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that is exactly what happened during the debate.

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A remarkable happening during the Democratic Presidential candidate debate was a brief discussion of capitalism and socialism. Both candidates made comments about the pros & cons so embedded in American democracy. We may not know what we mean when we say ‘capitalism’. Essential elements are competition, free market, level playing field, and the role of the entrepreneur’s competitive spirit, creativity and innovation. Hard work coupled with taking risks may determine success or failure. One might define capitalism in terms of capital (money) which enables transactions. Capitalistic concepts are used by entrepreneurs as the basic profit oriented organizing principle. No one who wants to become a president in the United States of America will ever question capitalism. But

SCC Board President Dave Cortese has announced the 25 appointees (from a pool of 96 applicants) to serve on the Blue Ribbon Commission to Evaluate Jail Protective Custody Operations in Santa Clara County.   Retired Judge LaDoris Cordell was appointed as this Commission’s Chairperson. This news conference held on Monday, October 26, 2015 is available for viewing on Santa Clara County’s website.   “The commissioners appointed today came from a very qualified and diverse pool of applicants. It was very difficult to whittle that pool down,” said Supervisor Dave Cortese. “They were chosen for their unique per-

Bernie Sanders said, “Do I consider myself as part of the ‘casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little? By which Wall Street, greed and recklessness wrecked this economy! No, I do not! I believe in a society in which all do well, not just a handful of billionaires.” Sanders is an advocate of ‘Democratic Socialism” which says it is immoral for the top 0.1% to own as much as the bottom 90%. It is wrong today, in a rigged economy, to have 57% of all new income going to the top 1%.” Sanders claims to be the only member of the U.S. Congress who is not a millionaire. Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee, chimed in, saying, “When I think about capitalism, I think of all the small businesses that were started because in this country we have the opportunity and freedom to do that. And to make a good living for ourselves and our families. I do not think we should confuse

spectives that can move us toward a more holistic approach to better serve and keep inmates, custody staff and visitors safe.” The creation of this commission was BOS approved on October 6, and all 96 applications were received through the 5:00 PM October 16th deadline by the Clerk of the Board. The urgent call to action comes in response to the beating death of mental health challenged inmate Michael Tyree on August 27 at the County’s Main Jail.  Three correctional officers face murder charges in connection with his death.   The Blue Ribbon Commission will conduct a series of

what we have to do every so often in America, which is to save capitalism from itself. The U.S.A. has the job to rein in capitalism so that it does not run amok; does not cause economic inequities seen today.” MSNBC moderator Melissa Harris Perry stated, “Nothing is more surprising than to have a conversation about capitalism now when economic recovery from the 2008 recession is still happening. The system undergirds our capitalist economy which kind of completely fell apart weeks before the 2008 election. We did not debate this issue then, nor in 2010 or 2012...about wealth inequities when occupied Wall Street conversations happened. Why debate capitalism now when unemployment is just over 5% in the midst of a recovery. Not that things are far from perfect. We are no longer in a crisis mode about the domestic economy. Now is the appropriate time to debate capitalism to determine what is good for America. How is it that capitalism is supposed to work?” Jeffrey Miron, Economist, Harvard University, responded, “The crucial thing about

public meetings to assess where the corrections system is now in terms of policies, procedures and operations and where it should be. The commissioners, which will meet for 120 days, will hear testimony from the public and experts. Chair Cordell will guide the commissioners to schedule public meetings and develop a work plan.   This Blue Ribbon Commission members and one alternate are:   Chair: Retired Judge LaDoris Cordell Retired Judge Susan Bernardini Judge Stephen Manley Wes Mukoyama, Behavioral Health Board, SCC Gail Price, Behavioral Health Board, SCC Navah Statman, National Alliance

capitalism is that businesses are allowed to enter (the market) and try to do whatever they want. And they are allowed to fail. The government is never allowed to influence the balance in either direction (success or failure; profits or bankruptcy). Government is not bailing out failing businesses with subsidies. Government allows the marketplace determine which businesses survive and which do not. When we do that we get the most efficient production: the most output per unit of input. The claim is that a very productive and healthy economy is the result.” M.H. Perry: “It seems that part of what undergirds our economy is what is most efficient and functional. It has to do with ‘how they enter that marketplace’; ‘how much information they have’; ‘how they make choices’ (take risks); and that is part of what capitalism may be good in theory, but is it different in practice?”Which economic theory is to be applied to this American economy? What are the adjustments needed to ensure a reasonably dynamic economic equilib-

on Mental Illness Dr. Divya Reddy, Union of American Physicians & Dentists Pastor Dale Weatherspoon, Mountain View, PACT Pablo Gaxiola, Re-Entry Programs, Goodwill. SV, former inmate Christine Clifford, San Jose PACT and Debug Rose Amador-LeBeau, La Raza Roundtable and Center for Training and Careers Rick Callendar, NAACP Alison Brunner, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Hope Holland, National Alliance on Mental Illness and former inmate Erin O’Neill, City of San Jose, Office of Independent Auditor Dennis Grilli, Former Police Office for the Cities of Santa Clara and Richmond, with experience in custody operations Otto Lee, Former Sunnyvale Mayor Supervisor Cindy Chavez


rium can be established ensuring two goals: a) a reasonable return on investments (ROI); and b) enabling living wages are paid to the least in the labor force? What can be done to ensure that access and opportunity are available to anyone willing to work to achieve his/ her goals? Right now, the forces of greed, power, influence and special interests have run amok and need to be redirected towards ‘doing the greatest good for the greatest number”. This coming election will determine where America is headed. The most important public policy issues are “fair redistribution of wealth” and reallocation of any and all entitlements. A functional economic paradigm is essential along with a national sense of doing what is right for all of us, not just a few. When all ethnic and low income citizens register to vote and actually vote, that political revolution trumps the influence purchased by billionaire’s dark money. Vow to replace the ‘trickle down’ economy with a new functional economic paradigm.

Supervisor Ken Yeager Sheriff Laurie Smith John Hirokawa, Chief of Correction Molly O’Neal, SCC Public Defender Laura Garnette, Chief Probation Officer Jeff Rosen, District Attorney Toni Tullys, Director, Behavior Health Servics Department Alternate: Ann Rosenzweig, Esq., Amnesty International For more information, contact: Office of Supervisor Dave Cortese at 408-299-5030. Since 50% of the current 3,600 SCC jail inmates are Latino; 14% are Black; 2% are Asian Americans, members of these ethnic communities need to prepare to provide testimonials during this commission’s scheduled public meetings. Dates, time and venues to be announced.

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6th Annual Dia de Los Muertos Saturday October 31st 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Calvary Cemetery 2650 Madden Avenue, San Jose, CA Free 18th Annual Dia de los Muertos 2015 Sunday November 1st 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library 150 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA Free “Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow” 16th Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibition Friday, October 9–Saturday, November 7, Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Friday 12–7pm, Saturday 11am–5pm Sunday 11am–3pm SOMArts 934 Brannan St. (between 8th and 9th), San Francisco, CA

Celebrate Day of the Dead at Mezcal Monday November 2nd 9:00 pm – Midnight 25 W San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA All Saint’s Day & Day of the Dead November 7th Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park 300 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA La Ultima Parada 2015 Sunday November 1st Mexican Heritage Plaza 1700 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose, CA 20th Annual Dia de Los Muertos: Oakland Sunday November 8th, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Fruitvale Village 3401 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 18th Annual Dia de los Muertos Through November 6th, Regular library hours 1st and 5th floor galleries

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library 150 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA Oktoberfest at Teske’s Germania Friday October 30th, 2015 5:00 pm Teske’s Germania 255 N 1st St, San Jose, CA Free Jack Yo Lantern Friday October 30th 6:00 pm San Jose State Event Center One Washington Square, San Jose, CA Hannibal Buress Friday October 30th 7:30 pm /9:45 pm Improv 62 South 2nd Street, San Jose, CA Winchester Mystery House Flashlight Tours Various Dates & Times Winchester Mystery House 525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA

Info:winchestermysteryhouse. com/specialevents.cfm California’s Great America Halloween Haunt Operating until October 31st 7:00 pm – 12:00 am California’s Great America 2401 Agnew Rd, Santa Clara, CA South First Fridays Art Walk Friday, November 6, 2015 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm SoFA District (San Jose) South First Street and William Street, San Jose, CA Free American Diabetes Association: 7th Annual Diabetes Health Fair Sunday November 1st 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Seven Trees Community Center 3590 Cas Drive San Jose, CA 95111 (408) 241-1922 Free LET IT BURN Monday November 2nd 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

JCO’S Place: Fine Art | Los Gatos 45 N. Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, CA Free Closer by the Minute Tuesday November 3rd 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m de Saisset Museum 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA Free Twice Heroes and More Saturday Octobert 31st 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Japanese American Museum of San Jose 535 N 5th St, San Jose, CA New Talent Showcase Wednesday November 4th, 8:00 pm Rooster T. Feathers 57 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA Wax Wednesday Wednesday November 4th, 9:00 pm Cafe Stritch 374 S 1st St, San Jose, CA

29th Annual Soup Kitchen Dinner Thursday November 5th 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Bellarmine College Prepatory, Liccardo Center 960 W. Hedding Street, San Jose, CA Veteran’s Day Parade Wednesday November 11th, Ceremony: 11:00 am Parade: Noon Downtown San Jose on Market Street at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Info: Found in Translation Exhibition until November 15th, MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana 510 South 1st, Street, San Jose, CA Super Bowl Hiring Event Monday November 2nd 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm 170 South Market Street Info: 408-278-2172





• Projected to impact 5,000 students in northern California, the Ford Driving Dreams Tour delivers scholarships and motivational activities to San Jose students. • Former NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez, a Stockton native, inspires high school students with his story of resiliency through a 12-year pursuit of his STEM career. • The Ford Driving Dreams Tour expands to the West Coast and includes middle school students for the first time in the U.S.

San Jose CALIFORNIA This week thousands of students learned why completing high school improves their chances for later success, part of the message delivered by Ford Motor Company’s innovative Ford Driving Dreams tour at its first-ever stop in northern California. Ford Motor Company Fund, the company’s philanthropic arm, kicked off the Ford Driving Dreams Tour in San Jose at an inspirational pep rally in Yerba Buena High School on Tuesday October 27th, 2015. The tour is slated to impact 5,000 northern California students in schools with high Latino concen-

trations. Designed to motivate high school students to complete high school on time and pursue higher education, the program will also engage middle school students for the first time in the U.S. “We are committed to playing an active role in the community, helping level the playing field for students that want to succeed but lack the resources to do so,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, at the kick-off event in Yerba Buena High School today. “With our local efforts through the Ford Driving Dreams Tour and the Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center, we continue to focus on education and innovation as our top priorities.”

Jim Vella, President of Ford Motor Co. Fund was present at Yerba Buena High School to speak on the importance of education and Ford’s support of reaching their educational goals.

The Ford Driving Dreams Tour presented a motivational pep rally, essay contest, and scholarships to high school students in four San Jose public schools. It is part of a longterm northern California community investment launched by Ford and its dealers in June.   Former NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez and nationally recognized empowerment speaker Roy Juarez, Jr., whose powerful story was featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Extraordinary Teens, kicked off the program at a pep rally at Yerba Buena High School. It was followed by motivational rallies at Andrew Hill High School, James Lick High School, and William C. Overfelt High School. All four schools are part of the East Side Union High School District. In partnership with the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI), the California Tour will have impacted 4,000 high school students and 1,000 middle school students.   To underscore the importance of STEM careers, former NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez spoke to the high school students, inspiring the youth to develop an indomitable spirit when pursuing their dreams. A Stockton native, Hernandez experienced spaceflight in a NASA mission and spent 13 days in orbit.   “I first got my dream as I hoed a row of sugar beets in a California field with my parents,” said former NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez. “It took 12 tries to achieve my dream of becoming an astronaut. I am proof that with a good education, solid work ethic, and the right resources, any student’s dream – a dream that others may turn down the first 11 times – becomes a goal that can be fulfilled.”   In partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs, approximately 1,000 students from local

middle schools will participate in an essay contest which encourages them to reflect on their studies and future careers. The essay contest will be open to the middle school students that attend the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, Fresno County, Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties, Monterey County, and Greater Sacramento. Prizes include gift cards and iPads. The Ford Driving Dreams Tour was designed by Ford Motor Company Fund to help Latino youth graduate on time and pursue higher education. Launched in 2012, the program has reached more than 30,000 students in Chicago, Indiana, Florida, Texas, and, most recently, Panama. Ford Driving Dreams initiatives, including the Tour, have delivered more than $3 million in educational resources such as scholarships, college preparedness, tutoring programs, parental engagement, and motivational activities.   The $1 million investment in northern California includes education and community programs. This investment is part of Ford Fund’s Operation Better World initiative. Launched in 2008, the Operation Better World framework enables Ford Fund dealers and other groups to collaborate on a strategic approach to philanthropy and more effectively meet community needs. Ford’s latest investments in northern California brings the total community investment amount to more than $4.5 million over the last 10 years.   Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company, invests more than $8 million a year in scholarships and other education initiatives. In addition to Ford Driving Dreams, Ford Fund educational programs include Ford Blue Oval Scholars, Ford Next Generation Learning, Ford College Community Challenge and the Ford STEAM Lab.





Suzanne Potter California News Service

Calculadora gratuita de costos de la atención de la salud en el retiro, ahora disponible en español. Crédito: AARP California.

el retiro, mas caros que los de la poblacion en general.” Suzanne Potter CALIFORNIA NEWS SERVICE SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Las estadisticas muestran que la mitad de Latinos se encuentra en el nivel mas bajo de ingresos entre los retirados. Esta es en parte la razon por la que la AARP publico en internet una herramienta en espanol para calcular los costos del cuidado de la salud durante el retiro. La asociacion se baso en un informe de la Universidad de California en Berkeley, en el que se revela que los latinos mayores de 65 anos tienen el doble de probabilidades de vivir en la pobreza que los anglos, y los mayores de 80 son el grupo de retirados de mayor crecimiento en California. La herramienta que lanzo la AARP California esta en internet, esta en espanol y es de enorme utilidad para la planeacion personal. La calculadora permite prever los costos que habran de afrontarse por atencion de la salud cuando se alcance la edad de retiro, y con esta informacion poder planear y tomar decisiones. Adriana Mendoza, directora de programas de enlace en la AARP California, dice que sus investigaciones muestran que los adultos latinos estan menos preparados que la mayoria de la poblacion para enfrentar los costos por la atencion de la salud. “Mas de 7 de cada 10 latinos adultos entre 50 y 64 anos no han tomado medidas para planear sus costos del cuidado de la salud en

La herramienta gratuita en linea muestra como afectaran varias condiciones de salud en su presupuesto de retiro. Anai Ibarra, Directora Estatal Asociada de Comunicaciones Interculturales en la A-A-RP a comenta que frecuentemente, al planear su futuro, la gente asume su salud como algo seguro. “Mucha gente piensa ‘Solo necesitare la cantidad que me permita vivir la vida que he llevado’. Pero no van a estar tan saludables como ahora.” La herramienta en linea tambien ayuda a motivar a que la gente haga cambios en algunos aspectos de su estilo de vida, como dieta, ejercicio y reduccion del estres -que puedan conservarlos sanos- y asi reducir la cantidad que tengan que pagar mas adelante por la atencion de su salud. La Calculadora de Costos del Cuidado de la Salud, version en espanol, esta en: org/espanol/trabajo/planear-el-retiro/calculadora-costos-salud/?intcmp=AE-MONRELBOX2-ART-ES Version en ingles: Reporte de la Universidad de California Berkeley:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Latinos age 65 and older are twice as likely as whites to live in poverty, and Latinos 80 and older are the fastest growing segment of retirees in California, according to a new report from the University of California Berkeley. So the AARP has just released a new tool to help - an online health care cost calculator in Spanish. Adriana Mendoza, director of outreach programs for the AARP California, says AARP’s surveys show Latino adults are less prepared than the general public when it comes to health care costs. “More than 7 in 10 Latino adults ages 50 to 64 have not taken steps to plan for health care costs in retirement,” she points out. The free online tool shows you how various health conditions will affect your budget in retirement. The AARP’s Anai Ibarra says people often take their health for granted when planning for the future. “Many times they think, ‘All I need is the amount to live the life that I’ve been living right now,’” she says. “However, it is very important that they take into consideration that they are not going to be as healthy as they are right now.” The online tool also helps motivate people to make the lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise and stress reduction, that might keep you stay healthy and thus lower the amount you have to pay for health care later in life.

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Keeping up with the activities you enjoy take energy, flexibility, strength and endurance. These are all helped by regular exercise. For those with diabetes and high blood pressure -- chronic conditions that put you at risk for kidney disease -- there are many benefits of being active. Being active helps the mind and body by: Preventing muscle loss Promoting normal sleep Reducing depression and anxiety Fighting anemia Strengthening bones and muscles Controlling blood pressure Reducing risk of heart disease What exercises can I do? There are many levels of exercise. Your activity can range from a vigorous workout to simple


stretches. Ask your doctor to see what level of exercise you should start out at. After talking with your doctor, try some of these fun activities that you can do on a regular basis. Simple exercises: Dancing to music around the house Planting flowers in the garden Gentle stretching Moderate exercises: Walking in the mall Low impact aerobics Yoga Just 15 minutes or more a day is all it takes to feel your best!





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BPT From pencils and paper to snacks and showand-tell treasures — kids share virtually everything at school. While parents agree sharing is a good skill for kids to learn, it’s certainly not the case when it comes to germs, particularly during cold and flu season. Germs are lurking everywhere and are simply unavoidable. And where there are germs, there can often be sickness. That dreaded first cough, sneeze and sniffle surely brings about anything but joy in the home. “Every parent has experienced those ‘ew’ moments where kids are kids and regardless of what we do to keep them healthy, sick strikes,” says Dr. Nina Shapiro, leading pediatric doctor and mom of two. “I can certainly speak firsthand on those cringe-worthy moments where the ew is simply unavoidable and the best way to battle it is by being prepared to get kids back on their feet – so you can get a little rest too.” Here are Dr. Shapiro’s top tips for keeping kids and families healthy during cough, cold and flu season.


ing among kids at school, according to the recent “Ew-dentification” survey conducted by the pediatric brands of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. 3. Be a flu-buster and get vaccinated It’s very likely at some point during the fall and winter season that your children will come in contact with the flu virus. This year’s vaccination is now available, so schedule an office visit for the whole family. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently updated their guidelines requiring children ages six months to eight years to receive two doses of the flu shot this season if they have received less than two doses of the flu vaccine prior to July 2015. 4. Ease aches and pains and rest, rest, rest With flu season upon us, parents should be armed with an OTC pain reliever and fever reducer. When kids are more comfortable, they are able to get the extra rest their bodies need to fight off illness, ultimately also giving relief to worried parents. 5. Keep your wellness arsenal fully stocked

Washing hands well is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Kids should regularly wash hands at home and at school. Make scrub time fun by singing while washing — the goal is to wash for 20 seconds, or about the amount of time it takes to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” once or “Happy Birthday” twice.

Flu isn’t the only sickness kids may encounter. According to the survey of school nurses, colds, stomach bugs and coughs also frequently spread around schools. For cough and colds, an effective medicine (think Children’s Robitussin) offers relief by breaking up chest congestion and relieving coughs. If a child is suffering from cold symptoms some type of decongestant is great option for relieving stuffy noses and ongoing sniffles. Stock up now so when sickness strikes, you are ready and your child can feel quick relief — no emergency trip to the store required.

2. Wrangle those hands and avoid the nose and mouth

6. Take a deep breath and use that humidifier

Children have busy hands and those tiny fingers often end up in ew-filled places. It’s important to regularly remind kids to keep their hands out of their nose and mouth to help prevent the spread of germs. Seven in 10 school nurses cite unsanitary habits among children like nose picking or not washing their hands as the top cause for germs spread-

Every family should have a humidifier to get through the cold and flu seasons. By adding moisture to the dry air, you can help your child breathe easier, particularly at night when he or she is trying to sleep.

1. Sing the joys of washing hands well

For more information and tips for coping when sick happens, visit:





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Preventing Annoying Telemarketing Calls NAPSI While some recorded messages like flight delays or school closings are welcome, others are not. Robocalls, or unsolicited prerecorded calls and SPAM text messages from businesses or organizations, aren’t only annoying, but illegal under federal law if sent to your mobile device without your consent. Some calls may ask you to press a number to be removed. Legitimate companies will adhere to your request; however, some dishonest organizations will call you even more. Fortunately, wireless companies are working on easy ways, many times for free, to help you avoid robocalls.

What You Can Do You play an integral role in stopping robocalls.

• File a complaint for texts and/or voice calls with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or Federal Communications Commission (FCC) via their websites, and, or by calling the FTC at (888) 382-1222 or the FCC at (888) CALL-FCC. By providing this information, you help stop these robocalls. The FTC and FCC have brought more than a hundred lawsuits against over 600 companies and individuals responsible for billions of illegal robocalls and other “Do Not Call” violations.

No More Robocalls You may also add your wireless devices and landline numbers to the national “Do Not Call” registry, which would prohibit telemarketers from calling these registered numbers. It’s at Wireless companies have developed a number of tools and features that help consumers block robocalls. Apps for the Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows operating systems are available that block unwanted calls and offer step-by-step instructions on how to block individual numbers.

If you get an automated call or text you didn’t sign up for to your cellphone, report it to the proper organizations and/or authorities.

There are other steps you can take, such as putting a “special information tone” that signals a nonworking number at the beginning of your voice mail or answering machine message.

Here’s how:

Learn More

• Forward the SPAM text messages which are sent from a phone number to 7726 (or SPAM). This free text exchange with the carrier will report the SPAM number and you will get a response from the carrier thanking you for reporting the SPAM.

You can view step-by-step video instructions as well as lists of apps to further protect yourself from unwanted robocalls from CTIA-The Wireless Association at http://ctia. it/1LK6gmf.

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Congratulations go out to Dave Hipskind, from Elk Grove, CA for winning the premier Red Chili Category at The ICS World’s Championships Chili Cookoff in Reno on October 18th. Dave & his wife Kathy were also contestants in our First San Jose Chili Cookoff earlier this month!  Congrats Hipskinds! For the win, Dave pockets a cool $25,000, a hand painted Stove, Apron, and the coveted Bronze Pot pictured below!    Besides The Hipskinds, we had several other San Jose Chili Cookoff Contestants competing at The ICS World’s Championships... Congratulations to all of you, and Thanks again for competing at our first Cookoff in San Jose! ADDITIONAL RESULTS from the 2015 International Chili Society  World’s Championships Chili Cookoff in Reno, NV - OCT 16-18 WINNERS OF THE BEST BOOTH/SHOWMANSHIP Friday: Third Place - Winning $100 and a plaque is: Susie Decker, Pleasanton, CA WINNERS OF THE BEST BOOTH/SHOWMANSHIP Saturday: Third Place - Winning $100 and a plaque is: Susie Decker, Pleasanton, CA WINNERS of PEOPLE’S CHOICE CHILI - Saturday: Second Place - Winning $200  and a plaque is: Susie Decker, Pleasanton, CA FINALISTS in the SALSA Category Skip Cooley, Reno, NV and Harry Robinson, Roseville, CA WINNERS of CHILI VERDE  Fifth Place - Winning $500 and a Trophy Susie Decker, Pleasanton, CA (Rick Decker was also a Finalist in Chili Verde) 

Channel 30, Sundays @ 7:30pm Channel 27, Mondays @ 4:30pm

WINNERS of PEOPLE’S CHOICE CHILI Sunday: Third Place - Winning $100  and a plaque is: Ron Boisseranc, San Jose, CA

Reymundo Espinoza

Hilbert Morales EL OBSERVADOR This past Friday, October 23, 2015 at Tressider Memorial Union’s Oak Room, Stanford University’s Alumni Association’s 21st Hall of Fame Installation occurred. About 250 proud family members, friends, and well-wishers were in attendance when Quan Phung, ‘92, Board member, Stanford Alumni Association began this 2015 Inductee program by making his brief welcoming remarks, He introduced Karen Biestman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director, who proceeded to present: Troy Walter Barbee, Jr., BS’59, MS’62, Ph.D.’65, Native American Cultural Center. Dr. Barbee is a Senior Scientist in the Material Sciences Division, Physical and Life Science Directorate of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory...a title that recognizes a lifetime of scholarly and professional achievement dating back more than 50 years to Stanford. His legacy epitomizes Stanford excellence and innovation, earning him recognition and widespread acclaim as “The Father of Atomic Engineering.” A prolific scholar, he has published over 300 peer reviewed technical papers, written over 400 conference papers, edited two books, and holds 26 patents. His list of exceptional awards reflects honorable global scientific societies and the highest intellectual affiliations. (He is) an enrolled member of the Quechan Indian Tribe, Fort Yuna Indian Reservation, Winterhaven, CA. Barbee was one of a very few Native (American) students at Stanford during the 1950’s and 1960’s. More than a decade before Stanford officially abandoned the Indian as a mascot, he represented Native (American) identity with the highest ideals of excellence and authenticity. He remains an active alumnus with his graduating class and is especially wed to his Native (American) community on campus where he continues to be an inspiration and motivator for generations of students in multiple disciplines. Barbee hold three Stanford degrees; a B.S. in physical metallurgy for the School of Earth Sciences, and M.S. and Ph.D in Material Sci-

ence and Engineering from the School of Engineering. While at Stanford, he also earned athletics accolades on the gridiron in the 1956-58 season and on the rugby pitch as a Stanford player, 1955-65. Dr. Frances Morales, A.M.’78, A.M.’81 and Ph.D.’82, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director, presented: Reymundo C. Espinoza, ‘73, El Chicano y Latino, (who) served as the Chief Executive Officer of Gardner Health Services which provides comprehensive health care services to 58,000 low-income individuals in Santa Clara County. His visionary leadership, skills and passiion have been insrumental in transforming a single health center with a $6 million budget in 1995 to a health network estimated today at $50 million. Reymundo continues to assess community needs and advocate for primary health care services in multiethnic/cultural areas just as he did 40 years ago. Reymundo, the son of immigrant migrant farmworkers, was the second student and the first Chicano from the Coachella High School to attend Stanford University. In 1969, 88 Mexican Americans were admitted to Stanford and Reymundo was one of 70 enrolled to make up 5% of the Freshman Class. Reymundo understood the value of building community among the first generation college and worked tirelessly to promote social change on and off campus. In addition to his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Stanford, Mr. Espinoza holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from U.C. Berkeley, where he specialized in Hospital Administration. He is a board of the California Care Association and the Community Health Partnership of Santa Clara, both of which he co-founded, and an executive committee member of the Santa Clara Family Health Foundation of Santa Clara County. Reymundo and his wife Beatriz have been married for 43 years and have two daughters, Dr. Soraya Esteva and Jasmin Estrada and four wonderful grandchildren.





Letter to EL OBSERVADOR: Received October 27, 2015

I trust Ladoris (Judge Ladoris Cordell, retired) to be objective, ethical and transparent. Totally. However, to have the sheriff (Laurie Smith) on the commission convened to investigate the toxic culture of the jails that she (Sheriff Smith) has had responsibility for is a direct conflict of interest. It is an effort at face saving for the county. At the very least, the sheriff should not be allowed to vote. Her presence alone may contaminate the proceedings. -Name withheld by request

Santa Clara County CALIFORNIA

an amazing park that will forever serve the magnificent people of Santa Clara County and especially my favorite city Morgan Hill.”

Santa Clara County Parks is making one of its most important land acquisitions since it began securing park land back in 1924.

The new purchase adds to a total of more than one-hundred and seven thousand acres of publicly owned and protected open space along the Diablo range. The range of elevation is from 6-hundred to 22-hundred feet offering spectacular views of Santa Clara Valley and both Coyote and Anderson reservoirs and locally known Finley, Palassou, Sheep and Timber Ridges. Supervisor Wasserman says, “I’m excited about the recreational opportunities this acquisition will provide our residents and to be able to preserve this property for future generations.”

The County Board of Supervisors authorized the purchase this week of 27-hundred and forty eight acres that links Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch and Anderson Lake County Parks to each other and links Henry Coe State Park, the largest recreational land holding in the California Park System resulting in a potential future trail network linking these three parks. The land is being purchased from Mr. Manou Mobedshahi for 25- million, onehundred sixty thousand dollars. Remaining contingencies must be reached before the property is sold and transferred. This historically important land purchase opens multiple gateways to the future for recreational opportunities in Santa Clara County and the greater Bay Area. “Mr. Mobedshahi’s offer to sell his property presented an extraordinary opportunity for the County to add another 2,748 acres of parkland to the area,” said Board President Dave Cortese. “Even more significantly, it allows us to eventually link three parks that will provide more than 100,000 continuous acres of preserved land.” Mobedshahi who immigrated to the US 37-years ago from Iran told County Parks officials, “I feel fortunate and blessed to make this sacred land available as

The land will also offer a natural wildlife sanctuary for black tailed deer, mountain lions, rabbits, coyotes, bobcats and a variety of small birds and other mammals. The land acquisition will enable the future construction of a 2.5-mile connection to the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Other benefits of the land purchase include expansion of County Park’s own extensive trail system offering more outdoor adventure activities for everyone from teenagers to seniors and future generations. The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department has provided recreational opportunities, beautiful parks and precious natural resources for Santa Clara County residents for more than 50 years. This golden legacy has resulted in one of the largest regional park systems in the State of California.

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Tunnels Plans Suzanne Potter CALIFORNIA NEWS SERVICE

The state’s $15.5 billion plan to build two 30-mile tunnels to divert water from the Sacramento Delta has been met with both backlash and enthusiasm. Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of a nonprofit called “Restore the Delta,” claimed the tunnels will do more harm than good. “It will destroy the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary, a tourism industry that’s tied to a healthy bay, and crab fisheries and salmon fisheries, a $5.2 billion agricultural economy in the delta, and will ruin the drinking water for close to a million people,” she said. Barrigan-Parrilla argued that the state should scrap the tunnel plan and instead buy up parched land in the San Joaquin Valley, fallow it and get the water rights back so water districts can’t just resell the rights to delta water. Nancy Vogel, deputy secretary for communications at the California Natural Resources Agency, said the twin tunnels are an important upgrade to the water infrastructure that would fix a problem with the current pumping system, which reverses the flow of water in certain channels and harms migratory fish such as salmon and delta smelt. “The governor’s proposal is intended to improve the ecology in the delta for native fish,” she said, “and also to improve water supply reliability for much of the state.” On average, Vogel said, about 5 million acre-feet of water a year is diverted from the delta, which supplies two-thirds of California’s population and one-third of the irrigated farmland. Once the public comment period ends, the proposal will be revised and submitted to the multiple agencies for permits, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the state Water Resources Control Board and the National Marine Fisheries Service. More information on the plan is online at






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LEGAL CLASSIFIEDS ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME NO. 115CV287186 Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara-In the matter of the application of: Kang-Min Lin. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: The court finds that petitioner, KangMin Lin, has filed a petition for Change of Name with the clerk of this court for a decree changing names as follows: a Kang-Min Lin to Jackson KangMin Lin. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated

below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted on 01/05/15 at 8:45 am, Probate Dept., located at 191 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113. A copy of the Order to Show cause shall be published at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in El Observador, a newspaper of general circulation, printed in the county of Santa Clara. October 22, 2015 Thomas E. Kuhnle Judge of the Superior Court October 30; November 6, 13, 20, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NO. 610305 The following person(s) is (are) doing business, J&C Trucking 279 Waverly St Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Santa Clara County. Cristina Jeannette Pineda Alas 279 Waverly St Sunnyvale, CA 94086. This business is conducted by an individual; registrant has begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed hereon.10/20/15 “I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.” (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) Cristina J. Pineda Alas October 30; November 6, 13, 20, 2015 This statement was filed with the County of Santa Clara on 10/20/15 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NO. 610507 The following person(s) is (are) doing business, QC Credit Agency 88 S. 3rd St #209 San Jose, CA 95112 Santa Clara County. Jonny Vu 101 S. 3rd St #162 San Jose, CA 95112 This business is conducted by an individual; registrant has begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed hereon.1998” “I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.” (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) Jonny Vu October 30; November 6, 13, 20, 2015 This statement was filed with the County of Santa Clara on 10/27/15

EL OBSERVADOR | FICTITIOUS BUSIOrder to Show cause ORDER TO SHOW NESS shall be published at CAUSE NAME STATEMENT least once a week for FOR CHANGE OF NO. 607706 four successive weeks NAME The following prior to the date set for NO. 115CV286607 person(s) is (are) do- hearing on the petition Superior Court of Caliing business, South- in El Observador, a fornia, County of Sanside Financial 3136 newspaper of general ta Clara-In the matStory Rd Suite #2 circulation, printed in ter of the application San Jose, CA 95127 the county of Santa of: Christina Mauricio Santa Clara County. Clara.      Silva. TO ALL INTERSocorro Montano- September 14, 2015 ESTED PERSONS: Soto and Andres B. Thomas E. Kuhnle The court finds that peSoto 2910 Archwood Judge of the Superior titioner, Christina MauCr San Jose, CA Court ricio Silva, has filed a 95148 This business September18, 25; petition for Change of is conducted by a mar- October 2, 9, 2015 Name with the clerk ried couple; registrants of this court for a dehave not begun transORDER TO SHOW cree changing names acting business under CAUSE as follows: a Christhe fictitious business FOR CHANGE OF tina Mauricio Silva to name or names listed NAME Christina Silva Mauhereon. “I declare that NO. 115CV287080 ricio . THE COURT all information in this Superior Court of ORDERS that all statement is true and California, County of persons interested correct.” (A registrant Santa Clara-In the in this matter appear who declares as true matter of the applica- before this court at information which tion of: Marco Tulio De the hearing indicated he or she knows to Leon and Gloria Eliza- below to show cause, be false is guilty of a beth De Leon. TO ALL if any, why the petition crime.) INTERESTED PER- for change of name Socorro Montano- SONS: The court finds should not be granted Soto that petitioners, Marco on  12/29/15  at  8:45 October 30; Novem- Tulio De Leon and am, Probate Dept., ber 6, 13, 20, 2015 Gloria Elizabeth De located at 191 N. First This statement was Leon, have filed a Street, San Jose, CA filed with the County petition for Change of 95113. A copy of the of Santa Clara on Name with the clerk of Order to Show cause 10/23/15 this court for a decree shall be published at changing names as least once a week for ORDER TO SHOW follows: a.  Jordy Ev- four successive weeks CAUSE ans De Leon to Jordy prior to the date set for FOR CHANGE OF Evans De Leon De hearing on the petition NAME Leon. THE COURT in El Observador, a NO. 115CV281206 ORDERS that all newspaper of general Superior Court of Cali- persons interested circulation, printed in fornia, County of San- in this matter appear the county of Santa ta Clara-In the mat- before this court at Clara.      ter of the application the hearing indicated October 07, 2015 of:  Valarie Solis.  TO below to show cause, Thomas E. Kuhnle ALL INTERESTED if any, why the petition Judge of the Superior PERSONS: The court for change of name Court finds that petition- should not be granted October 23, 30; Noer,  Valarie Solis,  has on 01/05/15 at 8:45 vember 6, 13, 2015 filed a petition for am, Probate Dept., Change of Name with located at 191 N. First ORDER TO SHOW the clerk of this court Street, San Jose, CA CAUSE for a decree chang- 95113. A copy of the FOR CHANGE OF ing names as follows: Order to Show cause NAME a. Jedidiah Ian Solis to shall be published at NO. 115CV286734 Jedidiah Ian Ramirez. least once a week for Superior Court of THE COURT OR- four successive weeks California, County of DERS that all per- prior to the date set for Santa Clara-In the sons interested in this hearing on the petition matter of the applimatter appear before in El Observador, a cation of: Jian Chen this court at the hear- newspaper of general and Dan Ye.  TO ALL ing indicated below circulation, printed in INTERESTED PERto show cause, if the county of Santa SONS: The court finds any, why the petition Clara.      that petitioners,  Jian for change of name October 21, 2015 Chen and Dan Ye, should not be granted Thomas E. Kuhnle have filed a petition for on 12/08/15 at 8:45 Judge of the Superior Change of Name with am, Probate Dept., Court the clerk of this court located at 191 N. First October 23, 30; Nofor a decree changing Street, San Jose, CA vember 6, 13, 2015 names as follows: a Ye 95113. A copy of the Xuan Chen to Jessica

OCTOBER 30 - NOVEMBER 5, 2015 FICTITIOUS BUSIYexuan Chen . THE NESS COURT ORDERS that all persons inter- NAME STATEMENT NO. 609637 ested in this matter following appear before this The court at the hearing person(s) is (are) doindicated below to ing business, Little show cause, if any, Orchard 1859 Little why the petition for Orchard St San Jose, change of name CA 95125 Santa should not be granted Clara County. Amerion 12/29/15  at  8:45 can Redstone 4340 am, Probate Dept., Almaden Exp. San located at 191 N. First Jose, CA 95118 . This Street, San Jose, CA business is conducted 95113. A copy of the by a corporation; regOrder to Show cause istrants has begun shall be published at transacting business least once a week under the fictitious for four successive business name or weeks prior to the names listed heredate set for hearing on.09/29/15 “I declare on the petition in El that all information in Observador, a news- this statement is true paper of general and correct.” (A regiscirculation, printed in trant who declares as true information, which the county of Santa he or she knows to Clara.      be false, is guilty of a October 09, 2015 crime.) Thomas E. Kuhnle Ernie Arreola , CEO Judge of the Superior October 23, 30; NoCourt vember 6, 13, 2015 October 23, 30; NoThis statement was vember 6, 13, 2015 filed with the County of Santa Clara on FICTITIOUS BUSI- 09/29/15 NESS NAME STATEMENT ORDER TO SHOW NO. 610087 CAUSE The following FOR CHANGE OF person(s) is (are) NAME doing business, AnNO. 115CV286411 thony’s Glass and Superior Court of CaliMirrors 1869 Lanai fornia, County of SanAve San Jose, CA ta Clara-In the matter 95122 Santa Clara of the application of: County. Jose Antonio Santos Orellana. TO Valencia 1869 Lanai ALL INTERESTED Ave San Jose, CA PERSONS: The court 95122 . This business finds that petitioner, is conducted by an Santos Orellana, has individual; registrants filed a petition for has begun transact- Change of Name with ing business under the clerk of this court the fictitious business for a decree changname or names listed ing names as follows: hereon.10/13/15 “I a Alexis Geovanny declare that all infor- Hidalgo to Alexis Geomation in this state- vanny Hidalgo Orelment is true and lana. THE COURT correct.” (A registrant ORDERS that all who declares as true persons interested information, which in this matter appear he or she knows to before this court at be false, is guilty of a the hearing indicated below to show cause, crime.) Jose Antonio Valen- if any, why the petition for change of name cia October 23, 30; No- should not be granted on 12/22/15 at 8:45 vember 6, 13, 2015 This statement was am, Probate Dept., filed with the County located at 191 N. First of Santa Clara on Street, San Jose, CA 95113. A copy of the 10/13/15 Order to Show cause

OCTOBER 30 - NOVEMBER 5, 2015 shall be published at FICTITIOUS BUSINESS least once a week for four successive NAME STATEMENT NO. 610061 weeks prior to the following date set for hear- The ing on the petition person(s) is (are) doin El Observador, ing business, Bludev a newspaper of Consulting 22348 general circulation, McClellan Road Cuprinted in the county pertino, CA 95014 Santa Clara County. of Santa Clara. Upasona Hazarika October 2, 2015 22348 McClellan Thomas E. Kuhnle Road Cupertino, A Judge of the Supe95014. This business rior Court is conducted by an October 16, 23,30; individual; registrants November 6, 2015 have not begun ORDER TO SHOW transacting business under the fictitious CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF business name or names listed hereon. NAME NO. 115CV286770 “I declare that all Superior Court of information in this California, County statement is true and of Santa Clara-In correct.” (A registrant the matter of the ap- who declares as true plication of: Sarah information which Caprice Taylar. TO he or she knows to ALL INTERESTED be false is guilty of a PERSONS: The crime.) court finds that pe- Upasona Hazarika titioner, Sarah Ca- October 16, 23,30; price Taylar, has filed November 6, 2015 a petition for Change This statement was of Name with the filed with the County clerk of this court for of Santa Clara on a decree changing 10/13/15 names as follows: a Sarah Caprice Tay- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS lar to Sarah Caprice Camarillo. THE NAME STATEMENT NO. 610075 COURT ORDERS following that all persons inter- The ested in this matter person(s) is (are) appear before this doing business, Percourt at the hear- fect Clean Janitorial ing indicated below 247 McDonald Ave to show cause, if San Jose, CA 95116 any, why the peti- Santa Clara County. tion for change of Eduardo Borbon 247 name should not be McDonald Ave San granted on 12/29/15 Jose, CA 95116. This at 8:45 am, Probate business is conductDept., located at 191 ed by an individual; N. First Street, San registrants have not Jose, CA 95113. A begun transacting copy of the Order business under the to Show cause shall fictitious business be published at least name or names listed once a week for four hereon. “I declare that successive weeks all information in this prior to the date set statement is true and for hearing on the correct.” (A registrant petition in El Obser- who declares as true vador, a newspaper information which of general circula- he or she knows to tion, printed in the be false is guilty of a county of Santa crime.) Eduardo Borbon Clara. October 16, 23,30; October 13, 2015 November 6, 2015 Thomas E. Kuhnle This statement was Judge of the Supefiled with the County rior Court of Santa Clara on October 16, 23,30; 10/13/15 November 6, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NO. 610077 The following person(s) is (are) doing business, Alexander Designs 1111 Story Rd Suite #1063 San Jose, CA 95122 Santa Clara County. Continental Precious Metal Inc. 1111 Story Rd Suite #1063 San Jose, CA 95122. This business is conducted by A Corporation; registrants has begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed hereon.10/13/15 “I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.” (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) Hung Tran October 16, 23,30; November 6, 2015 This statement was filed with the County of Santa Clara on 10/13/15 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NO. 610076 The following person(s) is (are) doing business, Hung Phat Diamonds & Jewelry. 1111 Story Rd Suite #1063 San Jose, CA 95122 Santa Clara County. Trans Fine Jewelry Inc. 1111 Story Rd Suite #1063 San Jose, CA 95122. This business is conducted by A Corporation; registrant has begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed hereon.10/13/15 “I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.” (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) Hung Tran October 16, 23,30; November 6, 2015 This statement was

EL OBSERVADOR | filed with the County This statement was Jose, CA 95121 Sanof Santa Clara on filed with the County ta Clara County. Andy 10/13/15 of Santa Clara on Tuan Quang Bui and 10/08/15 Nha Truc Quang Bui FICTITIOUS BUSI2506 Chant Ct San NESS Statement of Jose, CA 95122. This NAME STATEMENT Abandonment business is conductNO. 610068 of Use of Fictitious ed by a general partThe following Business Name nership; registrants person(s) is (are) NO. 609991 has begun transactdoing business, The following person/ ing business under V&B Janitorial 2065 entity has abandoned the fictitious business Palm Beach Way the use of the fictitious name or names listed San Jose, CA 95122 business names: 1) hereon, 09/11/15. Santa Clara County. C.H.E.A.P 2) Cre- “I declare that all Jose Villa 2065 Palm ative Health Educa- information in this Beach Way San tion And Prevents statement is true and Jose, CA 95122. This 3250 South White Rd correct.” (A registrant business is conduct- #152 San Jose, CA who declares as true ed by an individual; 95148 Santa Clara information, which registrant has begun Co. Lowanda Pre- he or she knows to transacting business ison 3491 Tully Rd be false, is guilty of a under the fictitious San Jose, CA 95148. crime.) business name or This business was Andy Bui names listed here- conducted by an indi- General Partner on.10/12/15 “I de- vidual and was filed in October 9, 16, 23, clare that all informa- Santa Clara County 30, 2015 tion in this statement on 02/16/2011 under This statement was is true and correct.” file no. 346014 (A registrant who de- Lowanda Preison filed with the County clares as true infor- October 16, 23, 30; of Santa Clara on 09/11/2015 mation which he or November 6, 2015 she knows to be false This statement was is guilty of a crime.) filed with the County ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE Jose Villa of Santa Clara on FOR CHANGE OF October 16, 23,30; 10/08/2015 NAME November 6, 2015 NO. 115CV284256 This statement was Statement of Superior Court of filed with the County Abandonment of Santa Clara on of Use of Fictitious California, County of Santa Clara-In the 10/13/15 Business Name matter of the applicaNO. 609989 FICTITIOUS BUSI- The following per- tion of: Nicholas MedNESS son/entity has aban- lin. TO ALL INTERNAME STATEMENT doned the use of the ESTED PERSONS: NO. 609992 fictitious business The court finds that The following names: Play & Learn petitioner, Nicholas person(s) is (are) do- 1341 Old Rose Pl Medlin, has filed a ing business, Second San Jose, CA 95132 petition for Change Half Under Grace Santa Clara Co. Juan of Name with the 3256 South White Encarnacion 1341 clerk of this court for Rd San Jose, CA Old Rose Pl San a decree changing 95148 Santa Clara Jose, CA 95132. This names as follows: a. County. Lowanda business was con- Nicholas Medlin to Pierson 3491 Tully ducted by an individ- Nick Bentlen. THE Rd San Jose, CA ual and was filed in COURT ORDERS 95148. This business Santa Clara County that all persons interis conducted by an on 11/12/2011 under ested in this matter individual; registrants file no. 558316 appear before this has begun transact- Juan Encarnacion court at the hearing business under October 16, 23, 30; ing indicated below the fictitious business November 6, 2015 to show cause, if name or names listed This statement was any, why the petihereon.10/08/15 “I filed with the County tion for change of declare that all infor- of Santa Clara on name should not be mation in this state- 10/08/2015 granted on 11/10/15 ment is true and at 8:45 am, Probate correct.” (A registrant FICTITIOUS BUDept., located at 191 who declares as true SINES N. First Street, San information which NAME STATEMENT Jose, CA 95113. A he or she knows to NO. 609100 copy of the Order to be false is guilty of a The following Show cause shall crime.) person(s) is (are) do- be published at least Lowanda Pierson ing business, Khai once a week for four October 16, 23,30; Hoan Health Care successive weeks November 6, 2015 2443 Alvin Ave San


prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in El Observador, a newspaper of general circulation, printed in the county of Santa Clara. August 10, 2015 Thomas E. Kuhnle Judge of the Superior Court October 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME NO. 115CV286358 Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara-In the matter of the application of: Quyen Anh Huynh. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: The court finds that petitioner, Quyen Anh Huynh, has filed a petition for Change of Name with the clerk of this court for a decree changing names as follows: a. Quyen Anh Huynh to Mandy Quyen Anh Huynh. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted on 12/22/15 at 8:45 am, Probate Dept., located at 191 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113. A copy of the Order to Show cause shall be published at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in El Observador, a newspaper of general circulation, printed in the county of Santa Clara. October 1, 2015 Thomas E. Kuhnle Judge of the Superior Court October 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NO. 609764


The following person(s) is (are) doing business, Trips Dreams 5583 Playa Del Rey San Jose, CA 95123 Santa Clara County. Oscar Rios 5583 Playa Del Rey San Jose, CA 95123. This business is conducted by an individual; registrant has begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed hereon.10/2/2015 “I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.” (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) Oscar E. Rios October 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015 This statement was filed with the County of Santa Clara on 10/2/15 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NO. 609754 The following person(s) is (are) doing business, Pasteleria Martinez 962 S. 1st St. San Jose, Ca 95110 Santa Clara County. Juan Martinez and Leyva Vasquez D. Alejandra 789 S. 11th St. San Jose, CA 95110. This business is conducted by a Married couple; registrant has begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed hereon.10/1/2015 “I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.” (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) Juan Martinez October 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015 This statement was filed with the County of Santa Clara on 10/1/15




Where do the leading Democratic candidates for president stand on environment issues? Leslie Mazur, Hauppauge, NY Doug Moss & Roddy Scheer EARTHTALK President Obama, with his recent push to join the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will be a tough act to follow on the environment. But each of the Democratic candidates has shown a willingness to continue

NOTIFICACIÓN DE AUDIENCIAS Y REUNIONES PARA UNA ENMIENDA SUBSTANCIAL DEL PLAN DE ACCIÓN ANUAL DEL AÑO FISCAL 2015-2016 LA CIUDAD DE SAN JOSÉ CONSIDERARÁ CAMBIOS AL PLAN DE ACCIÓN ANUAL PARA EL AF 2015-2016, QUE FUE PREVIAMENTE APROBADO, EN NOVIEMBRE DEL 2015. ESTA NOTIFICACIÓN PROVEE UN HORARIO DE AUDIENCIAS Y OPORTUNIDADES PARA COMENTARIOS PÚBLICOS DURANTE EL PROCESO. El Plan de Acción Anual (AAP) delinea las necesidades de viviendas y comunidades de la Ciudad, y provee un plan de acción para un año en cómo la Ciudad intenta usar sus fondos federales para cubrir esas necesidades. La enmienda substancial propuesta haría los siguientes cambios al AF 2015-16 AAP: (1) Agregar fondos que no fueron asignados para el Desarrollo Comunitario (CDBG) para las siguientes actividades, que fueron financiadas en el pasado, y asegurar su proyecto de terminación: Instalación de Educare Play Structure, la Rehabilitación del Edificio Head Start del que fuera el Vecindario Santee, Rehabilitación del Recovery Café; (2) Asignar Fondos para Soluciones de Emergencia (ESG) Fondos que no se gastaron en previos años fiscales para apoyar servicios para individuos y familias indigentes; (3) Hacer un ajuste administrativo para financiar la actividad de Streets Team de San José, que saldrán parcialmente de Servicios para el proyecto Población sin Viviendas. Si le gustaría proveer comentarios, la Ciudad lo invita a atender cualquiera de las reuniones listadas en el horario que está abajo. Adicionalmente, los comentarios se pueden proveer por teléfono, correo regular, o por email vía la información de contacto listada al final de esta notificación, para ambos, quienes hablan Inglés y los que tienen limitaciones con el idioma Inglés. Horario de Audiencias para Comentarios Públicos sobre la Enmienda Substancial al Plan de Acción Anual para el AF 2015-16 y la Enmienda al Plan de Participación del Ciudadano Qué HCDC, audiencia y aprobación de la Enmienda Substancial para AF 2015-16 AAP Ayuntamiento de la Ciudad, audiencia y aprobación de la Enmienda Substancial para AF 2015-16 AAP

Quién Comisión del Desarrollo de Viviendas y Comunidades

Ayuntamiento de la Ciudad de San José

Dónde Cuándo Alcaldía de San José 200 E. Santa Clara Noviembre 12, 2015 5:45 St. Cuarto W – 118, 119 p.m. (Wing) Alcaldía de San José 200 E. Santa Clara Street Diciembre 1, 2015 1:30 Cámara del p.m. Ayuntamiento de la Ciudad

INFORMACIÓN DE CONTACTO: Para preguntas acerca de la Enmienda Substancial AAP, por favor comuníquese con James Stagi al 408-535-8238 o james.stagi@sanJosé Los comentarios públicos se pueden someter en forma de declaraciones hechas en las reuniones listadas arriba, por escrito dirigidas al Departamento de Viviendas de la Ciudad de San José, 200 E. Santa Clara Street, 12th Floor, San José, California 95113, o sometidos vía correo electrónico al email que está listado arriba. Para pedir acomodación para alguna de las reuniones o un formato alternativo para cualquiera de los materiales impresos relacionados, por favor llame al (408) 294-9337 (TTY) lo más pronto posible, pero por lo menos tres días hábiles antes de la reunión. Todas las reuniones públicas son accesibles para quienes tengan impedimento de movilidad.

OCTOBER 30 - NOVEMBER 5, 2015 fighting the green fight and working with industry and other nations to rein in emissions and promote sustainable development. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stands out in terms of environmental commitment. He has been a vocal defender of the need for an international climate accord, initially championing U.S. participation in 2000’s Kyoto Protocol, a climate pact that ultimately failed due to lack of participation by China and the U.S. Since then, he has remained one of the most outspoken advocates for climate action in Congress. His current platform includes instituting a nationwide carbon tax and using the funds to finance the development of renewable sources of energy. He would like to see the country move quickly toward “fossil fuel independence” and is advocating that at least 25 percent of U.S. energy come from renewable sources by 2025. He is against letting the Keystone XL pipeline cross the United States with Canadian tar sands oil. He would like to see the federal government cut subsidies to large animal “factory farms” and move that money toward stimulating the organic agriculture sector. And he backs efforts to require labeling for any products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Frontrunner Hillary Clinton is no slouch on the environment, either. Like Sanders, she supported U.S. participation in the Kyoto Protocol and has been outspoken about the need to address climate change ever since. She terms the effort to achieve carbon neutrality nationwide as our “modern Apollo moon shot” and would like the federal government to pledge $100 billion annually to mitigate the effects of climate change. She recently came out in opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, and shares Sanders’ desire for achieving 25 percent clean energy nationally by 2025. She is also pushing for more research and development in the alternative energy sector

paid for out of funds otherwise earmarked to subsidize Big Oil. Otherwise, Clinton generally supports efforts to conserve sensitive lands and protect endangered species, and has consistently backed efforts to beef up the Clean Air and the Clean Water acts. The remaining candidates for the Democratic nomination also boast strong environmental track records. As Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley spearheaded a statewide effort to protect roughly a million acres of land around Chesapeake Bay to bolster waning blue crab and oyster populations. He supports helping the clean energy sector get off the ground to protect the environment and provide jobs, and wants to double the nation’s energy efficiency in just 15 years and get the U.S, off of fossil fuels fully by 2050. For his part, former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee supports increasing federal funds for fighting climate change and is a staunch opponent of drilling in Alaskan wildlife refuges. Historically, he has supported raising mileage standards, increasing public transportation infrastructure, and federally subsidized remediation for brownfields (contaminated lands previously used for industrial purposes). Environmental advocates have their fingers crossed that, regardless of the outcome of the 2016 elections, the U.S. can maintain the momentum of the Obama administration on climate and related issues. CONTACTS: Bernie Sanders,; Hillary Clinton, www.hillaryclinton. com; Martin O’Malley, www.; EarthTalk® is produced by Doug Moss & Roddy Scheer and is a registered trademark of Earth Action Network Inc. View past columns at: Or e-mail us your question:


4 Annual Halloween inspired music festival brings out the ghouls and fun in SoCal sun th

Arturo Hilario EL OBSERVADOR Fall is in full bloom, but this past weekend shone a beacon for fun in the sun. With an eclectic palette of musicians and activities in Santa Ana, California. Beach Goth 4 brought out artists such as The Growlers, Grimes, Juicy J and Sir Mix-A-Lot to the Observatory and its parking lot for a 2-day spectacle of calaveras, rock, rap and a Selena impersonator. Beach Goth, a term mixing the goth style (essentially all black everything) and fun beach theme, was a brainchild of the Costa Mesa based band the Growlers. Their beach rock inspired style of music (which they dubbed “beach goth” style) and local popularity allowed the initially indie, DIY Beach Goth festival to propel itself from an intimate gathering of local talent, to a mid scale (and growing) music festival complete with carnival games, piñatas, black lights and face painting. Interesting to note the price difference from $15 Beach


Goth 1 to around $50 a day for this years 2-day festival. With the price upping also comes a big change in talent. The Growlers, who played both days, Grimes, Die Antwoord, Mac Demarco, Julian Casablancas +The Voidz, FIDLAR, Ghost, The Drums, Juicy J, Warpaint, Parliament Funkadelic among many others took over Orange County to bring the fun and gothic-y times for all. Thousands played dress up, (even the musical acts) as the big draw is the pre-halloween mood at the festival, and it was a fashion-forward event for sure. Countless skull painted faces, each with their own flair adorned the faces of attendees as they went from stage to stage, took pictures by art installations including a pair of big red lips, cartoonish drug paraphernalia piñatas, and a graveyard with a giant hand making the “hang loose” hand gesture. A devoted following watched the Selena impersonator performance which took place at a small stage next to this hand. Plenty of Wednesday Addams’, Pandas and hippies frolicked in the warm weather this past weekend, listening to new hitmakers such as Mac Demarco, and tried and tested acts like Wanda Jackson, the 78-year-old “Queen of Rockabilly” who’s performance was just as captivating as the punk music and rap acts. Local LA band FIDLAR (Acronym for “F**k It Dawg, Life’s A Risk”), who were dressed as the manager with a long drawl from the film “Office Space”, were one of the most captivating performances. Their post punk rock as-



sisted with the crowd creating various mosh pits and even having everyone do something “weird”, sitting on the floor as the tempo of one of their songs got quicker, at which point he had everyone who was sitting jump up and resume their dancing/form of expression. Prayers, a band from LA, fit right into the term Beach Goth. Dressed all in black, their harder edge of pop/synth is a marriage between Morissey and Metal (Take your pick). The lead singer, who is a sweetheart in person, has a persona on stage that says things like “I heard you say that I worship the devil. Well, you’ve got it all wrong, the. Devil. Worships. Me!” in a diva-esque dramatic fashion. The plethora of costumes, people and music was a great feat which has popularized Beach Goth year after year. It is said that Beach Goth 5 might need to find a new home in Orange County to accommodate its growing size. All in all it might be a good idea in order to expand to more outside stages and bring back the carousel and rides there was in past years. Beach Goth 4. A great time in the warm California sun. Don’t forget your black attire. A Message from the Growlers: “Friends... We thank you for making Beach Goth 4 the most perfectly weird, messy and chaotic party that ever was. It only exists because of you. People are Strange and we love every last one of you See you next year!!!!”



Bond, James Bond, is back in theaters next Friday, November 6, 2015! The latest entry in the blockbuster espionage franchise begins with a cryptic message from the past that sends James Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome, where he meets Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal. Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organization known as SPECTRE. Before you check out SPECTRE, let’s remember some of our favorite Bond Villains!

SPECTRE (2015) Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser



SKYFALL (2010) Javier Bardem as former MI6 agent Raoul Silva

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1977) Curt Jurgens as Karl Stromberg, or Jaws

GOLDFINGER (1964) Gert Fröbe as Auric Goldfinger

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (1971) Ernst Stavro Blofeld was portrayed by 4 actors in 5 different Bond Films, including Charles Gray

TÚ Y UN ACOMPAÑANTE ESTÁN INVITADOS A UNA FUNCIÓN ESPECIAL y te dan la oportunidad de ganar boletos para

Para la oportunidad de ganar boletos visita y haz click en "free giveaways" para entrar al sorteo. Boletos disponibles hasta que se acaben

EN CINES EL 13 DE NOVIEMBRE Esta película ha sido clasificada PG-13. El teatro tiene reservaciones en exceso para garantizar la capacidad. Boletos recibidos mediante esta promoción no le garantizan un asiento en el teatro y debe ser entregado cuando se le solicite. Las personas se sentarán de acuerdo con el orden de llegada. EXCEPTO LOS MIEMBROS DE LA PRENSA QUE CUBRAN EL EVENTO. No se dejará entrar a nadie sin boleto o después que la película haya comenzando. Se impondrán todas las regulaciones federales, estatales y locales. La persona que reciba los boletos asume todos y cualquiera de los riesgos asociados con el uso del boleto y acepta cualquier restricción exigida por el proveedor y locales. Warner Bros. Pictures, y sus afiliados no aceptan ninguna responsabilidad u obligación con respecto a cualquier pérdida o accidente causado en relación con el uso del premio. Los boletos no pueden ser intercambiados, transferidos o canjeados por dinero en total o en parte. No somos responsables si, por cualquier razón, el ganador no puede usar su boleto por completo o en parte. No somos responsables por boletos perdidos, demorados o enviados al lugar incorrecto. El ganador es responsable de todos los impuestos federales y locales. Nulo donde lo prohíba la ley. No se requiere compra. Patrocinadores, sus empleados, miembros de la familia y sus agencias no son elegibles.


EL OBSERVADOR | Arturo Hilario EL OBSERVADOR Fúchila Freshners’ Ruben Dario Villa, currently a Visual and Production Designer at Google Maps, had a revelation on the porcelain throne. “I think the bathroom is the best place to think about great ideas, so I do it all the time. That’s where the idea came in. I love the word ‘Fúchila, if you understand it, you’re part of that group, you get it,” says the Santa Clara University grad, who earned degrees in both Sociology and Studio Art. The term “Fúchila” is a Spanish slang term used when something is sketchy, foul or smelly. The irony of the title is a playful angle which is evident in the products themselves. “I love alliterations so that sort of worked out.” Villa’s brand of air fresheners has an authentic cultural feel that oozes from the vibrant imagery of his ever expanding collection of latino life. From historical icons to entertainment legends, the range of Fúchila’s designs started with the input of the community. This input and his own imagination helped shaped Villa’s goals and ambitions with the brand, and its simple but effective message. While stopped at a light he realized how many people had the same “little green trees” on their mirrors. “All I wanted to do was give it its own flair, its own flavor. Something of a culture that I understand, that I’ve been brought up in. Why not create something that I’m going to identify with if I’m going to put it on my rearview mirror in my car. I want it to look cool, to be something I can identify with.” After consulting with family and friends on the next step, to actually launch the brand and its products into the wild, was next. “It was an easy transition from idea to reality because it was so well received by my family and friends.” Thus on January of 2015 Fúchila started as a Kickstarter, initially shooting to raise $2500 “we ended up raising past that, over $3500 for our product, which was huge for us.” As of now Fúchila is stocked in 24 physical locations from here to Chicago, as well as at art and car shows. Fúchila’s first 6 designs “were very strategic, in the sense that I wanted to address part(s) of the cultura that I felt would be generationally and culturally specific spots I wanted to hit.” And thus, Selena was always one of the first ideas. “I knew I had to do her. My generation, older generations and even younger ones still remember and still feel moved by her.”



Artist Frida was next up, then a Calavera, Mexican movie star Cantinflas, Lucha Libre legend El Blue Demon. Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, (family ties essentially make Pancho Villa Ruben’s Great-Uncle) rounded up the cast of initial air fresheners. Of the initial batch the most well received was the Selena air freshner. After trying to get an official license from her father Abraham Quintanilla several times, Villa was denied the request. As of now the most sought after Fúchila is discontinued, although Villa plans to return to the idea and essence of Selena without getting into any legal issues. More over, his designs are tailored to educate people as well tingle their senses. “I try and keep it very informative and educational because i just think thats part of my responsibility as a Latino business owner, to continue that legacy. No one is telling our story the way we can tell it. The best way to get our story out there is for us to do it.” Eventually Villa plans to accessorize the brand further, always involving scent or the automobile. such as candles tailored to the Fúchila brand and aesthetic. Another future vision is a bathroom reading book, for “when you’re chilling in the bathroom” says Villa. The working title is “Dichos and Designs” essentially a “dicho”, a parable or a fairy tale you heard growing up, and a design inspired by aforementioned dicho. All in all this experience has taught him a lot more about his community, himself and ultimately what it means to be a latino in the hybrid world of the United States. He is definitely pleased and humbled by the reactions he continues to get, and will push forward with the brand as long as his ideas remain fruitful. “Fúchila as a company will continue to grow, get more wholesalers, get the interest of chain stores. As I live the hybrid life the entrepreneur and the corporate worker, I’ve got to balance it anyway I can.” He ends by adding “gracias to everyone who has supported me especially my family and my wife, the community at large, really all of California. Thank you for those that have seen what I was trying to do, the vision of spreading the culture, continuing the traditions and making sure our icons are designed for us, by us.”

More info at (In a seperate quote box?) “If you put something in your rearview mirror you don’t put something up there you don’t care about, you put something that represents you, that’s important. It’s always something that means something.”






Por Mario Jiménez Castillo EL OBSERVADOR


Los astros anuncian buenas noticias para ti tanto en el sector financiero como en el seno familiar. Oportunidades valiosas se harán presentes en tu destino. El Sol en tu casa octava presagia un florecimiento en tu vida romántica, sentimental y de amistades. Viene en camino una gran alegría. Tu talento será reconocido. Reza periódicamente y agradece las bendiciones recibidas. Números de la suerte: 11-19-21-34-45-47


La vida comenzará a llevarte por un nuevo sendero, tendrás una visión diferente de lo que quieres conseguir y hacia dónde quieres llegar. Es muy probable que establezcas nuevas y convenientes amistades o que seas flechado por la llama del amor de un día para otro.En tu corazón existen inquietudes que te harán lanzarte en aventuras que nunca antes imaginaste. Números de la suerte: 4-7-17-19-44-52


Júpiter continúa navegando por tu sector de hogar y familia, aunque enfrentes problemas o situaciones difíciles, siempre le encontrarás la solución a todo. Será necesario que hagas algunos ajustes en tu vida romántica. Te espera un mes cargado de invitaciones a fiestas y reuniones. Tu sistema inmunológico estará fortalecido. Números de la suerte: 20-24-30-35-56-69


Ha llegado el momento para que reorganices tu vida y le des un toque de paz, serenidad y plenitud a tu existencia. Personas inconvenientes, enemistades y gente tóxica, deben desvanecerse en tus pensamientos, reza un Padre nuestro por ellos y sigue tu camino. Haz las cosas que te hacen sentir feliz y procura llevar una vida más saludable. Habrán algunos pocos tropiezos, pero los momentos de felicidad serán mayoría. Números de la suerte: 10-14-28-29-39-40


El mes de noviembre será muy especial para ti, lograrás realizar tus planes, concretar negocios, hacer alianzas y atraer fortuna. Alguien de la familia te alegrará con una magnífica noticia. Todo se ve bien en el horizonte para ti, la buena alimentación, el consumo constante de agua y el ejercicio periódico serán tus mejores aliados para sentirte vigoroso y fortalecido físicamente. Dedica tiempo a la oración. Números de la suerte: 2-8-18-22-33-50

Existen movimientos astrales y espirituales que te están anunciando que se acerca una tremenda mejoría a tu vida, pero por el momento ve con la corriente; no tomes decisiones precipitadas, no te esfuerces demasiado por quedar bien con todo el mundo, queda bien contigo mismo primero. Incrementa tu espiritualidad y sobre todo mantén el optimismo porque después de la tempestad vendrá la calma y el éxito. Números de la suerte: 8-10-16-24-38-56


Libra, los destellos del Sol en tu segunda casa astrológica, traen un cúmulo de bendiciones para ti y toda tu familia. Es presagio que recuperarás algo que dabas por perdido. Nunca te das por vencido por ese logras todo lo que te propones. Es probable que alguien conocido atraviese por una situación de pesar, tú podrás hacer mucho por esa persona. Números de la suerte: 9-11-23-27-39-41


Saturno el señor de los anillos navega por tu segunda casa astrológica desde el mes pasado, tu vida comenzará a cambiar, lo malo se aleja y te llega el tiempo de las vacas gordas. Ejercita tu cuerpo, practica yoga, atletismo, zumba o pilates, eso te hará verte y sentirte mejor y hasta lograrás rejuvenecer. Vivirás situaciones románticas intensas. Happy birthday! Números de la suerte: 7-19-21-23-43-56


Los presagios son muy positivos para los nativos de tu signo. Algunos serán totalmente correspondidos en el amor, otros observarán incremento en las ganancias y para algunos viene la curación a cualquier mal que padezcan. Eso sí, es necesario que dejen ir rencores y malos ratos que han vivido, es momento para hacer borrón y cuenta nueva. Números de la suerte: 10-13-21-23-43-68


Durante este mes de noviembre tendrás que asistir a varios eventos sociales, muchas miradas estarán puestas en ti. Sentirás la necesidad de establecer fuertes lazos sociales con gente a la que no le habías dado cabida en tu vida. Alguien está pensando en ti para que ocupes un puesto importante. En cuestión de amor y romance vivirás días intensos, las relaciones de pareja pasarán por un momento de transición y reajuste. Números de la suerte: 4-31-33-43-45-67


Momento de aprendizaje en tu vida romántica. Es posible que vuelvas a sentirte atraído por alguien que fue importante en tu pasado, pero en el presente solamente sería una distracción que te puede costar muy cara. Tu situación financiera pasará por un buen momento. Algunos amigos comenzarán a pedirte favores. La suerte que está corriendo un familiar puede llegar a preocuparte. Números de la suerte: 2-8-16-21-30-36


Los astros te anuncian buenas noticias, dejarás atrás pesares o sufrimientos ya que te sucederán cosas hermosas que te devolverán la alegría y sobre todo las ganas de vivir y salir adelante. Es probable que estés pensando realizar un cambio ya sea de profesión, trabajo o domicilio, se augura buena suerte porque los cambios siempre te benefician. Números de la suerte: 5-18-20-29-30-39


Barracuda finished the month of October with a 2-3-0-1 record

Look Back:

The San Jose Barracuda (2-3-0-1, 5pts, .417%) presented by Barracuda Networks chomped one out of a possible six points last week (0-2-0-1) in three games. San Jose extended their point streak to three games (2-0-0-1) with a 3-2 shootout loss vs. San Diego on Oct 21 but had the streak snapped in a 3-0 loss to the Gulls on Oct 23. The Barracuda wrapped up the week with a 3-0 loss in Ontario on Oct 24. Bryan Lerg (1-1-2) led the way offensively for the Barracuda and received his 2nd NHL recall of the season after the game on Oct 21. Scott Timmins scored the 1st shorthanded goal in franchise history on Oct 21. Goaltenders Aaron Dell (45 saves, 4GA) and Troy Grosenick (40 saves, 3GA) each stood their ground in between the pipes for the Barracuda. Defenseman Dylan Demelo made his SJ Barracuda debut on Oct 21 after beginning the season with the Sharks. Mirco Mueller, Bryan Lerg, John McCarthy, and Micheal Haley all received NHL recalls last week to the San Jose Sharks but are all currently with the Barracuda as of Oct 27. Forward Adam Helewka was released from his ATO on Oct 25 and returned to Spokane in the WHL. The San Jose Barracuda player of the week nominee is veteran forward Bryan Lerg. The 29-year-old from Livonia, Michigan recorded two points (1-1-2), +2, and five shots in one game with the Barracuda before receiving his 2nd NHL recall of the season.  


The San Jose Barracuda play just one game this week. On Sunday, Nov 1 the Barracuda host the Ontario Reign (AHL affiliate of the LA Kings) at 3pm. Score a family pack for just $72 which includes 4 tickets, 4 hotdogs, 4 sodas, and 4 Pepsis by calling 408-977-4747! Radio coverage begins at


2:30pm on AM 1220 KDOW. Fans may watch the game for a small fee at MILESTONE ALERT: Head Coach Roy Sommer surpassed Frank Mathers (1256 games coached) for the most games coached in AHL history on March 26, 2014 in the Sharks 5-3 win in Lewiston, ME over the Portland Pirates.  Coach Sommer has coached 1350 AHL games - all with the SJ Sharks AHL affiliates. In total, Coach Sommer has been a head coach in 1,686 games in the AHL and ECHL.  Coach Sommer picked up his 600th career AHL win in a 4-3 victory in Lehigh Valley on Feb 4, 2015 and surpassed Frank Mathers (610 wins) for 2nd all-time in AHL history on March 27 in Springfield with his 611th win! Roy needs 17 wins to tie Fred “Bun Cook” (636 wins) for the most wins in AHL history!  

Few things to know....

•The San Jose Barracuda are in 6th place (2-3-0-1, 5pts, .417%) in the Pacific Division and 11th place overall in the Western Conference. •The San Jose Sharks currently have 10 players on their roster that have spent time in the Sharks AHL affiliate (Couture, Pavelski, Wingels, Braun, Stalock, Vlasic, Nieto, Goodrow, Hertl, and Tierney,). •The San Jose Sharks are in 3rd place in the Pacific Division and 9th place in the Western Conference with 10 points and a 5-3-0 record.  •Frazer McLaren picked up the first fighting major in Barracuda history with a 2nd period scrap vs. Mike Liambas on Oct 9. •The San Jose Barracuda picked up their first win in franchise history in a 4-1 victory over the Heat in Stockton on Oct 15. •Captain Bryan Lerg is averaging a point a game(3-1-4) in four AHL games this season for the Barracuda and has dressed in three games for the SJ Sharks (0-0-0) this season. •Bryan Lerg, Mirco Mueller, Dylan DeMelo, Nikolay Goldobin, Micheal Haley and John McCarthy have all played for the Barracuda (AHL) and the Sharks (NHL) this season.



FRISCO, Texas - The San Jose Earthquakes fell to FC Dallas 2-1 at Toyota Stadium on Sunday evening, closing out their 2015 season. The Quakes finished the year with a 13-13-8 record (47 pts.), more than doubling their win total from a season prior (six). San Jose also finished with a +2 goal differential, tied for ninth best in Major League Soccer. The loss was just the Quakes third since the middle of August, finishing the year with a 6-3-3 record over their last 12 matches dating back to August 14. The Earthquakes nearly got on the board after just 11 minutes. Midfielder Shea Salinas intercepted a pass and fed forward Chris Wondolowski into the box. Wondolowski laid the ball off for forward Quincy Amarikwa, whose one-on-one attempt was saved by goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez. Just two minutes later, Amarikwa created another chance and found the back of the net. Receiving a long ball over the top, Amarikwa muscled two defenders off the ball before calmly slotting his left-footed attempt past Gonzalez. It marked his sixth goal of the season, with all six coming away from home. FC Dallas drew level in the 38th minute. After a ball was played across the six-yard box, a scrum ensued with midfielder Mauro Diaz eventually playing it past Quakes keeper David Bingham. In the 52nd minute, the Quakes nearly retook the lead. An out-swinging corner kick by Matias Perez Garcia was met in the air by Wondolowski, whose glancing header missed just wide of the far post. San Jose fell to 10 men when Perez Garcia was shown a straight red card in the 67th minute. Thirteen minutes later, FC Dallas took advantage of the extra man and tallied a second goal when midfielder Victor Ulloa was played in by Fabian Castillo and slid the ball inside the near post.




El Observador _44  

Ruben Villa’s Fuchila Freshnes talks to us about his project, vision and success. (Bay area bilingual weekly newspaper since 1980)

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