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modern design for the home : issue 05


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“A chair is not just a seat – it is the key to the whole interior.” -Ilmari Tapiovaara

kiki collection, 1960 by ilmari tapiovaara. made in finland by artek

pierre paulin concorde armchair Design Pierre Paulin, 1960. Steel frame, aluminum, upholstery. Made in Holland by Artifort. Unfortunately, Pierre Paulin will never produce any more new designs, but his legacy contains many beautiful things, such as these armless lounge chairs, originally designed for the waiting room of the French Concorde aircraft after which they were named. They represent perfect seating for waiting situations, but in the past they have demonstrated their suitability for use in living rooms as well. Although the Concorde eventually disappeared from the Artifort collection, the lounge chair is still very popular among Artifort fans. This popularity, together with its characteristic appearance - without armrests - and the fact that it is so comfortable, is reason enough to bring this ‘oldtimer’ back into the collection. low back: 31.5” h | 23.6” w | 31.5” d | seat: 15.3” h | 18” d high back: 38” h | 23.6” w | 32.6” d | seat: 15.3” h | 18” d low back: $2,531 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

frank | M5 table Design Frank, 2006. Birch plywood, clear lacquer, high-pressure laminate. Made by Established & Sons. Inspiration for the form and character of the very versatile M5 table came from a motorway bridge; the association between functional engineered form and the M5 is easy to note and is a prevailing characteristic of the work of Frank. The M5 table is strong, elegant and simple to assemble. The table’s functions know no bounds, it can be employed for any use, either on its own or positioned together in any environment; dining, canteen, meeting, office or studio. L1700: 66.9” L | 31.5” d | 29.3” h L2200: 86.6” h | 35.4” w | 29.3” h $1,820 + free shipping in the continental U.S. 04 | 1.866.663.4483

bertjan pot heracleum suspension light Design Bertjan Pot, 2010. Metal frame, Polycarbonate lenses, ultra thin suspension wire. Made in The Netherlands by Moooi. The decorative Heracleum LED lamp was inspired by the Heracleum plant. The white leaves/lenses ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure. By using the technique of coating conductive layers, the lamp is very thin and delicate. A design not possible with normal wires. Offered in copper or nickel. 38.6” dia. | 25.6” h | drop: 11.8” - 157.5” h $3,328 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

niels bendtsen | frame lo queen bed Design Niels Bendtsen. Steel, wood, upholstery. Made in British Columbia by Bensen. Frame is a wood bed of balanced proportions that is comfortable and inviting. It comes with an all-wood Frame or optional upholstered headboard. The beauty of Frame is found in its details. Precision mitered corners provide an exact fit while also emphasizing the grain of the wood. The Frame bed is made up of a solid hardwood frame that comes in four finishes: walnut, wenge, grey oak and white oak. The bed construction uses welded corner brackets that hide all hardware and connections under the mattress. The corner brackets are inter-changeable, making for simple connection of rails and stainless steel legs. The beech wood and rubber slat system provides continuous support for any mattress. The upholstered headboard provides firm support through layering of different densities of foam. The headboard is constructed of a solid laminated wood Frame fully foamed on all sides. mattress not included. queen: 90.5” L | 67” d king: 90.5” L | 83” d headboard: 27.25 | platform: 8.25” h queen; $2,979 + free curbside delivery in the continental U.S. | 05

stefano giovannoni bridge wall coat hanger | $75

george nelson 06 | 1 866 663 4483

nelson™ swag leg chair | $499

le klint 215 lamp | $1,116

ionna vautrin

binic lamp | $289

hans wegner ch07 lounge | $2,565

arik levy toolbox | $60 + $9 shipping in the continental U.S.

charles & ray eames eames wire chair | $639, aluminum group ottoman - outdoor | $1,007

arper catifa 53 chair | $908 | 07

osvaldo borsani | borsani p40 lounge chair Design Osvaldo Borsani, 1955. Metal structure, fabric or leather. Made in Italy by Tecno. P40 is the “chaise” par excellence: versatile, functional, with a strong personality able to characterize any ambience. It features mobile parts with height adjustable backrest, auto-adjusting armrests and a metal structure. The base is offered in satin nickel or painted black. It is finished with a removable cover in either leather or fabric. The collection is completed by the D70 sofa. 28.35” w | 31.5” - 59.06” d | 27.56” - 35.43” h $8,791 + free delivery in the continental U.S.

design diesel | drumbox suspension lamp Design Diesel, 2011. Metal and fabric. Made in Italy by Foscarini. Inspired by the lamps used on photo sets, Drumbox affords absolute versatility, technology and fashionable style. It can be positioned and used freely, in whichever way you please: as a table lamp, a suspension or a floor lamp, stand-alone or in multiple compositions on a single tubular metal stem, in the most diverse settings. Its materials originate from the world of technical clothing: linen treated to become highly reflective, yet also warm and suggestive owing to its folds, teamed with non-tear super lightweight nylon, with heat sealed seams as on deepsea divers’ wetsuits. Drumbox is a suspension lamp with a fabric-covered wire frame structure. There are two variants available: white for a diffused luminosity, customized by a fluorescent yellow sign, or grey for a more marked contrast between the weft of the fabric and the beam of light. 17.75” dia. | 14.4” h | requires 1x25W compact fluorescent bulb $860 + free shipping in the continental U.S. 10 | 1 866 663 4483

frank | corona lamp Design Frank, 2010. Ceramic, blown glass, stainless steel. Made by Established & Sons. Corona was conceived as a homage to the soon to be lost ‘Crown’ silvered light bulb designed to echo the bulb’s brilliant function. Corona, available in two sizes, is made from a glazed slip cast Earthenware ceramic with a blown glass and polished stainless steel reflector. It is a highly functional light source, designed to perform well at eye-level as a task light, as well as at a higher position. S1: 15” dia. | 4.9” h | cable: 157.5” h, S2: 19.3” dia. | 6.7” h | cable: 157.5” h $1,390 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

ronan & erwan bouroullec | lighthouse Design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2010. Hand-blown Venini glass, anodized aluminum, marble. Made by Established & Sons. When designing for Established & Sons and Venini, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s idea was to light up a voluminous round glass structure that would be balanced on a delicate aluminum support. What was also interesting to them was the mix of techniques to make the three elements that craft this lamp: the base and the support are industrially made in opposition to the hand-blown glass which uses traditional artisan skills. Lighthouse is offered with a braided fabric cord and integrated dimmable on/off switch. Available in your choice of three configurations. 27.4” h | shade: 14.6” dia. | 18.3” h | base: 3.9” dia. | cord: 59” L | 1x75W G9 bulb $3,580 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

alexander taylor | fold lamp Design Alexander Taylor, 2005. Powder-coated steel. Made by Established & Sons. The process of folding sheet steel to achieve a three-dimensional structure earned the series of Fold lights their name. The T1 (smallest) Fold light is manufactured from just a single sheet of steel, folded several times, with no need for additional fixings. The Fold light is available as a table light in two sizes and matching floor light. Floor light features an inline continuous touch dimmable foot switch. F1: 61” h | shade: 17.7” L | 17.7” d | base: 18.1” dia. | cord: 78.7” L | 1x150W E27 bulb floor lamp: $1,145 + free shipping in the continental U.S. | 11

sylvain willenz torch suspension lamp Design Sylvain Willenz, 2008. PVC dipped polymer, polycarbonate. Made by Established & Sons. Torch Light, owes elements of its form to the typical torch and car headlight. PVC dipped polymer gives a tactile finish, referencing the handheld nature of a torch, whilst light shines through a clear, diamond textured polycarbonate diffuser (akin to the textured glass of a car headlight) creating an ambient light. The Torch Light is available as a table light in two sizes, suspension light in four sizes and as a grouped suspension light of 10 or 20. Since its launch in 2008, the Torch Light has become one of Established & Sons most widely admired pieces. Offered in your choice of shade and cable color combinations. S4: 15.7” dia. | cord: 70.9” or 118.1” L | 10x9W E27 eco bulbs S6: 23.6” dia. | cord: 70.9” or 118.1” L | 20x9W E27 eco bulbs S4 bunch: $1,630 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

niels bendtsen | reflect table Design Niels Bendtsen. Glass, mirror, casters. Made in British Columbia by Bensen. The table is raised off the ground by high quality casters that attach via aluminum disks UV glued to the bottom of the table. The casters have enough friction so the table can be moved with ease, but will also stay where placed and not roll away. The glass parts are permanently fused along their 45° mitered edges through a UV gluing process that gives the structure strength and a clean connection. All exposed edges are flatpolished producing a table that is smooth to the touch with clean lines. Reflect will be crated for delivery. 39.25” L | 14” h | 39.25” w $1,320 + free curbside delivery in the continental U.S. 12 | 1 866 663 4483

verner panton

living tower Design Verner Panton, 1968. Wooden frame, upholstery over foam. Made in Germany by Vitra. “Living landscapes” was a major theme in 1960’s design. Verner Panton, who was constantly searching for new ideas for the home, made a variety of especially interesting and original contributions to this theme, championing “more comfort, more of an experience, and more color”. His Living Tower uses all three dimensions of a room. The organically shaped sculptural piece can be used at four different levels. Panton believed that it is important to seek harmony between people and their surroundings... the living tower fosters communication and interaction. Vitra originally produced this piece in very limited numbers in 1969, and in an amazing display of inspiration, does so once again. 78.75” L | 26.5” d | 78.75” h $15,230 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

“ Most people spend their lives living in dreary, beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colors. The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting.” -Verner Panton

hans wegner

china chair™ | $6,929

“Prouvé combines the soul of an engineer with that of an architect.” -Le Corbusier

16 | 1 866 663 4483

prouvé raw The “Prouvé RAW” collection presents a series of Jean Prouvé furniture pieces interpreted by denim specialist G-Star in collaboration with Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra and the Prouvé family. Born out of a mutual passion for this French Modernist’s iconic designs, the G-Star and Vitra creative teams have worked together to give some of Jean Prouvé‘s best known designs a fresh and contemporary look and feel, while re-discovering the charm of some of his lesser known pieces. “Prouvé RAW” is a collection of design classics, which embrace the essence of Jean Prouvé’s work - a contemporary reinterpretation for today’s generation. Jean Prouvé‘s designs use a language linked to necessity and construction while simultaneously giving technically innovative objects a poetic playfulness. Generally described as one of the greatest French designers of the 20th century, Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) was an architect, an engineer and a passionate teacher, a prolific inventor, a visionary manufacturer and the founder of the Ateliers Prouvé, which was for thirty years the factory as well as a laboratory for his experimental architecture projects and innovative furniture designs. But above all Jean Prouvé was a hands-on “constructer”, who never stopped experimenting with his designs, and was always adapting them to the spirit of the times. Starting in fall 2011, the objects in the collection will be available for ordering for one year. The Prouvé RAW Special Edition comprises nine designs by Jean Prouvé, the products are numbered and feature a Prouvé RAW label. fauteuil direction chair: 25.6” w | 32.5” h | 24.4” d $2,960 + free shipping in the continental U.S. compas direction table: 49.2” w | 28.7” h | 26.8” d $3,345 + free shipping in the continental U.S. rayonnage mural: 76.8” L | 27.5” h | 9.8” d $5,070 + free shipping in the continental U.S. cité lounge: 26.75” w | 37.5” d | 33” h $4,940 + free shipping in the continental U.S. | 17

mies van der rohe

“Architecture is a language; when you are very good you can be a poet.” - Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe

antonio citterio grand repos lounge chair & ottoman Design Antonio Citterio, 2011. Polyurethane, belted plastic, die-cast aluminum, upholstery. Made in Germany by Vitra. Grand Repos stands in the tradition of the classic lounge chair, but have developed this concept further to reach a new level. With their generous padding, inviting armrests, high back and continuously adjustable sitting positions, these chairs fulfill almost all demands with respect to comfortable, relaxing seating. Thanks to their biomechanical range of motion, this collection adapts to all seating positions – from a reading to a reclining position. The lounge also includes a matching neck cushion filled with feathers. The four-star base made of die-cast aluminum comes in polished and colored lacquer versions. The Grand Repos, boasts a 2.25” higher backrest and an expressive wing chair element to enhance this aura even further. grand repos: 29.25” w | 32” d | 43.25” h | seat: 16.25” h ottoman: 24.5” w | 24.25” d | 15.75” h lounge & ottoman: $8,540 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

george nakashima splay-leg table Design George Nakashima, 1948. American walnut, hickory. Made in the USA by Knoll. Knoll celebrates its design heritage by introducing the Nakashima Splay-leg table. The table features a natural, low-sheen finish and “live” wood grain patterns that epitomize Nakashima and his craft. The Splay-leg table is available in solid American Walnut or Hickory top with American walnut legs. Feature the designer’s signature and KnollStudio logo on the underside. 37.75” w | 17.5” h | 34.25” d $1,676 + free shipping in the continental U.S. 20 | 1 866 663 4483

charles + ray eames® eames® 2-seater sofa Design Charles & Ray Eames®, 1984. Solid wood frame, polished aluminum legs, upholstery. Made by Herman Miller®. The Eames sofa is the last piece of furniture produced by the Eames Office, which completed the design after Charles Eames died in 1978. It went into production in 1984 and has been manufactured by Herman Miller ever since. Charles and Ray Eames designed the sofa to complement their plush soft pad chairs and the sleek chaise. It stands as a graceful reminder of the honest genius of Charles and Ray Eames. With its emphasis on beautiful materials and simplified forms, the Eames sofa exemplifies the best in modern furniture design. Its angled profile and clean planes showcase a harmonious combination of rich walnut or teak, soft leather, and polished aluminum. Equally fitting for the contemporary home or office, it’s a luxurious place to settle back and relax. Available with two or three seats. two seat model: 56” w | 30” d | 33” h | seat: 16.5” h $7,139 + free threshold delivery in the continental U.S.

harry bertoia

side chair with back pad & seat cushion | $1,028

george nelson

small bubble lamp | $325, diamond desk clock | $505 | 21

chris hardy wig suspension lamp | $2,682

arne jacobsen 22 | 1 866 663 4483

swan chair | $3,960

charles & ray eames

white ash lounge chair & ottoman | $5,729

patrick jouin thalya chair | $265

hans wegner

ch07 | $2,925 (as shown)

achille + pierre giacomo castiglioni arco lamp | $2,950 | 23

charles + ray eames® | aluminum group - outdoor Design Charles & Ray Eames®, 1958. Aluminum, upholstery. Made by Herman Miller® To ready the chairs and ottoman for outdoor use, Herman Miller developed a new fabric that would be durable enough to weather the elements and still feel good against the skin when you’re wearing a bathing suit. Designed by materials consultant Susan Lyons, Outdoor Weave retains the spirit of the original 1958 polyester saran and builds off the technical capabilities of the Aeron chair’s Pellicle suspension fabric. It’s also recyclable and contains no harmful PVC. It is available in five tones selected to complement the white and graphite satin powder-coated frames. armless swivel chair: 20.5” w | 18” d | 33” h | seat: 18.25” h $1,357 + free threshold delivery in the continental U.S. swivel armchair: 23” w | 18” d | 33” h | seat: 18.25” h $1,747 + free threshold delivery in the continental U.S. tall round contract base table: 28.5” h | 30” dia. (also available in 36”, 42” or 48”) $3,688 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

“Take your pleasure seriously.” -Charles Eames

25 | 1.866.663.4483

blu dot | splash coat rack Design Blu Dot. Powder-coated steel, solid walnut. Powder-coated steel and solid walnut stand at the ready to relieve you of jackets, hats, scarves and bags in style. Dress it up or keep it naked. Either way it remains easy on the eyes. Who says utility can’t be attractive? Available in grey and bright blue. Assembly required. 20” dia. | 65” h $279 + $13.95 curbside delivery in the continental U.S.

ross lovegrove | tri oval table Design Ross Lovegrove, 2008. Powder-coated steel, glass. Made in USA by Knoll. The Lovegrove collection of executive office furniture is available in a range of finish and surface options. The table top is available in Starphire™ glass (low iron content making the glass more clear and luminous than regular glass), bronze colored glass, bamboo and acid etched glass painted on the underside in your choice of green, blue or red. The steel base is available powder-coated in either metallic bronze, robin’s egg blue, silver or white. The Tri Oval tables are available in two heights. This series is not suitable for outdoor use. 54.5” w | 35” d | 17” or 21” h $2,306 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

26 | 1 866 663 4483

niels bendtsen | edward 2-seater sectional Design Niels Bendtsen. Molded foam, steel, webbing, down, upholstery. Made in Italy by Bensen. Keeping to the language of the Edward sofa, the large scale sectional has an impressive presence while retaining the visual lightness and elegance of the Edward sofas. The single-arm section is available in two different lengths, while the chaise is available in one size resulting in equally beautiful proportions for each configuration. The combination of a steel under-frame with European webbing, CNC cut foam, hand-buttoned seats, down back cushions, and expertly tailored covers result in a timeless design of outstanding quality. 2-seater: 69” L | 35.5” d | 27.5” h | includes 5 cushions $6,427 + free curbside delivery in the continental U.S.

hans wegner ch25 chair | $3,225; ch468 lounge chair | $1,560 bouroullec bros l’oiseau | $165 arne jacobsen 4-leg ant chair - color | $498

“A classic design is something that every time you look at it, you accept it as it is and you see no way of improving it.� -Warren Platner

warren platner | lounge chair Design Warren Platner, 1966. Steel wire rod, upholstery. Made in Italy by Knoll. The Platner seating collection features vertical steel wire rods welded to circular horizontal and edge-framing rods. The frame base has a clear plastic extrusion ring for a smooth bottom surface. The seat is a molded fiberglass shell & molded latex foam cushion. This collection is offered in your choice of either a bright nickel with clear lacquer protection or painted bronze metallic frame. 36.5” w | 25.5” d | 30.25” h | seat: 18.5” h $4,949 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

eero saarinen

saarinen tulip side chair | $1,289

ferruccio laviani | fl/y Design Ferruccio Laviani, 2002. Transparent Methacrylate. Made in Italy by Kartell. Light, color and transparency. You look, you admire, and then your face lights up with a smile. The new FL/Y hanging lamps are a luminous surprise, like light and airy soap bubbles, iridescent with the reflections of the light. Made in transparent methacrylate in a variety of vibrant colors. They are packaged singly, but can also live in compositions that enhance the delicate variation of color. 20.5” w | 13” h | 6 foot cord | ul listed | requires 1x100W max bulb $310 + $9 shipping in the continental U.S.

lievore altherr molina | leaf lounge chair Design Lievore Altherr Molina, 2005. Steel rod, powder-coat. Made in Italy by Arper. Subtle allusions that capture the pleasing irregularity of nature create comfortable and iconic surfaces and silhouettes. The observation of nature is revealed in the shape — and in the particularity of the structures of chairs and tables, displaying an irregular design reminding of the branches of a tree or veins of a leaf. Leaf is a manifesto: an image simultaneously nostalgic and forward thinking. Its simplicity of form and ease of application encourage creative inclusion in diverse environments, both inside and outside. Chairs are fabricated in chrome-coated or matte powder-coated steel in white, green or moka. A detachable polyurethane cushion is available for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for relaxing at work or at home. This series is available as chair, stackable chair, lounge, chaise lounge and tables. 25.9” d | 33.9” w | 28.4” h | seat: 17.4” $760 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

32 | 1.866.663.4483

niels bendtsen park lounge chair & ottoman Design Niels Bendtsen. Molded foam, steel, upholstery. Made in British Columbia by Bensen. Park is a contemporary wing-back chair designed to be as comfortable as it is beautifully proportioned. The winged seat gives a sense of privacy and seclusion while being generous enough to promote multiple seating positions. The molded foam body contains an internal frame with elastic webbing so the whole chair can flex and adapt to the sitter. The upholstered seat sits on a simple precision-made steel base, and expertly sewn and fitted covers create a beautiful tailored appearance. Matching Ottoman compliments the aesthetic of the chair. lounge chair: 34.5” w | 37.75” d | 39.5” h | seat: 15” h | 19” d | arm: 19.5” h ottoman: 22.75” w | 15.75” d | 13.75” h $3,174 + free curbside delivery in the continental U.S.

giovannoni + takeda

lily pond sushi set | $105

werner aisslinger

behive lamp | $943

george nelson

half nelson table lamp | $475

“What you need is a constant and consistent way of designing, not a style.� -Achille Castiglioni

Achille Castiglioni

bertjan pot | non random light Design Bertjan Pot, 2007. Fiberglass, epoxy resin, powder-coated aluminum. Made in The Netherlands by Moooi. When Moooi transferred the production of the Random Light from manual to machine one of the problems they encountered was making it ‘random’. When that problem was solved they decided to use the machines preference to make non-random structures and after a while the Non-Random Light was born. Not only is the structure non-random but where the random Light throws it’s light around the whole room, the non-Random Light lights mostly downwards due to the small reflector on top that also hides most of the light bulb. Non-Random light requires 1xE26 lightbulb and includes 157.5” cord. It is available in two sizes in your choice of either black or white. small: 18.9” dia. | 21.2” h | 60W max large: 27.9” dia. | 27.5” h | 60W max small/white: $661 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

alvar aalto | tea trolley 900 Design Alvar Aalto, 1937. Bent birch plywood, tile, rattan. Made in Finland by Artek. Aalto invented a process for bending thick layers of birch into gracefully curved loops to create strong, light frames for a number of products, including his famous tea trolleys. For easy movement, these charming and highly functional pieces have large white wheels with black rubber tread that won’t mar floors. The handle and edge banding are solid birch. The Tea trolleys serve as highly functional and distinctive additions to a dining room or hospitality area. Introduced at the 1937 Paris World’s Fair, they are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Tea Trolley 900 features a birch frame in either natural lacquer or lacquered white with black or white ceramic tiles and rattan basket. 35.4” w | 25.6” d | 23.6” h $3,250 + free shipping in the continental U.S. 36 | 1 866 663 4483

lievore altherr molina

leaf side chair - sled base Design Lievore Altherr Molina, 2005. Steel rod, powder-coat. Made in Italy by Arper. Leaf is a manifesto: an image simultaneously nostalgic and forward thinking. Its simplicity of form and ease of application encourage creative inclusion in diverse environments, both inside and outside. Chairs are fabricated in chrome-coated or matte powder-coated steel in white, green or moka. A detachable polyurethane cushion is available for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for relaxing at work or at home. This series is available as chair, stackable chair, lounge, chaise lounge and tables. 22.9” d | 20.5” w | 32.25” h | seat: 17.75” $407 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

“When I design, I don’t consider the technical or commercial parameters so much as the desire for a dream that humans have attempted to project onto an object.” -Phillippe Starck

Photo: Mark Ford

philippe starck | one more stool Design Philippe Starck, 2012. Transparent or batch-colored polycarbonate. Made in Italy by Kartell. If you want to sip a drink at the bar in peace and quiet, you need a comfortable tall stool with a back to lean against. Sometimes one drink is not enough: and you need “One more” and sometimes “One more please”. The “Ghost” family, one of the absolute Kartell icons, multiplies its ranks with stools of different heights - bar or counter height - with backs, either oval or square, but always flexible, practical, colored and sturdy. barstool: 15” w | 43.3” h | 18.1” d | seat: 29.5” h counterstool: 15” w | 39.4” h | 18.1” d | seat: 25.6” h $399 + $12 shipping in the U.S.

ilmari tapiovaara

domus chair | $750

eames + saarinen organic chair | $2,190

maarten baas 40 | 1 866 663 4483

smoke chandelier | $792

george nelson™ pedestal table outdoor 28.5�d | $2,818

front designs front page |

grete jalk


grete jalk gj chair | $2,700

studio job altdeutsche cabinet: | $3,800 | 41

christophe pillet

sezz swivel chair | $1,200, sezz side chair | $940, sezz stool | $1,020

“Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.� -Charles Eames

“Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.” -Edward Tufte

design diesel

duii lamp | $754

hans wegner

ch33 Design Hans Wegner, 1957. Solid wood, veneer. Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son. Take a good look at Wegner’s elegant dining chair, CH33. Designed in 1957, its clean lines and graphic form are as distinctively modern now as they were more than 50 years ago. An exceptionally comfortable dining chair that, despite its light appearance, is extremely stable. The chair is available with both an upholstered seat or a wooden seat. CH33 is offered in solid oak or beech. The woods and finishes can also be mixed to combine (i.e. a beech frame with walnut seat and back). 28” h | 18.9” d | 21.7” w | seat: 17.3” h $735 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

jorgen gammelgaard l40 tip top pendant Design Jorgen Gammelgaard. Aluminum, brushed stainless steel, solid steel. Made in Denmark by Pandul & Distributed by Carl Hansen & Son. A simple strip light was the only light available for Jørgen Gammelgaard during his visit to Samoa in the sixties. To improve the light quality Gammelgaard turned the light strip vertical and decorated it with plastic lids. That home made lamp became the inspiration for the Tip Top pendant which, immediately after its presentation, was bought by The Danish Arts Foundation. The unique anti-glare reflector inside the shade, the small elegant space between the shade and the socket house and the attention to detail makes the Tip Top lamps perfect examples of cool, Scandinavian minimalism appreciated by people all around the world. shade: 7.7” dia. | cord: 157.5” | requires 1x60W bulb $815 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

josef albers josef albers nesting tables Design Josef Albers, 1926/1927. Solid oak, colored glass tops. Made in the E.U... by the Josef Albers Foundation. Josef Albers was mainly involved in furniture design during his time at the Bauhaus in Weimar, where, for a short time, he was also artistic director of the furniture work-shop. This set of four stepped nesting tables are based on the original set created for the Moellenhoff family apartment in Berlin. The tables are constructed with a solid oak base and painted glass tops. They combine clear geometrical shapes with use of color derived from Albers’ painterly oeuvre. On the underside, the glass table tops are lacquered pale green, yellow, orange and blue. pale green table: 23.75” w | 15.75” d | 24.75” h yellow table: 21.25” w | 15.75” d | 21.75” h orange table: 18.9” w | 15.75” d | 18.75” h blue table: 16.5” w | 15.75” d | 15.75” h set of 4 nesting tables: $2,100 + free shipping in the continental U.S. | 47

thomas heatherwick | spun chair Design Thomas Heatherwick, 2010. Rotational molded polyethylene. Made by Magis. Spun came out of research into the geometric simplification of a familiar object type. Could a completely rotationally symmetrical form make a comfortable chair? The result is not immediately apparent as a chair and when upright looks more like a sculptural vessel. When lent on its side however, Spun forms a comfortable and functional chair that the sitter can rock from side to side, or even spin around in a complete circle. 36” w | 36” d | 26” h $599 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

“A common mistake made when designing something completely foolproof is underestimating the genius of complete fools.� -Douglas Adams

Photo: Mark Ford

joe colombo | 4801 armchair Design Joe Colombo. Transparent or batch-dyed PMMA. Made in Italy by Kartell. For the first time in its 60-year history, Kartell will pay homage to one of the most iconic – and perhaps uncharacteristic – pieces in its archive with the reissue of Joe Colombo’s 4801 Armchair. Originally designed by the Italian master in 1965, the 4801 chair is famous for being the only Kartell piece ever to be made entirely of wood. Now, nearly fifty years later, Kartell has developed the complex and technically challenging engineering methods necessary to produce the design as originally envisioned, in its signature plastic. An authentic symbol of design in the ‘60s, the highly sought-after 4801 chair is revered by private collectors and institutions alike, and has been displayed internationally at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The second generation of the 4801 chair is to be available in a numbered series beginning in February 2012, captures the curving sinuous lines and exact proportions of Colombo’s design, now in sleek transparent or white and black plastic (PMMA). 24.4” w | 25.2” d | 27.2” h | seat: 9.8” h $2,730 + $82 shipping in the continental U.S.

amanda levete | drift bench Design Future Systems/Amanda Levete, 2006. Painted glass reinforced polyester. Made by Established & Sons. A piece of found driftwood initiated the design for the Drift bench. The naturally formed fluid lines of that found object provided inspiration for Amanda Levete’s exercises in complex curves, angles and subtracted spaces. The Drift bench is an extremely sculptural design whose function, as a seating object, is clear although the primary concern for Levete has been translating her organic, highly sensual architectural language into a condensed form. The remarkable bench acts as a freestanding feature piece and works equally well on its own, mirrored as a pair or positioned in sequence. Offered in your choice of four colors. 113.4” L | 34.2” d | 16.5” h | seat: 16.5” d $13,400 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

50 | 1.866.663.4483

lievore altherr molina | loop sofa Design Lievore Altherr Molina, 2009. Wooden frame, brushed steel, upholstery. Made in Italy by Arper. Loop is a modular system of soft sofa elements that combine in short clusters or long, flowing lines as unique and expressive as a signature. While graphic in form and silhouette, the overall effect is almost architectural. In large spaces the linear form inscribes areas for waiting, resting and meeting. At home, it may be compact or commanding, depending on what is required. The Series features a padded wooden frame mounted on a brushed steel structure with steel or aluminum feet and upholstered in a wide range of fabrics. Loop is available in a large variety of sizes and configurations. 28.1” h | 105.5” w | 31.1” d | seat: 17.1” h | 20.9” d $6,672 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

seyhan özdemir & sefer çaglar pumpkin side table | $2,195 george nelsonTM nelson no. 2 ceramic clock | $305 ufficio tecnico alessi ufficio cocktail shaker | $122 philippe starck miss less chair |


changedesign | planet suspension lamp Design Changedesign, 2011. Embroidered fabric. Made in Italy by Foscarini. The initial challenge was to create a fabric lamp that was completely empty and without an inner frame. Inspiration came from a system devised for the “smart clothing” used by astronauts, where external embroidery stitched with a special yarn allows the suit to adhere to the body, retaining total flexibility and freedom of movement, even in zero gravity. By reinterpreting this technology Foscarini reinvented a familiar spherical object called Planet. A special yarn has been sewn onto the fabric surface which, when exposed to high temperatures, changes its molecular structure, stiffening it into a support. small: 21.6” dia. | max drop: 200” | ceiling plate: 6.25” dia. large: 31.5” dia. | max drop: 200” | ceiling plate: 6.25” dia. requires 1x150W halogen or 1x42W fluorescent small: $1,209 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

norman cherner | cherner arm chair Design Norman Cherner, 1958. Molded plywood, solid beech arms. Made in the USA by The Cherner Chair Company. The Cherner family is proud to realize the reintroduction of the famed “Cherner Chair”. Designed by Norman Cherner for Plycraft in 1958, this chair is found in design collections throughout the world, including the Vitra Design Museum. 26.5” w | 25.5” d | 31.5” h | seat: 18” h | arms: 26” h $1,199 (as shown) + free shipping in the continental U.S.

52 | 1 866 663 4483

harry bertoia

side chair with seat cushion Design Harry Bertoia, 1952. Welded steel rods, upholstery. Made in USA by Knoll. Innovative, comfortable and strikingly handsome, the chair’s delicate appearance belies its strength and durability. A classic, modern design that enhances any environment, Bertoia’s side chair remains a fascinating study in bent metal and a fixture of mid-century design. Knoll is the only authorized and licensed manufacturer of the Bertoia Collection which has been in continuous production since 1952. The frames are welded steel with rods of chrome polished or powder-coated paint, available in a variety of color finishes. Seat cushions have fabric edges and secure to chair with lock-snaps. The Bertoia side chair is available unupholstered, with a seat cushion or fully upholstered. 21.75” w | 19.75” d | 28.75” h | seat: 17.75” h $677 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

Alvar Aalto

“Building art is a synthesis of life in materialized form.� -Alvar Aalto

Photo: Mark Ford

08 | 1.866.663.4483

ronan & erwan bouroullec | cloud bookcase Design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2004. Rotational technology plastic, metal clips. Made in Italy by Cappellini. Cloud is a modular, double-faced bookcase which is produced in white polyethylene. The elements, manufactured with the rotational technology, can be used either horizontally or vertically, by itself or combined with other Clouds together to form cloud-lines. Each element is provided with two white metal clips. 73.75” w | 15.75” d | 41.25” h $2,124 (as shown) + $195 curbside delivery in the continental U.S. | 57

jean prouvé | prouvé raw - banc marcoule Design Jean Prouvé, 1955. Solid natural oak, powder-coated steel. Made in Germany by Vitra. The “Prouvé RAW” collection presents a series of Jean Prouvé furniture pieces interpreted by denim specialist G-Star in collaboration with Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra and the Prouvé family. Banc Marcoule is offered with a powder-coated tubular and molded sheet steel frame in basalt with seat and back in solid natural oiled oak. 56.1” w | 29.7” h | 19.3” d $4,775 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

achille & pier giacomo castiglioni mezzadro stool Design Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1957. Chrome plated steel, steam treated beech, aluminum seat. Made in Italy by Zanotta Meaning ‘sharecropper’ in Italian, Mezzadro was originally designed in the early 20th century and was part of Castiglioni’s ‘ready-made’ series from found objects. Mezzadro is now made of a chromium-plated steel stem, allowing for flexibility and comfort, steam-treated beech foot-rest in a natural finish, and an aluminum seat lacquered in your choice of six vibrant colors. 19.3” w | 20.1” h | 20.1” d $1,050 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

sebastian wrong | font clock Design Sebastian Wrong, 2007. ABS plastic, clear view perspex, battery powered. Made by Established & Sons. The Font Clock takes the iconic calendar clock with its distinctive form and flip mechanism and introduces a variety of contemporary typefaces in an ever-changing display. Twelve very different typefaces are employed in the subtle transformation of this timeless design masterpiece. These range from modern renditions of classic type families like Bodoni to 20th century classics like Franklin Gothic and Helvetica. True to its philosophy of working with and promoting the very best of British design, Established & Sons has chosen to work with the Grayson Time Management System. Grayson is responsible for providing the timekeeping for institutions such as the London Stock Exchange. The Font Clock is available in three sizes. G100: 11.4” L | 4.3” d | 5.5” h, G225: 16.5” L | 4.7” d | 12.6” h, G270: 18.7” L | 6.3” d | 22.2” h G100: $345 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

richard woods & sebastian wrong | wrongwoods credenza Design Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong, 2007. Plywood, timber, paint, lacquer. Made by Established & Sons. Designer Sebastian Wrong teamed up with Woods in the first design for Established & Sons’ programme of ‘Collaborations’ where individuals from two creative fields work together. Woods’ block printed motifs were applied to Wrong’s utilitarian cabinets. These are reminiscent of 1950s furniture – a fitting vehicle because much of Woods’ work is based on a nostalgia for midcentury domestic interiors. The result is a family of storage cabinets: a small night table with a spring-touch drawer, a chest of drawers and a long low credenza. The WrongWoods series is currently available in four of Woods’ signature color-ways. L1500: 59” L | 15.9” d | 25.4” h L2600: 102.4” L | 15.9” d | 25.4” h L1500: $3,800 + free shipping in the continental U.S. | 59

jasper morrison

smithfield suspension lamp | $945

george nelson bubble lamp - saucer Design George Nelson, 1947. Steel skeleton, self-webbing soft plastic. Made in USA by Modernica. It was in 1947 that George Nelson became inspired by a self webbing material used to moth-ball ships in New York and he convinced himself it would be perfect for lighting. He made a metal frame, tracked down the source of the webbing material and by the next day he created a big glowing sphere and the Bubble Lamp was born. UL rated | 150 watt max* | *60W max for small size small: 7.5” h | 17.5” dia - $269, medium: 9.5” h | 25” dia - $329 large: 14” h | 36” dia - $435, gigantic: 22” h | 50” dia - $1,395 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

charles & ray eames | lcw Design Charles & Ray Eames, 1946. Molded plywood, wood legs. Made by Herman Miller. The chairs are offered in your choice of santos palisander, natural cherry, walnut, white ash or two colors which allow the wood’s natural characteristics to show through. Santos palisander is a lustrous veneer that has the same characteristics as the original rosewood, color and grain. 22” w | 24.25” d | 26.5” h | seat: 15.5” h $849 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

george nelson | bench with cushion TM

Design George Nelson™, 1946. Upholstery, polyurethane foam, velcro. Made by Herman Miller®. The Platform Bench Cushion is available in two widths-24 and 36 inches. It attaches to the bench with Velcro® fasteners attached to straps that fit around the bench slats. The cushion is made of a single piece of poly-urethane foam, for superior comfort and durability. 24” cushion: 24” w | 18.5” d | 1.5” h, 36” cushion: 36” w | 18.5” d | 1.5” h 24” cushion: $349 + free shipping in the continental U.S. small bench: 48” w | 18.5” d | 14” h medium bench: 60” w | 18.5” d | 14” h large bench: 72” w | 18.5” d | 14” h small: $849 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

poul kjaerholm

pk20 easy chair Design Poul Kjaerholm, 1967. Chromed spring steel, leather. Made in Denmark by Fritz Hansen. The PK20 is a laidback and elegant easy chair by Poul Kjaerholm for Fritz Hansen. It has a high back with a matching headrest and sits on a flexible, matte-chromed spring steel base. The PK20 is true to Kjaerholm’s elegant style and unmatched quality. Poul Kjærholm had a particular interest in various construction materials; especially steel, which he considered a natural material. He was a trained carpenter who continued studies at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts. He moved on to work at Fritz Hansen, for about a year, where he designed a number of noteworthy chair prototypes. The PK20 is covered in your choice of leathers. 31.5” w | 29.7” d | 35” h | seat: 14.6” h $11,116 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

edward barber & jay osgerby tip ton chair Design Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, 2011. Polypropylene. Made in Germany by Vitra. Tip Ton defines a whole new chair typology: the solid plastic chair with forward-tilt action. Its name refers to the two types of sitting experiences that characterize the chair – from a normal position, Tip Ton can be tilted a few degrees forward where it then stays in place. The innovation behind this seemingly simple feature lies in the skids, which rise at a nine-degree angle. The forward-tilt sitting position straightens the pelvis and spine and thus improves circulation to the abdominal and back muscles. Thanks to its striking appearance, Tip Ton is an outstanding dining table or home-office solution; it is also ideal for use in restaurants, conference and meeting spaces and educational institutions. Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby studied architecture together at the Royal College of Art in London. Since that time they have worked on projects where industrial design, furniture design and architecture intersect. Tip Ton is their first design in collaboration with Vitra. Tip Ton is available in eight colors and stacks four high. It is extremely durable and up to 100% recyclable. 31” h | 20” w | 21.75” d | seat: 18.5” h $345 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

blu dot | dang media stand Design Blu Dot, 2010. Painted Ash, powder-coated steel, brass. Dang Media Stand features a perforated steel door front which allows the use of remotes without spoiling the view with a painted ash cabinet. Brass details and powder-coated steel base make it a complete media package. Available in risk-averse grey or white. Assembly required. 42” w | 20” d | 29.25” h $899 + $44.95 curbside delivery in the continental U.S.

64 | 1 866 663 4483

osvaldo borsani | borsani d70 sofa Design Osvaldo Borsani, 1955. Metal structure, fabric or leather. Made in Italy by Tecno The D70 sofa was born to fit a precise customer’s brief: enjoy the window lake view during the day and relax at the fireplace view at night. From this, a special steel shield mechanism was designed that enables the adjustment of the seat and back allowing it to be fixed at different angles as far back as completely transforming the function of the model. The base is offered in satin nickel or painted black. It is finished with a removable cover in either leather or fabric. The collection is completed by the P40 lounge. 76.77” w | 35.43” -45.28” d | 33.46” h $9,419 + free delivery in the continental U.S.

valerio bottin | uto suspension lamp Design Valerio Bottin, 2005. Polycarbonate, silicone rubber. Made in Italy by Foscarini. A multi-use lamp, the Uto is designed to go anywhere. Meant for indoor as well as outdoor use, Uto is made of silicon rubber making it soft to the touch and very flexible. You can lay it on the ground, put it on a table or hang it over your table or outside in the garden. A shock-resistant polycarbonate diffuser makes Uto at home in any environment. Available in your choice of three colors. 7.8” dia | 126” L | 1x60W E26 medium type G25 incandescent bulb $638 + free shipping in the continental U.S. | 65

“I think it’s really important to design things with a personality.” -Marc Newson

Photo: Mark Ford

08 | 1.866.663.4483

marc newson | felt chair Design Marc Newson, 1993. Polish lacquered fiberglass, metal. Made in Italy by Cappellini. In 1987 Marc Newson moved to Tokyo where he lived and worked until 1991. It’s there where he designed such pieces as the Orgone Lounge, Black Hole Table and Felt Chair, which were widely exhibited in Asia and Europe. The Felt armchair features a reinforced fiberglass body, back leg in polished aluminum and can be polish-lacquered in yellow, orange, red, green, blue, white or black. 26.25” w | 41.75” d | 32.25” h | seat: 12.75” h $4,190 + $195 curbside delivery in the continental U.S. | 67

“The chair does not exist. The good chair is a task one is never completely done with.” -Hans Wegner

hans wegner

ch101 lounge chair Design Hans Wegner, 1970. Stainless steel, European down, foam, upholstery. Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son. The distinguished character of the ch101 lounge chair joins the series of sofas by Hans j. Wegner. It is a sumptuous easy chair that works well on its own, in groups, or with the CH100 series of sofas. CH101 is hand made on a solid beech inner frame with polished stainless steel legs, visible frame and armrest fronts. Cushions are fully upholstered on all sides, built around a foam core wrapped in European down and foam granulate. This sofa series is completed by sofas & tables of various size options. 28” h | 30.3” d | 30.7” w | seat: 16.9” h $6,085 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

ludwig mies van der rohe mr chaise lounge Design Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1927. Tubular steel frame, cowhide. Made in Italy by Knoll. Influenced by Marcel Breuer’s use of tubular steel, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe quickly recognized the compatibility of this revolutionary material with the contemporary design ethos. Inspired by the lines of tubular iron rockers designed in Europe during the mid-19th century, Mies incorporated a new material and a new technology in the use of the cantilever principle. The MR Collection of tubular steel lounge furniture includes the MR chairs, chaise lounge, and adjustable chaise lounge. Black upholstered chairs will be fitted with black cowhide straps. All other color options, the upholstery will be sandwiched to belting thickness on both front and back, with sides left natural. 23.5” w | 47.25” d | 37.5” h $8,121 + free shipping in the continental U.S.

matthew hilton fracture coffee table Design Matthew Hilton. American black walnut or American white oak, powder-coated steel. Made in Portugal by De La Espada. This coffee table has many guises - a broken square or three separate geometrically freeform shapes to spread around the home to where they are needed the most. Fracture is three coffee tables that can be used together or as individual tables. The steel frame ensures a strong cantilever, supporting a solid wood top. Available in american black walnut and american white oak finished with a danish oil or a white oil and painted steel base. 39.4” w | 39.4” d | 15.75” h $3,385 + $295 curbside delivery in the continental U.S. | 69

george nelson

nelson™ coconut chair | $791

blu dot rook table lamp | $199

montis 70 | 1 866 663 4483

beanie | $455

established & sons landmark t1 | $750

ilmari tapiovaara trienna coffee table |

ronan & erwan bouroullec


piani table lamp | $300


X3 stacking chair | $508

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park lounge chair | $2,772

hive catalog issue 05  

issue 05 of the hive modern catalog for modern home furnishings.

hive catalog issue 05  

issue 05 of the hive modern catalog for modern home furnishings.