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YET ANOTHER REASON WHY HINO GENUINE PARTS & SERVICE ARE BETTER VALUE IN THE LONG RUN Your Hino truck is a key part of your business. Our business is to help you make as much money with it as possible. So in order to help you do so, we’ve just introduced a great new warranty. Buy any Genuine Hino Part or Accessory fitted by an authorised Hino dealer and we’ll give you a three year warranty with unlimited kilometres during this period. And since it applies both to the parts and labour it makes brilliant business sense no matter what model Hino you drive.

For further details visit or call your Hino dealer today.


The 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty applies to defects in workmanship and materials only, and does not cover fair wear or tear of the part / accessory. The 1 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty applies to defects in materials only, and does not cover defects in workmanship or fair wear or tear of the part / accessory. If the genuine Hino part or accessory is modified in any way, any Hino warranty that may HMS06424/FP have been applicable to that genuine Hino part or accessory, including but not limited to the 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty and the 1 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty is voided.

2 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

Inside Line Welcome to a new edition of Hino Torque. Just weeks ago I was in Alice Springs for the annual dinner and awards ceremony of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame (NRTHF) along with Hino chairman John Conomos AO. There could be no better venue, and no greater example of just how special our industry is to everyone who participates in it. We at Hino know that trucks are primarily tools of trade and we are committed in the strongest sense to delivering the best business solutions to our customers. However, we also recognise that for so many members of the industry, the truck sector is one filled with enthusiasm and emotion. To walk the National Road Transport Hall of Fame’s massive sheds – steeped

in the history of an industry that opened up a nation’s trade lines, and continues to sustain it – is an awe-inspiring experience. The NRTHF’s Wall of Fame reveres the heroes of our industry and is a humbling chronicle of the hardship endured by our trucking pioneers. It was with a great deal of pride that Hino presented the first hybrid truck in Australia to the NRTHF – a fitting means of both honouring the past and looking to the future. The Hino Hybrid was not only the first hybrid, but also the first light-duty truck to go on display in the NRTHF. Given the number of school groups that visit the facility virtually every day, it is most pertinent that they should be exposed to the future of our industry.

This issue of Torque covers major advances for Hino in Australia. For a start, there’s the launch of our new range of trucks – the heavy duty 700 and 500 series – as well as the new Hino 300 series Hybrid. We also proudly cover the opening of a new dealership – the massive Newcastle Hino – which establishes new benchmarks in facilities and customer service. While world economic conditions (and, to an extent, national conditions) herald conservatism and cut backs, we at Hino are forging ahead. We are convinced that beyond the blip lies a strong future for the road transport industry and that the time to act is now. That is why we have teams of

engineers in Australia more and more frequently, developing new models for our specific requirements. It is why we regard our new models as a remarkable step forward in our quest to meet the needs of our existing and potential customers. And it’s why our dealer network – lately epitomised by Newcastle Hino – is investing so strongly in new, larger, and even more specialised premises to meet our customers’ expectations. Please enjoy Hino Torque. It is my hope that, as well as informing, it will inspire. Steve Lotter Chief Operating Officer Hino Motor Sales Australia

Torque | 3

From left: Shane Read, Sam Nixon, Lesley Burton and Steve Richards.

Buses on the move Hino’s share of the school bus market has skyrocketed in 2008, with record-setting performances enabling it to control almost onethird of the segment. The launch of Hino’s new ADR 80/02-compliant range is set to sustain the growth into 2009. Hino’s bus market share has jumped 10 per centage points from 22 per cent to 32 per cent since 2007. Hino had sold 83 school buses nationally to August 2008, taking share off well-established European brands who have dominated the market for decades. “When you consider the reputation of our competition, Hino’s outstanding growth in the school bus market over the last 12 months underlines its increasing popularity with customers,” said Kevin Fielding, Hino manager of bus product (pictured). Hino has had four trading months in 2008 that produced record-breaking and record-equaling retail sales, breaking benchmarks established in 2002. Mr Fielding said that the superseded Hino RK260 had been a key factor in the sales success earlier in the year, which was consolidated by the release of the Hino FD 230 in March 2008, joining the Hino RK8J and RN8J. “Hino now has three top models in its range that offer automatic transmissions, airbag suspension, and most importantly, they are all ADR 80/02 compliant,” Mr Fielding said. “Our clients all comment on Hino’s low running costs, reliability and service – the three key factors that make or break on-going sales success – which Hino is determined to build on into the future.” Hino’s range of bus chassis can facilitate seating capacities ranging from 35 to 43. All three Hino buses are powered by Hino’s 7.7-litre J08E engine. The FD 230 is powered by a 168kW common-rail turbo diesel engine producing 686Nm of torque, while the RN8J and RK8J is equipped with a higher power rating of 190kW and 794Nm of torque (all ISO Net). 4 | Torque

Castrol promo a winner The winner of Prestige Hino’s Castrol Ambassadors Competition was recently awarded a unique collection of signed Castrol Ambassador sporting memorabilia worth over $2000. Customers qualified for tickets by purchasing Castrol products and Hino services from Prestige Hino over a two-month period. It was Prestige Hino’s first such promotion with Castrol and dealer principal Sam Nixon said he was surprised at the degree of customer interest the competition generated. “We had 127 qualified tickets

entered in the competition, which we are pleased to say was a greater than expected response,” Mr Nixon said. “As well as being an ideal way to offer our customers the chance to win a unique prize, the promotion successfully highlighted the key strategic partnership between Castrol and Prestige Hino, and the optimal real-world relationship between our products.” Prestige Hino customer Reads Waste submitted nine tickets in the course of servicing its fleet of 10 Hino 300 and 500 trucks, and was randomly selected from the pool as the winner.

V8 Supercars star and two-time Bathurst winner Steve Richards was on hand to present Lesley Burton and Shane Read the prize pack, which included a Steve Richards photo set, Adam Gilchrist cricket bat, Victor Bray Racing Team T-shirt and Dave Foster wood-chopping axe. Steve Richards then entertained Reads Waste and Prestige Hino staff with tales of his track-side adventures, as well as some surprising insights into alternative racing fuels and V8 Supercars’ future plans for carbonneutral racing.

consideration of people who drive trucks for a living or who use trucks as a tool of trade, so we considered the Fuel Frenzy promotion would be an attractive proposition to potential customers,” said Hino Australia chief operating officer Steve Lotter. “For many of those who qualified, the

$1000 will buy between one and two months of fuel for daily operation – and in some cases even more.” Final sales figures were still being collated at time of publication. However, Mr Lotter said the promotion could result in up to $250,000 of fuel being given away.

Fuel frenzy a customer hit Hino Australia's Fuel Frenzy campaign has proved a hit with customers. The Fuel Frenzy campaign saw Hino give away $1000 of diesel on selected models it sold through its national dealer network. The promotion applied to its Built to Go light duty Hino 616 Trade Ace and 716 Steel Ace models, and to its medium duty FD 1024 cab chassis models in medium, long and extra long wheel base versions. The Hino offer included a Caltex Star Fuel Card which could be used at any Caltex service station around the country. “Cost of operation has become the single-most important operational

Automatic light truck sales boost Hino’s position

Hino's unique position as the only manufacturer offering fully automatic light duty trucks in Australia has paid dividends in the latest sales results. Hino is now number two in the Australian light truck market, following the first quarter 2007 launch of the 300 range and increased availability of automatic transmission models.

The amazing take-up of Hino 300 six-speed fully automatic trucks has seen the company already exceed its full-year 2007 automatic model sales in just seven months in 2008.

Some Hino automatic models now out-sell their manual equivalents. Hino chief operating officer Steve Lotter said Hino sold 250 automatic light trucks in the first seven months of 2008,

compared to 238 in the full year 2007. "Hino now offers six fully automatic models, compared with three a year ago, and we're still the only manufacturer offering fully automatic light truck models," he said. "The take-up with rental fleet owners has been particularly strong – in fact an electronically controlled automatic transmission makes sense for any application where the drivers do not come from the ranks of professional truck drivers. "The most dramatic example was the entry-level 414 model, where year-to-date July we've sold more than two automatic models for every manual model. "In the Hino 716 Crew Cab model, we sold 19 automatics and 18 manuals in the July year-to-date 2008.” Hino's best-selling automatic is the 616 Auto model, with 127 trucks sold year-to-date (YTD) 2008, compared with 148 in the full year 2007. The 816 Auto is another strong seller, with 38 trucks sold YTD July 2008, compared with 53 manual variants YTD July 2008 and 50 automatics sold in 2007. Hino also offers its six-speed automatic transmission in volumeselling 716 Medium and 816 Crew Cab models.

Hino claims off-road record Australia's leading off-road racing team is claiming a rough-terrain mileage record for its race vehicle transporter. Peter Kittle Motorsports Offroad Racing has clocked up more than 120,000 kilometres across Australia in its Hino Ranger Pro, more than 50 per cent of it on bush tracks and corrugated gravel. The Ranger Pro acts as both a mobile workshop and a transporter for the team's Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Jimco buggy in the Australian Off Road Championship (AORC), a national off-road endurance race. The Ranger Pro's custom-designed pan carries – in addition to the Jimco

buggy, tools, lubricants, generators, suspension components and spares of all kinds – everything the team needs to be completely self-sufficient, often for days at a time. Peter Kittle Motorsports Offroad Racing placed second in this year’s Australian Off Road Championship (AORC) with its TRD Jimco buggy that produces up to 600kW (800bhp) and has a top speed on dirt of more than 250km/h. The team previously won this year's Finke Desert Race – arguably the toughest event in Australian offroad motorsport. Torque | 5

From left: Hino Australia Chief Operating Officer Steve Lotter and Hino Australia Chairman John Conomos present the first diesel-electric hybrid truck in Australia to the National Road Transport Hall of Fame Chief Executive Liz Martin and Association President Kel Davies.

Hino Hybrid at National Road Transport Hall of Fame Hino has presented the first dieselelectric hybrid truck in Australia to the National Road Transport Hall of Fame (NRTHF), becoming the first hybrid and the first Japanese-built truck to be displayed at the national museum. The TNT Express-liveried Hino Hybrid was presented at a gala dinner for 500 people at the Hall of Fame’s Alice Springs headquarters. Hino Chairman John Conomos AO and Chief Operating Officer Steve Lotter presented the Hybrid to the President of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame Kel Davis. Hino also made a grant to the Hall of Fame to assist it with future development. Mr Conomos said Hino supported the Hall of Fame in its responsibility to revere the past and to define the future. The first generation Hino Hybrid – of which only 30 came to Australia 6 | Torque

in 2007-2008 – would serve as a guidepost to future fuel sources. The TNT Express vehicle at the NRTHF has undergone extensive tests which revealed a 14 per cent saving in fuel costs. Mr Lotter said the new model Hino 714 Hybrid was returning up to 30 per cent fuel cost reductions in the hands of its first owners. Hino has just launched its second generation Hybrid, now integrated as part of its 300 Series line-up. The hybrid combines an electric motor with a conventional diesel engine, resulting in substantial reductions in emissions and fuel savings.


ON HINOS. Hino’s range of light duty trucks are the only trucks on the market to offer a choice of fully automatic six-speed transmissions. As you’d expect of Hino, they’re highly advanced with Idle Neutral technology to minimise load on the drive train and maximise fuel economy and ‘Fuzzy Logic’ to optimise gear selection for steep climbs and descents. So if you’d like to work smarter rather than harder, you’d better go Hino fully automatic.



Hino Launches

New Hybrid Truck Continuing its march into the forefront of hybrid technology, Hino Australia has launched a new hybrid truck, the 714 Hybrid. Designed to easily meet Euro V emission targets, the groundbreaking new model comes with improved performance and efficiency coupled with lower emissions than the previous Hino Hybrid model. “Hino Hybrid 714 has the potential to provide major savings in fuel and reductions in emissions, without any operational downside,” said Hino Australia Chief Operating Officer, Steve Lotter. “It is undoubtedly the way of the future in certain applications.” Hino’s new Hybrid has a lighter, more powerful electric motor, increased main battery and inverter power, and improved packaging efficiency, reliability, safety and driveability. Hino 714 Hybrid’s new synchronous permanent-magnet electric motor has 8 | Torque

“Hino’s new Hybrid has a lighter, more powerful electric motor, increased main battery and improved reliability, safety and driveability.”

57 per cent more power and 44 per cent more torque - with a 30 per cent reduction in weight - for improved acceleration. Superseded Hino Hybrid had an induction-type electric motor. The new electric motor delivers 36kW maximum power and 350Nm maximum torque at 1000rpm, compared with figures of 23kW and 243Nm for the superseded model. It has a mass of 40.8kg, 17.2kg less than the previous electric motor. Hino 714 Hybrid’s entire electrical system has been redesigned to make better use of the vehicle’s electric power, to increase reliability and reduce weight. The inverter is all-new and has 64kVA of power - more than double the power of the superseded model’s inverter. It has an aluminium case in place of the previous steel case, and waterproof couplers rather than a junction block for the connections to the high voltage battery and the electric motor. The new inverter weighs 0.5kg less than the previous unit. Hino 714 Hybrid’s new nickel metal hydride high voltage battery also offers increased power and efficiency. The battery’s regular output has been increased by 43 per cent - from 21kW to 30kW. Regular output has been increased from 274V to 288V. Both increases have been achieved for a net mass increase of just 1kg to 56kg. The power control unit (PCU) has been downsized by 24 per cent to 160 litres - highlighting the advancement in the new design and saving space.

Hino 714 Hybrid has a package of features to increase its ease of operation. The new hybrid truck has an ECO lamp on the dashboard, to help the driver achieve maximum fuel economy. The ECO lamp illuminates when the hybrid system is assisting the diesel engine. The key to fuel-efficient operation is to drive in such a way that the lamp illuminates as much as possible. Hino 714 Hybrid also has a charge lamp, to indicate energy recovery via regenerative braking. The longer the lamp is illuminated during deceleration, the greater the energy recovered and stored for later use. The new model has refined the exclusive Hino Hybrid feature of an idle-stop mechanism. The idle-stop function is activated when the vehicle is stationary and the transmission is in neutral. The diesel engine restarts as soon as the clutch pedal is depressed, using the electric motor as the starter motor. The electric motor’s role as a starter motor for the diesel engine means 714 Hybrid can shut down the diesel engine when the vehicle is stopped, and smoothly restart the engine when it is time to move off. The electric motor cranks the diesel engine at 400rpm to start it, in order to save fuel. The idle-stop function can be disabled via a button on the dashboard if the driver desires. For example, keeping the diesel engine running when the vehicle is stationary in hot weather provides on-going air conditioner operation.

Hino 714 Hybrid’s new synchronous permanent-magnet electric motor has 57 per cent more power and 44 per cent more torque and a 30 per cent reduction in weight – compared to its predecessor. Torque | 9




P ACKED UP TO 480HP. When we say beefed up, we mean beefed up. Our new

heavy-duty models offer more power, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and allow for more applications from tippers to interstate transport. So if you’re looking for power and heaps of it, head to your local Hino dealer today. MODElS


FM Auto










Overseas model shown

Hino launches industryleading warranty Hino Australia has launched an industry-leading three-year unlimited kilometre warranty on all its genuine parts – and claims the offer is unmatched by any Japanese truck brand in the market. The ongoing parts warranty, which began in October 2008, applies to all Genuine Hino Parts fitted by an Authorised Hino Dealer, and applies to both parts and labour. The three-year unlimited kilometre warranty also applies to all Genuine Hino Accessories fitted by authorised dealers. Hino’s parts and accessories warranties had previously been for 12 months or 100,000 kilometres, whichever came first. From 1 October, the previous one-year/100,000 kilometre warranty offer covers all Genuine Hino Parts and Accessories fitted by non-authorised dealers. This applies to Hino Parts and Accessories purchased over the counter. Hino Divisional Manager, Product Support, Greg Bleasel, said the three-year unlimited kilometre warranties represented a vast improvement for customers. “We’ve increased our genuine parts and accessories warranty period by 200 per cent and left the kilometres uncapped during this time. As far as we’re aware, no other truck brand – and certainly no Japanese brand – has a better offer. “Transport operators are always looking for an edge. We expect our customers will find the warranties particularly compelling due to the high annual kilometres intrinsically required of their vehicles.” Both warranties are offered nationwide and cover Hino’s entire range of light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses, and Hino’s 200-plus accessory lines. “The offer is unequivocal – there’s no fine print,” said Mr Bleasel. “Unlike some of our competitors, which have different warranty kilometre caps for different vehicle models, our offer is standard across the board.”

Hino's three-year unlimited kilometre warranty applies to all Genuine Parts and Accessories fitted by authorised dealers.

Mr Bleasel said the three-year unlimited kilometre warranties would be long-term offers. “We are very confident in the quality and durability of our products, and prepared to permanently stand behind these warranties,” he said. “Transport industry stakeholders know that they simply cannot afford vehicle down-time. This is another way to help guard against that happening, because the right part is fitted by the right person. “In the event of a failure, a customer is fully protected within the scope of our industry-leading parts warranty, and safe in the knowledge that our

95 percent line-fill supply will deliver a speedy replacement.” The three-year unlimited kilometre warranties provided customers further reason to use Hino Genuine Parts and Accessories, and have them fitted by an authorised dealer, said Mr Bleasel. “Hino Genuine Parts and Accessories represent long-term value compared with non-genuine equivalents, so there’s little up-front reason to risk using a generic part. “The Hino Authorised Dealer network employs factory-trained service technicians to ensure all work is performed efficiently and effectively, saving customers time

and providing peace-of-mind which is further extended by these warranties,” Mr Bleasel said. “Hino Genuine Parts fitted by Authorised Dealers fit right the first time and are guaranteed to last, providing customers better value in the long run.” Hino’s Authorised Dealer network comprises 42 locations nationwide, including joint Hino/Toyota dealers. The new parts warranty from Hino applies to defects in workmanship or material and does not cover fair wear and tear. Hino Australia plans a marketing campaign to promote the three-year unlimited kilometre warranties. Torque | 11

Hino National Skills competition tests the best

National Champion 2008 HMSA Skills Contest Steven Browitt (left) and Runner Up Brendan O'Grady (right) with Trainer Product Support Division Sergio Bonvini.

Hino Australia has crowned its top service technicians as part of its inaugural National Skills Contest held recently in Sydney. Ten service technicians from as far as Rockhampton and Adelaide faced an arduous series of real-world service situations that each had to address as quickly and efficiently as possible. Participating dealerships included CMI Hino Adelaide, Adtrans Hino Mascot, Tory Hino, Adtrans Hino Camden, Tait Motors, Ian Weigh Motors and Sydney Hino. Under the keen eyes of the judging panel (made up of Hino Regional Service Managers), each entrant’s diagnostic and mechanical skills were tested for a total of 9.5 hours over the course of three days. 12 | Torque

Senior service managers on the judging panel included Sergio Bonvini, Scott Brown, Gus Belanski, Bob Shelley, Kirk Harrison and Robert Kepe. The tests included pre-delivery inspections, electrical diagnostics and fault-finding, common rail fuel injectors and Jake brake installation, engine pump and compressor remove-andreplace, and differential overhaul. Hino Divisional Manager, Product Support, Greg Bleasel, said the tests re-created every-day situations and were designed to identify the key strengths

and limitations of all participants in an effort to provide the means to identify and develop future training needs. “For our pre-delivery inspection, for example, technicians were examined as to how well they adhered to the process, and their accuracy in ensuring 100 per cent quality control. “In another test, we rigged a 300 Series truck with a physical fuel line blockage, which caused the truck to starve for fuel shortly after starting. To further complicate the fault, we added an electrical malfunction –

a damaged fuel line control valve – that prevented fuel from passing into the common rail. “The latter required use and interpretation of our DX diagnostic software system,” Mr Bleasel said. “Contestants also had to complete physically demanding tasks including reassembly of engines and of the injection pump and compressor in our J08E and E13C engines.” Masaaki Honna, Deputy General Manager of Hino Motors Limited, Japan, opened the Hino Motor Sales Australia

The official opening (from left) by COO Steve Lotter,

“We placed a lot of emphasis on diagnostics and root cause analysis, because we consider the ability to identify a fault is paramount if we are to minimise vehicle downtime.”

President Junsuke Ando, Deputy General Manager of Hino Motors Limited Japan Masaaki Honna, and Divisional Manager Product Support Greg Bleasel.

(HMSA) National Skills Contest and observed proceedings throughout. Steven Browitt of Gold Coast Hino came out on top and was crowned National Champion 2008 HMSA Skills Contest for his exemplary demonstration of practical and technical problem-solving. Brendan O’Grady of Prestige Hino, Victoria, took second place and the award for Runner Up 2008 HMSA Skills Contest. Third place went to Glen Osborne, also of Prestige Hino, who was presented with the award for Third Place 2008 HMSA Skills Contest. Contestants were not just competing

for trophies and the kudos of being Hino’s premier service technicians. Two entries to Hino Japan’s 37th international skills competition were up for grabs – the first such opportunity for Hino Australia. Steven Browitt and Brendan O’Grady later travelled to compete in the 2008 Hino Service Technical Contest in Japan, where they pitted their skills and experience against their Hino counterparts from Malaysia and 10 domestic Japanese dealerships. Hino Australia went on to win the Diagnostic category of Hino Japan’s Service Technical Contest, the only category it was eligible to compete in.

“They did as well as they possibly could and we’re very proud of them,” Mr Bleasel said. “The Japanese competitors have been involved in skills competitions for many years and are extremely capable, so our boys did especially well. “Hino Japan was also extremely impressed at our guys’ diagnostic skill levels.” Mr Bleasel said he considered the Diagnostic category to be the most important of the four categories comprising Japan’s Service Technical Contest. “We placed a lot of emphasis

on diagnostics and root cause analysis, because we consider the ability to identify a fault is paramount if we are to minimise vehicle downtime.” Mr Browitt said the Japanese competition held huge significance for him. “I had never been out of the country in my life, so I was really looking forward to it. It was an amazing cultural experience and, of course, to win was a dream come true. “It was also great to see how other service technicians did things. I managed to pick up some really valuable perspectives from it.”

Hino Australia's Service Technicians on their way to winning the Diagnostic category of Japan's Hino Service Technical Contest.

Torque | 13

Newcastle Hino opens benchmark dealership Newcastle Hino’s freshly opened $7 million complex has been hailed as a model for regional truck dealerships of the future. The two-hectare complex at Beresfield is on a main interstate artery and features drive-through service bays for vehicles up to B-Double semitrailers in size. The facility has been built to service the expected increase in demand for a new range of heavy-duty trucks. It has rest rooms, beds and a kitchen for drivers, as well as internet connectivity to provide operators with business facilities while their trucks are being serviced. Serious investment in service facilities has resulted in industryleading safety inspection bays, not only for registration purposes but also for operator assurance. The new facility has parking for up to 120 vehicles with ample off-street manoeuvring areas on a concrete hard stand, complete with wash bays.

14 | Torque

Newcastle Hino - developed by the Bradstreet family - has been hailed by distributor Hino Motor Sales Australia as a benchmark regional development. Customer accessibility and customer service were the two tenets of the development of the new premises, according to Hino Australia Chief Operating Officer Steve Lotter. "For a start, the new facility is on Highway One, so it is easily accessible to passing truck operators as well as to its local customer base," Mr Lotter said. "It is right next to a major, modern truck refueling station, and is in the middle of a modern industrial complex dedicated to transport and logistics. "Most importantly, development is practical and cost efficient, with an emphasis on service." The Newcastle development is the

second in the area by the Hino franchise holder in just five years. The Bradstreet Group opened a new – albeit smaller – sales and service outlet in suburban Hexham, although demand quickly outgrew the premises. The Hexham facility has now been turned into a replacement parts depot for the entire Bradstreet Group of Companies. "Hexham taught us all a lesson," Newcastle Hino General Manager James Bradstreet said. "Our customers appreciate that we build state-of-the-art facilities to service their needs and to treat them with professional respect," he said. "It was no coincidence our company become Regional Number One immediately after building the Hexham facility."

Newcastle Hino dominates sales of light and medium commercial vehicles in the region. The new premises have paid special attention to also accommodating the needs of heavy duty truck operations. "Hino is gearing up for a major assault on the heavy duty end of the market, so it is essential to offer the service facilities necessary to meet the needs of those customers," Mr Bradstreet said. Mr Lotter said elements of the new premises were easily transferable to other regional operations within the economic scope of their business operations. "There are innovations in the new premises that could significantly improve the service offered to transport operators across Australia," he said.

More power, more choice If it’s grunt you’re after, it’s grunt you’re going to get with Hino’s new 500 and 700 range. Hino has unleashed a number of new models that mark the most powerful 500 medium-duty and 700 heavy-duty trucks ever launched in its history. Hino’s six new 500 FM variants have significantly more torque and power than the five standard FM variants, thanks to Hino’s all-new light-weight, fuel efficient engine. Hino 700 now includes two FS models and three new SS models, offering a greater choice of performance and payload capacity than ever before. Following the launch of the new models, there are now a total of 17 three-axle variants in the Hino range. The new 500 line-up consists of the FM 2632 and FM 2632 Air, FM 2630 Auto and FM 2630 Auto Air, including two medium, two long and two new XX long-wheelbase variants. They each share Hino’s all-new A09C 8.9-litre turbocharged and intercooled direct-injection overhead camshaft diesel engine that is available in two power ratings. The “A09C” engine has been

designed as a high-torque, low revolution and low fuel consumption engine, with a significantly undersquare bore-tostroke dimension. New FM also has improved visibility due to a slightly more elevated seating position. FM 2632 and FM 2632 Air both have a GCM of 40,000kg, up 7000kg on the standard-powered FM 2627 models. The Hino A09C TK engine powering the Hino FM 2632 variants delivers 235kW (ISO NET) of power at 2100rpm and 1079Nm of torque at 1100rpm. It produces 36 per cent more power and 24 per cent more torque than the 7.7-litre Hino FM “J08E” TB engine that produces 190kW of power and 794Nm of torque. The Hino A09C TJ engine powering the FM 2630 variants generates 221kW (net) of power and 1079Nm (net) of torque. The new engines both meet ADR 80/02 with the 235 kW version matched to an 11-speed overdrive Eaton manual transmission with two crawler gears, and the 221 kW matched to the

six-speed overdrive Allison 3500 automatic transmission. All FM 2630 variants are equipped with the 3500 six-speed Allison transmission. The FM 2632 models are fitted with RTO 11909LL 11-speed Eaton transmissions. FM 2630 Auto Air has a wheelbase of 5250mm, while FM 2630 Auto comes in two wheelbases – 4240 and 5250mm. FM 2632 Air has a 6500mm wheelbase, while FM 2632 is also available in two wheelbases – 4240 and 6500mm. All three new Hino SS 700 models offer more power and better torque characteristics than the model they replace. They are equipped with airbag suspension, a modular ‘global’ chassis, and represent the most powerful heavy-duty Hino trucks ever launched in Australia. The Hino SS 2848 HR Air is also the first high-roof truck released by Hino Australia, offering double sleeping

berths and/or more cabin storage. SS 2848 HR Air and SS 2848 Air are both powered by a Hino E13CVA engine that produces 353kW at 1800rpm and 2157Nm of torque at 1100rpm. At 1600rpm, the new Hino E13C VA engine produces 2000Nm of torque. SS 2845 Air is powered by a 331kW Hino E13C VC engine generating 2157Nm of torque with a flatter torque curve than the previous model. Both new engines have revised fuel mapping to achieve the performance increases, and meet ADR 80/02. In addition, they are both equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), a first for Hino 700 that has assisted in achieving emission compliance. The ‘global’ chassis designed by Hino Japan is bolted on the side section instead of the top, allowing for easier fitment of bodies to the flat upper chassis rails. Chassis width has been reduced 10mm to 840mm, allowing for optional larger tyres sizes required for different markets and applications. Torque | 15

Fighting fires with Hino Victoria's Country Fire Authority has battled more than its share of wildfires over the last 60 years. Since 1984, Hino has played a vital role in developing the ultimate fire-fighting machines with one of the world’s largest volunteer fire services. The 16th of February, 1983 will go down in Australia’s history as one its darkest days. The exact date may not be familiar, but the devastation wrought on that Ash Wednesday will forever be burnt into the consciousness of those Australians old enough to remember one of the nation’s worst disasters. The Ash Wednesday fires that swept through hundreds and thousands of hectares in Victoria and South Australia claimed 75 lives (47 in Victoria and 28 in South Australia) and destroyed more than 2000 houses, mainly in Victoria. The largest loss of life was just 60km south-east of Melbourne at Upper 16 | Torque

Beaconsfield, where 20 perished. Around 180 wild fires broke out on Ash Wednesday across 359,000 hectares in South Australia and Victoria. According to the CFA (Victoria’s Country Fire Authority), most of the fires were controlled on the day within two to eight hours. Others took a couple of days. If not for the incredible courage of the firefighting and emergency services involved, the carnage of Ash Wednesday could have been significantly worse. Established in 1945 after serious fires swept across Victoria several years earlier, the CFA has evolved to become one of the world’s largest

volunteer-based emergency services. Currently, 1209 CFA brigades operate across Victoria. They use 1600 vehicles and are staffed by 58,000 volunteer members, 601 career firefighters and operational staff plus more than 1200 support and administrative employees. The CFA is partly funded by the Victorian Government but mostly funded by the insurance industry. Hino’s involvement with the CFA began in 1984, just over a year after Ash Wednesday. In fact, a Hino FF172 that went into service on July 1, 1984 is still operating in the CFA fleet at Maroona in central Victoria.

For some time after the inception of the CFA fleet, the majority of its vehicles were petrol-engined vehicles. However, the petrol-engine vehicles of the day were prone to vapour lock, a scenario where the liquid fuel would turn into gas due to heat build-up, cutting the fuel flow to the carburettors. As a result, the CFA designed and fitted anti-fuel vaporisation kits to its fleet of petrolpowered appliances. Diesel fuel, by contrast, is largely vapour-resistant, but on a dollarper-horsepower basis, petrol-engined trucks back in the 1970s were the better option.

When diesels became more affordable the CFA began trialling Hino trucks in 1983, in the wake of Ash Wednesday. After four decades of using Britishand American-built machinery, the CFA purchased its first ever Japanese-built trucks in 1984 – the diesel-powered Hino GT175 4x4 and the Hino FF172 4x2. Both trucks featured big 3000-litre fibreglass water tanks and fibreglass heat-shield panels. In 1985, the Hino GT175 also became the CFA’s first multiple production unit to incorporate ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure). Over the years, Hino cab chassis have played a crucial role in the CFA’s product development. Robert Rankin is Manager Fleet Infrastructure at the CFA. He was working for the organisation when the Ash Wednesday fires swept through the south-east of the continent.

According to Mr Rankin, the CFA’s relationship with Hino is based on several key factors. “For nearly 25 years, Hino vehicles have proved reliable and robust,” he said. “Their specifications meet our needs and the price is on the money.” The CFA initially purchased 10 Hinos in 1984, followed by 115 in 1985, 85 in ’86 and 123 the following year. The 1600-vehicle CFA fleet now has 769 Hinos – making it almost half-Hino. The CFA’s 2008 procurement includes 12 Hino 816s, 36 FT 1022s, 10 GT 1322 and 12 FG 1527s - all Crew Cabs. After approximately 20 years’ service, the majority of vehicles in the CFA fleet are sold by tender to the rural sector or mining industry. Drawing on its long and successful history with the CFA, Hino has been involved with many new tanker designs that CFA’s Fleet Service Engineers are

“We wanted to develop a small-profile cab chassis for urban work, and the 816 ticked all the boxes.” continually creating to maximise the authority’s fire-fighting capabilities. The latest development has been the Hino 300 816 Crew Cab, the first ‘light-duty’ Hino cab chassis to be used as a test-bed for a new urban firefighting appliance. The CFA has purchased 25 Hino 816 Crew Cabs to convert to fire-fighting

duties. The total cost including fit-out? Just over $200,000. The 816 ‘light pumper’ carries 1100 litres of water and can pump out 2500 litres per minute from a hydrant – thanks to a rear-mounted water pump which is driven via the diesel engine by a split-shaft power take off. “The decision to go with the 816 Crew Cab was based on its power-weight ratio, turning circle and features such as ABS and airbags,” Mr Rankin said. “We wanted to develop a smallprofile cab chassis for urban work, and the 816 ticked all the boxes.” The 816 features modular design and a fully-integrated body complete with side roller shutters and a rear lift-up door. The new vehicle provides improved road performance, and can carry additional equipment and water not normally stored on existing models.

Hino 300 816 Crew Cab was the first ‘light-duty’ Hino cab chassis to be used as a test-bed for a new urban firefighting appliance.

The tanker of the future… The next design on the CFA drawingboard will marry the best of the past with the latest technology. For some time, the CFA has looked for a tanker that combines the narrow-andlow profile of the ‘70s with common-rail fuel injection, modern cab design, and the latest suspension and chassis technology. In 2007 the CFA became aware of a low-profile Hino 4x4 cab chassis sold in Japan, which Hino Australia agreed to import especially for a CFA evaluation.

According to the CFA, the key characteristics of the Hino prototype are: • four-person cab • 2100 litres of water • ultra-high pressure pump • crew protection spray system • main pump capable of 1800 litres per minute The CFA says the prototype Hino light tanker will be ready for field evaluation by mid-January 2009. Torque | 17

Hino supports A1 GP’s Team Ireland.

Ireland’s approach is A1 Hino-backed A1 GP Team Ireland is in the final stages of pre-season preparation ahead of an exciting new era for the A1 GP category, following the launch of a new Ferrari designedand-powered race car. Supported by Ireland and Great Britain Hino distributor, Harris Hino, Team Ireland is entering its fourth season in the series dubbed the ‘World Cup of Motorsport’ that sees teams represent their nations and race in identical machinery. Following a break-through win last season by driver Adam Carroll the team is eager to add to its success. Carroll, a GP2 frontrunner and Formula 1 test driver, scored an emotional debut victory at the Mexican round of the championship, fittingly the day before St Patrick’s Day. Team Ireland then continued its

form with Carroll securing podiums in the final two events of the 2007/08 championship, helping the team finish sixth for the year overall. This effort saw the team receive the Most Improved Award along with its third-consecutive Best Presented Award. Team Ireland is racing its new Ferraripowered car for the 2008/09 season. Team Principal Mark Gallagher believes the series’ collaboration with Ferrari is the beginning of an exciting new era for the World Cup of Motorsport. “The new car looks stunning,” said Gallagher. “It’s very contemporary and the levels of design and engineering are superb. The attention to detail is fantastic and meets the level we expected from the collaboration between A1 GP and Ferrari. “Our senior team personnel all have experience of working in F1 and this will

Adam Carroll celebrates Team Ireland’s maiden win.

play a significant part in ensuring we are capable of taking on the challenge of working with this new car. “For sponsors and commercial partners of Team Ireland this is a dramatic way to be affiliated with the

most famous and iconic name in motor racing.” The fourth season of A1 GP will be contested by 24 nations across 10 rounds, concluding in May 2009 at Brands Hatch in Great Britain.

Bates claims fourth crown

Bates and Taylor celebrate title success. 18 | Torque

Toyota has claimed both the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) Drivers’ and Manufacturers’ Championships at the season-ending Coffs Coast Rally, with team boss Neal Bates claiming his fourth, and Toyota’s ninth, domestic rally title. Bates won four of the season’s six events to become just the third person ever to win four or more ARC Drivers’ titles. Bates won the title in an S2000spec Corolla that he helped build – a rare feat in modern motorsport, and an achievement reminiscent of

one by Australia’s three-time Formula 1 World Champion, Sir Jack Brabham, who won the 1966 F1 championship in the Repco-Brabham car he helped build. “Obviously I am incredibly happy to win a fourth title,” Bates said. “Overall, it is a big achievement to win another Manufacturers’ title and for Coral and I to win again 13 years since our last one.” The 2008 season also saw Team TRD Rally continue to use a Hino 700 rigid pantech which served as a mobile workshop at all six ARC rounds.

“Overall, it is a big achievement to win another Manufacturers’ title and for Coral and I to win again 13 years since our last one.”

Hino's advanced six-speed fully automatic transmission is now available on more variants in the 300 range.

In addition to auto, the single rear wheel Hino 300 414 is now available as a manual.



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39. UP TO



For stop-start city driving, no truck is as fuel-efficient as a Hino Hybrid. The innovative

diesel-electric engine that powers Hino’s Hybrid not only cuts Carbon Monoxide emissions by up to 72%^, it also gives significant fuel savings. For more information on Australia’s first Hybrid truck, visit your local Hino dealer today.


* Compared to a Hino Dutro based on heavy city driving averaging 15km per hour. ^ Compared to a Hino Dutro. Figure officially registered at DOTARS. HMS6542

Hino Torque Summer 2009  
Hino Torque Summer 2009  

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