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What is audio transcription? In past audio transcription was carried out through mutual efforts of speaker and data typist or recorder. It was time consuming and tedious job to transcribe while a person is speaking and often required repetition. With the invention of new audio recording equipments it becomes a simple form of recording voice, audio, speech and then transcribing it to text format as and when needed. Spoken language to text transcription is most common format of audio transcription services are often outsourced for business, legal, educational, and healthcare or medical purpose. As per Wikipedia audio transcription services is a business that coverts multiple audio, speech or voice format (either recorded on mediums like tape, cassette, CD/DVD, mini or micro cassette, or live) to text.

Commonly Outsourced Audio Transcription Jobs, Includes: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Audio files transcription Audio to text transcription Audio typing services Business dictation transcription Audio tapes transcription CD/DVD transcription services Digital, analog transcription Interview transcription Lectures transcription Legal dictation transcription Meeting transcription Court hearing proceeding transcription

• • • • • • • • • •

Criminal trial transcription Physician recorded transcription Event, speeches, seminar transcription Conference, phone call transcription WAV transcription Archival audio transcription Oral history transcription Voice to text transcription Academic material transcription And various other audio transcription jobs are outsourced

Why audio transcription outsourcing is needed? Businesses often outsource audio transcription jobs to professional companies in order to seek accurate, fast audio transcripts at low prices. Advent of new technologies and need of data or information sharing it becomes very necessary to have transcripts of every recording regardless of formats on which they are recorded or volume of recordings.

Benefits of Employing Professionals for audio transcribing needs: • • • • • • • • •

Consistent accuracy on every transcript Assured accuracy and timely completion of project Quality ensured through proper proofreading and editing Access to latest technologies, experience manpower, tools Increased productivity and reduced cost Hassle free transcribing solutions Custom solutions with in budget and as per desired quality constraints Availability of services 365/24/7 And various other tangible benefits depending on offshore transcribing partners

Audio Transcription Tools, Software, Apps available to enhance quality: • • • • • • • •

Audio dictation software Audio transcription software Mac Speech to text software Audio translation software Speech recognition software Foot Pedal Software Player Audio transcription app Google audio transcription etc

As per industrial criteria and norms time taken to transcribe 15 minutes of audio transcription takes approximate 1 hour. There are many pricing structure to transcriber audio depending on audio quality, number of speakers, accents, language, complexity involved, background noise. Audio transcription rates could be per audio hour, words per minute test, and rates per minutes or project based.

Many transcription companies offer the facility to upload audio files through their secure ftp connections in order to get quick (turnaround time), high quality and affordable audio transcription services.

It’s important to find reliable and trusted offshore partner for hassle free audio transcription. Lesley Dehn, Author and professional at Hi-Tech Transcription Services, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17 years. Get exceptional results on online transcription service needs by experts of leading transcription companies at Source:

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