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The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany Roger Johnson & Jean Upton

Fascinating facts, trivia and quotes about the enigmatic world of Sherlock Holmes Foreword by Sherlock Holmes enthusiast and bestselling author, Gyles Brandreth  Examines Holmes’ popularity and how he has become the iconic, timeless character, loved by millions  A light-hearted and highly informative miscellany, offering something to both the dedicated Sherlockian and those new to the world of 221b Baker Street

ebook available

July 2012

Hardback 177x111mm

160pp 30 b&w illustrations

£9.99 978-0-7524-7152-5

Weinsteins’ War

A moving and unique exchange of letters between a Jewish soldier and his wife at home The story of a young, Jewish family, told through 700 letters exchanged between husband and wife  The letters - sometimes funny, often passionate and moving - are a love story of a man separated by the horrors of war from his young wife and baby daughter  Contains vivid descriptions of fighting in North Africa, Italy and Europe

July 2012

Examines the cynical disregard for civilian lives shown by the British SOE and American OSS  Describes how prisoners were raped, tortured, shot and deported to the death camps in Germany  Reveals the harrowing public humiliation of French women considered to be ‘sexual traitors’

Dramatic, new and revealing insights into the links between Dracula and Jack the Ripper

to this terrible knowledge in his book, Dracula?

Hardback 216x138mm 192pp 8 b&w illustrations £14.99

Packed with original research, previously unpublished and rare material and illustrations


Paints an evocative portrait of Stoker, his influences, friends and the esoteric

Treachery, Torture, Murder and Massacre – France 1944 London’s callous plan that used thousands of French civilians as bait

Neil Storey

personally and did he hide the clues ebook available

Blood in the Snow, Blood on the Grass Douglas Boyd

Jack the Ripper and the Darkest Sources of Bram Stoker

Did Bram Stoker know Jack the Ripper

Letters of Love, Struggle and Survival Ruth Mendick & Jeremy Weinstein

The Dracula Secrets

theatre scene in 1880s London ebook available

July 2012 Hardback 235x156mm 192pp

Sheds new light on both Stoker and

May 2012

Dracula and reveals startling new insights


into the links between the Count and the

235x156mm 288pp

most infamous murderer of all time

32 b&w illustrations

16 b&w illustrations




ebook available



24 Hours of History Norman Ferguson

A delightfully quirky and original reference book, detailing 24 hours of history that have changed the world What time was Guy Fawkes discovered underneath the Palace of Westminster?  What time did Big Ben strike New Year in 1963?  What time was Captain Bligh ordered off the Bounty?  What time did Titanic sink?  A new book with a unique twist on how history is presented

ebook available

August 2012 Hardback 198x124.5mm 160pp 20 b&w illustrations £9.99 978-0-7524-7020-7

ebook available

A fascinating reconstruction of everyday life in the trenches

August 2012

Follows an amazing project by modern-day soldiers and expert historians, to reconstruct and live in a trench system for 24 hours  Uses official war records, personal diaries and new archaeology to explore a typical Tommy’s day  How did they go to the loo, wash their clothes, clean themselves, or sleep?


Paperback 192pp 50 b&w illustrations 50 colour illustrations £14.99 978-0-7524-7667-4

Cloak of Enemies

December 2012 sees the 70th anniversary of the infamous ‘Cockleshell Raid’  In a climate of secrecy, rivalry, confusion and duplication, the true and tragic story of the raid that has passed into legend  Explores how the SOE, Winston Churchill’s brainchild, was conceived amidst intrigue and political infighting

The remarkable and highly entertaining story of England and Leicestershire wicketkeeper, Paul ‘mad as a badger’ Nixon

prolific ‘sledgers’, known as much for his manic words and deeds as for his trophies! Reveals Nixon’s battles with his mental demons, his dyslexia and the events that shaped his life, including family tragedy and turbulent England tours Recounts some of the most notorious

The Birth of Churchill’s SOE and the ‘Cockleshell Heroes’ Reveals the backroom politics and scandal behind the birth of the Special Operations Executive

Paul Nixon & Jon Colman

cricket’s most distinctive figures and

Andrew Robertshaw

Tom Keene

Paul Nixon: The Autobiography

A candid insight into the life of one of

24 hr Trench

A Day in the Life of a Tommy

Keeping Quiet

episodes in cricket, from ‘Fredalo’ to ebook available

August 2012 Hardback

Twenty20 match-fixing July 2012

Contains frank revelations on cricket’s



biggest names, including Gower, Flintoff,



Waugh, Vaughan, Cronje and Pietersen


30 b&w illustrations

32 colour illustrations




ebook available


Churchill’s White Rabbit

The True Story of a Real-Life James Bond Sophie Jackson

The incredible true story of Edward Yeo-Thomas, aka ‘White Rabbit’, a real-life James Bond The dramatic and disturbing story of Yeo-Thomas, SOE and French Resistance hero, torture victim and concentration camp inmate  Startling new evidence about the Gestapo’s typhus experiments  Reveals for the first time how ‘White Rabbit’ was affected physically and mentally by Gestapo torture

ebook available

September 2012 Hardback 235x156mm 224pp 30 b&w illustrations £16.99

The story of Pamela Jackson, née Mitford  Pamela shunned the public eye that her sisters so desperately craved and yet had many wild adventures of her own!  Loyal to the core, Pamela picked up the many pieces when things went disastrously wrong for her sisters

Sheila Hardy

A nostalgic, funny and eye-opening account of marriage in the 1950s

From ingenious cleaning tips, ration-book recipes and home decor inspiration, the

Pamela’s Story

The first biography of Pamela Jackson, the most private of the Mitford sisters

Marriage and Homemaking in the 1950s


The Other Mitford Diana Alexander

A 1950s Housewife

homemaking methods of the 1950s give ebook available

September 2012 Hardback 235x156mm 192pp 16 b&w illustrations £17.99

an entertaining and poignant insight into the lives of women in that decade Packed with authentic illustrations, including home interiors and media adverts


Personal anecdotes from the ‘housewives’


of the time, many of whom are now in

Pilots’ Stories Dr Alfred Price

Pilots and ground crewmen recount their unique Spitfire adventures The complete history of the world’s most famous aircraft, the finest fighter of World War II, in the words of those who flew them  Contains stunning photos from the author’s private collection, plus numerous first-person stories and gripping accounts of battle

their eighties ebook available

September 2012 Hardback

A heart-warming trip down memory lane

September 2012 Hardback

for any wife or child of the 1950s





100 b&w illustrations

16 b&w illustrations




ebook available


A Horrid History of Christmas

Horrible Happenings & Frightening Festivities Nicola Sly

A countrywide collection of Christmas tragedies and traumas The festive season is not necessarily a time of peace, joy and goodwill to all men!  Features murders, avalanches, crashes, fires and unbelievable accidents  The amateur mechanic who died with his head stuck in a car engine  The footballer who leaped into a quarry to retrieve a lost ball

ebook available

September 2012 Paperback 198x124.5mm 192pp 50 b&w illustrations £9.99

who lost their lives in the tragedy ebook available

September 2012 Hardback 198x124.5mm 192pp 200 b&w illustrations

through poignant memoirs written before, during and after the sinking of the ship The result of 35 years of original research, many of the documents have not been seen since 1912


The first book to tell the complete story of the men who built Britain’s canals and railways  The colourful lives and extraordinary feats of strength of Britain’s transient army of navvies  Living rough, in huts or in shelters, they were often exploited and worked and drank hard

Tells the story of Titanic’s maiden voyage


History’s Most Dangerous Jobs A fascinating look at Britain’s most dangerous industries and the lives of the men, women and children who worked in them

Memories from a doomed ship, in the words of the passengers and crewmen themselves

entries from both survivors, and those


Anthony Burton

George Behe

Contains letters, postcards and diary

Charlie Croker

Did you know that Beethoven made every cup of coffee with exactly 60 beans?  Or that Shirley Temple always had precisely 56 curls in her hair?  Or that Chopin slept with wedges between his fingers to increase their span?  This book peeks behind the doors and into the personal lives of the great and good

Memories of the Maiden Voyage


‘I Didn’t Get Where I Am...’ A glimpse into the methods – and sometimes madness – of the world’s most famous figures

On Board RMS Titanic

ebook available

September 2012 Paperback 235x156mm

Author was vice president of the Titanic Historical Society and has been a

September 2012

consultant on numerous documentaries

Hardback 235x156mm

and books about the ship



16 b&w illustrations

30 b&w illustrations




ebook available


Dirty Wars

A Century of Counterinsurgency Dr Simon Robbins (in association with the Imperial War Museum)

Counterinsurgency has shaped every modern conflict from Vietnam and Ireland, to modern-day Afghanistan Published in association with The Imperial War Museum  “Who is the enemy?” is the most-asked question in modern warfare  Learn what it’s like to fight a war in the shadows, against an enemy that can disappear as quickly as it is found  Highly topical subject, explored across a century of conflict

ebook available

September 2012 Hardback 235x156mm 288pp 40 b&w illustrations £20 978-0-7524-6411-4

‘The Blue Beast’

‘The Blue Beast’ - Edwardian slang for sexual passion - is the riveting, true account of the intimate lives of three intriguing Edwardian ladies A study of three passionate mistresses’ influence on their lovers – all of whom held instrumental and powerful positions during the Great War  Using contemporary diaries, letters and intelligence reports, this book lifts the lid on a libidinous London Society

Author shows that our attics and cupboards often hide a treasure trove of personal documents and ephemera  Old photos, diaries, train tickets, postcards and ration books are all invaluable sources of information  Examines 200 years of memorabilia; how to interpret it and how to use it to make your own family history

A nostalgic look at life growing up in the 1980s In this delightful compendium, a generation of thirty-somethings fondly

ebook available

Did you try to solve the Rubik’s cube September 2012 Hardback

whilst dressed in He-Man pyjamas?

235x156mm 224pp 35 b&w illustrations

Did you make ‘cool’ sound effects like Jones from Police Academy?

£18.99 978-0-7524-6597-5

Did you swoon over Scott and Charlene’s wedding of the year?

Making Family Memorabilia into History Learn more about your ancestors’ everyday lives and turn family memorabilia into history

Michael A Johnson

of the 80s

Ancestors in the Attic Karen Foy

From He-Man to Shell Suits

recalls what it means to be a child

Power & Passion in the Great War Jonathan Walker

A 1980s Childhood

Don your shell suit, rev up your ebook available

October 2012 Paperback

DeLorean and reminisce about the decade when greed was good and mullets

September 2012 Paperback

were cool


248x172mm 192pp 60 b&w illustrations £14.99 978-0-7524-6428-2


Fully illustrated, this is the latest in the

40 b&w illustrations

hugely successful Childhood series

£9.99 ebook available


In Titanic’s Shadow

Merchant Ships Lost with Greater Fatalities David L Williams

Despite popular and widespread belief, the sinking of Titanic was not the worst disaster at sea… Vividly describes all 40 of the worst non-naval shipping disasters  Contains hitherto unpublished photographs  Includes Britain’s worst maritime disaster, the Lancastria, sunk by German bombers with a loss of 3,000 British lives  Includes the Wilhelm Gustloff, a German liner packed with 7,800 civilians, sunk by a Russian submarine

ebook available

October 2012 Paperback 235x156mm 192pp 80 b&w illustrations £12.99

The language of the trenches, the common speech of the Tommys, continues to live in the modern consciousness, from ‘moaning minnies’ to ‘getting blotto’  Authors’ original research uncovers a hidden past behind words we use every day

Balkans ebook available

October 2012 Hardback 198x124.5mm 160pp 40 b&w illustrations £9.99

ordinary people and the bravery of those who helped them Exposes the systematic ineptitude of government institutions and the often languid

Becker’s work has been recognised with many ebook available

Ian Dear

Explores the spies who worked for MI5, MI6, Smersh, and the CIA  Reveals spy rings in Britain, Germany, America and Japan and tells the true story of the Atom Bomb Spies and the Cambridge Five

Her story reveals both the suffering of the

reactions of the UN

Spy and Counterspy

The true history of the mystery and legends surrounding the undercover world of spying

The true story of one woman’s mission to help children during the terrors of the war in the Balkans

and credited with saving 170 lives in the


A History of Secret Agents and Double Agents from the Second World War to the Cold War

Sally Becker

Sally Becker was dubbed the ‘Angel of Mostar’

Words from the First World War First book to explore the humour and horror of the everyday sayings born in the trenches

Saving Children in the Balkan War


Trench Talk

Peter Doyle & Julian Walker

Sunflowers and Snipers

October 2012

awards, including Woman of the Year (1994) and The Variety Club Award (1995)

September 2012 Hardback

Paperback 198x124.5mm 240pp 20 b&w illustrations £9.99 978-0-7524-5991-2

She is a Goodwill Ambassador for Children

235x156mm 256pp

of Peace, a charity dedicated to bringing

32 colour illustrations

friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children

£18.99 ebook available


The Illustrated Guide to Viking Martial Arts Antony Cummins

Recreating one of the world’s first ‘fighting manuals’ A comprehensive guide to Viking hand-to-hand combat, technique, weapons, armour and wounds!  A fascinating insight into the warriors who were the scourge of Dark Age Europe  Written by a martial arts expert and containing over 250 photographs and specially commissioned illustrations

ebook available

October 2012 Hardback 248x172mm 192pp 250 b&w illustrations

Optimist in a Raincoat Harold Wilson, 1964-70 Thomas Hennessey

The first serious examination of Harold Wilson’s first term in office

£16.99 978-0-7524-8060-2

presided over tumultuous changes in

180! Fascinating Darts Facts

Britain’s political, economic and social life

Patrick Chaplin

An amusing and engrossing selection of darting trivia from the sport’s acknowledged expert A plethora of darting gems, from the big guns of yesteryear, to the stars of the modern game, it’s all here  Were early dartboards really made of pig-bristle?  Who was the first darts player to endorse a darts product?  Why did a Bolton darts team go ‘topless’ in the 1990s?  Foreword from Sid Waddell

ebook available ebook available


The first book to explore how the House of York came to the English throne A fascinating examination of the military power and capabilities that led to the House of York’s claiming of the throne  Paints a vivid picture of the struggle between the nobility and the ordinary people, as the country descended into lawlessness  Re-examines the battles of the Wars of the Roses

of his powers

198x124.5mm 144pp £7.99

Sunne in Splendour Mike Ingram

This study of his premiership from 1964-70 shows Wilson at the peak

November 2012


The Rise of the House of York

Prime Minister four times, Wilson

Wilson’s relationships with world leaders: Johnson and Nixon, de Gaulle, Brandt, Kosygin and Brezhnev His clashes with the ‘Big Beasts’ of labour:

ebook available

November 2012

Callaghan, Brown, Healy, Benn, Castle and Jenkins


October 2012


Contains hitherto unpublished material



from the National Archives and private


30 b&w illustrations 20 colour illustrations



10 b&w illustrations

£18.99 978-0-7524-8055-8

£20 ebook available


Battle Story Series

Story Books

Battle Story is the only series that will ensure you understand what happened and why at every key battle throughout history. These concise and accessible overviews are written by military history experts for the general reader. Each title includes the battle’s place in history, the men who fought it, a blow-by-blow account of the action, the aftermath and the legacy. Timelines, key profiles, information boxes and orders of battle ensure that these pocket guides contain everything you need to know. From Arnhem to the Zulu Wars, if you’re interested in military history this is the must-have series for you. Also available: El Alamein, Ypres, Isandlwana, Battle of the Bulge, Gallipoli and Arnhem.

This successful series of brief overviews on a variety of topics from London buses to the Battle of Britain is presented in a handy pocketsized hardback. Fully illustrated with colour and contemporary images, these books offer excellent value for money and give you the essential facts on your chosen topic. The History Press has recently partnered with Pegasus Entertainment to now also offer DVD and book packages on a range of titles to enhance your learning experience.

Hardback 198x124.5mm 160pp



September 2012

September 2012



September 2012

September 2012



September 2012

September 2012



September 2012

September 2012

Also available: Mosquito, Wellington Bomber, Victor, Tractor, Mini, World War I, 100 Classic Vehicles, World War II, VW Camper, Ford Transit, Hovercraft, SS Great Britain, Cunard, The F/A-18 Hornet Hardback 124x185mm 128pp 100 colour illustrations

50 b&w illustrations ebook available


ebook available


Little Book Series

Childhood Series

Funny, fast-paced compendiums containing a range of frivolous, fantastic and simply strange information. Find out about the most unusual crimes and punishments, eccentric inhabitants, famous sons and daughters, royal connections and literally hundreds of wacky facts about where you live.

Do you remember Pathé News, purple iodine on grazed knees and knitted bathing costumes? Then the chances are you grew up in the 1950s. If Beatlemania, Radio Caroline, Mods and Rockers were your era, you were almost certainly a child of the 1960s. If you wore flares, cheesecloth shirts and rode a chopper bike, then the 1970s were the best years of your life!

Currently available: Isle of Wight, Surrey, Dorset, Yorkshire, the East End, Cotswolds, Sussex, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Devon, Kent and Norfolk.





September 2012

September 2012

September 2009

February 2010

With chapters on games and hobbies, holidays, music, T.V. and fashion, the wonderful memories and delightful illustrations will bring back these decades of childhood and jog memories about all aspects of life.e

Paperback 177x111mm

Hardback 198x124.5mm 192pp 50 b&w illustrations ebook available




978-0-7524-6337 -7

October 2012

September 2011

September 2012

192-240pp 50 b&w illustrations ebook available


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