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Welcome to the issue 19 of ESTILA Edit!

ETHICAL LIVING First of all, as last time, a big thank-you to everyone who supports our second print issue VOLUME 2., THE COLOUR EXPLOSION, which we published end of January. It's going to be available on newsstands until the end of April 2017 so if you haven't got a copy yet, please head over to for more details. By purchasing a copy you're not only supporting all the emerging brands and designers featured in it, but you also support our mission to empower women in finding their purpose and pursuing their passions. This issue I call "Ethical Living" and its main message is to show you that slow living doesn't have to be boring or uninspiring. Rather the opposite. We can still embrace our individuality through making purchasing decisions that are not harming our planet or fuel unfair trading. I hope that some of the features on the following pages will open your eyes to the world of the slow moment; being slow living, fashion or food. Love,

Karolina xx Karolina Barnes editor in chief










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editor's recommended reads interiors hyggen Our shop spotlight this month is Hyggen, which is all about slow living and ethical trading.


style fashion forecast Flavia, our fashion editor, talks about the five musthave summer wardrobe edits.


open up & inspire corinne webb An inspirational interview with Corinne Webb, the founder of Frame & Cover, who is on a mission to show that sustainable methods in textile design and soft furnishings can be colourful and individual.


cover Colours of the month p.28


A new Private Business Platform especially set up for emerging designers in fashion and interiors, and small independent brands in creative industries. Coming soon..


"Where experiences and knowledge are shared, and collaborations are created."


HAVE YOU GOT A STORY TO TELL? We are looking for inspirational life stories, products and emerging brands in interiors, fashion and lifestyle. If you have a story to share, please get in touch at





The Calm Order words by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Vickie Kirk

Sometimes being surrounded by calming colours can be so rewarding. Step inside this three bedroom riverside apartment in London that not only has stunning views on the Thames but also offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Designed by Vickie Kirk from Studio K Design, the interior space mixes contemporary furniture with texture and restricted neutral colour pallete, giving it a relaxed and harmonious flow.



1. WHAT WAS THE BRIEF FOR THIS PROJECT? The brief for the apartment was twofold: a home for our client’s daughters to live and study, and a base for our clients when in the country. Our interior concept was that of a contemporary and crisp design, with clean lines providing calm order and a minimalistic spirit. An understated soft and calming palette of creams, greys and light neutrals, complemented with sophisticated accents of colour and metallic tones provided depth and visual interest. This resulted in a harmonious flow throughout the apartment. We worked closely with the girls on their own rooms, as each wished to instil their own personalities to their spaces that were to be both a place of rest and study. The first we finished in an elegant grey textured wallpaper, offset with a blue accent known to aide concentration. While in the other we created a calm and relaxing atmosphere, using spring fresh greens highlighted with rose gold tones.

2. WAS THERE ANYTHING CHALLENGING DURING THIS PROJECT? Yes, there were a couple of things that caused us some headaches during the design process! The light in the apartment was difficult to work with and not only due to the usual directional issues designers contend with, i.e. in north light things appear cooler, whereas southern light lifts a scheme with warmth. We had green window glass! The developers installed this to protect the interior decor from light fade, impacting every finish we wished to use. So, a perfect scheme in our office, the reality in-situ was always different. As a designer, it is vital to always sense check your proposed scheme insitu. Yet, for this project, we ended up scheming every finish sitting on the apartment's floor! 11

Our second challenge was more typical, incorporating existing features and instilling character into a vast and uniquely shaped room. In practice, this meant we had to work with an orange toned oak floor, a circular pillar and large curved window. Through zoning, we created three distinct areas, united through the consistent colour palette in each. We installed bespoke, bound rugs to zone the two seating areas with the larger rug beautifully mirroring the window curve (toning down the oak floor in the process). Placing furniture at angles and away from the walls, further broke the space providing cosy relief. Also we introduced ambient lighting through large floor lamps, table lamps and a new decorative pendant. This added much needed vertical interest, diffusing light at different levels and drew the focus from the dominating central pillar.


3. HOW IMPORTANT COLOUR IS IN YOUR DESIGN WORK? I love colour! Colour is so evocative, uplifting and personal in how we relate to it. Nature and travel form much of my personal inspiration. I save all my inspiration to my Pinterest colour boards and use these to create the concepts behind the designs. Used appropriately, colour can enhance a mood, set a scene and is a simple way to change the aesthetic of your home without a huge financial outlay. Often a client can be afraid of colour, not knowing how to use it to express themselves, but wishing to do so. In these cases, we introduce it gently: whether that be by a soft muted palette of colour or via brighter pops in textiles, rugs or artwork. 13

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE HOMEWARE ITEM? Not homeware as such, but I am a strong believer in styling your home with scent. Often forgot, a gorgeous scent sets the mood of your home, creating an inviting ambiance. Fragrance is so personal and evocative to each of us and the mood we wish to create, whether that be a woody, masculine scent through to a lighter citrus or floral note. My current personal favourite is the delicate sweetness of Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

“I'm a strong believer in styling your home with scent, which is often overlooked. A gorgeous scent sets the mood of your home, creating an inviting ambiance.” 14

Vickie's 5 designer tips











Look at your wardrobe for colour inspiration - this will highlight a palette of colours that you prefer. Using these in your home will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in any space.

Let your home reflect your style and passion and don’t worry about what others may think. This will make you feel that it is a home, your home, not just a house.

Incorporating a few key items that both work in the design and have a special meaning will enhance your enjoyment of the space.

Don’t be afraid to use contrasting and interesting textures to add character. We did this in this project through the use of cement, marble, wood and brass on the coffees tables, and through partnering crisp linens with velvet and satin throws.

Ensure you have enough storage and don’t underestimate how much you need now or in the future. Storage allows you to tidy away the clutter and will help maintain the look and feel that you have carefully curated.




shop we love

Hyggen words by Athina Bluff, photography provided by Hyggen

Introducing Hyggen: the slow living concept agency set up by Pianna Addison. She is Danish and hence started Hyggen out of her personal need. We spoke to Pianna about the ethos, style and mission of Hyggen and the brands she represents on the UK market.

1. HOW DID HYGGEN COME ABOUT? I set up Hyggen more or less as a 'coincidence' when I was looking for muslin squares when we had our first child. I found some that I really liked from The Organic Company and then discovered the full range of beautiful products they produce. One thing led to another and I became their agent in the UK. Over time I took on more brands and now represent 6 Danish and 1 Dutch brand.

2. WHAT IS THE CONCEPT AND MISSION WITH YOUR BRAND? Hyggen represents small independent homeware brands with heart and soul. As well as beautiful design, we represent companies that offer products made to last and last.


3. WHAT IS THE ETHOS OF HYGGEN? The brands that Hyggen represents all have a key focus on sustainability and slow-living. We all need to think about the environment and what a better way to do it than investing in well-made beautiful products and keeping them forever instead of replacing them every year.

4. HOW DO YOU DEFINE STYLE? Classic, luxurious design and interiors with a Scandinavian touch. All brands are carefully selected, and match each other, and are individual as well.


5. WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR WHAT PRODUCTS YOU'RE GOING TO SELL? I only represent brands which I can identify with myself with and fit my style - at home or to wear. It's important that they have a sustainable ethos and care for the environment and people.

6. IF YOU COULD OWN ONLY ONE HOMEWARE ITEM, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Vases and candle holders are my favourite homewares - a bouquet of flowers brightens up any day and makes me smile. As I'm Danish, I've been brought up with candles at the table. Many people see it as the essence of Hygge :-)



ethical trading 20

The visionaries we should know about words by Milena Kotseva

Whether they build their creative brands on the principle of honesty and transparency or create eco-friendly sustainable products, without “end of season expiry date“, that not only tell timeless stories but connect the generations too, this new class of emerging designers invoke Charles and Ray Eames’ quote: “We wanted to make the best for the most for the least“. We spoke to six designers from jewellery, kidswear to textile design about their approach to ethical trading and living.


1. AH BOUTIQUE Founded by Anne Hudson, AH Boutique offers stylish yet eco-friendly tote bags that are perfect for school runs and weekly shopping. Anne wanted to create a suistanable bag that can be used in many ways and for many occassions. She says: "I wanted to make sure my bags are suitable for everyday life. Even with its metallic detailing, the bags are washable and reusable. The inks I use to create the colour blocks are toxic free and eco-friendly, and the same applies to the glue I use for the metallic design." Anne is passionate about educating the younger generation by showing them to look after things and reusing them, rather than dispose them. "If everyone can make a few small changes in their lives then this should definitely help in the future."

“The inks I use to create the colour blocks are toxic-free and eco-friendly.�


2. RAW COPENHAGEN Founded by Karina Johansen, Raw Copenhagen is a precious jewellery brand built on ethical and sustainable Scandinavian living. Karen sources all raw materials from ethical and suistanable resources and also donates 10% of Raw Copenhagen's annual profits to suistanable development and fair trade projects for mining and silversmith communities in developing countries. She says: "The jewellery industry, just like the fashion industry, employs such a big share of the world’s - and the world’s poorest - population in all the links of the supply chain. And, just like the fashion industry, the extracting industry is amongst the most polluting. Therefore, setting up an ethical business to me was a vehicle through which I could run a business in accordance with my personal values, as well as contribute, even if only a very small scale, to change through sustainable development support, whilst being able to do what I love."

“Setting up an ethical business was a vehicle through which I could support sustainable development.”


3. CLAIRE GAUDION Claire Gaudion is a British contemporary pattern and textile designer committed to delivering exceptional quality with an honest and transparent, suistanable work ethic. She says: "All our products are designed in our rural Hampshire studio, and almost all our production is done in the UK. The specialist British mills that weave our collections include a traditional mill in Wales, weaving on heritage shuttle looms, a fine woollen mill using rapier looms in the north west of England, and a mill on the Isle of Bute off the west coast of Scotland. We are proud to work with such highly-skilled and respected British weavers and to facilitate local production supporting UK manufacturing. Our printed collections are made using digital print processes. Modern digital print technologies are far more environmentally conscious that traditional screen printing methods, requiring significantly less water for steaming and washing, and 50 -90% less energy for drying fabrics. Our contract-grade fabrics are printed with a sublimation technique, where water consumption is reduced dramatically to 1% compared to more conventional printing processes."

“Modern digital print technologies are far more environmentally conscious.�


4. HETTIE TRADING COMPANY Founded by Sian Rekkie and her team, Hettie is a lifestyle brand offering British made tote bags, handbags and accessories. They chose wool as their core material to work with. She says: "It is a wonderfully friendly fabric grown on sheep. Sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle, and 50% of the weight of the wool is organic cotton. Wool products have long lifespans, are washed at lower temperatures, and wool is one of the most recycled fibres. At the end of its lifespan it will degrade readily - all adds up to a highly sustainable fibre! I think the only way for brands to be 100% ethical is for consumers to demand ethical practices such as sustainability and fair trade, which is essentially the way workers are treated throughout the manufacturing process. We, at Hettie, know exactly "who made it". They are made by British craftsmen and women with old -fashioned attention to detail and do not have to travel long distances on their journey from manufacture to consumer."

“Wool is one of the most recycled fibres.�


5. MUKLET Founded by Laura Bonnell, Muklet is a childrenswear brand specialising in vintage and authentic design for kids. She says: "As a small business, it can be really difficult to ensure something is entirely ethical. I, unfortunately, do not have the budgets to travel to every factory and check the production process. Making domestically helps to overcome this hurdle by being able to visit the factories and meet with them first hand to put my styles into work, which also helps ensure a better product at the end. The stock supported garments I use are mostly ethically produced and certified. All of my products are made to last, which is very important when you design and make kidswear as it has to be washed numerous times and survive the rough and tumble of kids! I also like to think that garments can be handed down to younger siblings or passed onto another child after they have outgrown it. The kidswear is dual sized so it's intended to last the child for 2 years wear. I also upcycle vintage for kids rooms. I find so many great things that have perhaps been buried in a box in an attic, and I'm able to let them see the light of day and be enjoyed again!"

“All of our kidswear are made to last and are meant to be handed down.�



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COLOURS of the month

words, styling and photography by Karolina Barnes




Take your outfit to another level with the Maya Navy statement necklace. Handmade in the UK and using only the best quality materials, it is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Available at



THE SHOES STORY For confident women looking to challenge the rules, Sofia pumps are sure to turn heads. Customise your own pair by choosing colours, shape and even materials. Available from



THE PESHTEMAL STORY Rich in cultural heritage the Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel that was often given as a wedding gift and used in communal bath houses. Use it as a towel, blanket or scarf to add a touch of colour to your home and wardrobe. Available from



THE CUSHION STORY This limited edition, handmade in Cornwall, the Spritz cushion is as bold as your personality. You can choose to have contrasting piping too. Available from



THE CLUTCH STORY This Ivy Moc Snake Black leather bag can be worn in many ways. Use it as a clutch, crossbody or add it to the Dahlia tote for extra storage and contrasting impact. Carry your life in style with!


little treasures uncovered 34

Eight Hour Studio text by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Sonia Padam

1. How did Eight Hour Studio come about? The concept for Eight Hour Studio was born out of a love for craftsmanship and in particular traditional printing methods. We used the traditional printing method of Indian wood block printing to launch the brand but recreated how we use it to make our prints contemporary and stylish with a minimalist cool edge, and thereby making them more relevant for today’s modern woman and her lifestyle. From the outset we wanted to use natural fibres and ensure our production complied with fair trade labour practices. This was the foundation on which we set about building our “chillwear” business. We also wanted to create products that in this busy world and continuously fast paced lifestyle would help bring moments of chill into the everyday. We looked long and hard to find the right fabric that would feel like a second skin and make you instantly relax the moment you put it on. We are very proud of the gorgeously soft, and luxuriously silky satin finish organic cotton we use for our garments. It was also important to us to add an element of fun to our collections. We therefore sell all our pieces as separates that can be mixed and matched in many different ways. Our customers have fun trying on different styles and prints to see what suits their individual personality and sense of style. Our pieces can literally be mixed up in hundreds of different ways with other Eight Hour Studio pieces or with garments our customers already have in wardrobes. As a brand with a slow philosophy, we are very much about quality over quantity, and we therefore create collections that can be added to. If a customer already owns one piece from a collection and wants to add others over time, she is able to do that. The quality of our products also means they can be worn, loved and enjoyed time and time again.



2. What is the mission with it? Eight Hour Studio’s mission is to create beautiful and versatile garments for the modern, busy and stylish woman – garments that will make her feel incredible and will work well with her lifestyle. We also operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Preserving traditional crafts by recreating how we use them to be contemporary and relevant to today is also integral to the Eight Hour Studio philosophy. 3. How important is ethical trading to you and your brand? Producing and operating ethically is extremely important to us. If we cannot pay and treat the incredibly talented people throughout our supply chain appropriately then we would rather not be in business. When creating Eight Hour Studio we wanted to start an enterprise that represented as best we could everything we wanted an enterprise to be – local yet global, socially responsible, environmentally aware, using partners who share a similar set of values and with the longer-term goal of supporting community projects that matter to us. Every single decision we have made along the way has been founded on this ethos. 4. What was the inspiration for your latest collection? We currently have two collections. The first is our Dawn and Dusk Collection. Our Dawn prints are bold and vibrant and were inspired by bright blue morning skies. Along this same thread, our Dusk collection, with its soothing and calm colour palette, was inspired by the sky at sunset. Furthermore, the backdrop of Jaipur, India, where our production studio is based, also provided inspiration for our Dusk collection. Jaipur is also lovingly known as the ‘Pink City’. For our Noughts and Crosses Collection we took inspiration from geometric patterns but we wanted to give them a modern, minimalist twist. We created a soft, summery colour palette with our Sky Grey print family and contrasted this with our bold, strong and confident Navy Square print family. We love to see customers' reactions to the different prints, and more often than not, we find customers are instantly drawn to a particular colour palette and print family. Personally, I love to play with the different shapes and prints and mix and match. I am constantly finding new combinations that I love. I also tend to use different prints for different things – the Dawn collection and Sky Grey collection are my favorites for beach and summer holidays, while the Navy Square collection I see as my ‘London’ wardrobe. The Dusk collection is very versatile and great as lounge wear as it is so soothing, however, the Shirt Dress, Blazer and V-neck Top are also perfect for dressing up as evening wear when paired with the right accessories. No matter where I am, or how I am using the garments, I generally just throw on some sandals or casual trainers and some jewellery and off I go!





LIKE THEM, GET THEM research and graphics by Emilia Vespoli

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

FLYNN & KING DETOX Neem and Activated Charcoal Soap THE CITIZENRY Adisa Lamp SANDY LEONG Halo Collection

CUYANA Striped Silk Wrap Blouse MAIYET Sia Shopper Handbag RAVEN AND LILY Wood Vessel Set THE CITIZENRY Aldama Side Tables Copper





Fashion forecast words and images by Flavia Young

The five style commandments for the summer of 2017... March, the promise of warmer days ahead...ahead, but not quite here yet. If I were a month, when it comes to fashion I would probably be March. Spring, like on paper, but unpredictable and non-conformist in reality. For those of you familiar with my fashion views, you will know I don't play by the generally accepted Instagram etiquette of "be nice or be quiet". If I feel strongly enough about say, bloggers who don't disclose their posts as sponsored when that's clearly the case, I will call it up. Then at the same time, when I admire someone's style or professionalism, I praise profusely. I position myself on the fashion forecasting camp rather than the influencer one. By its very definition, an "influencer" is there (paid or not) to influence you to wear or live the lifestyle they do, in other words, calling you to jump on the bandwagon, follow the heard. I am the type of fashion lover who the minute everyone is wearing the backless Gucci slip-ons, I feel quietly smug that I never owned one. So, needless to say, influencers don't really wash on me. Having just returned from Paris where the round of Fashion Weeks wrapped up, I have noted the 5 main updates we will need in our wardrobes, should we wish to stay ahead of the game... Enjoy.

Flavia xx 41

1. THE KNOT Not the contrived pussy bow type but the effortless type. As in "I was in a hurry and am too busy to overthink outfits."


JACQUEMUS, Le Chemise Arlesie shirt £356

JOHANNA ORTIZ, Rosemary cotton top £473 SPORTMAX, Ubaldo trousers £208

ALEXANDRE BIRMAN, Lolita sandals £415

No. 21 Knotted striped sandals £440 42


PIERRE HARDY, Alphaville bag £1,355

FENDI, Dotcomm bag £1,970

FENDI, Baguette Wave bag £2,870

Not the mini crossbody type but one with a guitar strap and in a size that you put your daytime necessities in.

VALENTINO, Valentino Garavani Guitar bag £2,300

LOEWE, Puzzle bag £1,575


3. THE COAT The oversized coat be swamped, nothing less will do...


4. THE LUXE RAFFIA ACCESSORY Because nothing says summer quite like it...

PRADA, Raffia shopper £1,280 AQUAZZURA, Samba raffia sandals £640

LOEWE, Barcelona bag £1,850

BALENCIAGA, Bazar raffia-effect espadrilles £345

D&G, Raffia and snakeskin pumps £675

FENDI, Small raffia and leather bag £1,690


5. THE TROUSERS A relaxed silhouette in fluid fabrics is key...

DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER, Playful Harmony trousers £298

PRADA, Wool straight-leg pants £410

TIBI Cropped stretch-faille wide-leg pants £415

F.R.S FOR RESTLESS SLEEPERS, Etere 1 Printed silk-twill pants £400


JO LOVES special offer to our readers: Enjoy FREE FRAGRANCE TAPAS at Elizabeth Street, London store.




How natural is your skincare? words and photography by Nicola McCullough


When it comes to natural beauty products, not all things are created equal. Many that claim to be natural contain only a tiny percentage of natural ingredients, which are unlikely to make a perceptible improvement to skin. I've lined up three of my top tried and tested products by trusted brands who pride themselves on creating 100% natural, ethical products. Renowned facialist, Antonia Burrell, takes a holistic, results-driven approach to skincare and I'm a huge fan of her products. Five years in the making, Antonia's Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum combines the properties of a serum, moisturiser and primer to speed collagen production and natural repair. I find its silky texture a pleasure to apply and quickly noticed a distinct improvement in the radiance and clarity of my skin. Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost Skincare Serum is the skincare equivalent of a green juice (it is literally green). Packed with super nutritious ingredients such as kale and maca root, this oily serum calms and brightens while healing and repairing blemishes.


I find Super Greens particularly soothing after a rosaceous flare up or when my skin feels in need of a detox. Hand made in a Surrey kitchen with premium natural ingredients, Tropic Skincare products are vegan and cruelty-free. Australian natural skincare brand, Sukin launched in Boots last year with an affordably luxurious line-up. The products complement my sensitive skin well and I'll reach for the Certified Organic Rosehip Oil when my face is in need of a little extra tender loving care. Rosehip Oil is nutrient rich with essential fatty acids and Lycopene to help retain water and maintain youthful looking skin. Made with 70% essential fatty acids and vitamins, Sukin Rosehip instantly comforts and hydrates my skin when dull or inflamed.






words and photography by Sabrina Chakici

Introducing our new travel editor, Sabrina Chakici, who is the UK's leading travel expert and TV host.

Italy’s Romantic Rome is one of the country’s most treasured cities, boasting spectacular scenery, delicious cuisine and truly impressive architecture. Whether you are meandering your way through the cobbled streets of the ancient ruins, splurging in one of fabulously lavish designer stores or indulgently licking an ice cold gelato in Vatican City, there really is something is quite magical about Rome!


do Take a tour The best thing about this unique and picturesque city are the ample walking opportunities. Taking a stroll through ancient Rome is an absolute must. Start out at Sant’Ignazo Church for the impressive and thought-provoking artwork inside then walk through the cobbled streets past Complesso del Vittoriano down to the picturesque Roman Forum, which will lead you all the way to Rome’s famous Colosseum. Another enjoyable touristic duty in Rome is to visit the unique and aweinspiring Vatican City where you can get lost in the beauty of the architecture and visit Michelangelo’s magnificent painted ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. I recommend that you book a guided tour to fully immerse yourself in the history of these monuments. Roman Candle Tours is my "tried and tested", specialising in private, luxury tours.


stay Rome Cavelieri There is a number of great hotels in the city of Rome but if you are looking for pure luxury it doesn’t get any better than Rome Cavelieri. This stunning Waldorf Astoria resort has 15 acres of precious city parkland, four swimming pools, an extensive wine cellar and Rome’s only three Michelin star restaurant. It also houses the world’s largest private art collection making Rome Cavalieri an Italian institution for art lovers across the globe. The location is perfectly within the heart of the city, the rooms are lavish and spacious and in addition to all these luxuries, the hotel is also pet friendly!


eat Ristorante Pagnanelli For a unique dining spot in Rome try travelling a little further out of the main city to Ristorante Pagnanelli, a favourite among A-List celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Leonardo diCaprio. The food here is as delicious as the view. The balcony looks out over onto the year-round picture-perfect Lake Albano. On top of the stunning scenery Pagnanelli also boasts the most extensive wine cellar we have ever seen, the restaurant hosts luxury wine tasting evenings with an authentic Italian twist.





sustainaBowl words and photography by Ellen Stanton

Fuel yourself with this sustainable vegetarian recipe packed with nutritious ingredients. Get your healthy fats from the avocado, whilst your protein is added by the eggs and quinoa. The rest of this dish involves a variety of vibrant veggies, making sure you get your vitamins and minerals. Who says healthy food has to be boring? I think most people will agree with me when saying that salads are the prettiest of dishes. A rainbow of colours makes it pleasing to the eyes as well as the taste buds. Top it all off with a drizzle of my current go to salad dressing!


145g quinoa 1 vegetable stock cube 4 eggs 1 large carrot 3 chestnut mushrooms 1 red pepper 1 red onion 1 tsp chopped fresh or dried thyme oil for frying (I used coconut oil) paprika (optional)

For the dressing: 1 tbsp tahini 1 tbsp olive oil ½ tsp balsamic vinegar 1½ tsp lemon juice splash of water salt and pepper

method Get your quinoa on the go by boiling it in a saucepan of water with the vegetable stock cube. Leave this to simmer for approximately 20 minutes or until cooked. Also begin to boil the eggs in a saucepan for 5 minutes, then place them (shell on) in a bowl of cold water once cooked. Meanwhile, prepare your vegetables by peeling the carrot into strips and slicing the mushrooms, red onion, avocado and red pepper. Next fry the mushrooms and red onion with a drizzle of oil and the thyme over a medium heat for 4-5 minutes. To make the dressing, add all the ingredients except the water and stir. If it is too thick then add water to get your desired consistency. Sieve the quinoa and distribute it amongst the bowls. Place all of the vegetables nicely around each bowl. Peel the eggs, slice them in half and pop them on top. Finish with a sprinkle of paprika (optional) and a delicious drizzle of dressing!



“open up & inspire”

Corinne Webb text by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Corinne Webb

I talked to Corinne Webb, the founder of Frame & Cover, who is on a mission to show that sustainable methods in textile design and soft furnishings can be colourful and individual. We discussed Corinne's journey so far and what led her to set up Frame & Cover. 1. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR JOURNEY SO FAR? It all started with being taught to knit as a child by my Nan. I got completely addicted and my love of art and design started from that moment. From a childhood hobby, I ended up taking a textiles degree specialising in weave. I adored the feeling of different cloths and the possibilities seemed endless and enthralling. I was in heaven! Following on from my degree days, I cut my cloth with the big boys - designing at Marvic Textiles, Altfield and Laura Ashley. It was at Laura Ashley that the seeds of my own business idea started to take root. I took a course to train to be an upholsterer and remembered how much I loved to use my hands. I also met some inspirational people and gained a deeper knowledge in sustainable materials. The environment and how we treat it has always been something close to my heart. This is what inspired me to start my business and redress the balance between design and the environment.

“It's all about the design and evironment.” 61

2. WHAT IS SO DIFFERENT IN ABOUT YOUR BRAND? Frame & Cover is all about sustainability, traditional techniques – and passion! Our chairs are handmade to order in the Midlands using traditional upholstery techniques; the wood used for the frames is FSC-certified beech and we are equally fastidious in our approach to upholstery. The materials used inside the chairs are made entirely from sustainable materials - no foam, polyester wadding or anything that isn't or can't be fully recycled. Instead, environment-friendly materials like coconut fibre, sheep's wool and hessian are used. They feel and smell so good. I design all our fabrics and they are digitally printed, which means even the printing process is environmentally friendly, without sacrificing an ounce of quality. All of the semi plain fabrics that we use on our cushions and chairs are created using sustainable fabrics. Every part of a Frame & Cover product has been scrutinised and designed with the environment at its heart. 3. WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCT? The Lucienne chair is one the best sellers and gets the most attention at the design fairs. With its laidback good looks and winged armrests, it’s quite possibly one of my personal favourites too. From our fabric and cushion collection, the Tetric design in Coral and Royal Blue attracts a lot of attention, with its interlocking and overlapping blocks.


4. HOW DO YOU DEFINE STYLE? Style is instinctive, intuitive and should be enjoyable. It is a very personal thing and injecting your own style into the home shouldn’t feel like hard work. It's the way that you see the world and how you want to be seen in it, which is why design is so varied. Now is a very exciting time in design, innovation and trends – we all know the rules but we’re in a time when we are encouraged to break them!

5. HOW DID YOU OVERCOME THE FEAR OF FAILURE AND ANY INSECURITIES YOU HAD WHILE SETTING UP FRAME & COVER? I wouldn't say that I've completely lost the fear – but I think it’s the fear that empowers me. I face any insecurities head on, which helps drive the business forward. When I have a wobble, I take a moment and remind myself why I started Frame & Cover: which is that I wanted to design products that were beautifully designed but also had integrity and good provenance as well as the freedom that comes from working for yourself. It’s a great motivator.

6. WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE WHILE IN THE START-UP PHASE? I put a lot of work into finding suppliers and manufacturers who are willing to do small runs and use materials that are new to them – but better for the environment. Prioritising my plans and projects within the business was a steep learning curve. I was so excited to be living my dream but had to stay focussed on what was going to move the business forward. Juggling producing new product, selling existing product and promoting the business is something I’m still learning.

“It's the fear that empowers me. I face any insecurities head on, which helps me to drive the business forward.”


7. WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST LESSON OR ADVICE YOU RECEIVED? Just keep on thinking of ways that you can get the message out about your brand. Push the fear of rejection to one side, knock on doors and hold onto the belief in your product. Networking is important. I've found talking to designers and brands that have been in the same position really useful. It's easy to think, if you solely rely on social media, that lots of businesses are all doing really well, when in fact behind the scenes people are managing the same struggles as you. And networking gives you a sense of community to share your successes with too.


8. WHAT WOULD YOU TO SAY TO ANYONE WHO WAS JUST STARTING OUT AND WANTS TO GO INTO THE INTERIORS MARKET? Try and get experience in different aspects of the industry. It helps to gain a rounded view of the vast industry that is the interiors market. This way you can narrow down which part of the industry you want to manoeuvre into. If you want to set up your own business, this experience will help you sound more credible when dealing with suppliers and clients. It sounds obvious but building and maintaining good professional relationships with those that you come into contact with is important. You never know when those contacts might come in handy!





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