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The McClure River Collection of United States Coins Experts Mike Printz, David Greenstein, Robert Greenstein, Dennis Forgue, Sammy Berk

We are pleased to bring you this special offering. The owner of this collection has worked with HJB for many years and actively collecting for over 20 years. His primary focus has been nice original Type as well as 20th Century issues.

A few highlights from this collection include:

• 1859 Stars Obverse Seated Dime – PCGS Mint State 66 •

1873 Arrows Seated Dime – PCGS Proof 66 Cameo

1927-D Mercury Dime – PCGS Mint State 65 Full Bands

1936 Mercury Dime – PCGS Proof 67

1874 Arrows Seated Half Dollar – PCGS Proof 65

1887 Liberty Seated Half Dollar – PCGS Proof 65 Cameo

1933-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar – PCGS Mint State 66

1927 Peace Dollar – PCGS Mint State 65

US49708 1864 Large Motto 2c MS65 Red PCGS US49708 - Large Motto. Rich and wholly original red with abundant frost. Original red, true Gem Two Cent pieces are surprisingly elusive. $1,550

US49709 1913 Type I 5c MS67 PCGS US49709 - Type I. Nickel blue, light mint green and vibrant gold patina adorn both obverse and reverse of this exceptionally lustrous Gem. CAC Verified. $950

US49710 1921 5c MS66 PCGS US49710 - Superbly struck with all design elements crisp and in full relief. Exceptionally attractive with pale gold, nickel blue and subtle hints of lilac, undisturbed luster and truly excellent overall eye-appeal. $1,200

US49711 1937 5c PR65 PCGS US49711 - Extremely choice and fully original. Nickel blue and vibrant light gold patina - a far superior coin to what is normally seen, even in higher grades as so many have been dipped out. CAC Verified. $1,400

US49712 1872-S H10c MS66 PCGS US49712 - Mintmark Below. Booming luster, outstanding frost and superb eye-appeal - really nice! $1,350

US49713 1859 10c MS66 PCGS US49713 - Last year of issue for the stars obverse Seated dime. Vibrant blue and mint green on much of the obverse with light gold and rose center. The reverse center is pale gold with hints of rose framed with vibrant blue and green. Exceptionally frosty, clean from marks and exhibiting lovely overall eye-appeal. $3,950


1873 Arrows 10c PR66 Cameo PCGS US49714 - Arrows at date. Deeply reflective fields and essentially white with a soft, gold patina overall and nicely frosted devices allowing for solid cameo contrast. This is the only coin graded as Proof 66 Cameo with none finer, cameo or otherwise. Population: 1/0. $12,000


1881 10c MS66 PCGS US49715 - F-101a. With a mintage of just under 25,000, the 1881 Seated Dime is scarce in all grades and a true challenge in Gem or better. PCGS has graded just in MS66 with none graded finer. Both obverse and reverse exhibit an exemplary strike with superb frost and overall eye-appeal. Frosty white with a light gold overtone. $3,150


1895 10c PR66 Cameo NGC US49716 - Deep fields under nicely frosted devices with a pale gold patina overall. A true cameo gem to grade. $1,750

US49717 1898-O 10c MS65 PCGS US49717 - Despite the relatively high mintage, the 98-O is a challenging date in Gem or finer with a population of just 7 at this level and 6 graded higher, the finest an MS67. Sharply struck with truly nice cartwheel luster and lightly frosted. CAC Verified. $2,950

US49718 1902 10c PR65 PCGS US49718 - Deep, watery fields both obverse and reverse with nicely frosted devices although not quite enough to achieve cameo status. Pleasing light tones and nice overall eye-appeal. CAC Verified. $1,450

US49719 1906-D 10c MS65 PCGS US49719 - First year of production for the Denver Mint. Soft, vanilla-gold overall with satiny luster, nice frost, crisp strike and clean devices and fields. In an old, first generation blue tag holder. $1,350

US49726 1915 10c PR66 NGC US49726 – What an impressive little Gem with truly stunning color and overall eye-appeal! Obverse and reverse exhibit deeply reflective, watery fields and stunning original colors of vibrant red-orange, intense cobalt blue and hints of green. A pretty, absolutely true to grade Gem. CAC Verified. $2,375

US49833 1917-S 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49833 - Wonderful frost and luster for this typically matte finish issue. Exceptionally clean and essentially white with a hint of color to the skin. CAC Verified. $950

US49834 1917-S 10c MS66 Full Bands PCGS US49834 - Booming luster and free from any notable marks with a crisp, full strike. Very choice! CAC Verified. $1,850

US49835 1918 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49835 - A sneaky tough date to find really choice and nicely executed. This piece is dripping with frost, offers a superior strike and excellent eye-appeal. Still in the old green tag holder. CAC Verified. $1,200

US49836 1919 10c MS66 Full Bands PCGS US49836 - Wonderfully fresh with thick mint bloom frost and original skin. A pale gold and light blue-green patina covers the frost. CAC Verified. $1,550

US49837 1920 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49837 - Well struck for this problematic P mint issue with the 0 in the date completely separated from the rim, nice hair detail and crisp, fully rounded bands. Superb luster and a pale gold patina overall. $495

US49838 1926-D 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49838 - Terrific luster, exceptionally clean and nicely struck for the date. What really sets this coin apart is the superb eye-appeal as a result of the very pretty pastel tones both obverse and reverse. CAC Verified. $1,650

US49839 1927 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49839 - Essentially white with a hint of gold patina. Well struck with nice frost and truly Gem. Still housed in the old green tag holder. $295

US49840 1927-D 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49840 - Exceptionally clean and true to grade full band Gem. Both obverse and reverse exhibit creamy, unbroken luster and a pale, even gold patina to the skin. Well struck with crisp, fully split, rounded bands. One of the truly challenging dates in the series in Gem Full Bands. Population: 28 with 10 graded finer as MS66 Full Bands. $7,550

US49842 1928 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49842 - Superbly struck and exceptionally clean. Lustrous white with great eye-appeal and really quite nice for the grade. $310

US49841 1928 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49841 - Outstanding and virtually flawless with booming luster, superb strike, clean devices and fields and wonderful eye-appeal. $1,700

US49843 1929 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49843 - Lustrous, original and pretty with natural white centers that offer hints of powder blue framed by vibrant gold and apple green. Superb strike and lovely eye-appeal. $1,400


1930-S 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49844 - Wonderful Gem with outstanding mint bloom luster, delicate and natural pale gold patina and superb strike. Still in the old green tag holder. CAC Verified. $850


1931-D 10c MS65 Full Bands PCGS US49845 - Fully struck with excellent luster and frost. Old green tag holder. $350


1935 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49846 - Undipped, original white with a subtle gold and very light powder blue patina to the frost. Well struck and true to grade. $375


1937 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49847 - Fresh, frosty, undipped and quite nice. $140


1937-D 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49848 - Natural white with delicate pale gold to the frost. Well struck and true to grade. $325


1938-S 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49849 - Fresh, nice and true to grade. Still in the old green tag holder. $425

US49850 1939-D 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49850 - Natural white with subtle powder blue and light gold to the frost. Lovely Gem! CAC Verified. $195

US49851 1939-D 10c MS68 Full Bands PCGS US49851 - Booming luster, superb surfaces and exceptional eye-appeal - the real deal as graded. $1,325

US49852 1941 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49852 - Undipped, original white - still in the old green tag holder. $325

US49853 1943-D 10c MS67 Full Bands PCGS US49853 - Frosty white with just a whisper of pale gold patina. $120

US49854 1944-D 10c MS68 Full Bands PCGS US49854 - Exceptionally clean devices and fields with outstanding luster and unbroken frost. Essentially perfect. $850

US49855 1936 10c PR66 PCGS US49855 - Deeply reflective fields and essentially white with but a hint of light gold color. Truly nice Gem. $1,900


1936 10c PR67 PCGS US49856 - True to grade and wholly original Gem. Both obverse and reverse exhibit deep fields with light cellophane toning and excellent overall eye-appeal. Population: 43 with 1 finer. $5,250


1937 10c PR67 PCGS US49857 - Deep, watery mirrors under nicely frosted devices. Still in the old green tag holder. $800


1938 10c PR67 PCGS US49858 - Very pleasing, true to grade Gem with deeply reflective fields both obverse and reverse. $775


1940 10c PR67 PCGS US49859 - Original white with light cellophane toning. $325


1941 10c PR67 PCGS US49860 – Deeply reflective, flashy, original white. $350


1885 25c PR65 Cameo PCGS US49720 - A proof Mintage of 950. Deeply reflective fields and nicely frosted devices allow for true cameo contrast. Blue-green and rose toning both obverse and reverse and a pretty Gem. A true cameo with lovely original color. $2,400

US49721 1892 25c PR66 PCGS US49721 - Very pretty Gem with natural proof set toning in colors of vibrant blue, blue-green, light rose along with hints of pale orange. Deep fields, nicely frosted devices and honestly very pretty! CAC Verified. $2,850

US49722 1901 25c PR66 PCGS US49722 - Naturally toned in shades of amber, vibrant blue and various shades of green with the central obverse devices near white. Pretty and most certainly true to grade. $2,400

US49723 1874 Arrows 50c PR65 PCGS US49723 - Arrows at Date. Superbly original with beautiful multi-color toning both obverse and reverse (the reverse that is off the charts stunning), exceptional eye-appeal and true to grade. Exceptional eye-appeal!! PCGS has graded 13 at this level with 6 graded higher. $13,500

US49724 1887 50c PR65 Cameo PCGS US49724 - Ultra deep and watery fields under superbly frosted devices make for exemplary cameo contrast. True to grade - great eyeappeal! Population: 14 with 1 finer. $3,950

US49725 1933-S 50c MS66 PCGS US49725 - Wonderful mint bloom frost and original skin! The fields and devices are clean and the strike throughout crisp, as you’d expect from the date. Miss Liberty’s hand is extremely well defined with full stem separation, fully rounded thumb and exceptional index finger definition. Head detail is crisp and virtually complete and the skirtlines are completely defined. Wholesome and really superb! $5,650

US49861 1944 50c MS67 PCGS US49861 - Thick mint bloom luster and frost both obverse and reverse. Nicely toned with amber and light autumn orange about the upper obverse periphery and the balance of the coin a silvery-blue. CAC Verified. $1,650

US49862 1945 50c MS67 PCGS US49862 - Ultra frosty, original white with superb mint bloom. Well defined overall with superior head detail, Miss Liberty’s thumb is fully rounded with stem split down 60%. Population: 74 with 1 graded finer as 67+. $2,250

US49863 1882-CC $1 MS66 PCGS US49863 - Frosty white and wholly original, the reverse offers a pretty pale green and vibrant yellow-gold patina. $1,000

US49864 1886 $1 MS67 PCGS US49864 - Exceptionally clean devices, very nice cartwheel luster and truly nice overall eye-appeal - true to grade. $1,050

US49865 1890-O $1 MS65 PCGS US49865 - Pretty coin and wholly original. The centers show minor striking weakness but the definition overall is most certainly above average. Excellent frost and a very attractive coin! $2,200

US49866 1890-O $1 MS65 PCGS US49866 - Ultra frosty with excellent cartwheel luster and impressively defined for the date. $2,100

US49867 1897-S $1 MS66 PCGS US49867 - A very pleasing and true to grade Gem with far superior striking detail over Miss Liberty’s ear. $1,450

US49868 1900-S $1 MS65 PCGS US49868 - Silvery-white with just a whisper of color to the frost. A very impressive strike. Still in the old green tag holder. $1,650

US49869 1922-D $1 MS66 PCGS US49869 - Heavily frosted and silver-white in color with an opalescent appearance overall. Nicely struck for the date and a very pleasing coin overall. $2,200

US49870 1923-D $1 MS65 PCGS US49870 - Nearly white save for a hint of ultra light gold and pale gold/green patina. Richly frosted with nice overall eye-appeal. $1,100

US49871 1927 $1 MS65 PCGS US49871 - Love this coin - one of the nicest 1927’s we’ve seen in quite some time. Exceptionally clean, well struck and wholly original with a pretty yet light gold/green patina along with a hint of pale amber about the upper obverse periphery. Very nice Gem! Housed in a first generation blue-tag holder. $2,250

US49727 California 50c MS67 NGC US49727 - Superb luster and exceptionally clean with vibrant yet light and wholly original pastel colors - one of the nicest examples we’ve seen in a long time! CAC Verified. $2,850

US49728 1926-S Oregon 50c MS67* NGC US49728 - Blast luster with natural white centers and an obverse framed with amber, mint green and light blue-green while the reverse is framed with amber-gold and light sky-blue. 67* - CAC Verified. $850

The McClure River Collection  

We are pleased to bring you this special offering. The owner of this collection has worked with HJB for many years and actively collecting...