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We started Highsnobiety in 2005 and it feels like a long time ago now. We went from not knowing what a blog was, to not knowing if a blog can be a business to crowning content to be among the most important and biggest movements of the online world. As you can see it never gets boring here and funny enough the same roller coaster ride is true for the print world. When blogging became the next hot thing, the print world was of course called off and considered dead. Yet what we see now is an increased move into the print world, especially by more established online players, because that premium touch that you can instill with a well produced magazine, is simply impossible to replicate online.

will continue to push on all fronts - online and offline - to bring you the best experience possible. Hopefully you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

That is why we started the Highsnobiety print magazine. Two times a year we can sit back and move away from the high speed Internet world into the slow, yet beautiful print world. Being able to give our readers, you, something that they can go home with - something that you can keep, collect, share with friends and hopefully get inspired by, makes it all worth it.

This issue once again includes a beautiful lineup of exclusive fashion shoots that were produced for us and by us, for you. Being able to work with these incredible photographers, stylists and brands makes the print issue especially fun and exciting. The effort that goes into every image pays well off, once you hold the finished magazine in your hands. From cars to gadgets to exploring the furthest places, out new issue is encompassing all our areas of lifestyle and we hope you like what you find on the following pages.

Seeing the magazine grow from season to season and most importantly realizing the learning curve that one goes through, is the most beautiful thing for us to watch. We go full circle, as we realize that we want to bring an experience that is as close to a quality print magazine as possible, also to our website, as you might have seen in part already in our recent major overhaul and redesign. You can be sure that we

For this new issue we were lucky enough to work with Pharrell Williams for our cover shoot. Not many have inspired, changed, added value and played along as much on so many fronts in our market, as Pharrell. From his music, to his production, his art to his clothing - the Miami based musician has become an influencer on all fronts over the years and could not better represent what we stand for. Therefore we were extremely excited to be working with him on the new issue.

Hopefully you enjoy the new issue as much as we enjoyed making it. Greets, David



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adidas x opening ceremony


81 scotts last expedition




me & her

fairy wood

Dark Modernism

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Hien Le


Fools Gold








Maison KitsunĂŠ

California Cool







Hannes Kettritz


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Holy Mountain







P's World










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Frank Ocean

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contributors Summer 2012 / Issue # 5


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Philip Br端derle



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Maharishi x G-Shock







Lee Krisvanassche

Mixed Winter Activities





Nike Dreamteam






Urbanears Zinken



Working as a freelance photographer since 2007, Philip tries to connect with the people he gets in front of his camera and to make sure to capture their emotional state. If you want to know what that means, then have a look at the Fairy Wood spread that he produced for this issue. Page 160


24 32

Up and coming German photographer Kimi Hammerstroem was born in Dusseldorf and resides in London today. After studying art, she immediately went into photography and has since then been busy finding, exploring and developing her personal photography style. Kimi shot the Rosie Huntington-Witheley editorial for this issue. Page 58


For this issue we teamed up with founders Ben Bowers und Eric E. Yang. Their website and excellent iPad App are known to deliver the news on everything the modern man needs, no matter for which situation. With that kind of deep knowledge in the field, they produced our Gadgets, Extreme Winter Activities and Watch pages in the issue.

Olka Osadzinska






Young artist Olka Osadzinska from Warsaw has been working with us for a while on illustration stories for our online magazines. She has worked with an incredible line-up of high profile brands over the years, and also stays busy showing her art in exhibitions. In this issue she produced the G-Shock Black & White Series illustrations. Page 128

e dito r ' s c hoi c e

Owl Optics

Kenzo x Ne w Era

E D ITOR ' S MCM 2 0 1 2 L o n d o n O ly m p i c s B a c k p a c k

uniform e xperiment x Robert Mapplethorpe


e dito r ' s c hoi c e

A l a k a z a m x S t u ss y

A . P. C . M e n t a l B r a c e l e t

CHOICE Moist Production 18 Inch L e g o M e n D i ss e c t e d

2 0 1 2 L o n d o n O ly m p i c s Coke Bot tles


e dito r ' s c hoi c e

M i c r o s o f t S u r fa c e Ta b l e t

A B o o k o f B e a r ds by Justin James Muir

E D ITOR ' S Dr. Romanelli x B a m f o r d Wat c h D e pa r t m e n T

AIAIAI TMA - 1 Studio Headphones


e dito r ' s c hoi c e

Ik e a U p p l e v a

BAPE X U n d e f e a t e d /

CHOICE Nintendo Wii U

Leica M9-P Ed i t i o n H e r m è s


hi e n l e

Hien Le Text david fischer

For Fall/Winter 2012, Berlin based label Hien Le presents its 4th collection. The label takes a step back to reflect on its approach to design and the manufacture of clothing. Whilst previously there were concrete themes, this time the focus is on craftsmanship, techniques and the possibilities of different finishes. The fabrics usually used by Hien Le such as silk, cotton and alcantara for garments and accessories are completed with individually designed

elements that feature techniques such as hand knit crochet. The rich collection of textures and quality is kept in a color spectrum in which nuances of white-beige confront shades of blue, which we feel is a general trend for the coming seasons. Accents of orange and tender mint suggest premonitions of the coming Spring and act as nice refreshing contrasts to the rest of the collection. Even though a lot of beige is being used, the line does not feel pale at all, but rather elegant in part.


e dito r ' s c hoi c e

S ta h l Co r p O r at i o n Text david fischer

Founded in Berlin in 2011, Stahl Cooperation is headed by Raphael Weinberg. Precise attitude, an endless search for the perfect fabric and the search for harmony between classic styles and super modernity, form the label's philosophy. The foundation of their particular look called Classic Futurism is influenced by film noir, science fiction and cyberpunk, involving elements of casual streetwear and the elegance of a uniform. Blacks and greys are used heavily

throughout the collection to conjure up a sense of industrial space while the details on the garments represent metamorphosis evident in urban environments: progressiveness, industrial roughness and futuristic minimalism. Those are all big words, but once you have seen the garments of the brand in real life, you will understand what we mean. Quality, modernity, impeccable details and yet so easy to wear - those are words that you rarely find in the same sentence.

hann e s k e tt r it z

Hannes Kettritz Text david fischer

Hannes Kettritz is a young Berlin fashion label. Headed by Hannes Kettritz and Brigit Ebser, the label concentrates strictly on menswear. The first collection launched for Spring/Summer 2011 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and also this season, the label will once again present its latest collection on the runway. While creating unique pieces with an emphasis on individuality, the label always wants to make sure that their clothing remains wearable. Clothing, accessories and art are the focus of the brand, all produced for the modern male.

Clean lines make up the new 'Shells of Silver' Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. The collection, which consists of modern silhouettes, was created with geometric forms and lines, inspired by nature. The color palette ranges from white to beige and goes into dark greys as well. Some fun color accents break the otherwise stringent color concept of the collection. Premium and first class materials are of the utmost importance to the brand. Everything from wool, suede to PVC is used in the new line, resulting in an interesting mix and look. The addition of elegant details results in a special, yet easy to wear menswear line, that will for sure find its place in the market.


galaab e nd

GalaabenD Text Josh Tyson

There is some holy-shit shit going on in this Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook from Japanese brand GalaabenD. Not like ALL CAPS holy shit. More like a smoky-voiced bluesman’s approving “holeee sheeit.” This is definitely not the kind of HS that clubs you over the bean—the dapper devil here is in the details and between the clean lines. Designer Miki Okawara worked for Calvin Klein before launching GalaabenD and her Autumn/Winter collection last year drew inspiration from Edith Paif. Here we are getting flashes of Elvis’ sharkskin coolness and the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper military theatricality.

The brand is named for a German word meaning “gala evening,” and it seems the three lads pictured here are set for a whole season’s worth of dates with debauchery. This gear looks maddapper, with yacht-loads of swagger that rarely gets bogged down in recycled rat-pack douchery. We also like the decision to have seemingly told the models “be weird, dance some and fuck around a bit” (you’ll have to look elsewhere for the kanji on that). Solid.


footw e a r

Ad i d a s O r i g i n a l s x Ransom

C o n v e r s e P r o L e at h e r E n e r gy Pa c k

foot N i k e FOOT S CAPE

S t u ss y x Be Positive

G o u r m e t D IECI


footw e a r

C l a r ks desert boot

Ronnie Fieg x As i c s G e l S a g a

Va n s x K e n zo


Nike Zoom Ites Boot

Red Wing



A didas x O p e ning C e r e mony


Neither German sports brand adidas Originals nor New York's Opening Ceremony are known to shy away from an unexpected collaboration. For Fall/Winter 2012, designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim got to work on the most iconic c Three Stripes in the world, giving classic adidas silhouettes the signature Opening Ceremony treatment.

Of course a collaboration coming out in 2012, had to be somehow inspired by the Olympic Games. An Opening Ceremony pop-up store will open in London this summer, specifically around the theme of the Olympic Games and therefore this collaboration of course came in handy. Sartorial elements of swim and cycling sports are mixed street attitude. Bold prints, strong colors and clever takes on classic adidas Originals footwear make up the collection.


A didas x O p e ning C e r e mony

While the sneakers are the no brainer for adidas Originals, we are most impressed by the apparel of the collaborative collection. The all over paisley print is among our favorite and looks great, especially on the womenswear part of the line. Other highlights include Opening Ceremony’s reinterpretation of the classic Samba trainer, as well as a bold new BMXstyle high-top sneaker. If the adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott line is too much and the Originals main line is too classic, then this one fits right in between and fills that much needed street fashion gap that adidas did not have in their offering yet. Not only does it open this new market for adidas, it does it with the credibility that comes along with the Opening Ceremony brand.


A didas x O p e ning C e r e mony


A didas x O p e ning C e r e mony


A didas x O p e ning C e r e mony


A didas x O p e ning C e r e mony


A didas x O p e ning C e r e mony

Overall the team up is off to a strong start and we cannot wait for the next line. Since they tackled swimming for Fall/Winter 2012, we can probably expect skiing for Spring/Summer 2013. The collection, consisting of 70 apparel pieces and 30 footwear styles, is coming to both adidas Originals and Opening Ceremony stores in July/August 2012.


P's World A talk with Pharrell Williams about new projects and cold winters

Photography robert wunsch Landscape photography Robert Westrich Text PETER WILLIAMS

Pharrell Williams is a man who needs no introduction. Working as a rapper, singer, record producer, composer, and fashion designer, most of us know Pharrell as one-half of Grammyaward winning production duo The Neptunes, lead singer and drummer of N.E.R.D, and the founder of both the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing lines. Of course, he's always making big moves, establishing new partnerships and exploring different passion projects, be it as ambitious as furniture (Domeau & Pérès), film (Yi Zhou) or alcohol (Qream). While music production remains Pharrell Williams' main livelihood - and he's been staying busy on that side - he was recently brought on board by the Academy Awards as a music consultant. Sitting alongside legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, Williams is working to score the 84th Annual Academy Awards show. Exciting beyond doubt, but Pharrell has a few others projects on the go that move beyond music and even fashion. As is true with any celebrated musician, Pharrell spends his time traveling to all sorts of interesting places, playing gigs and meeting inspiring, visionary people. Chronicling this experience, Williams has partnered with publishing house Rizzoli on his first book: 'Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been.’ The travel book features conversations between Pharell and people who have moved him, including: Anna Wintour, Nigo, Buzz Aldrin, Takashi Murakami, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Hans Zimmer and others. The remainder of the book contains photos covering


most of Pharrell's career. When asked about the coffee table book, Pharrell told us: "It was my first time working on a book. It was more learning than anything else. The content is just life, times and experiences with other people I think are interesting." The book will release October 16, 2012. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Pharrell Williams is also exploring new media with an entertainment group called 'i am OTHER.' The recently launched platform promises to produce new and existing music, film, television, apparel, tech and multimedia. So far, we've seen a number of programs on i am OTHER’s YouTube channel that explore individuality and celebrate creative pursuits of all kinds. Current i am OTHER shows include segments with cult sensation 'Awkward Black Girl,' Canadian music legend Nardwuar the Human Serviette and a weekly State of the Union address from Pharrell himself. When asked about idea behind the project, Pharrell told us: "i am OTHER is basically a creative hub for the young D.I.Y.'s. Those who "Do It Yourself"." You can watch the current i am OTHER shows on YouTube. Of course, Pharrell is also still making moves in the fashion world. Following some recent restructuring at BBC/Ice Cream, Pharrell has found himself working with celebrated American menswear designer Mark McNairy on a new higher-end Billionaire Boys Club capsule collection known as "Bee Line." The collection of luxury gear was born out of a conversation Williams and McNairy had about a possible

boot collaboration, and from there they ended up designing an entire collection of head-totoe looks that includes colorful wing tip boots, collaborative down vests and jackets by Crescent Down Works, New Era caps and general apparel that blends McNairy's tailoring with BBC logo work. It's said that the Bee logo itself was inspired by Napolean, who once replaced the French royal symbol of the fleur-de-li with the buzzing insect. We asked Pharrell about how the Bee line will help shape the direction of the brand and he told us: "The Bee Line is a separate portion of the BBC story. It's where the forces of Mark's talent and my ambition come together to do something good and exclusive." The full Bee line is made in the USA, except for a small selection of sweaters woven in Scotland. Of the mainline BBC collection, for which Jay-Z is now a partner, Pharrell promises to "bring you more interesting stories and themes" going forward. One of these stories is an all-new female Billionaire Boys Club offshoot, called, quite simply, Billionaire Girls Club or BGC. They've already released a small capsule of Billionaire Girls Club graphic tees and tank tops for Spring/Summer 2012, but a full collection is expected by mid-2013. Between the 'Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been' book, the 'i am OTHER' YouTube channel, Billionaire Boys Club 'Bee' Line and Billionaire Girls Club collections, there's plenty to look forward to in the world of Pharrell Williams.

The following is a Q&A with Pharrell focused on the main theme of this issue: arctic and cold weather clothing.

Do you recall the outerwear pieces you would wear growing up? I can't remember the brand. I believe it was called "Canada Goose.” When I was a kid, that was the jacket to have. What are some of  your favorite outerwear pieces coming up next season? Our Herringbone Varsities and all padded shirt jacket we did with Crescent Down Works. Also, Burton did some great pieces with my textile company Bionic Yarn. If you had to pack a small weekend bag with cold weather gear, what would be in it? I'm very interested in all the smart technology in clothing.  Clothing with functionality. I think that's the coolest.

What's more important in the cold: boots or a jacket? Both. You need to be fully protected. Did it get cold growing up in Virginia? What was your first introduction to serious winters? Yes, it was very cold in VA! Anything below 40 degrees is serious to me. Do you snowboard or anything else like that in the winter? I've tried snowboarding in Aspen, Colorado about 3 years ago. I loved it. I just gotta make time to go back. Could you  ever  imagine climbing a mountain or taking part in an arctic expedition? Hell no! I just like the clothes. But I applaud the lifestyle.


Photography Robert Wunsch / Landscape Photography Robert Westrich Photo Assistant Jeanette Schneider Digital Operator Anna Dilthey Styling Beagy Zielinski / Special FX Make Up Sonja Roberts Artwork & Post-Production Recom

P e nfi e ld

penfield F A L L / W I N T ER 2 0 1 2 C O L L EC T I O N

The Penfield Fall/Winter 2012 Collection is the most comprehensive collection to date, with offerings from all the major categories of apparel for both men and women designed with a unique segmentation in mind. This season sees the addition of the 1975 Collection that encompasses the original and most recognizable of Penfield styles. Alongside the 1975 Collection, the Classic, Trailwear and Black Bear Collections return with a perfect balance of reliable silhouettes and fresh new styles, each with their own highly distinctive design and fabric stories. Staple winter fabrics have been joined by a newly developed fabric in the form of 'Penfield 70/30'. With its blend of 70% cotton and 30%


nylon, this Teflon® coated fabric has similar characteristics to the traditional 60/40 fabric but with a vintage, lighter weight, cotton-rich hand feel which fits perfectly into the Trailwear Collection. As always the Black Bear Collection features some fashion-forward concepts and fabrics, this season incorporating tweed fabric from Abraham Moon, an elegant chalk stripe suiting fabric mixed with Melton wool, and an exciting Japanese navy leaf printed cotton.   Other capsule collections for this season include the Penfield Military Issue Collection that pays

homage to the US Air force & US military outerwear, and an exclusive collaboration with Scottish wool mill Johnstons of Elgin. All the collections are brought together with a seasonal pallet of classic autumnal colors as well as some bright contrasting highlights. Designed with a rugged sensibility that understands the stresses and strains of outdoor life, Penfield continues to elevate its functional foundations with technical innovations and considered stylistic updates, allowing it to constantly look forward without ever losing sight of its humble New England origins. Penfield invite you to take a closer look at their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection for a superior take on ‘Life in the Open’.

B r ownb r e ath


Already in our last issue we took a trip out to Korea. Japan and Hong Kong are usually the first places one looks when thinking about Asia and fashion. Seoul and Korea in general tend to be overlooked and with so much going on there these days, we just want to make sure that you do not miss out on some of the great brands that Korea has seen grow over the last years. Brownbreath is one of them. The young luggage brand's concept is based on the "structure of utility for a modern lifestyle for a rebellious individual." Founded in 2004, Brownbreath started with an apparel line, which they stopped producing in 2006, in order to concentrate on their luggage line, which had already launched at the time. The unique design, high durability, as well as reasonable pricing has lead Brownbreath to

thrive over recent years. Never being too noisy, yet making sure that their design is instantly recognizable and unique in its approach, is what impressed us the most. With so many luggage and accessories lines already in the market, looking a bit further does really pay off. On the following pages we are looking at the new Brownbreath Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Backpacks, messenger bags and tote bags are presented in a range of different sizes and colors, nicely mixing a set of premium materials on all of them. We especially like the more unique pieces, such as the notepads and the folio roll bag. Try to be unique, and take it upon yourself to find new brands and new pieces that you can stand out with. Brownbreath is a good start!

l e e K R I S VA NA S S C H E

Text David Fischer

This season, KRISVANASSCHE introduces a collaboration with LEE that celebrates the heritage and expertise of the authentic denim brand mixed with the sophisticated world of Kris Van Assche where modern masculinity is of the essence.

proposed in 2 colorways; workwear blue and dark brown, constructing two silhouettes. The logo embossed piece of leather, the labeled gun metallic details combined with the tone on tone stitched fabrics reflect the designer’s refined world of nonchalant elegance.

KRISVANASSCHE has collaborated with LEE to revisit the timeless styles of denim wear. By using workwear cotton twill, Kris Van Assche reinterprets iconic Lee archive pieces like the denim jacket, the blouson, the jeans shirt, the five pocket trousers and the chino trousers, to echo the Autumn Winter collection. Five styles

The Lee KRISVANASSCHE line was presented for the first time on the 20th of January 2012 during Paris Fashion Week. The denim collection will be available through a selection of KRISVANASSCHE retailers as well as being sold in selected Lee stores from July 2012, with prices ranging from 195 to 415 Euros.




NI K E D REAMTEAM Text Peter william

In the summer of 1992, the United States men's Olympic basketball team went up against the world in the Barcelona and came back Olympic gold medal champions. Made up of fifteen professional basketball players, including: Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johson, Michael Jordan, Christian Laettner, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson and John Stockton, the '92 squad was the first ever USAB team to feature active NBA stars and was widely considered one of the strongest teams assembled in any sport ever. They were referred to, and forever will be, as The Dream Team. Coached by Chuck Daly, they won every game they played by an average of 44 points. It can even be said that The Dream Team's summer became the moment when basketball officially entered households around the world. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary team's gold medal victory, Nike Sportswear has produced a limited edition apparel collection. The pinnacle piece of the collection is without

a doubt the Nike Dream Team Destroyer Jacket. Working with the ever popular wool and leather Varsity Jacket, Nike pays homage to the Dream Team with a bevy of commemorative details. The numbers of the team's starting five - 15, 9, 7, 14 and 6 - are embroidered on the right-sleeve of the red, white and blue jacket, while further US-centric imagery and slogans cover the front. The score of each game is also embroidered on the chest, while on the back you'll find a massive "XX," for 20 years. All in all, very striking, patriotic piece. In addition to the Destroyer Jacket, Nike is also commemorating this story through AW77 Hoodies, crew sweats, tees and caps. However, if footwear is more your forte, Nike still has you covered. On top of the apparel collection, Nike Sportswear is also re-issuing a number of footwear styles the team wore for the tournament, including the Nike Air More Uptempo, Nike Shox BB4, Nike Air Force 180, Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 and Nike Air Force 1 Hi, again all in red, white and blue Dream Team colors.


U r ban e a r s Zink e n

Text David Fischer

Urbanears is still a young brand in the headphone market, yet has made an incredibly strong impact. In general the fashion headphone market has exploded in recent years. We are still shocked of how fast the headphone brands pushed forward in the lifestyle and fashion markets. In just a couple of years we have now Skullcandy, Beats By Dre., WeSC and Urbanears battling for the first spot in the market. Please keep in mind, we are not judging performance here, but rather market position and 'looks'. While most of the brands start out wanting to look the best while performing fine, eventually they all develop that ambition to come out with a truly great pair of headphones - headphones that the utmost audio nerd would be proud of. That time has now also come for Urbanears. This summer they will be introducing the new Zinken model.

They consider the Zinken an entirely new headphone concept, one that can even be considered a musical instrument. Developed with the professional DJ in mind, while keeping the wallet of the unpaid amateur in mind, features, quality and price have all been treated as equally important. The Zinken is ultra wearable and comes with a padded headband and comfortable ear cushions. Furthermore the Zinken comes with both 3.5mm and 6.3mm stereo plugs and the ZoundPlug, that lets you plug one Urbanear headphone into another to listen along. They are also collapsible for easy storage and of course come, just like all Urbanears headphones, in lots of different colors. Look out for a release in stores from July 15th, 2012.


Zinken 54

wat c h e s

Text Jason Heaton

Bremont Supermarine

Sinn 203 Arktis

Bremont’s tagline is, “Tested Beyond Endurance” and the Supermarine has been to the Arctic on the wrist of British polar explorer Ben Saunders, so the brand can back up its words. Bremont encases a chronometer-grade Swiss movement inside a highly shock-resistant steel case that is also anti-magnetic, which is important at the North Pole, and is waterresistant to a full 500 meters, just in case you fall through the ice.

Sinn’s entire lineup would probably be suitable for polar exploration, given the German brand’s obsession with building indestructible timepieces. So you know that when they build a watch especially for use in the Arctic, it’s going to be impervious to the elements. The Arktis utilizes lubricants that can withstand extreme temperatures and Sinn fills the case with Argon to keep the sapphire crystal from fogging.

wat c h e s Rolex E x p l o r e r II The recently-redesigned Explorer II is the grandfather of extreme adventure watches. The timepiece was originally designed to be a 24-hour time reference for those places where the sun doesn’t shine like caves and at the ends of the Earth. Previous versions of this watch have been tested in the Himalayas by legends like Ed Viesturs and Reinhold Messner and in countless trips to both Poles. The rugged in-house Rolex calibre utilizes a proprietary hairspring that is resistant to both magnetism and extreme temperatures.


maison kits u n é


kits Text Jeff Carvalho

Music and fashion and have always gone hand in hand. Since the early days of MTV, music, and specifically the music video have opened the door for the viewers to absorb both sound and the fashions of the artists singing and performing their favorite music. But rarely have the two works well under the same business. Sure, music labels have diversified in the past years to allow for more and more collaborative work on the fashion front, but what is rarely seen is the full-on development of a fashion label. A modern day example of one music label that has successfully charged their path in fashion is Maison Kitsuné, a French fashion startup that grew from the successful Kitsuné music label whose releases include various works and remixes from the likes of Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Yelle, and Simian Mobile Disco to name a few. The music and fashion of Kitsuné have established the line as well as founders, Gildas Loaëc, Masaya Kuroki, as important creators in the two worlds. Now, ten years into the business, Maison Kitsuné has turned up their presence more than ever in 2012 with the opening of their flagship on the ground level of New York’s new NoMad Hotel at 1170 Broadway.

maison kits u n é

uné Inside the new flagship, fans of the Kitsuné will discover a full run from the collection set alongside like-minded brands which help compliment the shop’s offering. We certainly recommend a stop on location in their NYC store. Will we one day see the popular Kitsuné Battle videos that pit men and women in a battle to swap in and out of Kitsuné’s fashions - ring side style? One can only hope so. Maison Kitsuné’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection pulls inspiration from the world of urban cycling with garments and accessories that compliment the modern commuter. Well fitted denim and pants work on and off the bicycle. Their standard polo gets a re-work in long sleeve form. Outerwear including herringbone jackets play their part in balancing the functional fashion for the urban dweller. Suiting, trousers, and Mac jackets, as well as basic crewneck sweaters are prominent as well.


ROS i e Photographer KIMI HAMMERSTROEM Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley







M c N ai r y

M c N ai r y

GQ listed you as one of the 6 Best New Menswear Designers in America for 2012. What did that mean to you?'


Don't Talk About It, Be About It Text Peter Williams

Mark McNairy is on top of the menswear game right now. In addition to his own Mark McNairy New Amsterdam label, which he launched in 2009, Mark is working with Pharrell Williams on his new Billionaire Boys Club "Bee" Line, heads up creative at the celebrated Woolrich Woolen Mills brand and has been pumping out a continuous flow of shop and brand collaborations with various partners from all over the globe. Prior to going it alone, McNairy learned a thing or two about tailoring through work with American labels like J. Press and Southwick. As such, the base aesthetic of his line is classic, Ivy Leagueinspired American prep, however, with Mark's cynical sense of humor and razor-sharp wit, he transforms everyday staple like button-up and chinos into unique and fascinating pieces. Time-tested English footwear styles and iconic American wardrobe pieces are updated with bold new colors, playful patterns and McNairy's "fuck off" attitude. And it's this temperament - of bucking trends in favor of whatever the heck he feels like - that has earned 51 year old McNairy the nickname McNasty.

give a fuck about awards or accolades, it's all about doing what he wants. For example, Mark McNairy is a big fan of oddball Detroit rapper Danny Brown. So, he did exactly what any "normal" menswear designer would NOT; he put Danny Brown in the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook. With flat-ironed hair and a reckless, rock-star attitude unlike any hip-hop artist in recent memory, Brown is a man who plays by his own rules. In fact, he has a lot in common with Mark McNairy - giving a big middle finger to the industry and forging his own path. And naturally, Danny is also a fan of Mark's work. To make matters even more interesting, the SS13 McNairy shoot also includes 19-year-old TumblrWave rapper Kitty Pryde, an Internet sensation who confessed her love for Danny Brown on the track "Okay Cupid." In the McNairy lookbook, Pryde and Brown are coupled up in matching daisy print bottoms and leather shirts. It's a wholly surreal vision that connects the social media dots in a way that resonates all too well with our overly-connected generation.

You're working on a capsule line for GAP then, right? YEP You worked with Pharrell Williams on the Billionaire Boys Club Bee Line, which merges traditional menswear and streetwear.. can you tell us more about the concept behind line? NOPE.  YOU JUST SAID IT. What's it like to hang and work with Pharrell? FUN. Staying on the hip-hop tip.. you've been working with Danny Brown. What do you like about him? EVERYTHING. Is there a big difference between the McNairy men's and women's line besides sizing? YES.  NO SKIRTS OR SHEER SHIRTS FOR MEN PLEASE. Can we expect anything new from you and A Bathing Ape? ME HAVE NO IDEA. Let's talk about something that's out and done for now. The KEDS collaboration. What special significance does the KEDS Triumph have for you? SIMPLE PERFECTION.

Recently the likes of GQ have been giving Mark his due, naming the designer one of 2012's Best New Menswear Designers in America. Though he didn't win (that honor went to Billy Reid) McNasty's cult-like following grows stronger by the day, and now, with Pharrell and Billionaire Boys Club in the mix, his reach will only grow. But that's besides the point, after being in the game for nearly 25 years, Mark really doesn't

Speaking of the Internet, Mark plays by his own rules online as well. On Twitter (@mmcnairy) McNairy's posts are nearly 100% ALL CAPS and, content-wise, a bit brash and rather blunt. What afollows is our digital Q&A with Mark "McNasty" McNairy, where he speaks about a number of recent projects... Twitter personality in full effect.



M aha r ishi x G - S ho c k

Maharishi x G-Shock Text DAVID FISCHER

Founded in 1994, Hardy Blechman's Maharishi brand has without any doubt become one of the most influential UK brands over the last 20 years. The designer's passion for the natural environment, while using the latest technology, is apparent in each and every product that releases under the Maharishi label. That drive bundled with the deep rooted military inspiration behind the brand, makes the collaboration with the world's toughest watch brand an absolute no-brainer. For Summer 2012, Maharishi has linked up with G-Shock - together they worked on the GA-110 model. Camouflage patterns are one of Belchman's big passions and also areas of expertise. The designer even released an encyclopedia of camouflage years ago. For this new watch collaboration, Blechman decided to go with the Bamdazzle pattern, a paint scheme that was previously used on Navy

ships during World War I. The complex geometric shapes were designed to confuse a German torpedo operator as to the direction the ship was traveling, the distance away and how fast it was moving. The exciting design, coupled with the GA-110 watch makes for an overall round and exciting offering. Features of the GA-110 model include shock resistance, 200M water resistance, Auto LED Light with Afterglow, 48 City World Time, 1/1000th Stopwatch with speed indicator, and 4 Daily Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm, Auto Calendar and Hourly Time Sign. As you can see, no matter what situation you get into, you can be sure that the Maharishi x G-Shock GA-110 will be there for you. The watch was released in June 2012 at the Maharishi store in London.


R e yk j a v í k

R e y kj av í k Text and Photo Soohang Lee

I arrived in Reykjavik around midnight when the sun was setting, painting the sky psychedelic hues of pink. I waited for it to drop below the horizon, but the sun kept rising. After taking way too many photos of this "incredible phenomenon" with my mobile, I remembered: This is totally normal here.   It's nothing special.  Over the next few days I met many people who are considerably famous or powerful in Iceland, but I would’ve never known it if someone else had not told me so. "Nobody is special in Iceland" is what I kept hearing.  Someone might have started an alternative school for her young children in the same year she received an award

for her artistic excellence from the Swedish Royal Court. Not a big deal.  A person might have led a marginal political party into winning the plurality of the most important City Council of her country, fresh out of school.  Really not a big deal. After all, how can humans possibly outshine the island itself, which is essentially made up of volcanoes, lava desert and glaciers? But even that is just nature. And when this is your natural environment- the spectacular becomes commonplace. Here are some utterly normal creators I met in Iceland.  They are really quite amazing.

R e yk j a v í k

E y g ló M a r g r é t L á r u sd ót t i r Eyglo grew up in a small town outside of Reykjavik called Álftanes, famed as the presidential residence. As a teenage fashion fiend growing up there, she would do fun teenage things, like skipping school to hitching a ride to the next town by the prez, and snipping a piece of its mane to sew onto a t-shirt. She's still fascinated by hair. The long, luscious hair of her own is a dead giveaway of this, but as for uti-

lization onto clothing, she's come a long way. The work of her namesake brand Eygló, that she started in 2006 after graduating from Iceland Academy of Arts, is playful without being silly, and straightforward without being predictable. Before starting her line she interned with Jeremy Scott, Bernhard Willhelm and AsFour.


R e yk j a v í k

G u d m u n d u r J o r u n dss o n / H e a d d e s i g n e r o f K o r m á k u r & S kj ö l d u r Walking into the Kormákur & Sköldur's shop feels almost like being directly transported into the closet of Gudmundur Jorunsson, the creative brain behind their namesake collection. After working as a student at the shop for 4 years, he was recruited by the brand to create their first original collection in Fall 2010. His work for Kormákur & Skjölder is about as masculi-

ne as it gets, but his preference for earthy tones and natural fibers adds a bit of gentleness. To make his portrait, we drove out to Raudholar, a pseudo crater that dates back to 4500 years, and it was crazy how appropriate he looked being there right in the middle of a lava field.


R e yk j a v í k

H a r pa E i n a r sd ót t i r Iceland is full of mythical tales and stories of magic, and there seems to be a tendency over here, to blindly label that as just cliché and reject it all the way. But Harpa doesn't see a reason for it. She'd say things like "It's a magical place. I just know you'll come back", with such conviction that I really do believe her. A multi-media artist, fashion designer, mystic, and a mother of two beautiful children, she's kind of a renaissance woman with a laid-backness of a hippie.

But ask her about ancient tribal symbolism or Icelandic art you should know about, and she'll serve you days worth of things to think about. As usual Harpa is spending her summer in Seyðisfjörður and she sure stays busy - next to taking care of an injured seagull, producing a series of small scale paintings, organizing workshops for children, she will manages to work on the next collection of her label Ziska. Wow.


R e yk j a v Ă­ k

Mundi Mundi is a really tall guy with a goofy sense of humor, likes to go out on weekends and loves playing Wii with his stoney bros. All the beautiful icelandic models love him, and so do the guys. He also happens to be the most recognized name in Icelandic fashion. At just 25, he has already made 10 collections for his eponymous clothing line, made a film, and when I

met him, he had just returned from China, developing his first video game- a real one. With all that fame, Mundi or GuĂ°mundur HallgrĂ­msson still manages to keep his feet very much on the ground - his mother still cuts his hair and his grandfather does his laundry. A legend in the making.


R e yk j a v í k

S i n d r i M á r S i g f ú ss o n I went over to Sindri's house to make his portrait, and he asked if I would mind if he left the TV on so he could follow the Eurocup match. I said, of course, and asked which team he is supporting. He said "Neither". I didn't think much of this, but another conversation came up later with an elderly friend of mine, and I told him about what Sindri had said. And my elderly friend said "That's a great man. To be able to appreciate something without biases." My impressions might be naïve, but I think that's the general thing about

Icelanders. They know something about appreciation with neutrality. Everyone I met was warm while keeping just the right amount of distance, relaxed, while getting everything done. Like Sindri, who, on the day we met, had just returned from a European tour of his solo band Sin Fang. He had a number of other music and art projects he was working on, and was preparing for the 2nd child with his talented wife, and still some how managed to look like he had nothing to do.


R e yk j a v Ă­ k

Sruli Recht Designer Sruli Recht's days are spent mostly indoors, whether it's inside his spacious atelier by the harbor or his house right at the end of the peninsula where we took this photo. But he's always facing the ocean, which is a constant reminder that nature is just right outside, literally. And this is just what he needs.

He's lived in many different cities, but he feels right at home in Iceland where he thrives in isolation and nature. These days he's busy preparing for the Paris mens collection, and painting the nursery as him and his wife are expecting a baby.


R e yk j a v 铆 k

U n n u r A n d r e a E i n a r sd 贸t t i r As a teenager, Unnur Andrea would often come out here, in the (yet, another!) lava fields of Gardabaer right behind her childhood home, to put on her headphones and escape to her own world. She's recently relocated to Berlin to be closer to the action, but still travels back frequently to her home town and visits this spot, where she puts her head in the moss and breathes. She calls it "moss cocain". She reluctantly admits that nature is a huge driving force in her work as an artist. While her video and performance work

is largely about the aberrations in human experience, it's a simple fact that nature shapes our behaviors. Perhaps Iceland is the best evidence of this. Because of the unpredictable, erratic weather, people spend more time inside and together. And inside is where she gets most of her ideas - triggered by people who are affected by nature. It can be while dancing and drinking at a club with her friends, or Djing at her former residency at Boston (the hottest spot in Reykjavik). Moss cocain is powerful stuff.


R e yk j a v í k

H r a f n h i l d u r Á r n a d ót t i r a . k . a . S h o p l i f t e r Even if you've never set a foot in an art museum, you're probably already familiar with some of her workwhether it would be on numerous photographs of Iceland's most famous export, and Shoplifter's close collaborator Björk, or her collaboration with the international collective 'assume vivid astro focus', Shoplifter has been living and working in New York for a good part of the last two decades, but Iceland is never far from her. Her work is fantastical and labor intensive, with deep roots in the Scandinavian craf-

ting tradition. And her amazing sense of humor and warm disposition made so much sense after visiting her homeland. "You can't be any other way, to survive in a place like Reykjavik". The darkness can last for months and it gets freezing, and everybody knows everybody. To not be able to get along would make your life absolutely miserable. After recently opening her installation at the Clocktower Gallery in New York, she is already busy working on her upcoming solo exhibitions in the US and Europe.


R e yk j a v í k S to r y


S c ott 's last e x p e dition Text Lena Dystant Photography Yves Borgwardt

"Terra Nova", the ill-fated expedition to the South Pole lead by Robert Falcon Scott, hits its 100th anniversary this year, and Nigel Cabourn’s Limited Edition Collection #2 for Fall/Winter 2012 uses the doomed journey as its central inspiration. Scott and his party set out into the unknown during the summer of 1910 and were pushed to the very limit in every sense. On January 17, 1912, they reached the pole only to find the ground already claimed by Norwegian Roald Amundsen just 33 days earlier. The return trip took its toll on the dismayed bunch, and everyone died. Naturally a story so intense and tragic continues to hold court in folklore and indeed overshadows many of the geographical discoveries the group made along the way—as well as the personal stories of everyday life at camp. The Cabourn Limited Edition collection may very well be born of the positive aspects of Scott’s story—more a celebration of the group’s incredible achievements than a reference to their demise. The line includes 12 pieces, re-

productions of garments the explorers wore produced in a run of just 100 with 300 accessories to accompany them. As with the 2003 "Ascent of Cabourn" Sir Edmund Hillary collection, this line has been created with the kind of obsessive attention to detail and intensive research that marks Nigel Cabourn as a great menswear designer and one of the most knowledgeable men in the business. Working closely with the the Scott Polar Research Institute, the team was able to design from actual expedition garments as well as detailed images of each carefully preserved piece. The reproductions feature the original wearer’s name stating their role in Terra Nova: Doctor, Glaciologist ... Photographer. These heavyweight parkas, Harris tweed blazers, military dress garments, thermals and thick duffle coats are as much pieces of history as they are pieces of clothing. Nigel Cabourn’s continued personal interest in functional garments with storytelling at their core once again results in something quite special.


Photographer Yves Borgwardt Model Chris Kightley / PMA Stylist Saskia Schmidt Hair & Make Up Gabrielle Theurer Production Adriana Quaiser & Philipp Simon / BG Productions

T r a v e l P hotog r aphy

I nto th e Unknown Photography Luise M端ller-Hofstede

27 year old Luise M端ller is a photographer from Berlin who after 12 years of modeling moved behind the lens in 2010. After stints in New York City and Italy, she traveled the world taking pictures of people, landscapes and everything else that her senses captured. Her first xhibition opened in Berlin in June 2012. Here we present a selection of images from her travels to Patagonia and Scotland.

T r a v e l P hotog r aphy




T r a v e l P hotog r aphy

T r a v e l P hotog r aphy




Me &

Her Captured moments by Damien »Elroy« Vignaux








Purpose Driven Design Isaora strives to produce clothing that performs better. Design. Performance. Style. Technology.

Isaora brings these four things together in collections based on a belief that we should demand more from our clothes. Their aim is a delicate balance between technical potential and form; integrating improvements to everyday things where most relevant, and making movement an element of performance. It sounds a lofty proposition. However, founders Marc and Ricky are often more concerned with making their brand high end without being luxury. They take considerable pride in ensuring their products are accessible. Through progressive, specialized manufacturing, Isaora makes a relevant fashion statement with sophisticated fit. Many of the garments are made locally in New York City. They readily admit that the Big Apple informs their aesthetic. With great admiration for outdoors apparel, they turn strong visual fashion statements into functional pieces. Their clothing is as much about personal expression as it is about dealing with the elements. Thus, it is an interesting juxtaposition and a blend of things that previous high fashion attempts have turned into something overly dainty. Isaora, on the flip, is progressive without being delicate. Another intriguing element of their design strategy is the Isaora interest in texture. Whether it comes in the signature color blocking of their merino items or the treatment of their down jackets, personality is privileged. There

is a respect for the reality of manufacturing processes and the undeniable beauty of the irregularities inherent to small batch materials. This is juxtaposed with absolute technical precision in the finished product. Championing the individual is also important to the Isaora ethos. The collections are for guys that have, for lack of better term, some balls. Each piece has heart and soul. Mark and Ricky envision it as something where each item stands alone, with no core story behind individual collections. This allows buyers to embrace as many pieces as they want without looking totally branded. The challenge in Isaora is combining the best practice of fashion and technical apparel and ensuring that everything is usable. Mark and Ricky achieve this through a keen understanding of new advances in material and proper appreciation for where and when it should be employed. Isaora understands the design language of high fashion and the detailing of technical outerwear. The brand also has an essential humor about it, engineering perfect fits in garments that appear out of the ordinary. It is active, but urban. Inventive, yet not dismissive of tradition. Ultimately, the mix amazingly produces futuristic that does not forsake familiarity. Distinct worlds collide forming a new style in purpose driven performance clothing.




M i x e d W int e r A c ti v iti e s

Canada Goose Snow Mantra

BCA A r s e n a l A 1 Shovel

Arctic E xpedition

L a S p o r t i v a N e p a l EVO GTX B o o t s

Mammut Pulse B arry vox Be acon


M i x e d W int e r A c ti v iti e s

Eurocopter A S350 B3

S alomon Man's Board

Heli Boarding

Pata g o n i a M e n ' s Primo Down Jacket

Burton Diode EST Bindings


M i x e d W int e r A c ti v iti e s

Petzl Elios Helmet

M o u n ta i n H a r d wa r e Epic Gloves

M o u n ta i n C l i m b i n g

C a ss i n X- A l l M o u n ta i n I c e T o o l

M a m m u t N o r d wa n d TL B o o t s


M i x e d W int e r A c ti v iti e s

BRP Ad v a n c e d TEC E - C h r o m e G o g g l e

H J C H e l m e t s S y- M a x III Hi-Viz Yellow

B a c k co u n t r y S n o w M o b i l i n g

Powder Keg Fuel K eg s pa r e g a s ta n k

Ski-Doo Freeride 146 E xtreme B ackcountry snow mobile


C u r r e nt S tat e



David Benedek (born 1980, Munich, Germany) knows a thing or two about snowboarding. Having spent most of his life riding mountains with a board strapped to his feet, his professional resume spans over 20 years and lists him as a top pro snowboarder, award-winning graphic designer and celebrated film maker. Noted for his creative approach to riding, he pioneered many tricks that are still impressive today, such as switch back rodeo 900s and front double cork 1260s. On the film side, Benedek found massive success in the early 2000s with his US-based production company Robot Food, who created the classic snowboard films Afterbang, Lame and Afterlame. Following Robot Food, Benedek founded Blank Paper Studio in Germany where he crafted further genre-defining films including '91 Words for Snow,' and 'In Short.'


Today, David Benedek adds 'book publisher' to his list of snowboard achievements. 'Current State: Snowboarding' is a 450 page thick book, compiling some of the most prominent individuals and images from snowboarding's past three decades. Written, edited and designed by Benedek, the tome is made up of two interconnected books featuring interviews with 23 of the culture’s most influential characters including: Jake Burton, Terje Haakonsen, Travis Rice, JP Walker, Jed Anderson, Mikey Basich, Nicolas Mßller, Jesse Burtner, Marc Frank Montoya, Jeremy Jones, Peter Line and Scotty Wittlake. As the title, 'Current State: Snowboarding,' suggests, the book paints a picture of snowboarding's current state, as filtered through the knowing eyes of David Benedek and his contemporaries. 'Current State: Snowboarding' is available exclusively through, and is offered in both English and Japanese versions.

is e ns e v e n

Text Peter Williams


Gold Established in 1999, Isenseven is a snowboard crew, movie production team, clothing label and more. Best known for their snowboard films, including 2011's "Kaleidoscope" and 2010's "Don't Panic," the collective puts together some genuinely amazing productions. Headed up by Alex Schiller, Tom Elliott and Vincent Urban, Isenseven have created another feature length blockbuster shred film for 2012. Entitled "Fool's Gold," the flick promises footage of this year's crew - Alex Tank, Benny Urban, Tobi Strauss, Fips Strauss, Peter König, Tom Klocker, Luka Jeromel, Marco Smolla, Colin Frei, David Bertschinger Karg, Kevin Bäckström, Ludwig Lejkner, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Dani Rajcsanyi, Christophe Schmidt and others - hitting jumps, rails (and sometimes theirs faces) in picturesque spots all over the world. In their words, "it's a great mix of the bestest team ever and we hope you love each rider the way we do. Although, they sometimes can be annoying." Fool's Gold will be available September 2012, in crispy HD, at your local boardshop and or via iTunes online worldwide.


a e th e r

a e th e r

Cali fornia Cool

Aether’s approach to technical outerwear connects to a grand legacy of clean California design.

Text Nick Schonberger

The words “California Cool” conjure distinct images. For example, there’s the Hard-Edge style of mid-Century painters and the clean lines of their architectural contemporaries. You could also think about Jeff Spicoli in checker board vans. Of course, most of the world just envisions the classic American style of the laid back surfer.

phisticated lines of the brand’s outwear. Giving form and function equal footing, Aether designs without superfluous embellishment, allowing for garments that happily walk mountain peaks and urban streets.

When it comes to technical outerwear, California is no stranger to industry-leading innovation. After all, the state is home to Patagonia and the spiritual origin of The North Face. Beyond, the state boasts roughly 840 miles of coastline and some properly impressive mountains. In short, the Golden State is a hell of a place for outdoor pursuits.

Stripped to the essentials, Aether is about making wearers comfortable in any terrain. The form fitting Fall Line shell, built of 3-layer 4-way stretch fabric, stands out as the brand’s keystone product. Technically, it is about offering the most flexibility and range of motion possible. It‘s seam sealed and equipped with an exposed waterproof zipper. That means it can withstand wind and water, and easily navigate a weekend bombing the ski slopes. The jacket is also slim cut and sleek. Meaning that on treacherous morning run to your favorite coffee roaster when a downpour could damage your swag, chances with the tasty barista are maintained.

Design and the outdoors collide naturally in Cali. So does a need to balance the city and nature. That defines Aether, founded by Palmer West and Jonah Smith, and helps form the so-

Aether Apparel respects materials. Designs are understated and performance oriented, using the capabilities and characteristics of the chosen fabrics as guides for crafting the most useful

All are valid thoughts.

and most attractive goods. Still looking for a link to classic California design? Consider the Eames’ iconic DCW chair. Elegant, lightweight, functional, and full of aesthetic integrity, this piece sets great precedent for design with material in mind. Of course, West and Smith aren’t boldly talking about carrying the Eames legacy. Nor do they make much overt reference to California design heritage. Yet, it is impossible to view their collections without connecting the dots. There is an inherent link. It is design in simplest sense, attempting to solve crucial problems (technical capabilities in city appropriate cuts) and improve daily life. Aether is “California Cool” for navigating the 21st-century.



nation of hoop series

Honoring the best in the business Photographer Sacha Hรถchstetter

m u ni c h

b e r lin


pa r is 118

sto c kholm

As part of their NATION OF HOOP Series, the brand teamed up with some of the most respected European retailers. The line-up reads like a who is who in the sneaker business and includes colette (Paris), Crooked Tongues (London), Patta (Amsterdam), Sneakersnstuff (Stockholm) and Solebox (Berlin). Each store had the unique opportunity to create its own basketball jersey. As you can imagine the results could not be more different, but that is exactly what we enjoy about the series. Basketball fan or not, now you can support your favorite store and your city, by wearing it on your chest!


london 120

amst e r dam


canada POOCH Text Katherine Rousseau Photo Andrew Szeto

Toronto-based pet apparel company, Canada Pooch, has developed a range of Arctic inspired jackets for man's best friend. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can now face harsh temperatures in well-designed, functional apparel.



Although graced with phenomenal summers, Canada is cursed with terribly cold and snowy winters. Leaving home without a jacket, hat and wooly mitts can leave any person shaking and shivering. Like people, dogs get cold. Many breeds are not suited to spend time in below freezing temperatures and would certainly benefit from a warm and cozy jacket. Understanding most of the fundamental canine needs, Canada Pooch developed the “Polar Program”. This program offers three winterready, versatile jackets that not only offer quality and advanced functionality, but also offer a style aspect that most pet apparel companies lack. For the most brutal winters, Canada Pooch created the Winter Wilderness jacket. Inspired by Canada Goose's Chilliwack, this arctic-ready jacket boasts a waterproof exterior, a faux-down filled interior, a fleece lining, an adjustable Velcro

closure, a handy pocket, protective sleeves, a faux-fur hood with snaps to keep it away from your pets head and an embroidered “Canada Pooch” patch. For a more casual winter walk, the Arctic Adventure Vest was developed. The vest’s sleek fit, fleece lining, extra warm core, and waterproof shell will lets any dog keep warm while still allowing room for play. On lighter days, the Snow Sneeker Coat, a waterproof shell, will keep the cold breeze and damp slush out of Fido's fur. It offers the perfect combination of protection and flexibility without the bulk. For those lucky enough to live in areas that do not warrant arctic-ready apparel, Canada Pooch also offers a Pacific Program, consisting of jackets designed for rainy climates. Or if your dog doesn't need a jacket at all, Canada Pooch also offers a full range of leashes and accessories.



g - sho c k

black &


Illustrations Olka Osadzinska










Photography Takashi Kamei Styling YOON (AMBUSH速)


Text david fischer

Japanese jewelry brand AMBUSH®, headed by Verbal and Yoon, presents their new ‘Holy Mountain’ Collection. Never to shy away from bold statements, the new collection is “inspired by the 1973 Alejandro Jodrowsky film of the same name. Available from June 2012, with these new creations ‘filled with extraordinary visual concoction, loaded with stunning and trippy colors,

with a succession of dreamlike vistas’, AMBUSH® declares, ‘You will ask of AMBUSH® jewelry what most people ask of psychedelic drugs.’” The collection lookbook could not fit our winter issue better, with models styled as polar bears, including fur and claws. One thing you can be sure of, it never gets boring with AMBUSH® and that's what we appreciate about the Japanese brand.


S ch reber ga r ten

Natascha Jumper LEVI‘S MADE & CRAFTED

Photography alex flach / Assitance Johanna Maria Jesus Styling Theresa Zerck Hair & makeup Diana Stimper / Â Models Bianca, Natascha & WIC / Vincent & Julian Thanks to Tillman, Philip / rent-one

Julian Jacket PENFIELD

Natascha Jumper HIEN LE Vest CARHARRT

Vincent (left) Jumper LEE Pants PENDLETON Boots CHEAP MONDAY backpack POINTER Headband 5PREVIEW Julian (right) Jacket PENFIELD Jumper DENHAM Jeans CARHARTT Sneaker CONVERSE


Bianca (left) Jumper CARHARTT Leather Shorts NIKE Necklace SABRINA DEHOFF Shoes POINTER

Vincent (middle) Shirt VANS Zip-Hoodie DOCKERS Jeans CARHARTT Beanie CARHARTT

Julian (second from left) Jacket CARHARTT Shirt PENFIELD Jeans LEVI‘S MADE & CRAFTED Sneaker NIKE

Natascha (second from right) Jacket NIKE Shirt WESC Shorts HENRIK VIBSKOV Hat WESC Boots MISTRAL


Vincent Jumper LEE Pants PENDLETON

Natascha (left) Jumper LEVI‘S MADE & CRAFTED Pants BOESSERT/SCHORN Julian (right) Top WESC Pants PENFIELD Scarf MAIAMI



Bianca (left) Vest VANS, Shirt CARHARTT Hat CARHARTT Sneaker CONVERSE Natascha (middle) Jacket LEE Shirt RAPHAEL HAUBER VIC (right) Longsleeve NIKE Jeans DENHAM


VIC (left) Vest JULIAN ZIGERLI Shirt DENHAM Shoes WESC Vincent (right) Jacket VANS Shirt JULIAN ZIGERLI Jeans CARHARTT Sneaker NIKE



Vincent (left) Jumper PENFIELD Pants VANS Shoes CLARKS Bianca (right) Jacket MUUBAA Shirt WESC Pants CARHARTT Shoes POINTER




S t u dio A nti

Willem Stratmann


S t u dio A nti

Text david Fischer Photography nadine elfenbein

Even though graphic design studios are getting more by the hour, like with everything, there are only a very few really good ones. Studios who's work speaks for itself, studios that come up in every single conversation, when in the need of some great design work. Being able to work with a diverse set of clients and translating their vision into something visual, while subtly leaving your own trademark, is probably the ultimate goal of a graphic designer. We talked to Willem Stratmann of StudioAnti from Berlin, one of the few members of this rare breed of designers, that deliver on every single one of their jobs. If you look through his portfolio, it reads like a who's who of the Berlin agency/brand/evening scene. We met Willem a couple of years ago, when he designed the StudioAnti x Highsnobiety AdiCup jerseys and thought it would be a good time to get inside his mind as a designer. We just had to find out, how he ensures that his work blends in and stands out at the same time. Read the interview here below.

Hi Willem. You run the creative agency StudioAnti out of Berlin. How did you end up becoming a designer, how did you start StudioAnti? Can you give us some background. Originally I had really no idea about graphic design at all. I was seventeen when I started my education. A small hand of mentors led me through a very dry time at lette-verein. StudioAnti was founded in 2001. At that time I was working on a magazine called Backjumps. A Platform for urban communication and aesthetics, which means graffiti, streetart and its close connection to the social and urban enviroment. We initiated and curated big exhibitions, workshops and happenings of international size with exclusive installations by big artists like Banksy, Delta, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, Swoon & Co. Graphic design has definitely become a fashion and sometimes one has the impression there is a new graphic design agency on every corner. Looking through your portfolio though, it is incredible how many high profile logos you have designed. From store logos to restaurant and club logos, the range is very impressive. Is it talent? Is it being well connected? How would you describe your success? Sure it’s a bit of both. Plus the motivation and passion to be part of different communities who work with in a cultural context. Its a sensitive mix of service and authorship. I allways focus on the real quality of the subject and try to develop simple solutions. Graphic design shouldn’t serve as self-realization. For me the best result looks self-evident and has a nearly invisible trademark. The strenght of StudioAnti is the will and ability to support true profession, to keep it real!

Since many years you have a strong relationship with adidas, amongst many other things you have also designed their specialty store logos - No. 06 and No. 74. How would you describe your work with The Three Stripes? Just perfect. What has been the most exciting project from your work with adidas? The time together with Johannes Schroth from NewSkoolDisplay at adicolor studio 2006 was really amazing. For about four months we curated and hosted a huge factory workspace of more than 1000 sqm in Berlin Mitte. In terms of graphic design the identity for No.74, the adidas concept store in Berlin, is still my favorite. Where do you get your inspiration for your work? How do you manage to stay original? Through constant reflection of correlations. I keep my eyes and mind open for whats going on immediately. Mainly for natural or manmade structures, connections and compositions. I always work with opposites and their magnetism.


GA D GET S Text gear patrol

Well Rounded Sound Black rectangles are pretty much the de facto look for desktop speakers, but the minds behind Well Rounded Sound think otherwise. Made from American hardwoods, these beautiful (and round) speakers feature full-range drivers and a lineup of cleverly named speakers that will fit any desk or aesthetic.

Vizio A l l - I n - O n e PC Finally, the best of both worlds for Windows fans. The Vizio All-In-One desktop (available in 24 or 27" sizes) combines a computer and TV like never before while setting a new standard for PCs. Its sleek, purposeful physique is the result of over two years of design, while zero pre-installed bloatware is a software fantasyturned-reality. Looks like someone was listening to Cupertino's lectures.Â

S o n y RX 1 0 0 Sporting a compact design that's reminiscent of Leica, what the Sony Cyber-Shot DSCRX100 lacks in the name department it makes up in specs. First and foremost is a massive 1" sensor that boasts 20.2 megapixel RAW image capture and a 3" touchscreen with "WhiteMagic" technology providing improved outdoor visibility despite using less power.


P 3 G u i ta r Amplifiers An all-tube, hand-wired P3 Guitar Amplifier ($650+) isn’t just a nostalgic replica designed to look liked a bad-ass amp from the golden age of rock. It’s built like one too, which means blasting out loud, clear tones, no matter how hard they’re driven or clumsily treated by a half-cocked roadie.

P i o n e e r S E- M J 59 1 Headphones After an absence from the high-end headphone market (DJ headphones notwithstanding), the SE-MJ591 cans are all about luxurious travel. Though active noise-cancellation is missing, the headphones feature large 40mm drivers for dynamic sound and an aerospace-grade plastic and brushed aluminum construction. Jealousy by Beats by Dre wearing co-passengers is guaranteed.

Lenovo K800 As the first phone to integrate Intel's Atom processor (at 1.6GHz), the Lenovo K800 is potentially a war starting volley to displace ARM as the chip-of-choice for mobile phones. Besides one sexy-as-hell black brick design, as we'd expect from Lenovo, the phone also touts a 4.5-inch IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and an 8-megapixel rear camera.


INTERIOR Text Graham Hiemstra

PP M ø b l e r Established in 1953, the family run joinery workshop of PP Møbler has created some of the most iconic pieces of Danish Design. Often attributed with creating the Danish Modern style, the modest company continues to produce new designs in the spirit of those which helped establish Denmark as the land of beautiful, simple design. By building under one roof with sustainably harvested wood from Denmark and Germany, each piece of furniture stays true to its roots with a beautifully minimalist aesthetic likely to never go out of style. This unchanging ethos allows PP Møbler to silently step forward away from the masses of contemporary designers flaunting false heritage and pretentious eco-consicous stories with a legitimate history and workforce of traditionally trained craftsman. After over a half century of hand cutting and finishing each and every piece bear the PP Møbler stamp, the company has established a stubborn sense of creativity in which all contributors are hardheadedly encouraged to consider craftsmanship and technique equally alongside innovation. As a testament to this, legendary Danish designer Hans J. Wegner has contributed

nearly a thousand design models in his time, including "The Round One", a chair originally designed in 1950 and widely considered the epitome of Danish Design. Driven by a strict set of self-administered guidelines and a truly impressive knack for knowing when things look just right, Wegner has cemented himself as the backbone of PP Møbler. While much of PP Møbler's significance is deeply rooted in its history, the creative company understands a need to continue innovating and exploring material limits in all shapes and forms. For this a collective of pragmatically driven designers like Zaha Hadid and Cecilie Manz have been brought in over the years to breathe fresh air into the legendary workshop. Through this venture some slightly less conventional products have emerged—"Clothes Tree" rack reminiscent of a Buckminster Fuller sketch gone wrong—reminding all that design doesn't always need to come with a capital D. Regardless of age, PP Møbler's designers remain focused on quality. With this they can make their mark on design history, all through the use of one material: wood.

Normann Copenhagen B l o c k Ta b l e As one of the better known contemporary Danish design brands, Normann Copenhagen continually impresses with sharp, clean designs done in a decisively understated manner. While the brand branches out to all corners of the interior design market, a keen eye for highlighting the home necessities continues to keep the Normann Copenhagen name relevant. A strikingly simple example of this dedication is the Block Table, by student designer Simon Legald. As simple a modest side table on wheels, this calming mix of raw Ash and coated steel exemplifies Scandinavian design by melding form and function.

K O - HO GEOMETRIC CHAIR Riding the green wave of the sustainable manufacturing movement, Finland's Ko-Ho design studio focuses its sights on executing practical design by unconventional means. For the instantly iconic Geometric chair, the design duo enlist form pressed Finnish hemp fibre—harvested in spring after gaining strength during the harsh winter season—as the chair's sole material. The stratified surface stands as a purposeful witness mark from the form press production technique, making for a curiously clean aesthetic while also adding support to the chair's solid structure. The stackable, prefab prototype offers a look into the future possibilities of organic material in sustainable furniture design.

Sander MuldeR CARAT l a m p s h a d e Inspired by the precision cutting of precious emeralds, industrial designer Sander Mulder of the Netherlands has designed the Carat lamp. Now in it's second, more refined iteration, the diamond cut aluminum lamp features 36 facets created from nine identical parts to play with light the way a finely cut jewel would. The geometrically driven design takes advantage of the aluminum's reflective inside surface to amplify light distribution while the conductive exterior allows the user to control light intensity simply by touching. And for the environmental angle, Carat ships flat-packed to reduce cost and material waste.


VIPP K ITCHEN Vipp introduced their first kitchen bin in 1939 and has since become synonymous with quality products for the kitchen and bathroom. With one of the most radical moves in their company history, Vipp presents their very own take on an entire kitchen. A range of modules in different sizes can be combined and arranged according to individual needs. The complete Vipp kitchen concept unfolds in every detail. Even fixtures, drawer pulls and inserts, range hood as well as gas knobs are developed in respect of Vipp’s design DNA, injecting a functional and visual cohesiveness into the kitchen. The kitchen is available in black and white.


tr ans po rt Text DAVID FISCHER

Mercedes-Benz N e w A - C l a ss Easily the most interesting compact car to be released in a long time, it looks like Mercedes-Benz finally found the formula right for the A-Class. They always knew how to produce a luxury car, but how to produce a great city car was not amongst their expertise. That is about to change.


Audi 2013 SQ5 TDI

Audi 2013 SQ5 TDI

Early next year Audi will be adding a top of the line model to its Q5 off roader line. Not only will there finally be a SQ5, it will for the first time in Audi history come with a Diesel engine. The 3.0 produced 313 hp, certainly something one can work with.

Early next year Audi will be adding a top of the line model to its Q5 off roader line. Not only will there finally be a SQ5, it will be the first Audi vehicle with a Diesel engine. The 3.0 produced 313 hp, certainly something one can work with.

Porsche 918 Spyder Protot ype Let us dream - in 2013, Porsche is expected to release their new super sports car - the 918 Spyder. The plug-in hybrid vehicle combines a high-performance combustion engine with cutting-edge electric motors for extraordinary performance, resulting in 770 hp.

BMW i Pedelec Electric Bike The BMW i Range is quickly become one of the most interesting electric vehicle brands. While only in the concept stages at the moment, we love the i3 and i8 cars already and the i Pedelec Electric Bike also looks promising.


F r ank O c e an

Frank Ocean Text Cullen Poythress Photography Julien Berman

Does it really come as any surprise that the team who’s turned hip-hop on its head over the last few years would be the same camp to embrace the career of sultry R&B innovator Frank Ocean? At face value it wouldn’t seem that the hard beats and often incendiary lyrics of Odd Future would have anything to do with the silkiness of buzz tracks like Ocean’s 2011 solo release, "Novacone," but the 24-year-old, New Orleans-born Ocean has effectively done to R&B what OFWGKTA has done to the rap world—served up a piping hot plate of absolute musical talent and unexpected style with two heaping side orders of “I don’t give a fuck what you think” and “I’m going to do this my way with or without a major label.” For a pop music landscape littered with artists who follow the sounds and movements of the leaders, it’s this new breed of irreverent acts armed with the power and self publishing freedom of the Internet that have been the ones to turn heads and win eyes. And Frank has done just that—everything from his high-profile departure from Island Def Jam, who he publicly dissed via Twitter just after he dropped his industry resonant mix tape "Nostalgia, Ultra" for free on his Tumblr in February of last year, to catching the ears of

hip-hop juggernauts Kanye West and Jay-Z which ultimately landed him a featured spot on the track "Made In America" off the their 2012 collaborative smash record, "Watch The Throne." But it’s more than just his staunch independence and web-marketing savvy that stands Ocean apart. He’s done plenty of musical reinventing in his own right and has played a major hand in shaping the modern look-and-feel of R&B with his futuristic, nearly tripped-out lyrical approach and his equally as trippy and sometimes dark music video direction. On the eve of his highly anticipated full-length release, "Channel Orange," Ocean dropped his toe-tapping, ten-minute mega ballad "Pyramid"s on the world, complete with space-age instrumentation and ancient-Egyptian lyrical content carefully juxtaposed with Simpson’s-inspired visual art, which pokes fun at the song’s sexually euphemistic title—once again giving a quirky and out-of-left-field spin on an otherwise traditionally mature and serious musical genre—every bit as delightfully bizarre as his label mate Tyler, The Creator’s approach to hip-hop, with just a little more suave and finesse for the ladies.


so u nd

sound ke in e mu s ik Workparty 3

Pa rlo vr Kook Soul | Fontana This is a dangerous record for old men to be listening to. There is so much utterly convincing gusto behind the subject matter – a dissolved engagement – that youthful obsession with a distinct kind of happiness (born of the sort of concessions you think the world will make for you as a post-adolescent) bubble to front of your consciousness and you start wanting to chase indifferent girls down city streets in the rain. But all of that patter is rather irrelevant once you get caught up in the tight pop music deconstructed here and rebuilt with such an infectious wail as the mortar, that you sing yourself hoarse to the stuff in traffic.

Text Jeff Carvalho

Fresh new summer tunes from Berlin's Keinemusik collective to get things in gear for the summer. Their latest release, "Workparty Three" is a four-track delivery of music that work various mood sets from the deep to the mellow. &ME opens the release with Everless, a vocal infused hypnotic mid-set mood setter that carries the listener onto the next movement of the night. Dashed percussion hits give the track organic intensity. Adam Port's "Drums on Parade" play with jazz inspired percussion lines that force the listener to shake and the tune builds forward. The flipside of the 12-inch opens with Rampa's "Look Out" - collaboration with Hollis P. Monroe and easily the most mellow track on the release. Melodic vocals infuse well with claps and synth hits that force your to move. They close it out with David Mayer's "Jewels" that keeps the bounce and rhythm proper wherever it lands in the set. Another gem from the Keinemusik crew.

Gig a me sh All My Life EP | Kitsuné

Text Josh Tyson

Kitsune Music delivers the new Gigamesh "All My Life EP" - a summer steady four track of summer pop hits that works all elements of contemporary French hits and more. Friendly rhythms and vocals laid upon a bed of samples and synth beats give the tracks life on and off the dancefloor. "All My Life" starts it off with a slowed down rhythm that is open and airy. "You Body," track three on the EP, delivers a beats reminiscent of the funky side of UK dance music - the kind that brings your footwork front and center. "Dream On" closes out the EP with a wave of sounds and just a touch slighty decayed melodies; broken and processes. Play this EP on your roofdeck - either at dusk or dawn.

Text Jeff Carvalho


latex head jewelry Trés Bonjour latex bra Trés Bonjour blouse Kaviar Gauche jewelry Weekday

Fa i r y Wo o d Photography Philip Br체derle / Styling Daniella Petrovics / Hair & Make Up Helena Kapidzic / Model Tatiana konovalova / Assistents Christian doppelgatz & Viviane p채rli Retouching

dress Lever Couture jewelry Vibe Harslof

leather blazer & bustier DSTM collar with pearl decoration Scotch & Soda belt as neckless Kaviar Gauche

shorts, top, pullover DSTM long skirt Scotch & Soda

knitwear Avelon panties Monki latex mask TrĂŠs Bonjour shoes Kaviar Gauche jewelry Vibe Harslof

Dark Moder nism Photography Tobias Wirth Styling Dana Roski Nude Agency Hair/Make Up Mischka Hart Models Norman 路 Maximilian 路 Jan Izaio Assistance Aaron Schmiedel


Maximilian (left) shirt ACNE, trousers Y-3, chain IVAN MAN Jan(center) shirt WEEKDAY, trousers FRUIT OF THE LOOM Norman (right) shirt MONKI, jacket WEEKDAY, jeans ACNE


Jan (left) leather jacket SCHOTT, jeans ACNE Maximilian (center) shirt WEEKDAY, chain stylist own Norman (right) shirt LEE


Jan shirt ACNE, trousers Y-3, shoes NEW BALANCE, sunglasses LUNETTES


Maximilian (left) jacket MONKI, Jeans ACNE Norman (right) shirt LEVIS, jacket MONKI, jeans 5 PREVIEW, sneaker NIKE



imp r int


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Highsnobiety Magazine 05 - Summer 2012  

Pharrell Williams

Highsnobiety Magazine 05 - Summer 2012  

Pharrell Williams