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Arch 202 Spring 2017‐ Studio Section 5 Project 1: Precedent Analysis Idea Store / Whitechapel Road,  Adjaye Associates, London, 2005

Chafiq Ennaoui Herman Lam Yiruo Li David Lin Fay Ng Kritanai Pisutigomol Yaakov Roffman Sean Russo Yiwen Shen Sowon Yun Ayman Zafar Yvonne Zhang Instructor: Maria Vrdoljak

Organizational Systems

Library and Community Components Diagrams

Library Components

Community Components

Traditional Library

'Collector '

Body Pavilion

Programmatic Components Study Model Scale 1/32”=1’-0”

Spatial Systems

Community Gathering Spaces and Individual Reading Spaces diagrams

Studying and Reading Spaces Diagrams. The reading spaces are at the perimeter of the Idea Store open floor plans.

External and Internal Voids Study Model Scale 1/16”=1’-0”

Circulation Systems Four points of entry Double helix stair. Meandering circulation path at reading stacks.

Ciruclation Path Diagrams

Double Helix Staircase Study Model Scale 1/2”=1’-0”

Structural Systems

Facade, Structure and Interior Integration

Concrete Moment Frame Diagrams

Cantilevered Facade Study Model Scale 1/4”=1’-0”

Facade and Furniture Integration Study Model Scale 1/2”=1’-0”

Environmental Systems No ducts Evaporating cooling system Climatic buffer zone at street facade

Heat Map, Airflow, Daylight Diagrams South Facade Analysis

Documentation Axonometrics

Idea store, Whitechapel Road; SP17 202 Maria Vrdoljak  

Precendent Study of the Idea Store