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Come and see the King of the Road and the rest of Hiho Silver’s amazing show team at Badminton Horse Trials and beyond. What this lovely lot don’t know about jewellery isn’t worth knowing! We’re very, very lucky to have such a great team that work on the shows! Stand 192 Deer Park Drive





to the Hiho Silver Country Shows Journal Welcome to this issue of the Hiho Silver Country Shows Journal – our first one for 2017.

We’re so excited that the event season is in full swing and that the winter is behind us. Over the winter we’ve had a little rejig of the journal and changed the format slightly – we’d love to hear what you think? There’s still an amazing competition and the latest looks, but we have new features about your favourite brands, bloggers and lots more too. We really hope you enjoy it. We’ve put a copy of our show schedule on the back of this edition and invite you to come along and see us at any of the shows we’re at. You’ll be assured of a warm welcome! Team Hiho x


Andrew Ransford

Emma Warren

Rhea Freeman

Nathalie Arnold

Andrew is Hiho Silver’s very own ‘King of the Road’. If you’ve visited a Hiho stand at any event, the chances are you’ve seen him on it with his courtly ladies! When he’s not there, he’s busy designing the stand or sourcing beautiful jewellery for us.

Emma is best known in her role as Managing Director (or Queen Bee) at Hiho Silver, but she has many, many other strings to her bow! She supports lots of small businesses with their growth plans and works mainly on creative growth ideas.

Rhea specialises in anything equestrian and in addition to running her own PR and marketing agency in this area, she’s also a part of the Niche Brands team.

Nathalie is a freelance marketer with a lot of good ideas and an unwavering passion for all things creative... bringing a certain “Je ne sais quoi” to team Hiho.

Photograhy: Jake Eastham

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Contents Win ERM - The first three legs P5 WIN a prize worth £860 with Fairfax & Favor and Evemy & Evemy P12 - 13

Evemy & Evemy P14 - 15

Say Sally May P6 - 9 A bit about Badminton P10 -11

Abi Boulton’s Style Picks P23

Fran Anderson P21 - 22

Happy Birthday Willberry P17

Becca Nicholson P18 - 20

Solid Gold - Hiho P26

Sophie Callahan P30 - 31

Fairfax & Favor P24 - 25 Culinary Diary from Doris P28 - 29

Foxtail - Hiho P27


Top Tips to Country Life & Living P32



We’re delighted to be working with Event Rider Masters this year. As last year, we are providing prizes for the #ERMsupergroom competition, as voted for after each event. We’re honoured to be able to provide a prize for the grooms, the unsung heroes, and we know how much they loved their prizes last year. However, there’s more to ERM than #ERMsupergroom, in fact, this year there are TWO European legs too! In the next three issues we’ll be looking at the legs involved, and in this issue we’re giving you a quick guide to legs 1, 2 and 3.

Leg 1 – Chatsworth House 13th & 14th May

The Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials hosts the first leg of ERM. This stunning house is set in the Peak District and home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Each year, the horse trials brings World class competition, entertainment and over 100 tradestands that are definitely worth a visit.

Leg 2 – Wiesbaden 2nd & 3rd June

Leg 3 – St James’s Place Barbury Castle 8th & 9th July

The Internationales Wiesbadener PfingstTurnier is a new addition to the ERM calendar and hosts the second leg, which is also the first continental European leg. ERM will run alongside international show jumping, Grand Prix and Freestyle dressage and a vaulting competition, as well as the Wiesbadener PferdeNache, a world renowned display of all things horse, held on the Friday evening.

Leg 3 will be held at the St James’s Place Barbury International Horse Trials in Wiltshire, in the heart of horse racing country. The estate is home to National Hunt trainer Alan King. The cross country phase is particularly exciting for spectators as nearly all of Captain Mark Phillips’ cross country course can be viewed from the central arena. In addition to ERM, Barbury also hosts over 70 tradestands during the event as well as the Jockeys vs Eventers vs Showjumpers JCB challenge.

What is Event Rider Masters? Event Rider Masters (ERM) is an innovative CIC*** Eventing series that condenses all of the action into two days, has a record £400,000 prize pot available, streams all the action for free at, will have a highlights show after each leg on Sky Sports Mix and deploys the latest technology to create a more exciting and engaging experience for everyone. Each of the seven legs in the series has £50,000 in prize money to be won, with an additional £50,000 split between the top 3 riders across the series as a whole.

To find out more about ERM and watch the events live, as well as view footage from last year, see 5


Say Sally May 6


Latest in Beauty Customisable Beauty Subscription Box Service

My name is Sally Morgan-Moore and I’m a multi award winning lifestyle blogger from Cambridgeshire. Along with my sidekick husband, Lloyd, to capture my candid profile shots and run around with a video camera with me, I churn out photography and written content, whilst he puts me in the frame and captures even more moments both on film and for the album. ‘Saysallymay’ ( only came to be in late 2015, after many attempts at finding my “niche” through experimenting with blogs about make-up, to strictly fashion, and even comic art, until I realised that none of them were truly “sticking”, because I had too much to say about everything.

Unlike other subscription boxes out there when it comes to beauty products (and there are so very many), LIB allows you to tailor your monthly box by giving you the freedom to select exactly what you want in your delivery, from an ever updating library of top of the range products! I have such sensitive skin, and I can’t risk subscribing to such things without knowing what I’ll be paying for, because 90% of the time I’ll end up with products that break me out. With LIB, that can’t happen! I know what I’m getting (most of which are full size products too), and I too can then reap the benefits of having a monthly treat box of all of my favourite brands at the reduced, collaborative cost! Brilliant!

I’m “a bit of everything” in my approach to content, and it’s been a pleasure to watch it take flight with it in turn being able to attract such a diverse audience to my site and social channels to share my favourite recipes, skincare, style, and travel tales with. It’s the travel part which brought me to ‘Hiho’ actually, after discovering the utterly gorgeous brand following a visit to ‘Dimpsey’ and meeting the ever inspiring Emma Warren. Since my time hosting ‘saysallymay’ I’ve been featured multiple times in print (Blogosphere Magazine – a magazine tailored specifically for bloggers), won silvers for ‘Best Lifestyle and Culture Website’, and ‘Best Entertainment Blog’ at the Cambridge Digital Awards 2016, and worked with some incredible brands to help support their own messages with support from my mixed media development, and a whole lot of enthusiasm for the work they do. 2017 has started off with such a buzz, as I helped to support the launch of one of my favourite beauty subscription brands (Latest in Beauty) by celebrating their incredible makeup and skincare collaboration with Disney and the launch of their latest film, “Beauty and The Beast”, as well as working personally with the delicious ‘Opie’s Foods’ on a recipe for them for Pancake day. The rest of the year continues to look incredibly busy too with the documentation of my home renovation project, more delicious recipe collaborations, and the continuation of my “Japan Diaries” feature, where I’m taking my audience through our 2016 travels around central and western Japan with my tips and recommendations on how to do the same if they have ever had a similar dream. Style Picks! Personal style plays a major part in my content, with over 40% of my audience being fashion and style forward. Here’s a few of my top treats to keep feeling fancy on the inside, and out!

Oversized Fashion

Still loving this trend. When you want to be “comfortably” stylish on any particular day, reaching for oversized tops and tunics work wonders. You have the “floaty freedom” to chill, or buzz around without restriction, whilst at the same time looking super cute. I like to shop this style at or



Origins Express Facial Service

A theme on my site that I regularly like to tackle is the hardship of sensitive skin. I’m always on the lookout to find comfort in my angry, relentless skin, and share my discoveries with relatable readers. One service which keeps my skin now GLOWING and totally relaxed, is the treat of an “Origins Express Facial” which can be tailored just for you at your local, larger Origins stores. You’ll have your own Origins skin specialist go through your needs and skin type, and she or he will tailor your products to suit you. You can then sit back and relax with your step by step facial; from cleansing, toning, moisturising, and masking, all in around 25 minutes! Perfect to pop in on a trip into town if you need a hot minute to wind down and grab a YOU moment.




On my trip to Japan I discovered Matcha.

OK, ok, it’s been fairly popular here in England for a while, but in Japan it’s a key element as a snack AND a drink for a sharp mind, and a clean body (on the inside of course. Don’t bathe in it, haha). One of my favourite things to do right now is incorporate Matcha into baking, which is how my “Mighty Matcha Stack” was born. Some may only associate Matcha with being a drinkable “coffee substitute” (and it IS oh so much kinder to you than coffee, but comes with the same “perks” shall we say), however like coffee it can be used as an additive to cooking. Not only will your energy levels naturally spike, but you’ll be absorbing lots of lovely anti oxidants too, along with the devilishly sweet deliciousness. I swear that bringing Matcha into my life as a substitute to my heavy intake of coffee is helping my skin massively too.



Floral Edge style

Another Style favourite of mine is working a contrast of feminine and “edgy”. On a recent photoshoot, I played around with this look and really loved the results. Mixing a leather look skirt or trousers with a sheer or floaty floral top packs such an impact into a really simple day wear ensemble. Both the shirt and skirt are from Another way I like to mix my “fashion genres” is with perhaps a ripped denim jean combined with a ruffle shirt or a pastel coloured t-shirt and accessories. Soften the look further with some delicate, gold jewellery and a cute hair accessory.


My Favourite Home Treatment Mask Eve Lom More skin treating! BELIEVE THE HYPE of the EVE LOM Rescue Mask. The following issues happen after a harsh winter for me: • Enhanced Redness. • Cystic Acne in much larger clusters. • Maximised dryness (to the point it’s sore to touch at times). • Uneven texture (making my foundation apply like rubbish). If I’m desperate for a quick fix, and can’t get out to an Origins Spa or the like, this mask comes out of the cabinet and sloshes all over my face for maximum effect. My symptoms of sensitive skin are massively reduced after one application, and redness (which is one of the BIGGEST issues) is massively reduced. Not only that, but this mask is incredible for anyone suffering from a migraine headache!! It has an instant cooling effect from its clay formula, and the soothing scent truly helps you out! Your temperature and discomfort of a migraine comes down calmly, and honestly, it has saved me from tears a whole bunch of times. DEFINITELY a worthy investment!


A bit about Badminton

Find out about Badminton House and the history of the horse trials, with a little help from Julian Seaman...

It might be the backdrop to one of the best-known equestrian events in the world, but Badminton House is a lot more than just that. In this feature, we find out a bit more about Badminton House and the history of the horse trials, with a little help from Julian Seaman. Julian is the Media Director at Badminton Horse Trials, but has also written books on this stunning place, that sees crowds of up to 150,000 at the beginning of May each year. Badminton House is situated on the Duke of Beaufort’s estate, on the Gloucestershire and Wilshire border. Manor houses at Great and Little Badminton are mentioned in the Domesday Book (under the name Madmintune) – although the houses that stood then were a little different to the stately home that greets visitors today. The horse trials has been a firm part of the house’s calendar since 1949.


It was the Three Day Event at the London Games in 1948 that was the spark that started the process to create Badminton Horse Trials as we know it today. Actually, when it started, not that many people were too sure about what eventing was… how times have changed! The 10th Duke of Beaufort, who was the inspiration and instigator of the event, died in 1984. This was when his cousin, David Somerset, took the reins. Having been on the organising committee and ridden at Badminton several times (including being a close runner up with Countryman III in 1959), the event was in safe hands. Today, a large team support and run the event, which attracts riders, spectators, shoppers and retailers from all over the world. The event and equestrian activities draw huge crowds, but the shopping and the social aspect of Badminton shouldn’t be underestimated.

The house itself has evolved over time with different owners adding rooms and levels. It wasn’t until around 1730 that the house took a similar form to the one we see today. The house that forms the stunning backdrop to the whole of the event, but in particular the trot up before the dressage phase and the second trot up after the cross country phase, before showjumping begins. The trot up used to be a purely practical affair to check the horses and their soundness, and although this is still the reason for the trot up, it’s evolved a little. For anyone who wants to see what’s hot and not-so-hot in the world of equestrian fashion and style, the trot up is the place to be. If you can’t make it to the event to see this, just stay tuned to Badminton’s social media (and any of the media outlets/bloggers/websites who attend) and you’ll see some stunning outfits and beautiful horses. Of course, it’s not just the house that has become an important part of the horse trials, the stable yard has too. The place where millions of pounds worth of horse, from Olympic winners to first timers, spend their time, has also become a much admired location. Well, it’s more than that, it’s the hub for the riders and their teams over the event. This year’s Badminton sees Hiho sponsoring the best dressed rider at the trot up. This means that Andrew Ransford, Hiho’s very own King of the Road, will be judging the riders’ outfits with members of the Badminton team. After the trot up, the best dressed male and female riders will be rewarded with a piece of Hiho jewellery. If you’d like to find out more about Badminton Horse Trials and the house behind this amazing event, Julian’s book – The Little Book Of Badminton – is available on Amazon (and there’s a Kindle version too!)

available on Amazon ▶

Photograph: Kit Houghton/Mitsubishi Motors



Win We’ve teamed up with Fairfax & Favor AND Evemy & Evemy to bring you an amazing prize bundle worth £860. One lucky reader will win all of this… Fairfax & Favor Highcliffe Handbag RRP £245 This new Fairfax & Favor design is a real stunner. The Highcliffe Handbag is available in tan and navy and is a real timeless piece. It’s small in size but big on style with the design inspired by the feel of a cartridge bag. It’s made from a combination of luxurious leather and suede, complemented by a discreet logo, and has a removable leather strap allowing you to wear it your way.


Evemy & Evemy Buckwheat Cape RRP £280 Perfect for town and country, the Evemy & Evemy Buckwheat cape is handmade in England from showerproof cotton crafted in Northern Ireland. This trans-seasonal piece looks great on a country walk or styled with skinny white jeans at a country show. The Buckwheat is collarless with cushioned buttonhole fastenings and Donegal tweed trimmed armholes. It also comes presented in a drawstring bag. The cape is one size and fits a UK 8-12.


Hiho Silver – Cherry Roller stack We’re giving away three pieces from our Exclusive Cherry Roller Collection - worth £335 Exclusive Sterling Silver & 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil Cherry Roller Snaffle Bangle With Blue CZ Starlight Roller Bead RRP £145 This bangle combines solid sterling silver with 18ct rose gold plated beads and a gorgeous CZ roller bead in the centre. With a clever hinged design, it’s easy to put on and take off.

Exclusive Sterling Silver & 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil Cherry Roller Snaffle Necklace RRP £125

Exclusive Sterling Silver & 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil Cherry Roller Snaffle Earrings RRP £65

This gorgeous piece has a sterling silver and rose gold plated cherry roller in the centre, suspended on a double stranded sterling silver chain.

To complete the set, these earrings are gorgeous. Each one has two rose gold plated sterling silver beads, one sterling silver bead and a snaffle loop at the end.

To be in with a chance to win our fantastic prize, enter on the Hiho Silver stand at our shows (see show schedule on back page) or enter online here. Closing date Sunday 11th June 2017. Good luck! T&Cs 12 apply - see online registration form for details.

Click here to enter  13

Evemy & Evemy is a young brand run by Sophie O’Neill. Here Sophie tells us a bit about this brand, the idea behind it and more.

Evemy & Evemy a passion for country living and fashion...

evemyandevemy @ evemyandevemy @ evemyandevemy @ evemyevemy 14

Why did you start the business? Evemy & Evemy launched in the autumn of 2016 from a love of items Made in Britain coupled with a passion for country living and fashion. Fusing these two passions together, I decided to create a brand. What’s your background? My background is in marketing and I have worked for luxury British fashion brands, including a by Royal Appointment company. What’s special about Evemy & Evemy? Why would someone buy from you? Evemy & Evemy aims to provide stylish ladies’ clothing and accessories, offering both adaptability and sophistication in a range of natural colours and textures. I dart between town and country myself, so I know the need for clothing that can take a woman from a brisk walk to a business meeting. Our products are also all made in England. What are your flagship products – where did the story begin? The natural starting point was a classic cape with a functional design. Capes are both elegant and practical, worn throughout history in town and country – it is this sentiment that formed the ethos of the brand. I was also enamoured with Britain’s fabric manufacturing history, so I wanted to create a piece that did the material justice. Our capes are handmade in England with cotton crafted in Northern Ireland. What’s your favourite show or event? Badminton is a real highlight of my year. Providing an excuse to come to the beautiful Cotswolds, amazing shopping and something for everyone equestrian-wise. I am also a regular visitor at local point to points and country shows in Sussex. I plan to build Evemy & Evemy’s show calendar this year. What’s your funniest business experience? Being at a very windy Point to Point and trying to keep hold of our stock! What’s your best business experience so far? I know it might sound cliché, but meeting and engaging with so many great new people has been really enjoyable! Tell us about a business high Real highs so far include receiving the photos from our first shoot with Lens and Hound – it was so exciting to see the collection styled. It is also so lovely to see customers enjoying and wearing our products on social media, that always puts a smile on my face! 15

Advertisement feature Pumped up at Badminton

Saddlery for the 21st century WOW is the world’s first modular saddle. The wide choice of seat, panels and flaps are all available separately, so you can select the right combination to create the perfect saddle for you, your horse and your chosen discipline. Scientific tests show that Wow’s performance for horse and rider is unbeatable. And because they are based on a flexible tree with a huge range of headplate sizes, and it is so simple to change component parts, this may be the only saddle you will ever need.

One saddle, three disciplines For eventers, Wow’s modular format means that rather than buy two whole saddles, you can have one world-class saddle which fits your horse perfectly, and switch it from dressage to jump in minutes by changing the flaps. The tree, headplate and panels are selected and fitted to suit the horse, while the choice of seat matches the rider. Add your ideal dressage and jump flaps from the wide selection; they will all work with any seat. An additional refinement is that all Wow saddles have two pairs of stirrup bars, allowing a more forward position to be chosen for jumping if required.

On their stand at Badminton in the World of the Horse pavilion, Wow will have 35 different saddles you can sit on – and say ‘WOW!’ (Which is how they were named). As well as admiring the range of options of shape and bespoke styling, a visit to the stand is the perfect opportunity to experience the benefits of Flair air flocking at first hand. Sit on one of Wow’s saddles, and have an experienced fitter adjust the Flair air bags to sit you in perfect balance.

Wow’s Korrector Air Saddle Pad is great for anyone that has multiple horses, or one horse that regularly changes shape throughout its working life. Korrector has four air bags for adjustment and a foam sheet for shock absorbency. You only use those pairs of bags required to correct the saddle, so cutting down on unnecessary bulk under the saddle. The bags can be adjusted in pairs to balance the saddle front to back, or even side to side. Korrector can also be used with just the two front air bags to create a front riser pad, or just the two back ones to create a back riser pad, or with diagonal pairs where an asymmetry compensation is required. Using all four air bags with equal pressure will create a shock absorbing pad under the whole saddle panel. Such a flexible aid to a comfortable saddle fit for your horse! RRP £245






s May sees Willberry’s birthday, we thought we’d do a little piece about the charity, its inspirational founder Hannah, and how you can help raise vital funds.

Willberry Wonder Pony is the cuddly pony that gave the amazing Hannah Francis so much strength during her fight with cancer. More than that, Willberry inspired Hannah to set up her very own charity… Hannah inspired so many people when at 17 years of age she had to put her dream of a career as an event rider on hold after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer in 2015. She documented her journey with the support of her well-loved mascot Willberry Wonder Pony, and at the same time crossed lots of exciting wishes off her bucket list. Sadly, Hannah passed away in August 2016, but her legacy lives on. Willberry proved to be a real hit on social media and Hannah achieved her dream of establishing the Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity, turning Willberry into a


global force for #kickingcancersbutt and, in so doing, raising mon-

Wobbleberries is an initiative set up to raise money for Hannah’s charity by encouraging ‘middle aged wimpy riders’ to challenge themselves by competing at BE80 events in the autumn of 2017. Created by Sally Barr, the Wobbleberries initiative is aiming to raise a whopping £250,000 for Willberry. To find out more, see

ey towards bone cancer research and “Willberry’s Wishes”, granting horsey wishes to those with serious illnesses. There are lots of ways you can help raise funds for Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity, and one is by buying a Willberry charm. We designed these charms with Hannah and donate £10 from the sale of each to the charity. We currently have two charms available with the Special Edition version available with lobster clip or a special clasp for Pandora style bracelets. The



been an incredible way to raise fund for Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity. We have raised well over £10,000 for the Charity... so a big thank you to all Hiho fans who have contributed to this fantastic cause over the last year.

Find out more about Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony at



Becca & Fran

Grooms to Emily and Mary King

The team behind the rider is so important, whether it’s the farrier that helps to keep a performance horse sound, a dedicated instructor that helps the rider get those important extra points or the grooms who look after their equine athletes day in, day out – at home and away. Here, we speak to Becca Nicholson and Fran Anderson who work as grooms for our sponsored rider Emily King. They tell us about their favourite horses, a typical day and lots more.

Becca Nicholson


Becca, how did you get into this career and start working with Emily? I was a groom for an amateur event rider back in Durham while I was studying my degree. After this I decided to get a ‘proper’ job in an office; however I soon realised that my heart and passion is with the horses. I applied for the job with Emily on the off-chance, not really expecting to be considered for the position with me living so far north! I was pretty stunned when I was offered an interview. The rest is now history!

“I do have a soft spot for Emily’s stallion, Quinlan Z. He’s so full of character and cheekiness!”

Who’s your favourite horse and why? I truly love all the horses on the yard so it’s difficult to choose a favourite as they all have amazing and different personalities. Although, I do have a soft spot for Emily’s stallion, Quinlan Z. He’s so full of character and cheekiness! What’s your favourite event and why? Bramham International Horse Trials is definitely my favourite. I’ve been going since I was about 6 so there are a lot of happy memories there. Proudest moment? It would have to be getting the job with Mary and Emily. It was a huge stepping-stone for me – especially with moving to the other end of the country so far from home!

What’s a typical day like? Every typical day starts at 7:30am and finishes at 5pm. As soon as we get in (well after saying hello to the horses), we’ll start with the general yard duties such as mucking out, cleaning and changing waters, haynets, sweeping etc. From about 8am, Mary and Emily will begin exercising the horses so we’ll be getting the horses tacked up ready and if required we’ll also hack or canter some of the horses. After the horses have worked, they’ll have a wash down, noses and mouths wiped and turned out into the field to relax, stretch their legs and above all be horses! We’ll bring the horses in just before lunch and give them a thorough groom, wash their feet inside and out and then oil their feet inside and out. At 1pm, we’ll feed the horses their lunch and do a skip out and tidy round the yard before stopping for ours. The afternoon/ evening jobs start around 2pm consisting of skipping out, topping up waters, ensuring everywhere is clean and tidy plus doing some of the smaller jobs such as tack cleaning, pulling/trimming manes and tails and general spring cleaning around the yard (whether it be cleaning windows or de-cobwebbing!) We’ll feed the horses their haynets at 4:45pm and do a final check to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable before locking up and leaving at 5pm.

Picture: Emily King

“Proudest moment: getting the job with Mary and Emily King.”

What’s the most rewarding bit about your job? Definitely seeing the horses progress and do well. It’s so refreshing to see the hard work paying off! 19

I’m so looking forward to the international events – especially the European’s ( fingers crossed!) as well as hopefully working and living behind the scenes at Bramham! Rider (apart from Emily and Mary, obviously!) that you most admire Obviously I’d be biased and say Mary and Emily, however I’ve always admired Zara Tindall. Zara and Toytown were totally my superheroes for me growing up! Favourite holiday destination? My favourite holiday would have to be Kalkan in Turkey. It’s seriously Turkey’s best kept secret. The weather is amazing, the food is unreal and there’s plenty to see and do; if ( like me) you don’t want to spend the whole holiday sunbathing! Stand you MUST visit at events Funnily enough, I always seem to find myself in Hiho Silver! The jewellery is just gorgeous and seems so versatile! Product you’d love to own I just love the Fairfax & Favour Regina boots. They just look so timeless and classic as well as comfortable and fashionable!

Top tip for long days and lots of time away from home Make sure you have plenty to eat and drink. It’s so important to take the time to refuel and get your energy. Nobody can work well and function on zero. Horse you’d like to steal There’s so many! But Michael Jung’s La Biosthetique Sam FBW is just WOW! He really is the whole package and a total machine across country. Lorry you’d like to steal There’s too many to choose from! I would happily live in some of the lorries on the circuit. They’re probably worth more than my house! Favourite drink Gin! Horsey kit you couldn’t be without I love my Ariat Bromont boots. They’re so comfortable and professional and give you such a secure lower leg when in the saddle as well as being heavy-duty around the yard when necessary! 20

Favourite food Spicy food is my favourite. I’m quite partial to a Chicken Tikka Madras or Chilli Con Carne. The hotter the better! What do you like to do when you’re not working? After long, busy days at work, I try to relax on my days off, although I may visit the gym in that time too!

Interview with Becca Nicholson - Groom to Emily & Mary King

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Fran Anderson Fran, tell us a bit about your background – how did you get into this career and start working with Emily? I previously worked with horses at The Mare And Foal Sanctuary, then saw this job with Mary and Em on facebook. I never thought I’d even get an interview in a million years but sent in a CV anyway, three days later I was offered to come to the yard for an interview (including a cup of tea in their kitchen which was fairly surreal at the time!) and now here I am travelling up and down the country with them each week! Who’s your favourite horse and why? It’s easily common knowledge that Dre is my favourite. He’s such a gentleman and is very kind hearted but still has a fun cheeky side to give him the character we all love. He was also the first horse I rode while only on my second day working for Mary and Em (I was so nervous to be sat on something so important and worth so much money but he was a beauty as always!) Half of my phone’s camera roll is also photos of him! Proudest moment? My proudest moment was probably the Saturday at Belton Horse Trials when we had Dre competing in his first ever CIC*** dressage. Becca and I took so long getting him ready, making sure everything looked perfect, and then to see him in the main arena at Belton strutting his stuff definitely made it all worth it! What’s a typical day like? We arrive at 7.30, muck out all 6 stables and sweep the yards by 8.30. Then Em and Mary come out to start exercising horses which will go on until around 1 (on a good day we get to ride too) and the horses each go out for an hour or so after being worked; then we get our lunch somewhere around 1 and 2 for an hour to sunbathe! And then the afternoon until 5 usually involves either getting ready for an event or more yard jobs until all the horses get fed and we head home. What’s the most rewarding bit about your job There’s so much to choose from here! I think any achievement, big or small, is a huge reward. It makes all the stupidly long days working from 1am until 10pm the next day all worth it. Anything from standing on the yard at 2am trying to plait a horse’s forelock (say Bobby who doesn’t like to stand still for more than 3 seconds!) and they stand there and it’s perfectly plaited in 2 minutes; but then a huge reward would be something like getting time to watch your most loved horse run a phase at an event. It’s easy to get stuck at the lorry all day and not appreciate what you’re getting the horses tack up ready for, so being able to even run and watch a CIC*** dressage test or a BE100 showjumping round can be so rewarding and

really remind you why you do it! (And take your mind off how tired you are for a bit!) What are you most looking forward to this season? I’m probably most looking forward to seeing how Dre and Currant (Dargun and Cooley Currency) progress through their beginning stages of CIC*** events and upwards. But equally to see how Amme, Rosie and Quinn (Amadeus, Kings Rose and Quinlan Z) progress from their first ever BE events at the start of this season, onwards and upwards hopefully onto bigger fences and better dressage tests (meaning Rosie will have to leave out the complimentary buck midway through her test - the judges don’t appreciate it quite as much as she thinks they do! And Quinn will have to get over his fear of water on the XC phase - there’s been much improvement recently so fingers crossed he’s got over it!)


I’ve been hoping to go to Iceland for years now, to see the northern lights and swim in the blue lagoon, it’s a definite bucket list dream. I get November and December off at the end of the year when the season finishes so hopefully I can drop enough hints to the boyfriend between now and then that there might be tickets heading my way for Christmas?! I can hope! Stand you MUST visit at events The burger van?! Also the Ariat stand gets a visit from me at each event ( however I find the burger van much more affordable!) Product you’d love to own If Em’s horse Dre counts as a product I’d love to own him?! Although I don’t think my bank account would stretch so far. I say it most days on the yard and I don’t know if it even exists but a machine to roll up bandages for me, it takes so long to roll them all up after working 6 horses! Top tip for long days and lots of time away from home More food and beer than one person could safely consume over the length of the trip! Those of us who aren’t driving all have a beer or two on the way home and what’s better to do when you’re bored in the lorry watching the same film you’ve seen 20 times already than eat! Horse you’d like to steal

Interview with Fran Anderson - Groom to Emily & Mary King

Favourite holiday destination?

100% Dre! (Dargun). He’s my absolute favourite, I’ve told Em he’s more than welcome to come and live with me over the winter on his time off but I don’t think she was convinced!

Lorry you’d like to steal Probably William Fox–Pitt’s lorry. It’s an Oakley like ours but wrapped in matte black with the Jeep logo printed on it in black gloss (I’m not a fan of colour!) Favourite drink There’s 100% nothing better at the end of a long summer’s day at work than an ice cold pint of Thatchers Gold. Somehow it always tastes better sat in the local pub beer garden ( but unfortunately costs twice as much!) Can’t beat it. Horsey kit you couldn’t be without We’ve got these blue plastic mitts which Clippersharp send us called the Smart Grooming Super Groomer. It’s part of their mud-busting range, I can assure anyone that it will be the best £7.95 you ever spend. I’ve been around horses for 15 years now and this is the only thing I’ve ever found which genuinely gets the dried mud off so quickly and thoroughly. No more wanting to cry when you see the state Currant has got himself into, rubbing his face in the mud! Favourite food Any kind of food and I’m happy! One food I could eat any time, any place would probably be hot-cross buns with loads of butter on. But if it’s been a long day and Mary cooks dinner on the drive home I’d probably eat anything she put in front of me! What do you like to do when you’re not working Trying to catch up on sleep is normally a number 1 priority! However I have a horse of my own at home which means I’m never really away from them for more than a few hours! On the extremely rare occasion I get a weekend day off I normally spend it with my boyfriend. We never get to spend a whole day together so it’s nice to actually get to relax for a while - boring! 22

Style Picks


bi Boulton, also known as Tic Toc Eventing, shares with us her plans for this season and beyond. She’s also highlighted some of her style picks for the season ahead, to help you stay stylish wherever you go…

My name is Abi Boulton from Tic Toc Eventing, I am 22 years old and currently based at home in Staffordshire. The 2017 eventing season has finally come around and I am super excited!! After finishing the season last year, all the horses have had a much-deserved time off before returning to training over the winter; prepping for the new season. My main aim this year with my top horse Tilston Tic Toc is to qualify for Badminton 2018. We have completed Burghley the last couple years and are hopefully returning this September but it would be a dream to be able to make it to Badders with him as well. I am also aiming to compete the rest

of the team successfully and focus on doing my best to train each of the horses at their own pace. I really want to make sure they all reach their full potential; using the experience I am gaining from riding Tilston Tic Toc, my trainers and the support system I am so lucky to have around me.

I am very grateful to be able to have the opportunity to compete a bigger team of horses this year thanks to some new owners and a little investment from my mum and myself. So, fingers crossed and watch this space! My style picks include some of my absolute favourite pieces from companies I am such fans of and honoured to be associated with.

Dalton’s Snaffle Clasp Belt

Fairfax & Favor Chelsea Boots

A stylish yet subtle addition to complement literally any outfit! I absolutely love mine and am rarely seen without it!

A huge favourite of mine which are an ideal everyday wear – currently no.1 on my wish list!

Hiho Silver  Double Chained Snaffle necklace

Another item I am hardly seen without; gifted to me last year from Hiho themselves I have had so many people ask me about it this piece which is now available to buy!

Hiho Silver Cherry Roller  Ring An absolute must-have from their Cherry roller collection, a stunning item to wear at special occasions.

Fairfax & Favor Pembroke  Handbag

Holland Cooper City Chelsea Coat

Available in both Tawny and Charcoal this coat has a place both in the country and in the city.

Tic Toc Eventing

A recently launched product that is so versatile it makes it perfect for both an evening out or a day at the races.





I 1.

Why did you start Fairfax & Favor?

We wanted to create a lifestyle brand, shoes and high quality leather products that we and our friends could afford and appreciate, whilst keeping the brand young and fun that reaches a wide range of ages and people. We also wanted to work for ourselves as friends in a comfortable environment that suited us. 2.

f you’ve visited any country or equestrian country style or… well… you’ve been on soc Fairfax & Favor brand. Fairfax & Favor, s Fountaine just three years ago. In this short spa country brand (loved by Hiho’s brand ambassa we’re delighted to be able to share a bit about th

Tell us a bit about you- the founders of the brand

We have both been friends from a young age, we then went to Stow together. We have a lot of similar interests, Marcus then went to study in Manchester and I went to Cirencester Agricultural College. We both love to travel and have recently returned from Africa, we got up to all sorts including jumping off Victoria Falls, which was an incredible experience. But in general we really enjoy being based in Norfolk, you’ll usually find us after work in the local pub surrounded by friends and family. 3. What’s your USP? What makes Fairfax & Favor special? The special quality about Fairfax and Favor is that you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying into the Fairfax and Favor lifestyle, friends and family. We want to see you at our shows, we want to know what you think of our products and we want to stay in touch. Fairfax and Favor wouldn’t be succeeding if it weren’t for the relationships we build with our customers both new, and old. 4. What’s your favourite show? That’s a hard one to call we have such a good time at all the shows, the obvious three would be Burghley, The Game Fair and Badminton. This year we’re particularly excited for Badminton as we will be exhibiting outside for the first time. Let’s hope the weather holds up for some g&t’s in the sun and exclusive launches of our brand new products. 24

fairfaxandfavor @ fairfaxfavor @ fairfaxandfavor


n show, are a dedicated follower of equestrian and cial media recently, you’ll no doubt have ‘met’ the started by Felix Favor Parker and Marcus Fairfax ace of time, Fairfax & Favor has made itself a go to adors Harriet Edwards and Abi Boulton too!), and he brand with you that you might not know.

Funniest experience:

(chuckles) How long have you got? There are so many to choose from, I remember once driving a trailer all the way up to the Royal Highland and forgetting the trailer key! We always say in the F&F team - Live and learn. 6. Best business experience: We have so many in short three years, but the best has got to be raising £15k for breast cancer last year. Seeing the overwhelming support and connection from customers was really touching. 7.

Business highs:

This year already there have been so many highs. Like starting shows in Europe, which will be an exciting new experience, and a chance to meet new people. We also recently moved to a much larger warehouse in Portugal, just to keep up with demand. Also last week we got back from our largest photoshoot to date, set in the Moroccan mountains, which was incredible. We can’t forget our amazing team in Norfolk, which is rapidly growing. 8. Flagship product: Our flagship product would have to be our signature boot the Regina, it’s classic, elegant, stylish and great with any outfit. Keep an eye out though, as we are about to launch our new over the knee boots, which will be sister to the Regina.


SOLID GOLD from Hiho Silver T

his season will see solid gold pieces on the Hiho Silver tradestand… bespoke and made to customer demand..

As you know, we’ve incorporated gold vermeil (a type of plating that has a more durable finish due to the thickness of the gold applied) into a range of pieces, including our popular Exclusive Cherry Roller Collection. Recently, we’ve added solid gold beads or rollers to the range, to create more options for those who want to add real gold.

In addition to this, we’ve launched two new solid gold pieces. This ring and bracelet from our Solid Gold Collection. Both pieces are based on two best sellers – our Snaffle Ring and Snaffle Bracelet. If you’re a fan of gold, then don’t let our name fool you, you’ll find lots of gold on our stand this year too!


... and introducing a special


We’re really excited to be able to introduce you to a brand new addition to our range – the Hiho Foxtail Bracelet. This sterling silver bracelet has been designed to look gorgeous when adorned with Roller Charm Beads, including the Hiho Special Edition Badminton Roller Charm, to celebrate Badminton 2017. Just 50 Badminton Roller Charms exist and and that’s all we’ll be making for this year, so if you’d like one, you can order now or buy on the stand. With a horse shoe studded with crystals and engraving on the back, it’s a great way to remember this superb event… and it looks amazing on our new Foxtail Bracelet! The Foxtail Bracelet costs £65 and the Hiho Special Edition Badminton Roller Charm costs £35.


Culinary diary from Doris... GIN Doris does love a gin & tonic and has been extremely pleased to see the growth in new distilleries popping up throughout the UK and Ireland. She has been sampling them here and there and has a list of firm favourites which does change regularly as new gins come to the market. However, a couple of gins are permanent features on the drinks trolley and one of those is Salcombe Gin, from a Devon-based distillery. Here’s the background to the brand from their website… Salcombe Gin was born out of a love of gin, a dream to produce the finest white spirit in the world in one of the most stunning coastal towns, Salcombe. With an uncompromising approach to quality and an almost obsessive attention to detail, they aim to produce exceptional hand crafted gins in small batches. Working with an extremely talented team, they purpose-built a distillery and set about producing a gin of exceptional quality. An interesting twist is the inclusion of citrus fruits and spices for their gin from the old trading routes sailed by the Salcombe Fruiters. During the 19th century the Fruiters were responsible for importing over eighty percent of the fresh citrus fruits to England on fast sailing vessels, which were copper bottomed and built in Salcombe. The Salcombe Gin team worked with local historians to trace these old trading routes and source ingredients from the countries which Salcombe Fruiters historically traded with. 28

One of the founders, Angus, recommends serving Salcombe Gin with lots of ice, Fevertree tonic and a slice of ruby red grapefruit. Doris followed his lead and found it absolutely delicious, and then tried with Fentiman’s Tonic, which also made a for a most quaffable gin and tonic! Check out your local pub’s gin shelf or the website stockist list for ideas on where to try Salcombe Gin. Also, they do run a gin school where you can see the distilling process in action and even distil your own bottle of gin. More details can be found on the website.

Doris does love a picnic – be it hastily chucked together out of whatever’s in the fridge or more deliciously, when she has the time to go to town with tablecloths and lots of home-baked goodies. Being a practical sort of lady, Doris likes to make things that can be prepared in bulk and one portion used for the picnic and then others frozen for later consumption. Badminton Horse Trials marks the start of the true picnic season for Doris, she has fond memories of attending events with her Nanna as a child – with brown bread sandwiches, ripe tomatoes straight from the greenhouse and a flask of tea, always served in the flask mug with milk from a small screw top jar. Doris usually likes to take a potted pate with her, perfect for spreading onto lovely fresh bread and she has two family favourites that she generally makes to share with you.

CHICKEN LIVER PATE Doris’s father was in the Navy and this recipe came from the chef on the Royal Yacht Brittania. Ingredients: • 2 Pints Water • 2 teaspoons of salt • 8 peppercorns • Half teaspoon of tabasco sauce • Quarter teaspoon grated nutmeg • Quarter teaspoon ground cloves • 1 clove of garlic • 1 celery stalk • 3 parsley sprigs • 1lb (450g) chicken (or other) chopped livers • 8oz (225g) soft butter • 2 teaspoons English mustard • 1 onion finely minced or chopped • 2 tablespoons brandy or dry sherry Method:

Bring water to a boil in a saucepan, add salt, celery, parsley and peppercorns. Simmer for 10 minutes and then add liver and cook for a further 10 minutes. Strain and discard liquid. Place livers, butter, nutmeg, mustard, onion, garlic, cloves, tabasco and brandy or sherry into an electric blender or food processor and blitz until pate consistency. After thoroughly blending all ingredients, place into serving dish and chill for 8 hours. If preparing for a picnic then a lidded bowl or dish is ideal. As pate is a meat based dish, when packing it for your picnic, do be sure to use a coolbox and keep it chilled until serving.

MUSHROOM PATE This recipe is a perfect vegetarian option for your picnic but will be loved by non-vegetarians too. Ingredients: • 3oz (84g) butter • 2 small onions, finely sliced • 1 clove garlic • 8oz (225g) flat mushrooms • 1oz (28g) fresh wholewheat breadcrumbs • 4oz (112g) cottage cheese • Pinch of grated nutmeg • Pinch of ground mace • Salt & Pepper


Melt 1oz (28g) butter in a saucepan and cook onions and garlic gently for 3 minutes. Add the mushrooms, cover and cook for 15 minutes. Remove the lid and turn up the heat and reduce the liquid until the mushrooms are just moist. Add a further 1oz (28g) of butter. Cool slightly, then put mushrooms, breadcrumbs, cottage cheese, nutmeg, mace, salt & pepper and remaining butter into a blender and blend until smooth. Taste and adjust the seasoning to your taste and spoon the pate into a small dish. Cover and chill for minimum of two hours. Just before serving sprinkle the top with parsley and garnish with lemon 29 wedges.

Through the Lens:


ophie Callahan is a specialist equine photographer as well as a blogger, vlogger and Hiho Silver ambassador. Here Sophie shares some of her top tips on how to get the best pictures when you’re out and about at events, to help you create stunning, long lasting memories.

SophieCallahanPhotos @ SophiecCallahan @ sophiecallahan 30

Sophie Callahan I’ve been photographing horses exclusively for the past four to five years, but before I specialised in equine photography, I began my career in event photography. At the time, we photographed everything from football tournaments, to dance competitions, a few horse shows and even roller blading. So I learnt, very early on, how to use my camera for high action situations, in all kinds of light. The great thing about photographing the majority of horse trials is that they’re outside, so we’re gifted with natural light, meaning we don’t usually have to worry about utilising artificial light sources. So, how do you use natural light to your advantage? For my portrait shoots, I’ll often take backlit shots and play around with different light, to create a soft, dreamy feel, but with sports photography, it is best to have the sun behind you and your subject well lit. A fast lens is preferable. You will need to set your camera to either shutter priority or manual, and you’ll need to be using a fast shutter speed and a relatively high ISO, to ensure that you are freezing the motion of your subject, whilst still allowing in lots of light, to achieve a well exposed image. Getting the perfect scenario, in terms of light, backdrop, movement, composition, etc. is a slim possibility when you’re photographing at events. It’s real life and things, people and other factors will likely get in the way of creating the perfect shot. The idea is to try and find the best possible shot, whilst taking all of that into account. Knowing where to stand and knowing your camera will help immensely. There is no substitute for practice, when it comes to action photography. Getting outdoors with your camera and practicing photographing horses on the move will be the best way to learn and improve. A good photographer will learn to anticipate movement and this will allow them to snap the perfect shot, at just the right moment. With jumping shots, you ideally want to capture the horse in mid air, or stretched out from take off. Standing directly in line with the fence, at a 45 degree angle from the fence, or directly in front of the fence, are all different possibilities, that will create a different style of image. With dressage, we want to photograph the horse on the upward part of the stride, so that they appear uphill, no matter what pace they are in. In the trot, it is preferable to capture the forelimb nearest the camera, extended. My best advice, for photographing horses is to get out there are do it. As I said, there is no substitute for experience and you will make mistakes, learn from them and improve as you go. Every situation is different, so be prepared to flexible and forward thinking. And most of all, enjoy!


Top Tips to Country Life & Living ...


e asked our Hiho Facebook page fans for their top country and equestrian tips… and we asked our King of the Road too! The best tip was shared in a wonderful poem by Helen Maria Curtis who won a £50 Hiho voucher – congratulations!

A little tweed is such a good bet Especially if it’s not that warm yet A fluffy muffler and pair of furry gloves Teamed with Hi Ho jewellery that everyone loves.

If you use show sheen or coat gloss on your horse before a show, don’t apply to the saddle area. You know how it makes the coat silky and shiny? Neither of these help keep your saddle in the right place!

Days out and about in the fresh air Taking in the countryside for which we all should care Looking glamorous, keeping fit, admiring the views Meeting friends old and new, blows away the blues.

Kathryn F. “Good advice...”

So to ensure that you look the part Get yourself to Hiho Silver for a start They have such a wonderfully elegant selection Especially their new ‘Country Collection’ Helen M. C. “Brilliant poem - Thank you” Always keep your dog on a lead around livestock. No matter how reliable you think your dog, it’s not worth the risk of either livestock , your dog or you getting injured. Sam B. “Excellent tip Sam - Thank you” 32

And a few tips from our King of the Road ... Time spent leaning on the gate watching your horses is time well spent! Trust your instinct. If a horse that always jumps, stops for no reason then take him home and find out what’s wrong... Savlon with cling film is brilliant for mud fever. But flowers of sulphur, another remedy, will turn your silver jewellery black! Be consistent in your messages to your horse. Bits get sparkling if you clean them in the dishwasher!

Hiho - your Country Jewellery Brand... unique designs and perfect to wear... from mucking out... to going out Tel: 01460 221006 Enter “CSJB17” at checkout for 10% discount offer ends 15/06/17



Badminton Horse Trials 3rd – 7th May

Chatsworth International Horse Trials 12th - 14th May

Rockingham International Horse Trials

18th - 22nd August

Blair Castle International Horse Trials 24th - 27th August

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 31st August - 3rd September

19th - 21st May

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Little Gatcombe Horse Trials

Houghton International Horse Trials

Bleinheim Palace International Horse Trials

Bramham International Horse Trials

LeMieux National Dressage Championships

Royal Highland Show 22nd – 25th June

Osberton International Horse Trials

6th – 9th July

Cheltenham The Showcase

11th – 13th July

Cheltenham The Open

19th July

Olympia - The London International Horse Show

8th - 10th September

23rd - 27th May

13th - 17th September

8th – 11th June

Barbury International Horse Trials Great Yorkshire Show

28th September - 1st October 27th & 28th October

The Peterborough Festival of Hunting

17th - 19th November

Game Fair, Hatfield House 28th - 30th July

13th - 17th September

25th – 28th May

Show dates 2017

The Berkeley Group Pony Club Championships

12th - 18th December

The Festival of British Eventing Gatcombe Horse Trials

Cheltenham - The International 15th & 16th December

4th - 6th August

We look forward to seeing you at our show stand throughout the season. If you’re not coming to see us, don’t forget that we have two shops in Sherborne and Dorchester and we’re always online at If you need help with sizing or finding the perfect gift, our Countess of Contentment is available to help you on the phone too! We’d love it if you joined us on our social media, we can be found at:,, and

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