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High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. 1999-2000



Annual Report

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. is founded on the knowledge char riding, driving and caring for horses significantly improves the lives of individuals with physical, emotional and developmental disabilities. Ac che Sis Gould Center for Therapeutic Riding, our mission is to provide a secure, challenging and companionable environment that brings the extraordinary benefits of therapeutic riding and equine activities co a wide range of individuals through the sharing of our knowledge, compassion, experience and inspiration. -High Hopes Mission




Founder Mary K. "Sis" Gouldt

High Hopes Board of Directors

H orseschangelives. They give... peopleconfidenceand self esteem.They providepeaceand tranquility to troubledsouls- they give us hope.I - Toni Robinson

Officers Roger M. Smith, President Jane Bolles, Vice President Jeffrey Ridgway, Vice President Elizabeth David, Vice President I Secretary Charles Terrell, Treasurer Cheryl Kelly Heffernan, Vice President of Development

o rhar end, chis year bas been marked by increased programs

Sharp Trainio,g Inc., a local vocacional training agency, we provided a

and acrivicies chat provided hundreds of individuals wirh rhe

job sire for a young hig h school client .

ext raordinary benefits of therapeutic riding and equine acriviries. Against rhac backdrop, 1 am very proud ro high light some of our accomp lishments: High H opes provided weekly rherapeuric riding lessons ro

Directors Sally H. Aubrey Maureen 0. Augusciak Barbara Earle Ballard Linda F. Bierrie Jane I. Davison John C. Evans Geraldine U. Foster William D. Irving, M.D.


Charles Kingsley Judith F. Lightfoot A. Rives Potts Ann Rice Wayne Southwick, M.D. Kelvin N. Tyler Gurdon B. Wattles

Honorary Directors Lyttleton B.P. Gould, Jr. Grace Hamilton Frank Hamilton, Jr.

High Hopes Staff Alison Zack Darrell, Executive Director Kitty Stalsburg, Program Director Petra Shearer, Business Manager Helene Fenger, Development Officer Kristin Elliott Leas, Barn Manager Dawn Zornig, Program Associate Melissa Everett, Program Administrator Judie Driscoll, Administrative Assistant Barbara Abrams, Instructor Ann Bailey, Instructor Patti Coyle, Instructor Jonnie Edwards, Instructor Bill Nelligan, Instructor Holly Ridgway, Instructor Amara Alpert Cohn, Driving Instructor Carolyn Jagielski, Physical Therapist Carol Gilchrist, Barn Assistant Carol Brining, Barn Staff I Administrative Assistant Heather Rice, Barn Staff John Driscoll, Caretaker

227 special needs children and adults, including srudenrs in schoo l gro ups from the inner cities of New London, New H aven and

Helene Fenger. The immediate impact of her work was evident this year in what was a major milestone for H igh Hopes ... we were awarded a $220,000 Challenge Granr from the prestigious Kresge foundation for rhe future expansion of the H igh Hopes facility.

Middlesex Counties. I am pleased ro report chat we were once again

Because of Hi gh Hopes¡ accomplishments, we're often asked ro

able ro provi de scholarships ro more than 45~f of these students

consult on whar it rakes to make a successful therapeutic rid ing

through rhe generous support of individuals and Foundation grants.

center. Afrer lengthy conte mplation, J've finally concl uded rhat

Another 200 of our program parricipants came co us as field rrip groups, and for ocher experienrial learning acriviries. Some of those groups were from Ease Lyme Middle School, Lillie B. Haynes Elementary School, and Connecticut Services for the Blind.

the answer is not something rhar we could ever "packa,ge." Our success doesn¡r come from gimmicks or magic. It's very straig htforw ard. H igh H opes works because of YOU , t he dedicated, caring and generous people in our communiry. And because we remain sceadfasrly dedicated ro providin g each of our riders wirh

H igh Hopes brings ch ildren of ALL abilities rogerher each year in

personal arrention from our ourscanding staff and volunteers. And

our Summer Camp program. Tbi s year, we served 78 children and approximately JOOyouth volunteers.

that's something abour High Ho pes rhat will never change.

In addition ro our core group of approximately 125 volunteers who work regularly in our programs, we were joined by individuals from Vista of Westbrook, AJC, Church ofLarrer Day Saines, United Scares

a!wxJu;O~ Alison Zack Darrell Excmtire DireC/or

Coast Guard Academy, Youch and Family Services of Old Saybrook, Dow Chemical, rhe 4-H Club, Mr. Saint John School , Sea Scout s and Community Service volunteers. Their generosity provided

Shaping the future of Therapeutic Riding , one graduate at a time .

Hi gh Hopes wirh more than 16,000 recorded hours of service. Board Members and ochers who worked on our benefit evencs and other projects gave countless additional volunteer hours. H igh H opes was again approved by the North Ameri can Riding for che Handicapped Association (NARHA) ro offer the lnscru cror Training Course. We contin ue to be one of just a few rherapeuric riding centers in the country with the capacity and ability ro rrain instructors for cerrifi cacion. This year, we graduated I 4 students from our course. In add ition, through rhe excellence of our programs, we were able ro host rhe NAR H A Master Exam for 4 inscrucrors seeking NAR HA cerr ificarion ar che Master level. We emba rked upon a pilot program for mentoring and skills develo pment in stable management. In partnership with

t Deceased

High Hopes rook a big step coward ensuring rhe future growth of our programs rhis year when we hired our Development Offi cer,

Instructor training course graduates, Becky Cahill (L) with Poncho and Kate Beaugard (R) with April.




s J reflect upon my two years as President of the Board of High Hopes, it seems like only yesterday that we sac down ro talk about our vision for rhe future and, consequently, mustered up rhe courage to embark upon rhe second phase

of a major fundraising campaign co expand the facility and increase our endowment.

Now, a year and a half later, we have a Building Expansion Plan and have raised nearly $2 million coward our $2.6 million Campaign goal. As part of tliat fundraising effort, we app lied for and were awarded a $220,000 Challenge Grant from the Kresge Foundation. The Kresge Foundation is one of che most prestigious and sophisticated foundations support ing the work of nonprofit organizations, with very high expectations and guidelines for giving. Receiving this award is a testimonial to rhe

Building Our Futur

progress High Hopes has made over its first twenty-six years. While this grant award is a real boost co the Campaign, receipt of the $220,000 is contingent upon our raising approximately three times chat amount by September I, 2001 . We are optimistic char chis will be done, bur it will require continued hard work and a lot of support from the community. As you read chis, we will have begun requesting bids on our expansion projecr. Riders, staff, parents and volunteers have all

been involved in designing the increased space, and we are confident chat t he new facility will enable us co improve the ourcomes of the High Hopes experience for the many people we serve. Thanks ro both the Dairch and Gui tat families, we were able co acquire another 62 acres of land contiguous to our existing property, giving us a tota l of l 25 acres of land. As pare of our overall expansion projecc, the additional land will give us increased flexibility as we move forward. We are fortunate co have such generous friends and neighbors co help us achieve out goals. Speaking of friends, Mark and Dorinda Winkelman hosted our biennial benefit event, Symphony in the Meadows, at their home in Essex on June !Och. With more than 750 contribucors in attendance, chis event was a record-breaking success.

As we look forward co the future wirh optim ism, we also reflecc on our past and all of the wonderful people who make up ou r history and share in our achievements. They are our roots, and ma ny of them are still active supporters and volunteers . Ir is because of their strength, wisdom and insight rhat High Hopes is as strong as it is today. J look forward to building on this strength as we continue to meet the challenges chat lie ahead.

Roger M. Smith


Facility rendering courtesy of CenterbrookArch/


Annual Appeal Contributors FISCA L Y EA R ENDING

We are grateful to the hundreds of Individualsand businessesthat give so generouslyto our Annu al Appeal providing a solid f inancial base of operating support for High Hopes. Life

B:ubua & Matt Abrams Joseph & Maureen Augusciak Mrs . Nancy W. Brundage Mr. Robert Daniels Bill Doane & Mary Mille Mrs. Maud B. Duk e


Mrs. Robert Fisher

Cynthia & Louis Bacoo

Ted & Rebecca Crosby Jane


r. Davison

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Gr.tee Mr . & Mrs. Ralph W. Hal sey Mr . & Mrs . James Herman

Evan S. Griswold & Emily T. Fisher




Kelsey Fourn ier

Sta r t-A - Rider

Ms. Becz Haa rtz Mr. & Mrs. Frank \'I/. Hamilron,Jr.

Maia & Kay Ch iac

Frank l in Farms, Inc

Mr. & Mrs. Jo sep h N. Greene.Jr .

Lycc Gould

The Hart ford Couranr

Mrs. Cyndie Gould Melch er

Mr. & Mrs. Pecer Lapolla

Mr. & Mrs. Sydney H . Rogers

Ms. Cindy Palmer

Carherine McGrady

Ms. Kara B. Seymour

Jennifer & Joseph Parsons Linda & Tom Picazio

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Murph y II

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ridgway

Ms . Susan L. Peacock

Connie & Al Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Pose

& Famil y Dr. & Mrs. Sreven Goldblacc

Krisrin Karabees John & Mary MacDo nald

Bob & Penny Nelson

Roberr & Barbara Bollard

Si s Gould Program


Drs. Ear l J. & Marga ret C. Mummerr

Sponsors Mr. & Mrs . R. Bruce Andre ws Mr. & Mrs. Curris E. Aske lson

Lyn Gould

Mr. & Mrs. John Jacobs Mrs. Shi rley Langford

John S. Johnson

Mrs. Katherine Woodward Mellon

Barbara & John Kashanski

Mr. & Mrs. Perer Russell

The Kitchings Family

Mr. & Mrs. Dav id Sargent M r. & Mrs. Pcrer Schavoir

Van Brown & Wanda Tillman

J udith F. & Ri cha rd B. Lighrfoot Mr. & Mrs . K .C. Mazer

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Smith

Mrs. Margarer M. Clucas

R ives & Nancy Potts

Mr. & Mrs. Sabin C. Streeter

D . S. Dibble

Bern ie & Karen Schwan

John M. Srurges , Jr. Gurdon B. Wattles & Kachy Fullercon

Dr. & Mr s. John R. Drew


Mrs . Edward P. Williams

Mrs. Mary C. Dunn


Mr. & Mrs. Philip

J. Seagull

M r. & Mrs. Charles Terrell

Lisa Ann Ruglio Mr. & Mrs. George \'II. Wh elen JV

Mr. & Mrs . Williom Winterer

Seever & Sally Aubrey Mr. & Mrs. Bru ce H. Auguscadc Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Bierrie William C.,rlcy & Cather ine Mackey

Mr . Roy 0. Dubs Mrs . Margar et Foy-Morse

M r. & Mrs. John C. Evans Lord Creek Farm J ohn & H eidi Niblack

Mr . & Mrs. Michael Furgueson

Adopt-A -Horse, Start-A-Rider & Sis Gould Carriage Driving Program

Mr . & Mrs. John Greene Mr. & Mrs. Anth ony P. Ha lsey Mr. & Mrs . Parker Handy

Benefactors Char les & Sylvia Erhart

Mr. & Mrs. Russe ll Ford Mr. & Mrs . Micchell Heffernan M rs. Nancy B. Krieble

Mr.t & Mrs.John].


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Moore, J r.

By directing t heir Ann ual Appea l gifts to t he care of our horses, t uit ion for our riders, and our driving program the fo llowi ng individuals have show n a special commit ment to what High Hopes is all about...our horses and rid ers!

Ms. Inge H ierec Mr. & Mrs. Roberr L. Ho llis Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. H. Hol t Mrs . Chauncey Fox Howe Mr. & Mrs. Tanner T. Hunt , Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Kings ley Mr. & Mrs . William L,mbot Mrs . F. David Lapham

Robert & ~ndy Mu lligan Bernie & Karen Schwarz


~fr. & Mrs. Roge r Smith

Mar ion R. Buchana n

Dt ."& Mrs. Wayne Southwick Mr . Lester


Webster Bank

M rs. Js.,bel C. Leach Mrs. Rurh Lord Tondra C. Lynford

Ian Moses Cannon, His Classmates,

Ms . Anne L. MacKenzie

H is Friends and His Family ¡

S. MacNichol Dr. & Mrs. James B. Macthcw Mr. & Mrs. Roland

Thomas S. & Susan K. Childs Mr. & Mrs. Rohen A. Coit

Ms. :Marilyn Conklin Pete r & .AlexaDaicch Mr . & Mrs . Henri M. David, Jr. Ms. Geraldine U . Foster



Mr. William H. Moor e Mr. & Mrs . Charles C. Osborne This year one of our riders asked his dassmates to help High Hopes Instead of bringing gifts to his birthday party. They made donations in th e amount of $900 and decided toge ther to adopt a horse/ Pictured above is that ve,y special young man, Ian Moses Cannon, proudly displaying a photo of his class'sadopted horse, Ben.

Mrs . David M . Payne Mr. & Mrs . Frederick

J. Platt

Ann & David Mark Primo


1999-2000 Mr. & Mrs. John Rexroad Mr s. Charles J. Scanlon Tomf & Mary Schaaf Mr. & Mrs. S. Spencer Scorc


Dr. & Mrs. John Cannon Mrs. Marshall Clark Mr. & Mrs. Herbert T. Clark lll Kay & Logan Clarke

Mr. & Mrs. A. Tappan Soper

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Coker Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Comstock

Judy & David Winer

Michael Crain, MD Charles & J anet Crump

Sustainers Joan & Barry Bloom Mrs. George H. Darrell Mr. & Mrs. Chrisrnpher P. Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Ethe r ington Mrs. Rurh Heller Mrs. Muriel N. Hinkle Dr. & Mrs. William D. Jrving Mr. & Mrs . Waldo C. M. J ohnston John & Wendy Lord Mr. & Mrs. George C. Matthiesscn Mr. t & Mrs. Victo r Morrison Mrs. Helen W. Powers Mr . & Mrs. David Preston Mr. & Mrs. J ohn Prit chard Virginia Rhodes

Mr. & Mrs . James Rutl edge Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Thurston Mr. & Mrs. Kelvin N. Tyler

Philip F. & Alison Zack Darrell Ms. Frances Dennie Davis Mr. John Duncan Ors. ~{ichael & Dana Dunne Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Elnisky Marc A. Feigen & Melanie B. Shulman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fenger Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Finan

J oyce & Roberr Mailhouse

Grace & Robert Marrion Marion H. Mathes

F ri e nd s Amhony & Marry Ascmann

Bruce and Barbara McGhie Drs. John & Marcia McGowan

Mr. & Mrs. Michae l Aubrey

Mr. & Mrs. Newron P.S. Merrill Ms. Dororhea Moore

Mrs. Peggy Baer Mr. & Mr s. Rufus Barringer

Frances Kahle Moppccc Gail & Andy Morris

Mr. & Mr s. Chip Bares

Mrs. M. PatriciaNewman

Mr. & Mrs. Chapman Berry, Jr.


J. & Maureen


Mr. & Mrs. H arold Obsrler O ld Lyme Frame Shop Mr. & Mrs. John C. Olmscead Drs. John & Corrie Paardenkooper Mr. Richard l. Pearce

Patricia A. Daragan & Mi chael Axelrod

Beckerr & Assoc. Ver SVCS, LLC Mr. Ja mes P. B lu nt Mrs. Eleanor Bonafonre Mrs. Elizabeth B. Briggs Mr. He nry P. Brightwell Mrs. Olive Brose

John & Alison Fotbis Mrs. Pearl Fournier

Srephen & Marilyn Percy

Meredith M. Brown Mr. & Mrs. P au l E. Burdick

Mrs. Constance Pike

Robert & Barbara Burian

Mrs. Robert W. Franklin Mrs. Ann Freeman

Steven & Mary Pope Mr. & Mrs. A. Rives Pom

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Burkarrh Mr. & Mrs . J ohn Cahill

Tim & Susan Gavronski

Mrs. Mary P. Pullen

Rebecca & Lawrence Cahi ll

Mr. & Mes. Richard Goodwin

Mr. & Mrs. Phi lip F. Ranelli

Mr. Curtis E. L. Gould

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Richardson

John S. Griswold Mr. Robert F. Herbst

Mrs . Julie Sanderson Ms. Alice F. Schmutz

Sue Hessel & Karen Dahle Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. H ildreth

William A. Young

Mr. & Mrs. Will iam C. H orn,Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Sruart T. Hotchkiss


Mrs. Shirley F. Howard Mr. Frank W. Hubby

Mr.& Mrs. Jorge Adrian Mr. & Mrs. Berna rd Aidinoff Mrs.AuguscaAlsop Mr.& Mrs. Clarke Ambrose Mrs.MiriamAsrmann Mr.& Mrs.Stnnlcy M. Babson, Jr. TrudyBarr Dr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Baskin Bruce& KraemerBecker Mr.& Mrs. MaxwellBelding Mr.& Mrs. RobertL. Bennetr Ann B. lane & '.Rudolph H.J. Bergmans Fred&l JenniferBieber Ms. SallyJ. BilT Ms. lI'rudiBird Mr.& Mis. KelchBolles Mr. Guy Borla Mrs.MoryL. Broughton Mr.& Mrs.GeorgeBullier

Annual Appeal Contributors continued

Miss Kate Irel and Mr. Jonathan Isleib

Theresa M. & J ohn J. Casrag no, Jr. Tom & Dorrie Casrle D. L. Chieppa

Marilyn MacKinnon & Cha rles Gotrondona Mr. & Mrs. A lan Greener Mr. M. Mich ael Griggs Ms. Edirh Griswold Mr. & Mrs. T imothy C. Griswold Mr. & Mrs. William H . Grover Varick D , Harrison Mrs. Eleanor Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Phill ip Haynes Ms. Louise Hexcer E leanor & Roger H ilsman Arc & Peggy H owe Amy Sullivan & Bruce R. Josephy Patricia H. Keesee Jane Kitz Anne & Helen K lingler Mr . Alv in Krech Mr. & Mr s. Srephen LnRue Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Linman Melanie Mag il ton Marguerire & Charles-Henri Mangin Sharon & Guy Marhewka

Miss Vfrginia H. Marrin

Mr . & Mrs. Roberr Schneider

Mr. & Mrs. Harr y R. Clarke Woody & Gretc hen Comstock

Hen ry & Joan May Ms. Diane M. Mazza David & Caroline McCord

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Seaman Mrs. Marianna Shepard

Mrs. Wells Constanrine Mrs. Madora Coo ke

Mr. & Mrs . Roberr F. McCracken

Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Slifer, Jr. Mr . & Mrs . Frank L. Scnnley

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Corrao Mr. & Mrs. Earle B. Dane

Mrs. Frederick Srurges

Mrs . F. Edgar Davis William Delaney

Mr. & Mrs. Jam es J. McQuade Mrs. Nancy Moroso

Moye Thompson & Douglas Suisman

Mr. & Mrs . John M cCu rdy

Mr . R. William Morrensen lll

Ms. Mary Mrous e

Susan & J onathan Jewett

Michael & Cynthia Sullivan Mrs. William R. Taylor

Ms. Mildred Devine Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Dey

Caroline B. Johnson, Ph.D.

Ms. Nika P. Thayer

Mr. & Mrs. Courrlandr P. Dix on

Barbara & J ohn Kashanski Mrs. Adolph Kasrelowir,

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Tyler

Mr . & Mrs. Robert L. Doane

Frank & June Wadsworth Mrs. Cope B. Walbridge

Dr. & Mrs. R. Gordon Douglas,Jr. Ms. Eleanor Du Moulin

Fronk & J oan G. Kenna

Mrs. John Websrer

Cdr. B arbara Ellis, Rerired

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Keogh

Susan Chaffee Welch

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew G. Ely,Jr.

Ped iatric Associares of New London, L.L.C.

Mr. & Mrs.John

Mr. & Mrs. More EvankOw Kurt & Susan Fischer

Mr . & Mrs. James E. Pedrick

Mr. Robert P. Keim

Sally S. IGng Mrs. MarjorieKimedge Hedy &Jim Korsr Mr. & Mrs. M. Chapin Krech

ShepardKrech,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.BreckS. lardner Mr. & Mrs. KennethC. Levin Mr. & Mrs.JeffreyLovelace Mr.& Mrs.RichardLovelace The Rev. & Mrs.Jamesi.. Lowery,Jr.

A. Welles.Jr.

John & Ellen Wells Mr. & Mrs. Eric F. West

Mr.&Mrs. Thomas D. Wing Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Wingare

Mrs. William F. Flaherty Roberr N. Founrain M r. & Mrs. J ohn E. Fri d ay,Jr.

Susan Wrooowski

I.auric Gagnon

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Zelek

Whirncy & Nancy Garlioghouse Ms. Elise Gnrvfo

Mr. Carl Zir kenbach

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred H. Gildersleeve, Jr Dr. & Mrs.Heri;,caGoldenring

Mr . & Mrs . Douglas Nagan Claudia & Dav id Natorski Mrs. Claudia J . Newell Mrs. Nnocy C. Olms read Jude Pag e Bech Pasror

Mrs. Eileen S. Perry Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Peterson Sandy & Deedee Prisloe Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Quigley Mr. & Mrs. Leland H. :Reynolds

Mr.& Mrs. Joseph

l:J. Rhodes,


Mr. & Mrs. John C. 1Ripley "Mrs. Dorothy S. Rir chic Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Romanowski




999-2000 Annual Appeal Contributors continued

Carol K. Ryland

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Chamberlain

Marcia M. Schaller Dr. & Mrs . Robert A. Schaper

Ms. Lorna M. Chang Mrs . Isabel Cooney

J oanna Scharf Mr. & Mrs . Richard Schreiber

Mrs . Katherine E. Cowles Mrs. Barbara S. Crawford

Amy & Herbert Searle Mr. & Mrs . Joel Severance

Timothy & Christina Denison

Shoreline Pediatr ics Mr. Max Shownltert

Liz. Doering David & Barbara Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Elliott

Dr. & Mrs. John Simon Mr. & Mrs. Elting H . Smith Mr. & Mrs. Malcol m A. Speirs Beverly & Dovid Spencer Scott & Callista Stoddard Regina & Mit chel Strand Mr. & Mrs . Samuel M. Strong 111 Mr. Roberr D . Taisey Nancy Taubma n Mrs. Marjorie M. Terry Mr. Alan G . Th ornron Mrs. William M. Tingu e Alan & Skyren Todd Dr. & Mrs . Willis H. Umberger Douglas & Karen VanDykc Mr. &Mrs. David). Viola,Jr . Mrs. Jane A. Walker Mrs. Samuel R. Walker Mrs. Elizabeth D.G. Whitley

Ms. Barbara Deucsrh

Dr. & Mrs. Nigel Evans Sallie G. Farrel Ms. Mary Fischer Dr. Caroline M. Flower, V.M.D. Edgar C. Forest Charles & Sherrell Grean Elizabeth A. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hanberg Susan & Henry Hea ly Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Hinh Miss Mary B. Hotchkiss Mr. & Mrs . John Jagielski Mr. Eads Johnson , Jr . Mrs. Theodosia B. Knapp Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Knox John & Irene Kritzer Kath y Kurylo Diana Lafer

Wildwood Pediatrics Louise M. Wimpfheimer

Mark & Ann Lander

Mr. & Mrs . Ronald Zollshan Susan Zimmerman

Tom & Karhy Levanci Ms. Charlene Lynch

Mr. & Mrs. \V/. Zornig

Lisa McGowan

Admirers Vincent S. Agosrine & Lisa Bosquet Ayer Mounmin Farm Mrs. Winslow B. Ayer William & "Milrsha Bansavnge Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bellingham Mr. & Mrs. William R. Benn er Mrs. Eleanor H. Bishop Maria Blackstone

Ms. Jeanne Blackwell Mr. Philip J. Bliss Mr. Penton L.B. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Wi lliam Burr Kail & "Ralph Cadman Peter .F.Carlson Mrs. Ethel C. Cares

t Deceased

Marion & Donald LeQuin

Mr. & Mrs. John McNeil Mrs. B. C. Milner Ms. Margot W. Morgan Mrs. J ohn O'Connell Kelly & Cheryl Parsons I.aura M. Pedersen Mrs. Virginia Q. Peterson Mr. & Mrs . Richard Petcir Melanie H. Phoenix Dr. & Mrs. Gary J. Price Mr. & Mrs. J. Colin Rcvill Vernon & Gisela Rhodes H6irher & James Rice

Mr. &Mrs.Jamesll.

Rice Mr. & Mrs. llaoul Roben-s Rebecca A. Russell ~ona

& Hugh Scott

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Sollis Rob & Kathryn Hageman. Kitty Srnlsburg

Anthon y & Norma Rug lio

Linda Callan Taylor Jerome Nathan Weiss

D iane Smicl1 Mrs. Dorothy E. Smith Carol & David Srnnland


Douglas & Sandra Tolderlund Mrs. Margaret W. Washburn

Mr. & Mrs. Frederi ck E. Acker Ms. Suzanne Angier Raymond W. Atcheson


Mr. & Mrs. John S. Williams JII Barbara


High Hopes gratefully acknow ledges the Companies and Foundat ions that extend the ir support on behalf of their employees' commitment to our work.

J. Woodside

Aetna Foundation, Inc. Champion

Rick & He idi Wor cester

Mr. John W. Barclay

The Chase Manhacran Foundation

Mary & Alan Bradford Shirley R. Brown

The Henr y Luce Foundation, fnc.

The Pfizer Foundation Phili p Morris Companies Inc.

Mrs. Richard S. Burke Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bueler Mr. & Mrs. John H. Carl Mrs . William Everett Carroll


Jeanetre C. Ciciora

EdwardAltey,on,MD, Ph.D. Maiy Jan e Fegan, PT

Rebecca Reiche nbach Marrhew Romanski

Jim Obtrg

Marjorie M. Curtis Dana & Debm Duncan

]11/iaA. Bro11gh1on

Marissa Shannon Luke Srontostefuno

john O'Brim, MD

Alexander Zlotkus

Cindy Pa/m,,.

Mrs. V. L. Ellicott Sue & Al Eng el A. W. Fach Rebekah Fielden Danie l & Janet Fox Toddie & Chri s Getman Richard M. Grave Dr. & Mrs. Forest K. Harris Dian e F. Hirs ch Margaret Holt Mr . & Mrs . Roger Hurley Manha B. Jacques Perer & Elizabeth Kaner Dr. & Mrs. Robert Klimek

Ms. KarherineD. Knowles Ann P. Lehman Mr. & Mrs. William D . Lyon

Jan Marrin Ors. Christopber & Susan McCnwley

Ms. SpencerK. McLean John & Pamela Melroy

WendyMurdoch CarolAon Neal Erling & Dorothy Nord

Jim&Dot Otr Robert& LindaPandolfe Anne Pererson Pere& Pat Piei:son, CarolineG. Pelzer Mr.& Mrs. ChesterReneson Gillian Rose

& Memorials

Katherine W. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Gardner Colson Joan E. Luster Fran & Par O'Brien

Ian A-IotaCarmon

SuG011/d Helen Powers

S11ril/e"Mi»y" Harvty

Nicolas & Alex Augeri

David & Martha Coffield

Rose Bayer

George & Marian Diener LouAnn Pletcher Duane & Elizabeth Holbing

Joseph Boccia Lexi Burke Dr. & Mrs . John L. Cannon Liora & John L. Cannon, Jr . Ja ck Carangelo Max Carrozella J ulia Carter Dylan Chester Megan Conte Michael Fishman Sean Flynn Dominic Guliano

Hannah Glass

Jean Hobling

John ''Jake"ja rob, Greta Jacobs

Dia11,Joh,won Mr. & Mrs . James Griswold Louise Griswold

ToryRmsoand Nicol, Hot Kmga Lynda & Nicholas Tragakes

R111h Lightfoot

Stephen & Carol Huber Mary Jane Fegan, PT Daniel M. Shepherd Karin Whitcemore

Lando11Po11J Mr. & Mrs. L. Dean Milrim ore

John Robtrt, Barbara & Marr Abrams Peter & Catherine DofTek Jea n Dye Katherine Euorco Grace & Frank Hamilton, Jr. Mirch & Cheryl Heffernan Peter & Phyllis Knucson Elizabeth & William Ogle Pe rra B. Shearer Ann Smith

R:ichel Goldste in

Caro lyn & Bob Fay

Lucy B. Srreerer

Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Hirth W'illiam Husic

Helen Powers

Doug las & Sandra

Ni ck & Par McDcrmorr Kelly McHugh

M. Patrici:.iNewman Lyndce Payeur Ni cole Pease Rachel Pizzo

Bob & Grace Sralsburg

Christophe,· A1011ino. MD Mary Jane Fega n, PT Belinda Mona/ Ji m Walron

Caroline1llo rri1011 Anonymous


LenoreShapiro,PT Mary Jane Fegan, PT

Pa11lViuorio & Ptt \Vte Farm Nancy Vittorio

Elhab,rh Walton Mr. & Mrs . Richard B. Stee l

Scho l arship


The generosity of these donors , coupled with our Start-A-Rider and grant scholarships, continues to enable High Hopes to enroll riders and Instructor Trainees w ho need fina ncial assistance. Dr. Norman Ashcroft K,ithryn Beau.regard Jane Angilly Bennett Mr. & Mrs. \'<lillirunA. Boyd Sharon & William Chenette CT.&P Marilyn Conklin George P.Davison &Judith F. Rifkin Connccticu, Dressage Associa,ion, Inc. Connccticu, Morgan Horse Associa<ion Connecticu, Quartechorse You,h Association Connecticut Valley Pony Club Eugenie Copp Marian & George Diener Bill Dillon Judie Driscoll Diane Farynian Pat Fel,ham Ka,harine Gildersleeve Lnyne & Laurene Gobrogge Ly<t Gould

Kiwanis Club of Old Saybrook Bob & Pauline Knoll William Lnwrence The Lyme-Old Lyme Lions Club Niantic Lions Club, Inc. Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce Ox Ridge Summer Dressage Show Kerriann Sullivan Ka,e Thompson URS Greiner Woodw ard Clyde Dr. Manfred & Patricia Schach von Wittenau Judy & David Winer

Gifts for Special Purposes Each year many individua ls and businesses see a particu lar need at High Hopes and are wil ling to provi de t he funds to meet t hat need. The gifts f unded everythin g from medicat io n for our elder ly horse, Dandy, to special paper for our Campaig n case statement. Barbara & Macc Abrams Dylan Abrams & Tondra Lynforcl Debora Aldo Linda Almeida Dr. Norman Ashcraf~ Lisa M. Berard Kristin Breiseth Moura Brock The Ca<lett Fam ily Marilyn Conklin LisnCorrivt>au Toni L. Cyie Suson Destefuno Melissa Everett Mary Feeney Helene Fenger J ane Holly Foscer Catherine Gargiuolo Lyrr Gou ld Kachryn H ageman Gail H aynes Mitch & Cheryl H effernan Inge H ieret Margaret Kane Em ily Ltwrence Zachnry McClelland Karen & Michael M ilano

Mary Mille & Bill Doane Bech & George Norcon Cindy Palme r Cnron & James Pecci220

J. T. Picazio Su,nnne & Craig Poner Lisn Rader Mary & Michael Rose Jean T. Sargent Scnnheiser Electronic Corp. Pena Shearer SJ Ranch Robin & limo,hy Smith Susan Somerville Kirry Scalsburg Keriann Sullivan Peg Sweeney Kare Thompson Jordan Thom pson Ginger Tullai

Nancy L. Virmrio Kyle Wells


In Kind

Gifts in kind, of goo ds and services, enr ich Hig h Hopes in many ways, and often come ano nymously in response to very t hought ful awarene ss of our needs. A2Z Screen Printing Barbara & Marr Abrams Dr. Pe,er Aide Debora Aldo Linda Almeida Dr . Norman D. Ashcmfc Sharon Bano n Suzie Birks Ga ry F. Borla The Bowerb ird Rudy & Irma Brandt Krisrin Breiserh Helen Burkanh Lisa Bu,karrl1 Erin Cain J ohn A. Caltabiano, D VM Sabrina Catlett Sarah Cade n Norman Cavallaro ar North Cove O utfitters J im Childress, Ccnrerb rook Archi,cc,s & Planners Joanne Church Ciel, Inc.

Kathy Cipriani Coffee¡s Marker Marilyn J Conklin Connecticut QuarcerhorscYouth Association Mr. & Mrs. George H. Connerac

Cooperman Fife & Drum Co. Parti & Chris Coyle Ted & Becky Crosby Connecricur Valley Pony Club Toni L. Cyie Jane I. Davison Carmine DeSrcfano Susan DeSrefano Bill Doane & Mary Mille

Denise Donofrio John & Judie Driscoll, Jackson & Joe l Ease Coast Security, Jnc. Helen & Gerry Dyar Elizabeth Ehlers Linda Elgart Walter Engle Charles & Sylvia Erharr

Essex Priming Mary E. Feeney Pacricia Feltham The Fcn,gers Knrhleen M. Ferraro Fleer Holly Foster Fox Ledge Tack Shop Debbie Gagliardi



Gifts In Kind continued Githerine Gargiulo

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gares

Lee MacWilliams Frank Marchese Photography Jane Marsh, Attorney at Law

Joe Hacker,, Farrier Kathryn Hageman Gail Haynes Inge Hieret

Aon-Marie Marrin Henry & Joan May Zachary McClelland James D. McGimy Maria McGowan James McHutchison Melzen Farm Supply Elizaberh Michalski Karen & Michael Milano Gail & Andy Morris G,rey Lowe of Mounrnin Spring Waters Robert & Sandy Mulligan Bill Nelligan Old Lyme Frame Shop Cindy Palm er

Jam es 0. Joanou Karen Johnson Margaret Kane John Knshanski Bob Keirn

Pfizer Animal Heal th Therese Popinchalk Susan Regan - Simsbury Farm Hunt ,& Polo Mark & Rita Rohrbcrg Mr. & Mrs. William C. Ridgway

Carol Gilchrist Patricia Gracbner Janic e L. Gregory Edit Griswo ld Barry Guitar Girroll Guitar Gordon Guitar uonard Guitar Terry Gu itar DeCabcllero BerzHaarrz

Valerie J. Koif Andrea. Kennett Stephanie Knoll Sue Lardner Laysville Deli Laysville Ha rdware • Jim Lewis Barbara Longo


Toni & Harry Slifer Mary & Bill Smith Susan Som<.'rville Dad & Mom Sralsburg Kitty Sralsburg

High Hopes is committed to serving our community with excellent the rapeut ic riding programs, and to provid ing trai ning and education for therapeutic riding instructors

Dawn Srix

Regina & Micchel Srraod Ralph A. Srurges Ill John M. Sturges , Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gory Swenson


therapeutic riding pro fessio n, High Hopes embarked on a $2.6 million campa ign to bu ild endowment and expand and renovate our facil ity. We gratefully acknowledge the individuals, foundations and corporat ions that

Vita-Flex Wiggin & Dana Ziff Brothers lnvcstmenrs Lara Zimmc:rman

have contr ibuted to our campaign to date, and the list below includes all dono rs to Phases I & II throug h September 15, 2000 .

Campaign Donors



The fo llowing Corporate and Foundation Grants, received between July 1, 1999 and June 30, 2000, provided the majority of our scholarsh ip funding for riders from the

J ocelyn Ritter Riverside Press, Inc. William F.Robinson, Equine Dentist Salem Valley Veterinary Clinic. PC Saybrook Office Equipment, Inc. Laura & Timothy Shea

J. Walmn Bissell Foundarion, I nc.

Petru B. Shearer Kathy Skolem

Bodenwein Public Benevolent Foundation The Essex Community Fund

inner-cities of New London , New Haven and Middlesex counties .

Essex Savings Bank Community lnvescmenr Program The Fish Talc Inc. Fleer The Community foundarion of Greater New Haven The Allene & Jer ome Lapides Foundarion. Inc. Douglas & Eleanor Seaman Charitable Foundation Max Solomon Foun&Hion The Community Foundation of Somheasrern Connccricur Schering-Pl ough Foundarion. Inc. SNET Corporation's Employees' Commun iry Services Fund Louis F. & Mary A. Tagliatela Foundation. Inc. The J.F.C. Charitable Trust TAP Holdings, Inc.



t he wor ld . To ful fi ll t hat

commitment to our riders, famil ies, and the

Tire Country Timothy & Suzanne D. Tyler Madeleine Van der Pool

Corporate Foundation




The Baffiin Foundarion Alexa & Peter Oairch

Ingalls Foundation T he Kresge Foundac ion• The New York Commu nity Tnist Wattles Family Charirnble Trust Gertrude N ighringalet

Pr i x St . Georges How,rdt & Nancy Brundage Chichester du Pone Foundacion Sist & Lyrr Gould John & Kl·lly Hartman Foundncion Cheryl & Mirch Heffernan Th e K irchings fam ily Judith F.& Richard B. Lightfoot John t & Jessie Roberts Marcia & Roger Smith

Lead e rship Anonymo~1s

The Howard Bayne Fund Endicott P.j & Jane I. Davison The Sis Gould Memorial Fund Grace & Frank Ham il ran, Jr. Greta & Jake Jacobs John & Heidi Niblack Rives & Nancy Ports






Jeff & Holly Ridgway

Lindo & Perer Bierrie

Schering-Plough Corporacion _ Mr. & Mrs. William Winterer

Ernesrt & Morion Bigelow Keirh & Jane Bolles

Achievement and self-confidence abound at our Annual High Hopes Horse Show. Thanks to all who made thi s hig,h light of our riding year possible.

G inger Bronson Capirol Cities/ABC


Champions Anonymous Stever & Sally Aubrey The .Elinor Patterson Boker Foundation Roberr & Barbara Ballard · John & Athnoa Catlett Charles M. Chopin Ill Thomas J. & SusanK. Ch ilds Dana Cooley Jeff Cooley Ted & Rebecca Crosby David & Mary Dangremond Mr. & Mrs. Henri M. David , Jr. Mr. & Mrs . Charles H. Erharr, Jr . Mr. & Mrs. George L. Esres ill

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Evans Hope & Russell_Ford Geraldine U. Foster Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gildersleeve John A. Hargraves & Nancy Newcomb John, Lee, & Abby Holst ein KatelttL,nd John S. J ohnson Barbara & John Kashanski

The Kiagsley Family Anne Lawrence Nancy B. Krieble Sally & Rolund MacNicbol Mr. & Mrs. Timorhy Mellon George Mooret Marguerite & Thomas Moore Family Foundation Linda & John Phillips John & LeePritchard Mary Pullen Christopher Robinson & Kate Mitchell Sillin


Swenson Family Foundation Karen & Kel Tyler

Mr. & Mrs. Dovid B. Clark Constance C. Clement Colgate -Palmolive Company Jan Conant The Dophne Seybolc Culpeper Memorial Foundorion Mr . & Mrs. J ohn Duncan Ill Mr. Dominick Dunne Mrs. Sergio Franchi Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. 'Goodwin Kirty & Jerry Greene Emily Fisher & Evan Griswold John Griswold Inge Hi rrcr Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Hirch Mrs. Delano W. Lldd , J r. Mr. & Mrs. George Lerhbridge Johnt & Lee MacWilliams Amolfa Seggos-Morrin & The Marcin Family Bruce McGhie Elizobeth Bird Mooret Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Gorman Old Lyme Inn Mrs . Nancy C. Olmscead Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pacrerson Mr. William E. Phillips Jim & Ann Rice Ja ck & Beckett Rodgers Deborah & Spencer Scocr


Anonymous In Memor y of Apple Sally H. Aubrey

e rs

Businesses Caulfie ld & Ridgway, Inc. Coca-Cola Bott ling Company of

Scan & Milly Babson Linda & Perer Bierrie Ian Moses Cannon Liora Cannon C.A.R .E., Inc. The Catlett Family

Sourheasrern New England, Inc. Coldwell Banker - Alexis Devlin Colonial Bassett Hound Rescue, Inc. Counrry Rescauram Doug ·s Garnge Fox Ledge Tack Shop Good-Spirits Shoppe, Inc.

Kerry Ann Christianson CL&P ].me I. Davison Lytt GoLJld

HSS - Hardware & Sofrwate Services, LLC Kahn Tractor & Equ ipment, Inc. Kelsar Physical Therapy Laysvillc Deli

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Greene, Jr. Mirth & Cheryl Heffernan [ng e Hieret

L & Z lndusrrial Circuits Maples Morel MarkeringHorizons Melzen Farm Supply

Betsy Horn June M. Hotch kiss Bob Keim Shirley King Michael & Ellen Maus Penny & 0.C. The Picazio Fam ily Michael Reisman \'v'illiam Reisman BiII & Bess Small Marcia& Roger M. Smirh Dr. & Mrs. Wayne 0. Southwick Woodsrock Acres

MJM Builders, Inc. M. J. M. Industrial & Commercial Properties Niantic Lumber Nichols Foresrry & Logging, LLC Norwich Animal Hospital The Red Balloon

Riverside Forc•ignMorors William Robinson Salem Valley Veterinary Clinic, PC Tia Smith Pho tography Scalsburg Express

Petra & Billt Shearer Mr. & Mrs. John Sheppard, Jr. John & Claire Simon Harry & Toni Slifer Tia & Seymour Smich Dr. & Mrs. Wayne 0. Southwick

Mr. & Mrs . Samuel M. Stro ng JU Mr. & M rs. C:harles Terrell Bersy & Rob Webster The John Zack Memorial Fund

Equestrians Mr. & M rs. Clark Ambrose Jo seph & .Maureen Auguseiak Millie & Stan Babson ·

•High Hopeswas au-ar<kd n $220,000 ch,11/engt gra,r/ from Th, Krug, Fo1111dation 011 Jim, 6, 2000. Rtnipt of

Myrna & Arnold Baskin

tlJtJtfauds ii conlingem11/)011 011rraiiiug appro,.-imately Jhrtt1i111u that amo11nt by S,pre,nbtrI. 200 I. All CamPflig"mntrib11tiom afttr J11nr6, 2000 will ,011nt

Bee & Thistle Inn

towardthe challmgt.

Mr. & Mrs. t John W. Barclay

Jake and Greta Jacobs pin a blue ribbon on April for rider Whitney Viola.

t Deceased


Above: Linda Almeida with Cloud.

"High Hopes is one of the very few not-for-profits

Right: Cheryl Heffernan with rider Sabrina Catlett on Filly.

whe re a volunteer can feel the direct impact of their efforts. In the ring you see and share the joy and pride experienced by a rider-you r rider - as they reach toward a new level of achi evement. On an event committee , you are swept up in posit ive energy created when a group of dedi cated volunteers produce an event that is both successful and truly enjoyed by all who attend. As a membe r of Hi g h H opes' Board of Direccors you can actively participat e in building the foundation and providing direction ensuring H ig h Hopes' continued success."

Cheryl Heffernan

John Sturges (L) and John Molochko (R).

Gary Borla and Poncho.

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. Albert Pine "At Hi gh H opes it's all about attitud e th e positi ve, encouraging, loving attitud e chat just continu es to be pr esent every day."

High Hopes voluntee r Mary Mille and Poncho •celebrating the dedi cation of the volunteer• on the cover of Strides, summer 2000.

Gary Borla

U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets assisting High Hopes.

PhotoscourltJ)'of Kristin £1/iolf Lttt1and Sttph,mie K11 0I/

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. Albert Pine "At Hi gh Hopes it 's all about attitude -


the positive, encourag ing , loving attitude


chat just continu es to be present every day."

High Hopes volunteer Mary Mille and Poncho "Celebrating the dedication of the volunteer" on the cover of Strides, summer 2000.

Gary Borla

U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets assisting High Hopes.

Ph(}tOJro11rtesy of K1'i11111 ÂŁ1/iou Um ,md Supb11111e Knoll

1 999 Voluntee r s Whethe r they give an hour ... a day ... a week ... or a lifeti me, our volunt eers are t he life blood of High Hopes! Barbara Abrams Mace Abrams

Mild~leineBailey SCll.Ccy Bailey

John Boesch

Ken Byington MarianneByrne

Jessicn Cunningham Kelsey Cunningham

Jessica Bogucki Jane Bolles

Kelley Cahill

Faith L. Baldwin

Michael Cahill

Mary Cunningham Nicole Cuomo

Barbara Earle Ballard Be njamin Ballard

Keith Bolles Pat ricia Bolles

Robert Bal lard Mrs. Rowland Ballek

Lesley Bolcon

Brendan Bansavage

Eleanor Bonafonte

J acqueline Baker

Marni Adamson Ltt Adrian

Leslie Bar low Carlton M. Barlow, Jr.

Lindsay Ager Ken Ahnell

James Barr Rufus Barringer Eli:zabech E. Barrlerr

Men Alakan

1 Rebecca Bodfish

- 2000

Prancis 0. Albert Lauren Alexa

Inn Barconicell

Simone M. Allen Brian Almeida

Myrna Baskin Melissa Bates

J ason Almeida

Susan Bacrles Erin Bauer

Arnold M. Baskin

Mary Bombaci Delyonne Boone Abigail Borchert Gary Borio

Rebeccn Cahill Erin Cain Carolyn Caine Keren Carnean Sal Carninito Sarah Carlson Nancy Cash

Thomas B. Currier Marjorie Curtis Dennis Oaesener Michael J. D:iigle, Jr . Alison Zack D:irrell Ashley Darrell

Athana Caclect

Philip F. Darrell Elizabeth David

Megan Bowers R. Luke Boyd

John Caden Kelly Chapman

Heidi Davis Katie Davis

Jessica Boyden Britt Boynton

Lili Chapman Joline Chapman-Gr ieder

Kelly Davis Shi won Davis

D:in Brackley Matthew Bradbury Melissa Brady

Laura Charlton Melanie Chasse

Eliza Davison

Helen Chatman Pamela Lynn Cheney

Hallie Davison


Rachael Drozd ¡ Brenda Dubin Jeremy Dufour Rennene Dufour Michelle Dunn Diane Dupont Emery Duq uecre Amy Dur inick Harry Duval

Diane Eastman Kelliann Eckerc J onnie Edwards Bech Ehlers Don Eldridge Kyle J. Eldridge Kristin A. Elliott Leas Philip Ellswonh Jr .

Janie Davison

Joseph W. Elnisk y Jeb N . Embree

Ka.ccD-.ivison Taylor Davison

Jane Emery Debbie English

Natalia De Chabert Katie Deegun

Becky Epperson Emily Estabrook

Emily Baz:zano

J ohn Brailsford D:ive Brainard

Hi lary Bazzano Kathryn \Y/. Beaugard

Megan Breen Kristin Breiscrh

Bea Anderson

Allison Becker

Meg Bremer

Jeffre y Clark Nicholas Clements

Todd Annis C1rherine Apgar

Aaron Begaye

Dnrcy Briggs

Phil Cocchiola

Anica Dees Rulo Deisher

John C. Evans

Carol L. Brining

Janee Cody

William Dejesus


Jeffrey J. Brining Karen Brooks Lissie Brooks

John Timothy Collins Chris Conboy

Laura DeMaio

Melissa Everett

Matt Derrenbacher Carmine DeStefano

Theresa Everen

Lindo Almeida Amara Alperr Cohn Whimey Althouse Nicole Amendola

Crystal-Jo Arpin

Jeanne Bellows Rudd Bergmans

Sally Aubrey

Leah Bernacki

Maureen Augusciak

Kevin Bernard

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself . Ralph Waldo Emerson Michelle Austin Stephani Award Emily Ayers Kerri Aylward Stanley Babson Ann Bach Anastasia Bailey Ann Bailey Donald

J. Bailey

Jeff Bailey

Thomas Childs William Christopher

Allison Congdon Lyle Congdon Marilyn Conklin Alison Cook James Cooley Betsy Copp

Emily DeStefano Susan DeStefano Heidi Deurs ch Emily Devan

Christina Evers Lauren Ewell Kacey Farrington Diane S. Faryniarz Wendy Fazzino David Feeney

Alexis Devlin Tiffani DeWolf

Amy Cowgill

Wi lliam Diaz

Perer Ferrebee

Jonathan Cox Christopher Coy le

Darcy Dickinson Scoville

Rebekah Fielden Kate Fillmore

Grace Brown

Linda Bierrie

James Browne

Patci Coyle Clark Creswel l


Pani Brunson Marion R. Buchanan

John L. Crolly, Sr. Tanisha Crook

Dan Buchman Sean Buchman

Ann Crosby Rebecca Crosby

Christopher Burrus Sara Bushy

Ted Crosby Berh Crowley

Ja ckson Driscoll

Claudia Bucz

David B. Cummings

Judie Driscoll

Krista Bigiarelli Michael Bigiarelli Kevin Birch Trudi Bird Suzanne H. Birks Cynrhia Bliven

J. Everett

Mary-Lyn Costa

Joseph Andrew Bianco Jennifer Biebe r

Kirk Brown

Kate Estabrook

Bill Doane Arin Doherty

Helene Fenger

Emily Fisher

Dee Doolitt le Justin Dorazio

Joann Flynn

Sonia Dorazio Nancy Dcaayer

Michelle Fontaine

Cynrhia Driscoll John Driscoll

Gretchen Ficcon Mark E. Foley Jared Ford Lauren Ford Jane Holly Foster Deborah Fox

Volunteersr999 -2000 continued


.Knte Fox

Rosemary Gurpide

Virginia Iles

Molly Francisco

Robert B. Gustafson

William D. lrving, MD

Henry Francolini

Jennifer Haagensen

Kacie Jackson

lifliiny Allen Franke

Kathryn Hageman

Marylys Jackson

Jaime Fries

Patricia Haley

Meredith Jackson

Nancy Kindell ElizaberhKirby CaseyKirwin Ken Kirchings NarasbaKlein

Mary Ann Fuggerre

E . .Jennifer Hall

Grera Jacobs

Bob Knoll

Bacbaru G. Longo

Laura Millen

Scacey Fulkerson

Russell Hall

Jake Jacobs

Jeanne Lovejoy Mark Lull

James D. Miller Rache l Miller

Andtta Lipsky

Liz Michai;ki

Aileen Livingscon

Marie Mil.ach

Bethany Long

Karen Milano

Connie Long

Margarec Milardo

Erin Long

Mary Mille

Kachy Fullerron

Tara Hall

Abby Jacobson

Teri Furr

Andy Halvorson

Alex Jagielski

Laurie Gagnon

Grace Hamilton

Carolyn Jagielski

Wayne Gallup

Ted Hamilcon

Chriscie Jagielski

Pauline Knoll SrephanieKnoll Kam Kochanski KarhyKorb James Korsr

C.chy Gargiulo

Frank W. Hamilcon, Jr.

Amy Jago-Ford

lrenc Kritzer

Susan Gavronski

Lauren Hammeal

Eva Maria Jarwrus

Rich Kuzak

Jake Gay Carol Gilchrist

Georgia Hanna

Malena Jerome

Beve:ly Harding

Emily Johns-Ahern

David Gilchrisr

Brian Harm

Jenni Johnson

Elise Gilchrist

Rick Harrison

Jennifer Johnson

James Gilchrisc

Liz Harrmann

Karen Johnson

Koko Gildersleeve

Gail Haynes

Scephen Johnson

Carol Gill

Cheryl Kelly Heffernan

Susan Johnson

Noelle Gill

Mirch Heffernan

Waldo C. M . Johnston

Radek Lacey

Kachleen Maher

Lindsay Gillem

Kachleen Heller

Elizabeth Jones

Christopher Laine

Kristin Malaro

Andrew Montanaro

Trudy Gillecce

Mal!hew Heller

Grera Jones

Jonarhon Laine

Kare Mance

Jesus Manciel

Whimey Gillet1e

Lisa Henderson

Jonathan Jones

Jessica Lamping

Jome Manning

Graham Mooney

Gina Gillia

Julia Herbs,

J onachan A. Jones

Maura Landry

Mn«hew Manofsky

Dorochea Moore

Dorochy Gilman

Katherine Herbst

Joselyn Jones

Elaine LaPolla

Alexander Manse

Srephanic Moore

Aaron Gi ugno

Allison Ht ·rren

Leara Jones

Sue Lardner

Al ice Marrinan

Frances K. Moppect

Hugo Goicoechea

Inge Hierec

Negus Jones

Rachel Larkin

Grace Marrion

Ga il Morr is

Susie Lusher

Charles B. Milligan JJI

Johanna Lurz

Anna Mock

Lyme-Old Lyme Lions

Donald Moisa

Judy MacDonald Dan Magano

Jen Molochko

Kara Moky

Tenderness and k indness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution . Kahlil Gib ran John Molochko

Arnold Gonzalez

Bonnie Hilcz

Valerie Jean Jones

Victor Larraza

Ton) 1a Marrin

Joan Mulkey

Paula Gonzalez

Jim Hiltz

Richard L. Jung

Emily Lawrence

Mabel Marschulac

Anya Mummert

Claudia Goodrich

Lori Hochheiscr Aaron Holler

Laurie Jurkiewicz

Noelle Lawrence

Jill Matthew

MargarN Mummert

Kacie Kahler

Wyanri Leary

Cis Marrhiessen

Cricket Murphy

Tamarha Gorman

Lis• Holmes

Bechony Kanfer

Leslie Lemert

Danielle Maura

Denn is Murphy

Ly« Gould

Peggy Holt

Zachory Konfer

Shannon Leonard

Lisa Maurice

Kare Murphy

Jamie Gourlay ~farion ··Mimi" Gourlay

Melissa Horan

Barbara Kashanski

Derron Lepoucre

Amanda McBride

Patrick Murphy

Paul Horan

Aubrey Graham

Becsy Horn

John Kashanski Constance L. Kascelowirz

Pam Graham

Erin Horn

Kitty Greene

William Horn

Joseph N. Greene, J r.



Marion LeQuin

Scott Jason McCann

Pacricia Myers

Ali McC lain

Ann Nagan

Samuel Kasten

James N. LeRoy Alison Letourneau

Mal!hew McClure

Gary R. Nas h

Tom Kaye

Eli isa Lerourneau

Emily McDowell

Samuel Nash

Mimi Hosrecter

Karen Keelan

Dan Levesque

Annc-Margarer McElroy

Gary Nash, Jr .

Janice Gregory

Libby 1-locra

J. A lexis Keeney

Kate Levesque

Scott McEver

William S. Nell igan

Evan Griswold

Chip Howard

Kathy W. H. Keeney

Joan Levin

Sharon McLaugh lin

J ill Nelsen

Kim Groves

Cynthia V. Howard

Mrs. Richard G. Kehoe

Ken Levin

Joseph W. McPherson

William Groves

Sarah K. Hufford

Deirdre Kenny

Lewis Levin

Susan McWay

Laurie Nelson Mary Nelson Penny Nelson

Doreen Guar ino

Becsy Hunnewell

Van Kenyon

James Lewis

Susan Mead

Sue Guida

Andrea 1-lundey

Cissie Keogh

Elizaberh Lightfoot

Sally Melvin

Robert Nelson

Elizabeth Gunn

Dovid Hurlbut

Thomas F. Keogh

Judith Lightfoot

Cathie Mescemaker

John Nelson , M.D.

Wendy Gunn

Melody Huttinger

Emily Kernozek

Richard Lightfoot

Kristin Meuselbach

John Niblack

VolunteersI 999 -2000 continued Mad eleine Nichols John Northrop BechNorcon Heidi Noccelman Maureen O'Gorman Edwin Oquemdo Brinn Pace Lauren Padula Cindy Palmer J anin e Palmer Jessica Palm er

Lywon Reg inald Ward

Grace Stalsburg Kirry Stalsburg

Rio Wnrnnabe

Kira Savino Wendy Savino

Susan Rimki e

Barbara Schaffer

Lauren Pcice

J essie Robercs

Mi chael Schaffer

J ohn Pritchard ltt Pritchard

J ohn Robert s J osephine Roberts Sherrie Roder ich

Joanna Scharf Jane Schellens Stephanie Schmi rr

Katie Stephenson

Judy Wurson

Donald Srerren

Beckett Rodgers J ack Rodgers

Alice Schmurz

Rich Stickley Kathy Stoddard

Andrew Watterson Gurdon B. Wacrles

Nancy Poets Rives Potts

1<1ltherineProven cher Lauren Pszczolkowsk.i Mary Pullen Keich Puzder Charlorre Qui g ley

Crystal Rooc Carlos Rosario

Donald A. Quigley Susan Raible

Edgardo Rosario Pt.odroRosario

J ennifer Parsons Janet Paralano

Roy Ramoc Caiclin Rawson Sarah Rexroad

Me lissa Rowe Lindsay Roy

Roberr Pau l

Rodney Reynolds

Jennifer Ruscyzk

Erika Pansius 1<1ltePaquerre Ann Parkinson

Jenny Srnllnrd

Debbie Rigsocc T. ]. Rile y ill

Amber Port er

Vinctnc Ruicco

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. Life is no 'brief candle' to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for a moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations. George Bernard Shaw

Bryna Schoenberge r Terry Schreiber Paul Schurke

Danica Scorr Donna Scorr Macr Seaforth Chuck Segar Linda Segar Emma Sellers Susan Senning Hea rher Servies Margaret Strvits Amy Sescske

Perra Shearer Meghan Sherburn Lisa Shoaf Adam Shrcders

Mart Simpson Mary-Lawrence Sinclair Mary Sipes Harry Slifer Erin Sliva Linda Slusarz Bill Small Chelsea Smith

Carol Sranland Eilein Sceinfcldr

Calyn Sroro Rosalind Barr Streeter

Derik Waterm an Bruce Warford Brinn Warson

Carol Wans Emily Welle s

Carol Scuder

Lindsay Wei !es Kyle Wells

John M. Sturges, Jr. l..aurnSrurm

Colleen Werzel K. C. Whelen

Cynchia Sullivan Rhonda Sussman

Johanna Wh it e

Coleen Surherland Stephanie J. Sylvesrer

Ali W ilhelm Ben Wilhelm

Cathy Taft Monica Taggart

Penn y W ilhelm

Barbara Tardy Linda Callan Taylor

Carol Wilkin son Maggie Williams

Charles Terre ll Em ily Thar p Nathan Thermer

Nicole Leig h William s

Amy Thimstn

W illiam G. Winterer

Kare Thompson Skyrcn Todd Karie Tolliver

Pcge Wirham Rebecca Wollack

Cynthia Tomlinson Lynn Toohey

Jessica \1v' o rsr

How.1rdTrear Thomas Andrew Tunsrall

Hayward Smich

Benjamin Turner Katelyn Tyler

Carolyn Whirr

Elizabeth Wilhe lm

Zach a ry Willi ams Gai l Albino W inter

HeiJi Worces rcr

Jessica \v'ronowski Meg..111 \Xlusrm::rn

Jess ica Yoo Celesre Elena Young Delores Z-iccaro

Jenna Pecoraro Gloria Peduzzi

Rusry Reyno lds Amanda Rhodes

Burgess Russell

Marcia Sm i ch Pablo Smith

Rebecca Russel I

Roger Sm ith

Kel Tyler Jeff Valace

Gillian Perry Nancy Pererson

Joseph Rhodes

Seymour Smich

Meredith Van Leer

Devin Zalewski K:iyla 7_,Jcwski

Tia Smirh

Marianne Pfeiffer

Joseph Rhodes 111 Calla Harrmann Ric cio

Jimmy Russo Catherine Lee Rynning-Browne Amanda S.1bolesky

Jodi Vanloan Marin;.1Verhocv~n

Caitlyn Zarurs ky Emily Zarursky

Alissa Phillips Krispin Phil lips

Lte Rhodes

Dn.vidSaenz Addison Saffiori

Penny Snow Gail Soderstrom

William Villa.Jr.

FriesZt:rnike Adam Zieg ler

Kerri Picardi

Heather Ann Rice

Donna Salemi

Neal Sorensen

Jess ica Villar Alissa Von Schmi<lt

Linda Lee Picazio Clare Pierfederici

James Rice

Jane Samuels

Jessica Rice Holly Ridgway

Melissa Sanchez Sandy Sansrrom

Travis Soult Cory Sparrow

Patrick Walsh Bmr Walrer

Jeffrey Ridgway Wendy Rieder

Yanira Santiago

Ben Spector Reba Sr. Onge

Jim Walton Ted Wang

Matt Sarti

Erica Stachura

Linda Ward

Dan Plancon Sean Plankey Alejandra Poblete

Ann Rice

Susan Somerville

Ashley Zalewski

Kim Zimmnman Lara Zimml'rmann Dawn Zornig Lin Zornig

Zee Zoin ig


ooo Annual Benefit Event Contributors

High Hopes is fortunate to have so many individuals, businesses,and other fri ends w ho stepped forth to make Symphony in th e Meadows a record breaking success. Corporate






Firsr Union St·curirit·s,[nc.


The Stroni, Agcnrr Zelek Elecmr Co. - Ray & Laureen Zelek

Ors. Elgarr. Pinn & Gordon Duble & o·Hearn, Inc.


Gladeview Health C.'lreCenrer, Inc. Hadlyme Country Store





Abby's Cater ing Co. A nne 's Bistro

The Great A & P Tea Company

Maus & Son. Inc.

Banfi Vintners, Charles & JoAnne Park Leslie Barlow Pho tography Conneccicut Co -op Farmers Assoc.

Angus McDonald I Gary Sharpe & Associates. In c. Niantic Awning Co., LLC

Chrysal is Psychotherapy Center

Nina Curcio Peck Architecrure

Susan Griggs - CrossroadsTravel Dahlke Financial Group. Inc.

River Linens

The de Wolfe Companies

Lynda & Daniel Wilkes

Ang ler Adventures Bilrs Seafood Resmuram

Waller. Smith & Palmer , P.C.


The Bee & T histle Inn Bennie's Farm Marker The Black Seal Caff Roucier C Design, Kelley Cahill Cenccrbrook Architects and Planners Chalmers & Co.

BrewersPilots Poim M::uin:::i


Citizens Bank

Chester Village West Cloud Nine

Dunham Ltd .. Realtors lyn Hanber1,, Ward Bur ian & Janice Murphy

Coca-Colo Boccling Co. of

Essex Savings Bank &

Souchcasrern New England, Inc.

John W. Rafa! & Associates, Inc. Merrill Lynch

Harry Hole & Arth ur Mau r ice - Columbia Air Services John Leonard, Cove Landing Macina

Pfizer Inc.

Design Label Manufuccuri ng Inc. E. F. Wacecmelon Gallery

Reyno lds' wragc & Marine. Inc. Salomon Sm1th Barney

Essence Cencer for Beauty & Wellness Essex Printing Company

Tire Cou nt ry - Jim & Joanne Graybill U.S. Trust Co. ofConneccicuc Webster Bank

Fiore Pizzeria & Ristorancc Firness on the Waterfront

Wiggin & Dana

Fosccc, Cole & Co. Friends & Compa ny

At'gean Treasures

Fromage Fine Foods & Coffees Tim G<tvronski

A.G . Edwards & Sons, In c.

Georgianna Goodwin Desig n LLC

Blackledge Country Club, Inc.

Gourmet Galley



C,ulficld & R idgway, Inc.

The Grist Mill

D aniels Oil Company The Griswold Inn

The Griswold Inn Hale & Hearty

J ean Callan Kins I ncerior Desi1,n Mazer & Son, Inc. - K. C. Ma:tcr

The Hideaway Jlliano's Rescauranc

Middlesex Supply Co. - Bob & Carol Miller New Haven Savings Bnnk

The Inn ar Chester Jonachnn B. Isleib

Niantic Lumber Co.

Johnny Ad's Luigi's Resmurnnc

Thomas Rubcrri - Madison Chrysle r Jeep Dodge Saybrook Country Barn Sennheiser Electronic Corp.

"On every level. .. High Hopes has taken an important place in my heart. I, as a volunteer, have been part of a very positive, hopeful process."

John & Susan Senning Shoreli ne Eye Group, P.C.

Tia Smith, NARHA Region I Volunteer of the Year

Jan Lukens Sarah Wood McCcncken , ASLA Manchester Ice of Old Saybroo k Mike's Bake Shop Ors. Encl & Margaret Mumme rt, DVM




Annual Benefit Event Contributorscontinued

The Needlepoinr Shop of Guilford

Small Plane,

Bill Nelligan Cliff Nelson

Srop & Shop Thar's rhe Spirit Shoppe

The New Haven Symphony Or chesrra Leif & Katherine Nilsson Maurce<1Olansen ofR.J. Vickers Herbery The Old Lyme Inn

Sally). Bill David S. Brown, M.D.

Penny Snow

Tia Smith Phorography

Mr. & Mrs. Jonarhan P. Buder

Sandy & Tony Thurston

SoreIla's Patricia Spratt for the Home

Mr. & Mrs. John Caden Elizabeth Lighcfoor & Nic holas Clemencs

Korhy Fullerron & Gurdon B. Wattles Charlotte & John Westerfield

Village Provisions

Peter G. Cunis Mr. & Mrs. David W. Dangremond

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Worcescer, Jr.

Walr's Food Markee

Olive Oyl's Carry Our Cuisine

The Wheacmarker




Ann B. Lane & Rudo lf H.J. Bergmans Thomas & Susan Chi Ids A. Crichton Ted & Rebecca Crosby Mr. & Mrs. Peter Daicch Mr. & Mrs. John C. Evans Geraldine U. Foster Geraldine Goler Emily T. Fisher & Evan S. Griswold Grace & Frank Hamilton , Jr. Mitch & Cheryl Heffernan James & Audrey Simon - J ames Simon Archirecrs John & Badr.1ra K,1Shanski Cher & Suzanne Kitching, Ken & Chris Kir chings The AJ!ene & Jerome L,pidcs Foundation Richard & Judirh Lighrfoor Mr.t & Mrs. John J. MacWilliams F. Parrick McFadden John & Heidi Niblack

Oriental Rugs, Led. Our Doily Bread

Charlie & Tamera Pompca Mt . & Mrs. Roger M. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Woyne Southwick


Henri & Liz David Janie Davison Mary Mille & Bill Doane Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Dunn Ill Drs. Dana & Michael Dunne Sarah Elliott

Tim & Susan Gavronski Polly Webster & Lyre Gou ld Robert & Wendy Gunn Mr. & Mrs. Jo hn Hargraves Anne Hoy & Brian Harra John & Kelly Hartman Muriel & David R. Hinkle Bersy & Bill Horn Marvin & Sue Horwirz Mrs. Adolph Kasrelowitz Mr. & Mrs . W illiam T. Koch Nancy & Dan Kops Jim &Jill Matthew John & Amy McCauley Salliâ&#x20AC;˘ & Dave McDermott Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McGhie Bill & Donnn McNamara Franklin Farms, Inc. David &Joanne O'Neil Elena & Michael Pacrerson Barbara Smith & William E. Phillips Lee & John Pritc hard

Pnsca Unlimited


Pnsm Vira

Mr. & Mrs. Clarke Ambrose

Resrauranr du Villoge Wendy Rieder

Jennifer Andrews

Peter & Bersy Russell

Mr. & Mrs . R. Bruce Andrews

Sage Am erican Bar & Grill Sam Kare Clorhing

Seever & S.,Jly Aubrey

Jean & David Sargent Mrs. Charles Scanlon

Maureen & Joseph Augusciok

Robert & Carol Schneider

Saybrook Poinr Inn & Spo Seaflour Foods

John & Jaclcie Ball Myrna & Arnold Baskin David & AJlison Beauderre

Richard & Nancy Schoeller

Sennheiser Elecrronic Corp.

Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Benson

t Deceased

\X/illiam & V icroria \~incerer

Mr. Sceven & Dr. Debra Daren

Roberr D. & Barbara Earle Ballard

One of a Kind Antiques

Brant & Terry Smith

Fenton L. B. Brown

Old Lyme Seafood

Oliver's Toverne

Kevin & Meg Small

Mary Pullen Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Rogers

Karen & Bernard Schwan: Deborah & S. Spencer Scott, Jr.

Ev ent

Fr iends

Bea Anderson Jean & Joseph Andress Stever & Elsie Aubrey Stanley & Milly Babson

Marian & James Bairstow Cotty & Les!ie Barlow Mr. & Mrs. Charles Baskett Robert W. Baumer Kathleen A. Bolles & Wayne M . Beaulieu Mimi & Bill Benner Dorothy F. Benner Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bennett Chip & Nick i Berry Jennifer Wells & Frederick Bieber

Linda& PecerBierrie Eleanor Bishop Michael W. Bloom Richard & Margaret Bolles J ane & Tom Boyd Robert & Margaret Brady Rudy & Irma Brande Meg & Ed Bremer Lynn & Lissie Brooks Henry & Karen Brown Brad & Cynthia Burgess M.J. & Dorothy Cahill Tony & Linda Camarra Linda Canrncr Wair & Nancy Carlson Judson & Shirl ey Carr Chris & Libby Carhcarr D.D. & Jeff Charnok Helen S. Chatham Keith & Debbie Chrisman William & Susan Christopher Herb & Sherry Clark


Kay & Logan Clarke Donald R. Cole, MD Gretchen & Woody Comstock Karen Conniff Mr. & Mrs. J. Cheston Constable Robert & Isabel Cooney David & Kathi Courant Paul Courn Karherine E. Cowles Chris & Pani Coyle Mr. & Mrs. Donald Craft Bech Macisco & Michael Crain Mrs. Teresita S. Currie Mrs. R. Katherine Cushman Karen & Donald Danielson Philip F. & Alison Zack Darrell Dixie & Jocp de Koning Guy & Diane Deucermann

Christopher & Barbarn S. Dixon Robert & Darline Doane Mr. & Mrs. J ohn F. Donahue Larry & Jan Dorman Mr. &Mrs. William M. Dow,Jr . E. F. Watermelon G.illery Thomas & Gloria Ellio" Mr. & Mrs. Jeb N. Embree Bob & Debbie English Mr. & Mrs. Albert G. Erda Ann & Jim Erhridge Cape. & Mrs. Philip Evans

MnrgarerFay-Morse Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fay Rocco & Suson Ferraro Mr. & Mrs. Pecer Ferrebee Linda Cnl1'm Taylor & Jack Filkey Russell & Hope Ford Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fournier

PearlFournier Lilian M. King & Allan Dodds Frank Lyell Erwin & Kurr D. Franke Jack & Chip Frost Fritz & Mary Lou Gnhagan

Richard& KatherineGildersleeve Sheila & MichaelGiordano Dr. Edward& Rose Gleich Mr. & Mrs. Gregory]. Godbour

Ann ual Benefit Event Contributors continued

Elizabeth McGuire & Neal Goldburg Elizaberh Goldscein Hank Golec Richa rd & Esther Goodwin Bob & Judy Gorman Mrs. Michael Gourlay Heather & Michael Greenaway Alva Greenburg Mr. & Mrs. Earl Greenho Dr. & Mrs. Alan Greenwood Mr . & Mrs. Thomas Griffin Mr. & Mrs. John Griswold Mr. & Mrs. Timorhy C. Griswold Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Griswold XJ Capt. & Mrs. Robert Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Frederic L. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Hamilton JU Mr. & Mrs. John E. Hamrick Jean Handley .M:ix & Liz Hnrcmann Kenneth D. Hedgebeth Karen Dahle & Sue Hessel Eleanor & Roger Hilsman Gilbert & Carol Hogan Lisa & Scephen Holmes Astrid Horan Jay & Mimi Hosrener Arthur & Margaret Howe CnryS. Hull Becsy & Robert tfonnewell Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hutchings Susan & Jonathan Jewett Waldo & Renu Johnstone Penny & Ted Jones & guesr Mrs. Elizabeth Kane David Larner & Kristin Karabees John Knrabees Mr. & Mrs. ruchard G. Kehoe Bob & Ruch Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Keogh Sally S. King Mr. & Mrs. Michael K.Her Bob & PauUne KnoU

Mr. & Mrs.Jomes J. Korst Theodore Kulpilc Mr. & Mrs. Delano Lidd, Jr.

Maura T. Landry Isabel C. Leach K. B. Lee

Sue Wha rfe & Ja y Porcengcr David & Barbara Prescon Deedee Pr isloc

Joan & Kenneth Levin Lewis Levin Frank & Shirley Lusk JoAnn & Richard Mangi Gre<chcn & Mowry Mann Nancy & Hiram Manville Alice Kroger, DVM & Neil Marrinan, DVM Robert & Grace Marrion Mr. & Mrs. Roger Martin

Donald & Charlotte Qu igle y Christopher & Holly Read Cory & Ron Reider Joe Rhodes Lee & Joseph Rhodes Jim & Ann Rice

Mabel Marschulat George & Sally Mayer Peter & Susan McCall John & Karhy McCurdy Angus McDonald / Gary Sharpe & Assoc. Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. McKnight Richard & Judi McKn ight Jack Meier Mr. & Mrs. Newton Merrill Michael & Karen Milano Dotothea Moore Mrs. Thomas F. Moore Frances & Charles Moppert Marga.recMorgan Joanne Murphy Mr. & Mrs. James B. Murphy II Douglas & Anne Nagan Jillj,:John Nelsen Bob & Penny Nelson Lori Nelson John Nelson, M.D. Peter Nichols Maureen & Thomas J. O'Gonnan Cynthia R. Palmer Paula & James Palmieri Harold & Marcia Pariscn

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Parkinson Geoffrey Paul.

Jusrus & LiUias Paul James E. & Jacquelyn B. Pedrick Mr. & Mrs. Abbot Peterson ill Jane & ]runes Pfeffer Mr. & Mrs. Fttderick J. Platt ill Mnrgnrcc& Donald Porrer

Jean M. Richards Elizabeth Karrer & Alexander ruchardson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rieder Mettdith & Bi ll Robbins Al & Connie Rogers Sue & Wayne Rosenfield Mr. Mark Roth Cynthia 8. Rowley Bill & Burgess Russell Karhryn Russell Jeanne Rurigliano Judy Schaaf Peter & Shelby Schavoir



Annua l Benefit Event Contributors continued


Alice Schmutz Donna & Hugh Scott Robin & Henry D. Sedgwick Petra Shearer Ann B. Shumway

Toni & Harry Slifer Seymour & Tia Smith Lon A. Smi,h Dave & Ginny Speirs Mr. & Mrs. Joh n Spratt Robert & Sheri Stalsburg l'llr. & Mrs. Richard Stanwood Mitchel & Regino Srrand Richard & Leslie Strauss Rosalind Srreeter Frank & Ellen Sullivan Robert D. Taisey Mr. & Mrs. Don Torey Sharon Mcbughlin & John Tracy Jim & Marty Travis Trish & Howard Trear Felix & Peggy Trommer Bill Turner H ans & Barbara Ullstein Chris & Maureen VanDerSrad Mr. & Mrs. Terence Walley J ohn Wamp ler David & Dale Warner Jean & Rk hard Caron - Washington Trust Co. Daniel M. Wans Bersey & Bob Webscer Colleen G. Weese! Judy Rathbun Whitney Patricia M. Wiley Lynda & Dan Wilkes Brian & Rosemary A. \'(llllis Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Wilso n Mr. & Mrs. Rkhard A. W indatt Peggy & Mel Winkley Janis Witkins Martin Wolman Mr. & M°is.L. Robctt Wood Julie O'Shaughnessy & Jeffrey D. Woods Paul & Cicely Worml l Fdts & Barbara B. Ze rnike





Bob & Lee Adrian Delphine & David Archambau lt Marian Bairstow Robert D. & Barbara Earle Ballard Robert W. Baumer Ann B. Lane & Rudolph H .J. Bergmans Linda & Perer Bierrie Eleanor Bishop Jeanne Blackwell Eleanor L. Bonafonre Chris Bongo

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Borden Robert & Margaret Brady Henry P. Brighrwell Norman & Lori Caine

Don & lyn Hanberg Nancy & Reese Harris Yvonne Haynes lnrerior Design Mitch & Cheryl Heffernan Astrid Horan Jay & Mimi Hostetter Stuart & June H0tchkiss Erica & Andrew Howat Betsy & Robert Hunnewell Faulkner & Ann Lightfo0t Hunr Martha B. Jacques Lee J useice & Robert Pope Michael & Jean Kashgarian Cher & Suzanne Kitchings Cherry & Hafer Krech Theodore Ku lpik

Tony & Linda Camarra Chris & Libb Cathcart

John & Wendy Lord Frank & Shirley Lusk

Mr. & Mrs. John Catlett Sara Child-Bushy Thomas & Susan Childs He rb & Sherry Clark Mr. & Mrs. George Connerar David & Kathi Couranr Chris & Parci Coyle Ted & Rebecca Crosby Jan & Barbara Deutsch Bob & Lorelei Diamond Mr. & l\irs. Courtland, P. Dixon

John D. MacDonald Dr. & Mrs. James D. Matthew Peter & Susan McCall John & Amy McCauley Sharon McLaughlin & John Tracy

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund A. Donnan, Jr. Rob & Linda Douglas John & Kristine Drew Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Dunn Ill Sarah Elliot t Thomas & Gloria Elliocr Sue & Al Engel Capt. & Mrs. Philip Evans Geraldine U. Foster Lillian M. King & Allan Dodds Frank Adam &Janie Frieman Alexis & Elise Gnhagan Richard & Katharine Gildersleeve Dr. & Mrs. Steven Goldblatt Jim & Joanne Graybill Kitty & Jerry Greene

Richard & Judi McKnigh t Bill & Donna McNamara Sunny McNeil Mary Mille & Bill Doane Mr. & Mrs. John Molochko Mrs. Thomas F. Moore Victort & Ellie Morr ison · John & Heidi Niblack Paula & James Palmieri Charles & JoAnne Park Bob & Beth Peirce Tom & Linda Picazio Constanc e Pike Susan Raible Jeff Renk! J oseph & LeeRhodes Holly & Jeffrey Ridgway Al & Connie Rogers Cemmy & Michael Ryland Patricia Russell Mr. Boynton Schmitt John & Susan Senning Petra Shearer

Toni & Harry Slifer Kevin & Meg Small Seymour & Tia Smith Jane Steinke Sabin &: Dcvcrlcy Srrceter Mrs. Bonsall Srrong Mr. & Mrs. Howard Sutton

Sandy & Tony Thurston Mrs. William M. T,ngue Don & Jen Torey Karen & Kel Tyler Dr. & Mrs. Willis H. Umberger Mrs. Samuel R. Walker Kathy Fullerton & Gurdon B. Wattles Charlotte & John Westerfield Sonny & K. C. Whe len Lee & Doug Wh icc· Janis Witkins Janet & John Woods Capt. Mark Yuknat

Financial Statements for the Year ending June 30, 2000*



of Financial Condition Jun e 2000 Total All Funds


Jun e 1999 Tora ! AU Funds (rev ised)

Unrestr icted


Accounts Receivable



Unconditional Promises co Give






Tora! Cur rent Assets



Endowment Inve stment s



Faciliries Expans ion

846,593 74,9 11


Due from Endowment Long-term Cond itional Pr omises ro Give Long-rerm Unco nd itio nal Pr omises ro Give

Total Assets





S3 Z!!2,l!l!0


Ju ne 2000 Total

June 1999 Toca! (rev ised)




67,307 695,789



Total Support Revenue :





l nvesrmenr Income








Si 076690






Other Income




Ner Realized Investment Gains






Unrealized (Loss) on Investments


Net Assets Released from Restrictions


Total Rev enu e: 183,407

Permanently Rescricccd


Pees for Services Land, Buildings, Equipment and Horses, ac Cose, Nee

Temporarily Restr icted

Support, Revenue and Gains

Curr ent Assets: Cash and Equivalents

of Activities

, Total Support, Revenue and Gains







illLl222l fil10J!22l lli..iQj_



SI 223 727


s2 499613

Expenses Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilitie s: Morrgage Payable, current portion Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue

42,525 853 220,000


368 ,302


General and Administrative







Fuod Raising Tora.I Expenses:








Due to ope rating Tora! Liabilities


Pwgrnm Services


S 152,474

Change in Net Assets

1,201,222 766,826 I 0'54 454

1,189,316 106,135 I OSI 688

Net Assets, Beginning of Year

S3 o;zz,202







Net Asse ts: Unrescricced Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets


â&#x20AC;˘1t11dirtd finanrial Jldl,,,,,nlJavailab/, ,n H1gbHop,,o/Jirr.


Net Assets, End of Year

I 244 560

u 201 m

SI 054151

2 347 132

2 241 037

$3 022 502

$2,347 132

Non-Profir Organ ization U .S. Posrage

PAID Old Lyme, CT

High Hopes Therapeuti c Ridin g, Inc.

06 37 1

r 999-2000 Annual Report

Permit # I

Twenty-six years of changing lives through therapeutic


36 Town Woods Road • Post Office Box 254 • Old Lyme, Conne cticut 06371-0254 • Telephone (860) 434 -197 4

Profile for High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc.

1999-2000 Annual Report  

1999-2000 Annual Report