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spring Highlights 2013

The Great Train Robbery

The Untold Story from the Closed Investigation Files andrew cook

A fresh look at one of the most infamous crimes in British history Benefitting from classified files, the book reveals the truth behind the myths  What happened to the money, most of which was never recovered?  Demonstrates that Ronnie Biggs was actually a minor participant  Links the un-apprehended Train Robbers with other major crimes

January 2013 Hardback 235x156mm 256pp 40 b&w illustrations £18.99 978-0-7524-5903-5

robin odell February 2013 Paperback 235x156mm 224pp 30 b&w illustrations

‘1963…’ is a compendium of milestone

popular nostalgia and historical analysis and to examine all the year’s watershed cultural, political and social events together

£12.99 978-0-7524-6449-7

1963 alone saw: The Beatles’ first No 1 single, Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, the James Bond

School Life in Post-War Britain

phenomenon, the Great Train Robbery,

simon webb

Follows the lives of the nation’s schoolchildren through the two post-war decades, including the introduction of the 11-plus exam  Combines personal reminiscences with a lively description of the wider world of British education  This book is sure to bring back nostalgic memories for all who remember the best days of their lives

A fresh look at the explosive and formative year that was 1963; the official start of ‘the sixties’

This is the first book to balance both

The Best Days of Our Lives A vivid and entertaining picture of school life during the 1940s and ’50s

andrew cook

culture, national and international politics

The Lives and Cases of Britain’s Forensic Five

Fascinating examination of the pioneering work of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, Sir Sydney Smith and Professors John Glaister, Francis Camps and Keith Simpson  Having performed over 200,000 post-mortems during their professional careers, these five men established the crucial elements of murder investigation, such as time, place and cause of death

That Was The Year That Was

stories and watershed events in popular

Medical Detectives

Chronicles the development of forensic medicine through the cases of Britain’s five greatest pathologists


the Moors Murders, the Profumo February 2013 Paperback 216x138mm

Affair, the first woman in Space, nuclear weapons protests in London and the assassination of JFK

February 2013 Hardback 216x138mm



30 b&w illustrations

32 b&w illustrations





From 221B Baker Street to Platform 9¾ A Guide to London’s Famous Fictional Landmarks stephen halliday

The first book to list and explore London’s fictional landmarks made famous by literary classics Features London’s fictional clubs, pubs, restaurants, houses and streets, made famous in the works of Air Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming, Bram Stoker and Evelyn Waugh  Exhaustively researched and listed both geographically and alphabetically, each entry provides a description of the location, its place in literature and its inspiration

March 2013 Hardback 198x124.5mm 160pp 20 b&w illustrations £9.99 978-0-7524-7024-5

sheila hardy

A nostalgic look at what it was really like to be a 1950s mother and how the baby-boom generation was made This book offers a fascinating and were raised in the 1950s. It includes

cathy cook

Delves into the secrets, mysteries and tricks that made Agatha Christie the most sensational and successful mystery writer of her time  Includes a book-by-book analysis, giving the key clues, the red herrings and the murder methods, that keep us guessing the murderer’s identity until the very end

Bringing up Baby in the 1950s

entertaining insight into how babies

The Agatha Christie Miscellany Facts, trivia and quotes that remind us why Agatha Christie remains the undisputed Queen of Crime

A 1950s Mother

personal stories from 1950s mums, many March 2013 Hardback 177x111mm 192pp 30 b&w illustrations

of whom are now grandmothers in their 80s, as well as original, contemporary illustrations, including baby fashions and magazine advertisements

£9.99 978-0-7524-7960-6

From the benefits of ‘crying it out’ and being put out in the garden with gripe water and ‘Listen with Mother’, the

Spitfire’s Forgotten Designer

wisdom of mothers from the 1950s

The Career of Supermarine’s Joe Smith

reverberates down the decades to

mike roussel

A fascinating insight into the life of Joe Smith, Chief Designer of the Spitfire Celebrates the inspirational work of R. J. Mitchell, Joe Smith and their design team  Examines Smith’s vital leadership and his pivotal role in the development of the Spitfire after Mitchell’s death in 1937  Features original research, first-hand accounts and many beautiful and previously unpublished illustrations from Solent Sky Museum archives

March 2013 Paperback 248x172mm

young mothers of any generation and is a hilarious and, at times, poignant trip down memory lane

March 2013 Hardback



200 b&w illustrations,


16 colour illustrations

16 b&w illustrations





The Rise and Fall of Harland and Wolff tom mccluskie mbe

The definitive history of the world’s greatest shipbuilding company The fascinating story of the world’s greatest and best-known shipbuilding company, from its glory days to its collapse  Reveals the true impact of the demise of the company on both the city of Belfast and the wider shipping world  Features previously unpublished images and documents from company archives and public records

March 2013 Paperback 248x172mm 160pp 80 b&w illustrations £14.99 978-0-7524-8861-5

Simon Webb

A nostalgic and colourful account of what it was like to be young in the most exciting decade of all!

computers, smartphones, games consoles

Britain’s Most Terrifying Ghosts

or the Internet? Or when sharing music

Paul Adams & Eddie Brazil

A terrifying exploration of evil in the paranormal world that will chill you to the bone  A unique and original compilation of spine-chilling true encounters, both ancient and modern  Learn about deadly curses and murderous ghosts, violent poltergeists and possession by spirits  Features stunning original and atmospheric photographs

When Flares Were Cool and Jim Could Fix It

What was it like in a world without

Extreme Hauntings

A comprehensive guide to Britain’s most frightening hauntings

A 1970s Teenager

meant taking an LP round to your friend’s April 2013

house - and making a phone call involved


queuing outside a telephone box!

235x156mm 224pp 40 b&w illustrations £14.99 978-0-7524-6535-7

This book offers an affectionate and light-hearted look at the fashion, music, hobbies and TV which defined a teenage ’70s. If you rode a chopper, read Jackie,

Ye Olde Good Inn Guide

or watched the Bay City Rollers on Top of

A 16th Century Handbook to the Nation’s Finest Taverns

the Pops, this book is for you

James Moore & Paul Nero

A light-hearted 16th century pub guide for the Tudor traveller Packed with the 16th century’s finest hostelries and with a flavour of the language of the day  A unique aid to pub historians and drinkers who yearn for the lost age of the trusty tavern  Provides all the information you need, from beer and accommodation quality, to the merriment and local etiquette of the day

April 2013

April 2013







40 b&w illustrations

16 colour illustrations





Shadows on the Sea

The Maritime Mysteries of Britain Neil Arnold

Strange creatures and unfathomable mysteries of the deep From phantom ships and fishermen’s stories to sea monsters and USOs!  Packed with eyewitness reports and previously unpublished research  Illustrated with location photographs and original line drawings  Takes the reader on a voyage through strange tales and roaring seas

April 2013 Paperback 235x156mm 192pp 70 b&w illustrations £12.99 978-0-7524-8772-4

Agent Zigzag’s wife, Betty Chapman, reveals her own remarkable story

Farmer’s life involved incendiary bombs,

Andrew Robertshaw

serial killers, film roles and love affairs April 2013

with flying aces. After her marriage, she


coped with Eddie’s mistresses, smuggling,

235x156mm 224pp

separations and personal traumas

60 b&w illustrations £12.99 978-0-7524-8875-2

Coming from humble origins, Betty would, in time, own a beauty business, a health farm and a castle in Ireland,

Missions Impossible

become the friend and confidante of film

Extraordinary Stories of Daring and Courage Mark Seaman

May 2013

Detailing many missions from the wooden horse of Troy to the hunt for Bin Laden


The inside story of real covert rescue and survival missions  Reveals the secrets behind many of the most daring missions of all time  Includes timelines, diagrams and official, recently declassified documents and interviews with some of the participants

Betty Chapman & Ronald L Bonewitz

Chapman, aka Agent Zigzag, Betty

Battlefield Recipes from the First World War

In association with the Royal Logistics Corps Museum  Companion volume to the Frontline Cookbook: Battlefield Recipes from the Second World War  How to feed an army First World War style – from cooking for a platoon in a mess tin to catering for 100 men on the front line

The Extraordinary Life of a Secret Agent’s Wife

Even before her marriage to Eddie

Trench Cookbook

Revealing the Tommy’s daily diet

Mrs Zigzag

stars and an African president, and the honoured guest of Middle Eastern royalty


April 2013



100 b&w illustrations


100 colour illustrations


detailed maps

16 b&w illustrations





A Grim Almanac of the Workhouse Peter Higginbotham

Oliver Twist had it easy! Packed with true stories and rare and incredible photographs that reveal the horrific reality of life in the workhouse  Features 365 incredible true tales of fires, explosions, disasters, scandals, abuse and assaults, bodysnatching, poisonings, post mortems and murder!  Contains fascinating workhouse residents galore, from Charlie Chaplin’s childhood in the workhouse to the victim of Jack the Ripper who died in workhouse clothing

February 2013 Paperback 248x172mm 192pp 100 b&w illustrations £14.99 978-0-7524-8739-7

those chaps looking to move on from

How the transatlantic liner flourished over 130 years, plying the greatest route of all

their mum’s bowl cuts May 2013 Paperback 226x248mm 120pp 180 b&w illustrations

Whether he wants to learn how to carefully calm his cowlick or skilfully shine his skinhead, this comprehensive guide –


including a selection of barnets to try out


– will appeal to all those men who know that their hair speaks volumes about them

From Hope to Hatred

The Falls Curfew and Catholic Alienation

Along with numerous manly grooming

Andrew Walsh

The story of the Falls Curfew, its causes and the subsequent polarisation of a community under siege  An unbiased approach to the events, with over 80 eyewitness interviews, including Catholics, Protestants, Ulster Police and the British Army

From the Quiff to the Mohawk – the essential guide for all men (even those with ponytails)

from the metrosexual in your life, to

Chris Frame & Rachelle Cross

A comprehensive analysis of a defining moment in the history of the Northern Irish conflict

Chris Martin

This is the perfect gift for every man;

The Evolution of the Transatlantic Liner

A unique evaluation of how and why the great liners developed so quickly on the Atlantic run  How changing attitudes and social conditions led to ever bigger, faster and grander ships  Showcases how the ships themselves helped shape societies on both sides of the pond  Explains the differences between a liner and a cruise ship, often misunderstood

A Geezer’s Guide to Mullet Maintenance and Combover Care

tips, the book includes a rundown of May 2013

famous hair aficionados on whom to style


yourself, from David Beckham to Julius



April 2013 Hardback 177x111mm



32 b&w illustrations

30 b&w illustrations





The Unseen Olympic The Ship in Rare Illustrations Patrick Mylon

The ‘Old reliable’ White Star liner revealed as never before A comprehensive, illustrated history of the sister ship to the ill-fated Titanic  Features stunning unpublished photographs and memorabilia  Insightful text packed with little-known facts about the ship  Includes a wide selection of interior views, rare advertisements, menus, passenger lists and brochures

June 2013 Hardback 250x250mm 128pp 60 b&w illustrations 60 colour illustrations £20 978-0-7524-6626-2

Mabel Keeps Calm and Carries On

The Wartime Postcards of Mabel Lucie Attwell Edited by Vicki Thomas

Homage to the art that cheered a nation at war Mabel Lucie Attwell’s artwork has inspired

RMS Mauretania andrew britton

a cult following and her iconic images from

A colourful illustrated history of the RMS Mauretania – when getting there was half the fun!

the Second World War cheered the nation.

RMS Mauretania (II) ran the London to New York service and enjoyed enormous popularity from her launch in 1930 to her retirement in 1965  Published to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the ship’s launch  Features a wealth of unpublished photographs and ephemera from the author’s unparalleled collection, including stunning colour images and unique behind-the-scenes insights

June 2013

Her work and memorabilia – inspired by her


postcards – sell in hundreds of thousands all

226x248mm 120pp 100 b&w illustrations 130 colour illustrations

Home Front in a charming and often moving


way. They are at times laugh-out-loud funny and at others very poignant Set in the context of her wartime letters and

In the Shadow of Monte Amaro

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the actions A new focus on the famous First Household Cavalry Regiment, with whom both Prince William and Prince Harry have served in modern times  Features survivor interviews, unpublished diaries, private papers and photographs  Published to coincide with the 70 th anniversary of the actions in Syria and Italy

Attwell’s postcards tell the story of Britain’s


The 1st Household Cavalry Regiment 1943-44 Garry O'Connor

over the world

the Home Front, this book will be loved by May 2013

Attwell fans old and new

April 2013







30 b&w illustrations

100 colour illustrations





Jungle Journal

Prisoners of the Japanese in Java 1942-45 Frank & Ronald Williams

A true account of the alternate horror and banality of Japanese PoW camp life The true story of a young officer, Lieutenant Ronald Williams, a PoW in the Japanese-occupied Dutch East Indies  Features rare, original artwork, telling the horrific and sometimes humorous stories of Williams and others through their diaries, poems and cartoons  A testament to those men whose courage and fortitude were tested to the limit

March 2013 Paperback 248x172mm 192pp 100 b&w illustrations 16 colour illustrations £14.99 978-0-7524-8721-2

Famous Regiments of the British Army, Volume Two The long-awaited second volume with insignia, battle honours and descriptions of actions fought over the centuries, in full colour  Features 36 of the most famous British regiments, with more than 200 photographs and artworks, from Tangier to Kandahar  The recent completion of the amalgamation of the regiments has left behind a strong desire to remember past glories

The story of The Beatles’ rise to fame, written by a man who saw it all Joe Flannery has been described as the ‘secret Beatle’, and as the partner and

management team during their rise to January 2013

fame in the early 1960s

Hardback 256x189mm 192pp 100 b&w illustrations 100 colour illustrations £18.99 978-0-7524-8633-8

Flannery had a close relationship with the Fab Four and shortly before John Lennon’s murder in 1980, he was one of the last people in the UK to talk to the great man Published to coincide with the 50 th

The Secret History of Signals Intelligence in the World Wars

anniversary of Beatlemania, this book

Peter Matthews

Communicating in the chaos of war is complicated, but vital. Signals intelligence (SIGINT) makes it possible  This is the first time that the early history and development of SIGINT has been explored in detail  From MORSE to ENIGMA, ULTRA to PURPLE, Room 40 to Bletchley – SIGINT reveals the story of secret signals in both the World Wars

Joe Flannery with Mike Brocken

became an integral part of The Beatles’


A global war of signals laid bare

The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Me

business associate of Brian Epstein, he

Dorian Bond

Concise histories of the most famous regiments

Standing in the Wings

features rare and unpublished material. It May 2013

also reveals the truth behind Pete Best’s

May 2013


dismissal from The Beatles and is a very


235x156mm 256pp

personal account of this fascinating era

235x156mm 256pp

40 b&w illustrations

32 b&w illustrations





The Mystery Press

Story Books

The History Press is proud to present The Mystery Press, featuring a dynamic and growing list of crime fiction titles. Crime fiction represents an exciting new venture for us, and after many years producing popular true crime titles it is a logical progression. Mystery Press titles have been written by diverse and respected authors, united by the distinctiveness and excellence of their writing. From a thrilling collection of modern tales by the CWA Short Story Dagger awardwinning ‘Murder Squad’, to a Victorian sleuth who uncovers a startling deception and solves a ten-year-old murder, these books offer a real mix of genres which are bound to appeal to serious crime fiction enthusiasts as well as all those who simply fancy a rousing read.

This successful series of brief overviews on a variety of topics from London buses to the Battle of Britain is presented in a handy pocketsized hardback. Fully illustrated with colour and contemporary images, these books offer excellent value for money and give you the essential facts on your chosen topic.

February 2013

June 2013

194x124.5mm 192pp £7.99

194x124.5mm 288pp £8.99





April 2013

April 2013



April 2013

April 2013

Also avilable: The Sins of the Father, Deadly Inheritance, The King's Park Irregulars, The Daughters of Gentlemen, Avon Street, Dead Image, Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories, The Accidental Assassin, The Poisonous Seed

Also available: B52, Aston Martin, VW Beetle, Ford Capri, Narrowboats, RollsRoyce, Mary Rose, Classic Military Vehicles, Great Liners, World War II, VW Camper, SS Great Britain, World War I, Mini, Tractor

Hardback April 2013 Paperback 198x124.5mm 192 - 288pp

194x124.5mm 288pp £8.99 978-0-7524-7018-4

124x185mm 128pp 100 colour illustrations £8.99

Little Book Series

Battle Story Series

Funny, fast-paced compendiums containing a range of frivolous, fantastic and simply strange information. Find out about the most unusual crimes and punishments, eccentric inhabitants, famous sons and daughters, royal connections and literally hundreds of wacky facts about where you live.

Battle Story is the only series that will ensure you understand what happened and why at every key battle throughout history. These concise and accessible overviews are written by military history experts for the general reader. Each title includes the battle’s place in history, the men who fought it, a blow-by-blow account of the action, the aftermath and the legacy. Timelines, key profiles, information boxes and orders of battle ensure that these pocket guides contain everything you need to know.

Also available: Golf, 1960s, Oxfordshire, Birmingham, Darts, Norfolk, Devon, Newcastle, Liverpool, Glasgow, Genius, Cotswolds, Kent, Sussex , Isle of Wight, Yorkshire, Dorset, Surrey, East End, Paranormal





March 2013

May 2013

March 2013

March 2013

Also available: Kabul 1841-42, Singapore 1942, Kursk 1943, Omdurman 1898, Cambrai 1917, Loos 1915, Bosworth 1485, Hastings 1066, Tobruk 1941, Rorke’s Drift 1879, Waterloo 1815, Iwo Jima 1945 and more Hardback 198x124.5mm 192pp

Hardback 978-0-7524-8837-0



May 2013

March 2013

March 2013

198x124.5mm 160pp

50 b&w illustrations

50 b&w illustrations



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