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3 l The most searched for topics in Google by Hispanics in the United States

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8th Edition l January - March 2019

We changed our look Hispanos Emprendedores changes their look. Always looking to improve the quality of our products we decided to redesign our magazine. Now, with a different style, we are looking to reach many more places in the state of Tennessee and the United States, in general. We are working to position the magazine in other states and in other countries. We have already taken the first steps in Chile, a country with a great number of entrepreneurs and companies that can generate business options for many here in the United States. We hope to continue growing, always with the support of our Hispanic Emprendedores. To help strengthen your businesses, we will soon be conducting training courses and consultancies for entrepreneurs in the world of digital marketing and business.


HISPANOS ONLINE l The most searched for topics in Google by Hispanics in the United States


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shows which were the most noteworthy searches. In other words, those which received more traffic during a sustained period, compared to the same previous period.

It has become customary to publish the most noteworthy searches at years’ end. In the 2018 summary, we are presented with the most searched for topics in Google by Hispanics in the United States. In Hispanos Emprendedores, we present “A Year in Searches” from the most popular search engine in the world. Year of sports, events, farewells, and personalities Throughout the year, Google records all the searches that users make, and in the end, they deliver a summary with the trends in those 12 months. The latest report, which is named “The Year in Searches 2018”,


The search engine divides the results into several categories; furthermore, it presents the information globally and by country. During 2018, The World Cup in Russia gained the attention of Google users more than any other subject. The phrase “World Cup” spearheaded international searches and news. But there were other issues that also stood

out around the world. The deaths of Avicii, Mac Miller, and S tan Lee were also in the top five of Google’s search trends, ending with the Black Panther movie.

In the rest of the international categories, the MOST FREQUENT SEARCHES were:

NEWS: World Cup, Hurricane Florence, Mega Millions results, Royal Wedding, and election results.

PEOPLE: Meghan Markle, Demi Lovato, Sylvester Stallone, Logan Paul, and Khloe Kardashian.

ATHLETES: Tristan Thompson, Alexis Sánchez, Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White, and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

DEATHS: Avicii, Mac Miller, Stan Lee, Anthony Bourdain, and XXXTentacion.

FILMS: Black Panther, Deadpool 2, Venom, Avengers: Infinity War, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

The most searched topics in Such as…? Google by Hispanics in the United States Among the most searched for in Within the search trends of 2018, we find the most searched for topics in the United States. Some topics coincide with international searches. For example, the soccer World Cup was also one of the most popular searches. Another sporting event, the Wimbledon championship, also attracted the attention of the country. After the World Cup, the list continues with general searches in the United States: Hurricane Florence, Mac Miller, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain. Among the most popular news is Hurricane Michael.

Google in 2018 are the questions about: How to pressure?




How to decorate a room? How to learn English fast? How to recover my Facebook account? How do I know if I won anything in Mega Millions?

What is?

The three most important searches for this type of question were: What is the Orange Doubts about political topics Movement? What is clenbuterol? led the “How to….” questions. What is lent? How to vote and how to register to vote took the first two spots. Among the questions included In recent years, the Hispanic in this category are: What is the population in the United States Bitcoin? What is gluten? has had the largest expansion. And as such, has also left its mark on the search engines’ Outlook in Tennessee statistics. The subjects that have been explored are quite By refining the search, we find varied, although sports and the topics that most interested politics were significant. Hispanics in Tennessee. The list of what Latinos are looking for in the United States includes questions like, “where is the caravan of migrants”, and “what is a Bitcoin.” It also highlights the increase in searches for questions that, in turn, reflects greater use of voice searches.

Among the subjects that saw an increase in Google trends, “Hispanic taxis� stood in first place. The second and third place is for; Hispanic restaurants nearby, and restaurant, in that order. Hispanic dentists are in fourth place and Hispanic scholarships in fifth. Knowing what Google search trends were will help you in various stages of your business. First, it is basic for digital marketing because it allows you to know what users are talking about and

what they are interested in. At this point, you can improve your strategy. They will even be useful if you have a business idea in mind. If you plan on opening a restaurant, you can see that they are leaning towards their roots and looking for local Hispanic food. Now you know the most searched for topics, by Hispanics, in the United States, in the Google search engine. Enter our web page and our digital article and tell us what you think about this topic.


Isaiah 43:15-21 New International Version This past year was full of moments and events: some good and other difficult, achievements and failures, joy and sadness, things that discourage us and others that strengthen us. But, as we enter a new year, we must have renewed expectations. Because, although God is the same yesterday, today and always, God wants to do new things in our lives. For a time, the people of Israel were not expecting new things from God. In their minds, God was doing the same things or absolutely nothing and they were throwing aside the God of the universe to surrender to the weight of the ordinary. Although God had done great things in the past, the Israelites were not expecting anything new in their lives. This is the point that we want to avoid in our lives, to have no expectations of God.

In an unexpected moment, God speaks to Israel: “Forget the things of yesteryear and no longer dwell on the past.” He says, “I am going to do something new!” When we live in the past and have no hope for the future, we are trapped in a time that is not what God intended for us. We must understand that God is a god of the present, God’s time is the “perfect” time. There is a term that describes God as omnipresent, meaning that for God, the past is as clear as now and the future is not a surprise. It means that God is always operating in the now. God tells us, “Do you not see what I am doing?” The fact is that many are not seeing because we are looking at other things that will not help us be productive or achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. The question is, “What are we focused on? Who are we depending 6

is, “What are we focused on? Who are we depending on?” We must depend on someone who never changes, someone whose past does not define him, whose present does not move him and whose future does not surprise him. We must trust in the one who has a plan for your life and is faithful in his promise. No matter what difficulties arise, God is faithful. This year let’s put our hope in God. Let us depend on the God who was and always will be. Let’s look for his face to contemplate his greatness. Jesus Christ is the way to God, and we can confidently come to Him through His Son. Let’s enter this new year with a grateful heart and a hopeful mind. Waiting for God’s faithfulness for those who want to know Him. I invite you to know him: John 3: 16-17. Let’s enter this new year with a grateful heart and a mind in expectation. Waiting for God’s faithfulness for those who want to know Him. I invite you to know him: John 3: 16-17. In God’s love, Pastor Jose Vazquez - Iglesia Conversion - Matthew 28


Higher productivity, fewer travel hours and wider contact networks are some advantages of working in shared places. A trend that grows along with independent work, ventures or companies that seek to save costs. Find out how to find coworking spaces in Clarksville with Hispanos Emprendedores.

Among the benefits of this business model are: • Greater productivity and efficiency at work. Being in an office environment, surrounded by people working on their own projects, it will be easier to focus on your own objectives.

Benefits of working in coworking • In these workspaces, you will avoid distractions if you work centers as a freelancer or manage a business from home.

Coworking is a work trend in which several professionals share the same workspace. They do not belong to the same company and many times they are freelancers. These are people who rent a place in a work center and form a community. Together they form a collaborative environment in which they not only work in but where they also have the opportunity to participate in events and contribute with other professionals. In a coworking center, they have flexible hours and can work remotely.

• You will expand your network of professional and personal contacts. If you need help in a specific area, you can hire someone from the same coworking community. • Increase your creativity by sharing with other people. It is possible to find inspiration with the help of others and listen to ideas to develop the project. • Flexibility. You can set your own work schedules and choose the space that suits you best. There are sites where you can rent for a day or larger packages.


• It is more profitable to rent workspaces for the time you need to than to do it under contract. Especially if you are just starting your business. • Removing work from the home achieves a better balance between personal and work life. • You will have more and better resources; like faster Internet connection, photocopiers, printers, etc.

Boost for entrepreneurs and small businessmen Entrepreneurs who are starting their business are among those who benefit most from the coworking spaces. This model allows them to save on rental costs and services. In addition to meeting other people who can help them achieve your goals. The cost of getting a place in one of these centers is less than renting an office. Also, the employer is not forced to comply with a multi-year contract. Furthermore, it has a formal site where you can meet with suppliers and potential customers. If you need to hire employees, just rent more spaces in the center.

Google map. This tool is connected to Google My Business. You can also see the schedule, contact information, among other information. • Yelp and Foursquare. Both sites are directories in which you can locate several centers with a simple search. Use phrases such as “coworking office” or “coworking coffee” and choose the city. Among the most interesting features are the reviews left by other users that will serve as a guide. • 42floors. Choose the city where you need the office, the number of people, size and how you will use it. The directory will tell you the available options and you can schedule notifications to your mail. • Social networks. These platforms are an ally for any company. Just ask your contacts for a recommendation, ask them to recommend a center where you can rent a work office. • Chamber of Commerce. If you run your new business from home, you can ask the Chamber of Commerce for support. The organization offers free coworking spaces for local entrepreneurs. What to look for in a shared workspace

How to find coworking spaces in Clarksville The web has several tools that will help you locate coworking centers. There are generic directories and specialized sites that will make your task easier if you do not know where to start looking. • Google Maps. If you know the name of a center or receive a recommendation, you can locate it on the 9

Choosing a coworking center is an important decision. These places are not limited to renting work offices. They also include spaces for meetings, special events, audiovisual studies, among others. They are a way to access resources you do not have at home to boost your business. To choose a place that suits you, you must take certain aspects into account. For example, the time it is available, the

security of the connections, the possibility of having a private office, etc. This last condition is important in case you are meeting with a client. Consider the services that are included. Occasionally you need more than a desk, chair and Internet connection. Are there shelves available? Is there access to printers and scanners? Find out if there is a cafeteria, available parking, among other facilities. Follow these recommendations to find coworking spaces in Clarksville. In addition, these centers are a business opportunity in themselves. You can open the doors to small entrepreneurs and together drive the economy of the city. We invite you to read the latest edition of our magazine at www. so you can learn the stories of other entrepreneurs.


Asury Johnson and her husband have turned around their real estate business using the Airbnb application. The success has been total.


Hispanos Emprendedores. - Asury Johnson never imagined that after graduating as a medical assistant she would end up at the forefront of a real estate company in Clarksville. Her life took an unexpected turn when she met her husband, Adam, in 2015. He had founded Johnson Property Investments, INC., with the aim of buying houses to remodel and putting them up for sale. Asury, like a good Hispanic entrepreneur, was immediately infected by Adam’s spirit and together they’ve carried out the business. They started with just one property and in 2016 they added two more, but the sales came to a stop during the winter and the weather delayed the remodeling work, forcing them to apply Plan B. This is how they decided to rent the houses instead of selling them. “We said, “Maybe renting houses is not so bad”. And in fact, it was not a bad idea. They investigated the market and analyzed different strategies to make the best deals, obtaining very good contracts. “We continued growing and growing.” Then, in 2017, they dared to make one of the most innovative changes in the business by starting to rent the homes through the Airbnb application. “We had used the application several times and we liked it. We did not know how it operated, but we said let’s try. “ Asury bought some very simple furniture and in a week, she comfortably furnished a house near Fort Campbell to receive their first guests. The experiment was a success. “Suddenly the house began to fill up and fill up. Wow! There were reservations for months! “ Its highly competitive prices and the location of the property aroused the interest of Airbnb users. Filled with excitement, they continued in this way and bid on a new property for the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. “People were desperate to find a place, so we opened the other house around the time of the eclipse.”


The courage to take risks

Many people wonder how it is possible that there is so much interest in renting vacation homes in Clarksville. Asury and her husband simply dared to take risks and discovered a need that had to be met. Although Clarksville is not a traditional tourist city, the presence of the military base of Fort Campbell in its surroundings is undoubtedly the magnet for people inside and outside the United States to come to the city to visit their army relatives. Even Asury, who was born in Panama, came to the city when she was a girl because her stepfather is a military man.

Today, of the company’s 41 properties, six are offered on Airbnb. The business has continued to grow after this adventure and each day they reinvent themselves to show the spacious, comfortable, well-located houses that also have that warm touch of home. “Sometimes you worry so much about the bad things that can happen. In the case of Airbnb, at first, we did not know what we were going to do, or how we were going to do it and we tried it and notice that we already have 6 houses and are doing very well “. Asury says that it is not necessary to start with a whole house because Airbnb is quite flexible in its policies. “Pretty much all you need is a bed, a pillow, a sheet, a cover, a towel and that’s it”.


If you have considered starting an electrical business in Tennessee, in Hispanos Emprendedores, we explain step by step what is necessary. The energy sector is one of the most developed in the state, therefore it has many job opportunities. Keep reading so you know what training should be like and what to do to start in this area.

Steps to becoming electrician in Tennessee

an in Tennessee you need to have an Get technical training

Being an electrician in Tennessee means having a wide range of work opportunities, at all times. You can work independently, or as a contractor and participate in large projects. In 2015, an electrician earned an average of $ 51,880, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States. For these reasons, it is an attractive trade. To perform electrical work


LLE (Limited Licensed Electrician) license. Among the minimum requirements to obtain it is to be over 18 years old and have a high school diploma or pass an equivalency test. But you also must go through a training and learning process, as well as pass the corresponding evaluations. Next, we explain step by step, how to become an electrician in Tennessee.

Although it is not necessary to have a professional degree to work as an electrician, you do have to participate in a training program. Each city has specialized programs depending on the types of licenses granted. In general, the field of study is focused on training as an electrician and electrical safety. Students enrolled in these programs will obtain theoretical

and practical knowledge to work in the area. In addition, they will prepare themselves to work as apprentices.

Licenses are valid for a certain period of time and must be renewed before they expire.

To fulfill the requirements for this process, the interested party can take any of these routes:

After obtaining the license, you can apply for any of the certifications offered by the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee and the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.

• Technical school programs. They offer both theoretical and practical training. Students will accumulate learning hours and then complete their training with work experience. The certification obtained is adjusted to the demands of the city where the school is located. • Learning programs. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers along with the National Association of Electrical Contractors offers training programs in which it is possible to earn money while learning the trade. They combine education with fieldwork and the apprenticeship takes between 4 and 5 years. • Work experience. It is also possible to obtain experience in the field by working as an assistant for an electrical contractor. This route requires less time than the apprentice programs of 2 or 3 years, but it is best combined with theoretical learning to help prepare for evaluations.

Pass the evaluations

Working as an electrician in Tennessee requires passing the official exams that will allow you to obtain the license. Each municipality has its own requirements, so it is important to consult with the local government.

Get certified

This requires you to pass an evaluation and demonstrate the skills in a specific field. A certified electrician has more employment opportunities and his annual income is higher.

How to start an electrical business in Tennessee Training as an electrician, and obtaining the corresponding certifications, is the first step to start your business in the electric sector. You can also receive training in other areas related to business management. The next step is to begin to shape the enterprise. Prepare the business plan, define objectives, make financial projections, define the financial structure and the strategies you will follow. Find out what are the requirements to register your business, as well as other permits and licenses that you must obtain. These include the business license, employer identification number, certificate of tax records, among others. You must be knowledgeable about the necessary local, state, and federal permits and have everything in order.

Choose a license to apply for depending on the type of electrical work you want to do. In addition to proving your hours of experience and education, you must also pay the fees for the exam. 16

Seek the help of business advisors to guide you through the process if it seems complicated. Doing it yourself is possible, but you must be attentive to all the details and have a lot of patience. In addition to all this, you must consider if you need financing and where you can get it. It is likely that you will need a loan to start the business because you will need equipment and tools suitable for the jobs. When deciding to work in the electrical sector, remember the risks inherent in the profession. You must have commercial liability insurance. When hiring a work team, verify the credentials to avoid problems later.

If you want to work as an electrical contractor in Tennessee, get an independent electrical contractor’s license. For this, you must file an application, present the evidence, and wait for the approval of the licensing board. Obtaining it will allow you to participate in projects whose cost is more than $ 25,000. Dare to start an electrical business in Tennessee since it is one of the most profitable sectors. Look into the requirements in your county and start preparing. To learn more about the business world in this state, read our online magazine.

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