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Watauga or Nolichucky Rafting Funyaking on “Wild & Scenic” Wilson’s Caving Expeditions & Hiking Excursions Tubing on the New River

Leave the Driving to Us! BANNER ELK OUTPOST 30 30


At Ski Country Sports, 3149 Tynecastle Hwy. across from Sugar Mtn. Entrance


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A qualified guide in EVERY raft! Guaranteed!

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Only company that offers FREE transportation!


At 1st Tracks, Highway 105 South beside Casa Rustica Restaurant



High Mountain Expeditions is permitted by The U.S. Forest Service

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Welcome To The High Country!


Helpful Information



High Country Area Map


Outdoor Adventures


Family Fun


Parkway Hikes & Sights


Vacation Stops Not To Be Missed

An Overview Of The High Country

Whitewater Rafting • Fishing • Climbing • Canoeing • Caving & More

Some Ideas For Things To Do With The Whole Family

Favorite Stops And Hikes Along The Blue Ridge Parkway



Swimming Holes


A Broad Range Of Dining Opportunities

Beat the Heat By Visiting These Popular Spots for Swimming & Sunbathing



Doc Watson Statue


A Compilation Of Neat Shops And Boutiques


Photo by Jim Morton

Visitor Guide


Native son and legendary bluegrass musician honored in Downtown Boone

High Country Hiking


Overviews And Directions To The Region’s Favorite Hikes

Calendar Of Events

90, 92 & 94

For More Information


For what’s going on right now in the High Country. Check out our website to see what’s happening while you’re here in the mountains.

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On the Cover Our cover photo of hikers climbing the ladders on the Grandfather Trail high top Grandfather Mountain was photographed by Helen Moss Davis.

photography Pictures in this issue are from our photo files and include photos from Todd Bush, Randy Johnson, Ken Ketchie, Jim Morton, as well as submitted pictures


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High Country Press Publications P.O. Box 152, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 264-2262



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Things To Know This visitor guide includes all the information you will need to make the most out of your vacation time in the High Country. Don’t miss out on all the wonders the area has to offer! Let us help you discover the High Country this summer. FOR STARTERS — Be careful with your speed driving through the towns. Watch for those 35 mph and 25 mph signs. The police are fairly strict around here. Don’t go home with a speeding ticket souvenir. DRIVE THE PARKWAY — Take our word for it. It’s a place that, no matter how many times you see it, you’re always ready to revisit and explore it further. This guide highlights a few of the not-to-miss stops along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and if you ask anyone on the street, they’ll tell you the same—it’s the one thing you have to do while you’re here. Go out for a drive and you’ll see exactly why it keeps us coming back. See page 32 LOTS OF DINING OPPORTUNITIES — You’re on vacation, after all. There are more than 200 local restaurants in the High Country waiting for you to be their guest, so go to a few you’ve never tried before. Check out any of the ones mentioned in this guide and you’re guaranteed to find great food, a unique atmosphere and friendly faces. See page 38 PARKING DOES EXIST — It may not look like it at first glance, but keep your eyes open and follow the signs and you’ll most likely find public parking close to your destination.


High Countr y Host Visitor Center This is one of the best visitors’ centers you’ll find anywhere. The people who work here know more about this area than possibly anyone else, and they will be more than happy to direct you to your destination, give you useful information or share activity suggestions. The office is located on Highway 321 in Boone, directly across from Burger King. Call them at 828-264-1299. Chambers of Commerce

n BOONE: 264-2225 • 208 Howard St. Boone

Open Mon. - Fri. 9-5 •

n BLOWING ROCK: 295-7851 • 132 Park Avenue. Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5:30 •

n BANNER ELK: 898-8395 • 100 West Main St. Open Mon.-Sun. 10-5 •

n BEECH MOUNTAIN: 387-9283 • 403 Beech Mtn Pky. Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5 •

n AVERY-BANNER ELK: 898-5605 • 4501 Tynecastle Hwy. Suite 2. • Open Mon.-Sun. Various Hours •

TAKE A HIKE — It’s what we do up here in the mountains. It’s a combination of the solitude and the adventure of twisting trails along an array of mountain landscapes. It’s never knowing what’s 6

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around the next bend. We’ve even compiled some of our favorite places for your benefit, starting on page 86 SEE ASU — The campus is beautiful unto itself, and then there’s the legacy. ASU is a rock-solid UNC system educational facility and is also home to a three-time

Photo by Todd Bush


Each season has its own natural attractions, its own outdoor adventures, its own festivals and celebrations. Bike a country road. Hike a scenic trail. Climb a mountain. Fish a remote stream. Picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Watch an eagle soar. For a variety of lodging options and area attractions, visit: 828-266-1345 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Things To Know

ss - Online

National Championship football team. Going toward downtown Boone on Highway 321, turn left onto Rivers Street. Make sure to check for signs, as parking regulations change with the university’s schedule.

CHECK OUT ENTERTAINMENT — Hundreds of great musical and theatrical acts come through this area. Just check local media listings to find out who’s in town while you’re here. Even if you’ve never heard the name before, realize that our local music scene is brimming with talented artists you won’t see anywhere else. Nearly every bar features great live acts, and there are plenty of day festivals and weekly family music events occurring all the time. Just ask around. See the calendar of events on pages 92 & 94. VISIT MAST GENERAL STORE — It’s the real deal for history buffs. The original store in Valle Crucis has been here since 1882, and it’s probably the oldest piece of our unique history. Admire the building and then step inside; it still has everything you could possibly need. TWEETSIE, MYSTERY HILL, THE BLOWING


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Up-to-date information about the High Country is now available at your fingertips at a brand new website that is constantly updated twenty four seven. A great place to visit to see what’s happening now in these mountains.. ROCK, HORN IN THE WEST, GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN — All are classic attractions that have entertained thousands of visitors and locals over the years. While you’re in town, don’t miss these sites that have helped define the High Country for many generations. Read information about area attractions starting on page 10. VISIT: — The goal of the Watauga County Tourism Development Authority is to make the High Country the top recreation destination east of the Mississippi. Already a top contender nationally, the High Country features an abundance of outdoor activities which are chronicled with all the need-to-know contact and location information at their awesome website:

SEVEN DEVILS IS IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL! Located between Boone and Banner Elk, off Hwy. 105 – enjoy all outdoor activities like tennis, hiking, the Zip Line or just relaxing! From nature lovers to adrenaline junkies, there is plenty to do and see around the town of Seven Devils. And, an array of lodging choices... for a weekend or a season!


! e d u t i t l A Positive FOR A BROCHURE OR INFORMATION:

(828) 963-5343

Ad Sponsored by the Seven Devils Tourism Development Authority v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012



Area Attractions

BANNER HOUSE MUSEUM BANNER ELK. Samuel H. Banner, one of Banner Elk’s founding fathers, built this two-story home in 1865 where he and his wife, Jane Hyder Banner, raised their seven children. Period rooms have been recreated to display objects used and the culture of the times. Take a tour back in time, come visit the Banner House Museum, open Thurs-Sat, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., June 18 through October 15. Our docents will take you back in time, beginning in the 1860s, as they guide you through the Museum. n 828-898-3634. See ad on page 15

The Blowing Rock Blowing Rock. The Blowing Rock is North Carolina’s oldest travel attraction, established in 1933. It’s an immense cliff 4,000 feet above sea level and overhanging Johns River Gorge, 3,000 feet below. Legend tells of a Chickasaw maiden and her lover, a Cherokee brave, who lept from the cliff and was returned by a gust of wind. The Blowing Rock is open all summer from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. n 828-295-7111. See ad on page 10


na’s Caroli North est travel old action attr 933! 1 since

Open Daily: April - December Weekends: January - March Located on Vineyard Lane 9 miles from Boone on HWY 105 or 3.5 miles from the intersection of HWY 105 & 184 toward Banner Elk

The Blowing Rock is an immense cliff 4,000 feet above sea level, overhanging Johns River Gorge 3,000 feet below. The phenomenon is so called because the rocky walls of the gorge form a flume through which the northwest wind sweeps with such force that it returns light objects cast over the void.

Wednesday - Saturday: 12-6, Sunday: 1-5

Hwy 321 S. across from Green Park Inn 432 Rock Rd. Blowing Rock NC 828-295-7111 •



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Sugar Mtn

in the summer

Sugar Mountain Resort

1009 Sugar Mountain Drive • Sugar Mountain, NC 28604

828-898-4521 visitor’s guide

s u m m e r 2 012


Discover... Area Attractions from Boone on N.C. 105, the Greater Foscoe Mining Company is open from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Sifting through rock and dirt, you’ll find precious and semi-precious gems, such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, green tourmaline and more. The Greater Foscoe Mining Company also offers gem cutting right on the premises. n 828-963-5928. www. See ad on page 13

tage point for spectacular views of the beautiful southern Appalachians. Visit the wildlife habitats, journey along one the many hiking trails, buy a snack at the Top Shop and walk across the Mile High Swinging Bridge, American’s highest suspension footbridge! n 800-468-7325. www. See ad on page 16

Grandfather Vineyards

GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN LINVILLE. Grandfather Mountain is one of the most well-known, beloved places for visitors to spend their time. Boasting the highest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountain range (Calloway Peak, elev. 5,964 ft.) Grandfather Mountain has a van-


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BANNER ELK. Grandfather Vineyard was founded in 2003 when Steve and Sally Tatum, in search of a hobby, planted a small block of wine grapes for some home winemaking. After a few years they realized the High Country of North Carolina had a similar climate as many of the famous grape growing regions around the world. In 2005 Steve and Sally

ur o Y e Min Gems! Own

Emeralds • Sapphires • Rubies • Topaz Aquamarine • Amethyst & Others


LOCATED on Highway 105 South in Foscoe, North Carolina

DAILY MINING: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Gem Cutting on Premises & Custom Jewelry v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Discover... Area Attractions tripled the size of the vineyard. His hobby then became more than just a hobby. After years of hard work, they opened their doors in May of 2011. Grandfather Vineyard is a terraced mountain-side vineyard located at the base of Grandfather Mountain right on the Watauga River. At the bottom of the vineyard is the tasting room and winery. They’re open Wednesday thru Saturday Noon to 6:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. n 828-297-3296. www.grandfathervineyards. com. See ad on page 10

in the High Country! For those who live here, it’s simply a tradition. A cast of fifty characters takes the stage to present the history and dreams of our forefathers through drama, dance and music in this outstanding outdoor production. Shows run from June 15 through mid-August with performances every Tuesday through Sunday at 8:00 p.m. n 828-264-2120. See ad on page 15


HORN IN THE WEST BOONE. Dr. Kermit Hunter’s Horn in the West is one of the nation’s oldest Revolutionary War dramas being performed today. The 2012 season marks its 61th consecutive summer

BLOWING ROCK. The house that defies physics, Mystery Hill, is a gravitational anomaly. Here you’ll stand at a 45-degree angle, see balls roll uphill and witness other inexplicable phenomenon. In the Hall of Mystery, you’ll find puzzles, hands-on experiments and optical illusions. Don’t

Tweetsie Railroad 2012 Special Events: Day Out With Thomas™ June 1– 10 Dora the Explorer™ & Diego from Go, Diego, Go™! June 22 – 24 Fireworks Extravaganza™ July 4, Open Until 9 pm Cool Summer Nights July 7, 14, 21, 28 Open Until 9 pm

Meet Bob the Builder™ July 13 – 15 K-9s in Flight Frisbee Dogs July 21 – 29 Riders In The Sky August 18 & 19 Railroad Heritage Weekend September 8 & 9 Ghost Train Halloween Festival ®


September 28 –29, October 5 – 6, 12 – 13, 19 – 20, 26 – 27, Gates Open at 7:30 pm Events subject to change

Open Mid-April through October, 9 am to 6 pm 7 Days a Week Memorial Day through August; Friday–Sunday in Spring & Fall 300 Tweetsie Railroad Lane, Blowing Rock, NC 14 • 877-TWEETSIE (877-893-3874)

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

History Alive

Discover... Area Attractions outdoor drAmA ~

Horn in the West

Hickory Ridge Living History Museum

Horn in the West

Hickory Ridge

steP BACk into tHe Wild nAtion’s oldest revolutionAry WAr outdoor drAmA Frontier oF dAniel Boone’s time

mid-June tHru mid-August | tuesdAy tHru sundAy museum Hours 5:30Pm - 7:30Pm | drAmA Begins 8:00Pm

Dinner With Dan’l - a modified all-you-can-eat buffet on the grounds, catered by Dan’l Boone Inn Restaurant ~6:30pm Thurs., Fri., Sat. only ~Reservation Required

House Mus r e eu n an

Tuesday–Saturday 11:00am–4:00pm



591 Horn in tHe West dr. Boone, nC | (828)264-2120 WWW.HornintHeWest.Com | WWW.HiCkoryridgemuseum.Com

Br ingi ife ng History To L

June 16 - October 19 Take a tour back in time through this 1860's home built by Samuel H. and Jane Hyder Banner. View our Commemorative Historical Photographs, Civil War Exhibit and more.

The Greater Banner Elk Heritage Foundation • 7990 Hickory Nut Gap Rd. • Banner Elk, NC • 828-898-3634 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Discover... Area Attractions forget to visit the Heritage Museum and the Artifact Museum. Mystery Hill is open seven days a week, year round, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. n 828-264-2792. See ad on page 12

SUGAR MOUNTAIN BANNER ELK. Sugar Mountain is known for great skiing, but it continues bustling with activity straight into summer. Hiking and biking trails intertwine through the Village of Sugar Mountain, making it perfect for day adventures. Beginning July 1st, every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., lift rides take visitors a breathtaking 45-minute roundtrip to the mountain’s 5,300-foot peak. Bike riders


can even ask the attendant to hook the bike onto the chairlift! n 800-SUGARMT. See ad on page 13

TWEETSIE RAILROAD BLOWING ROCK. Tweetsie Railroad is the High Country’s famous Wild West theme park. For more than 50 years, visitors have ridden the tracks on the historic Number 12 with Wyatt Earp, Jesse James and Billy the Kid. The park features live shows, over a dozen carnival rides, gift shops and an animal park. Don’t miss the Ghost Train Halloween Festival every Friday and Saturday throughout October! n 1-877-TWEETSIE. See ad on page 14

Ever wonder

what forever looks like?

Whether you’re gazing out at the spectacular vistas or looking deep within yourself, there’s a real sense of clarity to be found here at Grandfather Mountain.


Grandfather® Mountain Wonders never cease

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

GFM_HCPressVG_HalfPg_2012.indd 1


4/12/12 5:09 PM

Welcome, Mountain Bikers Two New Parks Offer Mountain Biking Trails in the High Country


n May 2011, not one, but two new parks offering mountain biking trails opened to the public and visitors to the High Country. In Boone, the first phase of Rocky Knob Park opened with the 1.6-mile Rocky Branch Trail. Another 6.5 miles of trail is currently under construction at the 185-acre site, located just east of Boone on U.S. 421 toward Deep Gap. When completely built out, the park will feature Photo by Kristian Jackson a stacked loop system who worked with that gradually increases local bikers and hikers, in difficulty. including sports teams Phase II trail design from local universities. for four miles of new The trail network trails began earlier in includes reclaimed 2011, and in 2012 and stretches of pre-existing 2013, the Watauga trails and road grades County Tourism Recently, the Watauga County and new paths blended Development Authority Tourism Development Authority (TDA) hopes to move opened the first section of Phase together with significant forward with an I (designated by a blue line) of work by volunteers and adventure playground, Rocky Knob Park, a new moun- town employees. “You’re talking shelter and bike skills tain biking trail system located on the east side of Boone. about some of the area at the park. highest mountain biking Rocky Knob Park on the East Coast,” said is one initiative by the On the Web Watauga County TDA Download trail maps, check out Fred Pfohl, chair of in its goal to become one photos and read more about the Beech Mountain mountain biking in the High Parks and Recreation of the premier outdoor Country at these websites. Committee. recreation destinations The trails’ lofty in the country. For Rocky Knob Mountain elevation of between more information, call Bike Park Blog 4,700 and 5,400 828-266-1345. feet is expected to Beech Mountain’s appeal to riders and Emerald Outback Beech Mountain Parks runners interested in opened with eight and Recreation serious cardiovascular miles of trails accessible training—and escape from a newly finalized trailhead located across Beech Mountain from the heat felt at lower elevations. Parkway opposite town hall and the Beech Pfohl sees runners as a major target for the Mountain Visitors Center. Up to 25 miles trails, with the eventual goal being to stage a high-elevation marathon. of trails are planned in three phases. For more information, call 828-387Beech Mountain’s trails were the 2009 inspiration of Beech Mountain Fitness and 3003. Wellness Coordinator Daniel Scagnelli, v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Map out your trip

Covering Watauga, Avery and Ashe Counties

Travel the High Country’s Designated Scenic Roadways Hwy 194 & 88: From Boone to Laurel Springs


★ ★ Little

Fish Springs


18 miles through Watauga & Ashe Counties It starts in Boone at the New Market Shopping Ctr. You’ll first pass the Meat Camp community. Turn left on Meat Camp Road and travel 5.5 miles to visit Elk Knob State Park. Then, retrace your route back and turn left on 194 toward Todd. The byway route temporarily ends at the intersection with Hwy 221. Head north to Jefferson and Mt. Jefferson to pick up the byway at the intersection of Hwys 16 and 88. Follow Hwy 88 to Laurel Springs.











Sugar Grove



Hwy 194 Valle Crucis Loop

Beech Mountain


17 miles through Watauga & Avery Counties Begin driving where Hwys 421 and 194 converge in Vilas. Follow Hwy 194 into Valle Crucis and out of the valley. You will come to a triple S curve, in front of the Sweet Retreat B&B. Continue through Matney and eventually, you’ll arrive in Banner Elk, home of Lees-McRae College. Then, continue your drive along the winding road to Elk Park - site of the 60-foot Elk Park Waterfall.






Banner Elk

Elk Park

Sugar Mountain 105


Hwy 221 from Blowing Rock to Linville




18 miles through Watauga & Avery Counties Take Hwy 221 south from Blowing Rock; you’ll pass a Parkway turnoff and a quaint park. Later, you’ll pass under a huge rock that hangs over the road. Look up for a view of the Linn Cove Viaduct on the face of Grandfather Mountain. Past another Parkway entrance, you’ll arrive at Grandfather Mountain. The byway ends in Linville at the intersection of Hwys 221 and 105.

Crossnore 194 221


Linville Falls


For Over 40 Years, The Place To Get Ready For Outdoor Adventure

Every Trip To The Mountains Should Start at Downtown Boone, Corner of Depot & Howard, 828-262-5111 Footsloggers Downtown Blowing Rock, 921 Main Street, 828-295-4453

Footsloggers ad


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Seve Devil 184

To: Mountain City, Tennessee






West Jefferson

Laurel Springs 88 16 194



Glendale Springs



Todd 421


Camp 194 221




Grove 194

Valle Crucis




2 9 3

he r Gr an df at in Mo un ta




Cascades Trail milepost 271.9

Moses Cone Manor



2 7 1

221 321






Seven Devils


e De

221 421

221 3 0 4

2 9 0

★ Blowing BYPASS

To: Wilkesboro and Winston-Salem

Thunderhill Overlook milepost 290.3








Blowing Rock to Boone Linn Cove Viaduct milepost 304

Distance: 8 miles Estimated Time: 14 minutes

Banner Elk to Boone

To: Lenoir and Hickory

Distance: 18 miles Estimated Time: 31 minutes

Banner Elk to blowing rock Distance: 24 miles Estimated Time: 42 minutes

In Historic Valle Crucis

Wildcat Lake

Just outside Banner Elk, down Hickory Nut Gap Road, this lake is a great place for swimming and boating. It is open and free to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily. Photos by Todd Bush

Located on Hickory Nut Gap Road off Hwy 184 - 2 miles from Banner Elk

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Check Out These...

Outdoor Adventures as fly-fishing schools. n 828-264-6497. See ad on page 25

EDGE OF THE WORLD BANNER ELK. For 31 years, Edge of the World has been guiding rafting and kayaking trips down the beautiful Watauga River (dam-controlled so it’s guaranteed perfect!) Everything is covered, from gear to professional whitewater guides. Edge of the World also guides climbing and rappelling trips suitable for anyone over ten. Call in advance to reserve your spot! n 800-789-EDGE. See ad on page 27

FOOTSLOGGERS BOONE and BLOWING ROCK. High Country adventures range from leisurely strolls to extreme expeditions. Wherever you fit in the spectrum, Footsloggers Outdoor & Travel Outfitters has all your needs covered. The outlet store holds the latest hiking, backpacking and climbing gear, as well as outdoor clothing and footwear. n Boone 828-264-5111. Blowing Rock 828295-4453.

elk creek outfitters BOONE. It is Elk Creek Outfitters’ goal to consistently exceed your expectations by providing quality fishing adventures tailored to the individual. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, Elk Creek Outfitters is prepared to make you ECO outing the trip of your dreams. Offering guided float and wade trips as well

FOSCOE FISHING COMPANY FOSCOE. Foscoe Fishing Company is the High Country’s only Orvisendorsed fly-fishing guide service. Take a half- or full-day trip and learn casting techniques, essential knots, proper fly selection and everything

River Adventures


he High Country is home to beautiful, pristine rivers and streams that are valuable recreational resources for visitors to the area. From calm, deeper waters perfect for swimming and fishing to fast-moving, choppy rapids ideal for whitewater rafting adventures, our rivers have it all. Local outfitters can equip your family with the guides, transportation and gear for a safe and memorable river tubing, canoeing, kayaking or rafting trip. New River Watauga and Ashe counties, NC to Gauley Bridge, WV

French Broad River Transylvania County, NC to Knoxville, TN

Watauga River Watauga County, NC to Kingsport, TN

Nolichucky River Avery County, NC to Cocke County, TN


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Check Out These...

Outdoor Adventures else necessary for fishing the local mountain streams. n 828-963-6556. See ad on page 27


Large Fly Selection Wade, Canoe & Drift Boat Guide Trips NC Fishing License Area Maps & Books

TFO Rods, Dan Bailey, Loon Outdoors, RIO, Scientific Angler Native Ultimate 12, Bell Angler Canoe, Wood Monhegan Skiff

Fly Fishing Classes Casting Lessons Fly Tying Classes

Enjoy Seeing the Creek & River from the Back Deck! 5712 NC Hwy 105 South Boone, NC • (828) 963-5463


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BANNER ELK. Grandfather Trout Farm has two ponds stocked with trout, and you just pay for what you catch. Ideal for large groups and families with children, Grandfather Trout Farm provides bait, tackle, buckets, nets and other gear at no extra charge. After you’re done, the staff will clean and pack or your catch for you. n 828-9635098. See ad on page 26

HAWKSNEST ZIPLINE SEVEN DEVILS. Hawksnest Zipline offers 19 cables and 4 miles of fun . Whiz through the air with legs dangling above picturesque views of the High Country. You’ll receive onsite guidance; then, zip off for a unique adventure. n 828963-6561. See ad on page 23

High Mountain Expeditions Boone. High Mountain Expeditions guides rafting adventures on three of the High Country’s best-known rivers, and also takes guests deep inside local caves. High Mountain Expeditions covers transportation to and from river trips, an experienced guide for the day, equipment and lunch. n 1-800-262-9036. See ad on page 3

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Check Out These... Outdoor Adventures MAGIC CYCLES

river girl fishing co.

BOONE. For the best in cycling, Magic Cycles has you covered. From new bikes to repairs to clothing and biking accessories, the shop has it all. The friendly, knowledgeable staff is equipped to help you find exactly what you need—be it a new chain or directions to the best trails in the High Country. n 828-265-2211. See ad on page 23


TODD. River Girl Fishing offers friendly, personalized instruction as well as high quality kayak, bicycle, canoe and tube rentals, custombuilt fly rods and a sense of adventure from their well-stocked shop in Todd. Located on Railroad Grade Road, right beside the legendary South Fork New River. n 336-877-3099. See ad on page 25


BOONE. Conveniently located at 1158 Hwy 105 on the way to all local resorts. Make sure to stop in and check out the area’s best selection of skateboards, snowboards, outerwear, footwear, apparel and more. Get everything you need for your outdoor High Country adventure! n 828-355-9013. See ad on page 23

VALLE CRUCIS. River & Earth Adventure teaches about the High Country’s unique eco-system and how to protect it along with helping to plan your outdoor adventure. River & Earth offers rafting, biking, tubing, caving, hiking, kayaking and canoeing, plus an eco-education adventure. n 1-866-411-RAFT or 828-963-5491. See ad on page 19

High Country Fishing License Info • In addition to state fishing licenses, special trout fishing licenses are required to fish in Designated Public Mountain Trout Waters in NC • Persons under 16 are exempt if accompanied by a licensed adult


nglers seek out the High Country as a destination for their favorite pastime. The area’s rivers are home to rainbow, brown and brook trout, and outfitters are ready to take you on an excursion and provide all the gear and advice you need. 24

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

• 10-day, annual, lifetime and non-resident licenses available • Licenses available at some local outfitters or through • License not required at Grandfather Trout Farm

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Check Out These...



BOONE. Discover the unique challenges of rock climbing with experienced, certified guides. Half-day and full day trips with no experience necessary. The 40’ outdoor climbing tower in downtown Boone is a great place to start your vertical adventure, with opportunities for all ages and abilities. Or, perhaps the pinnacle of your High Country visit will be reaching the Crow’s Nest on the high ropes course before exiting via the dual zipline. Explore your vertical world on the rocks, ropes, cables, or the underground world of natural limestone caves with Rock Dimensions! Trips are instructional and fun, with all equipment provided. n 828-265-3544 or 888-595-6009. See ad on page 21

WAHOO’S ADVENTURES BOONE. Voted two-time “Outfitter of the Year” by Professional Paddlesports Association, Wahoo’s is in its 34rd year of offering the highest quality tours. Choose from a lazy canoe, kayak or tubing trip; or a gentle, high or extreme rafting adventure. n 828-262-5774 or 800-44-RAFT. See ad on page 5

Worldwide headquarters located in boone also located in asheville, nc elizabethton, TN & Costa Rica


Call Us!

— Guide Owned and Operated —

866-411-RAFT • 828-963-5491 • 26

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BOONE. Don’t have a fishing license? This specialty fishing shop will provide you with one, as well as area maps and fly and fishing supplies to get you fully ready for a big catch! Located on the Watauga River, this shop is just a stone’s throw away from a great fishing spot. n 828-9635463. See ad on page 22

• Outdoor Clothing & Gear • Full Line Fly Shop • Guided Fishing Trips • Fly Fishing School

8857 Hwy 105 South • Boone, NC 28607 • 828-963-6556 •

Celebrating 31 years of Guided Trips

Whitewater Whitewater Fun Fun for for the the Family Family Climbing Climbing and and Rappelling Rappelling Trips Trips for for the the More More Adventurous Adventurous Located in downtown Banner Elk • 394 Shawneehaw Ave • Banner Elk, NC 28604 FOR RESERVATIONS CALL (800) 789-EDGE Visit us on the web • Email us v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Places For...


doc’s rocks gem mine

BOONE. The Boone Bowling Center is the High Country’s only bowling facility. Have a blast with the family, no matter what the weather brings. Just bring yourselves; we’ll supply the balls and shoes (low rental fee). It’s fast; it’s affordable with continuous action. Go bowling, everyone wins! n 828-264-3166. See ad below

BLOWING ROCK. Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine is a gemstone mining operation. We purchase our mine ore from local North Carolina gem mines by the ton and resell it to the general public by the shovel full. Because of this, we can’t guarantee what you’ll find in the ore. However, if you don’t find anything of value, we’ll provide an equal amount of the ore you purchased for free so you’ll have another chance to find something good. Once you find your treasure, Doc can personally facet your stone and set it into the jewelry of your choice. Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine was recognized last year by the NC Board of Education as the ONLY education based commercial gem mine in North Carolina and were classified as a special class of Geological Interpreters practicing Interpretive Methods to relay college

COUNTRY RETREAT FAMILY BILLIARDS FOSCOE. Family Billiards features nine tournament quality tables with professional lighting, a video game arcade area, a full-service grill offering daily specials and, of course, a jukebox. From entry-level players to advanced tournament pool sharks, Family Billiards accommodates every pool enthusiasts’ needs. n 828-963-6260. See ad on page 31


Corporate Parties • Group Rates Birthday Parties

Just Bring Yourselves. We’ll supply the balls, shoes (low rental fee) and all the fun! Cosmic Bowling Saturday Nights 10pm - 1am Glow Bowling Friday Nights 9pm - 11pm Monday - Friday 10am - 11pm • Saturday 10am - 1am • Sunday 2pm - 10pm

261 Boone Heights Dr. • (828) 264-3166


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Places For... Family Fun


level geology to all age groups young and old. We are located between Boone and Blowing Rock at Mystery Hill, beside of Tweetsie Rail Road on Hwy 321. n 828-264-4499. www.docsrocks. net. See ad on page 31

5 miles nOrTh OF bOOne at the Hwy 321 & 421 intersection in Vilas

Great for birthday parties, church & school groups or group get-togethers!

INCREDIBLE TOY COMPANY BLOWING ROCK. Want to know where can you go to feel like a kid again? The Incredible Toy Company, of course! Specializing in educational and creative toys for infants to adults, The Incredible Toy Company carries wooden toys, Playmobil, Thomas, dolls, games and puzzles, and your first purchase is always gift-wrapped for free! n 828-2641422. See ad below

skatewo rl


Open Thursdays, Fridays and saTurdays aT 7:00 p.m.

Open for groups of 40 or more at alternative times!


FOGGY MOUNTAIN GEM MINE BOONE. At Foggy Mountain Gem Mine, the friendly staff does all the hard work for you. Simply purchase a bucket filled with gemstone ore from local and non-local mines and sift the material in their covered flume area. More than 40 different minerals


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Places For... Family Fun may be found at Foggy Mountain mine, and gemstone quality ore is guaranteed in every bucket. n 828963-4367. See ad on page 29

ROCK DIMENSIONS BOONE. Outdoor climbing tower, located right in downtown Boone! The Tower is fun for families, friends, and groups of all kinds! Low angle slabs, vertical faces, and steep overhangs provide challenges for climbers of all abilities. No experience necessary! n 828-265-3544 or 888-595-6009. See ad on page 21

Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine

& AppALACHiAN FossiL MuseuM

Open 7 days a week all year round Heated indoor flume in the winter Geologist on staff Fossil & Mineral specimens Rock hound tours available all summer Wide variety of loose faceted gemstones Wide selection of gem cutting rough Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine was recognized last year by the NC Board of Education as the ONLY education based commercial gem mine in North Carolina, teaching the Geology of the Appalachian Mountains. 129 Mystery Hill Lane • Blowing Rock, NC 28605

(828) 264-4499

Full Service Grill and Game Room Professional 9ft. Pool Tables Birthday & Private Parties . Video Game Arcade Game Room Open 11:00am - Midnight . 7 Days a week Large Screen Plasma TV’s . CD Jukebox . Video Games Groups Welcome • Smoke-Free Environment

Grill: 11am to 9pm • Game Room: 11am to 11pm

& Grill

Located in Foscoe bet ween Boone and Banner Elk 9021 Hwy 105 South

828-963-6260 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012



The Blue Ridge Parkway

Photo by Todd Bush


low down – the speed limit is never more than 45 mph – open the windows and forget about “on time.” The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders for 469 miles, running north and south from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Some of the best hiking trails this area has to offer are found along the Parkway, as are lakes, ponds, waterfalls, picnic areas, campgrounds and scenic overlooks. Have your camera ready to capture whatever grabs your attention as you travel “America’s most scenic highway.” Mileposts are conveniently marked for easy traveling. Here are some of our favorite Parkway stops, just to get you started.

North to South Cascades Trail – Milepost 271.9

2 7 1

Moses Cone Manor – Milepost 294.6

The Cascades Trail is named for the waterfall to which it leads, but the trail itself is worth the visit. Part of the E.B. Jeffress Park, the Cascades Trail is a self-guided interpretive trail with twenty interpretive plaques labeling tree species of the Blue Ridge. From the parking lot, the trail turns from paved to gravel and then follows the crest of a cliff. The trail is a 1.2-mile loop, and Cascade Falls can be viewed from observation platforms located both above and below the falls. Moderate. 32

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

2 9 4

Named after the post-Civil War textile entrepreneur, conservationist and philanthropist, Moses Cone, this Victorian mansion exemplifies the resort home tradition in the High Country. During summer months, the estate is open as an arts and crafts center. The network of trails that crisscross the 3,500-acre Moses Cone Park is open year round. All trails are easy grade and great for larger groups with children. Easy to moderate. Continued on page 34

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Explore... the Blue Ridge Parkway Boone Fork Trail – Milepost 296.4

2 9 6

The Boone Fork Trail differs from most Parkway hikes in two ways. The first is that the majority of the trail is in the woods, where tumbling streams and rock outcroppings replace typically grand vistas. The second is its length. At 4.9 miles, the Boone Fork Trail is longer than most, and slightly arduous. But given adequate time to complete and a picnic lunch, it is one of the most beautiful hikes in the area, with several stream crossings, rhododendron tunnels and open grasslands. Strenuous.

Trail from Moses Cone to the Lookout Tower

Price Lake –Milepost 297.2 Just one mile south from the Boone 2 Fork Trail, Price Lake is ideal for 9 7 larger groups or for those looking for something a little less strenuous. The 2.4-mile loop around Price Lake is suitable for hikers of any level. Views of Grandfather Mountain can be seen from several points along the trail, which runs primarily along the lakeshore. On summer days, visitors can also venture into the water by renting a rowboat or canoe from the boat dock. Easy to Moderate.

Wilson Creek Overlook – Milepost 302

Tanawha Trail to Rough Ridge – Milepost 302.8


Rough Ridge is one of the most 0 easily accessed vistas along 2 the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Tanawha Trail is actually more than 13 miles long, spanning from Price Park to Beacon Heights, but the section from the parkway to Rough Ridge is a short 1.5 miles, with great views as close as 0.6 miles from the Parkway. The trail follows a ridge crest and leads to boardwalks where 360-degree views give visitors a birds-eye view of The High Country. Moderate to Strenuous.

3 0 2

If you’re looking for grandiose, long-range views directly from the parkway, then this is the overlook. High above the waters of Wilson Creek, which originates on Grandfather Mountain, this overlook is perfect opportunity to witness firsthand why they call it The High Country. Look out beyond the surrounding mountains, where the lowlands unfold themselves 34

into the piedmont of North Carolina. On perfectly clear days, visitors have reported sighting the Charlotte skyline.

Linn Cove Viaduct – Milepost 304.4

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

3 0 4

Even if it’s your first visit to The High Country, you’re more than likely familiar with the Linn Cove Viaduct. As the final piece of the Parkway, the

Todd General STore Hang out, have fun!

Porch Dining Breyers Ice Cream Quilts & Wall Hangings Mountain Gifts Jams, Jellies & Preserves Antiques & Rustic Furniture Christmas Ornaments Birdhouses

Breakfast d Lunch d Deli Tuesday Storytelling d Friday Night Dinner & Bluegrass Music Saturday Concerts, Book Signings & Artists

336-877-1067 •

Located On the New River • 3866 Railroad Grade Road • Todd, NC

11 Miles North of Boone • 12 Miles South of Jefferson • Off RT 194 at Todd Fire Dept.

Located at the Village of Sugar Mountain

The Sugar Mountain Golf Club may be the best kept secret in mountain golf. Located just minutes from Boone, Banner Elk and the Blue Ridge Parkway, the 18-hole municipal course is “Everyman’s Golf Course” in a region home to some of the world’s premiere private country club communities. The executive course at Sugar Mountain features 9-par threes, 8 par fours and a single par five. At an elevation of 4,000 feet, the course features immaculate putting surfaces, hailed by those who play here as second to none. The layout courses through a verdant land rich in laurel and rushing streams and exploits every panoramic view the property possesses. Best of all, the course delivers an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. Visitors will find golf at Sugar Mountain affordable and accessible. Walk specials are available every afternoon, as are twilight rates with cart. Find out what thousands before have already discovered. The Sugar Mountain Golf Club is a “must play” while visiting the North Carolina mountains.


Summer rateS through September 16

18 Holes • $26 greens fee, $14 cart fee = $40 | After 3pm only $32 9 Holes • $16 greens fee, $8 cart fee = $26 | After 3pm only $21

b Call 828-898-6464 for more information b v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Explore... the Blue Ridge Parkway Viaduct was put in place in 1987. It is known as “the world’s only bridge built from the top down,” referencing the fact that it was airlifted into place using specialized construction helicopters to avoid defacing the mountain with heavy equipment. For no other reason than to marvel at this engineering feat, the Viaduct is a must-see stop along the Parkway.

Rough Ridge Trail • MILEPOST 302

Grandfather Trail to Calloway Peak – Milepost 305.1

At 5,964 feet, Calloway Peak is the highest point in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is part of Grandfather Mountain, which has several other high altitude peaks, including MacRae Peak (5,939 ft.). Calloway can be accessed via multiple trails, but the Grandfather Mountain Trail, for its boulder formations and beautiful evergreen forests, remains a favorite. Additionally, the Grandfather Trail is only a short distance from the Parkway. Travel south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Highway 221 intersection at milepost 305, then take 221 South for 1 mile to the entrance of Grandfather Mountain. The Grandfather Trail begins at the highest parking lot, opposite the Linville Peak Visitor Center. Strenuous. 3

Beacon Heights via Tanawha Trail – Milepost 305.2

this leg-stretcher leads to a southfacing exfoliated dome, from which Mt. Mitchell and the Linville Gorge are visible. From the parking lot, walk across SR 1513, which parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway. Enter the woods where the sign says “Tanawha Trail Beacon Heights 0.2.” The path climbs to a junction point for the Tanawha and Mountains-to-Sea trails; from there, follow signs marked “Beacon Heights Trail” to the right. By adding in sections of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, hikers can easily avoid the large crowds often found at Beacon Heights, and still gain gorgeous views. Moderate.

3 0 5

Flatrock Self-guiding Loop Trail – Milepost 308.3

0 5

Beacon Heights is a popular Parkway destination for its spectacular views of Grandfather Mountain and minimal distance. A mere 0.7 miles roundtrip, 36

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Like the Cascades Trail, the Flatrock 3 Trail is a self-guided tour of local 0 8 tree species and rock names. Twenty interpretive signs point out specific examples of natural occurrences, like a yellow birch that grew around a fallen log and now appears to be standing on its roots. There is also a virgin remnant of a northern red oak, a sign that The High Country was once similar to northern New England states. The trail is only a short distance to Flatrock, where views on a clear day are extensive. Moderate.

Parkway Destinations Linn cove viaduct You see it from afar as you approach it on the Parkway, and soon you’re gliding through the air as you cross this engineering marvel, built to protect the fragile slopes of Grandfather Mountain. It’s fun to drive across a number of times, and the views are awesome.

price lake A 47-acre lake with lots of private fishing spots and campground on its shore, Price Lake offers canoe rentals and a 2.3-mile hike that hugs the shoreline. Rangers present programs in an amphitheater, and all its amenities make Price Lake a great place to spend a few hours.

price picnic grounds It’s one of the largest picnic areas on the Parkway, encompassing a beautiful valley with streams and open fields just begging to be played on. Four trails run through here. Bathrooms, ample parking, trash cans and grills are all available for free.

CONE MANOR A stately manor will transport you back in time when a rich entrepreneur ruled this roost. The 23-room, more than 100-year-old summer palace is dazzling, and the 3,500acre Moses Cone Park has 25 miles of handbuilt carriage trails, one of which leads to the graveyard of its original owners.

Bass Lake Not accessible by the Parkway but part of the Parkway, this is a locals’ favorite. Many walk their dogs on a trail that runs around the beautiful lake, and the spot offers great views of the Cone Manor and access to the trails leading up to it. Free parking and new toilet facilities are available. Bass Lake is off Highway 221, a short drive north from Main Street in Blowing Rock. v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat...

Local Restaurants



BOONE. Proudly serving up authentic southern-style BBQ and the best ribs in Boone, Bandana’s is a hit with locals and visitors alike. From pulled pork, to burgers–and even catering–any trip to the High Country wouldn’t be complete without a stop at this restaurant. Bandana’s can accommodate any size group, from a family of four to a bus full of hungry tourists. n 828-265-2828. See ad on page 44

BANNER ELK. Banner Elk’s own Cajun connection serves up Louisiana favorites like gumbo and po’ boys and authentic Texas cuisine such as smoked Beef Brisket BBQ and chicken-fried steak. Cocktails, wine and over 75 beers (10 on tap). Free wireless and NTN BuzzTime Trivia. Sundays feature Brunch and a “MakeYour-Own Bloody Mary Bar.” Dog friendly deck and free Corn Hole games on the lawn! Lawn Party on Wednesdays with live music. n See ad on page 41

BANNER ELK CAFÉ BANNER ELK. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Great food, ranging from eggs benedict to big, juicy burgers. For the healthy and weight conscience we offer grilled mahi and chicken sandwiches, salad bar, and homemade daily specials. Dinner nightly offering: Ribs, Steaks, Fish and always fresh and creative specials!. n 828-898-4040. See ad on page 64



v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BLOWING ROCK. The Best Cellar restaurant has been a favorite among locals for decades. Located in The Inn at Ragged Gardens in downtown Blowing Rock, The Best Cellar offers eleven elegant rooms, seasonal gardens and serves lunch and dinner daily. Reservations are

Six Pence

Restaurant & Pub

A Taste of England here in Blowing Rock

R Dining Sunday - Thursday 11:30am - 10:30pm & Friday and Saturday until Midnight Full Bar (open until 2am) 14 Beers on Draught focused on Imports and Micro Brews Courteous and Friendly Staff

R Featuring British & American Fare

828.295.3155 } } 1121 Main Street, Blowing Rock, N.C. v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Celebrating 5 years in the High Country Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants suggested. n 828-295-3466. See ad on page 59 • The High Country’s only made from scratch, boiled & baked on premises • All Natual Recipe • No Fats or Preservatives

BLACK CAT BOONE. On a list of local favorites for over 10 years, Black Cat ranks as one of the High Country’s top choices. It’s by no means hidden, but if you’re searching for the lesser-seen spots, you’ll feel right at home. Their football-sized burritos can satisfy any appetite, and after-hours Black Cat has some of the best local and regional music acts. n 828-263-9511. www. See ad on page 54


Bagels, Cream Cheeses, Homemade Quiches, Eggs, Muffins & More...


Deli Sandwiches, Soups/Salads


Mon - Sat•7am - 3pm • Sun•8am - 3pm 211 Boone Heights Drive • Boone

BLOWING ROCK GRILLE BLOWING ROCK. Courtyard dining and friendly atmosphere make this restaurant a Blowing Rock favorite. For lunch, try homemade soups, vegetable plates and sandwiches. The dinner menu features fresh fish, pasta, pork, premium steaks and a unique wine list. n 828-295-9474. www. See ad on page 63

(Turn at Burger King on Hwy 321)


Flavors from around the world, foods from around the corner. amazingly fresh & delicious view our menu online at

BOONE. Café Portofino offers a casual atmosphere and truly 5-star dining. The self-described “Garlic House” menu is a creative mix of Thai, Eurasian and Italian influences. For after-hours entertainment, check out the adjoining taproom with billiards, darts, and fifty bottle and draft beers from around the world. n 828-264-7772. See ad on page 57

capones Open Wed-Sun Brunch 10-5 • Dinner 5-10

828-262-5000 • 506 West King Street • Boone 40

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BOONE. The “untouchable” pizza parlor is conveniently located in downtown Boone. Capone’s menu includes a long list of gourmet New York and Chicago styles pizza at an

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat... inexpensive price to meet the entire family’s needs. From calzones to traditional pizzas, from salads to delicious desserts, Capone’s feeds even the hungriest troublemakers. n 828265-1886. See ad on page 53

CASA RUSTICA BOONE. Casa Rustica offers some of the finest Northern Italian-American cuisine in the High Country accentuated by a cozy, fireside atmosphere. In addition to menu favorites like grilled chicken alfredo and the sixcheese pasta purses, Casa Rustica’s extensive wine list is updated every 30 days to include interesting vintages and new organics. Enjoy live

Local Restaurants jazz every Thursday night and classical guitar every Sunday. All ABC permits. n 828-262-5128. See ad page 60

CHA DA THAI BOONE. Cha Da Thai is the only place in the area where you can find authentic Thai cuisine. The menu is a representation of all Thai specialties– from sweet to sour and from salty to spicy. Cha Da Thai also offers a private dining room for large parties celebrating a special occasion. Warm up today with a plate of pad thai noodles or kaeng daeng-red curry. The restaurant is located on Howard Street in downtown Boone. n 828-268-0434. See ad on page 56

Best Tasting Show In Town

Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar


2124 Blowing Rock Road Boone, NC 28607 828 264 7976 42

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


GIVE ’EM SHELL. Always Fresh. Always Delicious.

Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants CHAR BOONE. Char, a spacious, unique contemporary bistro in downtown Boone, serving Modern American Cuisine including fried calamari, crab bisque, black & bleu salad, turkey & brie sandwich, fish & chips, burgers, fish tacos, shrimp & grits, and angus steaksgrilled to perfection. Enjoy the covered deck, 2 Stylish indoor dining areas and the sleek, modern bar featuring 5 flat-screen TVs. Nightly entertainment. Upscale Cuisine at Casual Prices. n 828-266-2179. See ad on page 61



CHICK-FIL-A BOONE. With so much to do in the High Country, you’ll want to refuel quickly to have time for it all. Whether it’s a pre-hike breakfast or a lunch break during your epic, daylong shopping extravaganza, you can count on Chick-Fil-A for a delicious way to fill up fast. And if you’re hosting a large event of family gathering, Chick-Fil-A’s party trays will make it easy for you. n 828-264-4660. www. See ad on page 58


Tuesday – Saturday, Opening at 5:30pm RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED:

828/ 963-5087

or 828/ 898-5656

COMFORT BANNER ELK. The Comfort Restaurant is one of the High Country’s favorite places to gather
 with family and friends for great food and drink. Formerly know as the Hearthstone Tavern, the restaurant is situated at the foot of Grandfather 
Mountain, in the Tynecastle area of Banner Elk. The restaurant is 
reminiscent of an old mountain lodge with its stone fireplaces, dark woods, and deep, rich colors. 
Guests arrive early for cocktails in the Tavern before enjoying one of our chef’s
succulent meals. At the Comfort Res44

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Progressive Alternative Dining

Zuzda’s Open Daily 4pm-until... 502 West Main St. Banner Elk 828-898-4166

Two Fabulous Bars • All ABC Permits

Over 120 Small Tapas Plates


Extensive Wine Selection • Live Music Fri. & Sat. menu and specials posted online - also find us on facebook

Trout Trout Trout - mountain trout cooked three ways - one blackened, one fried, and one parmesan encrusted over a bed of grilled vegetables

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


The high CounTry’s Premiere sTeak & seafood house

Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants

Since 1985

taurant, our chef has fashioned a menu that is classic American cuisine, with a Southern 
twist to many of the dishes. In addition to great hand-cut steaks, we offer the freshest seafood 
and meats, as well as delicious pastas, flatbreads, salads, sandwiches, and an excellent bar menu. n 828-898-3461. www.comfort-restaurant. com. See ad on page 57

Serving Sunday Brunch through Labor Day 11am-2pm All ABC Permits Children’s Menu Available Highway 184 Downtown Banner Elk Serving Daily From 5pm 828-898-5550

The Table at CRESTWOOD Blowing rock. Our menu is a creative mix of Southern fare with a European touch. Our spectacular views will captivate you while you enjoy terrace or fireside dining. We offer great food, sunsets and an unforgettable experience. Try our Chipotle Bourbon Glazed Scottish Salmon,
Spice Rubbed Pork Strip or Brined and Braised Chicken Thighs​- or our ​Oven Roasted Cod - or Shrimp and Grits or maybe our Grilled Airline Chicken Breast. Plus we have a casual menu, appetizers, soups, salads and desserts n 828-295-3487. See ad on page 59

crippens Blowing rock. Chef Stan Chamberlain is making a name for himself as diners post opinions on and keeping Crippen’s the #1 restaurant in Blowing Rock and Top 5 in Western North Carolina! Enjoy the casual atmosphere and fine dining restaurant, with a daily menu featuring a variety of Artisan breads, homemade soups, creative appetizers, fresh seafood, meats and game, and of course delicious homemade desserts. Be sure to ask your server about the eclectic wine list too! n 828-295-3487. See ad on page 60


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


u a . e s , . .

s t n d d r e , . n

m s k ! e u , , f . e .

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat...

Local Restaurants chef Burt Myers’ next original restaurant in the High Country. Enjoy a casual dining experience for both lunch and dinner and great food at low prices. Foggy Rock has a Blowing Rock décor and the pub has the most TVs in town, with all the sports channels and more. Check out the 15 drafts that include local breweries! n 828-295-8084. See ad on page 45

EAT CROW BANNER ELK. Eat Crow is a wonderful little cafe specializing in fresh baked goods including a large variety of baked pies and cakes. We offer them by the slice or order a whole one to take home and enjoy. We also offer fresh made sandwiches at lunch time that can not be compared to any other “sandwich shop” in the area. 

Since we know life can be very hectic, for your convenience we prepare whole meals and soups daily that are ready for you to take home and heat up for your family. These entrees vary daily. At Eat Crow, we are always creating something delicious! All sandwiches are served on farmhouse or whole wheat bread. Sides are fresh fruit, firecracker coleslaw or chips. We are open Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and are located near Foscoe on Hwy. 105 between Boone and Banner Elk. n 828-963-8228. See ad on page 52

Foggy Rock BLOWING ROCK. Opened in October 2010, Foggy Rock Eatery and Pub is

GAMEKEEPER BLOWING ROCK. Housed in a 1950’s stone cottage, The Gamekeeper is an upscale restaurant that offers an eclectic mix of Southern foods and mountain cuisine, including mountain trout, buffalo rib eye, ostrich, duck and beef tenderloin. The restaurant is located off Shulls Mill Road near Yonahlossee Resort. n 828-963-7400. See ad on page 65


Th e Wo o d l a nd s BarBeque & Pickin’ Parlor Live Entertainment Nightly • No Cover all aBc Privileges

Full caTering Service (828) 295-3395

Open 7 Days a Week • Serving Lunch & Dinner Hwy 321 Bypass, Blowing Rock 48

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

FOSCOE. For over 35 years, Grand-

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012




Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants view Restaurant has been serving the High Country hot and delicious country cooking. Serving breakfast all day, with great lunch specials, Grandview Restaurant is open MonFri 7am-2pm, Sat-Sun 7am-3pm. Conveniently located just 10 miles south of Boone on Hwy 105, near the entrance to Seven Devils. n 828963-4573. See ad on page 66


GREEN PARK INN BLOWING ROCK. The Green Park Inn is proud to introduce of our Fine Dining Restaurant, The Laurel Room, under the direction of award winning Chef James Welch, who is a James Beard Foundation nominee, and has won multiple awards. Chef James is no doubt one of the finest Chefs in the High Country. The Laurel Room Restaurant offers extraordinary cuisine, a thoughtful wine selection, and service befitting your expectations. The Divide Tavern and Lounge is an elegant gathering place to enjoy conversation and cocktails. Join us at this newly restored National Historic Register property. The hotel includes 88 guest rooms. n 828-414-9230. See ad on page 43


A locals favorite for over 22 years

Modern American Continental Cuisine ••••••We have all the favorites••••• Serving Dinner Tues-Sunday • Open at 5


Join Us For Sunday Brunch 10:30am to 2:30pm

FREE LIVE MUSIC Fri & Sat 828-295-5050 • Hwy 321 • Blowing Rock, NC 50

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BOONE. Hilltop Drive-In is the original 1950’s diner. From old-fashioned burgers and Boone’s best hot dogs to freshly made desserts, ice cream cones and the High Country’s best milkshakes—everything is fresh and made-to-order. Hilltop Drive-In has been here since the 50s and is still standing strong. Enjoy a good meal

Karo Nigh ke on F rid ts at 8pm ay !

Best Burgers & Wings In Town Casual Food & Atmosphere OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SERVING LUNCH & DINNER

New Menu Children’s Menu All ABC Permits All NFL Games

828-898-9613 4527 Tynecastle Hwy, Banner Elk Located in The Shoppes of Tynecastle Corner of Hwy 105 & Tynecastle Hwy v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants at a cheap price while singing along with classic 50s music. Just like the good ole days! Eat in, call in, takeout or take advantage of the curbside service offered on weekends. Wear your Hilltop Drive-In t-shirt to get 25% off your meal! n 828-2972621. See ad on page 62

HOB KNOB FARM CAFÉ BOONE. Thousands of miles fresher! This restaurant uses only all natural ingredients in its freshly prepared dishes with a focus on using as much local, regional and organic foods as seasonally possible. Join Hob Nob for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the relaxing patio in downtown Boone for a delicious meal, made by hand, just for you. n 828-262-5000. See ad on page 40

It’s Always Trout Season In Blowing Rock!

HUNAN BOONE. Hunan has been serving up customer-pleasing traditional Chinese and modern Asian dishes for more than 20 years. Hunan received an award in January 2009 for being voted one of the Top 100 Local Favorites in the 5th Annual Chinese Restaurant News Awards. During your High Country visit, take time to taste what the town is talking about in the local spot for Chinese cuisine. n 828-262-0555. See ad on page 62.


Breakfast Buffet on Weekends... All you can eat 9am-Noon • $7.95



SPECKLED Open for Dinner TROUT 5:00-9:00 CAFE (828) 295-9819 Always Fresh Seafood


& Oyster Bar

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BOONE. Joe’s family Italian restaurant serves food the way Joe’s ancestors did, handmade from recipes handed down for five generations. Almost everything at Joe’s is made in the restaurant, with no pre-baked, frozen or artificial ingre-

g h P

h h




D f


CAPONE’S uNtOuChAblE! Pizza like No Other !


DAilylS! A i C E P S

homemade Dough homemade Sauce

EvEry DAy!


454b West King St. Downtown boone across from the turchin Center v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants dients. At Joe’s Italian Kitchen, you can choose hot or cold sandwiches, pasta, salads and desserts. And this year Joe has added Joe’s Jazzed Up, an upscale fine dining Italian experience, located right next to the deli. n 828-263-9200. See ad on page 49

JOY BISTRO BOONE. As “Purveyors of Fine Food and Drink,” Joy Bistro features a menu of delicious food and delightful cocktails. This small fine dining restaurant is located in the New Market Center and has a casual, warm and inviting setting. n 828-265-0500. www. See ad on page 38

LOUISIANA PURCHASE FOOD & SPIRITS See why people drive for 50 miles for a pizza where quality still matters

BANNER ELK. Louisiana Purchase has been Banner Elk’s premier restaurant and wine bar since 1984. Made to order elegance. Chef owner Patrick Bagbey’s menu evolves with the changing seasons, and will always include all the favorites. All ABC permits and the largest wine list in the area. Open Tuesday to Saturday 5:30 p.m. until… Reservations suggested. n 828-963-5087 or 828-898-5656. www. See ads on pages 44 and 58

Family Owned & Operated since 1999


PIZZA PLACE ‛s Areahest Fres st Be e! Valu

Pizza, Stromboli, Calzones, Salads, Subs, Breadsticks, Wings and More!




We Deliver in the Sugarfoot Shops 2951 Tynecastle Hwy Banner Elk 54

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BOONE. Dining at Makoto’s Seafood and Steakhouse of Japan is a unique experience. During your visit, a waiter will guarantee you a pleasant dining time. If you’re lucky, your personal chef will provide a little free culinary entertainment while cooking your dish right in front of

Great Daily Specials

Re t ro 50 ' s A tmo sphere

"Best Little Diner in the High Country!" Serving Breakfast All Day Homemade Soups & Shakes Burgers & Sandwiches Old Fashioned Banana Split

265-1344 1286 Hwy 105 in Boone • Next to Comfort Suites Mon-Thurs 7:00am - 9:00pm • Fri & Sat 7:00am - 10:00pm • Sunday 7:00am - 4:00pm v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat... you. Makoto’s also offers a lunch and dinner sushi bar. n 828-264-7976. See ad on page 42

Local Restaurants

MOUNTAIN BAGELS BOONE. ”Best Bagels south of New York.” Quality fresh food for everyone: from homemade quiches, signature deli sandwiches made with Boars Head meats & cheeses, made to order salads, to a Lebanese menu featuring hummus, babaganouch, falafel & more. n 828-265-4141.www. See ad on page 40

Mellow Mushroom Blowing Rock & Boone. Mellow Mushroom is back in Boone with a brand new location, with delicious pizzas, hoagies, calzones and a great beer selection. And don’t forget the Blowing Rock location on Sunset Drive. n 828-295-3399 (Blowing Rock). See ad on page 47

NICK’S RESTAURANT & PUB BANNER ELK. Dine on wings, burgers, quesadillas, steaks, salmon and much more in Nick’s Restaurant. Nick’s has all ABC permits and a relaxed atmosphere. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, it features a children’s menu, free wireless, lots of TV’s and a golden tee golf machine. The patio is open, dogs welcome! n 828-898-9613. See ad on page 51

MIKE’S inland SEAFOOD BOONE. Since 1981 Mike’s Inland Seafood has been the go-to restaurant for fabulous seafood dishes in the High Country. Each dish is individually prepared and all fried food is cooked in trans fat-free canola oil for optimum flavor. Also serving the best in steaks and chicken, Mike’s is famous for its all-you-can-eat specials and generous lunch and dinner portions. n 828-262-5605. See ad on page 67

OUR DAILY BREAD BOONE. A staple for the High Country lunch and dinner crowd.

Exquisit e A u the ntic Tha i Cuisine

Daily Lunch Specials Lunch Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-3:00 & Sat-Sun 11:30-3:00 Dinner Hours: Mon-Sun 5:00-10:00

* Serving beer and wine *

173 Howard Street in Downtown Boone • 828-268-0434 Fax: 828-268-0439 • 56

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Half Price On Our House Bottled Wines Every Tuesday!

Daily lunch specials



Dining 5 Star es the Pric without l a u in a Cas re! Atmosphe ing in D All Day

Kids 10 and under eat free with purchase of adult entree. Lunch or Dinner. Tues-Thurs

Sun, Tue - Thurs: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm • Fri - Sat: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm 970 Rivers Street • 828-264-7772 • w w w. c a f e p o r t o fi n o . n e t

F  


Monday-Saturday 11:30-2:30

Deck anD Bar:

Monday-Saturday 11:30-10:00


Monday-Saturday 5:30-9:30

SunDay Brunch: Sunday 11:30-2:00

828-898-3461 3990 NC Hwy 105 Suite 6 • Banner Elk, NC 28604 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants Perfectly blending fresh ingredients, ODB has turned the sandwich into an art form. Sandwiches come with your choice of pasta or potato salad, chips or fresh fruit, and you’ll also find one of the best domestic and imported beer selections on King Street. n 828-264-0173. See ad on page 67

THE PAINTED FISH CAFÉ AND BEER BAR BANNER ELK. An upscale experience in a relaxed, casual ambience. Inspired food, fun beers and superb wines all at surprisingly reasonable prices. Organic and locally grown/ raised ingredients used whenever possible. Plenty of outdoor dining. Inspired food for friends and family. n 828-898-6800. See ad on page 47

Seasonality, Freshness and Taste.

PAPA JOE’S BLOWING ROCK. Locally owned and operated since 1982, Papa Joe’s offers casual dining in warm, friendly atmosphere. The menu is made up of Italian-American cuisine, steaks, seafood, pastas, chicken, pizzas, sandwiches and more. Papa Joe’s bar has all ABC permits and is fully stocked. It’s a great place for fun and food with friends. n 828-295-3239. See ad on page 61


Always in Season. SERVING DINNER:

Tuesday – Saturday Opening at 5:30 pm RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED:

828/963-5087 or 898-5656

Wine Spectator’s Award Of Excellence 1990-1995 Wine Spectator’s Best Of Award Of Excellence 1996-2010


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Boone. Serving up fresh, deli-style sandwiches and a wide range of dinner entrees, Pepper’s is a High Country favorite. The restaurant is decorated with items from the original opening location in 1975 and the atmosphere is laid-back. Save room for the famous original Pepper’s carrot cake! n 828-262-1250. www.peppers-restaurant. com. See ad on page 46

Truly one of the most romantic settings in The High Country.

Prime Rib Special on Mondays • Fish & Chips on Tuesdays • Thursday Night Music Series

& Dog Star Bar & Grill Table at Crestwood

OPEN 7 NIGHTS A WEEK | 3236 Shull’s Mill Road | 828.963.6646 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants PRIMO’S BOONE. “The best kept secret in the Boone Mall!” Family owned and operated. Primo’s features hand-tossed NY style pizza, calzones and strombolis, pasta, and hot and cold subs, along with a variety of appetizers and jumbo wing specials. Primo’s has live music on most weekends. Offering daily lunch, dinner and drink specials. All ABC permits. n 828-3559800. See ad on page 65

Proper BOONE. Located in an old jailhouse build in the late 1800s, Proper offers a charming atmosphere both inside and out. Featuring one of the best brunches in the High Country, guests can enjoy freshly made desserts, locally-sourced ingredients and souther comfort cuisine. Collard greens, sweet potato casserole and homemade meatloaf are only a few of the wonderfully comfortable foods one can enjoy at Proper. n 828-865-5000. www.propermeal. com. See ad on page 63


Bringing together delicious fare, top-notch service, great accommodations and a stylish new atmosphere!


828/295-3487 60

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BOONE. The Red Onion Cafe has created its niche in the High Country for over 30 years by offering a welcoming atmosphere and an extensive menu at affordable prices. The Red Onion Cafe has something for every member of the family, including burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, pasta, fish, steak and delicious homemade desserts. The Red Onion Cafe also offers several of the region’s top beer and wines to compliment any meal. n 828-264-5470. See ad on page 55

Papa Joe’s

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


2011 & 2012 Best of Best by the Democrat 2008, 2009 National Top 100 Chinese Restaurant (Chinese Restaurant Association)

Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants SCOTT’S PIZZA PLACE BANNER ELK. Scott’s Pizza Place opened its doors in 1999. If you are looking for a great value, Scott’s Pizza is the place to get it. The menu boasts various selections of pizza, wings, subs and calzones. Delivery and takeout are also available. Before hitting the trails or shopping, stop in for a carb load. Also serving on the lighter side and salads. n 828-898-4646. See Menu at Ad on page 54

Dine In or Take Out

828-262-0555 Sun - Thurs: 11:00am - 10:00pm Fri & Sat: 11:00am - 10:30pm Sunday Buffet: 11:00am - 2:30pm

six pence pub Blowing rock. For a fine example of British fare, you should head over to Six Pence Pub in downtown Blowing Rock. From traditional Shepherd’s Pie and fish and chips to Americanstyle burgers and salads, this eatery and bar alleviates everyone’s hunger pains and provides a unique dining experience right on beautiful Main Street now with a new patio. n 828295-3155. See ad on page 39

ALSO Sushi, Thai and Japanese Menus! 214 Southgate Dr. Boone

(Beside Walmart)

SPECKLED TROUT CAFE BLOWING ROCK. Since 1986, the Speckled Trout Cafe & Oyster Bar has been pleasing both locals and visitors with its exquisite choices for dinner. The house specialty is smoked rainbow trout from local waters, but the extensive menu covers everything from steak to ribs to fresh seafood. Reservations are recommended. n 828-295-9819. See ad on page 52



v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BANNER ELK. The High Country’s premier steak and seafood house since 1985. Enjoy your favorite steaks, prime rib, chicken or baby back rib entrée or choose from the extensive seafood selection or daily specials.

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Great Places to Eat...

Local Restaurants

Serving daily from 5:00 p.m. in a casual, family-friendly dining atmosphere. Also serving Sunday Brunch 11am-2pm through Labor Day. All ABC permits. n 828-898-5550. www. See ad on page 46

er baskets and from temptations to shakes, Troy’s provides a long-list of American diner favorites. For a trip down Memory Lane, go to Troy’s with that high school sweetheart of yours or take the entire family to experience the good ol’ days again. n 828-265-1344. See ad on page 55

TOWN TAVERN BOONE. Classic Wings & Burgers. Hand Cut Char-Grilled Steaks. Fresh Salads & Veggies. Traditional Apps. Flat Screens. Direct TV. Music. Extensive Selection. All on the Cheap!!! Located on Faculty Street in Boone behind Blockbuster Video. n 828-266-1811. See ad on page 50

twigs BLOWING ROCK. A favorite of both locals and tourists, Twigs offers continental cuisine in a fine dining, cozy mountain atmosphere. Using the best and freshest ingredients available, Twigs specializes in an variety of dishes of the highest quality including crab cakes, filet mignon, duck confit and mountain trout. Our extensive wine list offers over 133 bottles of fine wines

TROY’S 105 DINER BOONE. Troy’s 105 Diner is one of the High Country’s true 1950’s-style classic diners. From platters to burg-

The Best Place for FOOD, FUN, & FRIENDS in the Heart of Banner Elk.

The Banner Elk Cafe “Casual Dining for the Whole Family” 2 Flat Screens & Live Entertainment

1000 Large One Topping Pizza


expires July 1, 2012

The Lodge Espresso Bar & Eatery Fresh Roasted Coffees and Espresso • 828-898-3444 Smoothie & Frappe Bar & Vitamin Supplements Muffins, Bagels Pastries & Breads Deli Subs & Sandwiches • Salads & Pastas Gourmet Pizza & Calzones

Find us on


for entertainment schedule and current promotions.

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Open 7am Everyday Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daily

Good Times Are WAiTinG AT Delicious Dishes from Family Recipes!

Awesome Pizza & Appetizers Outdoor Patio Dining Live Music on Weekends Coldest Beer in Town! Family-Owned by Local Chicks Who Love Good Food

At the Boone MAll, YA’ll

828-355-9800 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Accepting ALL Major Credit Cards • No Reservations Required


Great Places to Eat... Local Restaurants to satisfy any palate. Twigs also offers 17 wines by the glass. 828-295-5050. See ad on page 50

FUN, ENTERTAINING ATMOSPHERE! Live Acoustic Music on the Patio • Friday’s 6-9pm

VIDALIA BOONE. Vidalia is a casual, upscale restaurant featuring “creative American cuisine.” It offers daily specials, various events, wine tastings and special nights. Vidalia holds all ABC permits and has an extensive, 60-plus bottle wine list, craft beers, martinis, whiskeys, scotches and cordials. Vidalia’s menu changes twice a year to keep it seasonal and practices farmto-table food, using local vendors as much as possible. n 828-263-9176. www. See ad on page 51

Nachos Wings Burgers Panini’s Salads BBQ Soups Steaks Pasta Seafood Fajitas Kids Menu Dessert AND MORE! • 828.264.5117 Located on King Street in Downtown Boone 747 W. King Street • Boone, NC 28607

WOODLANDS BLOWING ROCK. Rustic atmosphere, live string bands, and delicious barbeque make Woodlands a perfect place to kick back with friends. The menu also features home-style Mexican fare and a large selection of appetizers, sides and desserts. And if you’re traveling the High Country in a large group, Woodlands can accommodate all sizes and has a private dining room for up to 100 guests. n 828-295-3651. See ad on page 48



Breakfast Served All Day Great Lunch Specials • Unbeatable Service Mon-Fri 7am-2pm • Sat-Sun 7am-3pm Hwy 105 near the entrance to Seven Devils


friend us on facebook!


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BANNER ELK. Zuzda is a “tapas style” chef-owned restaurant that offers over 125 small plates of all cuisines. The “progressive alternative dining” offers the opportunity to taste and share small portions of food in a random order of presentation. Zuzda offers inside and patio dining and two bars. Zuzda holds all ABC permits, and the wine list is as extensive as the menu, offering many wines by the glass. n 828-898-4166. See ad on page 45

Wide variety of vegetarian fare! Gourmet sandwiches & homemade soups, salads and desserts! Large variety of microbrews & wine! 627 West King Street ~ Boone . . .



BEST SEAFOOD IN SOUTHEAST Right Here in the Mountains!


Menu Items Such As: Calabash Shrimp, Catfish Strips, Flounder Filet, Alaskan Whitefish, Ocean Perch, Boiled Shrimp, Tuna Melt, Chicken and Burger Sandwiches - AND MORE


Open Since


Menu Items Such As: Calabash & Butterfly Shrimp, Surf & Turf, Stuff Flounder, Alaskan Whitefish, Grouper Filet, Devil Crab, Rainbow Trout, Chicken and Steak Dinners - AND MORE

Famous For Our All-You-Can-Eat Specials! Open Sunday - Thursday 11:30 to 9:00 • Friday & Saturday 11:30 to 10:00 • Closed Mondays

174 JEFFERSON ROAD • BOONE, NC • 828.262.5605 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


For Kids and Picnics...

Playtime at Town Parks


here are many public parks scattered across the High Country. Here are four favorites. Other parks are found in Todd, Newland, Linville, Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain.

blowing rock memorial park. Right on Main Street in the middle of downtown, this park provides playground equipment, a climbing wall and tennis, basketball and volleyball courts—all for free. A covered gazebo and plenty of benches makes this park popular for all ages.

banner elk tate-evans park. Tucked away on Park Avenue behind Nations Bank, TateEvans Park features playground equipment, picnic tables, a picturesque paved walking trail and a mountain stream for wading. Plenty of parking is located on site.

boone tot lot. Located at the Watauga County Recreation Complex, the Tot Lot features state-of-art playground equipment and separate play areas for 2- to 5-year-olds and 6- to 11-year-olds. The complex, which is located off Hunting Hills Drive in Boone, also features baseball/softball fields and an indoor swimming poo.

BOONE HOWARD’S KNOB park. Located on top of the mountain overlooking Boone, it can be a little hard to find as you drive through neighborhoods. The starting point is at Earth Fare Grocery on King St. But the scenic views of Boone and the ASU campus are awesome. Hiking trails and cover shelters for picnics. Closes at sunset. 68

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Make A Splash...

Mountain Swimming Holes


n abundance of natural swimming holes and small lakes exist within a short driving distance of Boone. Beat the heat and humidity by visiting the High Country’s top destinations for swimming and sunbathing.

Trash Can Falls A popular swimming hole for college students, Trash Can features cascading falls and a few jumps ranging from 15 to 30 feet high. Diving is not recommended, as the water is only about 10 feet deep at most.

Directions: From Boone, take U.S. 421 north towards Tennessee. Turn left on U.S. 321 at Skate World Roller Rink and continue for approximately 10 miles. After crossing the Watauga River Bridge, you will see a parking area on the right. Cross the road and walk up a small, narrow trail into the woods for several hundred yards.

Hebron Rock Colony One of the most well known swimming spots, Hebron Rock Colony is a natural rock formation about 20 minutes away from Boone. Large boulders, small waterfalls and multiple swimming holes can be found here. If you continue to the top, a manmade dam can be found, and just beyond the dam is a larger swimming hole known for its sun.

• This swimming hole is at Elk River Falls near Elk Park near the Tennesse line. See hiking info on page 86 for directions.

Snake Pit Snake Pit provides visitors with a larger area to swim than Trash Can Falls. Multiple flat boulders make it possible to sunbathe.

Directions: Snake Pit is in the same vicinity as Trash Can. After crossing the Watauga River Bridge, continue to the second pull off. Park here at your own risk. The trail is to the right near the guardrail. Be prepared for a steep climb down to the hole, but a knotted rope is available for those who need help climbing up and down.

Safety Tips

Directions: Take N.C. 105 south from Boone. Turn left on Old Shull’s Mill Road. After passing a church on your left, make a right onto Old Turnpike Road, which is unpaved. Continue about five minutes until you reach a sharp turn to the right. Parking is available here. Hebron is about a 10-minute walk down a steep hill.

• Slippery rocks, shallow water and steep cliffs can make for dangerous conditions if not careful. Exercise caution and common sense when enjoying these popular spots. • Remember that when visiting these swimming holes (with the exception of Wildcat Lake) there are no lifeguards on duty. • People have been killed or seriously injured while cliff jumping, so do not attempt to jump into water where jagged rocks can be found under the surface. Do not dive into shallow water. • Also, never swim alone—make sure you have people with you who can help you out if necessary.

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

69 EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!


his winter, the High Country’s favorite newspaper took a giant leap and took its publication to the World Wide Web. On February 29th, the High Country Press fired up its new website where you can still find everything that was in the printed version, but now more room is available for even more information. It’s no secret that the Internet has just become a better way to deliver news. So with, we are able to publish news and information as it happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can add as many pictures as we want and video, too. The possibilities are endless. Of course, everybody loves to read a hard-copy, but as Bob Dylan sung many years ago, “The Times They Are a Changing.” For the, we no longer put ink onto paper each Thursday. Now, we are a harmony of pixels everyday. The website will still be the community news source that readers expect and have grown to love. But now, we aren’t limited by space or the time constraints of a weekly newspaper. So, come check us out while you are in the mountains - you might read something you weren’t aware of.


Introducing a Brand New Newspaper Webpaper

Take A Tour...


As news happens and press releases are made available, they’ll be posted here at the top of our website. There is also live updating of things to do, places to go and the calendar of events.

Story Archives

All our stories are posted as they become available in chronological order. Once these stories reach the bottom of the page and go off our main page they are sorted to these archives. Here you will find headings for News - Sports - Arts - Nightlife, etc. where like topic stories are filed. The archives take you to what you want to know fast and easy.

Most Read Stories

This is where you’ll find out what everyone else is reading. The most read stories during the last 24 hours will rotate to the top here. This way you stay on top of the news with just a quick look!

Press Releases

Keep in touch and up to date with our local nonprofits and organizations through their press releases. We receive hundreds of press releases and announcements and we’ll be posting them on our website and in a file for each organization.

Columns & Blogs

A collection of columns, movie reviews and opinions from our readers.

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012



v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


May 26 - June 30 July 7 - September 22 AUTUMN: October 6 - November 15 WINTER: November 23 - March 15 SPRING:



CarltonGallery 10360 Hwy 105 South, 10 Miles South of Boone in the Grandfather Community • • 828-963-4288


Hickory & Applewood Smoked Barbeque

H LiveThroughout Bluegrass Scheduled H the Week Friday Night Fish Fry Famous For Our Fresh Ground Grist Products

Located just off N.C. 221 on Ruffin Street in

Linville, NC 828-733-5213 v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Check Out These...

Shops & Retailers n 828-264-9998. See ad on page 76

87 RUFFIN STREET LINVILLE. Original handmade items by local artists and craftsmen: pottery, jewelry, folkart, beadwork, wood turning & carvings, handcrafted furniture and much more. 87 Ruffin Street is more than your average gallery! Located in Linville, next to the Old Hampton Store. n 828-737-0420. See ad on page 73

BAYOU GENERAL STORE BANNER ELK. Browse eclectic! Find locally made jams, jellies and jewelry, Texas & Louisiana gourmet, hot sauces, cigars, unique gifts and Ashe County Cheeses. Wines include selections from North Carolina wineries, and other unique, yet inexpensive, offerings. Beer lovers are invited to “Mix Your Own Six-Pack” from over 140 American Craft and Import beers. n 828-898-8953. See ad on page 41

anna banana’s BOONE. A fine consignment store located in the heart of downtown. With new fashions everyday, this thrifty store truly has something for everyone! Shopping here is like a treasure hunt – you never know what you will find. Shoppers can find designers at discounted prices and enjoy a fun atmosphere everyday. Fashionistas and shopaholics alike should come in and check it out! n 828-865-2000. Ad on page 81

BOONE MALL BOONE. Boone Mall is the Hub of the High Country! It’s the only climate controlled shopping complex in the region and a comfortable, convenient place to shop with over 30 stores & kiosks to choose from. Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sunday 12:30-5:30pm. n 828-264-7286. See ad on page 79 FOSCOE. For all of your framing, art supply and fine art needs, be sure to visit and its headquarters in beautiful Foscoe. For over 20 years, Art Purveyors has been supplying an assortment of high quality fine artists’ materials, as well as providing thousands of affordable yet exquisite framing options to the High Country. The expert craftsmen create heirlooms that surely will be treasured for a lifetime. n 828-963-7246. See ad on page 72

ART WALK BOONE. Make ArtWalk your #1 spot to shop with 3 floors of hand crafted goods, unusual gifts and so much more. Booth rentals available to crafters and artists. ArtWalk is located at 611 W. King St. and is open Mon. to Sat. from 10am to 6pm, and Sun 11am to 5pm. 74

BOONE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EMPORIUM BOONE. Check out the only rock ‘n’ roll boutique in the High Country. You’ll discover a fine selection of hard-to-find 1980s punk, as well as classic rock t-shirts. Also available are vintage clothes, manic panic hair dye, used books and much more! n 828-865-ROCK. See ad on page 81


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

BLOWING ROCK. For more than a century, the name Broyhill has been associated with fine-quality furniture. Throughout all that time, the guiding force that has defined the company and its products has been a commit-

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Check Out These... Shops & Retailers

Shops & Retailers

ment to quality and value. Today, the Broyhill brand is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. We feature bedroom, dining room, occasional tables, walls/entertainments, fabric and leather upholstery, plus unique assortments of all types of accessories as well as premium mattresses/bedding. We also feature lines by Henredon, Lane, Laneventure and Maitland-Smith. Visit our 20,000 square foot showroom in Blowing Rock. n 828-295-0965. Ad on page 77

CARLTON ART GALLERY FOSCOE. Originally opened as a weaving studio in 1982, the gallery itself is as beautiful as the artwork inside. This unique building holds a large and varied selection of fine art and handmade crafts by more than 300 local, regional and nationally recognized artisans. Step inside and see why Carlton Gallery has become one of the best-known galleries in the Southeast. It’s a chance to take an authentic piece of the High Country back home. n 828-963-4288. See ad on page 73

DOE RIDGE POTTERY BOONE. All of Bob’s work is made on site and is fully functional stoneware. It is food safe, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Stop by for a visit and watch pottery being made. n 828-2641127. Ad on page 76

ERICK’S CHEESE & WINE SHOP BOONE. The friendly, helpful staff will assist you as you select wines that range from the affordable to the collectible and award-winning cheeses from around the world to accompany them. Erick’s Cheese & Wine Shop holds wine tastings ever Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., and also offers custom gift baskets, gourmet food, chocolates, specialty beers and gift items. n 828-898-9424. Ad on page 85 76

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Also Featuring Henredon, Lane, Laneventure and Maitland-Smith Open 7 days a week

Your Sealy Posturepedic Headquarters

Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm • Sun. 1pm-5pm 8486 Valley Blvd. (Hwy 321) Blowing Rock, NC 28605 828-295-0965


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Check Out These... Shops & Retailers FRED’S GENERAL STORE

Distinguished Shopping Begins at the South End of Main Street!

BEECH MOUNTAIN. No trip to Beech Mountain is complete without a visit to Fred’s. It’s your one-stop shopping spot with everything needed to make your visit complete, including groceries, clothing, accessories and footwear. Stop by the expanded deli for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fred’s can pack a picnic for that special outing or arrange any of the menu items to go. n 828-382-4838. See ad on page 80

INCREDIBLE TOY COMPANY BLOWING ROCK. Want to know where can you go to feel like a kid again? The Incredible Toy Company, of course! Specializing in educational and creative toys for infants to adults, The Incredible Toy Company carries wooden toys, Playmobil, Thomas, dolls, games and puzzles, and your first purchase is always giftwrapped for free! n 828-264-1422. www. See ad on page 80


Fine Gentleman’s Clothiers and Accessories.


For the Special Pooch in Your Life...Toys, Clothing, Travel Accessories, Collars, Spa Items, Dog Beds, Strollers and Tasty Treats.

INDO BOONE. Step back to the 60s & 70s! When you walk through the door, the incense, music and tie-dyes will take you on a trip back to peace, love and happiness. All that’s left to do is smile, smile, smile. n 828-264-0196. Ad on page 81


Unique Gifts and Decorative Acccesssories for Your Home, Patio or Deck. Creative Wall Decor, Clocks, Mirrors, Tapestries and Lamps.


The Ultimate in Ladies Shoes, Accessories and Clothing.

lucky penny BOONE. Be unique, shop Lucky Penny. Offering a wide range of clothing and accessories. Lucky Penny is your affordable boutique located at 693 W. King Street. New arrivals daily! Check out the Lucky Penny blog at n 828-264-0302. See ad on page 82


Gifts and Essentials for the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Bar. Fine Porcelain and Crystal, Infant & Childrens Gifts, Funny Cards & Napkins. The Area’s Largest Entertainment and Party Accessory Store!



Offering Unique Specialty Merchandise FOOD & BEVERAGE IN OUR REAR COURTYARD 179 MAIN STREET • BLOWING ROCK 828/265-3566 • 78

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BOONE & VALLE CRUCIS. The Mast General Store in historic Valle Crucis is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Both it and the Mast Store in downtown Boone are packed with everything you need for modern

• Amy’s Hallmark • Bath & Body Works • Belk • Belk Home Store • Black Bear Books • Blue Ridge Vision • Bobby Dazzler Accessories • Brushy Mt. Motorsports • Claire’s • Cookies & Cream • Final Touches • GNC • Gigi’s Uniforms

• JC Penney • Le’s Nails • Maurice’s • Old Navy • Panera Bread • Primo’s Pizza, Pasta & Subs • Radio Shack • Regis Hairstyles • Rue 21 • Sagesport • Saslow’s Jewelers • Sears • South’s Clothiers • Sports Fanatic • SuperClips • Shoe Dept. Encore • T.J. Maxx • Tucker’s Cafe

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Check Out These... Shops & Retailers life, including shoes and boots, rocking chairs, cast iron, country gourmet food, traditional fashions, outdoor gear and old-fashioned candy. n Boone 828-262-0000. Valle Crucis 828-963-6511. Ad on page 75

mountain dog FOSCOE. Mountain Dog is dedicated to the health, happiness, and well being of dogs and cats. We’re easy to reach from anywhere in the Boone area, below Grandfather Mountain in the stately stone house in Foscoe. The store’s diverse brands of foods, treats, and nutritionals are human grade and contain no harmful ingredients or undigestible fillers. Mountain Dog is an environmentally oriented store with certified organic, recycled, and fair trade products. We carries toys, grooming supplies, a wide variety of unique beds, bowls, travel accessories, outdoor gear for the mountain dog-owner lifestyle, and many other products not found in the average “pet store.” n 828-963-2470. Ad on page 83

OLD HAMPTON STORE LINVILLE. The Old Hampton Store has been a Linville community staple since 1921. Its merchandise includes house ware items and decorations, jams, jellies, cheeses, country ham, honey and the store’s signature stone ground flours and meal. The Old Hampton Store is home to Uncle Lee’s Barbeque. n 828733-5213. See ad on page 73


Mercantile Co. l a r e n e G s of business 32 year

Beech Mountain

If we don’t have it ... You don’t need it


Summer SunSet ConCertS All concerts start at 6:30pm July 8, 15, 22, 29 and August 5 Grocery • Deli • Clothing • Hardware • Gifts Books • Maps • Wildbird Supplies Hiking Supplies • Footwear 828-387-4838

Open from 7:30 am to 10pm every day 501 Beech Mountain Parkway • Beech Mountain, NC 80

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BLOWING ROCK. As one of the five Southern Highland Craft Guild shops, Parkway Craft Center represents artists living in the southern Appalachian Mountains. While visiting, enjoy great mountain views, educational demonstrations and a unique shopping experience. Parkway Craft Center is located in the Moses Cone Manor at milepost

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Check Out These... Shops & Retailers 294 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. n 828295-7938. Ad on page 85

RIVERCROSS MARKET VALLE CRUCIS. Rivercross Market is located next to the Original Mast General Store in Valle Crucis and features a wide collection of handmade pottery, jewelry, artwork, wood working, photography and more from local artists and craftsmen. Open daily, see ad for hours. n 828-963-8623. See ad on page 77

Lucky Penny

SHOPPES AT FARMER’S HARDWARE BOONE. The newly renovated Shoppes at Farmer’s Hardware is a glimpse of the historic Farmer’s Hardware as it was in 1924. The original tin ceilings and oiled wooden floors enhance the more than 100 shops now featured in this downtown Boone landmark. Shoppes at Farmer’s Hardware features a variety of furniture, regional artists and craftsmen, home accessories, clothing, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, services and gifts. n 828-264-8801. See ad on back page


W ATAUGA C OUNTY F ARMERS ’ M ARKET Open every Saturday May through October Wednesdays: June 17th - Sept. 30th


Horn in the West Parking Area Mornings until noon 82

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BLOWING ROCK. Some of Blowing Rock’s most distinctive, upscale, specialty shopping begins in this beautiful Victorian inspired architecture setting with beautiful gardens. You’ll discover, ladies & men’s apparel & accessories, jewelry, infant & children’s gifts, home furnishings & accents, pet boutique, china, kitchen, bar and international porcelains & crystal, party, card and entertaining merchandise and more. A unique addition to our center are our 6 Seasonal Specialty Pavilions. Relax and enjoy a bite to eat and a cold drink in our rear courtyard. Main stores open all year. n 828-265-3566. See ad on page 78

• Highest Quality Organic, Human-Grade Dog and Cat Foods & Treats • Raw Food Diets • Holistic Supplements & Health Products • Grooming Supplies • Toys, Beds, Blankets • Travel Goods and Outdoor Gear

Dogs Welcome.

Meet our four legged staff! Centrally Located on Highway 105 in Foscoe

MOUNTAIN nd DOG Fa riends The Dog and Cat Store

828-963-2470 Mon-Sat 10-6 Beginning May 15, Sun 1-5

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Check Out These... Shops & Retailers sunset tee’s & Hattery blowing rock. Sunset Tee’s & Hattery has been in Blowing Rock for 28 years. Western North Carolina's largest selection and variety of hats, ball caps, casual apparel, t-shirts, sweatshirts, moccasins, gifts and more. The store also has the best quality and variety of Blowing Rock souvenir sportswear, shirts and ball caps. It’s not just another t-shirt shop! Open 7 days a week, year-round. n 828-295-9326. See ad on page 79

todd general store todd. Nestled in the Todd area of Ashe County, the Todd General Store is a throwback to the bygone days of yesteryear. Pull up a chair and enjoy a a meal, browse the merchandise or sit on one of the store’s famous barrels and listen to local musicians pick a little bluegrass! n 336-877-1067. See ad on page 35

Best Selection & Best Prices in the High Country Since 1969 711 West King St. Downtown Boone (828) 264-4540 • Mon - Sat 9-5:30

Watsonatta Boone. Watsonatta Western World has provided the High Country with quality merchandise – “everything for the horse and the horse’s boss” – for four decades. Watsonatta carries cowboy boots, work boots, hats, caps, leather coats, genuine furs, purses, leather handbags, saddlebags, tack, belt buckles, men’s and women’s clothes, toys and even saddles. n 828-264-4540. See ad on page 84

WINGNIT Hickory & Applewood Smoked Barbeque

H LiveThroughout Bluegrass Scheduled H the Week Friday Night Fish Fry Famous For Our Fresh Ground Grist Products

Located just off N.C. 221 on Ruffin Street in

Linville, NC 828-733-5213 84

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BANNER ELK. Bird Center, Gift Shop, Yard and Garden Accessories . . . We are your “Local Wild Bird Center”! We have wild bird seed, bird houses and feeders, as well as home & garden art and gifts, artisans collections, household gifts and hand-dipped ice cream. Stop by and check out our selections ... and stop in for our latest ice cream flavor! We will be open May through October, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. We are in High Country Square Shopping Center in Banner Elk. n 828-898-4199. See ad on page 83


(excludes gift ba

Erick’s Cheese & Wine Shop

“ The Best in the High Country” Wine Tastings Saturdays 1:00 - 5:00pm


Open: 11:00am - 5:30pm. Mon, Tues, Wed 10:00am. - 6:00pm. Thurs, Fri, Sat

Grandfather Center Hwy 105 & Hwy 184, Banner Elk Next to the ABC Store


Tradition. Vision. Innovation. Parkway Craft Center at the Moses Cone Manor

Jewelry: Barbara Joiner

Milepost 294 Blue Ridge Parkway Blowing Rock, NC Open Daily 9am-5pm; March 15 - Nov. 30 828-295-7938 The Southern Highland Craft Guild is an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

unique handcrafted african merchandise jewelry, baskets, purses, penso pottery, zuzu grass and lots more!


703 W. King Street in Boone across from the post office v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012



High Countr y Hiking


he High Country is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a seemingly endless supply of hotspots for hikers and campers of every level. Whether you’re seeking solitude in the tucked away corners of the map or a scenic stroll that’s suited for your whole family, you’ll find it here in the High Country. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Elk River Falls As one of the High Country’s most popular waterfalls, you can expect a crowd on good weather days. But it’s worth it to catch a glimpse of the impressive 60-foot falls. The falls are a quarter-mile walk from the parking lot.

From Boone, take Highway 105 South toward Banner Elk. Turn right onto Highway 184, and then turn left onto Highway 194. At the intersection of 19E, turn right. In 1.3 miles, make a sharp right onto SR 1303. Follow signs leading to the falls, making a left onto Elk River Rd.

Hebron Rock Colony Hebron Rock Colony offers a beautiful, long slope of giant boulders, great for crawling, jumping and climbing. The river cascades down the rocks, creating numerous small waterfalls in between dozens of little swimming holes.

Take Highway 105 from Boone and turn left at the Hound Ears Club on Old Shull’s Mill Road. After passing a church on the left, take a right on Old Turnpike Road. Continue on this gravel road for 5 to 8 minutes. Park along the road where it curves sharply to the right, and follow the trail into the woods to the right. It is a 10-minute walk to the river.

Harper Creek Falls Harper Creek Falls is part of the Wilson Creek Gorge, which is a beautiful, secluded area. It may take some turning around to find it, but if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, you won’t be disappointed.

Heading south on Highway 181, make a left onto Brown Mountain Beach Road. Continue for 5 miles, passing the off-road area, and make a left on SR1328. Pass the commercial campground. The road will turn to gravel and there will be several parking places.

Linville Gorge/Falls The Grand Canyon of the East, Linville Gorge is as remote and pristine as it gets. Linville Falls can be viewed from a distance by hiking the moderate Erwin’s View Trail, which begins at the Visitor Center and is a 1.6-mile roundtrip.

Linville Gorge Trail and connecting trails Town The Parks


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Discover... High Countr y Hiking

within the gorge are recommended for highly experienced hikers only. These trails, often climbing and descending the V-shaped walls of the gorge, are very strenuous. To get to the Linville Gorge Visitor Center, take Highway 181 South to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Turn south on the Parkway and drive a few miles to the left turn for the Linville Falls parking area. The Linville Gorge Trail can be accessed at several locations along its western edge. Take US 221 South to Highway 183. Then turn left onto SR1238 (Kistler Memorial Highway). Trailheads are marked by parking areas on the left. Overnight camping in the Linville Gorge requires a permit Friday to Sunday, from May 1 to Oct. 31. For a permit, call the Grandfather District Ranger at 828-652-4841.

Stone Mountain State Park With over 14,000 acres of protected land, Stone Mountain State Park is a nearly inexhaustible resource for hikers and campers. Trails vary from moderate to strenuous, and lead to several of the park’s landmarks – including Stone Mountain itself, a 600-foot granite dome overlooking the park. If you do not plan on camping overnight, be sure to set aside a full day. Stone Mountain State Park can be accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 229. Take Highway 21 South to Roaring Gap. The park entrance located off of SR 1002, 7 miles south of Roaring Gap.

Upper Creek Falls

Profile Trail – Grandfather Mountain Spectacular views and challenging terrain await at Grandfather Mountain. The Profile Trail to the top is 3 miles long and rises more than 2,000 feet in elevation. The first mile is fairly easy, but the trail becomes more challenging quickly after that. This trail requires a permit, which can be purchased for $5 at the Grandfather Mountain offices or at several area outfitters and gas stations. To reach the Profile Trail entrance, take Highway 105 South from Boone for about 12 miles. Parking is on the left, about 5 miles past Foscoe. Mountain

Upper Creek Falls could be called nature’s playground. A swimming hole, complete with a rope swing, is located above the falls, and natural rock slides are found at several points below the falls. The waterfall itself is over 30 feet high, and continues for another 50 feet. The trail leading to the upper falls is less than 1 mile, but strenuous. Crowds are usually small, but sometimes loud. Take Highway 105 South from Boone. Turn left onto Highway 181 South. After crossing the Blue Ridge Parkway and passing signs for Table Rock, the parking lot for Upper Creek Falls is on the left.


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TOWNS: Check Out The 3 Bs They’re becoming known as the “Bs.” The towns of Boone, Blowing Rock and Banner Elk, all within 30 minutes of each other, make up the heart of the High Country of Watauga and Avery counties. Other neighboring communities are Sugar Mountain, Newland, Linville, Valle Crucis, Foscoe, Crossnore, Beech Mountain, Sugar Grove and Todd.

Boone Fourth of July Parade


Blowing Rock Fourth of July Parade

banner elk

he Town of Banner Elk is a beautiful mountain town away from the busy crowds where one can still have access to the finer conveniences found in larger metropolitan areas. The town is located in Avery County and is surrounded by some of the highest mountains east of the Rockies, including Grandfather Mountain and Beech Mountain. Banner Elk is home to Lees-McRae College and features a lively arts and cultural scene, complete with an intimate pedestrian shopping district of upscale boutiques and outstanding restaurants. The town was first settled in 1825 and incorporated in 1911 and today has a population of about 1,000 full-time residents. Banner Elk is 3,739 feet above sea level.



blowing rock

he Town of Blowing Rock is only three square miles yet is home to more than 100 shops, about two dozen restaurants and nearly 20 hotels and inns. Blowing Rock was named “Prettiest Small Town in North Carolina” in a poll of in-state travel professionals and writers, and in 2008 the town was named a “Favorite Southern Destination” by readers of Southern Living. Its Main Street and adjacent Town Park has been a tourist destination for over 100 years. Known as “the Crown of the Blue Ridge,” the quaint mountain village of Blowing Rock sits astride the Eastern Continental Divide at a cool elevation of 3,500 to 4,000 feet above sea level and has a permanent year-round population of approximately 1,425. It was incorporated in 1889.


he Town of Boone serves as the county seat of Watauga County and is home to Appalachian State University. The town acquired its name from the famous pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone, who on several occasions camped within the present city limits as he traveled through this area on his way to Kentucky in the late 1700s. Through the years, Boone has become the hub of commerce in the North Carolina High Country area offering virtually everything a resident or visitor can desire. Boone has long been a favorite vacation destination beginning in the 1880s, when Southerners came here to escape the summer heat. Today Boone is recognized by travel journalists as an “ultimate outdoor adventure destination” in the Southeast. The Town of Boone was incorporated in 1872 and its current population is 17,186. Boone has the highest elevation (3,300 feet) of any town of its size (over 10,000 population) east of the Mississippi River.


v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Home of

doc watson

Doc Watson feels the statue of himself that rests in downtown Boone. At Doc’s request, a plaque on the statue reads, “Doc Watson—Just One of the People.” Photo by Ken Ketchie

Statue in downtown boone comMeMOrates doc watson


he High Country is Doc Watson country, and House in downtown Boone. Along with the after all the years and accolades, Doc Watson icon, Clint Howard, Wayne Henderson, David still resides in Deep Gap, a few miles from Boone. Holt, Charles Welch, Herb Key and Creekside His performing career began on the sidewalks of Grass played music to an enthusiastic crowd downtown Boone in the ‘40s. Being that eventually chanted “Encore! blind, he didn’t have many job opEncore! Encore!” portunities, so Doc, who is now 89, Doc recently cancelled a May would strap a tin can to his guitar concert at the Heritage Hall in and play for tips. Mountain City due to poor health. Last summer his career, as After performing during the fourone of his picking buddies said, day MerleFest in Wilkesboro in sort of came “full circle,” when extreme heat in late April, it’s not John Cooper and the Downtown surprising that the 89-year-old muBoone Development Association sician needed a break. Hopefully, dedicated a bronze statue of Doc Doc will be feeling well soon. sitting on a bench playing his Doc is truly a legend, a genGallagher guitar. tlemen and a man of faith. Last Photo by Jesse Wood The statue, located at the coryear at a press conference, Doc ner of King and Depot streets, has become a was asked “What are you looking forward to tourist attraction. One year later, families still most about playing [MusicFest ‘n Sugar Grove] crowd around the statue and pose with the leg- this year?” Doc replied, “I am looking forward end for a memento of the High Country to take to entertaining some people and helping them home with them. Musicians will pose with their enjoy themselves … To me entertainment is banjo or guitar, while kids have fun dressing a pleasure, but my main motive is – and it’s Doc up with a hat or sunglasses. going to get a little deep right here – when I Last June, when the statue was unveiled, started out in the folk revival, my main motive nearly 1,000 people attended the Doc Wat- was to earn a living for a sweet little woman son Statue Celebration concert at the Jones and two children.” v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


Regularly Scheduled Recurring Events Compiled by Paul Choate An Appalachian Summer Festival Appalachian State University, Boone 828-262-4046

June 24: “The Illusion” by Triad Stage June 30: An Evening with Bill Cosby July 7: Outdoor Fireworks Concert: Creedence Clearwater Revisited July 13: Carolina Ballet July 14: Solas July 15: Eastern Music Festival Orchestra July 19: “Shipwrecked: The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont” July 21: The Travelin’ McCourys with Sierra Hull & Highway 111 July 22: The Eastern Music Festival Young Artists Orchestra with the Greensboro Ballet July 25: Chicago & The Doobie Brothers July 28: 26th Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Walk

First Friday Art Crawl Downtown Boone galleries and businesses 828-262-4532

Every first Friday of the month beginning around 5 p.m.

Art in the Park American Legion Hall grounds, Blowing Rock 828-295-7851 June 16, July 14, Aug. 11, Sept. 8

Concerts on the Lawn Jones House Community Center, Boone 828-264-1789

Every Friday at 5 p.m. through Sept. 21 June 1: Meade Richter, Swing Guitars and Major Sevens June 8: Wayne Henderson and Elkville String Band June 15: Doc Watson celebration with Kruger Brothers and Charles Welch June 22: New River Boys and Roan Mountain Hilltoppers June 29: 20th Season Celebration with Becca Eggers-Gryder, Amantha Mill and Diane Hackworth July 6: Cowboy poet Keith Ward, Worthless Son-InLaws and Possum Jenkins July 13: Bag piper Fox Kinsman and Forget-Me-Nots and Todd Wright and Friends July 20: Melissa Reaves and The Lazybirds July 27: Bluegrass showcase with Surefire and The Dollar Brothers and Carolina Crossing Aug. 3: Old-time showcase with Steve Kruger, Crooked Road Ramblers and The Sheets Family Band Aug. 10: TBD (likely Songwriters and Storytellers Night) Aug. 17: Boone Mennonite Brethren Choir and Soul Benefactor Aug. 24: Buck Haggard Band and Strictly Clean & Decent Aug. 31: Dashboard Hula Boys and Kilby, Welch & Stone Sept. 7: TBD (likely Watauga Youth showcase) Sept. 14: Rhonda Gouge and King Bees Duo Sept. 21: TBD

Banner Elk Concerts in the Park Tate-Evans Park, Banner Elk 828-898-8395

Every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. June 21 to Aug. 30 June 21: ToneBlazers • June 28: Billy Scott and the Party Prohpets • July 5: Buck Haggard • July 12: Dashboard Blue • July 19: Jeff Luckadoo & Southern Wave • July 26: Mad Dog Johnson with Don Vallarta • Aug. 2: Mountain Soul • Aug. 9: Wolf Creek • Aug. 16: Dallas Reese • Aug. 23: Deep River • Aug. 30: Whip Daddys

Music in the Valle Valle Crucis Community Park 828-963-9239

Every Friday at 7 p.m. through Aug. 31 June 1: Brother Gravity • June 8: The Mountain Laurels • June 15: Sound Traveler • June 22: The Major Sevens • June 29: The Worthless Son in Laws • July 6: Creekside Grass • July 13: The Wild Rumpus • July 20: Kent Doobrow & Midnight Sun • July 27: High Standards • Aug. 3: Dashboard Hula Boys • Aug. 10: The Neighbors • Aug. 17: 8 Miles Apart • Aug. 24: Folk and Dagger • Aug. 31: Zephyr Lightning Bolts

Todd Summer Music Series Cook Memorial Park, Todd Saturdays at 6 p.m. in June, July and August June 23: King Bees • July 7: Dave Haney & Lisa Baldwin • July 21: Eric Ellis & Eold Blue • Aug. 4: Amantha Mill 90

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Music on the Lawn Best Cellar in Blowing Rock

Every Friday at 5:30 p.m. in June June 1: Harris Brothers • June 8: Soul Benefactor • June 15: Harris Brothers • June 22: The Klee and Mike Show • June 29: Harris Brothers • July 6: Rama Jay • July 13: Smokey Breeze • July 20: Lucky Strikes • July 27: Drive South • Aug. 3: Harris Brothers • Aug. 10: Smokey Breeze • Aug. 17: Harris Brothers • Aug. 24: Supatight

Fred’s Sunday Summer Concerts Fred’s General Mercantile, Beech Mountain 828-387-4838

July 8: Rebecca Eggers-Gryder with Amantha Mill July 15: The Cockman Family July 22: Watauga Community Band July 29: Mountain Home Bluegrass Boys with Joe Shannon Aug. 5: Strictly Clean and Decent

Friday Night Bluegrass Todd General Store 336-877-1067

Every Friday until Thanksgiving; dinner at 6 p.m., music at 7 p.m.

Horn in the West: An Outdoor Drama Greater Avery Tour de Art 14 Avery County art galleries and studios 828-733-0054 Every fourth Saturday of the month

Concerts in the Courtyard Bayou Smokehouse, Banner Elk 828-898-8952

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. through Sept. 26 June 6 The Get Downs • June 13 Whip Daddys • June 20 The Get Downs • June 27 Whip Daddys • July 4 The Get Downs • July 11 Whip Daddys • July 18 The Get Downs • July 25 Whip Daddys • Aug. 1 The Get Downs • Aug. 8 Whip Daddys • Aug. 15 The Get Downs Aug. 22 Whip Daddys • Aug. 29 The Get Downs • Sept. 5 Whip Daddys • Sept. 12 The Get Downs • Sept. 19 Whip Daddys • Sept. 26 The Get Downs

Mountain Home Music Blowing Rock School auditorium usually 828-964-3392

Horn in the West amphitheater, Boone 828-264-2120

Daily except Mondays at 7:30 p.m. June 15 to Aug. 11

Cool Summer Nights Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock 828-264-9061 June 7, 14, 21 and 28

Farmer’s Markets Watauga

Horn in the West, Boone 828-355-4918 Every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon

Blowing Rock

Wallingford Street, Blowing Rock 828-295-4636 Every Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m.

Valle Crucis

Banner Elk

Tate Lawn, Lees-McRae College 828-789-9246 Every Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m.

Avery County

Beside CVS in Newland 828-789-9246 Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon after June 16

Mast General Store, Ashe County Saturdays and Sundays usually at 8 p.m. Valle Crucis Backstreet, West Jefferson June 2: Rural Roots/Mountain Songs 828-963-6512 June 9: Red June Every Wednesday Every Saturday June 16: Creative Country/Singers & Songwriters from 2 to 6 p.m. from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (7:30 p.m. at Luke’s Episcopal Church in Boone) June 23: Old Time Banjo, Fiddle and Mandolin June 30: Gentle Rings, Dulcimer Strings July 4: Bluegrass & Brass (7:30 p.m.) July 8: Celtic Fiddle & Dance July 22: Community Gathering; Bluegrass & Barn Building (3:30 p.m. at Grace Lutheran Church in Boone) Aug. 4: Bluegrass: The Early Years, Vol. II (at the Meadowbrook Inn in Blowing Rock) Aug. 11: Celtic Winds Aug. 18: The Colors of Country v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012 91

Calendar of Events JUNE 2012 1-2 1-3 1-10 2 2 2-17 7-10 8-9 9 9 10 10 16 16 16 16 16 16 16-17 16-25 17 17 21 22-23 22-24


Boone Bike Rally, High Country Fairgrounds, 828-733-8060 Nature Photography Weekend, Grandfather Mountain, 828-733-2013 Thomas the Tank Engine at Tweetsie, Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, 800-526-5740 Shriner’s Parade, Main Street, Blowing Rock, 2 p.m. “Plant it Pink” with the Blue Ridge Garden Club, Shelby B. Jones Cancer Center, Boone, 828-295-3970 The Remarkable Rhododendron Ramble, Grandfather Mountain, 828-733-2013 Charity Horse Show: Saddlebred, Blowing Rock Equestrian Preserve, 828-295-2700 ASU Alumni Reunion Weekend, Holmes Convocation Center, ASU, 866-756-2586 Black and Blue Double Century Bike Relay, Riverside Restaurant, Todd, 336-877-8888 Blue Ridge Hall of Fame Dinner, Stone Center, Wilkesboro, 336-667-3171 Blowing Rock Jazz Society Concert, Meadowbrook Inn, Blowing Rock, 828-295-4300 Birthday Party for Animals, Grandfather Mountain, 828-733-2013 Wordkeepers featuring musicians Henry Doss and Scot Pope, Ashe County Arts Council, West Jefferson, 336-846-2787 Arts and Crafts Fair, Beech Mountain, 828-387-3003 Community Yard Sale, Beech Mountain, 828-387-9283 Community Bon Fire, Buckeye Recreation Center, Beech Mountain, 828-387-3003 Banner House Museum Opening Day, Banner Elk, 828-898-3634 Avery County Farmers Market opens, beside CVS, Newland, 828-789-9246 Roan Mountain Rhododendron Festival, Roan Mountain State Park, Tenn., 423-772-0190 Ensemble Stage: Moon Over the Brewer, Blowing Rock School auditorium, 828-414-1844 Pops Ferguson Concert, Memorial Park, Blowing Rock, 828-295-7851 Art History Made Easy & Wine Tasting, Buckeye Recreation Center, Beech Mountain, 828-387-3003 Canoe and Kayak Expedition, Buckeye Lake, Beech Mountain, 828-387-3003 Mixed Media and Collage Classes, Turchin Center, ASU, 828-262-3017 Dora the Explorer and Diego at Tweetsie, Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, 800-526-5740


Appalachian Rollergirls vs. Chattanooga, Holmes Convocation Center, ASU, 27-7/1 Seussical, a musical, Lees-McRae, Banner Elk, 828-898-8709 28 BRAHM Cork & Canvas, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099 28-7/3 Alumni at Edgewood, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 29-30 Watauga Humane Society Rummage Sale, National Guard Armory, Boone, 828-264-9116 30 An Evening with Bill Cosby, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 30 4th of July Festival and Parade, Blowing Rock, 828-295-5222 30 3rd Annual Watauga Lake Cleanup, Watauga Lake, Tenn., 423-768-0363

JULY 2012 1 1 3 4 4 4 4 4-8/1 5 5-10 6 6-8 7 7 7-15 8 8 8 1

v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012

Park Dance, Memorial Park, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 The Rosen-Schaffel Young Artist Competition, Rosen Concert Hall, ASU, 828-262-4046 4th of July Parade and 48th Annual Roasting of the Hog and Fireworks Celebration, Beech Mountain, 800-468-5506 July 4th Parade, downtown Boone, 828-264-4532 4th of July Parade, Banner Elk, 828-898-8395 Fireworks Extravaganza, Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, 800-526-5740 Liberty Parade, Todd, 336-877-5016 Islands to Highlands, Avery Gallery, Linville, 828-733-0054 Broyhill Chamber Ensemble, Rosen Concert Hall, ASU, 800-841-2787 Bob Meier, Doe Ridge Pottery, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 Summer Exhibition Celebration, Turchin Center, ASU, 800-841-2787 Gathering of the Peacemakers & Yoga Retreat, High Country Motorcycle Camp, 828-295-4610 Creedence Clearwater Revisited outdoor concert, Kidd Brewer Stadium, ASU, 800-841-2787 Christmas in July Festival, West Jefferson, 336-846-9196 Ensemble Stage: The Complete History of America… (Abridged), Blowing Rock School auditorium, 828-414-1844 Blowing Rock Jazz Society Concert, Meadowbrook Inn, Blowing Rock, 828-295-9300 Faculty Showcase, Rosen Concert Hall, ASU, 800-841-2787 British Soccer Camp, Brookshire Park, Boone, 877-263-7909 Beech Mountain Art Guild Show, BMC Recreational Building, 828-387-4208



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60 Minute Massage Minute Facial Located near the Boone60 Mall, 246-D Wilson Dr. (New Clients)

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Calendar of Events 11

Lunch and Learn with artist Phoebe Brush, Turchin Center, ASU, 800-841-2787 12 BRAHM Cork & Canvas, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099 12-17 Ann H. Welch, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 13 Carolina Ballet, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 13-14 15th Annual Sugar Grove Music Festival, Cove Creek School, 828-297-2200 13-15 Meet Bob the Builder, Teetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, 800-526-5740 13-20 Ensemble Stage: See How They Run, a comedy, Lees-McRae, Banner Elk, 828-898-8709 14 TCVA Family Day, Turchin Center, ASU, 800-841-2787 14 Solas, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 15 Eastern Festival Orchestra with Alexander Toradze, Piano, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 18 Lunch & Learn: The Artists of Poland, Turchin Center, ASU, 800-841-2787 19 Department of Theatre & Dance Presents: Shipwrecked, Valborg Theater, ASU, 800-841-2787 20 Linda Eder: Songbirds: Tribute to the Ladies, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 20-22 21st Annual Fine Art and Mastercrafts Festival, Downtown Banner Elk, 828-898-5605 21 The Travelin’ McCourys with Sierra Hull & Highway 111, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 22 Eastern Festival Orchestra: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice & Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 22 “Farm to Table” Cooking Class, Chetola Resort, Blowing Rock, 828-295-5533 19-24 Kincheloe, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 21-29 K-9s in Flight Frisbee Dogs, Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, 800-526-5740 24-29 Charity Horse Show: Hunter Jumper I, Blowing Rock Equestrian Preserve, 828-295-2700 25 Lunch & Learn with Preston Lane, playwright, Turchin Center, ASU, 800-841-2787 25 Chicago and The Doobie Brothers, Holmes Convocation Center, ASU, 800-841-2787 26 Broyhill Chamber Ensemble, Rosen Concert Hall, ASU, 800-841-2787 26-28 High Country Crank-Up, across from New Laurel Spring Church, Deep Gap, 828-264-4977 26-31 Mary Ann Baggstrom, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 27 St. Mary Tour of Homes, Blowing Rock, 828-295-7323 94


Symphony by the Lake, Chetola Resort, Blowing Rock, 828-295-7851 28 Department of Theatre and Dance Presents: Fellow Traveler, Valborg Theater, ASU, 800-841-2787 28 26th Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Walk, Farthing Auditorum, ASU, 800-841-2787 28 Family Classic Movie Night: Swiss Family Robinson, Farthing Auditorium, ASU, 800-841-2787 28 “Murder at the Double D Ranch,” Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, 800-526-5740 28-8/5 Ensemble Stage: Fit to Kill, Blowing Rock School auditorium, 828-414-1844 31-8/5 Charity Horse Show: Hunter Jumper II, Blowing Rock Equestrian Preserve, 828-295-2700

AUGUST 2012 1-5

Showboat, a musical, Lees-McRae, Banner Elk, 828-898-8709 2-7 Laura Farthing Brown and Norma Farthing Murphy, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 2-31 Musings on Duality, Avery Gallery, Linville, 828-733-0054 3-5 BRAHM Art & Antiques Weekend Event, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 295-9099 4 High Country Festival of the Book, Meadowbrook Inn, Blowing Rock, 828-264-8784 Crafts on the Green, Fred’s General Mercantile, Beech Mountain, 828-387-4838 4-5 High Country Farm Tour, local farms, 4 Appalachian Rollergirls vs. Carolina Bootleggers, Holmes Convocation Center, ASU, 9-14 Lisa Pepper, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 10-11 Ola Belle Reed Music Festival, Lansing Creeper Trail Park, Lansing, 336-977-1320 12 Blowing Rock Jazz Society Concert, Meadowbrook Inn, 12-17 “Groovy Nights” Variety Show, Blowing Rock Country Club, 828-295-9347 16-21 Skyland Painters, Edgewood Cottage, Blowing Rock, 877-750-4636 18 4th Annual Banner Elk Paint-Out, Banner Elk Greenway, 828-733-0054 18-19 Riders in the Sky, Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, 800-526-5740 20-22 21st Annual Fine Art and Mastercrafts Festival, Downtown Banner Elk, 828-898-5605 24-25 Music on the Mountaintop, Grandfather Mountain Campground, 919-818-2614 25-9/3 Ensemble Stage: All the King’s Women, Blowing Rock School auditorium, 828-414-1844 31-9/1 Fall Boone Bike Rally, High Country Fairgrounds, 828-733-8060

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Mountain Land C O M P A N Y

800/849-9225 Acres

7 9 10 14 18 23 31 44 58 62 69 76 77 81 86 86 96 99 104 109 117 125 125 134 152 164 165 172 194



Caldwell $38,653 Wilkes $75,000 Wilkes $95,000 Wilkes $61,600 Wilkes $91,000 Watauga $180,000 Avery $221,872 Watauga $222,060 Wilkes $223,300 Wilkes $598,000 Wilkes $270,000 Watauga $719,000 Caldwell $311,290 Ashe $595,050 Wilkes $407,040 Wilkes $331,000 Wilkes/Ashe $494,000 Wilkes $674,444 Wilkes $372,000 Wilkes $295,000 Wilkes $399,000 Yadkin $812,500 Wilkes $1,300,000 Ashe $1,498,000 Caldwell $362,980 Wilkes $907,500 Wilkes $910,635 Ashe $1,016,275 Wilkes $562,600




195 215 230 407 411 427 546 767

Caldwell Wilkes Avery Hillsville, VA Ashe/Wilkes Wilkes Wilkes Caldwell

$461,000 $534,500 $2,730,100 $3,988,600 $5,300,000 $1,251,300 $3,551,789 $6,800,000

MAJOR PRICE REDUCTIONS! 20 23 28 29 41 50 51 52 54 68 72 79 86 88 104 120 132 305 351 454

Wilkes Wilkes Wilkes Wilkes Wilkes Wilkes Ashe Wilkes Alleghany Ashe Grayson Wilkes Wilkes Wilkes Wilkes Ashe Alexander Watauga Burke Alexander

$89,500 $107,900 $149,990 $205,000 $349,000 $198,290 $172,571 $205,530 $439,920 $395,000 $291,000 $468,000 $299,000 $379,000 $795,900 $1,290,000 $531,000 $1,982,500 $1,229,515 $2,248,000

LOCALLY OWNED - Brokers: Paul Breden & Chris Breden v i s i t o r ’ s g u i d e s u m m e r 2 012


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High Country Visitor Guide Summer 2012  

Summer 2012 Vistitor Guide