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The Broward County Type Set of United States Coins

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The Broward County Type Set of United States Coins Experts Mike Printz, David Greenstein, Robert Greenstein, Dennis Forgue, Sammy Berk

A virtually complete collection of non-gold Type coins assembled by a long time, seasoned collector over the course of decades and finished in the late 1980’s as “slabbing” was coming into vogue. The collection is lacking only the Chain and Wreath Cents and 1796 Quarter and came in to HJB uncertified in three albums, including the high value coins, most of which are XF-AU with an occasional BU piece. All of the keys are at least XF, with many graded finer. There was a smattering of gold, and we’ve included those worthy of inclusion in the catalog. The Broward County Type Set presents a wonderful opportunity for Type collectors and offers some truly exceptional, fresh to the market pieces. A few highlights from this collection include:

• 1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent – PCGS AU50 • 1795 Liberty Cap Cent – PCGS AU53 • 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime – PCGS AU55 • 1797 Draped Bust Half Dime, 15 Stars – NGC AU53 • 1797 Draped Bust Dime, 16 Stars – PCGS AU50 • 1825/4/(2) Capped Bust Quarter – PCGS AU55 • 1834 Capped Bust Quarter – PCGS Mint State 64 • 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar – NGC AU50 • 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar – PCGS AU53

US51543 1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent AU50 PCGS/CAC US51543 - Liberty Cap, Head Left. C-3, B-3, R.3. Struck in July of 1793, there are four known varieties using 2 obverse dies and 3 reverse dies. The obverse dies are easily recognized by the sharply angled bottom bust line. An exceptionally pleasing specimen that offers a very even mahogany color. Well centered with full beaded borders showing a tad bit of weakness in the reverse beading at 3 o’clock. The surfaces are quite nice and the coin overall offers wonderful eye appeal and is a truely lovely example of our first Half Cent. CAC Verified. $35,250

US51488 1804 Draped Bust Half Cent AU58 PCGS/CAC US51488 - Draped Bust. Plain 4; No Stems, Cohen-13, Breen-10, R.1. Glossy merlot and chestnut colors with a subtle blue undertone. Exceptionally nice for the grade (we expected this to grade Unc.) with great overall eye-appeal. CAC Verified. $1,150

US51489 1828 Classic Head Half Cent XF40 US51489 - Classic Head, 12 Stars. Pleasing medium brown with turquoise hues and nice overall eye appeal. Lightly circulated with the design elements bold justifying the Extremely Fine grade. (RAW) $200

US51636 1794 Liberty Cap Cent XF45 PCGS/CAC US51636 - Liberty Cap. Head of 1795. S-71A, Breen-63, R.2. Showing a faint die crack passing across the end of the pole but prior to obverse die being reground to remove clashmarks. Medium chocolate brown with underlying plum coloration. Well executed overall with a nearly problem free flan and exhibiting no notable issues - a very pleasing coin for the grade. CAC Verified. $5,950

US51547 1795 Liberty Cap Cent AU53 PCGS/CAC US51547 - Liberty Cap, Lettered Edge, S-75. Chestnut red with subtle steel blue on the portrait and exhibiting exceptionally choice eye appeal. Nice luster and surfaces, and aside from a few very minor contact marks, a remarkably nice coin for the grade. PCGS shows this to be the single AU53 with just 23 graded finer. CAC Verified. $9,950

US51491 1803 Draped Bust




US51491 - Draped Bust. Small Date, Lg Fraction, S-260. Crisp central striking that dims slightly at the rims. A very pleasing medium mahogany color overall. CAC Verified. $725

US51492 1811 Classic Head




US51492 – Classic Head. S-287, R.2. Both the Half Cents and Large Cents from 1811 are scarce, semi key dates. This piece exhibits a few scattered marks consistent with the grade and is a very pleasing medium chocolate brown overall with a subtle green undertone. $1,795

US51493 1838 Coronet Head Cent MS63BN PCGS/CAC US51493 - Coronet Head. N-9, R,3. Very pleasing light brown color overall with soft green and merlot undertones. Lovely coin for the grade. CAC Verified. $650

US51494 1853 Braided Hair Cent MS62BN PCGS/CAC US51494 - Braided Hair. N-25, R.1. Chocolate brown with a subtle blue undertone and quite pleasing for an MS62. CAC Verified. $225

US51495 1857 Flying Eagle Cent AU50 US51495 - Beautiful light tan color. This piece experienced very little circulation with flatness only appearing on the wing tips and wreath. We grade this piece AU50 (RAW). $195

US51503 1854

Three Cents Silver


US51503 - Type II. Near white “slider� with splashes of burnt orange and vibrant, light gold. Minimal wear leads us to assign an AU58 grade (RAW). $225

US51548 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime AU55 PCGS/CAC US51548 - Flowing Hair. LM-9, V-6, R.4. A scarce die pairing and fairly difficult to obtain in Unc. Vibrant blue-green with hints of rose and light gold. Exceptionally nice overall eye appeal and most certainly a Choice AU. A wonderful coin that will fit comfortably into ANY nice Type set. CAC Verified. $8,750

US51549 1797 Draped Bust Half Dime AU53 NGC/CAC US51549 - Draped Bust, Small Eagle. V-2, LM-1, R.3. There are three distinct obverse design subtypes for the 1797 Half Dimes - 13 stars, 15 stars and 16 stars. The 15 stars, with 8 left and 7 right, is the most plentiful of the three types yet is quite scarce with only a few hundred surviving in all grades, nearly all being well worn or damaged. Considered to be the first 1797 Half Dimes minted from an obverse die actually created the year before, prior to Tennessee’s entry to the U. S. in June, 1796. Due to the design layout, the centers are notoriously weak, as seen on this piece. A very pleasing specimen with satiny luster and a mix of dove gray with hints of pale blue and underlying rosegreen. CAC Verified. $9,500

US51550 1800 Draped Bust Half Dime AU55 PCGS US51550 - Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle. V-2, LM-3, R.4. “LIBEKTY” variety created when a defective punch was used for the R of LIBERTY and most likely the result of a lack of funding - it was customary for the Mint to use their dies and punches until they were completely unusable. The LIBEKTY variety is considerably scarcer than the “normal” variety. Well centered and coin grey in color with hints of burnt orange. PCGS indicates this is the lone AU55 with just 18 graded finer. $9,250

US51552 1797 Draped Bust Dime AU50 PCGS/CAC US51552 - Draped Bust, Small Eagle. 16 Stars, JR-2, R.4. Seen less than half as often as their 1796 counterparts, the mintage of 25,261 is believed to be under 10,000 since many experts feel over 10,000 of the original mintage is actually dated 1796. The 16 stars reflect the admission of Tennessee to the Union as the 16th State. Mint officials realized how impractical it would be to add a star each time a state was added to the Union so the JR-2 die marriage reverted back to 13 stars. Light gold and pale seafoam-green with hints of rose and excellent luster for the grade. An absolutely lovely specimen and truly AU. PCGS population of 4 with just 16 graded finer. CAC Verified. $23,500

US51551 1805 Draped Bust Dime AU58 PCGS/CAC US51551 - Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle. Four Berries, JR-2, R.2. Of the two varieties for this date, the four berries is slightly more available than the 5 berries. Wonderful luster and eye-appeal, this is very choice AU and a true “slider.” The obverse offers a combination of light gold and vibrant burnt orange patina while the reverse is mainly a vibrant yet pale gold. CAC Verified. $5,950

US51514 1828 Capped Bust Dime AU Details NGC US51514 - Capped Bust, Large Size. Small Date, Square Base 2. JR-1, R.2. Very pretty natural secondary toning in shades of light powder blue, seafoam green and vibrant golden-peach. $495

US51515 1829 Capped Bust Dime AU58 PCGS US51515 – Capped Bust, Small 10c. JRS-7, R.1. Pleasing and true to grade “slider”. Nearly white with traces of pale golden-orange about the peripheries. $750

US51517 1840 Seated Dime XF45 US51517 - No Drapery. Greer-1, Chin Whiskers variety. Crusty old and original and exactly what an XF45 Seated Dime should look like. Pale rose, blue-green and light gold patina. (RAW) $215

US51522 1875-CC Twenty Cent Piece AU55 PCGS US51522 – Choice XF with pretty shades of light navy and rose and a subtle green undertone. The only readily collectible Twenty Cent Piece from the Carson City Mint. $1,150

US51554 1806 Draped Bust Quarter AU50 NGC/CAC US51554 - Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle. B-9, R.1. A Pleasing, natural secondary toning in colors of pale gold with hints of peach, red and faint green. Overall really quite nice with a great look. CAC Verified. $4,950

US51553 1825/4/(2) Capped Bust Quarter AU55 PCGS US51553 - Capped Bust, Large Size. B-2, R.2. Wonderfully wholesome with exceptional eye appeal. Naturally toned in shades of pale orange, light amber, hints of powder blue and pale green. $2,500

US51624 1834 Capped Bust Quarter MS64 PCGS/CAC US51624 - Capped Bust, Small Size. B-1, R.1. Semi prooflike both obverse and reverse and offering lovely, original toning in colors of pale green, hints of powder blue, vibrant golden-orange along with splashes of light rose. Pretty and wholly original. CAC Verified. $9,350


1878 Liberty Seated Quarter AU58 PCGS US51526 – Naturally toned in shades of vibrant blue-green and autumn red-orange with wonderful luster, a crisp, essentially full strike and wonderful eye appeal. $295

US51555 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar AU50 NGC US51555 - Flowing Hair. 2 Leaves. O-104, R.4. Easily identified reverse die due to the recut M in AMERICA, while the placement of star 1 relative to the curl confirms the Overton marriage. Very well defined hair and wing detail with breast feathers apparent despite striking weakness on eagle’s body. A very eye-appealing mix of olive, light peach and hints of lilac with nice luster for the grade and a true AU. Exceptional look and a very pleasing coin overall. $14,500

US51556 1806 Draped Bust Half Dollar AU55 PCGS/CAC US51556 - Draped Bust, Pointed 6, Stem. O-120, R.3. Choice AU offering great eye appeal - wonderful coin for the grade! Dove gray with splashes of peach, light gold and blue-green patina, excellent luster and unmolested surfaces. CAC Verified. $5,750

US51533 1839 Reeded Edge Half Dollar AU53 PCGS US51533 - Reeded Edge. Crusty example of this short lived type. Medium gray surfaces both obverse and reverse with hints of pale gold light navy with a pale rose undertone. $495

US51534 1861 Seated Half Dollar AU55 US51534 - Probably dipped white decades ago, it has naturally retoned nicely in the album with oranges and blues by the date. (RAW). $400

US51537 1874 Arrows Half Dollar AU58 PCGS US51537 – Arrows at date. Lustrous, near white with splashes of light gold and pale red about the peripheries. $795

US51536 1877-S Liberty Seated Half Dollar AU58 PCGS US51536 – Really like this coin! Crusty original with wonderful colors of light peach, mint green and coin gray with subtle hints of blue about some of the protected areas. Lovely, choice AU. $395

US51544 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar AU53 PCGS/CAC US51544 - Flowing Hair. 3 leaves, B-5, BB-27. This variety is the most often encountered and easily attributed by the die scratch behind Liberty’s head. Well executed and offering exceptionally special luster and overall eye-appeal, this is a remarkably nice specimen for the grade. Pale gold overall with areas of light peach and light rose and ever so light powder blue about the upper reverse periphery. A very choice AU and wonderful example of the Type. CAC Verified. $26,950

US51545 1795 Draped Bust Dollar XF40 PCGS/CAC US51545 - Draped Bust, Centered. B-15, BB-52. Beautifully original with an overall coin gray & light blue-green coloration along with splashes of light gold, peach and amber about the protected areas. A head scratcher for sure as this piece surpasses nearly all we’ve seen in XF45 holders, it appears PCGS was a bit conservative when reviewing this coin. Wonderful luster for the grade, lovely surfaces and terrific overall eye appeal. CAC Verified. $10,250

US51546 1802 Draped Bust Dollar AU55 PCGS/CAC US51546 - Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle. Narrow Date, B-6 , BB-241. One of just two normal date die pairings and easily attributed by the missing right foot of T in LIBERTY. Exceptional eye appeal and technically choice for the grade, this is a wonderful example of this better date Draped Bust Dollar. Wholly original, light coin gray with splashes of light gold, peach, rose and blue-green and abundant luster. CAC Verified. $12,500

US51539 1847 Liberty Seated Dollar AU55 PCGS/CAC US51539 - Nice luster throughout. Very pleasing coin gray with hints of powder blue and pale gold - a true AU. CAC Verified. $1,250

US51540 1871 Liberty Seated Dollar AU58 NGC US51540 - Abundant luster and a very pleasing look overall. Coin gray with splashes of peach and light gold along with subtle hints of pale mint green. $1,450

US51468 1836 Classic Quarter Eagle AU58 PCGS/CAC US51468 - Script 8. Head of 1835, Breen-6143, Variety-11, R.2. Lustrous straw yellow with subtle green undertone and quite eye appealing. Slender die crack from star 6 to headband. CAC Verified. $2,550

US51473 1860 Three Dollar Gold AU58 PCGS/CAC US51473 - Lovely straw gold and orange-gold coloration both obverse and reverse with abundant luster for the grade and truly nice surfaces. Mintage of only 7036 pieces. CAC Verified. $2,950

US51474 1834 Classic Half Eagle AU58 PCGS/CAC US51474 - Classic. Plain 4. Deeper orange-gold with light green undertone, bright luster and quite pleasing. CAC Verified. $2,250

US51561 1893 Isabella Quarter AU58 PCGS/CAC Gold US51561 - Exceptionally nice for the grade with abundant luster, lovely surfaces and a natural secondary toning in colors of deep blue, mint green, pale gold along with hints of peach and amber. We honestly feel this coin should have graded MS62-63. CAC felt the same as they adorned it with a Gold Sticker. $750


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The Broward County Type Set  

This catalog contains highlights from a virtually complete collection of non-gold Type coins assembled by a long time, seasoned collector ov...

The Broward County Type Set  

This catalog contains highlights from a virtually complete collection of non-gold Type coins assembled by a long time, seasoned collector ov...