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Wehrle Internship Resources It’s more than an internship. It’s an audition. Staff inside HPU’s Internship Resources share this with each student they meet. At internships, students get hands-on experience that enhances their resume and skills, but also their understanding of networking and collaboration. A large percentage of students are able to convert an internship into a full-time job offer based on their stellar performance. Other times, they’ll make contacts who will connect them to other full-time job offers, or gain significant experience that makes them stand out to hiring managers. Internships open the doors of opportunity. HPU’s Internship Resources is staffed with counselors ready to match students’ talents and goals with those opportunities.

Bernard Lobby The Bernard Lobby inside Cottrell Hall welcomes you to a connected environment. On all sides are glass — indicative of the transparent, collaborative world we live in. Hanging from the two-story rotunda is a 30-foot chandelier. Its shape is symbolic of data being streamed from one point to another across the world. Its bluegreen colors reflect the earth and the global marketplace in which students prepare to launch careers. This is the heart of the facility and all it offers students for personal growth and professional development. Those who want to share their ideas, connect the possibilities and create new opportunities are drawn to it, and they thrive here.

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High Point University Magazine | Winter 2016  

High Point University Magazine | Winter 2016