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How to Wear Makeup 7 5 T I P S + T U TO R I A L S ■ ■ I L LU S T R AT E D BY J U D I T H VA N D E N H O E K

S E LLING POINTS ■■ Makeup is timeless; the classic and modern styles included in the book appeal to a wide range

A beautifully illustrated pocket guide with step-by-step makeup tutorials

of ages ■■ More retailers like Anthropologie are carrying makeup, and this little package will merchandize perfectly in displays and on counters ■■ Gorgeous add-on gift to any makeup purchase

S PECIFICATIONS 175 watercolor illustrations 128 pages, 4½ × 6½" Flexibind RIGHTS: WORLD PUB MONTH: APRIL HEALTH & BEAUTY • HOW-TO ISBN 978-1-4197-2397-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-2397-1 US $12.95  CAN $15.95 51295 9 781419 723971

ISBN 978-1-68335-044-6 6-copy combo counter display How to Wear Makeup and How to Wear Jewelry ISBN 978-1-4197-2610-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-2610-1 US $77.70  CA $95.70 57770 9 781419 726101



rom applying a sultry smoky cat-eye to a flawless red lip, How to Wear

Makeup is an essential guide to perfecting any beauty routine. Here is advice on the best products to include in a makeup bag, tips for seasonal skincare, and the best techniques for transitioning looks from day to night—a must-have for anyone seeking

How to Wear Jewelry ISBN 978-1-4197-2019-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-2019-2 US $12.95  CAN $15.95 51295 9 781419 720192

Face Paint ISBN 978-1-4197-1796-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-1796-3 US $29.95  CAN $35.95 52995

9 781419 717963

fresh and simple ways to wear makeup. Covering everything from foundation and contouring basics, eyeshadow and eyeliner tutorials, finding the best shade of lipstick for any occasion, tips for eyebrow shaping, and more, How to Wear Makeup is the perfect pocket reference, gift-wrapped in an irresistible package.

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Founded by Harry N. Abrams in 1949, ABRAMS was the first company in the United States to specialize in publishing art and illustrated books....

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