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London - Dubai - Doha Issue 2 - December 2013

Gen-ius Gen-uine Gen-tle? Genevieve. Find out what makes Endpoint’s longest serving lady tick...

Also in this issue: PEOPLE: Shooting, baking and a lot of baby making. CULTURE: The best apps, the big events and the even bigger explosions.

INDUSTRY: Life mysteries finally answered… How do you select the right supplier?

THE BIZ: The year in numbers, lots of them, and they’re huge!

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London - Dubai - Doha

-PeopleThis section is all about . . . . . US! Our personal achievements, special occasions & insights into our lives outside Endpoint!!

A few things we didn’t already know about... Genevieve Smith

5« Hotel, a massive pile of cash and Viggo Mortensen/Javier Bardem (whoever is free). Worst album you have ever owned? Paul McCartney ‘Pipes My great grandmother. Where were you of Peace’. Thanks for She sounded kick-­ass. born, and what is it reminding me. What superpower like? What is your favourite Born in Portsmouth but would you like to number? have and why? mercifully brought up 5.30 a few miles away. Voted The power to defeat What is the biggest human stupidity with one of the UK’s Crap mistake you’ve ever sarcasm. Towns If your life was turned made? So not telling. into a movie, which portsmouth/ What is your favourite actor would play you? Last book you read / are currently reading? Me, then I’d get paid food? ‘Language and Laughter a stack of cash for it. Potatoes in any form. in the Middle Ages’ Failing that, …… Julia Are you messy or Roberts because my dad If you were an animal organised? what would you be? says so. Hopefully organised or Frances’ hamster, Pi. When you were my career choice has been a massive mistake. young, what was your PC or Mac? Mac. What is your favourite favourite TV show? Where would you like The Young Ones. thing to do? Cat or Dog? to travel to? Throwing out sarcastic Northern Norway. Dog, always dog. comments while under Do you sing in the What 3 things would the inf luence. shower? Who is one person you take to a desert Sing – never. I have a island? you would like to voice that could shatter meet?

the insides of a rhino. What is your favourite Endpoint moment since you joined 11 years ago? Running around The British Museum at night trying to avoid security guards. What phobias do you have? None. See a therapist and Get Over It. What would you do if you won £50 million in the lottery? I don’t know, but you wouldn’t see me for dust. If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be? Why? Meat Tenderiser - you get to hit things all the time.

Recent momentous occasion? I got married in 2008 – that’s quite enough. If you could do anything what would it be (non-­serious)? Be able to hug people without feeling weird. What’s your favourite Christmas memory? Having all my grandparents around. Your favourite Christmas movie? Bad Santa. Sprouts, yes or no? Yes, in moderation. A short blog about yourself I’ve been at Endpoint 11 years. Make of that what you will.

“I have a voice that could shatter the insides of a rhino”

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London - Dubai - Doha

Marathon DONE

The X-mas Factor

I did it!! After months of lonely hours spent training I completed my first ever marathon in 3 hours, 29 minutes and 48 seconds, a massive 12 seconds under my target time. When I got to the 40 kilometre mark with only 2km left and realised my target was in sight, I have never ever pushed so hard.

Alison’s take on Rob Ryan’s beautiful illustrative work is the final winner of the Christmas card competition

The Day At The Clay Five of the team braved the rain earlier this month for a mornings clay pigeon shooting, in what proved to be a day of intense rivalry from Gid and Paul, ‘Top Gunning’ from Matt and Frances, and some not so near misses from Dan!

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the pain worthwhile. I have never felt so happy. I would like to say a big thanks to everybody who donated to my sponsorship cause. Along with my friend we smashed our target and raised a huge £1,300 for The Haven, which I am really proud of. At the end of the race I said “never again”, but I’ve since had a change of heart and I’ve already started to think about what races I can take part in next year. I’ve been bitten by the bug!

BIRTHDAYS COMING SOON... Gideon Wilkinson (16th Jan.)

After eight rounds of ultimate precision competition, courtesy of our supplier Mark Walker, the scores at the top of the leaderboard were all square, with Paul emerging victorious over Gideon thanks to the sudden death method, although the latter did pick up the ‘best dressed’ award. Elsewhere, Dan failed to live up to his pre-game trash talk taking home shooting’s wooden spoon equivalent - The Clay Conservationist award meaning he had to buy biscuits for the office.

The race itself was just as tough as I thought it would be. I set off far too fast and by mile 15 I was really struggling. At this point I had to endure a five mile straight road with very few supporters to keep me going. When I finally got through it, I realised that much worse was still to come. The last 6 miles were a step into the unknown for me, and the pain in my legs and the sheer exhaustion was such a battle, but coming down the finishing straight to all the support and noise really did make all the training and all

Caleb November (26th Jan.)

Congratulations Congratulations to Charli and her partner Dean on the arrival of baby Alistair...

The pigeons were more worried by Gid’s socks than his aim – prize for Outfit of the Month goes to Gideon Wilkinson.

and also to Brian and his wife Kris on the birth of little Grant.

on e i Ell houx e n do the C ff. l l o We ning akewin try B s Pa


ro He the h f o ont M

Em p of loye Mo the e nth

New Starters

Claire Sharp

Charlotte Curran

Claire joined Endpoint in 2006 as part time bookkeeper.

Working at Endpoint has been a fantastic experience.

I have seen Endpoint grow from strength to strength in terms of the services offered, the project delivery and the internal team – all of which have combined to make these last 7 years both stimulating and enjoyable. I wish Endpoint every success in the future and will miss you all!!

Although I was a temp, the staff took me in as one of their own making me feel a part of the Endpoint team. The confidence their support has given has been invaluable in enabling me to achieve my dream of working at Aardman. Thank you all!

Visitors The last couple of months have seen a few visitors cross our threshold. A quick ‘Hi! and Bye!’ to...

Ellie Dent

James Gordon

Fung Chan

I’ve been Gen’s assistant for about a month, and so far I’ve been working with John Lewis and Knight Frank mainly.

I am delighted to have recently joined the Endpoint team, and will be working as a Senior Project Manager.

I’ve also been occasionally helping out with some projects for the wayfinding design team, as I have a design background (I’ve just graduated from studying Product Design). I like learning new skills as a creative outlet; and over the years I’ve taken courses in artistic metalwork, Mandarin, cookery, and even welding.

I have been working within the signage industry over the last 10 years specialising in Project Management, Environmental Graphics and Branded Environments. Outside of work, most of my time recently has been spent refurbishing our old Victorian f lat along with as much football and live music as I can fit in.

I have joined Endpoint as a Project Manager Assistant. My degree was in Industrial Design & Technology with professional practice from Brunel University. I’m very excited by this opportunity, and working with all the very talented individuals here. One interesting thing about myself is that I am a triplet but we look nothing alike! In my personal time I enjoy exploring new places, especially the hidden secrets in London! Coming from the not so exciting town of Northampton, I’m keen to take advantage of all this city has to offer.

Simon Jackson He did say he’d rather be surfing...

Manjeave Singh Off shaking hands with entrepreneurs everywhere.

Becky Receptionist Possibly our shortest lived employee (and Dan’s longest girlfriend), lasting a grand total of 2.5hrs!

If I were to be a worm, I would be all but wiggle and squirm, & on me arse a carpet burn, Might get I. Neil Kite, 2000.

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London - Dubai - Doha

-CultureIn this section we cover some cultural highlights over coming months in London, Dubai & Qatar

What’s Going On?

Through Darkest America by Truck & Tank

Hello, My name is Paul Smith

The History of Moving Image

The White Cube, Bermondsey Street, London. Until 12th January 2014

Design Museum, London Until 9th March 2014, £13

Moving Image Museum, Dubai 50 AED

The new exhibition from Mark Bradford uses objects found in the urban environment to create a semi-abstract series of paintings that act as remunerations on the changing face of America. It’s free and well worth a look on your lunch break.

Celebrating the illustrious career of fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, this exhibition references his influences and fashion designs, charting the rise of his quintessentially British label which has become one of the leading fashion brands in the world.

The Emirates’ newest cultural attraction and one of only a handful of museums in the world focusing on the history of photography and film, the Moving Image Museum traces back from prehistoric cave drawings right up to the digital age of cinema. exhibitions/2013/paul-smith

http://www.dubaimovingimage mark_bradford_through_darkest_ america_by_truck_and_tank_ bermondsey_2013/

Endpoint Bites M.Manze 87 Tower Bridge Road, London

Little Bangkok Business Central Towers, Dubai

Opening in 1902, Manze’s is London’s undisputed home of Pie ‘n’ Mash. Serving up this traditional dish alongside jellied or stewed eels and liquor, they use the same recipes today as they have done for well over a century. Victoria Beckham was interviewed here, and Rick Stein voted it one of his ‘Food Heroes’. Eat in or take-away are both available, and the prices are very reasonable. A real South London gem.

Opening at Endpoint Dubai’s Office Towers two months ago, with Thai chefs, Thai servers and a Thai manager, Little Bangkok is as Thai as it gets; a pleasant surprise in a place like Dubai. Its warm atmosphere and open kitchen are coupled with fiery main courses not for the faint hearted, and a drinks menu that the men in the office describe as ‘girlie’. It’s a place where you would eat at least once a week, unless you’re Richard Wilson in which case, you’d eat there every day!!

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App Review Type:Rider by Cosmographic An app based platform game for the typographers among us. Classed as ‘edutainment’,

Type:Rider is a platform game in which you move your colon (the grammatical kind, ahem) through beautiful worlds of type, collecting letters and asterisks as you go. The chapters

Rich on Action Films Man of Steel Man of Steel is a reboot of the Superman series of films. Produced by Christopher Nolan, it serves up amazing special effects alongside a reasonable cast. The opening scenes on Krypton, leading up to the destruction of the planet, are the highlight of the film. Sadly after that, the pace of the film slows dramatically. The lack of

character development, coupled with a familiar story line that has nothing new added or anything changed lets the film down. The verdict: 3/5 grenades

take you from the first forms of written cave art and hieroglyphics, to the invention of the printing press and modern iconic fonts (including Comic Sans). Each completed stage unlocks an

educational book on typography to read. More a journey than a game, the levels are beautifully drawn, and tricky enough to keep you engaged.

Definitely a pleasurable and educational way to spend a commute. Type:Rider is available from the App Store for £1.99 and also on Android.

What’s Spinning at Endpoint? A desk reshuff le at the London office has mixed up the music routine this last period, with Graeme Crow taking the helm. The ‘Friday Playlist’ appears to have become a permanent fixture with themes based around whichever trials and tribulations the preceding week has befallen. Songs about ‘Hi/high (to celebrate the first issue of Hi!Point), shooting,

In The Library Less and More The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams In recent years, Dieter Rams has been rediscovered and celebrated as one of the most inf luential designers of the twentieth century. Less and More is the ultimate collection of all the products Rams created throughout his career. Making Thomas Heatherwick Making is the definitive publication of Thomas Heatherwick, heralded as one of the world’s most exceptional designers. This once-in-a-generation monograph excites, inspires and serves as an invaluable resource for creative solutions and the joy of making.

storms and even John banging his head. We can only assume that the Dubai office has been resonating

with the sounds of Kylie with their recent visit from Richard Wilson. ‘Do the locomotion!’

Top 5 Graphic Design Blogs Beautifully minimal, well curated pure design blog. Hip and inspiring design showcase. Lots of great stuff, easy to search and you can save images that you really like. Designers social network, not curated, so lots of not so good stuff but easily searchable. Bit more of an international feel, lots of detail about the agencies and the designers.

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London - Dubai - Doha

-The BizIt’s exactly what it says it is. This section is about the business, new projects, project successes and interesting insights into the kinds of things we do every day.



(net profit after hours spent on the projects are taken into account)

43% 57%



1. John Anthony Signs (Wembley) £138,824

1. G. Worrell & Son (for a set of keys) £24.00

2. Douglas Signs (various) £129,272

2. Direct Bearings £39.91

3. Davis Architectural (various) £87,779

3. StockSigns £36.09

New Client Wins Here are all 27 new client wins from the past year; some you’ll know, some you won’t but we’re sure you’ll be hearing more about all of them over the coming months if you haven’t already!!

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Al-Ghurair Retail Center, UAE Arrow Global Berkshire Hathaway Centria Mall (KSA) CHEP Conde Nast College of Fashion Draker Emirates Islamic Bank, UAE Ernst & Young Eurostar Fitness First Glass Mill Leisure Centre Green Park, Reading Food International (Yokari) (KSA)

House on The Rock, Nigeria Hyatt Regency Hotel, Saudi Intu Shopping Centres JTI London Bridge Hospital (HCA) npower (RWE) Ooredoo (Q-Tel), Qatar Qatar Petroleum District, Qatar The O2 (AEG) Serpentine Sackler Gallery Timothy Taylor Gallery Travelodge Wembley Park

A New Creative Outlook The Wembley Park client win early this year was a moment of monumental significance for Endpoint. For the first time in our 14 year history we were appointed as the lead creative on a wayfinding and placemaking project. From the pitch right through to the end delivery, this has laid the blueprint for how we approach future projects, and shaped the direction in which the company is heading.

London - Dubai - Doha

We are now beginning to embrace design in everything we do. You only have to look around the London office to get an understanding of how things have changed. We now have a dedicated wayfinding team with Jamie Karson, Fung Chan and Graeme Crow joining Alison Richings and Michael Barbosa to deliver the next great customer experience destination. Buoyed by Wembley, we have been appointed as the lead creative for the

wayfinding projects at The O2 and Green Park. For the latter, as well as developing a strategy to direct the flow of users, we also designed the concepts that bring the environment to life and create a true sense of place for the destination. We are now taking the chosen route ‘Flux and Adaptation’ through to design development.

us in a new light too. As well as exciting new projects on the horizon for John Lewis, we are also developing the concept designs for The Hub, a new range of hotels from Whitbread. For this project we are exploring how we can deliver a compelling customer experience throughout the internal and external branded environment.

And this new creative emphasis is not confined to new clients, our long standing clients are beginning to see

Who knows what 2014 will deliver, but this is an exciting and inspiring time to be part of Endpoint.

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London - Dubai - Doha

-IndustryIn this section we look into our industry sector today, and the influences that are shaping it for the future.

A Guide to: Supplier Selection Whatever we design, develop and engineer, the ultimate success of the delivery relies upon our selection, management and quality control of the ‘right’ suppliers and contractors and their commitment to quality and delivery on time and on budget. How do we know what is a ‘RIGHT’ supplier or contractor? If we are seeking a new supplier or contractor then we need to extensively research the best and most appropriate for the job in hand. We do this through their websites, review of their actual completed work, quality standards, financial status and stability, quality and scale of workforce, location, availability to deliver within our required timeframe, reliability and recommendation. We also need to visit and assess their facilities, equipment and technology, and assess and feel comfortable with the attitude of their management team, will they be committed and easy to work with? Are

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they open to new ideas and techniques? Is there good ‘chemistry’? When we select, nominate or recommend suppliers and contractors to our clients, it is good practice to get competitive quotes from at least three prequalified companies. We therefore need to be constantly looking for potential new companies to ensure that when we need them, usually in a very short timeframe, we already have a suitable selection to choose from for our specific project needs. Generally there is less risk and it is easier for us to work with suppliers and contractors that we have already prequalified and who have performed successfully on previous Endpoint projects. To ensure that we all know who these suppliers and contractors are, we have listed them on our database. However we are in a rapidly changing world so each time we use a supplier or contractor we should be reviewing their performance on that

project and accordingly update the information on the database to ensure that they are continuing to perform well and reliably and are appropriate for selection on future projects. Over many years we have built good working relationships with a number of specialist suppliers and contractors. Starting with this Hi!Point we will briefly profile one of these companies in each issue to ensure that every Endpointer has a good understanding of our supply chain.

London - Dubai - Doha

PRODUCTS & MATERIALS NOISE CANCELLING WINDOW STICKER Street noise is a menace. The Sono is a new invention that aims to give your ears and your nerves a break by putting an end to that bothersome barrage of sounds. Created by industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich, the Sono sticks to glass surfaces and literally allows you to dial down unwanted noise. After it receives a sound’s vibrations, it reprocesses

GRAPHENE them much like the active noise cancellation technology used in certain headphones. Sono’s interface acts as a dial, letting you choose which sounds you want blocked from your fortress of solitude. Currently a working prototype, Stefanich hopes to mass produce the Sono. Watch the video watch?v=Mv6sBuwzLhk

BLINGCRETE!!! Retro-reflective surfaces are primarily used in fields where safety is an issue. Reflective concrete, currently being developed under the name ‘BlingCrete’ is intended to be used for marking edges and hazardous areas (e.g. steps, platform) and

for integrated building guidance systems where its light reflective properties act like ‘cats eyes’ on roadways. Its raised surface and special tactile feel also make it suitable for guidance and pavement edge safety warning for blind users.

Penguin-Navi I’m pretty sure the brief for Hakuhodo Tokyo (a Japanese communications group which I happened to work with in the past), was just about driving visitors to the Sunshine Aquarium across Tokyo without being dragged away by the number of distractions of such a busy metropolis. The truth is that even residents found it difficult to find the place, and the client was expecting just a line on a map. A nice one, but a map after all.

Fun on the run, wayfinding with a smile...

and entertainment to generations of families and this touchpoint had to project exactly that: entertainment and joy, and who better to embody this than lovely penguins?

Hakuhodo designed an augmented reality GPS system featuring cute penguins that lead the way to the aquarium all across crazy Tokyo, and it ended up being so entertaining that all other distractions went unnoticed. People were captivated by those But the agency went cute little animals that beyond the brief and were showing them the thought that the Aquarium way. had been a source of joy

The aquarium increased attendance 152% over the previous month despite no change in exhibition content and 93% of users said they planned to recommend it to friends/ family. As well as bringing fun, smiles and lots more people to the Aquarium, Hakuhodo was awarded a Silver Medal at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Graphene is a material made of ultra-thin graphite just one atom thick. It’s astonishingly good at conducting electrons and is just about transparent. Although discovered 9 years ago, so far, uses for graphene have been somewhat limited. But a group of South Korean researchers recently worked out a way to make paper-like sheets of graphene. The new film will open up opportunities for many new applications. Sheets could be used for touch screens, just like the ones currently used for credit card terminals. It’s less brittle, less expensive, and performs better than the material currently used for signature pads. The most exciting new applications on the horizon for graphene takes advantage of its inherent anti-bacterial property. It’s superlight and allows a great deal of light to pass through it, so it could be incorporated into anti-bacterial bandages, clothing and textiles that resist bacterial growth, and even food and live tissue packaging. It seems almost possible that graphene is poised to become the plastic of the future.

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London - Dubai - Doha


We have selected for our opener ‘Davis Architectural’. Specialists in architectural fabrication with 68 years experience and a very strong skill base in working, fabricating and finishing a wide range of materials including wood and plastic. Their processes and specialist capabilities are too numerous to mention so take a look at their website for more detailed information:

We have built a good working relationship with the Company and find their skill, enthusiasm and willingness to innovate to help us develop our ideas is a great asset. Our main point of contact has been Matt Davis, grandson of the founder and a mine of information and enthusiasm for the design, development and production across all of their manufacturing capabilities. We had a 10 question Q & A discussion with Matt to explore his enthusiasm and his take on the industry.

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1. 68 years of continuous operation, how has the company changed over that time?

nameplate manufacture, the success of which resulted in a further name change in 1977 to Davis Nameplate Co.Ltd. From then on the business has grown organically as we have A. My Grandfather Sidney (Sid) responded to ever expanding was a trained silversmith so client needs and requests. when he left the navy after I have lived around the business WW2, he started the company all my life and was excited ‘S.F.Davis’ in a live above to join the company in 1984 workshop in Pentonville Road. gaining experience across For the next 15 years he worked every aspect of the business mainly on his own, undertaking but eventually specialising in bespoke commissions mainly the graphics and management. for the Church and some We moved to new premises in for Royalty. Sid was a great 1988 (coincidentally exactly 25 craftsman but not a good years ago today -14 November), businessman, so it was only marking our broader skills, and after my Father Andrew joined diverse projects for architects the business in 1961 at the age and designers by renaming the of 16, that expansion started company ‘Davis Architectural’ We now have very well and the name changed to ‘S.F.Davis & Son’. My Father equipped workshops and has an excellent business head employ 25 full time staff with and saw the opportunity for a wide range of specialist skills the business to diversify into and experience. My Father

Andrew recently retired leaving the running of the company to the three directors, myself, my Brother Tim and Gerry Murphy.

2. To what do you attribute the Company’s continued success? A. We have built our success on providing bespoke quality products at the right price, at the right time, all under one roof. Our very skilled and experienced technical workforce and comprehensive range of equipment and processes has given us the ability to say yes to most of our customers requirements allowing for organic growth and building our good reputation to a point where we can now concentrate on the things we do best.

3. What do you enjoy most in your work? A. Seeing a particularly challenging job all the way through development, production and successful completion has always given me enormous pleasure and satisfaction. Now that we have such a highly skilled and specialist workforce it is no longer economical for me to be hands on with everything, so now much of my time is taken up with administration and management. Tim oversees production and Gerry mainly

5. How important is innovation to the success of your business? A. Innovation in the materials, techniques and processes we use is the single most important factor in our success and is of growing importance for the further development of our business.

6. How do you see the industry progressing into the future? A. As far as our business is concerned we will expand our products and expertise to service a wider range of

Endpoint provide diverse and often challenging projects concentrates on Sales, but I still get enjoyment out of seeing each job go through the workshop, knowing we have produced a good product.

4. What has been the project/product you have been most proud of? A. There are many but to select a few – I was very proud of the work we did in reproducing the hand made locks for the restoration of Windsor Castle, after fire destroyed much of the medieval building. Currently I am very pleased with the client led, new and very different architectural door handle range we have just developed and produced in bronze, stainless steel and distressed leather, they look stunning! The bronze work for the refurbishment of Harrods is also a great project.

needs in architecture, signage and technical services. More generally in our sector I see a growing interest in using traditional materials such as bronze and growing value in providing high quality traditional craftsmanship.

7. What have you enjoyed most in working with Endpoint? A. Endpoint provide diverse and often challenging projects giving us the opportunity to use our range of skills. The people at Endpoint are very professional and good to work with, they all have skill and drive, even those who are just out of college. Endpoint certainly seem to know how to recruit the best. We are a small family business and it means a lot to us that Endpoint always pay us on-time which is most appreciated.

8. Our companies have worked together for a long time, do you have any suggestions for improving information transfer and the workflow process to achieve the very best opportunity for further success? A. I’m impressed that you have asked this question. We already have a good working relationship with mutual respect for our respective skills, but I agree that it is important to constantly look to fine tune our working methods so that we can work closely and efficiently to get the very best results. Although generally good, the main area where I feel we could look to make some improvements is in communicating information in a timely and thoroughly understandable format. Particularly where fast track production is required this would help avoid errors and abortive work. Although often not possible due to your client pressure, more time to plan, develop and for us to properly QC work would help improve workflow, reduce risk and give greater reassurance to the end product. Endpoint often get different components of the same product made by different suppliers, whereas this is understandable it leads to co-ordination problems particularly when, due to time constraints, the products have to be manufactured in parallel rather than end to end where they can be fully coordinated as part of the manufacturing line. Although all components might be accurately dimensioned on the drawings and made to industry

tolerances by the separate manufacturers, those tolerances will not guarantee an accurate fit in the end product if the components can’t be compared during manufacture. This can lead to risk and frustration and cause unnecessary time and cost overrun.

9. How do you feel Davis Architectural can best contribute to the work of Endpoint? A. I strongly believe there are further opportunities for us to provide our skills and experience to increase the scope of activities we do together. Our ability to make bespoke products is immense and far greater in scope than just our metal fabrication and finishing. We can also provide more help with product development and product innovation and make a significant contribution to assisting Endpoint to stay at the leading edge of your sector.

have unfortunately had to be content with more peripheral involvement. I have always been interested in TVR sports cars and I am fortunate to own a TVR Chimera, which is in very good condition. My wife and I enjoy days out at TVR car club meets and racedays. I don’t race but my brother Tim has had great success over the years racing a number of different TVRs. Last year he took first place in the TVR championships with second this year, in his TVR Tuscan Racer. Our company isn’t big enough to sponsor him so he has to go it alone, achieving great results in the process, but always looking for new sponsors to provide enough

I strongly believe there are further opportunities for us to provide our skills and experience to increase the scope of activities we do together.

10. Away from work, what are your outside interests and what do you enjoy doing with your leisure time? A. Family is very important to me and I enjoy my commitment and involvement in family life. I have always enjoyed regularly playing football and squash, but in recent years, since severely injuring my knee, I

finance to keep his car ahead of the game. Thanks Matt for your positive response. It’s been very interesting learning more about Davis Architectural Services and we look forward to continuing to work together to achieve the best quality in the industry. To contact Matt, email: or phone: +44 20 8853 5997

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– The Society Pages – A look at the past two months in photos

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In this section you get to ask Gid ANYTHING you want! Please send questions to the Hi!Point email address: hipoint@ or use the box in the kitchen 1) If you weren’t the benevolent leader of the most attractive staff in all of London, what would you like to be doing? I know sometimes that it doesn’t show but I do genuinely love what we are all achieving at Endpoint, it makes me very proud. Life without Endpoint is difficult to imagine, what I do know is that I would probably be running some other kind of company, I found out pretty early in my career that I am a nightmare to employ and find it hard to be told what to do. What that company would be could be anything from hairdresser to super model (you know that’s so true).

just didn’t fit well. We decided that three toilet cubicles was a better use of space and you can probably see why now that one is out of use, just imagine ladies…! One word of advice for cyclists, try public transport, failing that it’s baby wipes. Please don’t put them down the toilet though, bins only.

3) There have been a lot of new starters in the past couple of months, has the recruitment drive finished now or do you have plans to expand the team further? Yes indeed... Currently we are looking for a permanent HR person and a receptionist/office manager, PMs for Middle 2) With the East and a Regional lower floor being Director for the Middle developed is it East. We want to expand possible to have a the design team, the shower room installed wayfinding team, for the cyclists to and the marketing keep fresh after the team. Recruitment is ride in? When we got ongoing as we look to this place, we tried the future, I love the to muscle a shower energy and new ideas within the layout but it that new people bring

If you like what you’ve seen and would like to see another edition then we need your help!! All of the content for Hi!Point is generated internally so PLEASE send your suggestions for articles to the Hi!Point email address: Page 16

to the company and the (mainly positive) effect this has on all of us. 4) What’s been your biggest Endpoint highlight of 2013? I have to say that getting the first and now second edition of Hi!Point out has been hugely rewarding. For me the Wembley Park project has been a watershed moment for Endpoint, from pitch to end delivery its a model for how these projects can be managed internally and the excellent results that we can achieve. 5) What is your favourite Endpoint Christmas Party memory? Having a fight with an old Director, dislocating my shoulder and finding Paul Veness slumped in Bermondsey Street helpless, watching colleagues throw up and embarrass themselves, hearing all the stories the next day…they are all good and this years is going to be our biggest ever!

Hi!Point Issue 2 December 2013