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“Prodigy of sound and movement... a true exceptional talent.” Saale-Zeitung

26.11.2010 8:00pm (星期五 Fri)

香港大會堂音樂廳 Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall $320, $220, $120

敲擊 Percussion

葛魯賓格 Martin Grubinger Winner of the Leonard Bernstein Award, Schleswig-Holstein Festival XXIV International Masterplayers Competition in Lugano



音樂總監/指揮 Music Director/Conductor

葉詠詩 Yip Wing-sie

莫扎特 《魔笛》序曲 華倫 《妙不可言》為敲擊獨奏及樂隊而寫 雷史碧基 《鳥》 安倍圭子 《稜.狂想曲》為馬林巴琴及樂隊而寫 Mozart The Magic Flute Overture Rolf Wallin Das war Schön! for percussion solo & orchestra Respighi Gli Uccelli (The Birds) Keiko Abe Prism Rhapsody for solo marimba & orchestra 門票由9月26日起於城市電腦售票網發售 Tickets available at URBTIX from 26 September 2010 香港小交響樂團由香港特別行政區政府資助


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“A once-in-a-hundred-years musician.” Die Welt

奧地利敲擊王子葛魯賓格的演奏集速度、力量與音樂感於一身,火 花四射,2008年首度訪港時叫好叫座,全場血脈沸騰,令觀眾眼界 大開。他亦是多個比賽獎項得主、世界各大著名音樂廳的常客,最 近更成為著名唱片公司Deutsche Grammophon 的專屬藝人。葛魯賓 格是次載譽回歸,共演兩首協奏曲,不容錯過!


Critics have dubbed him “wizard of the percussion” and “percussion boy wonder”. Austrian multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger certainly lives up to the reputation, having caused an international sensation in recent years. Many composers have composed for him and his breathtaking performances at such prestigious venues as the Musikverein, Concertgebouw and Carnegie Hall have taken the world by storm. Recently signed by Deutsche Grammophon, he was Artist-in-Residence at the Leipzig Gewandhaus in 2008/2009 and winner of the “Leonard Bernstein Award” at the Schleswig Holstein Festival in 2007. In his second collaboration with Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Martin Grubinger will perform two concertos in one evening. 《妙不可言》 Rolf Wallin’s Das war Schön! (“That was nice!”) 挪威作曲家華倫為敲擊獨奏及樂隊而寫的《妙不可言》靈感取自鳥語以及莫扎特 的一些生平逸事,充滿「和煦的魅力」和「頑皮的幽默感」,作品由葛魯賓格先後 於2006及07年作世界首演及灌錄唱片。 Premiered and recorded by Martin Grubinger, Das war schön! by award-winning composer Rolf Wallin (“a distinctive voice in Norwegian music”, Gramophone) is a witty work inspired by Mozart and bird songs. BBC Music Magazine commented that “this Mozart tribute combines a genial charm, with flair and a sometimes impish sense of humour.”

馬林巴琴之后:安倍圭子 Keiko Abe, the queen of marimba 安倍圭子是馬林巴琴的重要先驅,除了在樂器研發居功至偉,也是世界公認的馬 林巴琴演奏權威。她的眾多創作更在馬林巴琴音樂中佔一非常重要席位,當中包 括《稜.狂想曲》。此曲充滿懾人能量,技巧要求相當高,絕對精彩! Keiko Abe is a very important exponent of the marimba, having transformed what was once considered a primitive “folk” instrument into the full-fledged concert instrument of today - not only through her contribution to the design of the instrument and her performances, but also through her compositions, many of which have become staples of marimba literature. Her Prism Rhapsody is a freespirited, exhilarating and highly virtuosic work that will take your breath away.

葛魯賓格最新大碟 Martin Grubinger’s latest album

門票由9月26日起於城市電腦售票網發售 Tickets available at all URBTIX outlets from 26 September 2010 全日制學生、高齡人士、殘疾人士及綜合社會保障援助受惠人士可獲半價優惠 | 凡購買正價門票4張或以上,可獲9折優惠

Half-price tickets available for full-time students, senior citizens, people with disabilities and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients 10% discount for group booking of 4 or more adult tickets

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