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Volume 16, Issue 1

January /February 2004

The Voice of Hillam village, North Yorkshire. Delivered free to all residents. Have we got News for You!

Yes! We have got News for You

Hillam News is here again after missing an issue following the untimely death of Geoff Hall. When Mary Little handed him the reins, Hillam News took on a style all of its own. From his campaign against the parking of a puce car on a bus stop, albeit in a different village, to his cajoling of villagers to support their community, no one could be quite certain what Geoff would come up with next.

All I did was go to a meeting about Hillam News which was held in Manor Court. Lo and behold, I end up taking on the job as first guest editor. If I had time I would of course come up with some controversial news items, but I have spent the last week or so learning how much time and effort Geoff Hall must have devoted to producing the Hillam News. It has been a very hard act to follow.

Geoff recently pointed out that a villager who telephoned him about bus timetables could have found the information in Hillam News, which was where his caller got his phone number. But there have always been lots of people out there who read the News - and from cover to cover. After his death, Geoff’s group of supporters sent out an appeal to Hillamites to help continue his dream.

However I would like to thank all the contributors and the team who have helped to put this edition together. They say that the first is the hardest and I feel that we should all be proud of the result. Yet the publication is only as good as its readership. In the words of Geoff Hall, “Is there anyone out there?” If so we would like to hear from you so that we can make the next issue even better. In this issue you will find many of the familiar articles and some new ones. As guest editor it has been my job to select what goes in and to edit much of the content. I have even written the odd article on things about which I know very little and I suppose that’s all down to the infectious enthusiasm of the team involved.

He would have been delighted at the response. Over twenty people crowded into Hillam’s only temperate meeting hall, with many new faces. Some of them might even have been encouraged by Geoff’s exhortations to get involved with community affairs.

Howard Ferguson

And Hillam News is back. Like Private Eye, it is going to have ‘guest editors,’ so watch out for some interesting opinions in our pages and let’s hear yours if you feel strongly about something. It is going to be true to Geoff’s memory and hopefully continue to be eagerly picked up when it drops on the village’s doormats.

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David Atkinson Chairman

Guest Editor

In this Issue Tribute to G Hall Parish Ponderings The Parish Pump Hillam Historians Art Club Advertisers’ Features Money Matters The Dr Calls PTA and Ski Report St Wilfrid’s Night Sky

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HILLAM NEWS is financed solely by advertising revenue and the generosity of contributors, photocopiers and distributors. The Editor is solely responsible for the paper’s contents. If you would like to advertise, Display or Classified, contact Bev Jackson on 685923. If you have an article to submit or a view you would like to have published, telephone Kay Webster on 680917

HILLAM PARISH COUNCIL Mrs Allison Garner 2 Hillam Gates, Betteras Hill Road, Hillam. Tel: 682575

Miss Julie Taylor 2 Bedford’s Fold, Hillam. Tel: 680482

Chairman Mrs Jean Collinson The Cottage, Betteras Hill Rd, Hillam. Tel: 682391

Nick Tinker 12 Hillam Hall Lane, Hillam. Tel: 684908

Vice Chairman Charles Vickers The Manor House, The Square, Hillam. Tel: 684912

Mrs Donna Tonks Rose Tree Cottage, Main Street, Hillam. Tel: 681729

Mrs Betty Wright 11 Bedford’s Fold, Hillam. Tel: 682361

Clerk to the Council Malcolm Walton Oak Lodge, Chapel Street, Hillam. Tel: 685186

The Council meets on the first Wednesday in the month, 7.30 p.m. in the Community Centre. District Councillor, Robert Collins Ashleigh House Lumby Lane, South Milford District Councillor, John Mackman, 107, Main Street, Monk Fryston, 689221 North Yorkshire County Councillor, Jim Snowball 6, Orchard Close, South Milford, 683679 M.P. John Grogan, Selby Office, 58, Gowthorpe, Selby 01757 291152 Selby Conservative Association 56, Gowthorpe, Selby YO8 4ET 01757 700026

Tribute and Thank you to Geoffrey Hall It is not possible to pay adequate tribute to Geoff Hall. What a character! Larger than life, full of enthusiasm, full of ideas for everything in which he was involved – which over the years included most of the organisations within our villages. He was a man of action, a man of great good humour whose hearty laugh enlivened many meetings and social gatherings. My first close encounter with Geoff typifies him. He had heard that we were to be in Australia at the same period. He asked the name of the hotel in which I would be staying and said he would look me up. His message went in one ear and out of the other. It’s akin to meeting people on holiday and vowing to remain in touch – but we rarely do! I should have known better. In Australia, at 8.30 one evening, the phone rang just as I had prepared for bed ahead of urgent business the following day. “Geoff Hall here,” he boomed, “I’m in Reception. Let’s meet in the bar.” We duly did and many “snifters” were downed as he put the world to rights! Geoff’s drive, organising ability and achievements are legendary. But he also possessed great warmth and sensitivity. He was prepared to help anyone in need, whether with personal problems or with recalcitrant computers! It was a privilege to know him. The packed attendance at Geoff’s Service of Thanksgiving spoke for itself. Our thoughts, prayers and support are with Meg and the girls as they and we in the wider community seek to come to terms with this loss. May he rest in peace.

Phillip Lowe

Hillam News

January - February


Parish Council Ponderings Précis Report of theParish Council Meeting December 2003 Present:

Councillors Collinson (Chairman), Vickers (Vice-Chairman), Wright, Tinker, Taylor and the Clerk to the Council. Apologies for absence: Councillors Garner and Tonks. Minutes of November meeting : Approved. Matters arising: The grass cutting contract to start Sept 2004 was referred to the Joint Services Meeting. Finance: Balances at 3 December: Current a/c £599.72. Dep £7,597.34. Correspondence in from Note of thanks from Mrs G. Hall. SDC -Notice of intention to adopt Selby District Local Plan. - Confirmation of tree preservation order no 18/2003 at Rose Lea Close, Hillam Hall Lane. - Reply from planning officer regarding the alleged breach of height restrictions placed on banking at Shiraz, Betteras Hill Road, Hillam. MF Parish Council – letter advising £319.74 due for 2003 grass cutting. Correspondence out to SDC - Request for the planning office to examine construction works at Hilltop Farm, Main Street, as no notification has been received by the Parish Council. NYCC – re damage to bollards at the entrance to Hillam Hall Lane: request for remedial action. Direct Line claiming for repairs to the street light on Betteras Hill Road hit by a motorist on 16 Oct 2003. Mr Kingsbury of Hillam Gardensreply concerning the planting contract with the parish council. Chief Constable, NY Police, Della Cannings – request to have Selby Police Station cell re-opened. Planning Applications Applicant SDC - Consent to fell ash tree within TPO 7/2003 at Hazeldene, Chapel Street, Hillam. Applicant Mrs J. Master: Proposed erection of a detached house and double garage at Botany Bay, Common Lane, Hillam. No objections at the meeting.

Environment * Councillor Wright to prepare an article for Hillam News relating to dog waste bins. * The occupier of Boundary Cottage reported concerns about road drainage. Councillor Tonks to advise the resident to contact the Highways Department of NYCC about the problem. * Resurfacing of some pathways in the village reported to be of poor quality. * Request to be made to NYCC to replace the missing sign for Hillam on Betteras Hill Road. * Discussion of the benefits of extending speed restrictions to cover all of Betteras Hill Road . * Councillor Vickers would remove the mattress dumped on Betteras Hill Road. * The Chairwoman requested the clerk write a letter of thanks to Miss J Coote, NYCC, for the prompt attention in having the replacement footbridge constructed off Burton Common Lane, and the replacement of the footpath sign on Betteras Hill Road. Mr. Warren, who initially reported the state of the bridge, sent his personal thanks to the Parish Council for arranging for the work to be done.

Reports Burial Committee - Next meeting 6 January 2004.

* Jazz night on 7 February 2004. * Spring Craft Fair on Sunday 14 March 2004. Invitations have been sent to stall holders. School Governors - No update. Councillor Tonks was not present . Joint Services Committee * The chairwoman gave a brief report of the meeting held on 25 Nov. * Councillor Twidale and Councillor Vickers agreed to supervise the existing grass-cutting contract in Monk Fryston and Hillam. * SDC confirmed regular pavement sweeping for the two villages and checks concerning litter removal. * The report also referred to flower displays, potholes and the financial standing of the Burial Board. Next Meeting Wednesday 4 February 2004 at 7.30pm at the Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Centre.

Community Association – Councillor Taylor reported on the meeting of 19 November 2003. The meeting was saddened to hear of the death of its Chairman, Geoff Hall. LAMINATE & REALWOOD Mr Kevin Mullins agreed FLOORING to take up the position of Chairman until a Laminate & Real Wood Flooring; more permanent arCeiling & Wall Panelling; Showerwall; rangement could be Loft Flooring; Solid Wood Worktops made. * The bonfire celebraStockist of QUICKSTEP, ELESGO, BRUCE tions were a success and raised in excess of KARNDEAN & FLEXEL underfloor heating. £700 for Community Home visits by appointment Centre Funds. * The Brownies undertook spring bulb planting on 26 October near the Community Centre and in front of the church.

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TALKING FLOORS 01132 400 100

Haines Park, Grant Avenue, Leeds LS7 1QQ OPEN 6 days a week - FREE PARKING



Hillam News

January - February


Publishing Success

Round the Parish Pump As guest editor I wasn’t really too sure what to put in here. It would be nice to have topical local news and what could be closer than an update about Hillam Lights. That’s the good news, there is also much going on that we all probably need to know more about. I just heard this morning that there is a boundary change debate going on and we could all end up moving to East Yorkshire. Does anybody know about that then ? How about the new asphalt plant on our doorstep—see the letter on P 23. Or the plans to develop Hillam Gardens into a leisure park with tea room, miniature railway, craft workshops and country market stalls. Personally I’m not too impressed with the state of Church Lane with the mud created from the building work and I don’t even live down there. These are the things we should all be concerned about, these are the things we want to bring to your attention via Hillam News.

Under a pseudonym, Robert Kinsbury has recently had a book of jokes for children published. So, in future editions of The Hillam News, perhaps children can look forward to a selection of his rib ticklers.

Christmas lights bring brightness to Hillam I hope you enjoyed the Hillam lights and the visit by Santa and his wife. I would like to thank everyone who helped to make the evening of December 6th a success. It is amazing how much effort and organisation goes into the holding of this event. Thank you to the Church choir and organist, the Brownies, the Youth Club and Elmet Lions for their contributions - also the householders round the Square who allow us to put small trees on their properties. We are thrilled again to have the support of Lee and Lisa Furness of Hillam Hall, whose help with the children’s presents is an inspiration to us all. I would like to book a brass band for the 2004 ceremony. If anyone has a contact number for a local band or group, please get in touch.

Mary Little Big footnote from the treasurer Thank you… to everyone who contributed to the funds and helped at the switching on ceremony. Many people donate their time and skills to make the evening a success – the soup makers, the grotto provider, the mulled wine makers, two people in red who remain nameless, to mention a few. However I would like particularly to thank

Gordon Little, who has for many years decorated and put up the small trees. This task takes days – he even makes the tree stands – and more time is spent taking them down. Magically there seem to be more trees each year – but magic does not enter into it. Summary of Income for December 6th 2003 Bucket collection £299.76 Donations £232.50 Total £532.26 Donations include contributions from the pub quiz team, Defibrillator Group and Crown raffle. Expenditure for the whole event


This brings us to the 100 Club, which has been 102% successful. Thank you to all who joined and helped to ‘sell’ the numbers. January winners were 93 and 51. The draw is made in the Cross Keys at 7pm on the last Sunday of each month, and the first draw was made by Gail’s daughter, Becky-Jo. Winning numbers are displayed in the pub and on the village notice board.

Barbara Atkinson


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Hillam News

January - February



HILLAM HISTORIANS Coldwell Family History going back to the 1940s It was such a pleasure to get a response about memories of the Coldwell family to pass on to Barbara Lumb. Malcolm Leach rang to say that he remembers as a small boy seeing Barbara’s granddad, the preacher, riding around South Milford on his bike. He also remembered that two of the Coldwell girls, Annie and Minnie, married brothers Thomas and Henry Bedford. They all moved to Castleford, but Annie and Thomas’s son Harry returned to the area and now lives in Sherburn. Annie Tinkler (née Wood), now of Mill Close but originally from Hillam, phoned to say that she knew all the family well. She has particularly fond memories of Esther and her kindness. She remembers, as a young child, Esther making her a new dress for the Methodist Sunday School Anniversary celebrations. Annie was in the NAAFI during the war and stationed at Kirkbymoorside. Imagine her surprise when one day, walking down the street

she saw Mary Coldwell who was there in service with the Methodist minister. During her time at Kirkbymoorside Annie regularly visited Mary. Mary was also visited for the August Bank Holiday weekend by one of her sisters from Castleford was it Annie or Minnie, I wonder? That was the very Monday when a German bomber breached the coastal defences and attempted to bomb the army camp. The whole area was strafed with machine gun fire, and the bombs intended for the army camp ended up, thankfully unexploded, deeply embedded in a nearby banking. Mary met and married her husband at Kirkbymoorside and remained in that area. Even after Annie's return to Hillam they kept in touch. Annie asked that a photo which Mary sent to her of her two eldest children, Margaret (named after Barbara Lumb’s mother) and Daphne, be passed on to Barbara.

History of Hillam Publication We, as a group, were struggling with the tasks involved in editing, designing and publishing our efforts, feeling that we lacked the requisite skills and knowledge. We were relieved, therefore, when Malcolm Birkenshaw suggested that we ask his friend Brian for help and support. We were delighted when he accepted our appeal. Thus we were very fortunate, during a special meeting in October, to be addressed by successful and well respected local author Brian Lewis, founder member of the renowned Castleford based Yorkshire

Art Circus. He has, for many years, been involved in the design, publication and production of a wide number of local history and social history books. He guided us through a host of decisions which we need to make, and brought to our attention many of the stumbling blocks along the way to the successful production of a well designed, succinctly edited publication. After a fascinating and informative evening, we departed with a much clearer idea of what we need to do to achieve our aims.

November 26th Meeting Motivated and directed by the input from our last meeting, we were able to move our publication a couple more steps along the way. Peter Watkinson had taken and used the advice received last time and produced a very impressive, professional looking mock-up of our proposed format. A title was chosen, and the various chapters collected for collation and forwarding for a more rigorous external edit. Thank you Roy Holland for agreeing to undertake this task for us.

We then had the pleasure of looking at a vast range of documents relating to the Dower House, kindly loaned to us by Colin and Maxene Wells. Such was the range and interest of this treasure trove that we did not have time to explore it fully. Thus we have deferred this pleasure until future meetings, which are on Wednesday 28th January 7.30pm Wednesday 24th March 7.30pm Community Centre

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Hillam News

NEWS FROM MONK FRYSTON ART CLUB 400 attend Art Exhibition After the huge success and resultant euphoria of our first major art exhibition, held at Monk Fryston Hall in November, we are now settling into our new programme for 2004. With our newfound zeal and enthusiasm the programme has been designed to encourage and nurture the talents and abilities of everyone, whether beginner or accomplished artist, so that our second exhibition will be even better! Many visitors to the exhibition expressed their appreciation of the venue, having enjoyed the paintings along with the ambience of the Hall. On behalf of the Art Club, I would like to thank Mrs Smith and indeed her staff, for all the help they gave us in both the planning and the preparation on the day. At such a busy time for the Hall, visitors were also provided with endless cups of tea and coffee throughout the entire day, which added to the enjoyment of the occasion. Approximately 400 people viewed the exhibition, more than our wildest dreams could have hoped for! In addition to paintings by members, other artwork also by members was on display, ranging from cards, eggcraft, silk painting and collage. A lot of hard work over many months had gone into staging the exhibition and whilst I thank everyone who helped, a special word of thanks must go to Marjorie Webster and Rod Ward who co-ordinated the whole thing. And again, we all thank Mrs Smith for her help and guidance and for the idea in the first place. Working up to the exhibition it became evident that we needed a “proper” committee. The following members were elected: Francis Kretchmer (Chairman), Janet Scott (Secretary), Maureen Elsworth (Treasurer) and Sheila Mugridge. I came back from holiday to find that I had been “elevated” to President and I think that means I will have less to do!

Jean Dearn Tel 682611

January - February


TIME OUT AT SHERBURN OUT OF SCHOOL AND HOLIDAY CLUB BACK TO SCHOOL OFFERS! Are you looking for quality, affordable and accessible childcare? Time Out is currently serving several schools in the local area. Call Julie on 01977 689239 for more information Art Club Calendar of events for 2004 There will be open demonstrations in both February and March, which anyone is welcome to attend. Demonstrations are given by practising professional artists who are well worth seeing and you’ll get tea and biscuits! If you have an interest in joining the club, please come along any Monday at 1.00 pm to Monk Fryston Church Hall where you will be made most welcome and will be able to talk with members and see the work they are doing. February 9th Techniques with instruction – Jean Fern 16th OPEN DEMONSTRATION – all welcome: Seascapes with boats. Watercolour. Alan Smith 23rd Workshop led by Alan Smith March 1st Free painting 8th Techniques with demos, with Jean Fern 15th Free painting 22nd OPEN DEMONSTRATION – all welcome: Wax painting, demo and workshop, led by June Drake. Please bring a towel and, if you have one, a travel iron. 29th Paint-along with Alan Smith, probably line and wash April 5th Techniques with demos, with Jean Fern

David (Dai) Jones Architect Dip. Arch. RIBA Fletton House The Square HILLAM North Yorkshire LS25 5HE

Phone 01977 685534 Consultation Welcome – Initial Discussion Free

Hillam News

January - February


Hillam News Advertisers—Features and Articles News from Our Advertisers

Advertising in Hillam News

In this edition of Hillam News we have made a number of changes which we hope will be of benefit to our readers and to our advertisers.

The objective of Hillam News is to encourage a strong community spirit in Hillam. One way in which we hope to achieve this is by making people aware of the wide range of local businesses and their services. For our advertisers Hillam News provides a unique way of reaching every home in the village. Space is limited and, even though it is the advertisements which meet the cost of producing Hillam News, we can offer space only when available.

The presentation of many of the adverts has been improved—such as that for The Cross Keys on this page. W e have included special articles from some of our advertisers, including Catnaps, also on this page. Full details of the new service from Dr Janik published We welcome Barnes Building Supplies of Sherburn as a new advertiser.

Cats by Catnaps Here are a few facts about cats which may help for a better understanding of our feline friends. Tortoiseshell cats are always female, whereas ginger cats (also called red or cream tabby) are now found in both sexes and are fertile. All cats are sexually mature at about six months and should be spayed or neutered. It is a fallacy that a female should have one litter of kittens. Un-neutered males are aggressive and territorial. They will spray to mark their ownership of territory (smelly), and will fight to prove superiority. Neutered and spayed cats are far healthier as they do not fight as much (only when threatened), and are not as liable to catch sexual diseases. Cows’ milk generally gives cats diarrhoea. Cats have never been known to follow cows for their milk, so why should we give it to them? Cat food is now properly balanced and is therefore better for them than human food. Cats need high protein food, which unfortunately destroys their liver. Mature food, or senior, has less protein as the cat is less active, and helps prolong the health of the liver and therefore life. Cat food is too high in protein for dogs.

If you would like to advertise, please contact Beverley Jackson on 685923.

Welcome to Barnes Building Supplies A new advertiser -see page 20 I have been a regular customer of Barnes Building Supplies over the last few years. Barnes is where I go when I want something unusual for the garden or something to fit in with traditional local building materials. Barnes carry out demolition work and then salvage the bricks, stone work and timber. Now, I wouldn’t exactly say the yard is a pretty site, and there is certainly not a bar code in sight, but if you want old bricks to match or old timber to renovate a barn roof it’s the place to go and have a look. In my garden I have a water feature made from a broken stone sink and an old limestone gatepost which weighs over 1 ton —all found by taking a bit of time to explore the yard.

Cross Keys Inn The Square, Hillam Tel: 01977 683840 Your Pub at the Heart of the Village

Although it is possible for dogs to assimilate vegetables, cats are pure carnivores and will die without taurine – found only in meat. The vegetables in cat food are there to make it sound appealing to the human purchasers. Cats eat grass as an emetic to get rid of furballs and the skin, etc, of prey, and not as an addition to their diet.

A popular pub for villagers and visitors to the village. Famous for its excellent food, warm welcome from Gail, and summer display of hanging baskets. Meals all day on Sunday and every lunchtime and evening.

Fresh water should always be available even though puddles and pools seem to be preferred.

An extensive menu with daily specials Special Senior Citizens’ lunch Monday—Friday from only £3.95

See the Catnaps advert on page 16 for details of our luxury boarding cattery.

Thursday—Quiz Night



Hillam News

Money Matters

January - February

by Richard Wright


Hillam Feeds

First of all I would like to pass on my deepest sympathies to Geoff’s wife and family. Geoff’s death is a huge loss to the village and he will be missed by all.

Animal feeds, pet foods, horse feed, saddlery, work wear, footwear, garden supplies, logs, coal, gas

What a difference a few months make - after my last two articles we now have Standard Life announcing that they are considering demutualisation and floating the company on the stock exchange. Take that as “We will demutualise,” I would suggest. Even though I will benefit from windfall cash or shares it will be a sad day for me when Europe’s largest mutual society becomes a PLC.

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A reader contacted me recently and asked me to talk about so called “precipice bonds.” As they have recently been talked about in the press I thought it would be a good idea. “Precipice” is a name given to these bonds by the sensationalist press, so from now on I will refer to them using the correct term of High Income Bonds. This type of bond, usually marketed by insurance companies and investment houses, guarantees a certain level of income throughout the term of the bond (usually 3 or 5 years). The income is always more attractive than that which a bank or building society will pay, and the tax treatment is very different. In fact many people have enjoyed good returns and have had no tax to pay at all. The income is taken either monthly, quarterly or annually, or can be reinvested into the bond (the income is usually higher if reinvested). The capital however is not guaranteed and is usually linked to one or two indices such as the FTSE 100 and the Dow Jones. A typical bond would state that the capital would be returned only if one or both of the indices fell by no more than 15% over the period of the bond; so the higher the fall the higher the loss to the client. These bonds gave good returns to clients for many years, but from December 1999 to March 2003 the markets went down by 45% on average. In some cases where bonds were linked to high risk indices such as the American NASDAQ, which is predominantly tech stock, clients have lost most or all of their money. Only the income has been returned. The biggest problem here is that some banks’ and insurance companies’ advertising misled clients on the risk involved. Lloyds TSB were fined recently regarding the sale of the Scottish Widows bond. My recommendation as ever is ALWAYS seek independent advice before purchasing any financial product. My opinion? These bonds have given good returns for many years and there is nothing wrong with the product provided you are happy to take some risk with your capital; otherwise steer clear. If you are happy to take some risk, now could be a good time to invest. In the next issue I am going to reveal my Fund for the next financial year and tell you how last year’s recommendation fared. Richard Wright of Godfrey Pearson & Partners is an Independent Financial Adviser and a member of Sesame, a network for Independent Financial Advisers. He may be contacted in confidence for free advice without obligation on 01977 678066.

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Hillam News

The Doctor Calls

January - February


Advanced Access - a new appointment system at Dr Janik and Partners

Most of you who are registered with Dr Janik and Partners will have received a letter explaining our new appointment system and the reasons why we have changed. Our aim is to enable our patients to see a health professional within 48 hours of their request and in some cases on the same day. The new system commenced on 2nd January 2004 and thus far appears to be having the desired effect.

Summary of the new system To ensure patients see a GP as soon as possible, we offer appointments within 2 working days of you contacting the practice; therefore patients wishing to see a GP should ring on that day rather than book days in advance. There will be a limited number of advance bookings still available for those patients wishing to pre-book. The practice has introduced telephone consultations – booked in the same way as an ordinary appointment, where you feel that your problem can be dealt with over the phone. A doctor or nurse will ring you at an allocated time; if you need to be seen following the telephone consultation the GP or nurse will make an appropriate appointment for you. Our new specialist nurses will be able to deal with the problems previously dealt with by the GP, including : Travel health advice & vaccinations

Regular review appointments

Healthy living advice—diet, weight management, etc

Blood pressure monitoring

Smoking cessation

Contraceptive advice and review

Some patients attend surgery but may not need to see a GP. Our reception staff may ask for details of your problem so that we ensure that you see the most appropriate health care professional/service. We would be very grateful if you could comply with requests for more information. General practice is made up of a team of health care professionals who are all here to help you; a list of these is given below. General Practice

Outside Agencies



Practice Nurse

Accident & Emergency


PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)


Social Services

Health Visitor

Smoking Cessation Service

District Nurse


Thank you for your support. Dr Janik and Partners

New Patients Welcome ! DRs JANIK, BOWER, MACKENZIE, STUTTARD, LOVISETTO & HIRST South Milford Surgery High Street SOUTH MILFORD Our six partner dispensing practice was established at the beginning of the 20th century. Based in South Milford, we cover 22 villages, holding branch surgeries in 3 of them. For appointments or surgery information, phone

01977 682202 Opening hours Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm Saturday am: emergency only


Chiropodist Treatment in the comfort of your own home, by appointment Phone 01937 835151 or 0775 2086698 Email: REGISTERED MEMBER OF THE BRITISH CHIROPODY & PODIATRY Assc.



Hillam News

January - February


Monk Fryston School PTA

Local Snow Conditions & Ski Report

This is the first time I have written a piece for the Hillam News, so it is great to be published in such an esteemed paper.

There has been a light fall of snow almost every night since October so the slopes all have an excellent snow covering. All lifts are running and the snow condition is excellent. I am of course talking about the new indoor skiing at Xscape in Castleford. If you haven’t been yet I can recommend it.

The PTA is as busy as ever with lots planned for the year. We have already had great success with the Disco, Bonfire and the various Christmas events. The last meeting was mainly to organise the Children/Parent evening on the 24th Jan and I hope this was a great event as we felt it was important to have families to get together rather than adult only or children based things.

Forthcoming Events 24 Feb – PTA Meeting at 8p.m. in the school—all are welcome 6 March – Wine Tasting Evening 11

May – Health and Beauty Night


June – Summer Fayre/It’s a Knockout.

They seem to be strong on teaching technique both to absolute beginners and to experienced skiers. I have done lessons on both ski carving and snowboard carving. There are special ski lessons for children from 3 upwards. They also run sledging sessions. It is proving popular and if you plan to go I would suggest you try to avoid weekends and holidays, and book in advance if you can. If you are a beginner I would try to learn to ski first, but I do know that snowboarding has tremendous appeal.

Cool Snowboarding Dude

There is also a provisional booking of a Race Night on the 2nd October. If you are unable to come to the meetings then the class reps will be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have, or just to have a chat about what the PTA does and how you can help. I am always around the school at the usual pick up times and will be happy to talk about anything you think we should be doing or events that we should hold.

Class Reps


Reception – Bev Wilson, Fiona Walker, Bev Jackson, Tracey Purdy Year 1 – Kay Jones and Cathy Preston Year 2 – Jane Steer and Paula Bracken Year 3 – Shirley Lawrence, Joanne Atkinson and Honor Kirk Year 4 – Sandie Johnson and Gillian Thompson Year 5 – Lesley Venables Year 6 – Gail Trouten and Penny Cripps

Bev Wilson Parish Walk

Saturday, 21st February 2004 A gentle walk, with opportunity to observe the variety of wildlife in this area and one of the attractive local villages

Meet at Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve, 10.15am for a 10.30am start. Bring stout walking shoes/boots and waterproofs Bring sandwiches and something to sit on. Bring a friend! Ring Susanne (01757-706719) or Susan and Cyril Standley (683252) if you’d like a lift or someone to go with.



01757 618598

MOBILE: 07734 901184

01757 618598

MOBILE: 07734 901184

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Hillam News

January - February




ector: The Revd Canon Gwynne Richardson, The Rectory, Main Street, Hillam. Tel: 01977 682357 urate: Revd Susanne Jukes. Tel: 01757 706719


The Pontefract and District Family History Society will start work soon (probably during February) on recording the monumental inscriptions in Monk Fryston, in both the churchyard and the burial ground. This will produce a numbered plan of the graves, an alphabetical list of names and a transcript of the wording on each stone. In the burial ground, a great deal of this work has already been completed by Tony Hudson, and in the churchyard by Barbara Atkinson.

rrangements for Baptisms, Banns, Marriages and any other pastoral matters may be made with the Rector.

Y our church is here to serve you.

Please make full use of St Wilfrid’s on Sundays for worship and on other occasions. Monk Fryston is part of a United Benefice with South Milford.


Holy Communion

9.30am Methodist Service in the Church Hall 11.00am Parish Communion Rite A 6.00pm

Evensong (in St Mary’s, South Milford)

The result will be published for the benefit of us all, and copies will be given to the Church and the Burial Committee. Anyone who would like to help for a few hours on site will be most welcome. Volunteers will receive their own copy of the findings. For more details please phone Peter Milner Tel: 702889 or Jenny Hoare Tel: 683332.

HILLAM POSTCARD COMPETITION You may remember last summer being asked to take photographs of three views of Hillam which could be used to make up a village postcard, following the success of the Monk Fryston version. Choosing the winning photographs was an extremely difficult task, but the winners were Mandy Withers, Phillip Boothroyd and Geoff Hall, although thanks go to all of those who submitted entries. The postcards, which will be on sale shortly for 49p each, will probably be sent all over the world and the selection criteria were to show the local

landmarks and at the same time give a flavour of the colour and life in the community. We are very pleased with the result and hope that you will be too! The pictures show The Ring Tree The Cross Keys Pub The Village Pump A Village Sign The Wooden Bridge Kevin Pease, Postmaster

First Sunday in each month there is a Family Service at 11.00am, and Holy Communion in St. Mary’s, South Milford at 6.00pm

Knight’s Décor has moved again, to 11, Northgate Vale, Market Weighton, York For all your decorating jobs, large or small, give me a call on my new numbers:

Home: 01430 876886 Mobile: 07754145952 I’m still working in your area and look forward to hearing from you! Yours, Wayne

The Crown Inn Main Street Monk Fryston A Right Royal Welcome Awaits You At the Completely Refurbished Crown

Log Fires and Smiling Staff Restaurant Meals or Bar Food of Excellent Quality, Served with Style

Our renovated function room, Crow’s, is self contained upstairs away from the bars A village pub for villagers run by villagers, Marianne and family Reservations, lunch or dinner 682468



Hillam News

January - February

The Sky at Night over Hillam by Richard Wright Not too much to report on from the previous issue, due to each event being clouded out, so let’s hope we have some better weather and clear skies for this year’s events. Apart from the moon, the brightest object in the sky at present is Venus, now the “evening star” shining like a beacon in the south western sky for a few hours after sunset. Venus will get brighter over the next month or two and will creep ever higher in our evening sky. Strangely enough, as it brightens there is less of the disc to see through a telescope, and it will eventually become a thin crescent and look like a smaller moon . I feel this is the best time to view our nearest neighbour. Jupiter and Saturn are still wonderful to view, Saturn with its wide open rings and Jupiter with its bands of swirling clouds and Galilean moons strung out like beads . Jupiter is at its best in early March and reaches opposition on March 4th: well worth a look through a scope, or come on down to Poole if you haven’t got one! Later in the year we may just have a naked eye comet to view; also there is a partial eclipse of the moon on May 4th at moonrise. On June 8th will be the biggest event of the year, when the disc of Venus will transit over the Sun’s face. Special equipment is needed to view this; never attempt to look at the Sun directly. This event can be viewed on the internet, so watch this space for more information. In December I witnessed two wonderful fireballs. These are very bright meteors which can leave long smoke trails behind them, sometimes lasting many seconds. The first was at 1.15am in the southern sky on December 9th. The second, which was one of the best I’ve seen, was on the 18th at about ten past nine in the evening. This was in the northern sky, and I can only describe it as a distress flare falling from the sky and disappearing over the trees at the bottom of my garden. If you saw these, or anything else you are unsure of, please give me a ring on 01977 676779.


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Hillam News

January - February


Manor Court News from Ruth Laycock. With Christmas put away again for another year, we are now looking forward to spring. Already the snowdrops are in flower and so far we haven’t seen any snow, apart from a slight flurry on New Year’s Eve. But what a lovely time of year; Christmas always seems to bring out the best in everyone. Families get together, long lost friends send greetings, and if you have a romantic husband you might just get a Christmas card from him (oh, for a romantic husband!). Our gardener friend is now well on his way to making a good recovery. Well done, Arthur; we are all rooting for you. It’s so good to see you up and around again. We are all very happy that a small group of people has got a team together to continue the publishing of the Hillam News after the sad loss of Geoff Hall. We wish them every success. We look forward to Jean (affectionately know as Granny Jean) coming back home. She has been staying with relatives in Richmond since just before Christmas. Two of our ladies, Joan and Mary, have just treated themselves to a recent innovation to help them walk, namely three-wheeler trolleys which they push and lean on at the same time. These seem to be much better for them than a walking stick, distributing their weight more evenly. All power to their elbow, I say! Last week we had a lunch on in the common room to celebrate the birthdays of Mary Green and Meg Dyson. It was greatly enjoyed by everyone and afterwards we had a good old chinwag about anything from politics to current affairs, even about life hereafter. You wouldn’t believe the hilarity that subject creates! We are planning a lunch at Milford Country Club as no one wants to go very far at this time of year in case of bad weather. Personally I love the snow, though of course I realise that it’s bad for getting about, especially for the elderly, but whatever the weather we get, we can’t control it, so we just have to make the best of it. Ruth Laycock

A Monthly Chat

On the 3rd Saturday of each month, at 10.00 am, Hillam residents are invited to the Common Room at Manor Court for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. We have no shop, no church, or any other meeting place, so try the Common Room for coffee. You’ll be amazed how much you will enjoy yourself meeting old and new friends!

Carolyn’s Cuisine The Dormers, Poole Lane, Burton Salmon LS25 5JU 01977 676779



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Hillam News

January - February


Monk Fryston & Hillam Community Association Forthcoming Events SPRING CRAFT FAIR JAZZ EVENING Friday 6 February

Sunday 14th March.

For those of you who missed the last one, or those who enjoyed it so much last time, you will be pleased to hear that we will be hosting another Jazz Night on Friday 6th February. Look out for our posters for further details. Supper will be included in the price of the ticket. Tickets available from Monk Fryston Post Office.

Our annual Craft Fair will be held on Sunday 14th March. Make a note in your diaries now.

If you would like to hire the Community Centre at £5 per hour, please contact Ivy Smales on 683486.

Events for 2003/4

4 Feb Parish Council Meeting 6 Feb Jazz Evening

Community Association Meeting

Wednesday 17th March 7.30pm Would you like to help out at any of our events? Perhaps you have an idea for another musical or social evening. If so, why not come along to our next meeting? The Association Meeting will be in the Centre on Wednesday 17th March at 7.30pm. All are welcome to come along.

Hire the Centre for Your Party


There are also items at the Centre which may be hired for private use: Chairs £1 each per day. Tables £2 each per day. Contact Kath on 683590.

16 Feb Art Club Open Demonstration 21 Feb Parish Walk 14 March Spring Craft Fair 24 March Hillam Historians

If you have an event, publish the date in HILLAM NEWS.

YOUTH CLUB NEWS SENIOR CLUB This past term has been busy. We have been using the Endeavour Youth Bus, parked at the Community Centre. The bus has a generator from which we can run music, telly, theoretically a computer etc. It is furnished with bean bags and little else. We may like to use a hall in the next term because it is cold on the bus, but we will decide on the activities we’re going to do first.

Our Autumn Term Events Connecting Youth Culture came to the church hall to ask our local young people (on behalf of Selby District Council) what improvements they would like to see in the Selby area. We had trips to the opening night at Xscape and to the Ikon and Diva nightclub in York. Some of the female members went to a Hair event at Selby College in October. Plus a Sleepover in the Church Hall. Next term we will be starting a Youth Achievement Group, probably for an hour after school once a month. This award is given for completed challenges (similar in principle to Duke of Edinburgh). Anyone over 14 can take part in this activity.

Ben and Adam have asked to go to play football on some astroturf – so we’ll be getting teams together to do that. Gokarting is another idea for a trip. Also going on an Activity Residential, maybe in Spring or Summer. We will also run a Babysitting Course again from anyone over 12, probably in April. Finally we would like to pay our respects to Geoff Hall, who was always very supportive of young people and worked to improve the village amenities for them. Julie Sadler and Liz Hey Youth Workers

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Hillam News

January - February

BROADENING HILLAM’S HORIZONS Broadband has been working in Hillam for a couple of months. However did we manage without it! If you haven’t got it yet, the extra speed more than makes up for the toils and tribulations of getting connected. My modem arrived on a Saturday afternoon and that was the end of domestic harmony for almost a week. My advice is to read the instructions and follow them to the letter. If you can, get a young relation to do it for you. To youngsters computers are second nature even if they do refuse to read the manual or use the helpline. Be meticulous in connecting the filters to all the extensions (I am not sure what they do, but broadband won’t work without them). Make sure too that all the plugs are firmly inserted in the back of the computer. If it fails to work, the cause might be the cable linking your exchange socket and the computer in your office. It was with me. And don’t panic if you have only Windows 98, because you can still get broadband going. The broadband installation CD will ask you to insert your Windows 98 disk to get several files. Don’t decide to do this later as you might, as I did, end up having to reload Windows all on your own on a Sunday night. My experience was worsened when I was asked for a ‘key code’ to allow the installation to complete. At first I could not find it anywhere. After I was accused by a Microsoft message of being a computer pirate, someone suggested I look for it on the top of my computer casing. Users with operating systems preceding Windows XP will need a firewall to keep out nasties like Trojan Horses! If you are still with me, you can get that from Nortons or McAfee. The firewall comes as part of the package with Windows XP. I know broadband costs almost double a typical ‘anytime’ service and you have to sign up for at least a year. For those in doubt about whether it will work, there is at least one supplier who will let you have the modem and filters free for a month. If it’s not for you, just send everything back and pay nothing. Beware of another supplier who advertises broadband at half other people’s prices – it’s not nearly as fast. Finally, apart from the speed, which is a tenfold improvement, there is the advantage of being able to use the phone whilst you are on the net. I used to divert my phone to a mobile when I was online. Unfortunately, that did not work very well because mobile signals are so bad in Hillam. Which brings us to Geoff Hall’s Hillam News campaign for a phone mast in the village, and the referendum, which went against him. But that is another story.

David Atkinson

Monk Fryston Surgery Monk Fryston

We welcome new patients We operate an appointment system and are a dispensing practice For surgery details please ring

0113 287 0870 during office hours The resident doctor is Dr. Diana James 'The Gibson Lane Practice' Kippax


The Birding Column I always enjoy reading Graham Todd’s Birding column, but unfortunately Graham is a bit under the weather so I thought I would see what I could come up with myself. Now I’m no birdwatcher but I do like to see the birds in and around the garden, so off I went with binoculars and book in hand to see what was going on out there. Well, I must have picked a bad day or the wrong time or something. All I could come up with were two pairs of Carrion Crow , five Blackbirds and two Robins. However I did see a flock of seven Lapwings in the field opposite which was very gratifying. It has been noticeable this year that there have been fewer Thrushes in the garden and many more Blackbirds. Our crab apple tree was commanded by a Mistle Thrush last year but this year it has been the source of food for seven or eight Blackbirds. Often we get the upper tier of the tree full of Blackbirds and then smaller birds, especially a Robin, lower down. Last week we did seem to have a lot more activity in the garden with many bird songs and also the characteristic tapping of a Woodpecker. However what a difference a few days make ! I wrote the above on Monday and by Wednesday we have had snow. I look out and, lo and behold, I have eight Mistle Thrush in the crab apple tree. So what I would like to know now is where have they been for the rest of the winter.

Odd Billie 28 Jan 2004

Your nearest doctor is located at

Main Street




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Hillam News

January - February


MONK FRYSTON & HILLAM METHODISTS Our first coffee morning of 2004 got off to a good start, raising £140 for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way. Our next one, for the Leprosy Mission, is on Saturday 7th February. Please come and join us. As usual there will be stalls, including homemade cakes, books and fancy goods. Tea and coffee with biscuits will be on sale and there will be a raffle. Admission is free.

Luxury Boarding Cattery Green Lane, Selby Road, Monk Fryston 01977 681661 OPEN 9-12 & 1-5

We hold our coffee mornings in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, Monk Fryston from 10 am to 11.15 am on the first Saturday in the month, except December, in aid of 11 different charities (the full list can be seen on the notice board in the Church Hall).

and now on line: visit our website Email:

The Methodists worship in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall on most Sundays at 9.30 am – everybody is welcome. Our minister is Rev Rory Dalgliesh (682230).

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Hillam News

January - February



News from Selby Animal Sanctuary 01757 228216 We spent a lot of time during the very cold spell just keeping the drinking water unfrozen. Before we even got to the last one the first needed doing again. Luckily there were milder days in between. Our main casualties have been hedgehogs which were brought in too late for us to save them in some cases. Hypothermia and dehydration seem to be the main problems, but we were kept busy. If only people would bring them in before it is too late instead of thinking they will leave it until tomorrow and see if things have improved. At this time of year, and especially with small hedgehogs, things only get worse. Chrissie the new donkey, who came to us last Christmas, seems to be having problems with her teeth again, so we have arranged for treatment for her as soon as possible. We hope for her sake that this problem will not be constantly recurring as it is uncomfortable for her and makes her irritable with Bridget and with us. I hate to see any animals suffering even on a temporary basis. William the sheep is getting fed up with the cold and wet, and the two Soay sheep keep going off their food in spite of us trying all ways to tempt them to eat. Swanny is fed up when her ponds get frozen over and she becomes really irritable, but we pour hot water on them so that she at least gets a little swim around. She is always ready to go to her little bunk next to Adam as soon as it gets dusk. When we had that real downpour just after the frost, it made this top paddock look just like a swimming pool, and it was funny to see Swanny sharing this bonus with Goosy and Desmond the duck. We have a new shed for Goosy and Desmond instead of the igloo which we built of bales of hay. They like their new quarters and we can be sure they will stay warmer and drier. We have been adopted by a pheasant which comes for food and then stays around for a while. We think it sleeps in the empty shelter on the wild

side, but it looks well and eats well and is friendly, so whether it will stay like lots of the other animals, or whether once the weather improves it will fly off we shall have to see. We have had someone design a website for us, and so later this month we shall be on the internet. Well, we have to move with the times and we hope it will promote more interest in our activities. Later, when people get

used to it, we are hoping to use it as a news sheet to tell people what comes in and what goes out, what is poorly and what is recovering, what is being released and what has to stay. The idea for the design was mine and I am hoping it will give the impression of peace and tranquility, which is what the Sanctuary is about. Your criticisms will be welcome.

Joan Scott

There is still room for YOUR waste paper in the paper bank and your bottles in the bin. The Community Association receives cash for every piece of glass you bring. It must be worth the effort and you can feel environmentally saintly. The bins are in the car park at the Community Centre. Because of the Selby Council paper and glass collection scheme, some people no longer go to the village bins. This is a shame, as reduced quantities mean a longer delay in providing further amenities. The cash from rubbish provided the new seat in the play area and a fridge in the kitchen. Please consider taking your paper and glass; it will take only a few minutes and you might meet someone interesting on the same mission.

It’s worth the trouble!

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Hillam News

January - February


North Yorkshire Police Tel: Selby 01757 702596 Hillam 8 Jan, overnight ~ Lilac Oval. A car window was smashed and an untidy search made of the car, including the boot. The car jack and locking device for the wheels was stolen. 9 Jan, 4.22 pm ~ Hillam Road, Gateforth. A male knocked on a rear door, waited a short time and then attempted to break in with an implement. He is described as slim, white with balding hair at front, a pony tail at rear and was wearing blue jeans and blue fleece. He made off in direction of Selby in a dark coloured Vauxhall Astra estate with the vehicle registration plates obscured by a black plastic bag. 16 Jan, 5.25 am ~ Hillside Close, Hillam. Two males were shining a torch into the windows of a house and were also seen to be showing interest in cars. Complainant believed they were disturbed and they then made off in an old style Vauxhall Vectra , dark in colour, possibly an SRI. No vehicle registration mark was obtained. Full area search made by police officers, but no gain. 16 Jan, overnight ~ Betteras Road, Hillam. Damage done to a hand rail on the bridge, a wooden fence, signpost, and gate damaged by sawing the wooden slats in half. 22 Jan, Rose Lea Close ~ a boy's bicycle, which appeared to be undamaged, was found pushed into the hedging around a garden.

Monk Fryston 27 Dec, 2.33am ~ Church Lane, Monk Fryston. A brick was thrown through a rear window of a property. 28 Dec, 12.57am, Community Centre car park. Report that persons inside a vehicle appeared to be using drugs. No further information given. Area checked by police but vehicle had gone. 10 Jan, overnight, Monk Fryston. A property in the village was burgled, access gained through a small kitchen window. House keys and car keys were taken from inside the property and two motor vehicles were then stolen from the drive.

CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Cake stands for hire

MONK FRYSTON FOOTBALL CLUB At a recent meeting called by Monk Fryston Football Club, treasurer Mike Walker outlined the current situation and gave an update on a number of issues which included the football teams, the proposed move to a new site, work needed at the existing ground, the role of the committee, vacancies, finance and finally the need for support from parents and friends for the club. A great deal of work has been undertaken in establishing the future location of the football club and a decision has now been taken, fully supported by those attending the meeting, to concentrate on improving the existing football pitches, facilities and surrounding areas. Work starts on Sunday 1st February with volunteers helping to clear the area of debris. Andy Stuart has announced that he intends stepping down as Club Chairman and Kevin Maloney was elected as the new Chairman. In addition Allan Ford has decided to step down from the post of Club Secretary and will be replaced by Andrea Siberry. Both Andy and Allan have done a superb job for the club and will retain supporting roles. Attendance at the meeting was encouraging and proved that there is strong support for the future of the club. The 3 team coaches are Steve Night (Under 8s), Mick Toolan (Under 9s) and Mick Finan (Under 10s). They do a first rate job as results show but need the regular ongoing support of parents with refreshments, pitch marking, transport, etc. Everyone is asked to ‘do their bit’. There is a regular nucleus of helpers but the club needs more help and in-

Hilary Sampson, 1 Pine Tree Lane, HILLAM. Tel: 01977 683222 volvement from everyone. The club is currently seeking assistance in a range of activities including fund raising, ground maintenance, electrical and building work, etc. If you can provide help, no matter how limited it may be, or know of someone who may be willing to help, please let one of the committee or team coaches know as soon as possible. There will hopefully be lots going on at the club over the coming weeks and you will be kept fully updated.

Further information ~ Allan Ford

Tel: 685735

POPPY DAY appeal raises £167.59 We did better than usual this year because of the increased number of helpers. Thank you for assisting with the appeal, which raised £167.59. Without your help the vital welfare and benevolent work could not be continued. I am very grateful to all the ladies who went round on dark, wet afternoons/nights, rattling their tins to get this money. Many thanks once again.

Mary Little.

Hillam News

January - February


The Garden in Midwinter By our Garden Correspondent An Early Start When the weather is kind spend an hour or two in the garden getting a head start on your ‘things to do’. If there is not much of interest in your garden at this time your first job is to find some nice things to grow to entice you out there.

Coloured Stems In my garden as I write (early January) the brightest spots are my winter stems; these are mainly from cornus and willows. The brightest cornus is ‘Midwinter Fire’ which is the colour of a flame in orange and red: if you require your shrub to earn its keep through the year, cornus ‘Elegantissima’ is lovely with red stems and silver variegated leaves in summer. Both these look good set against a green background, especially a shiny green like laurel. There are willows with stems of orange, red and purple but they can make a very big plant and are better as the background to a border in a larger garden. Both willows and cornus need to be hard pruned for the best stems; prune willows every year and cornus every other year, or take out half the oldest stems every year. Prune the stems in March right back to 2-3 inches

from the ground; use the cut stems as cuttings or in flower arrangements.

Scented Flowers

2 feet high which is happy in shade, produces scented tiny flowers followed by black berries, and looks smart all year.

Winter Colour

I have a selection of fragrant shrubs in sheltered spots to scent the garden on fine days and I also pick them to enjoy the scent in the house. Easily obtainable is viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ with shiny brown stems covered in pink scented flowers from November to spring. Even if the flowers get frosted there are always more to come. This shrub looks good so can be given a prominent spot; you can also grow a late flowering clematis through it to provide extra colour in summer. A rather untidy shrub but very good for picking is a shrubby honeysuckle, lonicera purpusii ‘Winter Beauty’, with cream flowers which will open in the house and are very sweetly scented; it will grow in sun or shade so tuck it away behind a rose or something. Both these shrubs are hardy and easy and can be pruned hard at any time if they get too big. Sarcococca will never get too big; it is an elegant evergreen shrub about

To complement the shrubs I have the best winter clematis, called cirrhosa. There are a number of cultivars, ‘Freckles,’ ‘Wisley Cream,’ and all are good. It flowers in a fairly sheltered spot in my garden right through deepest winter with dainty bells, which are chequered inside like a fritillary, and has ferny evergreen leaves. It needs no pruning but can be cut back hard after flowering if it gets too straggly. By the time you read this I will have hellebores and snowdrops and primroses, tiny iris reticulata and early crocus.

Pruning and Tidying While you are admiring your garden do a little gentle tidying. Tidy up your clematis before they produce new growth; prune late flowering ones to a pair of buds 6-12 inches above the ground; don’t prune the spring flowering ones and just tidy up those which flower in early summer. However, if your clematis is a hopeless tangle or you don’t know which it is, don’t be afraid to cut it back as hard as necessary. It won’t harm it; established clematis are very tough.

The ‘Sparks’ in Hillam has gone out to Barlow, but he will still fix your fuse.

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Hillam News

January - February

The Garden in Midwinter Continued from page 19

Check your borders and make sure the crowns of your herbaceous plants are not covered with wet leaves or foliage; this will rot them and is a great place for slugs. Cut down anything that is not looking good.

Roses and Shrubs By mid February you should start pruning your roses, especially your climbing roses, which should be tied into place while the stems are still pliable. Pick a nice day and take your time; take out any dead wood and the oldest stems. Keep looking at the shape; you are aiming for plenty of air round the stems. If you have old, overgrown shrubs in your garden you can tackle them now while you can see where the stems are. You will need a slim pruning saw, a pair of sharp loppers and secateurs. Always take out the oldest, thickest stems from the base; you can remove up to half the wood on a tough bush such as weigela, for-


sythia or philadelphus. Even if it isn’t the right time to prune them you will do them no harm, at worst losing some flowers this year, but next year they will flower really well and you can start a proper pruning regime.

Pick a nice Day My final piece of advice is to pick your day; if the weather is nasty, wet or frosty, you will harm your garden by treading on it, so stay inside and read a gardening book instead. Save the work for a nicer day when it is a pleasure to be outside.

Susan Ferguson 684922

Monk Fryston Hall Hotel The Square Monk Fryston

Barnes Building Supplies Moor Lane Trading Estate, Sherburn Tel 01977 683734 Reclaimed Building Materials Including timber, bricks, limestone and roof tiles. Carved Stone Features Including wall coping stones and architectural stone work. Paving Materials Paving blocks and engineering bricks. Unusual materials for renovation projects and creating garden features.

The Country House Hotel With the comfort of home Set in beautiful gardens among trees and lakes Dine on superb food in elegant style Receptions, conferences and parties Tel: 01977 682369, Fax: 01977 683544

Malcolm Lupton Plumbing Contractor

Electrical Engineer No Job Too big or Too Small 37, Wolsey Croft, Sherburn in Elmet

Tel; 01977 683218 Mobile; 07976 425988 Try me first!

Hillam News

January - February


Classified Advertisements Services Offered

Holiday Opportunity

Newspapers and Journals H Winterbottom, High Street, Ferrybridge. Telephone 672575

Give yourself a break on the Côte d’Azur Apartment for 2, central Nice Check it out on property ref. 1192 Or contact Betty Wright 01977 682361


0870 608 2 608

Classified Advertisements £3 per item per issue.

Holiday Cottages to Rent Available for weeks or short breaks Lake District—sleeps 9, four poster bed, open fires, tourist board rating 4* Robin Hoods Bay—2 cosy neighbouring cottages in the Old Village, each sleeps 4 (discount for only two adults renting Staithes near Whitby—sleeps 7, Panoramic sea and village views from the balcony and patio No Pets or Smoking please Further info., phone 01977 681372


For an efficient service on most makes of automatic & twin-tub washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, cooker, microwave and fridge/freezer.

Tel: 01757 228811 Answerphone available out of hours Mon-Sat. Closed Sundays.

Monk Fryston Post Office & General Store Bread and Pastries, freshly baked – every Day Video Rental Club. New releases – every Week Selected Ales and Wines, on Special Offer – every Month Mon-Friday Saturday Sunday

Shop Post Office 8 – 8 pm 9 – 5.30 (Wed 9 – 1) 8.30 – 7 pm 9 – 1.00 pm 9 – 7 pm Closed

Call Joan & Kevin on 682252 Local orders delivered FREE



Hillam News

January - February


CLUBS & GROUPS If you wish to make any changes to the information about your organisation, please phone 683332 Group or Club


Monk Fryston & Hillam Community Association

Community Centre

Ring Tree Lights Committee

Cross Keys

Timings and Dates 3rd Wed (bi-monthly)


1st Tuesday of month, 7.30pm st

Contact Bookings: Ivy Smales Tel 683486 Sec: Tony Hudson Tel 682693 Mary Little

Tel: 683372

Women with Interests

Church Hall

1 Thursday of month, 7.30pm

Carolyn Popham

Tel: 684008

Hillam & Monk Fryston Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild Coffee & Chat Morning

Manor Court Centre, Hillam

3rd Sat of month All welcome

Liz Blaza

Tel: 683719

Monk Fryston & South Milford Mothers’ Union

Church Hall

Apr-Sept : 3rd Tues 7.30 p.m. Oct-Mar : 3rd Wed 2.00 p.m.

Barbara Richardson

Tel: 682357

Manor Court Luncheon Club -For anyone of retirement age

Cross Keys (Manor Court once a month)


Ruth Laycock

Monk Fryston & Hillam Senior Youth Club (12+)

Community Centre

Tuesday (term time)

St Wilfrid’s & St Mary’s Youth Fellowship 8-15 yrs

Church Hall

2nd & 4th Sats (term time)

Monk Fryston Playschool

Church Hall

Mon-Fri Tue & Thurs

Monk Fryston Parents & Toddler Group

Community Centre


Rainbows—girls 5-7 yrs

Community Centre


Hillam & MF Brownies

Community Centre

South Milford Guides Hambleton Guides Sherburn Cubs Sherburn Scouts Air Cadets (ages 13-17)


11.30 – circa 3.30pm 7 - 9pm 7-9 pm 9.15 – 11.45 am 12.30 – 3pm

Tel: 685795

Mandy Rhodes

Tel: 671600

Pennie Taylor Tel: 681050 Playschool hours only Tel: 682814


Julie Bottomley

Tel: 682097


6.30 - 7.45pm

Julie Bottomley

Tel: 682097

Church Hall, SM


7.30 – 9.00pm

Wendy Youngs

Tel: 685557

Hambleton School



Sara Nix

Tel: 681162


6.30 - 8pm

Deryck Sayers

Tel: 680401


7 - 8.30pm

Jim Ainsworth

Tel: 680511

RAF Church Fenton

Mon & Fri

7.00 – 9.30 pm

Chernobyl Children’s Project, Monk Fryston Group Monk Fryston, Hillam & Burton Salmon Defibrillator Group

Julie Sadler

Liz Hey

Scout Hut, Church Hill, Sherburn Scout Hut, Church Hill, Sherburn

9 – 11.30am

Tel: 01757 709455

Crown Inn, Monk Fryston

Alternate Tuesdays 7.30 pm

Hillam & MF Cricket Club MF & Hillam Football Club nd



Tel : 01937 557340 Nicola Holland

Tel: 683054

Amanda Shaw

Tel: 683304

Tonu Vaks

Tel: 685227

Allan Ford

Tel: 685735

Kath Ratcliffe

Tel: 683590

MF & Hillam Striders

Community Centre


St Wilfrid’s & St Mary’s Parish Walks

Variable –usually local

Monthly on Saturdays 10.15 a.m

Susanne Jukes Tel: 01757 706719

Circuit Training (children & adults)

Monk Fryston School

Mon Thurs

Neil Lineham

Dancing (Tap, Modern, Ballet; Ages 3—adult)

Church Hall

Tuesday Wednesday

4 – 7.30pm 4 - 6.30pm


Church Hall


7 - 8.30pm

Tae Kwon Do Ages 5 – 17

Community Centre


Selby Model Aero Club

MF football pitch old / new as available

Sun 2 – 4.30 pm some weekday meetings

Peter Theasby

Hillam Historians

Community Centre

4th Wed (bi-monthly) 7.30 pm

Jenny Hoare

Tel: 683332

Monk Fryston Art Club

Church Hall

Monday 1-4 pm (term time)

Jean Dearn

Tel: 682611

Other Local Classes

Community Education Sherburn High School

Jane Austin

Tel: 683120

Sherburn Library

Has a list of local societies covering a wider area

8 – 9pm 8 .15 – 9.15pm

9 - 10am

Tel: 683383

Class Details – Lucie Fox Tel: 01757 228841 Marilyn Bates

Tel: 01757 707515

Simon Wooffindin

Tel: 685387

Tel: 01757 638719

Tel 682306

Hillam News


January - February



Bring your news and views to the attention of Hillam

Two very different letters in this edition , a book review and a plea to villagers about the potential for a new nasty smell around the place. Why not send you letters in for the next edition. Have your say, raise you voice; lets hear what you have to say. You can send letters in at any time and we will hold them for the next issue. Send letters or E-mail to Kay Webster or give Kay a call on 680917.

Dear Sirs POLLUTION: PROPOSED PLANNING APPLICATION BY AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES LTD TO CONSTRUCT A FIXED AND A MOBILE ASPHALT PLANT AT FERRYBRIDGE POWER STATION The smaller one is mobile and can be put anywhere; it can make 120 tonnes of tarmac per hour. This would be enough tarmac for our new A1, and could move with the roadworks.

DANGEROUSLY HEALTHY by Malcolm Birkenshaw Review by Sylvia Brown, BSc This humorous and entertaining autobiography follows the ups and downs of Malcolm's life from the time of his diagnosis with MS in 1974 and his adamant refusal to accept the decline that doctors intimated would 'inevitably' follow. Malcolm graduated with a BSc from Hull University in 1958, despite having many confusing MS symptoms. He went on to become a lecturer and comedy scriptwriter, got married and had two children. We live through the turmoil of his diagnosis, and the devastating effects on his professional and personal life. But throughout Malcolm remains determined to beat MS and begin his search for answers. He adjusts his diet, develops a regime, and gradually starts looking and feeling better. His next step is to try to tackle the muscles which have wasted through inactivity. So he also decides to try bicycling, somewhat to his wife's trepidation! Gradually Malcolm finds his strength building. He takes up tennis, starts playing cricket again and even climbs Mount Snowdon! The following year he cycles to London to raise funds for research into MS.

The larger one is permanent and can produce 320 tonnes per hour. This tarmac is to be used for other motorways and roads all over the country. We don’t need it here.

Despite his wife's affair and being left to bring up his two children, he manages to remain fit and active. We travel with Malcolm on the all too familiar MS rollercoaster, while being

They plan to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There could easily be at least one extra lorry every minute. There will be much more air pollution, industrial pollution and noise pollution. There will be more horrible smells and dust day in, day out.

reminded to stay positive and keep a real sense of humour at all times!

The chemical cocktail made from the gases could spread for miles and miles, affecting the health of everyone. Did you know about this? We have got to stop them – our children’s future and our health matter. Do you care enough to make your feelings known? As a resident of Hillam, I care. If you feel as I do, please write your objections to: Mr T Reeves, Wakefield MDC, Housing & Regeneration Services, Newton Bar, Wakefield WF1 2TX. Application number 03/00/10784/BQ. The closing date for objections has been extended to 20th February 2004

Maxene Wells

Be prepared for some hearty 'Yorkshire' dialect, a good dose of down to earth Yorkshire wit, and plenty of scandal. It made me cry as well as laugh my socks off! Malcolm wrote 'Dangerously Healthy' in 1997, the idea being to raise money for MS research. But the publishers let him down big time, every copy delivered to the shops containing misprints. These do not detract from the truth of his story, but the bookshops were not mighty pleased. Three years of stressful litigation and financial hardship then caused the MS to flare up, but he is on the way back up again, as stubbornly determined as ever, despite now being 71 years old. But he now needs extra space, and is busy writing a humorous novel, so reckons the remaining copies of "Dangerously Healthy" would be of more use given away, free of charge, than stuck in his exercise room. Contact Malcolm at or phone 681355


Hillam News

January - February


LOCAL SERVICES If you know of any amendments or additions to the information below, please phone 683332 Monk Fryston Post Office (Tel: 682252)

Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm; Sat 8.30am – 7pm; Sun 9am – 7pm.

Post Office Counter

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am –5.30pm; Wed & Sat 9am – 1pm

Last Postal Collections

Hillam Square Monk Fryston PO South Milford PO Pontefract, Trinity St

Public transport – local bus & train timetables & enquiries

Tel: 0113 245 7676

Micklefield Station Link & Village Bus

Tel: 685555

South Milford Surgery – Dr A Janik & Partners Tel: 682202

Mon – Fri 9 –11am and 4.30 – 6.30pm; Sat 9 –10.30am (emergencies only)

Monk Fryston Surgery – Dr D. James & Partners Tel: 683452

Mon 11-2pm & 3-6pm; Tues 5-7pm; Wed & Fri 8-12 noon

Selby War Memorial Hospital

Tel: 01757 702664

Pontefract General Infirmary

Tel: 600600

Visiting Scheme for the Elderly (Books on wheels, hospital transport, social events for the housebound, etc.). Volunteers also required.

Enid Taylor (Tel: 681828)

St Wilfrid’s Church, Monk Fryston Rector: Rev’d Gwynne Richardson - Tel: 682357 Curate: Rev’d Susanne Jukes - Tel: 01757 706719

For Service times, see St Wilfrid’s Church News page

Monk Fryston & Hillam Methodists Minister: Rev’d Rory Dalgliesh – Tel: 682230

Services: most Sundays 9.30am Monk Fryston Church Hall Coffee morning: 1st Sat every month 10am – Church Hall

Mobile Library (Sherburn Library, tel: 682306)

Hillam Square, every 3 weeks: Tuesday 10 – 10.30am

Hillam Parish Council

1st Wednesday of month 7.30pm Community Centre. Clerk – Malcolm Walton (Tel: 685186)

Selby District Council

Tel: 01757 705101

Refuse Disposal

Removal of bulky items (domestic items free) Selby District Council (Tel: 01757 292113)


Tel: 01757 702596

Neighbourhood Watch

PC Mike Welsh (tel: 01757 704039)


Emergency tel: 0800 111 999

Yorkshire Electricity

Supply failure – emergency tel: 0800 375 675

Yorkshire Water Helpline

Sewerage & leaks (24hrs) Tel: 0845 1242429

Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Selby

Tel: 0845 1203718

Mon-Fri 4.30pm, Sat 9.30am Mon-Fri 4.15pm, Sat 11am, Sun 11.30am Mon-Fri 6pm, Sat 11am, Sun 12 noon Mon-Fri 6.30pm, Sat 1pm, Sun 1pm

Hillam News January February 2004  

First Hillam News of the new era