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October, 2011


Featuring IIDA New England Award Winners


SG&A, Nordblom, Erland and AHA Celebrate

Palomar Medical Technologies IIDA Award Winning Facility

(above) Lobby (below) Laboratory

Miller Dyer Spears Wins IIDANE Award for Yawkey The S/L/A/M Collaborative Helps Pfizer Design DeIulis Completes Saint Raphael’s, Razoyk Architect cPort Credit Builds w/ Gawron Turgeon, Landry French innoPad Completes Headquarters, Dacon Corporation GC Eckman Completes Academy Bldg., Marinace Architects New Quincy Center, Suffolk Construction CM Nelson Completes Verizon Innovation Center Griffin Completes R.I. DMV Project Waldfogel Health Center Under Way, Pro Con CM A.P. Construction Builds Chelsea Piers Complex Successful Interior Build Outs by Deirdre Pio KBE Selected for Hospital Reno Featuring No. Branch Completes University Ctenter LKCo Gets UMass Lowell Project NE ISPE Hosts Pfizer Tour - plus Heathcare Facilities, Institutions and Schools, Negotiating the Desired Look of Your Next Space Facilities News, Multi-Residential, Green News, by Chalres A. Houy Conncecticut Faciliy News , Awards, People, Calendar Energy Choice –Purchasing Electricity Today and more... by Doug Pope

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October 2011




October, 2011

October, 2011



NH Liquor & Wine Outlet, Nashua, NH LEED速 Gold Candidate

PRO CON INC. The Diamond Solution Architecture|Engineering|PreConstruction|Construction

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October, 2011


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AISC - American Institute

MGM Carting & Recycling Corp........8

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American Plumbing & Heating...........2 AZ Corp.............................................15 B.L. Makepeace.................................26 Bestech Inc. of Connecticut...............10 Boston Plasterers’ Cement Masons....11

Bowdoin Construction.........................5 Buck-a-Plan........................................35 Build Boston 2011.............................47 Capone Iron Corporation.....................9 Copley Wolff Design Group................6

Micieli Contracting............................33 Mount Ida College...............................7 Munro Distributing............................12 N. B. Kenney........................................4 NE Moves Mortgage............................5 Nexamp................................................8 North Branch........................................8 Northern Design Precast....................32 Professional Electrical Contractors

of CT.............................................25

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Dowling Houy....................................12

Pro Con Construction...........................3

EHK Adjorlolo & Associates...............7

Rand Worldwide................................24

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Ideal Concrete Block Company.........40 Interstate Electrical

Services Corporation.......................7

James A. McBrady.............................34

Property Pro.......................................31 RPF Associates....................................6 S & F Concrete Contractors...............23 Steel Fabricators of New England.....40 Strive Search Group...........................31 Suffolk Construction Company.........13 Tecton Architects...............................22 The S/L/A/M Collaborative...............21 Topaz Engineering Supply.................46 Trident Building

and Properties Group......................4

JD Heseltine Construction Co............34


Kittredge Equipment Company.........14


Kapatoes Insurance............................20 Marr......................................................5 McNamara/Salvia..............................18

WB Engineers | Consultants..............29 Wessling Architects..............................9 Wessling Architects............................16

When evaluating a mechanical contractor, don’t overlook a critical spec:

E X P E R I E N C E. All mechanical contractors say they can do the job. But at NB Kenney we’ve proven ourselves for more than thirty years. From hospitals, laboratories and schools, to government buildings, municipal buildings and housing projects we can handle the most challenging and complex systems. We invite you to review our success stories and see that we know how to get a project done on time and on budget.

You’ll find that our work meets the most rigorous standards of excellence. If you want uncompromising quality, meticulous attention to detail, and the know-how to get it done right, depend on our experience for your next project.


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ReaL estate Financing needs

October, 2011

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$4,000,000 Since 1994 the Commercial • Retail•Centers Retail RetailCenters Centers Division has been involved in Buildings • Industrial Industrial Buildings Buildings Refinance and• Industrial Working Capital Loan • Apartment Buildings arranging financing for Real LocaL & RegionaL expeRtise: • Apartment Apartment Buildings Buildings LocaL LocaL & R& egionaL RegionaL expeRtise expeRtise : :Pine Manor College - Agency & Conventional --Agency Agency && Conventional Conventional Estate related transactions. Since the1994 Commercial Division Since1994 Since 1994 the Commercial the Commercial Division Division inance




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Sid Spiegel Sid Spiegel Sid SidSpiegel Spiegel

Vice President - Commercial Division Vice President - Commercial Division Vice VicePresident President - Commercial - Commercial Division Division Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone:Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone: 781-684-5712 781-684-5712 Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com rd 52 Ave., 33rd Floor 52Second Second Avenue, Floor, Waltham, MA 02451 52 52 Second Second Avenue, Avenue, 3rd 3rdFloor, Floor, Waltham, Waltham, MAMA 02451 02451 Waltham, MA 02451 Tel:NY 781-878-4540 NE NY NE Tel: Tel:781-878-4540 781-878-4540 NY Proof REal EstatE JouRNal Proof Proof REal REal EstatE EstatE JouRNal JouRNal

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our capital sources or with our clients, we are constantly striving to improve our dealings.

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Scaffold Erection & Dismantling c F a : S e r v i c e s a t Mpa r rs Property types include:

• Office• Buildings Office OfficeBuildings Buildings

run Date: 3-11 run run Date: Date:3-11 3-11

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October, 2011


Energy Choice – Purchasing Electricity Today

NE-ISPE at Pfizer

The New England chapter of ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, (NE-ISPE) recently oraganized an educational program and boat cruise. Below are excepts on the event provided by chapter president, Kevin Chronley of Hart Design Group. Toni Hoover, Sr. VP. Groton Site Director provided an overview of R&D at Kevin Chronley the Groton site, explaining the structure, strategy and vision for Groton to perform as the HQ-Hub of WW R&D. Hoover herself is the leader tasked with creating the environment, including the Office / Lab & Kilo Labs that were

toured, that facilitate Pfizer’s mission to discover and develop new medications to meet unmet medical needs. Gary Annino, director facilities solutions, global procurement & operations covered two aspects. he noted that the results achieved are the work of a multitude of contractor/supplier resources, along with Pfizer, in strategic partnership to facilitate innovation at this level of significant change, with results that provide increased productivity and return on investment. Secondly Gary presented the case study of the massive undertaking by Pfizer to plan and install the Bld’g 260 “Office of the Future” at Groton. Gerry Tabor, Sr.director of API/ Chemical R&D explained both the decades old process of the “Round Bottom Flask” methodology to R&D, and the obvious contrasts that Pfizer is implementing with their pursuit of the “Lab of the Future”. Continued on page 20

MBC Awards Gala

The Massachusetts Building Congress will hold its fifth Annual Hall of Fame Awards Gala at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Atlantic Ballroom on Oct. 27, 2011. A networking and reception will

be held At 6 p.m. followed by dinner and awards at 7 p.m. Inductees are KlingStubbins, Dimeo Construction Company, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Visit www.buildingcongress.org.

by Doug Pope When the electricity markets were deregulated in Massachusetts, two basic objectives were accomplished. The first objective: All regulated utilities, such as National Grid, NStar, and Western MA Electric, and their affiliates, were required to get out of the business of generating electricity and make Doug Pope 100% of their profits from the physical distribution of electricity to customers. This means they are responsible for the ownership, maintenance, and improvements to the infrastructure from the interstate transmission service point to your home or business. Today, a utility company that provides basic electric service has purchased that electricity from deregulated generators or retail marketers/suppliers in a lowest-price, request for proposal process monitored by the Department of Public Utilities. The second objective: Generation and marketing of electricity would become unregulated and subject to competitive market forces. Sophisticated financial and commodity markets surround the deregulated electricity market with the goal of delivering dependable to supply to consumers in conjunction with ISO-NE requirements. ISO-New England is a non-profit organiza-

tion that manages the grid minute to minute and manages and oversees the bulk electricity and wholesale market of which the Forward Capacity Market is a part. Capacity for electric generation is procured by ISO-NE three years in advance based on a descending clock auction and a given cost of fuel. If the cost of fuel rises when the power is due to be delivered, the capacity obligation to generate electricity remains, but the cost of electricity is allowed to rise. Market response to world events, competitive bullish and bearish commodity forces, and the capability of infrastructure to either generate power or deliver fuel for the generation of electricity, all affect the price of electricity at a given time. The effect of consumer demand for electricity also affects the cost of energy based upon the time of day when electricity is required and how many people want electricity at the same time. In response to market forces, competitive electricity suppliers offer a full spectrum of electricity procurement products to match the budget objectives, risk, and energy profile of each customer. While each company will have competitive reiterations of the same product, below are listed five electricity products that will meet a majority of your electricity purchasing needs. How To Purchase Electricity Today Fixed Price – A fixed price product Continued on page 28


— Unknown

160 Boylston Street 3rd floor Boston, MA 02116 www.copley-wolff.com · 617.654.9000


October, 2011


High-Tech Job Creation Growing

Driving US Office Space Demand Coast to Coast

Boston - The combination of unquenched consumer demand for new technology and business applications of new technologies such as cloud computing, to gain efficiencies has given the high tech industry a job growth rate nearly four times that of the national average since the employment trough was reached in February 2010: 5.1% versus 1.4%. Additionally, rising venture capital and initial public offering activities are fueling key rapid evolution and growth segments of the high-tech industry. The services sector, which excludes manufacturing components of the hightech industry, has the greatest direct impact on office space demand and is growing even faster, at 5.9%, according to Jones

Lang LaSalle’s high-tech report that tracks 18 US markets and provides an overview of the impact high-tech growth is having on office space supply, demand, and pricing conditions. Markets with growing high-tech cluster strength and that are positioned for rising rents and demand over the next 12 months include Boston, Seattle, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, and San Diego. Many of these markets are becoming landlord-favorable with more moving in that direction. In high-tech funding, New England took 12% of venture capital funding, while Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area total) dominated with nearly 40%.

J. Calnan Among Top Contributors Quincy MA - For the fifth consecutive year, J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. ranked among the top corporate charitable givers in Massachusetts, according to a recent report by the Boston Business Journal. The company was recognized for its charitable giving and for the contributions made by J. Calnan & Associates employees. Additionally they ranked No. 1 overall for average per-employee volunteer hours.

This year JC&A has taken that philanthropic spirit one step further by becoming a founding partner in a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, Team IMPACT. The mission of Team IMPACT is to connect and cultivate meaningful relationships between college athletic teams and children diagnosed with lifethreatening diseases.

Avalon Bay Breaks Ground Elkus Manfredi Architect

View of Avalon Exeter penthouse

Boston - AvalonBay Communities, a NYSE-listed real estate investment trust (REIT) with multi-family apartment communities in high barrier-to-entry markets of the United States, recently hosted a groundbreaking ceremony at Avalon Exeter located at 77 Exeter Street in Boston’s Back Bay. Avalon Exeter is the first freestanding apartment building residential to break ground in Boston since 2008. The $100M Avalon Exeter will be AvalonBay’s first luxury apartment development in Boston and will mark the completion of the residential development of the Prudential Center. AvalonBay currently operates and manages the Prudential Center’s other three residential buildings: The Boylston, The Fairfield, and The

Gloucester. Avalon Exeter will create 300 new construction jobs, 15 permanent jobs, $725,000 in new taxes for the city, and additional revenue to area businesses. The 28-story sustainable development will have 187 residential units, consisting of studio, one-, two-, and threebedroom apartment homes. AvalonBay is introducing one of the most creative and aggressive affordable housing programs in the city of Boston – combining both on-site housing at Avalon Exeter and an expansion of affordable housing within The Boylston, The Fairfield, and The Gloucester all at the Prudential Center. Continued on page 28

Longevity, Reliability, Quality, Professionalism and Integrity. 5 Important Reasons To Choose Interstate For Your Next Project

The Difference is Attitude Connecticut

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New Hampshire

Rhode Island



The Master of Science in Management (MSM) for Interior Architecture is a highly customized, comprehensive, and flexible graduate program that prepares professionals for advanced roles in the interior design industry. 36-Credit, cohort-based program includes seven management courses and five electives that will address critical areas of design for working professionals. Interdisciplinary studios focus on both environmental and universal design concepts and applications. Advanced technologies in design will incorporate Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit a process which goes far beyond switching to new software, but rather requires a paradigm shift in the design process. Small classes offered in a hybrid format with a combination of online and on-campus/studio coursework.


October, 2011


High-Profile: Op-Ed

Negotiating the Desired Look of Your Next Space


Our mission: To provide a level of value, quality and service that is unrivaled in the construction industry.

Design by CMK Architects

New $18.2 million Kingswood Regional School Multi-Purpose Building Governor Wentworth Regional School District, Wolfeboro, NH

North Branch Construction, Inc. (603) 224-3233 . FAX (603) 225-7165


Contact Nexamp, New England’s leading turnkey solar installer, for a complimentary solar energy assessment of your new or existing facility. Let us help you reduce your energy costs: Nexamp makes solar energy simple and profitable for you. www.nexamp.com


Boston Properties

Wire Belt Co.

Quabbin, Inc. www.high-profile.com

General Mills

by Charles A. Houy hether your firm plans to relocate to new office spaces or wants to stay where you are, you can do a number of things to help obtain the kind of functionality and appearance that your firm desires, often for less outof-pocket costs than expected. Our present marketplaces, Charles A. Houy including leasing/ buying commercial spaces, as well as construction costs, furniture costs, and many smaller markets, are operating in a relatively depressed state, as they have been since 2008. Although inflation is creeping a few prices up, such as copper wiring, most costs remain quite low compared to 2007 and earlier. Commercial leasing costs, for example, still remain a bargain in most buildings in New England, including downtown Boston, where vacancy rates have not recovered to their former high levels. Class A Towers in Boston’s Financial District, which might have been asking $80 and more per square foot in 2007, are generally now asking $40 -$60, and are often offering major financial incentives including healthy tenant improvement budgets and months of free rent. As a result, it is still possible today for a firm to economically relocate to another building that offers a better location, and/or more amenities, and/or is viewed as a “step up” in quality, and can do so at a lower rent than the firm has been paying in their present building. If your firm is interested in changing its layout to improve functionality, or if the spaces are “tired” and need refreshing, it is possible to achieve your goals whether you remain in your existing spaces or move. However, both strategies can be disruptive: If you renovate your existing spaces, if not well managed, the work can be disruptive to the firm’s ongoing operations; similarly, moving can also be disruptive if not well managed. Careful planning prior to beginning either type of project reduces disruptions and can eliminate most, resulting in more productive work time for the firm. But how to ensure you are getting the most for your Tenant Improvement allowance (TI), or that the Turnkey dollars are being spent to maximize your company’s wishes? Planning and a clear vision are two crucial steps. Understanding where you want to end up will go a long way in determining what you need to ask for when negotiating the TI or work letter in your lease. Involve your broker early and review with them what you ultimately want the space to be and look like. It isn’t enough to just discuss square footage; if they are going to get you the best deal possible they need to understand all aspects of what they are negotiating for. Ask to see newly renovated spaces in your marketplace, get a feel for what the current trends are, and think about what will work for you. Talk to a project management

firm or engage them for a small consulting fee; they can help budget realistic numbers so you won’t think you are getting the new Ferrari but end up with the used Chevy. One of our clients had decided to remain in their current space and expand 10% to an adjacent floor. They liked their building and location, but needed to refresh their space with new carpet, paint, ceiling tiles, some lighting, additional audio/visual equipment, and refinishing their wood furniture. By knowing upfront what they wanted to achieve, they aggressively negotiated with the landlord and were able to cover most of the costs through the TI allowance and could internally budget for what wasn’t going to be covered. By the project’s end they achieved the look they wanted and the functionality they needed for the budget that was planned. Another client had outgrown their existing Class B building, and realized that the normal termination of their lease in 2009 afforded them an opportunity to seek out a better class building with a slight reduction in their monthly lease costs. The client was also intent upon find a brighter/lighter space than their existing dark and “chopped up with too many walls” spaces. The client and their broker conducted a careful search of Class A buildings, found several which offered better locations, significantly more amenities, larger floorplates, better building management, and a perceived step-up in quality and appearance. Their broker obtained competitive proposals from the three finalist buildings, and together with our project management firm and the client, we were able to negotiate a TI budget which allowed the client to build in significantly more interior glass walls to help achieve the high amount of natural light which the firm sought for its spaces. They walked in to the project knowing what their goals were and realized the desired look and feel. One more way of using today’s “bargain” markets to a firm’s advantage is to acquire better furniture now. Due to some of the downsizing which major firms performed in 2008 and 2009, there has been a plethora of used and barely used office furniture on the market. In 2011 we were able to connect a client, who wanted to lower their workstations’ panel heights to a more collaborative level, with a used furniture broker, and the result was that the client was able to replace their decades-old furniture which had become an impediment to their work process, with nearly new low workstations for far less cost than new furniture. Don’t forget that even new furniture can usually be obtained for less cost now than several years ago, if nothing but new furniture will do. In summary, the key to getting the look one wants is for firms to take advantage of the current soft market if at all possible, and to engage professionals to assist the firm with strategizing on the best approaches and implementing the selected strategy or strategies. Now is still the time to “not pay a lot for that muffler.” Charles A. Houy is principal of Dowling Houy LLC.

October, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

New Quincy Center Announced Quincy, MA - The City of Quincy and Street-Works Development LLC recently announced a joint venture with National Realty & Development Corp. (NRDC), one of the largest owners of retail real estate in the US, to develop and lease 400,000sf of retail space in the new Quincy Center. “This is a tremendous win for Quincy,” stated Mayor Tom Koch. “We are fortunate to have such a powerful force in the retail industry investing their expertise, time, and resources in developing two major blocks of our downtown. NRDC is committed to creating the type of shopping, dining, and entertainment options our community would like to see, and I’m excited to be working with them on this major piece of our redevelopment project.” “NRDC would like to thank StreetWorks and the City of Quincy for making us a part of this incredible opportunity,” stated Robert Baker, chairman and CEO of National Realty and Development Corp. “Our belief in the importance of vibrant downtowns has made us eager to enter the urban market in an authentic and meaningful way. It is very clear that Quincy and Street-Works have given birth to the new paradigm of urban redevelopment, and we have every faith that together we will create a very successful new Quincy Center.” With nearly 50 years of experience in retail development, ownership, and management, and a portfolio of over 22 million sf throughout the northeast, the

Suffolk Construction CM

Above: rendering of of Market Center; (r) Market Square NRDC team has top-level access to the country’s best-known retailers, including Kohl’s, TJX Companies, Toys R Us, Sears, and Target. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our overall vision for Quincy—to lay the groundwork, bring the very best partners on board, and get everyone working towards making a vibrant, dynamic, and revitalized downtown real and sustainable,” stated Richard Heapes, co-founder and partner of Street-Works LLC. “When Street-Works first conceived the master developer strategy for the new Quincy Center as articulated in the Land Disposition Agreement, we immediately thought of NRDC as partners for this venture. This is


a strategic and thoughtful element of our master developer approach to executing a successful urban project in Quincy.” “Street-Works and NRDC share a hands-on approach to conceiving and executing successful development opportunities. Our working relationship with NRDC is more than 20 years old and is

built on mutual trust, respect, effective performance, and a belief in paying attention to all of the details. This joint venture is not just a commitment between two businesses, it is also a personal commitment between friends to insure that retail in the new Quincy Center is a success,” stated Ken Narva, co-founder and managing partner of Street-Works. National Realty & Development Corp. has extensive experience in guiding projects from inception to leasing and tenant occupancy under the guidance of John Orrico. The company’s six divisions—site acquisition, leasing/marketing, construction, legal, property operations, and accounting—as well as its 95 full time managers and staff, will work on behalf of the new Quincy Center project as part of the joint venture. Also as part of the joint venture arrangement, National Realty & Development Corp. will be providing predevelopment capital at a critical phase. The construction manager for the entire project is Suffolk Construction. New Quincy Center is a $1.6 billion transit-oriented, master planned, mixed-use development in downtown Quincy that will include approximately 700,000sf of retail space, 1 million sf of office space, two hotels, 1,200 residential units, and over 5,000 new structured parking spaces.


one integrated design—one beautiful result.

WESSLING ARCHITECTS, PROJECT ARCHITECT FORHow BUILDING ENVELOPE RESTORATION OF building project, avoiding can you execute a successful SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY’S 73 TREMONT STREET all the usual hassles, and fullfilling your original vision of IN DOWNTOWN BOSTON beautiful, effective architecture? The solution is to address

Build it Right

Build it Responsible

Build it AMERICAN! 20 Turcotte Memorial Drive I P.O. Box 706 I Rowley, MA 01969 T: 978-948-8000 I F: 978-948-8650 I www.caponeiron.com

Building Envelope Restoration of Suffolk University’s 73 Tremont entire as one integrated design. Streetthe is complete. Theproject 13-story building is prominently located at the base of Beacon Hill. 73 Tremont Street houses Suffolk Thisexecutive total approach enhances design process and University’s and administrative offices, facultythe offices, and undergraduate and common area. Thenot project included protectslibrary your interests only due to efficiency, but a complete repointing of the building’s Tremont Street facade, also through comprehensive professional services, strong as well as sections fronting the historic Granary Cemetery.

communication, and a deeper reliance on partnering. The Aspen Group provided comprehensive project management services and construction services were provided by NER Construction.





Presidents Place, 1250 Hancock Street, Suite 815, Quincy MA 02169 (617) 773-8150



October, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

cPort Credit Builds New Branch

Gawron Turgeon Architects, Landry French CM

Topping-Off Held at West Street Hotel Pro Con Architect and CM

Bar Harbor, ME – A topping-off ceremony celebrating the placement of the last remaining piece of structural steel was recently held at the West Street Hotel, a new luxury boutique hotel overlooking the waterfront and near the Bar Harbor Town Dock. The developer and owner of the property is West Street Properties LLC of Portsmouth, N.H. Pro Con Inc of Manchester, NH is the architect and construction manager for the mixed-use development that will include the hotel, retail space, and restaurants. The hotel is expected to be completed in late spring 2012. All of the hotel’s 102 guestrooms will feature water views and individual balconies. The hotel’s public spaces will have upscale finishes including tile floors, Rendering courtesy of Gawron Turgeon Architects

Rendering of new cPort Credit Union Portland branch Portland, ME - cPort Credit Union purchased 285 Forest Avenue (the former Arby’s restaurant) for its second Portland branch location. Construction is scheduled to begin in October. The branch will open in late spring 2012. The new branch will be designed and constructed by the same team that did the new Augusta branch: Gawron Turgeon Architects for architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture; and Landry French Construction as construction manager. The branch will feature energy effi-

cient design and pedestrian and bike-friendly access on traffic-heavy Forest Avenue. Its location will also be convenient to travel from all directions; it is located yards away from I-295 exits and accessed easily from east-west travel on Forest Avenue. “We’ve designed a conference room for the branch that also will be available to local community groups as a presentation and meeting space. ‘Community’ is one of our core values, and we’re proud to incorporate that commitment into the branch design,” said Board Chair Scott Paquet.

FELDMAN Professional Land Surveyors F

OU • • • • • • • •










Boundary Surveys ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys Topographic Site Surveys Photogrammetric Mapping Land Court Surveys Construction Layout As-Built Surveys 3D Laser Scanning


OU • • • • • • • •




1 9 4 6



Developers Engineering Firms Architectural Firms Law Firms General Contractors Educational Institutions Health Care Institutions Government

Harry R. Feldman, Inc. • 112 Shawmut Avenue • Boston, MA 02118 • 617-357-9740 • www.harryrfeldman.com


The final steel beam set into place. granite countertops, and custom millwork. Plans call for the upscale boutique hotel to include a restaurant, roof top pool, and a fitness room. The development will have ground level retail spaces available for future commercial tenants.

Ground Breaks for AutoServ

Tilton, NH - Jewett Automotive Design & Construction of Raymond has broken ground on a new showroom for AutoServ Nissan in Tilton. The frame-to-finish project, which will be completed in February of 2012, involves the addition of a new 5,700sf single-story, steel-framed showroom at the east end of the existing dealership as well as both exterior (l-r) Jeff Gower, Steve Harris, and Craig Jewett (all of and interior renovations to the Jewett Construction); Declan Gaudet in the arms of existing building. Paul Gaudet, Jr., Paul Gaudet, Sr., and Roland Gamelin

October, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Acella CM for Golf Club

Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio & Raber Architects

Milton MA - Acella Construction of Norwell has been chosen by Wollaston Golf Club to manage the construction of a new golf facility for the club. Located in Milton, the new 4,000sf facility is being designed by the architec-

tural team of Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio & Raber Architects, Inc. Construction is currently under way and scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.

Waldfogel Health Center Under Way Pro Con CM

New Atlas Fireworks Facility

Jaffrey, NH - Jewett Metal Buildings & Steel Erectors of Raymond recently contracted with Hakala Bros. Construction for work at the Atlas Fire-

works facility in Jaffrey. The project entails the erection of a 12,000sf pre-engineered steel building to be used as warehouse space.

Northeast Conserve Restores Library

Concord, NH - Northeast Conserve, a northeast masonry company, recently completed a historic restoration job at the New Hampshire State Library in Concord. The project restored the building to its historic stature. The team at Northeast Conserve worked with the architect to develop a restoration plan, which included testing the mortar, matching the historic components Recently restored New Hampshire state library of the mortar, and 100% repointing The building, built in 1895 of native of the stone joints. In addition, the building received a restoration wash com- granite, serves as a resource center for New prised of environmentally friendly materi- Hampshire libraries, all branches of state government, and residents. als. Northeast

Boston & Cement Masons Local 534 serving: serving: MA, MA, NH, NH, ME ME & &VT, VT, Boston Plasterers’ Plasterers’& America’s Building and Construction International America’s OldestOldest Building and Construction TradesTrades International UnionUnion Since 1864 Our trained and skilled craftsmen are just a phone call away. Since 1864 We offer responsible, highly qualified competent personnel, Ourreliable, trained and skilled craftsmen are justand a phone call away. state certified apprenticeship andhighly training program. membership. We offer reliable, responsible, qualified andOSHAcertified competent personnel, state We are and committed quality and performance. certified apprenticeship trainingtoprogram. OSHA certified membership. We and performance. Sub Contractors are committed to qualityPlasterers:

Sub A1Contractors Concrete Cutting A1 Concrete Cutting Angelini Plastering Angelini Plastering Inc. Austin Ornamental Austin Inc. Back Ornamental Bay Concrete Back Bay Concrete Bidgood Assoc. Bidgood Alloc. Cape Cod Plastering Cape Cod Plastering Cavalieri Const. Cavalieri Const. CenturyDrywall Drywall Century ComponentsSpray SprayFireproofing Fireproofing Components D & M Concrete D & M Concrete EastCoast CoastFireproofing Fireproofing East F.C.F.Concrete ConcreteFloors Floors F.C.F. & Son& EIFS GH. & Carr G Plaster Lath H.Island Carr & Son& Plaster J.R.J.Lath Construction Island & Plaster JohnConstruction L. Ciman & Son J.R.J. John Ciman & Son J.L. L. Marshall J.L. Marshall M.L. McDonald Co. M.L. McDonald Mass AcousticsCo. Inc. Mailoux Bros. Construction New England Decks Mecca Const. Corp. New England Finish Systems New England Decks Inc. Ricmor Construction, Polcari Inc. S & FPlasterworks, Concrete Ricmor Construction, Stafford ConstructionInc. S Summit & F Concrete Building Systems Stafford Construction

Veneer Plaster Plasterers: Venetian Polished Plaster Veneer Plaster Three coat conventional Plaster Venetian Polished Plaster Ornamental Plaster Three coatRestoration conventional Plaster Historical & Preservation Ornamental Plaster E.I.F.S. HistoricalCement Restoration & Preservation Portland (Stucco) E.I.F.S. Fireproofing Portland Cement (Stucco) Cement Masons: Fireproofing Flatwork Cement Masons: Sidewalks Flatwork Pool Decks Sidewalks Decorative Concrete Overlays Pool Decks Stamped Concrete Decorative Concrete Overlays Concrete Repair & Restoration Stamped Concrete Epoxy, Seamless and Composition Concrete*and Repair & Restoration Flooring much more* Epoxy, Seamless and Composition Flooring *and much more*

More Information Please ForFor More Information Please CallCall Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896 Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896 Website: www.opcmialocal534.org Website: www.opcmialocal534.org

Steel framing under way for Aviv Centers

Peabody, MA – The steel framing is under way for the Aviv Centers for Living expansion project at 240 Lynnfield Street. The manager for the building project is Koningisor, Luciano & Associates of Framingham, and the project architect is KDA Architects of Voorhees, NJ. Pro Con Inc of Manchester, NH is the construction manager for the $35 million expansion project. The new facility will be called the Waldfogel Health Center. The steel framing and precast decking for the first and second wings will be completed by the end of September, and the framing and decking for the third wing of the building will begin in early October. The new 124,000sf, four-story building will be a state-of-the-art health center with 144 skilled nursing beds. The center will offer skilled nursing for short-term rehabilitation and long-term care, assisted living, adult day care, home care, and geriatric care management. Highlights of the expansion project include an on-site childcare center, a kosher bistro, a center for lifelong learning, and specialty programs in sub-acute care. The center intends to make a significant contribution to the future of healthcare for seniors by providing quality medical services and cultural programming. The plans include a 58-student childcare center with an outdoor toddler playground, an adult day care center, a bistro, a beauty/barber salon, and a great room for social, educational, cultural, and religious events.

Floors 2 through 4 have been designed to have three “households” on each floor. Each household will be comprised of 12 private and two semi-private rooms that will share a common parlor, dining room, warming kitchen, and nursing station, creating a “home away from home” environment for seniors in need of skilled nursing. The center will be equipped with state-ofthe-art technology for patient monitoring and nurses call. The new expansion will be a sustainable, high-quality, energy–efficient building. As part of the initial sitework, rock ledge at the site was crushed and reused as structural fill. The building’s sustainable design features will include a white roof and the installation of high-efficiency mechanical systems and low-flow plumbing fixtures. The building will feature energy efficient, low-e glass windows and doors, and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) products will be used for the interior finishes. The building’s main entrance will feature a porte coche, and the site will offer 308 parking spaces, with priority parking for fuel-efficient vehicles. Indigenous plantings that do not need irrigation and require minimal maintenance will be used for the landscaping. Pro Con Inc provided extensive preconstruction services. Sitework on the project began in spring 2011, and Pro Con has scheduled a fall 2012 completion date.


Call Rachel 617-787-2008 or Christian 617-304-0531


October, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Interior Facilities Development News


IIDA New England Interior Design Awards

he International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is a professional networking and educational association of more than 13,000 members in 10 specialty forums in 31 chapters around the world committed to enhancing the quality of life through excellence in interior design and advancing interior design through knowledge. Serving Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut, IIDA New England Chapter is a dynamic and creative group that takes pride in the intellect, delight, and vision evident in every event, program, and volunteer dedicated to the organization’s success. IIDA volunteers work to improve their local and regional design communities through thought-provoking communications, membership marketing, and programs. The 20ll IIDA New England Design Awards were held recently at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. All photos of people from the awards event are courtesy Kim Neal Photography.

Best of Show

2011 IIDA Award Winners Education Johnson & Wales - Cuisinart Ctr -Tsoi Kobus & Associates -Odeh Engineers -Stephen Stimpson Associates -RDK Engineers -Woodard & Curran -Paramount Honorable Mention: Rochester Institute of Technology -ARC -Pike Construction Co. -SWA Group -Milliken Constantine -Merkel Donahue -IBC Engineering PC Healthcare Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - Yawkey Ctr. for Cancer Care -Miller Dyer Spears -ZGF Architects -Walsh Bros. Construction -BR+A Consulting Engineers -Fisher Marantz Stone -Roll-Baressi Associates

Accepting for Best in Show, Gable Clarke, Past Chair Design Awards, Lisa, Killaby, ADD Inc., Kristin Edwards, ADD Inc.


Hospitality/Retail Bliss Spa -TRO Jung|Brannen -Jones Lang LaSalle -TMP Consulting Enineers -Bovis Lend Lease -Lighting Workshop -Daltile Research Palomar Medical Technologies -Spagnolo Gisness & Associates -AHA Consulting Engineers -McNamara Salvia -Office Resources -Erland Construction -Nordblom Co Real Estate

Accepting for Hospitality/Retail, Howard Thompson, TRO Jung Brannen, Erin Hofer-Shall, TRO Jung Brannen, Marty Smith, Industry IIDA NE Director of Sponsorship

Residential - Private Museum Tower Apartment -Kristen Rivoli Interior Design -Metro Construction -Bloch Industries -Chimera Lighting -Creative Office Pavilion -Reside

Office Under 30,000sf Infositex Corporation -Cube 3 Studio -Gutierrez Construction -BLW Engineers -Reflex Lighting -OM Workspace Office 30,00sf - 80,000sf Analysis Group -CBT Architects -McNamara/Salvia -Mark Richey Woodworking -Vanderweil Engineers -Structuretone -Sladen Feinstein Lighting -Office Rsources Office Over 80,000sf Adobe -ADD Inc. -William Berry Construction -AHA Consulting Engineers -Creative Office Pavilion -Teknion -Tandus Honorable Mention: Avid Technology Inc. -Gensler -Erland Construction -RDK Engineers -Rox RPM -Acentech -Lam Partners -Office Resources Student - Undergraduate -Oliver Lofts -Wentworth Kristi Avery Honorable Mention: -Oliver Lofts -Wentworth Andrew Bortles Student - Graduate The Cooperative at Sage Meadows BAC Aimee Schefano

Helping clients navigate the complex process of construction and relocation One Federal Street, 21st Floor Boston, MA 02110 617.449.5961 www.dowlinghouy.com


October, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Interior Facilities Development News

Office 30k


Accepting forHealthcare, Ed Barnett, Tracey Jabs, City Centers,William Spears, MDS, Samantha Herrle, IIDA, MDS, Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA 2010-11 IIDA NE President, 3d3 Studio

Office Over 80k

Accepting for Office 30,000sf, Terry Harris, 2010-11 IIDA NE Director of Forums, SG&A, Angela Juliano, Cube 3 Studio, Jessica Mustone, Reflex Lighting Group

Accepting for Student Graduate, Aimee Schefano, BAC, Graduate Student Brittney Larrabee, IIDA NE Director of Student Members, SG&A.

IIDA New England Board of Directors

President |Jeff Tompkins, IIDA President-Elect | Tracey Jabs, IIDA Past President (non-voting member) | R. Gabriel Zavala, IIDA, AIA VP of Communications | Elaine Soo Hoo, IIDA VP of Membership | Samantha Herrle, IIDA VP of Professional Development | Jay Philomena, IIDA VP of City Centers | Kristin Edwards, IIDA VP of Government/Regulatory Affairs | David Ganong, IIDA Executive Director (non-voting member) | Joyce Blatt Council of Directors (non-voting members appointed by Board of Directors) Director of Forums | Gable Clarke, IIDA Director of Industry Members | Lynn Sorterup, Industry IIDA Director of Sponsorship | Marty Smith, Industry IIDA Director of Student Members | Brittney Herrera, IIDA Director of PR/Media Communications | Nancy Hackett, IIDA Director of Associate Members | Dennis Duffy, IIDA Boston City Center | Aimee Jean, IIDA Providence, RI | Ashley Clifford, Associate IIDA


Dana Farber Yawkey Center for Cancer Care



Accepting for Office Over 80,000sf, Kristin Edwards, ADD Inc., Lisa, Killaby, ADD Inc., Samantha Herrle, MDS.



We create working environments that encourage our teams and partners to work together as one. At Suffolk, we understand that working collaboratively is the reason why we succeed…and how we build smart.

Accepting for Research, Dennis Duffy, Duffy Design Group, Ed Barnett, Al Spagnolo, SG&A, Gabriel Zavala.

Palomar Medical



October, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Interior Facilities Development News



Accepting for Residential - Nancy Hackett, IIDA NE Director of PR/Media Communications, Kristen Rivoli Hoogendoorn, Kristen Rivoli Interior Design (KRid).

Museum Towers Dining Room

Office 30 - 80k

Accepting for Education, Ed Barnett, IIDA- Chair, TK&A, Jay Philomena, Professional Development, Kathleen Wendt, TK&A,Nicholas Koulbanis, TK&A,Jennifer Mango, TK&A Laura Nathanson, TK&A.

Accepting for cOffice 30,000-80,000, Chris Costello from Office Resources, Jeff Tompkins, IIDA 2010-2012 President Elect, SG&A, Ed Barnett, Betsy Keefe, CBTarchitects, Lois Goodell, CBT Architects, Dave Madson, CBT Architects. Analysis Group


Honorable Mention: Rochester Institute of Technology

Johnson & Wales

October, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Interior Facilities Development News

Griffin Completes R.I. DMV Project Lerner Ladds + Bartels Project Architect

Cranston, RI - Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc. of Holliston, Mass. recently completed the electrical installation work at the updated Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) facility in Cranston, R.I. The 78,000sf building features many earth-friendly attributes, including high-efficiency mechanical systems and daylight dimming sensors, plus incorporates green building materials such as bamboo and recycled carpeting. For the convenience of drivers, the many types of DMV transactions were distributed on three floors, and enhanced waiting and conces- New power distribution was installed within the building. sion areas were created. electrical engineer. Griffin Electric was responsible for “There are an increasing number installing new power distribution within of projects awarded to us which are built the building, in addition to systems for tele/ within the LEED certification parameters,” data, security, and fire notification. commented Wayne J. Griffin, president of Providence-based Dimeo ConstrucGriffin Electric. “We are glad to be part tion Company was the general contractor of any project that is dedicated to the preson-site, while Lerner Ladds + Bartels, also ervation and sustainability of our environof Providence, served as the project archiment, through the use of earth-friendly matect. Creative Environment Corp. Consultterials and procedures.” ing Engineers of East Providence was the

MPA Creates Office Design

Alta Stone Place Underway

Pro Con GC - Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype Architects Melrose, MA – Construction is underway for Alta Stone Place, a 212-unit renovated mill and podium-style apartment complex developed by Wood Partner. The project is being built on the site of the former Boston Rubber Shoe Company factors. Rendering of Stone Place after renovations Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc, conference room and outdoor heated pool. of Boston is the project architect and Pro The project involves the redevelopCon Inc of Manchester, N.H. is the general ment and renovation of the existing fourcontractor for the $32 million residential story brick and wood-beam mill building, project. as well as the construction of two new fourThe 92 apartment homes within the story wood frame buildings over a podium renovated building will feature 10-foot garage and an additional three story buildplus ceilings with exposed wood beams, ing containing a new 6,500sf clubhouse brick exterior walls, oversized wood mill .Foundation work for two of the new buildwindows, U-shaped kitchens, walk-in ings is expected to begin in October.Pro closets, oversized tubs and side-by-side Con Inc began construction in June 2011 washers and dryers. Other unit finishes in- and expects the first units to be completed clude granite countertops and clean steel in spring 2012. The entire project is estiappliances in kitchens; cultured marble mated to take 17 months to complete. bath vanities and oversized tubs with tile The site will remain a tribute to Elsurrounds in bathrooms. The community isha Converse, who started the Boston will include a mix of studio, one-, two- and Rubber Shoe Company in 1853. The mill’s three-bedroom units with sizes ranging landmark 100-year-old eight-story brick from 552 to 1,450-s/f. More than 285 park- smokestack will be the centerpiece of a ing spaces are planned and the clubhouse new landscaped garden area. Many original amenities will feature a fitness center, great features and style of the mill building will room with kitchenette, game/pub room, be retained and enhanced in the renovation, media room, cyber café/business center, including copper gutters and downspouts.

Photo by Warren Patterson Photography

The neutral color palette is accented by custom natural cherry wood millwork with glass on and around each office door.

Boston, – Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA) completed the design of a new 8,900sf office at One Boston Place in downtown Boston for SV Life Sciences Advisers LLC. MPA provided interior architecture and design services for the new office. MPA used 3D design software (BIM) to involve the client throughout the handson, interactive design process and show work as it progressed. MPA employs an interactive design approach and cutting-edge technology to engage clients in a real-time design process. The design intent for the project was twofold: to create an open and contemporary aesthetic that fosters teamwork while incorporating the latest teleconferencing capabilities, and to design a central gathering place where associates can meet casually to maintain their culture of collegial

cooperation. The space features offices with views of the Custom House Tower and Boston Harbor, workstations, a boardroom with videoconferencing capabilities, and a central kitchen and social space. The neutral color palette is accented by custom natural cherry wood millwork with glass on and around each office door. To provide more light and maintain openness throughout the space, partial glass walls were used in the kitchen and workstations. The project team included Structure Tone for construction management; Vanderweil for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering; and Providea Conferencing, LLC for audiovisual design and installation. Silverman Trykowski Associates, Inc. provided furniture selection, and W.B. Mason provided furniture for the project.


October, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Interior Facilities Development News

MPA Designs IA/IISC Interiors


by Kimberly Smith oston - Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA) was commissioned by Interaction Associates to design not only a new workspace, but a new workplace concept – one that would inspire both employees and clients to work together in a truly collaborative fashion. A 40-year innovator in advanced methods for developing facilitative Kimberly Smith leaders, Interaction Associates (IA), together with its not-forprofit sister organization, the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC), wanted to move to 11,460sf of office space in a former warehouse building in Boston’s Seaport Center. As the business and culture of both firms is focused on interaction, the design team had to ensure that the new fit-out provided a variety of flexible workspace solutions that would showcase the collaborative work styles of both companies to their clients as well as enhance the way the firms worked internally. MPA designed IA/IISC’s new office to make use of the “alternative workplace” concept, defined by the Harvard Business Review as “the combination of nontraditional work practices, settings, and locations.” Common characteristics of an


alternative workplace include smaller and accessible workstations that encourage interaction and communication, hotelling or hot desking that provide shared work spaces according to employee schedules, virtual offices/teleworking along with technology-enhanced capabilities in the home office to connect with colleagues and clients, and common areas supporting formal and informal communication, interaction, and knowledge-sharing. As an alternative workplace, IA’s new office features private cubicles with shared meeting tables, “continuous desks” that offer flexibility for employees who are frequently in and out of the office, a series of multimedia-enabled conference rooms, and a unique collaborative work area that features multiple seating configurations and interactive technology. The height of the existing window sills at five feet above the floor would have prevented employees from having access to outdoor views. MPA solved this problem by placing 5,100sf around the office perimeter on raised flooring, elevating the finished floor to a height of 18 inches and giving employees views to Boston Harbor from their offices and workstations. The remaining area in the center of the office, at the original elevation, became a “sunken living room” or “Collaboration Area.” Two ramps and three staircases transition associate workspaces to the CollaboContinued on page 28

Exhale Undertakes Major Reno

Boston - In order to expand its presence in the Boston market, Exhale Enterprise, Inc. has undertaken a $2.8 million, 3,300sf rejuvenation project at the Battery Wharf Fairmont Hotel for its new flagship location. The new Exhale Mind Body Spa, scheduled to be opened in January 2012, will contain a large recepInterior views of Exhale Enterprise rejuvenation project tion area manicure/ pedicure area, men’s locker room, women’s locker room, fitness niscent of moroccan tuffets, rustic benches, area, core studio, yoga studio, quiet lounge, prayer bells, and indonesian vases. The project team included contractor hammam, 12 treatment rooms, flex room, Elaine Construction, MEP engineer Cosenand several offices. tini Associates, and acoustical engineer CeBlending world elements with modern comfort has become a hallmark of the rami Associates. Exhale experience. S3 Design took this lead and blended it with unique New England context. Drawing on the rejuvenation process that is key to Exhale’s success, S3 looked at the winter to spring transition that New Englanders long for. A palette of rich browns and whites were developed that were then infused with the bold reds of spring. S3 built on the elements of modern comfort, by adding a level of luxe to the palette with elegant light fixtures, rich woods, and glass panels infused with flowers. Building on Exhale’s brand of engaging elements of world cultures, the rooms were accessorized with found items remi-

A Sampling of Wessling Architects Recent Interior Work

he architectural knowledge and experience Wessling Architects has acquired from in-depth review of many building types, when joined with strong design capabilities and efficient production practices, result in well constructed, beautifully designed, cost effective buildings and interior spaces. Always attentive to client needs and goals, Wessling Architects enjoys a formidable list of clients. The projects featured here are The Trump Network, the Dean’s Residence Kitchen, and Boston Scientific, Coyol, Costa Rica.

Boston Scientific’s 342,000 sf facility in Costa Rica is the first LEED certified building in Costa Rica and the second LEED Silver in all of Central America. The building’s fit-out is a fusion of industrial, architectural, and interior design that blends completely different functions and requirements (warehousing, clean room manufacturing, employee service, laboratories, ad- into one seamless operation where the needs of business, ministrative support, and people, and the environment are treated as equals. public/ customer interface) The Dean’s Residence of a local university is an exquisit 1920’s era Georgian mansion used primarily for entertaining. An extensive renovation of the kitchen included improved layout and contemporary appliances while remaining sensitive to the building’s architectural style.

THE TRUMP NETWORK c2310TTN, LLC, All Rihts Reserved. The Trump Network and teh Associated crest ar trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump 

As the architect for the feet exterior shell, Wessling Architects  original   50,000   square    


was design the The fitTrump out Network for theandbuilding’s newaretenant, The Trump © 2010 asked TTN, LLC. to All Rights Reserved. the associated crest trademarks owned by DonaldNetwork. J. Trump. Materials are primarily of stone, glass, brushed aluminum and ebonized wood. The main floor and the mezzanine level are connected by a monumental stair that juts out into the atrium space. Three water features stand between the twin entry doors. The water’s movement is mirrored by shimmering crystals cascading from three elegant chandeliers suspended above the atrium.


Presidents Place, 1250 Hancock Street, Suite, Quincy, MA 0169 (617) 773-8150 www.wesslingarchtects.com


one integrated design—one beautiful result.

WESSLING ARCHITECTS, PROJECT ARCHITECT FORHow BUILDING ENVELOPE RESTORATION OF building project, avoiding can you execute a successful SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY’S 73 TREMONT STREET all the usual hassles, and fullfilling your original vision of IN DOWNTOWN BOSTON beautiful, effective architecture? The solution is to address

October, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Interior Facilities Development News Interior Design Award for Healthcare in New England

Miller Dyer Spears Wins IIDANE Award for Yawkey Center for Cancer Care

Boston - The interior design award under the category of healthcare was presented to Miller Dyer Spears (MDS) recently for their work on the Yawkey Center at Dana-Faber Cancer Institute. Located at the heart of the Longwood Medical Area for 64 years, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is one of the world’s premier cancer institutions. The Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, its first new clinical building in over 30 years, was built to be the new face of Dana-Farber and provide the next generation of cancer care. The building totals 13 stories and 275,000sf. MDS served as associate architect for the project, with ZGF Architects as architect of record/design architect. The Yawkey Center creates a comfortable, welcoming environment for pa-

tients and families throughout all areas of the building – clinics, infusion suites, reception and waiting, patient-family center, chapel, dining pavilion. The generous, nurturing design sets a new standard for cancer oncology facilities worldwide. The Yawkey Center integrates patient care with cutting-edge oncology research through sit-down interaction nodes for clinicians and scientists, multi-floor bridges to the adjacent Smith Laboratories Building, and focal common space for the entire patient-staff community in the dining-lounge-conference complex. Building the Yawkey Center reorganized the whole Dana-Farber campus – creating a new front door and public image on Brookline Ave.; centralizing reception, parking, patient intake, and support services;

Courtesy of Krystal Layton

Yawkey Center exterior

Dining pavilon

Chuck Choi Photography

and interconnecting all buildings with legible access and easy flow. MDS aimed to design optimal spaces for new modes of Dana-Farber patient-care operations, and consolidated services – which had to be planned years before the functional launch. This required continual dialogue with a full range of practitioners, incisive projective thinking and repeated updating, to imagine and create the best facility accommodations. The Centralized Pharmacy, which produces chemotherapy medications for every clinic throughout Dana-Farber, re-

quires a scale of drug production unprecedented among cancer centers nationally. The project evolved new modes of materials processing, product flow and layout, clean room protection, patient and inventory tracking, and campus-wide delivery using high-speed horizontal and selective vertical conveyor systems. Successful solutions were the result of close interaction between MDS architects and pharmacists, clinic managers and materials management specialists, and learning high-throughput procedures from other industries like manufacturing and fast food. Myron Miller, AIA, was principalin-charge, and Amy MacKrell, RA, LEED AP, senior associate, was the project manager for MDS. According to MDS, “individual attention” is the MDS mantra. Each institution has its own mode of practice and program operations – in clinical procedures, patient accommodation, research protocols, work flow and equipment use, facility standards, etc. MDS Architects listen carefully to understand fully and work interactively with each clinical director, principal investigator, and facility manager to optimally meet their needs and expectations. “High-image design” and “pragmatic solutions” are not inconsistent. MDS provides practical, long-term design responses to meet all programmatic requireContinued on page 19

MILLER DYER SPEARS Inc. www.high-profile.com

October, 2011


High-Profile Cover Story: Palomar Medical Technologies Nordblom, SG&A, Erland and AHA Celebrate


Palomar Medical Technologies’ IIDA Award-Winning Facility

urlington, MA - Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. (SG&A) recently received the 2011 International Interior Design Association New England Chapter Award for Best Research Facility for its interior design of the Palomar Medical Technologies facility. Nordblom Development Company developed the project and served as project manager for Palomar. Erland Construction constructed the building. AHA Consulting Engineers provided the MEP/FP/Tel/Data engineering. “To me, the success of the Palomar project lies in the way the vision of Palomar’s corporate leaders was brought to life by the talents and execution of the design and construction team. These efforts produced a world class corporate headquarters building that supports the clients business and financial goals.” said Stephen Logan senior vice president, development, Nordblom Company. The build-out entailed construction of a 132,000sf building with expansion potential of an additional 48,000sf. The new corporate headquarters building is a threestory design with striking masonry and glass construction. Erland built a 3D BIM model that was used primarily for clash detection. The building’s MEP systems support manufacturing, laboratory, and office space, so the clash detection ensured that all issues with fitting systems into the building were fixed

stations half the height of the old system, day lighting to the building’s interior is further improved and the employees’ ability to interact, while simultaneously maintaining a level of individual privacy. Part of the design solution includes a lab layout that is accessible, flexible, and connected to the users’ offices – with special attention paid to security requirements for their proprietary research. The new facility creates a significantly greater level of synergy as well as highly improved operational efficiency. The final result is a contemporary manufacturing, R&D and office facility with form and function that supports and enhances Palomar’s goals for its current and future operations. In addition to creating better work spaces and employee amenities, Palomar

Interior views of the labs in the model before construction began. “Our model’s accuracy and detail allowed the plumbing subcontractor to completely prefabricate the building’s bathrooms – ultimately saving significant time,” explained Tom Blesso senior vice president, Erland Construction, and project executive for the Palomar project. “At the project’s conclusion, we worked with the client to convert the finished model into an electronic as-built that is compatible with their facilities management system.” SG&A worked with Palomar to

Structural Engineer for Palomar Medical Technologies Regeneron Pharmaceuticals The Landmark at Eastview, Greenburgh, NY

develop a design for the new building with flexibility at its core. The result is a cohesive, highly adjustable environment that allows for lab sizes to easily change. The first floor accommodates all of Palomar’s manufacturing and fulfillment operations. The second floor is dedicated to labs and R&D with associated office space. The third floor is strictly office space with built in flexibility to segment it for potential sublet opportunities. It has a fitness center and a kitchen/cafeteria with an outdoor patio. The patio accommodates the entire company for communal meals, a Palomar tradition. A central spine on the middle floor allows for the natural light to be accessible to perimeter office areas. By selecting work-

was also interested in improving its interaction with clients, investors, and potential partners. The challenge was not only to display finished products but to use the building’s design and organization to tell the story behind product creation. By showcasing daily operations, Palomar demonstrates their scientific inventiveness, commitment to client safety and satisfaction, and dedication to product excellence – everything that goes into each laser device that Palomar designs, tests, and produces on-site. To meet this challenge, the SG&A design team created an organized layout sequence that Continued on next page

Project Team for Palomar Medical Technologies

Structural Engineering Services Building Information Modeling|Long Span Roof Structure|Progressive Collapse Wind Motion Mitigation|Seismic Engineering|Value Engineering|Vibration Isolation Boston • Miami




Owner: Palomar Medical Technologies Developer: Nordblom Company Architect: Spagnolo Gisness & Associates Construction Manager: Erland Construction MEP/FP/Tel/Data Engineers: AHA Consulting Engineers Structural Engineers: McNamara/Salvia Site Permitting/Civil Engineers: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

October, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Interior Facilities Development News by Deirdre Pio Portland, ME - There are many pieces and parts to a successful interior build-out. Time frame, layout, budget, building codes, security, coordination of services, finishes, and many other factors come into play. Some of the most rewarding interior build-out projects are those that have all those factors and more. Before an interior build-out even starts, Gawron Turgeon Architects is often involved to help evaluate clients’ existing and future needs. One client – MaineDeirdre Pio Today Media / Portland Press Herald – had been in the same office building for 90 years but needed to relocate. After test fits at several locations to show how MaineToday Media’s offices may be laid out with furnishings, equipment, and common areas depicted, Gawron Turgeon helped them determine that One City Center in downtown Portland, Maine was the best option. Instead of residing in an entire building, MaineToday Media would occupy a total of 26,500sf on the second, fouth and fifth floors at its new location. The building owner, Dirigo Management, provided construction services and phased the project in order to meet the aggressive schedule. As a business that operates 24 hours a day, every day, it was critical for all of MaineToday’s departments to continue operating seamlessly. This was accomplished by relocating existing build-

Successful Interior Build Outs

ing tenants, to allow the build-out to be constructed one floor at a time. The concept for this multi-media company was about transparency to promote a collaborative work environment. Each floor was designed in an open concept with a landscape of desking work areas and glass partition walls at offices and conference rooms support this vision. An interesting feature for this build out were multi-media feature walls. Coordinating the location, power and blocking in the walls for the TVs was essential for their new interior environment. In some cases, a client already has performed programming on their own and locates the new space. Such was the case for the client Cole Haan. Like MaineToday, they were under time constraints to vacate their existing building and move their headquarters to a new space – a vacant office building at 6 Ashley Drive in Scarborough. Gawron Turgeon Architects designed the interior renovations, totaling 37,000 sq. ft. on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Gawron Turgeon worked closely with construction manager Landry/French Construction Company during this fast-track project. What was unique with this project was the entire building was unoccupied. There were no tenants, so work performed to the building’s systems did not have to wait until after hours. That, along with Landry/French’s phasing plan and their ability to stage at the right times, enabled the client to move in after just 12 weeks from the start of construction. Another fast-track interior build-out was for The Bank of Maine’s branch in Portland. A first-floor space of an existing multi-tenant office building would become

Palomar Medical Technologies Continued from previous page

allows visitor observation of key processes without disturbing operations: glimpses of the workings within the labs through glass walls off the main lobby; a clean, open, and well-organized manufacturing area; and an inviting, accessible spa-like clinical space. “AHA has grown up with the Life Science Industry, therefore, we are very careful to listen to the specific needs of each client. Palomar is on the cutting edge of laser technology and has been a pioneer in the field. The biggest challenge is anticipating future growth and controlling capitol costs to achieve desired future performance,” said Martin J. Holloran, PE, president, AHA Consulanting Engineers. Sustainability was also an important operational goal. The building systems include a high efficiency variable volume roof top units with MERV 13 filtration, non-CFC refrigerants, ECM motors on all fan-powered boxes, a central automatic lighting control system, as well as fluorescent lighting systems with occupancy sensors, and automatic toilets, urinals and sinks. Other environmentally friendly materials and equipment were selected throughout, including linoleum tile, recessed grid entrance mats, bike racks,

showers, and Energy Star appliances. Landscape is designed with native, drought-tolerant planting and utilizes weather based irrigation controllers to limit the use of potable water. “SG&A assisted us in creating a sophisticated facility that reflects our commitment to research and dedication to high production standards,” said Dan Valente, executive chairman, Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. “We are so pleased its design, and the SG&A team, received this prestigious recognition from their peers.” “It was a great pleasure to collaborate with Dan and his team at Palomar,” said Steve Cunningham, AIA, LEED AP, principal-in-charge of the SG&A design team. “IIDA NE’s Best Research Facility Award is a recognition that we share with Palomar, as well as the rest of our design, development, and construction partners on the project.” Tom Blesso summarized, saying, “Every project has its challenges, but the collaboration and teamwork on Palomar was exceptional. I am not only proud of the final product, but also of the professional and efficient process by which it was delivered.”

Photo by: John Patriquin /Portland Press Herald

Maine Today

Photo by Landry/French Construction Company.

Cole Haan

Photo by Gawron Turgeon Architects

Bank of Maine

the new branch. The client’s main goals were to create an open, innovative, social, convenient, and comfortable place for employees and cus-

tomers alike. The result is a branch that the client calls a “masterpiece.” It is successful not only in its visual appeal, but also in its functionality. Located in a busy pedestrian downtown, convenient access was essential, so a new entrance from the sidewalk was added. Keeping in mind the potential for walk-in traffic, programming and space planning were critical to create an open environment, while keeping them secure. Upon entering this 2,500sf branch, customers are immediately oriented by a central teller pod. The open layout still allows privacy by using the separation feature wall at the coffee counter and the vestibule at the new entrance. Gawron Turgeon worked closely with The Bank of Maine’s in-house security and a consultant to maintain a high level of security for this branch area, common lobby, and the executive areas. Built out in just six weeks, this branch was constructed by Landry/French Construction Company, with engineering provided by Bennett Engineering, Inc. and M2 Structural Engineering, P.C. Because of the time frame, custom millwork, 3form panels, lighting, and flooring would not typically be finished that quickly. Through good planning and strategic ordering, Gawron Turgeon and Landry/French were able to have all interior components ready in time. These interior build-outs demonstrate how a good team – made up of building owners, tenants, architects, engineers, and general contractors – can deliver successful projects by working together to factor in all the parts and pieces. Deirdre Pio is project manager of Gawron Turgeon Architects.

Miller Dyer Spears Wins IIDANE Award

Continued from page 17

Faculty lounge

Chuck Choi Photography

indoor air quality requirements. Sunshades protect the large windows, and daylight photo-sensors control shading mechanisms in selected spaces. Interior finishes are predominantly from local manufacturers and/ or contain recycled materials, and all wood products are FSC-certified.

ments, while crafting imaginative spaces with strong institutional branding, and insisting upon top-quality build-out. The project has been awarded LEED Gold certification to fully achieve a healthy building environment. An indoor healing garden and • More than 50% of the wood used is FSC Certified. green roofs connect • All paints, sealants, finishes have no or low VOCs users to nature. Low• Use of materials with a high recycled content – ceiling mercury light fixtile, wall board. tures and equipment • Use of renewable materials – linoleum, recycled glass protect occupants, countertops. and all facilities meet or exceed all

Notes on Sustainability:


October, 2011


High-Profile: Connecticut Facilities Development News

A.P. Construction Builds Chelsea Piers Complex James G. Rogers Architect

Continued from page 6

Stamford, CT – A.P. Construction Company, a division of The Ashforth Company, was awarded Chelsea Piers Connecticut sports and recreation complex and is now several months into the construction of the $35 million project. This 400,000sf facility is located on Stamford’s East Side on a 33 acre property which was the former headquarters to Clairol. Chelsea Piers New York is recognized for redeveloping several Hudson River piers on the west Rendering of Chelsea Piers sports and recreation complex side of Manhattan into a The mezzanine area will provide a project has been the modification of the highly successful sports and entertainment complex. The Stamford viewing area to all sports areas, seating structure with the elimination of columns project includes the renovation of two con- area for food concession and special event to create open space on the ground level for nected factory buildings into a three-tiered rooms, locker areas for the tennis and roof- hockey rinks and the pool while carrying the additional weight of the roof structures. venue: ground level, mezzanine area, and top sports area, and a fitness center. The roof area will include a tennis Since the roof will hold tennis courts and roof area. The ground level of the complex club with seven courts in a new prefabri- an indoor playing field, truncated columns will feature two NHL-size ice rinks, a fam- cated building. A second prefabricated and inverted king trusses were needed to ily aquatic center, a competition Olympic- building will have all-purpose, dividable displace the load sideways to other colsized swimming pool, gymnastics and turf sporting fields, volleyball, and basket- umns instead of downward to footings. The architect is James G. Rogers Astrampoline center, 12 squash courts, bat- ball. The new central core with elevator, ting cages, and training area. A new main offices, and lobby will connect the two sociates. The anticipated completion date of entrance will also be added to the exterior prefabricated buildings on the roof to the 10/29/07 2:27 PM lower Page 1 the project is summer 2012. levels. ofCBR425HOUSECLR the building. The most challenging aspect of the

What if we thought of everything?

NE-ISPE at Pfizer

S/L/A/M Collaborative exhibit at the NE-ISPE event Over the past few years, Pfizer has dramatically raised the bar on productivity and aggressively compressed development timeframes with applications of technology, data analysis and development approach. If the premise is true that enjoying work is a major contributor and measure of ones’ success, then the feedback from the Pfizer/Sabino event was load and clear. Pfizer was successful in generously hosting a program for NE-ISPE, and the attendees/exhibitors had a most enjoyable & successful day of work. Editors note: ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, is the world’s largest not-for-profit association dedicated to educating and advancing pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals and their industry. Founded in 1980, today ISPE serves 25,000 members in 90 countries.

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October, 2011


High-Profile: Connecticut Facilities Development News

The S/L/A/M Collaborative Helps Pfizer Design Workplace of the Future

Groton, CT - S/L/A/M recently completed a 200,000sf project at Pfizer’s Groton site that has helped them to completely change their workplace environment to become leaner, more competitive, more productive, and better positioned to attract the new workforce of the future. The mandate to reduce corporate costs and footprint was counterbalanced with the need to increase knowledge worker productivity. Pfizer’s goal was to reduce its footprint by 30% and convert to a new workplace design and standards that include new policies on unassigned workstations. Pfizer needed to redefine work, give control to colleagues by providing choices about where and how they work when they chose to be on-site, and promote a cultural change in the workforce to a flex work style. S/L/A/M worked with Pfizer to help them better understand the profile of knowledge workers and the impact on space planning. Behavior benchmarks and the amount of time and types of activities knowledge workers are typically engaged in during the course of the day were analyzed. How knowledge workers learn and share information and the types of spaces required to support knowledge worker productivity were also examined. The overall process included extensive internal communication structures, including informational meetings and feedback sessions, newsletters, move website, exhibit boards, furniture vignettes and

with the most productive work activities that will provide the greatest return on investment. The success of the project was recently noted by Pfizer’s PDM group lead, who noted, “I have witnessed amazing teamwork and collaboration… Issues being identified, discussed, and resolved within an hour without an email being sent…The open plan environment plays a huge role in this team’s success and I get to see my team and peers on a regular basis.” An additional beneficial outcome of the new design of the space is that it has had a large impact reducing Pfizer’s carbon emissions and energy use. This was accomplished through the use of natural light that is provided to every workspace and their ability to save on printing paper and other resources by supporting digital storage.

various workshops ranging from technology integration to etiquette training for working in the new space. A 7,000sf pilot space provided colleagues the opportunity to view and experience the alternative work settings and choices available in a flex work environment. Systems, including raised flooring, typical space types and furnishing were mocked up, reviewed and adjusted as appropriate in response to colleague feedback. S/L/A/M’s design team that was led by principal workplace designer Terri Frink, IIDA and senior workplace designer Monika Avery, IIDA, LEED considered their partnership with Pfizer key to the

project’s success. “We partnered with Pfizer to create an environment that promotes greater teamwork and collaboration, accommodates diverse workstyles, and encourages results orientated performance.” The Pfizer B260 project now successfully serves as a 200,000sf flagship project for the new culture that has provided the company with a venue to promote face-to-face collaboration, and build culture and personal networks; aligning work settings

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Pfizer before

T h e Pfizer after

S /L /A /M

C o l l a b o r a t i v e

Boston, MA p 617 357.1800 Glastonbury, CT p 860 657.8077 Atlanta, GA • Syracuse, NY www.slamcoll.com


October, 2011


High-Profile: Connecticut Facilities Development News

Dannon Innovation Center Unveiled Designed by Tecton

The interactive lobby displays a rich history with the latest advances in the industry. Greenburgh, NY - Dannon recently unveiled its $9 million Discovery and Innovation Center in Greenburgh. Tecton Architects, Inc.of Harford designed the space to accommodate state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, a Sensory & Consumer Insights Lab, as well as labs for the quality analysis and fruit and flavor departments. The Dannon Center design is a showpiece and provides a functional, inviting environment for those who develop new products, visitors who are interested in the process, and potential clients. It has a new reception area with a 40-seat amphitheater, tasting bar, and cafe area, and an interactive lobby displays the rich history of Dannon with the latest advances in the industry. The amphitheater provides a window into the world of Dannon and offers an “in-

side look” on how all of its products are made. In the wet lab area, Tecton designers balanced presentation and visibility for visitors with function. The area includes new coolers, a packaging room, analytical labs, dry labs, and a pilot lab located in the heart of the area. The northeast area will now accommodate approximately 40 new work stations, and a new kitchen/ cafe area has been added. “The Dannon Discovery & Innovation Center is an unprecedented investment in people and technology designed to accelerate the growth of our business and that of our customers, the nation’s leading retailers,” said Gustavo Valle, president and chief executive officer of The Dannon Company, Inc.

Introducing Hybrid Parking Garages

Kensington, CT - After years of independent and joint delivery of parking garages, Berlin Steel Construction and Simon Design Engineering have combined efforts to form Hybrid Parking Garages. Hybrid offers parking owners creative and alternative parking solutions focused on the delivery of real value and cost savings.

Buckaplan Case Study

Waterbury, CT - Developer Steve fantastic.” Colucci is a respected residential and comWhat began as an outgrowth of his mercial developer with a proven track re- reprographics business now has clients cord and a reputation for quality projects in throughout the Northeast and as far away Massachusetts and Rhode Island. as Arizona. Colucci, principal of Seabro DevelBurke says, “We’re filling a need opment, LLC. and Colucci Brothers, divi- for construction managers, contractors, sions of the Colucci Companies of Cran- sub-contractors, architects, engineers and ston, R.I. attributes his company’s success people in the real estate industry. Our clito a commitment to quality. ents are often under tremendous pressure to To that end, in the last several months, meet their deadlines and they can count on Colucci has brought the creation of all of us to deliver as promised.” his critical construction documentation Buckaplan.com says that if a client’s into the 21st century thanks electo Buckaplan.com, based in “We’re filling a need for con- t r o n i c Waterbury. struction managers, contractors, sub- f i l e s Colucci Brothers has contractors, architects, engineers and are reconstructed over 200 homes ceive in Rhode Island, Massachu- people in the real estate industry.” by 4:00 -Brian Burke p . m . , setts and North Carolina, including Diamond Head the cliEstates in Glocester, R.I. ent will 10 upscale home sites, and Oakes Circle have those plans in the next day’s UPS deCondominiums, a 22-unit duplex style livery anywhere in the U.S. Large files can townhouse project in Millbury, Mass. We be easily uploaded to the Buckaplan.com also have completed several commercial website. projects for such well-known companies “We can produce oversized (up to as Stanley Bostitch, Polaroid and Airborne 36” x 48”) high quality documents workExpress. Now we get all our plans and ing from industry standard .tif, .pdf and drawings from Buckaplan.com,” Colucci .dwf files. says. “No surprises.” “There are no hidden charges, no “We know we can always count on sign-on fees, no monthly charges, no fileBrian Burke and the digital documentation processing fees. Just $1 per plan or drawexperts at Buckaplan.com.” says Colucci. ing plus next-day ground delivery rates,” “They save us all the wasted time of run- says Burke. ning around to pick up disks, having to “Just like our client builders, engibring them to print shops and waiting to neers and contractors,” we take pride in our pick up expensive prints. The time and cost commitment to quality.” savings and next day delivery have been

High-Profile: Connecticut Calendar CSA

Christina Landing parking garage

Connecticut Subcontractors Association Dinner meeting - October 26 - Hawthorne Inn, Berlin, Conn. - 5-6 p.m. - Registration, networking reception - 6-7 p.m. - Buffet dinner - 7-8 p.m. - Panel discussion - Eight Years of Fairness in Construction Act:

Review & Update: Where Are We Now? For more information: Catherine Flaherty at cflaherty@connecticutsubcontractors.org


860.548.0802 | tectonarchitects.com


Thursday, September 15, 9-11 a.m. BIM without Integrated Project Delivery Review the real-world benefits of using BIM and discuss the key elements required to be successful. Discuss the opportunities and benefits of using BIM during the design phases. Beyond Design - Discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of collaboration between the Design and Construction

teams during bidding and construction. November 10: BIM with Integrated Project Delivery Rick Warhall, vice president, Whiting Turner Contracting Company New Haven, and BIM experts from his firm will present several case studies. Don’t miss these first of two programs on BIM. Connecticut Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for information: http://aiact.org/

October, 2011


High-Profile: Connecticut Facilities Development News

KBE Selected for Hospital Reno

ARC Completes Phase 2

King and King Architect

Syracuse, NY KBE Building Corporation of Farmington, Conn. has been selected preconstruction and construction manager for St. Joseph’s Hospital health center’s Phase 2B Facilities Master Plan in Syracuse, N.Y. KBE is partnering with Syracuse-based general contractor/construction manager The Hayner Hoyt Corporation. The project is designed by King and King Architect.

of Greenwich Country Day School

Renderings courtesy of King + King Architects, Syracuse, NY”

Renderings of the St. Josephs Phase IIB project.

Preconstruction services are under way, with construction expected to begin in 2012. Once completed, the Phase 2B Facilities Plan will feature a new surgical suite and patient tower with private rooms. Phase 2B construction will add an additional 198,000sf new space to the hospital. This includes six stories of aboveground construction and two stories below ground. An additional 58,000sf of renovations will also take place during this phase. The project is expected to be completed by June 2014.

Greenwich Country Day School

Greenwich, CT - ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge announced the completion of the second phase of the 70,000sf new Upper School academic building and the 420-seat, 21,000sf theater for Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich. The theater and upper school buildings are part of a larger master planning project, which included revisions to vehicular circulation and parking on campus as well as extensive landscape/site-work, the addition of two new regulation-size playing fields, and bio-retention areas. The new upper school, whose first phase was completed last fall, was built on the site of the existing upper school and houses 18 classrooms, administrative offices, a conference room, science and comput-

er labs, a greenhouse, and art studios. Student support spaces include a study center, a library, student lounges, meeting spaces, as well as an outdoor amphitheater. Located between the newly-built upper school and the dining hall, is the new theater, which acts as the “town meeting hall” for the campus. With 420 seats and related support spaces, the building provides a larger stage with greater performance flexibility than their existing facilities. A band room, an electronic music room, and four instrument practice rooms on the lower level support the school’s music curriculum and are easily accessible to the theater and the upper school. The building is targeting LEED Gold certification.



Rebar & Mesh

Post Tensioning


Layout & Engineering












“POURING INTEGRITY WITH PRIDE” 166 CENTRAL ST HUDSON, MA 01749 PH:(978)-562-3495 FAX: (978)562-9461



October, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News


Columbia Awarded MCLA Project

North Adams, MA - Columbia Construction Company announced the award of a new construction project on the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) campus in North Adams, that is the first major construction project undertaken on campus in 40 years. Columbia Construction will be providing overall construction management services for both the preconstruction and construction management phases of MCLA’s new center for science and innovation; a 67,000sf, three-story academic facility with a total project cost of $40 million being designed by Einhorn Yaffee Prescott (EYP) and funded and supervised by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM). In addition to labs and office space, the building will have a rooftop classroom and greenhouse, a two-story atrium that can accommodate up to 100 people, and informal learning spaces with a 72-seat tiered lecture hall. The new facility will allow for more interdisciplinary instruction and house the chemistry, biology, environmental science, psychology, and physics departments along with the college’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Pipeline and Berkshire Environmental Resources Center (BERC). In an effort to redefine the campus, the building will be situated in a prominent location between the core campus and the College’s north perimeter and adjacent neighborhood. The façade is expected to be constructed of terra cotta with metal panel, curtainwall, and punched windows. It is also envisioned that the exterior will

(l-r): Stephen McCarthy, co-director of M2D2, UMASS Building Authority executive director David MacKenzie and UMASS chancellor Marty Meehan. Courtesy of Einhorn Yaffee Prescott

Rendering of MCLA atrium

take on the same ochre yellow features similar to the neighboring Murdock Hall and blend both classic and contemporary architectural styles. The project is targeting a Silver rating within the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system. In addition, the project team is using Building Information Modeling (BIM), with the building being designed in Revit by EYP together with each of the consultants, plus Columbia Construction will employ NavisWorks for shop drawings and MEP coordination. The groundbreaking for the project is scheduled for October 14, 2011, and construction is expected to be complete by the summer of 2013.

Lowell, MA - The new Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) at UMASS Lowell held opening ceremonies recently The $4 million renovation of an old textile mill was managed by the UMASS Building Authority and is an incubator for medical device start ups and entrepreneurs. The new center features state of the art wet labs, equipment and office space where entrepreneurs and start-up companies can license the space they need and focus on growing their medical devices from idea to fruition. Already, the M2D2 has helped 23 start-up companies bridge the gap between invention and production of new medical devices. “The M2D2 is a first-class facility that adds to the school’s reputation as a top education and research center,” said

UMBA Executive Director David MacKenzie. “With a struggling national and local economy, UMASS is committed to keeping entrepreneurs and new businesses in the state by providing cost-effective, innovative workspace.” The M2D2 is one of several new venture development centers at UMASS constructed by the UMBA to help startups and ultimately improve the economy. The Venture Development Center (VDC) at UMASS Boston opened in 2009 to provide office space and laboratory facilities for emerging technology and life science companies. Plans are currently underway at UMASS Dartmouth for a 14,000sf bioprocessing plant in Fall River to help biotech start-ups mass produce their laboratory finding.

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October, 2011


Professional Electrical Contractors of CT, Inc. The professionals at PEC have the expertise to deliver first-rate work on everything from a 350,000sf design-build warehouse to an IMAX theatre. That’s because we have an experienced, stable workforce that includes many long-term Associates. We expect the best, so we hire only the best. Your PEC team has the confidence and know-how to rise to the challenge, project after project. Proud recipient of the ABC MA Merit Award for Electrical Commercial/Industrial construction over $1 million for its work at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital project

Awards Recieved: • Two ABC MA Building Green Awards for outstanding achievement in Green/Sustainable Construction, in conjunction with the Martha’s Vineyard project. • ABC MA Spirit Award for its work at Springfield College’s Richard Flynn Campus Union Center. These Awards are a testament to all concerted efforts of teamwork and never waning focus on the “5s” program, (Strategy / Standardize / Stay Safe / Superior Customer Relationships / Sustainability) of the entire PEC family and proof positive that PEC is a leader in the Commercial Electrical Construction Industry.

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October, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

Residence Hall Completed

No. Branch Completes University Ctr.

Ribbon Cutting for Framingham State North Hall

Hooksett, NH North Branch Construction of Concord has completed the Southern New Hampshire University operations center and storage shed in Hooksett. The building will serve as a central hub for Southern New Hampshire University operations center, the university’s building sheds, office, and warehouse and grounds department. Teaming with Udelsseveral weeks ahead of the contract schedman Associates of Hollis, North Branch ule, allowing Southern New Hampshire designed and built the new 37,521sf pre- University to begin using the building beengineered steel building featuring office fore their big summer crunch. space in the front and a warehouse in the A month after the completion of the back. The warehouse includes an equip- Operations Center, North Branch finished ment storage mezzanine with a 3,000 the pole barn construction of a separate pound vertical lift. 4,700sf, three-bay shed located in the rear of Despite the tough winter, North the site. The university will use this shed to Branch was able to complete the building house sand, salt, vehicles, and equipment.

Teams with Udelsman Associates

Designed by Pfeufer/Richardson

Framingham, MA- The recent ribbon-cutting at Framingham State University’s North Hall marked the opening of the new “crown jewel” of the university’s housing. Built by Consigli Construction Co., Inc. and designed by Pfeufer/Richardson Architects P.C. in association with EYP Architecture & Engineering, for the Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA), the new $47 million residence hall serves as the new gateway to the campus. The seven-story 410-bed, state-of-the

art facility offers students four and six-person suites and conjoined double and single rooms with semiprivate baths. Spacious lounge areas, study rooms, contemporary furnishings, as well as a “grab-and-go” eatery are among the many amenities in the building. “We are delighted with the new North Hall and credit the design and construction team’s professionalism, collaboration and teamwork with delivering an exceptional building,” said Edward Adelman, AIA, Executive Director, Massachusetts State College Building Authority.

LKCo Gets UMass Lowell Project

Quincy, MA – Lee Kennedy Co. (LKCo) has won the construction contract for the renovation of Fox Dining Hall at UMass Lowell. The $7 million renovation is the latest addition to an academic portfolio that includes work for schools such as Boston College, Berklee School of Music, and Salem State University. The project team, including Lee Kennedy Co., University of Massachusetts Building Authority, Joslin Lesser & Associates, as well as architect Bergmeyer Asso-

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ciates, will transform the existing Fox Hall into a state-of-the-art facility serving 1,800 students with a full commercial kitchen, six cooking and serving stations, and seating for 700 over 23,000sf. A freight elevator also will be installed and new restrooms constructed. The team will complete construction in phases, working only during school vacation breaks on an aggressive schedule to have the space open for use by the fall of 2012.

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October, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

Stonehill Completes Renovations

CTA Ahead of Schedule at Weston High

BKA Teams up with BER, Auburn Construction Compass Project Mgmt PM, Dore & Whittier Architect

Easton, MA At the end of the academic year, Stonehill College, located in Easton, undertook the renovation of a portion of the Duffy Academic Center in order to centralize administrative offices and create a new financial office and additional classroom spaces. BKA Architects of Brockton, who provided the arNewly renovated offices at Stonehill chitecture and interior design services, sphere, warmly colored wall coverings and and Building Engineering Resources, Inc. contrasting entries for each administrative (BER) of Easton, who provided the electri- department were used. cal, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protecThrough the use of color, the reception engineering services, worked closely tion area doors for each department were with Auburn Construction of Whitman to differentiated from the rest of the doors ensure that the project was completed in along the corridor. This made it easier for time for the start of the fall semester with visitors to distinguish between primary and as little disruption as possible to the staff secondary entrances to the departments. being relocated. At each entry, glass at walls and doors The renovation of the Duffy Academ- were added to allow natural light to enter the ic Center was the final step of a multi-build- spaces and visibility into each department’s ing renovation plan that would allow for reception area. The overall atmosphere was consolidation of the existing administrative completed with the installation of a carpet offices, previously scattered throughout the tile with an energetic pattern that worked campus, into one location. Additionally, to both enhance the environment as well as it would allow for the relocation of the fi- improve the acoustics. nancial offices, creation of more classroom As privacy was an issue in the finanspace, establishment of an environment in cial offices given the discussions regarding the West Wing hallway space conducive to sensitive financial matters that take place allowing small groups of students to gather, there, walls with high sound ratings were reduction of the humidity in the basement used to limit or prevent sound transmitting levels occupied by the college’s informa- to adjacent areas. tion technology department, and resolution In the creation of additional classof accessibility concerns in the first floor room spaces, BKA Architects developed a toilet rooms. design with the goal of providing the colIn developing the design for the ad- lege with new classroom standards to guide ministrative wing, the team focused on and facilitate future classroom relocations moving away from the current institutional and renovations. Here again, walls with theme and creating a more inviting, busi- high sound ratings were used to resolve ness-like environment. To create this atmo- classroom acoustic concerns.

LKCo. Begins Singapore U Project Designed by Gensler

Cambridge, MA - Lee Kennedy Co.of Quincy has begun work on a $1.9 million renovation for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Singapore University of Technology and Design. LKCo.’s team will perform select demolition before fitting out the third floor of MIT’s building N52 in a 14-week construction effort. The space, designed by architectural firm Gensler, will include office and classroom space, project display space and open lounge areas. The team will install all new HVAC for heating and cooling, new electrical panel distribution and circuitry, general millwork and lab casework along with all new updated finishes.

Weston, MA - CTA Construction Co. Inc. has completed installation of a fire suppression system at Weston High School, including work that was scheduled for summer 2012. The change to the work schedule resulted from spotting an opportunity to accelerate the project. The original schedule called for installation of fire sprinkler mains in the three largest buildings on the Weston High School campus and the installation of branch lines next summer. With the ceilings already opened to install the mains, construction managers decided to tackle the branch lines as well. In total, crews installed over 10,000 feet, or more than two miles, of pipe. “We realized an opportunity to efficiently complete work slated for the following summer. With a collaborative team effort, we were able to provide a complete system in three buildings and eliminate the need to reopen the ceilings in summer 2012,” said Leonard Johnson, CTA’s project manager for Weston High School. CTA managers credit the ability to alter schedules in the field to the close working relationship with the entire project team, including the owner’s project manager, Compass Project Management, the architect, Dore & Whittier, and Weston

town and school officials. Crews started work the day after school let out for the summer and completed the job in mid-August. The project included the school’s gymnasium with its high ceilings, and the auditorium, where crews worked over the rows of seats and behind acoustical ceiling tiles. Many areas, including the bathrooms, locker rooms, and the cafeteria, required significant coordination for removal and replacement of existing drywall ceilings. Teachers and students returning to Weston High School may not even notice the system, as crews were able to do the work without significant interior changes. “All of our work was above ceiling over finish areas, and we were able to do so without major disruption. Our goal was to leave the classrooms and facilities as we found them at the start of the summer,” Johnson said. CTA is also currently finishing the foundation of a new science wing to Weston High and plans to erect steel early this fall. Crews will then focus on making the addition weathertight before winter arrives. The 27,000sf addition is scheduled for completion in spring 2012, and then work shifts to more renovation work during the summer months, with the entire project completed by fall 2012.

New Business Contact: lpdore@doreandwhittier.com Dore & Whittier is a New England based architecture and project management firm. The firm established in 1992 has a current staff of more than 40 professionals collaborating across two regional offices.

General E-mail: info@doreandwhittier.com

The firm’s philosophy and operations are based on three simple yet critical elements. Design. Performance and Leadership. By combining these critical elements and the staff’s considerable expertise, Dore & Whittier is uniquely qualified to help clients achieve their visioin as the firm guides projects from initial concept to completion.

P: 802.863.1428 F: 802.863.6955

VERMONT 1795 Williston Road Suite 200 South Burlington, VT 05403

MASSACHUSETTS 260 Merrimac Streeet Building 7, 2nd Floor Newburyport, MA 01950 P: 978.499.2999 F: 978.499.2944

Rendering of the new MIT Singapore University space.


October, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News AvalonBay Breaks Ground Margulies Perruzzi Designs Interiors Project Continued from page 16

worktables topped with tear-off writing paper for brainstorming sessions, and semiprivate lounge seating with large, funky overhead lights. An oversized worktable in the vicinity of the coffee area serves as a hub for a variety of purposes, from consultant work area, to breakout sessions to group lunches. The Steelcase media:scape table also located nearby has laptop hookups where associates can share information dynamically on an attached flat panel screen. IA’s new office includes public space for on-site leadership events, quiet workspace for associates, private conference areas, and a vibrant and centrally located Collaboration Area for informal discussions with clients and in-house working sessions. Margulies Perruzzi Architects transformed a once raw warehouse space into a flexible, collaborative environment that has transformed the way Interaction Associates works. Kimberly Smith, AIA, LEED AP, is a senior associate at Margulies Perruzzi Raw warehouse space was transformed into a flexible colArchitects. laborative environment.

Continued from page 7

ration Area. A half-height angled wall was introduced along the top edge of the Collaboration Area to further contain the space and to define a distinct route for members of the public to access IISC’s two large cojoined meeting rooms located in the northern corner of the office without disturbing activities taking place in this important central area. Featuring multiple seating configurations and close proximity to a coffee area, the Collaboration Area is the perfect spot for organized meetings or happenstance gatherings. The space is outfitted with brightly colored retro/mod sofas and ottoman seating, small moveable


Renderings courtesy Elus Manfredi Architects

Avalon Exeter Entrance The Avalon Exeter community will eter Street, and the addition of 1,300 square boast an array of first-class amenities, in- feet of new street level retail space. cluding a fully equipped clubhouse, state of Michael Roberts, AvalonBay’s Vice the art fitness center, and underground park- President for Development, said, “David ing in the adjacent Prudential Center parking Manfredi of Elkus/Manfredi Architects, garage. Pedestrian benefits on Exeter Street has designed a beautiful new building that will include the creation of a pedestrian con- will enhance and enliven the Back Bay.” nection from Exeter Street to the Prudential The construction of Avalon Exeter is Center Plaza, new trees and lighting on Ex- expected to be completed in the Fall of 2013.

Energy Choice – Purchasing Electricity Today Continued from page 6

guarantees a customer a single price per kilowatt for a contracted volume of electricity over a contracted period of time that is able to run from 1-5 years. Fixed price purchasers are looking for budget certainty and budget management. They know their approximate annual consumption of electricity and they want a fixed price for their annual load. The customer can make one decision and receive a bill for typically a historic load that is known for a fixed price. Indexed Pricing Purchasing electricity using Indexed pricing can be accomplished using third party indices’ or the index issued by the providing supplier. Many companies use index pricing as a bridge product waiting for the market to decline. The customer will have the flexibility of riding the wholesale market in anticipation of potentially locking in at more competitive rate or controlling consumption of electricity usage when prices peak. In addition, the customer may also fix the price for a percentage of usage (up to 100%) of the load for any number of calendar months that the customer selects during the contract term. Real Time While purchasing electricity on a Real Time basis resembles Index pricing in some aspects, for customers that consume electricity on a round-the-clock basis or with significant load during Off-Peak hours, Real Time purchasing can be used as a lowest cost purchasing strategy. Out of 168 hours in the week, 88 of those are typically Off-Peak. Peak rates are

from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM while Off-Peak rates are from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM, Monday through Friday and all weekend long. How It Works – The customer signs a month-to-month renewable, flexible 30day notice contract that is tied off of the ISO-NE wholesale rate plus a transparent adder. This product is sold with an easily understandable hedge product to limit upside pricing exposure. Time of Use Time-of-Use products are designed for customers who use more electricity during Off-Peak periods or can shift their load to weekends or less expensive energy periods. Depending upon the program, prices can be fixed for peak and off-peak usage and seasonal peak and off-peak adjustments as well. Fixed and Index Combination Fixed and Index products allow customers to hedge using the benefits of both fixed and index market prices. The fixed price applies to a contracted block volume of electricity. Hourly usage over and under the specified quantity will be priced based upon the index chosen by the customer. A number of variations on this concept exist and vary from competitive supplier to supplier. Doug Pope is President of Pope Energy, a broker of electricity and natural gas representing the interest of the buyer. We bring the capacity and capabilities of our Channel Partners to benefit our customer’s interest. www.PopeEnergy.com doug. pope@PopeEnergy.com. 617-337-0199

October, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Verizon Innovation Center

Nelson Completes Verizon Innovation Center Waltham, MA – Nelson recently completed the Verizon Innovation Center in Waltham. The 20,000sf, 75-foot high tower enables and showcases new innovations that tap the power of Verizon’s nextgeneration 4G LTE network. The center glows with eight bundles of splayed, brightly lit fiber optics. Two curved sliding doors open to the rotunda portal triggering a lighting and audio display that serves as a dramatic entrance to the grand piazza.

Meeting and gathering spaces are equipped to drive effective and efficient collaboration, and the network theatre enables immersive, innovative demonstrations that leverage lab and commercial networks to showcase leading-edge technology and industry solutions. Audio-visual systems installed within the facility are cutting-edge, lighting design utilizes architecturally integrated and minimal fixtures with innovative energy efficient technologies and acoustical solu-

Lighting design utilizes architecturally integrated and minimal fixtures with innovative energy-efficient technologies.

tions utilize a combination of acoustical plaster, acoustically reflective and absorptive wood panels, spray applied acoustical materials, and mechanical systems. New facilities housing the Verizon Innovation Center are anticipated to receive LEED Gold certification. Nelson’s project partners included construction manager, John P. Moriarty & Associates; structural engineers, McNamara/Salvia, Inc.; mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineers, WB Engineering and Consulting, PLLC; acoustical & audio/visual consultants, Cavanaugh Tocci Associates; existing building contractor, Tishman Construction Corporation of Massachusetts; civil engineers, John G. Crowe Associates, Inc.; and Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design.

New facilities housing the new Verizon Innovation Center

WB Engineers | Consultants

Project Team for Verizon Innovation Center

Interior Design - NELSON Construction Manager - John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. Food Service Consultant - Colburn & Guyette Consulting Structural Engineer - McNamara/Salvia Inc. MEP / FP Engineer - WB Engineers | Consultants Civil Engineer - John G. Crowe Associates, Inc. Lighting Design - Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design Acoustical & Audio/Visual Consultant - Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Inc.

MEP/FP Engineering Information Technology Consulting Security Systems Design Base Building Engineering Sustainable/LEED Design

263 Summer Street | Boston, MA 02210 tel. 617.443.4950 | www.wbengineering.com


October, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Pinkerton Academy

Eckman Completes Academy Building


Marinace Architects

erry, NH - Eckman Construction recently completed the new Academy Building at Pinkerton Academy in Derry. The three-story, 135,000sf building is located on the former site of athletic fields near the center of campus and will serve as Pinkerton’s new, dedicated freshman academy. In addition to classrooms, the facility contains science and computer labs, a culinary arts classroom kitchen, and a cafeteria with its own kitchen. The 145-seat theaterstyle lecture hall, with fixed raised seating

The Academy Building at Pinkerton Academy

The cafeteria patio

Plumbing & HVAC Contractor for Pinkerton Academy H E A T I N G



Thinking prevention. Delivering reliability. Being cost-effective.


896 Goffs Falls Road, Manchester, NH 603-622-7493 www.eckhardtjohnson.com



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and multi-media presentation systems, will of the exterior campus through expansive serve multiple academic purposes for the windows and open railings that allow the entire school population. students to congregate and develop their Freshmen will take most or all of class community and personality. Sunlight their classes in this building, providing an streams into these hallways, which feature easier transition for their first year of high wood barrel vaulted ceilings. Bump-out school. windows with granite sills accent one inPinkerton’s campus IT staff and terior wall of the atrium—essentially small equipment hub has been relocated to the triangular floor spaces with floor-to-ceiling new building, a process that was coordi- glass perched over the lobby. A wide stairnated with the IT department throughout case is located in the center of the lobby construction. Additional departments with and will provide a smooth and easy flow new homes within this modern facility in- of students between classes on all three clude the video production and health sci- floors. The Academy Building was designed ence technology programs. The building replaces 20 temporary portable classrooms, by Marinace Architects, PA of New Hampsome of which had been in use for over 40 ton. years. Demolition of the portables was celebrated in July. Construction began in April 2010 and was completed in July 2011. The Academy Building incorporates several unique green elements. Two of the building’s high visibility roofs are covered with a planted green roof comprised of an interlocking grid of trays containing hundreds of live plants. This roofing increases the roof insulation, reduces building cooling loads, reduces the amount of water runoff that needs to be detained elsewhere on the site, all while protecting and increasing the longevity of the roofing material. The building also incorporates a continuous air/vapor/thermal barrier, high-efficiency window glazing, LED lighting, and integrated thermal controls that reduce the overall building energy consumption. The entrance lobby is a soaring Floor to ceiling glass is perched over the lobby. three-story space with multiple views

Project Team for Pinkerton Academy

Architect - Marinace Architects, P.A. Construction Manager - Eckman Construction Company, Inc. Structural Engineer - JSN Associates, Inc. Mechanical Engineer - McGill Engineering, Inc. Electrical Engineer - Reno Engineering & Light Design Civil Engineer - Meridian Land Services, Inc.

October, 2011


High-Profile: News

Autiello Bank Renovations

Cranston, RI - A. Autiello Construction Company of Cranston recently completed a $1.9 million interior and exterior renovation for Coastway Community Bank in Providence. The eight-month project included a complete razing of the existing structure so the steel fram could be reinforced to present day building codes and support a new Italian stone and glass veneer system. Both floors of the two Interior view of Washington Trust Bank story building on Washington St. were completely gutted and redesigned for an elevator and second stairwell for egress from the new second floor training and employee area. The site improvements included new paving, sidewalks and landscaping. The building design also included high efficiency mechanical systems, life safety system improvements, and down city Above: Coastway Bank, below: interior of Coastway bank drive-thru accommodations. A. Autiello Construction also is in the process of completing a $700,000 conversion of an East Providence retail store into a 10,000sf branch for the Washington Trust Company of Westerly. The four-month project included a complete interior renovation including a new drive-thru canopy and island feature. The interior is a combination of butt glazing, classic millwork coupled with high ceilings and a variety of floor Architects of Providence and will act as the finishes. East Providence retail hub for one of the The branch was designed by RGB oldest banks in the country.

The First Three Months

by Brendan Ahern The first three months of your new job are the most important months you will spend there. Why? Because so much can go wrong in the first three months. Think of your first three months as a probationary period. In today’s Brendan Ahern economy employers are more wary than ever before about picking up sub-par talent. The littlest problem can send you back to the job boards searching for work. So, HOW does one avoid filling again for unemployment. Here are 3 steps to keep you on track at your new job. 1. Work those hours!- NOTHING sets the tone for a new employee better than a person who is turning on the lights in the morning and locking the door at the end of the day. It tells your employer that you are dedicated to your new position and that you are passionate about your work. 2. NO Personal email, calls or Facebook!- That’s right, you may be used to a different situation with a former employer

Recruiters Specializing in the Construction Industry

CES President Tests Plug-In Hybrid

Middletown, CT - George Keithan, Jr., president of Consulting Engineering Services (CES) in Middletown, was selected by Toyota to participate in its Prius plug-in hybrid demo program. This is the only vehicle being tested in Connecticut and just one of only 150 being tested in the United States. Keithan’s extensive reputation for his knowledge and dedication to renewable and sustainable technologies played heavily in his selection to participate in this program. Over the six-week testing period, ending on September 15, Keithan will be using the vehicle for daily personal as well as business use. He has been driving the vehicle for three weeks so far and says, “A family of five can easily fit in the car, and it’s comfortable to drive on the highway or back roads; you don’t even realize you’re in an electric car!” While Keithan is testing the vehicle, he will be sharing his experiences driving

7 Lincoln St., Wakefield MA 01880 | 781-245-4666 www.strivesearch.com | info@strivesearch.com

EIFS George Keithan stands next to the Prius plug-in he is test-driving.

it, teaching the public about the benefits of plug-in technology, and giving feedback to Toyota to be used in their research. Worldwide, there are 600 Prius plugin hybrid vehicles, equipped with lithiumion batteries, participating in a global demonstration program.

but nothing can land you on the street faster than your boss catching you IM’ing with a friend while you should be working. This is of paramount importance and in my experience is the easiest way to get fired. Don’t give an employer a reason to let you go. 3. No complaining!- Obviously this does not apply to harassment or the sort, but what is does apply to is everything else. Example- Your boss is leaving Friday night and asks you to come in on Sunday afternoon to finish up some reports..... you BURN inside. THIS is the time to say, “Absolutely...not a problem.” Show him that you are a worker and willing to help out the team. After you’ve shown what you can do and that you have a “can do” attitude, you will get much more leeway in the future. Take it from me....jobs are lost VERY easily in today’s economy. Everyone has a tight rein on their wallet these days and Construction companies are far from the exception. With costs rising and margins getting slimmer each and every day, companies are looking for pure efficiency in their employees. Brendan Ahern is the managing director of Strive Search, LLC.


Professional Exterior and Interior Construction Services Preventative Maintenance—Fully Insured

1-800.722.6112 PropertyPro Restoration www.propertyprorestoration.com www.high-profile.com

October, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Saint Raphael Parish

DeIulis Completes Saint Raphael’s


edford, MA - With the recent opening of its new parish center, the transformation of Saint Raphael Parish in Medford has been completed, and DeIulis Brothers Construction has been a big part of the rebuilding process. In the early 1990s the parish community rallied to rebuild its church when it was destroyed by fire. The exterior of the new church, with its prominent bell tower, was finished with granite and limestone, while the interior featured an exposed wood ceiling supported by an elaborate system of glu-laminated columns, beams, and trusses. DeIulis Brothers craftsmen completed the extensive stone work as well as the detailed carpentry work. The church opened in 1993, and DeIulis was later recognized for its work on the project by the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts as part of its annual Build Massachusetts Awards Program. Fifteen years later, plans were launched to replace the parish center that had served as temporary worship space during the rebuilding of the church. The Spanish style architecture and stucco exterior of the building sat in stark contrast to the Italian themed stone church. George (“Butch”) Razoyk, principal architect of Architectural Design Concepts, was retained to design the new parish center. Whereas the old parish center was a stand-alone building that sat between the

Razoyk Principal Architect

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Digital image, view from street

Covered walkway

church and the parish K-8 school, Razoyk sought to create a unitary appearance by joining the new building with the church and utilizing complementing design features and materials on the exterior. The new building extended closer to the school, separated only by a driveway. A side entrance at grade level allowed for easy access from the school while an underground utility tunnel connected the parish center to the school at the basement level. The initial bids were significantly over the project budget. As the low bidder, DeIulis Brothers was given the opportunity to bring the project within budget so

The wall outside the church was salvaged and used to rebuild a new stone wall for an expanded courtyard.

Cast Stone Supplier for St. Raphael’s Church New Parish Center Precast Concrete Supplier

Specializing in Cast Stone Stone,Trim TrimWork Workand and Architectual Precast Panels New Construction & Historical Restoration Custom Colors & Textures Available Serving Greater New England for 21 Years

Northern Design Precast, Inc. • 51 International Drive, Loudon, NH 03307 Phone: 603-783-8989 • Fax: 603-783-9090 • www.ndprecast.com www.high-profile.com

October, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Saint Raphael Parish Continued from previous page that construction could proceed. Razoyk and DeIulis succeeded in identifying over $1 million in cost savings and reductions, ranging from material substitutions and changes to finishes to more extensive changes in the MEP systems, including a complete redesign of the HVAC system by DeIulis’ subcontractor. At the start of construction, the stone from the courtyard wall outside the church was salvaged and used to rebuild a new stone wall for an expanded courtyard. The exposed aggregate concrete paving that was original to the church courtyard was also removed, to be replaced with Aqua Brick pavers that would allow for surface water to be recharged into the ground. The proximity of the building to the church and school necessitated the installation of earth retention systems during the excavation and foundation phase. The limited site offered minimal lay down areas and made for a challenging steel erec-

tion. The expansive hip roof was framed out of wood, using a complex system of wood trusses connected to the steel frame. Many of the trusses had to be field spliced because of their length and height. The exterior wall framing was in-filled with light gauge metal and sheathed with a combination of Dens-Glass and cement board to receive the blended stone and EIFS exterior. The interior spaces of the 25,000sf, two story building were designed for multiple uses. A wide corridor provides a large open space through the center of the first floor. To one side are three conference rooms of various sizes that are divided by operable partitions, along with a reception area and administrative offices for the parish. On the other side is a large conference room, a senior center, and restrooms. On the second floor there is a large reception hall with a full kitchen for parish functions. Lastly, a separate youth center, mechanical rooms, and storage areas occupy the basement.

Interior hallway

Project Team for St. Raphael Parish

Architect - Architectural Design Concepts General Contractor - DeIulis Brothers Construction Company, Inc. Structural Engineer - Aberjona Engineering, Inc. MEP Engineer - R.W. Sullivan Engineering, Inc. HVAC Engineer - Griffith & Vary Civil / Site Engineer - Eaglebrook Engineering Fire Protection Engineer - R.W. Sullivan Engineering, Inc. Surveyor - Medford Engineering & Survey Interior area

Interior Finish Carpentry/Wood Doors for St. Raphael’s Parish Center

Concrete Forms for St. Raphael’s Church New Parish Center

Micieli c ontracting , inc . Plastic Laminate Cabinets | Custom Cabinets | Counters | Millwork | Finish Carpentry

Over 2 0 Ye experie ars nce

Commercial/Residential 59 Newhall St | Lynn, MA 01902 | phone: 781-581-6282 | fax: 781-581-6283 Shipping/Maunfacturing: 77 Sagamore Street | Lynn, MA | 01902 General Contractor #CS081977 | Home Improvement Contractor #139225

www.micielicontractinginc.com www.high-profile.com

October, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Offices at Brunswick Station


Mid-Coast Medical Group Completes Offices at Brunswick Station

Wright-Ryan Construction,Gawron-Turgeon Architects and JHR Development Collaborate

runswick, ME - Wright-Ryan Construction and Gawron Turgeon Architects, of Maine, and JHR Development, of Massachusetts, collaborated to build the Mid-Coast Medical Group offices in Brunswick Station. As part of one of the largest providers of care in the area, MidCoast Hospital expanded its services to include a walk-in clinic for nonemergency care and adult primary care offices. Spanning over 10,000sf, the offices include onsite laboratory space, x-ray services, and multiple exam rooms. Wright-Ryan began with an extensive preconstruction and planning process. It was critical to coordinate ownerfurnished equipment, teledata and technology, and building requirements along with the needs of the nurses and doctors. One of the challenges to this project was the x-ray room.

Rendering of reception area

On-site x-ray services are provided.

“The preconstruction process proved invaluable in streamlining construction to assure client needs were met,” said Tom Carey, Wright-Ryan’s project manager. “Due to our concentrated efforts in the planning process we were able to determine the best way to have the x-ray equip-

Rough Carpentry for Mid-Coast Medical Group Project

© Gawron Turgeon Architects on both images

ment fit into the space without encountering any potential structural issues.” The new facility is expected to serve over 10,000 people per year. The new offices will allow Mid-Coast, recognized consistently for earning high-marks in quality, patient safety, and clinical experience, to continue providing exceptional healthcare solutions.

The offices are a key part of Brunswick Station, a mixed-use development featuring retail and office space, a New England style inn, and residential condominiums. In 2012 the Amtrak Downeaster will have a dedicated stop at the Brunswick Station, allowing a larger population access to the medical services.

J D Heseltine Construction We are proud to be a part of the Wright-Ryan team, and performed the rough framing, window install, asphalt roofing, exterior trim, and siding on this project. 181 Valley Rd | Chesterville, ME 04938 207.778.4433 phone | 207.778.9191 fax

Structural Steel & Misc. Metals for Mid-Coast Medical Group Project

James A. McBrady, Inc.

Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metals Phone - (207) 883-4176 Fax - (207) 883-0276

info@mcbradysteel.com www.mcbradysteel.com Mailing Address: 8239, Portland, ME 04104 Mailing Address:P.O. Box Plant Address: Plant Address: 29 Parkway Dr., Scarborough, PO Box 8239 29 Parkway Dr. ME 04074

Portland, ME 04104 Scarborough, ME 04074


Exam room

Project Team for Mid-Coast Medical Group Project

Developer - JHR Development, Inc. Architect - Gawron Turgeon Architects Construction Manager - Wright-Ryan Construction, Inc. Structural Engineer - Lincoln/Haney Engineering Associates, Inc. HVAC Engineer - HVAC Services, Inc. Civil / Site Engineer - Sitelines, PA Fire Protection Engineer - High Tech Fire Protection Landscape Architect - Sitelines, PA

October, 2011


High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

Cleanup Begins at Silresim Site

Lowell, MA - Nobis Engineering, Inc. has begun the operations and maintenance portion of its EPA contract to clean up groundwater contamination at the Silresim Chemical Superfund Site in Lowell. Local leaders including US Rep. Niki Tsongas, who was instrumental in securing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for the program, and EPA’s Deputy Regional Administrator Ira Leighton, met at the site on Aug. 15 to recognize the completion of the electrical resistance heating (ERH) system that Nobis designed and installed to treat the site’s contaminated groundwater. Initially, environmental experts estimated it would take centuries to reduce the groundwater contamination at the 4.5-acre site, but with the installation and operation of the ERH system, contamination will be substantially reduced in less than one year, according to Boyd Allen, Nobis’s project manager. The Silresim site is situated close to major transportation routes and may be highly considered for future redevelopment, according to Nannu Nobis, CEO of Nobis Engineering. Nobis transformed the nearby former Davis & Sargent Lumber Company Brownfield site into its Massachusetts office and Lowell’s first LEED Gold certified building.

Dagle Provides Services for Testing Center

Charlestown, MA – The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center opened the nation’s first large-scale wind turbine blade testing facility in Charlestown in midMay – the Wind Technology Testing Center (WTTC). NECA BosMaureen Dagle, ton Chapter contracDagle Electrical tor Dagle Electrical Corp. president , with Construction of Melrose provided project manager Richard Kaiser. the facility’s electrical construction services, a project valued at just under $1.2 million. Dagle Electrical’s project scope included installations for the facility’s primary and emergency power, lighting and lighting control systems, fire alarm system,

Interior view of test center

The project was constructed utilizing a BIM platform – all MEP contractors were required to draw their systems in AutoCAD 3D. The design process was reviewed prior to installations by electrical engineering firm Richard Kimball Company of Boston. In a unique aspect of the project, Dagle installed several miles of conduit, neatly configured around the facility’s interior, as the structure’s cement foundation had been laid prior to electrical installations. A highlight of the elecHigh bay, energy-efficient LED lighting trical scope is the WTTC’s energy-efficient, intelligent lighting and lighting control system, manufactured by Boston based Digital Lumens. It is comprised of 100 Digital Lumens LED high bay lights, each of which is digitally controllable. The lighting system is engiMassachusetts Clean Energy Center neered to consume 66% Wind Technology Testing Center less energy than traditional lighting systems. The project team inand infrastructure for tel/data systems. cluded NECA contractor Spectrum IT, Tel/ The contractor also Data Installations; Turner Construction, provided temporary GC; Richard Kimball Company, EE; and Architerra Inc., architect. power to the site.

Simple Math. Any Quantity Any Size Any PrOJect


Simple math always adds up - and in this case, it equates to big savings. Are you paying too much for your construction documents? Try buckaplan.com today.

buckaplan.com | 855-buckaplan Serving clients throughout the Northeast Email your files to plans@buckaplan.com


October, 2011


High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

PSHCI LEED Certified Designed by Payette

Boston - Payette announced that the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute (PSHCI) has earned LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Payette designed the 176,000sf cancer institute in response to the USGBC’s efforts to promote and encourage the design, construction, and operation of highperformance sustainable buildings. Key green components include site and building selection, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. Rooftop gardens embody a commitment toward sustainability and provide a direct connection for visitors, guests, and staff to experience the healing power of nature. Hallmark features of the project are the healing garden, the hospital courtyard garden, and green roofs. Sustainable features permeate the project and extend from the site condiPhoto Warren Jagger Photography ( c) tions to the indoor air quality. Touching Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute healing upon major themes, the design team took garden environmental stewardship into considerPresented by the ation at every turn. Boston Society of Architects on the project. Other team members include An integral part of the project design Gilbane, construction manager; Bard, Rao team is the Sustainable Performance Insti- + Athanas (BR+A) Consulting Engineers, tute, a project of the Green Roundtable, a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing enBoston-based independent nonprofit orga- gineer; Gannett Fleming, Inc., structural, nization. civil and traffic engineer; Walker Parking Payette worked with associate archi- Consultants, parking; and Hargreaves Astect Array Healthcare Facilities Solutions sociates, landscape architects.

TMS Gives Music Hall Loft Green Feel

by Jim Cavan Portsmouth, NH - Officially opened this past April, the Music Hall Loft, located on Congress Street in downtown Portsmouth, constituted the continuation of a two-year long effort that began with the rehabilitation of the late 19th century acrossthe-street landmark. As with the Music Hall itself, the construction of the Loft was conducted with the goal of helping jumpstart a cultural renaissance on the seacoast. And, as with the much-lauded renovation of the Music Hall itself, TMS architects – a firm known for its dual commitment to style and green ingenuity – served as the structural linchpin behind it all. Training a well-honed green eye on a space in need of more than a little tender love and care, TMS succeeded in transforming the abandoned loft in ways that were equally as cost-effective: In lieu of costly replacement, the concrete floors were instead exposed and polished; for the expansive bar, aluminum cans were cut down and repurposed as a counter to house loft libations. Meanwhile, Paperstone – a hardened resin made from 50% to 100% recycled materials – serves as rails and shelving throughout the 124-seat auxiliary theater, which has hosted everything from independent films to cabaret to NPR author read-




Perhaps most impressive, the space utilizes a state-of-the-art energy recovery system, which – aided by super-efficient insulation – takes heated air that would otherwise escape wasted, and reheats it, helping to curb significantly the Loft’s fossil fuel use. As with earlier phases of the Music Hall renovation, TMS was tasked with devising ways to help curb the building’s energy use as creative as they were attractive. “Typically we’ll start with an efficient layout – making sure that we meet code – and then build off of that,” explained Nicole Martineau, a 10 year veteran of TMS. “Once we get the feeling from a space and what it requires, then we integrate the unique touches.” With regards to the Loft space, Martineau specifically cited an initial lack of storage as one of the issues TMS had to effectively tackle. However, as usual, the team found a way to make it work. “We eventually found extra storage under the theater seats,” she said. Indeed, while the Loft – a years-abandoned space located in the Worth Building on Congress Street – constituted the sixth phase of the Music Hall’s overhaul, Executive Director Patricia Lynch sees the fashContinued on page 43

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October, 2011


Have you seen what we do? Thinking of starting a BIM project? BIM is part of the structural steel industry’s DNA. We’ve been doing it since before it had a name. Because it saves money, reduces errors and shortens schedules. See @SteelDay. BIM in action on SteelDay®. Follow us on

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October, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Alpine Environmental at Walker Ctr.

Auburndale, MA- The Walker Center is a comfortable, historic place of hospitality for non-profit and faith-based organizations to use as a venue for retreats, events, conferences and more. Founded in 1867 as a home for the children of missionaries, it grew into the vibrant center it now is, providing hospitality for scholars and students of theology from abroad, hosting conferences and retreats, and offering Bed and Breakfast accommodations. Like many institutional campuses in the Boston area, maintaining older buildings is an ongoing and extensive effort. Lead paint exists in virtually every building constructed prior to 1978, and the historic buildings at the Walker Center are no different. When it was time to repair and paint the exterior of the main buildings, the Center also undertook a lead paint abatement project to address many of the common areas.

work in progress at Auburndale The Walker Center chose Alpine Environmental of Chelmsford, MA. Alpine has been addressing lead paint hazards for over 20 years for homeowners, institutions and businesses. And while many projects are straightforward, the job at the Walker Center was quite complicated. It involved myriad details such as window stripping and restoration, window replacement, stripping detailed woodwork, and applying liquid encapsulants to selected surfaces. Alpine worked with both the Center and the Auburndale Historic District Commission to gain approvals for the replacement windows. Since much of the work needed to be done in occupied areas, careful scheduling and exceptional project management were needed to get the work done without impacting ongoing events or creating hazards for occupants. When the three month project was complete, Sharon Wright, Vice President of the Board of Directors, stated “Alpine did a first-class job on this important upgrade.”

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Residences Near Completion Pro Con Architect and CM

Portsmouth, NH – The Residences at Portwalk, a $6.8 million luxury apartment building which is part of Portwalk in downtown Portsmouth, is nearing completion. Cathartes Private Investments of Boston is the developer and Pro Con Inc of Manchester, NH is the architect and construction manager of the project. The five–story, 52,000sf luxury residential apartment building will offer a variety of residential floor plans with one- and two-bedroom design configurations. The 36 apartment homes, ranging in size from 720sf to 1,169sf, will be outfitted with custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and Energy Star stainless steel appliances. Each apartment offers a living/dining room or great room, and master bedroom suite with cultured marble vanity counter and shower surround, walk-in closet, and over-sized windows. The penthouse apartment has 13-foot ceilings and sliding terrace doors, offering scenic views of the city of Portsmouth and the skyline. The first floor of the building will offer a private entrance, lobby and elevator for the residences and premiere ground-floor retail tenant space. Additional amenities will include a private parking area. Cathartes Private Investments and Pro Con Inc are aiming to make The Residences at Portwalk LEED certified, by incorporating environmentally beneficial strategies such as installing high efficiency, energy saving heating units and applianc-


The Residences at Portwalk es in each apartment. The goal is to have The Residences at Portwalk attain a 16% improvement in energy performance when compared to a similar building. Pro Con Inc used low volatile organic compounds for the adhesives, paints, coatings, and flooring materials and used regional and recycled materials in construction. The Residences at Portwalk are part of Portwalk, a pedestrian friendly, integrated urban development featuring first-class office space, boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, luxury residences, a Residence Inn by Marriott hotel, and the Harbor Events and Conference Center. When fully complete, the Portwalk complex will include four buildings located between Deer, Hanover, and Maplewood streets in downtown Portsmouth. Phase 1, the Residence Inn by Marriott and the Harbor Events and Conference Center, were completed in June 2010, and Phase 2, The Residences at Portwalk, is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2011.

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October, 2011


High-Profile: News

Students Return to New Schools

New high school administration building Wolfeboro, NH - The Kingswood Regional School District welcomed students back to the middle school, high school, and vocational school on September 19th and 20th after a summer of major construction performed by North Branch Construction of Concord. The students returned early this week to a new High School Administration Building; all new parking lots, sidewalks, and bus routes; new and renovated classrooms in all three schools; a renovated kitchen

New high school laboratory

and cafeteria in the Middle School; and a new Media Center for the High School. Despite running into unforeseen issues such as the discovery of a hidden asbestos ceiling and unbraced concrete block walls throughout the High School and Middle School, North Branch was able to assure a safe environment for the students’ return. All asbestos abatement work is complete as well as new seismic bracing of existing masonry walls in the Middle School. Seismic bracing is complete in the occupied areas of the high school and will begin in the vocational school shortly. North Branch anticipates completing the entire project several months ahead of the October, 2012 deadline. North Branch plans to complete renovations of the middle School gymnasium and high school gymnasium and locker rooms within the next few weeks.

New School Works with OSHA

Boston - The Springfield office of the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced a new partnership with Shawmut Design and Construction. This is Springfield OSHA’s only current such partnership and is made possible by Shawmut’s commitment to meeting and exceeding OSHA’s high safety standards. The partnership will facilitate OSHA’s construction safety courses and equipment training with employees and subcontractors working on the construction of the new high school in Uxbridge, ensuring continued safe practices on the job site. Subcontractors also signed a commitment to take part in lessons and apply what they learn on future job sites. Construction of the new, groundup academic building began in May. The

Mary Hoye, OSHA area director, left, shakes hands with Shawmut VP Tony Miliote following a ceremonial signing. Timothy Barges, Shawmut director of local field operations, and Peter L’Hommedieu, senior project manager, look on. project consists of a 123,000sf, three-story building with a two-story wing that will serve 600 students. Construction is scheduled to be completed in summer 2012. Fully Insured

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E.S. Boulos Awarded $2M Electrical Construction of High-Profile: Healthcare Facilitiesat Development News Molnlycke Health Care Facility Brunswick Landing

October, 2011

BRUNSWICK, ME – PC Construction Company has The Steel awarded E.S. Boulos theFabricators $2M electrical and teleof New communications subcontract for the new Molnlycke England (SFNE) Health Care manufacturingfacility at Brunswick LandYou To ing, formerly Brunswick NavalWant Air Station. The project entails demolition of an existing warehouse and construction of a state-of-the-art 79,000 square foot manufacturing facility for the international surgical The next time youcompany. are in theESB market for and wound care product is providing a steel fabricatorservices please consider hiring a electrical construction for PC Construction, England based firm. property ownerNew Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA), and Molnlycke Health Care.

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Molnlycke Health Care Facility Brunswick, ME –Molnlycke PC Construction trical construction Health Care Facility of the Maine Medical Company has awarded E.S. Boulos of Center’s Cancer Care Complex (MMCCI) Westbrook the $2 million electrical and Expansion project on the Scarborough camtelecommunications subcontract for the pus. The MMCCI 55,000sf expansion will new Molnlycke Health Care manufactur­ include new women’s diagnostic imaging, ing facility at Brunswick Landing, former- IV therapy, radiation therapy, clinics, and ly Brunswick Naval Air Station. conference areas. The project entails demolition of an The architect and engineer for the existing warehouse and construction of a project is SMRT of Portland, 79,000sf manufacturing facility for the inESB’s contract, awarded by conternational surgical and wound care prod- struction manager Langford and Low of uct company. Portland, is valued at just over $1 million. ESB is providing electrical construcThe Architect and Engineer for the tion services for PC Construction, property project is SMRT of Portland. owner Midcoast Regional Redevelopment The renovation includes low voltage Authority, and Molnlycke Health Care. systems and will encompass demolition, Harriman, headquartered in Auburn, installation of new lighting and lighting is the project architect and engineer. control systems, extension and rework of The new $13 million facility will be the existing fire alarm system and nurse used to manufacture Molnlycke’s line of call system, as well extensive voice/data advanced wound care dressings. The build­ infrastructure upgrades. ing will house 30,000sf of Class 1 clean The project will be handled in four room manufacturing and laboratories, a major phases, and E.S Boulos will be pro21,000sf warehouse, 8,000sf mechanical/ viding electrical construction services while electrical/support space, and 20,000sf of the cancer care facility is partially occupied office fit-up. and operational. The project commenced Construction is under,way, and com­ this summer and is targeted for completion pletion is slated for late summer 2012. in one year, by summer 2012. ESB also is under way with elec-

New England fabricators are losing jobs and federal dollars to nonThe new $13 million facility be used to manufacture Molnlycke’s line of advanced wound care dressings. American companies. Helpwill save businesses jobs more right here The building willand house thanin$12 million worth of equipment designed for the company’s clean-build manuNew England. Do your part to facturing lines, laboratories, warehouse and administrative offices. rebuild our economy. Hire a New England fabricator today!

The facility will include 30,000 SF of Class 1 clean room manufacturing, a 21,000 SF warehouse, 8,000 SF meFor more information on SFNE’s Buy American Campaign chanical/electrical/support space and 20,000 SF of office fit-up. Construction will begin in August and complecall (603) 766-7363. tion is slated for late summer 2012.

ESB’s project scope includes improvements to the overhead powerline, underground primary powP A V E R S Bdesign/build Y IDEAL er, and installation of a new pad transformer. ESB will provide installation of a 10GB LAN communication system, PA system, and fire alarm/life safety system. Harriman Associates is the architect and engineer. Garrett Gustafson served as lead estimator for the project. The ESB project team also includes Joe Bradley, Senior Project Manager; Jessie Klimaytis, Project Engineer; and Gene Flaherty Project General Foreman. ESB welcomes the opportunity to participate in the redevelopment of the former Brunswick Naval Air Station site. A number of other high profile projects are planned by the MRRA in 2011 and beyond for Jaffe Awarded Brunswick Landing. Cambridge, MA - Acentech cluding Zankel Hall at CarThe Solution to Stormwater Runoff is Right Under Your Feet


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Inc announced that Christopher negie Hall and renovations Jaffe, D. Eng. (Hon.) has been of the Kennedy Center Conawarded the 2011 Wallace Clemcert Hall and Opera House ent Sabine Medal by the Acousin Washington, D.C.; Setical Society of America (ASA) verence Hall in Cleveland, for furthering the knowledge of Ohio; and the Hollywood architectural acoustics. The SaBowl in California. bine Medal will be presented to His innovative ConDr. Jaffe in November 2011 at cert Hall Shaper revoluChristopher Jaffe the ASA’s 162nd meeting in San tionized acoustic design Diego. for multi-use halls, giving Dr. Jaffe was honored by the ASA them the resonance and richness of the for innovative acoustical solutions in world’s best concert halls, and he has performance hall design and for archi- worked with many world-renowned artectural acoustics education. An inter- chitects throughout his career. nationally renowned pioneer in the field In 2009, Dr. Jaffe joined Acenof acoustical design for the performing tech’s Studio A, a specialized consulting arts, he has consulted on more than 250 group offering acoustical, audiovisual concert halls, opera houses, theaters, and design, and vibration control for the permusic pavilions on five continents, in- forming arts.

October, 2011


High-Profile: Awards

EnviroVantage Recognized

Epping, NH - EnviroVantage of Epping was a big winner in the recent Massachusetts Associated Builders and Contractors 2011 Excellence in Construction Awards. The program, which highlights the contributions contractors make to society and recognizes the “best Scott Knightly of the best” in the construction industry, honored EnviroVantage with its Distinguished Merit award. The award to EnviroVantage was for its effort in the Commercial/Institutional/

Industrial under $1 million category for work at the TJ McIntyre Federal Office Building in Portsmouth. This project, which required clearance by Homeland Security, included constructing a 5,000sf “building within a building” that was full of environmental hazards. Due to the vast quantities of asbestos in the original building, EnviroVantage was forced to build the new facility within the existing structure, leaving the original building intact. “The TJ McIntyre Federal Office Building project presented many challenges, but our dedicated team was able to overcome them and turn it into a success” says EnviroVantage President Scott Knightly.

CoreNet 2011 Awards of Excellence

Boston - CoreNet Global New England Chapter announced the 2011 Awards of Excellence winners. The Real Estate Executive Leadership Awards recognize the global and regional real estate professional(s) whose accomplishments and thought leadership in the corporate real estate industry and charitable/civic realms as well as their service to the profession distinguish them from their peers. Recipients were: Global Real Estate Executive Leadership Award - Jeffrey Cook, Vice President, real estate services, Fidelity Real Estate Company Regional Real Estate Executive Leadership Award - Brian Murray, Vice President, Global Facilities Akamai

Technologies, Inc. Global Real Estate Service Provider Leadership Award - Brendan W. Callahan, managing director, Jones Lang LaSalle Regional Real Estate Service Provider Leadership Award - Jay Calnan, CEO, J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. Best New Workplace (<50K sf) Interaction Associates, Inc., Boston. 2011 Best New Workplace (>50K sf) - Ropes & Gray, LLP, Boston. 2011 Best New Workplace (New Construction) - EMD Serono, Inc., Billerica. 2011 Best Practice in Sustainability - Staples, Inc. Sustainability Management Program

Boulos Recognized for Safety Record

Westbrook, ME - Workers’ compensation insurer MEMIC of Portland and insurance agency partner Cross Insurance of Bangor recently gave special recognition to electrical contractor E.S. Boulos Company, headquartered in Westbrook, for its outstanding safety record. The company surpassed the 1 million hour mark without a lost-time workplace injury. MEMIC President and CEO John T. Leonard said, “We’re delighted that our colleagues at Cross Insurance have brought us such a quality policyholder.” The Boulos record began in January 2009, and the company surpassed the million-hour mark in June 2011. E.S. Boulos is a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Boston Chapter/Maine Divi-

l-r: John T. Leonard, MEMIC president and CEO presenting recognition plaque to E.S. Boulos, executive director Thomas M. Driscoll

sion and a signatory contractor to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

HMFH Receives Award

Boston Renaissance Charter Public School Cambridge MA - HMFH Architects received a 2011 Preservation Achievement Award from the Boston Preservation Alliance for its work on the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School. The awards are bestowed annually to honor outstanding achievements in historic preservation and compatible new construction in Boston. The Boston Renaissance Charter Public School has been honored in the category of Rehabilitation of a Historic Industrial Space. Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, the original building was constructed between 1889 and 1923 and housed the operations of the American Tool & Manufacturing Company. Situated on a six acre campus, the academic complex is a mix of renovated buildings and new construction and is home to 1,100 prekindergarten to sixth grade students from 10 city neighborhoods.

HMFH’s design for the school included the renovation of an existing threestory mill building and warehouse, as well as a new 20,000sf addition that connects the two buildings. The mill building is now a state-of-the-art classroom facility, and the warehouse building houses a gymnasium, cafeteria with performance platform, multimedia center, music classrooms, and dance studios. The connecting addition contains a new administrative wing, kindergarten wing, and support facilities. Led by HMFH Architects, Inc., the project team included Daedalus Projects, Inc.; GLC Development Resources; Boston Redevelopment Authority; Suffolk Construction; Lim Consultants, Inc.; Garcia Galuska DeSousa Consulting Engineers, Inc.; Nitsch Engineering, Inc.; Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Inc.; Halvorson Design Partnership, Inc.; Colburn and Guyette, and Simpson Gumpertz & Heger.

Patriot Award Goes to Andrade

Boston - Jim Bisson Jr.’s whole hearted commitment to U.S. service members was recently given special recognition when he received the “Patriot Award” from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), an Office of the Secretary of Defense agency. “The Patriot Award was created by ESGR to publicly recognize individuals who provide outstanding support for their employees who like other citizen warriors before them have answered the nation’s call to serve,” said Thomas Boyle, ESGR Massachusetts ESGR chairman. Bisson was nominated by PEC Associate Matt Andrade for his outstanding attitude and cooperation in supporting citizen-warriors like himself. Such support is critical in maintaining the strength and readiness of

the nation’s National Guard and Reserve units. “I’m proud to be an American,” said Bisson, “and we are honored to have Matt Andrade as an employee of Professional Electrical Contractors. Our sense of responsibility and support for Matt and his family while he has been on training duty helps keep America strong while lending assurance to Matt and all PEC Associates that their contribution to the defense of the nation is fully recognized.” On hand for the presentation and signing ceremony along with Boyle were ESGR southeast area chair and senior ombudsman Joachim-Ingo Borowski and eastern area chair John Pelose, PEC ownership, senior management and approximately 40 PEC Associates.


October, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Friendship Center Ribbon-Cutting Boston Ballet Completes Renovations Vision 3 Architects

Providence, RI – Dignitaries including Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Attorney General Peter Kilmartin redently joined Children’s Friend and Service President David Caprio and Vision 3 Architects for a ribbon-cutting ceremony honoring another milestone with the completion of construction on Children’s Friend president and CEO David Caprio the $1.25 million expansion and was joined by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Attorney renovation to the Friendship Cen- General Peter Kilmartin, Board members, and comter at 350 Point Street. munity supporters for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The Friendship Center is community, and accommodates a welcoman early learning school servicing approximately 300 children, and provides ing lobby, a reception area that facilitates Head Start services that promote the well controlled building access and improves being and healthy development of Rhode security for the children, and a large capacIsland’s most vulnerable children by pro- ity meeting room that will also function as viding flexible, effective, and culturally a community assembly space. Renovations of the existing building relevant services that support and strengthinclude new fire protection systems, new en families and communities. Vision 3 Architects played a key role interior finishes, new restrooms, and an imin providing early planning and design proved faculty and administrative area. Designed by Vision 3 Architects, services that assisted Children’s Friend in construction began with the building ensecuring funding and approval for the projtrance addition while the remaining renoect. The building improvements include vation work to the existing building took a 1,700sf building entrance addition that elevates the organization’s identity in the place over the summer vacation.

Jewett Completes Two Projects

Raymond, NH - Jewett Metal Buildings & Steel Erectors, under contract with PM Construction, announced that they recently completed work at the Hannaford Supermarket in Standish, Maine – a job that included extensive renovations to the

store’s pharmacy department. The company has also completed roof repairs at Monadnock Flooring in Keene, N.H., replacing 18,000 stainless steel screws in over 12,000sf of metal roofing.

Environments at Work, Gensler, J. Calnan Team Up

Boston – Environments at Work recently announced that it has completed significant upgrades to Boston Ballet, an institution whose mission is to bring new levels of excellence and access to the art form of ballet, both on and offstage. Environments at Work and architect Gensler of Boston collaborated to overhaul the existing spaces and provide Boston Ballet with a fresh design that will offer both dancers and administrative staff a flexible environment for years to come. The general contractor for the project was J. Calnan & Associates of Quincy. Environments at Work worked closely with the client to outline a product delivery and installation schedule that minimized impact on office staff as well as the rehearsal and recital schedules of the danc-

ers. With the renovation project affecting occupied spaces such as private offices, the lobby area, the dancers’ lounge, and the box office, the installation of Haworth Compose workstations and the Zody Task Chair and Side Chair provided long-needed upgrades throughout much of the facility. The efforts made to create a functional space with excellent flexibility while working within an active performing arts space required a great deal of coordination and communication, according to Barry Hughson, Boston Ballet executive director. In addition to working with Environments at Work, Gensler helped the client update its facility with new paint and carpet, transformed the lobby, and added a new cantilevered boardroom within Studio 7, as well as rehearsal and performance space.

ReStore Doubles HQ Size

Newington, A program of Southeast NH - The Habitat for New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s Humanity, the ReStore supnew storefront in plies overstocked, discontinNewington located in ued, new and used building the old Roller Skate materials donated by manufacNewington complex, turers, stores, contractors and ReStore moves to its new at 20,000sf, is nearly individuals. These donated location. double the size of Reitems are sold to the public or Store’s original Dover quarters. Cus- used in construction of Habitat houses. tomers will soon have 90 parking spaces from which to choose.

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October, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News TMS Gives Music Hall Loft Green Feel

Richmond Group Completions

Hopkinton, MA - The Richmond Group recently completed several new laboratory renovation and construction projects. Chosen for its expertise in the design and construction of specialized facilities, Richmond oversaw projects for leading research companies including Momenta Pharmaceuticals, H3 Biomedicine, Agios, and Avila Therapeutics. Momenta Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company with a product pipeline of both complex mixture generic and novel drugs. Richmond renovated its existing labs and offices in Cambridge, including construction of tissue culture labs, a reception area, and several additional offices. Richmond constructed a new research space located at 300 Technology

Square for H3 Biomedicine, a biotechnology company focused on the discovery of innovative new drugs to fight cancer. Agios, a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing novel drugs in the field of cancer metabolism, selected Richmond as the design-builder to oversee a 38,000sf expansion in its 38 Sidney St. location. Richmond completed a project for Avila Therapeutics, a firm specializing in the development of targeted covalent drugs that treat diseases through protein silencing. Richmond performed laboratory upgrades and modifications, as well as improvements to interior office finishes inside its new, larger 20,000sf facility, located at 45 Wiggins Ave. in Bedford.

RDK Celebrates With Mass Maritime With Perry Dean Rogers Architects and W.T. Rich

Continued from page 36

Music Hall Loft at dusk

ionable auxiliary space as an ideal compliment to its more expansive forbearer. “The Music Hall has had a long relationship with TMS, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working through the entire scope of preservation efforts,” Lynch noted. “One thing we really appreciated and admired was TMS’s attention to energy savings and their commitment to using recycled materials… Their forward-looking stance

regarding sustainability was incredibly important.” Still, the firm’s work is far from over; the Music Hall plans on again commissioning the Portsmouth-based TMS when the theater begins renovation of its main stage sometime early next spring. Jim Cavan is director of media and public relations at Green Alliance

Engineer. Build. Manage. LEAD.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s American Bureau of Shipping Information Commons Bourne, MA - RDK Engineers joined the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) at the official opening ceremony of the new American Bureau of Shipping Information Commons on September 7. RDK joined forces with Perry Dean Rogers Architects, W.T. Rich Company Construction and DCAM and provided MEP/FP engineering services for the Chris Hildreth, RDK principal, observes the inner work41,741sf center. ings of the ship’s bridge simulator within the new InformaThe center’s sustaintion Commons. able design elements include among those who got a chance to try out chilled beams, radiant floor heating, day lighting, and a low emissiv- the simulator during a tour of the building. “This new facility is more than just a ity roof. The building is aiming to achieve library – it is a place that will give cadets LEED Platinum certification. the skills they need to follow their dreams The new center is home to the acadand find success in whatever career path emy’s impressive Ship’s Bridge Simulathey choose, be it on land or sea. It’s great tor, that allows young cadets to practice to be part of a project that will serve stutheir growing skills by steering a massive dents for years to come,” said Hildreth. simulated ship. Principal Chris Hildreth, who spearheaded the project for RDK, was

Reach higher with WENTWORTH Wentworth’s College of Professional and Continuing Education will take you exactly where you want to go. Our new Master’s in Construction Management is the first program of its kind in the state, preparing students for the role of senior project manager, director, and more. And along with the construction programs we’re known for, our Project Management degree can earn you a leadership role in nearly any field.

When you’re educated by WENTWORTH, everybody knows it.

MASTER’S DEGREE • Construction Management BACHELOR’S DEGREES • Building Construction Management • Engineering Technology • Project Management ASSOCIATE DEGREES • Architectural Technology • Building Construction Management Evening, weekend, and online education for working professionals

INFO SESSION | Oct. 19th & Nov. 16th • 6:00pm 550 Huntington Avenue | Boston, MA 02115 | 617-830-1170 | www.wit.edu/continuinged


October, 2011


MPA Promotes Hicks

High-Profile: People

Boston - Margulies Perruzzi Hicks joined MPA as a Architects (MPA) announced the marketing and graphics coordipromotion of Barbara Hicks to asnator responsible for proposal sociate and director of marketing development and visual presenand media. In her new role, Hicks tation, and then transitioned to will continue to manage all the focusing solely on graphic demarketing, graphic design, and sosign. In recent years, she has recial media initiatives for MPA. turned to a marketing role while Work includes designing all still maintaining her graphic degraphics related to a complete resign responsibilities. Hicks branding effort in 2008, an in-house She has won numerous initiative that included MPA’s firm graphic design awards for MPA name change, relocation, and celebration of from the Society for Marketing Professionfirm’s 20th anniversary. Barbara redesigned al Services Boston Recognizing OutstandMPA’s website that launched in March 2011, ing Communications Awards. and instituted the firm’s comprehensive Photo by Boston Portrait social media program.

Graves Joins EYP

Boston - EYP Architecture & Engineering announced that William (Bill) Graves joined the firm’s Boston office as a senior proposal coordinator. With more than six years of experience marketing for A/E firms, his new role involves business development, RFP research, and Graves writing and developing proposals for the firm’s nationally recognized higher education sector. municipal Prior to joining EYP, he served as Journal.

a marketing coordinator at Integrated Design Group in Boston, and the operations and marketing coordinator at Maclay Architects in Waitsfield, Vt. He has more than five years of experience in the architecture industry. Prior to starting his career in the A/E industry, Graves served as editor and reporter for the Vermont

Billups Promoted

Norwood, MA - Thomas struction, power generating staE. Billups has been promoted to tions, waterfront structures, and the position of principal at GZA power transmission lines. GeoEnvironmental, Inc. He Billups is a registered projoined the company in 1988 as a fessional engineer licensed in project manager. R.I, Mass. and Maine. and also Billups has over 30 years serves as chairman of the Barof experience providing geotechrington building board of review, nical engineering services for a and has served as past president Billups wide variety of civil engineerof the R.I. section of the Ameriing projects including bridges can Society of Civil Engineers and highways, sewage and water treatment and of the R.I. Society of Professional Enplants, underground utilities, building con- gineers.

Lee Kennedy Hires Two Quincy, MA – Lee Kennedy Co. has hired Antonio Parillo as a project estimator and Derrick Chery as an assistant project manager. Parillo joins Parillo LKCo’s Large Projects group, estimating on projects in the academic, institutional, and commercial sectors such as the $70 million Berklee College of Music


mixed use building. He brings 15 years of construction experience having previously worked for companies such as J. Calnan and Walsh Brothers. Chery will be Chery the assistant project manager on the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate. He joins Lee Kennedy from Janey Construction.

Bioengineering Appoints Smith

Salem, MA - Doug Smith ing, and when the company was recently appointed president was acquired by a large firm, of Bioengineering Group. Smith returned to BioengiHe first joined Bioengineering Group as chief opneering in 1992, and left two erating officer, bolstering the years later when he had the opfirm’s position for large-scale portunity to live and work in ecosystem and infrastructure Hamburg, Germany for Bestprojects. mann Ingenieurbiologie GmbH, He succeeds Bill Hall, long recognized globally as a who is pursuing a new role at Smith leader in restoration design. Penn State. Smith returned to the US, Bioengineering Group joining KCI in North Carolina where he has been a pioneer in the field of ecobecame deeply involved in the establish- logical restoration and the application of ment and implementation of the state’s sustainability principles to site planning, earliest wetland and stream mitigation development, renewable energy, and banking program. water management. In 2002 he joined Buck Engineer-

AKF Names Reilly Partner

Boston - AKF Group announced that Peter Reilly, PE, has been named a partner of the firm. He has over 25 years of consulting engineering experience in a variety of project types for healthcare, education, and science and technology clients. Reilly joined AKF in 2007 with the opening of the Boston office, and his responsibilities include project management, engineering, business development, and marketing. His expertise has been prevalent on

projects for such clients as Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Business School, Elliot Hospital in Manchester, N.H., and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.


Integrated Design Adds Januskis

Boston - Integrated Design working on projects for FiGroup announced that Steven delity Investments, Digital Januskis, PE, has joined the firm Realty Trust, University of as head of electrical engineering. Connecticut, Tufts UniverA licensed engineer in 12 states, sity, and several confidential Januskis brings 24 years of expeclients. rience in data center design to his Prior to Integrated new position. Design Group, Januskis As head of electrical engiworked at RDK Engineers neering, Januskis oversees a team for eight years as electrical Januskis that works with each other and department head. He has the firm’s mechanical engineeralso held positions at Elecing and architectural disciplines to de- tronic Environments Corporation as a sign critical facility solutions for clients. project engineer, and prior to that, as a Integrated Design Group is currently construction manager.

Suffolk Hires Torres

Boston - Suffolk Construc“Weber understands that tion recently announced the hiring people are the most important of Weber Torres as its new chief asset of any growing organizapeople officer. Torres brings over tion,” stated Suffolk CEO John 30 years of human resources and Fish. employee development experience Prior to joining Suffolk, to this new role. Torres worked in various huAs chief people officer, Torman resources roles at national, res will serve on Suffolk’s Execuwell-established companies. tive Committee and will oversee After a 15-year tenure with the human resources and training Hyatt Hotels Corporation, he Torres departments. He will work closely joined Victoria’s Secret Stores with Suffolk’s existing vice presiand in 2000 became vice president of human resources and vice president dent of human resources services and deof learning and development to outline velopment at Staples Inc. Most recently, he a vision for Suffolk’s long-term plan for served as chief human resources officer of people development. the Harvard School of Public Health.

October, 2011


High-Profile: People

Dodge Joins Tighe & Bond

Westfield, MA - Matthew He also specializes in designDodge, P.E., recently joined Tighe ing massive jointless concrete & Bond, Inc., bringing more than structures that resist cracking 10 years of experience to the firm’s from temperature fluctuations expanding structural engineering and long-term shrinkage. team. Dodge will work primariWell-versed in designing ly in the firm’s Westfield office. buildings and major civil strucPrior to joining Tighe & tures – such as tunnels, bridges, Bond, Dodge worked as a strucand subways – Dodge specializes tural engineer for several well Dodge in the assessment and mitigation known Boston-based engineerof vibrations on building strucing firms, during which time he tures to ensure occupant comfort and sat- worked on both regional and international isfactory operation of sensitive equipment. projects.

Interstate Electrical Taps Pucillo North Billerica, MA – Interstate Electrical Services Corporation announced

that Michael Pucillo has joined Interstate as the new director of energy services. In this position, he will spearhead the company’s efforts to develop and deliver a portfolio of new energy related services designed to help companies conserve energy and save money. Pucillo has over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry in both product and service sales and marketing. He spent many years with OSRAM Sylvania in a variety of account management positions and the last eight years in various positions with Yusen Associates, a sales organization focused on sales and marketing for the electrical industry. Most recently, Pucillo was the director, Supply & Energy Group.

McHugh Joins Jones Lang LaSalle

Boston - Jones Lang LaSalle announced that Trish McHugh has joined the company as vice president. She will assume leadership of the marketing team in the firm’s New England region. Her responsibilities will include overseeing the development and execution of marketing strategy, programs, and new business development.

McHugh has over 20 years of top level marketing experience. Most recently she served as associate director with KPMG where she worked in business development for the mid atlantic region. Previously she was vice president of leasing marketing at Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers in Washington, D.C.

Davis Appoints Vanderweil

Boston - The Davis Companies announced the appointment of Peter Vanderweil as senior development and construction manager. He will provide construction oversight as well as development management for a variety of new projects being undertaken by The Davis Companies. Prior to joining the firm, Vanderweil worked as a construction manager at Boston Properties. He also has


worked as a project manager at Shawmut Design & Construction and Payton Construction, overseeing a variety of complex projects. Vanderweil has project experience in commercial, retail, hotel, residential, renewable energy projects, and wastewater treatment plants.

State Electric Appoints Wilson Woburn, MA - State Electric Corp. announced that Dan Wilson has joined the company as director of sales and estimating. A construction industry professional with more than 25 years experience in the greaterbostons market, Wilson will work with the company’s electrical construction and utility power groups in business development and client relations. Wilson

Burns & McDonnell Hires Verma

New Gloucester, ME tory, in which Burns & McThe New England office Donnell serves as program of Burns & McDonnell anmanager. nounced that Vishal Verma Verma’s duties will will be joining its team as include assisting managing a project controls manager project cash-flow, scheduling working out of the office in costs, as well as job creation New Gloucester. for local talent in the Maine. Verma joins Burns & Verma brings over 10 years McDonnell in a leadership of proven experience, most Verma role on the Maine Power Rerecently working for Allied liability program, the largest Companies in Washington, construction project in Maine’s his- D.C. as a project controls engineer.

Davis Names Griffin President

Boston -The Davis Companies Companies, Griffin will announced that Corey A. Griffin has work closely with CEO and joined the company as its president. founder Jonathan Davis on He joins Davis from 17 years with the expansion of the compaBank of New York Mellon, during ny’s asset management and which he spent 15 years with The development platforms in Boston Company Asset Management, order to broaden the compaLLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ny’s offerings and strengthBNY Mellon, serving seven years as en its capacity to manage Griffin its chief executive officer. investments for both high In addition to overseeing the net worth and institutional senior management team responsible for investors, as well as other strategic growth the day-to-day operations of The Davis initiatives.

Precast Specialties Hires Breen

Precast Specialties Corp. announced that Tim Breen has accepted the position of vice president of sales. He will be responsible for growing the sales base within the existing market areas as well as aggressively expanding into new markets.

Breen brings over 11 years of experience and a proven track record for success in the New England area. Formerly he was New England sales manager for Unistress Corporation.

Glen Forward Joins Essex

Westwood, MA - Essex Builders Corp. announced that Glen Forward has joined the firm as chief estimator. Forward brings more than 25 years of seasoned experience in a variety of professional construction roles, primarily in estimating. “I am delighted to be able to announce

that we are welcoming Glen on board,” said David O’Neil, president of Essex Builders. “He has a solid reputation in the industry for securing and servicing construction accounts for A-List clients such as: Home Depot, Lowes, Stop & Shop, Hannaford Brothers, and Shaws Supermarkets.

Subscribe Now! complete this form and fax it to Subscriptions, 781-293-5821 Name_______________________________________ Company ____________________________________ Address_____________________________________ ___________________________________________ City,State & zip_______________________________

$58 $58 individual subscription for one year $116 corporate subscription (three individuals) for one year $125 To order your subscription using Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express call 781-294-4530, 8 am - 5 pm.


October, 2011


High-Profile: Calendar Ecobuild


Structural Steel Fabricators of New England Annual Dinner Meeting December 8, 2011 - 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM Doubletree Hotel - Westborough, Mass Featuring nationally recognized speakers, Leon and Terrance Resnick from Resnick Associates to present an estate and family business succession seminar. More information: ssfne.org


October 25-28, 2011 Fall Meeting Los Angeles Convention Center Celebrating 75 Years of the Urban Land Institute! • Live! Brian Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, will perform, and food will be provided by Wolfgang Puck Catering. This will be a celebration unlike any other! • ULI’s Fall Meeting is the premier real estate industry event - the place where top leaders will meet to share strategies and solutions and hear about the trends and opportunities that will give them a competitive edge. October 20 - 11:30 a.m. For more information: www.ulifall.org Four Seasons Boston For assistance with registration: ULI CusNew England Women in Real Estate - “As- tomer Service. Phone: 800-321-5011 or Esembly Square,” a luncheon program with mail: fallreg@uli.org guest speaker Don Briggs of Federal Realty Investment Trust. - October 26 - 6-8 p.m. NEWiRE 30th Anniversary Celebration Nov. 10, 2011 - 7:30 - 10 a.m. BreakExchange Conference Center, Boston Fish fast, networking, program Pier, 212 Northern Avenue. Westin Boston Waterfront - 425 SumCelebrate 30 years mer Street, Boston of promoting the Impact of Life Sciences on Real Estate advancement of Development in Greater Boston women in commercial real estate. Peter for more information and to make resMeade, director of the Boston Redevelopervations: buildingcongress.org ment Authority, will be the guest speaker. For further information, visit http://www. newire.org/eventcalendar.aspx or call (617) 247-2346.




The National Institute of Building Sciences in cooperation with the American Institute of Architects will hold the High Performace Building Conference. - Dec. 5-9 Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C. The three-day Ecobuild America conference focuses on timely topics and real world solutions throughout every phase of the project life cycle. Targeted training is available for commercial, industrial, government, institutional, and residential AEC professionals as well as educators. For more information: www.aececobuild.com


Associated Subcontractors of Mass. GC Showcase November 01, 2011 - 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM 4:00 – 4:30 PM Check In 4:30 – 7:30 PM Meet and Greet - Meet and network with some of the Boston area’s premier general contractors and company representatives. Refreshments and a cash bar Registrations is required in advance www.associatedsubs.com


The New England Concrete Masonry Association annual Education Day & Tradeshow October 25, Holiday Inn Taunton, Mass. This event will offer attendees up to five Continuing Education (AIA) credits. This is the only New England area masonry and hardscape specific event and is intended for architects, landscape architects & designers, contractors, developers, builders, engineers, specifiers, and building & municipal officials. New this year - Segmental retaining wall certified installers‘ program offered through the National Concrete Masonry Association. Register early Space is limited! For more information: Dave Dimmick, Executive Director New England Concrete Masonry Association, Tel: (508) 476-3466, www.necma.com

BSLA Events:

Annual Open House. Sasaki Associates, Thursday, October 20 BSLA is pleased to announce that there will be 8 LA CES-approved Workshops as part of a dedicated twoday Landscape Architecture Track at Build Boston 2011l, November 16 and 17 Reception on Thursday, November 17, 6 - 8 p.m. For more information contact: chapteroffice@bslaweb.org

October, 2011


Presented by the Boston Society of Architects



Photo: Robert Benson Photography Architect: EYP Architecture and Engineering


FREE ADMISSION TO THE EXHIBIT HALL AND WORKSHOP DISCOUNTS IF YOU REGISTER BY OCTOBER 31. THE CONFERENCE is organized in 12 distinct tracks that are timely, technically advanced and pull from all professions in the A/E/C industry.

For details and to register, visit

THE EXHIBIT HALL will be teeming with building-industry vendors, on-floor presentations and award-winning galleries.

EVENINGS are filled with networking events, including the Build Boston Bash on the show’s opening night.

buildboston.com www.high-profile.com

High Profile Monthly



Trim: 10 x 13-inches

October, 2011


(above) Dining Area (top right) Exterior view (right) laboratory

Burlington, MA - Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. (SG&A) recently received the 2011 International Interior Design Association New England Chapter (IIDANE) Award for Best Research Facility for its interior design of the Palomar Medical Technologies facility. Nordblom Development Company developed the project and served as project manager for Palomar. Erland Construction constructed the building. AHA Consulting Engineers provided the MEP/FP/Tel/Data engineering...See story page 18

creating and operating dynamic real estate environments

Nordblom Company

15 Third Avenue | Burlington, MA 01803

w w w. n o r d b l o m . c o m  Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection Design

Erland Congratulates the Entire Palomar Team on this Great Success!

LEED Project Administration Sustainability Consulting Energy Modeling Energy Audits Commissioning Tel/Data Security


www.erland.com | Burlington, Massachusetts | East Windsor, Connecticut


Lexington 24 Hartwell Avenue 3rd Floor Lexington, MA 02421 (781) 372-3000

Cambridge 238 Main Street Suite 318 Cambridge, MA (781) 372-3000

Atlanta 1801 Old Alabama Road Suite 125 Roswell, GA 30076 (770) 992-8585

Washington DC 1050 17th Street Suite 600 Washington DC 20036 (202) 776-7188

Profile for High-Profile

High-Profile Monthly: October 2011  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...

High-Profile Monthly: October 2011  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...