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HKIS...The Early Years: Tensions in China, and the Cultural Revolution


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HKIS...The Early Years... Memories of “First” Headmaster, Bob Christian Mounting tensions in China due to the

The opening of HKIS was the result of cooperation among many peo-

Cultural Revolution resulted in thou-

ple and many groups. The Hong Kong Education Department gave the

sands of refugees finding their way into

grant of land for constructing the facilities, along with an initial loan

Hong Kong. They lived on the hillsides in squatters huts which were often devastated by fire, in the hastily built high rise government buildings which provided 100 square foot flats for six to eight people or more, or on the junks in Aberdeen, Causeway Bay, and other places. Eight months after the September 1966 opening of the HKIS Provisional School on Chung Hom Kok Road, these problems erupted into six months of riots in the colony creating some “interesting challenges”. China cut off the water supply to Hong Kong during the summer months of 1967, only providing the population four hours of water each fourth day. Furthermore, the devaluation of the US dollar during this time also fueled additional problems. While the Provisional School was established during the 1966-67 school year, the first HKIS facilities were being constructed in Repulse Bay. Somehow the building went up. 35 teachers from all over the world began their ministry at the school, and the K-12 HKIS program opened with over 600 students in September 1967. Keeping with the custom and practice of schools in Hong Kong, which at that time had over 1,000,000 students in primary and secondary education, HKIS students attended school in their school uniforms: “the winter uniforms” were for cool temperatures, featuring a light blue blazer with the “Crusader’s Cross” emblem.

in support of this. The Lutheran Church in the US provided a grant and loan for construction, the Lutheran Church in Hong Kong and other Hong Kong church bodies “pitched in”, and the Hong Kong business community and the U.S. State Department provided assistance in many ways. The new teachers gave their all, and parents helped with countless hours of volunteer work. The name for the school, “Hong Kong International”, rather than “The American School in Hong Kong”, or something else along these lines, was chosen because of the philosophical and educational belief that a school in an international setting should take full advantage of the many opportunities it was offered to provide positive inter-cultural experiences. It should bring students and their families from various backgrounds together, fostering international understanding and relationships. HKIS changed my life too, and I continue to have a deep love for this “awesome” school. As I look back, why did my dear wife, Arleen, and I, decide to take our family halfway around the world, to a place that had so many unknowns and so many uncertainties? We really felt that this was a God-given call to serve God and people who were all part of God’s creation, our brothers and sisters. We believed that an “American - type education” in an international setting, with an international flavor and substance was important. From the very beginning, it was our hope and our prayer that in and through the school and its people, all persons who would be in contact with the school, would be touched by God’s love.

That was the picture for the first years, after my wife Arleen and I, with our three daughters and one son, ages seven through fifteen stepped off the plane in Hong Kong in early August of 1966. We said our good-byes to friends in the Bronx, New York, where we had lived for the previous seventeen years, and to family in the Midwest. Yes, there were tears from our children as they left their home, but within several months, they were saying, “Being here in Hong Kong is great, mom and dad”, and they quickly settled into their new school and the new community surrounding them. Their years in Hong Kong became positive life-changing experiences.

This continues to be my hope and my prayer for those who currently attend the school and who have attended the school in the past. I also plan, unless there are unforeseen events in the next 14 months, to be in Hong Kong in June of 2007 for the 40th year anniversary and all school HKIS reunion. It will be a joy to be with you. I hope you can make it. The alumni and staff are working so hard to make this a very special and a very meaningful experience. God be with you, Bob Christian


Message From The Head of School Next school year will be a year of celebrations at HKIS to mark our 40th year of serving and educating in Hong Kong. The biggest event scheduled thus far is the 40th Reunion to be held in Hong Kong during the weekend of June 14-19, 2007. Alumni, ex-faculty, ex-Board leaders and past Heads of School will gather in Hong Kong for the event. The 40th Anniversary website ( is taking registrations now. Three familiar faces already signed up for the event include Kenneth Rohrs, Diana McGregor-Brown and David Kohl. Take a few moments to check out the site, see who else is planning to participate, and register when you have time. Your presence would help to make this a special gathering, so please mark your calendars. As part of our celebrations, we will also be publishing the Alumni-sponsored HKIS History Book. A big thanks to all alumni who have supported this project. Dear HKIS Alumni, At the end of April, the Charles W. Dull Visiting Scholar Series, sponsored by the HKIS Annual Fund, hosted Erik Weihenmayer ‘86, a celebrated athlete and traveler who is also blind. A high school and college wrestler, sky diver, skier, scuba diver, marathon runner, wilderness hiker, ice and rock-climber, and mountaineer, he is the only blind person to summit Mt. Everest. He is one of the youngest people to climb the Seven Summits, the highest peaks of each continent. And, to top it off, Erik is an alumnus of HKIS. He attended HKIS from 1976-80. His visit to HKIS was a homecoming for him. While here he was able to meet up with his second grade teacher, Tina Adams, who retired last year from HKIS. Erik is an outstanding example of strong character, commitment, achievement and teamwork. During his presentations Erik candidly shared the challenges he had to overcome. He spoke movingly of the role his family played in his battle to break through the barriers of blindness. If you would like to learn more about Erik, your alum, please take the time to visit his website at The Celebration Ball on May 13 allowed our community to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and our school while raising funds for HKIS. We had six alumni sponsored tables. I want to thank alumni serving on the Celebration Ball Committee: Gisa Lee ’80, Pattie Bossany Gordon ’84 and Liza Wei ’82 for their hard work. My thanks also go to our Alumni Co-chairs serving on the Annual Fund Cabinet, Ning Li ’76 and Timothy Zee ’84.


As I write, 193 members of the Class of 2006 are preparing for graduation. We can be proud of their accomplishments and wish them god-speed as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives. Please welcome them as newly-minted alumni of HKIS. Alumni are an integral part of both the heritage and the future of our school. I am committed to maintaining and strengthening school links with you wherever you are in the world. If you have new ideas on how we can improve contacts or ideas for new events and programs, please let us know by emailing

Have a wonderful summer, and keep in touch! Sincerely,

Richard W. Mueller Head of School

Message From The Alumni Board President: Kenneth Koo By the time you’re reading this message, your Alumni Board have already laid the groundwork for this “once-in-a-lifetime” 40th Reunion to be held in June, 2007. View the progress of this Reunion’s planning on the 40th Reunion Website as well as a potpourri of features, infopaks as well as the ever-expanding “40 Years Of............” photo gallery which will really stoke the fires of nostalgia within your hearts. For those of you who’ve registered for this Reunion, welcome back as you pick up from the last time you were in HKIS and continue your journey with HKIS. For those whom are still wondering if this is worthwhile...................believe me, IT IS !!!!! Ken ‘77

Kenneth Koo ‘77 with his family

Message From The Annual Fund Alumni Co-Chairs Calling All Alumni to Show Your HKIS Spirit and Support the Annual Fund As fellow HKIS alumni, we share a common goal of upholding the value of our own education from HKIS by ensuring that HKIS continues to provide the best education to all its 2,576 students from Reception 1 to Grade 12. Alumni support of the Annual Fund has enabled HKIS to achieve this goal by supporting a number of important programs, which otherwise would not be available to its current student body or would add to the already high tuition. For example, without the Annual Fund, there would not be the Instrumental Music programs, Merit and Needbased Scholarships, the Charles H. Dull Visiting Scholars series, Special needs programs, Services to the Community and Summer Programs. Alumni can contribute either on a non-discretionary basis to the Annual Fund or on a discretionary basis by designating the specific use of your contribution. For example, one of the initiatives of the Annual Fund currently under consideration, but subject to approval, is to set up an Alumni-sponsored Scholarship, which would require Alumni to raise HK$200,000 per year over each of the next three years to provide one combination based scholarship, which would be awarded based on a local student’s academic excellence in addition to his/her financial need in determining eligibility. This would provide an opportunity for Alumni to support a gifted local student and for the individual to benefit from

an HKIS education. Although we could probably find ten Alumni to write a check for HK$20,000, we would rather see 200 Alumni write checks for HK$1,000 to support this worthy initiative. More importantly, our goal is to show that Alumni care, by increasing the number and percentage of participants contributing to the Annual Fund. Every level of support, whether HK$100 or HK$1,000,000, is equally valued and appreciated. Please show your spirit and support the Annual Fund and HKIS with your contributions.

Timothy Zee ’84 Alumni Co-Chair

Ning Li ‘76 Alumni Co-Chair


AP Artwork


Homecoming 2006 was held on January 4 with 80 participants total, and the majority (73) being walk-ins Many attendees found Homecoming to be an enjoyable time to reconnect and mingle with their former friends and teachers. The Barbecue Lunch, Tent Reunion, and Cookies with the Counseling Department all had a strong turnout and several alumni met up with their counselors and friends to share college experiences. The final event of the day ended with an evening reception at the Fringe Club Rooftop garden, with a gathering of both visiting and local Alumni.


Old and New Class of1986 20th Reunion Dear Class of 1986, We’re looking for you! Our 20-year reunion on the weekend of September 30th, 2006 in Las Vegas! Book your flights and hotel room (Bally’s) and reserve your space for the reunion dinner which will be held at House of Blues, Mandalay Bay. The price includes: dinner, drinks, a show (Boogie Knights, how appropriate!), tax and service. Plans for the Friday night will depend on the number of people attending. The sooner you can confirm, the easier it will be to organize everything. More details and fun at Questions, comments, PHOTOS (old & new) mail to: Your Class Agent and Reunion Organizer, Christine Wong (

Class of 1987-89 Reunion (December 2005) It was just as she always dreamed. A white hooded cloak trimmed with white fur, draped around a white strapless gown with sample beaded design. Elegant and beautiful just like the entirety of our reunion. If anyone can pull off incorporating an Asian flare into a southernbelle Kentucky wedding, Alana Insko ‘87, now Alana Insko-Kelley, can. And she did. On December 17th, 2005 Paige DaSaro ‘87 walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid wearing a deep burgundy cheongsam. She represented us all in her usual dignifed and humorous way, delivering a touching and powerful toast at the rehearsal dinner the night before. Cheers to us all for honoring the bond established 20+ years ago at HKIS (the original one). Not missing a beat since we left Repulse Bay beach parties, Stanley Market shopping fests (old-school style before the ‘upgrades’) and all the experiences involved in Wanchai night life, now parents, professionals, home owners, pet lovers, etc. We shared stories of pur adult lives while maintaining the purity of humor only found in adolescence. Michelle Craig ‘87, now Michelle Camelio, and husband Rich along with Sue Steinberg ‘87 had the most catching up to do. Paige DaSaro, Anne Getzelma, Hilary and husband Russel, Newman (aka Hilary Lynch ‘ 87), myself, Ngina (Nicki) Tobias and partner Charlena found each other once again many years later and many miles apart for many more good reasons.


We were drunk with curiosity regarding our fellow alumni. Names that repeatedly came up were Rob Potter ‘ 87 (are you still a pilot?), Rob Gvozden ‘87 (Paige keeps us all up to date thanks to your humorous email correspondence), Melissa McPheeters ‘87, Bradstreet -where are you? Derek Capre ‘85(still a business man in NY?), my brother Vince Tobias ‘85 (Anne shared pictures of your recent California visit), and Brian Thomas ‘86 -still a kind and generous spirit I hear! More of you were mentioned and we are thankful for all of the fun filled memories revisited. Thank you HKIS for being the catayst for this beauty and success we all share today. Stay tuned for the next “B-Crew” update. Sincerely with peace and love, Nicki Tobias An Irish Blessing chosen by Alana at her wedding set the tone for our reunion as well: If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. So let it be

HKIS “Christmas in California” (December 2005)

Dan and Sandie Fischer hosted a scrumptious Mexican food lunch for HKIS teachers and alumni on December 28, 2005. Pictured are:(Left to right) Gayle Timken, teaching grade 3 at Faith Lutheran, Vista, CA. Karen Markin, HKIS Middle School teacher and Religious Education Facilitator Jerry Markin, HKIS Middle School teacher and Basketball Coach Phyllis Lebrecht, resource teacher at St. Paulís, Orange, CA Larry Lebrecht, retired in Brea, CA Beth Hoeppner, teaching Grade 2 and directing Grades 1-4 choir, LaPorte, Indiana David Hoeppner, teaching Grade 5 and coaching basketball in LaPorte, Indiana Josh Wetjen ‘95, teaching English at St. Paul Central High School in Minneapolis, MN Karen Wetjen, teaching Grade 3 at Horizon Christian Academy in La Mesa, CA Bethany Wetjen ‘97, teaching Kindergarten at College Park Elementary in Costa Mesa, CA Dennis Wetjen, teaching Grades 4-7 Science & US History at Christ Lutheran, La Mesa, CA Lois Voeltz, on-line theology instructor at Orange Lutheran High; regional Bible Study leader; living in Phoenix, AZ Sarah (Fischer)Roesler ‘96 and daughter Trinity Lee Roesler (born July 11, 2005), substitute teaching in Fallbrook, CA Fritz Voeltz, Glendale Union High School District teacher in Phoenix, AZ Sandie Fischer retired from teaching, still trying to write, tutoring and babysitting Trinity in Fallbrook, CA Dan Fischer, teaching Middle School Science, Math and Religion at Zion Lutheran, Fallbrook, CA; still leading yearly biking trip in China.


The United Way Volunteer Center of Midland County Presents Volunteen of the Week The United Way Volunteer Center of Midland County proudly awards the “VolunTEEN of the Week” title to Gretchen Jennings ‘06, daughter of Peter and Martha Jennings. Gary Jones, Executive Director of Midland County Habitat, nominated Gretchen for Humanity. When asked why she volunteers, Gretchen replied, “I’ve come to realize that colleges expect a certain degree of volunteerism from students. And it is a passion in my life to help other people. I hate to see people suffering. I just have a great desire to help!” Gretchen is President of the newly formed campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity International. Gretchen encountered Habitat while living outside the Midland area. When she moved here, she resolved to establish a chapter. Through interaction with the Midland affiliate and Habitat for Humanity International, she formed a core group of students at Dow High and began holding meetings. They have held several fund-raisers at school, the mall, and other venues. In addition, the chapter played a major role in building one of Habitat’s five houses in 2005! Gretchen is a Senior at Dow High. She is a member of the “Key Club” and chairperson for special projects. Gretchen is also a member of her church youth group, which is preparing for their mission trip to Mississippi. As a freshman and sophomore, Gretchen was a member of the “Service for Saturdays” in Hong Kong, and was a member of Habitat for Humanity in Hong Kong. Gretchen also has two part-time jobs, one as a telemarketer and one working in a veterinarian office in Freeland. Gretchen plans to attend Wake Forest University in North Carolina where she hopes to study biology and social work. (Excerpt taken from the Midland Daily News, provided by Karen Markin, HKIS Middle School teacher.)

Henry Chien (Class of ‘92) and the HKIS Alumni Football team! Q1: How did you all come together again to form a team? A1: Peps (Pravesh Narain ‘92) was playing with a bunch of KGV people in a league and when I came back from the States, they needed players so with Peps and Howard (Howard Tang ‘94) already there, it was a no brainer. Subsequently, I called Spencer (Spencer Chiu ‘93) and he too thought it would be fun for us to all get together. Q2: Who are the HKIS members and what year are they from? A2: Henry ‘92, Peps ‘92, Spencer ‘93, Howard ‘94, Lyman ‘93 Q3: Do you guys have nicknames? A3: Bulldog, Spenny, Peps, YellowHoody and Ly (Corresponds to order in A2.) Q4: Tell us more about the league and how you recruited (or were recruited) for the team. A4: 12 teams compete in an eight month league. We play league games every Saturday and practice on Thursdays. We also joined another larger league called the Active league consisting four divisions and eleven team per division. League games are usually on Sunday, so we play an average three times a week. Q5: Anything else you would to add? A5: All HKIS alumni are welcome so if you guys are interested, let us or the Alumni Office know! Alumni Football Statistics Top Assist = Henry Top Scorer = Spencer Most Consistent = Howard Most Yellow / Red Cards = Peps On April 29, 2006, the Alumni Footballers revisited the Tai Tam pitch to take on the Varsity 2005-2006 Team. Alumni: 2 goals, HKIS Varsity: 1 goal. Congratulations are in place to the Alumni team!! Old guys can run afterall! Here’s to a continuing tradition!!


Back to the future: Jeremy Evans (Class of 1993) always enjoyed being involved in the game. Jeremy and Michael Elliot ’93 were Varsity teammates during the 1992-1993 school year, under the fine coaching of Brian Brumsickle (Humanities teacher 1992-1994). Jeremy is now the proud coach of the HKIS Junior Varsity boys’ team, with 16 wins and only two losses!

Jeremy with HKIS Junior Varsity Boys’ Team

Strolling by the Humanities office, still located in Room C416 at the high school, some of us might recall the likes of Mr. Dan McCarthy, Marty Schmidt, Brian Brumsickle, and George Coombs, two of which have continued into their decade and a half of teaching at HKIS (Mr. Coombs and Mr. Schmidt). Suddenly you hear a student say, “Hey, Mr. Evans, I had a question about the Civil War….” Mr. Evans? John Evans, high school counselor in 1992-1993? Na, couldn’t be! Jeremy Evans, Class of ’93? Couldn’t be him either! Out strolls a tall man explaining the intricacies of the battle between the North and South to the student inquiring about the American Civil War. He’s the splitting image of….Jeremy Evans, Class of 1993!! After leaving HKIS to attend Guilford College, Greensboro, NC in 1993, Jeremy graduated with a degree in Secondary Education and History and started teaching in North Carolina from 1997 (history, economics, and government). Jeremy attributes his passion and interest to teaching to his parents who were both teachers here at HKIS during the 1992-1993 school year.

In November 2004, Jeremy returned to Hong Kong for an interview with HKIS to teach American Studies and AP American History, as he felt it was time to explore other teaching opportunities. 2005 was a successful and exciting year for Jeremy! He was offered the position at HKIS and returned to Hong Kong in August 2005. Also during the summer of 2005, Jeremy married his wife Sylvia, whom he met in Seoul during his time at SFS. Jeremy and Sylvia spent their honeymoon in Costa Rica before coming to Hong Kong to prepare for the school year ahead. After having been back in Hong Kong and at HKIS for almost a year now, Jeremy is extremely happy that he pursued his interest in teaching and living in Asia once again. The rest of the Evans family is doing equally as well. Jeremy’s parents who left Hong Kong for India in 1993, are currently living in Columbus, OH teaching at a private school. Jeremy’s mother (who taught American Studies, AP American History, and Humanities) and father (who was a Counselor) returned to visit Hong Kong in March 2006 after a 13 year absence! They can be contacted at Rachel ’95, Jeremy’s younger sister, is also returning to Asia with Food for the Hungry, and will be living in Chengdu, China. She can be contacted at So, if you are ever walking through the halls around Tai Tam looking for a Class of ’93er, listen for the “Hey, Mr. Evans….!” and you may well be lead to the doorway of the Humanities department to see a familiar face! Jeremy can be contacted at and is eager to hear from all his old friends!

In between teaching, Jeremy partnered with a friend to open a club in Greensboro, where he also pursued his interest in the record label industry, serving a stint with a local company called “Second Coming Records”. This was a valuable “real world” experience he feels grateful to have had, although the daily scheduling of events promotion managing a club was extremely hectic, and Jeremy discovered that he preferred spending his time with kids and traveling. In 2000, Jeremy decided that he wanted to seriously pursue teaching overseas, where he spent fifteen of his childhood years, so he actively sought out recruiters for schools based in Asia. As tenacity and timing would have it, he landed at Seoul Foreign School (SFS) and never looked back. While Jeremy taught IB and American history, and Asian Studies at SFS, he also pursued his passion for basketball and coached the Junior Varsity boys team for the five years he spent in Seoul. Being a basketball player himself since the Eighth grade, Jeremy has

Jeremy and family Christmas 2005


HKIS 40TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND REUNION JUNE 14-19TH, 2007 Help us celebrate this milestone in HKIS History - RSVP now! It is in partnership that the HKIS Alumni Association and the 40th Anniversary Planning Committee announce the HKIS 40th Year Anniversary Reunion. Activities planned include “Walking Tours” around Hong Kong, “Decade Dine-Around” eating at Hong Kong restaurants we once frequented, and much more! For many of you, visiting the Tai Tam and Repulse Bay campuses will be a walk down memory lane. It will also be a chance to see new expansions and additions since you last bounded down the hallways to and from your lockers and classrooms. Please visit for the latest information on who is attending, downloading registration forms, and other reunion news.


HKIS Spearheads St. Baldrick’s Day in Hong Kong the recent pictures of Sean in Hong Kong and she said that happy didn’t even begin to describe Jackie’s reaction. First there was a big “Wah!!” and then Jackie pulled everyone within reach over to the computer screen to see the photos. “He was overjoyed”, she said. “Put this story on the website!!” “Send Sean some t-shirts!!” “Print me out those pictures.” Jackie then proceeded back to the movie set with the pictures to show everyone and decided since he could not make it to Delaneys, he would send autographed hats and photographs of himself to be auctioned. Editors Note: Background information on St Baldrick’s Foundation In 1999, three reinsurance executives reminded each other about their proSean Kligler at Delaneys On Tuesday March 21st, 2006 at Delaney’s Bar in Wan Chai, 15 Hong Kong International School employees and students joined a number of brave and goodhearted souls in giving up their hair for the most worthy of causes - childhood cancer research. The event honored Sean Kligler, a 4th grade HKIS student who battled childhood cancer at age five. Sean is better now, though the sad fact is childhood cancer kills more than five

fessional and personal good fortunes and debated how to “give back to society.” They decided to turn the famed St. Patrick’s Day party into a benefit for a good cause. But what could they do that would really turn the heads of their industry colleagues? Since children lose their hair during cancer treatment, it was decided they would shave their heads in return for financial gifts. They planned to raise “US$17,000 on the 17th” of March 2000. Actually that day over US$104,000 was raised! Since that first event, St. Baldrick’s Foundation has raised over US$12 Million

children every month in Hong Kong with 120+ new cases each year.

and is the world’s largest fundraiser for childhood cancer research.

Funds raised went to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) of Hong

funds it contributes are required to go to research in finding a cure for

Kong. An agreement was reached that all funds donated to St. Baldrick’s Foundation will be used to assist major public hospitals in Hong Kong

The St Baldrick’s Foundation has a clearly defined mission in that the childhood cancer or to fund Fellowships to train aspiring researches for careers in pediatric cancer, whereas other foundations spread out the

to perform research and upgrade equipment in pediatric oncology.

funds in many other areas besides research.

Jackie Chan and Sean Kligler

St Baldrick’s Hong Kong website can be viewed at:

In the fall of 2002, Jackie Chan was in New York City on a promotional tour for “The Tuxedo” when he visited Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. It was there Mr. Chan met a five year old boy named Sean who was being treated for a rare form of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Mr. Chan spent some time talking with Sean and took Jackie Chan’s Website features Sean Kigler: For your reading pleasure, visit and scroll to the bottom of the Home Page and click on the link with the picture of Jackie and Sean.

a photograph with him. Fast forward to three weeks ago when Sean’s Dad Richard - the driving force behind Tuesday’s event - tracked down Jackie Chan’s company in Hong Kong and sent a letter and email to him describing Sean’s battle and his eventual victory. His letter also thanked him for lifting Sean’s spirits during this trying chapter of his life. He went on to state that Sean was happy, healthy and living in Hong Kong. Richard included with the letter the picture of Jackie Chan and Sean in 2002 and recent pictures of a healthy Sean in Hong Kong. The next morning the Senior Vice-President (SVP) of Jackie’s company called and told Richard that Jackie was on location in Kowloon making a movie. When he came back to his office, she set him up for a big surprise. First Jackie read the letter and the SVP showed him the photograph of them at the hospital. Jackie said he clearly remembered Sean from that

Sean and sister, Jill

visit and was happy to hear he was doing well. Then she showed him


Edmond Chen (

David Vaughn ( Christy Wendell ( Kathy Jean LeBlanc McCarthy (

Scott Waterman (

Judith Porter Rower (

Brad Doyle (

I am currently a housewife and mother of two children, Katie(14) and Blake (12). I left HKIS in January of my Senior year in 1969 to attend the Institut Monte Rosa in Montreux, Switzerland. Michael Swaine ( My experience in Hong Kong

generated a lifetime interest in China, which I developed into a career. I studied Chinese and Japanese, with a Ph.D. from Harvard in political science, focuising on China-related politics and security issues. After receiving of my degree, I lived and worked in California for about 15 years, first for a trade and consulting company active in China, but based in San Francisco, followed by over 12 years at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, as a policy researther. While at the RAND Carporation, I made many trips to Asia, wrote many books, reports and briefings on China-related national security issues, and advised the US government these issues. In Fall 2001, I became Senior Associate for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC. I continue to research, write, speak, Chinese and advise the US government on China and Asia-related national security issues. You can find more information on my background and work (and a not-so-good photo) on the Carnegie website, at

Rosemary Garvey ( Jill Liddiard Hedenstad ( Barbara Schwerdtmann Easton ( : How do those kids

keep getting older? Time marches on; I’ve finally gone back to school and finish my coursework for a Masters in Child Development this summer, then I just have the final thesis paper, yuck! I hope to teach college child development courses in the near future and get more people jazzed about how vital the early years are. I get to give grant money away to center and home based child care providers who are continuing their education and professional development! I was looking forward to our 30th reunion and HKIS’s 40th, and my 25th wedding anniversary, but my youngest, Amy, graduates from High School that week. I saw Don Rabe ‘76 on a flight earlier this year and was able to say “Hi” to his mom and dad as well. Those HKIS connections are just so cool! I’m hoping to see Helen Hoenig Stoemmer in May in Tucson; her oldest, Natalie, is there for her senior year of high school and will graduate this year.

On the personal side, I live in rural Maryland on four acres. I never married but I had a child rather late in life with my significant other, Monique. My daughter, Evelynne Fabienne is now two years and six months old, and the delight of my life. Christy McCaskill Wendell ( : I am president

and COO of We Build and We Pack Logistics companies in Paris, Texas. I am currently working on the OPM at Harvard Business School, and will graduate in March 2007. I have a 21 year old son attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas, majoring in engineering, math & physics. Tamara Mehta( : Just a quick update to say

we are still living in London, England (Chiswick to be exact!). My husband, Atul, works at IBM in their consulting division while our two Akinori Fukue ( Wifred Koo (

boys, Jayesh (6) and Kaeden (4) both attend local schools. I’m a stayat-home Mum who spends lots of time volunteering in the classroom, for the PTA, and helping with the upkeep and future planning of our local park. I also hit a few tennis balls around and try to keep up with

Debbie Smiley (

two active young lads! The photo of the boys and me was taken on a recent holiday in Bermuda - a fantastic mid-winter getaway for us!

Lynn Barratt Frau ( / (


Over the years I have stayed in regular contact with Barb Shelton Mayben and John Langford, both good friends from the Class of

1977. Barb and John both live in Texas, Dallas and Austin respectively. Prior to moving to London, we lived in Houston so we often find ourselves back there visiting neighbours and friends, and can almost always work in a get-together with John and Barb. I’m still looking

Karen Staniek-Gerhardt (

for other alumni in London so please let me know if you’re out there

Anna Margarette Agell (

and want to get together! I’m hoping to make it to the HKIS reunion

Bob Nolan ( Hi, I’ve been living in Mars, Penn-

in Hong Kong in 2007.

sylvania for the last ten years with my wife, Audrey, my daughter, Courtnie, and my son John. I’d love to hear from my old classmates. May you be happy, healthy and living your life in ease. Michael Harshfield ( Not sure if I updated

you since my move from ICOA, Inc. to Reactrix Systems, Inc. which is a company specializing in Interactive Digital Media. This is a whole new advertising medium that results in unaided recall rates in excess of 60%, 24 hours after either seeing or interacting with the system. I continue to live in Chicago while commuting to the Bay Area, as well as other locations around the country. My family has adjusted to my travel schedule and the girls are growing rapidly - taking Chinese Tamara and sons, Jayesh and Kaeden

lessons twice a week as well as Spanish and of course Kindergarten. I recently caught up with John Brooks who is attending Michigan State University Medicare school - we had only communicated sporadically

Richard Grayson ( Richael Eric Eichelberger (

Keneth Koo ( Kerry Gallagher-Hincka (

I have been married for 18 years, have four four kids, and am still trying to get back to Hong Kong for a visit! Great memories! My sister Susan ‘78 and brother Donnie ’84 would love to hear from any of their old friends too! Cindy Allen (altehexus@yahoo.

over the last 25 years and finally had an opportunity to see each other face to face, including meeting his wonderful wife Gwen and their very well behaved son, Lucas (2). Looking forward to being at the reunion in Boston in August! Our class has new babies! Elizabeth (Keenan) Johnson and hubbie had two very welcome additions to their family on January 24, 2006: Twins Keenan Alex and Jack Jeffry. As you can tell from their picture below the two little boys are healthy and handsome. Elizabeth reports that she is “over the moon” with happiness over her wonderful babies. (Elizabeth and husband are pictured below).

com) : My daughter Bijou, was

born on Halloween, 2005. The photo was taken at Mayan ruin Xtambo in Mexico where we were escaping the cold this February. I’ve led a very full life, but for all of my myriad experiences, motherhood beats them all. Bijou

Bijou and Cindy, Xtambo, Mexico

and I reside with her father in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where I’ve been living and working in the communications field since 1998. Maybe we’ll see you in Hong Kong next year! Patrick Pang ( Jonathan Lutz (

C’Anne (Moore) Wofford has been living in Heidelberg, Germany for approximately two years, barely an hour away from Karen Staniek-Gerhardt. C’Anne was at HKIS from 7th to 9th grade, after which she moved back to the U.S. She’s lived all over the states, from Florida to California and much in between before her husband Mark was transferred to Germany. C’Anne also has two gorgeous children, 9 and 5 years old.

Denise Coon Wallis ( : I am currently attending

Greg Furstner writes from Prairie Village, Kansas, where he lives

Illinois Central College, with a majour in Horticultural Sciences. Last

now after moving around a lot through business and six years in the

semester (Fall 2005), I received placement on the President’s Honours

army as a helicopter pilot. Greg attended HKIS from 6th through 8th

List for Distinguished Academic Achievement for a perfect 4.0 GPA. I

grades. Check out his website: for pictures and

am employed at D.A. Hoerr and Sons, Inc. (this is a nursery/landscape

more of Greg .

business) in Horticultural Sales and Design Consultation. Aloha!

Naomi Greenberg lives in California with her husband of five years.


Margot Hamel Sheila Baker Gujrae(

The class of 1982 is gearing up for our 25th reunion next year! While I know there is a big bash in Hong Kong for HKIS’s 40th anniversary, I did an informal survey while at the all-class reunion in San Francisco in 2004 and most people were in favor of having a class reunion stateside in 2007 in addition to the Hong Kong reunion. If you are a member of the class of 82 (or a “might-as-well-be-the-class-of-82,” as I do have some other folks on my e-mail list), please shoot me an e-mail at so I can keep you apprised of our plans. As for Hass news, Kari Black lives in Westchester County, New York, and has two daughters, Addison (11) and Morgan (9). She recently received her master’s degree in childhood education and is working at the Graduate School of the College of New Rochelle. She says she met alum Todd Wong ‘81 on a chairlift at Stratton Mountain (VT) a few years ago and got reconnected with the HKIS network through him. Thanks, Todd! I found Bruce Casler ‘84. He is living in Hawaii after going to the University of Michigan, then living in Oregon and Washington for about 15 years. He also lived in a few other western states for a spell, after which he moved to Midway Atoll for 3 years. He now lives on the North Shore of Oahu. Michael O’Keefe found him Bruce Ciu Via the website for Bruce’s martial arts academy, Arnis International (http://arnisinternational. com/_wsn/page2.html). As of press time, I do not have Bruce’s update to share with you, but I will have something for you next time. Thanks for finding him, Michael. I found Kyle Edlund via Kelvin Limm’79 ’s Dragon’s Lair website ( Kyle is living in southern California. He has been married for ten years now to Cari and is running an Asian subsidiary company in the U.S. Thanks for maintaining that site, Kelvin. I was very psyched to find Kyle there. Shaival Kapadia is living in Richmond, VA. His kids are now 7 and 5. He enjoys reading the HKIS Alumni magazine whenever he gets it. He says he “cannot imagine it has been that long since we were there.” No kidding. Anna Martinson writes: “Wow, I spent a very memorable four months at HKIS in the fall of 1980 (Junior year). Unbelievably, I’m still in school, currently as a doctoral candidate (i.e., ABD) at Indiana University, although I’m living in St. Paul, Minnesota where I’m a visiting scholar with the Internet Studies Center through the Rhetoric Department at the University of Minnesota. More info available at my very old school webpage: <> and another infrequently updated blog:



Stacy Mock Walker with husband Mark, son Reed, and daughter Alex

Stacy Mock Walker writes ( :“After living in Houston, and San Antonio, my family moved to Frisco, Texas in April of 2000. We have an 11 year old daughter, Alex, and a 9 year old son, Reed. My husband, Mark and I, are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this year. “I got my alternate teaching certificate in 2001, and have been teaching middle school ever since then in Frisco. I also earned my Master’s Degree in High Education in Summer 2004. “Our most exciting news is that we are going to Hong Kong this summer and the kids and I are staying there for two whole months! My parents moved back to Hong Kong in March of 2005, so we’ll have the chance to stay and visit with them. Mark, however, will only be able to join us for a couple of weeks. Please contact me if any of you will be there this summer. I would love to catch up on old times. Michael O’Keefe is living in Washington, D.C. He attended HKIS for fourth, fifth, and sixth grades (six out of his nine siblings went to HKIS).

After sixth

grade, Michael and his family left Hong Kong and moved to Connecticut. Michael is married to Susan and they have three children.

Maeve, Dylan, and Quinn O’Keefe

Lee Terrill left Hong Kong in the summer of 1978 and his

Anita LAU-McElvane ( : We moved to Ha-

family moved to Jacksonville Florida. They then moved to Warren

waii on the 31st December, 2005 just in time to ring in the new year

Township in New Jersey where he completed high school.


Hawaii style. It’s been quite difficult adjusting to life on the islands

then went to the University of Hartford, and finally attended DeVry

after living in the Bay Area for the last seven years. Even though we

Technical Institute and received his Technician’s Certificate.

are technically still living in America, most days I feel as if I’m liv-

After some time in Japan and Korea, Lee moved to Rockville, MD

ing in Asia!! During the second week of our arrival, I caught up with

for a new job and ended up back in Korea and Japan again. Lee is

Kaori Matsumoto who moved here a little less than a year ago. It

now based in Japan and has been traveling to Korea and Taiwan for

was nice seeing her after 22 years, though she claims she saw me in

his new job. Lee married Kiyomi six years ago and they are enjoying

Hong Kong about ten years ago

their life together, although he travels so much that he doesn’t get to

(I don’t recall her visit)!!

see her enough.

If anyone is planning to visit

Greg Wilcox is on our radar screen again. He left Hong Kong in 1981 and moved to Arizona. He is now living in Weatherford, Texas, 25 miles west of Fort Worth and works as an aerospace engineer for Lockheed Martin. He has four children – two boys and two

girls – ages 18, 16, 12, and Greg Wilcox (right) in front of the first Joint Striker he helped design 11.

Tim & Marilyn Westergren, with Katey (in the tree), Sarah and Hannah on New Year’s Day in Santander, Spain

the Honolulu area, make sure to look us up! We can be reached via email or anyone can reach me via cell phone (650) 9967300. It would be lovely to see some familiar faces!!

Anita (left) and Kaori (right)

Virginia Todd: The company that I have been working for, MBNA America Bank, has just been acquired by Bank of America. As a result, job security has been a concern. I bought my own house in April 2005. My little dog ToTo and I are very comfortable here. I’m still doing a lot of dancing; I’ll be participating in my third ballroom competition in Baltimore in June of 2006. Wish me luck!

Dressing up as Dorothy & Toto for Virginia with dance instructor Brain Halloween


Brott Rossuck ( Ann Huse ( I feel gratified to have attended HKIS:

the students were so much more mature and openminded than those I

Michael James Taylor (

met in college. I’d love to hear from other HKIS people out there so we

Lori Delahunty (

can have dim sum in New York!

Christi Riversocorro ( :Wow! 20 years already?!

John Nolan ( I am a Sports/outdoors journalist, and

married to Laura, a 1999 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. We have a 2-year-old son, Andrew. I fondly recall my three years at HKIS -- some of the best times of my life. My brother Bob (or Robert) left in 10th grade and would have been in the class of ‘81. I was sick when my family moved back to the states. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

I CAN’T believe it! Didn’t we just graduate last summer?...Anyway, I’m sure the reunion was a blast! As for moi, I’ve been married for ten years now and have two very active boys; Jon-jon (nine years old) and Sam (three years old below). After produating from college, I travelled a bit then moved back to HK for work. Three years ago, we left it all for the Philippines and currently live in Manila. Its a drastic change... the lifestyle, food, culture, but hey, who’s complaining?!! Standard of living here is relatively cheaper than Hong Kong! My two boys keep me busy so I am a work-at-home mom for a realty

Pattie Bossany Gordon ( James Hamel (

company. Soon, I hope, to open a children’s play center with tutorial services for preschoolers...provided a financial partner comes along... he..he!


We try to go back to Hong Kong as often as possible because we still have family and friends living there. I keep in touch with Eugenia and if

Francine Jacome ( As many of you may know

I’m lucky with Wendy too, but its been a while since we last saw each

by now, the reigns of our 20-year reunion have been handed over to

other. I hope to see you guys and other fellow classmates soon in my next

Christine Wong ( Russ Needels, Janice Walter

visit to Hong Kong...And oh, Caroline, congrats on your solo exhibit! I

and Tracey Lesher-Limone are also on the organizing committee and are

heard it went well!

doing a great job. Looks like the reunion in Las Vegas will be a blast.

If any of you visit Manila, do look me up. I look forward to our next

Please note as well that the date has been changed to the last weekend in

gathering and hope to see many old friends from our awesome class of

September. I’ve been very busy with home and business responsibilities


and haven’t been able to keep up as much with my former classmates. I hope to be able to make it to the reunion to catch up with everyone and swap life stories! My son, Nicholas, recently had his third birthday. My, how fast they grow! Have a wonderful summer and happy travels to those who’ll be taking some time out of town.

Jon-Jon and Sam Prince Mohammed A. Mohammed ( I attended

HKIS in Grade three in 1976 and returned to Nigeria, where I continued my education. I later studied law at Bayero University, Kano Nigeria. I am married and currently live in Keffi my home town some 50klm from Abuja, Nigeria’s new capital city. It is a blessed country, with abundant of mineral resources, with huge population of about 150 million people. I would love to hear from my fellow classmates!

Francine and Nicholas

Christine Wong ( Tim Michael ( : My wife Kathy, son Cole, daughter

Gareth Matthews (

Nora and I have returned to Taiwan. It is my fifth time living here since I

Jeffrey Tsai (

was five years old, so I think I am finally taking the hint from above about where our work lies. I teach eigth and ninth grade Language Arts and seventh grade Bible at Morrison Academy’s Kaohsiung campus. I will finally be pursuing my masters degree this summer, spending a quarter in residence in Beijing. Though I look forward to passing through Hong Kong this summer, I must miss the reunion because of my studies. Have a blast, everyone!

have a daughter, Sienna who attends a bilingual English Chinese school in New Year. After HKIS, I attended Cornell University for my B.A., and

internet start up, I also saw Pamela Mar ‘87 who lives

and I am thrilled that I am able to offer my

in China.

interpretation of what it may have been like

Erin Cullen Harris ( I recently was

to have actually been present during an Elvis

travelled through Asia and Australia on business (I work at Microsoft

concert. I structure my shows after what you

as the international PR manager for Windows). On my stop in Sydney,

might have seen in an Elvis concert towards

Monique Disney flew with her boyfriend from Melbourne to visit and

the later 70’s. Please visit : http://www.theel-

meet my husband who was along for part of the trip as well. It was great for further information and Brad as ‘Elvis’

Mariano, Robert, Dinglasan III ( I’ll be moving to

Shanghai within the year then getting married, so 2006 will be somewhat


tic Grove Press. It is a biography of Madame Chiang Kai Shek Life. We

I saw Tony Chen ‘90 who lives in New York, and is the founder of an

been an Elvis fan for the majority of my life

of a major life change.

wife, Laura Tyson will have a book published in October 2006 by Atlan-

ESSEC (in Paris) for my MBA.

Brad Bradley ( I have


Ricky Li ( I am currently working as the Director of

Asia Sales for LeSportsac. Before that I was at HSBC, Dior and YSL. My

to see her as our last reunion was in St. John with Eva Champagne and Carissa Fortino! I had not been back to Hong Kong since 1980 when we moved back to Seattle! It certainly has changed but I loved it and would move back in a heart beat, truly it is a beautiful city.

Rekha and Pat Erin and her husband at the Repulse Bay Hotel, Hong Kong Betty Chung ( Mr. & Mrs. Richard Liu ( Hi everyone! I have been Prescille Chu (

living in Colorado since graduating from HKIS. I am married and a proud

Margaret Wadhwani (

father of a one year-old boy named Hunter. My wife, Jennifer, is a labor

Debby Tuck (

and delivery nurse and I am employed as a chemist with a pharmaceutical company in Boulder, Colorado. Yu Sik Hong( I go by Douglas now, but

Michael Thompson (no email given) Angela Stich Easterwood ( Jennifer Fresco ( Heather Fierce ( Pat Bauman ‘88 came to visit Rekha

Kaula (‘88), Brooke Fierce Bronner ‘90 and Heather Fierce last week. Pat has been residing in London for the past 3 years and is loving every

still respond to Yu Sik. Long time friends still call me Yu Sik. A recap on some of the big milestones of my life. In April 2002 I married Hae Jin Kang. We have a son named Min Yung, who was born in June 2004. We currently live and work in Singapore, but business frequently takes me back to Hong Kong and Seoul. If you are in any of these cities please look me up! My number that roams in all GSM areas is 65 9180 3933 and my Korean number 82 11 9981 6688.

second of it. The rest of us live in Washington DC. Photo of our reunion below!

Brooke, Pat, and Brooke’s daughter Yu Sik, Min Yung, and Hae Jin


Kristina Torrado Gallagher (kristi. I


ried Major Daniel Gallagher, US Army in June 2005 in San Diego, CA. We will be setting up home in Savannah, Georgia in August 2006! Kristina and Daniel

Christine Rio Gaxiola ( Heath Michael Van Luchene ( Desmond Chu ( Angela Teng ( Asha Balasubramanian Seshan ( After graduating

from Harvard in 1995, I went on to the University of Chicago to get a Masters in International Relations. After graduation, I worked for Ernst & Young LLP’s Strategic Advisory Sevices group in Chicago and New York, followed by nearly two years at an online marketing start-up based in San Francisco. I got married in 1997. I have been living in Pittsburgh, PA since August 2000.My husband is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. I am now a stay-at-home mother of two boys -- Sanjay who is three years old and Arvind who is one. I have lost touch with most of my classmates so it would be good to hear from you again!

The Collard Family Liz and Katherine Liz McCauley Collard ( Hello friends! We just

welcomed our first child, Katherine Evelyn Collard into the world on January 1, 2006 (not Chinese New Year I’m afraid!). We are all doing well and enjoying every new day. I’m living in Port Washington, NY Feel free to drop me a line! Kelly McConnell ( Hello there! On November

11, 2005, my husband Jeff and I had our first child - a son named Liam. At birth, he weighed a small 10 pounds 2 ounces (ouch!), and he was worth every minute of my crazy delivery! :) We are thrilled to have this new addition in our lives. We are still living in Toronto Canada Although I am on maternity leave right now, I am still employed at an international NGO called Right To Play ( Liam, Kelly, and Jeff Charlie Soule ( It’s been a while since I checked in with the HKIS community, but I have managed to pay a few visits to Tai Tam in the nearly fifteen years since graduation, most recently in December, 2005. The place looks as impressive as ever. I have been living in New York City for the past ten years, including a stint at Columbia Law School, many different bands, two novels, the start of a music composition business (www., my own law practice (primarily immigration - feel free to touch base if you ever have any questions concerning the ever-frustrating US immigration system.) Most importantly, the NYC years saw the extremely

Sanjay and Arvind at Disney World

welcome addition to my life of my wife, Amy. A third member of the family will show up this May, perhaps even by the time this edition of Dragon Tales

Timothy Chen ( Lain David McGlashan (

sees press. Basically, all is very well, and I hope the same is true for my fellow classmates and alumni.

Katy Curties Jensen ( My husband Dennis and I are

living in Atlanta and still love it after seven years. It is now home. I took “early retirement” and am now a stay at home mom. Connor, our son, just turned three. Our newest arrival, Madison, was born last March and is 11 months old. So our hands are full and we are having a great time! Nancy Weintraub Randall with children Loith Hannah and Jake


Word from the reliable sources (Lyman and Shoumitro) describe a Timothy Gregg ( Amy Ruhter McMillan ( Shoumes Goswami writes: Spencer Chiu (‘93) tells me he’s still a striker

in the purest sense as he’s notching up goals in a weekend soccer league now that he has reunited with former A Grade Soccer team-mates Henry Chien (‘92), Pravesh Narain (‘92), and Howard Tang (‘94). Their most recent recruit is Lyman Doyle, who moved back to Hong Kong after graduating from Columbia Business School. They complete against 10 other teams and are currently in fifth place in there. Lyman is working with his Dad and though he lives in Hong Kong, he spends a lot of his

scene of a stuttering Tim Gregg mouthing an utter refusal to introduce his HKIS buddies to his fiancee in fear of compromising his impending marriage. Turns out Tim subscribed to some good old revisionist history by spinning his high school achievements (or lack of) into a mish-mash of heroic stories of championing local community service, environmental protection, and civic think tanks. Apparently many things have”changed” since Tim’s old days of strange obsessions with muscular men in Conan and the Barbarian movies, his constant whining, and his not-so secret crushes on many members of the HKIS student body .

time in Shanghai and New York. Josh Goldberg has also moved back to Asia finally admitting to his Chinese roots. He is with the State Department up in Shen Yang. Josh got married last year and his wife Amy is working on permanently moving to China to be with him. Over Christmas break a number of people met up at Tiffany Yip’s wedding which was held at the Repulse Bay. Spencer was not invited and is still feeling jilted, but all the others who made it had a great time. Ozer Onkal came back to Hong Kong for the first time since graduation. The HKIS table had Lyman, Ozer, Angela Lee, Emily Ma, Miki Maruko and Shoumitro Goswami. Ozer was torn between the Turkish contingent and his HKIS roots – we all know where his true loyalties lie. Tiffany’s cousin Jeff Liu ’93 was there as well. He is married and

Tim and Nina Gregg, October 15th, 2005.

works for HSBC and his wife is an architect. From the Class of ’94, Sharifah Abukhary was there and continues to be the life of every party. We don’t want to mention names….Sharifah…but the photographs do reveal crazy debauchery. We would ask people to please not dip their fingers in the chocolate fountains in the future….Mrs. Yip. Tiffany, thanks for throwing a great party.

Spencer Chiu, Josh Goldberg, Ms. Talbot, and Mr. Handrich in Ms. Talbot’s apartment. Josh Goldberg spent a weekend in Hong Kong and somehow we ended up waking Ms. Talbot from her afternoon nap on Sunday and barged into her apertment for a little chat along with Mr. Handrich

Tiffany’s wedding, picture are (left to right): Susan, Tiffany, Ozer, Sharifah, and Shoumitro Manesh Balani continues to live in Dubai where his business keeps reaching target after target. His business trips now involve him ‘holidaying’ in the south of Spain with his girlfriend. Speaking of business success, David Souza and Adrian Liang have sold the business they started together a few years ago. We have not heard from them since and believe both are sitting on a beach somewhere thinking up their next venture. Pankaj Bengani who lives in San Francisco is expecting his first child with his wife Leena. Vinit Dutt, with young son in tow and his wife as well as Pat Liu are all well.

Ozer Onkal, Spencer Chiu, Shoumitro Goswami, and Lyman Doyle. Ozer stopped by Hong Kong in January with a full beard and appetite for Hong Kong nightlife. Spencer, Shoumitro and Lyman were all out in force to show Ozer a good time


Tiffany Bissey Michal Fisher Pemper ( Norman Ho (

Well, it’s been awhile since the last 1994 report was submitted, so here goes.....our Hong Kong contingent seems to be growing rapidly with several new additions to the crew within the past year: Michelle Hoeppner, Sharifah Albukhary, Michael Johnson, and Jehan Chu just to name a few! Rumor has it that Howard Tang and his posse are taking over the PR world with publications for castor wheels (you know those hospital wheels, hot dog cart wheels, and desk wheels?!). Howard’s been posting his name all over the Hong Kong PR firms as he takes over the industry with his entrepreneurial efforts. Among other successful

Uzma Farman, Sharifah Albukhary, Rupal Sankalia,

94ers, Jonathan Zeman has taken over Lan Kwai Fong as the new LKF

and Hunt Smith in New York City, August 2005

Mogul, while also blossoming his real-estate dealings in Thailand; he does find time to occasionally present himself at the weekly Dragon-I

Recent visitors to Hong Kong have

model nights when he’s not busy building his empire. Aspiring film

been Kate Elliott, who returned to

director and cinematographer, Hannah Soule, supplements her glam-

Sydney about six years ago, after

orous Hollywood lifestyle with projects at the Bloomingdale’s Bridal

college in San Diego, CA and a brief

Registry Department in Boston, where she constantly seeks fresh new

teaching stint in Seoul, Korea. Asia-

actresses for upcoming flicks...anyone interested in auditions can con-

Pacific residents also include Kevin

tact Hannah directly.

Wee, who returned to Singapore after

Speaking of flourishing entertainers, Rizwan Farooqi, founder and lead

leaving HKIS in 1989. He served in

singer of local Hong Kong band, King Lychee, just returned from a

the mandatory Singapore Army pro-

Eastern European Tour where he and band members toured a handful of

gram for two and a half years before

cities including Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czeck Republic. Check it

getting married and is the proud father

all out at: King Lychee aims

of a two-year son! Kevin has changed

to increase social awareness of Hong Kong’s disparity between the rich

his ‘do’ over the years, and finally

and poor, as well as how the elderly are affected by the social security

settled on this.

(or lack thereof) system. Ramez Sheikh, former Class of 1994 President, is flying with the likes of Minnie and Mickey Mouse these days, in the Buena Vista International Television department of The Walt Disney Company. A fair amount of 94ers make up the New York contingent - Rupal Sankalia, Uzma Farman, Charmion (Mugar) Freifeld, Brian Aldridge, Alison Overholt, although there is one defector: Michael Johnson was on his return voyage to Hong Kong, right in time for the Rugby Sevens this March/April 2006. Michael was accompanied by his bodyguard, Jim Martin, who was in town for some Sevens action as well. Current New York resident, Miles Neale couldn’t stay away even after a twoyear stint in San Francisco where he received his PhD in psychology, Dr. Neale is available for appointments to help you sort out your life problems at any time... Other San Francisco residents include Caroline Wagar (and her sister Vanessa Wagar ‘90 has been in San Francisco for several years), who is with Levi Strauss & Co.’s advertising team. Caroline attended Robynn (Tokuyama) D’Onofrio’s wedding in Vail, Colorado in February 2005, along with Tiffany Bissey, and Debbie (Hill) Swanson. Robynn and her husband continue to live in Colorado, although Robynn travels extensively around the US with her work at Accenture.


Kevin’s new ‘do’

Chris Toomer recently left Yogyakarta, Indonesia to become Head of School in Jayapura, West Papua at a district school, and is currently fighting off the rebels in what seems to be the never ending Indonesian civil war....David Leventhal is based in Athens, Greece at his US State Department posting as Technological Engineer, enjoys his jaunts around Europe to explore the kebab stands of the region. He has met up with Caroline Gazeley, Faith Fischer, Lauren Castellari, and Stephanie Marks during his travels. The December holiday season saw lots of familiar faces pass through town for Tiffany Yip’s ‘93 wedding at the Repulse Bay at the end of December. A beautiful event, with a guest list inclusive of a mini-reunion: Ozer Onkal ‘93, Lyman Doyle ‘93, Angela Lee Sullivan ‘93, Emily Ma ‘93, Sharifah Albukhary, Miki Maruko ‘93, and Shoumitro Goswami ‘93. Erin Tarbuck Affleck ( Greetings from Vancouver, BC! My husband Dan and I celebrated the birth of our first child on October 11, 2005. Our daughter Willow was born a full two weeks late, and weighed in at just under ten pounds (and yes, with a full head of red hair). We are enjoying parenthood immensely, and Willow is keeping us very busy. I’m currently on leave from my teaching position, but miss my work and student a great deal. The grass is always greener...

I am also happy to report that Marcie Holloman got married last year to a great guy named Nate Hill. She and the lucky man are now living near San Francisco, and by all accounts are having a great time. And on

Kelly Bissey

the note of weddings, congrats to Mike Smith, Ginger Tong and their

Sara Dallaire (

respective spouses, who also were married last year.

Fahd Bial Hakim ( Jennifer Doman ( Fredrik Samant ( : I am a European Marketing

Manager with Sony, based in the UK. This fall I will start studying for an MBA at London Business School. My brother, Victor Samanta ‘04 is currently studying engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Victor wants to thank HKIS for introducing him to basketball, which he has continued to play ever since, and most recently for the Swedish under 18s national team. Katherine Cho ( Ten years ago, at the end

of November 1995, a group of approximatedly 20 students went on a trip to Taipei, Taiwan, (together as organized by Mandarin teacher Mrs. Joyce Ranieri). The purpose of the trip was for the students to make practical use of classroom topics. We enjoyed the trip so much that a Erin, Willow, and Dan.

handful of us, Iris Yeung , Jason Pau, Joanne Chow ‘97, and Katherine Cho, ended up being great buddies. Even today, we still sometimes joke about things from the trip. For memories’ sake, we made a special trip

Christie Faith Yih ( David Cheng (

to Taipei together again--exactly ten years later! Some even brought significant others to share the experience. It was great for us to catch up and re-live old times. We still cannot believe that it has been ten years!

Left to right: Howard Chang, Justina Wong, Alisa Ng, Jonathan Shih, Jason Young and Stanley Ting, December 29, 2005 in Hong Kong. Rachael (Thompson) Bachleda (

I currently live in New York City with her husband Simon; we moved back to New York from Colorado last February. We met at the University of Colorado and were married in August 2003 in Aspen, Colorado.

Photo taken on November 26, 1995. From left to right: Joanne Chow, Jason Pau, Katherine Cho, Iris Yeung

I work at Cantillon Capital Management (a hedge fund) and Simon works for Eos Partners (a private equity firm). We love being in New York and would love to connect with other HKIS alumni. My sister, Hilary ‘00, is also living in New York. Her roommate Sarah Hempstead also attended HKIS. My mom contirmes to work at the Dragon Shop.

Photo taken exactly ten years later on November 26, 2005. Richael and Simon

same sequence as above


Cheryl Yip (

Josephine Chiang ( (Australia Geographical Class Agent)

Sarah Yeung (

Timothy Lo ( Meghan Sullivan Smith ( Lisan Tan ( . Victor Yeung ( Gregory K. Lee ( 2005-2006 has been an excit-

Kiwan Chung ( George Liao (

ing year for me - lots of changes, and some great opportunities. On

Eleanor Shing (

October 9th 2005, I ran in my second Chicago Marathon - I was happy

Carman Tong ( I work in New York City in

with my finishing time, but I was disappointed to be beaten by the

Public Relations for New York University and my best friend Sarah

Kenyans once again. This year I am hoping for a change in venue; I

works in accounting in Washifiaton DC at the eh DCAA-CSC Resi-

have re-enrolled (and will hopefully run) in the 2006 ING New York

dent Office.

City Marathon. I look forward to seeing many of you cheering alongside the race course. In November I decided to move to Boston on a whim (I packed up my apartment in Chicago, and quit my job with BearingPoint in under one month). Although there aren’t many HKIS alumni in the Boston area, I am happy to report that I live only four blocks away from another HKIS alumnus: Doug Massey. I don’t see Doug very often, but its comforting to know that HKIS alumni are EVERYWHERE. In January I started as an experienced consultant with Accenture. Travel is still a very large influence in my life; in fact I commute between Boston and San Francisco on a weekly basis. Despite my heavy flight schedule (apparently flying 5,400 miles a week isn’t enough for me), I am flying to Italy at the end of March to backpack around

Carman Tong and Sarah Zimmerman

Central Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic) for three weeks. During my travels, I plan on meeting up with Albi

Theresa Cheng (

Lovison for a beer, and getting some ‘real’ exposure to Italian living. I look forward to hearing from many of you soon - drop me a line! Mr. Zachary Soehl Evans ( I am currently

Lauren Elizabeth Tanner (

teaching at Taejon Christian International School in South Korea. This

David Munho Choi (

is my fourth year here and I am the Head of the Science department this year. I am currently teaching physics and IB SL physics. I have

Michelle Emma Jones (

been married for four years and just became a father in November of 2005.

Meghan Smith Heidmann ( I was married

on October 29, 2005 in Hilton Head, SC, My sister Darcy Smith ‘99 was the Maid of Honor and my sister Ashley Smith ‘04 was a brides-

Angela Ho ( Bob Pan ( Andrew Chan (

maid. My husband and I live in Chandler, Arizona where we just re-

Atsuyuki Fujinuma ( Just graduated from Hitotsub-

cently purchased our first home. We have also just learned that we are

ashi University in Japan and has entered the diplomatic world, so he will

expecting our first child in November of this year! Married life has

be traveling a lot, He returned to HKIS for a visit this Spring. He may be

been wonderful and we are now extremely excited to start our family.

back for the 40th Anniversary if he is in the region.

I would love to hear from anyone, please e-mail me! Brian Street ( I am currently working as an

attorney in Orlando, Florida, having completed law school in May 2005. I was married in August of 2004 to my wife, Diane. My brother, Patrick ‘02, also attended HKIS, and will graduate from the University of Portland, this May. Jenny Selvidge ( I will graduate from

the University of Kansas with an MSEd (Masters of Science in Education) with an ESL emphasis, in August 2006.


Atsuyuki at the Middle School

Rachel Koehneke: Rachel will graduate from St. Olaf College this May with Majors in Social Work and Asian Studies, and a Minor in Mandarin. In August 2006 she will begin a 12-16 month volunteer position with LCMS World Mission in Kunming, China, serving as a Community Development Worker. Following in the able steps of another HKIS grad, Michelle Hoeppner ‘94, Rachel will be working with residents of Yunnan Province through various projects with the goal being to the stardard of living. In addition to complet-

Andy and V.J. Satharay, Dean/Humanities

ing her studies this spring, Rachel is also raising US $15,000 by 31 May to support this “labor of love.”


Timothy Chang ( Kristen Chin( . Candace Ho (

Daniel (Dan) Humsi : Daniel is graduating from Fayetteville-Manlius (Upstate NY) High School June of 2006 and he will be attending Kansas University this coming Fell 2006. Dan attended HKIS in 1996 to 1999.

Jane Sit (

Amy Easton ( Nicholas Wong ( Andrew Condon ( Andy was one of the students who took part in the Pattaya orphanage, Thailand Interim in March 2004. After graduation Andy went to NYU and decided to take a year out so he could volunteer for six months at the Pattaya orphanage. At the end March 2006, he completed his six months and was able to meet with our new group of Interim students. He shared his experiences with the students and spoke about all he has learned. It was wonderful to have him there as he served as an excellent role model to our students.

Faculty and Staff News Dave Kohl ( : High School from art faculty 1973-1980 has just published an extensive history of the Portland (Oregon) gay and lesbian community. His church, Metropolitan Community Church, is one of 300 congregations around the world with a special ministry to sexual minority Christians. This is the church where the 2002 HKIS worship service was held at. He wrote the 430 page book in time for the church’s 30th anniversary in January 2006. The work begins with the construction of their 1909 Arts & Crafts church building, dedicated by then US President William Howard Taft. The majority of the book deals with the community as it encountered prejudice, the AIDS situation, and various local and national political issues. With over 750 photos, the book is a fundraiser for the church’s remodeling project, sells for US $24.95, and can be ordered through Check out the website for a good photo of the book cover! Jim Holland, who taught math in High School during the 1971-1972 school year recently passed away at the age of 55. During his time at HKIS, he worked as a student teacher for Paul Caritopn, the head of the Math Department. Judy Porter Rower ‘75 was one of his favourite students. His brother William Holland ( who resides in New York shared this sad news with us; please join the entire HKIS community to express our condolences for Jim passing.


Alumni Office Graduate Contact List The Alumni Office has the following graduating students on its list, if you know the contact details of anyone in your class year who is not listed herein, please let us know by emailing 1968 Andrew Yau


Ken Szeto

Adeline Eu

Major Andrew Ostroumoff

Angie Mason

Barbara Lee

Barty Manseta

Barbara Mok

Becky Raborn

Chap. Richard K. Hum

Ben Wu Cheryl Mushett Chris Johnson Edmond Chen Edward Lui Erick Mache Ginny Hadinoto Glenny Hadinoto Harry Waddell Jan Blair Jan Terwillinger Jane Wong

Karen von Behren Mindy Gooch

Mary Loh

David Vaughn

Pamela Yih

David Weisz

Peggy Raborn

Dennis Minich

Peter Lam

Doreen Soong

Philip Brewin Cheney

Earlene Hornbostel

Phillip Nelson

Etsuro Hayakawa

Princeton Cates

Gregg Grimsley

Rev. Blair Truett Carlson

Hilda Malaihollo Kathie Booth Kathy McCarthy

Lindy Anderson

Ken Wong

Mark Schmidt

David Carl Christian Mickey Pendraat

Kristine Brannigan

John Strouss

Margaret Rankin

Margo Bordwell Maria Cristina Del Rosario

Margie Hornbostel Patricia Gilhooly

Ford Dotterer

Lucille Figueiredo

Kathleen Patt

Rebecca Christian

Paul Dunn Jr.

Paul Robbins

Robert Gould

Dea Peterson

Lavinia Chu

Catherine Falwell

Sylvia Siu

Sandy Grimsley

John Pinard

Daniel Chung

Jeffrey Finkbeiner

Judith Solomon

Jennifer Haigh

Lori Rosenbaum

Alan Claassen

Scott Flanegin

Dianne Steele

Stuart Hall

Yoko Sadayasu

Deborah Clark

*Akinori Fukue

Sally Stott

James Hu

Jody Saunders

Karen Cooper

David Gepford

Dawn Tebor

Seth Isaacs

Dwight Scarbrough

Marc Crawford

Karen Gindraux

Ronald Verma

Nancy Israel

Leslie Schilling

Dennis Dean

L. Gail Gould

Elizabeth Von Behren

Don Jesu

John Shostrom

Terry Decima

Thuan Vuong

Andrew Jimmerson

Jonathan Slaton

Helmut Ebert

Thuy Vuong

Peter Keller

Michael Stastny

Carol Echols

Peter Wang

Myong-su Kim

Stephen Sum

Charles Eu

Robert Wheatley

Jean Kirk

Kim-pang Sze

Steve Figueiredo

Betty Wong

Becky Kirkpatrick

Audrey Szu-tu

Laurie Garvey

Freda Wong

Jeffery Kitain

James Thai

Patricia Garvey

Richard Wong

Wan-hoi Lam

Mang Tia

Robert Gerety

Elizabeth Woo

Wan-san Susan Lam

Francis Tien

William Gerety

John Tsang

Dave Golay

Barry Laubach

Richard Vaughn

Stephen Goudey

John Laughlin

Rosaline Wai

Seanna Laughlin

Robert Wang

Carolynn Hairabedian

Scott Lazenby

John Wong

Marco Lobo

Helen Young

Cynthia Gustine Noriyuki Hachiuma Katherine Kelly Yolanda King

Steve Israel

Anna Lam

Terry Lewis

Valerie Leadingham

Alan Young

Robert Lee

Caroline Young

Christopher Lim


Charles Lin

Julie Ai

Pete Fishel

Sheryl Scarbrough

Steve Barnard

Pete Swaine

Steve Adcock

Tim Beare

Peter Lipshultz

Steve Tsui (Zee)

Corwin Boake III

Ronnie Lau

Valmere Lynne Kasala Victoria Sue Bonner

Sharon Carte


Barbara Brown

Won Yong Lee

Alex Koperberg

Patricia Cheung

Anthony Krouk

George Chow

David Kung

Ann Christian

Devon Parr

Viki Clarke

Elizabeth Hum

Nancy Collins

Eric Brackmann Frances Liddiard



Cedric Chan

Herbert Kwok

Robert Auman

Ruth Dionne

Bradley Challberg

Kim Osborn

Roni Weinstein

Robert Kwok

Stuart Ong

Samuel Rankin

Velda Kwan

Pamm Munn

Mitchel Brown

Trina Ebert

Robert Glassburner

John Aspaturian

Junko Okada

Ivy Dobrenky

Wilfred Ku

Janet Adcock

Jerrold Brown

Kay Raborn

Richard Scott Henry


Lisa Obayashi

Pedro Lobo Julia Locke Steven Logan Lisa Luk Wayne MacCoy Robert Mache Terrence Moy Amy Munn Deirdre Murphy Anne Olenik Vera Ong Mary Jane Patterson

Cinthia Alexander

Edward Archambaud-Chao Wilfred Loh Alan Au

Mary Loh

Audrey Bernhardt

Steve Long

Alexandra Brower

Lee Marks

Richard Busacker

Stephen Mason

Michael Carpenter

Grahm McAustan

Clemant Cheung

Mary McCoy

Arthur Chung

Annamarie McGowan

Cinthia Divis

Gillian McLaren

Robert Dorfman

Manuel Michalowski Brad Moy

Julianne Young

1973 Talmadge Albertson Patrick Allen Gary Anderson Jonathan Ballou *Lynn Barratt Kris Bliss Robert Boake Gerhard Bochow John Bordwell

Roberta Hickcox Donna Kaddourah Naomi Kaner Diane Kasala Margaret Koon Mike Koyama Tina Kwok Joseph Lampe Cara Laughlin Elizabeth Leeper Daphne Lemaire Theodore Leung Marianne Lee Vincent Li

Bin Lo

Martha Banwell

Kathyrine Miao

Chris Champeau

Michele Moore


Jackie Hsu

Dennis Wang

David Lu

Susan Bradlaw

Sandra Murphy

Virginia Chan

Joel Morgan

Ranjit Ahluwalia

Rob Janssen

Lesley Wang

Karen Macquarrie

Paul Butcher III

Susan Oh

Judy Chapman

Lili Motamedi

Iku Ajiro

Edgar Johnson

Steve Westergren

Robert McCoy

Jan Canters

Huib Pendraat

Miriam Ching

Mariko Nakajima

Eric Allen

Ellen Johnston

Fleming Wong

Marla Minich

Kathleen Carlson

Miep Pendraat

William Chung

Sean Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keefe

Jeanne Anderson

Marie Karr

Jade Wong

Irit Mor

Leslie Chao

Taco Proper

Lilia Co

Tracy Palmer

Melissa Anderson

Joseph Ketterer

Dennis Yip

Lanny Nizar

Alison Chow

Scott Redheffer

Margaret Cummins Raul Pangilinan

Andrew Arman

Alan Knisely

George Yip

Debbie Noren

Shik Ming Chow

Robert Rosenstein

Stephen Dingler

Sheila Pearce

Anne Banwell

Joan Kronenberg

Laura Obayashi

Scott Clayton

David Rotem

Christa Ebert

Elizabeth Peaslee

Brenda Bauman

Iris Lam

Lily Yuyuenyongwatana

Joseph Olenik

Ken Dean

Doug Rowan

Mark Feldman

James Pendergast

Robert Bradlaw

Kalyphall Lamouth

Deborah Overton

Kadambari Divakaran Phyllis Saibel

Betsy Fisher

Julie Peterson

Leslie Brandt

Lharmony Lamouth

Derick Pao

Debra Dobrenky

Polly Schnick

Maureen Fogarty

Cliff Raborn

Thomas Buckle

David Lee

Jeanette Pinard

Marj Eid

Martha Schultz

Glenn Fok

Christopher Reaves

Anthony Cahill

Adeline Liau

Dianne Porter

Diana Erickson

Marshall Shimasaki Beth Garvey

Robert Reiner

Jonathan Cates

John MacMillan

Monica Ramsak

Amy Fong

Mark Shostrom

William Gouse

Susan Robbins

Constant Cha

Kathy McGown

Sandra Redheffer

Kathleen Furey

Kwok Hon Sung

Gary Hale

Brad Sandler

Lloyd Chao

Christian Myers

James Richards

Lisa Gim

Anne Tang

Karen Heck

Gregg Saunders

Richard Chen

Marla Naylor

Eileen Rubin

Pascal Golay

Laurie Taylor

Robert Hockett

Linda Schock

Amir Chitayat

Tommy Oh

Marjorie Shao

Amy Hart

Corinne Verpoorten

Patricia Holland

David Schwerdtmann

Christopher Collins

Megan Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keefe

Michael Sullivan

Tim Harvey

Tina Vuong

Russell Ingram

Catherine Smith

Debi Coonan

Amber Ong

Lilian Tantosubroto Charles Hoffmann

Kenneth Wang

Kathleen Johnson

Stephen Smith

Cynthia Crossan

Frances Patterson

Jim Templeton III

Chi Tai Hong

Marcelina Wang

Todd Kehoe

Robert Steagall

Elizabeth Cummins

Cheryl Pendleton

Christine Tognetti

Toni Ketterer

*Scott Waterman

Edward Ketterer

Betty Sun

John Dewenter III

James Pendleton

Nakrady Um

Amy Kwan

Stephen Webb

David Knisely

Kyoko Takeda

Beth Dorf

Pamela Peterson

Jon Von Behren

Margaret Kwok

Renee Wolff

Steve Koch

Kit Ping Tang

*Brad Doyle

Kim Prechtl

Thao Vuong

Mark Kwok

Kenelm Wong

John Kortuem

Betsy Templeton

William Duncan

Donald Rabe

Evelyn Wai Sung

James Lampe

Karen Wong

Eric Y.C. Lee

Long Tran

Karen Eu

David Reaves

Dana Warren

Candace Latendresse Pam Wu

Melody Lee

John Trepanier

Timothy Fennell

Debra Reid

Sonya Washenko

Mark Leonard


Lik Lie

Paul Van Alstyne

Elissa Ferren

Sandra Rotem

Gregg Westrick

Violette Li

Cynthia Alexander

Genevia\ Liu

Ken Westrick

Barbara Fisher

Haresh Sakhrani

Grace Wong

Philip Lim

Deborah Barth

Sarah Lord

Tara Whitehill

Jean Garmany

Vicky Schaffer

Margaret Wong

Joseph Lin

Steve Bauman

Mary Luedtke

Alan Williamson

LuAnn Garvey

Phil Schock

Michael Wong

Paul Ling

Scott Bennett

Gordon Luk

David Wong

Martha Ann Goudey James Slaton

Elaine Wong

Walter Loh

Gavin Birnie

Alan Malonzo

Marcus Woo

Richard Gutlon

Linda Spalding


Victor Loke

Bianca Brahamsha

Michael McCoy

Lynette Wyse

Nand Harjani

Mohan Sumiyoshi


Peter Lucas

Marcy Brooks

Virginia McElroy

Robert Yamashita

Scott Hart

Ching-Man Sze

Neil Alexander

Yvonne Marks

Bruce Cahoon

Robert McLaren

Mark Young

Daniel Hohl

Denise Trepanier

Judith Aslan

James McElroy

Ronald Carrero

Masateru Miyata

Robert Yuyenyongwatana

Joseph Hotung

Mark Wallis

1977 Grant Abel Leslie Addis Charles Anderer Leslie Baker Pip Bass Allison Bell Mary Blessington Steve Bordwell Barbara Brown Thomas Burkard Susan Burr Kimberly Busacker Daniel Byrne Nancy Carrero Mark Champeau Michele Champeau Tony Chau Debi Chiao Lois Christian Peter Chworowsky Sheryl Davis Kathy Dewenter Bruce Doolittle Lisa Dufresne Barbara Easton Lisa Eu Linda Ferren Colleen Fogarty Quentin Fong


Nancy Greenwood

Nick Rowan

Chun-Yin Chow

Katharine Liu

Roger Anderson

Kevin Kwok


Brian Dieckhoff

Diana Haig

Steve Schommer

Kathy Chow

Tracey Livingston

Neelima Apte

Mai Lee

Margaret Strahan

Ellen Dorf

Yonnie Heung

Dee Shea

Anthony Clark

Edwin Loh

Staphane Barret

Christina Leong

Eve Sweitzer

Deborah Dufour

Helen Hoenig

Kari Shimasaki

Joanne Clark

Dora Lu

Brad Broyhill

Erica Li

John Tan

Arnell Ellington

John Hunter

David Smith

Stuart Clark

Carolyn Lutz

Richard Burnside

Kelvin Limm

Michael To

Kenneth Flynn

Rodney Ingram

Francis Soen

Cathy Clasper-Torch

John McMullen

Claire Chao

Thomas Lo

Gary Tso

Liz Fortino

Bob Jankowski

Tony Soo

Carolyn Cooke

Michael Mensinger

Sorren Chiang

Edward Loh

Richard Van Dusen

Marcella Gipner

Tamara Jantz

June Steagall

Sandra Coonan

Renee Mordini

Alvin Chung

Andrew Luk

York Wang

Sue Gode

Susan Kim

John Suh

Denise Critchfield

Jonathan Nealis

Elizabeth Chworowsky

Robert Lusher

Charles Wanless

Ian Goepfert

Kevin Kinne

Anna Sung

Michael Dillon

Tom Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Sullivan

Alan Clarke

Florence Lusk

Tom Warden

Frederick Hall

Steve Ko

Ching-Hung Sze

Pimolrat Dulyanant

Carol Ann Patterson

Elizabeth Costin

Nickolay Mak

Jeff West

Kristine Hassa

Daizo Koda

Amat Tajudin

*Richard Eichelberger Marty Pigg

Michael Crowley

Yuko Matsumura

David Westrick

Michael Hebert

Dennis Lam

Natsuko Tanaka

Lisa Feldman

Kevin Riebe

Audrey Dejager

Tracey McAllister

Elizabeth Wong

Sabrina Hodgett

John Langford

Desiree Tang

Milton Fong

Marc Roeloffzen

Peter Demetros

Charles McGowan

Betty Woo

Ellen Hotung

Maribeth Lee

Selena To

Sharada Gilkey

Mark Salas

Makarand Deolalkar

Jane Anne Mcgregor Liza Yeung

Jeff Hsu

Lu Lemaster

Wesley Tongson

William Hoa

Sharon Salenius

Vrinda Deolalkar

Daniel McKinney

Tessa Yeung

Julian Hui

Linda Lierheimer

Linda Towery

Howard Hsu

Yuko Shibata

Mary Ding

Sandra Mial

George Young

Kathy Huizar

Janis Lindoo

Ginnie Webb

Heidi Johnson

Daizo Sudoh

Erin Dunn

Melissa Miller

Peggy Young

Randall Juergens

Gilbert Lo

Mark Weihenmayer Philip Jordan

Peter Sullivan

Pak Eng

Maria Murphy


Eileen Keenan

Barbara Mayben

Ada Wong

Carol Juergens

Kenneth Swan

Kerry Fogarty

Brian Myers

Raymond Abary

Cathleen McCoy

Pamela Wong

Scott Kahn

Anne Sweitzer

Malcolm Fong

Cynthia Newman

Joan Amy

Jim McGown

Bob Woo

Colleen Keenan

Philip Thomas

Robert Frank

Tanya Novak

Antony Anderson

Tamara Mehta

Vicky Wragg

William Keimig

Suzanne Torgersen

Peter Gilbert

Lola Pan

Geoffrey Ayers

Debbie Mercer

Vivian Yih

Helen Kim

Michele Trepanier

Grace Go

Rachel Raborn

Tracy Birnie

Laurie Miller

Richard Zee

Akiko Kimura

David Tse

Lisa Hamel

Rhonda Rasmussen

Debbie Bossard

Carol Morris


Cynthia Kinne

Gordon Tso

Piya Harnphanich

Patricia Reckendorf David Brooks

Ramesh Motwani

Bryan Anderson

Richard Ko

Stella Tyas

Paul Ho

Veronique Reynaud Kimberly Brown

Lertsak Nganthavee Menefee Bagnal

Winston Koo

Elizabeth Wallis

Ha Sun Hong

Gregory Rittger

John Carroll

Julia Obayashi

Haresh Balani

Sandra Koo

Allen Wang

Gary Hung

Bill Robb III

Scott Caslow

Sharon Pearce

Cynthia Bauman

David Kwong

David Wang

Lydia Hwang

Michael Robison

Alex Chan

Kathy Peaslee

Scott Bearden

Miranda Lai

Cindi Webb

Steven Ingram

Ian Rogers

Lingki Chau

Keith Quong

Deborah Blakney

Johnny Lam

David Webb

Theo Janssen

Christine Sandner

Julie Cheung

Ruth Raborn

Paul Blessington

Kitty Lam

Jeffrey Week

Laura Jensen

David Schmidt

Wantanee Chirathivat

Steve Rahmanan

Lloyd Bloom

Ronald Lam

Larry West

Michele Kiyota

Hal Schornstein

Miriam Choi

Martin Ranta

David Burnside

Alvin Lee

Paul Westrick

Karen Koch

Nancy Shirey

Karen Cook

Julie Rice

Daniel Burr

David Lee

Thomas Wong

Kenneth Koo

Karen R. Smith

Juanita Coumbias

Michael McCormick

Julie Richards

Eric Caslow

Stephen Leoganda


Stephanie Koo

Yoon Sohn

Lisa Crowley

Daniel McCoy

Rand Robinson

Randy Chadwick

Eric Lewis

Kathy Anderer

Mabel Kwan

Gary Soucy

Paul Demetros

Julia McMullen

Michael Kinne Elisabeth Kirchlechner Kimberly Knowles Antonio Koo Sherman Lam Sophie Lam James Langford Simon Lau Deborah Lee Gisa Lee Joyce Lu *Jonathan Lutz Kevin Lytle Matthew Mak Davin McAndrews

Bernice Mendoza


Claudine Michaut

Gina Tso

Paul Gilbert

Mari Sato

Calvin Chow

Naomi Lusk

David Wong

Louisa Kwan

Denise Moden

Elizabeth Tutnauer

Kris Grant

Timothy Schmidt

Gary Coonan

Donna Maibuecher

Jerry Wood II

Alexander Lee

Sheryl Mordini

Tim Vander Leek

Heather Gray

Barbara Semken

Roger Cormier

Michael Marshall

Eric Yau

Alysia Lee

Jennifer Osborne

Wesley Wan

Chandur Gulrajaney

Tom Sheehan

Lisa Dandrea

Cynthia McAndrews


John Lenell

Catherine Osmund

Allen Weintraub

Henry Hamel

John Shih

Antonio De Rosas

*Patrick Pang

Mark Westergren

Stephanie Harvey

Carolyn Siewh

Karine Piastunovich

Delphine Wood

Lea Henderson

Lynn Rasmus

Valerie Woods

Marcel Hoenig

Karen Redlinger

Terrence Yau

Karen Houghtaling

Lawrence Reed

Henry Yoshawirja

Kathy Houghtaling

Stephen Robison


Sully Jacome

Lourdes Rodriguez

Phyllis Afendoulis

Elizabeth Johnson

Laura Rose

*Anna Agell

Steven Jones

Robert Roth

Leslie Arnold

Karen Karr

Constance Sapienza

Renee Babila

Robert Ketterer

Inawati Setiadji

Rochelle Baines

Margaritta Kim

Susan Sherry

Richard Bauman

Lisa Kung

Grace Shin

Kay Bawden

Trina Lathrop

Linda Silvis

Jimmie Bray

Joe Lawrence

Jeffrey Sinfield

Freny Bunshah

Sandra Lee

Mike Skolnick

Mike Butkus

Donna Liang

Deborah Smith

Kelly Cary

Michael Lombardo

Dave Sohn

Keith Challberg

Darryl Malonzo

Shannon Stringer

James Chen

Kazuko Manabe

Stacie Stroud

Margaret Chew

Sanda McMillan

Heidi Struebing

Tim Chiang

Barry Michael

Hisae Sudoh

Enid Chien

Paul Miller

Andrew Chworowsky

Russell Miller

Harold Sun Harumi Takeuchi Arthur Tan Alwyn Tang Katherine Tang Sophia Tao Narumal Tayjasanant Agnes Ting John Torgersen David Trees Michael Tse

Ellen Cook David Dandrea Ruth Davis Mike De la Pena Eddie Delahunty Saskia Dijkstra Christine Disney Graeme Dyer Michael Engelbrecht Jeannie Foulkrod Jenny Fung

Rachelle Mock Sidney Mok Roberto Moratti Wendy Nelson Karl Ostheller Renee Rasmussen Claudia Rednall Suzanne Rhoades Jennifer Rossuck Vanessa Sapienza

Alison McKinnell

David Agell

Caesar Luk

Paul Delahunty

Stacy Mock

Harry Albukhary

Izumi Matsumoto

Judith Smith

David Dewenter

Lincoln Mok

Leslie Anderson

Susan McMullen

*Karen StaniekGerhardt

Stacy Dibble

Victoria Monroe

John Bauman

Mary Meath

Lynne Doolittle

Roger Mordini

Phillip Bloemink

David Milford

Ronit Douek

John Nisbet

Deborah Boyd

Eric Miltenburg

John Engelbrecht

Eva Paley

Sung Yup Chang

Joey Mok

Catherine Eubank

Lilianna Playton

Timothy Chen

Angela Monioudis

Brian Evans

William Potter

Danny Choi

Catherine Morgan

Pamela Fortin

Deborah Quebedeaux

Connson Chou

Patrick Mulligan

Lydia Chow

Allison Mulligan

Chris Christie

Young Shik Park

Margaret Costin

Alissa Porter LeGates

Tina Cure

Ian Prince

Craig Day

Carol Reif

Reinaldo Eala

Jessica Rhoades

Brent Eynon

*Brett Rossuck

Michaela Fountain

Seiichi Saito

Jack Getzelman

Alan Schmidt

Stephanie Giss

Bennet Sexton

Peng Goh

Alexander Shafer

Pattie Gordon

Edward Shing

James Han

Wendy Shum

Miyuki Hirahara

Susan Simanaitis

Kian Holstead

Robert Six

Ann Huse

Cynthia Soo

Paul Janelle

Remi Sugiyama

Raymond Janssen

Catherine Surrency

Dianne Jones

Melody Swartzentruber

Chisato Takeda John Taylor Odette Teodorovich Chris Thorne Morgen Tilling Nobuhiro Toimaru Maria Tongsen Sandra Torgersen Wally Tuchardt Joseph Wai David Warden Jason Weckel Patricia Wei Bradley Westrick Llewena Whiddon Todd Wong Conrad Wragg Joseph Ziolkowski


Terence Anderson Anna Au Joyce Barrone Scott Bauman Arun Bedi William Bossany Cynthia Capistrano Donald Carl Andrew Carroll Pamela Chang Johnson Cheng Ian Chew

Larry Foulkrod Emi Fujikake Robyn Fung Laura Goepfert Regina Grant Andrew Hietala Stephanie Hinshaw Yumi Hirahara Michele Hocevar Benjamin Hollis Nick Huffman Timothy Hui Lynne Hunt Karen Jones Jacqueline Kwan Edwin Lee Maria Lee Cheryl Lee James Lenell Christiana Leung Mark Lin Theodore Loh Yvonne Loke Kenneth Look

John Quinn Michael Rehmeyer John Reizman Yves Reynaud Scott Rogers Mike Roth Umesh Saraf Nathalie Shiu Donald Siao Deborah Sims Kelly Six Greg Smith Angelika Staniek Carol Stark Brian Suzuki Aimee Tang Mack Tilling Catherine Tongson Paul Travers Nicholas Van Dan Virata Hazel Virata Liza Wei Rebecca Westrick Glenn Whiddon

Elizabeth Juergens Karen Ketterer Kyung-bae Kim Seung Yon Kim Stella King

Jennifer Taylor Jay Templeton Tracy Tierney Matthew Tilling Gillian Tso


Kris Tuchardt

Jack Hsu

Steve Sexton

Derek Capre

Teresa Lomotan

Mark Williams

Carl Engzell

Jill Watamaniuk

Lorna Hunt

Johanna Shafer

Bernard Chan

Christina Madden

Jacqueline Windsor

Richard Erisman

Amy Weinberg

Alexandra Hyman

Lesli Summerlin

Ian Chan

Melissa Mak

David Wolper

Susan Fichter

Sheryl Willcox

Miki Ikemura

Michi Tam

Christina Chang


Robert Fienberg

Teresa Winbigler

Ann Iribarren

Robin Tierney

Yun Jae Chong

Alexandra Sasha McClung

Adelina Au

Doug Gallacher

Miho Yanagida

May Kan

Thomas Tilmant

Leslie Choy

Roman Azanza III

Lisa Geringer


Gerard Ko

James Toal

Constance Collins

Ken Bell

Geoffrey Hale

Philip Anderson

Paul Kwiatkowski

Virginia Todd

James Costello

Helen Best

Jennifer Harvey

Zulkifli Arifin

Lorna Lam

Anthony Travers

Tara Costello

Stephanie Bilkey

Yuko Hirahara

Tiffany Berggren

Paul Owens Langford

Minh Venator

Socorro Paulina Cristi

Leah Boggs

Hayley Hsu

Juliette Brandt

Jacki Lim

Tanya Vinson

Frederico De Guzman

Jennifer Boon

Jerry Hsu

James Brown

Maria Lomotan

Jill Vollertsen

Victoria De Rosas

Robert Bradley

Michiko Iida

Susan Burnett

Nancy Lusk

Alvin Wang

*Lori Delahunty

Wendy Brainard

Francine Jacome

Arati Chand

Celine Ma

Anna Wang

Fiona Ekander

Callen Campbell

Curt Jennewine

Tanuja Chandra

Kam Ma

Richard Whitehead

Julie Finerty

Ariya Chalermwat

Anju Jiandani

George and May Chang

Patrick Magnusson

Maria Williams

Chad Forrest

Regina Chang

Janice Karr

Jin-Young Chang

Kaori Matsumoto

Linda Wohleber

Eric Fung

Colette Cheng

Sonya Kilkenny

May Chang

Wynne Mayall

Adelina Wong

Valerie Gildersleeve

Calvin Cheung

Charlie Kim

Bey Chen

Anita McElvane

Gregory Wood

Michelle Hansmire

Carey Cheung

Gerianne Ko

Stephanie Choy

Mike McGivern

Janet Wortley

Jayce Henderson

Victor Cheung

Derek Kwik

Danielle Chung

Tracy McKinnell

Deborah Wynne-Parry John Hsin

Mingson Chou

Ross Kwok

Diane Clark

Paul Mengden

Liesl Yoars

Caroline Hsu

Camilia Chow

William Kwok

Kelly Costello

Sandra Morgan


Madeline Hsu

Koh-Ann Chu

Devra Langford

Fiona Day

Jennifer Morris

John Aexel

Wendy Hsu

Cynthia Chuang

Tak Hung Lau

Fiona Doe

Ann Mulligan

Grace Ajemian

Terri Irwin

Patricia Clem

Lin Lee

Francois Duchastel

David Napoleon

Atikah Arifin

Akiyo Ito

Tom Coleman

Timothy Lee

John Eichelberger

William Needels

Howard Au

Joseph Johnson

Sondra Cowan

Tracey Lesher-Limone

Leslie Fong

John Niem

Allison Bacher

Patrick Karls

Maurice Cruz

Annette Liu

Meiji Fong

Laura Nisbet

Anette Backstrom

Julianne Kemp

Paul DaSaro

Susan Loeffelholz

Sherry Fong

Crystal Ostheller

Alison Barker

Kathleen Kennedy

Brian Fortner

Karen Pfeifer

Stephanie Baum

Kenny Kim

Katrina Fortner

Arielle Piastunovich

Sean Best

Richard King

Kimberly Fry

Amer Quraishi

Brian Boggess

Kailee Knowles

Teresa Fung

Shamina Qureshi

Robyn Bradley

Karen Lakeman

Lynne Halpern

Christian Reimer

Roger Bradstreet

Alan Lee

Catherine Harris

Stephanie Rittmann

Andrew Brown

Emmy Lee

Lori Hitchcock

Fran Sapienza

James Burnett

Eugenia Lee

Victor Ho

Jay Setnicka

Randall Button

Christine Loh


Vanessa McDonald Kathleen McKay Michael Medina John Monteiro Si Morgan Brier Muse Kevin Neir Joseph Niem Bryan Oaks Colleen Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill Margaret Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Sullivan Cristen Palmer Stephanie Peck Daren Povar Phillip Prodger Ellen Reimer Chadwick Saxelid Randy Schwartz David Shapiro Sheila Shih Kristin Sieglaff Jeffrey Sneddon John Tan Ju-Lyn Tan Paul Tan *Michael Taylor

Michelle Dauphinais Chris Loh Linda Davis

Diana Lu

Bert De Guzman

Sophie Madden

Alexis Devlin

Sandra Marsh

Sri Viswanath

Mariano Robert Dinglasan

Bren McIver

Sandra Wang

Stephen Doe

Christine Westrick

Jorie Driskill

Juliette Wilkinson

Jay Edwards

Devon Williams

Samantha Efford

Vince Tobias Bradley Tuchardt Lanchi Venator

John Misa Daniel Moore Dorothy Moran Melanie Musgrove

Donn Naito

Brad Bouten

Bonifacio Lomotan

Guillermo Tantoco J. Scott Cooke

Lorrie Nance

Kennedy Brown

Caroline (Moon) Lucas

Tanya To

Michael Darch

Shashi Narain

Frank Campbell

Fontaine Lui

Maria Tongson

Charlene Day

Amy Ng

Angela Carey

Zachary Lum

Andrew Tsai

Samantha Denham

Edmond Ngai

Eva Champagne

Katherine MacMillan

*Jeffrey Tsai

Debra Driskill

Susan North

John Chan

Amy Mak

Yvonne Tsai

Lisa Dugand

Angela Olsen

Robert Chan

Pamela Mar

Douglas Wang

Paul Duncan

Kathleen O’Sullivan Jeffrey Cheah

Christopher Markley

Amanda Wilson

Christine Dunn

William Ottiger

Christopher Mathis

Katherine Wise

Brett Enlow

*Gareth Matthews

Craig Wood

Melody Fong

Melissa McPheeters

Leon Wu

Leesa Forrest

Sheryl Miller

Tahira Yakoob

Shannon Frame

Mark Misemer

Raymond Yeen

Laura Fu

Henry Morgan

Jennifer Yu

Cecil Fung

Jacqueline Murphy


Sandy Gremlich

Patrick Naughton

Bryan Alldredge

Cathey Hale

Hilary Newman

David Anderson

Melinda Hansmire

Akiko Niihara

Andrew Arenson

Keisuke Hirano

Diane Oberheim

Carolyn Barringer

Charles Ho

Heather Michelle O’Brien

Kim Bauman

*Rita Hopper

Patricia Bauman

Erik Horneman

Karen Bennett

Amy Hsu

Janice Blomeyer

William Hsu

John Burdsall

Mari Iwata

Amelia Chan

Rekha Kaula

Lincoln Chan

Amy Kirschke

Chris Parkhurst Milo Petty Mette Poulsen Michelle Pozon Steven Pratico Andree Richard Jonathan Rowold Mark Rush Richard Surrency Amy Tennis Amy Thomas Brian Thomas Patrick Thomas Kei Ki To Cindy To Darren Tse Elaine Tse Ryo Vavrunek John Wade Amy Watt Graeme Wilkinson *Christine Wong David Wu


Tracey Abington Antony Alumkal Rifiyanti Arifin Carl Aschan Adam Biggs

Heidi Elizabeth Chekouras Esther Chiranakhorn Casey Chow Benjamin Choy Kristin Connor Shanti Crawford Paige DaSaro Teresa Devroe Matthew Dowhy Michelle Ferrell Sumi Fink Jonathan Ford Richard Fung Veronica Fung Erik Gilbertson Rob Gvozden Kunal Handa Dian Hsin Alana Insko Michael Johnson Sujal Kapadia Henry Kim Loring Knoblauch Bobby Kwan Ernest Lee Adam Levowitz Janet Levowitz Ricky Li Grace Loh Peggy Loh

Kelly Ostheller Behram Parekh Robert Potter John Quinn Piers Reddy Mark Rittmann Judd Rossuck Brian Schroeder Robert Scott Deborah Shannon Yong-Ho Sohn Annette Spackman Amy Sparrow Suzan Steinberg Deborah Strauss Marc Suhr Lay-heon Tan Annette Tang

Young Hwi Chang Kwang-Wi Koh Antonius Chen

Kevin Koo

Grace Chen

Jeffrey Kresock

Vanessa Chien

Leon Kuan

Gina Choi

Gina Kwan

Prescille Chu

Alex Langley

Benny Chuchen

Tygir Lebedev

David Chung

Suzette Lin

Danielle Clarke

Douglas Lodge

Karin Cochran

Hans Lombardo

Susan Cofer

Melissa Longley

Sarimarijke Cohen Panayotis Malliris

Michelle Marking

*Debby Tuck

Deborah Dang

Vivien Janette Marshall

Bob Van Wormer

Ashok Daswani

Jason Vorderstrasse

Christopher Dooley

Jon Martin Catherine Maule Mahfuza Mazid Janette McDonald Richard McNeel Zachary Mertens Brad Mettee Fiona Miliffe Nadia Mir Michael Monteiro Chih We Mou Peter Movizzo Dina Narain Vivien Ng William Nihan Henrik Nilsson Kelly O’Leary James Olson Michelle Onderko Jeremy Palmer Joon Young Park Angelica Pozon Soo-Jin Rhee Douglas Rosenquist James Shelby Tiffany Shultz Cornelia Stander Mark Stocker Martina Straight Lynne Sweeney Rika Tachibana Beatrix Tambunan Terence Tay Kimberly Tennis Jay Thompson Kevin Tranbarger

*Margaret Wadhwani Bradley Draper Chad Walters

David Dreiske

Heather Walters

*Angela Easterwood

Freda Wang

Charles Eaton

Leslie Wang

Alyssa Enlow

John Watt

William Erisman

Melissa Weidner

Kimberley Farnsworth

Amy Weintraub Ann Werner Sabrina Wilhoit Andrea Wong Stephen Wong Michael Wu Steven Yang

1989 Yoshiko Abe Marika Abelsted Neil Alumkal Tanya Anderson Rita Arifin Rohini Balani Mara Bautista Anjali Bedi Pinki Bengani Jeffrey Boehm Tanya Bossard Jennifer Bostwick Rachel Brinkley Christian Campbell Anthony Chan Kitty Chan Eveline Chang Patricia Chen Stella Chen Amber Connor

Nathalie Faufeder Belinda Faulkner Marc Ferrell Heather Fierce Tracy Flannery Kerry Ford *Jennifer Fresco Dominick Frosch Sara Gaasholt Charles Gallacher Robert Gipson Julie Glenn Anna Marie Goco Sam Golles Juliet Halloran Christine Hanchett Cathryn Harris Cynthia Haugen Lili Herrera Terence Hsu Kimberly Kaiser Veronique Kaneta Achal Kapoor Paul Karlsen Dena Khasif Soo Young Kim Ty Hoa Kobler Jennifer Koo


Dean Ku

Emily Schiffman

James Bradden

Ahmer Kalam

Charles Quinn

Susan Yen

Derrek Faber

Michelle Lung

Harriet Lam

Joanne Schmitt

Brooke Bronner

Anuroopa Kalbag

Ruth Rasmussen

Jennifer Young

Kerri Fijol

Wenson Lung

Timothy Lam

Erum Shah

Kathleen Cashman Jennifer Kestenbaum Tynlee Roberts

William Youngblood

Jennifer Fong

Renee Lux

Christopher Larsen

May Sheung

Daniel Chan

Maki Kondo

Steven Scannell


Jennifer Martin

Karen Lee

Anthony Simpkin

Janice Chan

Peter Kornberg

Saba Shah

Alexandra Garschagen

Mark Abernathy

Pauline Lewis

Matthew Spackman

Synthia Chan

Jean Ku

Sara Shaoul

Kikko Akamatsu

*Christine Rio Gaxiola

Stephanie Li

Christopher Starr

Anthony Chang

Heng-Yeh Kuo

Scott Shelby

Sunayana Arora

Andrew Glenn

Margaret McBride

Tom Lin

Eric Sun

Joe Chang

Voon San Lai

Robert Signer

Natalie Au-wen

Bijoy Goswami

Christopher Motion

Mark Lurer

Lavine Surtani

Joseph Chen

Lewis Lau

Jennifer Spielman Seth Baker

Matthew Hanson

Megan Nalevanko

Jeffrey Magarity

Seiichiro Suzuki

Ji-Young Choi

Suzanna Lee

John Stich

Miles Henderson

Ruth Neighbors

Joseph Marzullo

Roberto Tantoco

Casey Chu

Vanessa Lew

George Suzuki

Nuryanti Herlina

Antonio Ng

Megumi Hirano

Michelle Niem

Wallace Ho

Bethany Nocco

Andy Hou

Kumiko Ogoshi

David Hsia

Ian Ong

Vanessa Hui

Alexandra Ottiger

Aimee Ipson

Yazdi Parekh

Laura Ivey

Anna Pena

Sean Kang

Alexandra Price

Bimal Kapoor

Hud Quistorff

Jennifer McDonald Tanya McGuinnessBeck Blair Mertens

Samuel Templeton Jason Thatcher *Michael Thompson Cynthia Tsai

Hui-Chu Mou Shauna Muschewske Elizabeth Napoli Julian Neale Michele Neff-Franke Abha Nijhawan Julie Noethlich Kumiko Onoda Paul Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Sullivan Meghan Parisi Sun-Hee Park Michael Pelphrey Tania Phillips Heather Pierce Brooke Portwood Darren Prodger Catherine Puranananda

Bonnie Tucker Brett Vinson Bettina Virtusio Colleen Walker Daniel Wang Jennifer Welker Stewart Wennersten Kendal Widtfeldt Christopher Williams Vu Williams John Windsor *Stephen Wong Andrew Wu

Karen Rowe Jennifer Rowell David Sakai Jackie Samtani Sudesh Sani Kanan Sankalia


Johnny Chuchen *Betty Chung Andrea Cicogna Kelly Cooke Jennifer Crawford Carlo Cruz Colin Curran Juilanne Davie Alma De Allende Sam Devnani Frederique Digeon Scott Dotson Sarah Elliott Sarah Ferguson Nancy Fichter Christina Gaw

Kathy Yao

Will Gemmel

Benjamin Yin

Heather Goeld

Joyce Yin

Maria Granstrom

David Young

Anne Roberts

Timothy Chu

Susan Gregg


Carol Groves

Christopher Adams

Stephen Harrington

Edward Altwies

Sunil Hemnani

Becky Bassett

Yu Sik Hong

Nicole Bast

Melissa Hum

Denise Blair

Duncan Ip

Kelvin Liang Jesse Lim Richard Liu Amy Lynch Alexandre Mabilon Hannah MacMurray Cheri McDonald Cara McDowall Kyle McGinty Robert McNeel

Yulee Teng Mark Teo David Thomson Deborah Tidbury Megan Tilder Renee Tokuyama Bernice Tong Kristina Torrado Albert Tsai Daniel Tuck

Asha Balasubramanian Jonathan Barden Howard Berg John Blomeyer Jarrett Bostwick Chris Brough Richard Cardinal Josemaria Carreon Amanda Chan Celia Chan Renee Lynn Chang Stephen Chang

Tiffany KirchnerDixon

Jamy Velho

Jason Choi

Andrew Kirschke

Satoru Mori

Vanessa Wagar

Amanda Chow

Asuka Kitamura

Scott Murdock

Jason Wallace

David Chow

Gerianna Ko

Amy Nance

Meghan Walsh

Carolyn Chu

Lawrence Koo

Desmond Ng

Ada Wang

*Desmond Chu

Lena Kuffner

Patrick Nihan

Kelly Wawrinty

Bora Chung

Patricia Kung

Gregory Novosad

Jonathan Webster Denise Dauval

David Kwok

Amy Olson

Lauren Whitehorn Maria De Toledo

Steven Lam

Lisa Ottiger

Collin Wilkerson

Stephanie De vera

Stacy Lambert

Stathi Pappadis

Trevor Willis

Arsheya Devitre

Roger Lara

Shannon Pearce

Edward Wong

Kristen Devlin

Jennifer Lee

Paul Pelican

Scott Wood

Kelly Donohue

Joung Ho Lee

Mark Pflederer

Trevor Wright

Brian Driscoll

Lorna Li

Paulo Pires

Michelle Wu

Charles Dube

Brian Ling

Michael Plunkett

Eric Yang

Christopher Dungworth

Alan Liu

Jennifer Price

Barbara Yeh

Martin Erhardt

Christopher Loh

Natacha Vaerewyck

Michael Misemer

Elizabeth Maule

Edward Kelley III Sharon Raccah

Reilly Cheung

Shelby MimsLefkowitz

Michelle Mathis

Wai Leng Loh

Stephen Reiutz Shannon Remnant Mieka Rhoades Natasha Royer Lavesh Samtani Elizabeth Schiffman Megan Schill Margarita Schultz Stephanie Schwartz Sloane Sheffer Albert Sheu Hilary Shirven Ed Sirivallop Jennifer Sollenberger Adaarema Sparks Lance Starr Rachel Stone

John Stralnic

Derek Chen

Jesper Ingerslev

Tammy Swanberg

*Timothy Chen

Elizabeth Jennings Jeff Sellers

Sunny Tan

Jun Chie

Dennis Joe

Angela Teng

Henry Chien

Nadine Schnell

Kenny Man

Gregory Tso

Emily Best

Joshua Goldberg

Gautam Bhagnari

Shoumitro Goswami Miki Maruko

Robert Serrano

Dana Bigelow

Sandra Grant

Brett Mason

Joyce Weitz

Matt Johannsson

David Sheerin

William Black

*Timothy Gregg

Yuki Matsumura

Thibaut Williams

Cassandra Thompson Rebecca Chien

Hyung Kee Kim

Anne Silin

Alice Han-Carlsson

Thomas Mayer

Jason Willis

Eric Tou

Tammy Chin

Suzanne Kingry

Luis Sison

Mona Brough Andrus

Maggie Harris

Arjun Menon

Eric Wong

Alyssa Ann Turoczi

Paul Cho

Catherine Kyle

Charles Soule

Shanon Hernandez

Jason Wong

Heath Van Luchene

Lily Choi

Hilary Lahey

Tracey Sprengler

Chris MillsWinkler

Katrina Virtusio

Holly Christianson

Charlotte Lee

Marianne Sullivan

Todd Walters

Patrick Chu

Dana Lee

Stephanie Tan

John Wang

Mervin Chun

Eugene Lee

Chantal Teodorovich

Michelle Wang

Christine Chung

Georgette Lee

Joseph Thatcher

Alan Watt

Bryan Cobery

Melanie Lee

Karen Ting

James Weldon

Elizabeth Collard

Yong Ho Lee

Traci Tong

Tyler J. Williams

Solomon Combe

Jerry Leung

Marcy Torreano

Sally Williamson

Katherine Curtiss

Dana Leventhal

Edward Tou

Sabina Wong

Pamela DeBord

Zachery Lewis

Cathryn Trotter

Christopher Wright

Mukesh Devnani

Christopher Lok

Patrick Tsai

David Wue

Christopher Dolan

Kyoko Matsubara

Alex Turoczi

Yuri Yasaka

Bryan Dooley

*Iain McGlashan

David Van Leeuwen


Karina Evans

Jimmy McKay

Nancy Weintraub

Omar Ahmed

Gustavo Fischer

Alexandra Mitchell Melissa White

Dulce Austria

June Fok

Lillian Moh

Thomas Willoughby

Lana Baroudi

Teddy Fong

Sara Morad

Kevin Wolahan

Mark Barrett

Jody Fullerton

Meredith Murdock Ingrid Wong

Mary Josephine Bautista

Christine Go

Selma Naeem

Michael Wong

Baruchi Goldstein

Pravesh Narain

Robert Young

Donald Grant

Jessica Oetting

Ismene Zarifis

Randolph Guthrie

Kyoko Okamura


Bradley Harris

Seh Hyuck Park

Aamir Ahmed

Susan Harris

Cristina Pires

Caroline Ahnell

Mutsumi Hata

Glenn Portch

Kemal Arsan

Amanda Heyse

Bonny Pratt

Wendy Heyse

Guy Raccah

Manesh Balani

Howard Hian

Corina Regazzo ni Jason Rego

Mona Baroudi

Mari Saito

Pankaj Bengani

Arthur Berman Jennifer Bickel Adam Bigelow Scott Bradley Charles Broquard Jens Buckler Pablo Calvo Kevin Carbognin Edwin Chan Evan Chan

Matthew Higginbotham

Michael Chang

Leyla Hoosain

Charlotte Chapman

Joanna Hyun

Andreas Schallenberger

Caroline Aw

Anna Bautista

Jodi Bernard

Kirsten Brown Garcia Calvo James Caradonna Derek Chan Jose Chang Michelle Chang Erica Cheah Ivy Chen Jennifer Chenn Teresa Cheung Spencer Chiu Ann Choi Mary Choi Fu Min Chu Leontine Chuang Hee Gab Chung Hwan Yee Chung Shanna Connor Lyman Doyle Vineet Dutt Mary Edwards Michael Elliott Jeremy Evans Christopher Fang Wayne Farlow Robin Farrell Rob Fissmer Katherine Foos Michael Fralick Juan Garcia Angela Gaspar Greg Gilbert Maggie Gilbert

Eul Sik Hong Tina Hsu Eugene Hui Wendeline Hung Mark Huntley Eli Johannsson Shawn Joseph Hyung Kon Kim Jun Kim Jonas Kinder Elizabeth Komosa Naoko Konishi Alex Kuffner David Kuo Gregory Kwik Tiffany Lai Marcus Lam Yee Kee Lam Darlene Lanham Javan Lee Gregory Lewis Adrian Liang Audrea Ling Greg Liu Patrick Liu Jeffrey Lui Monise Luk Emily Ma Frances Ma Hazel MacMurray Alice Man

Nima Morad Nayumi Nagase Kelly Ng Stephen Nichols Rona Niles Aaron Oetting Masaki Okamura Ozer Onkal Jin Ah Park Victor Pate Victor Pena Natalie Picquot Jason Pierce Adam Poulos Sigrid Price Darren Priday Scott Rowe *Amy Ruhter

Corey Van Luchene

Eric Yang Kathy Yang Kenneth Yang Grace Yeung Tiffany Yip Marcus Yoars

1994 Sharifah Albukhary Brian Aldridge Naomi Asukai Arvin Joel Bautista John Dennis Bautista David Begbie Jade Bell *Tiffany Bissey

Sean Bodkin Brian Bozarth Muzzammil Butt

Andrew Santoso

Christopher Cameron

Denby Sellers

Matthew Chan

Christopher Selzer Marc Chenn Wilbur Shen

Angeles Cheung

Maika Smith

Robert Chien

Charmain Soo

Stephen Chin

David Sousa

Ravi Choit ramani

Jason Swamy

Hoon Ki Chun

Tamotsu Tamura

Randolph Chung

Nadya Tengku

Roderick Copeland

Lisa Ting

Laura Copland

Brianna Tom

John Corcoran

Bonnie Tsang

Jessica Creamer


Ethan Sherman

Jeffrey Yang

Mary Anne Cox

Vinny Kobler

Cosmo Saunders

Ethan Alter

Lindsay Drummond Esther Lee

Tiffany Short

Alwin Yih

Daniel Coyle

Tyler Kroos

Andrew Scannell

Gia Antonellis

Kate Elliott

Albert Lemoine

Ian Smith

Baldwin Yih

Stephanie Crouch

Yu Kurebayashi

Arpan Shah

Nami Asaka

Uzma Farman

Albert Leung

Natalie Ying

John Danbeck

Michelle Kwok

Betty Shea

James Barry

Rizwan Farooqi

David Leventhal

Michael Allen Smith

Cynthia Yu

Ruel Deaver

Samson Lau

Elizabeth Shen

Amanda Barton

Faith Fischer

Jill Lewis

Sheila Yu

Veronica Dio

Vicki Lawson

Nicole Shen

Joshua Begbie

David Frankenberg

Richard Lim

Jinsen Zee

Lauren Drumgoole

Bruce Lee

Sonja Signer

Frances Blatt

Stephen Fung

Cancy Liu

Jonathan Zeman

Sarah DucommunRumble

Karen Lee

Patrick Sin

Shannon Bozarth

Kelly Lee

Amber Spencer

Juan Canizares

John Lemoine

Eri Suzuki

Emily Chan

Derek Leung

Greg Swando

Keith Chan

Aron Liang

Davin Tan

Martin Chan

Karen Lo

Milana Teodorovich Sara Chan

Michael Lo

Stanley Ting

Christina Chang

Genevieve Lu

Edwin Tom

Jennifer Chang

Joseph Ma

Kirsty Trim

Michael Chang

Indu Mahtani

Deborah Tse

David Chen

Kamal Malik

Sophia Tseng

Ivan Chen

Christy Mallen

Charles Tsui

Jonathan Chen

Alia Marwah

Jamie Van Hoften

Therese Cheng

Megan Medrano

Adam Voss

Todd Chenn

Hjalmar Mok

Josh Wetjen

Natalie Cheung

Annikki Muncy

Erin Williamson

Natasha Cheung

Alisa Ng

Justina Wong

Joseph Chiang

Anthony Ng

Katy Wong

Nicholas Chiang

Sean Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien

Mark Wong

Adriana Ching

Jillian Doman

Elaine Lee

Andrew Garschagen Howard Liu Arthur Go

Joanna Liu

Lisa Groucott

Terence Lui

Noah Heath

James Martin

Kaarina Heino

Kei Matsumoto

Carina Ho

Mark Mcleod

Michelle Katherine Hoeppner

Aravind Menon

Martha Holloman Hayppy Hsu

Amy Meyer Darryl Miao Anup Mirchandani

Rhett Hunter Edward Hurley Leo Hwang Niels Ingerslev Vivian Ip Andrew James Mindy Jennings Connie Joe Michael Johnson Melissa Jones John-Paul Kiesel Chung-Hoon Kim Vanessa Kim

Ga Young Moon Miles Neale Christopher Neppes Amy Noel Alison Overholt Michael Palitz *Michal Pemper

Sandra Pizarro Sarah Polich Andrea Pulito Brenda Pulito Smitha Ravipudi Desiree Rogers

Gabrielle Ko

Maria-christina Rohrs

Russell Ko Chikako Kobayashi Karen Kwan

Charles Roy Rupal Sankalia

Hannah Soule Clyde Stroman Matthew Swando Janet Szeto Teruo Takahashi Karen Tan Howard Tang Erin Tarbuck Sanjeev Thakkar Suzette Thatcher Minna Tirronen Jackie To Robynn Tokuyama Ginger Tong Chris Toomer Ace Trask Sheila Trillanes Keith Tsui Susan Uy Ryu Voelkel Caroline Wagar Catherine Wang Janice Wang Holly Webb Jeremy White Simon Wild Rolf Wilhelm Benjamin Witt Arlene Wong Jane Wong

Ler-Min Kwan

Francois-Xavie Sarrazin

Kevin Lam

Alison Sasaki

Matthew Wong

Amy Lee

Thomas Scollon

Tobin Wood

Daniel Lee

Ramez Sheikh

Erin Woodall


Jonathan Wong

1995 James Adamovich Elizabeth Alaspa Megan Aldridge Jared Andersen Anda Aquino Mari Asaka Jessica Barry Laura Bastian David Berman Mel Best Ruchira Bose Kimberly Brow Anitra Buffington Ann Buovolo Monica Canizares Deanne Carew

Bethany Evans Christopher Farrell Chantel Fernandes Ioli Filmeridis Amy Franklin Pauline Fu Mindy Gillespie Daniel Goetz Emily Groberg Kelvin Hah Genevieve Handler Bo (Matthew) Harvey Tiffany Henry Michael Hinton Alton Ho Junko Huang

Alanna Chan

Katherine Ann Hutchinson

Steven Chan

Jens Janssen

Joelle Oetting

Philip Wong

Katherine Cho

Jaalin Cheng

Mariam Kalam

Edward Park

Ray Wong

Vivian Cho

Jonathan Cheung

Brendan Kam

Hogunn Park

Tisha Wong

Kane Chu

Alan Ching

Sylvia Kao

David Patterson

Monica Woodruff

Christopher Clayton

Kevin Chiu

Kevin Kent

Janet Patterson

Caroline Wu

Sean Corbett

Hyun Cho

Nazlee Khalis

Alexander Pau

Jimmy Yang

Katherine Curry

Hee Na Chung

Moiz Khan

Caroline Picquot

Flora Yeung

Jenette De Leon

Susan Pizarro

*Christie Yih

Sam Diedrich

Susannah Churchill Nelson Kidd Dave Coffey

Danielle Kiesel

Karla Portch

Allen Ying

*Jennifer Doman

Oriane Coquerel

Russell Knight

Emily Poulos

Jason Young

Lucyellen Doyle

Amy Corbett

Wendy Knoops

Kiran Rajasekhar

Albert Yung

Christine Drolette

Phillip Corcoran

Leonard Ko

Oliver Redfern

Timothy Zenner

John Jr. Drolette

Marcus Ko


David Dunoye

Ilana Lampell

Joseph Niesley

John Wong

Michelle Erickson

David Lin

Christopher Sheng

Rebecca Brabant

Elly Eng

Andrew Lane

Jason Pau

Maggie Wong

Zach Evans

Christina Liu

Brendan Sheridan

Rachael Bradford

Proctor Flanagan

Andrew Lawrence

Stuart Reilly

Samson Wong

Roberto Feldman

Kimberly Liu

Tiffany Sluk

Meghan Breedlove

Jeffrey Fong

Adam Lawson

Sarah Roesler

Toni Worden

Julie Foo

*Timothy Lo

*Meghan Smith

Charl Burger

Luca Franchi

Berinda Lee

Eleanor Roy

Karen Yan

Wade Fox

Matthew Longley

Devyani Srinivasan

Danae Busa

Karen Fresco

Brian Lee

Allison Ruhter

Iris Yeung

Veronica Galbraith

Michael Longley

Brian Street

Jasmine Carl

Andrew Fullerton

Evelyn Lee

Rigil Sanford

Patrick Yip

Anne Garschagen

Mike Loughlin

Adelene Tan

Derrick Chan

Arpa Garay

Hye-Sun Lee

Mari Sasaki

Paul Yip

Sophia Gilsdorf

Alberto Lovison

Jason Tan

Gregory Chan

David Gates

Ingrid Lee

Sara Schiebout

Della Yu

Robert Jr. Go

Jennifer Lui

*Lisa Tan

Kylie Chan

Mark Gibbs

Jeriel Lee

Ann She

Marisa Zeman

Amar Goplan

Kelly Lum

Jay Taylor

Wendy Chan

Victor Glowacki

Ryan Lee

Shahriq Sheikh

Daniel Zimmerman

Robert Hah

Vincent Ma

Ryan Thomas

John Chang

Daniel Goodman

Terry Lee

Abigail Hedlund

Mukesh Mahtani

Joyce Tsang

Pamela Chao

David Goodman

Tonia Lee

Sunniesa Sherman 1997 Jeremy Shulman Nicole Allen

Lisa Hientz

Timothy Markin

Florence Tsui

Theodore Chastain

Tara Goodman

Brandon Leung

Matthew Silveira

Joe Anclien

Alexander Ho

Yael Marwah

Elaine Chau Ian Van Reepinghen

Gwynn Guilford

David Li

Ashika Singh

Rafael Aquino

Christine Ho

Catriona McGregor

Irene Wang

Mary Chen

Megan Guilford

Ivette Li

Sidharth Singh

Michele Auerbach

Reyko Huang

Russell Mezger

Jason Wang

Mason Chenn

David Hardoon

Karen Li

Ringo Siu

Joanna Bickel

Joshua Johnson

Amy Norton

Tracy Wang

Christina Cheung

Ayako Harvie

Eunice Liew

Avery Solco

Albert Chan

Lucienne Jugant

Adam Oetting

Jason Weber

Michelle Choi

Elizabeth Heckinger Leslie Lim

Jeselle Solco

Gifford Chan

Noelle Julian

Melvyn Ooi

Bethany Wetjen

Sarika Choithramani

Mauricio Hernandez Jeff Liu

Sunbin Song

Jessica Chan

Grant Kahler

Jeremy Palitz

Brandon Wolcott

Erik Christianson

Denise Ho

Jeff Lo

Sharon Su

Ian Chee

Heikki Kangas

Andrea Pierson

Benjamin Wong

Andrew Chung

Sarah Hoeppner

Jeffrey Lo

Emi Takahashi

Philip Chen

Alvin Ko

Rahul Pushkarna

Jocelyn Wong

Tom Chung

Anna Hurley

Jean Loh

Pauline Tam

Esther Cheung

Andrew Koehneke

Danielle Quercioli

Jocelyn Wong

Seth Clayton

Elizabeth Hutton

Howard Ma

Jeffrey Tan

Gary Cheung

Samira Kovach

Budiman Rahardja

Cheryl Woodson

Alice Corcos

Jialipto Jiaravanon

Catherine Martin

Jason Tang

Lily Cheung

Matthew Krupa

Diya Raj

*Victor Yeung

Ryan Coyle

Luke Johannsson

Tomo Matsumoto

Michael Tang

*Josephine Chiang

Dennis Kwok

Garrett Rakover

Michael Yih

Ryan Cuddyre

Louise Jordan

Yuko Matsunaga

Candice Tong

Adria Chiu

May Lam

Katherine Reilly

Jerry Young

Jacqueline DeLima

Kristopher Kaneta

David McDaniel

Dana Trang

Lance Chiu

Rika Lam

Nico Reyes

Kent Young

Tyler DeWaal

Maria Kantartsis

Vijay Mehta

Anson Tsang

Wai Sze Choi

Michael Lane

Irene Rohrs

Allen Ytzen

Nina Downing

Gina Dawn Kent

Darren Miao

Roger Tsang

Wing Sze Choi

Igor Lau

Maren Ross

Emily Yu

Eric Finnin

Omar Khan

Michael Mihaichuk

Kathy Tsay

Alex Lee

Ishmael Salleh


Eun-Chung Kim

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Mike Amundson

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Walter Arnold

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Molly Murphy

Vikki Leung

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Kenneth Lam

Charis Ng

Linne Tsu Amy Turner Hiroko Usui Michael Wil Alexander Wong Bonnie Wong Emmy Wong

Geethanjali Choithramani Joanne Chow Arnold Chua Andrew Churchill Benjamin Cooper Tim Crouch Joy Dio Kane Douglas

Swee-Yang Lim

Geraldine Shen

Elena Beveridge

Derek Heijmans

Edwina Ng

Nathan Fischer


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Becky Markin

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Suzanne Mceachern

Carmen Tong

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Ingrid Chen

William Hutton

Shakia Mitchell

Ronald Tsang

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Guy Marion

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Susan Chen

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dickie Mok

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Heather Tyree

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*Theresa Cheng

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Lorraine Ou

Ricky Woo

Youn-Seong Cho

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Sonia Chan Terry Chan Kai Chin Chang

Vanessa Jacqueline Herrera Patricia Ho David Hoff Karen Hui

Jee Won Lee Kristel Lee Vanessa Lee Tyler Leitch George Liao Tony Lin Samuel Liu Jaime Lo Jennifer Lo David Lu Linda Lu Amy Ma Olivia Ma Timothy Ma Vicky Ma

Mary-Jane Ruth Sargant Adrian Schweizer Joy Caroline Semple Wendy Shea Jennifer Sheng Eleanor Shing Mark Skelding Jennifer Sluk Darcy Smith Daniel Sprengeler Johnson Stanley Keili Stremel Brandon Sutter Nicole Tai Jeremy Tan

Chi-Ying Leung

Raymond Tong


Alan Chu

Andrea Gonso Neha Gupta Cindy Hah Justin Hardman Austin Harvey

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Brandon Kung Joyce Kuo Natalie Koehrsen Mary Pashalidis Wendy Yang Jonathan Coombs Fiona Kwan Clara Kuo Kim Reyes Trisha Yeh Claire Coulier Alan Kwan Alan Kwan Jessica Richer Alex Yeung Lisa Cristiani Richard Kwee Gareth Kwok Patrick Roberts Benjamin Yip David Crowder Vanessa Kwok Fai Yeung Lai Erica Rose Yvonne Yiu Alexis Cuddyre Natalli Kowng Jeremy Laing Alex Shyu Norihiro Yogo Divya Daryanani Stephen Lam Simon Lam Joel Smith Cedric YU Julia Davidson Jonathan Lau Bridget Lane Aaron Somers Carles Dedeu 2001 Jamie Lee Kerry Lanzit Ravi Stewart Meridith Aldridge Alexander Dunoye Anna Lee Adrienne Lee Kelvin Su Philina Fan Christopher Anderson Michael Lee Jessica Lee Lisa Sweetman Jason Fang Alice Bae Wai-Yin Lee Song-Jae Lee Irene Tam Ricky Fok Diana Birner Janna Lemond Cinci Leung Cecilly Ann Tan Carmen Frances Thomas Bispham Fong Leung Jonathan Jerry Leung Jennifer Tan Michael Gaudette Jason Blackburn Leung Matthew Kandice Li Yang-Ming Tham Thomas Gunnerson Taylor Bradford Leung Michelle Kenny Li Hilary Thompson Rebecca Hardman Erika Brown Weisen Li Swii Yii Lim Sebastian Thong Dustin Hinton Angela Chai Li Annagae Jennifer Lin Victoria Ti Denise Ho Gary Chan Justin Liang Jennie Liu Francis Tong Lydia Ho Doris Chan Mandy Liu Diana Lu Jonathan Tse Salome Ho Joshua Chan Liu Stephanie Karin Lui Sharon Tsui Tricia Ho Celine Chang Lo Christine Kevin Lui Erica Turner Veronica Ho Paul Chaveriat Thomas Lo Candice Luk Yogesh Uttamchandani Stephanie Hon Daniela Che Jeffrey Lo Stella Ma Daniel Whitmore Brandon Hsiung Tim Chen Luk Chantelle Cheryl Mainland Allan Wong Cindy Hsu Catherine Xiao Victoria Lyo Ryan Mak Chen Art Wong Chester Hui Mei Yee Mak Louisa Marion Charlotte Chen Cedric Wong Jessica Hunsucker Hasnain Malik Jeffrey Marquardt Timothy Chen Eric Wong Taku Ichihara Valerie Man Benjamin Meyer Cecilia Cheong Henry Wong Mamoru Inque Jennifer Lindsay Meyer Sylvie Cheung Mangelsen Lia Wong Michelle James Valerie Miller Charles Cheung Keren Mitchell Silvia Wong Theodore Kan Brian Miu Sam Cheung Chun Ming Miu Stanley Wong Kirk Kao Chun Yan Miu Cyrena Chih Benjamin Mok Susanna Wong Duane Kauffman Kyle Moyer *David Choi Adriana Mok Timothy Wong Andrea Kean Bijan Nahavandi Joseph Chou Jeanette Mok Tin Wong Galina Kho Eric Nelson Carmen Chow Mosey Matthew Edward Wu Johann Kirsten Scott Painter Vincent Chow William Mounce Lillian Wu Susan Koh Nicole Pang Thomas Chung Richard Wu Paul Kohli Janet Kim

Lydia Parnell

Steven Yang

Vicky Chung

Morgan Kroos

Margot Moussempes

Tiffany Wong

Duncan Cheung

Young Jin Kim

Jeffrey Murphy

Jeffrey Wright

Justin Chiang

Cindy Kiow

Minori Nagatomo

Tiffany Yam

Roxanne Chiu

Sanmarie Kirsten

Beverly Ng

John Yasuda

Rachel Koehnke

Diana Lo

Catherine Wang

Simone Cheng

Stephanie Wang

Victoria Cheng

Herbert Wong

Vanessa Cheung

Jonathan Yu Hsiang Chou Cindy Chow Esther Chow Calton Chu Joanna Chu Ming Yi Chu Jessie Chun Jasmine Chung Mayling Chung Stephen Condon Janine Cotter Michael Cruz Lucas Driscoll Serena Fan Mohamed Farooqi Ciara Farquar Silas Fok Yukiko Fukuyama Oriana Galardi-Este Laetitia Gangotena Julian Gil-Chang Joffrey Hammond Denise Hassan Yvonne Ho Angela Ho Thomson Ho Winson Ho Korin Hoffman Melanie Hofman Joyce Hwang Gregory Jeffs John Kalo Timothy Kao Ekaterina Kardachova

Jeremy Wong

Andrea Cheung

Laura Kesel

Christina Ng

Bernard Yau Ivan Yeh Matthew Ng Janet Yeung Yuki Nomura Keith Yeung Jessica Pang Yancisca Yeung Marc Pickering Hyunsang Yim Ryan Powell Gary Yung Jin Hee Ryoo Jin Yung Krystle Sarkissian Jonathan Christopher Zimmerman Schreiner Daniela Zion Leilei Shan 2002 Jimmy Shea Francis Anwar Luana Shen Adrienne Francis Shih Aranita Jessica Shiu Olivia Arellano Keane Shum Joseph Assi Jack Simkin Won Sik Bang Kimmy Siu Rachel Barton Christian Stokkmo Alessandro Bisagni Joseph Tan Enrique Cancel Sharlene Tan Jessica Lauren Tanner Chaitman Jules Theil Alan Chan Lauren Thomas Andrew Chan Marcus Tirronen Ashley Chan Weileen Tong Vincent Chan Maile Tou Morgan Chang Daniel Tse Sarah Chang Amy Tseng Sharon Chang Lucille Tung Jerry Chen Christopher Frank Cheng Wallace

Roanna Kong Eri Kudo Jonathan Kung Tiffany Kung Edlyn Kwee Carrie Kwok Davey Lagman Flora Lai Yumi Lam Andrew Lam Geoffrey Lam Howard Lam Kevin Lam Kevin K Lam Mary Lam Michael Lamb Victor Lang Danielle Lau Natalie Lau Yong Jae Lee Jonathan Lee Michael Lee Sarah-Jane Lee Si In Lee Tin Keen Lee Brandon Leong Christina Leong Randee Lerma Esther Leung Jason Leung Darren Li Jennifer Li Joanne Li Chien Pang Lin


Jenny Suen

Anna Berman

Robert Sullivan

Han-kit Lui Frank Luk

Carol Lo

Jami Freyer

Tin Wai Lee

Jennifer Peikert

Tak Wong

Cheryl Chew

Adam Gallinat Jon-Paul Erikatalan

Aldrinana Leung

Vincent Petrancosta

Karina Wong

Gwyneth Chew

Cedrick Jon Tan

Kabir Chadha

Marion Grossmann

Yvonne Leung

Rodan Poon

Yuen-Ping Wong Jonathan Chew

Sean Chin Hooi Tan

Nicholas Chak

Hengyi Guo

Monica Li

Charles Preston

Jessica Wright

Christopher Choi

Timothy Lynch

Stephanie Tan

Fiona Chan

Cheng Hsin Han

Dennis Li

Natasha Pushkarna

Christine Wu

Sun Young Choi

Lindsey Magdanz

Kah Fai Christopher Jeffrey Chan Tang Jennifer Chan Daniel Teng Joshua Chan Ju-Lin Tham Juliet Chan Brenton Todd Justin Chan Jodi Tong Karen Chan Elka Troedson Micah Chan Caleb Tse *Timothy Chang Gregory Tse Ya Chin Chang Amy Vlastelica Bonnie Chen Justina Wang Jonathan Chen Jenny Wei Kaili Chen Rebecca Whittle Lai Bond Cheng Julie Wilkinson Siu Kwan Mike Sarah Williams Cheng

Craig Harbert

Sonia Li

Kevin Quinn

Melissa Wu

Cindy (Yu Hsin) Chou

Alicia Hatton

John Liang

John Andrew Romano Alex Yamashita

Ee Lynn Chow

Andrew Hatton

James Liao

Fouad Samra

Joseph Yasso

Joe Chow

Charles “Justin” Henck

Mark Liao

Marisa Sauter

Erin Yeh

Roger Christianson

*Candace Ho

Oliver Lim

Raphael Seghin

Kotaro Yoshida

Cathryn Chu

Caroline Ho

Rui Qi Lim

Ashton Seliger

Aaron Yu

Vaneese Chu

Lowell Ling

Christina Shah

Melanie Yu

Genevieve Chung

Ka Kay Ho

Jeffrey Liu

David Shin

Frederick Yuan

Michael Chung

Michael Ho

Liane Liu

Alex Shum

Gary Yung

Sangho Chung

Alexander Lo

Peter Sigur


Alexandra Cleary

Kent Lui

James Mainland A.J. Mak Angela Mak Ashwin Makhija Jenna Martin Tatiana McCabe Patrick McNally Kellie Mitchell Rebecca Moore Nathaniel Mui Anisa Ng Alex Ng Charles Ka Ki Ng Sarah Olver *Bob Pan Chung Woo Park Paul Peng Spence Pitts Warren Poon Emily Poon Ashok Rajagopalan Melinda Ritthaler Colby Rogers Toni Santiago Matthew Sears Agnes Shea Mahira Sheikh Justina Shih Kevin Shih Linsey Smith Megan Snyder Jan Stanley Christopher Stokkmo


Helen Ho

Tania Ho

Richard Allen

Andrew Condon

Stuart Lu

Min Hee Hong

Albert Lui

*Jane Sit

Lauren Allhusen

Abigail Darby

Tyler Hosford

Jason Lui

Kyna So

Andre Andrade

Lawrence Darby

Joanna Lui

Bridgette Sullivan

Sandeep Batavia

Karan Daryanani

Stephen Luk

Jennifer Sundqvist

Salil Benegal

Jonathan Dobzelecki

Khurram Kalam

Sean Lyngaas

Ran Suzuki

Blake Berger

Christine Domingo

Kyle Kauffman

Dennis Ma

Hilton Tam

Monica Bolanos

Sandra Duifhuizen

Shelly Kaushik

Julian Ma

Andrea Tang

Whitney Brown

Amy Easton

Derek Kean

Kenny Madrid

Christopher Tang

Derek Bullen

Diego Fietz

Sachindran Mahendran Cedrick Mateo Danielle McGrath Massimo Melotti Chelsea Meyer Lily-Anne Meyer Christopher Molitoris

Zohair Tariq

Alina Chan

Giovanny Fietz

Emily Theil

Ching Li Chan

Anna Flanagan

Sandhya Tiwari

Eric Chan

Fiona Fong

Allison Tong

Joanne Chan

Veronica Fung

Jacqueline Tsang

Kevin Chan

Alexandra Gagnon

Clement Tse

Leslie Chan

Alexia Gangotena

Te-Chung (Johnny) Tseng

Heidi Chang

Elizabeth Gilbert

Andrew Mulligan

Daryl Tso

Cheah Wei-Sern

Ostiane Goh-Livorness

Sahra Lam

Yoshie Nakayama

Jaclyn Tsui

Jonathan Cheh

Daniel Gray

Aaron Landau

Hilal Narin

Phillip Wallace

Ingrid Chen

Alexandre Guilev

David Lane

James Ng

John Wang

Li-Ru Chen

David Haase

Ashleigh Lau

Jeanneth Nodland

Jeffrey Wang

Rico Cheng

Johnson Lau

Ryoko Ouchi

Jeremy Wang

Katherine Elizabeth Hall

Christopher Lee

Yoon Shik Park

Yael Weinstein

Gabriella Lee


Alex Lee

Tyson Patterson

Darrick Cheung Mahir Hamid Nicholas Cheung Rebecca Hanna Nicole Cheung Kristen Harvey Stefani Cheung

Bosco Hui

Candace Cheong

Monica Woll

Dorian Cheong

Adrian Wong

*Kristen Chin

Jackie Wong

Samuel Chiron

Kevin Wong

Josephine Chiu

Charles Woo

Jackson Chow

Natasha Khan

Jennifer Woo

Derek Chu

Lorraine Kiang

Joanna Woo

Kingston Chu

Evelyn Kim

Annie Wu

Sabrina Cotter

Carissa Koo

Kitty Wu

Megan Daley

Kenzy Kroos

Erika DalsgaardNielsen Neil Yajnik Virna Marie Bradley Yarzumbeck April Done Bernard Yip Katherine Dratz Michelle Yu Katherine Fairhurst Stephanie Yue Emily Fan 2003 Philbert Fan Saurabh Agarwal Arthur Fang Tina Marie Assi Patrick Favole Blair Austin Claire Fong Elizabeth Belfer

Aditya Sikand

Melissa Hofmann

Sara Williams

Samantha Wu

Kevin Hui

Tyler Kusunoki Wendel Kwan Di Phoebe Lam

Charles Wente Brian Westrick

Emily Healy

Mark Law

Ping John On

Jacqueline Wong

Jason Choi

Henry Kerins

Rina Matsuoka

Rudy Sun

Gregory Hili

Annie Lee

Jessica Pang

Michael Wong

Karen Chong

Tae Young Kim

Alisa Matthews

Mark Sun

Brian Ho

Choong Gun Lee

Connie Choi Park

Yee Ling Wong

Sherman Chu

Christine Kim

Lily Miller

Eleanor Sze

George Ho

Kenneth Lee

Julia Parnell

Yukiyasu Yamada

Stephen Chua

Christopher King

Larissa Milo-Dale

Nikki Tam

Justin Ho

Gerald Leung

Mark Philp

Cathy Yan

Leonard Chung

Justin Kung

Aida Mok

Matthew Tanaka

Kelly Ho

Eva Leung

Rachel Pilbeam

Jonathan Yeung

Kai Dalsgaard-Nielsen Yong Seuk Kwon

Priscilla Mok

Aimee Tang

Veronique Hon

Jing Leung

Nicola Pitt

Ying Ki Yim

Matthew De Felice

Cindy Kwong

Ean Mulligan

Evelyn Ting

Seokheon Hong

Tiffany Leung

Richard Poon

Daniel Yu

Bradford Evans

Wing Yee Kwong

Ryan Murphy

Kathleen Ting

Angel Hsu

Justin Li

Darren Poon

Eric Yu

Camille Fan

Anna Lam

Dain Ning

Mikko Tirronen

Tucker Hudson

Elizabeth Liang

Valerie Quinn

Carmen Yuen

Leslie Fung

Nichola Lamb

Richard Novoa

Andrew Tsang

Brian Huie

Jennifer Chia Yi Lien Anna Lo Benjamin Lo

Briana Regan

Dara Yung

Amanda Gallinat

Kin Sing Casper Law

Andrew Otoshi

Jacqueline Wan

Leah Rittenhouse

Jun Yung

Courtney Gilbert

Allison Lee

Dickson Siu Chung Pak

Alan Wang

Janine Ayn Romano

Christopher Zahn

Sara Gilman

Bianca Ling Cheun Lee Antonio Panunto

Theodore Lo

Pramod Sharma

Jasper Zee

Stephanie Glass

David Lee

Johnny Park

Christie Wei

Caroline Lucas

Eleen Shum

Lulu Zhou

Ravi K Govada

Delphine Lee

Seung Taek Park

Jeffrey Weingard

Justin Lui

Hin Han Shum


Kevin Harrington

Gordon Lee

Benito Pascual

Marc Wente

Jessica Luk

Stephanie Si

Joel Amery

Mark Harty

Min Serk Lee

Jih-Wei Peng

Laura Wilcox

Wilson Lun

Ashley Smith

Alice Anderson

James Hay

Samantha Lee

Jacob Perrello

Katrine Wilkinson

Randy Ma

Erica Speights

Nikita Andreev

Carolyn Hedge

So Jin Lee

Kevin Pheasey

Michael Woida

Kathryn Mager

Andrew Steinbach

Michelle Au

Elizabeth Hester

Stephanie Lee

Samantha Pilcher

Warren Wong

Chelsea Mak

Bryanna Sun

Haris Bazerman

Grace (Wing Ka) Ho

Theresa Lee

Nicholas Pitts

Elaine Wong

Wai Yin Mak

Willi Kuo Chen

Woo Hyun Lee

Jessica Poon

Ivy Wong

Rachel Martin

Yuko Takada

Helen Leeson

Rachel Poon

Patricia Wong

Kendall McCarthy


Kelly McEachern

Crystal Tang

Ryan Meader

Charleen Tong

Max Michelson

Mandy Hung Winston Hwang Joseph Jamieson Bronte Jim Elizabeth Johnson Alexandra Kalo Kyle Kane Tae Gyung Kang Jonathan Kao Emily Keith Jeffrey Keller Aaron Kelsh William Kerins Manika Khanna Mi Kyung Kim Tae Jung Kim Jeremy Ko Joel Koester Nikolas Kong Amit Krishnan Jason Kung Dylan Kuzmik Robyn Kwok Alvina Lai Hermann Lam Emanuel Landau Calvin Lang Justin Lau Jonathan Law

Kristina Berthelius Jennifer Ho Sun Melissa Ho Elisa Beselt

Katherine Watson

Bethany Bouw Tan Joyce Chan

Sandra Ho

Jeffrey Leung

Jason Ryoo

Wei Wen Wong

Anastasia Holoboff

Jessica Leung

Michala Sabnani

Alexander Woo

Alex Chan

Jamie Hong

June Leung

Yannick Seghin

Felix Wu

Kenneth Tong

Andrew Kwan To Chan

Albert Hu

Patty Leung

Justin Seliger

Kane Wu

Leon Mok

Wesley Tong

Aaron Hui

Cheuk Kei Li

Rachel Sexton

Kelly Yamashita

Kwan Chi Chan

Lauren Mounce

Alda Tsang

Elizabeth Hui

Jason Li

Thomas Shambler

Wendy Yim

Lilian Chan

Karin Mowlem

Brietta Tsang

Jessica Hui

Ning Hui Li

Jackson Shih

Dason Ying

Ronald Chan

Catherine Muldowney Lavanya Narasimhan

Ben Tse

Hin Yan Hung

Rocco Li

Jee Yoon Shin

Daisy Yue

Sung Yi Chan

Corey Tse

Felix Hung Hin Yan

Sheldon Li

Takuya Shoji

Monica Yue

Jeffrey Char

Ka Chun Tse

Brian Hupka

Vivian Li

Omar Newera

Agnes Tsui

Kevin Cheng

Carmen Nga Iao

Maika Lindsay

Alexandra Cheuk-Fung Siu

Jennifer Zee

Audrey Chee

Karen Ng

Denise Tsui

Jin Kyoung Cheong

Laura Jamieson

Katherine, Alexander, Elizabeth Lo

Yuching Ng

Christopher Tsun

Jennifer Cheung

Chung-Man Ng

Melanie Tucker

Joanna Cheung

Gaurav Kumar Jhunjhnuwala

Kare Ng

Christopher Wade

Quentin Cheung

Daniel Nishball

Cyrus Wen

Vincy Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Dore

*Nicholas Wong

Deanna Jeffs

Jennifer Sneed Ronald So

Kailee Loughlin

Guy Spielman

Pauline Lyman

Rachel Steinbach

Ho Keun Kang

Grace Ma

Mariko Stoeckel

Timothy Chiang

Roman Kardachov

Yvonne Man

Karsten Chien

Scott Keller

Joshua Mark


The HKIS CRD Office has been working with the American Chamber of Commerceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Publications Division to produce a book outlining the 40 year history of the school. This book is scheduled to be launched in 2006-2007 in time for the 40th anniversary of the school. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll hear about how to get a copy in the next issue of Dragon tales. Stay tuned!

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