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London - Dubai - Doha Issue 3 - February 2014

The Future is...Neil! Endpoint’s top engineer talks eating clowns, fire breathing with lighter fuel & Pob

Also in this issue: PEOPLE: Helena’s Hobby & Endpoint’s Stars CULTURE: James reveals his favourite place!

INDUSTRY: The Sat Nav Generation THE BIZ: Tony & Dan reveal their marketing plans for 2014

London - Dubai - Doha

-PeopleThis section is all about . . . . . US! Our personal achievements, special occasions & insights into our lives outside Endpoint!!

It’s Neil Kite! Where were you born? And what is it like? Born in Royal Leamington Spa; it’s quite a nice regency town. Royal too – check me, wooooooo!

“Underpants are a superhero’s Achilles heel. If you can pull them off, they lose their powers..”

What happens when you get ‘half scared to death’ twice? You instantly die, you do not pass go & you don’t collect £100. What would your ultimate lunch consist of? Lots of different things, the more the merrier (ad-hoc all over the kitchen table) then trying to cram them all between two slices of bread.

If money were no object, what invention would you like to own to make your life easier (real or imaginary)? A hoverboard. What superhero would you like to be and why? Batman. The car.

What’s the most bizarre night out you’ve ever had? My definition of bizarre is probably somewhat tainted as I’ve been on more than my fair share of quirky nights out, so to be brutally honest I’m really not sure which should come out top.

“While I intended to do the fire breathing, I didn’t intend to do it with BBQ lighter fuel” Who is one person you would like to meet? Damon Albarn. Is it true cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny? Not sure, but last time I had clown admittedly it did taste a little bit funny. What is your favourite thing to do? I love new experiences; trying things I’m not familiar with, going to new places, new technology, food, cultures, expanding my comfort zone etc.

Why do all the superheroes wear underpants on the outside? Because if they wore them on the inside you wouldn’t be able to see them. Underpants are a superhero’s Achilles heel. If you can pull them off they lose their powers. Think of it as a game.

Have you ever met Paul Daniels? I’ve seen him perform live as well as David Blane, Dynamo & David Copperfield. But I have met Penn & Teller (see photos).

What’s your lucky number? I don’t have 1. What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? Fire breathing with BBQ lighter fuel. While I intended to do the fire breathing, I didn’t intend to do it with BBQ lighter fuel, this was down to an error of judgement based on enthusiasm over experience in trusting someone else’s nonexistent expertise in the art of breathing fire. However I did nail it and blew a fireball so big that it actually singed my eyelashes. Win!*

Worst album you have ever owned? Be Here Now by Oasis.

When you were young, what was your favorite TV show? Pob, and it still is. Ok so it isn’t still, but maybe it should be. What 3 things would you take to a desert island? Marmite, toast and butter.

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London - Dubai - Doha

What is it you hope to accomplish and what’s stopping you? I’d like to have my own creative consultancy one day, but am currently completely dedicated to my role at Endpoint. Have you ever been in a near death situation? If so, what happened? Yes; I nearly died. What’s your favourite Sci-Fi fantasy? Back to the Future.

Last book you read / are currently reading? I’m always mid-way through loads of books and can go months between picking them up and putting them down again. A choice few of the moment are; Yes Man (Danny Wallace), The Grand Design (Stephen Hawking), The Psychopath Test (Jon Ronson), From Russia with Love (Ian Fleming), and Superfreakonomics (Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner).

Do you sing in the shower? I did when I was little but haven’t for a long time now. What phobias do you have? None.

What are you most proud of? I’m going to go with an Endpoint related project and say product design for Tate Modern, as I love the Tate brand. We took on the project with no time to develop or test anything despite it requiring a number of fairly complex functions but it had to work, look great and be installed in six weeks which meant all the design had to be done in three days working until after 3am to get it made in time. The Tate team are great and really appreciated the effort and also loved the product and have since rolled it out to Tate Britain, and we have been asked to design numerous other products since too. What would you do if you won £50 million in the lottery? I wouldn’t win it because I don’t play. I wouldn’t really want to win lots of money; I don’t believe there is a strong correlation between money and happiness. If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be? Why? A mechanical egg whisk. When I was a toddler I loved them.

Recent momentous occasion? Sister’s wedding, it was absolutely brilliant. If you could do anything what would it be (non-serious)? Travel around London exclusively by Martin Jetpack. Valentine’s day is near… Do you believe in love? Please let us know about the love of your life so far. Her name is Chloe, but I call her Coco; she is very sweet. How can we make the best use of Engineering? Embrace it. It stems from a desire to understand things & make better things by solving problems. * While this was not performed by a professional in completely uncontrolled circumstances, they lived to tell the tale and are completely fine, don’t try it at home (or work!).

Helena’s Textile Restoration Hobby & Conservation 3 My interest in textiles started with an old suitcase of my Grandmother’s.

fibres. They are incredibly strong, but also fragile, and are also prone to damage by light, damp, pollution, insects, It contained tablecloths, and incorrect handling. gloves and handkerchiefs. I personally find it most Since then, my interest has challenging to restore light only grown, as each piece damage as the background or fragment tells a story. A fabric becomes brittle, starts beautiful example of this is the cracking and becomes image of two cups containing extremely difficult to stitch. tigers, which is taken from An example of this is image a Chinese yellow robe, 2, a Japanese embroidery of belonging to the Emperor (1). a bird on a silk background. It takes you on a journey to It comes from a large screen a forbidden city and its long which was left in a window. gone inhabitants. As a result of this, the silk no The symbol of the tiger longer gives support to the represents strength. I love embroidery, and holes appear the different fabrics. Antique around the edges of the bird. textiles are woven either by Apart from repairs and hand or machines; using silk, cleaning, most textiles need linen, wool, cotton or plant additional support to protect

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them from the damage caused by creasing and constant folding. My favourite way to display them is by stretching them on a frame, as it shows off the design beautifully (3). Large tapestries are often lined and hung. All in all, I find doing this massively rewarding, challenging and sometimes even relaxing!



Anna Fairhead

Matt and Tash rock the OXO


I am your new temp receptionist! I have been temping through Office Angels now for about three months, buying myself

some time whilst I figure out what my next step is going to be professionally. This has been a fun experience and has meant working for a variety of interesting companies. I am also a make-up artist/ hair stylist and fit this in around the day job. It has been a pleasure meeting everyone here at Endpoint. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Joanna Griggs Project Manager

I was lucky enough to join the Endpoint team as a freelancer in early December to be on-theground in Dubai, project managing the signage & wayfinding for the new Dubai Tram system. Prior to that, I toured the States singing with a band for 3 months, “living the dream”. Before going on the road I worked for the London 2012 Olympic


Frances Redding

POINTLESS An ant wanted to pinch her eyebrows, but got her head broken… Marcel Maszni

Games for fourteen months as a wayfinding and signage delivery manager, where I first encountered our wonderful welsh colleague, Mr Oliver Banner. This was preceded by four years at Network Rail, project managing station operational readiness plans (including signage & wayfinding at St Pancras International and Kings Cross London Underground stations), and a nine month stint as a duty manager at London Euston. I’m in no way a trainspotter, though - I did an English Lit degree and prefer books, music and attempting to paint and draw.


Jaimie Karsan

Happy Chinese New Year!

My Hero Of The Month award was converted into a great night with my girlfriend at the OXO Tower Restaurant. We got there early for drinks and to soak up the great views of London from their terrace. The waiters were friendly, but I soon realised that it was going to be a slightly different experience when we were warned that the UV lighting in the restaurant would alter the colour and appearance of our food. This was not such a problem for us, but neighbouring

Endpoint Stars Do eight birthdays in a row make a team flow? These three personalities may not always be the best match romantically but in the business world, can be unstoppable if they are capable of respecting each other’s space and appreciate everyone’s contribution to the team: Aries will lead and Pisces please while Aquarius think… Yeah, we actually need to get some ‘doer’ characters from other zodiac signs if we want things… done! February 1st was Chinese New Year! On the days leading up to New Year’s Eve we thoroughly clean our home, as cleaning within the first week of the New Year is considered bad luck. The rest of the next few days consist of many delicious meals – including numerous dim-sum and home cooked speciality dishes.

tables seem to find blue/green meat not very appetising! I started with the wild mushroom lasagna with a fillet of beef for main and Tasha had duck to start and Cod for main. The quality of the food and views

were great, but the small portions left me hungry for more. Overall we had a great night and are both very thankful to everyone at Endpoint for the opportunity to go. by Matt Gray

Aquarius (21st January – 19th February)

Matt Glover 7th Feb, Joanna Griggs 9th Feb Creative and intuitive, Aquarius always concentrate on their next cause to conquer. As entrepreneurs, they work along on whatever their brain comes up with. May disenchant other characters as they can become unemotional and often need some space to work alone.

Pisces (20th February – 20th March)

Christian Lawson 26th Feb, Kelly Creek 27th Feb Maurice Acton 13th Mar, Matt Gray 14th Mar Intelligent and sensitive, Pisces seek to please others. They are gentle and loving, a sure person to have around for lively conversation and teamwork. Can be too idealistic, vague and weak-willed.

Aries (21st March – 20th April)

Frances Redding 22nd Mar, Paul Veness 24th Mar Spontaneous and outspoken, Aries can be blunt and upfront for the good of the workforce, true team leaders that sometimes lose contact with the ground as they tend to live in their own world. Another tradition in Chinese New Year is the giving of Red Envelopes. The protocol for this tradition is as follows, to be a receiver you have to be single and young, you also have to be younger than the giver. Only married couples can give out red envelopes. This tradition is similar to gift giving at Christmas but with money

instead (far more direct). Usually the married couple would not turn down a request for a Red Envelope as this would mean they become ‘out of luck’ within the new year. Overall it is excellent to celebrate New Year’s with awesome food. By Fung Chan

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London - Dubai - Doha

-CultureIn this section we cover some cultural highlights over coming months in London, Dubai & Qatar

What’s Going On?

Sensing Spaces

Festival of Imagination


Royal Academy of the Arts, London. Finishes Apr 6th 2014, £14

Selfridges, Oxford Street, London until the end of Feb, FREE

Olympia Grand Hall, London 28th feb - 2nd Mar 2014, £12

Some of the world’s most creative architectural minds come together for a show designed to make you explore your experience of space through large scale installations. Audiences are invited to to touch, climb, walk and sit on the installations.

Selfridges kicks off 2014 with an exploration into the power of imagination through a series of exhibitions, workshops and inspiring talks in its excellently named ‘Imaginarium’. Be sure to check out the ‘Variations on Normal’ window display and The Imagine Shop.

Over 140 modern and contemporary galleries representing 38 counties come together for this three day art extravaganza. Showcasing the works from emerging talents through to modern masters there really is something for everyone.

Endpoint Bites Caphe House 114 Bermondsey St, London

Casse-Croûte 109 Bermondsey Street, London

Described as one of London’s ‘trendiest imports’ by Time Out, Caphe House bring the flavours of Vietnam to Bermondsey Street. This self titled ‘Vietnamese Coffee Sandwich Bar’ combines the best tasting coffee in the area (their words, not mine) alongside authentic sandwiches, spring rolls, salads and noodle dishes all brought together in a cozy cafe environment that doubles as an art gallery. What’s more, if you drop in on a lunchtime you’re bound to see the familiar faces of Helena and Isabel who regularly pick this as their lunchtime haunt of choice. Eat in is available, but you will need to get there early if you want a seat.

The Telegraph called it ‘utterly charming’, the Evening Standard ‘sexily French’ and Endpoint’s very own gastro critic extraordinaire Tony Lorenz commented that “the food was cold, the plate too small and it took too long to arrive”. Whoever you choose to believe, it’s probably safe to say this place is not ideal for a quick lunch. What Casse-Croûte is however, is a beautifully elegant French restaurant serving heavenly rich dishes in a totally absorbing atmosphere. In total, the perfect place for an evening meal with someone special and another feather in the bow of Bermondsey Street’s growing culinary reputation.

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My Favourite Place Bar is one of central London’s best hidden gems. The subterranean Just near embankment setting is accessed by station, buried deep beneath the streets with a steep, wood-panelled nothing but a small staircase which leads doorway and a subtle into a rickety old room plastered with centuries sign indicating its presence, Gordon’s Wine old newspaper cuttings

by James Gordon

and dusty wine bottles. Once you’ve made the somewhat perilous descent be prepared for a crowded crawl to the bar, but its worth it. Gordon’s wine list includes a wideranging collection from the New and Old World.

1 Blog discussing wayfinding and the science of behaviour in environments

4 Wayfinding consultant in the US with some interesting articles on healthcare

2 www.wayfindinguk.

5 Signage and wayfinding blog based in America that does book and information design reviews

3 America’s primary wayfinding and environmental graphics group

In the Library

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The second film in a trilogy adapting Tolkien’s The Hobbit sees Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and thirteen Dwarves embark on a quest to reclaim the Kingdom under the mountain, Erabor. It’s a great improvement on

the first film with a much faster pace and more action. Great effects are used throughout, but the star of the show is Smaug and the half-hour long finale set in Erebor, which nearly leaves the whole mountain in rubble. Peter Jackson is back on form, helped by great cast including Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug. The verdict 4.5 grenades or more like 4.5 axes out of 5

Out and About

David McCandless, Information is Beautiful Probably the most visually stunning book in our library, ‘Information is Beautiful’ takes you on graphical journey through time. Presenting the most revealing trends, fascinating facts and the vital statistics of the modern world like you’ve never seen them before.

cat here and probably not even enough to open a newspaper, but this is all part and parcel of drinking at Gordon’s. Enjoy, but remember you’ll have to climb back up those steep stairs on your way out.

Rich on Action Films

Top 5 Wayfinding Blogs Information design and wayfinding inspiration

The oldest wine bar in London, this friendly, family-run establishment has resolutely resisted change and its merit is demonstrated by its immense popularity. There’s certainly not enough room to swing a

London Ice Sculpting Festival by Jaimie Karsan This year’s ice sculpting festival was held in January. Finding myself unoccupied, I decided to drag a couple of friends to check it out. We arrived at about half

12 and were pleased to find that it wasn’t completely overrun with people. Unfortunately, this seemed to be due to the fact that not many of the artists had actually done anything yet and were instead standing around things on plinths

wrapped in tarpaulins, which we took to be the ice. It wasn’t long before things did indeed start to happen and we spent a very exciting couple of hours watching people hacking away with chainsaws and chisely things at the ice blocks (which had been imported from somewhere Nordic). Special mention should go to team Spain for managing somehow to elicit ‘ooooh’s and ‘ahhh’s from the crowd whilst sculpting, to team ‘Africa’ (presumably ice sculptors are quite hard to come by on the plains of the Serengeti) and to another

team who was giving hand crafted ice-balls to children (someone seemed to have managed to lure all the health and safety officers in London away from the site as no-one tried to intervene in this potentially fatal act of gift giving). All in all it was a thoroughly successful day out, marred only slightly by the fact that we didn’t actually end up seeing any ice sculptures. The verdict: 4 out of 5 penguins

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London - Dubai - Doha

-The BizIt’s exactly what it says it is. This section is about the business, new projects, project successes and interesting insights into the kinds of things we do every day.

Marketing Plan 2014 Building on a momentous year 2013 was a phenomenal year for Endpoint. In twelve months we achieved an astonishing 27 new client gains across our three offices, with seminal project wins redefining the way we think about the Endpoint brand. The challenge in 2014 is to build on this momentum and capitalise on the rejuvenated UK economy. The senior management team have been working with consultant Emma Collins over the last few months to craft a clear vision for the company,

and a unique set of brand values that truly reflect who we are. The aim for 2014 will be to bring the Endpoint brand to life in everything we do, everything we say and everything that leaves the office. This will include reviewing the ‘Brands Applied’ visual identity and our brand templates, along with an ‘Internal Brand Book’ given to all staff and new starters. Our flagship marketing piece this year will be a printed brochure that we can give

When should npower launch their new brand? Npower are going through a period of change; the energy sector is nearing a possible reform and they have a new brand identity and strap line – 'Brilliantly Reliable' - ready to announce to the world. The big question for npower is 'when should we launch the new brand?' That’s where Endpoint come in. We were approached in November 2013 to perform a ‘Rebrand Deep Dive’ of the the npower organisation. The aim was to understand what

Page 8

brand assets they have and determine how the rebrand would affect the company. Based on this we could present recommendations for cost savings and efficiencies, and advise on the best method and the best time to rollout the new brand. In order to gather the necessary information about the complex inner workings of the company (which proved to be many, to say the least), Oliver and Paul held interviews with 24 npower employees,

to potential clients or leave behind at meetings. We will also look to improve the overall presentation of the things we send out, and develop a more extensive arsenal of collateral. Online, we will build on the phenomenal success of the website since it went live in May, and develop a range of videos of both our work and us as employees. We will work with a production company who will direct this.

conferences and exhibitions. We will also hold at least one webinar and a number of ‘lunch with guest speaker’ sessions in the Endpoint office for all of us to enjoy! 2014 has all the makings of a very exciting year, the key is to get everybody behind the vision for the future and the Endpoint brand!

Finally, we want to really up our participation in events this year. We are already sponsoring the Transform Awards Europe for the fifth time, the inaugural Transform MENA, and we would like to be involved with other

each from a function within the business including HR, Marketing, Operations, Studio, Community and Vehicles.

the brand should be rolled out over a continuous period when brand assets come to the end of their lifecycle.

Based on this audit we were able to present an ‘implementation masterplan’ that recommended delaying the planned March 2014 launch until September 2014 when the political and social furore surrounding the energy sector had died down, we also advised that

We have developed a very positive working relationship with npower and we hope to be involved with the implementation of the new brand later in the year.

London - Dubai - Doha

The excitement builds in Dubai and Doha Dubai’s hosting of the World Expo 2020 ranks third in global importance in terms of economic and cultural impact behind the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, which means GCC countries have a lot to look forward to in terms of infrastructure development and a promising job market. What was set off by Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup has only been multiplied by Dubai winning Expo 2020. New construction projects are being launched while the stalled ones will now have a second chance at completion. Dubai is treading much more cautiously than it did in 2008. Several regulations and checks are in place to ensure it doesn’t witness another real estate bubble, but there

are positive signs of more jobs being created in the travel and tourism, telecom, transportation, logistics and retail sectors. Qatar is seeing visitor levels increase and is gearing up to make itself FIFA ready. It will truly be an opportunity for Qatar to showcase itself as a world-class city, making its residents proud. Expats feel more enthused about their future in these cities knowing that they can truly leave the fears from 2008 behind. All in all, exciting times ahead!



1. The Expo 2020 site at night. 2. The controversal Al-Wahrah stadium.


3. Dubai’s floral welcome.


4. Dubai Trade Centre: Expo 2020 host Venue.


5. The stunning Lusail Stadium concept.

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London - Dubai - Doha

-IndustryIn this section we look into our industry sector today, and the influences that are shaping it for the future.

The Sat Nav Generation ‘Turn left in 100 yards’ ... ... ‘Turn right now’

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So it was in the car with my parents, my Mum barking directions to my Dad as he invariably got lost. A meaningless anecdote maybe, but years of being told where to go meant my Dad learned to rely on her instructions instead of using his navigation skills or taking note of his environment.

it reduces stress around finding locations and timings. Is this a good thing? Not necessarily. The extent to which technology pervades our lives means that we are no longer engaging with the environment. Maybe that’s okay, maybe it is just about personalisation, lifestyle choices and flexibility?

Today everyone can have my Mum in their car, so to speak. The invention of satellite navigation systems combined with the rise of apps such as Google maps and Citymapper means there is no need to learn routes, read maps or find landmarks. Today 68% of drivers use sat nav for everyday journeys according to research from Halfords, which also found that “more than half of drivers (52%) are unable to remember any prominent landmark on a journey”. This reliance on technology is because it removes ambiguity,

“Today everyone can have my mum in their car” The question then becomes one as to “what social and cultural losses are incurred, when traditional methods of life are altered by the use of modern technologies?” as asked by Claudio Aporta and Eric Higgs in the current edition of Anthropology magazine. They go on to suggest that “using GPS technology risks turning the landscape into a constructed environment, and reduces intimate

experiences of land, people and local knowledge”. Relying wholly on technology disassociates us and separates us from our environment, the people and connections that define it, leading to a poorer quality of life. Surely we need to find a balance

whereby technology enhances experiences and encourages engagement rather than disassociating us from responsibility and a sense of place. Why? Not only because technology can fail but because local knowledge fades away, geographic understanding diminishes and interactions disappear. Surely these are all the things that make us human? by Alison Richings

London - Dubai - Doha

Products & Materials


Aerographite A light transmitting wood composite material made from thin wooden panels with a fiberglass mat interlayer all bonded with PU glue. The surfaces are completely sealed, strong, lightweight and translucent. The choice of wood, spaces between layers and strength of the luminous fabric can be selected to influence the degree of

Give a bunch of scientists and innovators a new wonder material like Aerographite and they will quickly use it to develop much lighter and miniaturised developments of existing products and cool, innovative and exciting new products. Until recently, aerogel was known as the world’s lightest material. With a density of just 1 mg/cm3, aerogel is nearly all air but incredibly strong. Now, German researchers have created an even

less dense material which they have named Aerographite. This totally new material is made of a network of hollow carbon nanotubes. With a density of less than 0.2 mg/cm3 it is 5 times

lighter than Aerogel. Seen in the massively magnified electron microscope image, it looks like it would collapse under the slightest pressure. Far from being weak it can be compressed by a factor of 1000 and on release of pressure will pop back unharmed to its original form. It is so strong that it can support 40,000 times its own weight – equivalent to a human supporting seven fully laden Jumbo Jets. Another important property is it’s excellence as a conductor of electricity, creating opportunities for lightweight electronics such as ultra lightweight batteries.

light permeability. The wood used for backlit paneling in interior spaces is selected for its flawless qualities so as to provide an even distribution of light and a consistent quality look and feel. A picture or moving image placed behind the composite panel will be transferred to the other side once it is back illuminated.

INSTITUTE OF MAKING – Materials Library The Materials Library is a collection of some of the most wondrous materials on earth, gathered from sheds, labs, grottoes and repositories around the world. It is a resource, laboratory, studio and playground for the curious and material-minded to conduct hands-on research through truly interdisciplinary inquiry and innovation. The Materials Library was established in 2005 by a team of passionate material addicts Martin Conreen, Zoe Laughlin

and Mark Miodownik; the archive of the project can be found at materialslibrary. In 2011, the collection became the central resource of the Institute of Making and in 2012, the project moved from King’s College London to a specially designed new space at University College London (UCL). In its new home, the Materials Library is growing and developing, remaining at the heart of the Institute of Making alongside the MakeSpace workshop, enabling users to experience at first hand the relationships between materials and tools that constitute processes of making. To visit the library, go to one of the open days where you can ask questions, handle materials and learn more.

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London - Dubai - Doha

Do you speak visual?

Here are the top consumer trends to look out for in 2014 With the start of the New Year, Industries across the world will try to predict the trends that may influence consumer’s needs within their market. We’ve picked out a few top trends that are sure to influence the public over the next 12 months. Do you speak visual?

The age of impatience

We are shifting to a visual vocabulary; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat are a few examples of the shift in how we express ourselves. Will text disappear as we rely more on photos, emoticons, video snippets and other imagery to communicate in place of text?

We increasingly indulge in quick and instant products and services like eBay, Google, Amazon, takeways etc. It is predicted that we will become increasingly impatient and impulsive. The services that can adapt will thrive, but we will we lose our less speedy and local services?

Page 12

Telepathic technology

Proudly imperfect

We all want to be understood. Now, companies have the ability to collect users’ information to make informed observations of consumers’ needs and to react in a very personalised manner. How connected do you want your device to be with your life?

Imperfection and even outright ugliness is taking on new appeal in a world that’s become neatly polished. Natural and flawed characteristics relate to consumers, reflecting the diversity seen in everyday life. Will you embrace imperfection?

The end of anonymity

Rage against the machine

It is nearly impossible to remain unobserved or tracked by corporations or governments. Some are becoming more conscious of their digital footprint. Will your trust be earned by corporations that offer non-excessive data collection services?

Technology is everywhere. Are you starting to fear and resent technology yet? A digital detox may just be your relief from this digital age as we seek experiences of higher value, away from being totally immersed in the technology within the market.

Streets Ahead

Road Sign Innovations Innovations in road transport and highway design and signage is happening at gathering speed across many research centres worldwide. Sampling just a few of these innovations: A new project is being launched in Holland to test energy-efficient road sign innovations. First to be trialled is a glow in the dark road marking system that uses photoluminescent paint to mark out traffic lanes. Absorbing light

With all this innovation, we are moving fast towards ‘the road to tomorrow’. during the day, the road markings can be lit for up to 10 hours at night. Also, temperature responsive road paint will show images of snowflakes when the temperature drops, to warn of freezing conditions.

The good, bad & ugly

Sign of the month

The same research programme is experimenting with interactive street lamps that fully illuminate the road only when traffic is approaching and passing and dim when there is no traffic. Further experiments include investigation of wind power for street lighting, which generates power from the wind created from passing vehicle slipstream.

Induction charging of electric vehicles as they move along the highway using induction nodes embedded in the highway is also well advanced towards a production system which will make continuous long distance travel a viable proposition. Currently Other research groups most electric vehicles are developing induction have a maximum range powered LED street and of around 100 miles lane markers that also before they need a time collect and transmit consuming stop and information about traffic recharge. movement to highway control centres, and can With all this innovation be colour controlled we are moving fast by wi-fi from the same towards ‘the road to control centre too, for tomorrow’. example, to indicate lane closures. by Maurice Acton

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– The Society Pages – A look at the past two months in photos

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– The Society Pages –

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spent on cultural and educational excursions? If so, yes.

What is the plan in place for Endpoint Dubai, when Matt leaves for good in What has been your March? biggest challenge and We have a replacement success since Endpoint lined up, details will was founded? follow in the next week Biggest challenge is or so – it’s going to be a keeping going through really exciting time for very tough times... I our business in the ME guess the success is and here! Can we have a around building a good better sound system reputation and working Please can we start pleeeeease? recycling our office Maybe... Any suggestions? with really good people (internally and externally) waste? We’re in the Make, model, acoustic on exciting and stone age! dispersion..? Trust me, challenging projects. I’m aware that it costs it’s a can of worms, but money, but the more I am more than open to Can we have a coffee we recycle, the less ideas. machine please? You landfill waste we’ll actually said it once. produce, so that cost Can we do some Maybe... Not sure where will go down. sort of team building it would go, we are a little Its not really a money events in 2014? strapped for space in the issue. When we looked Yes. This will be on our kitchen... Ideas? into it in the past we HR persons list of things didn’t produce enough to do...Coming very soon. What would happen paper waste for it to to Endpoint if you won be worthwhile for the Could we set up a the lottery? company collecting it. We social fund so that I’m sure Paul would carry should look into again I people can plan on the good fight, but agree. I did hear however, things for us to do as yeah, you wouldn’t see that most paper waste a company? i.e go to me for dust... There is just ends up in big piles exhibitions, shows, a saying however, “you and is shipped to China to sporting events etc. got to be in it to win it!” be burnt? Doesn’t sound Social fund sounds like I pay enough tax already very green to me! something for the sick without volunteering to and infirm. Do you pay for the lottery. mean a budget, to be Could we get some new lights for the meeting room? What’s wrong with the ones we’ve got? They were top quality B&Q 5 years ago!! Suggestions please, and we will build into the office refurb project.

If you like what you’ve seen and would like to see another edition then we need your help!! All of the content for Hi!Point is generated internally so PLEASE send your suggestions for articles to the Hi!Point email address:

Do you think, as a signage company, it’s appropriate to have paper signs in our toilets? Should we be speccing this for all designs from on?! Please, surely it will all become clear one day soon, I hope, that we are not a signage company! We design signs amongst other things, and manage the implementation of signs amongst other things, but I take your point paper signs in the toilet (and meeting room) is ridiculous. Any suggestions for an improved specification? Could we apply some wayfinding thoughts to our own office? Most visitors looking for the loo end up inside the kitchen storage cupboard! I know, its funny though, don’t you think? There is more joy getting lost in this instance, so naa!

Hi!Point Issue 3 February 2014  

It's here! Issue number 3 of the much loved Hi!Point magazine. In this issue cover star Neil Kite talks eating clowns, fire breathing and P...

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