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Explore Stirling and Forth Valley Tourism News. Stirling Newsletter 2013 Written by the businesses themselves.

Explore Scotland – What is new for 2013?

exposure brings in extra tourists the following year. So hopefully the positive effect from the Olympics will be felt this year as a result of all the great coverage received. Indications’ speakone or twoto businesses, attractions and The first bit of news is that, James and Kathleen ing to Good luck us are back running the Explore Stirling area after 6 accommodation is that their forward bookings all ingood. the 2009 are looking So fingers crossed for 2013. years, having started it all wqay back in 1999.

May 2013

Explore Scotland Ltd 01796 473335 The newsletter • Gives you the latest Stirling tourist business news

Nicky Murphy who was in charge has had a lovely wee daughter and has stepped back, understandably.

• Written by the businesses themselves

How did you do last year?

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Explore Scotland


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Tourist Season. Explore Stirling and Forth Valley In the year of 2013 Guides. The We have made one or two changes as you would Homecoming expect.

2012 by all accounts was a much tougher year We have reverted to the painted map in the for the Scottish tourism industry. centre of the Explore Stirling guide, we have updated it and also made I recently heard on Radio one or two amendments Scotland that the numto update the map to ber of UK visitors holidayshow the changes in the ing is Scotland was down City over the last few by 5% and the number of years. foreign visitors was down 6%, the over all tourism spend was down something like 8% if I heard and recollect correctly. One of the factors that most people mentioned was that the Olympics had a negative effect. I always remember what businesses in and around St Andrews say about the year the Open is played at St Andrews, I am told that the year after the Open is when they get the benefits, while the year of the Open is a tougher year. The 1

You will also notice that we have made the back page a full size area map, to encourage visitors to explore more of the area. Under the main sections, Falkirk, Dunblane, Bridge of Allan, and Stirling we have put where to see the full details.

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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Explore Scotland the next best thing is watching a wee clip about the product. The second example is a small dress shop in Pitlochry, Claire Charles Designs. Janet the owner last year asked if I would put together a video of her explaining how ladies should wear tartan sashes. Janet said she was continually being asked what the protocol was. Well we put this video together along with a number of other short clips showing different ways to tie sashes. Janet phoned the other day asking if I would produce some videos on wedding dresses. She said the tartan sash videos had been really successful and was the best piece of marketing she had ever done. I am not saying that YOU tube videos solves all the marketing solutions, as YOU Tube A Tip from Oban!! they certainly do not, but there are anOne Oban accommodation provider tells us, I believe we will see videos playing a other string your bow in an increasingly that once she gets a booking her next task bigger and bigger part in marketing. competitive environment. is to try and extend the booking.

I will give you two examples of why I A hotel in Pitlochry has over 5,000 views of its rooms. Guests want to get I recently read in PC Pro magazine than an idea of what they are booking in to. no booking fees she has to pay to an online shop found if it had a short A short video helps encourage them to the room finder web sites, video clip next to the product it was stay.

She says if she can get an extra night or think this will be the case. more it is great all round, as there are

• •

Less sheets to wash and change selling it increased the conversion rate If you go to our Explore St Andrews or very considerably (I believe it was our Explore Inverness web sites you will overs to do

And importantly the visitors se more when there was no video clip), showing Tube video channels. Have a look and of the area

So what does she do? She confirms the booking and adds a line something like this:-

something like 3X that compared to see links on the home page to the YOU people still like the human touch and you can see the type of videos we produce. We will be doing the same for Stirling businesses.

“Quite often visitors do not realise how much there is to do in the area and wish they had allowed more time in their itinerary.”

Your Comments. Your feedback is VERY important to us , we need to keep evolving what we offer to make sure it is what the visitors want and importantly what the accommodation providers and business are proud to hand out.

“I have attached a link to a guide to the area to give you an idea of what there is to do ….” (and links to the Explore Oban Guide on ISUU). If you go to Explore Stirling web site you will see the guide on the home page, click on the guide and it will open up in ISUU, copy the link at the top of the page for your e-mails if you want to do the same thing.

So please would you give us your comments on anything we do. If you think we can do anything differently or better or just like what we do, please pop an e-mail to and let 2

May 2013

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New Walking Tours To Boost Stirling Tourism

Stirling Walking Tours predicts that its new walking tour will be a welcome addition to the historic old towns offering for visitors and that all local businesses will benefit from visitors spending more time in the town. No minimum numbers are required on tours and there are big discounts for children and concessions. If Any Hotel or B & B owner would like to go on Free Walking Tour or take stock of the leaflets please get in touch via at the Old Town Jail until its recent cloOld Town Explorer Tour sure. David commented: Departs: Wed -Sunday, 12 noon, 2pm, "Like many in the town I was saddened 4pm by the announcement that the Old Town Jail would not be re-opening this Meet: Mercat Cross (Broad St) year, particularly as I've been perform- Tickets From your Guide or Tourist Ining there for seventeen years. I was f o r m a t i o n ( O l d T o w n J a i l ) Departing from the Mercat Cross in encouraged, however, that so many Old Tours last approx 70 mins Broad St, costumed guides will enter- Town residents and business owners tain and enlighten visitors with a tapestry of tales woven from Stir“Depart should contact me to ling’s rich past. Tourists will have from the suggest that I the chance to hear about some of our lesser-known local figures ‘Mercat use the perormance and discover the past through Cross’ in fskills I'd their fascinating stories. Broad honed at the Local guides take visitors on a and Street.” Jail, journey through the curious through my nooks and crannies of the Burgh, continuing revealing some of Stirling's work on the strangest tales. Hear how the TOLStirling GhostWalk, to BOOTH PRISON became famed as "the devise a daytime tour worst gaol in Britain", of the magical highlighting the history of curse placed upon MAR'S WARK by the often overlooked characfiery Abbot of Cambuskenneth, and all ters, events and locations manner of mayhem, mischief and mayfrom the Burgh's colourhem...from the mouths of a host of colful past. The Old Town ourful local characters. The tours offer Explorer tour is an excita unique mix of comedy, drama and ing opportunity for me to storytelling. share my enthusiasm The new walking tours, running with locals and visitors Wednesdays to Sundays, are being op- alike." erated by well known local guide David Kinnaird, famous for his Stirling GhostWalk tours and hangman prison tours A range of character-based guided tours of Stirling’s old town has been launched by new start-up company Stirling Walking Tours, just in time for main season. Already the tours are getting rave reviews, with 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor.


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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Jimmy Chungs

Located 2 minutes from Stirling’s main shopping street is Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet Restaurant, an establishment that has been running successfully over the last decade. Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet can boast we are Stirling’s flagship Chinese restaurant. For choice, there are ample selections, over 15 starters and 20

“2 minutes from Stirling’s main street, Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet Restaurant”

main courses at any one time on a daily basis. For authenticity, we have experienced chefs from all over South East Asia to create dishes that taste to perfection. For service, our staffs engage with locals and tourists alike and make every customer feel like right at home, and for price, we certainly will not make a hole in your wallet! Many of our customers are locals who know exactly where we are, but we are also known to tourists who are exploring Scotland and also students from abroad.

Only a 5 minute walk from the historic site of Stirling Castle and Stirling University, there is nothing better after a day of exploring but to sit back, recharge and fill up with all you can eat Chinese buffet, and if you have any room left there is a fine selection of fresh fruit dessert to finish off your day. No wonder after all these years, we are still Stirling’s finest Chinese restaurant

Heartland Travel some of the key Visitor Attractions in Stirling including the National Wallace Monument, Cambuskenneth Abbey, Stirling Bridge and Stirling Castle. If you wish to make enquiries about your own specific tour needs, we are able to provide bespoke tours which have potential to take you much further afield. For example, trips to the Islands – Skye, Mull, Iona, Lewis and Harris. The Scottish golf capital of St. Andrews is another of our popular tour destinations. Our staff comprises of a small family team who are passionate about Scottish places, history, culture and heritage.

Heartland Travel is a Stirling based bus tour Company who provide small group tours of Scotland. If you are looking for things to do in Stirling, we can show you all of the best bits in one day.

Please call us on 01786 812531 to discuss availability, timings and a deWe operate a mini-coach which can parture point convenient for you. Altercarry up to 16 passengers. Daily tours natively, you can email us operate from Stirling taking customers to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs tional Park, Deanston Distillery and the 4

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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe It is a well known fact that people in Scotland have a sweet tooth, and since we opened 3 years ago nothing has persuaded us otherwise. Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe at 59 Port St, Stirling, is a family run business, and we pride ourselves in providing a friendly welcome to locals and tourists alike.

shop entirely out of sweets an attraction in itself.

The shop is crammed full of all the old favourites and you can choose from over 380 jars of sweets and take your “quarter” or “half pound” away in a traditional brown The shop has drawn many admiring paper bag, or we can even fill looks and must be one of the most pho- a gift jar for you. tographed shops around. The old fashYou will find a mouthwatering ioned look of the shop takes many peorange of chocolate bars you ple back to their school days. Make won’t have seen before, fansure you look in the window and see tastic Fudges, loads of Liquoour Loch Ness Monster made in the rice, and a huge selection of

sweets imported from the USA. If you are looking for a taste of Scotland you will find loads to choose from. Why not try a “Wallace Humbug”, an exclusively made hard boiled tartan sweet in the colours of the Wallace Clan and tasting of “Soor Plooms”. You can’t get any more Scottish than that! Visit our website for a look inside the shop at or visit our Facebook page at or call us on 01786 358812

New Stirling Food and Drink iPhone App. NEW Stirling Food & Drink iPhone App. Great meals out at your fingertips! The Stirling Food & Drink iPhone App includes information on food and drink outlets throughout the Stirling area. You can search by location, price and food type, and view amazing special offers and deals. This fantastic user friendly App will help you check out the huge range of local places to eat and drink. Download your FREE copy from iTunes today! For more info visit 5

Scan the QR code below to download the App

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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Stirling Castle The secret to the castle’s success is its diversity. With a myriad of buildings and products on offer, visitors can focus in on what interests them from a spirited guided tour of the castle, to the Palace Vaults and History Hunters for children and families to the new palace dinners for corporate and private dining. They also have a great programme of events lined up for the coming months. In the lead up to the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and indeed the opening of the new Heritage Centre in 2014, Road to Bannockburn will take visitors on journey to 1306 when Robert the Bruce was crowned king. The Great Hall will also be the venue for some exciting events in June shown across the UK during including a performance of Sir David last December. Lyndsay Interlude – a lost play from the The castle’s royal palace, mid 16th century and the Scottish which has undergone a £12 Chamber Orchestra’s sell-out annual million refur-

Stirling Castle has had much to celebrate over “Won the Thistle the last year, having Award for Best won the Thistle Award Visitor Attraction for Best Visitor Attraction as well as being as well as being named the UK’s Best named the UK’s Heritage Attraction by Best Heritage Which? readers. The castle’s Great Hall was Attraction” also the venue for ITV’s “Rod Stewart’s Christmas” featuring Kylie Minogue and Michael Buble, which was bishment to return the royal apartments to their renaissance magnificence, is the centre piece of the new visitor experience. The interiors are stunning, and give a wonderful impression of the richness and splendour that the royals would have enjoyed hundreds of years ago. The addition of a year-round team of costumed performers who, in their roles as monarchs, servants and courtiers, welcome visitors to the royal court of the 16th century, has also been a success with visitors helping them understand the history of the site and bringing the whole experience to life.


performance which, under the baton of conductor Gergely Madaras, this year features music by Weiner and Ibert. With all this going on there has never been a better time to visit the castle! To find out more


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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

From Archery to Archaeology - the Wallace Monument Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Japan and New Zealand. •

A Walk with Wallace (6 & 7 July and 3-5 August 2013) Visitors can join a footsoldier from Wallace’s army for a walk through the woods of the Abbey Craig, to meet William Wallace in person!

Encounter with Wallace (16-26 August 2013) Dramatic performances of episodes from Wallace’s life, marking the anniversary of his execution in London on 23rd August 1305.

The Abbey Craig Big Dig (6 & 7 September 2013) Visitors have the chance to work alongside archaeologists as they uncover the secrets of The Abbey Craig and its ancient iron-age fort.

…revealing Stirling’s story at the heart • of Scotland

The Battle of Stirling Bridge Anniversary (11 September 2013) Take a step back in time - to 11th September 1297, and Wallace’s triumphant encounter against the forces of Edward I at The Battle of Stirling Bridge. A guided walk of the battlefield escorted by an archaeologist will be departing at 12pm from the Monument.

As Scotland’s heritage capital - Stirling has a wealth of stories to tell, and during “Regular the 2013 season visipresentations tors will be able to experience something by costumed of the city’s rich past actors at the when they visit The National National Wallace Monument, where Wallace Throughout the season costumed regular presentations Monument” actors will be performing on by costumed actors Wednesdays, Saturdays, and will bring to life the Sundays - highlighting the role story of Wallace’s faplayed by The Battle of Stirling mous victory at the Bridge, as an historic Scottish victory in Battle of Stirling Bridge. The life of the The Wars of Independence. Scottish patriot and martyr will be recalled by other events in the 2013 programme which includes •

Archery Adventures (Sunday 2 June and Sunday 1 September 2013) Visitors can test their skill at archery - to see if they would have been good enough to fight alongside William Wallace!

Music at the Monument (Friday 28 June 2013) A chance to enjoy the sounds of Galway-based international band CLAN, featuring instruments from five nations 7

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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Buongiorno from the Vecchia Bologna ! novative wines from the Tuscany region in Italy, considered to be some of the finest wines produced in the country. The feedback from their customers says it all; “Here for Sunday lunch with family - superb!! We will be back!! Food was fantastic and service was faultless. Thank you :-)”, “Love this restaurant ... we eat here often, and the quality is always excellent ... would definitely reco m m e n d : - ) ” .


The a la carte menu Claudio and his family have been serv- favourites include Steak Toscana, Riing their favourite Italian family recipes in Bridge of Allan “our move from for 20 years. They’ve the High Street to changed location, tweaked this unique their menus and even built a beautiful outdoor space, but location in Bridge the emphasis on honest Italof Allan’s old ian cooking hasn’t changed Victorian Spa one bit!


Claudio says that “our move from the high street to this unique location in Bridge of Allan’s old Victorian spa house was a big decision, but we now have a restaurant that can welcome a small family group or a large family wedding celebration.”

sotto Mediterranee and Lemon Sole. For more information visit: There is also a traditional Sunday carvery and freshly made 12” pizzas. There is a great value wine list to vecchiabologna

choose from, with a fantastic worldwide There is a fantastic buzz about the selection. Or treat yourself to a bottle place with friendly and efficient staff. from the “Super Tuscan Selection”; in-


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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

La Ciociara

Is an Italian restaurant in the heart of The staff were very friendly, the pizza Stirling with the best Italian food pro- and pasta was delicious, not a single complaint. We'll be visiting duced by an Italian family from Atina near Monte again very soon!’ “Look out for ‘No frills, which I like as its Cassino. the new true Italian style. I can only We welcome everyone say we had a fantastic exwhether it is for a coffee in our Sundae perience. cafe on the ground floor or something more substantial in Menu in the Great service withour restaurant on the upper Summer!” out any level for dining of your choice. p u s h , The varied menu includes a great segood choice of salads and lection on gluten free pastas. the menus and genA fabulous choice of ice creams - look erous...’ out for our new Sundae menu in the Our menu offers summer…… pizza, pasta, fish and

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests this summer. If you have never visited us before please drop in and say Hi!!

We are proud of our very good consis- meat dishes with tent reviews on Trip Advisor with excel- house specialities on certain days as well lent recommendations such as: as the popular favour‘The food was fantastic, we went for a ites. pizza, pasta and drink for 2 for £11.50.

Allan Water Brewery


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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Stirling Bagpipes he will happily take time to talk you through the history of these instruments.’ Alan Waldron - the owner and master craftsman - specialises in making high quality Great Highland Bagpipes, Scottish Smallpipes and Border Pipes. His hands on method makes ‘Stirling Bagpipes’ a rarity, as most bagpipes are now mass pro‘Stirling Bagpipes’ is a traditional bagpipe making business based in Stir- duced. We are one of the last shops ling’s old town. The shop combines a in town where things are actually made on the premmanufacturing workshop and a retail outlet. Situated only 2 “This small shop ises! minutes’ walk from the Stirling sells bagpipes of Over the years Alan castle, the shop is brimming has accumulated a with a wide selection of an- every type and at wide range of antique and new bagpipes as every price, tique bagpipes of well as anything else any bagincluding classic makes, eg. piper or drummer can think Henderson, Glens, antiques by of. Lawrie, Robertson, legendary Hardie, Starck . Not long ago, we have feaThis collection craftspeople ” tured in the Travel guidebook ‘ proves to be very Fodors’. They wrote about us: popular and sells well all over the ‘This small shop sells bagpipes of every world. One day in the nearest future type and at every price, including an- Alan would love to set up a bagpipe tiques by legendary craftspeople that museum in Stirling and be able to disare displayed in glass cases. In the play all his historical pipes and piping room behind the shop, the owner lov- memorabilia to be admired by bagpipe ingly turns the chanters and drones, but enthusiasts from all walks of life. Alan’s speciality however is restoration of old bagpipes. He loves restoring antiques because everyone is different. They are sent from all over the world. It keeps up a bit of sparkle because you never know what’s coming through the door.


Over the 5 years since its creation, ‘Stirling Bagpipes’ have also become a bit of a local tourist attraction. Alan knows a lot not only about bagpipe making but also about famous bagpipe makers and the history of bagpipe in general. This is why he is often found giving ‘bagpipe’ talks to different tourist groups from all around the world. We have recently been visited by a Czech TV crew who were making a programme about Scotland and decided that nothing can be more Scottish that

bagpipe making! (You can watch the programme, when you visit our website). Please pop round and see us in the shop, you might be really delighted at what you might discover in this interesting place! We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Our website is up and running and includes a user friendly on-line shop with most of our products and services available for purchase at: Please call Alan or Paulina on 01786 448 886 for any other information you require.

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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Social Media Whether you like it or not Social Media is here to stay and is having a big impact on your business. I read somewhere the other day that 40% of marketing is now via Social media. We got involved way back in 2010 , we do get asked every now and again about FaceBook, so here is our take on it all.

FaceBook Introduction – We have written up these notes in response to a number of businesses asking us to help get them started with FaceBook and Twitter. The notes are supplied to give you some help to get started and understand Social Media. It is important to note this is our take on Social Media. We do not make any claims that this is the definitive guide. We would recommend you also look to other sources of information for guidance. The purpose of these notes are to give you the basics to encourage you to get started.

with out 1st creating a ‘Personal Page’. Look at the very bottom of your Personal FaceBook Page, along the bottom line underneath everything you will see ‘Create a Page’ click on this link which Types of content on will take you to the options ‘Personal Pages’ - You you have to set up a business do NOT have to use your ‘Personal FaceBook page. Choose which catePages’, you do NOT have to add anygory your business falls in. For most thing about your life – we hear all businesses it will be ‘Local business kinds of horror stories about everyone or place’ and follow the steps knowing all kinds of details about our through. personal lives. Well the simple solution is DO NOT put it on your Face3. Once you have created your Book pages. (I do not put anything on ‘Business Pages’ on FaceBook, my ‘Personal Pages’). get as many friends and family to go and ‘Like’ you business FaceHow to set up Your FaceBook Book page – once you get to 25 people who ‘Like’ your page, you can claim your business name or may be another name as your signature page – I have done this for St Andrews, it is ExploreStAndrews - You can see I have claimed” /ExploreStAndrews” after the FaceBook web site. I think this will be important in the long term, as you might like to claim FishChipsStAndrews or something like that to help your FaceBook page. These may well be important in searches on FaceBook. Pages’ - You MUST keep personal stuff on your on your ‘Personal Pages’, DO NOT put your personal stuff on your ‘Business Pages’.

“Social Media is here to stay and has a big impact on your business”

4. Once your business page is up

BASIC POINTS about FaceBook.

– make sure you are using the ‘Business Pages’ as your business page name, NOT as your personal I think I should start by explaining that Business Page:page name . (You do this by looking FaceBook has ‘Personal Pages’ and 1. 1st Set up your own personal at the right hand column just under ‘Business Pages’ – here are some page – Go To http://enAdmin, it will say ‘Use Facebook as basic suggested DO’s and DON’Ts. and enter your xxxxxxxxxxx’ either your personal There are 2 types of FaceBook name, e-mail address and create name or business name. Make sure Pages - ‘Personal Pages’ and your own Password. We suggest you you write on your business page as ‘Business Pages’ they are distinctly use a business e-mail address, as your business name, so click on ‘Use different. your business FaceBook page is then Facebook as xxxxxxxxxxx’ and use as your business name). ‘Personal Pages’ – Have “Friends” – part of one of your business assets and can be transferred if you ever you are asked to accept people as decide to sell the business on. Follow 5. If you are having difficulty in find‘Friends’ – they are really all about the steps to create your own personal ing the right username name for your your personal stuff, if you want to page, (as I mentioned in 4 above) – page. (You do not have to put any share your personal news with your personal information on here, or your go to the right top bar of your Facefriends. Book pages and you will see 2 or 3 photo, just leave it to the default imnavigation buttons. Starting from the ‘Business Pages’ – Have ‘Likes’ – age, if you want to remain low key). right ‘Home’ and ‘Your business people go and ‘Like’ your business 2. Once you have created your name’ or 3rd along ‘Your personal pages. This is all about your busi‘Personal Pages’ on FaceBook, name’. If you are stuck always click ness. you can create a business page – on either your ‘Home’ and ‘Your busi‘Personal Pages’ and ‘Business you can NOT create a business page 11

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Explore Stirling Tourism Newsletter 2013

Social Media (continued from page 11). your business, new products, new menu, new deals, what’s in season, your opening times (if you are now going on winter or summer opening times), ask your followers their views or opinions (usually you will need to have built up a few followers before you get any feed back, most people tend to be a bit reticent about giving ‘Like’ other business pages from comments, but it is a good way to your ‘Business Pages’ - Now go in involve them in what you are planto your business page as your busining), take photos of your product ness (see 4 and 5 above), and go and post it on FaceBook. Talk about and find businesses and other organilocal news that you think your followsations you are interested in. This ers might be interested in. DO NOT might consist of other restaurants, talk about things that is not of any shops, local tourism businesses etc relevance, such as the workmen in and when you visit their page ‘Like’ the street are noisy today, as you will them. By doing this you can follow soon find people will unlike your busiwhat they are saying. This can be ness. Less is more, so make sure you important for a number of reasons:have something really to say, rather one of which it allows you to keep up than saying something for the sake of it. to date on local news. This news in turn might be of interest to you and Put Follow me on FaceBook and also to those who have decided to Twitter – on all your e-mails, printed ‘Like’ your business pages, so you literature, menus, price lists, fliers etc. can pass this on to them if you think it Tell as many people that you are acis relevant. tively on FaceBook and Twitter. You will slowly build up a following. It does You can now also write on their take time. ‘Business Pages’ Wall – ONLY do this if you have something that is releFaceBook Golden Rules (we sugvant to say about their business. If gest) to help get you started are:you write things on other ‘Business Pages’ walls that are not appropriate 1. Acquire fans (you need to tell you can be banned. So be sensible customers and potential customers about this, as you would others to be they can find out what you are doing with your ‘Business Pages’ Wall. via FaceBook.) ness name’ or your ‘Your personal name’, to get to the different parts of your FaceBook. These are probably the 3 most important buttons so click on them when you are trying to find something and look on each page. (If you get stuck feel free to give us a call and we can talk you through it).

One or two other things to consider:Once you have your FaceBook Business page up and running – think about Twitter - I suggest you go and create a Twitter page for your business. Twitter is a different medium to FaceBook and I have the view that some people FaceBook and some people Tweet. So by creating your Twitter account you can link your business Twitter page to your Business FaceBook page. This means every time you write something on FaceBook it automatically appears on Twitter (no extra work), but it does give you extra coverage to an audience who might not otherwise follow you. What to talk about? – Talk about

2. Create and promote relevant content. (Make sure what ever you post is relevant to your business – do NOT put any personal information on your business page [this is for your personal FaceBook page NOT your business page]).

3. Provide valuable information. 4. Don’t hard sell! 5. Build trust, be honest! 6. On occasions you could put out a special deal or something for your followers.

7. Promote regularly, but do not over do it. Remember your FaceBook page is 12

about those who are interested in your business, so make sure you keep them on side. One or two FaceBook specific tasks:Adding ‘Profile Picture’ – A picture for your business, that appears down the left hand side and next to each message you post on FaceBook. Go to your new business page. On the top right (just below your business name and Home) you will see ‘Edit’ – there is also an ‘Edit’ button at the top of your page just below your business name. Click on either of these ‘Edit’s – to take you to your page settings. Down the left hand side (once you are in the page setting section) you will see a number of sections. Click on ‘Profile picture’ – you will see a box asking you to ‘Browse’ – this allows you to browse on your computer to where your image is stored, that you would like to appear on your FaceBook page. Load the image (N.B. The image should be no wider than 180 pixels wide, the length can be anything you want virtually. Do not worry if you do not now how to size it FaceBook will do it for you automatically.) The other important feature is you can position your image for the small icon that appears when you make a comment on FaceBook. Sometimes this smaller image does not show the best part of your business image. So while still in the ‘Profile picture’ section, just below your image you will see ‘Edit thumbnail’ click on this. A window will appear showing you your business image. You can put your mouse on the image and left click the image with your mouse, keep your finger down on the left button and drag the image about, so the part of the image you want to appear appears in the box. OR you can click the box that says ‘Scale to fit’. Followed by ‘Save’. Hope that helps. Rather long but hopefully it gives you the basics. If you have any problems please let us know and I will try and help if I can.

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