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Mike Wiggins, head boys soccer coach at Hinsdale Central, will present Kellie O’Brien, founder of the O’Brien School for the Massai, with 300 soccer balls for students at the school in Tanzania.

POWER TO PLAY Photography by Jim Prisching Mike Wiggins, Hinsdale Central head boys soccer coach, recently partnered with Indianapolis-based “Make Your Own Ball Day.” This organization’s mission is to “envision a world where every kid—regardless of living conditions—has the tools and power to play.” 8

HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

Most children make their own soccer balls from whatever is available. Wiggins spent his summer offering various soccer camps, and had each player come with a homemade ball. At the end of the camps, they were given real balls. They were then told about the option to keep the ball, or donate it to the students at O’Brien School in rural Tanzania. Three hundred of his players chose to donate their balls. In October, these balls will be on their way to Tanzania, where the Maasai students will benefit from the generosity of young local soccer players. n

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Jeff Hunt talks with Hinsdale Magazine publisher Scott Jonlich Photography by Elizabeth Muskopf


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work of art

Your legs can be a

We regard each patient as an individual with unique needs. To achieve the best possible results for your vascular condition, we will listen to your concerns, carefully explain your treatment options, and develop a customized treatment program designed to achieve the best results in the most cost effective manner for each patient.

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630 789 9033





HINSDALE | 920 N. YORK ROAD | (630) 654-2900 CHICAGO | 1050 N. STATE STREET | (312) 654-0606


Dr. Jeffrey Weller

Licensed as a General Dentist in the State of Illinois

HM publisher’sprofile JEFF HUNT

From the left: Steve Embree (president), Jeff Hunt (CEO and founder), Christine Hunt (principal), Colleen Ehrhardt (director of sales), Kevin Lusting (implementation engineer), Molly Pfister (director of marketing), Jim Badger (director of operations), and Sue Gurgone (controller).



Snap36 Founder and Hinsdale resident Jeff Hunt is giving consumers a closer look at products ono line with his cutting edge photography. And not just closer, but from 360 spin angles. The company is snapping up clients that include 3M, Siemens, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Grainger. These forward thinking corporations are reaping the rewards by giving their customers a more informed look at their products. I met with Jeff in Hinsdale to talk about his rise to #396 this year on the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing private companies. We met at his corporate office just a few blocks


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com



from the United Center to take a tour of his studio. What’s interesting about Jeff is that he and his wife Christine formed and built the company through a close network of friends and neighbors—some of them right here in Hinsdale.

SCOTT: Congratulations, Jeff, to you and your team. Your

company is ranked No. 396 on the 35th annual Inc. 500 and 14th in Illinois. Tell me about that journey and the key components that kept you climbing.

Photograph by Elizabeth Muskopf

JEFF: Thank you. Obviously, you can’t get there without

existence, she and two other employees built the company to respectability in a challenging environment. In 2012, I decided to come over to Snap full-time.

SCOTT: What opportunities and solutions does Snap36 offer your clients? JEFF: Shooting in 360-degree spin enables studio automation.

More products can be shot, and more images can be created in a shorter period of time, when compared to traditional photography studios. Image consistency is near perfect, as the equipment shooting the products is all robotic and software-controlled. Increased image consistency translates to increased brand consistency. We have quite a few clients that don’t display products on their E-commerce Web sites in 360-degree spin, but still shoot their products using our 360-degree spin equipment and work-flow for the increase in product throughout, and brand equity.

having a passionate team and a great culture—that’s where it starts. Our culture is the operating system that powers Snap36. It’s cultivated by the unique personalities and talents of our employees. When you’re part of a community that is supportive and dedicated, it’s easy to care about work as much as you care about each other. Start-ups are exciting—the energy is high, the people are motivated, and we have a lot of fun. There isn’t We live in a visual much of a corporate stronghold that sometimes interferes with employees world. In 2015, roughly showing up, doing exceptional work, one trillion photos and bringing innovative ideas to the were taken. Every two table.

SCOTT: What inspired you to start


minutes, people take as many pictures as [were] taken throughout the 19th century!”

JEFF: After catching the start-up bug in the early ‘90s, and helping other –Jeff Hunt companies make money, I had always dreamed of owning my own company. In 2002, I joined a company that specialized in user experience for E-commerce sites called Scene7—it was acquired by Adobe in 2007. Through this time, my clients were always asking, “How do you do 360-degree photography,” and I’d try to explain it to them: “Get a camera, get a turntable, measure angles—yadda, yadda, yadda.” Their eyes would roll back into their heads. It was too confusing, too expensive and too cumbersome. Combine that with a mass of Adobe consumer survey data that showed 95 percent of people saw 360-degree spin as “highly effective,” yet less than 10 percent of companies were providing it, and I thought, “If someone could automate this process and focus a business model on it, there might be something there.” Fast-forward to 2008, I was in Germany presenting at a trade show, and noticed a booth that was jam-packed with people. Intrigued, I worked my way in, and low and behold, there were these Darth Vader-looking robots that did exactly what people were asking for—automating the 360-degree photography process. I found the owner, asked him to dinner, and walked out with a handshake and exclusive North American distribution rights. After writing my business plan on the flight home, I presented it to my wife, who responded, “Don’t quit your day job just yet.” We agreed, after approval from Adobe, to start Snap36 in my wife’s name, and that she would run the business. For the first four years of

SCOTT: I understand that you founded

Snap36, and surrounded yourself with some Hinsdale-area people, including one individual just walking her dog? What is their contribution to your team, and how did you meet them?

JEFF: Obviously, Hinsdale is a special place for so many reasons, but one that I never realized was the plethora of talented people you are exposed to. Not counting my wife and I, our president, director of sales, director of marketing, director of operations, controller and implementation engineer are all from the Hinsdale area. They all have their own stories how they ended up at Snap36, but the one consistency is, they all want to be here. We pride ourselves on our culture, and I think that helps both attract and retain really quality people—who could probably go elsewhere and make more money. My wife hired our director of sales, Colleen Ehrhardt, while getting their nails done at Mani [&] Pedi. She was looking to get back into the workforce after taking time off to raise her kids. I often joke that our president, Steve Embree, came down for lunch one day and never went home. He was a retired ex-chief merchant at Office Depot/Office Max, and when he was introduced to Snap, he realized that we’re doing what they always strived to do: create a compelling experience for online shoppers. Steve brought on our director of marketing, Molly Pfister, and she brought on our implementation engineer, Kevin Lustig. Molly and Kevin were classmates together at Hinsdale Central High School, and both were looking for a high-energy, high-tech job with the potential for growth. It was a stroke of luck when I approached Sue Gurgone while out walking our dogs in Burns Field. We were actually looking for someone to manage our finances, and Sue is a CPA with her undergrad from John Carroll [University] and Master’s from Kellogg [School of Continued on the next page

Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE



Photograph by Jim Prisching


PHOTOGRAPHY INNOVATORS Jeff and Christine Hunt, Founders of Snap36, a cutting edge company which shoots 360* and 3D spin photography. The Hunt’s started the company in 2008 and it is now #396 in the Inc. 500, among America’s fastest-growing private companies. The Hunts brought on several Hinsdale neighbors to round out the company which is now Inc’s 14th fastest growing in Illinois and 15th on the fastest growing Chicago Companies list.

Continued from the previous page

Management at Northwestern University]. We tend to be agepolarized, where we have our over-50s and our under-30s—but we all know that 50 is the new 30! It is a great mix that allows us to mentor the younger kids, while keeping us older kids hip and “on fleek.”

product images lead to more accurate visual search results, we’re starting to partner with visual search companies that specialize in creating this feature.

SCOTT: What is the future of product photography, and how

the footwear industry is a big part of our growth strategy. The fashion industry—particularly footwear, handbags and accessories—is taking advantage of 360-degree spin photography in two major ways. Companies are benefiting from automating their product photography. They shoot more products in less time. They’re also benefiting from building customer purchase confidence. This increases sales and decreases returns, because providing better, comprehensive imagery makes customers comfortable while purchasing online and [being] satisfied with their purchase. However, the largest growth we have seen is from companies that sell to other businesses. 3M, Siemens, Home Depot, Lowe’s [and] Grainger are all great customers of ours. We’re seeing retailers, distributors and manufacturers alike embrace 360-degree product photography. n

are companies are using “scalable 360-degree and 3-D product imagery” to drive their sales engines?

JEFF: There are three main developments driving the future. The first is that we’re raising a generation that doesn’t “go online”— they live there. The popularity of iPhones and mobile devices is undisputed. E-commerce growth is unprecedented, and will only continue to expand in ways I can’t even imagine. New online-only consumer brands are popping up left and right, and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are pumping money into their E-commerce Web sites. Product photography is essential for selling online, but the cost of traditional photography that was used in print catalogs isn’t practical for many businesses wanting to display multiple angles of their entire product offering. The second is the expanding uses of product photography. We live in a visual world. In 2015, roughly one trillion photos were taken. Every two minutes, people take as many pictures as [were] taken throughout the 19th century! Visual search is relatively new phenomena that enables anyone with a smartphone to take a picture of an object, and find it online for purchase. Companies like Home Depot have pioneered this ability on its mobile application. Because more


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

SCOTT: What industries are taking advantage of this technology? JEFF: My business model was built on shooting shoes, so

The Inc. 500 /5000 2016 list is ranked according to percentage revenue growth comparing the years 2012 to 2015. For companies to quality, they must have been founded and generating revenue as of March 31, 2012. The companies must be based in the United States, for profit, privately held and independent. Minimum revenue requirement is $100,000 for 2012. The 2015 minimum is $2 million.

Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE



Everything that’s new and exciting around town by Kerrie Kennedy


For the past 16 years, Double J Riding Club owner Cindy Johnson has been catering to kids from preschool on up, offering everything from after-school classes and camps to birthday parties, Girl Scout outings and student shows. But this fall, Johnson is hoping to get their moms to come out and ride. Double J Riding Club’s Yoga on Horseback class—yes, you read that correctly— offers a chance to get fit and have fun at the same time. “This isn’t just for riders,” Johnson says. “It’s beneficial for anyone who wants to get fit. We’re working with a phenomenal yoga instructor.” According to Johnson, who says yoga on horseback classes are popular in California, the class starts out on mat, then moves to stretching exercises on the horse, and finally includes movements while walking and trotting. For non-riders, it’s the perfect way to familiarize yourself with horseback riding, says Johnson, whose ultimate mission is to teach people young and old how to ride. “We are not a boarding facility. What sets us apart from other barns is that we are truly a riding school.” Yoga on Horseback is taught as a private or semi-private lesson anytime before 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Double J Riding Club is located at 10545 74th Street in Countryside. For more information, call 708-528-4674, or visit doublejridingclub.com.

Where in Hinsdale do you find an 18th-century Asian chest, a 24-carat gold bracelet from France, a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses, a little black dress and the perfect hostess gift—all under the same roof? Gia Haute and Home, which opened last spring, is a treasure trove of both vintage and contemporary jewelry, clothing and home décor from all around the world. According to Lithuanian-born Gia Lapinskas, the store caters to all price-points. “We want to be reasonable to everyone,” Lapinskas says. “It’s truly a lifestyle store where you can find something for $10—or $5,000. And that’s the whole point to this eclectic boutique: you never know what you’re going to find.” Gia Haute and Home is located at 45 S. Washington Street in Hinsdale. For more information, call 630-332-3332, or visit giahauteandhome.com.

NATURAL EXTENSION Who among us doesn’t want thicker, shinier, healthier hair? In that holy grail to achieve runway-ready supermodel locks, many have tried the hair extension shortcut—only to end up with thinner, drier, less healthy hair in the end, not to mention less money in their wallets. Luckily, Bukes Salon & Spa in Clarendon Hills has come up with a solution. Its new tape-on line of hair extensions offers a reasonably-priced, hair-preserving route to mane glory. And since the extensions are 100 percent human hair, they look completely natural. According to Bukes owner Buke Batoia, that sets them apart from the tape-on extensions of days gone by. “They’re also on longer strips, they’re soft and comfortable, and the tapes are made to match your skin-tone,” Batoia says. “They’re easy to apply and remove—a solution is put on the tape to dissolve it, so it doesn’t hurt your existing hair.” Even better? Once they’re off, you get to keep the hair extensions for up to four more applications. And with the average price for hair and application approximately $375 and reapplication around $150, the extensions are a sure way to picture-perfect party hair this season. Bukes Salon & Spa will be hosting a number of events and specials in conjunction with its upcoming 20th anniversary. For more information, call 630-325-6069, or visit bukesalon.com.


Fall Style


Event season is in full swing— here’s what to wear where. by Kerrie Kennedy

Wine Harvest Ball

OCTOBER 15 | wellnesshouse.org Revel Fulton Market 1215 W. Fulton Market, Chicago

Support the local treasure that is the Wellness House, an organization that offers free life affirming treatment to people with cancer and their families, during an evening of dinner, dancing and inspiration—not to mention a highly-anticipated wine auction. Diamond hoops are a girl’s best friend. Bella Cosa Jewelers in Willowbrook bellacosajewelers.com Make a splashy entrance in this showstopping Vince Camuto plum sequin mock neck gown. $308 at Nordstrom in Oakbrook Center nordstrom.com Coordinate with Sole Mate, a rich deep plum polish from Essie. $8.50 at essie.com

Classically-elegant black patent Manolo Blahnik pumps are the perfect complement to a sequin gown. $595 at Nordstrom in Oakbrook Center nordstrom.com


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

Add a little bling in black with this Sondra Roberts mesh clutch. $140 at bloomingdales.com

HMfallfashion OCTOBER 2016

Uptown Holiday Ball DECEMBER 3 | thecommunityhouse.org The Community House, 415 W. Eighth Street, Hinsdale

‘Tis the season to support the organization that supports your community at the annual Community House Holiday Ball, a festive evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing.

Dress in the color of the season in this cranberry Jovani lace gown. $898 at Nordstrom Oakbrook Center nordstrom.com

If there ever was a time to break out the red lipstick, this is it—and Tom Ford Ruby Red lipstick is one of the prettiest. $50 at Nordstrom Oakbrook Center nordstrom.com

Add a little ornamentation to your ears with these drop-dead gorgeous ruby and diamond earrings. Merry Richards Jewelers merryrichardsjewelers.com

The Tory Burch Britten metallic clutch is truly a modern neutral. $350 at Tory Burch in Oakbrook Center toryburch.com

Go for the gold with a pair of gold Dani heels. $298 at Kate Spade in Oakbrook Center katespade.com

Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE


HMfallfashion OCTOBER 2016

Howl-o-ween Ball OCTOBER 29 | hinsdalehumanesociety.org Room & Board, 2525 22nd Street in Oak Brook

The Hinsdale Humane Society’s popular costume ball is back, offering a chance for adults to dress up—not to mention help raise needed funds for the shelter’s operations, community services and special programs.

Play the part of a 1920s flapper in a navy blue Marchesa-tiered fringe cocktail dress. $795 at neimanmarcus.com

Go all Art Deco with a pair of vintage style silver and black gem drop earrings. $12 at unique-vintage.com Channel your inner vamp using Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Dark Rite for a smoky kohlrimmed effect. $25 at nars.com

Capture the style of the era with the crystal and bead-embellished satin T-strap Vince Camuto “Price” sandal. $110 at Nordstrom in Oakbrook Center nordstrom.com


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

Roar into the ‘20s with a glimmering rhinestone fringe bag with a detachable chain link shoulder strap. $38 at unique-vintage.com









S H O P H A U T E S P O T. C O M

ESTATE SALES Professional estate, moving, remodeling & demolition sales provided by experienced and trustworthy staff. Contemporary to luxury items at a fraction of the price. We pay our consignors more than all the competition. We have a global audience. No seasonal discrimination. Free pick-up for Ebay consignment in your area. 16W231 S Frontage Rd, Ste 10



Willowbrook, IL



Costumes for a


Hinsdale Humane Society Ambassadors prepare to host second annual costume ball this month by Mike Ellis | Photography by Kyle Hampson


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

The Hinsdale Humane Society (HHS) will host its second annual costume party at the Howl-o-ween Ball on Oct. 29. The humane society is partnering with furniture store Room & Board in Oak Brook for this sophomore event, which was restyled the Howl-o-ween Ball after being known as the Black Cat Ball last year. “[Room & Board has] been a huge supporter of HHS in the past,” event co-chair Mistie Lucht said. “We’ve had smaller events there, so this was a natural fit.” The Howl-o-ween Ball is being organized by the HHS Ambassadors, a relatively new group of women in Hinsdale and surrounding towns that communicate the benefits of the humane society throughout the community. In its first year, the event attracted 340 attendees at Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge in Hinsdale, and Lucht said the new venue will open up the ball to as many as 500 people.

COSTUME AFFAIR Howl-o-ween Ball co-chair Mistie Lucht, auction design cochairs Sarah Vossoughi and Laura Glosniak, and auction chair Walker Rediehs are gearing up for the fundraiser on Oct. 29, which will support the Hinsdale Humane Society.


“We’re building on last year, and I think the outreach and the excitement is already there.” –MISTIE LUCHT

“It will be very similar in the fact that we’re staying close to the mission of every dollar we raise will go back to help these animals in need,” she said. ... “We’re building on last year, and I think the outreach and the excitement is already there.” The ball will include DJ services provided by Chicago-based Fig Media, and both live and silent auctions. Cable TV host Ereka Vetrini will serve as the emcee for the Howl-o-ween Ball. “We have a really hip, fun vibe that we’re planning,” Lucht said. Lucht said the evening will also include a movie incorporating local celebrities that will be “funny, yet informative about why we’re there supporting the mission of HHS.” HHS executive director Lori Halligan said the furniture showroom venue offers more private mingling spaces for guests, and added that it will have a “really different feel” from similar fundraisers held at country clubs or hotels. Lucht said the event will interact with the furniture, as auction items will be

displayed on Room & Board shelving. The distinguishing trait of this event is its costumes, and a high bar for creativity was established at the Black Cat Ball last year, which featured everything from figure skating duos to characters inspired by pop art. While the Howl-o-ween ball will provide various costume awards, and Lucht and Halligan encouraged costume creativity, Lucht said it shouldn’t “deter anyone” either. “We had people that made their costumes from scratch,” she said, “but don’t be afraid to go buy something online, at a store—do whatever you want to do. We want them to be comfortable in the costume.” Lucht said event planners are encouraging people to come in groups if they are unable to attend with their spouses. “If your significant other is not available that night, come with a group of friends, come with a group of guys,” she said. Proceeds from the Howl-o-ween Ball will support the HHS, a non-profit organization that cares for and allows for the adoption of homeless animals by residents of Hinsdale and many

surrounding communities. “People think of us as the adoption center, but we’re so much more than that,” Halligan said, adding that the humane society also offers pet therapy programs, humane education programs, kids camps, obedience classes and more. Lucht said the ball committee is planning a “13 days of Halloween” countdown starting on Oct. 17, which will lead up to the event. She said the committee hopes this will “create excitement” for the upcoming ball. Lucht said the fundraising target for the Howl-o-ween Ball is $75,000. n The Howl-o-ween Ball will be held at Room & Board, 2525 22nd Street, in Oak Brook on Oct. 29 from 8 p.m. to midnight. Tickets are $125 per person and $250 per couple, and are available for purchase at www. hinsdalehumanesociety.org.

Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE



HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com



TRIP Photo courtesy of Sunnylands Center and Gardens


By Julie Jonlich IIDA

Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE


Photos courtesy of Sunnylands Center and Gardens

Sunnylands Center and Gardens Regarded as the “Camp David of the West”and a magnet for famous golfers, the former Annenberg Estate hosts national and  foreign dignitaries and diplomats to gather for summit meetings and retreats. Tour this 25,000 squarefoot residence designed by architect A. Quincy Jones, decorated in Hollywood Regency style. The tour also speaks about the couples’ significant art collection, as well as world-famous entertainers and politicians that visited the estate. Sunnylands Historic House Tour Oct. 21 37977 Bob Hope  Drive | Rancho Mirage, Calif. Tickets: www.modernismweek.com

Desert Trip Called a “once-in-a-lifetime” concert, “Desert Trip” music festival takes place in October at The Empire Polo Club, where six of the world’s most iconic and influential rock-and-roll artists will come together. The festival includes a wide range of on-site lodging accommodations, including fully-furnished Shikar-style safari tents. Oct. 7, 8, 9 and 14, 15, 16 Empire Polo Club | Indio, Calif. Tickets: www.deserttrip.com, www.valleymusictravel.com

Special thanks to the Palm Springs Historical Society, Moderism Week, part-time winter residents Jim and Marjorie Pehta, and architect James Reid.


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

HMarchitecture&design OCTOBER 2016

Elrod House Best known for being Willard Whyte’s winter retreat in the 1971 James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever,” this 8,901 square-foot home designed by John Lautner, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, boasts a concrete sunburst canopy and distinctive interior, including walls of rocks kept in place after preconstruction excavation. The house is perched at the very tip of the Southridge enclave, and is visible throughout Palm Springs.

John Lautner’s, Elrod House

Private Residence 2175 Southridge Drive Palm Springs, Calif.

Christopher Kennedy’s Palm Springs Pad Tour prominent designer Christopher Kennedy’s private residence. A down-size move, Kennedy has traded life on the golf course for a townhouse closer to downtown. Outfitted with the latest technology, the home boasts a livable style that has been called “a new generation of Desert Modern.”

Image Courtesy of Modernism Week

Oct. 22 152 South Sunrise Way | Palm Springs, Calif. Tickets: www.modernismweek.com

Frank Sinatra’s “Twin Palms” estate tour Located in the Movie Colony neighborhood, which boasts homes owned by Cary Grant, Tony Curtis and Leonardo Di Caprio, Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms estate, also known as “Party Central,” was designed in 1947 by modernist architect E. Stuart Williams. Designated a Class I historic site, the house is a great example of Mid-century design with Hollywood lore. Oct. 21 1145 East Via Colusa | Palm Springs, Calif. Tickets: www.modernismweek.com

E. Stuart Williams, Sinatra’s House

Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE




Trick or Trees


Play tricky games, fashion fun fall crafts and plant a tree seed to take home as your treat at The Morton Arboretum. Small pumpkins to paint will also be available for purchase. Weekends in October and Monday, Oct. 10 (Columbus Day); costumes are encouraged. Visit mortonarb.org for more information.

Sweat for a good cause, sample fun fitness classes on the Burr Ridge Village Green, and support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Shop and dine different boutiques and food trucks around the Village Green. Visit shopburrridge.com for more information.



Rotary Run Charity Classic

Chicago Sports Summit Meet some of the biggest names in Chicago sports, and hear from insiders about the business of Chicago sports. Register today for Chicago’s premier sports event of the year. All attendees will receive a goodie bag with team memorabilia and Chicago-style sweets. Visit chicagosportssummit.com for more information.




Fall Festival

Hinsdale Family Fall Festival

Celebrate at Cantigny Park with harvesttime fun. Enjoy a variety of activities, including a fall craft show, music, hayrides and more. Visit cantigny.org for more information.


Pumpkin Palooza!


Back by popular demand, join the RE/ MAX Signature Homes office for cider and donuts, and pick up a free pumpkin from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 222 N. Lincoln Street in Hinsdale.

Dress in your best Halloween costume, and join the village for a free day of entertainment. Enjoy pumpkin-decorating, carnival games, touch-a-truck and inflatables (weather-permitting). Trick-or-treating will be available in the downtown business district from noon to 3 p.m. Pumpkins for decorating will be available for the first 500 participants. For more information, visit villageofhinsdale.org.

10/22-23 & 29-30 Boo! at the Zoo

Little ghosts and goblins of all ages are sure to enjoy this not-so-scary and fun-filled event at Brookfield Zoo that has something for the entire family to enjoy. Visit www.czs.org/boo for more information and details.

Wine Harvest Ball 2016 The annual gala invites guests to enjoy an evening of inspiration and entertainment, while supporting the programs of Wellness House at Revel Fulton Market in Chicago. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit wellnesshouse.org.

The annual Rotary Run offers a way to stay active and healthy, while benefiting the entire community. Run, walk, slow-dash or mutt-strut through the historic streets of Hinsdale and beautiful surrounding neighborhoods. All events begin and end at The Community House, 415 W. Eighth Street, Hinsdale. Register now at thecommunityhouse.org.


1. A world of color at The Morton Arboretum; 2. Oak Elementary School students celebrate winning the elementary-school cup at the 2015 Rotary Run Charity Classic; 3. A young costumed guest poses for a photo during Brookfield Zoo’s Boo! at the Zoo (photo courtesy of the Chicago Zoological Society).

Editor’s Note: In our September issue, Hinsdale Magazine published a story titled “Beyond Brookfield,” which included two statements that suggest Brookfield Zoo has elephants. We were quickly alerted to the fact that Brookfield Zoo has not had any kind of elephants since 2010. Hinsdale Magazine apologizes to its readers and Brookfield Zoo as a result of the above-named statements.


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102 W Chicago Ave • Hinsdale • (630) 325-0088 427 Ogden Ave • Clarendon Hills • (630) 654-8900


Four generations and 70 years of service to the community. At Fuller’s you’ll get competitive prices on the best tire selection in the business. We will match any local competitor’s advertised or every-day price, on comparable automotive services.

$7.00 OFF*

FULL SERVE CARWASH During the entire months of October and November

Thank you to Hinsdale and all our customers over the years, and we look forward to serving you for another 70 years!


Ultimate Inside Out Package

$70.00 OFF*

QUALIFYING AUTO REPAIRS *Mention this ad in Hinsdale Magazine.





This month, we are featuring food, shopping and services. Here’s what’s trending in the Reader Favorite @Hinsdale60521.com survey. by Kerrie Kennedy


Located in what was once a silent movie theater, there’s a reason Il Poggiolo is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the entire Western Suburbs: an inviting, romantic atmosphere featuring fringed lampshades hanging from the ceiling, a traditional, yet updated menu, featuring everything from Chicken Marsala to Bistecca alla Griglia (hanger steak and Marscarpone mashed potatoes to an attentive, knowledgeable front room staff. Okay, more than one reason—plenty of them. ilpoggiolohinsdale.com


In the sizzling world of steakhouses, Gibsons has long been synonymous with oldschool cool, high-rollers and above all—big, juicy steaks. So it’s no surprise that its Oak Brook location, with pictures of celebrities on the walls and Frank Sinatra on the sound system, is a perennial local favorite for a special dinner, ideally on the outdoor patio, complete with waterfalls and a sleek glass-covered fire pit. gibsonssteakhouse.com


Hinsdale is home to the very first Egg Harbor Café, and after more than 30 years, it remains a favorite local spot for breakfast. From the Intelligentsia coffee it serves, to its gluten free menu (including bakery items from Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery), to its decidedly healthy, organic take on the most important meal of the day—including 100 percent certified humane eggs from hens that eat a diet that contains no antibiotics or hormones—, this charming café is a great place to start the day. eggharborcafe.com



Named after the Mexican plant believed to have magical qualities, the aptly-named Aguamiel Restaurante in Clarendon Hills serves up authentic, upscale Mexican food in a warm, inviting, woody atmosphere that draws locals looking to get their Mexican food fix—from the fresh chips and salsa and the “pick three” tacos, to the tortilla soup and the more inventive dishes. And let’s face it: there are times when nothing but a margarita will do, and Aguamiel doesn’t disappoint in that arena either. The Cadillac margarita— anejo tequila, grand marnier and organic agave nectar—is a great way to wash down even the worst of days. aguamielrestaurante.com

Hinsdale’s own version of Nobu, Nabuki serves up some of the best sushi in the area, thanks to its dedication to high-quality ingredients, including fresh tuna, crab and salmon sourced from the best seafood distributor in the city, and authentic sauces sourced directly from Japan. This everpopular sushi spot is especially crowded on Sunday nights, when the entire wine list is half-price—enough to create a family tradition: sushi Sunday. nabukihinsdale.com


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What’s for dinner tonight? For many of us, that question can be answered at Standard Market, a gourmet grocery experience featuring a whole animal butcher and seafood counter, a fresh-squeezed juice bar, a cheese-aging cave, a coffee and tea shop, a gastro-pub wine and craft beer bar, a bakery that features artisan breads and freshly-made pastas, and an in-house deli where shoppers can pick up prepared salads, soups, pizzas, and “What’s for Dinner Tonight?” dinners to go for two. Or—easier yet—have dinner in the store at the Standard Market Grill. Between the grilled Scottish salmon, the pecancrusted whitefish and the top sirloin with red wine demi glace, and you might be tempted to eat there every night. standardmarket.com


Vintage Charm’s well-edited, well-priced selection of casual chic tops, dresses, skinny jeans, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, purses, sunglasses, scarves and even lingerie make it a necessary indulgence for many locals. From a lace halter bralette to a floral and lace kimono, a reversible leather tote to a jade blessing bracelet, Vintage Charm, with locations in Clarendon Hills and La Grange, is chock-full of everything you didn’t know you needed, but now can’t live without. shopvintagecharm.com

A direct diamond importer, Bella Cosa Jewelers has more than 100 loose diamonds in-stock, all graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), as well as a GIA-trained sales staff, a gemologist and two full-time goldsmiths. From designing to engraving, setting to casting, all of Bella Cosa’s custom jewelry work is done on-site. In addition to custom pieces, its showroom is filled with designer jewelry, including Tacori, Simon G., Jack Kelege, Verragio, Galatea, Spark Creations, Breuning and PANDORA. bellacosajewelers.com


A great party starts with the right invitation, and Ashley’s Custom Stationery in Hinsdale is one-stop party shopping—from personalized invitations to thankyou cards, napkins to hostess gifts, engraved wedding invitations to holiday cards. And as the name implies, everything can be personalized, customized and above all, monogrammed. ashleyscustomstationery.com


Founded on Chicago’s “Jeweler’s Row,” the familyowned and run Merry Richards Jewelers, with stores in Oak Brook Terrace and Glenview, offers a wide selection of designer engagement rings and wedding bands by Tacori, Christopher Designs, Simon G., Christian Bauer and Ritani, as well as timepieces by Piaget, Omega, Hermes, Bedat & Co., Longines, Michele, Oris, and Mont Blanc, among others. Expert diamond buyers, owners Merry and Richard Cheng personally travel to diamond-cutting centers around the world to select their diamonds, many of which will end up marking the important milestones of their customer’s lives. merryrichardsjewelers.com Continued on the next page Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE


HMreaderfavorites Continued from the previous page


In an era of impersonal big-box online everything, there’s a reason Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts, with locations throughout DuPage County, is a longtime local favorite. Family-owned since 1923, Phillip’s is known not only for its beautiful, colorful blooms, but for the personalized service it offers customers, whether over the phone or in person. With accolades like Illinois Retailer of the Year, Top 50 Florists in North America (by FTD and Telefora) and a Top Service award from Yahoo! Shopping, it’s no wonder so many Hinsdale-area brides choose Phillip’s to do their wedding flowers. phillips-flowers.com


A day of shopping at Oakbrook Center is fun, but it can also be exhausting. Luckily, Mario Tricoci Hair Salon and Day Spa awaits—as well as its popular 50-minute “sticks and stones” massage, an inviting combination of hot stone therapy and organic bamboo fusion. From exotic massages to rejuvenating facials, mani-pedis to hair services, makeup applications to eyelash extensions, there’s every excuse here to treat yourself right and make a day of it. You can even enjoy lunch in the spa café. tricoci.com


Fuller’s Home & Hardware, now celebrating its 70th anniversary, isn’t just a place to pick up lightbulbs, screws and a wrench. This Hinsdale institution is also the place to go to get your gutters cleaned, your appliances fixed (including major appliances like air conditioners and furnaces), your screens repaired, and even your deck repaired. Whatever’s on your “honey-do” list, Fuller’s will take care of, including moving furniture—or putting it together. And when holiday season kicks in, Fuller’s is happy to turn your home into a winter wonderland. fullerssecondfloor.com


Let’s face it: a trip to the dentist isn’t something most people look forward to—much less a trip to an oral surgeon. But when your child needs his or her wisdom teeth removed, your husband’s root canal fails, or any of the myriad reasons why you might need to see an oral surgeon, Dr. Cynthia Satko is where many Hinsdale-area residents head. A 30-year Hinsdale resident and mother of three—she once made custom mouth guards for the entire Hinsdale Central football team and the girl’s lacrosse team—, Satko’s experience, education, empathy and warmth make her a logical choice. drsatko.com n


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DESITTER FLOORING A beautiful hardwood floor can make a room sing. Not only does a hardwood floor add beauty, it makes a room look larger, and adds value as well. Since 1920, Hinsdale-area residents have been heading to DeSitter Flooring for their flooring projects. In addition to hardwood, this full-service, one-stop shop carries laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, tile, natural stone, and a huge array of top-brand carpet at competitive prices. And DeSitter’s 30,000 square-foot warehouse means immediate install is possible. desitterflooring.com


favorites around


The Chicago Cubs are on a roll, and there’s no better place to be than Wrigley Field on gameday. We’ve rounded up five of the best spots in the neighborhood for a bite to eat and a drink or two. by Melanie Stone

1 3 2 1) ROCKIT BURGER BAR rockitburgerbar.com Another Chicago sports bar, Rockit is home to some of the city’s best burgers. It is just steps away from Wrigley Field, making it the perfect destination for a pre-game meal or post-game drink. Try the truffle mushroom burger—the burger is topped with truffle creme fraiche, and it also comes with truffle fries. There’s also the beloved mac & cheese attack, which is served on a fried mac-n-cheese bun.

2) LUCKY’S SANDWICH COMPANY luckysandwich.com Made famous by the Food


Network’s “Man Vs. Food,” this local chain serves up giant sandwiches with a twist— each one is stuffed with fries and coleslaw. Lucky’s offers mouthwatering combinations, like the “Fredo,” which is full of ham, salami, capicola and swiss. Top off your meal with an IPA on tap—there’s a full bar. Also, if the kiddos are in the city with you, there’s a menu for them as well.

3) CROSBY’S KITCHEN crosbyschicago.com Located on the dreamy and iconic Southport Corridor, Crosby’s is a neighborhoodfavorite for many. It is a bit further from Wrigley Field, but the famous rotisserie

HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

5 4 chicken is worth the walk. The interior is bright and airy, and the menu offers true American food, home-cooked and memorable. Come for brunch and get the monkey bread, or enjoy the Wrightwood salad (topped with cornbread croutons) at lunchtime.

4) THE CUBBY BEAR cubbybear.com This classic spot has been around since 1953, and it couldn’t be any closer to the field—The Cubby Bear is just across the street. Stop here for a beer before or after the game. In true sports bar fashion, there are television screens all over, so you won’t miss a beat. If you’re

looking for the full Wrigley experience, this is certainly a place to add to your list.

5) CORRIDOR BREWERY & PROVISIONS corridorchicago.com Across the street from Crosby’s, you’ll find Corridor Brewery, an exceptionally cool spot for a beer flight or two. It is decorated with rustic wood beams, exposed brick and plenty of booths. Behind the bar, you’ll see the bright tanks and fermenters on display. Sample the wizard fight, on tap now, and pair it with a round of cauliflower and cheese curds. Corridor is the perfect spot to celebrate the next “W.” n

Make your house a home, one fireplace at a time. DESIGNER’S WELCOME

Its not too early to plan for the holidays. Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is less than an hour away. Our ability to provide fireplace furnishings that reflect the varied styles of our clients is what sets us apart.

2813 CENTRAL ST | EVANSTON, IL P: 847.869.6695 northshorefireplace.com

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“Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning” is becoming a popular trend, with emerging technology and easy access to many programs, books, and e-advisers promising to produce the same results as hiring a professional. Though there are many things that can be done yourself, such as changing a tire, or trying out a new recipe, estate planning should not be one of them, as there are limited opportunities for a “do-over”. There are many intricacies to creating a comprehensive estate plan, and the “DIY” method may not leave you with an estate plan the meets your needs. In addition to wording or structural errors, “DIY” estate plans often omit key sections. The most common mistakes include neglecting to provide a listing of assets and access instructions, not selecting a guardian for minor children, failing to designate a secondary beneficiary or alternative trustee, and failing to properly title assets. The “Do-It-Yourself” options often fail to mention that the guidelines of intestacy are “fair game” if there is an error in the estate plan you have prepared for yourself. That means that if there is a mistake in the plan you’ve drafted, the strategy you have set up may be considered invalid, and your belongings

may not be distributed how you intended. A probate judge will make any decisions if there is any ambiguity in the document. Sometimes, “doing it yourself” seems much easier than meeting with a qualified professional, but there are a number of complexities included in a good estate plan that functions as intended after death. There are many mistakes to be had, and unfortunately, there are no “do-overs” with estate planning. Your successors will be left to sort out whatever instructions you’ve left them, which may lead to unnecessary stress, court fees, and time being spent sorting out the situation. A professional estate planner will help to assess your situation, and make the process as seamless as possible, because estate planning is much more involved than filling out a “boiler plate” document. The best estate plans are created by attorneys who know which questions to ask, and how to properly structure your wishes into the legal language of the estate plan. In addition, as laws change, your estate planning attorney will stay abreast of any changes, and will be able to modify the plan as needed.


LARRY E. GATZ Vice President


This article is not intended to provide any specific tax, legal, or financial planning advice, and is meant solely for informational purposes only. If you would like more information, please contact Wealth Planning Network to speak with an advisor directly at 708-481-4000.


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Jessie Cheung, M.D. DERMATOLOGY & LASER CENTER Dr. Jessie Cheung has a passion for improving skin from the inside as well as the outside by providing comprehensive care for medical dermatology and aesthetic concerns, for more than thirteen years in practice. Healthy, beautiful skin equals happiness is Dr. Cheung’s primary philosophy. Her holistic approach connects tried-and-true cosmetic procedures with new and developing treatments for hair and skin rejuvenation. Dr. Cheung has advanced experience with lasers and procedural dermatology such as Mohs surgery for skin cancer removal. Her upscale office provides a relaxing patient experience with one-on-one personal care. “From the initial consultation to the follow-up, my process involves attentiveness, responsiveness and respect for patient needs,” she says.

Location 545 Plainfield Road, Suite B Willowbrook, IL

Phone 630.455.0140

Web DrCheungDerm.com

Services Dr. Cheung’s comprehensive approach to aging healthier and living happier include: • Hormone therapy for increased energy, muscle strength, greater ability to lose weight, and improved quality of life for women and men • Multi-faceted hair loss treatment approach • Platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair regeneration and collagen induction • Certified provider O-shot and P-shot • Diva laser vaginal rejuvenation • Progressive current training, experience, and teaching the advanced and cutting edge | Hinsdale60521.com 46 mostHINSDALEMAGAZINE cosmetic procedures

A member of several esteemed associations such as the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the Chicago Dermatological Society, Dr. Cheung chooses evidence-based treatments that have proven results for the full spectrum of ethnic skin colors, tones, and types. “My focus is creating healthy, beautiful skin for patients of all ages,” says Dr. Cheung. Along with injectable fillers, Botox, lasers, and body contouring, Dr. Cheung offers unique non-surgical services such as platelet-rich-plasma therapy for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration, and “my newest laser– the Diva laser for vaginal rejuvenation, for women after childbirth or menopause.” Dr. Cheung is a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained in lasers and cosmetic surgery. Originally from New York, she graduated from the prestigious seven-year combined BA/MD program at SUNY Brooklyn Medical Center. She completed her dermatology residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, and returned to New York for a fellowship in cosmetic, laser, and surgical dermatology. Thereafter, she was on faculty at New York University Medical Center, followed by her appointment as Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Cheung opened her own dermatology practice in 2016, and proudly serves the Western Suburbs, greater Chicagoland, and patients from across the United States. Dr. Cheung, a Hinsdale resident, is married with two young children.


Gary Cianci, M.D. EDWARD-ELMHURST HEALTH CENTER & IMMEDIATE CARE Gary Cianci, MD, a board certified family practice physician who’s well-known throughout Chicago’s western suburbs, is one of the physicians treating patients at the newly opened Edward-Elmhurst Health Center & Immediate Care in Hinsdale, a $20 million, three-floor, 33,000-square-foot facility near the intersection of Ogden Ave. and Salt Creek Ln., just west of I-294. Dr. Cianci practices with Elmhurst Memorial Medical Group (EMMG) and is accepting new patients at EMMG’s office in the Center at 8 Salt Creek Ln., Suite 301. To make an appointment, call (331) 221-2550 or schedule online at www. EEHealth.org.

Location 8 Salt Creek Lane, Ste 301 Hinsdale, IL

Phone 331-221-2500

Web eehealth.org/hinsdale

Services The Center also offers: • Linden Oaks Behavioral Health and the physicians and therapists of Linden Oaks Medical Group, who provide adult and adolescent outpatient programs for alcohol/ drug addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, as well as medication management and counseling. • Imaging: A full array of radiology services, including digital X-ray, mammogram, ultrasound and Dexa bone scans. • Physical therapy • Occupational health • Lab services

“As a family practice physician, I take care of people longitudinally and personally,” says Dr. Cianci. “The healthcare team that I work with will aim to provide a safe and positive atmosphere to help treat your health care needs appropriately and compassionately.” Dr. Cianci’s clinical interests include diabetes, heart disease, allergies, cholesterol management, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension, primary care, sports medicine and thyroid disease. He received his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago and completed his residency at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Dr. Cianci has earned many honors and awards, including the 2013 Vitals Compassionate Doctor Recognition and the 2013 Patient Choice Award. In addition to Dr. Cianci, other primary care physicians and specialists providing services at the Center include Kinley Berger, MD, OB/GYN; Ronald Cheff, MD, internal medicine; Roger MacDuff, DO, OB/GYN and Anna Sorokin, MD, neurology. The Center also features an Immediate Care for illnesses and injuries that are not life-threatening, such as cuts that may need stitches, minor burns, abrasions, broken bones, sprains, high fevers, sore throats, earaches, allergies, minor skin rashes, minor back/joint/muscle pain, and work-related illnesses and injuries. No appointment is necessary for Immediate Care, which is open Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sat., Sun. and holidays, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Treatment is provided by board certified physicians and specially trained nurses. For more information about the Edward-Elmhurst Health Center & Immediate Care in Hinsdale, call (331) 221-2500 or visit www.eehealth.org/hinsdale.

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Paul J. Denemark, B.S.D., D.D.S., M.S.D. DENEMARK PERIODONTAL SPECIALISTS, LTD. Dr. Paul J. Denemark is a active father as well as an involved Doctor. He and his wife Michele have been married over 25 years. They have 3 children ages 14 to 20. He takes an active role in his children’s education as a previous member of the Gower 62 school board and worked with the Boy Scouts of America.

Location 570 Village Center Drive, Ste 202B Burr Ridge, IL

Phone 630.654.4141

Web DrDenemark.com

Services Your periodontal care starts with our expert treatment. • Pain Free Whitening • Dental Implants • Immediate Extraction/ Bone Grafting • LANAP® (Laser Surgery) • NuCalm® (Relaxation Treatment) • Periodontal Maintenance • VELscope® (Oral Cancer Screening)


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

Dr. Denemark first earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola University before attending University of Illinois College of Dentistry for his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He was a general dentist for six years prior to returning to school at Indiana University School of Dentistry to earn his Master of Science in Dentistry degree and research qualified certificate in Periodontics. While attending he became certified in dental anesthesia and resides as a past president of the Illinois Dental Society of Anesthesiology. Because of his expertise in dental anatomy, he has served previous appointments as a Deputy Coroner for DuPage County, Illinois. He previously held the positions as a clinical instructor with the Department of Periodontics and Applied Sciences at Indiana University School of Dentistry and the Department of Veterans Affairs in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as, a Clinical Periodontics Instructor with the Department of Periodontics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Dentistry, Chicago, Illinois, and Midwestern University, College of Dentistry, Downers Grove, Illinois. Present affiliations include the American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society, Chicago Dental Society, American Academy of Periodontology, West Suburban Branch Chicago Dental Society, and American Board of Periodontology. In addition, Dr. Denemark leads a Spear Education Study Club, several times a year, to collaborate on actual cases with a group of his peers. Dr. Denemark is always learning about the most modern technologies and enjoys discovering the newest and greatest of patient care techniques so that he may provide you with the best options for your oral health. Awards, certifications and special experiences include Chicagoland Choice Top Dentists by Chicago Magazine January 2016, Thanksgiving Day Feed the Hungry Mission, and a Dental Mission trip to Haiti, to name but a few. Dr. Denemark is a board certified periodontist, which designates him as one of the very few experts in the field. For a limited time, contact Dr. Denemark at 630-654-4141 for a complimentary consultation. Please mention this Medical Profile when you make your appointment. Denemark Periodontal Specialists is ready to answer your insurance and medical billing questions, give us a call today!


Peter T. Harnois, DDS Michael J. Kowalczyk, DDS Jon Asimakopoulos, DDS HINSDALE DENTISTRY Location 911 N. Elm Street, Ste 230 Hinsdale, IL

Phone 630.323.4468

Web hinsdaledentistry.com

DR. PETER T. HARNOIS, a Hinsdale Central alumnus, is no stranger to the Greater Hinsdale community. A 1982 graduate of the University of Illinois’ College of Dentistry, Dr. Harnois has been practicing dentistry in Hinsdale for over 31 years. Dr. Harnois is currently the President of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. He lectures internationally to properly educate and train his fellow dentists around the country on emerging technologies in dentistry that he utilizes in his own practice, such as Botox® and Lumineers®. His philosophy is to provide the most gentle and minimally-invasive cosmetic and metal-free dentistry with natural results. He offers NuCalm®, a natural sedation approach that relaxes patients and eliminates their dental fears and anxieties.

Services The dentists and entire team at Hinsdale Dentistry are committed to providing world-class dental care to their friends and families in Hinsdale and surrounding communities. Hinsdale Dentistry utilizes cutting-edge dental technologies to supply the gentlest patient treatments. It also provides a broad range of treatments and technological options. The practice has the ability to save lives with early cancer detection through Oral Cancer Screening. Its providers can now straighten adult patients’ teeth in 6 months or less with Six Month Smiles®, a cosmetic braces system.

DR. MICHAEL J. KOWALCZYK graduated as a valedictorian from Oak Park - River Forest High School in 2004. He graduated with honors from Emory University in Atlanta and obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Kowalczyk completed a post-graduate residency at the University of Florida where he gained skills in wisdom teeth extractions, surgical implant placement and sedation dentistry. In 2013, he received his Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. DR. JON ASIMAKOPOULOS graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 2016, where he received a degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He also obtained additional post-graduate training specific to endodontics. Dr. Jon currently serves on the University Relations Committee for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is thrilled to be joining Hinsdale Dentistry, as he shares the practice’s commitment to unparalleled patient communication and staying abreast of developing technologies. Dr. Jon believes that patients should expect an unwavering effort from their doctors to provide uncompromising care, and that it is our responsibility to deliver with a commitment to excellence. HINSDALE DENTISTRY’S roots date back to 1969, when it first opened its doors in Downtown Hinsdale. Dr. Peter T. Harnois grew up in Hinsdale, and is actively involved in the community. Hinsdale Dentistry’s practice is located at a new state of the art, high-tech facility, overlooking Salt Creek and Fullersburg Woods. We would love to hear from you—schedule an appointment online at hinsdaledentistry.com.

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David Loiterman, M.D. CHICAGOLEGS.COM Dr. Loiterman has become one of Chicago’s premier vein treatment specialists with more than 30 years of experience in administering sclerotherapy, laser treatments and vascular surgery. Our primary goal is to provide each patient with the highest level of care by using the safest, most effective, and affordable medical treatments available for varicose and spider veins.

Location 7 N. Grant Street, 1st Floor Hinsdale, IL

Phone 708.354.8881

Web ChicagoLegs.com

Services Our primary goal is to provide each patient with the highest level of care by using the safest, most effective, and affordable medical treatments available for varicose and spider veins. We regard each patient as an individual with unique needs. To achieve the best possible results for your vascular condition, we will listen to your concerns, carefully explain your treatment options, and develop a customized treatment program designed to achieve the best results in the most cost effective manner for each patient.


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

We regard each patient as an individual with unique needs. To achieve the best possible results for your vascular condition, we will listen to your concerns, carefully explain your treatment options, and develop a customized treatment program designed to achieve the best results in the most cost effective manner for each patient. Often listed, over the years in Castle-Connelly and other guides, as a top vascular specialist in Illinois, Dr. Loiterman specializes in circulation disorders. In the last 10 years, the majority of his practice time has been dedicated to varicose and spider vein treatment. Using the latest advancements in technology and methods, Dr. Loiterman has successfully treated thousands of patients. Dr. Loiterman graduated from The Mt. Sinai School of Medicine of New York University, located in New York City, in 1979. After finishing his residency at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Loiterman completed an additional fellowship residency at Chicago RUSH-Presbyterian- St. Luke’s Center, in vascular surgery. The American Board of Surgery awarded him board certification in 1985. He is also a member of the Midwest Surgical Association, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Surgery. In addition to running a successful medical practice, Dr. Loiterman was also an Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, as well as an Instructor of Vascular Surgery at Columbia University, in New York, and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Loiterman was inaugurated as the Chicago Medical Society’s 162nd president in 2010. He currently serves as a director on the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce Board and has been continuously affiliated, for 29 years, with La Grange and Hinsdale Hospitals which have become part of the AMITA health system. For most people, varicose veins and spider veins, a common and mild variation of varicose veins, are simply a cosmetic concern. Unfortunately, for others, varicose veins can cause significant discomfort and are often a sign of a more serious problem.


Cynthia Satko, D.D.S., M.S. SATKO ORAL SURGERY What are some common dental issues that patients have? Usually, they include removal of symptomatic or crowded wisdom teeth, nonrestorable broken or missing teeth, failed root canals, dental infections, gum disease, teeth that need to be exposed for braces and patients with TMJ symptoms. People who want to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant or support a loose denture with dental implants. Who are my patients? Adolescents with impacted teeth, adults with missing teeth, seniors with loose dentures, children needing dental extractions, athletes wanting custom, handmade mouth-guards.

Location 800 Hillgrove Avenue, Ste 202 Western Springs, IL

Phone 708.246.6400

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Services Exceptional Care & Results • Dental Implants • Wisdom Teeth • Extraction/Bone Grafting • LANAP® • Periodontal and Oral Surgical Procedures

Are you afraid of dental surgery? We make you feel more comfortable. Dr. Satko will “ease your mind,” listen to your cares, concerns and fears. Also, she will educate and explain procedures, simplify the technical terms, while helping you get comfortable in her office. Dr. Satko uses a lot of humor to make her patients feel relaxed and comfortable. She also uses many treatment modalities like IV conscious sedation, excellent pain control with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. Her jokes are even funnier under laughing gas! Dr. Satko’s Community Involvement Dr. Satko has lived in Hinsdale for 30 years, is married and has raised three children. She has a special needs son, and utilized LADSE and the Hanson Center with him. Her other two kids graduated from Hinsdale Central, where she was a band and football parent. She was part of the chain-gang for HCHS football, and made custom mouth-guards for the football and girls lacrosse teams. She has been an active staff member at Hinsdale and La Grange Hospitals for 25 years. Feeling of Trust Dr. Satko understands what it is to be a parent, with kids’ activities and busy schedules. She has been placing dental implants for 30 years, and has used tried and true methods, while keeping up with new procedures and technology. She is honest and transparent with her patients. She listens to them and cares about the outcome of their procedures at Satko Oral Surgery. What sets Dr. Satko apart from other oral surgeons? She is a female oral surgeon, pays attention to detail, and uses the best materials and current techniques. She takes the time, since the “devil is in the details.” Dr. Satko keeps abreast of new trends like providing safe options for dental sedation and non-narcotic pain control. She is the first oral surgeon in the country to be certified in the LANAP procedure, and understands the importance of the oralsystemic connection in treating oral inflammation and infection. She is involved in organized dentistry, is past president of the Illinois Society of oral-maxillofacial surgeons, and is an Illinois state and ADA delegate. She also leads a Spears dental study club for her dental colleagues.

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LIKE US OAKMONT PROFESSIONAL BUILDING • 3-story 44,100 square foot medical professional building • Located 1/4 mile north of Ogden Avenue on the east side of Cass Avenue


• 10 minutes from Good Samaritan and Hinsdale Hospital • 98 car parking with 8 handicapped accessible spaces • Individually controlled HVAC • 10 minutes from OakBrook Mall • Great access to I-88, I-294 and I-55


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Spectacular & Unique Burr Ridge Property

HOME INCLUDES THE ADJACENT BUILDABLE .71 ACRE LOT WITH SEPARATE PIN, OFFERED AT $1,550,000 Sun filled and spacious this home features walls of windows with breathtaking views from the entry through the living room. Formals, bedrooms and kitchen are all on the main level with family room and additional bedroom in the dramatic walk out lower level. The indoor salt water pool with adjacent steam and sauna room create a resort like atmosphere. Magnificent grounds are accented with paver walkways and landscape lighting. Truly a spectacular, perfectly maintained home!

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Soul Medicine Hinsdale’s Wellness House delivers life-affirming treatment by Kerrie Kennedy | Photograph by Jim Prisching

FEELING BETTER INSIDE Kathy Altman of Hinsdale scarcely noticed Wellness House just blocks from her home until she was diagnosed with cancer, and began to benefit from the organization’s programs and services.

Hinsdale resident Kathy Altman lives only a few blocks away from the Wellness House, but it was a place this busy mom and teacher hardly paid any attention to—that is, until she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer 20 years ago. Then, in the midst of her fear and shock, Altman realized there was a beacon of hope and support practically in her own backyard. With its motto “You’ll Feel Better Inside,” Wellness House offers support groups, exercise, nutrition classes, social events, educational programs, stress management (meditation, Thai Chi, Chi Gong, massage, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, etc.), and social events, as well as a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere that helps people with cancer feel less alone, more in control and more fulfilled. And during a time when the medical bills are


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piling up, there’s no charge for any of its programs or services. “When I was diagnosed, I signed up for a support group right away,” Altman says. “I also took a mindfulness class, which was so life-changing. It really taught me to live in the moment, and enjoy each day. I also took cooking classes and used the library. I immediately started feeling better.” In fact, Altman was so impressed with the care and support she received at Wellness House, she became a volunteer there when her health eventually improved, and her breast cancer went into remission. While its professional program staff is paid, Wellness House executive director Jeannie Cella says the non-profit organization relies on volunteers like Altman, as well as local donors, to fund

HMhealth&wellness Cutting-edge treatment close to home


At the AMITA Health Cancer Institute in Hinsdale, cancer experts use new and powerful technology to expand treatment options for many patients. Pictured above, the TrueBeam radiation therapy system helps to fight cancer more effectively and with more precision.

its now $3 million annual budget. “We do get some grants, and we have a consignment shop in downtown Hinsdale,” Cella says, “but almost all of our fundraising comes from individuals who write a check or come to our annual gala in October.” Now in its 26th year, Wellness House opened its doors in July 1990 after thenHinsdale resident Diane Hruby, who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, noticed an article about Gilda Radner in LIFE magazine. In the story, Radner talked about dealing with her ovarian cancer, and mentioned an innovative, pioneering alternative-treatment program in Santa Monica, Calif. that offered free psycho-social services for people living with cancer. Hruby, who is now cancer-free and living in California, promptly contacted Radner, who put her in touch with someone from the program, Cella says. “They came out and talked to [Hruby and other healthcare providers] about the program, and after raising $200,000, we opened in Hinsdale in a little 1,200 square-foot house,” she says Now housed in an impressive 15,000

square-foot facility, recently renamed the Hinsdale Kay and Mike Birck Home of Hope after the couple donated a staggering $3 million, Wellness House continues to spread its wings. Through its Wellness Beyond Walls program, the organization is able to offer services at a number of other community organizations and facilities, including Mercy Hospital, Countryside Church in Palatine and Oakbrook Tennis & Fitness Center. In 2011, 20 years after her first diagnosis, Altman received the news that her cancer was back, and this time, it was Stage 4 breast cancer in her bones. “It was shocking, because I truly thought I was well and completely healed,” Altman says. “It really hit me out of nowhere.” The good news Altman discovered was that with all of the new treatments available for metastatic cancer, such a diagnosis doesn’t always indicate that death is imminent. “I’m still on the first drug that they put me on five years ago,” she says. “I consider myself fairly lucky. The drugs are keeping my bones stable. I’m not free

We hear about new drugs all the time. Tell us about recent innovations with regard to breast cancer radiation. In women with left-sided breast cancers, the heart is one of the structures that the radiation dose used to go to—and any radiation to the heart is a bad thing. If you can minimize it, that’s a good thing. Most women survive with breast cancer for decades, so obviously, we don’t want them to get heart problems associated with radiation (acceleration of coronary heart disease). The Deep Inspiration Breath Hold technique helps expand the chest wall, and gain separation between the ribs and underlying heart muscle so the heart moves away from the chest, allowing us to deliver radiation and miss most if not all of the heart muscle. While it’s becoming more common, it wasn’t available even a few years ago at most facilities. What’s the average treatment time? In the old days, most radiation treatment courses were about six weeks, which is a long time. One of the things we’ve learned is that for women with early-stage breast cancer, we can compress the treatment time to three to four weeks, and still have the same outcome. If there’s lymph node involvement, it’s still five to six weeks, but we now understand that this regimen can be shortened for some women without compromising the outcome. There’s been so much controversy regarding mammograms. What are your recommendations? Continued on the next page Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE


HMhealth&wellness I usually defer to what the American Cancer Society guidelines say, which is clinical encounters every one to three years at ages 25 to 40—over 40, an annual clinical encounter and an annual screening mammogram—if you’re at an increased risk, then perhaps more frequently. There is a thought that there may be some early-stage breast cancers that would never become clinically relevant, and we may be over-treating it. That’s certainly the case with prostate cancer in men; however, it’s hard to know whose cancer will turn out to be relevant, and whose won’t. And it’s better to catch it early. Located at 1 Salt Creek Lane near Ogden Ave. (U.S. Rte. 34) and the Tri-State Tollway (Interstate 294) in Hinsdale, the AMITA Health Cancer Institute offers comprehensive expert care and state-of-the-art technology in a beautiful, healing environment.


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of disease, but it hasn’t progressed any to participant again, Altman is amazed further than my original diagnosis.” by the array of services Wellness House now offers. Altman says the fact that so many people now living with active cancers “Now it’s expanded so they have makes a place like Wellness House so a gym set up, which is great for people in active treatment,” she says. “When important. “When I was you have cancer, it’s really hard to diagnosed the second time, after talking go to a regular to my immediate gym—everyone family, the next has different place I went was “When I was diagnosed the limitations. But Wellness House,” second time, after talking to my the people who run she says. “Their immediate family, the next place I the exercise classes motto is so true— at Wellness House you really do feel went was Wellness House.” are trained to work better, because – KATHY ALTMAN with people who you’re with people have cancer. You who are not can also get wigs there—there’s a woman concerned with problems in the outside there who will help people who are pale world. We can just be with each other, and don’t look well.” talk about our feelings, cry and even laugh. We understand each other so well. Altman is proud of what Wellness “Over the five years that I’ve been House offers the Hinsdale community and beyond. in that group, we’ve lost a number of people. It’s life-changing to be with “It’s such a great resource, and it’s people in their last days—a lot of people right here in our own backyard,” she says. have their caretakers bring them in at the “For me, it’s probably just as important end. We even take our group to people in as the medicine I take. hospice. It’s just so important.” “It’s like medicine for your soul.” n Going from participant to volunteer

You just finished a huge expansion. How does that benefit your patients and their health? Our facility was designed with the patient in mind. We even brought existing or old patients into our planning meetings, along with front-line staff. The color palette is very soothing—blues, greens and wood tones. Studies show that when patients feel mentally at ease, they’ll be more physically at ease too. Our infusion area features a full wall of windows, so patients who are here getting infusions for six, eight, ten hours at a time will be able to enjoy that direct natural sunlight. We offer a resource center right off of our waiting area, featuring literature, pamphlets and computers. We even have a wig boutique, where people can get fitted for a wig, and it’s free of charge. With our physicians’ office right next door to the chemo area and an on-site lab, we’re really one-stop shopping. What are some of the exciting things you’re doing with regard to treatment? Continued on page 58


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We Restore Front Doors Beautiful Inside & Out Consider restoring your exterior doors to keep them lasting for years. From sanding and staining, to painting or touch-up, we do it all! Providing interior and exterior painting services for the Western Suburbs for over 30 years.


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Chandeliers are the jewelry of your home.

Trust MUST BE CLEAN to clean and restore your treasured chandeliers and light fixtures to their original dazzle and luster. MUSTBECLEAN.COM T 708.288.0457 E SPOTLESS@MUSTBECLEAN.COM facebook.com/MustBeClean


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One of the things we do is research. We try to enroll our patients in clinical trials that might be appropriate for them. Not only does it help them, we’re helping to advance medicine. We also have focused surgeons, who do certain procedures day in and day out, so they’re experts in that type of surgery. And our multi-disciplinary breast tumor board, featuring a wide spectrum of caregivers, holds meetings to talk about new patients, and to determine the best way to provide that patient’s care. It’s like a second-opinion clinic. Finally, all our breast cancer patients are assigned a breast navigator, who coordinates all the services that [the] patient needs. There are so many different caregivers involved with a treatment program, it helps to have someone who’s familiar to help navigate them through the system. Their navigator is their constant, following them from the time they’re diagnosed, all the way to the end of treatment. What are some of the complementary services you offer? Our oncology social worker is trained to help patients deal with not only how they feel about their situation, but what they can do about it. And if they don’t know how to talk to their employers or family members, she will help them facilitate those conversations. We also do whatever we can to help patients financially so that money is never a barrier. We help them find supplemental insurance plans if necessary, or federally-funded programs they can take advantage of. Our social worker works jointly with our financial counselors. We also offer genetic counseling so that patients can determine who else in their family might be highrisk by looking at genetic markers. We want to be proactive, so we can take appropriate measures. It’s a very exciting part of modern medicine that we have available. n





Dr. Nesreen Suwan Cosmetic & Anti-Aging Specialist

CoolSculpting® is partnering with celebrity plastic surgeon, from the hit reality TV series “Botched,” Dr. Paul Nassif, MD, FAC. Dr. Paul Nassif Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

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CONCUSSION FAQs Concussions continue to be a hot topic on the sidelines and in the news, especially now that we are in the thick of football season. The Sports Medicine team at ATI Physical Therapy answers some of the most frequently asked questions that come up when discussing concussions.

What is a concussion? A concussion is a type of brain injury due to a bump/blow to the head or body which causes the diffusion of force through the brain, disrupting normal neurologic function. These impairments are often rapid in onset and generally short-lived (about 1-2 weeks) with no structural abnormalities seen on standard neuroimaging. Who is most at risk for getting one? Commonly, greater risk can be seen with an increased exposure to contact (e.g. football, lacrosse, soccer, etc.). Incidence of this injury can also occur outside of athletic activity and are often associated with car or work related accidents. It is important to highlight that a concussion can happen to anyone. What are some signs and symptoms of a concussion? Signs and symptoms can be broken down into 4 categories: Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Sleep. Physical symptoms can manifest as headaches, dizziness, nausea and light sensitivity to name a few. Concussions can affect an individual’s cognitive ability by causing them to have difficulty with remembering or concentrating. Other symptoms that are important to be aware of are irritability,


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sadness, nervousness and any increase in emotion as well as disturbances in sleep.

What do you do if you have a concussion? If you think you have a concussion, you want to make sure you are seen by a physician with experience in concussion care. They will be able to best create a treatment plan and strategy to return to school/work/sport. It is imperative to understand that during recovery from a concussion the brain is in a vulnerable state and if another hit to the head occurs there can be serious and irreversible damage. That means it is incredibly important to refrain from any physical activity and get until you are evaluated. Under which circumstances do you need to seek immediate medical attention versus waiting to see your family physician? A concussion does not require immediate medical attention, however if you’re unsure and think it may be more serious, it’s better to be safe and get evaluated immediately. Any complaints such as significantly worsening headaches, decrease in alertness or consciousness, watery fluid from ears or nose, repeated vomiting, neck pain, seizures, unequal or dilated pupils, or any signs of stroke mandate immediate emergency room evaluation. If concussion symptoms are mild to moderate and do not worsen over time, then care is not urgent and an appointment with a primary care physician or specialist is appropriate. For more information on concussions and concussion management, visit atipt.com/blog.

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ike successful enterprises launched in a basement or out of a home office, many flourishing municipalities are rooted in humble beginnings. Home to several world-famous athletes and musicians today, the Village of Burr Ridge—which is celebrating its 60th anniversary at the end of this month—began as a small settlement of about 300 people. Many original residents of this collection of roughly 80 homes—then known as the Robert Bartlett Countryside Estates—were South Side natives that moved west on account of the large acre lots that were available in this then-largely unsettled place. “There was nothing out here,” said Len Ruzak, who moved to the area in early 1956, just months before incorporation. “All we had was a gravel road, no sewer, no water; all we had was a gravel road and electricity.” The original settlement stretched from old U.S. Rte. 66 (Joliet/Frontage Road) on the north to about 79th Street on the south, and from nearly Madison Street on the west to County Line Road on the east. Interstates 55 and 294 had yet to be constructed, as President Dwight D. Eisenhower only passed the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act the same year. “The main reason they incorporated was because the gravel roads every springtime, they used to get big boil-spots come up from the clay,” Ruzak said.


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Photography provided by Village of Burr Ridge Carriage Way Homes

As residents sought to incorporate, they pursued additional land to the north in unincorporated DuPage County that served as the headquarters of the International Harvester Company. To induce the annexation of International Harvester into this new municipality, the residents proposed to name it the Village of Harvester. “Our goal at that time was to get [International Harvester] in the village,” Ruzak said. ... “They named it Harvester to induce them to come in.” Six years later, the village’s name was changed to Burr Ridge at the request of International Harvester. “Harvester requested that we change the name, because the conflict of them being in there with the mailing,” Ruzak said. Ruzak said the name “Burr Ridge” was selected on account of the burr oak trees that are prevalent in the village. In the early days of the village, Ruzak said many children attended Gower School (currently Gower Middle School) on Madison Street. Even then, he said the high-school districts (Hinsdale and Lyons Townships) were divided by County Line Road. Ruzak, who served as a village trustee and later village president for three terms from 1961 to 1981, said in those days, the village utilized a number of makeshift locations for village hall and other municipal facilities, including a local church. Over Burr Ridge’s first couple of decades, probably the most noteworthy occurrence locally was the low- and middleincome housing Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley proposed in

HMfeaturestory OCTOBER 2016

the late 1960s on the site of what is now the Burr Ridge Village Center. This property was then a penal farm owned by the City of Chicago, which under Daley’s leadership, sought to convert it into an array of housing units, much to the chagrin of many local residents. Then village president, Ruzak said he recalled feeling powerless answering the calls of distraught residents, knowing he and any other detractors of the proposal would be opposing one of the nation’s most powerful men, whose grasp over the city was never more visible than in 1968, during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Daley’s housing plan passed the City Council, but no units were ever constructed, leaving the property largely vacant for several decades thereafter.

and they are diffused across four grammar-school districts— District 181, District 180, Gower and Pleasantdale—and two high-school districts—Hinsdale Township and Lyons Township—in two counties—DuPage and Cook. Hence, Straub calls Burr Ridge the “fragmented village”—yet he said it is more united today thanks in part to the Burr Ridge Village Center, a large shopping center located just southeast of I-55 and County Line Road that was finished in 2007. “[The village center has] helped to unify an otherwise fragmented village,” he said. But perhaps the biggest component of Burr Ridge’s growth—its location—can be attributed to the Federal Highway Administration and Illinois Tollway in fortuitously drawing Interstate 55 and the Tri-State Tollway (later designated Interstate 294) to RESIDENTIAL DESTINATION converge just outside of the village. So, how did a town with a population This convergence created easy access of 300 evolve into an affluent community not just to the City of Chicago for residents of nearly 11,000 people, boasting residents via I-55, but also rapid access to both like legendary two-sport athlete Bo Jackson Midway Airport (via I-55) and O’Hare and internationally-acclaimed musicians Airport (via the Tri-State). Dennis DeYoung and Jim Peterik, over the “We’re within 30 miles of about past six decades? five million people,” Straub said. ... “In 30 minutes, you can get to Naperville, you Burr Ridge mayor Mickey Straub subsumes the appeal of Burr Ridge under can go up to Northbrook, Schererville, the acronym “PAL:” privacy, acreage and Merrillville, Ind., Joliet.” location. Today, Burr Ridge has transformed “Those are the three things that not only quantitatively in terms of its population, but has also become more have really attracted a lot of the big diversified. names,” Straub said. “We have dozens of internationally well-known people.” According to Straub, residents are Carriage Way condominium The acreage component of that most commonly of German, Irish, Italian, construction acronym dates to the nascent days of the Polish and English descent, while its village and even prior to its incorporation, Indian and Middle Eastern population has when South Side natives relocated to settle on larger lots. increased significantly. “It started out as kind of a humble, hard-working, blue “We are an incredibly diverse village,” he said. “I think collar, successful people,” Straub said. “And I think it largely that’s one thing that makes us very special. I like to say we’re grew from there.” a microcosm of America, because we have all generations, all But it took progressive thinkers like Ruzak to realize that in ethnic groups.” order for the new Village of Harvester to succeed, it would have Despite all of the cultural differences and degrees of separation to offer amenities to complement the enticing lots. that permeate Burr Ridge through its many subdivisions, school At public meetings, Ruzak pushed for sewers and running districts and churches, Straub said there’s something about the water, and said “before I knew it, I was running for trustee.” people that make it a “special” place. Over time, Burr Ridge became the first community in DuPage “It’s a special place, because it has very special people— County to use Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago. people that work here, people that live here,” he said. “There’s Today, many surrounding communities including Hinsdale and something about Burr Ridge—that the most common thing I Clarendon Hills make use of the same water source. heard when I was campaigning was, ‘I love Burr Ridge.’ The privacy component of Straub’s acronym developed “You hear that occasionally about other towns, but it’s so through its 65 subdivisions spread out across an area that now consistent with Burr Ridge.” n stretches at various points from 55th Street to the north and the Illinois-Michigan Canal to the south, and from Ill. Rte. 83 to the This article will conclude in the November 2016 issue of west and Wolf Road to the east. Hinsdale Magazine. Some of these subdivisions are gated, while others are not;

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Hinsdale Central seniors Jessica Lee and Selina Zeng

Hinsdale Central girls golf will pursue its third consecutive state championship on Oct. 14 and 15 at Hickory Run Golf Course in Decatur. For a region replete with golf and country clubs, it may seem a bit remarkable that prior to 2014, the Red Devils had never won the state tournament, which has been contested since 1975. “I think Hinsdale Central’s always been really good at golf,” senior Jessica Lee said. ... “The returning members wanted to do better, so we practiced harder during summer. ... Seeing other state champions come back next

year, it kind of motivated us to say, ‘We’re going to come back with that trophy.’ “ Two years later, Lee and fellow senior Selina Zeng, both of whom placed in the top ten individually at last year’s state tournament, said they are determined to leave their marks on the program in their pursuit of three state titles in four years on the team. “Being able to cap it off with another state victory [would be ideal], because it would be such a great change in where we were during freshman season to where we are now,” Lee said. Continued on page 66


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26 15 Single Family Home Sites Available! Move-in Ready Homes for Sale, Two Fully Furnished Models, Luxury Finishes, 6 Uniquely Designed Homes, 1st Floor Masters, Home Customizations Available 630.796.2527 v Hours: Thursday-Monday 11-6PM v McNaughtonDevelopment.com v 630.325.3400 JUST WEST OF FAIRVIEW AVENUE ON MANNING ROAD, DARIEN

Present offer before haircut. Not valid with any other offers. Valid at Willowbrook location only.

Expires 11/30/16


Present offer before haircut. Not valid with any other offers. Valid at Willowbrook location only.

Expires 11/30/16


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HM sports

Driscoll Catholic High School, has shared similar tips with the girls golf squad regarding how to excel as a team. “Coach may not have been coaching golf for that long, but he’s been coaching basketball for like 20 years, so he understands what it takes to win as a team,” Zeng said. In her years competing at state, Lee said that team mentality has shone through in the form of support from her varsity teammates not in the state lineup, who venture downstate to cheer on their peers. “That’s always a great motivator, because it reminds you that you’re not there for yourself—you’re there Hinsdale Central junior Maddie Labedz drives the ball down the fairway. for everybody that has been Continued from page 64 working hard all season,” she said. Lee and Zeng explained that the main best every single round, and I know every This season, Zeng said the Red Devils difference between casual or tournament shot I [take] ultimately has an impact on are anticipating tough challenges from golf and playing golf at Central is the team my team as well,” she said. Barrington High School, St. Charles North, Zeng said she believes a significant part aspect of the game. Loyola Academy and Wheaton Warrenville At the state tournament, four out of six of this particular group’s success has been its South. team members’ scores collective enjoyment But with junior Roshannah Gaur, who comprise the aggregate of the game that also placed in the top ten in the individual team score on each goes beyond chasing competition last year, and three other day of the two-day “THAT’S ALWAYS A GREAT championships and talented players in the lineup, both seniors competition. match wins. MOTIVATOR, BECAUSE said they are confident in their team’s “You’re not just “I think a lot IT REMINDS YOU THAT ability to three-peat. playing for you; you’re of [the reason for our YOU’RE NOT THERE FOR During the Red Devils’ first two team playing with four or success] is that our championships in 2014 and 2015, they did five other girls,” Lee YOURSELF—YOU’RE THERE team has been lucky not feature the individual state champion said. to have girls that FOR EVERYBODY THAT either year. “You always have to have been playing HAS BEEN WORKING While both girls said they would like to just to fight for every golf for a long time, see themselves or one of their teammates stroke...because you and really loves HARD ALL SEASON.” capture the individual title, they said the never know what could playing the game,” – JESSICA LEE primary objective is the team trophy. end up counting,” she said. ... “We Lee and Zeng said capturing a third Zeng said, alluding to all didn’t join the consecutive title would be a great way to the fact that even if team to win a state punctuate their careers at Central, while a player’s score is not in the top four on championship—we joined it, because we leaving a lasting impression on the program the first day, her score could still count the love playing golf.” to inspire future players. Zeng also credited coach Nick Latorre, second day. “Winning the state championship for Lee said the team component means who started with the team her freshman us for the third time in a row would be there’s always something to play for, year in 2013, with helping to instill a team one of the best feelings ever,” Zeng said. regardless of how one’s individual round is mentality into her and her teammates. “It would feel great to leave a legacy at She said Latorre, who has coached boys progressing. Hinsdale Central.” n “I always just go out there and play my basketball at Central and previously at




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Because we do so much more than speech, My Private Speech Therapist is now named...


WHY A HUMMINGBIRD? This sweet and precious little bird of joy, ever so strong and beautiful, symbolizes great courage, determination, persistence, uniqueness and wonder. It is capable of the most amazing feats despite its small size. Hummingbirds are known to bring playfulness and joy into our lives just as our children do!

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STRIVE Martial Arts training provides your child with the knowledge to overcome obstacles and challenges. Our programs will increase your childs attention span and self discipline. STRIVE’s goal orientated programs keep them on track and you will see your child accomplish more and more as they prove to themselves that through focus and perseverance they can succeed.

orm, Free Unifag, Gear B l! a and Journ






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All of our licensed therapists have either their master’s or doctorate degrees and have many years of pediatric experience.



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Greenhouse Scholars

GLASS HALF FULL Several hundred area residents came out on a pleasant Saturday evening for a block party at the Dick and ​ Andrea Burridge residence in Hinsdale. It was the Greenhouse Scholars’ fourth annual Glass Half Full event to celebrate the bright futures of its ​ Scholars and to help catalyze change in their families and communities. Guests enjoyed a live band, hors d’ oeuvres, drinks and desserts from ​Paul Virant’s Vie and Vistro Restaurants, Carlucci Restaurant, Smoque BBQ, Pages Restaurant,​​and ​Bang Bang Pie Shop​. RMB Capital, an independent investment advisory firm, founded by Dick Burridge,​was the lead sponsor of the event. Greenhouse Scholars​​is a non-profit organization​that cultivates ​ leaders to change low income families and communities by​providing comprehensive support for high performing and under-served students in Illinois.





For more information about Greenhouse Scholars, visit www. greenhousescholars.org



1. Nick Tarleton, Greenhouse Scholar alum; 2. Greg DiDomenico and BJ Chimenti; 3. Meliton Chaidez, Andrew Klein, Asia-Ana Williams, Pravleen Bains, Michelle Kruk, Pete Burridge, Andra Pool, Lucy Jin, Sana Moqeet, Sarah Dynia, Jennifer Tamariz, Nick Tarleton, Ayesha Rahman; 4. Jennifer Sherman Cherry and Karen Fiascone; 5. Pete Burridge, Greenhouse Scholars President & CEO


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Photography by Tiia Norsym Photography



6. Vivien Schultz, Abby Burridge, Avalon Senn-Raemont; 7. Janet Weed, Nick Tarleton, Brian Weed, Nick’s mentor; 8. Liz Thornton, Jill Naimo and Jackie Gupta; 9. Greenhouse Scholar Ayesha Rahman, Patrick Oberle and Scott Jonlich; 10. Dave Gruca, Paul Joyaux, Angela and Dimitri Eliopoulos; 11. Event attendees enjoying the presentation; 12. Vivek and Neha Iyengar, Dave Knecht, Karen Knecht, Cindy Brooks, Satish Vayuvegula; 13. Katie and Benjamin Albrecht; 14. Stacy and John McGowan Hinsdale60521.com | HINSDALEMAGAZINE



The Community House

SHAFER WINE DINNER Photography by Courtney Cimo More than 100 supporters of The Community House (TCH) gathered at Hinsdale Golf Club in Clarendon Hills on Sept. 8 for the Shafer Wine Dinner. Co-chairs for the event, a TCH fundraiser, were Barbara and Robert Early and Jenny and Flip Templeton. Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour, followed by an exquisite meal paired with exceptional Shafer wines chosen by Doug and Libby Shafer, who were also in attendance. Throughout the evening, the Shafers shared stories of their time growing up in Hinsdale, and what life is really like in Napa Valley and at the Shafer vineyards. The event is expected to raise more than $40,000, and will help to support programs and social services at The Community House.


2 3

For more information about The Community House, visit www. thecommunityhouse.org.



1. Flip Templeton, Jenny Templeton, Libby Shafer, Jeni Fabian, Doug Shafer, Barbara and Robert Early; 2. Jenny Templeton, Doug Shafer, Robert Early; 3. Jenny Templeton and Libby Shafer; 4. Mary Grace Burke and Margaret Ferguson; 5. John Kayser, Bob Whitelaw, Jeanne and Bob McCarthy


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FOUR GENERATIONS OF our family CARING FOR FAMILIES like yours SINCE 1924. Terrence M. Sullivan and Brian D. Sullivan 60 South Grant Street | Hinsdale | 630.323.0275 sullivanfuneralhomehinsdale.com

Aesthetic PlAstic And ReconstRuctive suRgeRy, s.c. ALEXANDRINA S. SAULIS, M.D., F.A.C.S. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Every patient is provided with the best plastic surgery care in the Western Suburbs and the Chicagoland area. “Dr. Saulis was excellent! She took her time to go over all my questions and made me feel at ease. I never had any pain with my procedure or in my recovery. I’m so pleased with how everything turned out. Thank you!” Breast Surgery • Body Contouring • Breast Augmentation Breast Lift • Abdominaplasty • Liposuction • Botox® • Restylane® Breast Reconstruction • Skin Cancer Removal & Reconstruction Scar Revision & Management

120 E. Ogden Avenue, Suite #204 Hinsdale, IL 60521 the AmeRicAn society foR Aesthetic PlAstic suRgeRy, inc.






HMcommunityscene MARTINIS FOR MISERICORDIA Photography by Mike Ellis





1. Ken and Angela Crews; 2. Laura Alter and Peggy Moriarty; 3. Sharon Smith and Ellen Hoobyar; 4. Jim and Kim Mercurio


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Roughly 150 local residents supported individuals with developmental disabilities in the Chicagoland area at the Martinis for Misericordia fundraiser at Ruth Lake Country Club in Hinsdale on Sept. 10. The event featured musical entertainment from the band Ear Candy, as well as a smattering of live and silent auction packages. Auction items included a week stay in Palm Springs, Calif., a sailboat ride for six people on Lake Michigan, a stick signed by the entire 2016 Chicago Blackhawks team, and a bobblehead signed and donated by local resident Jim Thome. Event organizers said the goal was to raise $30,000 for Misericordia, a North Side campus that serves as a home to 600 adults and children with a range of developmental disabilities. Fundraisers like Martinis for Misericordia help to bridge the gap in funding between what the non-profit organization receives from the State of Illinois and what it actually needs to operate.




For registration: wasan@elbornocenters.com or call 630-456-6300

*Models needed for permanent makeup.


ANNA SAVINA Dermopigmentation Professional

American Boardcertified specialists in dentistry for infants, children, and teens.

Dr. Mira Albert: Loving wife and a mother of two young children National spokesperson of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Call today to reserve your child’s appointment with Dr. Mira Albert or Dr. Lynna Gripentrog at Brush!

Children should have their first dental checkup by their first birthday!

Consultant to the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Founded Brush Pediatric Dentistry in 2011 to serve families of Hinsdale and the surrounding suburbs Loves meeting new families every day and providing the best in pediatric oral health care Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

630-504-ABCD 911 N. Elm Street, Suite 228 Hinsdale, IL 60521 www.BrushForKids.com

Dr. Lynna Gripentrog: Joined Brush Pediatric Dentistry in 2014 Specialized training in Pediatric Dentistry from the esteemed Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Sincerely looks forward to meeting you and your children Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

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Enhance your Wealth & Avoid Retirement Pitfalls Rosemary and Larry were typical baby boomers. They longed TOP CONCERNS/RISKS STUDY OF 450 PROFESSIONALS for the carefree days of retirement. They worked hard, put their 32% Realizing safe tax efficient income through retirement children through college and had what they considered to 27% Maintaining good health and costs of healthcare be sufficient savings. Their financial advisor had done his job 21% Effect of taxes and inflation on retirement lifestyle to help them “accumulate” the wealth. Now it was time to look 13% Business continuity at those assets delivering an income to support their lifestyle. 7% Legacy planning They couldn’t understand why after all those years of saving it seemed as if they would fall short. They came to realize what the highest percentage of our personal study concluded. The “number,” on their brokerage statements wasn’t delivering on their true objectives. Safe, tax efficient income is what they desperately wanted. Yet they had not been exposed to the most current financial strategies to optimize cash flow and reduce income taxes through their lifetime. But what could they have done differently? Today they were paying $10’s of thousands of dollars in tax annually, which, by this point was limiting their capacity to save. And the plan never included selling equities at a 15 or 20% capital gains tax rate creating a lower base from which to generate fixed income. Only now in their early 60’s did they realize that the income tax on the growth in their portfolio was postponing their retirement dreams and their peace of mind.

What’s Left for Retirement Savings Net of Income Tax*

Compounded Savings* $1,000,000

















$200,000 $100,000



$0.00 0
















*Hypothetical example Componded Savings @6%; What’s left 35% realized tax rate 15% capital gains at year 30




Current assets required for retirement What if?

The cost of healthcare through retirement was always on the back of their minds, yet again, their que sera sera attitude left them woefully unprepared. These two missed the impact of a transformation in healthcare. Some of the best physicians, sick of dealing with masses of insurance paperwork and ever decreasing reimbursements, have moved to “concierge medicine,” which doesn’t mean they’re giving you “extra special treatment.” Just “one bill—for everything at once—no insurance accepted.” For Rosemary and Larry it was easier to ignore it than to face it.

Many folks have a financial plan with assets accumulating based on the 30 year average of the S&P 500. We understand that your number should not be $1,000,000 or even $10,000,000. Rather, the plan should deliver an after tax cash flow for what you want, not just what you need… a plan which integrates your asset accumulation and your income tax liability is the key. Yet few plans account for this. The good news is that there are simple financial tools to enhance what you have and to mitigate many of these risks. We’d be honored to share those strategies with you. As you approach retirement, be more proactive than Rosemary and Larry… and happier and more secure!

Charlie Russ MBA CLU


Financial Advisor

Hunken Financial Group 225 W Wacker Dr., Ste. 400 | Chicago, IL 312.767.0256 charlie.russ@hunkenfinancial.com videos.thelivingbalancesheet.com/for-your-life

Hinsdale resident Charlie Russ has over 30 years working in the FORTUNE 500 and personal market place. Global responsibilities with Price Waterhouse and Ernst & Young along with a Kellogg MBA, and a Certified Life Underwriter (CLU®) certification from the American College are among his credentials.

Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS). OSJ: 2550 Compass Rd., Suite H, Glenview, IL 60026 (847-564-0123). Securities products offered through PAS, member FINRA, SIPC. Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian. Hunken Financial Group is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS or Guardian.. CA Ins. Lic# OF700935. The study of 450 professionals is a personal study conducted over the professional career of Charlie Russ 2016-24409 Exp 06/18 Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents, and employees do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Consult your tax, legal, or accounting professional regarding your individual situation. S&P 500 Index is a market index generally considered representative of the stock market as a whole. The index focuses on the large-cap segment of the U.S. equities market. Indices are unmanaged and one cannot invest directly in an index. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.


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Our Customers

Our customers are the most important asset to our business. Each and every member of our team knows we are not doing our customers a courtesy by delivering a service, they are doing us a courtesy by giving us an opportunity to do so.

It’s About Time.

Windy City Limousine is now the nation’s fastest growing ground transportation service. We offer our customers the most diversified and impressive fleet of vehicles in the Chicago area.

Your Neighbor

Many businesses will say they love your neighborhood, but not many can say they actually live in it. Windy City owner, George Jacobs, knows the Hinsdale area like his own because his backyard’s in it.

1-866-94-WINDY | windycitylimos.com At Windy City Limousine, it’s all about service. We deliver the highest quality limousine service in the Chicagoland area and around the world for all types of special occasions. facebook.com/ Windy-City-Limousine

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instagram.com/ windycitylimo


Clarendon Hills Park District

FAMILY FALL FESTIVAL Photography by Mike Ellis More than 500 local residents enjoyed an afternoon of food and activities at the Clarendon Hills Park District’s annual Family Fall Festival at Prospect Park on Sept. 17. Kelly Smith, recreation superintendent for the park district, said the weather was ideal for the festival. The Family Fall Festival was comprised of familiar favorites like inflatables, wagon rides, a petting zoo, miniature golf and a juggler, as well as a new attraction: cardboard cutouts akin to those often found at corn mazes. Another popular returning attraction was the giant pumpkin-carver, Joe Adkins of Wheaton. Adkins’ exhibit was sponsored by Domino’s, and instead of being raffled off this year, his pumpkin will be displayed in the Kenneth J. Sloan Memorial Triangle in downtown Clarendon Hills through October.





For more information about the Clarendon Hills Park District and upcoming programs and activities, visit www.clarendonhillsparkdistrict.org.



1. Wagon rides in Prospect Park are a familiar favorite at the Family Fall Festival; 2. The petting zoo featured an assortment of livestock; 3. Local kids enjoy the petting zoo; 4. A juggler demonstrates the tricks of his trade; 5. Joe Adkins of Wheaton carves a giant pumpkin; 6. The petting zoo was a popular attraction at the Fall Family Festival.


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MUSIC PROGRAM Exposing students to music of diverse cultures and genres


Fusion Academy Oak Brook, a private middle and high school with a one-to-one teaching model, will hold its grand opening on Oct. 13. The campus, which opened in March, is inviting the community to come together to celebrate its journey. Attendees will have the opportunity to take a tour, and hear stories from Fusion students and families. Fusion Academy classes are all one-to-one—that is, one teacher and one student per classroom. This allows for the customization of curriculum and teaching for each student’s unique strengths, interests and learning style. Fusion serves middleand high-school students that do not fit into the traditional school model. Each student’s story is unique, but many have the following backgrounds or conditions: ADHD, accelerated/gifted learners, dyslexia, dysgraphia and learning differences, social challenges and school anxiety, or challenging schedules. Classes are offered at three levels: essential, college prep and honors. Students have the option to enroll full-time, take classes for credit, or utilize Fusion’s tutoring and mentoring services. Outside of academics, Fusion partners with community therapeutic professionals to support students’ emotional health, and to help foster a balanced life. The campus features a state-of-the-art recording studio and a mixed media art studio, which host its roster of elective classes. It also includes a “Homework Café,” where students complete their homework before leaving campus. To connect with Fusion or RSVP to its grand opening on Oct. 13, visit FusionOakBrook. com, or call 630-368-0824.



HMcommunityscene Community Nurse Health Center

LOBSTER BAKE Photography by Daniel Garcia More than 350 area residents celebrated the 95th birthday of the Community Nurse Health Center at the Lobster Bake fundraiser at The Community House in Hinsdale on Sept. 17. Attendees enjoyed a wine pull, cocktails and musical entertainment by the Jazz Factory, while having the opportunity to view college football games in the “lobster trap” on the east patio. This was followed by dinner in the Community House gymnasium, where emcee Teri Goudie of Hinsdale introduced guests to a video that showed the healthcare services Community Nurse provides to uninsured and underinsured individuals in western Cook County communities. Guest speaker Mary Beth Reimer then explained the value she and her boys have received from Community Nurse. Reimer, who has volunteered with the non-profit organization for more than three years, suffered a tragic loss in 1995 when her husband died of leukemia in his late 30s. Her children were aged 8, 5 and 3 at the time. Reimer said she had the option of paying a $700 monthly fee for Cobra health insurance after her husband’s death, but she couldn’t afford it. Reimer said she learned about Community Nurse through an acquaintance, but was reluctant to go, fearing she might know someone there. Ultimately, she took one of her children to Community Nurse’s dental center, and said she had a positive experience. For more information about the Community Nurse Health Center, visit www.communitynurse.org.


3 2

4 5

6 1. Chuck and Teri Goudie, Angela Curran, and Karen and Dr. Ken Nelson; 2. Dr. Nunya Irvine and Dr. Kisti Catalano; 3. Joanna and Claire Curran; 4. Angela Curran and Mike Bruni; 5. Dr. Nick Chancellor at podium; 6. Lobster mascot with attendees


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HMpeakperformance by Jim Fannin

WHAT GREAT COMMUNICATORS DO With the U.S. presidential election in 2016, I was wondering, who is the next great communicator? Where is he? Where is she? So far, the political, social and religious landscape is virtually void of all but a few great orators. Where’s the next John F. Kennedy? He moved our nation with the force and conviction of his powerful inaugural address. We still are inspired by his words spoken decades ago. Where’s the next Ronald Reagan? He made us feel like he was speaking directly to each of us. Where’s the next Oprah Winfrey? She became famous partly because she let us see her vulnerable side. She voiced her opinions honestly with no shame. I’ve met her; she commands your attention. Where’s the next Billy Graham? He was a force for more than 50 years. Is it Joel Osteen that will pack the power with his oratory to the public consciousness? Where’s the next Barack Obama? His skill and passion on the stage aroused the world. Remember when he energized the audience in Germany before he was elected president when he said, “People of Berlin, people of the world, this is our moment—this is our time.” What separates the good from the great as communicators? What can be learned from the great communicators from our near and distant past? First, great communicators command the stage with tremendous self-­ discipline. They know what they want the audience to think, and they know what they want the audience to do. They can fill the room with a “present-tense energy” that permeates each listener’s mind. They rule the speaker’s platform with a sense of knowing. They capture our belief, and turn it into instant expectancy. They relax us, even though they could be speaking on a subject wrought with tension and stress. And lastly, the great communicator blankets the audience with unbridled passion and genuine enthusiasm. The world’s greatest communicators know that people are

persuaded. They know that people are influenced. They know that people are moved through emotion. They know that people act based on more than their words on a teleprompter or an outline. They understand that it is the effective combination of their voice, body language and well-crafted words that drives their points and fully engages the audience. The impact of the human voice on a listener can be as high as 40 percent, and the impact of a person’s body language on the audience has been thought to be as high as 70 percent. Ironically, the impact of the speaker’s words can be as low as ten percent. The great communicators know this. The masters of communication in crafting, delivering and selling their message do the following: • They vary the speed of their speech from fast to slow and slow to fast. When they need emphasis, they drop the speed to pull in the audience. • They vary the volume of the message with loud and soft delivery. They go soft for emphasis. They increase the volume when concluding or reaching a climax. And if it’s of high importance, they speak loudly with their heads up, or drastically drop their volume with their heads slightly lowered, while still making eye-contact with the audience. Varying the volume grabs the listeners’ attention. This emphasizes what is important. When the audience hears the volume of the great communicator go up or go down, it knows something important is being delivered. • They know the value of the “pause” in their delivery. With a well-­placed pause, listening and retention is increased by 30 to­35 percent. The great ones know this. • They know how to vary the pitch of their voices. Varying pitch can grab an audience, and put it in an alert state. This helps the masters move the audience to focus on the essence of the message. • The great communicators know the power of body language. They command the stage by standing tall, always centered, whether moving or still. Their body language

JIM FANNIN CONTRIBUTING WRITER Burr Ridge resident Jim Fannin is a world-class thought leader and coach with 42 years of experience in life, business and sports. To learn about his latest thoughtmanagement program, go to 90secondrule.com, or visit jimfannin.com.


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

commands a body-language reply from the audience. The great ones can dance with each person that’s present. • They know the power of eye-contact. They penetrate eye to eye even with the huge audiences. With their eyes, they can scour the crowd with laser like energy deep into the mind of the listener. It is here that they forge trust and a sense of oneness. They know people are primarily driven to act by their gut feelings and intuition. They understand that to persuade and move audiences, they must speak from their hearts in order to penetrate the heart, intuition and gut of the audience. • The great communicators know how to fully engage the audience. They speak with the crowd, and never to or at the crowd. Their conversational style puts the speaker and the audience on the same team. The crowds want to be there and nowhere else. • The great communicators are simple in their message. Our children could get their message. Part of their genius is their utter simplicity. What requires artful presentations, data and a boatload of words for the average speaker, the master can deliver in half the time with triple the impact. As an audience member, can you see, visualize and dream the main idea of the speaker? Can you take in quantities of information, and analyze them swiftly? Can you feel the speaker’s delivery? Are you physically and mentally touched by his or her words and actions? Do you want more when the talk has concluded? Do you think about what was said, and begin to act on it long after the presentation? If so, you’ve been in the audience of a master. Where are the great communicators? Who are they? Is one of them you? We’re waiting—we’re waiting to be moved to a higher place. n

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HMspiritualinsight by Dan Meyer

The BEST in you Construction worker Al Davidson opened his pay envelope one day, only to discover there $100 more than he knew he’d earned. Davidson said nothing. During the following week, however, the paymaster discovered his error. Rather than making a big issue of it, he simply deducted $100 from Davidson’s next envelope. When the next payday came, a disgruntled Davidson came to the office. “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but notice that I’m $100 short this week.” “You didn’t complain last week,” the paymaster replied. “No, sir, I didn’t” Davidson said. “You see, I don’t mind overlooking one mistake; but when it happens twice, then I figure it’s time to say something!” THE FLEXIBLE VIRTUE I’m always encouraged by stories that display the virtue of honesty—only it seems like many of the ones we hear these days display the sort of “flexible” notion of that value that we see in the life of our friend Davidson. On a major talk show, the audience was asked, “What would you do if you found an extra $1,000 in your bank account, and there was no way to trace it. Would you tell the bank?” All kinds of answers came back, but most fell into two camps. There were those who said, “No, I wouldn’t tell the bank, because it was someone else’s mistake.” And there were those who said, “Yes, I would keep the money, because I’m not hurting anybody I know or care about.” Many people feel that there are all sorts of good reasons to run from the truth, or settle for half-truths, or to ignore the subject of truth altogether. In his research on the everyday ethics of the American people, Joshua Halberstam discovered that approximately nine out of ten Americans admitted to lying, more or less “regularly” to give themselves an advantage, to escape the consequences of some action, or to “protect” someone from the truth. That reality may help to explain why both of the most prominent candidates for the presidency of our country have the track records they do; and why the majority of their supporters don’t seem too ruffled by their responses. FINDING FIRM FOUNDATIONS Yet, as much as many of us probably live within those statistics, this needs to trouble us. You see, to put it in construction terms, truth is like a flat foundation, or like a plumbline that hangs down and shows us what “straight” really is. Honesty is the business of intentionally aligning our words and deeds, and helping others align theirs, with those dependable planes. As anyone who has ever built anything very big knows, if you get in the habit of varying even a degree or two from the absolute plane of that foundation and plumbline, then who knows where you’ll

DAN MEYER CONTRIBUTING WRITER Dr. Dan Meyer is the senior pastor at Christ Church of Oak Brook.


HINSDALEMAGAZINE | Hinsdale60521.com

end up by the end of the project? You can rationalize all kinds of reasons for going a degree this way or that—it looked better, or it cost less, or other people were doing it, or I wanted to protect somebody else—but the fact remains that if that is your approach to building, then all bets are off as to the long-term stability of that structure. Woe to that individual, family or nation that is careless about truth. Former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all.” A lie is simply a misshapen handle that fools the senses into thinking you’re going straight, when in reality you’re veering off. It may be the lie that fiddling with the financial report a little can’t really hurt. It may be the deception that quality time with your kids is worth every bit as much as the quantity of time. It may be the lie that exaggerating your accomplishments is okay, or that a little bit of gossip behind someone’s back is perfectly harmless, or that you’ve pretty much got it together spiritually, while it’s those other people that need the work. Remember, nobody sets out in life to be a habitually-unethical businessperson, or a person that hardly knows his kids. Nobody begins thinking, “I think I’ll become a self-deceived braggart, or a vicious backstabber, or a hypocritical pietist.” TRUTH-TELLERS This is why we are especially fortunate if we have people in our lives who so long to see the best in us grow that they will “speak the truth to us in love” (Eph. 4:15). It can be risky business to be such a truth-teller. Perhaps that’s why there’s an old Yugoslav proverb that says, “Tell the truth and run!” But as Henri Amiel once observed, “Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence.” To live with the virtue of honesty is not only to be unwilling to hold onto falsehood in your own life, it is to be unwilling to remain silent with a loved one who is working with a lie. Let me hasten to add that exposing the lurid details of every aspect of someone else’s moral failures may seem like honesty, but usually does not come from the sort of heart God desires. The kind of honesty that is truly virtuous is always aimed at building the other up rather than tearing the other down. Honesty is truth wielded by the hand of love in the pursuit of creative purposes. God loves each of us enough to want to lead us into the deeper truth about ourselves, our situation and life itself. But as Henry David Thoreau once said, “It takes two to speak the truth—one to speak, another to hear.” If absolute love were seeking to speak the truth to you today— trying to unlock the best in you—, what would that voice be asking you to hear? n

From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth, From the laziness that is content with half-truth, From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth, O God of Truth deliver us. Amen.

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Hinsdale Magazine October 2016  

Hinsdale Magazine October 2016