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The voice of Hillam village. founded 1989 by mary little . Delivered free to all homes in hillam. Volume 26 Issue 2. APR–MAY 2013

Superfast Broadband arrives in Hillam We’re bringing fast, fibre broadband to homes and businesses across North Yorkshire. feature in the latest roll out. This is great news for our village. BT Open Reach engineers have confirmed that fibre optic cable has reached Mill Close. Hillam News has published pictures on Facebook of BT engineers in action and press reports quoting Nigel Adams MP have confirmed that South Milford and Hillam

As Hillam News went to press at least one property in Hillam had been connected with BT Infinity, and achieved a breathtaking speed of over 37Mb. An application has been accepted for a supply right at the end of the line - down Hillam Common.

Nigel Adams MP is expected at a broadband launch event in Sherburn on April 26th to celebrate the arrival of fibre optic in the area and highlight the role of Superfast North Yorkshire. Upto 40Mb speeds predicted! Latest information at:

Woodlane Windfarm Planning Decision April 10th It is now just over 4 years since plans for Woodlane wind farm were first revealed to unsuspecting residents of Birkin, Gateforth, Hillam, Monk Fryston and West Haddlesey.

Electricity pylons near Hillam are 175 feet high, the proposed turbines at Woodlane are 410 feet high.! There are 14 of them stretching for over 3km.

The Planning decision will be made on 10th April. The time has now come for us to show that opposition is as strong as ever. A big push now ensues to get the wind farm turned down. We need to have a mass turnout when the wind farm is considered by the planning committee on 10th April. Time has still to be confirmed but please plan to be at the Council offices from 3pm on 10th April.

Persistent showmen win planning appeal Showmen have won permission to develop the former Brayton mushroom farm.

The permission is for a site to house ten families of travelling showpeople and their equipment. The appeal followed Selby Council’s refusal in 2012 which was accompanied by a vigorous campaign from local residents. The site adjoins Selby bypass and Selby Golf Club.

In 2011 an inspector supported Selby Council’s refusal to another group of showpeople for a similar development in Lowfield Lane, Monk Fryston. The mushroom farm planning refusal was made against the advice of planning officers and the Showmen were awarded costs.

Issue editor - Rob Preston Hillam News is financed by advertising and the generosity of contributors, copiers and distributors. If you have an article for publication, please phone David Atkinson on 684577 or email Advertising enquiries to David Edwards on 682346 or


THE BIRDING COLUMN he night of 5th January was mild, windless and clear, with a crescent moon partially covered by haze. As I lay in bed with the window


by Graham Todd

coloured wisps of cloud, and as I walked silently along the grassy track, a male Green Woodpecker bounced away from me, always staying fifty yards ahead of me, its startling green and red plumage open, I listened to the excited calls of a illuminated by the now near-horizontal large party of Pink footed Geese taking shafts of strong sunlight. As I scanned the advantage of the ideal conditions in which horizon with my binoculars I spotted two to make their annual reverse migration long ears projecting up above the lank northwards. Howard Ferguson emailed grassland about a mile away. I watched later on in the month with a photograph of this spot for a good five minutes, before a a flock of 400 Pink feet taken on 22nd Roe Deer moved off cautiously, ever wary January as they flew over Maspin House. for the sound of poachers. What a pity people like that cannot appreciate the I suppose the most exciting birding news beauty of such a graceful creature. from hereabouts was the report of a Hen Harrier hunting over fields between On 16th February, again on a rare sunny Hillam and Gateforth on 8th February, day, I drove to Towton to walk along the gliding at hedge top height before track that crosses Cock Beck, not just for pouncing on unwary victims sheltering the sake of exercise, but also hoping to see from the bitter winds in the hedge something unusual in the attractive and bottoms. As far as I know this was just the varied habitat of that area, with its one sighting by a passing motorist, but this reclaimed quarries, meandering beck and is not the only recent record, with another hilly countryside. I was not disappointed, frequenting the Selby Dams area, one as three Red Kites circled together low winter a couple of years ago. This is a very over fields just this side of Stutton, unusual and welcome sighting of what has hopefully heralding a further expansion of now become a very rare breeding species this magnificent bird. Whilst driving home that suffers relentless persecution on the later on that day I spotted a Red Kite grouse moors of England, reducing the circling over South Milford roundabout, breeding population perhaps to just the before it headed off in the direction of one nesting pair in the north west of the Monk Fryston. I tracked the bird in the country. car, before parking in the lay by on the A63 just before Monk Fryston to watch On an unusually warm, bright and sunny the direction of flight. It was clearly afternoon on 15th February I made a rare looking for food, as it flew low over roof excursion to the reclaimed colliery mound tops following the line of the road between of Gascoigne Wood, which has been Monk Fryston and Hillam. It stayed in the planted up with birch, oak and alder. In area long enough for me to catch it up, just fact it was warm enough to fool four in time to see it gliding low over our Common Buzzards into thinking it was garden, before it headed off towards spring, as they circled together in the blue Bluebell Wood. sky, in their pre-mating courtship display. Citrus coloured Siskin fed silently in the On 22nd February I met up with my pal alder, before rising noisily to move on to “Clive of Kippax”, and we spent a the next belt of trees. A pair of Bullfinches memorable half day at Swillington Ings called softly from the thick vegetation, bird reserve, adjacent to the River Aire. I mostly invisible, with just a glimpse of had been a member of the Swillington Ings vivid pink from the chest of the male, as it bird group for almost a year without bounced away into the darkness. Redpolls having visited the place, so I thought it are very much visible in alders this winter was about time I did so. What a pleasant too, the males with their small yellow bill, surprise it was. The former open cast coal bright red streaked crown and breast. The mine of St Aidan’s has been transformed alder plantations glowed rust red against a into an enormous reed bed criss-crossed pastel blue sky, traced with warm, plum by dykes and walk ways, and it wasn’t too

Open Sunday

long before I heard the unmistakeable deep resonating sound of a Bittern, booming unseen from the midst of the reed bed. The place was alive with duck of a variety of species, including Goosanders and Goldeneye catching fish on the nearby River Aire. The presence of these sawbill species indicates a healthy river environment and an abundance of fish, but I wasn’t prepared for what we saw next, close to the weir, when Clive shouted “Otter!” I was just in time to see the ripples from a large submerging mammal as it dived below the surface of the river. We hung about for about twenty minutes then we saw it again, an absolutely huge dog otter swimming across the river before diving once again. The presence of otters on what was previously a badly polluted river not so long ago is testimony to the huge strides made by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in its Mid Aire Otters and River Project.

For further information you can visit: projects/mid-aire-otters-and-rivers-project Finally, spare a thought for the poor, tired, Grey Heron, having to get up at early doors each morning searching for its breakfast. It can’t be much fun having to set off before dawn to look for food, but luckily for them, help is at hand, since down our street we have a couple of philanthropic bird lovers who have set up “Gordon and Mary’s goldfish sushi bar”. Gordon told me enthusiastically that he is absolutely enthralled by the sight of this pterodactyl -like bird enjoying a “Little breakfast!” when he opens the bedroom curtains of a morning. (As if…..

Graham Todd


LATEST John Withers 1938 - 2013 John Withers lived in Monk Fryston before he moved to Hillam and ended his days in South Milford. In retirement he threw himself into Hillam Cricket Club where he was treasurer and later a mainstay in the building of the new pavilion. He did most of the plumbing and much of the fitting out of the shower areas. Hockey however was John’s main sport and he was a qualified hockey umpire with the Tadcaster club. Some years earlier John joined the Chernobyl Charity convoy team. Not only was he available to collect aid from companies and organisations on many occasions and a regular on loading days, he completed six convoys to Belarus. Even in the late stages of his illness he was there on collection loading days to see his friends in the team.

Drainage Culvert strikes Gold Villagers will remember the work last October to install a new drainage culvert beneath the road at the end of Betteras Hill Road and Hillam Hall Lane. Success The work has been a great success. The pipe is of a larger bore than the old stone arch and allows much more water to flow through than ever before. The introduction of a 1050mm diameter pipe has enough capacity to cope with much higher flow rates. Not only has this enabled a larger volume of water to get through during flood conditions but it has this alleviated flooding to the area too.

John was born in Bloxwich a suburb of Birmingham. He was an insurance assessor in the motor trade, a role he undertook for many years until retirement. He became a member of the national committee of the Insurance Assessors trade association.

Higher flow rates Recent heavy rains and snow melts have brought about an unexpected benefit. Higher flow rates have flushed through the dyke and scoured the stream bed clean. Stones, gravels and unbelievably flakes of gold have now become visible in the dyke along side of Hillam Pond.

At his funeral the eulogist described John as 'full on’ guy and that is how he will be remembered at Hillam Cricket Club and in the wider village community.

Glacial Deposits It turns out the Hillam is ideally suited for gold. Ice age glaciation left gold rich glacial till around the base of the hill that modern Hillam sits on. The dyke runs along the lower edge and this is where the gold nuggets have accumulated. Flakes of gold are usually found near the surface with larger nuggets expected a little deeper down. Given the quantities gold likely in glacial material Hillam News is expecting this to spark off a gold rush.

Hillam Ringtree Christmas Lights Committee

Urgently needed To be able to complete the road closure paperwork for the Christmas Lights switch on event, we need help from someone who holds a Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual 2006 qualification. If you, or anyone you know, is able to help us please could you get in touch with Karen Merry as soon as possible (the paperwork needs to be completed during the summer). A huge thank you to everyone who responded to the request for help in the last issue of Hillam News! Hillam Ringtree Christmas Lights Committee.

December 100 Club winners The winners of the Hillam Lights 100-Club Draw for December are as follows: 1st - £20 - Cyril Pickup (No. 28) 2nd - £10 - Sandra and Brian Plows (No. 81) 3rd - £5 - Rob Preston (No. 68)

Expert view North Yorkshire County Council Geologist, Mrs. Avril Pool said, “Gold originated in the glacial moraine from the ice age. Hillam is sitting on the geological feature made of Glacial material which is gold rich - it’s fantastic.” Prospecting pays The price of gold increased over by over five times in the last ten years and everyone is aiming to cash in. It’s thought that the anglers at Hillam Pond are planning to drain it to recover gold on a commercial scale. The shop is setting up a caravan in the Cross Keys car park too. The Parish Council is urging villagers to keep the discovery quiet so that no-one from Monk Fryston finds out. No time to lose Stake your claim before it’s too late to cash-in. So get out there, start prospecting, go gold panning, and let’s all get filthy rich!

David (Dai) Jones


Dip Arch RIBA Fletton House The Square HILLAM North Yorkshire LS25 5HE

Phone 01977 685534 Consultation Welcome – Initial Discussion Free


COMMUNITY FUNDING NEWS An Uncertain Future For Village Funding Hillam Parish Council was recently informed by Selby District Council that the new reduced Central Government funding arrangements for town councils due to come into effect in April will in turn impact upon our village precept income. This coming year, because of the short notice, they have made up the shortfall by giving us a one off grant. Next year, we will have the choice of increasing our village precept , the local village tax element of your council tax bill set by the Parish Council to cover our village expenses, or cut back on our spending. The village precept funds a range of local responsibilities, ie. grass cutting, street lighting, community group support, cemetery and footpath maintenance. So as a community, next year, we will have to tighten our belts or dig deeper into our pockets.

To all Village Groups and interested Individuals The Summer Fayre is an opportunity for all and any village organisation to get involved and raise funds for their group. This maybe in the form of running a stall, activity or simply providing people to help either in the planning process or on the day. The funds raised are put into a pot and distributed according to effort put in by the Groups. Over the past 5 years around ÂŁ15,000 has been raised for Village organisations, which has all been re- invested into the Village one way or another, so that everyone benefits. The core group of organisers of the Village Summer Fayre, which will be held on Sunday 23rd June irrespective of the weather, the School, Community Association and St Wilfrid's, have already held three planning meetings. The organising committee is an ad hoc group and welcomes any group or individual who may wish to participate or help to come along and join in. If for some reason you wish to be involved but can't make it to our meetings please call either Tony Hudson 682693 or Ray Newton 682084. Ray Newton 2013 Summer Fayre Organising Group Chairman

Readers can keep up to date and read the minutes of Hillam Parish Council on the Hillam News website Monk Fryston minutes are displayed outside the Post Office or follow on Twitter @MonkFrystonPC

Garden Route Gourmet BEST QUALITY READY MEALS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR VISIT Or call Robert on 07717 354112

NEW MENUS Individual meals, complete dinner parties, delivered buffets


Précis minutes Hillam Parish Council February 2013

Précis of Hillam PC meeting minutes 6th February 2013 Previous meetings minutes read and approved. New councillor, Martyn Pattison was welcomed to the meeting. Matters Arising: Clerk confirmed that Mr Johnson had been invited to the meeting but no response or acknowledgement had been received. Cllr Robertson will follow up. Cllr Sadler informed members that despite an anticipated response date from the Planning Inspector of mid January, no response to the planning appeal lodged by Mr Cannon had yet been received. Given the demise of the Hillam Village website, the full version of the PC minutes will now be published online through the Hillam News website. Finance: The clerk gave further information about the future effect upon our precept of the revised Central Government funding proposals. In essence, discretionary elements replace previous mandatory ones and we will most likely get less. Article will be published in the next issue of HN alerting residents to this fact. C/A £4,018.72 H/I ac £6,202.00 Cheques drawn: MFPC - £253.56 grass cutting. Community Assn. - £72.00 Hall hire. Thirsk c/care assn - £34.50 PAYE Adm. MH Walton - £360.00 Salary. HMRC - £90.00 Tax due. 79p interest received. Correspondence in: Christmas Lights committee accepting the donation towards the costs of putting up and taking down the Christmas lights SDC re the effect of the Council Tax Base rate on the PC precept for 2013/2014 Cllr Mark Crane - re the complaints we made about the adjourned planning meeting in October 2012. Hanover Housing – details of covenants affecting Manor Court. The covenant relates to land not the actual properties. KE Lunness Aggregates - confirming the ongoing use of the Betteras Hill Quarry is in accord with the long standing terms and conditions.

SDA of voluntary service - detailing monies available from the proceeds of crime available for communities. Booth and Son offering their services as a general builder/ gardener. NYCC – advising of various road closures in Hillam. Correspondence out: JBA Consulting re the flooding of fields on Hillam Common Lane. Persistent non response to be followed up by Cllr Robertson. Lunness Aggregates Ltd. - Requesting confirmation of the type of material to be tipped at Betteras Hill Road quarry. Mr Tope – re dog fouling on Football pitch in response to his enquiry. Christmas Lights Committee – re donation. Hillam Historians –Letter of thanks for the new fingerpost Mr M Johnson – meeting invite. Planning Matters: Application - Mr M Lambeth Orchard View. Detached carport and store – No objection raised by HPC Mrs. A. Adamson - Decision - Application for consent to fell one sycamore and crown thin 30% TPO 5/1982 at The Priory Chapel Street –granted. Environment: Cllr Collinson requested 2 bags of grit be made available for use on Betteras Hill Road. Agreed. Cllr Sadler asked for prosecution for dog fouling guidance. Cllr Lorriman reported on fly tipping he had reported to SDC. Cllr Robertson requested the SDC Street Cleaning dept be asked to clean the paths and kerb edges. Reports: Burial Committee. Wall and Railings refurbishment cost £974.00. 4 recent burials. Community Association. Further extension funding being sought externally. Very successful sold out Quiz night. A full version of the Hillam Parish Council minutes are available on the Hillam News website which can be accessed through


Précis minutes Hillam Parish Council March 2013 Précis of Hillam PC meeting minutes 6th March 2013 Minutes of previous meeting approved. Matters arising: No response to communications with Mark Johnson. No response from planning inspectorate re overdue appeal decision. No response from Mr Grogan SDC enforcement Officer. Cllr Lorriman raised the question about purchase restrictions on Manor Court Properties. Cllr Robertson will investigate and report. Clerk to send formal written request for roads and pavements to be cleaned. Finances: C/A £3062.27. H/I A/C £6,202.00. Cheques drawn: CSR £186.46 street light repairs. MH Walton (Aggregates Ltd) £86.90 Grit Salt. MH Walton Feb Salary £180.00. HM Revenue & Customs £45.00. Funding Applications Received: A range of funding applications was received. It was agreed to donate the sum of £2,280. Additional information to be requested from MF United FC before decision in their case. Correspondence Received: Hillam and MF CC – ball sponsorship request – approved. Selby Area Internal Drainage Board – re flooding of fields and Rose Lea Close June 2012. SDC finance confirming the PC’s precept for 2013/2014 at £11,295. Hillam Ring Tree lights – letter of thanks for donation. Correspondence out e-mail confirming precept for 2013/2014 at £11,295.

Planning Matters: Application -Mr T Morley. Ménage in connection with equestrian use at Hillam Grange, Austfield Lane. No objections. Decision Mr M Lambeth. Construction of detached car port ‘Orchard View, Main Street. Refused. Environment: Cllr Robertson reported blocked drains outside Hillam Hall gates – action clerk. Grass cutting contract with S Parkin to be extended through 2013 season. Cllr Robertson re-iterated and questioned the none progress in refurbishing the ring tree seat – Cllr Collinson to find out why. Clerk to investigate alternative options. Hedge cuttings on footpath off Betteras Hill Road are impeding pedestrian access. Cllr Collinson to contact the footpath officer to ascertain the landowner. More rubbish left by contractors at the Betteras Road rail crossing- clerk to contract Network Rail. Reports: Burial Committee. Summary of guiding terms of reference to be drawn up for clarification and the guidance of new members. Community Engagement Forum. Members informed of meeting details by e-mail. Community Association. Substantial funding bid underway. Next meeting Wednesday 3rd April at 7.30pm at the Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Centre. A full version of the Hillam Parish Council minutes are available on the Hillam News website which can be accessed through

Village Precept Increase Mystery Opening our council tax bills is an unpleasant task at the best of times, so it must have come as an unwelcome surprise to many to discover, that in these difficult times when council tax capping is the norm, that your village precept payment had been increased by over 4%.

It was an even greater shock to your parish Councillors who had applied for no increase whatsoever in the Parish precept for the coming year. To set this in context, the extra 4.1% imposed upon us will cost residents in the band B properties approximately an extra £2 a year and other

band properties proportionately. We are currently investigating with Selby District Council what has happened. Anything we say now is pure speculation, so we choose to say only that we will report back when we have some factual information to share with you. Hillam Parish Council

Hillam Parish Council – Community Group Funding Application Outcomes In the last issue of the Hillam News, Hillam Parish Council invited funding applications from local community groups for specific aims or projects. After careful discussion and consideration the following awards were made. Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Association - £760 to help fund playground risk assessment training and

playground maintenance. St Wilfrid’s Church - £500 towards roof repairs. Monk Fryston Pre-School - £300 towards provision of ICT equipment. Luncheon Club - £100 towards running costs. Monk Fryston United IC Football Club Decision pending awaiting further

information. Hillam and Monk Fryston Cricket Club - £500 for clubhouse development and £30 match ball sponsorship. Hillam Lights - The committee had already previously been awarded funds to cover the cost of putting up and taking down the Ringtree Christmas lights.


SPOILING THE VILLAGE ENVIRONMENT To all residents of Hillam and Monk Fryston You will recall that last autumn the Community Association notified all residents that the CA Grounds and Facilities would be closed to the public from 7pm until dawn on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until future notice.

The Foundation Field has now been checked and there is no signs of broken glass from the weekend that has gone. The Field is pretty much as it has always been – except the amount of 'dog-poo' is becoming quite excessive.

Yours sincerely, Ray Newton Chairman Community Association

With the cricket season only a

Those checking the field this morning month away, I am sorry to have to found it extremely difficult to walk around bring this to your attention again and not step into the mess that has been but it is a concern to the club and left due to there being so much.

especially the players.

There is a public right of way down the This followed the disruption and damage left-hand side of the Field – and in caused by 3 impromptu "face book addition to this the Foundation Trustees parties" being staged in our village, on the are happy for dog walkers to use the field CA, School and other public areas. We providing they clean up their dog's mess. had hoped that the actions initiated by The villages of Monk Fryston and Hillam Hillam and Monk Fryston Parish Councils are generally suffering at the moment to ban alcohol consumption in public and from an excess of dog-poo on the pavespecific places would by now be in force ments -although some people do clear up and allow us to remove the restrictions. after their dog- but clearly not all are doing so. The Trustees are aware that dogUnfortunately, this is not the case and poo in long grass can be difficult to pick therefore we are reminding everyone that up, and it can easily be thought that it is the CA has given the Police the not a problem – but the quantity in the discretionary authority to ask anyone who Field is now definitely becoming one. may be on CA property when it is closed to leave the property. I am also aware that children do use the field – especially during the holidays and This is a most unfortunate situation I am sure that those with dogs will be only particularly as Spring is approaching, too aware of the health problem that evenings becoming lighter and dog-excrement can cause – it would be a traditionally the playground and facilities shame if the Field became unusable by have been used by families and youngsters children because of the dog-walkers in our long into the evening. community. We hope we will soon be able to remove the restrictions but in the meantime we ask everyone to understand that we have taken this action to protect the facilities which are used and enjoyed by many residents and visitors every day.

A View from the Boundary Dog Fouling

The Club has no objection to people walking their dogs around the ground but do object to the few who do use the ground to walk their dogs but then do not pick up the droppings. With Junior Cricket coaching on Monday’s, Senior Net Practice on Tuesday’s, Thursday Evening League matches and Saturday match days the last thing we want is complaints from players and parents about dog fouling on the outfield. It is unhygienic, filthy and totally unnecessary. I am a dog owner and I am sure the majority of dog owners clear up their dogs’ mess but it’s the minority who don’t so Please, Please, Please help us out on this one. Tonu Vaks

Please note that the Foundation Field is Chairman open as a concession to the community and the Trustees assume no responsibility for those who use it – either dog-walkers or children. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG AND MAKE OUR COMMUNITY A BETTER AND SAFER PLACE Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation with this matter Regards John Revd John Hetherington Rector of Monk Fryston and South Milford


OUT AND ABOUT Women with interests The programme for Women with Interests 2013 is now almost complete 21 March 7:30 at the Community Centre. A presentation of slides taken during June 2012 to cover the Olympic torch, Jubilee celebrations and Summer Fayre. April. An evening out which is already fully booked. 16 May 7:30 at the Community Centre. "The Games Makers" a presentation given by Jeanette and Phil Laycock on their experiences at the Olympic Games. 20 June 7:30 at the Community Centre. Quiz and social evening. 18 July 7:30 at the Community Centre. Talk on the Battle of Towton. 15 August Day trip out venue etc. to be arranged nearer the time. 19 September 7:30 at the Community Centre. A talk by Dogs for the Deaf. 17 October 7:30 at the Community Centre. A talk on forensic evidence.

Hillam FC Pie and Ale night Friday the 19th April at 7:30 at the Cross Keys. Tickets £7 available from the Post Office and the Cross Keys. They are also available from Lee on 07774048913. Events will be competitions, sports quiz, name the sportsman and a raffle. It will be a good fun competitive night for the village. Hillam FC Based at the Cross Keys, Hillam. Requires players 16 and over for a Sunday morning league team. Anyone who is interested or has been/would like to be involved with sponsoring the team, please contact Lee on 07774048913 or ask at the Cross Keys for more information.

Luncheon club Monk Fryston & Hillam luncheon club are looking for eligible people from the age of 70 years to join the club which meets on the first Wednesday of the month in the community centre, Monk Fryston - from 1.30pm to 1.30pm. Members enjoy delicious and varied home cooked meals at a cost of £5 per person.

21 November 7:30 at the Community Centre. A talk on Medieval Gardens.

If you would like to join, know of someone who would like to join or need further information,

9 December 7:30 at the Community Centre. Christmas party, just bring some food.

Please contact Kath on 01977 683590, Pauline on 01977 685393 or Wendy on 01977 683261.

16 January 7:30 at the Community Centre. Programme planning for 2014.

Church walk Saturday 27 April th

Monk Fryston Hall has a new owner Mr Davies will live over the shop

Prior to being a hotel the Hall was home of the Hemsworth family, who as anyone who has been in Saint Wilfrid’s will know, played an important part in church life during the Date -----Saturday 27th April 2013. nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Mary, widow of Benjamin Venue---Slingsby [New Walk!!!!] Hemsworth junior died in 1940 and ownership passed to a We welcome you to a 7.5 mile walk, described by "Wilkinson" as nephew, who was killed in the War. The building which is Fields of Gold. claimed to have Civil War bullet holes in the roof was used by In addition to Slingsby, we visit the villages of Barton-le-Street the army during the Second World War. and Appleton-le-Street. After a gentle climb from Appleton we reach Heights Wood, and At the 1946 auction, S.W. Tinsdale bought the Hall and opened a hotel. From 1954 to 2006 the it was owned by the Duke of head for Slingsby Bank on the headland track, with outstanding Rutland. He sold it to Mr M. Hogarth, from Cave Castle Hotel, views of the Vale of Pickering and North York Moors. Meet at 10.15 am, for a 10.30am start at the village green. Please Brough. Mr Tinsdale’s grandson farms locally and produces 50% of the fresh carrots sold by ASDA park with consideration on the main and surrounding streets. Please bring food and a drink, and dress suitable for the day. Last summer the Hall grounds hosted the villages' memorable Allow 55 minutes from Monk Fryston/South Milford, via the A64 Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Local Cricket Clubs have York ring road, on towards Scarborough, turning of at regularly held dinners there and getting married at St Wilfrid's is Barton-le-Willows were you see the signs for Castle Howard. not complete without a reception across the road in the Hall. Slingsby is about 3miles beyond Castle Howard Hillam News will not be alone in wishing Mr Davies, Dawn and Any queries please contact Paddy or Stuart on 684180. staff the all best for the future. Church Walking Group



New Head Appointed I used to think that the Spring term in school is the quietest, the one where nothing much happens except a lot of good work. This term has been the exception and while there has been much good work done there have been several exciting events too. The first was the appointment of the new Headteacher. There were a number of really good candidates and it was a rigorous interview process but finally, a bit like a new Pope, the governors unanimously agreed on Mr Rick Weights. Some of you may remember him as a former Headteacher at Saxton and now an adviser for North Yorkshire. He will bring with him a wealth of experience and I am very confident that he is good person to continue the excellent work of this school.

Our Comenius project is focused on art in each country and each of us has chosen an artist. Ours is David Hockney, of course, and the children in each class did some fantastic art work based on his various styles. This was displayed in an exhibition in school alongside some of the work produced by children in our partner schools. I was delighted with the quality of the work produced. World Book Day was a great event. Children and staff came dressed as their favourite book character and we had a wonderful day. Two authors, Hilary Robinson and Emma Barnes came into school and inspired the children to become writers!

Church School Inspection. By the time you read this we will have had a Church School Inspection (different from Ofsted in that the focus is on the distinctiveness of the school as a church school and how that impacts on the lives of the children). I will let you know the outcome next time. I think that a Church school is very special and I am convinced that the Just before half term we hosted 15 children benefit greatly from the ethos teachers from several European countries. and Christian values we promote. Before It was a great experience for everyone and Easter we will be having a ‘Barnabas they were able to spend time in classes Day’. Barnabas is a special Christian with the children as well as sample some charity which works with children and of the delights of Yorkshire. A highlight schools to support the church school was the Ceilidh on the Friday as several ethos. They will be doing workshops on parents joined us for a great night of ‘Easter’ with the children. dance, music and lovely food. I think our visitors thought that we were all quite mad Carole Middleton and have ceilidhs every week!


BURTON SALMON CP SCHOOL REPORT Burton Salmon CP School Happy learning for a healthy future We are delighted to be able to announce that our KS1 results in 2012 have placed our school in the top 20% of schools in the country. This is confirmed by Ofsted on their new Data Dashboard. Due to our small cohorts we are not able to publish our KS2 data as this could identify individual pupils; however, 100% of pupils at the end of KS2 in 2012 achieved the DFE expected level and 75% exceeded the expected level - these are tremendous results and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff and pupils who work so hard. We are delighted to welcome two new Reception pupils Maisie I’anson and Lily Kinnair who joined us earlier this month and both pupils have settled very quickly into our school. Throughout these cold months we have been busy outside improving our wildlife garden. We have recruited help from Cutting Edge who have worked with the pupils to weed, plant and tend to this area. We have a blossoming and enthusiastic gardening club who have also selected plants to brighten up our borders during what has been a very long winter. We would like to thank the Trustees of the Lady Hastings Foundation who have generously donated funds which have enabled us to provide storage for our gardening equipment and P.E. equipment. Class 1 have been working hard on their Antarctic project and presented a

wonderful selection of their work to parents and carers at our Celebration Assembly on 1st February which included a short drama on penguins! Pupils also celebrated Chinese New Year in February and have produced lovely lanterns. We are now learning about the life of Louis Braille and have been visited by Vinnie the guide dog and his owner to find out about how Vinnie helps his owner. Pupils in KS2 had a wonderful visit to the Royal Armouries to support our project work on The Tudors. We took part in a workshop on copper embossing and produced our own plates using the special tools provided. The pupils have produced fabulous collages of Tudor people including Henry VIII, a Tudor merchant and a Lady in Waiting. We are now learning about the human body including the skeletomuscular system. 14 pupils, girls and boys, from class 2 represented our school at the Dance Festival at Sherburn High School. The dance they performed was entirely their own work. The older girls chose the music and choreographed the dance and Natalie Duckels was the main stylist helping everyone to decide their outfit. The whole piece was excellent and a good example of how pupils can work together. Everyone had a good day supporting the Children’s Heart Campaign at Leeds General Infirmary and we raised money in support of this. We had a talk and Q&A

session from 17 year old Zoe Smith who had her heart operation at LGI just before Christmas. On Tuesday 26 February we had a visit to school from our PCSOs. They talked to pupils in class 1 about Stranger danger and our pupils in class 2 about internet safety - both very important subjects. On Thursday, 7th March we celebrated World Book Day and pupils and staff dressed as super heroes for the day. We had special reading time with super heroes’ materials. Our Craft after school club has been very popular this term and Mrs Huntington has helped pupils to create fabric hearts filled with lavender; a personalised place mat and design and stencil a unique t-shirt. Still to come before we break up, pupils in class 2 will receive a visit from staff from Sherburn High School who will take a session on Rollo Lab which introduces pupils to control and monitoring and data collection and we are looking forward to an Easter activities day which will include egg rolling and an Easter egg hunt. We wish everyone a happy Easter. Best wishes,

D Andrews Head Teacher Burton Salmon School produced excellent SATS results, which were well over national targets, but because Burton Salmon is small, the school's SATS results are not published and they do not appear in league tables.


CRIME AND POLICING Hirst Courtney Oil Theft At approx. 1050hrs on12/02/13 offenders were seen stealing heating oil from a Hillam - Perdigree Ewe stolen property in Hirst Courtney. They made off Between the 9th and 10th February a in a white Citroen panel van towards pedigree ewe, due to lamb in a few days Carlton. The rear registration of this time, was stolen from a field on Fairfield vehicle was T438 VSF, it is believed that Lane, Hillam. This is the second time that the front registration plate was different sheep have been stolen from this location in recent weeks. The tag number of the Whitley Oil tank drained ewe is now known to be UK0133361 Overnight on the 25/02/13 approximately 900 litres of oil has been taken from a Jewellery Theft central heating tank located at the side of a Between 13:30 on 8 February and 12:00 residential property in Whitley. Please on 9 February a house burglary occurred ensure that you check your central heating on Sand Lane, South Milford. Items of tanks and ensure they are fully secure and jewellery and electrical goods were taken have not been tampered with. from the property.

Crime Shorts

Public order in Monk Fryston In the December issue of Hillam News we reported that following gatherings of young people which were accompanied by drinking and public misbehaviour, Hillam along with Monk Fryston Parish Council were to apply for a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO). Under the DPPO it would be an offence to refuse to hand over alcohol to a police officer in uniform. Monk Fryston Parish Council explained this at a public meeting chaired by Bill Holmes and addressed by Tim Grogan, senior enforcement officer from Selby District Council. Public notices have been circulated to reinforce and remind residents that the Community Association property is closed from7pm at weekends. Carole Middleton had information that a Facebook party would take place and the CA worked with the Police to make them aware and give them the tools to do their job without giving publicity to the perpetrators! In a recent event, Bill Homes was very frustrated with the slowness of Selby DC's action - the police responded to 5 calls from Monk Fryston residents between 9pm- 12.30pm - about 50 youths "too many for the officers to deal with"...

Catalytic converters targeted There has been a recent rise in the theft of catalytic converters from vans mainly Mercedes Benz vehicles. The most recent incident occurred in the Sherburn in Elmet Area. Please be mindful about keeping your vehicle secure and enquire at you local garage or Police Safer Neighbourhood Team about marking your catalytic converter. If you have any information please contact the police non-emergency number of 101. In a real emergency do not hesitate to dial 999.


HILLAM AND MONK FRYSTON COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Unforeseen Consequences The Good the Bad and the Ugly

an improved village facility. Was this a possible silver lining to the problem?

Villages when they unwittingly Are you a Pint half full or a Pint transferred the problem to us. However, it half empty person? Do you belief that every cloud has a silver lining? started to make councillors and villagers

Finally, Duncan Lorriman the Hillam councillor suggested that the CA submit an application to the CEF for funds to replace the sunken footpath and replace the broken car park and land drains. As readers of Hillam News will know the bid was successful; the CA was awarded £1,000 towards a cost of £2,500. This was great but it still meant having to find another £1,500 from funds raised by the CA members; is this a case of a half empty or half full pint?

The answer is probably that life’s experiences have taught us that we should consider what potential problems and those dreaded unforeseen consequences may occur before we leap forward, and if things do go wrong that there is a silver lining to the cloud and things won’t be as bad as they first appear. Last summer, things seemed, apart from the dreadful rain and flooded footpath, blissful at the Community Association. That was until we suffered the after effect of the first of three Face Book parties organised by youths from Sherburn, South Milford and Selby who congregated in Monk Fryston because their villages had banned alcohol in public places. We suffered some very ugly unforeseen consequences of the well intentioned action by Police and Parish Councillors dealing with antisocial behaviour in the

The Western Area Community Engagement Forum (CEF) has a total of £36,000.00 waiting to be spent. This amount has been swollen by underspending in earlier years. Grants are on offer to small organizations with projects needing up to £1,000. Recent beneficiaries include Hillam and Monk Fryston Cricket Club which sent members on a coaching course and Burton Salmon Cricket Club to help restore facilities after an arson attack. Other recipients have been the Brotherton & Byram Entertainers, Brotherton & Byram

ask why?

There can be no doubt that part of the cause of the anti social behaviour is the rapid expansion of those villages and towns; as the School year commenced in September the CA became aware of another potential problem looming in the village; whilst the Before and After School Club was booming it became clear that the growth in local population meant that the other traditional carers where villagers had taken their children, like Rainbow Nursery, were equally as full. Monk Fryston and Hillam were suffering another potentially bad unforeseen consequence of the situation. Where were the next three school years of children going to be cared for? The CA and Hambleton Playsafe started to develop a joint plan to provide more space to accommodate the additional children and

Scout Group and Hillam and Monk Fryston Community Association. The CEF has in the region of £12,000.00 to allocate as small grants. The amount waiting to go on community projects such as addressing road safety, dog fouling, fly tipping and anti social behaviour has grown to £24,000. This can be allocated in tranches larger than £1,000.

The story doesn’t end there. At the CEF presentation event last October the Chairman Andy Pound asked for ideas for adoption into the CEF Area Development Plan, The really good unforeseen consequence of the awards event is that a CA plan has been accepted which we hope will improve the Community Centre facilities and fill some large gaps in our Village youth activity provision. Ray Newton

If you are in a community group and have ideas and projects in need of funding have a word with the CEF. Contact Details: Tel: 01757 293606 Email:

Selby District AVS, Community House, Portholme Road, Grants are open to all - The money comes Selby, from Selby Council and is raised through YO8 4QQ taxation. Any group with a project should feel free to apply. Based on notes supplied to Hillam News by Duncan Lorriman


EAT WELL, EAT LOCAL Away with the Angels e decided to drive out to lunch but to ignore Pizza Express’ latest email. First thought was Selby where there is plenty of parking space, but the pricing favours short stays and we had nothing else to do that day. Or Tadcaster where parking is free and there is plenty of space. However we knew that the car park was covered with ruts and a local bigwig was in court with Selby Council over whether or how it should be repaired. Best avoided.


So we chose to take my chiropodist’s always reliable advice and try an Italian restaurant in Wetherby called Sant’ Angelo. It’s not a name which rolls off the tongue but it is on the site of the former Angel Inn. As long as the river is down, you can park all day without paying a bean. You may have to drive round for half an hour before you get a space. We really enjoyed our meal, as did fellow oldies, mums with children and lunching businessmen and women. From management's point of view there is clearly no need to offer a business or shopper’s concession. Lobster bisque and sardines were our starters. For mains we chose lobster and crab ravioli with saffron - and salmon (done three ways) tagliatelle. The service was attentive and friendly. It is probably not the best place if you are in a hurry as all the dishes are prepared individually… No room for sweets and of course we could have economised by leaving out starters, Chianti and cappuccino – The bill came to £50.00 including an optional service charge which we were delighted to pay. And they do tribute nights for a fiver – Elvis, Freddie Mercury and the Beatles!

Compliments to the Keys Dear Hillam News, After reading your article about the Cross Keys and not having been since the new owners took over, we decided to give it try. We went on a Friday night and the pub was pretty quiet, but the staff were very welcoming. We ordered food which was all very reasonably priced. I have to say it was excellent. Good home cooked food, no frills, just great, tasty pub meals (the chips are lovely). We enjoyed our meal so much that we returned on the Sunday to try the Sunday lunch! Again we weren't disappointed, large portions, great food, excellent service and great value. So if you haven't been to the Cross Keys yet, give it a try. Sally Harvey, Monk Fryston.

Chequers—Well worth it he Chequers, Ledsham has not opened on a Sunday for 180 years. There is a story that the lady of the manor banned Sunday drinking after getting upset at the behaviour of rowdy drunken locals on the Sabbath. A lot has changed over the years and the 'Estate', locals and even church goers now agree to Sunday opening. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding are as important on Sunday as going to church. I wanted to have a pint in the Chequers on that first momentous Sunday.


The roast beef was the best I have tasted, two thick slices of sirloin. (It was an off day for the Yorkshires.) The Christmas pudding was 'interesting.' It looked a lot like 'spotted dick' but was definitely an upmarket Xmas pud. I can't help noticing that Tripadvisor reviewers either mark the Chequers very high or very low. There are very few 'undecided' occupying the middle ground. Some mention that it can be expensive. I regard it as good value for money, although it is a shame that vegetables cost extra. If you are put off by the service it is after all a pub. The other standout thing about the Chequers is the beer. Incidentally don't be afraid to ask for more gravy if you need it even if you have to tap on the kitchen door. Tripadvisor reviewer's ratings Value 4/5 Service 2/5 Food 4/5 Atmosphere 5/5 The Chequers is rated 116 out of 169 in Leeds and 2/3 in South Milford.

The Hillam Tripadvisor




Fund raising events will be held throughout the season. Match balls can be Coaching for over 9’s will start at 6.15pm sponsored for £30, this includes cricket tea th on Monday 29 April at the ground in for 2 and 2 free drinks. Thanks for those Hillam. Whilst the youngsters are being who planted trees and plants on Mothering coached, parents and carers are invited to a Sunday. A photo was taken of chairman ‘Meet and Greet’ drink and nibbles get Tonu Vaks planting an oak sapling from a together in the Pavilion to get to know each royal estate to celebrate last years Diamond other and club members Jubilee. 15 other oaks and 100 hedging plants were put in on a very cold but bright For youngsters younger than 9, there will morning. be a Kwikcricket Tournament on Sunday 21st July. This is a perfect, safe and fun The Pavilion way to get children into cricket. The Pavilion is having some finishing touches in March and will be available for Senior Cricket hire for parties, meetings, exercise classes The two senior clubs are hoping to and the like. maintain their form and the season for them Contact Tonu Vaks on 01977 685227 th starts on Saturday 20 April. If anyone (Seniors) or Steve Sadler 01977 685795 fancies a game, new players of any (Juniors) for more details. standard would be welcomed, then contact Chairman Tonu Vaks on number Match Ball Sponsorship below to find out details. We are planning to run an improved Match ball sponsorship scheme again this year, if On Sunday 19th May there will be a T-8 cricket tournament with local village teams you recall for £30: being invited for a limited over, fast, and exciting cricket tournament. • You can have your name published in Cricket practice nets will be every Tuesday the Club Handbook as a sponsor from 16th April at the ground. • Come along on your nominated date for a cricket tea for 2 with a drink Diary • Bring along any publicity material you When - What - Who - Time feel appropriate on the day. • Have your name or a message 16th April (birthday, happy to support, wedding Training Nets, Seniors - 6.00pm Anniversary etc.) on the sign up on the day. 20th April Match + Saturdays after, Seniors - 2.30pm We would very much wish to have your support again, or for the first time, this 29th April season. Meet and Greet , Junior coaching - 6.15pm Contact Julie to arrange dates in the diary 19th May to suit you. Payments should be by cash or T-8 Tournament, Seniors - 10.30am cheque made out to H&MFCC. 21st July Kwikcricket Tournament, Juniors 10.30pm

Thank you for your support.

Refreshments are available at the pavilion and spectators are always welcome.

Regards Julie Sadler H&MFCC Committee Member

BOARDING KENNELS AND CATTERY Common Lane, South Milford, Leeds, LS25 5BX Come and see our spacious purpose-built accommodation “YOUR PET’S HOLIDAY HOME” Phone Kathryn Parkin on 01977 685404 Open 9 am - 6 pm daily VISITORS WELCOME



plant seeds require different germination temperatures, but most will start between 6C and 20C. A heated propagator is most Winter has gone on and on. Every time useful to provide a bottom heat for the soil there was a drier, milder spell it was cut around the seeds. With a temperature short by another blast of snow. Bulbs in controlled propagator the correct the garden were slow to burst into flower germination temperature for a particular and consequently many gardeners have been reluctant to get out there and start on plant can be provided. This heat may also be lowered if required. Without a one of the many jobs of spring-seed controlled propagator, more vigilance is sowing. needed, but probably the most vital element is patience. Seeds need time to Without a greenhouse or cold frame, seed germinate. sowing has to be left until temperatures are high enough for germination. This is Poor germination may sometimes be around 6C and with improving hours of light, seeds will start to push out roots and caused by sowing the seed too deeply. A shoots. Although at the time of writing this general rule is that the larger the seed the deeper it is sown. Seeds - whatever their seems an unlikely prospect I'm sure the size - respond to a covering of compost weather will settle and spring will arrive. equal to their size. When the seeds have Seeds come in all shapes and sizes. From germinated watch for signs of stress which may lead to other problems such as dust to huge bean shapes. They all contain the potential to grow into good plants if we damping off. This is a fungal problem caused by overcrowding and too much look after their needs. There are three things needed for growth, water, light and moisture. Gentle watering and better spacing of the seeds in the pot or tray can the right temperature. Seeds contain their help. own food so if you provide the three basics they will be on their way. At this time of the year light levels are increasing At first, watering should be as gentle as possible. A fine rose fitting on a watering with longer daylight hours and sunlight can with the rose facing upward help to levels. Water can be added as needed . provide a fine 'rain'. Placing the tray or pot Controlling temperature can be more of in a tray of water to draw the water upwards towards the compost also helps. a problem. As mentioned previously Patchy germination may indicate that seeds germination starts when the soil have been washed together by watering. temperature is around 6C and different

Outside sowing usually starts in March. This year the conditions have not been good, so many of us will have held back until soil conditions improve. If we are lucky the growing season will extend into October/November so our patience will be rewarded. Meanwhile plan some visits to 'open' gardens in the area. Every weekend there will be gardens open in the National Gardens Scheme where gardeners can commiserate with each other on the long winter and poor spring whilst admiring another gardener's persistence and labours. Gardens belonging to national bodies such as English Heritage and The National Trust show us what can be done on a larger scale with glasshouses, orangeries, walled gardens and dedicated staff and volunteers. The RHS garden at Harlow Carr, Harrogate is open all year round for inspiration and practical solutions for northern gardeners and also has an excellent bookshop for those who still love to browse through a book. If your seed sowing efforts fail to produce as much as you would like, garden centres and nurseries may be able to fill the gaps. Also look out for specialist plant fairs where different growers come together to tempt us to buy old favourites and new plants on the block. Susan Scott 01977 685205


HILLAM AND MONK FRYSTON HISTORY Monk Fryston Time Team— Team—What are we up to? We are a local group aiming to discover the history of Monk Fryston and its context in the wider area.

‘Introduction to Archaeology Course’ which is staged in the village and all residents are invited to join in.

Any knowledge gathered is shared amongst the members and when we have enough material to present to a wider audience we stage an exhibition or a talk. Since starting in 2010 we have held 2 exhibitions in St. Wilfrids Church and staged four talks. There are also plans to publish a book, with more details to follow in future editions of Hillam News...

Professional Archaeologist Simon Tomson from Pontefract Archaeological Society has led us for these sessions and he has supervised our first test pit digs in 2011 and again last summer in the grounds of Monk Fryston Hall. Early indications are encouraging – 13th century pottery was dug up amongst many other interesting items and so we are hoping to return this May to find out more. If you would like to help on these digs then please register your interest by contacting the Secretary – details below.

We are currently training ourselves to carry out archaeological investigations and are in the last part of our

Hillam History in living Colour by David Atkinson I made a film recently and it's on YouTube. Now I'm promoting it in Hillam News. Hillam News is always on the lookout for new and interesting stories that our readers will enjoy. We receive some which are thinly disguised advertisements or ego trips and some are too long or don't even mention Hillam.

the actors include Percy Lawson, Hubert Amos, George Amos, Cyril Umpleby, John Clarke, Cecil Handley and the well known cricketer Jim Peplow. His name lives on in Peplow Close. And who remembers Laurence Steele, postman and Sherburn bandsman?

Meetings are held monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the month at the Community Centre at 7.30pm so our next meeting will be on April 23rd and a warm welcome awaits you. We also have outdoor meetings and guest speaker meetings which are open to all. At our last Christmas Social we met in the Crown to hear local author Eric Houlder talk about that well known Yorkshireman Robin Hood who hailed from Wakefield, was outlawed in Pontefract and died near Brighouse. Bet you didn’t know that! Susie Newton Secretary MFTT : 01977 682084 email is forbidden on copyright grounds. My mother would have been thrilled to know that her home movies had been rediscovered. David Atkinson

There are also 'walk ons' for Edna Pickup and Dot Barnett former neighbours in Church Lane. Hillam Historians conducted a very revealing At the risk of breaking most of the rules, interview with Dorothy before the group I invite readers to have a look at my disbanded. film on YouTube. The standard workwear is Second It is at or you can World War battledress tops and all the reach it by putting 'Hillam, Farming and men, even the transvestites (yes), are YouTube' into Google. smoking. Look out for the Tom Puddings when Burton Salmon School The original was taken 60 years ago by visit Harker's Shipyard, Knottingley. my mother and languished in our attic for years. It contains shots of Hillam When I had the film transferred to Brick Pond with residents John digital, the technician added music and Newsome, Alf Roebuck and Andrew it is clear he looked at the content when Ransome, all of whom have relations making his choice. Viewing in Germany still in the village. From Burton Salmon

BURTON SALMON FITCAMP “After just 8 sessions you will feel better, After 16 sessions you will start to see the difference, After 24 sessions you will have a whole new body’’ 4..Guaranteed No joining fee No Contract Only £45 for 8 sessions per calendar month FREE Personal Training Consultation ‘’We do not sell Memberships. We sell results’’ For more information please call Jane at Burton Salmon Fitcamp T: 673553 M: 0792 168 9931 W: E: The Dormers, Poole lane, Burton Salmon, North Yorkshire, LS25 5JU


D-DAY FOR WOODLANE WIND FARM IS 10TH APRIL Elected councillors to decide


ecision day for Woodlane wind farm will be 10th April at Selby Council Offices. Please try to be there. It is now just over 4 years since plans for Woodlane wind farm were first revealed to unsuspecting residents of Hillam, Gateforth, Birkin, Monk Fryston and West Haddlesey. Over 1000 people sent in letters objecting to the proposal and it could not have been made clearer that we do not want 14 turbines - each over twice as high as the pylons, stretching for over 3km across open countryside next to Green Belt. So far we have stopped the wind farm being approved by the fantastic effort from so many people who put in letters and who attended the key meeting and other events.

Why we need it refused

• Jane Davis lived just over 1km from her nearest turbine. After complaining about • • • • • •

noise for many years the developer eventually bought her property to avoid a ruling by the High Court. Many homes in Gateforth have turbines closer than 1km. Woodlane turbines are larger than those near Jane Davis. Lissett wind farm, started with 12 turbines and there is now an application to add another 6 turbines - once operational, wind farms inevitably seek to expand. Fullabrook Down in Devon - a new wind farm designed to latest standards caused noise complaints from over 30 dwellings. Residents will have to live with the noise. There is one property near Woodlane windfarm with 13 turbines closer than 2km. Several others have 10 or more. Lincolnshire and Wiltshire County Council have policies that say not one large turbine should be closer than 2km. Selby District is seeing a gold rush for single turbines on farms, larger than pylons but only half as high as those at Woodlane, for example see the new one in Beal. Eggborough and Drax to convert to biomass. New gas power station. Incinerators at Knottingley and Ferrybridge. Wind farm at Rusholme, one approved at Cleek hall.

Enough is enough - We need a fair deal in Selby District - Woodlane should be refused

The time has now come for us to show that opposition is as strong as ever. A big push to get the wind farm turned down. All we need is a good turnout in Selby when our elected councillors make the big decision at the planning committee on 10th April. The time has still to be confirmed but please plan to be at the Council offices from 3pm on 10th April. More information will follow via e-mail to register please send an e-mail to Howard Ferguson

Seeds for spring planting. Potatoes. Logs and coal. House plants.


COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION EVENTS Race Night on Saturday 13th April The next event in the calendar is the Race Night. The Race Night is a great night out. It’s not one of those video shows, you can actually do the racing yourself. We’ll be having races throughout the evening. There’ll be a ladies race, mens, all-comers, couples and an all-winners champions final. Hosted by Rob Preston, this event has been a firm favourite in the village calendar over the years. So come along, have a bet on your favourite and enjoy yourself!

Annual Wise Owl Trophy The Community Association recently staged the Annual Wise Owl Trophy event. It was a sellout – 15 teams and over 90 people took place and it was won by a team called Earth Wind and Fire led by Shona McWirter. Over £800 was raised for CA Funds which will be put towards the development of the new Community Facilities and Community Youth Groups. Thank you to all who took and especially Betty and Les Wright who devised and adjudicated the Quiz.

“Ask not what can you do for your country but what can you do to help your community?” As we hope you have read elsewhere in Hillam News the CA in Many hands make light work so please consider what you can conjunction with CEF is launching two Youth Groups which should provide something here in the village for all youngsters from ages 6-15. We need help to do that! In fact more specifically WE NEED YOUR HELP to set up and run the groups. The CA needs Volunteers, not only Parents, but anyone over the age of 18 can help by doing things ranging from volunteer Leaders to helping with Secretarial duties, being Treasurers, Chairmen and making teas and selling sweets. We need help setting up and running Scouts (Beavers to start with); Youth Clubs and, by special request, a new Guide Group which continues the structured development of the group of girls who started as Rainbows about 5 years ago and will soon be too old for the Brownies.

do for your community and children Please don’t be shy in coming forward and either register your interest to help on our web site or call either Ray Newton on 01977 682084 or John Leslie on 01977 682334




ur beautiful, historic parish church of St Wilfrid’s is, in parts, nearly 1000 years old and because of a combination of lead thefts and storm damage, the roof is now showing its age and leaking badly. Consequently, a huge fund raising campaign is underway. Led by Sally Whittingham, the dynamic Wilfileaks group, whose focus, as the name implies, is raising the necessary £50,000 local contribution necessary to access wider funds to repair the leaking roof, a wide range of fund raising activities is planned or underway.


he next event is the ‘Big Dog Walk’ on Sunday 21 April with a number of 3 mile walks planned, including a buggy friendly one, with an entry charge of £5 per dog. This will start and finish at the Cross Keys and will be partly sponsored by them and the Dogs Trust who will be coming along with some of their dogs to give us an idea of all the fantastic work they do. There will be a staggered start from 11am with refreshments, before and after, for both you and your dog. Put the date in your diary and look out for more information at the Cross Keys and in the local newsletters and publications and on the Wilfileaks website .

A ‘Festive Fuddle’ before Christmas raised over £300. On Friday 15 March, many villagers thoroughly enjoyed a sell out wine and cheese tasting event organised by Margaret Parker and held, courtesy of our community orientated landlord, Steve, in the Cross Keys. An eclectic range of wines were carefully paired with a specially selected range of delicious cheeses from Mollie’s in Selby. The pub was packed to bursting and the organisers and voluntary helpers, though delighted by the attendance, must have been exhausted by the end of the evening. The event raised £416.70.

nother date for your diary, for Alan Bennett fans, is Saturday 18 May when a Leeds based Touring Company of Players will present “Talking Heads” at St Wilfrid’s, at 7.30pm. Tickets will be on sale nearer the time from the Post Office and at church.


Good use of the buckets currently collecting the leaks will be made at the Village Fayre on Sunday 23rd June. Wet sponge throwing - I wonder who will be the target?- seems a particularly relevant fund raising event for this cause. Less painful to be in the wet sponge target seat, I suspect, than to be in the seats on Saturday 13 July of any one of the hardy ambitious group from Monk Fryston Cycle Club who are supporting Wilfileaks by attempting a sponsored ride of the whole of the cycle route coast to coast, in one day. That’s an eye watering, gruelling 150 miles with a 4500metre ascent to cross the Pennines in less than 24 hours. Give them your support through where you can sponsor them via Just Giving. The security of knowing that funds will be forthcoming both from all these events and financial commitments from individuals through other avenues, has enabled the work on the leaky roof to be put in hand, and a start will be made later in the month. Even in the predominantly secular 21st century, this concerted community effort affirms St Wilfrid’s essential place at its heart. May it remain so for the next 1000 years.

MONK FRYSTON Pre-SCHOOL We welcome children from two years to school age* We provide lots of different activities including: Toys, Songs, Rhymes, Stories, Painting, Modelling, Sand and Water Play, Cutting and Glueing, Playdough, Puzzles and much more…! Monday to Friday 9:00 – 12:00 am Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 – 3:00 pm Contact Jayne Wood 681050 Church Hall, Monk Fryston We are OFSTED inspected and LEA funded and we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum *places are offered subject to availability


ST WILFRID’S CHURCH RECTOR’S EASTER RAMBLINGS What a headline! “Exposing – slicker vicar shows his knickers – minister caught with his trousers down – read all about it” That could have been a real headline about a colleague of mine some years ago. He once conducted a service in his underwear – it’s true! He was speaking at a conference for young people in a theatre one Easter weekend. It wasn’t a religious thing, but


some bright spark suggested that since he was a clergyman

8am Holy Communion at St Wilfrid’s, Monk Fryston 9.30am Parish Communion at St Mary’s, South Milford 11am Parish Communion at St Wilfrid’s, Monk Fryston 11am Sunday Club in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall

maybe they should have a small service on the Sunday. So he walked onto the stage, took off his trousers, and led a short service in his underwear. Fortunately he had a pair of bright red boxer shorts on – and they were almost knee length – but you can imagine the reaction. At the end, he put his trousers back on and said to them…

2ND SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH 9.30am Parish Communion at St Mary’s, South Milford 11am Parish Communion at St Wilfrid’s, Monk Fryston 6.00pm Evensong at St Mary’s, South Milford

“Now when you go back home and tell your


friends that a clergyman led an Easter service in

8am Holy Communion at St Wilfrid’s, Monk Fryston 9.30am Parish Communion at St Mary’s, South Milford 11am Family Service at St Wilfrid’s, Monk Fryston 11am Ignite at St Mary’s Church, South Milford

his underwear”, they’ll all say “Oh come on, you don’t expect me to believe that do you?” But just because they can’t believe it, it doesn’t mean that it


didn’t happen.

9.30am Morning Prayer at St Mary’s, South Milford 11am Parish Communion at St Wilfrid’s, Monk Fryston 6pm Holy Communion at St Mary’s, South Milford

And at Easter, some folks said, “Jesus is risen!” And a lot of folk still say, “Oh come on, you don’t expect me to believe that do you? Next thing you’ll be telling me is that clergymen preach in their underwear.”

Easter blessings



MONK FRYSTON CYCLE CLUB DO THEIR BIT Monk Fryston's Cycling Club has decided to do its bit to support the St Wilfrid’s Church Roof Appeal. Some 11 members are to cycle 150 miles from the Irish Sea at Whitehaven to the North Sea in Sunderland in one day – a Climb of over 4500 metres across the Pennines – and in doing so they hope to raise a lot of funds for the roof appeal. th

The date is set for Saturday 13 of July. Do support them by donating at

St Wilfrid’s Church Annual Parochial Church Meeting takes place on Wednesday 10th of April at 7.30pm in St Wilfrid’s Church. This is the occasion when we receive reports for the previous year, and elect churchwardens and PCC members for the year that lies ahead. This year we are also renewing the church electoral roll (something that is undertaken every six years). The roll needs to be displayed for 14 days before the Annual Meeting, so if you would like your name to be included on the new electoral roll please fill in an application form (these can be found at the back of church – or email the Rector on and he will forward one to you) – it can then be left in the box located at the back of church or dropped into the Rectory. Completed electoral roll application forms must be submitted by Sunday 24th March.

BOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKEN FOR WEDDINGS AND BAPTISMS FOR 2013 AND BEYOND Enquiries to the Rector on 01977 680788 or email at


CLUBS AND GROUPS Monk Fryston Art Club Snow, ice and influenza have certainly helped to disrupt the smooth running of the club so far this year. In January a demonstration by

wonderful to welcome Barbara; hopefully our first demonstrator of the year!

There are some interesting new materials on the market, which I for one, Dave Newbold was cancelled due to the am looking forward to trying. The new snow. Dave usually comes to the club 'All Weather Wonderpad' has specially before we break up for Christmas, or early been designed for outdoor work, come in the New Year and we always look rain, snow or sunshine. The paper is thin forward to his visits. For the January in appearance but is tough, has a waxy meeting Dave said he would "Challenge feel and is very responsive to watercolour himself by attempting to do two paintings washes and to pen work whether in the during the course of the afternoon, one rain or not. This paper could be of interest landscape and one figure. A tall order. to many people not just artists. Hopefully we will be able to re-scheduled The new XL Charcoal and Graphite later in the year. blocks from Derwent are a revelation. The blocks are strong, unlike the brittle vine Last Monday we cancelled a work shop charcoal, and they don't crumble like the which was to be led by Upasana Sonigra compressed sticks and joy upon joy, they (professionally known as Akari Maharani,) who unfortunately had flu. She don't need sharpening like a pencil. The had a programme of Indian design to show blocks came in two tins of six blocks, in various tints, one pack charcoal and the us, based on paisley but with a mogul inflection. We were all looking forward to other graphite. Wonderful for still life and this workshop. Obviously members were portraits. They will be loved by school disappointed, but, of course, we all wish children! her a speedy recovery and we'll look This week The Art Club Blog, profiles forward to rearranging her workshop just GIBSON BURNETT who is our oldest as soon as we can. member. Gibby was a designer on the Lancaster bomber in his younger day. His By popular request Barbara Place is hobbies include photography, salmon returning to the club next week to lead a fishing and smoking his catch; in addition, work shop she has entitled "A host of Golden Daffodils". These will be semi he is an accomplished artist who has accepted many commissions. abstract paintings in watercolours executed with a large brush. It sounds Spring like, but possibly difficult to accomplish! However, it will be Jean Dearn. President.

Monk Fryston Cycling Club to do its bit in support of St Wilfrid's church roof restoration A combination of harsh weather and a spate of lead thefts has caused severe damage to the church roof in Monk Fryston. The substantial repair bill will need to be met from a number of sources, of which around half will come from fund raising within the community. We hope that by cycling 150 miles from the Irish Sea at Whitehaven to the North Sea in Sunderland, climbing over 4500 metres across the Pennines we can convince one or two people to donate some money to support St Wilfrid’s. We have done it before but this time rather than taking two days, we aim to complete the route in a day! So the date has been set for Saturday July 13th. Those of us crazy enough to undertake this madcap adventure are already in training and thinking of ways to alleviate the hours of pain in the saddle. Help us get through it by donating safely via the Monk Fryston Cycling Club website. monkfrystoncyclingclub/coast-to-coast Have a look also at Wilfileaks at:




Another Cheltenham festival comes to an end with yours truly enduring another painful four days – not a winner in sight! All those aspects were put into perspective on the Thursday, however, when amateur Irish jockey JT McNamara took a crashing fall and had to be airlifted to hospital some 45 minutes later where he was put into an induced coma. Some of you may recall that last year’s Cheltenham festival was marred by a series of horse fatalities which was repeated a few weeks later at the Grand National meeting. All this comes to show that National Hunt racing remains one of the toughest sports on the planet for both horse and rider. At no time however do jockeys complain about the job they do; indeed it is quite the opposite. Each one knows the risks they are taking every time they leave the weighing room and in equal measure they all say they wouldn’t swap their job for the world. It’s fair to say that horses don’t have the same choices but it should never be forgotten that they are bred to do what they do. You only have to look at the way they are looked after seven days a week, 365 days a year by stable staff who only have the horses’ interest at heart. They enjoy the equivalent of five-star hotel luxury across the length and breadth of the country’s training establishments so they are some way off being poorly treated. All that however does not lessen the impact when injuries occur to the likes of JT or when a horse takes the ultimate sacrifice – it just puts the winning and enjoyment of others into perspective. Away from horse racing and the football season is entering the final furlong of the season (sorry!). The Premier League title looks to be heading across to the red side of Manchester whilst there will be the usual push for the minor honours and relegation which will no doubt keep people enthralled until the final seconds of the final matches. One of the strangest decisions for me in the entire season however was Reading’s action to dismiss Brian McDermott as manager with 10 matches to go. I appreciate they were bottom of the league at that point and I also appreciate the value to staying in the Premiership but to

dismiss a person from their job, a job in which they have brought a tremendous amount of success to the Club and Board over the last two years, is staggering. I am not surprised, because we have seen such action before with other clubs, but nevertheless it is staggering that so-called ‘businessmen’ make decisions like this that would not be allowed in other walks of life. There is little or no time for sentiment, loyalty or even good old fashioned honesty within football and whilst I have no particular feeling one way or the other for Reading, I hope their Chairman and Board get what they deserve after such a shameful act. The early season golf tournaments are underway and it is only a matter of weeks before the flower beds of Augusta will be viewed across the world as the US Masters gets underway in America’s Deep South. Rory McIlroy has experienced a very poor start to 2013 which comes off the back of a switch of clubs after he signed a multi-million pound deal with Nike. I am sure no one, not least McIlroy, would have thought this would be the outcome when deciding to go with Nike, but he’s clearly been affected by the new type of equipment he is now being asked to use. All this may well turn out to be fine (and let’s hope it does) but it’s an interesting reminder that it’s not just about the skills a person may possess in sports such as golf; it’s also about their choice of equipment. It’s similar to Formula 1 which is another sport that is just getting the 2013 season underway. I doubt Sebastian Vettel or Louis Hamilton would have come close to securing their world titles if they were asked to drive a lower performing car. Similarly McIlroy got to be the world’s number one partly because of the way he played and also because of the clubs he used. Having reached that point, he then decided to change a crucial element of his overall make-up in pursuit of more money. Let’s hope that decision does not end up with him slipping back down the rankings as surely the only reason Nike came knocking on his door in the first place was because of the very fact he had reached number one. What’s more important, the contract in your pocket or the prestige of being the best in the world...? Yours in sport,

Doug Hought


DEAR HILLAM NEWS Hillam News needs you! We hope that you enjoyed this issue of Hillam News. It is always a pleasure to receive articles. We are fortunate to live in a village with so many creative people. Each issue of Hillam News contains articles written by people living in the village. If you have a contribution which you think will be of interest to residents please send it in to any team member. The next deadline for copy is Monday 22nd May If you feel you would like to be part of this team please contact Bev Jackson by email at:

Personal small adverts £1.00 per issue Business small adverts £4.00 per issue please contact David Edwards on 682346

Dear Hillam News readers, Do any of our lovely villagers have a 6ft conifer that they would love to dispose of into good hands? Please contact Alison on 01977 685348

ZUMBA Latin-inspired dance fitness workout St Wilfrid’s Church Hall Every Thursday, 6:45-7:30 pm, £3 For more details contact Hannah Howcroft (Qualified Fitness Instructor) 07707 929393


LOCAL SERVICES To amend or to add to the information below, please phone Jenny Hoare (683332) Service



Monk Fryston Stores Post Office counter


Mon - Fri 7 am - 8 pm; Sat 7.30 am - 7 pm; Sun 8 am - 2 pm Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 9 am - 5.30 pm; Wed & Sat 9 am - 1 pm

Last postal collections 682252 682201 691940

Hillam Square Monk Fryston PO South Milford PO Pontefract, Trinity St

Mon - Fri 4.30 pm, Sat 9.30 am Mon - Fri 4.15 pm, Sat 11 am Mon - Fri 5.30 pm, Sat 11 am Mon - Fri 6.30 pm, Sat 12.30 pm

Public transport

0113 2457676

Local bus and train timetables and enquiries:

South Milford Surgery Dr A Mackenzie & Partners


Mon - Fri 8 am - 1 pm, 2 - 6 pm

Monk Fryston Surgery Dr D James & Partners


Mon 4 - 8 pm; Tues & Wed 8 - 12 am; Thur 2 - 6 pm; Fri 9 - 11 am

Selby War Memorial Hospital

01757 702664

Pontefract General Infirmary

0844 8118110

Visiting Scheme for the Elderly


Transport, shopping, social events for the housebound, and much more

St Wilfrid’s Church, Monk Fryston


Rector: Rev John Hetherington

Hillam Parish Council

01609 760345

Clerk: Malcolm Walton 1st Wed of month (except Jan) 7.30 pm, Community Centre To see the minutes in full, visit, then search for Hillam Parish

Selby District Council

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Western Area Community Engagement Forum

01757 705101

Environmental Health, SDC

01757 292113

Refuse disposal: removal of bulky items

NYCC Recycling Centre, Canal 01609 780780 Road, Selby

Recycling centre for household waste: cardboard, metals, textiles, masonry, bottles, green waste, batteries, TVs, monitors, oils

Wakefield MDC Recycling Centre, Ferrybridge

677792 01609 532512

Permits necessary for NYCC residents:

Police (non-emergency)


Police Community Support Officer


Dion Wood

Neighbourhood Watch


Tony Hudson

Gas (leaks)

0800 111999

Electricity (supply failure)

0800 375675

Yorkshire Water (sewerage and leaks)

0845 1242429

Citizens’ Advice Bureau

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- for appointments at Sherburn - advice line

Venue bookings

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Church Hall: Paddy Twidale Community Centre: Becky Gatenby

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