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CLARENDON HILLS Part II: Middaugh Mansion


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ur May issue is dedicated to the mothers in the local area. On this Hinsdale Magazine cover, we introduce you to local morning anchor and Hinsdale resident Judy Hsu. You’ll not only learn how she got into the broadcasting business and what she thinks is the hardest aspect of her job, but you’ll also read about how this news anchor was thrust into the news herself on a chilly, October morning.   Jenny Waters is wife and mother of two young children and is our Hinsdale Woman feature this month. Jenny is also the executive director of the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL). In this article, you’ll learn what motivated Waters to shift from her original pre-med track to pursue a career in CLARENDON HILLS law, and later take on the responsibility of KITCHEN WALK leading a national organization. JENNY WATERS   At the end of the school-year, Madison Elementary School and District 181 will wave JUDY HSU ANCHORED IN LIFE goodbye to principal Mindy McMahon, who has spent the last 23 years in her current position at Madison. In this issue, you’ll read about some of McMahon’s most memorable moments at the school, as well as her thoughts on where the district is headed in the years to come. This month, we continue our three-part series on Clarendon Hills by examining the life of Henry Middaugh, a “founding father” of the village, who purchased a large tract of land north of the Burlington Northern railroad tracks in the 1870s. Middaugh, who also lived in Hinsdale, is renowned for constructing a large mansion that bore his name at the corner of Norfolk and Chicago Aves. in Clarendon Hills. In this month’s Community Scene, we shine a spotlight on local school fundraisers– specifically, Monroe, Prospect and Walker Elementary Schools, all of which held major fundraisers in March. We also take a look at several local groups and organizations, including the Misericordia Women’s League, Young Life and the Clarendon Hills Lions Club. Part II: Middaugh Mansion

Zen and the art of kitchen design

Executive director, National Association of Women Lawyers

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Remember to mark your calendar for the upcoming Uniquely Thursdays summer concert series held Thursday nights in Hinsdale’s Burlington Park from June 11 through Aug. 13. This is the 13th annual series, and is hosted by the Village of Hinsdale and the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce. The festivities will feature popular music from different eras. Here’s the concerts rundown:   June 11 Heartache Tonight, The ultimate Eagles Tribute Band June 18 Hot Sauce Committee, A 90’s Dance Party June 25 Mason Rivers, Contemporary Country July 2 South of Heaven, The best of Americana and Alternative July 9

Funhouse, 70’s and 80’s hits

July 16 Kickin’ Jimmy, Classic Rock and Blues July 23 Frank and Dave, Classic Pop Hits July 30 Vertigo, U2 Tribute Band Aug. 6 Hello Weekend, Contemporary Hits Aug, 13 7th Heaven, Nationally recognized unique and classic rock   Go online to to view all the areas summer concert series, including Clarendon Hills’ Dancin’ in the Street concerts on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. starting June 17 in downtown Clarendon Hills; Burr Ridge’s Concerts on the Green on Friday nights, beginning June 5 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Burr Ridge Village Center; and Oak Brook’s concert series on Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the Central Park Performing Arts Pavilion starting June 25. As always, we look forward to hearing your requests and comments. Join us as an exclusive member for event updates by signing up at Happy Mother’s Day!

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Clarendon Hills Series Part II: Middaugh Mansion



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WLS Ch. 7 morning anchor and Hinsdale resident Judy Hsu Photography by Jim Prisching

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t 2:30 a.m., while most Chicago area residents are fast asleep, WLS Ch. 7 morning anchor and Hinsdale resident Judy Hsu awakens to go to work. She has two hours to prepare herself for the 4:30 a.m. newscast—a show she has anchored since arriving at the station in April 2001. Broadcast journalism is a field Hsu dreamt of pursuing from a young age, growing up watching anchors and reporters at the network for which she now works. But one might be surprised to learn that Hsu, a native of Taiwan, who speaks perspicuously for a living, did not know any English when she arrived in America with her family as an 11-year-old girl. Hsu, whose father is a grandmaster of Tai Chi, a form of Chinese martial arts, said her family immigrated to Chicago so that he could continue teaching. They originally lived in Chinatown, where Hsu attended Chicago Public Schools, before moving to Rogers Park and, later, north suburban Morton Grove, where she attended junior high and high school. Performing Tai Chi demonstrations with her family around the area, Hsu improved her English-speaking proficiency, while honing her public speaking skills.

Judy Hsu plays the piano with her son, A.J., at her home in Hinsdale.

Hsu said she does not know the precise reason she wanted to study broadcasting, but thinks her rationale stems in part from her determination to learn the primary language of her new home country. “There was something in me that said, ‘I really want to master this language and be able to communicate effectively, just like I did in Chinese,’” she said. In order to learn English, Hsu said she watched a lot of television, much of which included news. “I remember watching the newscasters deliver the news, and thinking to myself, ‘Gosh, I’d like to be able to maybe one day tell a story in that flawless tone, maybe on television,’ ” she said. “That’s kind of, I think, the seed that was planted.” As a freshman at Niles West High School, Hsu joined the high-school newspaper, and said she “loved every second of it.” It was this initial experience with journalism that she said propelled her to major in broadcast journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign—much to the astonishment of her parents. “They had a hard time believing that you can go from an immigrant child learning to speak English, and then wanting to do this for a living,” Hsu said. Continued on the next page |Hinsdale Magazine 11


“What I love about my job truly is learning all these different things about different fields and different people and different communities,” Hsu said, “and being able to bring it all together and tell the story.”


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While at the University of Illinois, Hsu performed two internships: the first for a semester with former WBBM Ch. 2 anchor Walter Jacobsen, and the second with the CBS affiliate in Champaign-Urbana during her last year in college. The day after graduating, Hsu said the same affiliate offered her a job as a general assignment reporter. After spending a year and a half in a small market, Hsu was hired by a station out west in San Diego, where she transitioned from a reporter to her current role as an anchor. Hsu said she worked for about six and a half years in San Diego, serving as a weekend anchor before becoming the anchor of the station’s weekday 4 p.m. newscast. (San Diego is also where she met her husband, Tracy.)

Chicago is where Hsu developed her passion for broadcasting, and where she always dreamt of working. But after more than a half decade in San Diego, she said she was not actively seeking a position in her childhood home when she received a surprise phone call from the news director at WLS Ch. 7, Chicago’s top-rated station. “Sort of out of the blue, I get a call from the news director at Channel 7,” Hsu said. “And it hardly ever happens this way...I literally thought it was a joke. You don’t just get a phone call from the news director at WLS to offer you a job—but it wasn’t a joke. They were looking for a morning anchor, and here I am.” Returning home to Chicago in April 2001, Hsu said it was surreal to be joining many of the familiar faces she grew up watching on television as a fellow anchor. “I watched Linda Yu on TV, I watched Ron [Magers], I watched Mark Giangreco,” she said. “Those are the people who I watched in high school, while I was sort of, kind of thinking about possibly doing this for a living. ... “Fast forward to the day that I walked into Channel 7...I was star-struck.” Despite the pressures of speaking to thousands or millions of viewers each time she sits at the anchor desk, Hsu said the most difficult aspect of her job is probably waking up in the middle of the night. “It’s like having a newborn for 14 years that wakes you up at 2 [a.m.] every day,” she said, adding that parental responsibilities often preclude her from going to sleep until 9 p.m. “The schedule is grueling. That’s probably, I would say, the hardest part of my job.” During her first months at WLS Ch. 7, Hsu was pregnant with her first son, Luke. That September, just about two weeks from her scheduled due date, she and co-anchor Hosea Sanders relaxed after wrapping up a show on what seemed like an ordinary morning—Sept. 11, 2001. Continued on page 14

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“All of a sudden, we look over, and GMA (Good Morning America) had the live pictures of what was happening,” Hsu said. “Charlie Gibson said, ‘We don’t know what’s happening; we’re just seeing these first pictures.’ “It was hard to believe, even for us, sitting in a newsroom, knowing that this news was happening, but nobody knew exactly what it was.”


During her first year back in Chicago, Hsu and her husband resided in the city near the station. But then, like many young families, after Hsu gave birth to her first child, they looked to move out to the suburbs, seeking more space and good schools. Hsu said they looked at suburbs throughout the Chicago area, ranging from the North Shore to Oak Park and La Grange. She said Dick Johnson, a longtime Hinsdale resident who was then an anchor with Channel 7, suggested she consider Hinsdale. Although she grew up moving around Chicagoland and had anchored the morning news at the station for more than a year, Hsu said she was rather unfamiliar with Hinsdale at the time. “I certainly knew where it was, but we didn’t come out here really for anything,” she said. Attracted by the quality of the schools and the “charming” village, Hsu and her husband moved to Hinsdale, originally renting near the community pool. They now reside in their third home in Hinsdale,

and their oldest son and two daughters attend Madison Elementary School.


In October 2009, Hsu suddenly went from news anchor to newsmaker in a most unanticipated fashion. Having already given birth to three children, she and husband Tracy were expecting their fourth child. Nothing about the pregnancy was unusual—until the wee hours of the morning of Oct. 13. Hsu had gone on maternity leave roughly a week earlier, and was expecting for her baby to arrive in about two days or so, when suddenly, at 3:30 a.m., she felt she was going into labor. Waking her husband up, Hsu called her neighbor from across the street, who had incidentally volunteered to supervise her children under such circumstances, while they boarded their sedan and hurried for Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She said at this point, “the contractions were getting closer,” but nevertheless, expected everything to proceed normally. “I still wasn’t concerned about going to the hospital, because there was no traffic at four o’clock in the morning,” Hsu said. “I still never thought that we wouldn’t make it.” Tracy darted up Ill. Rte. 83 to Interstate 88, before merging onto the Eisenhower Continued on page 16

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COVER STORY Continued from page 14

Expressway. After about 15 minutes in the car, the couple reached the Cicero Ave. exit, 4800 W., or about six miles from downtown Chicago. Hsu said she could see the darkened skyline in the distance, but knew they had to pull over. Tracy asked her if she would like for him to move over to the side of the road, and after she agreed, he moved into a conveniently-situated

to cut off the circulation and bring the baby to life,” he said, adding that he stored the delivery story as useful information just in case he might need to apply it weeks later. Meanwhile, after she verbalized the story on-air, Hsu said she laughed with co-anchor Hosea Sanders, saying, “Oh, my gosh, that would never happen to me.”

“The first question is, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe it,’ ” Hsu said. “The second is, ‘Are you okay?’ [The] third is, ‘Can we send a camera crew?’ ” pull-out area along the right shoulder of the eastbound Eisenhower. Once he had pulled over, Tracy dialed 9-1-1, and was connected with an operator that attempted to help them through the delivery process. “It’s Judy, myself, this voice and this soon-to-be baby,” he said. When Tracy had moved over to his wife, he said the baby’s head had already appeared. The 9-1-1 operator instructed him to communicate for Hsu to “push,” which she did, and the couple’s fourth child, Alexander James (A.J.), was born in the middle of a roughly 40-degree night in the unlikeliest of settings along one of the nation’s busiest expressways near several of the city’s roughest neighborhoods. But that was not the end of the matter. A.J. had been delivered, but his parents quickly noticed that he wasn’t sounding the cries a newborn baby generally makes. “He was just silent,” Hsu said. “There was no crying, no [sound]. That was actually the more scary moment for both of us.” Tracy thought he knew what was wrong. In what can only be described as a fortuitous coincidence, approximately two weeks earlier, following his normal routine of watching his wife on-air before the kids awoke in the morning, Tracy saw her tell the story of a woman who had given birth in a similar predicament. “In the story, they need the shoelace

16 Hinsdale Magazine |

Still situated at the pull-out just east of Cicero Ave., Tracy made a suggestion to the 9-1-1 operator. “I just said, ‘Well, how about I cut off circulation between baby and mom by tying a knot on the umbilical cord?’ “ He said the operator thought it was a good idea, and he proceeded to remove the shoelace from one of the tennis shoes he was wearing, put it around his neck, and use the knot to cut off the circulation between the two bodies. “As soon as he tied off the umbilical cord, the baby cried,” Hsu said. “That was a huge moment of relief.”


After the successful delivery, paramedics transported Hsu, Tracy and the baby to nearby West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. Hsu said at this point, she did not even contemplate the newsworthiness of her remarkable ordeal. Although the couple made no immediate attempt to reach out to friends or family—let alone media outlets—, Tracy was surprised to learn that the story was quickly picked up on the radio waves after receiving a congratulatory text message from a neighbor in Hinsdale at the hospital. Then, he said “it took off like wildfire.” “What we suspect is that the paramedics recognized me, and I think it was simply picked up over the scanner, where we pick up all sorts of emergency

stories,” Hsu said. But the miraculous delivery wasn’t only picked up in Chicago; it made headlines nationwide. Hsu said the story made the Yahoo! landing page, and a photo of her and A.J. appeared on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times the next morning. “I got calls from friends who were in New York who saw on the news that I had a baby on the expressway before we had said anything to our friends,” she said. “My mom in Arizona saw a picture of ‘baby Ike’ on TV before I could talk to her about the experience of delivering on the Eisenhower.” After realizing she was becoming part of the news cycle she ordinarily conveyed, Hsu contacted Channel 7 to share the news firsthand with her colleagues. “The first question is, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe it,’ ” she said. “The second is, ‘Are you okay?’ [The] third is, ‘Can we send a camera crew?’ ” The next day, Hsu conducted a national interview with Good Morning America live from the hospital via satellite. “I was surprised that Good Morning America wanted to take a live picture with me and the baby in the hospital the next morning,” she said.

••• A.J. is now five years old, and will start kindergarten at Madison next fall. Hsu said she learned a lot from the experience, including gaining a greater appreciation for how it feels to be on the other side of the camera as an interview subject. “It was a bit overwhelming,” she said. “I had just stayed up all night delivering a child, and I really was in no shape to conduct all these interviews.” As for her advice to other moms preparing to give birth, Hsu shared the following tips: • “Never say never.” • “If you’re anywhere close to your due date, have your husband wear gym shoes with laces on.” • “If you have a choice of taking a minivan or a sedan to the hospital, take the minivan.” n

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CLARENDON HILLS PART II: MIDDAUGH MANSION by Mike Ellis Photography courtesy of the Clarendon Hills Historical Society

Completed in 1892, the Middaugh Mansion long stood at the corner of Norfolk and Chicago Aves.



n 1830, 185 years ago, a settler named John J. Momell purchased 320 acres of prairie and forest in DuPage County, which he later doubled to 640 acres. This land would later become what is known today as the Village of Clarendon Hills. More than four decades later, in 1871, land speculator Henry Middaugh bought 270 acres north of the Burlington Northern railroad tracks, seeking to develop it into a town akin to modern-day Clarendon Hills. A native of New York, Middaugh

moved west to southern Illinois and then the burgeoning city of Chicago, where he worked in the lumber industry and as a bookkeeper. “That seemed to be where he started to really make money,” said Diane Hiller, president of the Clarendon Hills Historical Society. Hiller said Middaugh also tried his hand at other professions such as teaching, which was not uncommon in those days. Amassing more wealth in the lumber industry, Middaugh moved out west Continued on page 22

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to Hinsdale, where he resided until his well-known mansion was completed in 1892. Hiller said he was an active early member of Hinsdale Golf Club, and involved in the relocation efforts that ultimately brought the club to the north-side of Clarendon Hills around the turn of the century. An 1874 map of Clarendon Hills (which had previously been known as West Hinsdale) revealed the planners’ original vision for Clarendon Hills. The map bears a striking resemblance to the plan for west suburban Riverside, marked by winding streets, as opposed to the grid system and linear streets that predominate most west suburban towns like Hinsdale, La Grange and Westmont. For local residents familiar with the layout of the town, the original conception of Clarendon Hills south of the tracks was rather similar to how it was ultimately developed in ensuing decades. Even many of the street names like Walker, Prospect and Park were adopted and have been retained to the present-day. But according to the map, the original plan for northern Clarendon Hills was considerably different. The streets to the west of Prospect Ave., which today are straighter than most others in Clarendon Hills, were originally drawn up more like their curvier counterparts. And very few of the names proposed in the 1874 plan were either adopted or preserved in modern times. According to Hiller, on the western edge of town—now the Blackhawk Heights neighborhood—stood a large greenhouse that supplied a considerable portion of flowers for Chicago florists. Hiller said Middaugh made a strong effort to attract settlers to the 270 acres he purchased in northern Clarendon Hills, including installing drain tiles and planting trees in the 1870s. “When I lived on Arthur [Ave.],

my neighbor said that the tree in our backyard—which was over 100 years old—was one of Middaugh’s ash trees that he had planted,” she said. “He did a lot of improving of the lands to try to get people out to Clarendon Hills to buy land and live.” Unfortunately for Middaugh, his plans did not fully come to fruition during his lifetime, as Hiller said the area north of the tracks remained largely undeveloped farmland until the 1920s and 1930s. “It didn’t really take off until the 1920s or ‘30s,” she said. “The initial people came in, bought the land, and thought that it would take off from there; and it kind of laid there for about 50 years.”


By 1889, Middaugh began construction on a large home at the corner of Norfolk and Chicago Aves. that would later be commonly referred to as the “Middaugh Mansion.” Completed three and a half years later in 1892, this magnificent mansion was 8,800 square feet and featured 20 rooms in all. If it were standing today, Hiller said it would still be the largest home in Clarendon Hills—which has seen its fair share of

large homes constructed on redeveloped lots throughout town since about 1990. Hiller said historical sources relate that Middaugh constructed the home using “only the finest materials.” “As he was building his mansion, the story goes that he would come to the area that was just laid out—the wood, the floors—, and he would roll a billiard ball across it to see if it was level,” she said, adding that Middaugh also employed bronze screws and a considerable amount of stained glass in the construction. “So, he was very particular on how that building was built.” Entering the home, to the right of the entryway was the “music room,” and on the left stood the front parlor. Among the mansion’s distinguishing features were hand-carved woodwork, four fireplaces, a button call system and a dumb waiter. From a utilities standpoint, Hiller said the Middaugh Mansion was ahead of its time. “It was one of the first homes in DuPage County that had hot and cold running water, and electricity and gas,” she said. The third floor of the Middaugh Mansion boasted a ballroom, where the owner hosted his “very lavish parties.” Hiller said Middaugh was “known in the area for his parties,” relating that guests would wind up his curved drive in carriages or cars, before being greeted by Middaugh and escorted upstairs to the ballroom by a number of his servants. From a staircase originating in the ballroom, Hiller said Middaugh could access his adjacent lookout area or tower, which he used to oversee his abundance of property scattered across 270 acres mostly to the west and south of his mansion. Continued on page 24

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In 1913, Middaugh sold the home to a man named Albert E. Cook, who would be the last private individual to own the property. About two decades later, during the 1930s, it was acquired by the Sisters of Christian Charity, who converted the large home into an infirmary for nuns and a resting place for elderly women. Hiller said from the perspective of historical preservation, nuns were ideal occupants of the property, keeping it in good repair. “It was an important building for our area...but it was also very well-preserved,” she said. Then, in 1954, the Middaugh Mansion changed hands again when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet purchased it from the sisters and established Notre Dame Parish on the property. Hiller said during the late 1950s, nuns that taught at Notre Dame used it as a convent. The mansion was later listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but was ultimately demolished in 2002, when the parish resolved to build a new church. “When this came up, it was a shock to me that the parish said, ‘We’re building a new church, and so we need to either demolish it, or we’re going to offer it to the village if they want to move it,’ ” Hiller said. Hiller and a group of concerned local residents assembled an organization called the Middaugh Mansion Foundation, which investigated relocating the mansion to another site. Hiller said the village conducted a study on moving it, and decided that it “wasn’t interested in getting involved in having it moved.” “That became a contentious

Middaugh Mansion circa 2000

issue,” she said, “because the foundation didn’t understand why the village would want to lose such a valuable asset and such an architectural gem.” The village purchased a number of artifacts and pieces of furniture, which are now preserved at Heritage Hall on Sheridan Ave. in Clarendon Hills, home to the historical society.


Ironically, Hiller said Middaugh, who had spent a great deal of his life amassing wealth through his work in the lumber industry, as a bookkeeper and later as a land speculator, appears to have lost his fortune in his later years. “It is said that he died penniless,” Hiller said. “We believe he came on hard times and was in ill-health.” The vicissitudes of Middaugh’s fortune perhaps reflect the overall ups and downs of his legacy in Clarendon Hills, having constructed perhaps the finest home the village has ever known, yet being unable to see the land he worked hard to promote and sell fully developed during his lifetime. “He was a visionary,” Hiller said. “He didn’t always get it right, but he had a belief in settling this area; and he, along with the other founding fathers, they made their mark.” n Hinsdale Magazine will conclude its three-part series on Clarendon Hills in next month’s issue.

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Henry Middaugh

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I NAWL executive director Jenny Waters

n its 80th year as a national organization, the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) continues to strive to be the voice for female lawyers across the nation. Founded in 1899, NAWL focuses on “advancing women in law by advocating on behalf of women in the legal profession and training them,” according to executive director and Hinsdale resident Jenny Waters. For decades, the legal field has seen equal numbers of graduates both male and female, but the numbers of women in top positions are lower, Waters said, adding that NAWL is concerned with leveling the playing field and helping women reach higher seats. “A lot of women in the legal profession don’t realize the barriers to leadership until they’re eight to ten years in,” she said. “To be plugged into a group that can give you tips on how to overcome those barriers is extremely helpful.” With said barriers in mind, Waters said it’s “ideal” for women to be warned before encountering them on their own. She said for her, it’s easy to approach clients and relate to Continued on page 30

28 Hinsdale Magazine |


Continued from page 28

them, because she knows and understands their frustrations. Waters, a mother of two, joined her first women’s group four years into her career. “Having an organization where people are pushing you, saying you’re ready—that really gets you that development at a young age,” she said. “I became a lot more confident with inserting opinions. [The group] had huge benefits for me.” If not for that first group, Waters said she would not have felt as comfortable taking on so many responsibilities as a young professional. Waters said she connected with the organization at a conference in Orlando, Fla. “I walked away with such a high feeling that I could do anything,” she said. “[They] hooked me as a volunteer, and then the [executive director] position opened;—it really did seem that everything came together perfectly.” Before starting her career in law, Waters was a pre-med undergrad at Princeton University. She said it was one of her humanities credits, a biographics law class, that became her favorite; and as a junior, she decided to follow her passion for law. After hearing from an acquaintance how supportive the students and faculty were at Northwestern Law School, Waters chose to continue her schooling in the Chicago area. “I ended up coming here not ever having seen the city,” she said. “I

30 Hinsdale Magazine |

really loved it.” While never having been to Chicago, Waters said she was sold as soon as she saw the view of Lake Shore Drive from her dormitory. “I feel like I landed right where I was supposed to land,” she said. Now a year into her role as NAWL executive director—which employs three additional staff members—, Waters is in charge of finances, human

resources and overseeing the marketing and membership departments. Waters said her role with NAWL really fits the side of her personality that was interested in medicine. “This role has some of the aspects I was really looking for in medicine—helping people, bringing good to the world and working cooperatively with people,” she said. “[NAWL] is really driven by the work of volunteers. “Most people we work with are people who believe in the mission and volunteer.—It’s just a fun place to be.” The organization hosts three main conferences each year, gaining most of its membership by word-of-mouth. “The women who work with us on a volunteer basis, they get a lot out of it with leadership development,” Waters said. “They’re building their networks, and they really feel passionate about the subject matter. ... That tends to be a very motivating feeling.” n

What is the future of NAWL?

As a practicing lawyer for 12 years, I am hoping to continue to see women succeed in the profession.

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aseball legend Jim Thome welcomed many fans while acting as a guest bartender in support of Charlie’s Gift Autism Center, a program at The Community House (TCH), at Cine on April 14. Guests both young and old enjoyed seeing Thome, along with his wife, Andrea. Additional hosts for the evening included Christa Roehl, Jacqui Wooldridge and Alex Tomanovich. Those in attendance enjoyed the lively atmosphere that Cine offers, as well as exciting raffle prizes that were awarded throughout the night. Over $2,000 was raised in support of Charlie’s Gift, with the assistance of Cine, which graciously donated 40 percent of the night’s profits.

Charlie’s Gift Autism Center provides support for children and families facing autism, sensory processing concerns and related disorders. Charlie’s Gift raises awareness of the impact that autism has on families, and continues to be a communitywide resource in the Chicago area. For more information, call 630-323-7500, or you may register online at [1] The Community House held its Walk for Autism on April 26; [2] Jim Thome at the bar; [3] Jim Thome signs autograph for Sox fans; [4] Christa Roehl, Alex Tomanovich and Jacqui Wooldridge; [5] Elisa McLean and Wendy Garber; [6] Scott Jonlich, Luke Koznarek, Jim Thome, Andrea Thome and Julie Jonlich; [7] Yvette Lenzi, Kathy Lee, Donna Giuliano, Marinela Surek and Suzette Stapleton


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Physician specialists dedicated to treating your skin, hair, nail and leg vein diseases.

UNIVERSITY DERMATOLOGY physician specialists are leading authorities in their field, and use their expertise to offer compassionate care and state-of-the-art medicine, treating all diseases of the skin, hair, and nails for patients of all ages, infancy to elderly. UNIVERSITY VEIN CENTER focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of leg diseases, including lower extremity swelling, ulceration, varicose veins and painful legs. From Left: Vassilios (Bill) Dimitropoulos, MD; Joshua O. Podjasek, MD; Clarence William (Bill) Brown, MD; Stamatis (Tom) Dimitropoulos, MD.

DR. VASSILIOS (BILL) DIMITROPOULOS, MD has been board-certified as a dermatologist for nine years. Dr. Bill Dimitropoulos utilizes the most advanced skin-cancer removal technique—Mohs Micrographic Surgery. This surgery is performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia, minimizing the amount of healthy skin taken when removing skin cancer, thus minimizing scarring while maximizing the overall cosmetic result. Dr. Bill Dimitropoulos earned his M.D. at RUSH Medical College in Chicago, before completing a dermatology residency at the University of Michigan. CLARENCE WILLIAM BROWN, JR., MD has been practicing as a board-certified dermatologist for thirteen years. Dr. Brown utilizes the most advanced technique to remove skin cancer—Mohs Micrographic Surgery—which enables him to map and remove cancerous areas in thin layers with unprecedented precision. After earning his M.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Brown completed residency training at RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Brown also previously served as the Co-Director of the Dermatologic Surgery Program at RUSH.

UNIVERSITY DERMATOLOGY, CARDIOLOGY AND VEIN CENTER 8110 S. Cass Avenue | Darien, IL | 630-920-1900 4605 W. Golf Road | Skokie, IL | 847-679-5199 2570 W. Niles Road | St. Joseph, MI | 269-428-5199

STAMATIS (TOM) DIMITROPOULOS, MD is a triple boardcertified cardiovascular specialist who has been practicing as a physician for eight years. Dr. Tom Dimitropoulos completed his medical training, internal medicine residency and cardiovascular disease fellowship at RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago, and a fellowship in Interventional Cardiology in Royal Oak, MI.  Dr. Tom Dimitropoulos specializes in advanced techniques for treating varicose and leg veins, including endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy.  These treatments are performed in the office without sedation, require no down-time and most are covered by insurance.  Dr. Dimitropoulos is enrolled and participating in all major insurances and Medicare JOSHUA O. PODJASEK, MD is double board certified in dermatology as well as dermatopathology. Dr. Podjasek is a graduate of RUSH Medical College and he completed his dermatology training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where he also completed a dermatopathology fellowship and served as a Clinical Instructor. Dr. Podjasek brings the innovation and knowledge of the Mayo Clinic to University Dermatology.


Consultations Available by Appointment


Accepting Most Major Insurances


Accepts Medicare Assignment

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Madison Elementary School principal Mindy McMahon




by Mike Ellis | Photography by Kyle Hampson

familiar face at Madison Elementary School and District 181 will retire after the school-year concludes this summer. Mindy McMahon, who has served as principal at Madison School in Hinsdale since 1992 and has worked in the district since 1989, will step down from her longtime position and be succeeded by Kimberley Rutan— currently an assistant principal at Central Road School in north suburban Rolling Meadows—, effective July 1. “It was the hardest decision that I ever made,” McMahon said. “I cried about it for a couple of years...because I’m going to miss the people—I’m going to miss the relationships.” A native of Ohio, McMahon came to the Chicago area after spending several years teaching elementary school in her home

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state. McMahon said she found Chicago “appealing,” and got a job on the North Shore, where she worked for five years. While she enjoyed working on the North Shore, with her husband living in Hinsdale at the time, McMahon said 181 was always her targeted destination. “This was the school I wanted to work at; this was the district I wanted to work at,” she said, complimenting thensuperintendent Dr. Ronald Simcox for his leadership. “I turned down other jobs to come here. I thought that Hinsdale was a really creative and innovative place to work, and very empowering for teachers to think outside of the box.” After serving as K-8 curriculum coordinator for District 181 from 1989 to 1992, McMahon became principal at Madison—a position she has held for the past 23 years.

McMahon said she did not originally think she would want to become a principal, but learned early on in her career that she enjoyed forging lasting relationships—something she could accomplish better in that role than as a classroom teacher. “I think the beauty of the principalship, and what I’ve really appreciated at Madison, is I get to know the children for six years and watch them blossom,” she said. “And I get to know their parents through their PTO efforts and their volunteer work; and I get to know all the teachers in a different way than I did as a teacher.” McMahon said her fellow staff members stood out in her early years at Madison. “I remember the openness of the teachers—very, very eager to have people in their classrooms,” she said. “They were eager to show off what their students were capable of.” McMahon said other lasting memories include students participating at monthly all-school meetings. Held in the all-purpose room, these meetings bring the entire student body— kindergarten through fifth grade— together, while welcoming parents and relatives to Madison. At the all-school meetings, the student chorus sings, and students who are celebrating birthdays announce them to the audience, thereby allowing them to practice and develop public speaking skills from a very young age. “That’s what this staff is about is thinking outside the box, and thinking about what is best for our students,” McMahon said. One aspect of Madison that has improved during McMahon’s tenure as principal is security. McMahon said when she arrived, the school was much more open to the public, recounting her experience with a community “visitor” during her first year or two at the school. “I used to have a community member who had Alzheimer’s, and he’d walk over and come in the building, and he’d go to the music room, he’d play the piano, and then he would leave,” she said. “Periodically, his wife would call Continued on the next page |Hinsdale Magazine 35

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and ask if I knew where her husband was.” Having spent time in the district that experienced the horrific Hubbard Woods Elementary School shooting in the late 1980s, McMahon said she knew steps could be taken to make Madison a safer school. “When I came here, having lived through that, it really caused me to

36 Hinsdale Magazine |

think, ‘We can’t keep all our doors open,’ ” she said. “We’ve really worked hard to help our children know that you don’t open the door for any adult. Every adult can find the office.” Over her 23-year career at Madison, McMahon has seen two additions to the school—one in 1998 and a second in 2006. While the building has grown physically, she said the intrinsic focus

of parents and teachers has remained relatively unchanged. “Parent involvement [and] teacher leadership [are] not anything new to Madison,” McMahon said. “I think parents then and parents now are extremely demanding, and want the best for their children.” In 2013, District 181 embarked on the “Learning For All” plan, originally billed as “Advanced Learning.” District parents have expressed a variety of opinions concerning this instructional approach. Having observed educational approaches evolve through the years, McMahon said she thinks the changes under Learning For All are more “subtle” and “seamless” than they appear to parents who do not spend every day in the classroom. “Parents have a hard time understanding how teachers can differentiate for 20 or 24 children in a class,” she said. “I compare it to a birthday party. When I have a birthday party with 24 kids in the house running around, how can I possibly teach 24 children?—That’s our training; our training is to teach children in small groups what they need. ... “As a teacher, I look at what my children know and don’t know, and I cluster my children and teach them what they need. And that’s differentiation.” Wrapping up a career that spanned more than two decades at Madison and more than three decades in elementary education overall, McMahon said she will miss the daily interaction with staff, students and parents, but that she is looking forward to spending more time with her children. She has a high-school-aged daughter and son, and will be assisting her son with his Eagle Scout project this summer. “I have given so much to everyone else,” McMahon said. “It’s time for me to give time to my children.” n

Time to Make Beautiful Portraits


M-F 10-6 Sat 10-5 Sun Seasonal

Florist, design, decor, gifts, sculptures, outdoor garden, plants and potting available. Custom designs with some of the most unique flowers from around the world. Special orders and delivery for all occasions.

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WEALTH PLANNING NETWORK One Westbook Corporate Center, Suite 300 Westchester, IL 708-481-4000 Michael Jankowski President & CEO

Larry E. Gatz Vice President

Q: What is the 770 Account?

Q: What are the Benefits?

A: It seems like 770 accounts are some of the latest buzz around the financial world. We’ve had several people asking about them recently, and questioning why they’ve never heard of them. The truth is, there is no such thing as a 770 account, and it is just reference to section 7702 of the IRS code that describes the treatment of the cash value within a life insurance contract.

A: The benefit here is that you can take loans against the cash value in the policy, which, according to IRS regulations are never considered as taxable income. In addition, as long as the policy has sufficient cash value, there are no age restrictions on when you can take out a loan, making it an attractive income source for those looking to retire early and control their income tax liability. Depending on the type of policy, the cash value is also principal protected, and can provide additional cash in the event of chronic, critical, or terminal illness.

Q: How does it differ from a 401(k)? A: Similarly, 401(k) accounts are named after the section of IRS code that defines the account and their rules. Almost everyone has heard of a 401(k) account; they are simply an investment account that you contribute to on a pre-tax basis, and the money is invested in a variety of investments (traditionally stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) and the money is not taxed until you take the money out. The downside of these accounts is that you will be penalized for taking the money out prior to age 59 ½, and any withdrawals on the funds will be taxed to you as income. And, as with any other investment account, there is always market risk depending on the investments you choose. A 770 Account is really just referring the cash value within a permanent life insurance contract. This life insurance design differs from a traditional term life policy, as it focuses less on maximizing the death benefit, and more on the living benefits of the policy, and the preferred tax treatment of the cash value within the policy. The policy is structured such that you fund the policy to the maximum allowable per the IRS guidelines, and that money grows at either a fixed percentage, or at a rate tied to an index, which is specified by the type of policy you decide to purchase.

Q: Is it Right for Me? A: Wealthy investors have been using cash value life insurance policies for over 100 years. In fact, President John F. Kennedy used this type of account, and so did Presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, Harding, and FDR. It was also noted that John McCain used a policy loan from his life insurance policy to pay for his presidential campaign. While the government does put restrictions on when and how much money can be invested into a Roth IRA, the amount of money that can be placed into a permanent life insurance policy is flexible, and depends upon the death benefit and policy structure. You should always be skeptical of anyone advertising “get rich schemes”, and the fact of the matter is that this is not one of those. It is, however, a very powerful strategy that can be used to provide tax free income later in life and a tax- free death benefit for your heirs. If you would like more information on this, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss your goals. As an independent and holistic financial advisory firm, we can evaluate whether this is a good strategy for you, and if it is, provide the most competitive pricing for the policy.

We can be reached at,, or by phone at (708) 481-4000

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Photography provided by Dr. Bill Hamel


he Clarendon Hills Lions Club (CHLC) hosted its annual appreciation dinner at Ruth Lake Country Club on the evening of March 13. Dr. Bill Hamel, president of the club, announced that the Lions club raised and donated more than $66,000 during fiscal year 2014-15, much of which was due to Christmas tree sales last winter. “It was really just appreciation for all the work everyone’s done throughout the year,” Hamel said, adding that he would like to thank all members for their hard work over the past year. The club gave special recognition to member Aaron Brooks, who recruited three new members to join the CHLC this year. Hamel said the club is “excited” about welcoming three new members aboard. Member Jim Johnson also received a 25-year service award. Hamel described the evening as “laid back,” with musical entertainment provided by the jazz band from North-Grand High School in Chicago for the second straight year. The CHLC’s mission is to provide funding for programs related to sight and hearing impairment. One organization the club works closely with is the School Association for Special Education in DuPage County (SASED), which is a regional program that provides services and instruction to more than 6,000 children between three and 21 years of age throughout the county. Each December, the CHLC hosts a Christmas party for SASED students and families at Christ Lutheran Church in Clarendon Hills. The club also conducts a candy day fundraiser on the second weekend in October, and operates a cash raffle fundraiser during Dancin’ in the Street, announcing the winners at halftime of a Hinsdale Central home football game in the fall. For more information about the Clarendon Hills Lions Club, visit

[1] Bob Culler, Chris Grant, Bill Wilson and Aaron Brooks; [2] Kristin and Joe Jung; [3] Kathleen Culler, Joan DeDobbelaere, Peter Jablonski, Margo Jablonski and Matt DeDobbelaere; [4] Josephine O’Hagan and Philip Hamel

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Open for Breakfast and Lunch 7a.m. to 3p.m.

Organic & freshly squeezed juices and smoothies! Organic Coffee Bar

Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Espresso All with organically grown beans from Bridgeport, IL


Available to Our Customers

13 GRANT SQUARE • HINSDALE • 630.487.5600

Expires 6-30-15


Expires 6-30-15

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by Kerrie Kennedy | Photography by Jim Prisching

New York strip steak on the wood-fired grill at Bakersfield in Westmont


Summer Nothing tastes more like summer than a steak cooked on the grill—but when it’s a wood-burning grill, the taste quotient goes way up. At Bakersfield restaurant in Westmont, steak isn’t the only thing that tastes better cooked on a wood fire. There’s fish, burgers, house-smoked baby back ribs and a triple-cut, 24-hour-brined, hot-smoked

42 Hinsdale Magazine |

pork chop that is slowly caramelized over the restaurant’s wood-burning grill, the centerpiece of its open-style kitchen. According to Bakersfield general manager David Williams, it’s all about the hickory and oak. “These woods impart a flavor and smell similar to what you get when you’re camping and cooking over a wood fire,” Williams said. “It’s something that hits you right away.” Owned by the same group that runs Standard Market across the street, Bakersfield’s breads, produce and meat are all sourced from

the market, insuring a constant supply of fresh ingredients. With its outdoor patio—complete with a fireplace—in full swing for summer, Bakersfield offers a total outdoor eating and cooking experience—sans the slaving over a hot grill. Located at 330 E. Ogden Ave. in Westmont, Bakersfield is offering an allday Mother’s Day brunch on May 10. For more information, call (630) 5683615, or visit



Holiday Who says you need to cross the pond in order to enjoy the pleasures of Italy?—certainly not the owners of Carlucci restaurant in Downers Grove. After numerous trips to Tuscany, they modeled their restaurant after some of the best Italian restaurants they remembered. From their entrées, which include all the classics you’d expect—eggplant parmigiana, gnocchi bolognese, chicken picatta and veal scaloppine—to their Italian-inspired martini menu, including the limonata rossa, poparazzi-tini and the espresso ‘chata, Carlucci’s strives to bring Europe stateside, albeit with a few twists. The restaurant’s linguine bobonato con parmigiano, a hot pasta tossed tableside

with prosciutto di Parma and fresh basil inside a wheel of parmesan cheese, is its signature celebration of the delicious simplicity of Italian cuisine. Meanwhile, Carlucci’s patio, which features live music on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the summer, celebrates La Dolce Vida. Modeled after an outdoor café in Italy, the patio features a fountain imported from Tuscany, and is the perfect spot for a romantic al fresco dinner, according to general manager Genti Mesi. “A lot of people who have been to Italy come here and say, ‘We feel like we just took a trip to Italy,’” Mesi said. Never underestimate the transformative powers of an authentic Italian dinner eaten under the stars— especially when it’s just a stone’s throw away. Carlucci, 1801 Butterfield Road in Downers Grove, (630) 512-0990,


Matcha One of the biggest health food trends of the year, Matcha—green tea leaves ground into a fine powder—offers a multitude of benefits, from boosting energy levels to aiding in weight-loss, making it the perfect partner to your fitness routine. With that in mind, here are five ways to bring some serious Matcha to your workout this spring:

Hot yoga. After an hour of serious sweating, quench your thirst with a refreshing Matcha iced tea at Café La Fortuna in Hinsdale, (630) 5371586, Personal training. Personalize your latte this spring with a bold new Teavana® Green Tea Latte at Starbucks in Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills or Oakbrook Center, Pilates. Pair your smooth moves with a Matcha Green Tea Blast smoothie, a fat-free summer indulgence that’s so good, it’s developed a cult following. Jamba Juice in Oakbrook Terrace, (630) 279-5332, Core power. Find your true inner power with a nutrition-packed punch of Matcha, bananas, dates and vanilla soy milk. Whole Foods in Hinsdale (630) 986-8500, At-home workout. Can’t get out of the house? Grab your weights and create your own workout; pick up a jar of Matcha and brew your own tea. Teavana in Oakbrook Center, (630) 928-1068,

Ippoglosso Arrostito—pan-roasted halibut, Brussels sprouts, roasted pomodoro sauce, garlic, herbs and fingerling potatoes at Carlucci restaurant in Downers Grove




STEIL DERMATOLOGY 125 W Second Street | Hinsdale 630-455-0045 Dr. Michelle Pipitone

Dr. Christina Steil

Body Treatments Q: I am bothered by the loose skin on my abdomen post- pregnancy, what are my options? A: You have two treatment choices: a surgical tummy-tuck or non-invasive skin tightening. If you have mild skin laxity, which is skin that appears wrinkled and improves by slightly distending your abdomen or gently pulling your skin taught, then choosing a non-invasive treatment is appropriate. We use two devices to tighten skin: Exilis and Ultherapy. Exilis uses heat to stimulate collagen and treatments feel like a hot-stone massage and most patients achieve tighter skin after 2-4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to deliver heat to the collagen producing cells and requires 1-2 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart. The treatments are simple with no down-time and can be performed throughout the summer. Q: I am in great shape, but I have cellulite on my thighs. What can I do? A: The most effective way to control cellulite is to eat healthy and to exercise. But cellulite is so stubborn that many women cannot improve its appearance with exercise and diet alone. Exilis has been recently approved as a non-invasive cellulite treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite by treating the most superficial fat layer that causes dimpling and then tightens the overlying skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This treatment requires 3-4 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart and there is no down-time. You can exercise immediately after your treatments- and this is encouraged because it will enhance your results. The treatments will not permanently remove cellulite, and a maintenance treatment may need to be repeated after several months to keep your skin looking its best. Q: I have heard several of the women in my gym talking about something called “cool sculpting.” I’d like to get in on that conversation– what is it? A: CoolScultping is the hottest procedure in the aesthetic world right now! It’s “controlled cooling” to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells, all without surgery or downtime. It’s FDA-cleared, safe and effective, and the results are lasting and undeniable. During the comfortable procedure, I will carefully treat the desired area using a hand-held device. Stubborn fat cells underneath the skin – say in your belly, on your thighs, or on the backs of your arms – will be frozen. Those fat cells will then “die” and be naturally excreted from the body, never to return! Typically you will need more than one session, and you can go back to normal activity immediately after each. What won’t be “normal” though is that fat you haven’t been able to exercise or diet away will now be gone, and in the months following your treatment you will soon see developing a new, sculpted you. Now, that’s “cool.”

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10 Passenger Stretch Limo $75/Hour | 3 Hours Minimum (Normally $85/Hour)

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217 S PROSPECT AVE, CLARENDON HILLS This cozy home has all the treasured historic Zook appointments; dragon ridge roof, spider web window, chevron fireplace, pecky cypress vaulted ceiling, built-in Dutch bed, charm throughout! Many quality upgrades, the Kohler artistic series bath with hand-painted tiles and jacuzzi. Vermont casting fireplace. Sleek kitchen with top quality stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and original Zook cabinets! Beautifully landscaped, private yard, lighted, patio, and barbecue. $599,000

LUCY L. HILT 35 S. Washington Street, Hinsdale Office 630-325-7500 Cell 630-436-7042 |Hinsdale Magazine 45






3 [1] Sandy Bonino, Mindy Walch and Karen Bots; [2] Cheryl Butterbach, Heather Manning, Judy Johns Schloegel, Prospect principal Anne Kryger, Pamona Namkung, Lana Ferren and Annabella Walsh; [3] Amrit and Gurpreet Singh and Prospect principal Anne Kryger

46 Hinsdale Magazine |

everal hundred Prospect Elementary School parents turned out for the school’s annual auction at Drury Lane Theatre on the evening of March 7. This year’s theme, “Decades of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” was encapsulated through Elvis impersonators that greeted guests at the entryway to the venetian room, a live performance by 1980s band The Spazmatics, and a 1970s-themed dance floor that capped off the evening. “This is a great event for parents to get together and socialize and really celebrate the great things that are happening at school,” Prospect principal Anne Kryger said. District 181 superintendent Dr. Don White and his wife attended the auction. Dr. White said he was pleased to see parents and school staff members out in support of the schools. “I’m not surprised with the support that the schools are getting tonight,” Dr. White said, alluding to the other District 181 benefits going on that evening as well. “Prospect’s an amazing place with great people, and they’re out to help kids; that’s what it’s all about— the kids.” Parents began the evening at the raffle and silent auction tables. Auction items included a Bob Knightautographed basketball, a Rob Gronkowski-autographed helmet and various items signed by Chicago baseball legends Paul Konerko, Billy Williams, Ferguson Jenkins and Andre Dawson. Student packages such as “teacher for a day” and “principal for a half-day” were also up for bidding. The live auction, conducted by auctioneer Laurien Hessels of Hinsdale, featured a trip to Beaver Creek, Colo., and a racing experience at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, among other items. In the corner of the venetian room, students’ classroom art projects were displayed, from the kindergarten class up to fifth grade. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the school library and additional technology initiatives at Prospect, as well as other classroom needs. “All of these dollars that they’re collecting tonight will go to a great purpose inside the classroom,” Dr. White said. “[The auction] enables us to have some opportunities for students to get enrichment opportunities such as assemblies [and] our iPad initiatives,” Kryger said, adding that this year, the PTO is working on “several future project requests” it has received.

The McCleary Group Presents

304 South LincoLn Street

You really can have it all! Breathtaking Victorian encompasses all of the modern luxuries you can imagine, while maintaining it’s exquisite original beauty. After a recent seamless addition, with meticulous attention to detail, this 6 bedroom 5 1/2 bath residence is the complete package. Boasting a brand new chef’s kitchen, volume ceilings, oversized windows, grand room sizes throughout, first floor office and private screened-in porch. The Master suite is complete with dual closets and a luxurious spa bath including heated floors. A second floor laundry room, spacious 3rd floor retreat, deep finished basement, 3 car garage and expansive yard with sprawling gardens complete this magnificent true in-town residence. The perfect backdrop for entertaining both inside and out.

For more information or a private tour contact:

The Mccleary Group LU X U RY C O L L E C T I O N S PE C I A L I S T S C H A I R M A N ’ S C LU B AWA R D

Megan McCleary 630.780.1913

View our website:

Tom McCleary 630.780.1226





alker Elementary School parents turned out in full force to support classroom initiatives at the school’s annual auction at Hinsdale Golf Club on the evening of March 7. This year’s theme, “Lights, Camera, Auction,” was finely illustrated by a red carpet rolled out through the corridor to

the dining room. “We’re here because the Walker parents are awesome, and they support their school,” auction co-chair Amy Phillips said. “Walker School is a fantastic school, and I think a lot of it’s because of the parents and the teachers.” After viewing a slideshow of Walker student highlights upon entering, parents strolled down the red carpet arrayed in their finest evening attire, before taking to the dance floor. Underwater People, a Chicago-based band, performed throughout the night, keeping guests thoroughly entertained. “They have been around the Chicago circuit for years,” Phillips said. As the evening progressed, Walker mom and professional voiceover talent Lori Cook stepped up to the microphone to sing alongside the band during a couple of numbers. Parents enjoyed delectable appetizers and desserts in the commodious atmosphere and furnishings of the Hinsdale Golf Club dining room. “Lights, Camera, Auction” also featured a photo booth and a silent auction that consisted of items such as Taylor Swift concert tickets, Cubs and Bears tickets, the opportunity to have children’s artwork displayed at Starbucks, and a parking spot in the Walker School lot. Local businesses like Fuller’s and Zabler Design Jewelers pitched in to the effort as well, donating items and packages for the silent auction. One prize included a chance for a child to scoop ice cream at The Daily Scoop in downtown Clarendon Hills for an hour with owner Chuck Kauffman. Phillips and fellow co-chair Maggie Lynch said proceeds from the auction will benefit technology initiatives, as well as outdoor educational field trips, school spirit lunches and other classroom needs at Walker. “We’re trying to raise enough money so that we can increase technology at Walker School,” Lynch said. Phillips thanked the committee for helping to put the auction together, and said she thinks the auction will help to cap off a successful fundraising year at Walker. “We had some fundraising that we did at the beginning of the year with the Orange Ruler [Fun Run], and we’re hoping to add onto it with this,” she said. “I think we’ll be in very good shape if we meet our goals.”

48 Hinsdale Magazine |



4 [1] Jennifer Vande Lune, Lauren Rock, Lori McInerney and Susie Turek; [2] Nancy and Mark Koschik; [3] Craig and Carolyn Mannarino, Kelly Seehausen, Pam Devata and Mike Seehausen; [4] Anne Deis and Tracy Korbus




Hinsdale M








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727 S WASHINGTON ST, HINSDALE Majestically-situated on a 176 x 208 foot wooded lot with plenty of room for a pool. This stunning 4 bedroom, 3 full, 3 half bath home offers a unique combination of a luxurious lifestyle, prime location and comfort in the coveted southeast Hinsdale area. The well-proportioned rooms are distinguished by choice details. This home is the perfect canvas ready for you to create the home of your dreams! $2,395,000

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hen you’re a lifelong devotee of yoga, it has a way of spilling over into the rest of your life. Case in point: when Hinsdale homeowner Chris Boruff and his wife Julie decided to build a new home, they wanted it to exude some of the things they’d come to value after years of following the Eastern practice: a sense of peace, serenity and wellbeing. To accomplish this, they chose a layout that would address order, function, light and flow—with a kitchen that would serve as the centerpiece of this calm and collected sanctuary. The couple enlisted interior designer Megan Arity to help them carry out their “Zen” mission, with a décor she calls “Organic modern.” “There’s a quiet, tranquil nature to this style,” Arity says. “It’s an attempt to simplify through design, bringing order to chaos.” Keeping in mind the couple’s preference for a modern, yet warm kitchen, Arity selected a pale palette of light wood tones, grayed out browns, tans, creams and soft whites. Not only were the kitchen walls painted white, so were its moldings and trim—a modern effect that can be seen throughout the home. “The trend right now is to not have a lot of contrast between the window casings and the wall color,” Arity says. “It creates a clean, quiet and modern feel.” Custom flat-panel cabinets made from reclaimed hickory offered the warmth the couple desired, while stainless steel hardware and quartz countertops in Madre Pearl provided the contemporary contrast they were after. A Sub-Zero refrigerator, Continued on page 54

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ARCHITECT: Mike Abraham BUILDER: Mark Hickman of Mark Hickman Homes CABINET MAKER: Roecker’s Inc. KITCHEN DESIGN: Megan Arity LIGHT FIXTURES: Tower Lighting COUNTERTOPS: Tribeca

“We wanted a safe and relaxing space, not just a kitchen, but a sanctuary.” – CHRIS & JULIE BORUFF

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double ovens and a Wolf six-burner range with grill were installed to keep the home cook happy—in this case, the man of the house, whose culinary repertoire is confidently diverse. Perhaps the most noteworthy characteristic of the kitchen is its unique layout and design. With its open floor plan, the kitchen flows into the rest of the house, becoming a point of congregation when the couple entertains. “We found we never used our formal dining room, so when we built this house, we dispensed with it altogether, and made it part of the kitchen,” Boroff says. “We can dress it up or down.” With their two young children in mind, the couple created a unique kids’ office adjacent to the kitchen, perfect for messy art projects, homework and computer

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time. Instead of a backsplash behind the stove, there’s a window that leads to the children’s space, not only allowing for conversations while cooking, but shaving off some footsteps to say “dinner’s ready.” Creating order and dispensing with clutter—kids or otherwise— was part of the couple’s overall design plan. For them, “mess equals stress,” so clever built-ins were incorporated to contain countertop clutter, and a large pantry was added to store dry goods. Connecting to nature was perhaps the couple’s top priority when designing their kitchen. With a breakfast room surrounded by windows and a door that opens onto an expansive backyard with active vegetable, herb and butterfly gardens, natural light flows throughout the kitchen, creating a peaceful harmony that’s the perfect respite for two people with busy lives. n

All New Inground Pool Packages include:

FREE 5 year warranty FREE Remote Smartphone Control System FREE Automated Chemical Feeder (See store For details)

RANKED TOP 50 POOL BUILDER IN THE COUNTRY by Pool & Spa News 2013-2014





With the purchase of any Outdoor Living Project of $10,000 or more. Not valid with any other offer or on prior sales. Expires May 31, 2015.


IN THE COUNTRY by Pool & Spa News, Top 50 Builders


• Build Custom Gunite Pools • Complete Renovations of Existing Inground Pools • Build Custom Vinyl Lined Inground Pools

Outdoor Living

We build Custom Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits and any other hardscape.

pools • outdoor living • spas

9135 WEST 135TH STREET | ORLAND PARK, IL 60462 | 708-349-2222 | WWW.ASPOOLS.COM |Hinsdale Magazine 55


MOTHER’S DAY POTPOURRI Sunday, May 10 3 p.m. The Chicago Philharmonic Union Church of Hinsdale Celebrate as a family with Mother’s Day Potpourri, a delightful collection of classical favorites and refreshingly classical takes on some of your pop favorites as well. Visit www. for advance tickets and more information.

SALT CREEK BALLET Saturday, May 16 at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 17 at 1 p.m. McAninch Arts Center at College of DuPage Salt Creek Ballet brings Sleeping Beauty: Aurora’s Wedding and Additional Repertoire to the McAninch Arts Center For more information and tickets, call (630) 942-4000 or visit

SPRING FESTIVAL OF FINE CRAFT Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine

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Oakbrook Center Free and open to the public, this event will showcase the work of nearly 70 juried artists from across the country in a variety of mediums. For more information, please visit

RUN THE RIDGE 5K AND 1K Saturday, May 30 8:00 a.m. County Line Square Shopping Center in Burr Ridge To learn more about the 5K &1K race and Right Fit, visit the website at www. or call 630-850-4050.

FINE ARTS FESTIVAL June 6 and 7 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Graue Mill and Museum Oak Brook Admission is free and the lawn of Graue Mill is a perfect backdrop for more than 50 of the area’s most talented artists. For more information, visit

PET WALK Sunday, June 7 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Katherine Legge Memorial Park in Hinsdale WLS Ch. 7 morning anchor Judy Hsu will preside over this annual event for the second straight year, helping make the day extra special for those in attendance. Visit for event details.

UNIQUELY THURSDAYS June 11 to August 13 6 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Every Thursday) Burlington Park, Downtown Hinsdale Join us this summer for Uniquely Thursdays concert series. There will be food vendors, a beer and wine tent and various table sponsors each week offering giveaways and children’s activities. Visit www.hinsdalechamber. com for event details.

DANCIN’ IN THE STREET June 17 to July 22 7 p.m. (Wednesday nights) Prospect Avenue, Downtown Clarendon Hills Please contact the Village of Clarendon Hills at (630) 286-5402, or visit www.





unners from throughout the region will help children in Illinois to “move past obesity” during this year’s “Run the Ridge” 5K and 1K run/walk on Saturday, May 30 in downtown Burr Ridge. The 11th annual run/walk to fight childhood obesity will feature lots of exercise, healthy snacks and an opportunity to “rock out “to music performed by students at the School of Rock in Hinsdale. The race will raise money for ProActive Kids (PAK), a non-profit, childhood obesity intervention program available at hospitals and other healthcare organizations in Illinois communities. The Run the Ridge 5K Run/Walk will start promptly at 8 a.m., and the 1K will begin at 8:45 a.m. at County Line Square Mall, 150 Burr Ridge Pkwy. WMAQ Ch. 5 sports anchor Mike Adamle is returning as race emcee. “Obesity affects 17 percent of adolescents and adults in the U.S.,” said Suzanne Gray, race organizer and president of Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness. “We are committed to making a difference for obese youth and teenagers who, with the PAK program, have a chance of learning good exercise and nutrition habits, and ultimately will lose weight and live a healthier life.” The 5K entry fee is $35 after May 1. The fee for the 1K run/walk is $10. The entrance fee for the 5K includes a sports performance T-shirt and entrance into the “family fuel tent,” with healthy and nutritional beverages and snacks for race participants. Packet pickup will take place from noon to 7 p.m. on May 29 at Loyola Center for Health at Burr Ridge, 6800 N. Frontage Road.

Right Fit, the organizer of the race, is a fitness and health company committed to providing comprehensive and inclusive fitness, sports performance and wellness programs. Right Fit offers programs that teach benefits of proper posture, daily exercise, efficient movement patterns and balanced nutrition as essential parts of a healthy lifestyle to youth and adults

of all ages, and those individuals with impaired motor skills, physical and mental challenges. To learn more, visit the race website at, or call (630) 850-4050. For more information about sponsorships or race participation, contact Suzanne Gray at |Hinsdale Magazine 57



hether you’re a forgetful flosser or a self-proclaimed professional toothbrusher, oral hygiene is something that affects everyone. Dr. Jeff Weller of Weller Dental and Whitening Centers said it’s not just about flossing each day, but also about being sure you’re flossing correctly.    “Flossing is probably one of the most important things to do,” Weller said. “There’s stuff that sits between your teeth that can deteriorate tissue and teeth.”     Oftentimes, patients skip flossing, because there’s no time in the morning, but Weller said it’s important to note that flossing can be done anywhere, anytime. He added that flossing should not just be a “one-two” move between the teeth either.     “We have our hygienists make sure the patients know how to properly floss—you wrap floss around the tooth and gum; it’s like using a squeegee around tooth,” Weller said.     Studies have shown people can live longer simply by flossing daily and visiting the dentist regularly, according to Dr. Peter Harnois of Hinsdale Dentistry.     Harnois said bacteria have been shown to travel from the mouth into the blood stream and infect and weaken the cardiovascular system and other major organs of the body. He said it is a bacterial biofilm that seeps through gum tissue and enters the body.     “[More than] six million bacteria live in the mouth,” Harnois said. “That’s more than anywhere in the body.”     One way to be sure the mouth is clean and healthy is by flossing daily—a task that about three-quarters of the general population fails to do, according to Harnois.     He said one of the biggest misconceptions is that patients think they don’t need to floss regularly.     “If your dentist doesn’t explain it, [patients] don’t understand the link between the bacteria in the mouth and the body if they don’t clean [the mouth] daily,” Harnois said.

H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

   Both doctors said regular visits to your dentist will not only keep your mouth clean and healthy, but will also give the dentists a chance to detect early warning signs.     Harnois said a trip to the dentist can go a long way.     “The fact is that dentists can be the initial step to total body health,” he said. “The mouth shows a lot of signs of systemic diseases. You can see signs of diabetes and high blood pressure.” Research indicates that oral hygiene and the mouth’s overall health status is also directly connected to the well-being of the entire body.     Periodontist Dr. Paul Denemark of Denemark Periodontal Specialists said the industry has been aware of the direct correlation of oral health and good total body health for years. He added that many inflamed proteins found in the body can be generated by infections which started in the mouth.     “Patients with diabetes can have infections in the gums that can impact their diabetic condition,” Denemark said. “[And] our expectant mothers with poor gum health can also have an increased chance of pre-term low-birthweight babies. So, we are constantly vigilant about great oral hygiene and staying consistent with check-ups and cleanings.”

   Weller, who works solely with adult patients, said that he sees what has happened to the mouth over the years. He said early interventions are always better.     “[Working with adults] allows me to focus on things more comprehensively,” Weller said. “I look at the bite, wear and tear patterns. ... When we look more comprehensively, we’re able to prevent more problems.”     Hand-in-hand with preventing issues early on is being sure patients are comfortable during appointments. Harnois said the field has become much more minimallyinvasive, making it a much better experience for the patients.     “It couldn’t be a better time to be a patient,” Harnois said. “Everything is geared toward the best possible result. Dentistry doesn’t have to be painful anymore.”     Harnois explained that the industry now has access to technologies such as the Velscope Oral Assessment System, which can find early warning signs of oral cancer. Dentists even have a laser treatment for cavities as well.     “[Dentistry] doesn’t have to be something to fear or be painful and uncomfortable,” Harnois said. “[Patients] just want to have a nice, healthy mouth, fresh breath and straight white teeth; and you can do that now without making it painful.” n

Celebrating Mothers in May s s s s s s s

1 PRP (a.k.a Vampire Lift) w/ Micro-needling $500 Reg $1100 PRP Hair Re-Growth Package $1750 with a GUARANTEE Reg $3500 Botox at $7.50 per unit Up to 200 Units Reg $18 per unit Juvederm Voluma 2cc’s $750 Reg $1500 Juvederm Voluma 4cc’s for $1400 Reg $2800 Jet Peel $39 Reg $159 Microdermabrasion $39 Reg $90

534 Chestnut St, Suite 110 | Hinsdale | 630.537.1802 |Hinsdale Magazine 59


Paul J. Denemark, D.D.S., M.S.D. “Periodontal care starts with expert treatment.”

570 Village Center Dr., Suite 202B Burr Ridge, IL 630-654-4141

DR. PAUL DENEMARK is a key opinion leader for the neuroscience company Solace®, he uses NuCalm®, a revolutionary technology proven to naturally relax the body within minutes—profoundly improving outcomes and patient experiences. NuCalm® is an all-natural way to relax patients through a drug-free and scientifcally-proven process that has been used on by well over 300,000 patients worldwide. During this procedure, patients fall into pre-sleep within about five minutes, so they can relax during the dental appointment. NuCalm® is a revolutionary technology proven to naturally relax the body within minutes to provide a unique and rejuvenating dental experience every time you visit us. NuCalm® has just received a patent! The Patent for the invention of NuCalm® is incredibly broad and powerful—Systems and Methods for Balancing and Maintaining the Health of the Human Autonomic Nervous System. NuCalm® can be a part of your next dental treatment. Ask Dr. Denemark how you can experience this patented technology for deep relaxation, during your next visit. Dr. Denemark is also the only board-certified periodontist in the Western Suburbs that uses the LANAP® protocol, a surgical therapy designed to treat gum disease through a no-cut, no-stitch, no-fear procedure. Combining NuCalm® and LANAP® makes the treatment more comfortable during and after the procedures.

THE TEAM AT DENEMARK Periodontal Specialists is devoted to enhancing your overall health and well-being. We want you to understand the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body. Come see how Dr. Denemark’s educational approach to your oral health can make a difference for you. Our Commitment to Excellence is that we support our patients through an alliance with other exceptional healthcare professionals, to help our patients become healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually.

PAUL DENEMARK, D.D.S., M.S.D. “My passion for my patients, the desire to provide comprehensive treatment, and understanding the connection of gum problems to total body health lead me to continually advance my education in periodontics.”

AREAS OF FOCUS Dental Implants I.V. Sedation Laser Assisted Gum Surgery, LANAP™ All natural Patented Anxiety Relief, NuCalm® Oral Cancer Screening with Velscope®

AFFILIATIONS • • • • • • •

Board Certified American Board of Periodontology American Academy of Periodontology Chicago Dental Society Illinois State Dental Society ADA Immediate Past President of The Illinois Dental Society of Anesthesiology • Adjunct Faculty, Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine, Downers Grove Illinois Licensed General Dentist



A Solid Team at Hinsdale Dentistry We focus our full attention on you as an individual, so you get the best customized care that fits your needs, wants and desires DR. PETER T. HARNOIS, a Hinsdale Central alumnus, is no stranger to the Greater

Hinsdale community. A 1982 graduate of the University of Illinois’ College of Dentistry, Dr. Harnois has been practicing dentistry in Hinsdale for over 33 years. “Having grown up in Hinsdale my patients feel like family to me,” Dr. Harnois said. Dr. Harnois is currently the President of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. He lectures internationally to properly educate and train his fellow dentists around the country on emerging technologies in dentistry that he utilizes in his own practice, such as Botox® and Lumineers®. His philosophy is to provide the most gentle and minimally-invasive cosmetic and metal-free dentistry with natural results; and he uses NuCalm®, a natural approach to relax his patients and eliminate their dental fears and anxieties. “We bring our ‘A’ game every day,” he said, “and from the moment you enter our office until you leave, we focus our full attention on you as an individual, so you get the best customized care that fits your needs, wants and desires.”

911 N. Elm, suite 230 Hinsdale, IL 630-323-4468

DR. ZIVILE Z. CHIRBAN is in her 33rd year of practicing dentistry, and her goal is

to assist her patients in acquiring and maintaining beautiful smiles. She is passionate about keeping apprised of the latest developments in her field to ensure that her patients receive the best possible care. Dr. Chirban graduated from the University of Illinois’ College of Dentistry in 1982, and is currently a member of the Illinois State Dental Society and American Dental Association. “I see patients for issues regarding decay, fractured teeth, pain, discolored teeth, poorly positioned teeth and dental phobia,” she said. “Decay is as simple as preparing the tooth without painful shots using Biolase, and restoring with a tooth colored filling. A fractured tooth may need a crown, or if it is more involved, an implant. Thanks to Invisalign, I can reposition poorly aligned teeth to a more esthetic arrangement. I enjoy all aspects of being a general dentist and mostly my ability to treat patients of all ages, from 3 to 100.”

PETER T. HARNOIS, D.D.S. “Having grown up in Hinsdale my patients feel like family to me.”

DR. MICHAEL J. KOWALCZYK graduated as a valedictorian from Oak Park - River

Forest High School in 2004. He graduated with honors from Emory University in Atlanta and obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Kowalczyk completed a post-graduate residency at the University of Florida where he gained skills in wisdom teeth extractions, surgical implant placement and sedation dentistry. In 2013, he received his Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. My interests in continuous learning and technology, as well as my passion for dentistry, are similar to Dr. Harnois and Dr. Chirban. As a team we always strive to deliver the best possible care for all of our patients. We have invested in digital technology that allows Dr. Chirban to scan her patients teeth for Invisalign, and all three of us use our 2 Itero scanners for our patients crowns. The result is the best fitting crowns ever and no more impressions.

ZIVILE Z. CHIRBAN, D.D.S. “I am excited about the technological advances that allow me to treat my patients in a state-of-the-art office utilizing the best materials available.”

HINSDALE DENTISTRY’S roots date to 1969, when it first opened its doors in

Downtown Hinsdale. Dr. Peter T. Harnois grew up in Hinsdale, and is actively involved in the community. Hinsdale Dentistry’s practice is located at a new state of the art, high-tech facility, overlooking Salt Creek and Fullersburg Woods at 911 N. Elm Street. The dentists and entire team at Hinsdale Dentistry are committed to providing world-class dental care for its friends and families in Hinsdale and surrounding communities. Hinsdale Dentistry utilizes the latest, cutting-edge dental technologies to supply the most gentle patient treatments. It also provides a broad range of treatments and dental technologies. They have the ability to save any patients life utilizing Velscope, an early detection system for Oral Cancer Screening, and can now straighten their adult patients teeth in 6 months or less with Six Month Smile, a cosmetic braces system.

MICHAEL J. KOWALCZYK, D.D.S. “I can teach people how to have a more positive impact on their health through good oral health care.”

MEDICAL MEDICAL PROFILES PROFILES SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE 2015 David Loiterman, M.D. “We’re certain you’ll be impressed with the results.”

7 N Grant Street, 1st Floor Hinsdale, IL 708-354-8881

DR. DAVID LOITERMAN has become one of Chicago’s premier vein treatment specialists with more than 26 years of experience in vascular surgery, and administering sclerotherapy and laser treatments. “Our primary goal is to provide each patient with the highest level of care by using the safest, most effective, and affordable medical treatments available for varicose and spider veins.” “We regard each patient as an individual with unique needs. To achieve the best possible results for your vascular condition, we will listen to your concerns, carefully explain your treatment options, and develop a customized treatment program designed to achieve the best results in the most cost effective manner for each patient.” Dr. Loiterman specializes in circulation disorders, and has devoted more than half of his practice to varicose and spider vein treatment. Using the latest advancements in technology and methods, Dr. Loiterman has successfully treated thousands of patients. Dr. Loiterman graduated in 1979 from The Mt. Sinai School of Medicine of New York University, located in New York City. After finishing his residency at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Loiterman completed an additional fellowship residency at Chicago RUSH-Presbyterian- St. Luke’s Center, in vascular surgery. The American Board of Surgery awarded him board certification in 1985. He is also a member of the Midwest Surgical Association, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Surgery. In addition to running a successful medical practice, Dr. Loiterman was also an Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, as well as an Instructor of Vascular Surgery at Columbia University, in New York, and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Loiterman is emeritus Board Chair and past President of the Chicago Medical Society. He holds honorary staff status at both Hinsdale and LaGrange hospitals. He is currently a director on the Board of Trustees for the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce. For most people, varicose veins and spider veins, a common and mild variation of varicose veins, are simply a cosmetic concern. Unfortunately, for others, varicose veins can cause significant discomfort and are often a sign of a more serious problem.

DAVID LOITERMAN, M.D. “Our primary goal is to provide each patient with the highest level of care by using the safest, most effective, and affordable medical treatments available for varicose and spider veins.”



Michael Morgan, D.D.S. “Excellent, personalized dental care.”

7 N. Grant Street Hinsdale, IL 630-325-2525

DR. MICHAEL MORGAN’S passion for cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry shines through in his patients’ healthy and beautiful smiles. Dr. Morgan is an internationally-acclaimed dentist with 27 years of practical experience, who specializes in minimally-invasive, comprehensive dentistry. His wellness-centered practice in Hinsdale, Smiles by Morgan, offers patients the latest and most comfortable solutions for cosmetic, implant or complex dental concerns, as well as a range of general dentistry services for people of all ages. Dr. Morgan’s unique talents were developed studying the art of cosmetic dentistry at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, under the tutelage of some of the most skilled and talented dental artists in the world. Only a handful of dentists in the United States have had advanced European training. Dr. Morgan has served as a featured instructor for several prestigious postgraduate institutions including the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum. He remains the only dentist in Illinois to have taught at both institutions. He currently teaches both nationally and internationally sharing his talents with doctors in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, England, France, Japan and other countries. “The most valuable lesson I learned during my training in Switzerland is that each smile is unique, just as each person is unique,” Dr. Morgan said. “My goal is to help each person achieve a healthy and amazing smile in complete and total comfort. Everyone wants a smile that looks good, feels good, and lasts a long time. A healthy and attractive smile increases self-confidence, self esteem and overall bodily health. We have helped people from all corners of the globe achieve those goals.” Dr. Morgan believes that life outside the office is just as important as his work inside his practice. He is dedicated to the organizations that offer the less fortunate an opportunity to move their lives in a positive direction. Dr. Morgan and his staff have been very involved with The Give Back A Smile™ (GBAS) program for victims of domestic abuse, the Illinois Mission of Mercy for patients who cannot afford dental services, and The Wellness House in Hinsdale. Dr Morgan offers Dental Oncology consultations and services in his office to people who are contemplating treatment for cancer, are in the midst of treatment, or have completed their cancer therapy.

MICHAEL MORGAN, D.D.S. Dr. Morgan has been recognized by his peers as one of the top dentists in Hinsdale and one of the top comprehensive dentists in the Chicago area, so you know you can trust your smile with SmilesByMorgan.

AREAS OF FOCUS Comprehensive Dentistry Anxiety-Free Dentistry Dental Implants Sleep Apnea Laser Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers

AFFILIATIONS • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry • American Academy of Implant Dentistry • Academy for Sports Dentistry • American Dental Association • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation Illinois Licensed General Dentist



Whitening Centers


Jeffrey A. Weller, D.D.S. “Come experience the difference that our experienced dental care can make.”

Hinsdale Location Chicago Location 1050 N. State St. 920 N. York Road Mezzanine Level Suite 310 Chicago, IL 60610 Hinsdale, IL 60521 312-654-0606 630-654-2900

I would like to invite you to my dental practice for your dental care. Opening my practice only to adults for comprehensive and general dentistry allows me to give you very personalized attention. My focus on cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitation gives me a special perspective. On a daily basis I rebuild teeth so they function properly and look great. The attention given to detail makes the final restorations create more functional harmony. I look at not only each patient’s current dental issues, but also how the wear and tear of their daily habits is affecting one’s mouth. You may not notice the changes that are occurring, but these changes not only age your appearance, they can create a destructive situation. This comprehensive look at current conditions can allow for an earlier intervention which can help your mouth long term. My goal is to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Cosmetic dentistry is a part of my practice that I take great pride in. I have been successfully providing cosmetic dentistry for over 28 years and have placed over 15,000 porcelain restorations. Evaluating one’s mouth very carefully and setting up proper expectations allows my patients to know what can be accomplished. I utilize “no prep” veneers, conservative prep veneers and full coverage all porcelain restorations in my practice. Each person and case is different which requires different products and services to be utilized. The types of materials and procedures I use in dentistry today have specific strengths and advantages. I evaluate an individual’s needs using the vast knowledge I have obtained through all the cosmetic cases completed throughout my career. Utilizing a highly trained lab technician, for our porcelain restorations is also an extremely important factor in ensuring a great end result. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the same lab technician, Peter Kouvaris, for the past 15 years. I started working with Peter, when he was a partner in Jason Kim Laboratory in New York. Peter has since formed his own boutique dental lab studio that specializes in Feldspathic porcelain restorations. The creativity and detail that goes into his designs, gives us results that are hard to surpass. Utilizing a lab of this caliber, allows a special attention to detail. My porcelain restorations look natural and feel great. I look forward to having the opportunity to explore your possibilities.

JEFFREY A. WELLER, D.D.S. “At Weller Dental it is our mission to provide a stress-free and satisfying experience whether it’s teeth whitening, teeth in a day or smile enhancement.”

AREAS OF FOCUS Cosmetic Dentistry Full Mouth Rehabilitations Dental Implants Smile Design Comprehensive Adult Dentistry

AFFILIATIONS • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry • American Dental Association • Illinois State Dental Society • Chicago Dental Society • International Congress of Implantology

Licensed as a general dentist in the State of Illinois




everal hundred people showed their support for Misericordia at the “March Madness” benefit hosted by the Misericordia Women’s League at the Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge on March 20. The “March Madness” theme had the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on display, with first-round games featured on large-screen TVs throughout the hotel lobby and dining room. The benefit included live and silent auctions. Conducted by auctioneer Greg Dellinger, the live auction featured VIP access to The Voice television show and the opportunity to walk the grounds at Augusta National Golf Club during The Masters. The silent auction included a Mike Ditka painting, premium Bulls and Blackhawks tickets, and artwork produced by Misericordia residents. Located on the North Side of Chicago, Misericordia serves as a home for more than 600 children and adults with developmental disabilities. Proceeds from the “March Madness” benefit will support Misericordia’s personal effectiveness program (PEP), which strives to make adult residents in need of behavioral services more “personally effective” through visual and interactive technology. “We started Misericordia north with 39 children and 35 staff, and today, we’re privileged to share life with 600 children and adults, and almost 1,000 staff,” said Sister Rosemary Connelly, executive director of Misericordia. “And that’s because of the generosity of such a group like tonight.” Connelly said the organization is always looking for volunteers to get involved with Misericordia, such as through the women’s league in the Western Suburbs. For more information about Misericordia, visit, or dial (773) 973-6300.

66 Hinsdale Magazine |














[1] Live and silent auctions; [2] Cathy Hofmann and Randy Pyle; [3] Christine Pircon, Lori Robertson, Tom Robertson and John Pircon; [4] MJ Kwasigroch and Erin Sheridan; [5] Fr. Tom McCarthy with Tom and Tommy Arundel; [6] Misericordia volunteers; [7] “March Madness” was the theme for this year’s benefit; [8] MK Granato Dungan; [9] Cara and James Long and Nancy and John Jacob; [10] Elizabeth Pyle and Peggy and Richard Hart; [11] Laurie Eichelman and Holly Ritz; [12] Sister Rosemary Connelly with Kathy Connor, Lois Gates, Patti Burchett and Sue Lasek |Hinsdale Magazine 67



Photography by Mike Ellis







6 [1] Nick Jung and Juliana Mejia; [2] Kayla Kelly and K.J. Maloney; [3] Brock Piche; [4] Todd Allison and Emily Cain; [5] Matt Perry; [6] Erin Buddig, Chesleigh Rogers, Emily Cain, Bob Walsh, Pete and Leslie Legan and Mary Stadler

68 Hinsdale Magazine |

ozens of local area residents exercised to support the Eastern DuPage Young Life chapter in the fifth annual Spinathon at Five Seasons Sports Club on March 14. Young Life is a non-denominational Christian youth organization geared towards middle- and high-school students that has been a part of the Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills community for more than 60 years. In our community, many Hinsdale Central students participate, while middleschool students at Hinsdale Middle School, Clarendon Hills Middle School, Notre Dame and Butler Junior High are active in “WyldLife,” a ministry specifically designed for seventh- and eighth-graders. High-school students meet regularly on Monday evenings, while also having the opportunity to sign up for camps and other extracurricular activities. “What’s great about Young Life is, they’re trying to meet the kids where they are,” parent volunteer Bob Walsh said. “So, they’re at their sporting events, and getting to know them that way. It’s a relational ministry.” Chesleigh Rogers, a WyldLife staff associate, said she enjoys her role, because it allows her to play a positive role in the lives of local middle-school students. At the Spinathon, participants of all ages rode exercise bikes throughout the morning under the direction of rotating spin instructors. Event organizer Emily Cain, who also served as an instructor herself, said Five Seasons donated all of the bikes and space. “It’s just a community event bringing people together to have a healthy experience, [while] supporting Young Life,” Cain said. And with the help of sponsors, Cain said they will raise about $25,000 for Young Life this year—a significant increase from last year’s total. To learn more about Young Life locally, you can visit

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The body has three sources of energy from which it draws to meet its metabolic needs. Carbohydrates, Muscle, and Fat. Chronologically, the body will first draw on its carbohydrate reserve before turning to muscle and fat. During the weight loss phases of the protocol, we limit the carbohydrate intake to encourage the body to turn to its fat and muscle components for energy. By eating high biological protein foods, the protocol helps to support muscle mass and teaches dieters how to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices so they can maintain a stable weight after weight loss is achieved. THE IDEAL PROTEIN WEIGHT LOSS METHOD IS NOT A HIGH-PROTEIN DIET... IT SIMPLY OFFERS A VARIETY OF GOOD, QUALITY, PROTEIN-BASED FOODS THAT ARE EASILY ASSIMILATED.

Kim Billings, Dieters Journey



Our medically designed protocol was developed in Europe over 25 years ago. Many of the following issues have been associated with obesity. Losing weight may help with the following conditions: Health Risks of Obesity* - Hypertension - High Blood Pressure - Type 2 Diabetes - Stroke - Gallbladder Disease - Osteoarthritis - Sleep Apnea (or other breathing problems) - Mental Health Problems (such as low self-esteem and/or depression) *You should consult your physician or other health professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs. Results may vary, please see your local center for more details.

Local Medical Centers Available to Discuss Your Next Steps HINSDALE HEALTH AND WELLNESS





534 Chestnut Suite 120 | Hinsdale


Sladja Djurdjev

201 E. Ogden Ave Suite 218 | Hinsdale

Dr. Paul Gordon / Susi Gordon

Dr. Frank J Martusciello

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onroe Elementary School hosted its “Monrodeo” fundraiser at Ruth Lake Country Club on March 21. Every aspect of the Monrodeo event was intended to give Monroe parents and staff a warm welcome, and create a spirit of togetherness. Picnic tables and benches replaced traditional tables at Ruth Lake, and festoon lighting created a feeling of a low-


3 70 Hinsdale Magazine |

key summer evening under the stars. Parents were able to bid on artwork created by their children, the chance to fly their college flag in their child’s schoolyard, a book basket representing favorite books from Monroe teachers, and a wide array of exciting destinations, sports experiences, children’s toys and high-end fashion items, as well as creative parties sponsored by both Monroe teachers and parents. The auction was carefully crafted to ensure


that there was something for everyone. The event was a tremendous success, breaking both attendance and fundraising records to support the Monroe School PTO over a two-year period.

[1] Monrodeo replaced traditional tables with picnic tables and benches; [2] Monroe student artwork; [3] Lisa and Mark Regal




ooking through the weekend events this month, I cannot help but smile at the first Saturday in May and the day of the Kentucky Derby (May 2). Our community has looked forward to this day for many years, as it is the day of the Hinsdale auxiliary board of Children’s Home + Aid’s Derby Day party—where I savor what is typically my last bourbon drink until fall. Will it be a mint julep? an old fashioned? a Manhattan? a whiskey sour? Any are great, and all part of the cocktail craze that has engulfed not only Derby day, but also the bar and dinner scene over the last few years. What exactly is bourbon? Although allowed to be produced anywhere in the U.S., 95 percent of the bourbon produced in the States comes from Kentucky. Made from grains, each producer has its own “mash bill.” Each needs to start with 51 percent corn, and then distillers add rye, wheat or malted barley. These grains are ground with water, a little yeast is added, and the mash heads into fermentation. The fermented mash is then distilled in a column or pot still, often a combination of both, resulting in a clear, neutral spirit that is usually around 80 percent alcohol. The liquid is aged in brandnew charred oak barrels. The interaction between the charred oak and the distillate allows for the color and flavor profile to develop, and the once-neutral spirit slowly takes on the tones of bourbon. Aging varies, but typically, the master distiller is looking for the right flavor profile, as opposed to just a certain number of years. I tend to enjoy a few different labels. Blanton’s, which I grab at Sav-Way, is my favorite. I also love the Woodford Reserve single barrel that Gregg Horan at Gibson’s

72 Hinsdale Magazine |

chooses as the base of their “Rush Street Manhattan”—but that might be for the atmosphere in the bar and the joy of a night out as much as the booze. Bulleit Frontier Whiskey is another favorite, and is always in good supply at Binny’s Oak Brook, and a great base to an old-fashioned. Bulleit Rye— the green label instead of the orange—is solid as well, and a wonderful way to test out a rye bottling. I have not bought into the “older is better” view on bourbon as of yet. In tasting many over the years, I like the flavors in the eight- to 14-year-old range. When you get into the 18- and 20-year-old-plus bottlings, I feel like the oak becomes too overbearing, and the balance and nuance has been lost. In my opinion, the same is true in the high proof categories. I tend to like alcohols under 100-proof; once over that level, the drink just seems hot to me. Too high a proof also puts me into the “one-and-done” category for the evening. The great thing about bourbon is that with the boom in sales, producers have all released new bottlings of different proof levels and ages; so it is a fun time to take a chance on a bottle and see what you may enjoy. I mentioned earlier that this is typically my last bourbon drink until fall. In summer, we go to white wine, vodka and gin around here. Stay tuned for notes on those in upcoming issues, but in the meantime, I hope you mix a bourbon drink enjoy watching the Derby this year and celebrating Derby day! Jim Doehring of Hinsdale is a wine enthusiast with more than a decade of experience working in the wine industry.

MINT JULEP Courtesy of Blanton’s

2 Cups sugar 2 Cups water Sprigs of fresh mint Crushed ice Blanton’s Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon Silver Julep Cups No Derby Party is complete without the mint julep, which has been the traditional beverage of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century. Make a simple syrup by boiling sugar and water together for five minutes. Cool and place it in a covered container with six or eight sprigs of fresh mint; then refrigerate overnight. Make one julep at a time by filling a julep cup with crushed ice, adding one tablespoon of mint syrup and two ounces of Blanton’s Kentucky Bourbon. Stir rapidly with a spoon to frost the outside of the cup. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

Traditionally Mint Julep is served at the Kentucky Derby and served in silver or pewter mugs, although it is by no means essential. Glass tumblers may be substituted for silver cups if necessary— they will not frost, however.


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Camp Session Dates and Locations July 6-10 July 13-17 July 20-24

9:00 AM-2:00 PM 4753 N. Broadway, Chicago 9:00 AM-2:00 PM Community House, 415 W. 8th St., Hinsdale 9:00 AM-2:00 PM McClure Jr. High, 4225 Wolf Rd., Western Springs

Debate and Model United Nations Skills Interactive middle school, high school, and college activities that lead to greater academic and professional success. All Sessions are led by Diane Haleas Hines who is internationally-recognized Model UN Director of the Saint Ignatius Model UN team and National Board Certified and AwardWinning Teacher for over 20 years.

For more information and to register, please visit

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Protecting your healthcare practice


s the demand for proper IT security increases for dentists, optometrists, chiropractors and other medical professionals, many doctors are finding themselves lost as to what type of security is really needed in their offices. Even though most of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security guidelines can be found online, it can be very confusing to know what security terms apply to which part of the network. We hope to shed a little light on a few different areas in this edition of techKNOW. After reading through our recommendations, you may want to hand this article over to your IT support to see how well they have been consulting on the topics below.


{ a place in the community 7137 S. Kingery Highway Willowbrook | 630.325.6608

curbside pickup

(Southeast corner of Route 83 & Plainfield)

74 Hinsdale Magazine |

Many e-mail providers in the area are now offering end-to-end e-mail encryption for your office e-mail. If you are using e-mail such as Comcast, AOL, Yahoo! or SBC Global to send any patient information, you are directly in violation of HIPAA compliance. The proper way to establish compliance is to have your own .com domain name for e-mail, along with an affordable e-mail encryption plan. When sending an encrypted e-mail, you are ensuring the safety of the delivery to any e-mail address to which you send.


If you have wireless Internet and you are giving out the password, you are compromising your network security.

It is unwise to have your employees’ smartphones and devices on the network if they truly do not need to be. If you have guest wireless, using a basic-grade Linksys or Netgear router won’t cut it. A SonicWall business-grade wireless device will need to be configured to harness your main computer network with the proper wireless autonomy.


Many practices overlook their network security with their backups and antivirus software. Believe it or not, if you aren’t under any type of managed service plan to continuously monitor your antivirus protection and backup reporting, then you are definitely not compliant. Your backups and antivirus should be sending e-mail reports to a centralized e-mail address, notifying you that everything is functioning properly. If your back-ups were to fail, or a virus is detected on your network, your IT support company should immediately be notified to take a reactive approach to repair the issue. Having a free antivirus solution on your network is noncompliant. If you read the fine print for many backup solutions such as Dropbox and Carbonite, you will find that they specifically say they are not secure enough to meet HIPAA guidelines. Taking a proactive approach to your network, instead of a break-fix reactive approach, is the best way to ensure peace of mind and stability for your computers and patient data. If your IT support has not been approaching you with the correct type of healthcare-specific IT recommendations, it may be time to take a look at other options. Although our focus this month was for healthcare practices, many of the security features mentioned above apply to any business IT infrastructure. Errol Janusz is president and lead technician at Edward Technology. For more information, contact Errol at (630) 333-9323, ext. 303, or e-mail him at ejanusz@Hinsdale60521. com. Visit Errol’s Web site at www. |Hinsdale Magazine 75


Jim Fannin

Maybe it’s time to hide?



y dog Big Spot went everywhere with me. He was loyal, loving and a lot of fun. He only had one fault: chasing cars down the street as if he could knock them over would eventually be his downfall. And that day finally arrived.    We heard the loud scream and the screeching tires, and we saw Big Spot limp slowly under the back porch. He hid there for days. We tried to entice him out with food and water, but he would not leave his hiding place. Wounded (but not down and out), he slowly mended. Finally, after one week, he arose from the darkness and confidently made his physical way back into our hearts and minds. He changed during his sabbatical—he seriously changed. Upon his return, he wouldn’t leave my side; he would no longer chase cars. His ears never perked up when an engine roared through the neighborhood. In fact, when a car or truck flew down the road near my house, he didn’t even look their way. Big Spot had reinvented himself.    Are you seeking change? Hopefully, you don’t need serious adversity to make serious changes to your life. Maybe you just need to hide for a few days. Lay low; be incognito; chill out; go inner; plan; regroup. Take a leave of absence; unwind; take a break. A sabbatical is more than a planned vacation. It is a time to learn; it is a time to ponder; it is a time to reinvent. It is a personal retreat—a time to get in touch with your inner self.    It is on this mental, physical and spiritual trip that you unplug from social media—no phone calls, no agenda. Observe and be silent for the first few days. Get up when you choose. Go to sleep whenever you’re tired; take a nap. Eat healthy; eat what you want when you want. Keep a journal?—I recommend it, but it’s not mandatory. Go alone? Preferably—however, this depends on your significant other. 

76 Hinsdale Magazine |

Clearing your mind is the purpose; letting your intuition soar is the retreat residue. Silence is your friend on your personal escape from the norm and the agendas and hidden agendas of your outer world. Many great works of art, literary brilliance and musical genius have emerged from the untethering of one’s mind. Every year, I’ve taken a planned sabbatical or leave of absence from my everyday life. This inner journey has physically landed me to the jungles and beaches of Thailand and the mountains and shores of Sri Lanka. I’ve crawled in an inner womb of reflection while holed up physically in Stockholm, Miami Beach, Sydney, Sedona, Monte Carlo and Paris. These are the times of amazing creativity. It is this personal retreat where you can meet your inner self.   Can you untether from the real world? Trust me on the value you will receive. Let this time be a reward. Indulge yourself in this seemingly selfish activity; however, your world of business, family and friends will all benefit.   Maybe you take a long weekend; maybe you can only afford to get away alone for a couple of days. Explore this idea of a personal, alone trip. Your world within awaits you. A mental break can definitely change your outer world; it might even change your life course.   Big Spot reinvented himself. It’s time to train your brain—time to improve—time to be the best you can be— time to plan a trip.  Maybe it’s time to hide. Burr Ridge resident Jim Fannin is a world-class thought leader and coach with 42 years of experience in life, business and sports. To learn about his latest thought management program, go to, or visit


Specializing in Private Home-Based Speech/Language, Feeding and Occupational Therapy Since 1996 Christina Scalise-Morrissey, MS., CCC-SLP

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What is Fractora? Fractora is one of the most advanced devices in the industry, delivering bipolar RF skin resurfacing and rejuvenation that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and restores skin to its youthful appearance. Non-Exclusion Neck Lift 78 Hinsdale Magazine |

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Elegant townhome in Hinsdale with stunning renovations. No compromises to be made to enjoy maintenance free living at gated community. Beautiful new kitchen, stainless steel appliances, two story family room, pretty hardwood floors, exquisite open formal rooms with ease for entertaining. Two master suites, first floor master bedroom with lovely marble bath, great second floor master bath with fabulous screened porch with gorgeous views, luxury marble bath, garden level with family room, guest bedroom, full bath, bar workout room. Three car garage, new mechanicals, totally move-in condition, spectacular setting with the most tranquil feeling and yet so very convenient. $1,099,000

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Dan Meyer

The Comforter



We honor mothers this month, and that seems wise. Motherhood gets little credit these days, and often receives worse. Pause on one of the tabloid talk shows as you go by, and there’s a good chance you’ll see some wretched soul bemoaning the damage done by some mother that loved him or her too much, too little or just-not-quite right. Now I’m not saying there aren’t some messed-up moms out there passing along their confusion to their kids. But it seems wrong to passively participate in a culture that surrounds children with the addictive materialism, raw sex and violence, driven pace and shallow commitments ours does, and then shake our heads that the mothers of this world couldn’t seem to raise healthy kids. But that’s not all that mothers are dealing with today. I think of women who have made the tough choice to spend most of their time caring for their children, rather than pursuing some other vocation. The cost of living being what it is, increasingly fewer women are able to make that choice—even when they would like to—, but those who still can face another enormous difficulty: the pressure of contempt. “Oh, you don’t work?” someone says at a cocktail party. “What a waste of all that good education.” In his book, The Power Delusion, author Tony Campolo tells the story of a homemaker who grew so tired of such remarks that she came up with an interesting retort. When some wellheeled person gave her the inevitable, “And what is it that you do, dear?” this woman would respond calmly, “Well, actually, I am socializing two homo sapiens in the dominant values of the Judeo-Christian tradition in order that they may be instruments for the transformation of the social order into the teleologically prescribed utopia inherent in the eschaton!” When she followed up that statement with the question, “And what is it that you do, dear?” somehow the other person’s, “I’m a lawyer,” just wasn’t that overpowering. It’s a crime that some mothers have been made to feel like apologizing for taking their role so seriously. When you consider what most mothers actually do—particularly those who juggle both the job of parenting and a job outside the home—, it is amazing that every day is not one when we respect the command to honor the mothers amongst us. Think about it. What other job demands such a brilliant capacity to switch back and forth between different mind and skill-sets? In a single day, a mother is required to be a nurse, a counselor, a chauffeur, an economist, a coach, an arbitrator, a

teacher, a chef and a bouncer.—And that’s just before lunch!


And yet of all the roles that a mother plays, the one that strikes me as most remarkable and important is that of “comforter.” At one point in the Bible, God says, “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you” (Isaiah 66:13). That God self-identifies as being like a mother is significant enough, but the very word “comfort” is a fascinating one too. It is a contraction of two Latin words: “com” (meaning “with”) and “fortis” (meaning “strength”). To be comforted is to have someone come alongside you “with strength.” The strength of that presence has nothing to do with size or muscle, as a cartoon from an old edition of the Saturday Evening Post depicts. In the sketch, a boy of five or six is talking on the telephone: “No, mom is in the hospital. The twins and Roxie and Billie and Sally and the dog and me and dad are all home alone.” A menagerie of people and pets fills the room, but the boy still feels alone without his mother. Why is that? I believe it is because, at her best, a mother is present with her children not just in body, but in spirit too. She doesn’t have one eye on you and the other on the football game. She’s not glancing over your shoulder at that person she would rather be talking to. She’s not staring at you with glazed eyes, while her inner screen is running down her “to-do” list. When you have a mother’s attention, you have all of her. She is with you in strength. Everything within her is focused on coming alongside you. Your hurts and hopes are her hurts and hopes. For a moment of delicious grace, you are less alone than at any other time, and her love for you becomes an incredible source of strength. Do you know that psychologists now believe that a regular experience of that or a similar kind of presence determines whether a child successfully negotiates the move to confident adulthood or not? Children who have experienced such comfort are less afraid to venture forth, to risk failure, to open themselves up to others. They have this deep existential sense that even if they fall flat on their face, there is still someone to whom they can return and recover their strength. Even after that mother is no longer physically present or visible, that child will be strengthened by the subconscious, internalized sense of that Someone who truly loves them. How many vocations are more important than instilling in the heart of even one child an inner strength like that? Continued on page 82

80 Hinsdale Magazine |

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35 S. Washington St., Hinsdale

Say Yes to Mom April 20th-May 10th

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SPIRITUAL INSIGHT Continued from page 80


The problem, of course, is that not all of us had mothers who were present with strength like that. The truth is that no human parent has ever been perfect in that regard. The result is that many of us are living “comfortable, but uncomforted” lives. We may have gathered a variety of toys and security blankets around us, but we still lack that deep assurance of parent-love that would give our lives so much greater strength. We are, therefore, cautious about taking risks. We don’t open up our deeper feelings to others easily. We fear venturing out where we might lose control, fail or be rejected, because deep down, we think there is no one anywhere to whom we could return for true comfort. But this is the ultimate and eternal Parent’s word to us: I see you. I love you. I am with you. I would die and come back to life for you. “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” Dr. Dan Meyer is the senior pastor at Christ Church of Oak Brook.




FOR THE 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR Please contact us to schedule a private tour for you and your family.

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