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Dinnertime at last! This meatloaf looks familiar— have we met before?

Soft, quiet beauty, won't you be my Valentine? No answer? I'll wait.

Flying through the sky, my new kite keeps its distance— must not chew on string.

The sweet smell of spring, the rumbling of my tummy— daisy snack attack!

House with no candy, I will help you decorate! Next year, please buy more.

Just like a snowflake, there is only one Domo— and I will not melt.

Whiff of fresh balsam, presents bought and wrapped with care— here comes Domo Claus!

Domo in the World  
Domo in the World  

Domo is the funny, square-ish, brown creature that began life as a mascot for a Japanese TV network, but who has blown up into a beloved int...