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I’m so excited to introduce a new section to you this month in our Holistic pages. It’s called (drum roll…) Look Beyond the Label, and it’s all about neurodiversity – the unique way each brain develops.

It’s a place to explore after a medical diagnosis. a place for people with autism, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia and more to have a voice in mainstream media, as opposed to just a specialist publication. (Although these are useful and have their place.)

It’s a chance for us all to learn more about neurodivergence: the highs and lows, the different traits, the obstacles, and the talents and skills. An opportunity to work towards more understanding, more flexibility and more collaboration with neurodivergent children and adults, at school, at home, and in the workplace.

This first Look Beyond the Label we are thrilled to have an introduction from Lizzie Vaughan, Director of All about Autism. We also have an article from ‘Diverse-Thinking Mum’ – a single mother who has kindly shared some of her experiences from learning her daughter has ADHD. We look forward to future articles from her, as she brought advice and positivity through her words.

In all my excitement I almost forgot to mention the front cover this month, which is about something very importantfoster caring a Smart Pup, so these wonderful dogs can go to a home and help a child with special needs. Could you help? Read the feature on pages 6-7 and find out what’s involved, as it would be amazing to have more Sunny Coast locals on board.

Keeping the fostering theme going, 4 Paws will be regularly sharing some of their animals available for adoption and fostering in our Back to Nature section. They reached out for help recently and we are keen to aid our furry friends in finding loving homes.

Talking of our Back to Nature section, our regular wildlife carer, Rachel Aspinall, has had to take a step back for a while. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all of her invaluable advice about our native wildlife, and how we can look out for it and support it. (The door is always open for you to write your much-loved column again, if/when the time is right for you, Rachel.) We will miss you very much, as will the readers.

So, February is here and the paper has plenty to peruse with a cuppa: teachers and authors, Speak Up Now advocates, business profiles, market stall holders, gigs and talks, horse-riding and trekking events, and of course, plenty of poets!




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Not only does the Maleny Wood Expo bring together some of the finest woodworkers, craftspeople, and tool and timber exhibitors from across the country, it also provides a space for visitors to come and work with some of the best in the business through a range of hands-on workshops throughout the three-day event!

Hosted by Barung Landcare, the Maleny Wood Expo, held from April 29 to May 1, offers a program full of incredible workshops with master woodworkers and teachers who

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urnside State High School is already known for academic achievements (and for building an aircraft!) but what the community may not know is it is also teaching its teenagers the importance of biodiversity. One of the people behind this is inspirational teacher, Mr Ken Cross.

Along with teaching Geography, English and History, Ken encourages students to learn about biodiversity. Alongside his teaching career Ken has an impressive portfolio, he is the co-founder of Backyards for Biodiversity SEQ, the author of a book, and leads birding tours in Australia and overseas.

“I am currently convenor for Birdlife Australia, Sunshine Coast and, as that suggests, I am keen on birding, bird conservation and encouraging others to learn about Australia's birdlife.

“Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, a region of sub-tropical forests, I enjoyed discovering a rich diversity of species. As a teenager I found great interest in snakes and other reptiles, in addition to bird keeping. However, I found a new passion in Birding while studying at the University of Queensland.

“Birding has taken me to every continent except Antarctica. I have led birding tours within Australia and to the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia and Borneo, Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, Europe, East Africa, South

BAfrica and Costa Rica. In 2023 I am travelling to Thailand, and in 2024 I am keen to return to Costa Rica and Malaysia.”

Ken says biodiversity loss is one of the greatest concerns facing us all, but there are practical things that we can all do to help.

“One simple and doable solution is to plant locally native plants. Local native plants provide the ecological base for every insect, every frog, every lizard and every bird. Every animal, including humans, ultimately rely on plants for their continued survival.”

It is this passion to be active citizens on important issues that has seen Ken work on several projects. Burnside State High School, with help from the Sunshine Coast Council, has begun a programme of planting local trees, shrubs, ground covers and vines to re-establish a local ecology.

“Grade 12 students, for the second year in a row, readily contributed to a tree planting event that was stimulated by the annual National Tree Day. So far, some 200 plus native species have been planted by student’s hands within the school grounds,” says Ken.

A lasting, leafy legacy.

While it is easy to become overwhelmed with alarming statistics and news articles on the state of our environment, the act of taking action— any positive action— also helps people to feel less anxious towards environmental issues that we all face today.

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you can count on
Assistance and Understanding
Ken Cross teacher, author, birding guide and biodiversity advocate with wife Megan
When it comes tosomething as important as biodiversity, it is uplifting to hear a local hinterland high school is creating a leafy legacy.

Ken says being involved in events like tree planting at their high school is a positive experience that will stay with young people.

Burnside High Principal, Kerri Dunn, says, “It is very pleasing to make this an annual event for our Year 12 students. It is important that they can learn about sustainability and, with a small effort, contribute a lasting legacy to their school.

“Perhaps in a decade or so they can return and see, and take pride in, the small forest that they and their peers created.”

Ken, who organised the tree planting event, believes strongly in the old, but still relevant phrase, ‘Think Globally and Act Locally.’

“Understanding the issues of habitat loss and deforestation should mean that we are compelled to act – to plant local plants and restore as much of our local biodiversity as possible.”

Ken, with other concerned citizens, recently started an environmental not-for-profit, SEQ and its importance, and everyone to plant for biodiversity in all the lands that they manage.

getting local plants, in the ground.

Queensland alone can you imagine the amount of land that could be converted into biodiversity if every single resident said they would convert 30 percent of their yard to native plants?

parks, traffic islands, nature strips that are currently all just growing some version of lawn, it would be a big

“If we want ecological abundance, we need to create an ecological abundance of plants in the hopes that our local insects can find them and breed up. And once we have that basis of plants and then insects then we can hope to have the frogs and lizards and everything that goes above it on a food web.

“I tell people to look back to their childhood and grade 8 high school where they learnt about this. This is a fundamental scientific truth and yet we still seem to think we can protect our biodiversity by having 15 percent of our state under National Park, or whatever, when 85 percent remains unprotected, bulldozed, built over.

“Every single time we reduce the population of a plant or animal, some genetics are being lost. It’s about maintaining biodiversity at its highest levels.”

Ken points out that a lot of conservation efforts are about protecting endangered species, which is important, but we need to also be protecting the ‘common things’ before they become endangered.

“It’s relatively easy, relatively inexpensive and a very sensible thing for us to be doing.”

For more information about Backyards for Biodiversity and Ken’s work and talks on biodiversity there is a dedicated local Facebook group, with over 2100 members (and growing). Visit: facebook.com/ groups/288752743338463

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Year 12 students at Burnside State High School leave a leafy legacy, planting local, native trees and plants for biodiversity Students Noah Cann and Matt Cross Your local Sunshine Coast & Hinterland PLUMBER


As we are close to Mother's day, I thought it useful to raise the issue of the quality of the goods that you will purchase for your Mum - or indeed gifts that you receive because you are a mumand what happens when the goods you have just purchased or received do not meet your expectations

The Competition and Consumer Act (2010) (Cth) (the Act), and incorporating in its Schedule 2 the Australian Consumer Law, provides uniform legislative protections for all Australians, based on the premise that goods must be of an 'acceptable quality'

Prior to the Act's introduction, rather than considering whether goods were of 'acceptable qualit y' you would consider the good's 'merchantable quality' This generally meant that goods bought only had to be 'reasonable' in description and price rather than 'acceptable' in description and price In other words, the new requirement of 'acceptable quality' demands a great level of quality than merely that of 'merchantable quality'

How then does one establish whether goods are of an ' a cce p t a b l e q u a l i t y ' ? Th e S u p p l i e r g u a ra n t e e s t h at t h e goods must be:

Ÿ fi t f o r t h e p u r p o s e s f o r w h i c h g o o d s o f t h a t k i n d a r e commonly supplied

Ÿ acceptable in appearance and finish free from defects

Ÿ safe and durable

Therefore, goods that are of 'merchantable quality' might not be 'acceptable' to a consumer if, for instance , there is minor blemish in the appearance Note however that, if the blemish was brought to your attention at the time of purchase it may be regarded as a product of "acceptable quality" as you were made a w a r e o f t h e d e f e c t , a n d e l e c t e d t o c o n t i n u e w i t h t h e transaction.

A supplier may have breached this guarantee of 'acceptable quality' if :

Ÿ t h e p r o d u c t w o u l d n o t b e a c q u i r e d b y a r e a s o n a b l e consumer fully acquainted with the nature and extent of the failure; or

Ÿ the product did not match a description or a demonstration model; or

Ÿ the product did not meet the standard that is expected of goods of that nature, or

Ÿ the supplier did not disclose that the goods are unfit, or

Ÿ the goods are unsafe

Depending on the type of guarantee and nature of the breach, t h e re a re n u m e ro u s re m e d i e s t h at a co n s u m e r m ay s e e k , although most consumers will seek a refund or the replacement of the goods Suppliers are required to remedy any defects in a reasonable time, and if they fail to do so, legal action can be initiated

Smart Pups Assistance Dogs is a Queensland not-for-profit organisation that specialises in the provision of Assistance Dogs for children with special needs, making their lives easier and happier! This month, HT writer Angela Reedman-Polinksi met with Sharon, Simon and Melissa to learn how the program works and how to get involved.

haron Chapman has been training assistance dog Vinnie for four months now. She shares the story of what is involved in being a foster carer for an assistance dog and the joy that this unique role provides.

Her pup, Vinnie is a sweet-natured 10-month-old Labradoodle with a bouncy walk and a forever-wagging fluffy tail that thumps against the wall with joy.

OUR SPECIALIST RUBBISH REMOVAL SERVICE takes away, redundant, dis-used, obsolete and worn out furniture and white goods. We can take away just one item or several items. We also clear internal space in readiness for a property sale in respect of deceased estates. (Conditions apply).

“His breed is patient and lovable, and people often comment in the street that he looks and feels like a warm, soft teddy bear,” Sharon says with a smile.

We are an active enterprise engaged in recycling when condition allows.

“My foster carer role is a great way of connecting with people in the community, as fellow dog lovers come

2-GO Clear-Space! The Clear-Choice!

MONDAY to FRIDAY 6am to 6pm (extended hours by arrangement)

PHONE NOW 0477 772 138

There’s a Jim’s Tec hnician on the Range Call for a free quote today

Sup for a chat and I get opportunities to teach people what he does.

“Assistance Dogs like Vinnie are specifically trained dogs to enhance the lives of children with special needs, so it feels so good to know that the work we do with Vinnie on weekends will help a child.”

The community and home training sessions involve trips to stores, café’s, libraries and many socialisation opportunities. You benefit as a Smart Pups foster carer by having a well-bred and trained puppy in your home and by making a difference.

“It’s a great training program. You receive guidance from a qualified puppy trainer, meet other puppy carers in your community, and if you need to go away on holiday, another carer can look after your puppy for you,” explains Sharon.

Ÿ Can help determine causes of illness

Ÿ Verify organ function prior to anaesthesia or medication.

Ÿ Provides vets with a “baseline” for each individual. This baseline is used to more accurately interpret changes in future blood work results

Ÿ Can detect changes in apparently “healthy” animals that have subclinical disease

Ÿ As part of a general pro le your vet can assess liver function, kidney function, and protein and glucose levels.

Ÿ Urine testing is used to assist interpreting blood results especially in relation to kidney function

If you see any changes in your pets behaviour, like increased thirst or urination, loss of appetite, weight loss or lethargy, it may be a sign your pet needs blood work done

131 546 www.jimsantennas .com.au
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Telephone Data
Digital Specialists
Home Theatre Specialists
Five Year Warranties
Satellite Systems
Business card Single Column
ARED Inc. Fridges, beds and lounges etc For GOOD SERVICE AND FREE QUOTE
Dog Trainer Simon, Foster Carer Sharon and Foster Coordinator Melissa All images Angela Reedman-Polinksi

“When a dog is placed with a family, you can see the sense of relief and joy as the family’s life and the world around them opens up. It’s a time of achievement, pride and celebration.

“I know each day that we have taken another step to make a positive difference to improve the quality of life for a child, and the dog is closer to their fulltime role of providing safety, companionship, mobility, and independence.”

Smart Pups has a team of qualified dog trainers that teach general and specialist skills to the dogs. Simon Burrough is one the amazing Smart Pups trainers, and he professionally trains pups from eight weeks through to 18 months of age.

“They all begin with the same basic training which becomes more intense and task-specific as we observe the dog’s strengths and natural talents,” shares Simon.

“If a puppy enjoys fetch, it might be good at retrieving items for people with mobility issues. If the dog enjoys using its nose, it might be destined to do medical scent detection for diabetes or seizures.

with him all over again. It’s bittersweet giving him back on Monday morning, but we know how important his role will be in a child’s family, and we are happy to be an integral part of that positive and long-lasting impact.

“You can even choose to do it all over again, training another puppy once yours has graduated. It is such a fulfilling and fun way to give back to the community, and I love being part of the program.”

NEW DATES 26 to 28 May!

“Some of our dogs might just excel at being a pet, so we don't force them. They become one of our fabulous flunkies and are sold on as a family pet.

“The training graduate pups are placed in homes to support children with autism, mobility, medical or seizure challenges in their everyday life. Towards the end of their training, we match a dog to the specific client and then start tailoring the dog’s skills to the family’s needs.”

The role of Smart Pups is to provide well-socialised and fully-qualified assistance dogs to fit into a family that needs them. “It is also why the role of a loving family foster carer is so important,” says Simon.

“As a puppy foster carer, you receive training from Smart Pups, so you can help achieve their developmental needs. You learn basic training and tricks and ensure the pup uses its manners whilst in your care.”

Are you keen to get involved as a Smart Pups foster carer? All the food, toys, training and sleeping equipment are provided, and all vet costs are covered. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get involved and make a difference.

Give Melissa Bartimote, the Foster Co-ordinator at Smart Pups, a call on 0490 835 275 to learn more about how you can become a foster carer for a Smart Pup.

The charity has relocated to a new training facility in Verrierdale where they kennel and train the Smart Pups assistance dogs. You can donate online or visit their website at smartpups.org.au to sponsor, volunteer or foster for this worthy organisation.

Now on May 26 - 28th!

The festival will include visual art, 3D works, poetry and music.

A NEW special 3D section this year is for works made from recycled materials.

ENTRIES NOW OPEN prizes include $5000 for our Kenilworth Art Award

See our website for full details


7 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES At the Twilight Tour, you will gain an understanding of the leadership and culture, learn what we value and prioritise in education and how we create a productive and engaged learning environment for your child. Reserve your place now for our Twilight Tour – spaces are limited. www.ncc.qld.edu.au 2 McKenzie Road, Woombye QLD 4559 Call us today 5451 3333 enrolments@ncc.qld.edu.au Twilight Tour 4:15pm - 6 March 2023 CREATIVE HAIR DESIGN 21 Coral Street, Maleny Hours: Monday / Tuesday 8 30am - 4pm Wednesday / Thursday 8 30am - 8pm Fr day 8 00am - 3pm Saturday 6 30am - 3pm by appo ntment on y cut & colour specialists 0438 785 443 V ’alentine s Special bring your partner in and RECEIVE 10% OFF your over all cost valid from the week starting the14th for 7 days only limited spots available
Presented by Kenilworth Arts Council - Silver Jubilee Year Labradoodle Smart Pup, Vinnie Smart Pups Sponsors, Big Dog Foods 

Breaking the Silence on Asylum Seekers

What followed was a two-year, soul-enriching journey in which he concluded, “never underestimate the joy of giving”.

A government-funded organisation, the EVAM facility usually accommodated around 420 residents who had fled from dozens of war-torn countries like Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea and the west coast of Africa.

“EVAM provides them accommodation, a basic living allowance of about $33 a day per family member but they don’t have to pay electricity, they don’t have to pay medical, they don’t have to pay bus fares, they get a card for all of that,” explains Rob.

marginalised is more creative by nature; it needs to be more creative just to survive,” Rob found himself in Switzerland in 2010.

This was a serious departure from his previous life as a bank manager, when he decided his and the bank’s

values failed to align. The realisation goaded him to leave the bank and study for a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Philosophy/Indigenous studies and as a natural progression, his aim was to “look for those communities that needed help or education, or access to information”.

Arriving in Switzerland as support for his ex-partner who had secured a teaching job there, Rob thought he would continue his writing career. But he was also eager to invoke his deep desire to help asylum seekers, an ambition that was easier said than done.

Then a chance email provided the catalyst he was looking for, prompting him to contact the head counsellor in an organisation called EVAM (Vaud Institutions-Home for Migrants) which was based in Crissier, a suburb of Lausanne. Rob offered to volunteer “in any capacity” and much to his delight, was accepted.

“So they’re given enough to survive on, and they process their claims within four months.”

After that they are either assimilated into the community, or sent back to their home country if their claim as a refugee cannot be validated.

Australia differs from Europe in its treatment of refugees because members of the European Union are bound by The Dublin Convention which came into effect in September 1997.

Under The Dublin Convention, each Swiss canton (state) has to take so many of the asylum seekers each month in accordance with the population of that state, says Rob.

Rob’s role at EVAM as a volunteer Children’s Activities Officer brought him face-to-face with refugee families, but because many of their stories were so heartbreaking, he was advised “not to become an adviser to these people or help them in any way except to support them in their day-to-day living”.

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Holding a lifelong philosophy to help marginalised communities because “any landscape that’s
Without as much as a flourish, renowned author Tim Winton wrote “Keep breaking the silence” inside the jacket of his latest book and handed it to Nambour author Rob Swales. These words were the only inspiration that Rob needed to finish his book depicting his first-hand experiences of working with asylum seekers in Switzerland.
Rob’s latest book, Lubna’s Story, is a collection of true stories of refugees who escaped to Switzerland Rob’s last day at EVAM in 2012

One of the positive ways he was able to support them was through a program in which he was “able to connect with the International School of Lausanne (ISL) and establish a weekly cultural/educational/sporting visit program, where students from the EVAM Crissier Asylum Seeker Centre were able to interact with ISL students and teachers.”

This allowed the refugees to experience educational facilities and help them settle into their new country, an outcome Rob found highly gratifying.

It was a proud moment when in 2019, Rob returned to EVAM for a visit to find the weekly program was still actively embraced.

Despite the horrors many of the refugees had experienced, Rob has nothing but admiration for their beautiful, loving and kind souls – in particular the Afghans.

“They’re the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.

Culturally – Afghans are very creative artisans. They make pottery, they paint, they design clothes, they make beautiful garments and they’re so gentle. Especially the men.

“Every time I went to their house I was made welcome. If it was around mealtimes, I had to eat with

them … although they had nothing. They would share whatever they had. They would be upset if you didn’t.”

Being an author and keen to highlight the plight of all these people, Rob decided to record their individual stories, but struggled with an appropriate ending.

And so it was thanks to the sage advice from Tim Winton that he finally completed Lubna’s Story: Breaking the Silence on Asylum Seekers!

The book covers dozens of raw and honest stories of individuals and families who have narrowly escaped soul destroying situations – most of them being predicaments that are totally unfamiliar to the average Australian because of our cultural differences.

“I think the stories are really honest stories. I know they are my experience and my interpretation. They were stories that the people told me.

“The people (and stories) that I chose for this book were people that I worked with for 18 months, 2–3 days a week on a weekly basis and got to know them and their families really well.”

For now, Rob is unsure of his next writing venture but one thing is for sure – he intends to keep breaking the silence!

Lubna’s Story is available on Amazon.

Mortgage Holders Must Shop Around in 2023

With rapidly rising interest rates and cost of living pressures, many homeowners with mortgages are under severe nancial pressure.

Terr y Ryder from Hotspotting writes that borrowers can save thousands of dollars per year by carefully comparing offers from banks.

R a t e C i t y r e s e a r c h e r S a l l y T i n d a l l s a y s m a n y borrowers just accept their rst offer “Banks are f a l l i n g ove r t h e m s e l ve s t o o f fe r r e n a n c e r s a l l m a t t e r s o f p e r k s i n c l u d i n g r a t e d i s c o u n t s , fe e waivers and cold hard cash to tempt people into switching.” “On a $1 million owner occupier mortgage on a variable rate of 5.86%, homeowners should be able to reduce their interest bill by between $24,500 and $40,000 over the next three years.”

Some of the tips nancial experts suggest include:

1. Ask for a better rate

2. Get the shortest term possible

3. Use comparison websites

4. Compare loan features

5. Consider alternative loan types or terms

It is so much easier to change lenders these days than it was years ago Bank loyalty is now in the dinosaur era and borrowers need to be ready to switch lenders if they can see a more attractive nancial proposal.

Our advice is to seek professional nancial advice and visit moneysmart.gov au

Source: Terr y Ryder Hotspotting.com.au


For the rst time in our short lifetime of 70 years plus we ventured to sell our rst home of 40 years entrusting the process to a familiar agent.

Not disappointed, however it was some journey, nally got to our chosen destination, ever ything fell into place along the way as a Mastermind was in control.

We were assured things would be out of our control at times but never were we unsure of the outcome, we knew things would happen at the right time as planned, what a journey, I got the removalist to pinch me when we arrived just to make sure that I was not dreaming. We have been ver y well looked after at eve r y p o i n t i n t h i s j o u r n ey a n d w i l l b e fo r eve r grateful.

Review submitted by C & V Hooper (Vendors) - 15 Dec 22

Shop 2/1 Post Office Rd, MAPLETON
w w. ro g e r l o u g h n a n re a l e s t a t e c o m a u O P E N 7 D AY S 5 4 7 8 5 2 8 8 ‘people who care’
EVAM kids’ art exhibition

uilding and flying a kite might seem like a frivolous pastime – a fantasy sport for dreamers not doers – and appear to be far removed from the regimental environment of a classroom. But for Sherryl Gregory and Val France, spokespersons for SUN (Speak Up Now), it is a unique way of engaging youngsters to talk about respectful relationships at home, at school and in the community.

Keen advocates against domestic violence, the members of the Speak Up Now committee are made up of people from the former Maleny Quota Club; Zonta Club of the Blackall Range; the Rotary Club of Maleny; and the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre.

With professional backgrounds in education, law, medicine, health, counselling and communication, these volunteers are well equipped to provide helpful guidance to our children.

The idea first came about with a suggestion to hold a community kite festival with a theme of respectful relationships, using funding from a council grant, says Sherryl, a retired school teacher with expertise in career education.

BSherryl continues: “I got thinking that maybe we could go into the schools and do a similar thing but oneon-one with the schools, rather than a big community event. I’d done a lot of thinking about how we could connect with the national curriculum.

“Rotary already had a good relationship with The River School, and they allowed us to do the pilot event there in June last year.”

Focusing on children in grades five and six, Val, Sherryl and other SUN members have recently attended The River School along with Conondale and Montville State Schools, using a kite-making exercise to gently talk about the importance of respect and personal values.

In a brainstorming session, the students identified their own expectations of respect, freely sharing them with the rest of the students.

“They came up with some really good examples,” says Sherryl. Amazingly, many of the examples matched those produced by professional counselling services like Kids Helpline, which Sherryl had used for research.

Transposing the abbreviated findings onto laminated cards, she then asked the children to read out the messages to the rest of the class.

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Val France with some of the Montville State School children and their kites - image courtesy Sherryl Gregory

The cards reflected inspirational quotes like: “Respect is treating others the way you want to be treated; Respect means you care enough to think about others’ feelings before you act; Respect is listening to others and their ideas; Respect is accepting others for who they are”.

Then came the fun part. These words, along with personally devised symbols and images, were used to decorate the kites.

“And every single kid wanted to be involved,” adds Val, a lawyer.

While they had a captive audience, the SUN team also optimised the opportunity to break down gender barriers, discussing preconceived ideas around stereotype male/female roles. Can girls be engineers? Why can’t the woman mow the lawn and not the man? Why can’t the man do the cleaning?

“Now there are so many different varieties of families, we want to let them know it’s okay to be different,” says Sherryl. Afterwards, to reinforce the messages, the students participated in some simple role plays.

“There is the fun part, but we also have a bit of a serious part where we want them to help us to speak up about respect. If they start speaking up about it, saying ‘that’s not being respectful to me,’ isn’t that going to improve things?

And what better way to spread the message than with a fun activity like decorating and flying a kite.

“When we made the first kite up, it was at the Precinct. It was the most exciting thing – the kite actually flew!”

However, the kite-making exercise doesn’t just stop there; it extends beyond the classrooms.

“The intention is that they will take them (the kites) home and share them with their families. Underlying messages, hopefully, get out there to their siblings and parents,” explains Val.

“At The River School, they then had an assembly and the children brought in their kites again and they presented them to the rest of the school.”

Students received little gift bags which included some domestic violence resources. Included were a safety card; a miniature rugby stress ball; a DV sticker; a wrist band; and pencils printed with messages like: ‘No’ to domestic violence and Respect.

“They really liked that,” says Val. Sherryl continues: “If the discussion around respect is to be successful, you’ve got to have some sort of connection with the kids and having a kite workshop is the connection.”

And the verdict? Well, the glowing feedback from The River School and Montville State School says it all:

“All the students were engaged and enjoyed exploring the topic of ‘respect’”, says Emily Smith, the teacher from Montville State School.

While Sue Attrill, the Deputy Principal of The River School says: “I would most definitely be keen to invite the Speak Up Now group to visit our school again next year to continue this important conversation.”

Let’s hope more schools come on board with this wonderful opportunity. If you would like to know more about Speak Up Now, please contact: Speakupnowstopdomesticviolence@gmail.com


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River School student Xanthie Abel with her ‘Respect’ kite in 2022
Sherryl Gregory and Val France from Speak Up Now with a prototype kite 
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Become a fan of FAN

Are you a food lover? Do you like to know where your produce comes from?

Do you prefer to support local suppliers and farmers? Are you part of the food industry and would appreciate support, promotion and networking opportunities?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then look no further than the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN), the not-for-profit food industry cluster. FAN supports collaboration and innovation, drives trade locally and globally, and consistently aims to grow the food industry.

Their ‘Meet the Makers’ Industry Trade Show is coming up in May, and is, according to FAN Membership Coordinator Anna Carrick, “the largest annual independent food and beverage trade show in South East Queensland that connects FAN members with an array of commercial connections.

“And we also have the Meet the Buyers Trade Show Support Program alongside this, as we aim to always find collaborative opportunities for everyone involved.”

Established in 2015, today FAN has more than 370 members from across the food value chain located in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa,

“At present we are focussing on regional  FANinACTION plans across the four regions,” shared Anna.

“These plans will look at four main points, which are to discover the opportunities, define the priorities, develop the actions, and deliver the plan, to ensure we are working on what matters.

“For this to be effective, we need many locals on board to share their knowledge, so we can all find opportunities to improve the supply chain.”

Collaboration and communication is key, and FAN achieves this through regular workshops, ‘Meet the Makers’ events and a wealth of information on their website.

“We have events happening throughout February and March,” shared Anna. “On the 20th of February there will be a FAN Financial Industry Member Food Safety Masterclass in Yandina.

“Members can join the EP Food Company, who make dressings and sauces, on a tour of their factory and a discussion on food safety.

“On the 23rd our Member Meet Up is happening at Brouhaha in their new Baringa location. FAN members can catch up and hear from FAN’s disability employment specialist, EPIC, sharing how they can help find valuable job-ready employees to your business.

“And of course, our Meet the Makers event in May,” continued Anna, “the last one was at Aussie World, and we could’ve stayed there all day!”

If you are interested in FAN, just head to their website, foodagribusiness.org.au, and see all the positive and supportive plans and events they have for members.

FAN is backed by a strong community of supporters, sponsors and partners, including regional councils and Regional Development Australia.

Le Relais Bressan ACCOMMODATION & CAFE MALENY HILLS MOTEL & LE RELAIS BRESSAN CAFE: 8am to 4pm 5494 2551 932 Maleny-Montville Rd BALMORAL RIDGE www.malenyhills.com.au Maleny Hills Motel & Pop up Coffee shop Thursday to Sunday French pastries and filled baquettes Cooked breakfast Saturday / Sunday Ambient garden setting WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!! Summer trading hours - open 7 Days from 7.30am-3.30pm 5400 2444 @thebarnonflaxton 445 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton Did you know we stock fresh local produce? Local eggs, tea, coffee beans, honey Available also is milk, bread, firewood and ice for your convenience… 13 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES
FAN Membership Coordinator Anna Carrick Kenilworth Dairies enjoyed last year's Meet the Makers event Vanilla Vine team, Ginger and Glen McPherson, enjoyed networking at Meet the Makers 2022




Crystal Waters Markets

8am - 1pm

Community-run, upcycled items, jewellery, organic veges, cakes, plants, honey, seedlings, hearty food, sourdough bakery, great coffee, live music and a warm welcome. Market stalls from $20. 5494 4620 cwmarkets@crystalwaters.org.au


Montville Growers and Makers Market

7:30am - 12pm

Piping hot pancakes, buskers, genuine locally grown food, handmade craft, barista made coffee, under historic fig trees, profits maintain our Village Hall. Stall holder enquires: Liz 0424 042 376


Witta Growers Markets

7:30am - 12pm

50+ stalls, this vibrant market has everything from fresh local produce to gourmet food, quality art and craft, live music, hot food and coffee. email: wittamarket@gmail.com

Open Tuesday through Sunday for Breakfast & Lunch

Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for Dinner

Coffee Time at Montville Market

Anyone who has been to Montville Market, on the second Saturday each month, would have seen a cute little caravan, a converted 1962 Sunliner. This is The Coffee Pot, now run by Dom and Mel Smith, who took over from the original owners Mike and Tan back at the November market.

A year ago their family moved from Perth. Dom said, “We actually had never been to the Sunshine Coast before moving here, only other parts of Queensland, but we had heard it was beautiful and yes, the nature here is absolutely stunning and we are so glad we made the move.”

Daughter Leah and her friend Lizzy make up the rest of the team, managing to work around each other in the compact caravan.

“We are lucky to have Leah’s hospitality experience, friendly nature and tech-savvy ability to streamline our POS system, she’s very efficient! Lizzy is also a wonderful help,” Mel said.

Other than coffee, they have a range of sweet treats, Montville Mist water and Bundaberg cold drinks. They are looking at making their own iced tea very soon, and hope to expand into a range of wholesome snacks and health elixirs, using Mel’s background as a naturopathic nutritionist.

As well as Montville Market, they service Witta Market and are looking at expanding into doing festivals, weddings and local events.

Customers appreciate that they use the local Maleny Dairies milk and a good range of plant-based milks to suit individual tastes.

The Craft is a new bar and restaurant location, established purely to showcase the region's local brewers and food producers. Contact us for bookings 344 Flaxton Drive Flaxton QLD 4560 07 5239 8957

admin@thecraftsc com www.thecraftsc com

Dom said, “We get complimented on our bean flavour, which is very encouraging.

“We care about the environment and although we do use eco-friendly cups, we encourage customers to bring their own ‘keep cups’ to minimise our carbon footprint, and will be offering a small discount for those who do.”

Visit: thecoffeepot.com
The Coffee Pot coffee is going down a treat
Old and new owners, with Mel and Dom on the right

SwimSafe Qld is a mobile pool and spa maintenance and repairs service run by experienced owner/operator Lawrence Ziliotto, who lives in Maleny with his "four spirited children". Lawrence is a busy man, due to his exceptional customer service, but we managed to keep him still long enough to ask a few questions for the HT Let's Talk Business page!

What made you move to the hinterland? Or, if you grew up in the area, what makes you stay?

A lifestyle change from living in North Queensland.

What did you do before running this business?

I owned Pristine Pools in Townsville for five years. Prior to working in the pool service/maintenance business,

What does a 'typical' day

Servicing and maintaining pools around the hinterland and Sunshine Coast. Installing or repairing pool equipment. I also do

What do you enjoy the most about your business?

I always enjoy meeting new customers and catching up with existing customers. Learning about and testing out new products is useful as well.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spending time with my four kids is great, and I play and coach soccer for the Maleny Rangers Football Club. By the way, registrations are now open for the 2023 season! (malenyrangerssoccer.com)

If you had to share any advice connected to your business, what would it be?

Don't forget your pool in winter, maybe reduce servicing but don't cancel altogether, as it could

cost you more to get it back ready for the next summer! Also, remember to check pricing and that you are getting a good price and exceptional service for your servicing and chemicals.

Do you have a favourite quote which inspires you?

"Always deliver more than expected" - Larry Page, co-founder of Google.


Let’s Talk Business 15 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES
quotes available from
0448 793148
A Mobile pool maintenance & repairs Swimming pool safety inspections and fence repairs SwimSafe QLD 0448 793 148 swimsafeqld.com.au


Get into gardening

Looking for some encourage-mint to get into gardening? Sunshine Coast Libraries' new Seed Library is blossoming now at Maleny and Kawana Libraries. New and existing library members can collect free seed packets and plant, grow and harvest their crops - then donate seed varieties back to the library. The Seed Library is free to access. Visit Council’s library website for more information.

BushCare is looking for volunteers

What’s BushCare? It’s a group of like-minded people who care for the bushland near them, like to enjoy the outdoors, keep active and connect with nature and have the flexibility to volunteer when it suits them. Morning tea, equipment, gloves and guidance are all provided. Search “bushcare” on Council’s website and join your next local BushCare working bee.

Share your stories

Do you have local stories about the development of local farming practices and markets, or the community’s involvement with the war effort? Council’s Historians in Residence want to hear from you. They’re working to fill some gaps in our Sunshine Coast's history and you can help. Book into a community day on 15 or 23 February at Bankfoot House, Glass House Mountains, Nambour Heritage Library or Landsborough Museum and share your story. Bookings essential at heritage.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.



Chance to win $1000 off your rates

Rate notices have been issued and are due by 24 February. Register through MyCouncil to receive future rate notices by email and you’ll go in the running to win up to $1000 off your next rate bill! Visit Council’s website for details.

One for the calendar

Watch Council’s next Ordinary Meeting online or at Sunshine Coast City Hall Chambers – 23 February at 9am.

Apply now for major grants

Does your community group need funding to help make something great happen? Council's Major Grants are open until 13 March. Attend a free Grant Writing Workshop to help with planning. Visit Council's website to apply or for more information.

BatPod: are you up for the challenge?

Flying foxes are living closer to humans because of habitat loss across Australia. These animals are vital to the environment, however they can be noisy, smelly and sometimes messy neighbours. So join the team at Council to help problem solve ways to live alongside them peacefully. The best part - you get to call the shots! This is a fully immersive, choose your own adventure podcast series. It’s called BatPod. Are you up for the challenge? Listen in now, wherever you get your podcasts.

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Iwas out on the ride-on mowing the acreage, fully kitted out in long-sleeved shirt, hat, sunnies and copious amounts of sunscreen when I got a phone call from the ‘light of my darkness’ who was creating up in our kitchen.

It was a veritable crisis in that she was missing a vital ingredient, Dried Afghan Trotting Duck ( or something similar) for the curry she was brewing from some ancient Nepalese recipe.

The matter was of great urgency as the process had reached a critical stage and would I leap in the car and head into the village like some culinary 7th Cavalry to acquire the above mentioned and save the day?

Well naturally I complied without hesitation, being a follower for many years of the theory of YOCD (Yes Of Course Dear!). Keys in the car, so off I flew parking some distance away from our local supermarket due to tourist traffic.

Off down the main street only to notice the curious looks I was receiving from passing pedestrians. It was a sort of no eye contact/look the other way/ pretend to cross the street reaction. Not that I expect to be noticed. I have been told on a number of occasions that I have a great face for radio and a shape best seen at night from a distance. But there was some overt embarrassment going on, something was amiss!

At this point I discreetly checked that there was no large clump of spinach or similar across my teeth which, when smiling, will give one the look of an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Similarly, a brief blow of the nose to ensure that nothing heinous had silently slipped out to greet the passer-by. All seemed okay. So then from a male perspective a check of the fly to ensure things were still in captivity.


Matthew Simon George© and Mia Alberstetter George© and Jamie Joel George© of Doonan shire, Queensland State, are not voluntary transactors in commerce, and are the irrefutable holders in due coarse of their properties/chattels and all associated copyright protected Trade Names. Matthew Simon George©, MATTHEW SIMON GEORGE©, and Mia Alberstetter George©, MIA ALBERSTETTER GEORGE© and Jamie Joel George©, JAMIE JOEL GEORGE© have lawfully reconveyed all relevant variations of Naming Conventions, Since our Unrebutted Reconveyance to the Land and Soil jurisdiction of Terra Australis, commonly known as the Commonwealth of Australia, on the 30th December 2022; Public Record Number(s) RPP 4463900 05100 24026 54605 and 5th January 2023 RPP 63900 05100 240026 52601, RPP44 63900 05100 24026 51604 and RPP44 63900 5100 24026 53608. Thus Severing usufruct subjugation ties with the occupying Australia Corporation, in entirety. The Corporate Australia Kakistocracy and its affiliates, are instructed to immediately cease and desist any further infringement upon these copyright protected financial instruments, and are required to cease and desist misaddressing Matthew Simon George© and Mia Albersetter George© and Jamie Joel George© in Fraudulent debased Dog-latin, Glossa.

All seemed well in this matter. I was reminded of Churchill’s response in his later years to a steward in the Houses of Parliament. The steward had pointed out his fly was undone. “Don’t worry dear boy” he responded, “the dead bird never falls out of the nest!”

From a female perspective this must be similar to not realising your skirt is caught in the back of your knickers when emerging from the bathroom, creating a behind of such proportion to warrant its own postcode.

Now somewhat bewildered, I eased into the store. My greeting was met with astonished embarrassment.

Nothing was said from the blue-rinsed senior lady shop assistant, but a manicured eyebrow went up like

My request was met with unaccustomed speed, whilst the rest of the staff, usually so colloquial, seemed to find other things to rush off and do. The reaction was similar to revealing at a dinner party that you work for the Tax Office or are an undertaker.

So back up the street and the same reaction. Sniggering children being hushed by parents. Perhaps I was on the nose, although I had showered that morning. I had been wrestling with the ride-on for at least a couple of hours which warranted a discreet sniff of the armpits. Thankfully no ‘toilet door on a prawn trawler’ here, just the waft of a poorly tended pine forest.

Back into the car and a swift trip home. Into the kitchen brandishing the critical ingredient where I expected a hero’s welcome. Instead, hysterical laughter and a “go look at yourself in the mirror!”

Unbeknownst to me, my wife had purchased a large container of Novelty 50 +SPF Sunscreen for the grandchildren, which I had used when heading out into the grey of dawn.

There staring back from the mirror was this appalling apparition, a face to terrify babies and small marsupials. A seeming reject from Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The 'Novelty' aspect of the sunscreen was its 50% content of bio glitter!

P blic No ce of Precipe, Tacit Acceptance and Recon e ance Janine Smith of Maleny, Queensland state, is not a voluntar y transactor in commerce, and is the irrefutable Holder in Due Course of her property and all associated Copyright Protected Trade Names since unrebutted lawful reconveyance to the Land and Soil jurisdiction of Terra Australis, commonly known as The Commonwealth of Australia, Public Record Number RPP 44 63900 05100 25074 71602, Proclamation Date st31 of October, 2022; severing Usurfruct Subjugation ties with the Australia Corporation in its entirety. The occupying corporate Government of Australia and its a liates are instructed to immediately cease and desist any further infringement upon these copyright protected Financial Instruments and cease and desist misaddressing Janine Smith in fraudulent debased Dog-Latin; Glossa.

The views expressed in the Local Musings column are the writer’s and not necessarily the views of the HT team.
This is a space for the wide community to submit their considered deliberations on news, life and the idiosyncrasies of our times. Email: editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au

New committee for Glasshouse club

Glasshouse Country View Club recently held their AGM which was presided over by Zone Councillor Vanda Cannock, and a new committee was formed for 2023 (pictured). This AGM and lunch was the first club meeting of the year and a great opportunity for the ladies to catch up. The new Club President is Sandra Harding and everyone involved wishes her well.

The next lunch meeting will be held on February 15, 11am for 11.30am start at Glasshouse Country RSL, 1 Reed Street, Glasshouse Mountains, with a guest speaker /activity for the day to be confirmed.

This lovely club raises funds for the Smith Family and the Learning for Life Program in all their activities. They currently support five Learning for Life students.

Any ladies who are interested in coming along to one of their events or would like to join the club should contact either Joy on 0457413651 or Janet on 0448845303. You can also visit the website on view.org. au or facebook.

Horse riding with SCATER

SCATER (Sunshine Coast Area Trail and Endurance Riders Inc) has been organising Competitive Trail Rides and other horse events on the Sunshine Coast for 32 years.

Competitive Trail Riding (CTR) involves a horse and rider following a marked trail, a distance around 18 kilometres through beautiful forests, completing 10 judge points along the way. CTRs are one of the only sports in which rider and horse are judged separately. As well as riding as an individual at CTRs, riders can ride in a team of 2.

You don’t need a special type of horse or gear for SCATER events - this is a relaxed friendly club, keen to encourage riders of all ages and experience to have a good time, socialise and improve their horsemanship skills.

Following the Meet ‘n’ Greet Walk Only Trail Ride on February 12 is the Judge Point Training Clinic on March 12, an educational day for riders wishing to try Competitive Trail Riding.

Consider renewing your membership or joining SCATER for the first time before February 12 to go in the draw for a red SCATER shirt. Membership details at scater. com.au

Detox camp for 12-14 year-olds, will be held in Kenilworth later this year.

Chris Emert, manager of the youth program, said. "This fully-funded, 9-day adventure camp will combine challenging outdoor activities with mindfulness techniques, helping children understand the impact of technology on their mental health and develop skills to manage their relationship with devices.”

Registrations close on Friday, March 25, unless sold out prior. Team registration fees start from $250. Visit: kokodachallenge.com

The Kokoda Challenge, an annual charity event that honours the legacy of the Australian Diggers who fought in the Kokoda Campaign during 1942, is set to return to Kenilworth on ANZAC Day weekend, Saturday April 22, 2023.

Last year, the event saw over 1,800 participants hike distances of up to 48 kilometres on the 80th anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign, raising over $380,000 for local youth programs in its first year on the Sunshine Coast.

Teams of 2-5 people traverse through Imbil State Forest from Kenilworth, some choosing to trail run the 18km, 30km and 48km course that consists of over 1,700 metres of elevation.

Organised by a local charity, the Kokoda Youth Foundation, teams participate in fundraising activities in the lead up to the event to support the charity's mentoring programs. One of these programs, a Digital

concerned about the potential impacts of Sunshine Coast Council’s plans to lease the Dulong Quarry to a commercial operator by mid-year.

Council resolved at its ordinary meeting on December 8, 2022, to contract its Dulong and Image Flat quarry business and operating sites to a private operator by June 30, 2023. Submissions are due in April, and Council’s evaluation process will be closed.

Worried residents have formed the Dulong Quarry Action Group, and Dulong local and group spokesperson, Anne Veivers (pictured), says people are frustrated there’s been no community engagement and an inadequate amount of clear communication from Council on the matter to date.

“People have expressed valid concerns about dust and associated health impacts, noise, road damage, road safety, environmental impacts to nearby waterways and native animals, negative effects on property prices and lifestyle and more.”

The Dulong Quarry Action Group will hold its next open meeting at 7pm on February 9, 2023 at Kureelpa Hall, with Councillor David Law and State Member for Nicklin Robert Skelton both invited to attend, and all concerned community groups and individuals welcome.



Are you ready for the blues with the Aaron West Band? Raised in country New South Wales, Aaron began playing guitar at age 10 after being inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan. His professional career began during high school, and he then attended the Conservatorium of Music on both jazz guitar and jazz vocals, before lending his expertise to teaching.

Since then, Aaron has done everything a musician can do – playing thousands of gigs throughout the world, studio session work, singing jingles for TV and radio, and of course leading his own band, who are comprised of some of Australia’s finest session musicians.

The band plays the legendary African American styles of soul, blues, funk, jazz, gospel, R&B, and especially the music of New Orleans, and embody a level of dedication to their craft that sets them apart.

Aaron West Band is playing at the Millwell Road Community Centre, 11 Millwell Road East, Maroochydore on Sunday March 5. Music from 1.30pm to 4pm (doors open 1pm).

There will be a coffee van on site from 12.30pm, and the venue has a BYO liquor licence. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks.                        Bookings: ticketebo.com.au/jazz-blues-collective


Arts Connect Inc. (ACI) is a not-forprofit organisation based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, who organise annual events such as Sculpture on the Edge, open studios and artist workshops. New members are always welcome – visit artsconnectinc.com.au.

The HT regularly shares a profile from an ACI member, and this month we bring you Dulong-based artist, Kimmyg.

Orchestra & Brisbane Tango Owen Salomé

Originally from the UK, Kimmyg revealed her creative flair at a young age and has spent her life exploring several mediums.

In the 1970s, a favourite pastime was visiting The Bead Shop in London’s Covent Garden, where she spent hours admiring handmade beads. This early experience sparked her love of exquisite lampworked beads and led to the pursuit of her now signature art form.

For 30 years, Kimmyg has worked with glass, initially leadlighting, then creating unique glass beads strung or wired together to create bespoke jewellery, as well as kiln work, each piece a work of art in its own right. She has cemented a reputation as one of the few artisans who continue to create sophisticated handmade glass beads despite an influx of cheap machine-made imports.

A skilled artisan with a passion for creating work that reflects the natural world around us, she is fascinated by the elegant dance between light and colour that occurs when she crafts each of her pieces.

Those familiar with Kimmyg’s work remark that her designs are instantly recognisable due to their movement and attention to detail.

Her work includes handmade glass beads, fused glass, glass jewellery, lampwork, leadlight and kiln glass homewares, including platters, plates and bowls.

Based in Dulong, Kimmyg works out of her home studio and is happy to discuss private commissions by appointment.

Visit: northcoastbeadmakers.com

18 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES CREATIVE CUTS redchair.com.au Goondiwindi Cinema & Theatre – Sun 5 February, 2pm Maleny Community Centre – Fri 10 February, 7pm Tom Atkin Hall (Tugun) – Sat 11 February, 7pm The Old Museum (Brisbane) – Sun 12 February, 3pm Brisbane City Hall – Tues 14 February, 12pm Redland Performing Arts Centre (Cleveland) – Wed 15 February, 7pm The Centre (Beaudesert) – Sat 18 February, 7.30pm redchair.com.au
Kimmyg beadmaking in her studio



Their heartfelt lyrics tell tales of travels, love, nostalgia and hope. Their musical talent and compassionate view of life shines through in each and every original composition. Their genuine stage presence and joyful melodies will have you smiling right from the start and all the way through to the encore!

Clare says, “The culturally rich community of the Sunshine Coast is something we’re proud to be a part of and our hearts are overflowing with all of the good times we’ve had lately! “We’re honoured to have a part in bringing people together, cultivating community, and feeling and healing through music. “For our South East Queensland tour we’ll be performing in some of the best venues in the region. We’re going to dive deep into our original songs and the stories behind them, and weave a concert of light and shade."

A partnership forged in the fires of folk music, their songwriting explores love, hope, belonging, and the human condition. Breathtaking vocal harmonies are featured alongside rich instrumental work performed on guitar, piano, accordion, mandolin and banjo.

With a sound inspired by iconic duos such as Simon and Garfunkel, Those Folk make, not just folk music but music for all sorts of folk.

Outspoken is delighted to be able to announce the return of Alexander McCall Smith to Maleny. Often referred to simply as ‘Sandy’, Alexander McCall Smith is one of the world’s most prolific and best-loved authors.

As a professor of Medical Law he worked in universities in the UK and abroad before turning his hand to writing fiction. Since then he has written more than 100 books including specialist academic titles, short story collections, and a number of immensely popular children’s books.

But it was the publication of the highly successful The No. 1 Ladies’DetectiveAgency series, 25 years ago, that made Sandy a household name. The series has now sold over 20 million copies in English alone.

His various series of books have been translated into 46 languages and become best-sellers throughout the world. These include the popular 44 Scotland Street novels, first published as a serial novel in The Scotsman newspaper, now the longest running serial novel in the world; the Isabel Dalhousie novels; the vonIgelfeld series; and the CorduroyMansions series, which started life as an engaging cross-media serial written for The Telegraph online.

Most recently, he launched the UlfVarg series of Scandi Blanc novels set in Sweden.

This is Sandy’s third visit to Maleny for Outspoken - returning, as they say, by popular demand. The event is very likely to sell out, so book now to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be purchased through Outspoken Maleny’s website or Trybooking.

Alexander McCall Smith, Friday March 10, Maleny Primary School Hall (please note the venue), 6 for 6.30pm, tickets $25, $18 for students. (Image of Alexander by Kirsty Anderson.)

The introducing author will be James Kirby, author of Choose Compassion, Why it matters, and how it works.

Drawing on his many years of experience as a clinical psychologist and researcher, Dr James Kirby brings together hard science and real-life examples to offer a guide to a more compassionate life and society.

In this engaging and timely book, Kirby traverses philosophy, psychology and pop culture to show how we can choose compassion to make our lives healthier, happier and more meaningful.

Truly authentic, naturally charismatic, and delightfully entertaining, Lawrence Menard (USA) and Clare Quinn (AUS) are the transpacific troubadours known as Those Folk With Lawrence’s Cajun beginnings and Californian upbringing melding with Clare’s grounding in Australian folk music, their musical inspiration is diverse  and ever expanding. Their worlds collided on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland and the pair have been an inseparable duo ever since. Their intimate stage show is constantly evolving with the introduction of new instruments and dynamic songwriting. Vocal harmonies are featured alongside guitar, accordion, banjo, tenor guitar, harmonicas and percussion.


Kenilworth ArtsFest 2023, their Silver Jubilee Year, will feature a new section in the three dimensional work.

The organisers are calling on all those inventive artists to show their skills in producing an art form using only recycled materials. This is the “Outdoor Art” section with prize money of $500 for the winner and $300 and $200 for second and third.

This recycled art form is not restricted only to the popular “garden art” forms. The work just needs to be suitable for outdoors, whether garden art or otherwise. The ArtsFest team is hoping for some very interesting entries!

A key part of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations is the Kenilworth Art Prize of $5 000. Last year’s competition showed stunning works by talented local artists and the hope is the 2023 exhibition will do the same or even better!

In addition to the visual arts exhibition in the Kenilworth Hall from May 26-28, there will be music and a poetry slam for lively entertainment.

There is also something for children, with poetry and art sections on the theme of Heroes and Villains Enjoy art and fun in the Hinterland at Kenilworth ArtsFest this May.

The Those Folk Sunshine Coast tour is presented by local performing arts company Red Chair with the support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. This initiative was supported through the Creative Industries Investment Program and is jointly funded by ArtsCoast through Sunshine Coast Council’s Art and Heritage Levy and the Regional Arts Development Fund in partnership with Queensland Government.

The duo will be performing in Pomona (February 11), Coolum (February 18), Eudlo (February 19) and Maleny (March 2). For details and tickets visit: redchair.com.au (Image by Markus Ziegler.)

Eudlo Hall Sun 19 February,
Tom Atkin Hall (Tugun) Sat 25 February, 7pm Maleny Community Centre
2 March, 7pm Those
The Transpacific Troubadours
(Pomona) Sat 11 February,
Kingston Butter
Fri 17 February, 7pm Coolum Civic Centre Sat 18 February, 7pm
Folk Lawrence Menard & Clare Quinn

Nambour’s great!

Something I really like about your paper is that you focus on the positive and don’t sensationalise everything. So, I thought you may like to know that despite the negative press Nambour sometimes gets in other publications, there are plenty of good people living here.

On the Nambour Facebook page this week, a lady who has escaped a DV situation has moved to Nambour with her young family with virtually nothing. She put a request up for any kids clothes that people might be getting rid of.

Within a couple of hours she had 34 people offering clothes, toys, furniture, appliances and safe spaces for support. Everyone was welcoming, and kind and generous. THIS is what Nambour is really about.

I know there are issues in town with kids who aren’t getting the right support/guidance in how to be respectful and community-minded, and there are some people with mental health/addiction problems. But these situations come about because of a lack facilities, funding and support, and an underfunded, understaffed police unit – and it happens in many towns, not just Nambour.

Domestic violence is taking up a huge amount of the police’s time, so things like more school education around respecting women and men, plus stronger protection for victims and tougher laws, needs to happen.

It’s easy to see the problems everywhere, sadly, but there are so many more good things happening that don’t get airtime. This lady’s Facebook plea is a classic example.

There is also a post from a member saying thank you



Relax, read a few letters, enjoy a crossword and cartoon, and maybe put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) yourself! We would love you to share your thoughts and experiences with us and HT readers. Email: editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au, and please include your name, email/address and location. Letters may be edited a little if space is tight. As we are a monthly, please be aware we are unable to print date-sensitive letters.

to someone for being kind to them at the service station, “it made me day”. Someone else thanking people for looking out for and finding their dog (“Found – thank you to this wonderful community”).

Another person offering to walk someone’s dog, as the person has health issues, and locals offering to help someone else shift a commercial fridge.

I hope this is a reminder that there are loads of great people and businesses in Nambour – and you will always find someone to give you a hand.

E-scooters causing concerns

I am very concerned about the sudden rise in e-scooter accidents. Multiple reasons why this is worrying – hardly any of those involved have been wearing helmets, sometimes there are two on a scooter, they are going way too fast, and there is no insurance option when an accident happens.

Having looked into this, I understand the Queensland law is that children under 12 are not allowed to use e-scooters and those aged between 12 and 16 can only ride if supervised by an adult, and two people are not allowed on an e-scooter. This is clearly not happening!

The ruling also states 12 to 16-year-olds need to have mobile phones in their backpacks, not in a pocket, and the e-scooter fitted with a bell.

Riders ignoring these rules could affect their legal rights and ability to bring a claim for negligence if injured while


1. Save from destruction (7)

2. Bird of prey (5)

3. Haptic (7)

5. Strongroom (5)

6. Observed (7)

7. Join up (5)

8. Hints (5)

Quick Quote

riding an e-scooter.

It’s also important to note that drinking alcohol and riding an e-scooter, failing to wear a helmet, travelling at over 12km/h on a footpath or shared path, or using a mobile phone while riding will result in fines. (The fine for drinking alcohol while riding is $431.)

The trouble is, I see kids daily now on these things zipping through Palmwoods, Nambour, Woombye, and other areas, and there needs to be a police blitz before someone gets hurt! (Already too late down at Alexandra Headland…) Do parents who buy their kids these things not understand the implications? Not realise the big risk their kids are taking, flying down roads with no road sense, no helmet and headphones on? Cars kill every day – someone on an e-scooter has NO protection.

There should be more special lanes being marked for these e-scooters/bikes, as they can be a useful and less polluting way to get around locally, but at the moment they are too dangerous.

Kids who break the road rules need to know they will be given the same fines as drivers (without the demerit points), if the police are onto them. Failing to give way to a vehicle when entering a roundabout could cost more than $400. Exceeding the speed limit by more than 30km/h could cost you $575.

Young people have an underdeveloped pre-frontal cortex, making them very vulnerable on our roads and they are already overrepresented in road injuries and fatalities. Something drastic needs to be done, before we have more needless accidents on our roads.

14. Resolved (7)

16. Sports contestant (7)

17. Booming noise (7)

18. More judicious (5)

19. Additional (5)

20. Large shaggy bovid (5)

21. Exalt (5)

Trivia Time

with Allan Blackburn

1. How many states and territories does Australia have?

2. What is the normal use of a deerstalker?

Chosen by vote (7)

24. Fervid (6)

25. Basement (6)

“Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place..”


Bad Jokes of the Month

What does a thesaurus eat for breakfast?

A synonym roll.

3. On what day of the week are local council general elections held?

4. What body part is affected by gingivitis?

5. What are the two basic stitches in knitting?

6. What was the former name of Princess Grace of Monaco?

7. What city has the largest French-speaking population?

8. What was the nickname of gangster Al Capone?

9. Who played Esme Hoggett in the 1995 film Babe?

10. On what day is two-up played legally in clubs?

Trivia answers:

Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas.

What do you call a number that won’t stay in one place?

A Roamin’ Numeral.

I tried to tell an atom a joke once. But it was no laughing matter.

Across 1. Afternoon nap in Spain (6) 4. Wide street (6) 9. Coherent (7) 10. Speak (5) 11. Playing card (3) 12. Exactly the same (9) 13. Not as strict (6) 15. Armed thief (6) 19. Set up or found (9) 21. Australian flightless bird (3) 22. Stories (5) 23.
1. Six states, two territories, 2. Cap worn on the head, 3. Saturday, 4. Gums, 5. Knit and purl, 6. Grace Kelly, 7. Paris, 8. Scarface, 9. Magda Szubanski, 10. Anzac Day



This hustle and bustle society drives us up the wall

It’s just unbelievable how disoriented we have become Are we on the way to become robots after all

What chases us, why being on a perpetual run?

A distant melodious chapel bell mingling with this mind-blowing sunset

The heart wide open and in utter awe

This is truly heaven’s door, I bet

Pure unconditional love, the universal law

Now, even in the market place, the hectic, the noise There remains this stillness in the heart

It’s a deep insight and the best choice

Absolute oneness, no more apart


Poetry is an arrangement of language, artistic word pictures that attempt to inspire imagination, evoke emotion and provoke humour. Poets are illustrators of words that create beauty and intensity, and the HT is proud to give them a platform. Please note, published poems may be read/recorded for our social pages.


She sat silently

Looking pensively towards the sea Images flowing into her mind Of what she knew she was seeking Fluidity of life as the ocean roared White caps curving - echoing one's thoughts in a timeless soliloquy As they carved a pathway to infinity

Her mind blissfully ensconced in a delicate dream of sunshine As she pondered her own fragility - yet felt brave enough To face adversity

She walked along a pathway edging towards the clifftop Where she sat and felt the breath of salt spraying her cheeks She was fortunate - in a world of turbulence

For she could evolve as a delicate flower of wisdom Creating her truths - And inviting serenity into her soul



To witness a tiniest flower ablaze amongst foliage and green; one bird’s loneliest wings against a fathomless sky lost even before the day’s fading light; the only sail unfurled inside a vast ocean vista with this vessel adrift upon the monstrous blue.

To catch the significance of the smallest of things a measure of our true presence and our occupying of the moment.

To hold one’s breath until the sun peers through the cloud’s silent procession; hearing the first morning song from somewhere between branches as a greeting just for you.

To feel the world alive for all while many an hour made of fire remains hidden to most unless your heart is stretched widest.

Leunig Keep sending us your poems - we love receiving your creative work!
submit your work for possible publication, email: editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au
the hive. Collecting lots of nectar, We take it in our stride. We mix it into honey, For you to spread on toast. Busy bees, buzzy bees, The bug you like the most!
Buzzy bees, busy bees, Flying 'round
11) Our team can work with you to produce any design elements you require for Business or Events. Flyers, posters, adverts, socials, the list is endless. Quality, professional design available from $99. Need your design to be eye-catching? CO ntaC t 5499 9049 sales@sunnycoastmedia.com.au



We are very pleased to introduce our new section to the HT Holistic pages - Look Beyond the Label - which will appear quarterly, every February, May, August and November. (And more frequently if required!) So, what is the page about? It’s about sharing the experiences and challenges of the very many Sunny Coast locals who are neurodivergent, rather than neurotypical. It’s a space for people with ADHD, ASD (including Asperger’s Syndrome), OCD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, Down Syndrome and more to have a voice and to find support.

It is also a space to celebrate those whose brain processes change the way they learn, and/or behave from what is considered "typical." These folk are often the creatives, the inventors, the scientists and engineers - huge assets to our communities and our world.

Nuerodivergent people also tend to have a great sense of humour, which you will see as we share some of their life observations each quarter!

We welcome content and suggestions from the neurodivergent community and their families/friends. Email: editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au

All About Autism

ASD Learning & Support Services

and ser vices for autistic children on the Sunshine Coast

Ÿ Pre-Prep and Primary aged classes: supporting Pre-Prep to Year 6

Ÿ Individualised attention: small group sessions, half or full day sessions, NDIS claimable for selfmanaged or plan-managed participants

Ÿ Autism speci c focus: sessions target social and emotional learning, executive functioning skills and cognitive development

Ÿ Highly skilled teachers with extensive ASD teaching experience

0475 104 820 38 Cribb Street, Landsborough info@allaboutautism.com.au allaboutautism.com.au


Karyna from Ceres Counselling specialising in Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Spirituality, Stress and General Concerns.

In-person or online appointments plus afterhours also available. Affordable, compassionate care.

Karyna 0410 112 294 | 8/38 Maple Street, Maleny www.cerescounselling.com

Learning about neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is a term integrating into our cultural language. The term is used to explain the unique ways that people’s brains work; the wide range of neurological functioning that exists in humans.

No two brains function exactly the same, and as Dr Temple Grandin, a prominent author and speaker on autism said, “The world needs all types of mind.”

Under the neurodiversity umbrella comes Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and more.

An estimated 1 in 100 Australians are on the autism spectrum, many of whom live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. Since moving here ten years ago, I have noticed the slow pull of change from autism awareness to acceptance, and now beginning to celebrate neurodiversity.

Autism is a life-long neuro-developmental disability, with individuals having differences in communication, social interaction and interpreting other people’s behaviour, and differences in processing sensory and cognitive information.

Alongside these factors, there are numerous strengths. Many individuals may have strong

Biofield Tuning is a truly amazing sound therapy method using tuning forks on and around your body to relieve stress, release pain and alleviate anxiety.

… Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, environmental or ancestral, Biofield Tuning is a powerful practice that helps you feel lighter and become more free.

… With over 30 years experience in the world of health and healing, I offer a unique approach to my practice, in the comfort of your own home when it best suits you.

… within a 40km radius of Mapleton 0402 161 599 to chat/book

- sessions usually take 1 ½ to 2 hoursLearn more at https://www biofieldtuning.com/

observational and visual skills, have a deep focus and their tenacity drives novel approaches and innovative solutions.

The challenges faced vary in severity and level of support needed, and individuals face the task of adapting to a world based on neurotypical thinking and expectations.

There are an estimated 12.9 million parents, carers, siblings, and grandchildren touched by autism daily. Despite this, many autistic people often feel obliged to pretend not to be autistic; to mask, to use social camouflaging to conform and adapt to non-autistic social behaviour.

Masking can include hiding your true personality and interests, enduring sensory overwhelm (often resulting in burnout in private), or suppressing autistic traits such as stimming (repetitive movements or noises).

Masking is a heavy burden for our neurodiverse friends, creating cycles of thinking that they are less valuable and less important than neurotypicals. Creating a supportive, inclusive community allows those individuals to unmask in safety and with confidence.

In celebrating neurodiversity, we move towards a more accepting and understanding society that embraces all the minds that the world really does need.

Taylor made treatments especially for


Ÿ Bowen Therapy

Ÿ Lymphatic Drainage

Ÿ Postural Alignment

Ÿ Massage And much more.

Andrea is a seasoned veteran and a muscle whisperer

Please check out my website for more information aptherapies.com.au

For Bookings Contact 0411 384 381


What it’s like to have…


“I can’t believe I have to take care of my whole body. It has too many moving parts. I can’t keep up!” Ashley C. Ford “It helps if you imagine ADHD as a tiny little elf in your head who’s trying so hard to be helpful but is in fact quite drunk.” Michael

“I love being spontaneous. My teacher says I see opportunities that others miss because I notice and pay attention to everything.”


“Sensory overload is frustrating. Because how am I supposed to explain that I don’t want someone near me cause I can hear the washing machine beeping, background noise, there’s clothes in the wrong places, everyone is too loud, there’s dirty dishes and I can feel my toes too much.” Asterus

“My autism can be hard for some people to understand, but I’m fine with it as it’s all I’ve known. I can solve problems quicker than anyone in my family, and they say that I can remember facts from years ago which means it’s hard for them to win an argument!”

Discovering ADHD

My daughter has ADHD. It’s not something I was even aware of for years. It took a teacher to hint (they’re not allowed to say) that she might be neurodivergent, after two years of teaching her. The clues were there – lack of focus, constant fidgeting, speaking over others, chewing anything and everything, general chaos. But kids do these things anyway, so I was not entirely convinced.

I knew my exuberant, bright girl had trouble ‘fitting in’ with the ‘calmer’ kids - not that it bothered me, but it bothered her. (I am a single mum, so I thought maybe she was just better at talking with adults, as she was always with me.) So, we did the Vanderbilt school/teacher questionnaire and visited a paediatrician. The diagnosis came back as mild-to-moderate ADHD.

I don’t know about you, but I've never been that keen on labels for people, however I recognise that it can be vital in certain medical circumstances. And for us it was useful to have the official diagnosis, as it can open up a world of resources, guidance and support. In fact, as she has grown, she has gone from hiding her ADHD to sometimes stating it quite proudly as her point of difference.

There have been struggles and epiphanies, both for her and me, as we learn how to navigate the ups and downs of ADHD. We’ve had heightened sensitivity, disorganisation, anxiety, arguing, non-linear thinking, vivid imagination, thrill-seeking, deep affection, brilliant ideas, half-finished projects, and much more. I could write a book, but no space here!

What I will say is, I am amazed by my daughter’s resilience, her humour and her talents. She may find it hard to focus unless she loves a subject (then she will hyperfocus!), but she is not afraid to follow her passions and speak up for what she believes.

Her vitality, her cheekiness and her ability to think differently from 90% of the people in a room make her endlessly fascinating, and yes, sometimes exhausting, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I know other parents of kids with ADHD who say similar things. And there is a very useful website called

ADDitudemag.com, where anyone looking into this area can find a wealth of information and inspiration.

In fact, I read a lovely quote there recently (on their ‘living with ADHD’ page) from someone with ADHD and I will share it with you today.

“My ADHD fellows, stop seeing yourselves as broken and start noticing that, with attention deficit disorder, you have a superpower that is literally unstoppable. You can provide something new to the world through your quirky passion, follow-through, and joy of pursuing that which does hold your attention….You cannot sleepwalk through an unauthentic life. You were born to soar. And if you can live each day with enthusiasm and self-love, at the end of your life you will know you lived your life — and not that of someone else.”

Finally, I’d like to thank the HT for creating this space. It’s about time we had somewhere to share our news and advice in the ‘mainstream’ media.

Neurodivergence is everywhere and our voices should be too. That’s the only way to create a more understanding, open and adaptable society for ALL.

Comprehensive denture services direct to the public Aaron
st and O ner 4/66 Maple Street, Maleny QLD 4552 Heel Pain? We heal pain. Make the call today. Scan here for heel pain advice. 1300 881 082 Landsborough Kawana 23 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES HOLISTIC - Health and Wellbeing
Pryor Dental Prosthe
Beyond the Label

Our Q&A column for all the big and little medical questions you’ve always wanted to ask, written by hinterland resident, Dr Emma Secomb.

Is it worthwhile taking supplements?

Thanks for a great question. The answer is, it depends…

There are a number of chemicals vital to the function of our bodies that we need to obtain from eating food because we can’t manufacture them internally in our own bodies. The more complex molecules are termed “vitamins”, and there are also some amino acids that we’re unable to assemble known as “essential amino acids”.

In addition there are some essential elements that we need to replenish supplies of for optimal function such as iron and iodine.

There are four fat soluble vitamins; A, E, D and K. There are 12 water soluble B vitamins, these are the ones that make your wee toxic orange as they flush right through the system.

The history of vitamin discovery is fascinating and they’ve almost all been chemically isolated after a disease has been recognised to be related to an absence of “something vital” in food.

Most people are aware of the discovery that citrus fruits could reverse and prevent Scurvy, a previously fatal illness, and ultimately Vitamin C was identified as the factor responsible. More recently it was noted during WWII that enlisted POWs in Japanese camps were found to be protected against Beri Beri, whereas their officers succumbed early to Beri Beri induced heart failure.

It was noticed that the only difference in their starvation rations was that the officers were given polished white rice and the enlisted POWs brown rice, and rice husks turned out to contain a new vitamin named Thiamine(B1).

Another significant advance was the recognition that some soils were extremely low in iodine, and also that some foods could bind dietary iodine, leading to severe deficiency states. Fortification of salt with iodine across the world has drastically reduced suffering from massive iodine deficiency thyroid goitres and infant intellectual disability due to iodine deficiency in utero.

So, that’s interesting, but do you need to take supplements in 21st century Australia? The answer is probably not, unless you have a defined deficiency in a particular essential nutrient.

Some people are born with rare inborn errors of metabolism, and specific supplements can be lifesaving. Others develop disease processes that create problems with absorption of an essential nutrient from their diet, for example atrophic gastritis and a failure to absorb B12.

Alternatively, there can be excessive losses that can’t be replenished properly, for example iron deficiency due to microscopic (but constant) bleeding from a colon cancer.

Pregnancy is another time specific supplements are recommended as folate deficiency can cause spina bifida.

Even with access to abundant, nutrient-rich food, there are people with significant deficiencies who need specific supplements, for example those with highly restricted palates, and those with a very low intake of fruit and vegetables. For these people multivitamins may be needed as true dietary deficiency is possible. This is best done in the context of testing for specific deficiency states via a GP or paediatrician. There are many other examples, too many to list here.

Oral Vitamins for people without deficiency states are usually not harmful, but they’re not helpful either.

High level research has failed to demonstrate any link to longevity, cancer prevention, prevention of hardening of the arteries, or slowing of aging with supplemental multivitamins, and in fact it’s now illegal for vitamin manufacturers to make these claims.

I also think we need to be mindful of where all that toxic yellow vitamin wee goes – we really don’t know that these chemicals are safe for the myriad other lifeforms in our watershed.

Use Your Mental Edge

The Danger of Being Tepid

Today’s column is for the haphazard, lukewarm, tepid, non-committal, waffly, aimless, depthless, disorganised casual folk.

Many years ago, in 1992 I had my first amateur boxing fight at the young age of 13. My last at 26.

Boxing is a great metaphor for life, for living a fulfilled life, for setting goals, and for achieving them.

In sparring and in competing the one thing I was always advised to avoid was being half-hearted. Being casual, noncommittal, tepid, gets you hurt, trust me I know.

So, when tackling the important things in your life, in 2023 and onwards, commitment is essential to success.

All the good things in our lives have an element of risk, and subsequently we are all independent humans, we all make choices and decisions, we can and we will.

Become aware of such depthless non-committal words such as try or should, could, ought to, got to, need to or must

These words are ‘should’ cognitive distortions, a sign of illogical thinking, and being passive and ineffective.

If you become aware of your own language and catch yourself saying “I’ll try and get to the gym” or “I should start

HOLISTIC - Health and Wellbeing

Alocal personality and former Richmond Tigers player, Eric Moore is living proof age is just a number in the workforce.

As the newest employee of Bromilow Community Care, part of the myHomecare Group, as its bus driver, he is the perfect example that older Australians still have a place within the workforce, if they want to.

Older Australians can often face barriers to employment such as ageism, preventing them from being able to gain work.

Mr Moore says he is proud to commence this role and wants to advocate for the older community that they still can contribute to the workforce.

“I’m not in my grave yet and I feel like I have something to contribute, and I feel I will get some enjoyment out of doing the bus driver role and looking after the elderly people because I'm elderly as well,” he said.

“I'm still able bodied and I'm one of the fortunate ones that's able to do all these things. I still have something to contribute to society.”

The 72-year-old’s role is about ensuring the aged community along the Sunshine Coast is able to get out and about, stay connected and enjoy their lives off the back of years of COVID-related isolation.

He said he is really looking forward to it keeping him more active.

“I was made redundant at the beginning of COVID-19 due to my age when I didn't want to be, and I found that sometimes you're wondering what I am going to do next,” Mr Moore said.

“You can't be sitting there watching TV all day, that's

means to being social and having that interaction with other people.”

Joanne Roy of Bromilow says supporting older Australians who want to participate in the workforce is critical amid rising concerns of ageism and discrimination in the hiring process.

"Having an inclusive workforce is really important


MYTH: Skin cancer onl gro s on s n-e posed skin.

Do o belie e the common misconcep on that skin cancer onl de elops on s n-e posed parts of the bod ?

It is tr e that the majorit of skin cancers are ca sed b e pos re to UV radia on, and therefore most cancero s lesions ill o�en de elop on the skin most o�en e posed to the s n, s ch as the sho lders, face, arms and legs.

B t not all skin cancers are ca sed b s n e pos re! A stralia's most common cancer can gro an here on the bod

"While some skin cancers arise due to sun exposure that damages the skin's DNA and leads to cell malignancies, melanoma can appear anywhere, including in places that have never seen the sun,” sa s Dr Cielo Marq e -Do le from S nshine Coast Skin Cancer Centre.

That means poten all deadl melanomas can de elop on the mo th, e es, palms, genitals, soles of the feet, and e en nder o r fingernails.

Lesions can also gro on o r scalp (e en if o ha e thick hair) and especiall do n o r part line here o might forget to appl a s ipe of s nscreen.

Men are most likel to gro skin cancers on the tr nk, pper bod and face, hile omen see more melanomas on their legs. Some melanomas are in isible to the naked e e n l an ad anced stage.

“ That's why it's important to get regular skin cancer checks, so we can monitor your whole skin surface and find suspicious lesions early when you have the best chance of treatment,” sa s Dr Marq e -Do le.

Get o r skin cancer check at S nshine Coast Skin Cancer Centre in Bir n a (call ) or Calo ndra Skin Cancer Centre (call ), or isit skincancercentres.com.a /qld.

to us at Bromilow, and so we are excited to have Eric on board," she said.

“We’re privileged to have the ongoing support of our clients and their families in a time where it is particularly challenging to attract quality staff.

"Eric was recommended to us by the family member of a client who participates in our Bus Buddies program. He is the perfect fit for the role and we hope our clients enjoy getting to know him as they venture out”

Eric Moore enjoys helping others as a bus driver for his community

A New Door

Doors are portals that give us access to places we don’t currently have. The thing most of us don’t realise is that we walk through doors every day, opening some and closing others. Ultimately choosing to discover or not discover the opportunities that may lie before us.

Doors in our hearts and minds are the choices or actions we need to take, with some opening doors and some closing them. But often we don’t do either because of fear.

During this age of seemingly endless opportunities of comparison through social media we need to understand that most of what you see is highlight reels of people’s lives.

We all have perfect moments but that’s often all we see on social feeds and we can mistakenly feel FOMO (fear of missing out).

Social media is a door that needs to be opened and closed carefully with great consideration or it can become a detrimental disruption. Evaluate who you follow, unfollow, detox news and entertainment choices and limit your device accessibility. These are all wonderful new doorways for an improved life. We

don’t have to be crushed by social media, we can be victorious.

Begin to now move forward and open the door to what you’re passionate about? If you don’t know, start with opening and closing doors to find out. Explore, have fun and begin excavating your soul to find out which doors need to stay open or which need closing.

Surprisingly doors of inspiration open and passion and purpose are found when we give of ourselves in some way. It’s a beautiful synergy that can occur. Be thankful and appreciate your life as doors always open for a grateful heart. We all have the power to change and transform with doors of growth, opportunity and purpose but they take courage to walk through.

And finally, be discerning about the doors in front of you, the ones you should walk through, the ones you shouldn’t and the ones you need to close? We are given one, beautiful life, choose well. It’s your one-of-akind masterpiece.



HOLISTIC - Health and Wellbeing New Year www.beerwahdental.com.au 2/7 Turner Street Beerwah QLD 4519 Comprehensive Exam, Scale & Clean, incl X-rays NO GAP OR $149 STILL JUST 07 5494 0766 *As Required 26 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES On the Sunshine Coast, life is all about the sun. As a result, our skin is at risk and in need of good care. At SunLife, we believe in providing exceptional skin cancer care for you and your loved ones. The dedicated skin cancer doctors at SunLife provide: • Skin cancer • Skin cancer • Sun damaged skin treatment • Skin cancer treatment (surgical/non-surgical) • 3D total body photography Call 5450 9808 4/84 Wises Road, Buderim/Maroochydore Dr
Hardy www.sunlifeskincancercare.com.au Live a life in the sun? Need a skin check? No referral needed Locally owned and operated BOOK ONLINE The most advanced monitoring option for the high risk Check out the "Hinterland Times" on Instagram
Nick Stanley Dr Simon


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Emryn and Anita are experienced audiologists who have started a new independent audiology clinic to care for all your hearing needs. Conveniently located in Sippy Downs. Ph. 5378 2226. www.sunshinecoastaudiology.com.au


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Deborah & Stephen Hammond are proud to be local, independent eye healthcare providers servicing the Hinterland since 1999. Focused on quality eyecare/eyewear for all the family, giving your eye health and vision the best personalised attention it deserves.

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Positive change for beekeepers

Beekeepers can now apply for a permit to move European honey bees and other related materials into Queensland from the NSW General Emergency Zone (GEZ) after this zone was declared free of varroa mites.

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Communities, Mark Furner, said this was great news for the beekeeping industry.

“All states and territories across Australia have reached unanimous agreement that that varroa mite is not present in the GEZ,” Mr Furner said.

“We know how important bees are for our environment and economy, and this decision will allow our beekeepers to manage their operations safely.

New home, new life

4Paws Animal Rescue provides refuge and a “new home, new life” for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast. This not-for-profit organisation is run entirely by volunteers, which means that every single cent raised goes to looking after the animals.

“We mainly rely on donations from members of the public and local businesses,” said 4 Paws Marketing Assistant, Beverly Parry, “but we do hold a Sausage Sizzle down at Kawana Bunnings every two weeks along with other fund-raising events.”

Most of the animals at 4 Paws come from the council pounds. “Some are surrendered due to lifestyle changes

of their owner, others may be abandoned, saved from cruel living conditions where they have been abused or neglected,” said Beverly.

Depending on each animals’ situation they are either adopted into a ‘furever family’ or are placed into foster care until they are responsibly re-homed into permanent loving families.

“We also take in a large number of elderly and/ or special needs cats and dogs who remain with us as 4 Paws Permanent residents,” continued

“What this means is that they are in the loving care of a family, however the vet

Stepping through a native wonderland

Scattered between stepping stones in a native Garden for Wildlife in Buderim, lay an enchanting species that highlights how native groundcovers can offer another dimension to a garden design.

Mazus pumilio is just one of a number of native groundcovers that can be used as an aesthetically gentle way to surface a path. Through spring and summer the whole path comes alive with delicate light purple flowers, and when it rains water can soak back into the soil rather than being lost as runoff.

Interestingly, in this garden, it was planted together with Dichondra repens which initially outcompeted the Mazus, but over time (and with extra moisture from

pumilio - image Cam Burton

rainfall) the Mazus has started to dominate.

Little skinks zip through the foliage, providing perfect habitat for the smaller creatures and pollinators that call this garden home.

Barung native Plant nursery

Mazus pumilio is a common low perennial herb that is found along the east coast of Australia. Preferring damp and boggy environments such as the edges of wetlands, it is a plant that copes well in those wet areas around the yard, or down the side of the house.

It will grow in shade and full sun if the moisture is available. Once established, it is easy to divide and make more plants, so you can spread this species around the garden.

There is plenty of Mazus in the Barung Nursery at the moment, if you are looking for the perfect species for your native gardening project. Pop in and see the Barung team today.

Phone 5494 3151

Porters Lane Nursery opening times: Wednesday to Saturday 9am - 3pm

"In Queensland, there will be a staged approach with priority given to Queenslandregistered beekeepers located in the NSW GEZ. A dedicated case manager will manage this process, and in coming weeks owners of non-Queensland registered hives will also be able to apply for a permit to enter.

“Movement of European honey bees into Tasmania, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory remains prohibited due to pests other than varroa mite.”

Beekeepers should continue to monitor their hives and report unexpected hive deaths, deformed bees, parasites, poor brood patterns and dead brood to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

Detailed information on how to check hives and report results can be found at daf.qld.gov.au/varroa.

fees are paid for by 4 Paws to keep them safe.”

All 4 Paws animals are vet checked, micro chipped, wormed, flea treated and de-sexed prior to being made available for adoption, and there is a thorough application process, to make sure these beautiful animals go to the correct home.

All cats that are fostered or adopted from 4 Paws must be kept as indoor cats only. Not only does this protect our wildlife but it is a requirement of the Sunshine Coast Council.

We have two lovely cats featured here for adoption, handsome Loki (long hair) and sweet Lilly. “Both are absolutely gorgeous cats, and extremely friendly,” shared Beverly.

To find out more about these two, or to possibly adopt or foster another beautiful animal, please visit: 4pawsanimalrescue.org.au

Follow the "Hinterland Times" on Facebook Local family business Tim & Vicki Miller BACK TO

Outside of Australia, this country is recognised for its dryness; but those of us who live here

continent can be a very big thing. We are familiar with la Nina, the term ‘boom and bust’ and the human tragedy of floods; and I know that by the time you read this, we could either be in drought or just longing for the rain to stop.

Australian rain are often ephemeral, meaning short lived and impermanent. Think of Lake Eyre which fills in a dynamic event every few decades, then dwindles away to lie for many years desiccated and scorched. Near the Queensland coast, we also have ephemeral waters but their drying and refill cycles are short and more reliable. We are also blessed with a landscape dotted with small farm

In the Wild

Native or Indigenous?

We’ve always been passionate about our Indigenous (localnative) plants and bringing them back into your gardens.

I’d identify Indigenous (for the garden) to those plants native/naturally occurring in South East Queensland, but gardeners are a curious bunch, and always want to grow something from just over the horizon. So, we also stock a range of cultivar natives and Australian Natives, that is plants native to/ naturally occurring throughout Australia.

However, Australia, as we know, is big, really big and diverse, very diverse, and what grows naturally in South West Australia might be stunning in bloom, but has Buckley’s chance of surviving in the humid subtropics of SE QLD and what grows naturally in the tropics of NE QLD may in fact become a weed when planted down here.

I was reminded of this recently when visiting North Queensland and admiring the beautiful Umbrella Trees – Schefflera actinophylla in their natural habitat. Having killed so many in my career as a bush regenerator in South East Queensland (where they are considered an environmental weed) over the last few decades, it was quite novel to see them in their natural habitat. That’s why at Forest Heart we encourage use of Indigenous/ local-native plants and cultivar natives to avoid the spread of more ‘native’ weeds.

“But surely If I just plant Indigenous/ local-native plants, then that is going to limit me, and I’ll have a boring garden” I hear you say. Well, lucky for you, we live in one of the world’s great biodiversity hotspots and we are blessed with thousands of different species in our natural area that

Sharp-tailed Sandpipers from Siberia, together with our endemic Red-kneed and Black-fronted Dotterels.

If a raptor (kite or eagle) appears overhead, it can induce a panicking exodus, with clouds of birds in the air together, using sheer numbers and flickering movement to confuse their enemy. Once the bird of prey has passed over, they each drop quietly back again, often to the place they vacated moments before.

But the birding highlight at one of these sites must be the Black-necked Stork. Appearing to stand as tall as a human, its sheer size is impressive, its manner impassive. It steps through the shallows with an unhurried elegance and seems disdainful if it finds your proximity doesn’t suit it. Its broad wings then take it away with power and deceptive speed. This bird has been called the Jabiru, but this is an error because the name truly belongs to a South American species.

It is argued that climate change is largely man-made – and the science is there for sure. But open, wet, swampy areas in cattle pasture and our many little dams which provide water for stock, are also of our manufacture or exist through our management – and the benefit they provide for wildlife cannot be measured.

About That Tree

with Tree Surgeon Tony Wootton, our local arborist and author, meeting the Hinterland's tree needs since 1996

Happy New Year!

Last year we had over 3 metres of rain in Maleny, which has resulted in spectacular growth rates for the vegetation across the plateau. This has meant that the trees are holding so much extra weight, especially at this time with the luxuriant summer growth. Now any structural imperfections in the tree trunk are placed under a lot more mechanical stress and it is only taking a relatively mild summer storm to see trees failing in yards, across driveways, and onto buildings, etc. Typically, they are failing at acute angle forks, and where there are decayed sections of the trunk. If you have any trees that are presenting a risk to vulnerable infrastructure, such as driveways and buildings, now is a good time to consider a reduction prune to take some of the weight off them. Another phenomenon that I am observing as a result of the abnormally high rainfall that we experienced are properties that are getting taken over by the trees and shrubs around the house. It’s a bit like that rather unpleasant analogy of a frog in a pot of water that is gradually brought to the boil and doesn’t realise the danger that it is in, because the change is so imperceptible.

you can potentially use in your garden.

With a palette of between 15003000 Indigenous plants in South East Queensland, gardeners have a plenty to choose from when it comes to making the most of our local flora for their horticultural endeavours.

This will also have the added benefit of providing habitat for a whole range of fauna that may have specific needs that these plants meet, and allows them to survive and move throughout the landscape.

There’s never been a better time to visit us at Forest Heart ecoNursery so we can help you create a backyard full of biodiversity, using Indigenous plants, that benefit not only you with their beauty, but the wildlife too!

The inhabitants don’t realise that the house Is getting darker and darker incrementally, and when you cut something back they are startled at the amount of light that is now coming in.

It is very gratifying work.

Mobile: 0403 467 664

Mobile: 0403 467 664

Landline: 54 944 917

Landline: 54 944 917



20 Coral St, Maleny Phone: 5435 2193
Local Native Plant
Camp of Plumed Whistling Ducks - image Paul Fraser dams. Together, these two habitats create rich larders for many water birds.

Borrowers looking for reward

Mortgage Choice research reveals that 52% of Australian borrowers know they aren’t receiving the best interest rate offered by their lender or they are unsure if they’re receiving the best rate available.

The research highlights that 71% of borrowers would consider switching lenders if they were no longer getting the best rate and if, essentially, their loyalty isn’t rewarded.

Mortgage Choice CEO Anthony Waldron says: “Unfortunately, many lenders don’t reward their customers for loyalty. In a rising rate environment,

it pays to shop around for a better deal and not be complacent with your home loan.”

Interestingly, 68% said they would prefer lenders to offer the same rates to new and existing customers, so they didn’t need to switch.

“Borrowers are telling us they want pricing parity between new and existing customers,” Waldron says. “They believe they should be rewarded for their proven repayment history.”

The question is, will the lenders listen? It might make good business sense to do so.

Rental update

While market pressures have pinned Queensland vacancy rates down during 2022, REIQ data released today shows the year ended with a slight uplift across the state, from 0.6 per cent in the September quarter to 0.8 per cent to close the year.

REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella welcomed the momentary relief but said vacancy rates were still far too low to be considered ‘healthy’ and it was too early to draw conclusions that there is a material shift in the rental market.

“Promising as this news may seem, we’re taking it with a grain of salt until we see if this is uplift is here to stay or if it’s merely a seasonal fluctuation,” Ms Mercorella said.

“Tiny movements, however hopeful, should not be overanalysed. What this essentially means is the market is holding tight, and only time will tell if a trend is emerging.

“However, the REIQ is hearing from property managers that there is noticeably less exit and entry activity than usual, as there’s still plenty of tenants that are staying put and choosing to renew their lease rather than compete for a new place.

“Even with this small improvement in rates, let’s not forget that we’re still talking about incredibly low vacancy figures which tells us there’s no-where near enough rental properties to meet demand, and tough conditions continue for tenants.”

Sunshine Coast rates barely budged, sitting at 0.7 per cent, and there was no relief whatsoever for the Caloundra Coast (0.7%), Maroochy Coast (0.4%) or Sunshine Coast Hinterland (0.4%) which includes towns such as Maleny, Nambour and Eumundi.

Ms Mercorella said, “Queensland is crying out for additional housing supply to ease the tight conditions, but building costs and planning red tape are putting the brakes on new construction, while higher costs, more challenging lending conditions, and reduced legislative rights are deterring vital private property investment.

“It’s hard to see any significant changes in sight.”


13 Rees Lane, Reesville

156 Maleny Kenilworth Road, Witta

'Slingsby Green’ is the type of property that is often sought but very rarely found in the Maleny hinterland. Our owners have lovingly created a perfect rural property on a desirable allotment of nearly 5 acres, with breathtaking northerly vistas across the hills and valleys of the hinterland.

Take a step through the doors of this beautiful bespoke home, and you will know you have found it! A stunning backdrop of some of the finest views in Reesville greets you on entry, framed perfectly by the generous picture windows.

With a contemporary charm and unique character, the home blends in seamlessly with

the natural country surroundings, softened with fragrant gardens and thriving trees all around.

Located along an extremely quiet and hidden lane in Reesville, peace and privacy take on their true meaning here. You won’t be disappointed with the tranquil nature of this beautiful property.

Bed: 3 Bath: 2 Car: 3

Land Size: 4.86ac

Price: Price By Negotiation

Agency: RE/MAX Hinterland

Contact: 0447 737 737

PH: 07 5408 4220

32 Maple Street, Maleny, Qld 4552

This delightful and much-loved country home is positioned on an elevated site, just five kilometres from bustling Maleny. With an undeniably stunning outlook, offering sweeping views of the surrounding hinterland, undulating neighbouring farmland, distant ranges and even ocean glimpses, this property enjoys a superb north-facing aspect.

This 1900’s era Maleny homestead speaks of classic Queensland architecture with an old-world charm, seamlessly blended with sympathetic enhancements for year-round liveability. The home features soaring ceilings, original cedar doors and glowing beech floors, cut from timber on the original property.

Ample living, dining and kitchen spaces interconnect at the heart of the home. Entertaining is a delight in the country kitchen, and a graceful lounge with fireplace adjoins the dining space, flowing out onto the spacious entertaining deck.

Bed: 4 Bath: 3 Car: 4

Land Size: 5.78ac

Price: Contact Agent

Agency: RE/MAX Hinterland

Contact: 0447 737 737

PH: 07 5408 4220

32 Maple Street, Maleny, Qld 4552

What a roller coaster ride the property market has experienced in the last two years. The last 4-5 months of 2022 in our local market we seemed to go from nuts to extremely quiet.

Our local property market now seems to have found its equilibrium and buyers are starting to flock back to the hinterland which is great news for sellers.

The median house price for Maleny has remained relatively stable at $995,000, Montville’s median house price is at $1,059,000, Flaxton’s median house price sits at $985,000, Mapleton’s median house price is $970,000, Reesville’s median house price is $1,162,500 and Witta’s median house price sits at $1,100,000. (Information taken from realestate.com.au)

Some suburbs across the hinterland had experienced up to 35% growth pa during the past two years, but of course this unprecedented growth was not sustainable long term.

We really feel we are on track to return to a normal market now with the high peaks behind us and some stability returning to our local market.

Wondering what your property is worth?

Call Susan on 0428 573 170 or Dee on 0423 259 931.

Agency: Brant and Bernhardt


Susan Brant 0428 573 170

Dee Bernhardt 0423 259 931

2/20 Maple Street, Maleny

Beautifully Set, Semi-Rural Property!

Located in Witta’s most desirable street, you feel like you are in the middle of the countryside, but still only minutes from the facilities, cafes and galleries of the heritage town of Maleny. Witta was recently voted the most popular suburb in the whole of Queensland and, with properties such as this, you can see why!

• Low-set, easy to maintain, brick and tile classic property, with gorgeous, virtually flat acre of lawns and mature gardens

• Large open plan dining / living room with wood burner, and spacious, fully equipped kitchen with electric oven

• 3 very generous bedrooms all with built-ins and fans, and a family bathroom with a spa bath

• Great patio/ entertainment area overlooking gardens, a large dual carport and huge shed, workshop and/or studio area

• 6.5kw of solar panels makes for virtual self-sufficiency, and filtered pure bore water

+ Enviro Cycle septic system

• Owners have committed elsewhere, so priced to sell!

Price: Please contact agent

Agency: Blackall Range R.E.

Contact: Elisha Jurgensen

0401 680 195

1/5 Maple Street, Maleny Qld 4552

‘Slingsby Green’ A Maleny hinterland retreat that ticks every single box! ‘Cedar Park’ – A Spectacular Hinterland Holding
REAL ESTATE 32 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES w w w . b r a n t a n d b e r n h a r d t . c o m . a u 2 3 7 Grand Country Home, Minutes to Maleny! Maleny Obi Obi Magic! Exciting, New Boutique Land Development in Maleny! Sold 5119 M2 3 6 Large Dual Living Home on approx 12 beautifully cleared acres plus 3 Cottages 3 4 4 3 4 3 Country Retreat Within Minutes to Maleny! 2 5 4 68 Ha 5 8 B R A N T & B E R N H A R D T P R O P E R T Y ~ T H E T E A M W A L K I N G Y O U T H R O U G H T H A T L E A D T O Y O U R Maleny Priced From Offers Over $695,000 1200 M2 - 2247m2 Garden of Eden With Stunning Views! Price Reduction 108 Obi Vale North Maleny Offers Over $1 9 Million 6 4 2 13 9 Ha 201 Landsborough Maleny Rd Mount Mellum 9 Sternberg Road Witta 3766 M2 K e e p U p T o D a t e Mapleton 10 Silver Birch Lane North Maleny Offers Over $2 Million New New Price Guide $1 85 Million Offers Over $1,995,000 1 3 Peace, Privacy and Position! Stunning Views, Majestic Home, Obi Obi Access, Private Location! 2 5000 M2 20 Ensbey Road Flaxton 694 Maleny Montville Road Balmoral Ridge Offers Over $2 95 Million Offers Over $1,695,000 8 52 Ha 2 3 2/20 Maple Street maleny next to iga susan brant 0428 573 170 dee bernhardt 0423 259 931 6159 M2 Offers Over $995,000 Majestic Country Home in a Picturesque Peaceful Setting! 1 Lawrence Place Maleny Offers Over $1,100,000 5580 M2 Coming Soon New Price Reduction 3 Dee Courtney Susan Research / Advice Searching / Marketing Consult / Support Contract / Settlement Relax / Enjoy Strategy / Viewings Follow up / Negotiate Price Reduction Price Reduction Price Reduction

145 Maleny Stanley River Road, Maleny

Escape to serenity – Immaculate home on over one acre

This extremely well kept property is nestled perfectly on over one acre of level land with a desirable northerly aspect. The three bedroom one bathroom home is very well presented and lays the perfect foundation for future improvements.

Price: Price By Negotiation

Land Size: 4604m2

RE/MAX Hinterland 0447 737 737

Ÿ 4,604m2 allotment – a fantastic block of land with a perfect northerly aspect

Ÿ Tranquil garden setting with beautiful trees and gardens surrounding the property

Ÿ Immaculate 3 bedroom 1 bathroom brick home - split system A/C

Ÿ North easterly aspect for the covered patio - a great entertaining space

Ÿ Separate 6x6 shed - power and lights - easy access

Ÿ Remotely operated bore in addition to rain water tanks

398 Curramore Road, Curramore Discover tranquility in this stunning Hampton style home!

Ÿ 3 Bedroom plus Media Room plus Study

Ÿ Generous master bedroom suite with ensuite and walk-in

Ÿ Open plan kitchen with stone tops, waterfall edges and butler's pantry

Price: Contact Agent

Land Size: 6246m2 RE/MAX Hinterland 0447 737 737

Ÿ Multiple internal / external living and entertaining areas

Ÿ 2 car garage plus a great workshop space

Ÿ Immaculate home throughout – as new!

Ÿ 6,246m2 (1.55 acre) gently sloping allotment

Ÿ Established landscaping and gardens with ornamentals and fruit trees

Ÿ Gravelled low maintenance area with fire pit

Ÿ Spring fed dam with seasonal creek – complete with pontoon

Ÿ Northerly aspect across the block towards the dam

real estate 33 FEBRUARY 2023 HINTERLAND TIMES 3 2 2 3 1 3
6 Wattle Street, Maleny 76 Tallowwood Street, Maleny 5/12 Witham Road, Maleny 3 Macaranga Street, Maleny




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To promote your business or event with an advertising campaign in the HT contact me at production@sunnycoastmedia.com.au or 0414 432 423. Print or digital opportunies available.


Baker Robinson Lawyers

Steve Robinson, 20 years experience.

Professional and friendly Legal Team. Suite 7, 43 Maple St Maleny. Ph: 5494 2665 E: maleny@brlawyers.com.au www.brlawyers.com.au

Easton Lawyers

Tove Easton Principal Lawyer

Your Local Lawyers in Maleny

62 Maple St, Maleny. Ph: 5494 3511

Email: tove@eastonlawyers.com.au

Lember and Williams (the LAW team)

Carolyn Williams – City Expertise, small town service. Stirling on Bunya, 13 Bunya Street, Maleny. Ph: 5495 1499

Email: carolyn@landw.com.au www.landw.com.au

Blackall Range Real Estate Selling Properties Across ‘The Range’ – Maleny, Montville, Mapleton, Kenilworth Conondale plus anywhere in between. FREE Advertising and Lowest Commissions in Town Guaranteed! Call 5499 9966


Let our Real Estate family show your family the way home Kenilworth 5446 0222 Maleny 5494 2312 www.boxsells.com.au


Brant & Bernhardt Property

At Brant & Bernhardt Property we understand that it's all in the attention to detail, even the little things matter. Learn how ‘We Can Sell Yours Too!’ Dee 0423 259 931 Susan 0428 573 170

RE/MAX Hinterland

Your property is worth more with us!

07 5408 4220, 0447 737 737 sales@remaxhinterland.com.au remaxhinterland.com.au

32 Maple Street, Maleny

We dare to be different! Our results speak for themselves, so if you are looking to sell your property DON’T SIGN ANYTHING .. .Call us.

Hinterland Surveys

Consulting Surveyors & Town Planners servicing the Hinterland and beyond since 1993.

Jimmy Duncan – Principal Town Planner 5/17 Maple St, Maleny 0417 977 848  jimmy.duncan@hinterlandsurveys.com www.hinterlandsurveys.com


District Vets Maleny

Veterinarian Susan Portas and her team provide professional, compassionate care for your pets. Hours Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 8am-6pm; Wed 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-12noon 7 Myrtle St Maleny Ph: 5499 9077

Montville Veterinary Clinic

Est. in 2004 and operating as a branch of our Sunshine Hinterland Veterinary Clinic in Nambour. We take pride in personalised pet care. 26 Kondalilla Falls Rd Montville

Consultation by appointment: 0401 012 884





Jim's Antennas

Digital & problem reception specialists. Locally owned, servicing the hinterland. Call Craig Titheradge today for a free quote. Ph: 131 546 www.jimsantennas.com.au


Window Wizard - Timber Window Specialist

Restoration, glazing, repairs, modifications, sash

cords, spirals, Queenslander homes and more. Call Rommy 0404 757 552 www.window-wizard.com.au

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Montville Clockshop Repairs for Cuckoo, Grandfather, Mantle, Wall Clocks. Antique clock restoration. We can supply quartz movement and parts, and repair quartz clocks. P: 07 5442 9409. www.clockshop.com.au enquiries@clockshop.com.au

month FREE advertising


RAINBOW VISION -RV Electrical Lic. 72787 Local Sparky on the Range, 25 years exp. Safety Switches, Power Points, LED Lights, Smoke Alarms, Fans, Switchboard Upgrade, Solar System Service, DATA Pts hardwired. Call Zak 0413 885 504


Gutter Sucker

Gutter Sucker specialises in cleaning your guttering. a unique portable vacuum system for the efficient and effective removal of leaves and rubbish from all types of gutters and roofs.

Ph: 1800 558 745 or 0402 456 391

Concrete Worx

Ph: 07 5478 5288 or check out www.rogerloughnanrealestate.com.au Book

We do it all! 35+yrs experience. Decorative stamp and stencil, coloured and exposed. Shed slabs and driveways, Bobcat and Tipper hire. QBCC 66649 Call Mick 0417 745 770

Book your boost business listing online and get 1 month FREE advertising
your boost business listing online and get 1 month FREE advertising
your boost business listing
and get
your boost business listing online and get 1 month FREE advertising Book your boost business listing online and get 1 month FREE advertising


Montville Handy Man

30 years building experience. Available now for carpentry, home maintenance and repairs, small concreting jobs. Prompt and reliable service. Call Wayne 0434 724 030.


Wasshausen Gems + Jewels

Fine individually designed and traditional handmade jewellery in a contemporary style with natural Gemstones, Pearls & Opals. Commision & redesign, alteration & repairs. Call Birgit in her Maleny workshop 0490 146 982


Amber Leaf Landscaping

Looking for a landscaper who can deliver? Tohm Hajncl heads the team that offers you guaranteed quality. Choose from landscaping consultations, designs, construction and planting, pre-sale makeovers and specialised maintenance services. Ph: 5445 9801 www.amberleaf.com.au


Forest Heart

Your Local Native Plant Nursery. Specialising is the native plants of SE QLD for Revegetation, Gardens, Habitat. 20 Coral Street, Maleny Ph: 07 5435 2193 – www.forestheart.com.au

Barung Landcare Native Plant Nursery

Your local community nursery stocks an extensive range of species indigenous to the Blackall Range and surrounds. Open to the public WednesdaySaturday 9am–3pm, Ph: 0429 943 152 E: nursery@barunglandcare.org.au


Anderson Plumbing & Roofing QBSA1066328

Plumbing, drainage & roofing. New work, renos, maintenance specialists. Septic systems, blocked drains, high pressure ‘sewer jett’ drain cleaner, drain camera, cable locations, tank installations, roof & guttering. Ph: 5494 3340 or 0409 541 475


Maleny Refrigeration

Specialized in domestic in-house servicing to most refrigerator makes and models, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Westinghouse etc.  Recently moved to Maleny, with 35 yrs experience in the business. Gary 0428 455 866  malenyrefrigeration@gmail.com


Roof & Gutter Maintenance

Clean gutters, Blocked downpipes, New & repair downpipes, Roof repairs & leaks, Fix leaking gutters, New gutters & fascias, Install & service whirly birds, Skylights & Water Tanks. Free quotes, local bloke, over 20 yrs experience Phone Brad 0419 712 081


Megawatts Solar – Consulting, Design & Service

We recommend only Quality Components & Installations.

Handbuilt Stone QBCC 1235589

Licensed, range-based professional. Traditional rock walls, pillars, steps, paving, entrance walls and all garden features. Visit our website to see previous work for inspiration. Phone Chris on 0438 811 975 – www.handbuiltstone.com


Your local, fully licenced, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Plumber, Drainer and gas fitter. Blocked drain specialist. 24/7 service available for emergencies. Phone Luke on 0410 314 192

On-Grid, Off-Grid, and Battery Storage. Ph. Gary Phillips 0407 760 838 info@megawatts.com.au www.megawatts.com.au

Stone on the Range Landscapes

Looking for creative ideas from a professional craftsman-then call Jim! Thirty years experience designing/building all aspects of gardens/stonework. Combining skills that utilize timber/stone and steel, as a designer, landscaper, stonemason. It is my passion to exceed your expectations. 0401 308 824   jimrstoneart@gmail.com


Blueys Garden Services

For all your gardening needs. Jobs include but not limited to: Mowing, Whipping snipping, Clear outs, Hedging, Tip runs, Minor landscaping and Weed management give us a call-0481 106 839

Suncoast Liquid Waste Removal

Local owner/operator specialising in commercial / domestic waste water pump outs- septics, treatment plants, grey water, holding tanks, pond/ pool sludge, drains etc. Avoid costly blockages & system failure with prompt, reliable & expert service. Tank assessments available. EPA licensed and fully insured. Call 0439 646 707



Mobile pool maintenance & repairs. Swimming pool safety inspections. FREE QUOTES

Proudly servicing the Sunshine Coast Ph: 0448 793 148 – www.swimsafeqld.com.au

QBCC #101629

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Tony Wootton Tree Surgeon. Dip Hort(Arb) Operating locally since 1996. Tree assessments and advice. Trees and shrubs pruned and detailed. Hazardous trees removed. M: 0403 467 664 Ph: 54 944 917 www.twtreesurgeon.com

Swede with Speed Slashing

For slashing and mowing, acres or house blocks, hedge trims, whipper snipping, rubbish removal and house maintenance call Birger for a free quote 0411 591 738.


Fresh Look Pressure Washing

Family business based in Maleny. For all pressure washing needs, roofs, driveways, solar panel, external walls. For both domestic and commercial. Contact Jay 0477 780 577 or jay@freshlookpressurewashing.com.au

BRM-tree to stump, we do it all. Tree removal, pruning mulching stump grinding Local family business, free quotes. Tim & Vicki Miller 0401 441 945

Skilled Tree Surgeon – Kevin Pampling

Born and raised in Maleny, offering reasonable rates for tree work. Insured,with years of wisdom and local knowledge.

I climb, you clear = good value. Ph 0407 450 262

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