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Highway Heroes Saving lives with the Driver Reviver road safety program

Dealer of the Year awards announced

Inside Line This year heralds a new era for Hino Australia and for its customers. New product, unprecedented investment in customer service systems, and increased staff levels to meet the needs of the future are all currently in place. In the first quarter of 2007 Hino launched its 300 series of light-duty trucks. Across the 19-model range, the 300 Series offers a comprehensive solution for fleet and owner operators. While the former Dutro series served Hino and its customers well, the new 300 Series, with its economic US04 and ADR 80/01-compliant engines and advanced ergonomics, is a giant step forward. The Hino 300 Series has already been well received by customers – and we expect this great response to continue throughout the year. Later this year we will be launching the new Hino Hybrid, the world’s first commercial vehicle hybrid to go into mass production. Understandably, there is already firm and eager enquiry from government departments and companies wanting to explore environmental benefits. But while our vehicle range is expanding, that’s not enough. A company like Hino has to be at the forefront of providing transport solutions and customer service. That’s why we are investing strongly in new systems and increasing staff levels, to better service both our dealer network and their customers. Since January, Hino has confirmed its 2 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

role as a member of the Toyota Group of Companies. Toyota is Australia’s Number One motor vehicle distributor, a leading local manufacturer, and the country’s premier exporter of motor vehicles. In terms of product, and process, it is the benchmark for all motor vehicle distributors. Hino’s inclusion within the Toyota family means that it can tap into the systems and customer service processes which have made Toyota great. As a means of reinforcing the association, our recent national dealer conference and awards presentation was held at Toyota’s Corporate Headquarters in Melbourne. And the drive program to evaluate the new 300 Series was held on Toyota’s Altona test track. There is no suggestion that Hino will become a subsidiary of Toyota Australia. Like our colleague company, Toyota Industries Corporation Australia, we remain independent and proud of it. But by creating a family of Toyota companies we have formed an association which can be of immense benefit to our customers. The Toyota Group of Companies can provide Hino commercial vehicles from light to heavy duty. It can also provide Australia’s widest range of passenger vehicles, SUVs and light commercial vehicles. Lexus can supply luxury cars and SUVs, and Toyota Financial Services can tailor-make insurance and finance for them all.

The synergies are extraordinary. Hino’s makeover is all encompassing. Even our head office is being extensively rebuilt to provide a contemporary and attractive work environment. At every level we are actively undertaking improvement. And all of this is occurring off the firm platform of existing success. In 2006 Hino made record vehicle deliveries to its customers. For the first time we delivered more than 5000 vehicles and claimed greater than 15 per cent of total market share (ERG). That’s a great achievement from a company which was delivering less than 1000 trucks a year a decade ago. Many companies would be more than satisfied. But we’re not. The road transport industry is growing, and Australia increasingly depends on it. It is our commitment to work with our customers to provide not only trucks, but transport solutions. At every level our future is tied to thinking beyond the product to its successful application. Our growth will only be secured by making the wellbeing of our customers a priority. We do intend to grow. Our publicly stated goal is to be putting 7000 Hinos a year into the market by 2010 – that’s almost a 50 per cent growth, no mean feat in a mature market. Our stretch target is 10,000 Hinos by 2015 – double today’s volume in less than a decade. Projected growth in the transport sector demands that we

be geared-up to provide that magnitude of facility. So the reasons for our current investment program are obvious. We are not just building for today. We are building, strategically, for the future. If we are to be of true value to our customers, then across Australia we must have service and parts operations in place which can smoothly handle our projected volumes. We need to enhance our role as bestpractice service providers. Our customers need to know that they can rely on us, absolutely, to maintain their vehicles so they in turn can maintain their business edge. That’s what our investment is all about. The good news is that it is ongoing. Our current works in progress are just phase one of an investment program that will never stop. Toyota has a motto, more like a credo really. They say: “We are a group of passionate professionals who cannot leave well enough alone.” They don’t just say it. They live it. And the results are there for everyone to see. As a member of the Toyota Group of Companies, Hino Australia could think of no better call to arms to guide its own future. Our customers will be the beneficiaries.

Steve Lotter Chief Operating Officer Hino Motor Sales Australia



They go TogeTher like pie and peas Since Hino is a Toyota Group Company is it any wonder that their range of trucks work so well with Toyota’s range of market-leading forklifts and vice versa. For further information about the Hino or Toyota Industrial Equipment product ranges please call 1800 85 65 85

3 | Torque | APRIL 2007

HFS crowns Jacob Hino Jacob Hino has won three individual Hino Dealer of the Year awards for outstanding service in 2006, including Hino Financial Services’ Dealer of the Year. Jacob Hino, with dealerships in Wodonga, Victoria, and Wagga Wagga, NSW, was also named Hino Rural Dealer of the Year for number one sales volume in light-duty trucks and won the Hino Parts and Accessories Award for Excellence. The awards were recently presented at Toyota’s corporate headquarters in Port Melbourne, at a ceremony that coincided with the launch of the new Hino 300 light-duty truck series. Jacob Hino has previously won Hino Rural Dealer of the Year awards for leadership in both light-duty and medium-duty truck sales. Jacob Hino Dealer Principal Neville Jacob said receiving the awards was recognition of a great team effort and a wide-ranging incentive program that led to a high level of interdependence between key dealership departments. Jacob Hino in Wodonga was established in 2002, followed by Jacob Hino Wagga Wagga in mid-2006. “The team at Jacob Hino has worked very hard to establish the Hino brand in our two markets in a relatively short

Jacob Hino dealer principal Neville Jacob (left) with Colin Euers from Toyota Financial Services.

space of time, so to win yet another set of national Hino awards suggests that we are connecting with our customers in a number of very important areas,” said Mr Jacob. “In order to provide the best possible service and value to our customers, we must, firstly, have the correct systems and incentives in place and, secondly, trained and motivated staff to effectively carry out their individual tasks.” Mr Jacob said every employee at

his Hino dealerships was on an incentive scheme, including managers, sales consultants, technicians and apprentices. “This way, our entire staff understands that their role is highly interdependent with other roles in the company, so we are all committed to achieve increasing levels of performance that ultimately mean a better all-round service to our customers.” Mr Jacob said the future for Hino was

bright, following the release of its all-new 300 Series light-duty truck range. “The fact that Hino is now part of the Toyota group of companies holds it in great stead, and the new Hino 300 Series will have a significant impact on the local truck market. “I believe the 300 Series will be received very positively by the light-duty market, and will assist Hino in becoming the number one truck brand in Australia.”

Carlisle Hino is rural king Carlisle Hino in Mackay, Queensland, has taken out the Dealer of the Year title for rural Hino dealers at a recent

ceremony in Port Melbourne. Carlisle Hino deputy principal Richard Deguara said he was somewhat surprised

to receive the award after becoming a Hino dealer only three years ago. “The team at Carlisle Hino has worked very hard to establish the Hino brand in our market in a relatively short space of time, so winning an award was the furthest thing from our mind,” Mr Deguara said. “Having said that, I believe being named Hino Rural Dealer of the Year is great recognition for what we have achieved in those three years, and the platform it has set for the future.” Mr Deguara said his Carlisle Hino deputy principal Richard Deguara (second from left) with (L-R) Hino executives parts, workshop and sales Junsuke Ando, Shoji Kondo, John Conomos AO and Hino Australia COO Steve Lotter. teams have combined 4 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

effectively to deliver exceptional service to Carlisle Hino’s growing list of customers, singling out sales consultant Graham Morrow for special mention. “In addition to our individual departments working cohesively, Carlisle Hino has substantial holdings of spare parts and Hino vehicle stock to ensure a constant supply to our customers – having stock on hand makes selling a lot easier, and Graham has been a key part of that success,” Mr Deguara said. “We have also invested a significant sum into marketing Carlisle Hino, including television advertising, which has proved very effective in delivering the key messages of service and value to our customers.” The Carlisle Group was established in 1948 and will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year.

Newcastle Hino wins Metro Dealer of the Year Newcastle Hino was recently named Hino Metropolitan Dealer of the Year. The award was announced at a presentation at Toyota’s corporate headquarters in Port Melbourne that coincided with the recent launch of the new Hino 300 light-duty truck series. Newcastle Hino dealer principal David Body said the award was recognition of a team effort that began when the dealership relocated in July 2004. The Newcastle dealership first became a Hino franchise in 1972. “Our team at Newcastle Hino has worked very hard to re-establish the Hino brand in our market since we moved into the new premises,” said Mr Body. “Although our new dealership sits on around 11,000m² of land, we’ve almost outgrown it in less than three years, such has been the growth of the business.”

Newcastle Hino enjoys a 50 per cent share of its local medium-duty truck market and a 36 per cent share of the light-duty segment. “We have been aggressive with how we market and sell Hino, and having a great team that is very much resultsdriven ensures our ongoing success in the Newcastle market,” he said. “Our personnel in parts, service and sales have been selected because of their knowledge and enthusiasm to get the job done and achieve goals.” The new model 300 Series supersedes the successful Hino Dutro range of light-duty trucks, with an emphasis on class-leading equipment levels, durability, safety, lower emissions and value.

Newcastle Hino’s Boy Bradstreet and David Body (centre) with (L-R) Hino executives Junsuke Ando, Shoji Kondo, John Conomos AO and Hino Australia COO Steve Lotter.

Hino 300 major prize at QLD Truck Show Visitors to the upcoming Queensland Truck & Machinery Show will have a chance to win a Hino 300 Series 414 light-duty truck. In conjunction with the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland (CVIAQ) Hino is putting up the recently released Hino 300 Series 414 automatic with alloy tray as a prize. The entry-level model in the new Hino 300 Series line-up, Hino 414 features a six-speed automatic transmission, driver’s side SRS airbag, ABS brakes with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, corner

turning lamps and an energy-absorbing steering wheel. The single rear wheeled Hino 3414 is aimed at the one-tonne ute driver that can’t quite fit everything in the back. It is powered by a 4.0-litre turbocharged common-rail diesel engine producing 103kW of power. There will be two Hino 414s on display at the show. To be eligible to win, entrants must

have a ‘passport’ issued by the CVIAQ stamped at the Hino stand. “Hino is delighted to offer the new Hino 414 as a prize at this year’s show,” said Alex Stewart, Hino’s divisional manager, marketing. “The new Hino 300 Series offers a number of standard features that make it unique in the light-duty segment. “The lucky winner will be the beneficiary of a very well equipped and capable truck.”

The all-new Hino 300 Series will be prominent at this year’s show. The Hino stand will also include the popular Ranger Pro FC dump, Ranger Pro Load Ace, a selection of the latest 700 Series models and a Hino genuine parts and accessories section. The Queensland Truck & Machinery Show will be held at the Royal National Association Showgrounds (also known as the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds) from 17 to 20 May. 5 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007


new baby

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Hino has released a new light-duty truck that it believes will create the platform for it to challenge for leadership in the Australian total truck market by 2010.

The 614 standard cab factory dump.

The new model Hino 300 Series, which supersedes the successful Dutro range of light-duty trucks, has an emphasis on class-leading equipment levels, durability, safety, efficiency and value. 6 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

The 300 Series has 19 variants – all powered by a 4.0-litre common-rail turbo-diesel engine. Available in 103kW (standard cab) and 114kW (wide cab) power grades, the engine meets the

latest US04 and ADR 80/01 emissions regulations ahead of its competitors. It also includes an all-new crew cab model and a standard cab “single rear wheel” variant to target both the fleet

and utility truck markets. A new adaptive six-speed automatic transmission, incorporating a computer logic control unit, is available in three different 300 Series models.

Hino’s new 816 crew cab.

“With the introduction of its new 300 Series, Hino has raised the bar on safety, lower emissions, innovation and, most importantly, value for money,” said Steve Lotter, Hino Australia’s director and chief operating officer. “By anticipating customers’ expectations as much as meeting them, the Hino 300 Series will recast the way in which the Hino brand will be perceived by the truck market.” The automatic learning characteristics of its new six-speed automatic transmission can comfortably adapt to the driving style of the driver. The new automatic transmission also features ‘neutral control’, a technology that electronically shifts the transmission to neutral when the truck is stationary and the brake is applied – reducing engine and drivetrain load and offering significant savings in fuel consumption. Allied to the manual transmission models is the Easy Start system that electronically maintains braking force, even after the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal, allowing the driver to seamlessly move off from a stationary position at low speed on uphill grades. The standard cab Hino 3614 – 5500kg Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – is available with independent front suspension and is specifically designed to provide greater ride comfort in metropolitan areas. The Hino 3614 variant – fitted with a rigid front end – is well suited to rougher, corrugated-type roads. The standard cab Hino 3414 (4495kg GVM), featuring the new six-speed automatic transmission and single rear wheels, is aimed at the one-tonne ute driver who needs more space in the back. The wide cab Hino 3816 (7300kg

Inside the 300 Series.

GVM) is the largest model in the 300 Series to have the six-speed automatic transmission. The 3816 is the variant available in crew cab, with rear air-conditioning and no transmission tunnel creating a comfortable and spacious ride for passengers in the rear seats. Dual airbags are fitted to all wide cab 300 Series models to help enhance safety in the event of an accident. The standard cab Hino 300 models, comprising six variants powered by the 103kW engine, are fitted with a driver’s airbag. Four-wheel ventilated disc brakes with dual-piston callipers – fitted to all but one model of the 19 variants – coupled with ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) could make all the difference in preventing an accident. The EBD system excels if the truck is empty or carrying a light load, when very little weight is over the rear wheels. Another safety feature is the corner lamps that fully illuminate when the indicator is activated, enhancing vision during night driving. All 300 Series models feature standard air-conditioning and electric windows and are fitted with a front stabiliser bar to provide additional surefootedness during cornering. A new Exhaust Gas Recirculation system is fitted to the Hino 300 Series to meet strict US04 and ADR 80/01 emissions standards.

The 916 is the largest 300 Series offering.

7 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

Toyota unveils new brand, new vehicles Toyota unveiled a new brand, a concept vehicle and four new production models at the Melbourne International Motor Show in March. Taking centre stage on the Toyota stand was the new TRD (Toyota Racing Development) brand and its first two performance-enhanced vehicles – a near-to-production TRD Aurion and a concept TRD HiLux.

Toyota unveiled the TRD brand in Melbourne, including the TRD HiLux Concept (left) and the production TRD Aurion.

The 2007 Kluger.

Toyota also displayed the new Euro-styled Corolla sedan and hatch and next-generation Kluger medium SUV, both being seen in Australia for the first time. Toyota Australia’s senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said Toyota is aiming to consolidate its market leadership with these significant new models to be introduced through 2007. “The performance-enhanced TRD vehicles, Euro-styled Corolla sedan and hatch and a next-generation Kluger with the added flexibility of 2WD will provide a great boost to our line-up.” Mr Buttner said the advent of TRD is an important development that will increase the desirability of the Toyota brand. “It is the first time in the world TRD has been established as a separate brand under Toyota. 8 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

“We are drawing on Toyota’s motorsport heritage to engineer and market a range of vehicles under the TRD banner, which will add a new dimension to the Toyota brand in Australia.” The TRD Aurion, based on the Toyota Aurion large car introduced late last year, features a supercharged 3.5-litre V6 engine with a development target of at least 235kW. It is expected to go on sale during the third quarter of this year and will come with a six-speed automatic transmission with manual override and locally developed upgraded brakes and suspension. The TRD HiLux concept is based on a 4X4 double cab, with luminescent red paintwork embedded with gold flecks. A production model is expected to go on sale before the end of the year, equipped with a supercharged

4.0-litre V6 engine. Engineering development and design have been carried out locally by TRD and Toyota Style Australia. Final assembly will be carried out at a new facility in Altona – a joint venture with logistics and production experts Prodrive. The new Corolla was a feature of the Toyota stand – with a distinctive, sporty hatch and a sleek and sophisticated sedan. The European-styled Corolla will feature a 1.8-litre four-cylinder dual VVT-i petrol engine that is unique to the Australian market. New Corolla is longer and wider than the current model, providing even more interior space for passengers and luggage.

Toyota also previewed the new Kluger, fresh from its world debut in February at the Chicago Auto Show. For the first time, Kluger will be available in 2WD as well as 4WD when it goes on sale during the third quarter of this year. It will feature the dual VVT-i 3.5-litre V6 engine already seen in the Aurion large car and Tarago V6 people mover. It is expected to develop around 200kW – the most power of any naturally aspirated V6 medium SUV. Available with five or seven seats, next-generation Kluger is longer, wider and taller than the current model and offers more space for passengers – especially in the second and third rows.

The 2007 Corolla hatch.

On the go Hino trucks of excellence


Red Lea Chickens is about to take delivery of its 40th Hino, which City Hino will deliver in commemorative silver to mark the occasion. Maurice Belcich from Red Lea took delivery of the Hino Ranger Pro 6 pictured in mid-December 2006 and it has already clocked up over 40,000km. Based in Blacktown, NSW, Red Lea Chickens delivers between 50,000 and 60,000 frozen chickens per week to customers throughout NSW, in addition to 35 of its own retail stores.



Working in and around Rolleston in Queensland’s central highlands, the Ranger Pro 10 XX Long owned by L&C&R Parker is very much a multi-functional truck. The Parker property has 4000 head of cattle and the Hino helps move stock as well as horses. It can also be used as a tipper, and quickly converts to haul soil or gravel. The truck has also been used to feed cotton seed to stock during the drought, as well as day-to-day haulage of fencing equipment around the property.



Established just six years ago, Sydney Horse Transport is now the second largest horse transport business in Australia, with customers including high-profile owners John Singleton and Gerry Harvey. It credits its rapid growth to Hino’s reliability, low running costs, superior back-up service and high brand values. The Hino Ranger Pro 9 pictured covers between 4000 and 5000km per week between depots in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. To be included in this section, please send an image (high res, min 1 meg) and 50-60 words about your business to


Hino 300 series put through its paces

Fleet managers at the Hino 300 Series demonstration at Melbourne’s Calder Park raceway.

Some of Australia’s most astute fleet managers have attended a special national preview of the Hino 300 Series at Calder Park raceway in Melbourne. Former National F2 Rally champion Rick Bates arranged a series of special demonstrations to allow evaluation of the new 300 Series. An anti-lock braking (ABS) course

enabled assessment of the standard ABS on all 19 Hino 300 Series models. A split-mu surface, in which one side of the truck brakes on a specially wetted and soaped track while the other wheels brake on dry bitumen, proved the effectiveness of ABS in all of the vehicles. A steep hill demonstrated the use of Easy Start (ES) on all manual

transmission vehicles. ES holds the vehicles without brake application while the clutch is engaged and the vehicle moves forward. Hino’s new automatic transmission also won critical acclaim for inner city use. All three advancements were regarded as being at the leading edge of occupational health and safety issues.

“Operator comfort and safety are paramount considerations for all categories of vehicle purchases,” Hino Australia’s chief operating officer Steve Lotter said. “ABS will ultimately become standard equipment on all vehicles, and Hino is taking a responsible position of leadership with the 300 Series.” 9 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

Highway Heroes

The Driver Reviver road safety program is a truly great Australian success story – a legend of the nation’s road system. ROB GILLAM pulled up at a site to meet the everyday heroes fighting to save lives on our roads.

Traversing the highways of this vast and varied land can be one of life’s greatest pleasures – or it can be a draining day at the office for truck drivers. Unfortunately, it can end lives, too. Over 1600 people died on our roads last year according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and driver fatigue ranks high amongst the causes. Experts estimate that it explains up to 30 per cent of road fatalities – including a high proportion of drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. The Driver Reviver road safety program aims to combat driver fatigue and increase road safety by encouraging motorists to stop and revive at any of its 220 potential nationwide sites. Motorists can safely stop at Driver Reviver sites in holiday seasons to rest and get free refreshments including tea, coffee, cordial and biscuits. With over a million motorists benefiting from Driver 10 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

Reviver every year, a major sponsor for the program is essential. Bushells Tea (Unilever) is the long-term major national sponsor and others include Bushells Coffee (unrelated to Bushells Tea as a brand or company) and Arnott’s. Driver Reviver is a heartening illustration of communities making a difference. Although the program is sanctioned and supported by various levels of government (including transport authorities, local councils and police) volunteers are its lifeblood. The program’s national coordinator, Allan McCormac, emphasises that it is primarily a community program operated by volunteers. “Without wanting to devalue the significant contributions of other road safety stakeholders, volunteers are the most important aspect of Driver Reviver,” Allan says. Beyond its obvious functions, Allan says his aim for Driver Reviver is for it to

serve as a tool for changing community attitudes towards road safety issues. He stresses that communities must take ownership of road safety at local levels – working with authorities rather than waiting for them to act. “Driver Reviver’s success proves that accident reduction can be implemented by communities themselves,” he says. “The bottom line is that we can all take action to stop others from getting killed or injured on our roads. Our volunteers believe that road safety is the responsibility of ordinary people in the local community, and they are doing something about it.” Circadian campaigner Driver Reviver’s outstanding success has progressively attracted the attention and support of various state and local government agencies. The New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)

is a strong advocate of the program, not only in assisting with identifying effective site locations and providing appropriate directional signage, but also with its breakthrough road safety awareness campaigns featuring popular scientist and broadcaster Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Dr Karl, as he has come to be known, became the public face of the RTA’s well known Stop. Revive. Survive. campaign advertisements, in which he encourages drivers to stop when they notice early warning signs of fatigue, and highlights the dangers of microsleeps. This was followed by another RTA campaign in 2003, Circadian Rhythms, in which Dr Karl warned that the risk of a fatal fatigue crash is highest when the body is usually asleep – between 10pm and 6am for most people. Dr Karl’s collaboration with the RTA has a whiff of destiny about it because, in addition to Karl sharing the organisation’s road safety concerns, he was already interested in microsleeps. “When the RTA approached me to do some ads, I did some more reading and to my surprise found that in most developed countries in the world, roughly one fifth of all road deaths occur because of people falling asleep at the wheel. I was very happy to go ahead and do that campaign,” he recalls. He continues to champion the cause and warn drivers to be particularly watchful for signs of fatigue such as becoming fidgety in their seat and making long jerky movements of the steering wheel. “If you notice those

Staffed by volunteeers, over a million motorists benefit from the Driver Reviver program each year.

are the major operators, while a broad range of service clubs and non-affiliated community volunteers also contribute, including volunteer fire fighters, St Johns Ambulance, Apex Australia and some church groups. Some sites have limited operating hours, whereas others run around the clock during all school and major public

operation then,” he recalls. “We’d open during daylight hours and then close up the van. “It’s amazing how much the program has grown. We just finished a 17-day stint, for which we were open continuously, working around the clock for the people travelling in the small hours of the morning.”

Driver Reviver boasts 220 potential sites during holiday periods and long weekends.

things happening, it’s a strong signal you’re about to drop off,” he explains. “Then it’s time to pull over and have a sleep, take a break, get a coffee. Whatever works for you. Just don’t ignore the tired signs and drive on.”

holiday periods. One such site is at Brunswick Heads in New South Wales. Colin Tarbox is Driver Reviver Committee Chairman of the Brunswick Mullumbimby Lions Club, after starting out as a volunteer in the 1990s.

Open all hours Driver Reviver sites are staffed by a combination of volunteer groups that vary nationwide. Lions Clubs, the State Emergency Service (SES) and Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA)

From little things Colin, a 63-year-old retired school principal, says he became involved in Driver Reviver after the Lions Club responded to a succession of fatalities in the local area. “It was a fairly small

Colin now spends most of his volunteered time managing the program but still regularly climbs into the caravan to serve customers, usually between 2 and 6am when shift volunteer numbers drop like the temperature. Perhaps surprisingly, there’s otherwise no shortage of offers to work at the site. Colin says he’s able to draw on up to 100 local volunteers. “Our volunteers really scramble to get positions on the roster. People miss out if they don’t get in quickly,” he explains.

Many volunteers are also a rich source of local knowledge and can often offer valuable advice on road conditions, attractions and accommodation. “People are often persuaded by our ambassadors to stay and enjoy the local beauty of the Bryon Shire area,” he says. Reading between the lines In line with the program’s objective for drivers to rest or sleep if necessary, Allan McCormac says that seasoned volunteers are adept at identifying those drivers most in need. “It’s not just a matter of making people a cup of tea,” he says. “Our volunteers engage drivers and ask questions about their journey. They can generally tell how tired someone is by their body language, particularly from their eyes and speech.” Colin Tarbox has seen some shockers over the years. “I once had a bloke with a caravan who arrived at our site asking if it was two hours further to Brisbane. I told him it was and he said: ‘Jeez, I hope I can make that. I’m really tired.’ I asked him where he’d come from. ‘Melbourne,’ he replied. He’d probably been on the road for 18 hours and he hadn’t slept at all. “I gave him a bit of a lecture and convinced him to have a sleep. Two hours later he woke up, came over and got stuck into me for not waking him sooner. I had no guilt, whatsoever. The rest might have made the difference to him arriving safely, or not at all.”

ation on For more inform ns visit tio national site loca r.c ive ev www.driverr 11 | Torque | AUTUMN 2007

WE COULDN’T MAKE THEM ANY TOUGHER SO WE MADE THEM SMARTER. The new Hino Light Duty 300 Series is loaded with smart technology and intelligent engineering. New “greener” engines meet the latest ADR and US04 emission standards whilst delivering outstanding performance and economy. Safety is elevated to new levels with four wheel ventilated disc brakes and dual SRS airbags as standard*. A TOYOTA GROUP COMPANY

Driver comfort is paramount with a model offering independent front suspension and others with a choice of an all new electronically controlled 6 speed fully automatic transmission. Test drive the new Hino 300 Series at your local Hino Dealer today, it’s the smartest decision you’ll make. THE NEW HINO LIGHT DUTY 300 SERIES. *On all wide cab models. HMS2906/A


Dealer of the Year awards announced ISSUE No.1 AUTUMN 2007 Meet the new addition to the Hino family Saving lives with the Driver Reviver roa...