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High-Profile: Technology & Innovation

June 2017


Hoylu Receives Over $250K in Orders from Suffolk Pembroke, MA – Hoylu, a visual ideation and collaboration provider headquartered in Sweden with offices in North America, Asia, and Europe, recently announced it has received over $250,000 in orders from Suffolk Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the United States. The orders represent an expansion of Hoylu’s business with Suffolk, who have been customers of Hoylu’s products and services since 2016, starting with the Huddlewall, a packaged solution that provides a turnkey product that includes hardware, software, and ideation materials. The Hoylu Huddlewall features an expansive ideation space that provides workstation performance and additional screen real estate for reviewing CAD files, editing blueprints, enabling web applications for Lean planning, or performing interactive brainstorming sessions with pen-based interaction. The product also features the Hoylu Inspiration Suite of software, designed to help teams work faster and more interactively and create a clear ROI for enterprise-level collaboration. Finding

The Huddlewall features an expansive ideation space that provides workstation performance and additional screen real estate for a variety of uses.

effective ways for teams to interact while viewing 3D models of complex buildings and conducting Lean planning is a high priority within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) community. “Many construction companies have tried using smart boards to help facilitate team collaboration, but run into software limitations. In addition to our own collaboration and ideation software, Hoylu Huddlewall is an open platform that can run all of the existing third-party applications that AEC firms know and use today. But now these products can be used on a huge display in a big room, ideal for team collaboration and planning,” says Andrew Jamison, vice president of sales U.S. at Hoylu.

“Suffolk’s vision is to transform the construction experience by building smart,” said Chris Mayer, chief innovation officer at Suffolk. “By adding sophisticated new tools and technologies such as the Hoylu Huddlewall to our toolbox, we will be able to manage our projects with more efficiencies, provide clients a more predictable and enjoyable experience, and revolutionize our industry.”


COLLABORATE FASTER AND SMARTER Get to know the Hoylu Huddlewall: a complete turnkey solution that brings everything you need to maximize cross-functional team collaboration. Work faster and smarter together using the immersive Hoylu Inspiration Suite of software as well as other common construction management applications. Hoylu Huddlewall – team collaboration at the speed of sight™. MEET US HERE The next construction focused Hoylu event in Boston is June 23rd from 5:00 – 7:00. Please email today to reserve a spot. Learn more at

High-Profile: June 2017  
High-Profile: June 2017