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June 2013

In Praise of Boston’s Interview: Hospital Community Ben Goldfarb by John C. Cannistraro Jr. MBC President...pg. 7 ...pg. 6

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High Performance An Interview with Don’t Let Your LinkedIn Technology, Passive Anthony Ferrara of Company Page Collect Design and Biomimicry Superior Rail & Iron Dust! by Suzanne Robinson Works, Inc...pg. 24 by Lisa Nickerson...Pg. 27 ...pg. 28

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June, 2013

June, 2013




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June, 2013


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June, 2013


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June, 2013


CWDG Ownership Announcements

Boston’s Heroic Hospital Community

by John C. Cannistraro Jr. As a resident and business owner in the Greater Boston area, I have always known how lucky I am to have some of the world’s premier hospitals located just minutes from my front door. Throughout my career I have had the privilege of knowing and working with the leaders of many of the firstclass hospitals and John Cannistraro Jr. healthcare networks that save lives and provide hope on a daily basis. In light of the recent events that put a dark cloud over our city, it was these individuals that helped me see a silver lining. As many as 170 people were brought to Boston area hospitals during and after the April 15 Marathon attack. Off-duty doctors and surgeons, as well as selfless other citizens, jumped into action to help complete strangers get to safety. Victims in need of hospital care were expediently disbursed among eight different hospitals within city limits, and the first patient in need of emergency surgery was

on the operating table in less than an hour. Every patient brought to a hospital from the frontlines of Boylston Street survived. Despite all of the horror that occurred throughout that week, the actions and preparedness of the first responders and medical community give us all a reason to be proud. The conditions that doctors experienced on Marathon Monday were equivalent to those found in war-ravaged Afghanistan or the streets of Port Au-Prince, Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Unbelievably, these same traumatic events helped Boston hospitals prepare for an emergency event of this scale and magnitude. We’re now hearing stories about how, as a result of past events, hospital personnel underwent extensive emergency response training. Medical workers extended their shifts through all hours of the night; physicians assumed the roles of emergency commanders, and military-style coding systems were used to facilitate easier communication. Employees were connected to social media outlets, thereby receiving the quickest updates imaginable. In fact, when Continued on page 18

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Boston - Copley Wolff Design Group (CWDG) announced that in the last year, principal Sean Sanger and controller Maureen Gallagher have been made part owners of the firm. Since joining CWDG in 2000, Sanger has repeatedly demonstrated the highest level of expertise, leadership, efficiency, and creativity in all aspects of his work. His commitment to his projects, clients, and the firm will surely contribute to Copley Wolff Design Group’s accomplishments. Gallagher joined CWDG in 1999 as controller and has successfully managed the firm’s finances and administrative functions for the last 14 years. She was added to

Sean Sanger Maureen Gallagher the board of directors in 2002 and because of her continuing hard work, recently became part owner. We are confident that Gallagher’s skills and work ethic will continue to guide the firm through its continuing success.

Welcome NEBFMers

If you have discovered this issue of High-Profile Monthly from our booth at the Northeast Building and Facilities Managment (NEBFM) Show and Conference 2013, we want to welcome you. High-Profile Monthly features construction activities in New England and advice from experts on trends and tips to succeed. You will find those who build and restore educational, healthcare, assisted living, commercial, institutional, retail, and industrial facilities, both private and public.

To send news of your facilities construction plans e-mail editor@high-profile.com. NEBFM is a trade show and educational conference featuring 30 individual one-hour talks covering a wide range of topics including: LEED, Green, Sustainability, Energy, Building Commissioning, Facility Maintenance, Construction, and Renovation Planning. IFMA - Boston produces, monitors, and provides CFM credit for each confere,nce talk attended.

Learn ways to enhance the performance of your healthcare facility and take advantage of the lively networking experience with high-quality education with 40 peer-reviewed concurrent sessions and an expert lineup of industry presenters. Visit

ashe.org/annual to register for the 50th ASHE Annual Conference to be held July 21-24, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.

ASHE 50th

June, 2013

CFMA Awards Annual Scholarship

Needham, MA - The adjust America’s spending Massachusetts Chapter of priorities by providing aid to Construction Financial Manlocal communities and buildagement Association (CFMA) ing affordable rental housrecently held its annual scholing for low-income people. arship and leadership breakHe also led the fight against fast at the Sheraton in Needdiscrimination, and chamham. Receiving the CFMA pioned the interests of the of Massachusetts Scholarpoor, the underprivileged, ships this year were Katherine and the vulnerable. Prior to Dougherty, Northeastern Unihis retirement Congressman versity; Brian Fannon, Boston Frank won re-election to 12 College; Tyler Hoffman, Uniterms by consistently wide versity of San Diego; Miller margins. Former congressman Huffman, also at Northeastern Frank’s remarks were Barney Frank addresses University, and Gina Conti, centered on the theme that the audience. University of Rhode Island. the United States is “over These deserving stucommitted” in the rest of the dents are all enrolled in either accounting, world and as such, too much is asked of engineering, or construction management our military, thus leading to the requisite programs and are the children of members overspending by the federal government in or whose parents work at member firms or supporting our presence around the world. are themselves employed by member firms. In presenting his thoughts regarding This has been an annual event at the Mas- the current challenges confronting both sachusetts Chapter for well over a decade. federal and state governments, and also adThe keynote presenter was former dressing questions for the attendees, Frank United States Congressman Barney Frank. demonstrated his ability to simplify the isWhile in Congress, Frank worked to sues in an entertaining and witty way.

ICIP Life Sciences Sessions

June 19 | 8:30 - 11 a.m. MassBio offices, 300 Technology Square, 8th Floor, Cambridge Attend an information session to learn more about the Massachusetts Life Sci-

ences Center’s inaugural round of the International Collaborative Industry Program (ICIP)! Sessions are free of charge. Refreshments will be served.

An Interview with Ben Goldfarb


The President of MBC Shares Insight

The Massachusetts Building Congress (MBC) brings together decisionmakers from all corners of the design and construction industry in Massachusetts. MBC’s 2013 president, Ben Goldfarb, sat down with High-Profile to help provide insight into the workings of this popular association. HP: For those less familiar with MBC, can you tell us briefly what is unique about the MBC membership? Goldfarb: The Ben Goldfarb one thing that I believe sets the MBC apart from other organizations is our welcoming culture. I am frequently told by new members and guests that they find the people to be very approachable and that the overall chemistry of our events is inviting. So, when you combine this network-friendly environment with our industry-rich membership, coupled with well-planned events, relationships are more naturally formed and new business opportunities are developed. Also the diversity of our members has flourished not only in terms of firm type, i.e. subcontractors, bonding agents, vendors/suppliers, construction managers, architects, engineers etc., but a balanced mix of up-and-coming professionals who are rubbing elbows and enjoying a beer with seasoned principals and presidents. HP: What’s new with MBC? Goldfarb: I am very excited and

proud of three new initiatives that were recently rolled out, which include the Women’s Network: Building Leaders, the 20:30 Club, and the MBC Scholarship Fund. The Women’s Network’s mission is to connect women to women for business development, to mentor and promote women in construction, and to grow women’s membership within the MBC. The 20:30 Club seeks to provide emerging A/E/C leaders and their peers with casual, educational, and fun events for building professional relationships. The MBC Scholarship Fund is the MBC’s own scholarship designed to support the future leaders of the A/E/C industry. HP: How do you select the speakers for your breakfast meetings? Goldfarb: The MBC Program Committee is charged with identifying relevant topics and interesting speakers. Both are developed through a standardized process, vetted by the committee and voted on for approval before being formally announced as future MBC programs. Our program committee members volunteer their precious time to conceive of industry significant topics while leveraging their network to secure guest speakers who are generally leading experts in their field of work. HP: We’ve noticed frequently changing venues for Congress Unplugged events; will this continue? Goldfarb: Congress Unplugged events are designed for pure networking. Continued on page 41

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June, 2013


Message from Michael Barnes, Publisher, High-Profile Monthly

BisNow Life Sciences Summit

Now is the Time to Build

When failure is not an option... Call GSS Corporation for all your safety needs. Safety you can count on by industry experts. Because there is no room for failure have GSS design and install your Fall Protection System or have GSS inspect, test and certify your existing system. Window/Power Washing Services Fall Protection Systems Engineering & Design Testing & Certification

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High-Profile recently dodged a bullet. Just as I was starting this month’s column, our editor-in-chief was whisked away by paramedics to the emergency room, in near collapse. Now it seems the words on the pages are more than words from my computer, but carry a message of what is important to us all. The designs generated by BIM technologies are more than just computer images, they are the results of hundreds of meetings, and thousands of hours in discussion as to how we can keep our hospitals saving lives in a sustainable environment. Our editor is OK now, with his new pacemaker sending the appropriate message at the appropriate time. My message to our readers is simple: “Now is the time to build.” Whether it’s educational, commercial, retail, multi-residential, or healthcare facilities, your articles on why now is the time to build are welcome. Send your message to editor@highprofile.com.

BisNow on Life Sciences

Next month will feature High-Profile’s annual focus on life sciences facilities. Excerpts from the recent follow-up to its LifeSciences Summit sent from BisNow: The Beal Companies president Robert Beal said that Cambridge has a new attitude: “How can I help you?” The event moderator was Jacobs KlingStubbins principal Chris Leary, who’s designing the new 260ksf lab/office building for Millennium Pharmaceuticals and interior for Foundation Medicine, both in Cambridge. Joining him were Beal president Robert Beal; Forest City science technology group president Frank Wuest; King Properties principal Tom Ragno; Suffolk Construction COO for the northeast Shawn Seaman and BioMed Realty’s Bill Kane. “The Beal Co began developing life science space in East Cambridge back in the ’70’s. Since then, life science has made Cambridge much more cozy with business,” said Beal. As they grow, some large tenants move out, but smaller companies are still setting up shop. The challenges ahead: preserving $2 billion per year in federal funding and creating affordable housing for young workers. The life science cluster in Cambridge and Boston—as well as some ‘burbs like Lexington—is growing faster than any other in the U.S., Wuest said. We have an entire life-science ecosystem: universities such as MIT and Harvard; a workforce of scientists and technologists; and plenty of venture capital and entrepreneurs. The cluster also includes pharma and tech firms from Pfizer to Google. Smaller companies won’t be squeezed out, though, because the new wave of development will leave 1.3 million sf of older space to fill. Vacant space in Cambridge will most likely be filled by large companies trolling

Construction iron workers in downtown Boston

for talent and small ones that want to be near MIT, that spawns many of them, Ragno said. Growing, mid-size businesses will come to suburban locations, such as King Street’s property on Hartwell Avenue in Lexington—offering lower operating costs, bigger loading docks, and rent half that of Cambridge. These also include companies developing diagnostic or medical devices. Architects, contractors, and owners are now working together from the get-go, said Seaman. To accelerate the construction schedule, Suffolk may start working before design is complete, while a contractor may even work with an architect on some aspects of the design process. Translation: It’s essential to be flexible. For instance, while building the Broad Institute’s new building in Kendall Square with a $175 million construction cost, his team has hardly any laydown space. Tight quarters call for collaboration with the client and the city to control traffic and ensure safety.

MHA on Construction

Healthcare construction projects are back in the works, but things have changed. With financing challenges, there is a trend toward Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), which seeks to align the interests, objectives, and practices between the owner, architect, and construction manager of a construction project. IPD is featured in High-Profile’s article pg. 22, “Embracing a True Collaborative Team Approach with IPD.” Next month, we look forward to an article from SMRT Architects to feature the new 617,740sf Alfond Center for Health in Augusta, Maine, another IPD project. The Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) recently held its 7th Annual Hospital Construction Conference. The Continued on page 12

June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Dorchester Bay EDC Revitalizes Food Facility Boston - RODE Architects and Kaplan Construction have been selected to design and build the Bornstein & Pearl Food Production Small Business Center, a redevelopment project in Boston’s Dorchester Grove Hall neighborhood. Led by Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation (DBEDC), the project will revitalize the vacant former Pearl Meats manufacturing facility and adjacent land into a 35,000sf multi-tenant, light industrial business center with a focus on small-scale food production. The project has an $8.6 million budget, and close to 15% of the space is preleased. The master lease will be held by CropCircle Kitchen, which operates a similar facility in Jamaica Plain and is the City of Boston’s only nonprofit shared commercial kitchen and business incubator. The company will operate a shared-use kitchen and commissary on-site and will be responsible for property management services and technical assistance for 40 to 60 small food producers. Projected tenants include a salsa maker, sushi provider, and dessert wholesaler. Additionally, the commissary will provide service to five food trucks. “There is a huge demand in Boston for small food production spaces, and this will be a big job center,” said Jeanne DuBois, executive director of DBEDC. “By colocating multiple food producers, we will

RODE and Kaplan Team Up

New food production small business center. be able to create opportunities for crossmarketing, bulk purchasing, and sharing of office, staff, and expensive equipment like blast freezers, and maximize efficiency across multiple tenant spaces.” RODE’s design for the new center will create energy and an environment of interaction for the many small businesses within. Based on a rugged aesthetic that complements the existing industrial structure, RODE will use wood siding to create warmth in the interior, install and specify skylights to introduce natural light into the space, and use specialty fixtures to bring even more brightness into the core of the

Rendering by RODE Architects

building. Kaplan’s renovations to the existing single-story masonry building will include a new roof, structural repairs, extensive sitework, the addition of a parking lot, and new utilities. Communal specialty equipment will be rehabilitated or installed, and all of the spaces will provide heating, ventilation, easy-to-clean surfaces, floor drains, grease traps, and shared loading docks. Vehicular circulation around the site has already been modified to minimize traffic coming through the residential neighborhood. The Bornstein and Pearl Food Pro-

duction Small Business Center project is a key part of a broad community effort that will redevelop more than four acres of blighted land, generate close to 80 jobs in the first three years, and bring more than $70 million of investment in affordable housing, commercial development, job training, and youth arts programming to the area. The project will also employ a significant number of construction workers from the local neighborhood, in addition to minority- and women-owned sub-consultants from the Greater Boston region.


one integrated design—one beautiful result.

Wessling Architects has it all covered the entire project as one integrated design. This total approach enhances the design process and under one roof. protects your interests not only due to efficiency, but How can you execute a successful building project, avoiding all the usual hassles, and fullfilling your original vision of beautiful, effective architecture? The solution is to address

also through comprehensive professional strong Proud designerservices, of TD Garden’s communication, and a deepernew reliance on partnering. eco — friendly roofing system.





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June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Retail Center Breaks Ground

Fresh Pond Parkway building Cambridge, MA - The former Fresh Pond Seafood site, overlooking Fresh Pond, will be transformed into a landmark community retail center by the end of the year. A recent groundbreaking with Cambridge city officials was held at the site at 355 Fresh Pond Parkway. “We’ve been trying to bring this site in West Cambridge back to life for a long time,” said Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis. “It’s a cornerstone for the future of this area, with pedestrian walkways and a link to the neighborhoods on both sides.” Sydney Associates, Inc. of Brookline and Spellman Ventures of Natick are developing the new 12,000sf brick building, that will have architectural accents and metal and glass storefronts. The $2 million project will replace a dilapidated retail strip, the former Fresh Pond Seafood, which closed in December 2006 and has been an eyesore in West Cambridge. The new building will offer panoramic frontage for retail shops


Callahan Begins Cavium Project

Rendering by HDSArchitecture

New Cavium expansion

l-r: Kyle Spellman, Spellman Ventures; Mayor Henrietta Davis; Roberta Sydney, Sydney Assoc.; deputy city manager Richard Rossi; and Lisa Hemmerle, Cambridge economic dev. director.

and an inviting experience for pedestrians, commuters, and cyclists along Fresh Pond Parkway. There will be five retail tenants in the new center, including the Vitamin Shoppe and Select Comfort. Negotiations are under way with other local and national retailers.

Marlborough, MA - Callahan, Inc. began construction of the relocation and expansion of Cavium Network in Marlborough in early April. For the past eight months, Callahan has provided preconstruction services for the project. Cavium is a provider of highly integrated semiconductor processors that enable intelligent networking, communications, storage, video, and security applications. The company will be moving from their current location at 100 Nickerson Road within the business park into a larger space located at 600 Nickerson Road. Cavium’s data center will be supported by a 250 kilowatt (kw) generator with an 80 kw UPS (un-interruptible power supply)

system. Sensitive humidity requirements for the (electronics) lab have been incorporated into the HVAC and architectural design. Columbia Construction of North Reading is the construction manager. “We have worked closely with the brokers representing the tenant and the landlord throughout the site selection process and lease negotiation,” Callahan said. The company has been contracted for construction management as well as MEP/ FP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection) design-build services. Margulies Perruzzi Architects is the architect for the project, which is expected to be complete by August 2013.

June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Pro Con Architect and CM for Marriott to Open in August

Needham, MA - The new 128-room Residence Inn by Marriott hotel in Needham, located in the New England Business Center office park, is scheduled to be open in August. The hotel project, which is being developed by Waterford Development Corporation of Needham, is part of a redevelopment plan by Normandy Real Estate Partners that includes four new office buildings, the hotel, and two parking garages to be built in the business park over the next few years. Pro Con Inc of Manchester is the architect and construction manager for the $13.5 million design-build hotel hospitality project, which is owned by SXC Needham Inn, LLC. “The exterior brick work is 70% complete, and the installation of the exterior metal panels and cast stone is under way,” stated the project manager for XSS Hotels LLC. “The interior finishes are currently being installed. We continue to be

Residence Inn by Marriott in progress on schedule for a late July completion and an August opening.” Pro Con Inc has designed the Needham Residence Inn to achieve LEED certification. The hotel is being built using regional and recycled materials in construction and is incorporating environ-

Wise Awarded Zipcar Reno

Boston - Wise Construction of Winchester will manage the renovation of Zipcar’s new corporate headquarters at 35 Thomson Place in Boston. Wise will manage construction and renovation of 42,600sf of office space, re-

vamping all six floors of the space in preparation for 200 employees moving from Cambridge to Zipcar’s new downtown location. Margulies Perruzzi Architects of Boston is designing the project.

mentally friendly design elements such as a white roof, over-sized windows, lowflow, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, and LED lighting throughout the development. The 89,740sf Residence Inn, which is designed for the extended stay traveler, will offer complimentary continental breakfast, and evening social hours, and each suite will have separate working, lounging, and sleeping areas. Each room will also have a fully equipped kitchen with granite counter tops, microwave, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and coffee maker. The building’s first floor will house the hotel’s lobby and reception, common areas, and conference rooms. Floors two through five will house the hotel’s guest

rooms. The hotel will offer 116 urban studios, eight one-bedroom suites, and four two-bedroom suites, with a large hearth room, bar and lounge area, breakfast room, indoor pool and fitness room, two flexible space meeting rooms, business center, and guest laundry area. Plans call for the hotel to have covered parking for 22 vehicles and surface parking for 80 vehicles. The exterior design will feature precast concrete blocks, brick veneer, insulated metal paneling, and cornice molding. The hotel’s main entrance will feature a canopy with metal panels and double sliding glass doors. Construction on the site began in August 2012. The hotel is scheduled to be completed in July 2013 and plans to open in August 2013.


June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

SiteWork Under Way for Portwalk’s Final Phase Portsmouth, NH - The sitework is under way for the final phase of Portwalk, which will include a 120-key Hampton Inn & Suites hotel and The Residences at Portwalk, a 113-unit luxury apartment building, all above a one-story, below-grade parking garage. Pro Con Inc of Manchester is the architect of record and construction manager for the Portwalk project. The Hampton Inn & Suites hotel will offer 96 guest rooms and 24 guest suites with living areas and kitchenettes. The 72,000sf hotel will feature a large common room, bar and lounge area, breakfast room, indoor pool and fitness room, meeting room, and business center. The building’s first floor will house the hotel’s lobby, common areas, and retail space for future tenant fit-up. Floors two through five

Site work is underway

Pro Con Architect and CM will house the hotel’s guest rooms. An enclosed surface deck parking area and below-grade parking garage with an entrance off Portwalk Place will offer parking for 240 vehicles. The exterior design of both the hotel and the apartment building will feature granite, pre-cast concrete, brick veneer, fiber cement panels, and fiberglass cornice molding. The hotel entrance on Portwalk Place will feature a curved canopy with metal panels and double sliding glass doors. The 152,000sf luxury residential apartment complex will consist of a five-story mixed-use building. The building will offer a variety of residential floor plans including studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units with an assortment of design configurations. The 113 apartments, located on floors two through five, will each offer a fully equipped kitchen with wood cabinetry and granite counters, Portwalk is a planned, mixed-use development

Hampton Inn at Portwalk in the heart of downtown Portsmouth. Cathartes Private Investments of Boston is the developer of Portwalk, Elkus Manfredi Architects of Boston was the master planner, and DeStefano Architects of Portsmouth was the consulting architect. When fully built out, Portwalk will be comprised of four buildings located between Deer and Hanover streets and Maplewood Avenue in downtown Portsmouth, that include downtown residences, retail shops, restaurants, and two hotels with a conference and event center. The four buildings are connected by a two-lane, one-way thoroughfare with onstreet parking and wide sidewalks. The thoroughfare, called Portwalk Place, is aligned with the Vaughan Mall walkway, and creates a large pedestrian loop that connects Congress Street with Deer Street.

Time to Build

Continued from page 8

session “Innovations in Healthcare Construction, including a look at Integrated Project Delivery” included speakers Sarah P. Bryant, partner, Murtha Cullina, LLP; Loring A. Cook, III, Partner, Murtha Cullina, LLP,and Andrew Quirk, RA, FHFI, senior vice president and national director, Healthcare Center of Excellence. Michael F. Moran, vice president, facilities and guest services, Baystate Health, provided a case study of the recently unveiled “Hospital of the Future,” a $296 million project that came in on time and under budget. The opening session of the conference, titled, “Operational and Facility Disaster Resiliency for Hospitals,” included panelists Sarah White, state mitigation grants supervisor management services, Mass. Emergency Management Agency; Peter Cusolito, CEM, CFM, senior security and emergency preparedness planner, VHB; Timothy M. McDonald, hospital preparedness coordinator, Emergency Preparedness Bureau, Dept. of Public Health Hospital; Paul D. Biddinger, MD, director, operations for emergency medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital. The final session was “A Case Study: Baystate Health’s Hospital of the Future Project,” presented by Michael F. Moran, vice president, facilities and guest services, Baystate Health.

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June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Conservatory Breaks Ground

Handel Architects, Shawmut Design CM

Boston - The Boston Conservatory held a ceremonial groundbreaking at 132 Ipswich Street recently. Boston Conservatory President Richard Ortner hosted the event with other speakers, including Alfred D. Houston, chairman of the board; Boston City Councilor, Mike Ross; Katherine August-deWilde, president and COO of First Republic Bank; and Larry Cancro, SVP/Fenway Affairs for the Boston Red Sox. “The rebirth of this site as a new studio facility for the Boston Conservatory is not only a signal turning point in the history of the country’s oldest performing arts conservatory, but it completes a perfect trifecta of Boston originals on this one block – the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Arts Academy, and the Boston Conservatory,” said Ortner. “As we approach our 150th anniversary in 2017, we intend to be more visible, more embedded, and ever more effective as community partners.” The Conservatory purchased the property at 132 Ipswich Street in January 2012. Located directly across from Fenway Park, just 1,000 feet from the school’s main building at 8 The Fenway, and visible from the Mass. Turnpike, the new building will house crucial new teaching and studio work space to accommodate the long-term needs of the Conservatory as it approaches its 150th anniversary in 2017. Financing for the project was made possible by MassDevelopment, First Republic Bank and Zions Bank. MassDevel-

Jewett to Build Town Garage

Rendering of the new Hopkinton DPW garage

Photo by Lauri Priestley

l-r: Mike Ross, Alfred Houston, Katherine August-deWilde, Richard Ortner, and Larry Cancro

opment issued a $24.5 million tax-exempt bond on behalf of the Conservatory in November 2011 to purchase and develop the 132 Ipswich property, as well as to refinance a previous bond. First Republic Bank purchased the bond, providing a taxexempt debt structure. Underwriting and consulting to the Conservatory was provided by Zions Bank. First Republic subsequently provided a $7 million taxable term loan in May 2013 to help bridge campaign proceeds related to fundraising efforts for the building. New York City-based Handel Architects designed the building and is working closely with construction manager Shawmut Design and Construction of Boston.

Hopkinton, NH - Jewett Construction Company, Inc. (JCCI) of Raymond has contracted with the town of Hopkinton to build a new, ground-up, department of public works garage and office located at 330 Main St. A groundbreaking ceremony was held May 3. Jewett Metal Buildings & Steel Erectors, a division of JCCI, will erect the 13,750sf pre-engineered metal building, which is designed to house DPW employees and equipment. The exterior will be of

energy-efficient insulated wall and roof panels, and will feature radiant heating in the concrete slab flooring, as well as an innovative wood chip boiler heating system with an exterior storage silo for wood chips. A secondary propane heat and cooling source will also be installed. The building’s interior will feature offices, restrooms/locker rooms, and a mezzanine for additional storage. The fivemonth project is slated for completion by late fall.

Boston - The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) announced the selection of Boston-based Goody Clancy to provide interior design for the association’s national headquarters at 24 Farnsworth Street in the heart of Boston’s Innovation District. The UUA has outgrown its longtime offices adjacent to the Massachusetts State House at 25 Beacon Street and 41 Mount Vernon Street. The new office in a former factory building will provide a dynamic, creative work environment for the associa-

tion, with all employees together under one roof. The new headquarters is expected to be complete in January 2014. Jean Carroon, FAIA, principal of Goody Clancy, said, “Designing a new headquarters environment provides the opportunity to align the physical work space with the creative spirit of the UUA staff. The design will emphasize flexible spaces for collaboration, open floorplans, and healthy, day-lit surroundings designed to be warm and welcoming for employees and visitors.”

UUA Selects Goody Clancy


St. Raphael Parish, Medford, MA

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June, 2013


High-Profile Focus: Healthcare Facilities Development News

Children’s Med Ctr Opens Pavilion


Williston, VT - MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health of Williston, an architecture firm focused exclusively on healthcare, announced that the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York will be opening a new $130 million pavilion, designed to be a major piece of an ongoing regenerative transformation for the existing hospital. The six-story addition provides an opportunity to expand and enhance programmatic areas, while adding space Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical for current demands. A ground-floor peCenter lobby diatric emergency department with 30 beds and two trauma bays will serve as to be spacious and include features that a base for the building. Upper floors house acknowledge the role of parents in the pea new 25-bed pediatric intensive care unit diatric healing environment. Naturalistic and a new 25-bed medical/surgical unit – all finishes and abundant daylight provide a with private rooms. The floor directly above backdrop to color accents and more active the emergency department is being held in child-centric elements. reserve for eight future pediatric operating In the new Cohen Children’s Medirooms. cal Center, images and artwork inspired by The building’s unique form responds nature surround patients and their families, directly to site conditions where two dis- with an environment imbued with creativtinct campus alignments intersect. The de- ity. A coordinated collection of framed artcidedly modern architectural character of work and murals complement each floor’s the exterior is designed to be a sympathetic unique “ecosystem” design, while opporaddition to the existing hospital. It fea- tunities for imaginative play give patients tures a palette of materials which includes the means to improve their own physical, a warm-colored sandstone base at ground mental, and emotional well-being through level and an iridescent metal panel system self-expression and group interaction. This above that allows the building façade to mix of fine art, artwork by children, decodisplay variations in color depending on rative elements, and interactive programs the angle from which it is viewed. creates a comforting, memorable experiOn the inside, every patient room is ence, integrating families with their chila private room. The rooms are designed dren throughout the healing process.


Baystate Emergency Center Opens

Vanderweil SBA and Suffolk Complete Med Ctr

Springfield, MA - R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP, Steffian Bradley Architects, and Suffolk Construction recently completed the new $45 million expanded emergency department and trauma center for the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. The enlarged and revitalized emergency room is now a 72,000sf medical facility that features the following ameniRobert Benson Photography ties: an expanded trauma Internal view of revitalized trauma center center (which includes specialty treatment areas including a new three dedicated trauma rooms); the reprivate and secure area that is dedicated gion’s only pediatric emergency departpatients with behavioral health issues. ment specifically designed for the treatThe expanded emergency department of children (which includes 17 ment now features 10 ambulance bays in private treatment rooms); and additional conjunction with a rooftop helipad to expedite access for care within the emergency department. It also includes an expansion of twice the number of private, adult care rooms, with glass front doors to create acoustically sound private rooms and a healthy environment for patients. Vanderweil performed the engineering design and construction administration services for HVAC, electrical, fire alarm, plumbing, medical gasses, fire protection, and low Baystate Medical Center emergency department voltage systems.

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June, 2013


High-Profile Focus: Healthcare Facilities Development News

Playful Pediatric Center Created MorrisSwitzer Architect

Bangor, ME - The pediatric oncology and infusion department at Eastern Maine Medical Center has a fresh and inviting look to their new space. MorrisSwitzer-Environments for Health (MSEFH) was the architect and interior designer for the project. “We wanted a playful and warm environment for the children and adolescents undergoing treatment,” commented MSEFH Direc- The pediatric oncology unit provides a cheerful setting. tor Charlie Rizza. a cheerful setting for patients, staff, and Maximizing natural light and using families. a variety of materials, which adheres to A Ronald McDonald play area is part an interiors master plan, the pediatric onof the treatment space. cology unit is well-equipped to provide


Concord, NH North Branch Construction of Concord will make exterior improvements at the New Hampshire Hospital Acute Psychiatric Services Facility that provides acute treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly who suffer from severe mental illness. Located on Clinton Street in Concord, the project was bid by Exterior view of N.H. Hospital facility North Branch Construclaneous site improvements. Construction is tion in February, and the governor and executive council approved expected to be complete in February 2014. Design for the project is by Christhe funding at their May 1 meeting. topher P. Williams Architects (CPWA) of The scope of work will include a Meredith. complete roof replacement, masonry veneer repair, replacement of exterior composite wall cladding materials, and miscel-

225 Friend Street Boston . MA 617.723.7100

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Lowell Health Center Opens

Lowell, MA - DBVW Architects of Providence, R.I., and Consigli Construction of Milford, Mass., recently completed work on the $24 million Lowell Community Health Center. A grand opening and ribboncutting ceremony was the culmination of a complex renovation project that consolidated six of the health center’s outpatient locations into a state-of-theart, 100,000sf medical and community health facility. Rendering DBVW The six-story facility boasts 77 exam rooms, a teen center, a teaching Lowell CHC exterior entry ariel perspective kitchen, one floor of administrative ofand health promotion, among others, to unfices and conference rooms, and a pharmacy. derstand their present and future needs. DBVW Architects provided architecThe health center’s diverse populatural, interior, and signage design services, tion speaks over 25 languages, so clear sigand worked with various departments in- nage and wayfinding patterns were critical, cluding pediatrics, behavioral health, adult as was a warm and welcoming environment. medicine, cariño, nutrition, family medicine

W Ry C P M Offi B  31 S R, S, NH

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June, 2013


High-Profile Focus: Healthcare Facilities Development News

MBI CM for Hospital Projects DiGiorgio Architects

Boston - Monitor Builders Inc. (MBI) of Boston was recently chosen as the construction manager for two New England hospital projects. The first is an ambulatory care unit and central sterile reprocessing project for Harrington Hospital located in Southbridge. This project addresses Harrington Hospital’s ongoing effort to improve patient care and Harrington Hospital ambulatory care unit privacy by converting and relocating its existing day 10,500sf of renovation construction in surgery pre-op and post-op bays into pri- varying degrees. All private rooms will vate rooms. The new ambulatory care unit have private bathrooms and showers. will consist of a six-bed unit and two-bed Construction is expected to begin in unit. In order to create additional space the fall of 2013. for the ACU, the existing central sterile Lakes Region General Hospital is reprocessing is being relocated from the a client that MBI and DiGiorgio Associthird floor to the current inpatient and out- ates Inc. (DAI), MBI’s architectural affilipatient rehab department on the ground ate, have been working with for over 25 floor. Construction is expected to begin years, with the largest project being a new in June. 100,000sf patient bed tower completed in MBI is also working with Lakes Re- November 2011. gion General Hospital in Laconia, N.H., The MBI/DAI team has performed on a patient bed project that involves the over 100 projects using the design-build modernization and conversion of an ex- and Integrated Project Delivery methodolisting nursing unit to 19 private patient ogy over the past 25 years. rooms. This project entails approximately

CHCs Fuel Healthcare Construction

Waiting room in Harbor Health Community Health Ctr.

Boston - Due in part to the ever expanding need for community health centers (CHCs) across the country, and fueled by the recent American Recovery Act, community health centers are expanding all over the country with significant construction projects in New England over the past three years. “Within the past few years we have completed five significant projects, with another four in progress,” says Gary Walker, a former architect and now owner’s representative for SAR+, of Boston. “We see this as a positive growth in a deserving market, and as a rewarding avenue within the construction industry for all those involved.” Cities such as Lowell, Lynn, and Boston are enjoying major expansion, with Lowell Community Health Center’s new mill building renovation, Lynn Community Health Center’s expanding Union Street

Architect/Rendering: Perkins + Will

location, and Joseph M. Smith CHC’s new location on Soldiers Field Road currently in design. “This year we will put out over $30 million in total project costs of new CHCs within the greater Boston and Cape Cod market,” he says. “It’s a good year ahead to say the least.” Walker warns, however, that CHCs need to equip themselves with the right project teams in order to make these investments reach their objectives of expanding access to healthcare. “It’s still a hungry market, and the selection of appropriate design teams and contractors is key to success.” This summer, SAR+ will commence construction on a new 48,000sf CHC in Allston, a 15,000sf CHC in Barnstable, and various other CHC renovations to existing centers in the greater Boston area.

Teamwork We take a collaborative approach when we take on a project. Our project managers and skilled craftspeople partner with general contractors, owners, architects, and engineers to achieve outcomes that make us all proud. We know our best work is always the result of teamwork; and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of the team. Corporate Headquarters: 116 Hopping Brook Road Holliston, MA 01746 (508) 429-8830

Sysco Boston, LLC Plympton, MA

Photo Credit: Sandy Krupa Photography

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June, 2013


High-Profile Focus: Healthcare Facilities Development News

Med Bldg Begins Archetype Architects

New medical office building Falmouth, ME - AlliedCook recently started construction on a new medical office building for Bateman Partners, located at Falmouth Crossing in West Falmouth. AlliedCook is serving as construction manager on the new 6,120sf medical office building for Mercy. This primary care facility will include 10 exam rooms, waiting/ check-in area, nurses’ station, offices, and conference rooms. The design of the one-story clapboard and shingle building, which includes gables on each end, dormers along the roof, and cupola, is consistent with the master plan and fits in with other buildings in the area. Mercy Primary Care West Falmouth was designed by Archetype Architects in Portland.

‘Impactful Capital’ Presented by IFMA Healthcare Council

Boston - IFMA Boston Healthcare Network presented a program titled “Impactful Capital” at Children’s Hospital Boston, introducing a proven approach for identifying the facility investments, even those with higher first costs, that produce the most meaningful results. A lively question and answer session followed the speakers’ presentation. The speakers were John D’Angelo, VP engiengages caregivers, reduces staff turnover, a hospital’s processes must be aligned to neering and facilities operations, New York and attracts top clinical talent. The Cen- actually do so.” Presbyterian Hospital and Karen Reno, ters for Medicare and Medicaid Services Recently returning from mid east EDAC safe health design managing con- recognizes that all of this improves patient engagements, Reno pointed out specific sultant, Joint Commission Resources, Inc. care and reduces cost to the point where re- case studies that demonstrated the need to “The environment of care is critical imbursements are tied to improving patient rethink some of the most established ways and foundational to delivering expected pa- experience scores. of approaching how we build and maintain tient outcomes, patient safety, and patient “Healthcare is an inherently low our healthcare facilities; for instance, the experience,” explains D’Angelo in a syn- margin business. Those organizations that smoothly polished floors have been long opsis sent to High-Profile. “Outcomes are have figured out how to address the needs thought to be the best way to decrease driven by healthcare associated infections, of their environment of care in their finan- microbes, but it has been discovered that which are as much related to HVAC pres- cial model will continue to emerge as lead- porous floors hold the antiseptic cleaning sure/humidity/filtration relationships as ers in exceptional patient outcomes, patient fluids that prevent microbes from thriving. they are to caregiver hand washing. Safety safety, and patient experience. Without IFMA Healthcare Network co-chairs is driven by reliability of utility systems, an understanding of impactful capital de- are: Sandra Soraci, DAI - DiGiorgio Assofire prevention, and fall prevention. Expe- cision-making, organizations that do not ciates Inc., director, healthcare strategy & rience is driven by patient control of their address these needs will face accelerating interior design; and Alison Faecher, TRO environment (HVAC and lighting), access erosion of quality caregivers on staff, pa- Jung|Brannen, associate principal, director to natural light and views, and quiet, restful tients choosing treatment at their facilities, of interior design. sleep. Evidenced-based design shows that and financial viability. To say that you are providing a quality environment of care focused on the patient is no longer enough;

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June, 2013


High-Profile Cover Story: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Partners Healthcare Opens Spaulding Rehab Hospital

Hospital of the Future Incorporates Community, Sustainability and Resiliency

by Dan Stubbs, Perkins+Will Boston, MA - Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital recently unveiled its new 262,000sf, 132-bed patient-centered hospital to the public. The facility has already been recognized for its LEED Gold status, reflecting its commitment to green design principles. The project was designed by architects Perkins+Will and constructed by Walsh Brothers. J.C. Cannistraro was the mechanical / electrical / plumbing engineer. The design process, led by Ralph Johnson and managed by Jessica Stebbins at Perkins+Will, resulted in a state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital for patients, families, and the community at large. The Charlestown facility expands the offerings of the current 42-year-old hospital at Nashua Street and features 132 private patient rooms, aquatic therapy, cuttingedge research and teaching, large common open areas that engage the community, and a thoughtful design that promotes wellness for people with disabilities. “The vision for the new Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital was to create a space for patients that promotes healing and addresses the needs of the widest possible audience,” said Ralph Johnson, FAIA, LEED AP, design director at Perkins+Will. “What resulted is a building design that is transparent and carefully researched.” The site for the new hospital is at the end of the Charlestown Navy Yard, a constricted waterfront parcel at the junction of              

In progress photo, Spaulding Rehab Hospital Exterior

©Anton Grassl / Esto

Boston Harbor and Little Mystic Channel. For years the parcel was derelict, used by both the Navy and the city of Boston as a storage area for cast-off items, including electrical transformers. Not surprisingly, the brownfield site required meticulous remediation to remove contaminated soil to make it ready for its new life. Other regulatory guidelines and agencies, including a comprehensive Massachusetts Public Waterfront Act (Chapter 91) and the Boston Redevelopment Authority, established strict development protocols that determined not only the buildable footprint and height restrictions on the site, but also regulated ground floor program and open public access. Instead of a hindrance, the requirements of Chapter 91 became an opportunity to engage the public, since 50% of the site area and 75% of the ground floor

were designed around publicly accessible functions. Both the occupants of Spaulding and the members of the local community can now actively enjoy and experience the many amenities offered. Visitors, staff, and patients can enjoy an outdoor dining plaza in a garden setting, an environmental plaza offering insight and education into water management and the habitat of coastal New England, a harbor walk, a therapeutic trail, areas for respite surrounded by native plantings and views of the harbor, a putting green, a basketball court, a fishing station, and more. All of this has set the stage for Spaulding to realize its larger mission to rehabilitate adults and children in a noninstitutional, inspirational, and normalized setting. “For far too long, rehabilitative care was an afterthought to many, relegated to the basements of hospitals and out of sight. This hospital makes a bold statement that a new era of rehabilitative medicine is hereby bringing together scientific innovation and patient-centered design that puts this institution on par with the major centers of healing in the world,” said David Storto, president, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. “It’s truly an honor to lead Spaulding and serve this Proud             region with its leaders who have the foreMember              thought to understand how vital Spaulding will be for decades to come.” of the           Incorporating inclusive design Spaulding  principles into every aspect of the new


Heroic Hospitals Continued from page 6

news of the blasts broke on Twitter, personnel at each hospital campus initiated protocol for relocating patients to make room for the dozens of arriving victims in need of emergency surgery and care. The preparedness planning and emergency response drills saved lives here in Boston, yet when asked about the bravery and patriotism they exhibited that day, hospital staff says that they were simply doing their jobs. Ten days after the Marathon attack, one area hospital, Spaulding Rehab, was scheduled to move from its West End location to an all-new, stateof-the-art facility in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Despite having 18 new patients and more than 100 patients already in its care, Partners Healthcare proudly and efficiently moved forward with the move on April 25. In a stroke of good luck (or more realistically, a sign of the leadership and commitment of Partners’ planning and development team), the new Spaulding Rehab Hospital is already being lauded as an industry leader in patient care and prosthetic technology. With the new hospital built and ready-to-go, Spaulding provided a safe, comfortable place for trauma victims to rehabilitate both physically and emotionally after an unusually trying period of time. At the hospital’s grand opening, Spaulding’s chairman got it right when said: “I am extraordinarily grateful that we are supported here by the best medical care community in the world. We have never needed them more.” Those of us in the design and construction community often look at our projects as brick and mortar: one completed, on to the next. It is refreshing to look a bit deeper and know that we are all building facilities that save lives every day. John Cannistraro Jr. is the President of J.C. Cannistraro, LLC.

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Interim and Final Cleaning


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June, 2013


High-Profile Cover Story: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

AKF Completes Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Lighting Design IES recommendations for lighting levels, glare control and flexibility, a clever and inspired lighting design was created and implemented. Tremendous care was given to the design of the interior to accommodate long patient stays for rehabilitation units and to provide the healing power of a warm

Boston - AKF Group provided interior and exterior lighting design and planning services for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, a 328,000sf, nine-story building that sits on a 3.02-acre site in the Charlestown Navy Yard. The hospi-

Therapy swimming pool

Careful lighting consideration was given to specialty spaces.

tal’s administration prides itself on being responsible stewards of the environment and, the new facility has received LEED Gold accreditation. The lighting design challenge was to provide a coherent, energy-efficient, and user-friendly design within strict owner/user parameters. This was no easy task and required juggling of many different agendas, including human needs, environmental and economic issues, and architectural goals. Design efforts included creating an inventory of all planned functions and tasks and calculating lighting power and energy compliance. To meet both LEED energy use parameters and

and comforting environment. In addition to the inpatient rooms, careful lighting consideration was given to specialty spaces, including two therapy swimming pools, several gyms, a conference center, radiology suites, offices, laboratories, and a parking garage. Daylight infiltration was considered paramount to the healing process. All connective areas were designed for multiple uses, such as patient corridors to be used as walking tracks and nurse station areas as seminar space. All lighting sources were considered, and a mix of LED, fluorescent, and metal halide were used in the final design.

Spaulding Rehab Electrical and Safety Systems Boston - Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies (SullyMac) was responsible for the installation of the electrical and life safety systems for the Spaulding Re­ hab Hospital. Included were: two 13,800 volt service feeders; one 15 kV NStar substation; one 6 MW double-ended 480 V substation; two 750 kW 480 V diesel emergency generators and control switchgear; nine 600 amp to 1,000 amp 480 V bypass isolation automatic transfer switches; 150 distribution and branch circuit panelboards; 80 dry type transformer from 150 kVA to 15 kVA; a state-of-the-art

addressable high rise fire alarm system with fire command center and graphic smoke control panels; Rauland Responder nurse call system with integrated lighting and TV control; 45,000 feet of firerated mineral insulated cable; 350,000 linear feet of electrical conduit and EMT; over 850,000 linear feet of electrcial conductors and cables of various sizes; connections for all mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems; installation of medical equipment including imaging and diagnostics; installation of motorized patient lift equipment in all patient rooms and therapy areas.

Lighting Design



160 Boylston Street 3rd floor Boston, MA 02116 www.copley-wolff.com · 617.654.9000

Combining the art and science of architectural lighting design, our talented lighting professionals are highly skilled at realizing the desired ambiance, the necessary lighting levels and cost-effective solutions for any environment. Our sophisticated understanding of light and shade, of space and of light sources, day-lighting and control systems, results in the best solution for each client.

Arlington / Boston / Mexico City / Minneapolis / New York / Philadelphia / Princeton / Puebla / Rochester / Stamford For more information: Susannah Zweighaft / SZweighaft@AKFGroup.com


June, 2013


High-Profile Cover Story: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Copley Wolff Designs Landscape for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Charlestown, MA - The Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital is relocating to a new facility located in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Copley Wolff Design Group’s landscape design includes a green roof, the integration with the Boston Harbor Walk, which extends along the site, and the use of environmentally friendly building materials and low-maintenance plant groups. The design, construction, and operation of the building has been guided by the principles outlined in the Green Guide for Health Care (GGHC).

Also included in the design is the creation of a therapy trail. Copley Wolff Design Group, with Spaulding’s support, designed this space so patients could practice a variety of real world challenges within a safe and controlled environment. The primary trail is a relatively level, six-foot-wide concrete walkway with staggered stainless steel handrails that provide support opportunities during therapy when required. As the path continues, it begins to undulate, and patients encounter increased walk slopes, requir-

Daffodils and sculpture flank therapy trail

Staggered stainless steel handrails provide support opportunities during therapy

ing greater skill and stamina to traverse. Interpretive distance markers are located within the trail for those testing their mobility or for the use of cognitive skill development for those who have suffered from a stroke or other brain injury. Secondary paths are located off the main trail and provide a safe environment for individuals to train and further test their recovery on a variety of walking surfaces that will be encountered outside

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the hospital setting. The paths’ materials include wood, crushed stone, field stone with stone dust joints, and field stone with mortared joints. They also include more aggressive challenges such as granite stairs, a granite curb with paving on both sides, a sloped walk and a ramp with handrails. Interactive, spinning rock elements have been incorporated along the trail for upper body conditioning and tactile, sensory opportunities.

5 stories 18 recessed windows of varying sizes 2 separate documents claiming to be as-builts

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June, 2013


High-Profile Cover Story: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Perkins+Will Designs Spaulding Rehab Hospital

Continued from page 18

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital facility, Perkins+Will’s design team dedicated themselves to researching, simulating, and testing each component to address the needs of the widest possible audience, without regard for ability. The team worked with accessibility experts and conducted extensive research on their own to create a hospital of the future, one that went beyond the base requirements of fulfilling regulatory guidelines. Every aspect of the building design has been considered, from the entry at street level to details of the custom cabinetry in the patient rooms. The reception desks are low and rounded. The patient rooms have automated shades, private fully accessible bathrooms with patient lifts, and ameni-

ties such as private refrigerators, sleeping accommodations for family members, and a wireless Internet connection for patients and their guests. Resiliency planning and sustainable design were also key parts of the design process. In response to climate change and probable rising sea levels, the main floor was set at 3.35 feet above the current 100year flood plan and 1.35 feet above the 75year anticipated increase in flood elevation. Critical mechanical, electrical, and emergency services were raised to an enclosed penthouse on the roof out of harm’s way in the event of extreme weather. Gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, and educational rooms utilize automatic operable windows for natural ventilation. Operable windows are also provided in each patient room to allow the building to remain operational even

Project Team for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Owner - Partners Healthcare Architect - Perkins + Will General Contractor - Walsh Brothers, Inc. Civil Engineer - VHB / Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Landscape Architect - Copley Wolff Design Group, Inc. Historic Consultant - Epsilon Associates Geotechnical Engineer - Haley & Aldrich MEP - J. C. Cannistraro Structural Engineers - McNamara/Salvia Inc.

Gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, and educational rooms utilize automatic operable windows for natural ventilation if mechanical systems are interrupted. Veg- and face unpredictable future weather events etated roofs mitigate stormwater runoff and while being able to bounce back afterwards. reduce cooling loads and heat-island effect. David Storto summarizes the realizaFinally, plantings and retaining walls tion of this new special facility best. “The on site play a secondary role as a protective design of the building and the site reflects reef against potential storm surge. Spaulding’s mission to provide world-class While many of these sustainable el- holistic patient care, conduct innovative reements contributed to the achievement of search and teaching, and improve quality LEED Gold certification, the aim was for a of life for people with disabilities and their resilient building that could stand its ground families.”

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Lead Paint Abatement ◆ PCBs ◆ Mold Remediation Lead PaintAbatement Abatement ◆ PCBs ◆ Mold Remediation Lead Paint Selective Demolition Lead Paint Abatement ◆ PCBs ◆ Mold Remediation Mold Remediation PCB’s Providing quality environmental contracting for commercial Providing quality environmental contracting for commercial and residential clients for over 20 years. Before Providing quality environmental contracting and residential clientsAfter for over 20 years. for commercial and residential clients for over 20 years. Check our website As seen on... Check our website As seen on... Construction Journal is a trusted provider of accurate for details. Check our website for details. and up-to-date construction information served up As seen on... in an easy-to-use project database. Phone: (978) 250-2740 Fax: (978) 250-0565 for details. Phone: (978) Fax: (978) 250-0565 Track projects and companies, create up-to-the-minute 21 Progress Ave,250-2740 Suite #1, Chelmsford, MA 01824 project alerts, get key contacts, access project documents Phone:Ave, (978) 250-2740 Fax:MA (978) 250-0565 21 Progress Suite #1, Chelmsford, 01824 www.alpineenvironmentalinc.com and plans, know project values, identify projects in 21 www.alpineenvironmentalinc.com Progress Ave, Suite #1, Chelmsford, MA 01824 conception or design, know when to bid and who the bidders are, see results and critical dates. Lead Paint Abatement ◆ PCBswww.alpineenvironmentalinc.com ◆ Mold Remediation

oviding quality environmental contracting for commercial and residential clients for over 20 years. Four appearances on...

seen on...

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June, 2013


High-Profile Focus: Healthcare Facilities Development News

Embracing a True Collaborative Team Approach with IPD

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, Suffolk Construction, and TRO Jung|Brannen Waterford, CT - The Lawrence + Memorial Hospital Cancer Center is one of the first healthcare projects in the country to utilize the innovative Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method. It’s also the firstever IPD project in the state of Connecticut. For the $34.5 million cancer center project, the IPD method consists of a contractual arrangement between Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, architecture firm TRO Jung|Brannen, and construction manager Suffolk Construction that requires all risk and reward to be shared with all project stakeholders, including mechanical/ plumbing/controls, electrical, and sitework subcontractors. The IPD contract has instilled trust from the earliest stages of planning, enhanced teamwide collaboration, reduced waste, and resulted in a more seamless management process. IPD, building information modeling (BIM), and Lean design and construction techniques have saved a significant amount of time and costs on the project, which is scheduled for completion this summer. During the initial stages, the programming and planning for the 47,000sf building was developed through a production, preparation, and process (3P) event, where over 60 patients, physicians, nurses, and staff participated with the architect and construction manager in a three-day off site event. Participants discussed issues such as how material would enter and leave

The Lawrence + Memorial Hospital Cancer Center the building, patient movement, and work flow. Moveable mock-ups were utilized, and estimators attended to address the cost of the proposed ideas. As a result, the 3P event enabled the project team to save six months on the overall design schedule of the cancer center project, and a basic floor plan for the building and a design that’s identical to what’s going up right now emerged from that event. A colocation center was then established in two of the hospital’s conference

rooms on the main campus so that all team members could come together on a regular basis to work through the project’s ebbs and flows. Budgets, schedules, project goals, and physical mock-ups have been reviewed throughout the entire design and construction process. But it has also been the hospital’s extensive commitment to process innovation and obtaining buy-in from all project stakeholders that has been integral to the success of the project. Building relation-

rendering by TRO Jung|Brannen

ships from the ground up, establishing open and honest communication, and effectively balancing all stakeholder needs has truly benefited the Lawrence + Memorial Hospital project team. In fact, the hospital selected TRO Jung|Brannen and Suffolk Construction to simultaneously manage its second IPD project—the gut renovation of a 48,000sf medical office building in New London. This project is currently under way and scheduled for completion by end of 2013.

Our mission: To provide a level of value, quality and service that is unrivaled in the construction industry.

Design by JSA, Inc.

Recently Completed Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, Portsmouth, NH

North Branch Construction, Inc. (603) 224-3233 . FAX (603) 225-7165



www.blcompanies.com | 800.301.3077 An Employee-Owned Company MA · CT · NY · NJ · OH · PA · MD


Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Building 200 Architect: Jacobs

June, 2013


High-Profile Focus: Healthcare Facilities Development News JACA Designs New Cancer Center Medical Office Bldg Completed Constructed by BOND Brothers First of Lavallee Brensinger Master Plan

Needham, MA - JACA Architects, an architectural firm that specializes solely in healthcare build and design, was awarded a contract to design the new, state-of-the-art cancer center for the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Needham campus. Designed by JACA and constructed by BOND Brothers, this three-story, 30,000sf building will fulfill the demand Rendering of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital fora high-quality cancer care and surgery which was ceremoniously demolished last center in the western suburbs of Boston. month. In addition to the building, a new The center will include radiation on- parking area is being built where parking cology and hematology oncology services will continue to be free for, all patients and and is slated to open in the spring of 2014. visitors. The building being constructed will Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Cenbe located on the footprint of BID-Need- ter has been a client of JACA Architects for ham’s former administration building, close to a decade.

Lebanon, NH The new DartmouthHitchcock Heater Road Medical Office Building is one of the first implementation projects to result from the 2010 Lavallee Brensinger Master Plan. In an effort to increase bed capacity and improve operational efficiency, Lavallee Brensinger Architects The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center was engaged to craft a master plan for the Souza, True and Partners, Inc., Fitzemeyer Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. To & Tocci, and DEW Construction to comaccomplish this, the master plan included plete this new state-of-the-art facility. the evaluation of 40 medical center departThe new building was designed to ments to determine which could be relo- create “clinical pods” with decentralized cated, moved off-campus, or potentially team rooms that promote staff collaborahoused in a new medical office building. tion and teamwork. Provider workstations As a result of the master plan, pro- are provided in the team rooms as well as grams such as outpatient rehabilitation, touchdown alcoves conveniently located functional restoration, primary care, phle- between exam rooms to increase staff efbotomy, dermatology, and sleep disorders ficiency. Decentralized clinical support were relocated from the medical center to cores, which include clean supply, medicaa new off-campus medical office build- tion, and soiled/lab with adjacent patient ing. These programs, along with shared toilet rooms, are strategically located to medical appointments, patient education, minimize travel distances. Room utilizabehavioral health, dietitians, health coach, tion, caregiver and patient travel times, and and care management, create this new pa- visit durations were tested using dynamic, 3T MRI system computerized process simulation tools, the design team and medical building spe- tient-centered medical home. Lavallee Brensinger Architects which informed programming and design cialists, that included Vision 3 Architects, Siemens Medical Systems and OB Hill teamed with Pathways Consulting LLC, decisions. Trucking & Rigging.

Nadeau Completes RIMI Project Designed by Vision 3 Architects

Barrington, RI - Rhode Island Medical Imaging’s (RIMI) state-of-the-art imaging services are more convenient than ever for residents of the Ocean State and southeastern Massachusetts. RIMI’s second 3T MRI system is now open and is scanning patients at the Barrington Medical Center in East Providence. Rhode Island Medical Imaging is now the only medical imaging provider in Rhode Island to offer the benefits of 3T imaging with the convenience of an outpatient setting. The addition/renovation/removal project was completed by Nadeau Corporation, general contractor, with the help of

we are wide format.

Oce Plotwave 350

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Copy • Print • Color Scan System 6 “D”-size prints per minute

Canon MFP M40 Series 22” touchscreen monitor dedicated PC , 40” color scanner ALL NEW FASTER SCANNER

since 1895

B.L. MAKEPEACE www.makepeace.com • (800) 835-0194 • sales@makepeace.com


June, 2013


o f s r a S e u Y p 0 erio 5 “Tony has been great to work with. He’s professional, responsive, competitive and does a great job.” — Luke George, purchasing agent at Dimeo Construction in Providence, R.I.

An Interview with Anthony Ferrara


Recently, Anastasia Barnes, HighProfile Manager of Business Development, sat down with Anthony (Tony) Ferrara, general manager at Superior Rail & Iron Works, Inc. (SRI) of East Bridgewater, Mass. The company is noted as one of the most experienced and leading fabricators and erectors of miscellaneous iron, light Anthony Ferrara structural steel, and architectural metals in the construction industry. SRI is a third generation company that offers a complete range of services in the A/E/C industry, with expertise FM Global Headquarters in Johnston, R.I. in the educational, corporate, healthcare, residential, and hospitalFerrara’s word and handshake mean a lot. If he says he’s going to do someity markets. thing, it gets done. If there’s a problem, I know he’ll take care of it. AB: What do you When I hire SRI, I know they’ll get the job done.” think SRI’s secret to success is? Or is it not a — Bob Guerette, sr. project manager at AvalonBay Communities in Boston secret? AF: There is no secret. Our success is based on the combination of quality metal fabricators, designers, estimators, and management working together as a team to bring our clients a quality product at competitive pricing and to complete each project on


AB: Given the turbulent economy within the past five years, how has SRI survived when other companies were closing up shop or being acquired by a bigger firm? AF: SRI has survived for the last half a century because of management’s understanding that reinvesting in the company is the success of survival in this industry. AB: Can you comment on any trends (or changes) within the steel industry in New England? AF: We see a large volume of new construction and renovation construction projects in Boston and the surrounding areas. AB: When we last spoke, you talked about how your business has a great deal of repeat clientele. When focusing on new business, do you try to target certain markets? AF: We try to target any new contractors in the New England area to expand our clientele as well as work continuously with our solid clients we have had for the past 40+ years. AB: Do you offer any apprenticeship programs for students graduating from high school or college that you’d like to mention? AF: We offer programs for high

school stu detailing d AB: (or SRI) in AF: the ALS ( Charitable are the ma for ALS” at the Buz you may ice Ferrar rific disea supports t Mullward ara “Get a Care Gran those pare search (D A. George AB: to see from AF: 10,000sf a ing faciliti ture expan East Bridg ware and m rication an as continu with comp

Weld Hill Research in Jamaica Plain, MA

Mandarin Ori

“I have had the many success mentored by h knowledge, com vanced Superi intricate proj Simmons College in Boston, MA

350 West Street Box 546 | East Bridgewater, MA 02333 www.high-profile.com

June, 2013


e c i v or Ser

“One of the ways Superior Rail distinguishes themselves from others in the miscellaneous metals/ light structural steel business is through their responsive, detailed-oriented, and thorough estimating department. Having a timely and complete estimate frees up the contractor to work with Tony Ferrara and his people about important project details, logistics, and execution.” — Bruce Howlett, project executive at John Moriarty & Assoc. in Winchester, MA

of SRI

udents in fabrication as well as design. : How about charities? Are you nvolved with any? : SRI has been involved with (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Family e Foundation since 1996. We ajor sponsor of the “Cliff Walk which occurs each September zzards Bay Recreation area. As not be aware my mother (Janra) passed away from this horase in 2000. The foundation the following programs: Health d Vacation Fund, Janice Ferraway for a day Fund,” Respite nt Fund, Scholarship fund for ents with ALS, as well as ReDr. Brown- UMass Memorial), e Kerr Patient Funs and others. : What can our readers expect m SRI in the future? : Currently, we are building a addition of fabrication and painties onto our current building. Funsions on our 26+ acre parcel in gewater, updated computer softmachinery to streamline our fabnd designing processes as well uing to provide quality products petitive value for our clients.

Kroc Community Center in Roxbury, MA

Currently Under Way: ·

120 Kingston Street, Boston, Ma


The Kensington, Boston, Ma


Old Colony Phase 2 Boston, Ma


75 Ames Street, Cambridge, Ma


Boston Wharf Tower, Boston, Ma


Waterside Place, S. Boston, Ma


Salem State Fitness and Recreation Center, Salem, Ma


411 D Street, Boston, Ma


GrandMarc at NU Boston, Ma

Currently Wrapping Up ·

320 D Street, Boston, Ma


Assembly Row, Somerville, Ma


100 Arlington Street, Boston, Ma


610 Main Street, Cambridge, Ma


Liberty Mutual Park, Boston, Ma


Liberty Mutual Conference Center, Boston, Ma


4-6 Newbury Street, Boston, Ma


Greater Boston Musculoskeletal Center, Dedham, Ma


Cell Signaling Technology, Beverly, Ma


321 Hammond Pond Parkway, Chestnut Hill, Ma


11 West Broadway, S. Boston, Ma

e pleasure of knowing Tony Ferrara for many years as our firm’s have worked together on sful projects in New England. Tony brings a deep knowledge of his business, having been his father, an icon in specialty contracting in the New England region. Tony’s technical mbined with an intuitive business mind and his deep respect for customer service have adior Rail as a premium subcontractor and partner of Suffolk’s on our most challenging and jects. We respect and greatly value our friendship and business relationship with Tony.” —Mark DiNapoli, president and general manager at suffolk construction in Boston, MA


UMass Lowell South Parking, Lowell, Ma


Vinson Owen School, Winchester, Ma


Parcel 24, Boston, Ma

3 | (P) 508-378-4025 | (F) 508-378-4050 | www.superiorrail.net


Lovejoy Wharf, Boston, Ma

iental Hotel in Boston, MA

Weld Hill Research in Jamaica Plain, MA

Modern Theatre in Boston, MA

Upcoming Work


June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Beals + Thomas Plans Park Reno

Cape Cod Hosp Reno/Addition

RDK Teams up With ISGenuity, Scanlan

Conceptual rendering of Lorusso emergency center expansion

Hyannis, MA - RDK’s healthcare Councilor Philip Palmieri (third from left, l-r), Mayor Joseph Petty, Lt. Governor Tim Mur- engineering team is working with ISGenuray, Representative John Mahoney, Councilor Sarai Rivera, and Secretary Richard Sullivan ity Architects and JK Scanlan Company General Contractors on an emergency join students from Elm Park School and Doherty High School at the groundbreaking. department renovation/addition for Cape Worcester, MA - On April 26, Lt. playground equipment and safety surfac- Cod Hospital in Hyannis. RDK is providGovernor Tim Murray, along with May- ing enhancements, new park-wide pedes- ing comprehensive mechanical, electrical, or Joseph Petty, City Manager Michael trian lighting, accessible pathways, new plumbing, fire protection, telecom, and O’Brien, members of the Worcester City site benches and picnic tables, stone wall electronic security system design on the Council, and students from the Elm Park reconstruction along the pond, and electri- project. School and Doherty High School celebrat- cal upgrades throughout the park. Phase 1 Cape Cod Hospital’s emergency deed the groundbreaking for Phase 1 of the renovations are expected to be complete by partment is one of the busiest in all of New Elm Park renovation project. the end of June 2013. England. The modernized and expanded Established in 1854, the 21-acre park Future phases include enhancements facility will improve patient comfort and is considered to be one of the oldest public to perimeter sidewalks, street lighting and enhance clinical treatment practices. parks in the United States and is listed on entry points, additional tree plantings, and Renovated space includes the existthe National Register of Historic Places. renovations to the park’s iconic red and ing 14,500sf emergency department’s lobWith elements designed by the famous black bridges. by, waiting, nursing, and clinical support Beals + Thomas is providing master spaces. landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, the park hosts many activities, includ- planning, design services, and construction The new 25,000sf single-story ading boating on the ponds, walking paths, administration for the Elm Park renovation dition is being designed to house new and project. picnic areas, and a playground. existing mechanical systems with a fully Phase 1 renovation activities include

Courtesy of isgenuity

enclosed partial roof penthouse for MEP equipment. All systems are being designed to NDPH standards. RDK’s specialized building system design includes heat recovery (using 100% outside air) within the waiting/visitor and triage areas. In addition, the design of a decontamination suite will enable emergency staff to swiftly treat biological/chemically compromised patients on-site, thus eliminating the threat of contaminating other patients being treated. Principal Joe Bonanno, who leads RDK’s healthcare engineering design team, said that projects like this one are among his favorite to work on. “At the end of the day, emergency departments are all about helping patients and their families when they are at their most vulnerable. If we can help make this experience as positive as possible through thoughtful design with the patient experience in mind, then that is something I can feel really good about.”

Photos of Roger L. Putnam Vocational High School, Springfield, Massachusetts currently under construction



PHONE 860-283-8281 Check us out on


Your single source provider for all your design needs. Coreslab Structures has advanced their manufacturing process of providing high quality manufactured Architectural and Structural Precast Concrete products to include Thin-brick faced precast, HighPerformance Insulated Walls, Ultra-High Strength Precast Concrete, Insulated Metal Stud Wall, “Liquidwall”™, as well as traditional structural precast products for all types of building sectors.

June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Don’t Let Your LinkedIn Company Page Collect Dust! Five Must-do’s for your Company Page

by Lisa Nickerson projects and associations. Consistently usYou have a LinkedIn company page, ing LinkedIn keeps you in the forefront of right? Of course you do - why wouldn’t your industry and allows others to see you you? It’s easy to set as a knowledgeable and trusted resource. up, promotes your So you have a company page, now brand, educates po- what? Start spreading the word! Your comtential clients/cus- pany page can be the central hub for miltomers, generates lions of LinkedIn members to stay in the referrals, expands loop of what your company is doing. Don’t your reach for con- let your page collect dust, or you will be tent, helps build a forgotten! Keep your page fresh and encommunity of fol- gaging with these five must-do’s: lowers resulting in 1. Post frequent status updates that Lisa Nickerson brand loyalty, and allow you to engage directly with existing highlights proof of the quality of your customers and prospects. Share your comwork, products or services through rec- pany news or offers, or share an interesting ommendations from real people. Oh, and article or video. let’s not forget it can connect your business 2. Start a conversation around a hot with millions of professionals – for free! topic in your industry. Social media is the To quote Pamela Vaughan of Hubspot: place for meaningful engagement. “We recently reported that, in a study of 3. It’s easy to list your job openings, the over 5,000 inbound marketers where but have you thought about your company we pitted LinkedIn against Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn proved to be LinkedIn used as an immediate the most effective social media chanfollow-up is an invaluable resource... nel for lead generation – 277% more effective, in fact.” Embracing all the newest forms of page being a place to showcase your camedia and social networking is a criti- reer opportunities, along with spotlighted cal component to any company’s success. employees that offer a view into your comLinkedIn used as an immediate follow-up pany’s culture? You should! Let the talent is an invaluable resource for not only con- find you! necting professionally with new people, 4. Ask people, connections, clients, but staying connected with those from past colleagues, etc. to recommend your prod-

Tocci linkedin company page ucts and services. There’s no better proof of your work than a testimonial. 5. Eye candy. Create your banners, and change them out to keep the overall look of your page fresh and appealing. Also, use those free analytics to find out who exactly is visiting your page, who is attracted to your company, and what visitors are interested in learning about specifically. Use these insights to more carefully

craft your messaging, drive more traffic to your page, and create new business leads. No matter your age and profession, you should not ignore the impact new marketing tactics can have on your business. Your LinkedIn company page is an easy way to start! Lisa A. Nickerson is the founder and principal of Nickerson PR.

cReative soLutions FoR ReaL estate Financing needs

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can Finance any pRopeRty stRuctuRe: dispatch trained insulation Let the Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals

Property types professionals, using thermal

financing for Real Estate financing for Real Estate related transactions. related transactions. related transactions.

constRuction LoansL:Loans cconstRuction onstRuction oans ::

• Office• Buildings Office OfficeBuildings Buildings $1,800,000 • Retail•Centers Retail RetailCenters Centers • Industrial Buildings • Industrial Industrial Buildings BuildingsLoan Refinance and Rehab • Apartment Buildings Property types include: • Apartment Apartment Buildings Buildings Property Property types types include: include: Lodging House condominium construction, singlesingle - Agency & Conventional condominium condominium construction, construction, single --Agency Agency && Conventional Conventional family subdivision, office, retail, family family subdivision, subdivision, office, office, retail, retail, MA LandBoston, cquisition /d eveLopment / construction LoansL: oansL:oans: La Land and acquisition cquisition /d /d eveLopment eveLopment / construction / construction assisted living, hotel &hotel assisted assisted living, living, hotel &&

cc anan Fc inance anyany Fan inance Finance any pp RopeRty stRuctuRe : : : RopeRty pRopeRty stRuctuRe stRuctuRe

include: condominium construction, cameras, heat guns and specialized properties. specialized specialized properties. properties. singlesoftware, familytosubdivision, office, computer detect retail, assisted living, hotel & RReLationships the insulation strengths and aRe ta het Bhe asis ReLationships Re t he Basis eLationships aRe Basis specialized oo Fo usiness : : : needs of your facility and properties. its F uR oouR FBo BuRusiness Business mechanical systems. Using the detailed data that we obtain on site, we will then assemble and provide you with a detailed assessment of your insulation.



Relationships Are the Basis Of Our Business: Whether it is relationships with our capital sources or with our clients, we are constantly striving to improve our dealings.

/ Condominiums / Condominiums • Subdivisions • Subdivisions Subdivisions / Condominiums Spec Houses Single Spec Houses • Single• Family SingleFamily Family Spec Houses

$800,000 Whether it isit relationships withwith ourwith Purchase &Loan Permanent Loans Loans Whether Whether is relationships it is relationships ourour • Construction • Construction Construction &&Permanent Permanent Loans capital or with ourwith clients, capitalsources capital sources sources or with or our our clients, clients, Medical Condominiums tax ettxempt BondsBB/onds tonds ax /ct weweareare constantly striving to to to ax ax exempt xempt /redits ax tax credits credits weconstantly are constantly striving striving improve ourour dealings. improve improve dealings. our dealings. Brookline, MA sBa sBa LsBa oansLoans oans WindW &ind soLar nergy W ind & sseoLar oLar eenergy nergy

Sid Spiegel Sid Spiegel Sid SidSpiegel Spiegel

Vice President - Commercial Division Vice President - Commercial Division Vice VicePresident President - Commercial - Commercial Division Division Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone:Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone:781-684-5712 781-684-5712 Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com rd Floor 52 Ave., 33rd 52Second Second Avenue, Floor, Waltham, MA 02451 52 52 Second Second Avenue, Avenue, 3rd 3rd Floor, Floor, Waltham, Waltham, MAMA 02451 02451 Waltham, MA 02451


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Tel:NY 781-878-4540 NE NY NE Tel: Tel:781-878-4540 781-878-4540 NY REal EstatE JouRNal REal REal EstatE EstatE JouRNal JouRNal

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Division has been involved in arranging financing for Real Estate related transactions.

• Office• Buildings Office OfficeBuildings Buildings $4,000,000 • Retail•Centers Retail RetailCenters Centers Buildings • Industrial Industrial Buildings Buildings Refinance and• Industrial Working Capital Loan • Apartment Buildings • Apartment Apartment Buildings Buildings LLocaL expeRtise : : :Pine Manor College ocaL L&ocaL &RegionaL R& egionaL RegionaL expeRtise expeRtise - Agency & Conventional --Agency Agency && Conventional Conventional Since the1994 Commercial Division Since the Commercial Division Since1994 1994 the Commercial Division Bridge Loans Bridge Bridge Loans Loans has been involved in arranging has been involved in arranging has been involved in arranging Chestnut Hill, MA financing for Real Estate


W H I L E P R O T E C T I N G T H E E N V I RSince O N M1994 E N the T . Commercial

peRmanent LoansL:Loans ppeRmanent eRmanent oans ::


LocaL & RegionaL

T O S E E I F Y O U C A N S AV E M O N Ee Y xpeRtise:


June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News Evolution of Design:

High-Performance Technology, Passive Design, and Biomimicry

by Suzanne Robinson Whether it’s increased awareness of climate change, the push toward energy independence, the classic bottom line, or a slew of other reasons, professionals in the world of buildings are re-evaluating our approach to designing, constructing, and operating buildings. Over the last several decades, as green deSuzanne Robinson sign has moved into the mainstream, the approach for a more sustainable design has taken two general paths, usually in parallel. First, there’s been a push to develop high performance technology: more efficient equipment, controls, new technology, and alternative energy sources. This is the basic “Can we make ‘it’ better?” For example, taking a boiler and working on the design, tweaking the components and reengineering it to move from 75% efficiency to 95% efficiency or even higher. It’s taken a “few” years, but the industry has shifted. Another example is the development of new technology. Ten years ago, most people didn’t know what LEDs were. Or, take the world of photovoltaics, which has seen a plethora of development ideas from increased efficiency and lower costs of classic PV panels to photovoltaic window film to building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

The push for better technology is essential but also has limitations. It is reliant on those who are willing to be on the cutting edge, or even the bleeding edge, to help move the technology to the mainstream. The stewards who take on the bleeding edge of technology are basically beta testing the latest and greatest. Sometimes it works great, and sometimes it doesn’t, but the lessons learned cycle back to develop more improved technology. Those on the cutting edge face the higher cost of new technology. Second, there’s been a back-to-basics awakening. It wasn’t that long ago when buildings had a certain shape to allow for lighting of spaces by daylighting, back before electrical lighting became prevalent. Buildings were limited on what floor plane depth they could have, resulting in “H” or “T” or “O” shaped buildings. In the last 10 years, passive design strategies, such as daylight harvesting and natural ventilation, have become more popular and mainstream. Instead of skipping straight to an engineering solution to address the building loads, design professionals are taking time early on to evaluate design decisions to reduce the design load engineered systems have to provide: working with nature and the climate and harnessing it instead of engineering against it. And now, we’re seeing the popularity of a new strategy to sustainable design. In an oversimplified way, it’s combining the high-performance technology and passive design approaches. Biomimicry is an

emerging discipline that looks to nature’s solutions to the same issues we face: energy, climate control, pollution, and much more. No reason to reinvent the wheel. It’s basically known as “the science of emulating nature’s best ideas to solve human problems.” A classic simple example of biomimicry is in the world of structural engineering. What engineers in Japan discovered and the song writer, Ani DiFranco popularized, is that “buildings and bridges are made to bend in the wind…what doesn’t bend breaks.” We should be emulating trees. Originally, buildings in seismic areas would be engineered to death – make them as rigid and solid as possible so they couldn’t possibly move. Since then, structural engineering design has shifted to incorporate base isolation devices and shock absorbers to have a

controlled movement of buildings. Another example that is emerging is the living machine, a self-contained wastewater treatment system that mimics the natural process of treating toxins through wetlands. Applying biomimicry to the world of buildings is relatively new. But as we continuously push the boundaries of the built world, it’s essential that we continuously try new approaches and work toward a mindset shift, looking not just at what others in our industry have done but also at what nature has done for new ideas. To get started, check out AskNature.org, which has a database of technological innovations and ideas inspired by nature. Suzanne Robinson, PE, LEED AP BD+C, is the director of sustainability at Vanderweil Engineers.

Cherrytree Secures Tax Credit

Historic Restoration Designed by DBVW

Pawtucket, R.I. - The Cherrytree Group, of Newton, Mass. recently secured a federal historic tax credit of nearly a half million dollars in connection with the restoration of a historical building in Pawtucket, R.I. The two and a half story brick clubhouse, the former ToKalon Club, is considered “an exceptional, monumental and well-preserved example of the Georgian Revival Style.” The 19,250sf building was renovated

to provide new office and lab space for Public Archaeology Lab, Inc. and was designed to preserve the historical integrity of the property. Rehabilitating involved restoring the exterior and important interior spaces, while introducing new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Architects designed the restoration project. The total cost was $2,166,232.90; and the value of the tax credit was $433,246.58.

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June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Toyota-Scion to Begin Renovation JLL GC for Warehouse Bar & Grille Jointly Designed by Jewett and Hamilton

Boston - Jones Lang LaSalle Construction has been appointed general contractor for the Warehouse Bar & Grille, a new restaurant at street level on the corner of Milk and Broad Streets. The build-out has begun, with the opening scheduled for mid-August. The new space will feature a modern industrial design, polished concrete floors, an exposed ceiling, stainless steel accents, and a monochromatic palate. Warehouse will seat 104 people, and

Warehouse Bar & Grille

bridge the gap between sports bars and upscale eateries by providing a warm, casual and stylish space.

Adirondack Club Selects Kaplan Dennis Colwell Architects

Rendering of the renovated Route 44 Toyota dealership

Raynham, MA - Jewett Automotive Design & Construction, a division of Raymond, N.H.-based Jewett Construction Company, Inc., has contracted with Route 44 Toyota for a renovation of its ToyotaScion dealership at 1154 New State Highway in Raynham, Mass. Jointly designed by Jewett Automotive and Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects, this 1,000sf design-build renovation includes updated interior and exterior features to comply with the latest Toyota image program. The interior renovations are to the customer lounge area and include new flooring, millwork, and finishes to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for customers. Exterior renovations will incorpoSTI_High-Profile_Fin.pdf 1 9/27/2010 10:42:19 AM rate a new façade constructed of aluminum

Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects

composite metal panels (ACM) and a grand entrance framed by an updated Toyota portal structure. The walk leading to the entry doors will be covered by a new roof structure, also wrapped in ACM, giving the facility an entirely new and modern look. All work will be carried out while the facility is in full operation, a challenge requiring daily coordination between the construction team and the owner. Dust barriers, temporary walls, and off-hours work will all be utilized to ensure minimal disruption to business. This is the second project Jewett Automotive has undertaken for the Route 44 family of dealerships, having completed an extensive renovation to its Hyundai dealership in late 2011.

Franklin, MA - Kaplan Construction has been selected by the Adirondack Club, a private, family-oriented health club located in Franklin, to build out a 5,000sf space The Adirondack Club to accommodate the club’s expanded The design, by Dennis Colwell Ardaycare program. chitects, will provide the club with an areKaplan was chosen based on a long- na for indoor play on rainy summer days, standing relationship dating back to 2001, along with classrooms, a reading room, a when the two companies collaborated to changing area, and renovated bathrooms. build the original 55,000sf facility. Another prominent feature of the project Kaplan is now working on an ac- is a new steel and glass staircase that will celerated six-week schedule to convert a provide direct access from the existing first portion of the lower level into a safe and floor daycare to the renovated lower level. welcoming space suitable for the children Four structural concrete planks will be who attend daycare and summer camp at carefully removed to create an opening that the club. will infuse daylight into the space.



June, 2013


High-Profile: Awards

Forrester Research Gets Award

Boston - Margulies Perruzzi Architects (PA) received a 2013 ED+C Excellence in Design Award for its sustainable design of the new LEED Platinum corporate headquarters for Forrester Research, Inc. MPA was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the commercial category. The awards honor projects that demonstrate a clear commitment to green building and sustainable design. Forrester Research, an inPhoto by Warren Patterson dependent research company, had Forrester Research corporate headquarters outgrown its former home at 400 Technology Square in Cambridge was designed to provide views of nature and sought a space that could accommo- to everyone: All enclosed rooms are on the date its flexible work style and growth interior, and the perimeter windows are acneeds. MPA provided interior architecture cessible to all employees and guests. and corporate design services for ForrestThe office features cork flooring, er’s new six-story, 190,000sf headquarters FSC-certified wood, and many recycled, at Cambridge Discovery Park that features recyclable products. The use of LED lightalternative workplace design for collabora- ing and daylight harvesting allowed a 35% tive work. reduction in lighting power. The careful Forrester’s new headquarters was selection of plumbing fixtures achieved a certified LEED Platinum for Commercial 35% reduction in water use. The construcInteriors by the USGBC. The project also tion team was able to divert 80% of conachieved exemplary performance for use struction waste from entering landfills. of FSC certified wood, regional materials, Cambridge Discovery Park is a 27and the availability of alternative transpor- acre master planned campus owned and detation. veloped by The Bulfinch Companies, Inc. The new office emphasizes a con- Leggat McCall Properties provided project nection to the green outdoor space adjacent management services, AHA Consulting to the building. The building overlooks a Engineers provided mechanical, electrical, newly restored “urban wild,” a naturalistic and plumbing engineering for the project designed landscape that can be used for and Richard Moore Environmental Conrecreational purposes. Forrester’s office sulting provided LEED services.

High-Profile: News

S+H Replaces Historical Marker

Cambridge, MA - On April 30, S+H Construction assisted the Cambridge Historical Society and placed a historical granite marker, from the year of 1880, to its original location after being uncovered at a construction site, where it previously sat for 66 years. The marker was inscribed in 1880 by the city of Cambridge as a part of their 250th anniversary of their founding. The marker was at the corner of an 1869 building The historical granite marker is returned to its original at Dunster and Mount Auburn, location. Inscription reads “Site of the First Meeting and it marked the site of the House in Cambridge. Erected A.D. 1632.” first meeting house erected in 1632. tal Can Company built a factory on top of When the building was demolished the marker and there it sat for 66 years until in 1929, the marker was dumped in a land- its discovery this year at the Fawcett Street fill near Fresh Pond. In 1947, the Continen- construction site.

Tocci Hosts YPG Education Events

Woburn, MA - Tocci Building Companies will host a series of networking events geared to young professionals under 40 at its Woburn headquarters each month. The North Suburban Chamber of Commerce created the Young Professionals Group (YPG) to bring together rising leaders who live or work in the north suburban area for the purpose of both education and collaboration. Events are targeted to those in their

mid-20s to late 30s, but Maureen Rogers, president of the Chamber, said both members and non members of all ages are welcome. “Our goal is to help young professionals to develop and grow by working on their face-to face skills with other professionals,” said Rogers. “We are extremely grateful to Tocci Building Companies and Maria Pelaggi for hosting this series for the Chamber.”

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June, 2013


High-Profile: Educational Facilities News

Reno Starts on U of Maine Hall Designed by Port City Architecture

Orono, ME - Construction began recently on renovations at the University of Maine in Orono. AlliedCook is serving as construction manager for the project, which involves renovating the second floor of Alumni Hall. Originally constructed in 1901, the three-story masonry and wood-framed building is registered on the National Historic Registry and serves as the primary administration building for the campus, including the office of the president.

SMMA School Design Honored

Designed by Port City Architecture of Portland, the renovations will create new offices for the division of marketing and communications and will include individual work areas, a sound studio, and a collaboration space for department members to meet on group projects. The fast-track renovations will be completed while the building is occupied and through the duration of an academic semester, and are expected to be complete by the end of July 2013.

Subcontractors Appreciation BBQ North Branch Reward for NHU Project

Hooksett, NH - North Branch Construction of Concord recently held a subcontractor appreciation barbecue for its team members who are participating in the construction of the new Southern New Hampshire University Tuckerman Hall. The event was a small reward for the great effort and hard work that has been put Subcontractors and North Branch employees line up forth by all subcontractors, as for the subcontractor appreciation barbeque. well as the engineers and architects, and North Branch Congust. It will serve as a coed dormitory with struction’s own team of carpenters. over 300 beds. JSA, Inc. of Portsmouth Plans are to complete the four-story is providing architectural services for this Tuckerman Hall residence building in Au- project.

Grafton High School Cambridge, MA - Grafton High School and Symmes Maini & McKee Associates/SMMA were honored with a Project of Distinction award by the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) at the association’s Northeast regional conference. Opened last September, the 187,000sf Grafton High campus is designed to support a variety of learning styles while fostering essential career skills, including collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. According to SMMA Principal Philip Poinelli, FAIA, the design and its integration of technology is part of a far-reaching shift away from traditional teacher-focused models of education toward a more person-

Gregg Shupe 2012

alized student-centric model. “The design of Grafton High dramatically departs from the familiar school environments most of us picture when we think of high school,” he said. “The school uses non-traditional spaces for teaching and learning such as corridors, large and small group instruction environments, as well as the outdoor classroom. The classrooms feature four teaching walls and multiple learning zones to offer all kinds of flexibility for learning beyond the traditional stand up and lecture orientation.” The new $73 million Grafton High School accommodates 900 students with a flexible design expandable to 1,200 students projected for this growing community by 2030.

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June, 2013


High-Profile:Facilities Development News by Stephanie Goldberg My neighborhood just received its third Hubway station, and already the racks are emptying as commuters and weekend riders take advantage of the green-andsilver bikes. In looking at the map of stations that dot the city, I am reminded Stephanie Goldberg of diagrams of networks that designers map to show relations between elements or ideas. Clusters of green dots are connected by interlaced roadways and bike paths. Interestingly, and intentionally, these bike stations form small clusters. I was told, when our first set of stations were being planned, that a triangle of stations was important. When one rack is empty or full, another needs to be available to the user in a short distance. In reality, the designers of the system were, and are, creating small neighborhoods of bicyclists who travel the networks of city streets to other neighborhoods. Your closest few stations become your hub, your spot. Where you work, or travel to often, becomes an extension of your community. Extending this concept of network and neighborhood to the built environment has interesting implications. At

Networks and Communities

LAB, we are exploring the concept in the flexibility. interior working spaces we are creating. In Our lab spaces we have designed a recent project for a biotech company, the recently have been just that. Connections clients are looking for power and Workstations are thought of as for an almost comgasses in the pletely open space ceiling grid grouped yet interconnected. without enclosed ofat regular infices. The concept tervals along of collaborative work is paramount, and with movable tables within the larger there are groups that work together on dif- laboratory spaces allow for scientists to ferent ideas yet need to mix and work with shift their working groups and equipment others outside their areas of expertise. to suit rapidly changed needs in scientific Like the neighborhood of bicy- research. In this digital age, the concept cles, the workstations are thought of as of the physical community is even more grouped yet interconnected. Clusters of working areas form or enclose small, furnished community spaces, while glassedin conference areas define the edge of a New Haven, CT - Christopher neighborhood. Larger communal work Williams Architects LLC (CWA) anareas bring people out of their hub, their nounced the hiring of two new staff spot, to exchange ideas, have a coffee, or members. just relax. In thinking about how people Jon Schlesinger has joined the might move within and between these firm as the director of marketing and working neighborhoods, we are studying brings more than 10 years of marketwhat elements are fixed, and what might ing experience in the architectural/engitravel. Clearly, people pick up their cofneering/construction industry. fee cups, their laptops, and walk, but other Responsibilities in his new role include facilitating and managing all elements, such as highly mobile furniture marketing, communication, and busi(small, handled stools, rolling chairs) can ness development efforts. Prior to joinbe moved from one space to another, creing CWA, he worked as a marketing / ating work areas that might change size as communications professional for The the need arises. Networks can be highly S/L/A/M Collaborative. changeable, and, as such, alignments of Lindsey Aprati has joined CWA workstations might need to alter. How we design our workspaces can encourage

important. Creating and working on ideas is truly a group effort. How groups form and interact is critical to the success of many endeavors, and the design of working spaces can be an important part of that success. As the weather warms up, grab a bicycle and travel the city networks; it’s a great way to see how interconnected we all truly are. Stephanie Goldberg, AIA, LEED BC+D, is a principal at Boston based laboratory design firm Lab / Life.Science. Architecture, Inc.

Williams Architects Adds Two

Aprati Schlesinger as an intern architect and is currently part of the team preparing the design documents for Yale University’s historic Woolsey Hall and University Commons. Aprati was previously with The Urban Studio Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.

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June, 2013


High-Profile: Connecticut Facilities Development News

Three Join BL

Hartford, CT - BL Companies announced that three senior-level engineering employees have joined the firm in its Hartford office. Nicholas Giardina, PE, joins BL as a senior project manager and the manager for the transportation and infrastructure group for the Hartford office. He has significant project experience in highway/roadway and site design and an in-depth knowledge of CTDOT standards. He previously served over 10 years as the deputy civil department manager for a large national consulting firm in Rocky Hill. Brett Stark joins the firm as a project manager in the transportation and infrastructure group. He has worked on a wide range of both state and municipally administered projects, from roadway and bridge improvements to major transportation corridors and public transit initiatives. Prior to BL, Stark was a liaison engineer working with CTDOT. Robert Lacourse, PE, joins BL as a project manager in the civil engineering group. His experience extends to civil engi-

Giardina Stark neering land development including subsurface utility design, roadway and highway improvements, as well as environmental, local, and state permitting. Prior to joining BL, Lacourse was an engineer with the city of Hartford Lacourse department of public works, where he managed staff in the engineering department and was director of the Greater Hartford flood commission.

CBC Tours Hartford Historic Architecture

Hartford, CT - The Connecticut Building Congress rode into spring recently with an open-top bus tour of Hartford’s architecture. The program highlighted the significance of historic preservation for the industry, and it culminated with a

Stephen Connelly (l) receives official recognition from CBC President Ron Goodin.

High-Profile: Connecticut Calendar AIA Connecticut

Connecticut Chapter of the American Institute of Architects July 16, 4:30-5:45 p.m. Tour of Yale University Co-Generation Plant. Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine, Rm 206, 295 College St,

New Haven. Rob Charney, AIA, and staff from the Yale University Facilities Dept. will lead a tour of this award-winning project. Required: hard hat, shoes (no sandals or sneakers), eye protection, and ear plugs. For more information: pobrien@aiact. org.

CBC members and guests gathered in historic Union Station to discuss historic preservation

discussion at Hartford’s historic Union Station. Stephen Connelly was honored for his many years of contributing to CBC and the industry. Speakers included Helen Higgins, executive director, Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation; William Crosskey, II, AIA, LEED AP, principal, Crosskey Architects, LLC; James LaRosa, COO, LaRosa Building Group; Brad Schide, principal, Brad Schide LLC, and Circuit Rider, Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation; Roy Gilley, AIA, Architect, Gilley Design Associates, architects; Keith Czarnecki, owner/president, Enterprise Builders. It was moderated by Stephen Connelly, senior VP, Fuss & O’Neill EnviroScience.


June, 2013


High-Profile: News

North Branch Holds Drive

IMAGINiT Releases 2014 Line

Framingham, MA - Rand Worldwide recently announced that its IMAGINiT Technologies division has released the 2014 versions of IMAGINiT Clarity, IMAGINiT Clarity LT, and IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare. These three web-based collaboration tools also include new and improved features. Designed to extend the value of the Autodesk Revit Server platform, IMAGINiT Clarity and Clarity LT enhance control of Revit Server set-up, automate repetitive tasks, and securely provide valuable data to non-Revit users.

For architectural, engineering, and construction firms that do not use Autodesk Revit Server, IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare improves the traditional file-based work-sharing approach and fully automates numerous time-consuming Revit software related tasks. Each of these three web-based collaboration tools provides task automation, project reporting, system monitoring, and project level security to provide easy sharing of BIM data inside organizations and amongst external partners.

BU Med Center Project Completed

Historic renovation of Families in Transition building in Manchester Concord, NH - North Branch Construction of Concord recently put together a clothing and housewares drive for the nonprofit organization Families in Transition, a local agency that provides affordable intermediate housing and extensive social service programs to families in need. This “Families Helping Families” initiative was developed by Lead Project Manager Assistant Carol Card in an effort to encourage North Branch’s employees to donate clothing and other items they no longer need from their homes during spring cleaning. Both field and office employees and their families participated, and a North Branch truckload of donated goods ranging from books to baby clothes was delivered

Carol Card in front of truck full of collected donations. to the Families in Transition location at Bicentennial Square in Concord. North Branch has completed four buildings for Families in Transition. Two of the buildings are located in Concord, and the other two in Manchester.

Boston - Acella Construction recently completed the renovation of the Boston University Medical Center Oral Surgery Suites, located on the university’s main medical campus in Boston. The scope of the project included the complete demolition of the existing space, followed by the renovation of 7,100sf of office/clinical space, including nine patient treatment rooms. The scope of work included new treatment rooms, office space, finishes, ceiling, entire mechanical, electrical, plumbing, medical gas, and fire protection. BU Medical Ctr. fourth floor dental office Because of the sensitive nature of the work and the length of the projschool’s operations. ect, it was imperative the space remain The architect on the project was Traopen during construction. The “live” reno- pani & Associates. Ryan Klebes served as vation was scheduled and phased so that manager project, and Brian Passino was there was no disruption to the rest of the superintendent.


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June, 2013


High-Profile: PCINE News

Precast Concrete Achieves Goals for Fortis Data Center

Norwalk, CT - Developers of a new property planned for a data-processing tenant needed to construct a facility that met all of the tenant’s specialized needs while also meeting tight schedule and budget requirements. To achieve these goals, designers created a two-story, 167,691sf building using a total-precast concrete structural system and architectural precast concrete walls. The design provided not only all of the functional needs but helped create dramatic aesthetics as well. The structure features precast concrete double tees, columns, girders, shear walls, stairs, slabs, spandrels, and wall panels. The panels support large glass curtain walls as well as metal panels that were attached to the exteriors. White cement with white aggregates, finished with a light sandblast, was specified for visible panels, with a gray cement finish used on those behind the metal panels and on interior faces. “We looked at a lot of options for the structure,” says Jonathan Metz, senior associate with Perkins Eastman, the architect of record, which also is performing tenant fit-out. The long building features a 50-footlong section flanked by two 150-foot sections, and designers wanted to keep these as open as possible, which was aided by the long spans of the double tees. The precast concrete structure also allowed the building to be built in sections moving south to north, rather than building one complete floor at a time, as would have been needed with steel, explains Akiva Kobre, senior vice president with developer Fortis Property Group. “That was a key reason we selected precast concrete,”

Rendering of Fortis Data Center he says. “Other materials would have required the building to be built horizontally, which would have meant much more time before interior trades could get in to start finishing it.” The schedule also was aided by precast concrete’s ability to fabricate components while sitework commenced, Kobre adds. “Engineering on precast concrete can be intensive, but the time spent upfront on design is more than made up by how quickly it can be erected once the site is ready.” That was a key element on this project, notes Sabu Abraham, an associate with WSP Cantor Seinuk, the engineer of record. “Site conditions slowed the cast-in-place concrete foundation work, but the precast pieces could continue to be produced while that continued.” That cut the original threemonth erection schedule to two months, he says. One section of the foundation includes a basement that helps level the building where the site slopes away. “The precast concrete structure and panels allowed us to enclose the building

Perkins Eastman.

quickly, and getting the entire shell from one supplier created efficiencies,” says Metz. The double tees also helped provide interior support for a variety of heavy equipment that needed to be hung, Abraham adds. The precaster worked closely with the designer to ensure the double tees could support the planned loading. Precast concrete’s inherent durability also provided an added level of security for the building, notes Metz. “We didn’t have to consider providing any additional protection to make it secure.” Adds Kobre, “Precast concrete provided the sturdy structure

that a data center of this type needed.” In addition to the other decorative exterior elements, designers added three perforated-metal armatures that run across the top of the building and down the side. These L-shaped bands reflect a similar design on a nearby building also designed by Perkins Eastman. The bands are self-supporting but attach to the precast concrete panels and to a concrete curb on top of the double tees forming the room. A significant amount of HVAC equipment is supported on the roof, but it was erected easily thanks to the precast concrete structure, Abraham notes. Precast columns were extended about 3 feet above the roofline, and they serve as the base for a steel frame that supports the equipment. “It was easy to construct it this way,” he says. “By working out exactly where the supports were needed and extending the columns, we didn’t need a complicated structure.” The building’s shell has been erected, and it is expected to open later in 2013 when interiors have been fitted out. “We’re extremely pleased with the decision to use precast concrete on this project,” says Kobre.

Key Parties Involved in Project:

Fortis Data Center, Norwalk, Conn Precaster: Blakeslee Prestress, Branford, Conn. Owner: Fortis Property Group, LLC, Brooklyn, N.Y. Architect / Interior Design: Perkins Eastman, Stamford, Conn. Engineer: WSP Cantor Seinuk, New York, N.Y. Construction Manager: KF Brock, New York, N.Y.

High Performance Precast:

The Efficient, Resilient and Versatile Data Center Solution. The use of precast concrete allows architects and designers to take advantage of precast concrete’s many attributes. Designers created a two-story, 167,691-square-foot building using a total-precast concrete structural system and architectural precast concrete walls. The design provided not only all of the functional needs but helped create dramatic aesthetics as well.

Fortis Data Center, Norwalk, CT Architect: Perkins Eastman Rendering courtesy of Perkins Eastman

Photo courtesy of Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.

Precast erection comPleted earlY in JUst 2 months.

To read the complete story on the Fortis Data Center, visit www.pcine.org /projects.

Discover High Performance Precast Versatile, Efficient, Resilient

13048_PCINE_Fortis_Data_Ctr_Blakeslee_High_Profile_final_ad.indd 1


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June, 2013


High-Profile: Awards

CMAA-NE Awards Program

Boston CMAA-New England Chapter held its 19th annual awards program in April. CMAA recognized individuals and businesses in the construction industry for outstanding performance in program management, infrastructure, and building projects. A record number of 26 submissions competed for awards in 14 categories for infrastructure, new building, and building renovation/modernization. The recipient of the award for Excellence in Program Management went to PMA Consultants for its work on a $340 million upgrade and expansion of the UMass Medical Campus in Worcester. Jeffrey A. Gouveia Jr., executive vice president and general manager of Suffolk Construction Company, Inc., received the 2013 Person of the Year Award for his substantial contributions to the design and construction industry. CMAA also presented scholarships

Tocci Wins Top CMAA Award

Woburn, MA -Tocci Building Companies was honored with Building Project of the Year at the recent Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) New England Chapter Awards luncheon. Tocci earned the award in the Renovation/Modernization Project Over $20 Million category for their design-build work in the adaptive re-use of the Abbot Jeffrey Gouveia, 2013 Person of the Year, Mill in Westford. The firm completed the accepts award from Chapter President project for owner Yule Development Co., Steve Marshall Inc., of Newton. Tocci, along with Ganek Architects, totaling $22,000 for outstanding academic achievement to 11 students studying for future careers in construction management. This year, the organization recognized the tragic circumstances of the Boston Marathon bombing and contributed $2,450 through a portion of the net event receipts, as well as individual contributions from the board members and officers, to the One Fund ( www.onefundboston.org ) to provide direct aid to the victims of this senseless tragedy.

CTA Receives Safety Award

Waltham, MA - CTA Construction has been awarded a Gold Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) award for an excellent construction safety record in 2012 from the Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts. This is the fourth consecutive year CTA has received a Gold STEP

award. Also, CTA has been ranked as the area’s 12th Largest General Contractor by the Boston Business Journal. The ranking is based on CTA’s 2012 Mass. dollar volume of $130 million. CTA has ranked in the top 15 largest contractors in the area for the past four years. View of interior lobby

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Abbot Mill - exterior view Inc., transformed the 150 year old fabric mill into 131 residential units while maintaining the historic integrity of the structure and incorporating numerous sustainable practices and features. “This award is a tribute not only to the entire construction team as individual components –the owner, architect, subcontractors and Tocci – but also to the spirit of collaboration that enabled the team to adapt and implement the design changes to this complex project in a timely and efficient manner,” said John Tocci, Chief Enabling Officer for Tocci Building Companies.



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June, 2013


High-Profile Feature: Doubletree Hotel


Bringing a Vision to Life – And a New Life to the Bristol Area

ristol, CT - Dr. Gerald A. Niznick, D.M.D, M.S.D, renowned prosthodontist and hotel owner, aimed to create a premier hotel with all the amenities and technology available today – a piece of Beverly Hills – right in Bristol. ACG North America, Inc. (ACGNA) was selected as the design-build firm for the hotel. “ACG’s selection by Dr. Niznick to design and build his new Doubletree Hotel gave us the opportunity, responsibility, and mission to make this hotel a destination and source of pride for everyone in Bristol and the Greater Bristol area,” said William C. Mascetti, president of ACGNA. Along with other key partners, including Signature Architects, Inc., RZ Design Associates, and Parker Torres Design, ACGNA conducted a full renovation and expansion of what was the Bristol Clarion Hotel. The renovated 120,000sf building now features 122 modern guest rooms, a 24-hour modern fitness center, an indoor saltwater pool, a 5,000sf ballroom, meeting space for up to 500 guests, The Willows restaurant featuring New American cuisine, and the new Time Out lounge. In addition, the new 35,000sf tower features 19 stylish guest suites, including a 2,000sf Presidential Suite that incorporates Crestron technology, which allows guests to control the thermostat, lights, drapes and more right from an iPad. The suite tower also provides private, secured entrance for VIP guests.

Like any project, the hotel came with its own set of challenges, but, working together, the team overcame these challenges, one by one. Remarkably, despite the fact that almost every square inch of the hotel was renovated, ACGNA was able to complete its work with the hotel open for business throughout the entire project. Guests still enjoyed quality accommodations and service and also had the unique ability to get a sneak peek into what was coming. Expansion was necessary, but limited acreage was available. ACGNA addressed this challenge by building up. The result was the new six-story suite tower. By using a panelized system that matched the exterior of the building seamlessly, the company was able to save time and cost. “The new tower was a solution to the challenge of having limited acreage, but need-

Stairs and Rails

New Doubletree Hotel in Bristol

ing to expand,” said Armando Barone, vice president of ACGNA. “We couldn’t spread out, so we went up. Though it evolved out of necessity, we couldn’t be happier with the effect the tower has on the property. It’s almost symbolic of the new heights and higher standards we’re setting for the Central Connecticut area.” ACGNA reports that its next move is in Bristol – the new Beekley Center for Breast Health and Wellness. The new 6,100sf center, scheduled to open late this summer, will offer patients comprehensive and multi-disciplinary breast care. It will be housed in the former laboratory and pharmacy space on Level C of Bristol hospital.

New Doubletree Hotel interior

Subcontractor for Doubletree Hotel


Architectural Millwork l Casework l Solid Surface

Residential l Healthcare l Hospitality 135 135 South Main Street P.O. Box 160 Thomaston, CT 06787 mail@j-coninc.com www.j-coninc.com T 860-283-8108 F 860-283-0292 Reg. 562373


June, 2013


High-Profile: Awards

Calare, Hackman Named Finalists Integrated Builders CM

Boston – For the ninth year in a row, Suffolk Construction has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Massachusetts. The honor recognizes Suffolk’s achievements in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of employee satisfaction, working conditions, and company culture. Featured as the only construction management firm in the “Large Company” category, Suffolk was one of over 400 companies to qualify for consideration based on a two-stage nomination process and employee-satisfaction survey. The company has been honored for

112 Barnum Road, Devens

Rockland, MA - Calare Properties, Inc. and Hackman Capital Partners have been selected as finalists for the inaugural “Best in Boston Real Estate” award in the Industrial/Flex Use category by the Boston Business Journal for their repositioning of 112 Barnum Road in Devens, the former Evergreen Solar facility. In order to ensure the successful transformation of the 448,000sf solar facility into one that could accommodate a wider range of tenant uses, the new owners enlisted the services of construction management firm Integrated Builders early on in the process. Located within the Barnum Business Park in Devens, the facility was originally

Suffolk Named one of ‘Best Places to Work’

constructed in 2010 by Evergreen Solar at the cost of approximately $440 psf, and included enhanced high capacity infrastructure features such as emergency diesel generators, internal waste water treatment, chemical bunkers and distribution systems, plus specialized air abatement, water cooling, and gas distribution systems. “We were able to reconfigure chillers and handlers, electrical switch gear and conduits to provide a two tenant building with separate metering systems,” said Jay Dacey, president of Integrated Builders. “This was a complex undertaking, but we put a top notch team in place to meet the unique challenges of this project.”

providing career development opportunities, community engagement initiatives, and innovative technologies that help employees work smarter. “We are extremely pleased to once again be included on the Boston Business Journal’s prestigious Best Places to Work list. Being recognized with this impressive award for the ninth consecutive year is a tremendous accomplishment for our company and a tribute to our unique culture and passionate, hard-working employees,” said John F. Fish, chairman and CEO of Suffolk Construction.

EYP Fit-Friendly

Boston - The American Heart Association recently named EYP Architecture & Engineering as a Gold Level Recipient of its national Fit-Friendly Worksites recognition program. EYP was specifically recognized by the Association’s prestigious “My Heart. My Life.” initiative for offering employees physical activity support; providing healthy eating options; promoting a culture of wellness; and implementing at least nine criteria as outlined by the American Heart Association in the areas of physical activity,

nutrition, and culture. EYP’s commitment to sustainability includes a pledge to provide a healthy work environment and promote wellness among employees and their families. Firm leaders believe that helping people lead healthy lives in and out of the workplace is key to fostering an engaging, collaborative environment that inspires creativity. The firm is committed to providing health insurance benefits, wellness education programs, and participatory activities geared to improving the total well-being of all employees.



Abbott-Boyle, Inc . 1 Mott Street Arlington, MA 02474 Providing quality service since 1971


Tel. 781-646-0460 Fax 781-648-0396 Cell 617-930-1298

New Hampshire 62 W. Brook St. Manchester, NH, 03101

Rhode Island 2670 Victory Hwy. Nasonville, RI 02830

Massachusetts 155-M New Boston St. Woburn, MA 01801

F: 855.517.7621 (NEW OFFICE DIGITAL AND FAX) E: estimating@covenantfirepro.com

June, 2013


High-Profile Feature: Schneider Electric Tops Out


Calnan and Leggat McCall Top Off Schneider Electric

ndover, MA - J. Calnan & Associates, Inc., Leggat McCall, and community leaders gathered to celebrate the milestone topping-off ceremony for Schneider Electric located at 800 Federal Street in Andover. Once completed, the three-story complex will serve as a new research and development center for Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries. This project involves the construction of a new 77,288sf addition (with related sitework) to the existing 158,655sf building. Additionally, the team of Per-

Schneider Electric facility under construction

kins + Will, architecture, and RDK, engineering, will be responsible for the tenant improvement work totaling 235,943sf to both the existing 158,655sf building and the new 77,288sf addition. The project includes over 800 pieces of steel, or roughly 315 tons overall. The project will also in-

clude a chilled beam mechanical system and will be applying for LEED certification. The project, which broke ground in the first of the year, will be completed in late 2013.

Project Team for Schneider Electric l-r: Ken Snee (JC&A), Chad Reynolds (Leggat McCall), Paul Brooks (JC&A), Dan Charest (JC&A), Sandra Smith (Perkins + Will), Ralph DeVito (RDK Engineers), Matthew Volpe (Schneider Electric) William Gause (Leggat McCall), Mark Clayton (CBRE), Doug Maclean ,(First Niagara Bank), Mike Ball (JC&A).

JC&A - Construction Managers Perkins + Will - Architecture RDK - Engineers Fire Protection

Quality - Integrity - Value P.O. Box 582 592 Center Street Ludlow, MA 01056

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413-589-0672 Contact@legacyfireprotection.com

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June, 2013


High-Profile: Multi-Residential/Senior Living

Jewett Builds Multi-Tenant Teams up with Port One Architects

Rendering of new Pinkerton Place Raymond, NH - Jewett Construction Company, Inc. has contracted with Boomer Wolf, LLC, to build a multitenant building at 19 Manchester St. in Derry, N.H.—the final building in the new 49,000sf Pinkerton Place retail/business complex. The four-month project, jointly designed by Jewett and Port One Architects of Portsmouth, consists of a 9,200sf Corle pre-engineered metal building erected by Jewett Metal Buildings & Steel Erectors—a division of JCCI—and slated to be

used as a multi-tenant retail space. The building includes a variety of exterior finishes: cement board siding and accent trims, EIFS system, and cultured stone veneer exterior. The roof is an EPDM rubber roof system with standing seam metal roofing at arches for accent. The project also includes landscaping and an irrigation system. This is the second project Jewett Construction has undertaken at Pinkerton Place for Boomer Wolf, having completed the Panera Bread bakery in 2012.

Walpole, MA - Acella Construction Corporation is scheduled to begin work on a renovation project at the Blessed Sacrament School in Walpole. The 6,000sf project will include a new

cafeteria, kitchen, restrooms, and lobby. Architect on the project is Ai3 Architects. Construction is scheduled to begin in May and continue throughout the summer.

Work Begins at Walpole School

ssue Next I

July focus:

Emerson Lofts Nears Completion Integrated Builders CM

Cambridge, MA - Integrated Builders is in the final stages of constructing The Emerson Lofts, a 16-unit condominium development located at 22 Cottage Park Ave., in North Cambridge. The $9.5 million project is scheduled for a June completion date, with occuThe Emerson Lofts pancy expected for the beginning of grated Builders. “Anytime you take an July. old wood-frame building and update it to Emerson Lofts is an adaptive reuse conform to current codes, there are going of the former J.H. Emerson Company fac- to be lots of challenges,” he said. “We put tory (which developed and manufactured in an elevator, upgraded the building to the original Iron Lung), that was built in earthquake and seismic codes, and a lot of 1909. structural steel went in – there were some Integrated Builders is redeveloping difficult aspects to this job.” the building according to LEED certificaBuilt in 1909, the structurally sound tion standards by incorporating top-to- three-story brick factory building received bottom sustainable features, including a a complete overhaul of all systems, with high-performance TPO (white) roof, en- all new utilities and mechanical systems, ergy-efficient HVAC systems, and double- a brand-new passenger elevator, noise and hung insulated glass windows. weather insulation, and all of the corridors Renovating a historic building pres- and public spaces were made handicapents a unique set of structural issues, ac- accessible. cording to Jay Dacey, president of Inte-

Awards 2013

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July Annual Update:

Packard Design and J. Calnan & Associates won the “Best Practice” Award for Medium Project (for Kronos Inc) at the IFMA Boston Awards held on May 23, 2013.

Life Sciences Facilities News of new facilities and experts commentary will be featured on one of the region’s most active areas in real estate development, Life Sciences.


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June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Abbot Restores Condo Balconies

An Interview with Ben Goldfarb The President of MBC Shares Insight Continued from page 7 No agenda, no speakers, just good old fashioned face-to-face conversations. Due to this highly social format, fresh, new, and fun venues are a priority for Congress Unplugged events, and this will continue to be the trend in the future. HP: Will you explain how the MBC Hall of Fame awards help the design and construction community? Goldfarb: The MBC Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding legacy organizations from the design and construction industry, including clients that consistently demonstrate high integrity, project innovation, community support, and employee investment. This event provides a forum for the building industry to recognize, celebrate, and publicize the work of exemplary companies whose longstanding contributions have lasting impact on the industry, the community, and the clients we serve. HP: What has contributed to the success of the MBC, and what’s needed to sustain it? Goldfarb: MBC’s leadership, including the executive director, officers, board of directors, committee chairs, and committee members,

are the lifeblood of this organization. These are the people behind the scenes who volunteer time, resources, and expert advice that help the organization navigate through economic and industry changes, implement internal operational enhancements that provide more value to our members and future direction to thrive as a professional association. The continued success of the MBC rests on the strength of the MBC leadership. I believe MBC’s leadership roles will evolve, necessitating greater involvement both in and outside the organization to build deeper alliances within the A/E/C industry and business community at large. In doing so, MBC leaders will continue to realize even greater benefits from volunteering their time with industry colleagues. HP: How has your involvement with MBC assisted with the role you play at Nauset Construction? Goldfarb: My involvement with the MBC began virtually at the same time we launched Nauset Construction. As a founding member of a young firm, I found the relationships and visibility gained through my involvement with the MBC helped to grow Nauset’s business and presence in the industry.

Restored balcony decks at Hunters Village Condominiums Framingham, MA - Abbot Building dial action. Restoration recently restored a series of Abbot repaired those balcony decks balcony decks at Hunters Village Condo- that could be salvaged and completely reminiums in Framingham. moved those that could not be saved and Hunters Village is comprised of three installed new concrete decks in their place. two-story brick buildings with concrete Also, all of the railings were replaced balconies outside each condominium unit. with new aluminum railings to meet the As the balcony decks had experienced Mass. building code. considerable deterioration due to outdoor To complete the project, Abbot waexposure over the years, the owner hired terproofed all of the decks with a pedestriBuilding Envelope Consulting, Inc. of an urethane protective coating and painted Somerville to investigate the situation, and the steel fascias to protect their surfaces subsequently contracted Abbot to perform and enhance their aesthetic appearance. the consulting firm’s recommended remeFocus:

Educational Facilities Developments


Agostini Builds Norwood HS

241 Narragansett Park Drive, East Providence, RI 02916 Phone (401) 431-1200 Fax: (401) 431-0049

Compass Project Management CM, Ai3 Architect

w w w. b a c o n c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m

(above) gymnasium (below) auditorium

Norwood, MA - Agostini Construction Company of East Providence, R.I. along with Compass Project Management, Inc. of Medfield, Mass., the owner’s project manager, teamed up with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) and Architectural Involution (Ai3) of Wayland to successfully manage, design, and build the new Norwood High School. The new high school was the first model built under the MSBA’s Model School Program...see story on page 32. (above) athletic field (top and below) Entrance to athletic center and performing arts center.

Norwood High School main entrance

Inside this Issue

September 2011

Windover Construction Completes Three School and College Projects BOND CM for UMass Fitchburg State Project Erland Tops Off New School Center with Robert Olsen + Assoc. LLD Designs, KBE Builds URI’s Hillside Residence Hall Profile: CTA Cements Place as Leading School Builder Cutler Associates’ Design Build Anna Maria College Holds Open House Oldcastle Precast Awarded Liberty Terrace Dormitory Featuring: BC Project Achieves LEED Platinum Tewksbury High School Tops Off UMass Lowell Begins Steel Erection


NEW ENGLAND Pain�ng ‐ Interior, Exterior, Faux Finishes Coa�ngs ‐ Waterproong metal roofs, brick, and concrete Parking garage pain�ng and coa�ngs Abrasive blas�ng (sand, dry ice, walnut shells, black beauty) High pressure power washing Industrial cleanup Wall Coverings Plaster repair

P.O. Box 7, Pembroke, MA 02359 Change Service Requested

Suffolk Construction Builds The Victor Luxury Apartments Pro Con Breaks Ground For Aviv Center for Living, KDA Architect Contracting Specialists Awarded Ground Breaking for Bristol Hotel Construction Starts on New Storrs Center Increasing Natural Gas Demand in NE by Douglas Pope MIT Sloan: Archieving Acoustical, Audiovisual, and Technological Success Colleges Carving out New Space on Existing Campuses by Julie Nugent

plus Connecticut Facilities, Heathcare, Green News, Awards, Multi Residential, Business News, People, Calendar and more...

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June, 2013


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

No. Branch Completes Test Facility

Jewett to Renovate Dealership

Designed By the Curtis Architectural Group

Curtis Architectural Group

Elevation of the renovated Lexington Toyota Lexington, MA - Jewett Automo- outdated roofline and painted brick exterior tive Design & Construction, a division of will be upgraded to an aluminum composRaymond, N.H.-based Jewett Construction ite panel skin with the addition of the iconic Company, Inc., has contracted with Lex- Toyota “portal.” An outlying building will ington Toyota to undertake an extensive receive the same, updated look. All work exterior renovation of its dealership at 409 will be completed while the facility is in Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, Mass. full operation, with great care taken to not This project involves a complete re- disrupt daily operations. fit of the front façade of the building. The

CCI Gives Rosie’s a Facelift

Racking for online store merchandise Newington, NH - North Branch Construction of Concord has completed construction of a state-of-the-art testing facility for Sig Sauer. This two-level, 12,000sf facility was constructed within its existing manufacturing building in Newington. The facility will be used to function-test new production. North Branch continues upgrades to Sig Sauer’s manufacturing plant in the same building. This work includes various mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection system upgrades as well as construction of an in-plant inspection office

Bergmeyer Architect

Boston – Construction Coordinators, Inc. (CCI) of Needham has completed the interior renovation of Rosie’s Bakery in Chestnut Hill. The 1,200sf storefront, which is one of four bakeries in the popular Boston-based chain, now offers a more modern, café-like experience for customers. Working with architecture firm Bergmeyer Associates, CCI oversaw the renovations to the shop, which include a new Sig Sauer Rifle Test Trap ceiling, furniture, coolers, and bakery disand the installation of warehouse racking play cases. The fresh, open design, which and mezzanine systems. retains the company’s signature pink and Design for the new test facility is by lime color palette, allows customers to Nutec Group of York, Penn. view the Rosie’s Bakery team while they

Greg Premru Photography

Interior view of renovated Rosie’s Bakery

decorate cakes and retrieve baked goods from the ovens.


Boston & Cement Masons Local 534 serving: serving: MA, MA, NH, NH, ME ME & &VT, VT, Boston Plasterers’ Plasterers’& America’s Building and Construction International America’s OldestOldest Building and Construction TradesTrades International UnionUnion Since 1864 Our trained and skilled craftsmen are just a phone call away. Since 1864 We offer responsible, highly qualified competent personnel, Ourreliable, trained and skilled craftsmen are justand a phone call away. state certified apprenticeship andhighly training program. membership. We offer reliable, responsible, qualified andOSHAcertified competent personnel, state We are and committed quality and performance. certified apprenticeship trainingtoprogram. OSHA certified membership. We and performance. Sub Contractors are committed to qualityPlasterers:

Sub A1Contractors Concrete Cutting A1 Concrete Cutting Angelini Plastering Angelini Plastering Inc. Austin Ornamental Austin Ornamental Inc. BackBay BayConcrete Concrete Back BidgoodAlloc. Assoc. Bidgood CapeCod CodPlastering Plastering Cape CavalieriConst. Const. Cavalieri CenturyDrywall Drywall Century Components ComponentSpray SprayFireproofing Fireproofing DD&&MMConcrete Concrete East EastCoast CoastFireproofing Fireproofing F.C.F. Concrete H. Carr & SonFloors G & G Plaster & EIFS Island Lath & Plaster H. Carr & Son J.R.J.Lath Construction Island & Plaster JohnConstruction L. Ciman & Son J.R.J. J.L. L. Marshall John Ciman & Son M.L. McDonald Co. J.L. Marshall M.L. McDonald Mass AcousticsCo. Inc. Mailoux Bros.Concrete, Construction Marguerite Inc. Mecca Const. Corp. New England Decks New NewEngland EnglandDecks Finish Systems Polcari Plasterworks, Inc. Ricmor Construction, Inc. Ricmor Construction, Inc. S & F Concrete S & F Concrete StaffordConstruction Construction Stafford


Veneer Plaster Plasterers: Venetian Polished Plaster Veneer Plaster Three coatPolished conventional Venetian PlasterPlaster Ornamental Plaster Three coat conventional Plaster Historical Restoration Ornamental Plaster & Preservation E.I.F.S. Historical Restoration & Preservation Portland E.I.F.S. Cement (Stucco) Fireproofing Portland Cement (Stucco) Fireproofing Cement Cement Masons: Masons: Flatwork Flatwork Sidewalks Sidewalks Pool Pool Decks Decks Decorative Decorative Concrete Concrete Overlays Overlays Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Concrete Concrete Repair Repair & & Restoration Restoration Epoxy, Epoxy, Seamless Seamless and and Composition Composition Flooring Flooring *and *and much much more* more*

More Information Please ForFor More Information Please CallCall Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896 Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896 Website: www.opcmialocal534.org Website: www.opcmialocal534.org

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Womens and Infants Hospital - Walsh Brothers, Inc.

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June, 2013


High-Profile: News

Eckman Completes Fire Station Designed by Berard Martel

CCI Completes Perseus Office Leslie Saul Architects

Boston - Construction Coordinators, Inc. (CCI) of Needham has completed the construction of a new office for The Perseus Books Group, an independent publishing company. CCI provided construction management services for the 12,000sf office at 44 Farnsworth St. in Boston. Working closely with architecture firm Leslie Saul & Associates, CCI helped The Perseus Books Group successfully transition from its longtime location in Cambridge to the emerging Fort Point Channel neighborhood in Boston. CCI worked with the client and architect to create a visually transformed space that reflects the independent spirit of the company. The result is a vibrant and freshly laid-out interior that provides The Perseus Books Group’s approximately 30 Boston The newly completed Pelham Fire Station employees with the workspace needed to Pelham, NH -The Pelham Fire De- weather and severe winds. It is not sus- offer marketing and distribution services partment has moved into its new 18,000sf ceptible to insects, rodents, rot, or mold to independent publishers, as well as house station built by Eckman Construction on and is expected to have a long lifespan. Its one of their imprints, Da Capo Press. the Village Green. Work began last June energy efficiency and a high insulating Ron the facility. value result from the lack of air infiltration An administrative section of the sta- through the exterior walls. Boston - In 2012, Boston once tion contains offices, crew sleeping quarEckman worked with the town of again received the most National Institers, men’s and women’s locker rooms, Pelham for five years, refining the project tute of Health (NIH) funding of all U.S. a kitchen and day room, and a training prior to the voter approval which funded it cities, with a total of over $1.78 billion. room. The highly energy-efficient build- at town meeting in March 2012. The proj- This extends Boston’s streak as the naing was constructed using a wall sys- ect was designed by Berard Martel Archi- tion’s leading city in NIH funding to 18 tem known as ICF, or insulated concrete tecture, Inc. of Bedford, and managed by consecutive years. forms. The strong concrete structure is Trident Project Advantage of Salem. Boston’s hospitals, higher educafire resistant and can withstand extreme

Alex Camlin

The glass entrance creates a sight line into the library. One of the greatest challenges presented by the project involved the unexpected presence of a sprinkler pipe in one of the walls. Original plans called for the demolition of the wall to create a glass entrance and uninterrupted sight line into the library. CCI was able to rework the original plans to create a transparent and aesthetically pleasing library that is visible upon entering the office.

Boston No. 1 in NIH Funding



tion institutions, research institutes, and other organizations and companies garnered nearly 3,700 awards, earning 72% of the NIH funding in Massachusetts and 8% of all NIH funding in the United States. Since 1995, Boston received over $25.21 billion in total NIH funding.

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Rendering courtesy of DiGiorgio Associates Inc.

Seth A. Ravtiz Associates, Inc. 1117 River Street, Boston, MA 02136

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P.O. Box 890159 | Weymouth, MA 02189 | Phone: 781-337-5277 Sales@barnesbuildings.com | www.barnesbuildings.com


June, 2013


High-Profile: People

Shepley Bulfinch Appoints Slarsky

Shepley Bulfinch announced the appointment of seminal design leader Scott Slarsky, who has joined the firm as a director. He cites Spanish modernism as a particular influence on his work, drawing from formative years spent in Madrid working with Rafael Moneo and Juan Navarro Baldeweg. As a co-founder of design-


LAB, Slarsky and his work won critical acclaim, most notably for the Arkell Museum at Canajoharie, N.Y., and the Emery Community Arts Center for the University of Maine Farmington. He is a studio critic at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, RISD, and the Boston Architectural College.

Timm Joins DiPrete

Cranston, RI - DiPrete Engineering announced that Brian Timm, PE, has joined its firm. As a senior project manager, he will lead DiPrete Engineering’s Dedham, Mass. office. He has more than 15 years of engineering experience and has built an extensive network throughout New England. Timm’s specialties include: commercial, residential, and multi-family development, municipal peer reviews, and regulatory permitting. In addition, he has a strong understanding of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and federal development regulations.

TK&A Promotes Six

Cambridge, MA - Tsoi/Kobus & Associates (TK&A), a Cambridge-based architecture firm, announced six new promotions. Jonathan Cohen has been promoted to principal. He has been with the firm since its inception 30 years ago. Edward Barnett, IIDA, LEED AP; Nick Koulbanis, AIA,



Ashling Promotes Ruggiero

Boston - Ashling Inc. announced the promotion of Phil Ruggiero to executive vice president. He joined Ashling in October 2008 as a senior project manager. He has managed the construction of several new restaurants in the Boston/Cambridge area such as Post 390, Strega Waterfront, Bistro du Midi, Nubar, and West Bridge. Recently, Ruggiero was instrumental in the expansion of the restaurant Bonefish Grill into the New England area. He is responsible for the daily operations of Ashling.


Trim Rejoins Kaestle Boos


LEED AP; Erin Miller, communications director; Steve Palumbo, AIA, LEED AP; and Andy Pecora, LEED AP, have been named associates. TK&A congratulates these individuals on their commitment to building a creative, enthusiastic, and healthy future for the firm.

board of directors for the ThunFoxborough, MA - Kaestle dermist Health Center, Bayside Boos Associates, Inc. announced YMCA, and ACE Mentor Prothat Larry Trim has joined the firm gram in Rhode Island. as senior architect. He is a regisTrim was previously with tered architect with over 20 years of Kaestle Boos for eight years experience. serving as project manager on Based in the Kaestle Boos several large K-12 educational Foxborough office, Trim will take a leading role in business developfacilities throughout Massachument and project management efsetts. Trim forts in the K-12 and higher educaMost recently, he held the tion markets in Rhode Island and role of project manager at Ed Massachusetts. Wojcik Architect, Ltd. in Providence, R.I. He will also continue to serve on the

SFC Welcomes Paré

Auburn, NH - SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc. of Auburn announced the recent addition of Morgan Paré as its new marketing coordinator. She will be responsible for managing and implementing the company’s marketing efforts. Paré is a former marketing assistant at McFarland Johnson of Concord. She brings to SFC professional experience with a fresh and creative mind.


June, 2013


High-Profile: People

MorrisSwitzer Promotions

Williston, VT - MorrisSwitzer~ Environments for Health recently announced the promotion of new partners Jennifer Arbuckle, AIA, LEED AP; Jason Carney; Thomas Morris; and Dale Taglienti, LEED AP. Arbuckle brings over 20 years of architecture expertise within the healthcare field. She has worked extensively on projects in New York. Carney is a project manager as well as head of technology at MorrisSwitzer. He has a strong working knowledge of advanced design software and applications. Morris is MorrisSwitzer’s manager of building technology and oversees all of MorrisSwitzer’s technical staff, those who are responsible for construction documents. Taglienti is managing partner of the Boston office. He brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare design field.



Columbia Promotions

North Reading, MA - Columbia Construction announced Shaun Lover has been promoted to vice president. He joined Columbia in 2003 and progressed up through the company in various field and office capacities. He will continue heading up Columbia Interiors as its division manager. Alice Watson, CPA, has been promoted to director of financial operations. She joined Columbia in 1998 as controller, responsible for the financial accounting procedures of the company. Also recognized on their recent promotions are Kirsten Papagni, promoted to

Lover Watson director of marketing, Rachael Searles, to marketing coordinator, and Julie Enger, who was named director of human resources and training.

BOND Promotions



Gregory Named GEI VP

Boston - GEI Consultants, Inc. announced that its board of directors recently elected six individuals as new vice presidents including Gillian M. Gregory, Ph.D., P.E., vice president, and member of GEI’s board of directors located in the Boston office. Gregory specializes in geotechnical engineering, including Gregory dam safety investigations, dam engineering, and foundation engineering. She is a senior project manager

with more than 25 years of experience in dam safety, including seepage, seismic hazard, liquefaction potential, static and seismic stability, deformation analyses, and remedial dam design. A FERC-approved independent consultant and facilitator, she also has experience in developing dam safety data management systems.

Boston, - BOND announced the recent promotions of three executives within the company. The promotion of this team is the initial step in the advancement of the company’s five-year plan. Francis Hayes has been promoted to the position of executive vice president. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, he will be responsible for continuing to advance the long range strategic plan as well as reshape the organizational structure to align with corporate goals. David Shrestinian will assume the position of senior vice president managing the company’s building division activities. In his 15 years at BOND, he has served in many roles, most recently as vice president to the company’s building division. Shrestinian has overseen major projects for BOND’s academic clients including Harvard University’s Northwest Lab and the

l-r: David Shrestinian, Tom Baillie, and Francis Hayes MIT Media Lab. Thomas Baillie, PE, joined BOND in 1994 as a project manager. He has worked in estimating, project management, and most recently served as vice president of the civil/utility division. Baillie will assume a senior vice president position within the civil/utility division with responsibility for management oversight across the core markets of power generation, gas and electric transmission, and private and public infrastructure.

Commercial • Institutional • Fine Residential • Irrigation • Stonewalls • Walkways • Terraces

Fine Residential

Princeton University Chemistry Building

Athletic Fields

The Work Force of Nature Current Landscaping Projects Include:

• Harvard Law School – Skanska • MIT Koch Center – William Berry • MGH – Building for the Third Century – Turner Construction • Temple Beth Elohim - Richard White Sons • Princeton University Chemistry – Turner Construction • Brown Creative Arts Center – Shawmut Design and Construction • Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum – Shawmut Design and Construction • Appleton Mill – CWC Builders • Russia Wharf – John Moriarty and Associates • Cambridge Rindge and Latin – Consigli Construction • Harbor Park Pavilion – Turner Construction • Dana Farber – Walsh Brothers • Dorchester Ave Improvements – McCourt Construction • Johnson and Wales University – Johnson and Wales • Linden Square Improvements – Federal Realty • Boston College Weston Jesuit Housing – Lee Kennedy Company • Logan Conrac Enabling – Suffolk Construction • IRS Modernization – Columbia Construction


Landscape Development

Telephone: 617-254-1700 • Fax: 617-254-0234 • 17 Electric Avenue, Boston, MA 02135 • www.valleycrest.com www.high-profile.com

June, 2013


High-Profile: Calendar ICSC RIGBC


June 28, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. July 8 N.E. Institute of Technology Auditorium, 1 The Pinehills Golf New England Tech Blvd., East Greenwich, R.I. Club, Plymouth, “International Green Construction Code” Mass. (IgCC) Free Training Greater Boston Real Estate Board SumThe RI Green Building Council (RIGBC) mer Golf Outing & Barbecue will be hosting a free full-day training session on the International Green Construction 2013 BOMA Boston Cup Code, co-sponsored by the State of Rhode 7:15 a.m. Registration & Breakfast Island Building Commissioner’s Office. 8:30 a.m. Shotgun Start - Bramble ForThe training session will provide an inmat depth review of the critical concepts of the 2:30 p.m. Food & Fun IgCC, a high-performance building stan3:30 p.m. Awards & Barbeque dard developed by the International Code More information: http://www.gbreb. Council. It will address the updated 2012 com IgCC, and how it pertains to new construction, renovations, and community development projects. Target audience: architects, engineers, Save the date! trade contractors, material suppliers, propOctober 30 erty and facility managers, or anybody that 6-11 p.m. Seaport Hotel, Boston wants to learn about the latest version of the 2013 Prism Awards international green construction code. Visit bragb.org or call 781.890.2101 for de- For information: http://www.aia-ri.org tails.


USGBC Massachusetts

June 27 Registration: 3:30 p.m. Event: 4-5:30 p.m. USGBC Massachusetts will presentMeet the Editors Looking to gain more exposure for your firm? Come hear from an all-star panel of editors from top local and national publications. Topics include the latest trends in traditional and new media, types of stories being covered now and in the future, and how the AEC community can help editors put together great content. http://www.usgbcma.org/


June 21 The American Society of Interior Designers presents Celebration: The ASID Design Awards 2013 Open to designers and design lovers alike, the conference includes a roster of activities for all attendees, including consultations with expert designers, educational programming, and one of design’s biggest nights - the ASID design awards, a red carpet gala honoring the year’s best in design. Millenium Biltmore Hotel, 506 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California For info: http://asid.org/content/celebration-asid-design-awards-2013

Rhino PR’s expertise and dedication has helped make GEI one of the most visible brands in our target markets in New England and across the US. Chris Stockwell, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for GEI

Where do A/E/C companies turn to make a serious impact on today’s marketplace


44 School Street, Suite 400 Boston, MA 02108 978.985.4541

www.rhinopr.com www.high-profile.com

July 16 - 18 New England Idea Exchange Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston St, Boston The one-stop for education, networking, and dealmaking. These one- to two-day regional meetings provide an opportunity for attendees to gain information about current industry issues, meet and interact with colleagues doing business in the same region and make deals. http://www.icsc.org/events-and-programs/ details/new-england-idea-exchange.

2013 CBC

17th Annual Project Team Awards Banquet Join us as we end our program year in celebration of the PTA Award Winning Projects and Teams June 18, 5:30-6:30 Registration, Networking; 6:30-8:30 dinner & awards Program Location : The Bond Ballroom, Hilton Homewood Suites, 11th Floor 338 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT.


June 19 Annual Boston Harbor Cruise Boston ASPE welcomes you to the annual Boston Harbor Cruise. Enjoy good food, the Boston skyline, and socializing with construction industry professionals. Boarding time: 6 p.m. Cruise time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Boston Belle Charters, Inc, Marina Bay, Quincy, Mass. Free parking Sign-up and directions are available through Eventbrite: http://bostonaspecruise2013.


July 21-24 The 50th ASHE Annual Conference. Atlanta, Georgia Register before June 20 to receive the early-bird rate! Learn ways to enhance the performance of your health care facility and take advantage of the lively networking experience. American Society of Healthcare Engineers will celebrate 50 years of education, networking, and advancement for health-care facility management professionals at the 50th ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition July 21 - 24 in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees will receive high quality education with 40 peer-reviewed sessions and an expert line-up of industry presenters, including: keynote speaker, Jim Lussier, founder and president of The Lussier Center/TLC, presenting “Evolution of the Facility Manager: Boiler Room”; to Board Room, Joe Flower, healthcare futurist and author, presenting “Technology and Health Care Beyond Reform”; David Fox, president of Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, presenting “Moving from Good to Great”. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn ways to enhance the performance of healthcare facilities and take advantage of the lively networking opportunities, including the 50th Annual Celebration Outing at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park. To register visit ashe.org/annual

June, 2013




Fast and easy installation

Steel/concrete design makes buildings rigid, solid and durable

Long reach without shoring to reduce number of load-bearing walls

Less concrete and reinforcing steel than conventional slabs

Compatible with all traditional structural systems

hambro.canam-construction.com - 1-800-546-9008

www.high-profile.com CANAM 30139_HighProfileHambroAN_A01.indd 10” x 13”

Brigitte (223) Olivier (240) Nom (000)


June, 2013


80 Rosedale Road, Watertown, MA 02471 Phone: 617.926.0092 Fax: 617.926.5340

w w w. c a n n i s t r a r o . c o m

Spaulding Rehab interior and exterior lighting designed by AKF

J. C. Cannistraro team on site during construction of Spaulding Rehab Hospital


Copley Wolff Designs Landscape for Spaulding Rehab...pg. 19.

oston – Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital recently unveiled its new 262,000sf, 132-bed patient-centered hospital to the public. The facility has already been recognized for its LEED Gold status, reflecting its commitment to green design principles. The project was designed by architects Perkins+Will and constructed by Walsh Brothers. J.C. Cannistraro was the mechanical /electrical/plumbing engineer...see page 18.

www.high-profile.com Cannistraro field personnel used Total Station technology during construction to lay out sleeves on each floor as soon as the decks were poured.

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High-Profile Monthly: June 2013  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...

High-Profile Monthly: June 2013  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...