Historic New England Annual Report FY2016

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Marking Milestones Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2016


Welcome Dear Friend, It was a year of milestones at Historic New England. For the first time ever, our historic site visitation crossed the 200,000 threshold, reaching 203,763. School and youth programs served 53,505 young people, a record in their thirtieth anniversary year. We secured our one hundredth preservation easement. We reached a new peak in member households: 8,413 in 47 states. We celebrate these successes, made possible by our many donors and partners, while at the same time recognizing the challenges that we face in preserving and presenting New England heritage. We must raise $250,000 this year to subsidize school and youth programs and continue to offer them at a rate that schools and after-school programs can afford. In FY2017, we plan to invest $6,929,000 in the preservation of our buildings and landscapes, which require constant maintenance and care.

Your support makes our work of saving, studying, and sharing New England’s heritage possible. In this year’s report, you’ll read about exciting new projects that lay the groundwork for Historic New England to welcome a broader and more diverse public in every corner of the region and for years to come. Among the ways we are reaching this goal are through new property acquisitions, such as the Eustis Estate in Milton, Massachusetts, and at Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts; a strategic alliance with the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History; innovative programs at our sites and with partner organizations; and investment in collections access and in the long-term sustainability of our historic properties.

COVER A middle school student in the Hike through History program at Sarah Orne Jewett House in South Berwick, Maine. OPPOSITE A garden view at Beauport, the Sleeper-McCann House, in Gloucester, Mass.


We offer sincere thanks to Roger Servison, who recently completed five years of service as chair of the board of trustees. Roger’s leadership was a catalyst both for the accomplishments listed here and for our efforts to be the leading heritage organization in the nation. We are grateful that he will continue to serve as a member of the board. Most of all, we acknowledge you, our donors and friends. Your support makes our work of saving, studying, and sharing New England’s heritage possible. Thank you.

David A. Martland

Carl R. Nold

Chair, Board of Trustees

President and CEO

ABOVE LEFT Former Chair Roger Servison at the event A Decade of Accomplishment at Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. ABOVE RIGHT Board of Trustees Chair David Martland and President and CEO Carl R. Nold

at Barrett House in New Ipswich, N.H. OPPOSITE The annual Fine Arts and Crafts Festival at Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Conn.


Regional Accents Historic New England is about saving the buildings, objects, and stories of the past and sharing them with the broadest possible audience today. This year, Historic New England advanced this mission in innovative ways, including our partnership with the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History in Middlebury, the oldest community-based museum in the country. Founded in 1882, the museum preserves the region’s historic legacy, heightens public awareness of Vermont’s cultural heritage, and advances the study of history and art. The Henry Sheldon Museum and Historic New England joined in a two-year alliance to broaden our collective reach. Both institutions’ members receive reciprocal benefits, including free admission and discounts on programs and merchandise. Historic New England’s new community preservation manager is based at the Henry Sheldon Museum to build partnerships, offer preservation expertise, and engage new audiences in Vermont. Historic New England is creating more opportunities for access in other parts of the region, through staff at offices at the Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum and Visitor Center in South Berwick, Maine, and Casey Farm in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. Through these regional centers we share with the local community a range of staff expertise, from visitor experience and education to preservation services and property care. In western Massachusetts, Merwin House in Stockbridge is becoming a more visible part of the Berkshire County cultural scene. We partnered with the Stockbridge Library, Museum and Archives to display its historical collection during renovation and expansion of the facility, and we are now exploring future partnerships at the site. Passionate advocates from around the region are joining the newly created board of overseers, which now totals twenty committed individuals representing nearly every New England state. Overseers play an invaluable role in deepening relationships between Historic New England and constituents throughout the region. The partnership with the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History presents greater opportunities for Historic New England to engage new audiences.



A Sense of Place Audiences will soon experience even more historic architecture, collections, and landscapes as Historic New England works to prepare two recent property acquisitions for public access. We are transforming the Eustis Estate in Milton, Massachusetts, into a museum and study center. The mansion sits on eighty acres of open space abutting the Blue Hills Reservation. Designed by renowned architect William Ralph Emerson, it remained in the Eustis family from the time of its construction in 1878 until its purchase by Historic New England in 2012. This acquisition, made possible by anonymous donors, is a major

For the first time ever, our historic site visitation crossed the 200,000 threshold. investment in the preservation of Milton’s history and open space. This exceptional property, a superb example of the Aesthetic movement and centerpiece of the Eustis Estate Historic District, will open to the public in May 2017. Visitors will be welcomed year-round for guided

The Eustis Estate is a jewel of a property, located at the base of the Blue Hills in Milton, Massachusetts. The mansion is a magnificent example of Queen Anne architecture, designed by William Ralph Emerson. OPPOSITE The vast house contains many unique touches outside and inside, including exterior stonework and interior tiles.


and self-directed tours, public programs, social events, and traveling exhibitions. The site amenities will include a visitor center and resource room housing materials that relate to New England history, decorative arts, and landscapes. All public spaces will be accessible to visitors with mobility challenges. Sixteen members of our staff will be based at the estate, including researchers affiliated with our newly endowed scholar-in-residence and fellowship program for the study of late nineteenth-century architecture, landscapes, and interiors. Meanwhile, Historic New England’s newest property acquisition is The Brick House at Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, the home of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Center and located on land purchased in 1871 by Thomas Jefferson Coolidge, a descendant of President Thomas Jefferson. Built in 1968, The Brick House is modeled after the George Wythe House at Williamsburg, Virginia, the 1750 Georgian residence where Jefferson studied the law and was mentored by Wythe. The Colonial Revival paint colors at The Brick House were done by the Perry Painting Company of Boston, which worked at Colonial Williamsburg and whose records are now in the archives of Historic New England. Along with The Brick House, Historic New England received artifacts from Jefferson’s New England descendants, gifts of Catherine Coolidge Lastavica. Following a period of research and preparation, scholarly activities and public events will be offered at The Brick House, with a special focus on Jefferson and the Early National period, and scholarship about the building, landscape, archives, and collections.

OPPOSITE, CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT The property care team expertly maintains and repairs all

features of our properties, such as sills at Clemence-Irons House in Johnston, R.I. A skilled artisan works on decorative paint at the Eustis mansion. The family that built The Brick House at Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., is descended from President Thomas Jefferson. ABOVE Our collections also receive specialized care. Here, staff members clean ceramics

at the Haverhill, Mass., facility.


Amid the efforts to bring these unique properties into the collection, work to preserve the existing thirty-six museum sites remains as active as ever. Historic New England embarked on a number of innovative projects this year, including a conservation plan for Gropius House in Lincoln, Massachusetts. This project, one of only fourteen in eight countries selected for a prestigious Getty Foundation Keeping It Modern grant, addresses the challenges encountered in preserving and maintaining a midcentury Modern house. Each Historic New England property has its own list of preservation needs, from structural stabilization to energy efficiency to a fresh coat of paint. The Preservation Maintenance Fund, which includes support from individuals and institutions, remains our dedicated fund for this mission-critical work. Museum properties aren’t the only buildings that require investment. Historic New England’s collections facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts— housed in a former shoe factory—saw major improvements as part of the Collections Care Project. Supported in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, the Americana Foundation, the Ruby W. and LaVon Parker Linn Foundation, and an anonymous donor, this project created new environmental controls to house more than 20,000 pieces of household furnishings and decorative arts.

BELOW Conservation and preservation of the midcentury Modern Gropius House in Lincoln,

Mass., require special study because some of the unique materials used in building the structure are no longer manufactured. OPPOSITE The Blue Hills provide the backdrop for the Eustis Estate’s sweeping landscape. Some areas of the site are undergoing infrastructure modifications and additions, such as a visitor center parking area.




Collective Encounters While Historic New England sites attract visitors in record numbers, we’re doing more than just counting heads. We work hard to use historic material to create engaging experiences for today’s arts and culture audiences. This includes an evolving approach to using historic houses for exhibition gallery space.

School and youth programs served a record 53,505 young people. At Governor John Langdon House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Historic New England partnered with the New England Sculptors Association (NESA) to present Sculpted Spaces, Historic Places, a group exhibition showcasing contemporary works by regional artists. The eye-catching show used both the interior and exterior spaces at the 1784 Georgian mansion and positioned Langdon House as a stop on Portsmouth’s dynamic Art ‘Round Town gallery walk.

Sculpture installed at Governor John Langdon House in Portsmouth, N.H., as part of Sculpted Spaces, Historic Places. OPPOSITE Schoolchildren around the region are given the opportunity to experience the many aspects of history that Historic New England’s education programs explore. Quincy Revolution: A Family Divided includes a scavenger hunt inside Quincy House in Quincy, Mass.


Sharing Histories We know that in order to stay relevant we must continue to record history as it happens. Historic New England’s Everyone’s History initiative captures and shares stories of life in New England from the twentieth century to today. These stories represent the evolution of the region, showcasing its diversity in a way that historic house museums often can’t. Three Everyone’s History projects advanced our regional presence this year. The Haymarket Project tells the stories of the vendors and shoppers at Boston’s centuries-old open-air market, which has long served immigrant communities. This project continues to reach audiences with an exhibition of Haymarket photographs by Justin Goodstein, a documentary film, a series of short videos on YouTube, behind-the-scenes Haymarket tours, and a book published by Arcadia Publishing. The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) honored The Haymarket Project with a Leadership in History Award. At the Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum and Visitor Center in South Berwick, Maine, an exhibition gallery showcased works by local artists, including students from nearby Berwick Academy. When it opens in 2017, the Eustis Estate will host the first-ever exhibition of our jewelry collection, Mementos: Jewelry of Life and Love from Historic New England, featuring a selection of stories behind more than 2,500 pieces of jewelry representing the glamorous and the everyday. A new book, Keepsakes and Treasures: Stories from Historic New England’s Jewelry Collection, provides a second showcase for this research. Historic New England continues to digitize object and archival collections and make them accessible at HistoricNewEngland.org. Most recently, the Irving & Casson – A.H. Davenport Collection, which documents the work of two of the most important American furniture makers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is an important tool for researchers who visit the website, or anyone interested in the history of interior design.

ABOVE Image titled “Chinese Couch/ Black & Gold Lacquer” from the Irving & Casson —

A. H. Davenport Collection.

Pupils in 1937 at Root School in Norwich, Vt., which was part of the focus of the documentary film Back to School: Lessons from Norwich’s One-Room Schoolhouses.


Back to School: Lessons from Norwich’s One-Room Schoolhouses, is another Everyone’s History project that reached the public as a documentary film. Chronicling a Vermont town’s fight to preserve two historic one-room schoolhouses, the film generated local attention for these landmarks and raised awareness of their cultural value through benefit screenings and DVD sales. Historic New England partnered with the Norwich Historical Society, Community Access Television, Beaver Meadow Schoolhouse Association, and the Root District Game Club on this project, which won the Country School Association of America’s Scholarship and Artistry Award.

We reached a new peak in member households: 8,413 in 47 states. Woolworth’s: Remembering Haverhill’s Shopping District, the third Everyone’s History project to generate attention this year, is a documentary film that captures many Americans’ memories of downtown commerce. The project sparked conversation among Haverhill, Massachusetts, residents about the effects of urban renewal on the city’s once-thriving downtown. It complemented local efforts to revitalize the downtown using the city’s cultural assets. The Buttonwoods Museum, Haverhill Community Television, and Haverhill Public Library partnered with Historic New England on this project. Everyone’s History film projects are streaming on Historic New England’s YouTube channel, YouTube.com/HistoricNewEngland.

OPPOSITE The lunch counter at the iconic five-and-dime

store Woolworth’s in downtown Haverhill, Mass. On the right is a historical image of Haymarket, used as the cover for the book issued by Arcadia Publishing. ABOVE One of the many vendors who set up shop to sell

produce at Haymarket.


Investing in the Future Historic New England’s mission isn’t just about preserving the assets of the past. It’s about helping to ensure the region’s bright future. School and youth programs remain a vital tool for enriching New England’s young people. In 2015, 53,505 students participated in these programs at Historic New England sites and in communities throughout the region. Donor support helped offset the significant costs of bus transportation and programming for students who might otherwise lack access to the region’s historic resources. We invested in the next generation of preservation professionals by once again convening our biennial symposium, Directions in Twenty-First Century Preservation. Presented in partnership with Boston University’s Initiative on Cities and American and New England Studies Program, this year’s symposium was titled The Dynamic City: Futures for the Past. Speakers, including Joe Anderson, mayor of Liverpool, England, and Maurice Cox, director of planning for the City of Detroit, grappled with the challenges faced by the preservation field as cities become increasingly globalized.

OPPOSITE Bell House in Little Boar’s Head, N.H., became the one hundredth property in the Preservation Easement Program in 2015. ABOVE As part of the education program Quincy Revolution: A Family Divided, at Quincy House in Quincy, Mass., students reenact the trial of the British soldiers charged in the Boston Massacre.

Historic New England’s Preservation Easement Program continues as an important method for ensuring that communities throughout the region can maintain their unique character. This year, we secured our one hundredth preservation easement, on Bell House (1898) in Little Boar’s Head, New Hampshire. This milestone is the culmination of fast growth in the program over the past decade, as homeowners and communities see the value in securing the preservation of buildings and landscapes in perpetuity. The Preservation Easement Program is recognized as a national model for this work.

Part of planning for the future is securing the resources to ensure that the organization remains sustainable. In the pages of this report, we thank all who support our work, including our Otis Society members, whose planned gifts help strengthen the long-term viability of Historic New England’s mission.



Financials Operating Financial Statementa April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016 Revenue FY16 FY15

Investment Return Designated for Operationsb

% increase (decrease)

% of total

$ 6,122,000

$ 5,945,000



Revenue from Operations





Contributed Income











Revenue from Operations


Contributed Income


Contributed Income for Property and Long-term Investments

Contributed Income for Property and Long-term Investments

$ 26,701,000

Total Revenue

$ 11,899,000

Expenses FY16 FY15

Museum Operations


% increase (decrease)

Investment Return Designated for Operations


% of total


$ 3,037,000

$ 3,153,000



Preservation Maintenance





Preservation Easement Program

Collections and Exhibitions





Education and Public Programming

Education and Public Programming















Revenue Generating Projects





Preservation Easement Program










$ 11,697,000

$ 12,560,000



$ 15,004,00

$ (661,000)

$ 106,003,000

$ 111,431,000

($ 6,547,000)

$ 1,807,000

Total Expenses

Net Income from Operationsc Endowment Assets d

(Loss)/Gain on Investments

This financial statement represents the general operating activities for Historic New England only. Other non-operating activity, including realized and unrealized gains on restricted assets, can be found within the audited financial statements. b Investment Income Used for Operations represents endowment funds approved by the board of trustees to support annual operations. The annual draw is based on appropriating 5% (the board may approve more or less from time to time) of the preceding twenty-quarter fair market value of the endowment as of December 31. c Net income from Operations above includes contributions for property acquisitions and long-term investment of $10 million in FY 2016 and $0.02 million in FY 2015. d Excludes beneficial interest in perpetual trusts which equaled $9.5 million for FY 2016 and $10.1 million for FY 2015. a


Marketing Fundraising Revenue Generating Projects Preservation Maintenance

4% 14% 2%


Collections and Exhibitions


4% 4% 20%



Museum Operations



Fiscal Year 2016

Board of Trustees Roger T. Servison Chair

Joan M. Berndt Clerk

David A. Martland First Vice-Chair

Carl R. Nold President and CEO

Randy J. Parker Treasurer

Theodore Alfond Maureen Fennessy Bousa Jon-Paul Couture David L. Feigenbaum Christopher Karpinsky Sidney Kenyon

Sandra Ourusoff Massey F. Warren McFarlan Elizabeth H. Owens Sylvia Q. Simmons Nancy B. Tooke Stephen H. White

Council Board of Overseers Sandra Ourusoff Massey Chair Deborah L. Allinson Nancy J. Barnard Sylvia Brown Ronald P. Bourgeault Christine Chamberlain Dona M. Gibbs Leslie W. Hammond

Eric P. Hayes William C.S. Hicks James Horan Kathy W. Kane Elizabeth Leatherman Bruce D. Moir Marie C. Oedel Carolyn M. Osteen John Peixinho

Susan Rogers Susan P. Sloan Anne S. Upton William Vareika William P. Veillette Kelly Wright

Joan M. Berndt Co-Chair Robert P. Emlen Co-Chair George Ballantyne Frederick D. Ballou Lynne Z. Bassett Russell Bastedo Charles E. Beveridge Ralph C. Bloom Randolph D. Brock W. Robert Carr Harold J. Carroll Michael R. Carter Edward Lee Cave David Chase Richard W. Cheek Rebecca Clapp Martha Fuller Clark Karen Clarke Barbara Cleary Frances H. Colburn Gregory L. Colling Richard Cornell Suzanne Courcier† Julia D. Cox Trudy Coxe Abbott Lowell Cummings Elizabeth Hope Cushing Elizabeth K. Deane William H. Dunlap

Jared I. Edwards Harron Ellenson Eugene Gaddis Diane R. Garfield Marcy Gefter Haden Gerrish Lucretia Hoover Giese Elizabeth Seward Padjen Debra W. Glabeau Kerri Greenidge Martha D. Hamilton Judy L. Hayward Eric Hertfelder Bruce A. Irving Edward C. Johnson 3d Elizabeth B. Johnson Joseph S. Junkin Sara C. Junkin† Mark R. Kiefer Anne F. Kilguss Matthew Kirchman Nancy Lamb Paula Laverty Arleyn A. Levee Anita C. Lincoln John B. Little Charles R. Longsworth Janina A. Longtine Peter S. Lynch Peter E. Madsen Elizabeth Hart Malloy Philip Cryan Marshall

Johanna McBrien Paul F. McDonough James D. McNeely Maureen I. Meister Pauline C. Metcalf Thomas S. Michie Keith N. Morgan William Morgan Henry Moss Cammie Henderson Murphy Stephen E. Murphy Richard H. Oedel James F. O’Gorman Mary C. O’Neil Robert I. Owens Anthony D. Pell Samuel D. Perry Patrick Pinnell Elizabeth Pochoda Julie A. Porter Marion E. Pressley Sally W. Rand Gail Ravgiala Courtney Richardson Kennedy P. Richardson Timothy Rohan Carolyn Parsons Roy Virginia Rundell Gretchen G. Schuler Kristin L. Servison Earle G. Shettleworth

Joseph Peter Spang Andrew Spindler-Roesle Dennis E. Stark Susan E. Strickler Charles M. Sullivan Jonathan Trace Paige Insley Trace John W. Tyler William B. Tyler Theodore W. Vasiliou Gerald W.R. Ward David Watters Alexander Webb, III Roger S. Webb Elisabeth Garrett Widmer Kemble D. Widmer, II Richard F. Wien Susie Wilkening Robert W. Wilkins Richard H. Willis Robert O. Wilson Linda W. Wiseman Gary Wolf Walter W. Woodward William McKenzie Woodward Ellen M. Wyman Charles A. Ziering Margaret W. Ziering † Deceased


La Bonne Maison The Mildred H. McEvoy Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Moir* Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Pell* Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Perry* Ms. Julie A. Porter* Rhode Island Council for the Humanities Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy P. Richardson* Dr. Sylvia Q. Simmons* Mr. Charles M. Sullivan and Ms. Susan E. Maycock* Joan Pearson Watkins Revocable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ziering, Jr.*



April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016

The names listed on the following pages recognize those who, through their generous and thoughtful gifts, have strengthened Historic New England this past fiscal year. To each of them, we extend our most sincere appreciation. In addition, we would like to thank those who supported us at every level, including 8,413 members. Over $1,000,000 Anonymous Vingo Trust III and Catherine Coolidge Lastavica, David W. Fitts, and Peter Mulholland, Trustees

Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation Catherine Coolidge Lastavica The Lowell Institute Mr. and Mrs. David A. Martland* Dr. and Mrs. F. Warren McFarlan* The Ogden Codman Trust

$100,000–$999,999 Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund National Endowment for the Humanities Mr. Stephen P. Parson Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Servison* $50,000–$99,999 Getty Foundation Ms. Lucretia Hoover Giese Massachusetts Cultural Council Massachusetts Historical Commission Mr. and Mrs. John B. McDowell* $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous The Americana Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Bousa* The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine The Champlin Foundations Mr. Jon-Paul Couture* George B. Henderson Foundation

$10,000–$24,999 Anonymous (2) The 1772 Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Alfond* Dr. and Mrs. Ernst R. Berndt* Mr. David L. Feigenbaum and Ms. Maureen Meister* City of Gloucester Community Preservation Committee The Gordon J. Hammersley Foundation Mr. Timothy T. Hilton Barbara and Amos Hostetter* Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey R. Kenyon* Dr. Janina A. Longtine* Mr. and Mrs. M. Holt Massey* Mr. Carl R. Nold and Ms. Vicky L. Kruckeberg* Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Owens* Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Owens* Caren and Randy Parker* Mr. Robert A. Pemberton and Ms. Barbara R. Jordan*

Prince Charitable Trusts City of Quincy Community Preservation Committee Mr. Robert Rosenberg* Dr. Margaret Ruttenberg and Mr. John Ruttenberg* Saquish Foundation Mr. Joseph Peter Spang III* Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Tooke* Mrs. Nina Heald Webber Stephen H. and Virginia S. White* Mr. Richard H. Willis* Winfield Foundation $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous Mr. Arthur D. Clarke and Ms. Susan P. Sloan* The Croll Foundation Dr. Christopher D. M. Fletcher* Mr. Spencer P. Glendon and Ms. Lisa Y. Tung* Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Hale* Mr. and Mrs. William C.S. Hicks* Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hunnewell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Johnstone* Mr. Christopher Karpinsky* Ms. Adrienne Kimball* Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Kingsley*

Ms. Deborah L. Allinson and Mr. Peter C. Olson* Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Ballou* Mr. and Mrs. John D. Barnard* Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bembenek* Mr. Ronald P. Bourgeault and Mr. James Horan* Ms. Sylvia Brown* Ms. Désirée Caldwell and Mr. William F. Armitage, Jr.* Cambridge Trust Company Ms. E. Greer Candler* Mr. Harold J. Carroll* Mr. Thomas C. Casey Ms. Gina Catalano and Mr. Thomas Exley Betsy Chapin* Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chamberlain* Mr. and Mrs. David Chamberlain* Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Charles* Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Cheek Mr. Tim Claflin and Ms. Cathy Claflin* Ms. Martha Fuller Clark and Dr. Geoffrey E. Clark* Ms. Karen Clarke* Elizabeth and Nicholas Deane* Mr. and Mrs. George P. Denny The Michael and Elizabeth Dingman Foundation Alan S. Emmet* Mr. Stephen L. Fletcher* Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Eustis II* Mr. and Mrs. C. Mackay Ganson, Jr.* Ms. Diane R. Garfield and Dr. Peter L. Gross, M.D. Mr. Thatcher Lane Gearhart* Mrs. Dona M. Gibbs and Mr. L. M. Gibbs* Mr. Jeffrey D. Gilbert and Mrs. Penelope W. Gilbert* Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gund* Mrs. Leslie W. Hammond and Mr. James R. Hammond III* Eric and Dorothy Hayes*

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Holiner* The Roy A. Hunt Foundation Mrs. K. H. Jones* Ms. Anne F. Kilguss* Mr. Martin Lempres* Dr. Frederic F. Little and Dr. Claudia L. Ordonez* Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lober* Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati Mr. Thomas S. Michie Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mosakowski Mrs. Carolyn M. Osteen and Dr. Robert Osteen* Mr. John Peixinho* Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam* Mrs. Louise C. Riemer Mrs. Susan Rogers and Mr. Malcolm P. Rogers* Ms. Lois C. Russell* Mr. Andrew Saxe* Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Schorsch Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation The Sharpe Family Foundation/Julie and Henry D. Sharpe III Mr. Robert L. Simonds and Ms. Angie Simonds* Mr. Andrew Spindler-Roesle and Mr. Hiram Butler* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taggart* Mr. E. Clothier Tepper and Mr. Robert G. Collins* Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Trace* Mr. and Mrs. William Vareika* Mr. Theodore W. Vasiliou* Mr. and Mrs. William P. Veillette* Mr. Tarleton H. Watkins II and Ms. Janet P. Atkins* Mr. Robert W. Wilkins, Jr. and Ms. Suzanne Courcier†* Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wolfe* Stephen G. Woodsum and Anne R. Lovett* Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yozell* $1,000–$2,499 Mr. Russell Bastedo Mr. John D. Childs Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Coghlin Mrs. I. W. Colburn Mr. John D. Corey and Mr. Miguel Rosales^ Ms. Frederica Matera Cushman Decorative Arts Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. DeGregorio Mrs. Paul R. Dinsmore* East Cambridge Savings Bank Mr. Jon Edwards and Ms. Nancy Fox

Ms. Julia Egolf and Mr. Marlon Egolf The Reverend John Miles Evans Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Faes Ferguson Perforating & Wire Co. Mr. George F. Fiske, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Fitzgerald Forklift Catering Mrs. Pamela W. Fox Thomas A. J. Frank, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Al Gerrish Mr. Thaddeus Gillespie and Ms. Elizabeth Seward Padjen, FAIA Mr. and Mrs. Ward Hamilton^ Mr. George Handran Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hare* Tina and Bill Harsch Mrs. Cyrus I. Harvey Mr. Roland Hoch and Mrs. Sarah Garland-Hoch Mr.† and Mrs. Charles H. Hood Mr. Craig Jewett and Ms. Alison Jewett Ms. Abigail Johnson and Mr. Christopher J. McKown* Kennebunk Savings Bank Ms. Jennifer Kent Ms. Susan S. Kinsey Mr. Jonathan B. Loring Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Lubin MacRostie Historic Advisors, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Madsen The Maine Community Foundation Mr. Thomas A. Manning and Ms. Barbara Polan Merrimack Design Associates Mrs. Mary L. McKenny Paul and Jean Moran Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Oedel Mr. Samuel Plimpton and Ms. Wendy Shattuck Putnam Bank Mr. John S. Reidy Mr. and Mrs. John Remondi Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rousseau Ms. Julie A. Solz Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr. Tiedemann Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Torrey^ Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Viera Watertown Savings Bank Mr. and Mrs. John H. Whiton

* Appleton Circle Member ^ Young Friends Patron † Deceased


Gifts in Memory of

In memory of Ripley C. Miller Ms. Julia E. M. Doten

In honor of Ms. Lucretia Hoover Giese Mr. Carl R. Nold and Ms. Vicky Kruckeberg

In memory of Mrs. Priscilla Pierce Pevear Mr. Stephen V. O’Donnell, Jr.

In honor of Martha and Richard Heath Ms. Patricia Lindbo

In memory of Alexander Roesle Mr. Andrew Spindler-Roesle

In honor of the John Lougee Family in Exeter Mrs. Matthew R. Simmons

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In memory of Mr. Edmund Burke Games Dedham Historical Society

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In memory of Helen and Jessie Teklinski Mr. Stephen Borkowski

In honor of the good works of Carl R. Nold, Edward Bousa, Bill Hicks, Roger Servison, Joan Berndt, and Maureen Bousa Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Johnstone

In memory of Ms. Suzanne Courcier Mr. Ronald P. Bourgeault and Mr. James Horan Ms. Elizabeth A. Davidian Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Hingston Historical Society of Old Yarmouth Mr. and Ms. Roy Morton Mrs. Margaret Noel Mr. Carl R. Nold and Ms. Vicky L. Kruckeberg

$500–$999 Anonymous Bank Gloucester Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Kim and Laurence Brengle Bruner/Cott Architects Ms. Nancy C. Carlisle and Mr. Alex Scala Christensen-Dunn Early Foundations Fund Mr. Gregory L. Colling Ms. Lorna Condon Ms. Julia D. Cox Mr. Warren C. Curtis and Mr. Mark Steinbach Mr. Robert Diserens and Ms. Karla Diserens Finegold, Alexander Architects Ms. Jean A. Follett-Thompson and Mr. Douglas M. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James L. Garvin Mr. Peter A. Gittleman Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Goedecke Ms. Wendy Gus Mr. Benjamin K. Haavik Ms. Cheryl A. Hahn Hammond Real Estate Mrs. Nathan V. Hendricks III Ms. Susan Hoffman Mr. Mark R. Kiefer Mr. and Mrs. Newton H. Levee Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis Mr. Robert Maas and Mr. Joseph Hicks Mr. Frank Mauran Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Mills Dr. and Mrs. Keith N. Morgan Mr. Alan Murray and Mr. Marcelo Jara Mr. and Mrs. David Offensend Mr. Charles H. Page Ms. Joanne Patton Ms. Sally W. Rand

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Donors to the Collections Mr. Theodore Alfond Mr. David Bangs Ms. Abby Black Narigon Mr. Ralph C. Bloom Ms. Helen G. Bonaceto Mr. Stephen Borkowski Ms. Anne Shepard Bullis Mr. Vincent Caccamesi and Ms. Jacqueline Caccamesi Ms. Nicole A. Chalfant Ms. Colleen Chapin Ms. Frederica Matera Cushman Mr. Stephen K. Desroches Mr. Marcus DeVito Ms. Julia E. M. Doten Estate of William H. Eaton III Ms. Cynthia J. Eiseman Ms. Claire Emlen Mr. Donald M. Faber Mr. Arthur C. Fenno Ms. Lucretia Hoover Giese Mr. William Gould Ms. Helen Greiner Mrs. Sara B. Hatch Mr. Gus Harrington Mrs. Irene A. McLean Hollister† Mr. Henry B. Hoover, Jr. Ms. Judith T. Hosmer Ms. Naomi Jackson Mr. Bruce Jacobson Ms. Donna Kenny Dean and Elizabeth Lahikainen Ms. Margaret E. Lamonde Catherine Coolidge Lastavica Ms. Rosanne LeBlanc Mrs. Arleyn A. Levee Miss Selina F. Little Mrs. Diane E. Madore Mr. Richard M. Marion Ms. Irene McGuire Mr. Walter M. Meinelt Mrs. Sybil Michelson Mr. Thomas S. Michie Mrs. Jane C. Nylander Mr. Timothy T. Orwig Mrs. Beverly Pavasaris Mr. William D. Ray Ms. Sherrill Rosoff Ms. Marion Sanders Ms. Kristin Servison

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Otis Society The Otis Society honors donors who include Historic New England in their wills and estate plans. Named for Harrison Gray Otis, the prominent lawyer and politician whose 1796 home has been a Historic New England museum since 1916, this important group reflects the extraordinary significance of planned giving on the future of Historic New England. Anonymous (5) Diana Abrashkin Mr. Peter W. Ambler and Ms. Lindsay M. Miller Mrs. Oliver F. Ames Dr. Barbara A. Beall Ralph C. Bloom Mr. Leslie P. Brodacki† Ms. Natalea G. Brown Mr. William de K. Burton† Thomas C. Casey J. Scott and Valerie McKay Chaloud Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Cheek Ms. Margaret L. Clarke Susan W. Crum Dr. Abbott Lowell Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Currie Stuart A. Drake Mr. William H. Eaton† Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall Dr. Donald Ehresmann Alan S. Emmet Mrs. Marjorie A. Falvey Mr. Paul E. Giese† and Ms. Lucretia Hoover Giese Annabella Gualdoni and Vito Cavallo Mr. Jeffery M. Hall Mr. Philip A. Hayden Mr. Henry B. Hoover, Jr. Mrs. Susan Humphreys Ms. Linda Sherman Johnston† Mr. Christopher Keppelman Mrs. Mary S. Kingsbery Catherine Coolidge Lastavica Mr. John Matzke

Mr. Paul F. McDonough, Jr. and Ms. Carla A. Blakley Warren and Karen McFarlan William L. McQueen and Carla O. A. Bosch Mr. Alan Murray Mr. John A. Neale and Dr. Stephen L. Boswell Mr. Carl R. Nold Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Nylander Nancy Osgood Mr. Stephen P. Parson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Pell Mr. Brian R. Pfeiffer Deborah S. Reed Robert B. Rettig Mr. David N. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Servison Mr. Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. Mr. Alan P. Slack Susan P. Sloan Mr. Richard Sommers Mrs. Frederick A. Stahl Dennis E. Stark and Robert F. Amarantes Mr. J. Reed Stewart Thomas A. Stone and Valerie M. Warrior Ms. Denise C. Sullivan E. Clothier Tepper Bryant F. Tolles, Jr. Mr. George E. Triantaris Mr. William G. Waters† Mr. Kemble Widmer and Ms. Elisabeth Garrett Widmer Mr. Roger D. Willmott †Deceased

BACK COVER A sampling of the china and ceramic wares collection at Historic New England’s research and storage facility in Haverhill, Mass. All photographs by or from the collections of Historic New England except as noted. PAGE 8 BOTTOM ©2016 Steve Rosenthal. PAGE 15 courtesy of Norwich (Vt.) Historical Society. PAGE 16 LEFT courtesy of Haverhill Public Library, Special Collections Department. RIGHT courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library, Leslie James Collection. PAGE 17 ©Justin Goodstein.

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