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Technology A Solutions

ccording to an article from, contractor adoption of telematics is somewhere between seven and 17 percent, depending on the source. This number is most surprising given the fact that 80 percent of heavy equipment produced for the U.S. since 2009 has come equipped with this machine monitoring technology. Diving into your telematics data is a great way to distance yourself from the competition.


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4 ON THE JOB 2017

Using telematics data, you can reduce equipment costs, extend machine life, prevent unscheduled downtime and spot problems before failures. Most contractors use basic telematics information—such as machine operating hours, location, and fuel consumption—to produce measurable improvements in operating costs. Most new equipment has telematics built-in, so all that’s required is activation. Here are some of the specific cost-saving benefits you can get from your telematics data: ›Location › features help keep equipment and people safe by alerting operators and sounding proximity warnings.

›› Telematics can help optimize utilization by tracking parked or forgotten units, thereby preventing unnecessary rentals. ›› Most OEMs provide apps that enable you to access information via smartphone or tablet, so you can check on equipment condition, fuel burn, idle time or service hours. ›› Condition monitoring alerts help control maintenance and repair costs by reducing downtime. With telematics data you’ll be able to identify and rectify overused or underused equipment to optimize operations across your sites. You want to avoid having any machine run more than it should or run only 20 percent of the time. Your goal is to use all machines to their full capacity—and telematics provides the essential data. Caterpillar® has always been committed to innovations that provide customer solutions. With advancements in technology and connectivity we are delivering new levels of efficiency and productivity that help you make more money. Cat® Connect technologies and services include hardware and software designed to improve your operation—including Cat and non Cat assets—as well as help you leverage data generated by your assets to boost business results and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Information sharing and accuracy

As your team deals with changing requirements or unplanned worksite events, it can be challenging to keep different priorities from competing with one another. It takes a lot of information sharing and communication to keep an operation running on schedule and on budget. Technology can provide a big advantage in terms of speed of communication and accuracy of information provided.

The challenge is getting started and learning how to get everyone in sync. There simply isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Each company’s journey is unique.

Stop chasing the paper trail—adopt Cloud computing

Running from site to office to trailer so you can update, print and distribute information eats up your critical resources. The Cloud platform simply means that users with an Internet connection can access “live” information from anywhere. Do you check your email on your smartphone? You’re already using the cloud. Here are eight quick ways the Cloud can save you time, money and headaches: ›› Rapid decision making when personnel can connect instantly from any location ›› Faster response time to RFIs (Requests for Information), change orders and purchase orders ›› Snap and send photos of worksite activity ›› Check manufacturers’ instructions ›› Confirm calculations ›› Instantly look up building codes ›› Quickly check contracts ›› Track weather Accessing information via the Cloud, your crew has instant access to important information from their phone or tablet. Using a phone or tablet, they can check codes and specifications for materials, approve material orders/ deliveries with no waiting, confirm crew payroll or time off, and manage maintenance schedules with no downtime. According to a recent Texas A&M survey, 72 percent of construction professionals use smartphones at work; 54 percent use laptops and half use tablets. Phones and tablets empower employees to access and share accurate

information with the tap of a finger. One contractor found that superintendents using a voice-to-text application (app) could save at least 30 minutes a day in preparing reports. There are a wide number of apps that can be useful for your team in the field; here are some of the most often used: ›› Permit apps (for sending and receiving permits) ›› Resource tracking apps (tag assets and monitor their location) ›› Inventory apps (monitoring items that are depleted and restocked) ›› Fleet tracking apps (monitor vehicle routes & fuel) ›› Inspection apps (speed walkarounds) ›› Safety apps (notification system to alert foremen of problems) The introduction of control technologies for grading, compacting and measuring payload has increased construction companies’ ability to get more work done regardless of operator skill levels. With machine control and guidance technologies, accuracy of work is to exact specifications, therefore, less rework is required and more work gets done each shift. Another benefit is reduced wear on machines. Productivity and cost saving advantages come primarily from increased accuracy of computer guided or monitored buckets and blades, and increased speed of automated “assist” features that make the operator faster and more accurate. Other advantages include reduced man hours because fewer workers are needed to check progress/complete jobs, and increased jobsite safety. With good planning, return on the machine control technology investment can be accelerated. Careful monitoring of machine control performance will maximize the impact on productivity to be integrated into future bids. OTJ Our dealership can help you create a Cat Equipment Management Solutions plan to meet your specific needs. ON THE JOB 2017 5

Fundamentals of Fuel ADD TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE


uel is a major cost driver for contractors and other construction equipment owners. Knowing how to accurately quantify fuel use is a key step in managing these costs. Fuel consumption measures the number of gallons you use every hour. Fuel efficiency measures the amount of work you do with every gallon. Fuel efficiency is defined as material moved (work) in a time period over the amount of fuel consumed to move the material in the same time period. To put this formula into plain terms, material moved, also known as productivity, is measured in tons or cubic yards. Fuel consumed is measured in gallons used to move the material. The unit of time for fuel efficiency is an hourly measurement that results in tons or cubic yards per gallon. Improvements in fuel efficiency are achieved by either increasing the productivity while retaining the same amount of fuel consumed, or reducing the fuel consumed while retaining the same productivity level.

Both are important—and each must be properly managed to optimize profitability. Count on Caterpillar® and your Cat® dealer for products, solutions and expertise that will help you control consumption, improve efficiency and realize more profit from every tank.

Take another look at fuel consumption

Equipment owners use the consumption rate (gallons per hour) as a metric for comparing machines. They assume that a model with a lower rate must be a more economical option. But the fuel consumption rate, though important, needs to be looked at in context with two other factors: idle time and working time.



6 ON THE JOB 2017

Idle Time

If a machine logs a lot of idle time during a shift, it uses fewer gallons of fuel per hour because it takes less fuel to idle than it does to work. But the owner does not benefit from this reduction in the fuel consumption rate. In fact, the extra idle time simply wastes fuel, drives costs up over the life of the machine and increases emissions. Fuel costs are just part of the story. When you rack up a lot of non-productive hours, you: ›› Increase emissions ›› Jeopardize component life ›› Accelerate wear of Tier 4 technologies ›› Perform unnecessary fluid and filter changes ›› Burn through warranty hours ›› Sacrifice resale value

Working Time

If a machine works virtually all shift long—and rarely idles— its hourly fuel consumption rate may look high. But the owner recovers value from the extra fuel used. Work gets done, revenue gets generated and the potential for profit grows. OTJ Contact our dealership for advice on cutting idle time, increasing working time and earning more profit from every tank.


Limit idle time at shutoff. Older engines need two minutes, newer engines almost none.


Turn off trucks that are waiting more than five minutes to load or unload.


Restrict morning warm-ups to three to five minutes.


Turn off equipment during lunchtime, breaks and other periods when not in use.


Use the automatic shutdown feature when available.


Anticipate the mobile requirements of other equipment and position the inactive machine where it won’t impede the movement of other units.

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Superior Dealer Support


ou need to maximize fuel efficiency, minimize operating costs and gain every minute of production you can. Your Cat® dealer has the experience to help you enhance every aspect of your operation, so you can work faster and more efficiently than ever. When you buy Cat equipment, you also receive full support from your local Cat dealer and the resources of the Cat dealer network. Caterpillar’s range of support services includes:

›› The industry’s most extensive machine lineup ›› Broad range of attachments ›› Full range of purchase, lease and rental financing options ›› Selection of Cat used equipment ›› Extensive fleet of Cat and allied rental equipment ›› Technology products to increase productivity, reduce costs ›› Machine selection and configuration assistance ›› Operator, maintenance and service training ›› The Cat Financial Commercial Account for parts, service, rentals, attachments and used equipment* ›› Cat original, Reman, quality used, and Classic™ parts ›› Extensive new parts inventory at each of our locations ›› Full range of diagnostic tools, services and equipment ›› Complete shop and field service by experienced technicians ›› S•O•SSM Fluids Analysis program ›› An array of customizable Customer Support Agreements ›› Cat Insurance Physical Damage program

ON THE JOB 2017 7

Skid Steer Loaders TAKE PRODUCTIVITY TO A NEW LEVEL 226D, 232D 236D, 242D, 246D, 262D, 272D2, 272D2 XHP Comfortable and versatile, Cat® Skid Steer Loaders feature ergonomic controls and a sealed, pressurized cab so operators can focus on the job in front of them. Their high-performance powertrain and the Cat Intelligent Leveling™ system help to maximize performance. These machines are also compatible with a wide variety of attachments to tackle everything from drilling holes to moving dirt to groundsweeping finishing work. Plus, save on man-hours with a quick coupler that enables fast attachment changes. ›› Gross Power: 67.1 hp to 110 hp ›› Rated Operating Capacities: 1,550 lb to 3,900 lb ›› Electronic Torque Management system helps maximize performance, minimize fuel consumption ›› Available high-back, heated, air-ride seats include seatmounted, adjustable joystick controls ›› Sealed and pressurized cabs provide a cleaner, quieter work environment ›› Speed Sensitive Ride Control option assures an even smoother ride with better material retention ›› Available high-flow, high-pressure hydraulic systems efficiently run even the most power-hungry attachments



8 ON THE JOB 2017

Designed and built for maximum performance and safety, CatÂŽ Skid Steer Loaders provide power, versatility, efficiency, ease of operation and reliability.

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Multi Terrain Loaders TREAD LIGHTLY

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257D, 277D, 287D, 297D2, 297D2 XHP Cat® Multi Terrain Loaders work where other compact track loaders can’t. The unique rubber track undercarriages deliver low ground pressure, preventing damage to sensitive, soft surfaces. There are also a wide variety of attachments you can choose from depending on your specific needs. ›› Gross Power: 74.3 hp to 110 hp ›› Rated Operating Capacities: 2,800 lb to 5,060 lb – 50 percent tipping load ›› Standard, fully independent torsion axle suspension and Speed Sensitive Ride Control option assure a smoother ride, better material retention ›› High-flow, high-pressure hydraulic systems are available to maximize attachment performance ›› Intelligent Leveling™ system and optional positioning capabilities speed cycle times ›› Industry-leading sealed and pressurized cab option provides a cleaner, quieter work environment ›› Available high-back, heated, air-ride seats include seat-mounted, adjustable joystick controls

10 ON THE JOB 2017

Compact Track Loaders TACKLE HARSH UNDERFOOT CONDITIONS 239D, 249D, 259D, 279D, 289D, 299D2, 299D2 XHP With their suspended, rubber track undercarriage, Cat® Compact Track Loaders offer exceptional versatility, flotation, traction and stability over a wide range of conditions and terrains. ›› Gross Power: 67.1 hp to 110 hp ›› Rated Operating Capacities: 2,050 lb to 4,975 lb – 50 percent tipping load ›› Standard, fully independent torsion axle suspension and Speed Sensitive Ride Control option assure a smoother ride, better material retention ›› High-flow, high-pressure hydraulic systems are available to maximize attachment performance ›› Intelligent Leveling™ system and optional positioning capabilities speed cycle times ›› Industry-leading sealed and pressurized cab option provides a cleaner, quieter work environment ›› Available high-back, heated, air-ride seats include seat-mounted, adjustable joystick controls ›› Bar-style rubber track tread option available for extra traction, especially when operating in snow


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ON THE JOB 2017 11

Hydraulic Excavators

FUEL EFFICIENT AND HIGH PERFORMANCE An extensive line of Cat® Mini Hydraulic Excavators offers the performance to dig in and be productive on every job. Fuel efficiency and versatility make Cat Small Hydraulic Excavators ideal choices for many utility applications. Innovative solutions are also available as part of the mini excavator model line up. The 300.9D VPS (versatile power system) allows zero emissions operation indoors. The 304.5E2 XTC (eXtra Tool Carrier) utilizes a skid steer loader coupler interface for added versatility and productivity.

MINI 300.9D, 301.4C, 301.7D, 301.7D CR, 302.4D, 302.7D CR, 303E CR, 303.5E2 CR, 304E2 CR, 304.5E2 XTC, 305E2 CR, 305.5E2 CR, 307E2, 308E2 CR ›› Net Power: 13 hp to 65 hp ›› Operating Weights: 2,061 lb to 19,184 lb ›› High digging forces and fast cycle times help you complete more work, faster ›› Auxiliary hydraulics with quick disconnect fittings maximize attachment performance ›› Pin-Grabber Coupler enables the operator to change attachments quickly ›› Auto idle, auto two-speed and a load-sensing variable pump optimize fuel efficiency ›› Compact or standard radius tail swing as well as swing, fixed and variable angle boom options enable you to match working conditions on any jobsite ›› Quiet, spacious cabs and smooth ergonomic controls with integrated auxiliary and swing-boom functions keep operators comfortable, reducing fatigue

SMALL 312E, 313F L, 314E CR, 315F L, 316F L, 318F L, 319D L/LN ›› Net Power: 91 hp to 125 hp ›› Operating Weights: 33,080 lb to 43,872 lb ›› Improved fuel efficiency delivers more work at lower cost ›› Higher digging forces, increased lifting capacity and more drawbar pull offer best-in-class versatility and performance ›› Sleek, in-cab LCD monitor is full-color, user-friendly and provides access to service, performance and maintenance tracking ›› Unparalleled Tool Control System offers preset Cat tool settings and pre-programmable pressure and flow for up to 10 hydraulic attachments

12 ON THE JOB 2017

315F L

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Fuel efficiency and versatility make CatÂŽ Small Hydraulic Excavators ideal choices for many utility applications.

ON THE JOB 2017 13

Backhoe Loaders SUPERIOR DESIGN, ADVANCED FEATURES 415F2, 415F2 IL, 416F2, 420F2/420F2 IT, 430F2/430F2 IT, 450F Cat® Backhoe Loaders provide superior digging, trenching, backfilling and material handling capability and can be used for many applications. Cat backhoes deliver the power and precise handling you need when operating in areas where using larger equipment is not practical. Because of their relatively small frame size and versatility, backhoe loaders improve construction productivity and lower your machine operating costs. ›› Net Power: 68 hp to 127 hp ›› Digging Depths: 14.3 ft to 21.4 ft ›› Operating Weights: 15,207 lb to 27,115 lb ›› Powerful, load-sensing hydraulic systems provide excellent response for improved hoe and loader productivity and more bucket breakout force ›› All new operator station with machine controls at operator’s fingertips and multiple adjustments to keep the operator comfortable and productive* ›› An economy mode, that not only saves fuel, but maintains machine performance* ›› Industry-leading versatility with an integrated toolcarrier that provides a hydraulic coupler and increased loader performance over the single tilt loader, as well as parallel lift* ›› Air-suspension seat and ergonomic controls provide a comfortable working environment ›› Travel speeds up to 25 mph enable faster roading between jobsites * Features don’t apply to 450F model

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14 ON THE JOB 2017


The CatÂŽ 415F2 IL Industrial Loader is purpose-built with components such as new hydraulic valves and controls, loader arms, three-point hitch and an available box blade scraper developed for the skip loader market.

ON THE JOB 2017 15

Wheel Loaders



16 ON THE JOB 2017

Cat® Compact Wheel Loaders deliver high performance, versatility, and precision in any application. Built to the same tough standards as the larger Cat Wheel Loaders, the small wheel loaders are ideal for a wide range of jobs.

COMPACT 903C2, 906M, 907M, 908M, 910M, 914M, 918M ›› Net Power: 40 hp to 112 hp ›› Operating Weights: 9,060 lb to 20,914 lb ›› Strong breakout force, fast cycle times and dependable performance are built in ›› Superior reach and excellent visibility enable you to place material easily and efficiently ›› Spacious cabs with joystick controls keep you comfortable throughout the workday ›› Optional Ride-Control system provides an even more comfortable ride and greater material retention over rough terrain ›› Skid Steer Loader-style coupler on the 903C2, 906M, 907M and 908M enables use of Cat Skid Steer Loader attachments for increased versatility ›› Tackle more jobs with one machine using the extensive line of Cat attachments

SMALL 926M, 930M, 938M ›› Net Power: 153 hp to 188 hp ›› Operating Weights: 28,770 lb to 36,216 lb ›› A smooth, step-less, electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission provides adjustable power to the ground ›› Large, spacious cabs feature excellent visibility, extremely low sound levels, automatic temperature control and ergonomic seat-mounted joystick controls ›› Predictable hydraulic systems sense demand and adjust flow and pressure to match ›› Optimized, parallel-lift Z-bar loader linkage combines powerful digging ability with toolcarrier capabilities for increased performance and versatility ›› A new line of optimized Performance Series Buckets and other attachments are available in a Pin-On or Fusion™ Coupler interface Scan the QR Code with your smart phone to learn more about Cat Wheel Loaders.

ON THE JOB 2017 17

Telehandlers TOP PERFORMANCE, RUGGED CONSTRUCTION TH255C, TH306D, TH357D, TH408D, TH514D, TH3510D, TL642D, TL943D, TL1055D, TL1255D Superior design and advanced features combine to give Cat® Telehandlers the best all-around visibility and take the lead in lift and reach capability. Top performance, rugged construction for reliability and durability with low operating costs.


›› Rated Load Capacities: 5,500 lb to 12,000 lb ›› Maximum Lift Height: 18.4 ft to 54.9 ft ›› Wide range of lift capacities and lift heights to meet most lifting needs ›› Spacious cab and suspension seat keep you comfortable all shift long ›› Three steering modes offer improved maneuverability on any terrain ›› Single lever joystick contains all boom functions for easy operation ›› Hydraulic stabilizers—standard on the TL1055D and TL1255D models and optional on the TH3510D, TL642D and TL943D models—provide extra support and increased capacity at reach for work on any terrain

18 ON THE JOB 2017

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M314F, M315F, M316F, M317F, M318F, M320F, M322F The versatility and mobility of a Cat® Wheeled Excavator often enables you to complete jobs using fewer machines in less time. Wheel Excavators have the mobility, speed, power and reliability to be the most versatile machine in your fleet. Able to travel up to 23 mph, wheeled excavators can move quickly from job to job minimizing the need for costly additional transportation. ›› Net Power: 141 hp to 169 hp ›› Travel Speeds: up to 23 mph ›› The versatility and mobility of wheel excavators enable you to complete more jobs, in less time, using fewer machines ›› Wheel excavators can move quickly from job to job minimizing the need for, and cost of, transporting equipment ›› With a Tool Control System, you can pre-program hydraulic flow and pressure for up to 10 different attachments ›› Multiple auxiliary hydraulic options enable use of a wide range of attachments ›› Best-in-class visibility to front, both sides and upward is further enhanced by a standard rear video camera that displays on an in-cab monitor

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Cat Dozers feature class-leading power, ergonomic joystick controls and integrated grade-slope controls for fast, accurate dozing.

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20 ON THE JOB 2017


POWERFUL AND PRECISE Designed to optimize speed, transportability, maneuverability and versatility, Cat® dozers deliver superior finish grading performance. These dozers are ideal for residential construction, performing such tasks as clearing and grading lots, sloping roadsides, contouring, backfilling, and final grade work for landscaping and driveway construction.

SMALL D3K2, D4K2, D5K2 ›› Net Power: 80 hp to 104 hp ›› Operating Weights: 17,465 lb to 20,992 lb ›› Stable Blade feature complements operator blade control input, reducing fatigue, while increasing productivity in finish grading applications ›› Eco Mode delivers extra fuel savings of up to 20 percent ›› Traction Control reduces track slip and undercarriage wear, even at maximum load ›› Power Pitch option enables the blade pitch to be adjusted hydraulically from the operator’s seat to boost productivity ›› Optional heated and ventilated air-suspension seat and optional heated control handles help increase operator comfort in all climates ›› Slope Assist – New optional grade control feature which helps you more easily achieve the desired blade mainfall and cross slope automatically

MEDIUM D6K2, D6N, D6T, D7E ›› Net Power: 130 hp to 251 hp ›› Operating Weights: 29,346 lb to 57,441 lb ›› Innovative diesel-electric technology on D7E and revolutionary drivetrain transmit power to the ground very efficiently for greater dozing power that requires less fuel, delivering balanced performance, and increasing productivity and efficiency for best-in-class total ownership costs over life of machine ›› D6K2 offers foldable blade design to enable transport without removing blade

ON THE JOB 2017 21

Attachments Add Versatility

TAILOR MACHINES TO YOUR JOBSITE Caterpillar® offers the widest range of attachment solutions. Each are engineered, balanced and tested to work effectively with Cat® models for minimal machine stress and optimal machine performance. Cat attachments are engineered to work with Cat construction equipment for greater balance and operator safety. And they’re designed for efficiency, keeping jobs on time and within cost. For your short-term, specialized needs, don’t forget that we also rent Cat machines.

Landscape Rakes

›› Tailor Cat machines to the specific requirements of your jobsites ›› Perform multiple tasks across a wider range of applications ›› Provide total system solutions and make short work of any task ›› Bid successfully on a broader range of projects

THE RANGE OF CAT ATTACHMENTS INCLUDES: ›› Augers ›› Backhoes ›› Bale Handlers ›› Blades ›› Brooms ›› Brushcutters ›› Buckets ›› Carriages ›› Cold Planers ›› Compactors ›› Couplers ›› Cutters ›› Fork-Mounted Work Platforms ›› Forks ›› Grapples ›› Hammers ›› Lifting Hooks ›› Material Handling Arms ›› Mixing Buckets

›› Mulchers ›› Multi Processors ›› Plows ›› Pulverizers ›› Rakes ›› Rippers ›› Shears ›› Silage Defacers ›› Snow Blowers ›› Snow Plows & Wings ›› Snow Pushes ›› Stump Grinders ›› Thumbs ›› Tillers ›› Trenchers ›› Truss Booms ›› Wheel Saws ›› Winches

Vibratory Plate Compactors

Wheel Saws

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Power Box Rakes 22 ON THE JOB 2017

Stump Grinders




Multi Purpose Buckets





Cold Planers

Fork-Mounted Work Platforms ON THE JOB 2017 23

Material Handling Arms

Grapple Buckets


Truss Booms 24 ON THE JOB 2017




Grapple Rakes








Sectional Snow Pushes

Snow Blowers ON THE JOB 2017 25

Track Loaders

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HEAVY DUTY PERFORMANCE 953D, 963K, 973D Tough jobs, rough ground and tight spaces are no match for the versatile line-up of Cat® Track Loaders. Increased horsepower, excellent maneuverability, redesigned operator cab for greater comfort, the revolutionary SystemOne™ undercarriage and the new implement system increase your productivity and drastically reduce your operating costs. These machines are up to any excavating task. ›› Net Power: 148 hp to 263 hp ›› Operating Weights: 34,381 lb to 61,857 lb ›› Increased horsepower enables excellent maneuverability, powerful excavating and efficient truck loading ›› Redesigned, ergonomic cabs provide greater operator comfort ›› Revolutionary SystemOne™ undercarriage and a new implement system increase productivity and reduce operating costs ›› Ideal for working in the toughest underfoot conditions on demanding construction and demolition jobsites

26 ON THE JOB 2017


Cresco and The Cat Rental Store® serves contractors, large and small, with all the tools and equipment they need for both commercial and residential projects. With locations throughout California, Oregon, and Washington, we’ve got your equipment needs—from big to small—covered!

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On the Job V8N1  

The 2017 Buyers' Guide version of On the Job packed-full of the latest specs and information on Cat® BCP products.

On the Job V8N1  

The 2017 Buyers' Guide version of On the Job packed-full of the latest specs and information on Cat® BCP products.