchen. Amy Besa and romy dorotan are the owners of the Purple Yam restaurant in Brooklyn. They are the former owners of Cendrillon. They live in Brooklyn.


S12Adult_46-79.indd 70

10/14/11 11:43 AM

cakelove in the morning R e c I P e S f o R m U f f I N S , S c o N e S , Pa N c a K e S , Wa f f l e S , B I S c U I t S , f R I t tata S , a N D ot h e R B R e a K fa S t t R e at S ■

By wa r r e n B r o w n

p h oTo G r a p h s By J o s h ua C o G a n s e lling points ■ Brown owns and operates seven cakelove shops in Washington, D.c., and Baltimore, and lectures frequently ■ Decadent flavor combinations transform our favorite comfort foods—coconut Waffles with Bananas foster topping, Red Deviled eggs, and Piñaorange-Banana Pound cake ■ Warren Brown is a media magnet. his previous books were promoted on the TODAY show, NPR, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Ladies’ Home Journal, People, and O Magazine

s pecifications 100 color photographs 208 pages, 8 × 9" hardcover with jacket

Breakfast with a baker’s twist— Warren Brown reimagines his sweet and savory treats for everyone’s favorite meal


RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mAy cOOKING ISBN 978-1-58479-894-1 ISBN 978-1-58479-894-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


arren Brown spreads his CakeLove magic on America’s favorite course—breakfast! In

CakeLove in the Morning, Warren covers everything:

9 781584 798941

pancakes and French toast, frittatas and omelets,

also aVail aB le

quick breads and cereals, bacon and biscuits. He adds his own trademark twists on classic recipes so you’ll soon be making Coconut Waffles with Bananas Foster topping, Breakfast Lasagna, or Multigrain Rum Raisin Scones. With recipes as delicious as these, you’ll never reach for a box of pancake mix again. As


always, Warren leaves “no cabinet unopened” and

ISBN 978-1-58479-662-6

covers all the spreads, sauces, and salads that go

ISBN 978-1-58479-662-6

US $27.50

along with your favorite breakfast and brunch dishes. warren Brown left a career in law to pursue his


CAN $35.95 52750

781584 796626

United Cakes of America

love of baking and opened his first bakery in 2002.

ISBN 978-1-58479-839-2

He is the author of CakeLove and United Cakes of

ISBN 978-1-58479-839-2

US $29.95

America, and lives with his family in Washington, D.C. 9

CAN $38.95 52995

781584 798392


S12Adult_46-79.indd 71


10/14/11 11:43 AM

The Seven Essential Pieces

The love seaT The demilune The bench The dresser The slipper chair The side Table The occasional chair


S12Adult_46-79.indd 72

10/14/11 11:44 AM

Good Bones, Great Pieces the SeVeN eSSeNtIalS foR RoomS of a lIfetIme ■

By s u z a n n e a n d l au r e n M c G r aT h

p h oTo G r a p h s By lu C a s a l l e n

s e lling points ■ authors write the popular interiors and fashion blog Good Bones, Great Pieces

Mother–daughter interior design team offers the seven essential pieces that every home should have, from a first apartment to a family home

■ this user-friendly guide is divided into seven chapters around the core pieces of furniture that everyone should own and teaches the reader to choose well, refurbish, and update the pieces

s pecifications 100 color illustrations 208 pages, 8 × 10" hardcover RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mAy

“I wish I could do this with my mom.”


—Grace Bonney, Design*Sponge

ISBN 978-1-58479-957-3


ISBN 978-1-58479-957-3 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


aking a home is a lifelong pursuit and it starts with your very first place. Suzanne and Lauren

9 781584 799573

McGrath, a mother–daughter team, operate the popular blog Good Bones, Great Pieces. At the core of their philosophy is the belief that every home should have seven essential pieces that can live in almost any room

and will always be stylish. The authors explain how to place iconic items of furniture like the love seat and the dresser and rotate them throughout the home as the style or need changes.

also aVail aB le

Illustrated with photographs of homes and apartments that the McGraths have designed, as well as apartments by some iconic designers, this book is a wonderful resource, whether you are starting out with your first apartment or rethinking the design of your home.

New Classic Interiors

Suzanne and Lauren mcGrath are a mother–daughter

ISBN 978-1-58479-787-6

interior-design team who operate the design blog Good

ISBN 978-1-58479-787-6

US $60.00

Bones, Great Pieces. They live in New York City and Rye, New York.


CAN $78.00 56000

781584 797876


S12Adult_46-79.indd 73


10/14/11 11:44 AM

my Bump Book a PReGNaNcy JoURNal ■

By a l i s s a Fa d e n

A beautifully designed keepsake journal for the modern mom-to-be

s e lling points ■ fresh and modern design will appeal to contemporary women and a raised 3-D cover distinguishes the book from the competition ■ full of fun prompts and simple fill-in questions ■ Includes attached envelope inside back cover to hold appointment cards, test results, mementos, and other important documents

s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 144 pages, 6 × 8" Spiral-bound hardcover RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mAy PArENTING ISBN 978-1-58479-965-8 ISBN 978-1-58479-965-8 US $17.95 CAN $19.95


9 781584 799658

6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-58479-979-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-979-5 US $107.70 CAN $119.70 10770


y Bump Book is a pregnancy journal that is both easy and fun to fill out. Full

of bold graphics and fun prompts like “Build-aBaby” and “Breast News Ever?,” My Bump Book

9 781584 799795

takes an expectant mother through her nine months of pregnancy and into the first month

also aVail aB le

with her newborn. With plenty of room to record the excitement, fear, and other emotions that accompany pregnancy, plus room for pasting in ultrasound photos and other keepsakes, My Bump Book will serve as both a journal and an entertaining memento for years to come.

This Is Your Book ISBN 978-1-58479-948-1 ISBN 978-1-58479-948-1 US $16.95 CAN $18.95


9 781584 799481


Alissa faden is a senior designer at Abrams. She was a coeditor and author to D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself and D.I.Y.: Design Deck. She lives in the Greater New York area.


S12Adult_46-79.indd 74

10/14/11 11:44 AM

hazan family favorites B e loV e D I ta l I a N R e c I P e S ■

By G i u l i a n o h a z a n

Fore word By MarCell a ha z an

Bestselling author Giuliano Hazan offers his interpretations of 85 recipes beloved by his family, especially as prepared by his mother, Marcella Hazan

s e lling points ■ foreword by bestselling author marcella hazan ■ Bestselling books by Guiliano hazan have sold over 500,000 copies ■ 85 recipes for every course of a great Italian family meal ■ Includes never-before-published recipes and photos from the hazan family collection ■ author makes regular appearances on the TODAY show and is a contributor to Cooking Light

s pecifications 40 color photographs 176 pages, 9 × 10" hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: mAy fOOd & wINE


ISBN 978-1-58479-904-7

s a child in America, Giuliano Hazan’s

ISBN 978-1-58479-904-7 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

mother, Marcella, packed him meatballs


with potatoes and peas, veal stew with mushrooms,

and other homemade dishes for lunch—dishes that

9 781584 799047

in no way resembled the peanut butter sandwiches his classmates enjoyed. And so began his

also aVail aB le

appreciation of great food. Hazan Family Favorites celebrates delicious recipes from the Hazan family, prepared just as Giuliano prepares them for his own family today. Here are 85 recipes for every course in the Italian meal, including Appetizers, Soups, Pastas and Rice, Meats and Seafood, and Sides and Desserts. With recipes from Swiss Chard

Giuliano Hazan's Thirty

Tortelloni to Strawberry Gelato to everything

Minute Pasta

in between, Hazan Family Favorites offers an

ISBN 978-1-58479-807-1

intimate look at this iconic family and their most

US $27.50

ISBN 978-1-58479-807-1

CAN $35.95 52750

beloved recipes. 9

Giuliano hazan is the son of Marcella Hazan and bestselling author of The Classic Pasta Cookbook and Every Night Italian. He runs a cooking school in Verona, Italy, and lives in Florida.

781584 798071

Delicious Memories ISBN 978-1-58479-906-1 ISBN 978-1584799061

US $27.50

CAN $33.00 52750

9 781584 799061


S12Adult_46-79.indd 75


10/14/11 11:44 AM

custom Knits accessories U N l e a S h yo U R I N N e R D e S I G N e R W I t h I m P R oV I S at I o N a l t e c h N I Q U e S f o R h at S , S c a R V e S , G loV e S , S o c K S , a N D m o R e ■

By w e n dy B e r n a r d

p h oTo G r a p h s By J o e B u d d

s e lling points ■ Builds on the success of the

Jam-packed with customizing techniques and great accessory designs, this book is sure to become a must-have reference for knitters

previous two books in the custom Knits series ■ author’s popular blog,, is read by nearly 7,000 knitters daily ■ Publication coincides with warmer seasons when knitters seek out small, portable accessory projects ■ Projects are mostly quick and affordable to make

s pecifications 76 color illustrations 144 pages, 8½ × 9½" hardcover RIGHTS: wOrLd ENGLISh PUB MONTH: mAy crAfT ISBN 978-1-58479-955-9 ISBN 978-1-58479-955-9 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


9 781584 799559


ustom Knits Accessories is the third book in the Custom Knits series by acclaimed designer

Wendy Bernard. While the first two books focused on techniques for customizing top-down sweaters, this one showcases the ever-popular quick-knits: hats, scarves,


gloves, mitts, socks, and more. Each of Bernard’s 25 sassy-chic patterns offers specific ideas for customization—from switching out yarns to personalizing fit and style details—and fun, glamorous photographs show off the finished pieces. Also included are formulas for knitting all types of accessories without a pattern, using a single body measurement as a starting point. In true

Custom Knits

Custom Knits style, Bernard encourages knitters to

ISBN 978-1-58479-713-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-713-5

US $27.50 9

wendy Bernard is the author of Custom Knits and

781584 797135

Custom Knits 2 (both published by STC Craft), and is the

Custom Knits 2 ISBN 978-1-58479-938-2 ISBN 978-1-58479-938-2 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


9 781584 799382


unleash their inner designer every step of the way.

CAN $32.95 52750

creator of Her work has been published in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, and Yarn Forward magazines, and in the book My Grandmother’s Knitting (STC Craft).


S12Adult_46-79.indd 76

10/14/11 11:45 AM

yankee Greats ■

By B o B w o o d s

F o r e w o r d By da n n y a n d daV i d M a n T l e


tr a d i n g ca r d Bo o k

s e lling points ■ officially licensed topps book— the beloved brand recently celebrated its 60th anniversary ■ Unique and fun package showcasing 100 iconic topps baseball cards will appeal to yankees fans and collectors alike

s pecifications

For the first time, the Yankees and Topps are brought together in a fantastic collection of the team’s most legendary players

206 color photographs 224 pages, 5½ × 7⅛" hardcover with wax jacket, trading cards RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: JUNE SPOrTS ISBN 978-1-4197-0272-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0272-3 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


9 781419 702723

6-copy counter display


ISBN 978-1-58479-980-1 ISBN 978-1-58479-980-1 US $119.70 CAN $131.70 11970

ankee Greats features 100 baseball cards of the

greatest and most popular Yankees from the cel-

ebrated trading-card company Topps. Showcasing original cards for hall-of-fame players such as Joe DiMaggio,

9 781584 799801

also aVail aB le

Mickey Mantle, and Yogi Berra, and current heroes like Derek Jeter, this unique package provides a fun and fresh approach to revisiting America’s favorite pastime with one of baseball’s most beloved teams. Since the Yankee’s humble beginnings in 1903 as the New York Highlanders to today’s star-studded team, the Bronx Bombers have won 27 World Championships—more titles than any other professional sports franchise in history. Yankee Greats will let Yankee and baseball fans alike revel in and reminisce over so many of the players that helped make baseball what it is today, and these legendary cards will bring back fond memories for both young and old collectors. Bob woods is a freelance writer who grew up in upstate New York during the 1950s and 1960s, loving the Yankees and collecting Topps baseball cards. His affection for the Yanks only increased when he moved to New York City after college and teamed up with Topps to create Topps Magazine. His ongoing association with Topps ultimately led to this labor of love.

New York Yankees 365 ISBN 978-0-8109-8261-1 ISBN 978-0810982611 US $32.50 CAN $37.50


9 780810 982611

Remembering Yankee Stadium ISBN 978-1-58479-716-6 ISBN$45.00 978-1584797166 US CAN $48.95


9 781584 797166

Yankee Colors ISBN 978-0-8109-9638-0 ISBN 978-0810996380 US $37.50 CAN $42.50


9 780810 996380


S12Adult_46-79.indd 77


10/14/11 11:45 AM


S12Adult_46-79.indd 78

10/14/11 11:45 AM

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ m o R e t h a N 1 0 0 R e c I P e S f o R P o R K , B e e f, c h I c K e N , aND the eSSeNtIal SoUtheRN SIDeS ■

J o s h l e B o w i T z w i T h e Va p e s a n T e z a n d s e a n e Va n s

s e lling points ■ With over 20 years in business and seven locations, the BBQ empire expands nationwide with branded sauces, rubs, and packaged meats hitting grocery store shelves in 2012

Famed BBQ institution serves up 100 mouthwatering recipes for pork, beef, chicken, cocktails, and all the fixins

■ featured in the New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal, aBc News, and more ■ major promotional support including in-restaurant advertisements, contests, and giveaways, and special promotions during peak times such as father’s Day ■ Includes a chapter on drinks and cocktails

s pecifications 40 color photographs 256 pages, 8 × 10" Paperback RIGHTS: wOrLd PUB MONTH: JUNE fOOd & wINE


ISBN 978-1-58479-954-2 ccording to owner Josh Lebowitz and executive chef

ISBN 978-1-58479-954-2 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


Eva Pesantez, the foundation of Brother Jimmy’s

success is the food. Incredible ribs. Country-fried steak. Pulled

9 781584 799542

pork sandwiches. Blackened chicken. And of course, the delicious sides, from mac ’n cheese to black-eyed peas. But beyond the food, there’s something more—Brother Jimmy’s is the place where people go to have a good time. Now, the restaurant’s recipes are presented for the first time, with more than 100 recipes for Starters, Sides, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, Rubs & Sauces, and Drinks & Cocktails. From Hush Puppies with Maple Butter to Shrimp and Corn Fritters to Classic Pulled Pork with Slaw, these are the only recipes you’ll need to recreate your favorite restaurant recipes in your own kitchen. Josh Lebowitz is the owner of Brother Jimmy’s and has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business. Eva Pesantez is the executive chef of Brother Jimmy’s. Lebowitz and Pesantez live in New York. Sean Evans is a writer based in New York.


S12Adult_46-79.indd 79


10/14/11 11:45 AM

S12Adult_80-91.indd 80

10/14/11 1:29 PM

S12Adult_80-91.indd 81

10/14/11 1:29 PM


S12Adult_80-91.indd 82

10/14/11 1:30 PM

Bonnaroo W h at, W h I c h , t h I S , t h at, t h e Ot h e R ■

E d i t E d BY H o l lY G E o r G E - Wa r r E n

Experience Bonnaroo—America’s ultimate music festival s e lling points ■ the festival draws more than 80,000 attendees each year. It is ranked in the top three of festival sales worldwide ■ headliners for the 2011 festival included top-tier artists eminem, arcade Fire, Lil Wayne, Neil Young, and 120 additional performers ■ Major promotional support from Bonnaroo’s website (500,000 visitors per month), e-mail database of 350,000 subscribers, and coverage on Facebook, twitter, and the Bonnaroo MusicFest Youtube channel

s pecifications 200 color photographs 240 pages, 8 × 9" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: MArCH MUSIC • PoP CUltUre ISBN 978-1-4197-0256-3


ISBN 978-1-4197-0256-3 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


et on 700 acres of rolling farm hills in Manchester,

9 781419 702563

Tennessee, Bonnaroo is a four-day music and camping

festival that draws in over 80,000 fans every summer. Featuring

over 120 musical performances, along with comedy, cinema, sustainability workshops, and more, the grounds are converted into a virtual city of music and art. With over 200 photographs of some of the most legendary musical acts of all time, and numerous personal contributions by musicians and patrons,

also aVail aB le

Bonnaroo: What, Which, This, That, The Other celebrates 10 years of this beloved music festival and the impact it has made on American culture. Whether a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, Eminem, Radiohead, or Metallica, all music lovers unite to experience the magic of Bonnaroo. Holly George-Warren is former editorial director for Rolling Stone Press and has published numerous books on music, including The Road to Woodstock. She lives in upstate New York.

Rock Seen ISBN 978-0-8109-9772-1 ISBN 978-0-8109-9772-1 US $45.00 CAN $52.00


9 780810 997721


S12Adult_80-91.indd 83


10/14/11 1:30 PM

alice in Wonderland G I a N t P O S t e R a N d c O LO R I N G B O O k ■

BY l E W i s C a r r o l l

i l lu s t r at i o n s BY s i r J o H n t E n n i E l

s e lling points ■ 12 original illustrations by famed alice in Wonderland illustrator Sir John tenniel ■ Large-size, perforated images perfect for coloring in and framing ■ text from the original book side by side with the illustrations

s pecifications 12 color illustrations, 12 blackand-white illustrations to color in 48 pages, 12½ × 15½" Paperback with frameable prints RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: MArCH PoP CUltUre ISBN 978-1-4197-0089-7 ISBN 978-1-4197-0089-7 US $12.95 CAN $13.95


Rediscover the beautiful, curious world of Lewis Carroll in this oversize coloring book

9 781419 700897


e creative, be adventurous. You don’t have to fall down the rabbit hole to enter the magical

world of Alice in Wonderland. Just open this giant book and read, color, and remember when you first

encountered Lewis Carroll’s sublime nonsense and Sir John Tenniel’s elegant engravings. Sir John tenniel’s famous Alice in Wonderland prints have made him one of the most well-known illustrators of all time. His fine lines and attention to detail make his work highly recognizable, and his depiction of Alice in particular, with her blond hair, blue dress, and white pinafore, has become one of the most iconic images in all of literary illustration.



S12Adult_80-91.indd 84

10/14/11 1:30 PM

Baseball Fantography a c e L e B R at I O N I N S N a P S h Ot S a N d S tO R I e S F R O M t h e Fa N S ■

BY a n dY s t r a s B E r G

F o r E W o r d BY B o B C o s ta s

s e lling points ■ Foreword by national sports broadcaster Bob costas

Nine decades of fans’ baseball snapshots combined with personal stories and lore

■ More than 250 sentimental and charming never-before-published baseball photos ■ a veteran MLB marketing executive, andy Strasberg is highly connected in the baseball community ■ dedicated website

s pecifications 250 color and black-and-white photographs 192 pages, 7 × 9"


Hardcover aseball Fantography is a celebration of baseball


through the eyes of fans via photos they’ve taken


of players, ballparks, and related subjects over the past


nine decades, along with essays, sidebars, and quotes.


The project originated when the author discovered an old 1960s snapshot of himself as a teenager with his idol, Roger Maris, at Yankee Stadium. Realizing that he couldn’t be the only one with these hidden photographic gems, he began collecting baseball photos taken by

ISBN 978-1-4197-0213-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0213-6 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


9 781419 702136

fans. The book contains more than 250 never-beforepublished images (Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Josh Hamilton) in chapters on subjects like ballparks, spring training, broadcasters, dugouts, and baseball cards, and features contributions from baseball aficionados and notables like hall-of-famer Ozzie Smith, a 35-year veteran Topps baseball photographer, and a former president of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Andy Strasberg, a San Diego Padres executive from 1975–96, operates a consulting firm that offers marketing expertise to baseball personalities, teams, leagues, and the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is the coauthor of Baseball’s Greatest Hit and was the technical consultant on the HBO film 61*. He lives in San Diego. Bob Costas is an award-winning sportscaster.


S12Adult_80-91.indd 85


10/14/11 1:30 PM

commando t h e aU tO B I O G R a P h Y O F J O h N N Y R a M O N e ■

BY J o H n n Y r a m o n E

The candid and brutally honest, fully illustrated autobiography by the founding member of the Ramones

s e lling points ■ a firsthand account from a founding Ramones member ■ the Ramones received the 2011 Grammys’ Lifetime achievement award ■ Features reproductions of pages from Johnny’s famous “black books”—his meticulous records and notes ■ Includes scores of photos, many candid and many of which have never before been published

s pecifications 75 color and black-and-white photographs 176 pages, 7 × 9" Hardcover RIGHTS: World eNGlISH PUB MONTH: APrIl MeMoIr • MUSIC ISBN 978-0-8109-9660-1 ISBN 978-0-8109-9660-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95



aised in Queens, New York, Johnny Ramone founded one of the most influential rock bands

of all time, but he never strayed from his blue-collar roots and attitude. He was truly imbued with the angry-

young-man spirit that would characterize his persona 9 780810 996601

both on and off stage. Through it all, Johnny kept the band focused and moving forward, ultimately securing

also aVail aB le

their place in music history by inventing punk rock. The Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002—two years later, Johnny died of cancer, having outlived two other founding members. Revealing, inspiring, and told on his own terms, this highly designed memoir also features Johnny’s assessment of the Ramones’ albums; a number of eccentric Top Ten


lists; rare historical artifacts; and scores of personal and

ISBN 978-0-8109-5786-2 ISBN 978-0810957862 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


9 780810 957862

Max’s Kansas City ISBN 978-0-8109-9597-0 ISBN 978-0-8109-9597-0

US $24.95 9

CAN $31.50 52495

780810 995970


professional photos, many of which have never before been published. John Cummings (1948–2004), aka Johnny ramone, was ranked by Rolling Stone as #16 on its list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” In Time’s rating of the “10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players,” he was named, in a fit of appropriate rebellion, #11.


S12Adult_80-91.indd 86

10/14/11 1:31 PM

churchill Style t h e a R t O F B e I N G W I N S tO N c h U R c h I L L ■

BY B a r rY s i n G E r

F o r E W o r d BY m i C H a E l Ko r da

s e lling points ■ author Barry Singer runs the only bookstore devoted to churchill and is intimately familiar with

An illustrated Churchill biography—like no other—that analyzes the man through the prism of his lifestyle

the churchill community and the churchill family ■ this unique take on churchill makes it stand out in the market ■ the book features never-beforepublished images and anecdotes ■ Legendary editor and author Michael korda offers up his seal of approval in a foreword

s pecifications 40 color and 100 black-and-white photographs 240 pages, 7 × 8" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: MAY HIStorY • BIoGrAPHY


ISBN 978-0-8109-9643-4 ne of the most iconic and endlessly fascinat-

ISBN 978-0-8109-9643-4 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


ing figures of the 20th century, Winston

Churchill has been the subject of any number of

9 780810 996434

books, but none of them have analyzed his lifestyle as a way to really understand the man. This book features a vivid and entertaining timeline of his public history, but also focuses on the more personal, nonwork aspects of his day-to-day life, covering topics such as autos, books, cigars, dining, fashion, home, libations, and pastimes. Churchill lived an extravagant life, but in reality did not have much money. His ability to live well beyond his means is a lesson that will intrigue many. Barry Singer has been the proprietor of Chartwell Booksellers in New York City, the only bookshop devoted to the works of Churchill, for more than 25 years. Singer is also a New York Times notable author and a regular contributor to the New York Times Arts & Leisure section, among many others. Michael Korda is a writer, novelist, and former publishing executive.


S12Adult_80-91.indd 87


10/14/11 1:31 PM


S12Adult_80-91.indd 88

10/14/11 1:31 PM

P.S. I Still hate It here ■

BY d i a n E Fa l a n G a

The hilarious follow-up volume filled with even more funny, real-life letters from our little campers s e lling points ■ the first book, P.S. I Hate It Here, garnered immense national media including CBS Sunday Morning, Live! with Regis and Kelly, People, Reader’s Digest, and NPR, and sold over 30,000 copies ■ Packed with more than 150 reallife letters of comic desperation written to parents—for readers of all ages ■ disney has bought the rights to develop a tV show based on the first book. the pilot is currently in development

s pecifications 150 images 160 pages, 5 × 7" Paperback RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: MAY HUMor • PoP CUltUre ISBN 978-1-4197-0279-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0279-2 US $12.95 CAN $13.95


9 781419 702792


6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-4197-0361-4

n the heels of the successful P.S. I Hate it Here

ISBN 978-1-4197-0361-4 US $77.70 CAN $83.70

comes an all-new, even more outrageous and


laugh-out-loud funny collection of real letters written 9 781419 703614

by children ages eight to sixteen to their parents about their adventures at summer camp. Written with the same wit and honesty that made the first book a runaway hit,

also aVail aB le

these new letters take the reader on a witty and familiar adventure that conjures up the experience of being away from home, and the hilarious and lasting memories that accompany that special place called sleepaway camp.

12-copy mixed counter display P.S. I Hate It Here

diane Falanga, author of P.S. I Hate it Here: Kids’ Letters from Camp, is a mother of two and was inspired to put these books together after receiving melodramatic camp

P.S. I Still Hate It Here

ISBN 978-0-8109-8295-6

ISBN 978-1-4197-0362-1

US $12.95

US $155.40

ISBN 978-0-8109-8295-6

letters home from her then eight-year-old daughter. Diane lives on Chicago’s North Shore.

P.S. I Hate It Here


CAN $16.95 51295

780810 982956

ISBN 978-1-4197-0361-4 CAN $185.40 57770

9 781419 703614


S12Adult_80-91.indd 89


10/14/11 1:32 PM

Julia’s cats J U L I a c h I L d a N d h e R L I F e LO N G LOV e O F c at S ■

BY Pat r i C i a B a r E Y a n d t H E r E s E B u r s o n

s e lling points ■ this unique perspective on Julia child’s life will appeal to her fans, cat lovers, Francophiles, and foodies everywhere

A charming, anecdotal look at the beloved culinary expert’s life with—and love of—cats

■ the low price, small format, and many illustrations make this a perfect gift and Julia collectible ■ as Julia’s star power glows undiminished, books by and about her still sell briskly ■ august 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Julia’s birth

s pecifications 35 black-and-white illustrations 112 pages, 5½ × 8" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World eNGlISH PUB MONTH: AUGUSt BIoGrAPHY ISBN 978-1-4197-0275-4 ISBN 978-1-4197-0275-4 US $16.95 CAN $18.95



he world knows Julia Child as the charismatic woman who brought French cuisine to America and

became a TV sensation, but there’s one aspect of her life that’s not so familiar. Soon after the Childs arrived in

9 781419 702754

Paris in 1948, a French cat appeared on their doorstep,

6-copy counter display

and Julia recalled, “Our domestic circle was completed.”

ISBN 978-1-4197-0359-1

Minette captured Julia’s heart, igniting a lifelong

ISBN 978-1-4197-0359-1 US $101.70 CAN $113.70 10170

9 781419 703591

passion for cats equaled only by her love of food and her husband, Paul. All the cherished feline companions who shared Julia’s life—in Paris, Provence, and finally California—reminded her of that magical time in Paris

also aVail aB le

when her life changed forever. From Julia’s and Paul’s letters and original interviews with those who knew her best, Patricia Barey and Therese Burson have gathered fresh stories and images that offer a delightfully intimate view of a beloved icon.

Minette’s Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat ISBN 978-1-4197-0177-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0177-1 US $16.95 CAN $18.95


9 781419 701771


Patricia Barey and therese Burson own a media production company and have written, produced, and directed award-winning programs on a range of subjects. Barey’s program on Chicago as a food mecca won an Emmy. Burson, who holds a PhD in English, has taught creative writing to undergraduates and adults.


S12Adult_80-91.indd 90

10/14/11 1:32 PM

cupcakes and cashmere a d e S I G N G U I d e F O R d e F I N I N G YO U R S t Y L e , R e I N V e N t I N G YO U R S Pac e , a N d e N t e R ta I N I N G W I t h e a S e ■

BY E m i lY s C H u m a n

s e lling points ■ the cupcakes and cashmere fashion blog has a huge following—over 100,000 daily visits ■ Filled with fashionable advice about clothes, beauty, home decor, entertaining, and cooking ■ the blog is frequently covered in the fashion press including Lucky Magazine, Glamour, People Stylewatch, and Teen Vogue ■ author has worked with great fashion partners, including designing a limited-edition bag with coach, which sold out

s pecifications 100 color illustrations 176 pages, 7 × 8" Hardcover RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: AUGUSt

A smart and stylish lifestyle guide for creating your signature look

FASHIoN • eNtertAINING ISBN 978-1-4197-0210-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-0210-5 US $19.95 CAN $21.95



9 781419 702105

6-copy counter display

ased on Emily Schuman’s popular lifestyle blog

ISBN 978-1-4197-0363-8

of the same name, Cupcakes and Cashmere is

ISBN 978-1-4197-0363-8 US $119.70 CAN $131.70 11970

the must-have guide for those looking to establish their

own sense of style, organize and decorate their home, or throw an easy and stylish party. Organized by season,

9 781419 703638

the book expands on Schuman's blog by including DIY

also aVail aB le

projects, organization tips, party-planning ideas, beauty how-tos, and seasonal recipes. Cupcakes and Cashmere features original material that has not been previously published on the site. With her signature photographic layouts, Emily creates a lifestyle that is chic and achiev-

Who What Wear ISBN 978-0-8109-8045-7 ISBN 978-0-8109-8045-7 US $18.95 CAN $24.95 51895

able for every reader, making this the ultimate style guide for living a fashionable life. emily Schuman is the creator of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, the 2010 Bloggie winner for Best Fashion Blog. Emily began her blog in 2008 and since then has been covered by Lucky Magazine, Glamour, and Teen Vogue. Emily lives in Los Angeles.


780810 980457

What to Wear, Where ISBN 978-0-8109-9703-5 ISBN 978-0810997035 US $18.95 CAN $22.95 51895 9 780810 997035


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Publications ☐ Tate Publishing ☐ Vendome Press ☐

V&A Publishing ☐ The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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Baldwin/Guggisberg B e yo N D G l A S S ■

Essays by Ti n a O ldkn Ow, Ja m Es yOOd, isa b E llE n a Ef - Ga lu ba , ET a l .


s e lling points ■ The first major survey of the work of two acclaimed international artists ■ Pieces by Baldwin and Guggisberg are in public and private collections worldwide, including the Corning Museum of Glass, Denver Art Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Chrysler Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and others ■ For all lovers of glass as an art form

s pecifications 150 color illustrations 192 pages, 9½ × 11" Bilingual: English and French Hardcover cloth case

An exciting new work about two of the world’s greatest glassblowers



onica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin met in 1979 as apprentices at the Orrefors glass factory in

Sweden. Since then, the Swiss Guggisberg and American

ISBN 978-88-7439-615-3 ISBN 978-88-7439-615-3 US $65.00 CAN $75.00 56500 9 788874 396153

Baldwin have forged an intense partnership, resulting in a unique and unmistakable style that combines pure design and Scandinavian-inspired techniques together with the Venetian cold-working process battuto. From tableware to sculptural and monumental installations, including blown and cut pieces created for such esteemed glass manufacturers as Venini, Rosenthal, and Steuben, the work of Guggisberg and Baldwin is truly captivating. Vases are decorated with geometric wheel–engraved patterns; glass spheres become mobiles or sparkling, brightly colored installations; and groups of oblong, almost organically shaped sculptures celebrate the incredible elasticity of glass. This new book presents the full scope of their work in lush illustrations. Tina Oldknow is head curator of the modern and contemporary glass collections at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. James Yood teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Isabelle Naef-Galuba is the director of the Ariana Museum, Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass, Geneva.



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5 Continents 10/14/11 12:41 PM

Friedrich Karl Gotsch T H e S e C o N D e x P R e S S I o N I S T G e N e R AT I o N ■

E d i T E d by s O f i a kO m a r Ova

E s s ays by C h a n Ta l b a r TO l i n i a n d m a r i O n l E u b a

FrOm 5 CONTINeNTS edITIONS s e lling points ■ New, hard-to-find information, now in english, will appeal to critics, collectors, and scholars ■ Features 77 vibrant colorplates ■ Accompanies major retrospective of Gotsch’s work in Geneva, Switzerland

s pecifications 219 color illustrations

The first book in English on this important 20th-century German Expressionist

224 pages, 10⅞ × 10¼" Trilingual: English, French, and German Hardcover cloth case RIGHTS: WOrld exClUdING ITalY aNd FraNCe


PUB MONTH: aPrIl his one-of-a-kind book brings the work of German Expressionist artist Friedrich Karl Gotsch (1900–1984) to

a larger, well-deserved audience. Gotsch, whose paintings

arT ISBN 978-88-7439-613-9 ISBN 978-88-7439-613-9 US $60.00 CAN $70.00


are in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, trained at the Dresden

9 788874 396139

School of Fine Arts in the early 1920s and was inspired by the works of Oskar Kokoschka and Edvard Munch. While his early paintings follow a straightforward Expressionist style, he truly came into his own after World War II, when his work became distinct and easily recognizable: The energy, contrasting primary colors, vivid outlines, and free brushwork combine to produce powerful, spellbinding images. In addition to stunning color reproductions of his work, this book includes essays on Gotsch’s art and life, illuminating the artist’s creative development and the cultural milieu and influences that inspired him. Chantal Bartolini is an art historian based in Germany. marion leuba is the curator of the Beaune museums (Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée Marey, and Musée du Vin de Bourgogne) in France.

5 Continents S12Adult_92-122.indd 95



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The Art of Precolumbian ecuador ■

E d i T E d by C h r i s T i a n m E s í a m O n T E n E G r O


s pecifications 320 color illustrations


n an elegant 17th-century house in the historic center of Quito, Ecuador, visitors can find some

360 pages, 8⅜ × 8⅜"

5,000 archeological masterworks created in a

Bilingual: English and Spanish

range of raw materials by ancient peoples. The


house, the Casa del Alabado, or House of Praise, passed its name to the museum, a fitting title for


the space that contains a unique collection of

ITalY aNd FraNCe

indigenous works of art, with some 500 pieces


permanently on view. This book brings the art

arCHeOlOGY • arT

to a wider public, explaining the worldview and philosophy of these ancient peoples, in particular the importance of preserving life by maintaining

ISBN 978-88-7439-596-5

the flow of cosmic energy and spiritual com-

US $60.00

munication between the distinct worlds that made

ISBN 978-88-7439-596-5 CAN $69.00 56000

up their universe.

9 788874 395965

Christian mesía montenegro is the director of the Museo de Arte Precolombino Casa del Alabado in Quito, Ecuador. He has conducted archaeological research in Peru and Guatemala.

Making History A F R I C A N C o l l e C To R S A N D T H e C A N o N o F A F R I C A N A R T

s pecifications 220 color illustrations 280 pages, 9½ × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WOrld exClUdING ITalY aNd FraNCe PUB MONTH: aPrIl arT

by s y lv E s T E r O k w u n O d u O G b E C h i E

P h OTO G r a P h s by k E l E C h i a m a d i - O b i



his sumptuous book presents important artworks from Africa, of Yoruba, Igbo,

Urhobo, Cross River, Benin, and Benue River

Valley origins. Sculptures from throughout Nigeria as well as Edo/Benin bronze and brass sculptures are featured, all from a major African-owned collection of African art. The analysis of this unique collection provides significant insight into an unexplored aspect of African art and the role

ISBN 978-88-7439-571-2

and relevance of African collectors in shaping

US $68.00

discourse on the subject.

ISBN 978-88-7439-571-2 CAN $81.50 56800

9 788874 395712

Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie is an associate professor of Art History, University of California Santa Barbara, and is the director of Aachron Knowledge Systems.



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5 Continents 10/14/11 12:41 PM

VISIONS OF AFRICA SERIES ■ The Visions of Africa series is the only series to examine African art systematically, tribe by tribe, in an affordable and accessible format, with information based on field research, written by leading experts in the field, and featuring both well-known masterpieces and rare objects from museums and private collections.

s E r i E s E d i TO r : CO n s Ta n T i n E P E T r i d i s

s e lling points

yoruba ■

■ For African and primitive art

by b a b aT u n d E l awa l

collectors, curators, scholars, and



students of anthropology, African, and ethnographic studies

rt features prominently in the culture of

■ New volume in successful

the Yoruba, a people numbering more

Visions of Africa series, the

than 25 million and subdivided into different

only series to examine African

kingdoms in Nigeria and adjacent regions. It

art systematically, tribe by

both enriches life and is used to venerate and

tribe, in an affordable and

influence deities. This new book explores the

accessible format

archaeological and historical evidence that

■ Features both well-known

suggests that by the beginning of the second millennium, many Yoruba kingdoms had become major urban centers with highly developed

masterpieces and rare objects

s pecifications

economic, cultural, political, and religious institutions. Drawing on field observations, contextual

64 color and 15 black-and-white illustrations

analyses, oral sources, and published materials,

160 pages, 6½ × 9½"

this book offers insight into the poetics and


dynamics of Yoruba art and the belief that the


“beautiful” or “well-made” generates a special

ITalY aNd FraNCe

power that commands attention.


Babatunde lawal is a professor of African and African diaspora art at Virginia Commonwealth

ISBN 978-88-7439-587-3

University in Richmond, Virginia. Constantine

ISBN 978-88-7439-587-3 US $34.95 CAN $39.95


Petridis is curator of African Art, Cleveland Museum of Art.

9 788874 395873

also aVail aB le in the s e rie s Bamum




ISBN 978-88-7439-573-6

ISBN 978-88-7439-404-3

ISBN 978-88-7439-350-3

ISBN 978-88-7439-293-3

ISBN$34.95 978-8874395736 US CAN $41.95

US $34.95

ISBN 978-88-7439-350-3 US $34.95 CAN $38.95

US $29.00

ISBN 978-88-7439404-3


9 788874 395736


9 788874 393503



ISBN 978-88-7439-348-0

ISBN 978-88-7439-297-1

ISBN 978-88-7439-384-8

ISBN 978-88-7439348-0

ISBN 978-88-7439-297-1

CAN $38.95 53495

788874 393480

US $34.95 9

788874 392971


ISBN 978-88-7439-410-4

ISBN 978-88-7439-386-2

ISBN 978-88-7439-410-4

788874 394104

US $34.95 9


CAN $32.00 52900

788874 392933

Fang ISBN 978-88-7439-295-7 ISBN 978-88-7439295-7

CAN $38.95 53495

788874 393848

US $29.00 9

CAN $32.00 52900

788874 392957

Punu ISBN 978-88-7439-401-2 ISBN 978-88-7439401-2

CAN $38.95 53495

788874 393862

5 Continents S12Adult_92-122.indd 97

US $34.95

ISBN 978-88-7439-386-2

CAN $41.95 53495


ISBN 978-88-7439-384-8

CAN $38.95 53495

Benin US $34.95 9

788874 394043

ISBN 978-88-7439293-3


Bamana US $34.95 9

CAN $45.50 53495

US $34.95 9

CAN $38.95 53495

788874 394012



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Abdulnasser Gharem A R T o F S U R V I VA l ■

T E x T by h E n ry h E m m i n G

a B O OT H - C l I B B O r N e d I T I O N S B O O k

s e lling points ■ Message/Messenger sold for $700,000, the highest price ever paid at auction for the work of a living Middle eastern artist ■ The Middle east is becoming

“[The] rock star of Saudi contemporary art.”

a hot new source of contemporary art ■ Gharem is among the top Saudi


artists working today ■ Gharem’s work is timely, provocative, and visually stunning, and has received attention worldwide

s pecifications 200 color illustrations 200 pages, 11 × 11¾" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa aNd Uk eNGlISH PUB MONTH: marCH arT ISBN 978-1-86154-324-0 ISBN 978-1-86154-324-0 US $50.00 CAN $57.50



his stunning book presents one of Saudi

Arabia’s most talked-about contemporary artists,

Abdulnasser Gharem (b. 1973), who is also a lieutenant

9 781861 543240

colonel in the Saudi Arabian army. Gharem is widely regarded as a pioneer in the Middle East for his firebrand intellectual courage and innovative use of materials, including rubber stamps, a collapsed bridge, and an invasive tree. His story takes readers to the very heart of what it is to stand against the tide, to innovate, and to do so fearlessly, and it reveals precisely what happens when a trickster positions himself both at the center of society and at its margins. If there is just one thing to say about a book on Abdulnasser Gharem, whose works are in the collections of LACMA and the V&A, it is that it is not destined to sit on a coffee table. Henry Hemming’s publications include Together: How Small Groups Achieve Big Things, Misadventure in the Middle East, In Search of the English Eccentric, Edge of Arabia: Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia, and Offscreen: Four Young Artists in the Middle East.



S12Adult_92-122.indd 98

Booth-Clibborn 10/14/11 12:41 PM

edge of Arabia C o N T e M P o R A Ry A R T F R o M T H e K I N G D o M o F S AU D I A R A B I A ■

E d i T E d by s T E P h E n s Ta P l E TO n w i T h E d wa r d b O OT h - C l i b b O r n a n d

a b d u l l a h a l-T u r k i

f O r E w O r d by fa dy Ja m E E l

T E x T by r Ox a n a a z i m i , v E n E T i a P O r T E r , s a m b a r d O u i l , E T a l .

a B O OT H - C l I B B O r N e d I T I O N S B O O k s e lling points

A rare look at Saudi Arabia’s cutting-edge art scene

■ In-depth profiles of Saudi’s leading contemporary artists ■ exciting and innovative work from the center of the Islamic world ■ Accompanies a major


international touring exhibition which recently presented the

Ahmed Mater

first pan-Arab show at the Venice

Abdulnasser Gharem


Manal Al-Dowayan

■ Includes contributions by

Jowhara Al Saud

internationally known curators,

Shadia and Raja Alem

including Venetia Porter of the

Ayman Yossri

British Museum

Sami Al-Turki Hala Ali

s pecifications

Maha Malluh

Over 250 color illustrations

Noha Al-Sharif

320 pages, 10½ × 11⅝" Hardcover

Faisal Samra


RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa his seminal book sheds new light on the thriving


arts scene in Saudi Arabia. At its heart are in-depth,


illustrated profiles of Saudi’s leading contemporary artists,

ISBN 978-1-86154-323-3

whose courage and originality have opened a rare window

ISBN 978-1-86154-323-3 US $60.00 CAN $69.00

into one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. Among


those featured are Shadia and Raja Alam, sisters who in 2011 were the first Saudis to represent their country at

9 781861 543233

the Venice Biennale; Abdulnasser Gharem, a conceptual pioneer and lieutenant colonel in the Saudi Arabian army; and Ahmed Mater, a medical doctor whose striking works are in major collections, including the LA County Museum and the British Museum. Edge of Arabia is an artistic movement and touring exhibition that showcases a new generation of groundbreaking artists practicing at the center of the Islamic world,

also aVail aB le

and brings Saudi Arabia into dialogue with the rest of the world through contemporary art. Stephen Stapleton is the founder of Edge of Arabia. edward Booth-Clibborn is a publisher, author, and editor of books on art and design. abdullah al-Turki,

Ahmed Mater

Creative Director of Edge of Arabia, is a member of Tate’s

ISBN 978-1-86154-318-9

Middle Eastern and North African Acquisition Committee.

ISBN 978-1-86154-318-9

US $40.00

Fady Jameel is a collector and patron of Middle Eastern contemporary art.


Booth-Clibborn S12Adult_92-122.indd 99

CAN $50.00 54000

781861 543189



10/14/11 12:41 PM

D av i D H o c k n e y

re l ate d e XhiBition

david Hockney (b. 1937) is an interna-

also aVail aB le

David Hockney: A Bigger Picture

tionally acclaimed artist. He studied at

See pages 18–19

Royal Academy of Arts, London

Bradford School of Art from 1953 to 1957

Jan 21–Apr 9, 2012

and at the Royal College of Art, London, from 1959 until 1962. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1963 but now splits his

David Hockney: A Bigger Picture ISBN 978-1-4197-0280-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0280-8 US $95.00 CAN $109.00


time between the United States and East Yorkshire, where he grew up.


S12Adult_92-122.indd 100

9 781419 702808

Royal Academy of Arts 10/14/11 12:42 PM

Two TiTles from DaviD Hockney: His inspireD reTurn To THe englisH lanDscape anD a reissue available for THe firsT Time in DecaDes

David Hockney: A yorkshire Sketchbook ■


by dav i d h O C k n E y

a r OYa l aC a d e m Y O F a r T S P U B l I C aT I O N

s e lling points ■ Hockney is one of the most famous artists working today ■ Format captures the spirit of Hockney’s actual sketchbook ■ Published to coincide with a

n recent years renowned artist David Hockney has returned to England to paint the landscape of his childhood in East Yorkshire. Although his passionate interest in new technologies has led him to

develop a virtuosic drawing technique on the iPad, he has also traveled outdoors with a traditional

major exhibition of Hockney’s landscapes at the Royal Academy of Arts in london, in Spring 2012

sketchbook, an invaluable tool as he works quickly to capture the changing light and fleeting effects of the weather. Executed in watercolor and ink, these panoramic scenes have the spatial complexity of finished paintings—the broad sweep of sky or road, the patchwork tapestry of land—yet convey the

s pecifications

immediacy of Hockney’s impressions. For those who know the East Yorkshire Wolds, the location of the

43 color illustrations

sketches is unmistakable; for those who don’t, its features will come to life in these pages.

92 pages, 8¼ × 5¾" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: JaNUarY arT ISBN 978-1-907533-23-5 ISBN 978-1-907533-23-5 US $25.00 CAN $29.00


9 781907 533235

Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm with Illustrations by David Hockney ■

by dav i d h O C k n E y


a r OYa l aC a d e m Y O F a r T S P U B l I C aT I O N

s e lling points ■ Fantastical yet modern etchings perfectly suited to the atmosphere of the Grimms’ fairy tales ■ A perfect gift for art lovers, but also for children, who will enjoy the quirky and humorous illustrations

eprinted for the first time since its original publication in 1969, David Hockney’s illustra-

tions for the tales of the Brothers Grimm are like no

other version. Although inspired by earlier illustrators of the tales, including Arthur Rackham and

■ long unavailable, this affordable reprint will delight Hockney’s many fans

s pecifications

Edmund Dulac, Hockney’s extraordinary etchings

39 black-and-white etchings

reimagine these strange and supernatural stories

72 pages, 5¾ × 8¼"

for a modern audience, capturing their distinctive


atmosphere in a style that is recognizably the artist’s own. Hockney’s book brings together some well-known tales, such as Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin, with others that are less familiar, like Old Rinkrank. Informed by great art of the past, attuned to idiosyncrasies of character and incident, and fresh in execution and content, his illustrations invite us to read each story as if for the first time.

Royal Academy of Arts S12Adult_92-122.indd 101

RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: JaNUarY arT ISBN 978-1-907533-24-2 ISBN 978-1-907533-24-2 US $25.00 CAN $29.00


9 781907 533242



10/14/11 12:42 PM

Picasso and Modern British Art ■

E d i T E d by Ja m E s b E E C h E y a n d C h r i s s T E P h E n s

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G

s e lling points ■ The first book to examine Picasso’s engagement with and impact on British culture ■ Traces Picasso’s influence on British artists, from the Bloomsbury Group through Francis Bacon and David Hockney

A fresh view of Picasso as seen through his long relationship with Britain

s pecifications 160 color illustrations 240 pages, 10⅛ × 11¾" Paperback RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: FeBrUarY arT ISBN 978-1-85437-890-3 ISBN 978-1-85437-890-3 US $35.00 CAN $40.00



icasso and Modern British Art is the first book to explore an overlooked yet important aspect of

Pablo Picasso’s life and work: his lifelong connection with

9 781854 378903

re l ate d e XhiBitions Tate Britain, London Feb 15–Jul 15, 2012 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh Aug 6–Nov 4, 2012

the United Kingdom. Tracing his rise in Britain, the ways in which his work was exhibited and collected there during his lifetime, and the evolution of his critical reception, this book demonstrates that the British engagement with Picasso and his art has been much deeper and more varied than was previously understood. Picasso’s enormous impact on British modernism is examined through seven artists for whom he proved a particularly important stimulus: Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland, and David Hockney. With more than 150 illustrations and essays by leading experts in the field, this book will appeal to anyone interested in Picasso’s long career or the development of modernism in Britain. James Beechey is an art historian and the author of Patrick Heron. Chris Stephens is curator of modern British art and head of displays at Tate Britain and the editor of Henry Moore and Francis Bacon.

1 02


S12Adult_92-122.indd 102

Tate 10/14/11 12:42 PM

Magritte A to Z ■

E d i T E d by C h r i s TO P h G r u n E n b E r G

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G

s e lling points ■ René Magritte is one of the most revered and popular artists of the

From Apples to Bowler Hats to Pipes: Learn about Magritte from A to Z in this comprehensive, fully illustrated study

20th century ■ Magritte’s paintings are immediately recognizable to a wide public ■ The A-to-Z format offers an unusual approach to studying an artist’s work ■ Magritte has inspired artists ranging from ed Ruscha to Jasper Johns to Andy Warhol

s pecifications 240 color and 60 black-and-white illustrations 240 pages, 6⅝ × 9½" Paperback RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: marCH


arT he Belgian painter, printmaker, sculptor, and filmmaker

ISBN 978-1-84976-003-4

René Magritte (1898–1967) was one of the leading

ISBN 978-1-84976-003-4 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


figures in the Surrealist movement, producing some of the most iconic images of the 20th century. His trademark

9 781849 760034

flat, inexpressive manner, combining apparently mundane, everyday scenes with elements of the fantastic or erotic, created a disturbing, dreamlike atmosphere that is all his own. He remained faithful to Surrealism throughout his career and developed a vocabulary of symbols—floating rocks, bowler-hatted men carrying umbrellas, incongruous nudes, concealed or shrouded faces—that is among the most recognizable in modern painting. This book explores the full scope of Magritte’s work through the format of an A to Z, fully illustrated in color, with entries written by a range of international scholars. The entries under the letter A alone—Absence, Abstraction, Appropriation, Anonymity, Artifice, Automatism, and Automatic Writing—show how this approach reveals and explores the themes and motivations in this most enigmatic artist’s work. Christoph Grunenberg is director of Kunsthalle Bremen, in Germany.

Tate S12Adult_92-122.indd 103



10/14/11 12:42 PM

TATE MODERN ARTISTS SERIES ■ These books are part of the Tate Publishing series focused on living artists. Generously illustrated, accessible, and affordable, the Modern Artists Series is an essential reference for all those interested in contemporary visual culture.

William Kentridge

s pecifications ■ Career survey of a major contemporary artist, and

certainly South Africa’s

by k aT E m c C r i C k a r d

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G


best-known artist

outh African artist William Kentridge is one

■ Covers work in media including

of the most important contemporary artists

film, drawing, opera, and

at work today. Born in Johannesburg in 1955, his

theater design

work draws on the traditions of early European

■ Kentridge has had major solo

modernism to provide a unique commentary

exhibitions at the Museum of

on the political life of his home country and on

Modern Art, The Metropolitan

power relationships in the wider world. Focusing

Museum of Art, and the San

on subjects such as colonialism, apartheid,

Francisco Museum of Modern Art

and totalitarianism, he satirizes the status quo

100 color illustrations

commenting on human existence itself. He works

without being politically prescriptive—somehow

128 pages, 10⅝ × 8¼"

in many different media, making prints, books,


collage, tapestry, and sculpture, and even direct-


ing and designing operas at some of the world’s


leading opera houses, including the Metropolitan


Opera, New York. Accessible and authoritative, this book is the perfect overview of one of the 21st century’s most complex yet engaging artists.

ISBN 978-1-85437-972-6 ISBN 978-1-85437-972-6 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


kate mcCrickard is the director of David Krut

9 781854 379726

Projects, New York.

also aVail aB le in the s e rie s

Gabriel Orozco

Antony Gormley

ISBN 978-1-85437-912-2US ISBN 978-1-85437-797-5 ISBN 978-1-85437-797-5

ISBN 978-1854379122 $27.50 CAN $35.95

US $27.50


9 781854 379122


Jeff Wall

ISBN 978-1-85437-542-1

ISBN 978-1-85437-611-4

ISBN 978-1-85437-542-1

CAN $35.95 US $27.50 52750

781854 377975


Douglas Gordon ISBN 978-1-85437-464-6

ISBN 978-1-85437-611-4

CAN $34.95 US $24.95 52750

781854 375421


ISBN 978-1-85437-464-6

CAN $38.50 52495

781854 376114

US $24.95 9

CAN $39.95 52495

781854 374646

Louise Bourgeois

Ed Ruscha

Richard Wilson

Rachel Whiteread

Peter Blake

ISBN 978-1-85437-882-8

ISBN 978-1-85437-623-7

ISBN 978-1-85437-570-4

ISBN 978-1-85437-519-3

ISBN 978-1-85437-419-6

ISBN 978-1-85437-882-8

US $27.50 9

Tracey Emin

781854 378828


ISBN 978-1-85437-623-7

CAN $35.95 US $27.50 52750 9


S12Adult_92-122.indd 104

ISBN 978-1-85437-570-4

CAN $30.00 US $27.50 52750

781854 376237


ISBN 978-1-85437-519-3

CAN $38.50 US $27.50 52750

781854 375704


ISBN 978-1-85437-419-6

CAN $33.00 52750

781854 375193

US $24.95 9

CAN $39.95 52495

781854 374196

Tate 10/14/11 12:42 PM

Manet and the object of Painting ■

by m i C h E l f O u C au lT

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G

i n T r O d u C T i O n by n i C O l a s b O u r r i au d


n this encounter between one of the 20th century’s greatest minds and an artist

Now in paperba ck!

s pecifications 13 color illustrations

fundamental to the development of modern art,

96 pages, 5 × 7¾"

French philosopher Michel Foucault explores


Edouard Manet’s importance in the overthrow of


traditional values in painting. Here translated into


English for the first time, this powerful critique


takes the form of a commentary on 13 of Manet’s paintings. For the politically minded philosopher,

ISBN 978-1-85437-996-2

the connection between visual art and power was

US $14.95

clear: Art is not an aesthetic pursuit, but a means to explore—and challenge—power dynamics.

ISBN 978-1-85437-996-2 CAN $16.95 51495

9 781854 379962

michel Foucault (1926–1984) was an internationally renowned French historian and philosopher. Nicolas Bourriaud, a critical theorist, is Gulbenkian Curator of contemporary art at Tate Britain.

Tate Modern: The Handbook ■

E d i T E d by f r a n C E s m O r r i s

f O r E w O r d by C h r i s d E r C O n

E s s ay by n i C h O l a s s E r OTa

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G


ituated in the unlikely environs of a former power station on the banks of the River

250 color illustrations 240 pages, 9¼ × 10⅝"

visited modern art museum in the world—and


edition of Tate Modern: The Handbook surveys the achievements of the past 10 years—including

59 5

s pecifications

Thames in London, Tate Modern is the mosta global landmark. This revised and updated


Revised & Update d Edition

recent acquisitions—and looks forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead in the next decade. An essential companion to 20th- and 21st-century art, the book features an illustrated A-to-Z guide of more than 100 artists, with

RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: marCH arT ISBN 978-1-84976-006-5

ISBN 978-1-84976-006-5 CAN $31.50 52750

US $27.50

9 781849 760065

concise and accessible entries and explanations of key terms in art history and museology. Frances morris is a curator at Tate, London.


Chris dercon is the director of Tate Modern.

59 5

Nicholas Serota is the director of Tate.

Tate S12Adult_92-122.indd 105



10/14/11 12:42 PM

“Just as Leonardo da Vinci studied anatomy and dissected corpses, so I try to dissect souls.” —Edvard Munch


An affordable introduction to one of the most intriguing figures in 20th-century art ■

by f r a n k h ø i f ø dT

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G


or most people, the name Edvard Munch (1863–1944) is synonymous with his iconic painting

The Scream (1893). Yet beyond this justly famous masterpiece, the prolific Norwegian artist was also a major figure in the development of 20th-century painting. The themes of desolation and despair in his most popular work resonated with those coming to terms with modernity and acted as an influential precursor to the Expressionist movement in Europe. This concise and inviting book offers a perfect introduction to Munch’s work, including his etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, and set designs. It also details his tragic childhood, his travels in Europe during the emergence of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, and his circle of friends. Frank Høifødt is an art historian and Munch specialist, and a former lecturer and curator at the Munch Museum in Oslo.


S12Adult_92-122.indd 106

s pecifications 60 color illustrations 80 pages, 6⅝ × 8¼" Paperback RIGHTS: PUB MONTH: marCH arT ISBN 978-1-84976-022-5 ISBN 978-1-84976-022-5 US $11.95 CAN $13.95


9 781849 760225

Tate 10/14/11 12:42 PM

edvard Munch THe MoDeRN eye ■

E d i T E d by n i C h O l a s C u l l i n a n

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G

s e lling points ■ Major, authoritative new survey on the well-known painter of The Scream ■ Includes Munch’s photography, drawings, and paintings, as well as extracts from previously untranslated writings ■ Accompanies international traveling Munch exhibition

s pecifications 300 color illustrations 320 pages, 9¼ × 11⅞" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: JUNe arT ISBN 978-1-84976-023-2 ISBN 978-1-84976-023-2 US $50.00 CAN $57.50

An authoritative new view of Edvard Munch as a thoroughly modern artist


9 781849 760232

e XhiB ition sche dUle


Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, dvard Munch (1863–1944) is best known for The

Sept 21, 2011–Jan 9, 2012

Scream (1893), one of the world’s most recognizable

Shirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt,

paintings. A study in extreme human emotion, the work

Feb 9–May 13, 2012

shows an agonized, androgynous figure against a turbulent

Tate Modern, London,

sky, an iconic image that has been revered, copied, and

Jun 28–Oct 14, 2012

endlessly parodied in pop culture. Perhaps because of the subsequent notoriety of The Scream and other works from his intensely productive early period, Munch is often presented as a 19th-century figure, an inspiration for and precursor to modern artists. In contrast, this important new survey shows he was fully engaged with modernity, and

also aVail aB le

traces his involvement with photography, cinematography, and theatrical mise-en-scène. This lavishly illustrated book, published to accompany a major traveling exhibition, is the most comprehensive and revealing look at Munch’s work to date. It reproduces a large number of his masterpieces and lesser-known works, including a wide selection of Munch’s photographs and sketches that will be a revelation to many. Nicholas Cullinan is the curator of international modern art at Tate Modern.

ISBN 978-1-85437-941-2 ISBN 978-1-85437-941-2 US $10.95 CAN $12.95


9 781854 379412

Tate S12Adult_92-122.indd 107



1 07

10/14/11 12:43 PM

Turner Monet Twombly l AT e R PA I N T I N G S ■

by J E r E m y l E w i s O n

F r O m TaT e P U B l I S H I N G

s e lling points ■ The first time that works by three of the greatest artists of the past

Fascinating links between the later works of three great artists

200 years have been considered together ■ The death of Cy Twombly in July 2011 made headlines around the world, renewing interest in his work ■ extensively illustrated book accompanies major touring exhibition

s pecifications 130 color and 20 black-and-white illustrations 272 pages, 8½ × 11" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: JUNe arT


urner Monet Twombly makes a powerful case for a relationship between three of the world’s greatest

artists: English Romantic J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851), French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840–1926), and

ISBN 978-1-84976-012-6 ISBN 978-1-84976-012-6 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781849 760126

American abstract painter Cy Twombly (1928–2011). Monet’s interest in Turner is well documented, while Twombly’s passion for both artists is less so. Focusing on each artist’s later paintings, author Jeremy Lewison highlights interests and themes they share, despite the centu-

e XhiBition sche dUle

ries that separated them. All three were masters of color

Moderna Museet, Stockholm

and shared an intensity and confidence borne of age.

Oct 8, 2011–Jan 15, 2012

They also overlapped in their interest in Romanticism, the

Staatsgallerie, Stuttgart

sublime, memory, and mourning. In the cases of Turner

Feb 11–May 28, 2012

and Twombly, both were inspired by mythology, classi-

Tate liverpool

cism, and the landscapes of Italy. Lewison’s insightful text

Jun 22–Oct 28, 2012

also makes wider points about a so-called “late style”: a combination of physical changes to the artist’s body, a preoccupation with posterity, and a growing sense of the diminishment of time. Extensively and beautifully illustrated, this major survey sheds new light on achievements never previously considered together. Jeremy lewison is a freelance curator and art consultant, as well as the author of Moore and Looking at Barnett Newman.



S12Adult_92-122.indd 108

Tate 10/14/11 12:43 PM

The Irish Country House ■

T E x T by d E s m O n d f i T zG E r a l d, k n i G h T O f G l i n , a n d Ja m E s P E i l l

P h OTO G r a P h y by Ja m E s f E n n E l l

FrOm THe VeNdOme PreSS

s e lling points ■ A private tour for those who

Now in a new, smaller format

love Ireland, Celtic style, interior design, and architecture ■ The book includes four previously unpublished houses: lisnavagh, Burtown House, Huntington Castle, and Tarbert House ■ Desmond FitzGerald, Knight of

“This is country house porn of the sweetest, most insinuating kind and will probably be a smash.” —World of Interiors “An intimate glimpse of life

Glin, was the leading authority on Irish architecture and interiors ■ James Peill offers entertaining anecdotes about each home’s owner and history

inside ten wonderful Irish country houses.” —Min Hogg

s pecifications 220 color and 10 black-and-white photographs 192 pages, 8¼ × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa


PUB MONTH: marCH land of legend and lore, Ireland is also home


to some of the most breathtaking residences

deSIGN • TraVel

in the world, 10 of which are explored in this charming

book. Take a once-in-a-lifetime tour through these historical homes and castles—all still owned and lived in by the original families—furnished with heirlooms and cherished hand-me-downs. From cabinets filled with monogrammed china to cabbage-rose slipcovered sofas nestled beneath tall Gothic windows, the lavish

ISBN 978-0-86565-282-8 ISBN 978-0-86565-282-8 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 780865 652828

also aVail aB le

living rooms and bedrooms, print-lined hallways, and well-used mudrooms capture the distinctive personalities of their owners. desmond FitzGerald, Knight of GlIn, was president of the Irish Georgian Society, a trustee of the National Gallery of

The French Country House

Ireland, and deputy keeper of Furniture and Woodwork


at the V&A. Until his death in 2011, he lived at Glin Castle, Co. Limerick. James Peill is the curator of Goodwood House in West Sussex, England. He was formerly a vice president of Christie’s, where he was a specialist in the European furniture department. James Fennell’s photographs have been published in Condé Nast Traveler, World of Interiors, and Architectural Digest.


9 780865 651944

Villas of Tuscany 978-0-86565-243-9 ISBN 978-0865652439

US $50.00

CAN $70.00 55000

9 780865 652439

Vendome S12Adult_92-122.indd 109

ISBN 978-0865651944 US $29.95 CAN $33.00



10/14/11 12:43 PM


S12Adult_92-122.indd 110

V&A Publishing 10/14/11 12:43 PM

The Cult of Beauty T H e V I C To R I A N AVA N T- G A R D e 1 8 6 0 – 1 9 0 0 ■

E d i T E d by ly n n f E d E r l E O r r a n d s T E P h E n C a l lO way

V& a P U B l I S H I N G

s e lling points ■ Catalog of acclaimed V&A exhibition, now traveling to San Francisco ■ examines every aspect of the fine and decorative arts—architecture, interior design, textiles, photography, painting, ceramics,

“Magnificent . . . a glimpse into a gilded world.” —The Telegraph

fashion, jewelry, and more ■ Includes works by major figures of the era: Morris, Rossetti, Whistler, Beardsley, Dresser, Alma-Tadema, Tissot, liberty, Burne-Jones, and more

s pecifications 250 color and black-and-white illustrations 288 pages, 9¾ × 11¼"


Hardcover he Cult of Beauty focuses on a period at the end of the nineteenth century when a group of artists, architects,

and designers found themselves linked by the search for a

RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: marCH arT • deCOraTIVe arTS

new Beauty. The Aesthetic Movement, as it came to be known, united romantic bohemians, such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris, and Edward Burne-Jones, with maverick figures

ISBN 978-1-85177-628-3 ISBN 978-1-85177-628-3 US $65.00 CAN $75.00


like James McNeill Whistler. The Cult of Beauty brings together the finest pictures, furniture, and decorative arts of this

9 781851 776283

extraordinary era, setting them in the context of this glittering cast of characters. This beautiful book also reveals how artists’ houses and their extravagant lifestyles became the object of public fascination. The influence of the “Palaces of Art” created by Rossetti and Morris, Lord Leighton, and others led to a

e XhiB ition sche dUle legion of Honor, San Francisco Feb 18–Jun 17, 2012

widespread revolution in architecture and interior decoration, while Oscar Wilde made his name promoting the idea of “The House Beautiful.” lynn Federle Orr is curator in charge of European art at the Legion of Honor, showcasing the European collections of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. She choreographs the Legion’s permanent collection galleries, as well as exhibitions. Stephen Calloway is curator of prints at the V&A. He curated Aubrey Beardsley and edited the accompanying book and his many publications include Twentieth-Century Decoration and Baroque, Baroque: The Culture of Excess.

V&A Publishing S12Adult_92-122.indd 111



10/14/11 12:44 PM


exHIBITIoN SCHeDUle British design 1948–2012 Victoria and Albert Museum, London Mar 31–Aug 12, 2012

The best of British design, from the postwar era to the present

British Posters ■

by C aT h E r i n E f lO O d

A DV e R T I S I N G , A R T, AC T I V I S M

V& a P U B l I S H I N G


s pecifications 150 color illustrations

rawing on the v&a’s wide-ranging poster collection, this book traces the evolution of the poster in the hands

112 pages, 8¼ × 11"

of graphic designers and fine artists, advertising agencies,


and countercultural groups in britain since 1945. The range spans “keep britain Tidy” campaigns, lavishly produced

riGhTs: NOrTH amerICa

benson & hedges billboards, punk-rock posters, hand-printed

Pub mOnTh: marCH

indictments of margaret Thatcher, and public art projects on

GraPHIC deSIGN • arT

the underground. from conflicts over the content and control of public space to posters tacked to bedroom walls, Catherine

ISBN 978-1-85177-676-4

flood examines how the poster in britain has adapted itself to

ISBN 978-1-85177-676-4 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


a changing technological environment and defied predictions of its demise.

9 781851 776764

Catherine Flood is a prints curator in the word and image department of the v&a.



S12Adult_92-122.indd 112

V&A Publishing 10/14/11 12:44 PM

DE SIGN British Design from 1948

■ Key reference work for designers

I N N oVAT I o N I N T H e M o D e R N AG e

■ A stunning record of British

E d i T E d by C h r i s TO P h E r b r E wa r d a n d G h i s l a i n E w O O d

V& a P U B l I S H I N G


s e lling points

creativity ■ Broad appeal: includes interior

his visually stunning book, created for a major v&a exhibition, celebrates the best of british design from

1948 to today. Essays by leading curators as well as pieces by key designers—including Peter saville, barbara hulanicki,

design, architecture, graphic design, fashion, and fine art ■ Catalog of major V&A exhibition timed for the london olympics

Paul smith, and Tom dixon—build a comprehensive survey of more than 400 of the finest examples of fashion and textiles, furniture, ceramics and glass, theater design, graphics,

s pecifications

photography, architecture, and fine art and sculpture from

400 color and black-and-white

the period. from works commissioned for the coronation of


Queen Elizabeth ii to the globally influential, and very british,

400 pages, 9¾ × 11¼"

counterculture, included here are works created for the


1960s boutiques of mary Quant and Ossie Clark through the

riGhTs: NOrTH amerICa

club cultures of punk, the new romantics, and rave.

Pub mOnTh: marCH

Christopher Breward is the head of research at the v&a


deSIGN • arCHITeCTUre • and a cocurator of the exhibition. Ghislaine Wood is a curator specializing in 20th-century art and design in the

ISBN 978-1-85177-674-0

research department at the v&a.

ISBN 978-1-85177-674-0 US $75.00 CAN $86.00


9 781851 776740

Award-Winning British Design 1957–1988 ■

by l i ly C r O w T h E r

V& a P U B l I S H I N G


n 1957 the uk design museum launched the first annual

s pecifications

designs of the year awards to identify and promote

100 color illustrations

the very best of british design. for the next 30 years,

108 pages, 8 × 10½"

the awards celebrated designed objects in all forms,


from the domestic (cutlery, glassware, textiles, and furniture) to the communal (streetlights, signage, and public seating) and everything in between, including fitted kitchens, schooners, bicycles, and electronics. This beautifully designed book introduces and illustrates the

riGhTs: NOrTH amerICa Pub mOnTh: marCH deSIGN • arCHITeCTUre • INTerIOr deSIGN

quirky breadth of the awards. iconic objects by robin and lucienne day, kenneth Grange, and david mellor sit alongside retro classics. lily Crowther is based in the research department of the

ISBN 978-1-85177-673-3 ISBN 978-1-85177-673-3 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781851 776733

v&a, where she is working on the exhibition.

S12Adult_92-122.indd 113

10/14/11 12:44 PM

High Street A FAC S I M I l e e D I T I o N ■

by J . m . r i C h a r d s

a f T E r w O r d by G i l l s au n d E r s

i l lu s T r aT E d by E r i C r av i l i O u s

V& a P U B l I S H I N G

s e lling points ■ Superbly produced facsimile of highly sought-after artist’s book ■ Charming and nostalgic look at

A beautiful facsimile of the collectable classic

the British high street

s pecifications 30 color illustrations 112 pages, 5¾ × 9" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: marCH deSIGN ISBN 978-1-85177-689-4 ISBN 978-1-85177-689-4 US $35.00 CAN $40.00



irst published in 1938, this classic book introduces the British high street, pairing the timeless illustra-

tions of beloved artist Eric Ravilious with an engaging text

9 781851 776894

by architectural historian J. M. Richards. Shops include the family butcher, the cheesemonger, the knife grinder, and the oyster bar. Only 2,000 copies of the original book were printed before the lithographic plates were destroyed in the London Blitz during World War II. As a result, it has become one of the most collectible of all artist’s books from this period. This beautiful facsimile edition features Ravilious’s illustrations in exquisite color and includes an essay by V&A curator Gill Saunders, putting the book and its history into context. eric ravilious (1903–1942) was a painter, designer, illustrator, and wood engraver and remains one of the best-known English artists of the 1930s. He died at 39 while on service as an Official War Artist in WWII. Sir J. m. richards (1907–1992) was the editor of the Architectural Review from 1937 to 1971 and architectural correspondent for the London Times for more than 20 years. Gill Saunders is a senior curator at the V&A.



S12Adult_92-122.indd 114

V&A Publishing 10/14/11 12:44 PM

Alastair Morton and edinburgh Weavers V I S I o N A Ry T e x T I l e S A N D M o D e R N A R T ■

by l E s l E y JaC k s O n

V& a P U B l I S H I N G


s pecifications dinburgh Weavers, in business from 1931 to

1963, was one of the most important textile

companies of the 20th century. Alastair Morton, the visionary art director of the company, commissioned a remarkable series of textiles from leading British artists, including Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, and Elisabeth Frink, as well as artist-designers, such as Marion Dorn,

450 color and 50 black-and-white illustrations 336 pages, 8½ × 10½" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: FeBrUarY FaSHION • TexTIleS

Ashley Havinden, and Lucienne Day. Morton was also a gifted artist, textile designer, and weaver in his own right. This major work traces his wide-ranging career and records the history of Edinburgh Weavers and the glorious textiles it produced. Drawing on the V&A’s extensive archive, this impressive book features more than 500 images of artists’ textiles, unparalleled in quality and scope. lesley Jackson is a writer, curator, and design

H I D D e N H I S To R I e S , U N To l D S To R I e S ■

by s u E P r i C h a r d

ISBN 978-1-85177-660-3 CAN $86.00 57500

9 781851 776603

also aVail aB le British Textiles ISBN 978-1-85177-618-4

historian specializing in 20th-century design.

Quilts 1700–2010

ISBN 978-1-85177-660-3 US $75.00

ISBN$75.00 978-1851776184 US CAN $97.50


9 781851 776184

Now in paperba ck!

V& a P U B l I S H I N G


s pecifications his groundbreaking book documents the fascinating history of quilt and patchwork

production in Britain. The hidden histories and personal narratives of some of the most evocative

objects in the V&A’s collection are revealed, from

100 color and black-and-white illustrations 240 pages, 9¾ × 10" Paperback

the origins of the “love poem” on the “Chapman


marriage coverlet” to the sources of inspiration


for the intricately pieced pictorial “George III


coverlet.” Originally published to accompany a wildly popular V&A exhibition, this lavishly

ISBN 978-1-85177-608-5

illustrated book presents quilt-making as much

US $39.95

ISBN 978-1-85177-608-5 CAN $44.95 53995

more than craft. 9 781851 776085

Sue Prichard is the curator of contemporary textiles at the V&A.

V&A Publishing S12Adult_92-122.indd 115



10/14/11 12:44 PM

V& A PAT TERN SERIES ■ Four new books in the popular

“The V&A makes it easy for anyone looking for inspiration with . . . its series of charming pattern books” —Elle Décor

V&A Pattern series celebrate the variety of British patterns in the V&A’s extensive collections.

also aVail aB le

V&A Pattern: Boxed Set #3

V&A Pattern: Slipcased Set #2

ISBN 978-1-85177-638-2

ISBN 978-1-85177-607-8

ISBN$47.50 978-1851776382 US CAN $57.00

US $47.50

ISBN 978-1-85177-607-8


9 781851 776382


CAN $61.95 54750

781851 776078

V&A Pattern: Chinese Textiles

V&A Pattern: Kimono

ISBN 978-1-85177-622-1

ISBN 978-1-85177-606-1

ISBN$12.95 978-1851776221 US CAN $15.95

US $12.95

ISBN 978-1-85177-584-2

ISBN 978-1-85177-606-1

51295 9

9 781851 776221

V&A Pattern: William Morris

781851 776061

V&A Pattern: Novelty Patterns

ISBN 978-1-85177-635-1

ISBN 978-1-85177-589-7

ISBN$12.95 978-1851776351 US CAN $15.95

US $12.95 9

781851 775897

V&A Pattern: Secret Garden ISBN 978-1-85177-588-0

ISBN$12.95 978-1851776368 US CAN $15.95

US $12.95

781851 775880

ISBN 978-1-85177-585-9

US $12.95 9

V&A Pattern: Owen Jones ISBN 978-1-85177-605-4

ISBN$12.95 978-1851776375 US CAN $15.95

US $12.95

CAN $16.95 51295

781851 775859

V&A Pattern: Digital Pioneers ISBN 978-1-85177-587-3

ISBN 978-1-85177-605-4


781851 775866

ISBN 978-1-85177-585-9

CAN $16.95 51295

ISBN 978-1-85177-637-5 51295

CAN $16.95 51295

V&A Pattern: The Fifties

ISBN 978-1-85177-588-0

V&A Pattern: Walter Crane

9 781851 776375

ISBN 978-1-85177-586-6

US $12.95 9

ISBN 978-1-85177-636-8


781851 775842

ISBN 978-1-85177-586-6

CAN $16.95 51295

V&A Pattern: Pop Patterns 51295

CAN $16.95 51295

V&A Pattern: Indian Florals

ISBN 978-1-85177-589-7


9 781851 776368

US $12.95 9

V&A Pattern: Spitalfields Silks

9 781851 776351

ISBN 978-1-85177-584-2

CAN $16.95 51295

ISBN 978-1-85177-587-3

CAN $16.95 51295

781851 776054

US $12.95 9

CAN $16.95 51295

781851 775873

V& A PAT T e R N

Boxed Set #4 e AC H T I T l e 70 color illustrations


80 pages, 5 × 7"



deSIGN • deCOraTIVe arTS

ISBN 978-1-85177-683-2 ISBN 978-1-85177-683-2 US $47.50 CAN $57.00


9 781851 776832



S12Adult_92-122.indd 116

V&A Publishing 10/14/11 12:46 PM

V& A PAT T e R N

V& A PAT T e R N

Modern British Designers

liberty & Co.

by s a m a n T h a E r i n s a f E r

by a n n a b u ru m a

ISBN978-1-85177-681-8 978-1-85177-681-8 ISBN

ISBN978-1-85177-679-5 978-1-85177-679-5 ISBN

US $12.95

US $12.95

CAN $14.95

9 781851 776818

CAN $14.95

9 781851 776795

British Designers traces the past 50 years of creative genius and innova-

Liberty & Co. charts the development of a legendary company through its

tion in British design, highlighting such designers as Terence Conran,

textile designs, from its beginnings in the Aesthetic movement, through

Zandra Rhodes, and Shirley Craven.

to Art Nouveau and the late 20th century.

Samantha erin Safer is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and

anna Buruma has been the archivist at Liberty since the mid-1990s.

Design and the London College of Fashion and the author of Zandra

Her most recent publication is Liberty in the Fifties and Sixties: A Taste

Rhodes: Textile Revolution.

for Design.

V& A PAT T e R N

V& A PAT T e R N


Sanderson 1954–74

by m a ry s C h O E s E r

by m a ry sC h O E s E r

ISBN978-1-85177-680-1 978-1-85177-680-1 ISBN

ISBN978-1-85177-682-5 978-1-85177-682-5 ISBN

US $12.95

US $12.95

CAN $14.95

9 781851 776801

CAN $14.95

9 781851 776825

Heal’s showcases the mid-20th-century fabrics of this British retail institu-

Sanderson showcases the wallpapers and textiles of this most British of

tion as commissioned by director and visionary Tom Worthington.

manufacturers, known for patterns ranging from classic William Morris prints to avant-garde designs of the 1950s and 60s.

mary Schoeser is a freelance writer and curator. Her most recent publications include Sanderson: The Essence of English Decoration.

mary Schoeser is a freelance writer and curator. Her most recent publications include Sanderson: The Essence of English Decoration.

S12Adult_92-122.indd 117

10/14/11 12:46 PM

21 | Twenty one 2 1 D e S I G N e R S F o R T W e N T y- F I R S T C e N T U Ry B R I TA I N ■

by G a r E T h w i l l i a m s ; f O r E w O r d by TO r d b O O n TJ E

V& a P U B l I S H I N G


s pecifications

1 | TWENTY ONE showcases designers living

130 color illustrations

and working in Britain who have come to

192 pages, 8 × 10½"

prominence since the millennium. They lead public


taste and critical debate; they are innovators and


explorers of new materials or processes; they are


establishing new ways of working. Combining interviews with commentary, Gareth Williams


examines what design means and has meant to Britain and British identity. Designers include

ISBN 978-1-85177-678-8

El Ultimo Grito, Industrial Facility, Jaime Hayon,

US $35.00

Troika, and rAndom International, who have

ISBN 978-1-85177-678-8 CAN $40.00 53500

worked for brands such as British Airways, Camper,

9 781851 776788

Droog, Muji, The Science Museum, and MoMA. Gareth Williams is a senior tutor in design products at the Royal College of Art, London. Tord Boontje, a world-renowned designer, is a professor and head of department at the School of Architecture and Design at the Royal College of Art, London

The Ambassador Magazine P R o M oT I N G P o S T- WA R B R I T I S H T e x T I l e S A N D FA S H I o N

s pecifications 180 illustrations 240 pages, 8½ × 12¼" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: aPrIl FaSHION ISBN 978-1-85177-688-7

ISBN 978-1-85177-688-7 CAN $75.00 56500

US $65.00

9 781851 776887

E d i T E d by C h r i s TO P h E r b r E wa r d a n d C l a i r E w i lC Ox

V& a P U B l I S H I N G


he Ambassador has been described as

“probably the most daring and enterprising

trade magazine ever conceived.” With the motto

“Export or Die!,” the magazine was renowned for its innovative design and adventurous editorial approach in promoting British manufacturing in the post-WWII period. This book takes a detailed look at the background and impact of The Ambassador. Driven by the vision of founder Hans Juda and his wife, Elsbeth, who was responsible for much of the magazine’s striking photography, the magazine created ambitious photo shoots to showcasing the latest couture fashions, promoted fine art as an inspiration for design, and commissioned artists such as John Piper and Henry Moore for their covers. The Ambassador Magazine brings this trove of art, textiles, and fashion to a new generation. Christopher Breward is the head of research at the V&A. Claire Wilcox is the senior curator of fashion at the V&A.



S12Adult_92-122.indd 118

V&A Publishing 10/14/11 12:46 PM

Ballgowns BRITISH GlAMoUR SINCe 1950 ■

E d i T E d by s O n n E T s Ta n f i l l a n d O r i O l E C u l l E n

V& a P U B l I S H I N G

s e lling points

Accompanies a spectacular V&A exhibition

■ High-profile long-running exhibition at the V&A ■ Follows success of V&A bestsellers The Golden Age of Couture and Tiaras ■ Includes work by some of the most famous modern fashion designers

s pecifications 70 color illustrations 112 pages, 8½ × 11¼" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: maY FaSHION ISBN 978-1-85177-684-9 ISBN 978-1-85177-684-9 US $39.95 CAN $44.95


9 781851 776849


e XhiB ition sche dUle his unique and groundbreaking book presents dynamic and interpretive photographs of 60 years

of British ballgowns and includes designs by Alexander

Victoria and Albert Museum, London May 12, 2012–Jan 2013

McQueen, Bellville Sassoon, Bill Gibb, Erdem, Gareth Pugh, Stella McCartney, and Zandra Rhodes. The specially commissioned photographs by fashion photographer David Hughes are supplemented by essays exploring the ballgown as a particularly British garment,

also aVail aB le

with designers, clients, and occasions unique to Britain. Britain’s traditional social season of debutante parties, private balls, weddings, and charity events has long provided fashion designers with opportunities to create elaborate, tour-de-force eveningwear. In more recent years, the ballroom has been replaced by the red carpet. Though the context has changed, the ballgown remains a staple in many designers’ collections and continues to serve as an expression of status, protocol, and taste, while simultaneously embodying elements of drama and fantasy.

ISBN 978-1-85177-534-7 ISBN$16.95 978-1851775347 US CAN $18.95


9 781851 775347

The Golden Age of Couture

Sonnet Stanfill is the curator of 20th-century and contemporary fashion at the V&A. Oriole Cullen is the curator of modern textiles and fashion at the V&A.

V&A Publishing S12Adult_92-122.indd 119


ISBN 978-1-85177-521-7 ISBN$39.95 978-1851775217 US CAN $43.95


9 781851 775217



10/14/11 12:46 PM

1 20

S12Adult_92-122.indd 120

V&A Publishing 10/14/11 12:46 PM

Seventeenth-Century Women’s Dress Patterns BooK T Wo ■

E d i T E d by s u s a n n O r T h a n d J E n n y T i r a m a n i

V& a P U B l I S H I N G s e lling points ■ The only series to look in such extraordinary detail at historical dress ■ Includes x-ray photography, step-by-step reconstruction drawings, and scale patterns ■ Book Two includes patterns for corsets and stays

s pecifications 400 color and 600 line drawings 160 pages, 12 × 10½" Hardcover RIGHTS: NOrTH amerICa PUB MONTH: maY FaSHION ISBN 978-1-85177-685-6 ISBN 978-1-85177-685-6 US $65.00 CAN $75.00


In-depth patterns and construction details of historical garments


9 781851 776856

ook Two in the V&A’s groundbreaking new series

also aVail aB le

presents 17 patterns for garments and accessories

from a 17th-century woman’s wardrobe. It includes patterns for a loose gown, a jacket, a pair of stays and a boned bodice, ivory and wooden busks, shoes, a hat, a stomacher, linen bands and supporters, a bag, and a knife case. It also features a description of the stay-making process. Full stepby-step drawings of the construction sequence are given for

each garment to enable the reader to accurately reconstruct them. There are scale patterns and diagrams for making linen and metal thread laces and embroidery designs. Multiple photographs of the objects, close-up construction details and X-ray photography reveal the hidden elements of the clothes, the precise number of layers and the stitches

pr ais e for BooK one : “Sets a new standard: beautiful, complete, and completely

Seventeenth-Century Women's

usable patterns; crystal clear

Dress Patterns: Book One ISBN 978-1-85177-631-3

photographs of the garments . . .

ISBN$65.00 978-1851776313 US CAN $78.00

and of carefully charted details;


thorough and well-illustrated constructional sequences; and

9 781851 776313

scholarly documented comparative material.” —Worn Through

used inside.

“With its mesmerizing ability to Susan North is a curator in the V&A Fashion, Textiles

conjure the spirit of each seam,

and Furniture Department. Jenny Tiramani devised and

this volume acknowledges

produced patterns for the book with Melanie Braun, Luca

these pattern-makers as dream

Costigliolo, Armelle Lucas, and Claire Thornton. They are

weavers, taking their rightful

all founding members of the School of Historical Dress

place alongside women who have

and worked together in the wardrobe department of

relished and perfected the art of

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1999 and 2005.

adornment” —Interiors Magazine

V&A Publishing S12Adult_92-122.indd 121

Seventeenth and EighteenthCentury Fashion in Detail ISBN 978-1-85177-567-5 ISBN 978-1-85177-567-5

US $39.95 9

CAN $43.95 53995

781851 775675



10/14/11 12:46 PM

THE MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS’ COLLECTION ■ Founded in 1860, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boasts one of North America’s most important and encyclopedic collections. To mark its 150th anniversary, the Museum is publishing an impressive series of three scholarly and lavishly illustrated art books—the definitive reference on its collections.

Quebec and Canadian Art

Decorative Arts and Design

THe MoNTReAl MUSeUM oF FINe ARTS’ C o l l e C T I o N , Vo lU M e I

T H e M o N T R e A l M U S e U M o F F I N e A R T S ’ C o l l e C T I o N , Vo lU M e I I

G E n E r a l E d i TO r , JaCQ u E s d E s rO C h E rs

G E n E r a l E d iTO rs , rOs a li n d PE Pa l l a n d d i a n E C h a r b O n n E au

Published in conjunction with the opening of the Montreal

The Museum’s decorative arts treasures, which include

Museum of Fine Arts’ new Quebec and Canadian art pavilion,

the celebrated Liliane and David M. Stewart Collection, stand

this book provides a comprehensive reference on Canadian

among the most important collections in the world. This

art, painting a vivid portrait of Quebec’s colorful history and

book spans the Renaissance to the present, each chapter

Canada’s vast landscapes. Spanning three centuries, the

on a specific medium: fiber, glass, metal, paper, plastic and

book includes 60 thematic essays and features works by

composite materials, pottery, and wood. Specialists write

over 200 Canadian artists, including Antoine Plamondon,

on 450 works by renowned architects, designers, and

Théophile Hamel, members of the Group of Seven, the

craftsmen, including Bugatti, Gallé, Mackintosh, Tiffany,

Beaver Hall Group, Inuit artists Kenojuak and Karoo Ashevak,

Eames, Saarinen, Mollino, and Sottsass, to name but a few.

and First Nations artists, including Norval Morrisseau. rosalind Pepall is senior curator of decorative arts (early and Jacques des rochers is curator of Quebec and Canadian art at

modern) and diane Charbonneau is curator of contemporary

the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

decorative arts at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

aVail aB le s e pte m Be r 20 12

Over 600 color illustrations

Over 550 color illustrations

400 pages, 9⅝ × 13¾”

400 pages 9⅝ × 13¾”



World Cultures and Fine Arts



The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Collection, Volume III

ISBN 978-2-89192-355-2

ISBN 978-2-89192-359-0

ISBN 978-2-89192-357-6

ISBN 978-2-89192-355-2 US $60.00 CAN $69.00

ISBN 978-2-89192-359-0 US $60.00 CAN $69.00

ISBN 978-2-89192-357-6 US $60.00 CAN $69.00


9 782891 923552



S12Adult_92-122.indd 122


9 782891 923590


9 782891 923576

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 10/14/11 12:46 PM


S12Adult_123-133.indd 123

10/14/11 12:54 PM

Two new action-packed calendars celebrating two of the most successful video game series of all time

The Official

The Official

Super Mario Brothers Legend of Zelda 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

By N i N T e N d o

By N i N T e N d o New!

■ Everyone’s favorite plumber by day, hero

■ This official wall calendar is a colorful, action-

by destiny is back in this official wall calendar

packed trip through the fantastical world of

that includes art and imagery from the latest

Hyrule, featuring our hero, Link, in his never-

fan-favorite Super Mario video games. Featuring

ending quest to save Princess Zelda from the evil

Mario’s friends and foes, this calendar is sure

Ganon. Lavish illustration with images from some

to entertain nostalgic Mario fans and new

of Nintendo’s bestselling games will appeal to

gamers alike, as Mario races to save the day.

the brand’s millions of fans around the globe.

16-month calendar

16-month calendar

24 pages, 12 × 12"

24 pages, 12 × 12"



ISBN 978-1-4197-0219-8

ISBN 978-1-4197-0214-3

US $14.99

US $14.99

ISBN 978-1-4197-0219-8 CAN $17.99 51499

9 781419 702198

2012 ISBN: 978-1-4197-0098-9

1 24


S12Adult_123-133.indd 124

ISBN 978-1-4197-0214-3 CAN $17.99 51499

9 781419 702143

™/© 2011 Nintendo


10/14/11 12:54 PM

adventure Time

Coming for fall all 2012!

2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

By C a r To o N N e T w o r k New!

Surreally sensational! A new Abrams calendar based on the popular Cartoon Network show! ■ 2013 is adventure time! With Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun will never end in this adventurous 16-month wall calendar based on the wildly popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. Explore the magical Land of Ooo and find out more about Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, Marceline, Ice King and all your favorite

16-month calendar 24 pages, 12 × 12" RIGHTS: World

Adventure Time characters. One of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network, Adventure Time is a hit with children, tweens, and adults alike. This

ISBN 978-1-4197-0354-6

fantastical calendar features stills from

US $14.99

the most popular episodes along with

ISBN 978-1-4197-0354-6 CAN $17.99 51499

9 781419 703546

The Simpsons 2 0 1 3 da I Ly P L a N N e R

bonus character stickers. Heck, yeah! Adventure Time is totally mathematical!

Spend 2013 in Springfield with America’s favorite TV family


Wimpy Kid

2013 Calendar Illustrated by Jeff Kinney ■

1 6 - m o N T h wa l l C a le N da r w iTh o r i g i N a l a rT By Jeff kiNNe y

R IGHTS IGHTS:: World ■ In the words of Bart Simpson, “Aye,


carumba!” For the legions of fans who have made The Simpsons the

US $13.99

longest-running comedy on television,

ISBN 978-1-4197-0211-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0211-2

C AN $16.99 51399

here’s a spiral-bound engagement calendar filled with sardonic quips

9 781419 702112

and cartoon portraits of Homer, Bart, and the rest of the gang.

Color illustrations throughout 128 pages, 7 × 8⅔" RIGHTS: US, CaNada, Uk, aUStralIa, NeW ZealaNd ISBN 978-1-4197-0258-7

ISBN 978-1-4197-0258-7 CAN $18.99 51599

US $15.99


9 781419 702587

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9857-5

All calendars are published in August unless otherwise noted


S12Adult_123-133.indd 125


1 25

10/14/11 12:54 PM

PANTONE CALENDARS ■ More than 45 years ago, Pantone launched its now iconic PANTONE MATCHING

Two calendars from Pantone, the author of the universal color language

SYSTEM®, enabling designers and printers to faithfully articulate and reproduce accurate color anywhere in the world. Each color in the system is identified with a unique number for precise specification. Pantone achieved global acceptance and quickly became the standard in the printing and graphic arts industries. Today it is the vocabulary of color in all aspects of the visual world—providing products, technologies, and services for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity—and is equally prominent in the consumer realm.



2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 3 e N G aG e M e N T C a L e N da R New!


■ Color is life. Live it each and every day with this calendar based on the world’s most powerful and influential brand in color. Revel in rich reds, ■ Color is essential to our lives. The colors we love are deep and vital

passionate purples, glorious greens, and more.

affirmations of who we are. Bringing those colors into our day and our

Testament to the power of color married with great

environment is the ultimate form of self-expression. Stylish, modern, and utterly

design, this must-have engagement calendar will

sophisticated, this vibrant calendar celebrates a classic, charismatic, and

color your desk—and your world—throughout 2013.

undeniably inspiring pairing: fabulous color in combination with great design.

16-month calendar

Color illustrations throughout

24 pages, 12 × 12"

108 pages, 6¼ × 8½"



ISBN 978-1-4197-0348-5

ISBN 978-1-4197-0348-5 CAN $17.99 51499

US $14.99

9 781419 703485

1 26


S12Adult_123-133.indd 126

PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. PANTONE Colors may not match PANTONE-identified standards. Consult current PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color. Pantone LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated. © Pantone LLC, 2011. All rights reserved.

ISBN 978-1-4197-0345-4

ISBN 978-1-4197-0345-4 CAN $19.99 51699

US $16.99

9 781419 703454


10/14/11 12:54 PM

Sea Glass Hearts

Tattoo World

2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

p h oTo g r a p h s By J o s i e i s e l i N

By m a r i s a k a ko u l a s a N d m i C h a e l k a p l a N

Experience the true magic and inspirational power of these treasures of the sea

Spend 2013 on a tattoo world tour New!


■ On rare occasions, sea glass takes the shape of a heart, the

■ Once considered part of the counterculture movement, tattooing

universal symbol of love. Based on the Abrams book Sea Glass

is now a mainstream practice and an exploding art form. This visually

Hearts, this 16-month wall calendar features 13 magnificent and

arresting calendar, based on Abrams’ critically acclaimed book

colorful collections of these precious and often rare stones

Tattoo World, features designs from around the globe. It spans a broad

that highlight their immense beauty and undeniable appeal.

range of styles, including Japanese and East Asian iconography, classic Americana, and photorealism, among others. With more than 125 illustrations organized by theme, from the most important artists working today, it is a must-have for tattoo aficionados the world over.

16-month calendar

16-month calendar

24 pages, 12 × 12"

24 pages, 12 × 12"



ISBN 978-1-4197-0334-8

ISBN 978-1-4197-0347-8

US $13.99

US $13.99

ISBN 978-1-4197-0334-8 CAN $16.99 51399

9 781419 703348

ISBN 978-1-4197-0347-8 CAN $16.99 51499

9 781419 703478


S12Adult_123-133.indd 127



10/14/11 12:54 PM

william wegmaN CaleNdars William Wegman

Man’s Best Friend 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

p h oTo g r a p h s By w i l l i a m w e g m a N ■ Celebrate 20 years of Man’s Best Friend! A perennial star, this calendar includes the best of William Wegman, from early photographs of his canine collaborator and muse Fay Ray to more recent photographs of the equally charming Chundo and Candy. This special anniversary edition also features never-beforeseen drawings by the artist and a bonus poster.

includes bonus annivers ary poster!

16-month calendar 24 pages, 10½ × 14½" Includes poster RIGHTS: World

Two exciting new calendars mark the 20th anniversary of William Wegman Man’s Best Friend

ISBN 978-1-4197-0314-0

ISBN 978-1-4197-0314-0 CAN $17.99 51499

US $14.99

9 781419 703140

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9861-2

William Wegman


includes bonus poster!

2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

p h oTo g r a p h s By w i l l i a m w e g m a N 16-month calendar

■ As irresistible as ever,

24 pages, 12 × 12"

Abrams’ 2013 William Wegman

Includes poster

Puppies calendar highlights


the most adorable of the artist’s newest photographs of

ISBN 978-1-4197-0311-9

Weimaraner puppies. This top-

US $14.99

selling favorite comes with a

ISBN 978-1-4197-0311-9 CAN $17.99 51499

9 781419 703119

super-sweet bonus poster.

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9862-9

1 28


S12Adult_123-133.indd 128


10/14/11 12:55 PM

Treehouses of the World 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

p h oTo g r a p h s By pe Te N e l so N

The greenest and most innovative architectural phenomenon of the 21st century ■ Treehouse architect and master carpenter Pete Nelson has inspired generations of dreamers and do-it-yourselfers to go out on a limb! This popular calendar highlights 13 never-before-seen treehouses—and the amazing stories behind them.

16-month calendar

ISBN 978-1-4197-0315-7

24 pages, 10½ × 14½"

US $13.99

ISBN 978-1-4197-0315-7 CAN $16.99 51399

RIGHTS: World eNglISh 9 781419 703157

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9859-9

extraordinary Chickens


2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

p h oTo g r a p h s By s Te p h e N g r e e N -a r m y Tag e

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of an extraordinary Abrams calendar

p h oTo g r a p h s By T i m f l aC h

Elegant portraits of dogs in their almost infinite variety

includes bonus annivers ary poster!

■ Celebrate 10 years of Extraordinary Chickens! Among

■ This striking calendar, based on Abrams’ bestselling book

Abrams’ top-selling calendars since 2003, Stephen Green-

Dogs, celebrates the rich diversity of man’s best friend. From

Armytage’s annual tribute to the world’s fanciest, funniest, and

the powerful Siberian husky to the pampered Yorkie, and from

freakiest fowl has legions of fans the world over. Featuring the

the Great Dane to the Chow Chow, photographer Tim Flach has

most extraordinary of the extraordinary, this special anniversary

delved deep into the heart of our enduring bond with dogs to

edition includes all-new photographs of Polish Frizzles, Silkies,

provide exquisite insights into the canine psyche—and our own.

and Sultans, plus a giant poster. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

16-month calendar 24 pages, 12 × 12" 16-month calendar

ISBN 978-1-4197-0316-4

24 pages, 12 × 12"

US $13.99

ISBN 978-1-4197-0316-4 CAN $16.99 51399

Includes poster RIGHTS: World

9 781419 703164

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9853-7

RIGHTS: World eNglISh ISBN 978-1-4197-0335-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-0335-5 US $13.99 CAN $16.99 exClUdINg aUStralIa, 51399 NeW ZealaNd, SoUth afrICa

9 781419 703355

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9852-0


S12Adult_123-133.indd 129



10/14/11 12:55 PM

THE ART OF ANDY WARHOL CALENDARS F R O M T H e a N dy Wa R H O L F O u N daT I O N F O R T H e V I S ua L a R T S ■ Pop artist Andy Warhol is a source of continuing fascination and visual excitement. In the years since his death, his brand has become a multimillion-dollar machine that has raised more than $300 million for his nonprofit foundation.

Two new calendars from the most innovative and famous artist of our time, the “Pope of Pop,” Andy Warhol

The art of andy Warhol

The art of andy Warhol

2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R

2 0 1 3 e N G aG e M e N T C a L e N da R

■ This top-selling calendar from the Andy Warhol

■ This star-studded desk diary features more than 50

Foundation highlights Warhol’s most famous and fantastic

of the most exciting images from the archives of the

images in combination with rarer ones. Colorful quotations

Andy Warhol Foundation. It includes a broad range of the artist’s work, from his early fashion illustrations to

from the artist are interspersed throughout.

his later, more iconic paintings and silk-screen prints. Direct quotations are interspersed throughout.

16-month calendar 24 pages, 12 × 12" Includes poster RIGHTS: US, CaNada, & Uk

includes bonus poster!

Color illustrations throughout 108 pages, 6 × 8" RIGHTS: US, CaNada, & Uk “Some company recently

ISBN 978-1-4197-0289-1

ISBN 978-1-4197-0290-7

was interested in buying

US $14.99

US $16.99

my aura.” —andy Warhol

ISBN 978-1-4197-0289-1 CAN $17.99 51499

9 781419 702891

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9848-3

ISBN 978-1-4197-0290-7 CAN $19.99 51699

9 781419 702907

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9847-6

©/ ®/™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.



S12Adult_123-133.indd 130


10/14/11 12:55 PM

domo 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

p h oTo g r a p h s By C h r i s g r iT T i

A cult favorite in character licensing ■

A pop-culture smash! People of all ages have fallen for this

furry, cave-dwelling troublemaker with a gentle soul, and have made him into one of the country’s top character brands. Domo T-shirts, bags, and collectibles have been spotted on shows like 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, and iCarly and can be found at better retailers across the country. The 2013 Domo calendar features even more fun and iconic photography. DOMO!

includes bonus stickers!

16-month calendar

ISBN 978-0-8109-9810-0

24 pages, 12 × 12"

US $13.99

ISBN 978-0-8109-9810-0 CAN $16.99 51399

Includes stickers RIGHTS: World eNglISh

9 780810 998100

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9807-0

exClUdINg aSIa

Planet Golf 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R : F e aT u R I N G T H e G R e aT e S T G O L F C O u R S e S aROuNd THe WORLd ■

T e x T By da r i u s o l i v e r , p h oTo g r a p h s

By J o h N a N d J e a N N i N e h e N e B ry

The next best thing to being there ■

Sure to appeal to golfers of all ages and stages—from

active to armchair—this handsome calendar highlights 13 of the most spectacular golf courses on the planet. Breathtaking photography paired with insightful commentary on course design and history puts this calendar in a class all its own.

16-month calendar

ISBN 978-1-4197-0294-5

24 pages, 14 × 12"

ISBN 978-1-4197-0294-5 US $13.99 CAN $16.99


RIGHTS: World 9 781419 702945

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9855-1


S12Adult_123-133.indd 131



10/14/11 12:55 PM

extraordinary Pigs 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

p h oTo g r a p h s By s T e p h e N g r e e N -a r m y Tag e

Hog heaven for those with a passion for pigs ■

Go hog wild in 2013! From teeny Kunekunes and wrinkled Meishans

to Gloucester Old Spots and curly-coated Mangalitsas, photographer Stephen Green-Armytage has captured pigs and piglets in their remarkable variety. This extraordinary testament to the divineness of swine-ness will delight anyone with a passion for pigs.

16-month calendar

ISBN 978-1-4197-0312-6

24 pages, 12 × 12"

US $13.99


ISBN 978-1-4197-0312-6 CAN $16.99 51399

9 781419 703126

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9870-4

Monkey Portraits 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

p h oTo g r a p h s By J i l l g r e e N B e r g

A year’s worth of bestselling monkey business ■ We share about 98 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, our closest biological cousins. Too close for comfort? That’s because the similarities have never been so brilliantly or amusingly captured! The intimate portraits in this quirky calendar, based on the bestselling book Monkey Portraits, by Jill Greenberg, convey a startling range of very familiar emotions and personalities.

16-month calendar

ISBN 978-1-4197-0346-1

24 pages, 12 × 12"

US $13.99

RIGHTS: World eNglISh

ISBN 978-1-4197-0346-1 CAN $16.99 51399

9 781419 703461

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9854-4

uglydoll 2 0 1 3 Wa L L C a L e N da R ■

By dav i d h o r vaT h a N d s u N - m i N k i m

ugly has never been cuter ■

Spend 2013 with the uglydolls, visitors from uglyverse, where ugly

means unique and special. This weirdly adorable—and bestselling— calendar features all-new photographs and illustrations.

16-month calendar

ISBN 978-1-4197-0313-3

24 pages, 12 × 12”

US $13.99

ISBN 978-1-4197-0313-3 CAN $16.99 51399

Includes stickers RIGHTS: World



S12Adult_123-133.indd 132

9 781419 703133

2012 ISBN: 978-0-8109-9769-1


10/14/11 12:56 PM


Norman Rockwell’s

Count down the days until Christmas!

Both calendars include a b Christma onus s carol booklet!

24 Penguins Before Christmas

C H R I S T M a S a dV e N T C a L e N da R

a 3 6 5 P e N G u I N S a dV e N T C a L e N da R ■

T e x T By J e a N - lu C f r o m e N Ta l

i l lu s T r aT i o N s By J o ë l l e J o l i v e T

■ This timeless treasure features 25 illustrations by Norman

■ Behind each of the 24 die-cut windows in this Abrams

Rockwell, America’s most beloved and universally popular

holiday favorite, children will find one, two, three, or even

artist. Sure to become a holiday tradition, this charming advent

more penguins! A miniature book giving door-by-door

calendar and bonus Christmas carol booklet promise to bring the

explanations, all in silly rhyme, is included in the package.

Christmas spirit to your home this year and every year after.

18 × 11"

11 × 13¾"

Includes 8-page carol booklet

Includes 4-page booklet



avaIlaBle NoW

avaIlaBle NoW

ISBN 978-0-8109-9581-9

ISBN 978-0-8109-9555-0

US $10.99

US $16.99

ISBN 978-0-8109-9555-0

ISBN 978-0-8109-9581-9 CAN $13.99 51099

9 780810 995819


CAN $19.95 51699

780810 995550


S12Adult_123-133.indd 133



10/14/11 12:56 PM

George Bellows Pa I N t e R w I t h a P u N c h ! ■

By R o B e R t B u R l e I g h

A b r A m s b o o k s F o r Yo u n g r e A d e r s


s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 48 pages, 10 × 10"

o punches are pulled in this fascinating biography that covers the life and work of

the prolific artist George Bellows. Having spent

Hardcover with jacket

most of his adult life in New York City, Bellows


left behind an extraordinary body of work that


captures life in this dynamic city: bustling street

isbn 978-1-4197-0166-5

scenes, ringside views of boxing matches, and

us $18.95

boys diving and swimming in the East River. Art

ISBN 978-1-4197-0166-5 CAN $21.95 51895

reproductions and photographs from his youth

9 781419 701665

round out the book. robert burleigh is a painter and the author of

The only biography of George Bellows for young readers

a number of award-winning, critically acclaimed books for children. His books include Paul

Re l ate d e xhib itions

Cézanne: A Painter’s Journey, Toulouse-Lautrec:

National Gallery of art, Washington, D.C.,

The Moulin Rouge and the City of Light, and

Jun 10–Oct 14, 2012

Seurat and La Grande Jatte. He lives in Grand

the Metropolitan Museum of art, New York,

Haven, Michigan.

Nov 14, 2012–Feb 18, 2013 Published in association with the National Gallery of Art

Royal academy, London, Mar 16–Jun 9, 2013

chuck close Fac e B o o k ■ s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 64 pages, 8 × 10¼" Hardcover mix-and-match section RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: April isbn 978-1-4197-0163-4

ISBN 978-1-4197-0163-4 CAN $21.95 51895

us $18.95

9 781419 701634

The only picture book autobiography by this well-known artist—with interactive, mix-and-match pages 134


S12Adult_134-139.indd 134

By C h u C k C lo s e

A b r A m s b o o k s F o r Yo u n g r e A d e r s


his fascinating, interactive autobiography presents Chuck Close’s story, his art, and a

discussion of the many processes he uses in the studio. The question-and-answer format is based on real kids’ inquiries about Close’s life and work,

and his answers to them. Close, who is wheelchair bound and paints with a brush strapped to his arm, discusses the severe dyslexia and face blindness he has struggled with since childhood. An engaging feature of the book is a mix-andmatch Chuck Close self-portrait section. The book also includes an illustrated chronology of Close’s life, a list of museums where his work can be seen, and an index. Chuck Close is one of the most recognized American artists of our time, known for his large-scale portraits of friends, fellow artists, and himself. He lives and works in New York City.

Also of Interest 10/14/11 1:07 PM

Greyhound of a Girl ■

By R o d dy d oy l e

Amulet books


ary O’Hara is a sharp and cheeky

12-year-old Dublin schoolgirl bravely

facing the fact that her beloved Granny is

dying. But Granny can’t let go of life, and when a mysterious young woman turns up with a

s pecifications 192 pages, 5 × 7¾" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: nortH AmeriCA PUB MONTH: mAY

message for her Granny, Mary gets pulled into

isbn 978-1-4197-0168-9

an unlikely adventure. The woman is the ghost of

us $16.95

Granny’s own mother, who has come to help her daughter say good-bye to her loved ones and

ISBN 978-1-4197-0168-9 CAN $18.95 51695

9 781419 701689

guide her out of this world. She, Mary, and Mary’s mother, Scarlett, embark on a road trip to the past. Four generations of women travel on a midnight car journey. One of them is dead, one of them is dying, one of them is driving, and one of them is just starting out. roddy doyle is the author of nine novels. He won the Man Booker Prize in 1993 for Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. His novels have been made into popular films, including The Commitments and The Snapper. He lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.

explorer t h e M yS t e Ry B ox e S ■

e d I t e d By k A z u k I B u I s h I

Amulet books

From the Booker Prize winner, a coming-of-age tale about four generations of women on an unforgettable journey

A new graphic anthology from the acclaimed creator of Amulet


s pecifications even clever stories answer one simple question: what’s in the box?

Funny, fantastic, spooky, and suspenseful,

Color illustrations throughout 128 pages, 6 × 9"

each of these unique and beautifully illustrated


short graphic works revolves around a central


theme: a mysterious box and the marvels—or

aVai l ab le i n t Wo foRM ats

mayhem—inside. Artists include Kazu Kibuishi,


Raina Telgemeier (Smile), and Dave Roman

isbn 978-1-4197-0009-5

(Astronaut Academy), as well as Jason Caffoe,

ISBN 978-1-4197-0009-5 us $10.95 CAN $11.95


Stuart Livingston, Johane Matte, Rad Sechrist (all contributors to the comics anthology series Flight), and upcoming artist Emily Carroll.

9 781419 700095

Hardcover with jacket isbn 978-1-4197-0010-1

kazu kibuishi is the creator of Amulet, the award-

ISBN 978-1-4197-0010-1 us $19.95 CAN $21.95


winning middle school graphic novel series, and the editor and art director of eight volumes of

9 781419 700101

Flight, the influential, Eisner-nominated graphic anthology. His earlier work Daisy Kutter was named a YALSA Best Book for Young Adults. He lives in Alhambra, California.

Also of Interest S12Adult_134-139.indd 135



10/14/11 1:07 PM

andy warhol: 365 takes t h e a N dy wa R h o L M u S e u M c o L L e c t I o N ■

By t h e s tA f f o f t h e A N dy WA R h o l M u s e u M


s pecifications More than 500 color and blackand-white illustrations

ndy Warhol, one of the most compelling figures of the 20th-century art world,

transformed the landscape of contemporary art.

744 pages, 9¼ × 6¼"

He was also a notorious collector who saved


practically everything that came his way. In 1994,

RIGHTS: nortH AmeriCAn

seven years after the artist’s death, The Andy


Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh became the reposi-

AVAilAble noW

tory not only for a substantial body of his artwork


and films, but also for the Time Capsules into which he obsessively deposited a lifetime’s worth of ephemera and personal memorabilia. For

isbn 978-0-8109-4329-2

ISBN 978-0-8109-4329-2 CAN $35.95 52995

this book, the museum gathered the highlights

us $32.50

of its collection. Illustrated with more than 500

9 780810 943292

objects, from paintings to party invitations, the volume also features lively commentaries by the museum’s staff as well as quotes from Warhol’s own irreverent writings. This book serves as both an introduction to and a handbook for the most extensive collection anywhere of this iconic artist’s work.

LIFe s pecifications 150 full-color photographs 304 pages, 11 × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: nortH AmeriCA AVAilAble noW sCienCe

P h oto g R A P h s By l e N N A R t N I l s s o N

e s s Ays By h A N s W I g z e l l A N d M A R k h o l B o R N


ne of photography’s watershed moments occurred in 1965, when the cover of Life

magazine featured Lennart Nilsson’s photograph

of a living human embryo—the first time life at such an early stage had been captured on film. His bestseller A Child Is Born earned him the sobriquet “The da Vinci of medical photography” (Chicago Tribune). In LIFE, Nilsson’s extraordinary images encompass a full human lifespan. Using

isbn 978-0-8109-5842-5

the world’s most exacting equipment, Nilsson

us $45.00

reveals the interior form of the entire human body

ISBN 978-0-8109-5842-5 CAN $56.00 55000

and its intricate workings. Featuring thoughtful 9 780810 958425

essays by both a noted scientist and a renowned editor, LIFE shines a penetrating light on all of life’s fundamentals. lennart nilsson lives in Sweden and works at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Hans Wigzell is the chief scientific adviser to the Swedish government. mark Holborn has edited and contributed essays to several books.



S12Adult_134-139.indd 136

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Need HR version

eames design ■

J o h N N e u h A R t A N d M A R I ly N N e u h A R t


s pecifications ames Design is the definitive study of the work of the extraordinarily prolific

husband-and-wife team whose creative imprint

revolutionized the look of postwar American society. Now back in print, this groundbreaking book remains the most complete catalog of their studio ever produced, examining in considerable depth every project—more than 200 in all—produced by the Eameses and their office of topflight designers from 1941 to 1978. John and marilyn neuhart, friends and col-

Color illustrations throughout 456 pages, 9 x 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World AVAilAble noW design isbn 978-0-8109-0879-6

ISBN 978-0-8109-0879-6 CAN $125.00 11000

us $95.00

9 780810 908796

leagues of the Eameses for many years, worked directly with Ray Eames before her death to compose the text for each project and select the photographs for this book.

tiffany Flora & Fauna t w o - vo Lu M e S L I P c a S e d S e t ■

By J o h N lo R I N g


s pecifications other Nature is the Best Designer” has served as the unofficial motto for Tiffany

& Co. since 1837. And Mother Nature has never been in better form than in this charming twovolume, slipcased set, which presents Tiffany’s stunningly bejeweled plant and animal kingdom.

Color illustrations throughout 256 pages, 7⅜ × 8⅛" Hardcover with jacket, two-volume die-cut slipcased set RIGHTS: World

John Loring traces the influences of cultural and

AVAilAble noW

aesthetic movements on jewelry design and his-

FAsHion • JeWelrY

tory from Edward C. Moore’s Japanesque silver and John T. Curran and Louis Comfort Tiffany’s

isbn 978-0-8109-4573-9

Art Nouveau creations to the contemporary tri-

us $50.00

umphs of Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso. Orchid clips, apple pendants, parrot brooches, and more

ISBN 978-0-8109-4573-9 CAN $75.00 55000

9 780810 945739

sparkle throughout in beautiful new photographs. John loring is design director emeritus of Tiffany & Co., where he worked for 30 years. He is the author of numerous Abrams’ books on Tiffany style and entertaining.

Now Back in Print S12Adult_134-139.indd 137



10/14/11 1:07 PM

G r e AT G i f T S for


’s day Mother 13 is May

Grandmother Remembers

Canning for a New Generation

Home Made

Weekend Handmade

StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG

StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG

StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG


Stc cRaFt | a MeLaNIe FaLIck Book



432 pages, 8⅛ × 10¼

64 pages, 8½ × 11

304 pages, 8 × 9

isbn 978-0-941434-32-4 us $19.95 CAN $25.95

isbn 978-1-58479-864-4 us $24.95 CAN $29.95

isbn 978-1-58479-946-7 us $40.00 CAN $45.00



ISBN 978-0-941434-32-4


780941 434324

ISBN 978-1-58479-864-4


781584 798644

ISBN 978-1-58479-946-7 54000 9 781584 799467

Hardcover with jacket 152 pages, 8½ × 9½

isbn 978-1-58479-940-5 us $27.50 CAN $31.50 ISBN 978-1-58479-940-5 52750 9 781584 799405

The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy

Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits

Lillian Bassman: Women





Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket

176 pages, 5¼ × 7¾

isbn 978-0-8109-9645-8 us $15.95 CAN $18.95

Hardcover with jacket

320 pages, 9½ × 13

240 pages, 10 × 13

240 pages, 10½ × 13½

isbn 978-1-4197-0059-0

isbn 978-1-4197-0070-5 us $65.00 CAN $75.00

isbn 978-0-8109-8260-4 us $50.00 CAN $64.99

ISBN 978-1-4197-0059-0 us $50.00 CAN $55.00 55000

ISBN 978-1-4197-0070-5 56500

9 781419 700590



S12Adult_134-139.indd 138

9 781419 700705

ISBN 978-0810982604


9 780810 982604

S’Mother aBRaMS IMaGe

ISBN-13: 978-0-8109-9645-8 51595 9 780810 996458

Also of Interest 10/14/11 1:07 PM



The Best Homes from THIS OLD HOUSE

Father ’s d is June ay 17

Fifty More Places to Fly Fish Before You Die

StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG

George Harrison: Living in the Material World

StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG

Fifty More Places to Play Golf Before You Die

Hardcover with jacket


Hardcover with jacket

StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG

228 pages, 9½ × 10

Hardcover with jacket

224 pages, 7 × 8

Hardcover with jacket

isbn 978-1-58479-935-1 us $35.00 CAN $40.00

400 pages, 9½ × 10¾

isbn 978-1-58479-937-5 us $24.95 CAN $27.95

ISBN 978-1-58479-935-1 53500 9 781584 799351

isbn 978-1-4197-0220-4 ISBN 978-1-4197-0220-4 us $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781419 702204

224 pages, 7 × 8

isbn 978-1-58479-793-7 ISBN 978-1-58479-793-7 us $24.95 CAN $32.50

ISBN 978-1-58479-937-5 52495 9 781584 799375

The Big Show

Good Eats 3

Drinkology Beer


StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG

StewaRt, taBoRI & chaNG



781584 797937

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead

Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket



224 pages, 11 × 10¾

432 pages, 9 × 10

352 pages, 5¼ × 6½

Hardcover with jacket

isbn 978-1-4197-0069-9 us $35.00 CAN $40.00

isbn 978-1-58479-903-0 us $37.50 CAN $42.50

isbn 978-1-58479-851-4 us $22.50 CAN $25.50

ISBN 978-1-4197-0069-9 53500

ISBN 978-1-58479-903-0 53750

ISBN 978-1-58479-851-4 52250

9 781419 700699

9 781584 799030

Also of Interest S12Adult_134-139.indd 139

9 781584 798514

320 pages, 9½ × 12

isbn 978-0-8109-8848-4 us $40.00 CAN $48.00 ISBN 978-0-8109-8848-4



780810 988484



10/14/11 1:07 PM

Photogr aPhy and art credits

FRoNt CoveR From Abstract City © christoph

niemann BaCk CoveR From Women Are Heroes © Jr INSIde FRoNt CoveR From IMPACT courtesy of Betsey

Johnson INSIde BaCk CoveR From The French Dog © rachael

hale trust PaGe 1 From Alabama Studio Sewing + Design robert rausch PaGeS 2–3 From Lillian Bassman: Lingerie © Lillian Bassman PaGe 5 top (model): © dior héritage, Paris; bottom (dress): © Laziz hamani PaGeS 6–7 top left: courtesy of thom Browne; top right: Photograph by steve granitz/Wireimage; middle left: courtesy of edmundo castillo; middle center: courtesy of Paul Morelli; middle right: courtesy of diane von Furstenberg; bottom left: courtesy of Betsey Johnson; bottom middle: dan and corina Lecca; bottom right: © Mark seliger Pages 8–9 © Josie iselin PaGeS 10–11 illustrations © John Backderf PaGe 12 top (Lady gaga): © Marco grob/ trunk archive; bottom (Prince): © henrietta Butler/ camera Press PaGe 13 Photographs © Lillian Bassman PaGeS 14–15 clockwise from upper left: © david hockney; © david hockney, photo: richard schmidt; © david hockney/collection of hirshhorn Museum, smithsonian institution, Washington, d.c.; © david hockney, photo: Johnathan Wilkinson PaGe 16 top: courtesy of Peka Verlag; bottom: courtesy of the private collection of Father eugene carrella PaGe 17 top (saint cecilia): © norton simon Museum, Pasadena, ca; bottom (saint Paul): © Mondadori electa archives, Milan, with the permission of the minister of Fine arts and cultural activity PaGe 18 top: © chaneL/Photo Karl Lagerfeld; middle (both right and left):© Fonds iliazd/François Mairé; bottom: © Photo d.r. (right) and © d.r./Vogue France (left) PaGe 19 top (queen): © château de Versailles [dist. rMn]/Jean-Marc Manaï; middle (staircase): © rMn (château de Versailles); bottom (fountain): © château de Versailles [dist. rMn]/christian Milet PaGe 21 top: collection of rhoda Knight Kalt; center: collection of robert simon; bottom: collection of the american Museum of natural history PaGe 22 top: the red room (harmony in red) by henri Matisse © succession h. Matisse, 2011; bottom: irises by Vincent van gogh PaGe 23 cover: collection of the international center of Photography, new york; top: robert capa © international center of Photography/ Magnum Photos, collection of Bernard Matussière; middle: © all rights reserved, collection of Michel Lefebvre; bottom: robert capa © international center of Photography/Magnum Photos, collection Michel Lefebvre PaGe 24 all photographs © Los angeles dodgers PaGe 25 Photographs © Juergen nogai PaGeS 26–27 © christoph niemann PaGe 28 © sophie carre PaGe 29 all photographs © Jean randazzo PaGeS 30–31 Photographs © eric Piasecki PaGe 32 illustrations © anthony hope-smith PaGe 33 all images © & TM  the topps company, inc. PaGeS 34–35 illustrations © daniel clowes PaGe 36 © george rodrigue PaGe 37 © Paul smith


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comicarts is a registered trademark of harry n. abrams, inc., registered in the U.s. Patent and trademark office.


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aLPhaBeticaL indeX

21 | twenty one 118 24 Penguins Before christmas advent calendar 133 abdulnasser gharem 98 abstract city 26–27 adventure time 2013 Wall calendar 125 alabama studio sewing + design 52–53 alastair Morton and edinburgh Weavers 115 alice in Wonderland giant Poster and coloring Book 84 ambassador Magazine, the 118 andy Warhol: 365 takes 136 art of andy Warhol 2013 Wall calendar 130 art of andy Warhol 2013 engagement calendar 130 art of daniel clowes, the 34–35 art of george rodrigue, the 36 art of Precolumbian ecuador, the 96 award-Winning British design 1957–1988 113 Baldwin/guggisberg 94 Ballgowns 119 Baseball Fantography 85 Blown covers 38–39 Bonnaroo 82–83 British design from 1948 112–113 British Posters 112 Brother Jimmy’s BBQ 78–79 Bruegel 20 cakeLove in the Morning 71 charles r. Knight 21 christopher nolan’s Batman 44–45 chuck close 134 churchill style 87 classic Palmer, the 66 color in art 22

commando 86 cult of Beauty, the 110–111 culture chanel 18 cupcakes and cashmere 91 custom Knits accessories 76 david hockney: a Bigger Picture 14–15 david hockney: a yorkshire sketchbook 100–101 decorative arts and design 122 denyse schmidt: Modern Quilts, traditional inspiration 64–65 design Like you give a damn [2] 40–41 diary of a Wimpy Kid illustrated 2013 calendar 125 dodgers, the 24 dogs 2013 Wall calendar 129 domo 2013 Wall calendar 131 eames design 137 edge of arabia 99 edvard Munch 107 explorer 135 extraordinary chickens 2013 Wall calendar 129 extraordinary Pigs 2013 Wall calendar 132 Fabrics a to Z 62 French dog, the 68–69 Friedrich Karl gotsch 95 garbage Pail Kids 33 george Bellows 134 gonzo 32 good Bones, great Pieces 72–73 greyhound of a girl 135 harry’s Bar 54 hazan Family Favorites 75 high street 114 holy cards 16 houses of the sundown sea 25 i Brake for yard sales 63 iMPact 6–7 inspiration 50–51

inspiration dior 5 irish country house 109 Joy of decorating, the 58–59 Julia’s cats 90 Knitted dinosaurs 48 Knitting nature 49 Legend of Zelda 2013 Wall calendar 124 LiFe 136 Lillian Bassman: Lingerie 13 Magritte a to Z 103 Making history 96 Making More Plants 57 Manet and the object of Painting 105 Memories of Philippine Kitchens 70 Monkey Portraits 2013 Wall calendar 132 Munch 106 Music Box 12 My Bump Book 74 My Friend dahmer 10–11 natural companions 56 norman rockwell’s christmas advent calendar 133 P.s. i still hate it here 88–89 Pantone 2013 engagement calendar 126 Pantone 2013 Wall calendar 126 Paul smith 37 Picasso and Modern British art 102 Pie it Forward 60–61 Pierre hermé Pastries 55 Planet golf 2013 Wall calendar 131 Quebec and canadian art 122 Quilts 1700–2010 115 robert capa 23 saint Laurent rive gauche 28 saints and their symbols 17 sea glass hearts 8–9

sea glass hearts 2013 Wall calendar 127 seventeenth-century Women’s dress Patterns: Book two 120–121 the simpsons 2013 daily Planner 125 six Fairy tales from the Brothers grimm with illustrations by david hockney 100–101 steven gambrel 30–31 super Mario Brothers 2013 Wall calendar 124 tate Modern artists: William Kentridge 104 tate Modern: the handbook 105 tiffany Flora & Fauna 137 tiny World terrariums 67 treehouses of the World 2013 Wall calendar 129 turner Monet twombly 108 Uglydoll 2013 Wall calendar 132 Urban Farms 43 V&a Pattern: Boxed set #4 116 V&a Pattern: heal’s 117 V&a Pattern: Liberty & co. 117 V&a Pattern: Modern British designers 117 V&a Pattern: sanderson 1954–74 117 Vermeer 20 Versailles 19 Vintage remix 29 William Wegman: Man’s Best Friend 2013 Wall calendar 128 William Wegman: Puppies 2013 Wall calendar 128 Women are heroes 42 yankee greats 77 yoruba 97


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category indeX

arChaeology art of Precolumbian ecuador 96

arChiteCture award-Winning British design 1957–1988 113 British design from 1948 112–113 design Like you give a damn [2] 40–41

Friedrich Karl gotsch 95 Magritte a to Z 103 Making history 96 Manet and the object of Painting 105 Munch 106 Picasso and Britain 102 Quebec and canadian art 122 saints and their symbols 17 six Fairy tales from the Brothers grimm with illustrations by david hockney 100–101 tate Modern artists: William Kentridge 104 tate Modern: the handbook 105 turner Monet twombly 108 Versailles 19 yoruba 97

art history Vermeer 20 ▲ houses of the sundown sea 25 irish country house 109

art abdulnasser gharem 98 andy Warhol: 365 takes 136 art of george rodrigue, the 36 art of Precolumbian ecuador, the 96 Baldwin/guggisberg 94 British Posters 112 Bruegel 20 charles r. Knight 21 ▼ color in art 22

cult of Beauty, the 110–111 david hockney 14–15 david hockney: a yorkshire sketchbook 100–101 decorative arts and design 122 edge of arabia 99 edvard Munch 107

1 42

Biography churchill style 87 Julia’s cats 90

CalenDars 24 Penguins Before christmas advent calendar 133 adventure time 2013 Wall calendar 125 art of andy Warhol 2013 Wall calendar 130 art of andy Warhol 2013 engagement calendar 130 dogs 2013 Wall calendar 129 domo 2013 Wall calendar 131 extraordinary chickens 2013 Wall calendar 129 extraordinary Pigs 2013 Wall calendar 132 Legend of Zelda 2013 Wall calendar 124 Monkey Portraits 2013 Wall calendar 132 norman rockwell’s christmas advent calendar 133 Pantone 2013 engagement calendar 126 Pantone 2013 Wall calendar 126 Planet golf 2013 Wall calendar 131

Craft alabama studio sewing + design 52–53 custom Knits accessories 76 denyse schmidt: Modern Quilts, traditional inspiration 64–65 Fabrics a to Z 62 Knitted dinosaurs 48 Knitting nature 49 ⊳ tiny World terrariums 67

sea glass hearts 2013 Wall calendar 127 the simpsons 2013 daily Planner 125 super Mario Brothers 2013 Wall calendar 124 treehouses of the World 2013 Wall calendar 129 Uglydoll 2013 Wall calendar 132 William Wegman: Man’s Best Friend 2013 Wall calendar 128 William Wegman: Puppies 2013 Wall calendar 128 Wimpy Kid illustrated 2013 calendar 125

ChilDren’s chuck close 134 explorer 135 george Bellows 134 greyhound of a girl 135

Current events Blown covers 38–39

DeCorative arts the cult of Beauty 110–111 V&a Pattern: Boxed set #4 116 V&a Pattern: heal’s 117 V&a Pattern: Liberty & co. 117 V&a Pattern: Modern British designers 117 V&a Pattern: sanderson 1954–74 117

Design 21 | twenty one 118 ⊳ abstract city 26–27 award-Winning British design 1957–1988 113 British design from 1948 112–113 British Posters 112 eames design 137 high street 114 V&a Pattern: Boxed set #4 116 V&a Pattern: heal’s 117 V&a Pattern: Liberty & co. 117 V&a Pattern: Modern British designers 117 V&a Pattern: sanderson 1954–74 117

ComiC art gonzo 32

ComiCs ⊲ art of daniel clowes, the 34–35

Cooking cakeLove in the Morning 71


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entertaining cupcakes and cashmere 91

environment ▼ design Like you give a damn [2] 40–41

hazan Family Favorites 75 Memories of Philippine Kitchens 70 Pie it Forward 60–61 Pierre hermé Pastries 55

history churchill style 87 harry’s Bar 54

humor P.s. i still hate it here 88–89

sCienCe charles r. Knight 21 LiFe 136

musiC Bonnaroo 82–83 commando 86 Music Box 12

nature charles r. Knight 21 ▼ sea glass hearts 8–9

sports ▲ Baseball Fantography 85 dodgers, the 24 classic Palmer, the 66 yankee greats 77

inspiration inspiration 50–51

interior Design award-Winning British design 1957–1988 113 British design from 1948 112–113 good Bones, great Pieces 72–73 ▼ i Brake for yard sales 63 irish country house 109 Joy of decorating, the 58–59 steven gambrel 30–31 Vintage remix 29 Lillian Bassman: Lingerie 13 Paul smith 37 Quilts 1700–2010 115 saint Laurent rive gauche 28 seventeenth-century Women’s dress Patterns 120–121 tiffany Flora & Fauna 137

garbage Pail Kids 33 P.s. i still hate it here 88–89

religion holy cards 16 saints and their symbols 17

garDening ⊲ Making More Plants 57 natural companions 56 tiny World terrariums 67 Urban Farms 43

graphiC novels gonzo 32 My Friend dahmer 10–11

fashion alastair Morton and edinburgh Weavers 115 ambassador Magazine 118 Ballgowns 119 culture chanel 18 cupcakes and cashmere 91 inspiration dior 5 ▼ iMPact 6–7

memoir commando 86

textiles alastair Morton and edinburgh Weavers 115 Quilts 1700–2010 115 parenting My Bump Book 74 travel irish country house 109 pets the French dog 68–69 true Crime My Friend dahmer 10–11 photography Lillian Bassman: Lingerie 13 robert capa 23 sea glass hearts 8–9 Women are heroes 42

Women’s stuDies inspiration 50–51

film christopher nolan’s Batman 44–45

fooD & Wine Brother Jimmy’s BBQ 78–79

JeWelry tiffany Flora & Fauna 137

pop Culture alice in Wonderland giant Poster and coloring Book 84 Bonnaroo 82–83


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inForMation to the tr ade

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115 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011


ABRAMS is a subsidiary of La Martinière Groupe 25, Boulevard Romain Rolland 75014 PARIS T +33 (0) 1 41 48 80 00

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Claire Bamundo Publicity Director, STC and Abrams Image

Jody Mosley National Accounts Manager

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Jennifer Brunn Publicity Director, Abrams

Cortney Keim Business Development Manager

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Mary Wowk Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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Ordering Information Maria Vassilopoulos Sales Coordinator

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U.S. Book Trade Sales Representatives SouthweSt: CA, AZ, NM, NV, CO, UT, HI, AK, ID, MT, WY, WA, OR Karel/Dutton Group 4911 Morella Avenue Valley Village, CA 91607

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Pricing and Shipping: Prices in this catalog are suggested retail prices only. Any reseller is free to charge whatever he or she wishes for the books listed. Titles, prices, publication dates, and other contents of this catalog are subject to change without notice. Although ABRAMS will make every effort to follow reasonable shipping instructions, we will not accept responsibility or chargebacks for deviations from these instructions.



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